Iasri's Kick Up A Row Brown Vosteyath

Clutching Pose

Mynwiyath does not wait terribly long this time. She reuses the same hollow, and another egg joins its brother or sister.

Brawn Meets Brain Egg

There is might in the sun-kissed bronzes that sweep over dawning line of this large egg's shell, buff with the defined draw of sweat-worked fawn. Fleshy colors are tanned with exposure and honed upon a sharp line of steely iron until perfection is created. As the egg widens, an older power swirls to life with dramatic intent. Ebony thick, lush as velvet and dark as midnight, is cast with a choking miasma of sorcerous magenta and split with an even more flashy crash of electric, jagged silver.

Hatching Message

Brawn Vs Brains Egg doesn't hop all about. Nope, that's not its style. Instead, the ovoid simply quivers in place. The vibrating easily seen as it sways, just barely back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And then… it stops. Just stops. All is silent with the egg, no movement, at least on the outside. A large /CRACK/ issues forth, echoing throughout the sands. And where there once was a egg, now stands a surefooted brown, peering out at the sea of candidates as what was once his shell falls to the ground like rain from the sky.

Kick Up A Row Brown Dragonet

Right as a trivet, this gentle giant, broad shoulders and a barrel chest lend bulk to to where bulk already is. Stocky and well-formed, this dragon takes up more than his fair share of space. His worn leather hide hugs his figure like a much beloved coat: smooth, butter-cream suede creases every peak and valley of his massive figure, each whip-cord muscle defined with a rich, smoky gold, the burnished sheen of age wearing at every jaunty angle. Whiskey dribbles down the length of his neck, swirling out of being as it meshes with his base color. The dust of the trail settles heavy upon the folded blanket of his substantial wings, contentment in his travel-weary gaze.

Public Impression Pose

Kick Up A Row Brown Dragonet stops suddenly as a breeze comes off of the exit from the sands. Mmm. Yeah, he digs that. Whirling eyes close a moment and he just sits back and enjoys the feeling. Eyes snap open then, and his eyes narrow in, almost instantly, on the one. That feeling? Yeah, it's stronger than ever. The brown takes off at a good stride, legs over legs, never once even faltering. Until he's right in front of the gal of his dreams. Hey lass, would you have me?

Private Impression Message

Ah, blessed silence. No more sands, no more candidates, no more screaming audience members. The world is gone and there is only… you. And… another. A deep intake of breath is heard and the smooth, sweet smell of whiskey overtakes your senses. « Iasri, is it? Ain’t you just like a bug. » A pause and a sense of cool amusement overlapping that of being examined from the outside-in. « A big bug. » Another pause, filled with varied greens and browns swaying lazily over rolling hillsides. « I think that’s what I’m gonna call you: Big Bug. » Now the scent of leather zaps into life, the overpowering smell soothing and yet… exciting. « How 'bout we take off from this fandango and get to know each other better? » The sights and smells fade, but the presence doesn't recede. « Now, I'm Vosteyath and you're Iasri. And we? We're forever. »

Oooooooh Iasri! Welcome, welcome, welcome to High Reaches Weyr! We hope your time here was worthwhile, because now it only gets longer! With your Vosteyath at your side, we expect lots of amazing or amusing things from you two! Congrats on impressing and once again! Welcome!!!

Now, you may have noticed a certain amount of phrases throughout the inspiration that don't quite make sense. These are cowboy slang. Check out this website for clarification on what your Vosteyath is saying. And feel free to use them in everyday RP!


Egg Inspiration

Warrior and Wizard. You know when you first join that RPG game or MMO and you have that all important decision to make a melee class or a mage class, it really defines what you are. Of course, there are the clerics and the rangers and beastmasters and… well, warrior and wizard are generally where all the arguments start.

Theme Inspiration

You asked that your dragon be based off of Ennis Del Mar: a farm hand that inadvertently finds love in the most bizarre place with the most unknown person. He struggles with his place on earth and the way his heart feels, but does his best to always stay on the straight and narrow path. Much of the ranch lifestyle, along with just the pure essence of the cowboy way of life is infused into Vosteyath. We aren't talking gun-slinging bad boys, but more the lazy rancher type. Hard working but mellow.

Description Inspiration

Vosteyath is based off of the intermingling of whiskey tones and suede leather. Some examples of these colors can be seen here:


and here:


And what better whiskey to use for his coloration than Jack itself? With it's kick-you-on-your-butt taste and alcohol content and beautiful golden color. It's perfect for Vosteyath!

His build comes from the well formed Quarter Horse. Known for it's surefootedness and stocky body. With their large, muscled chests and heavy looking rump!


Name Inspiration

Vosteyath was derived from the Cheyenne word "vestao'honaa'e" which means 'granite, quartz, or white rock'. The word can also be used as an idiom referring to being steadfast. Which we think fits your dragon to a tee!


Quiet and unassuming. That's the first thing you'll notice about your Vosteyath. He's not one to bellow out his thoughts and feelings. Oh no. He's quite content speaking to you or other dragons in his quiet way. Soothing and soft, but with a deep baritone. Your brain may sometimes even feel like it's vibrating when he drawls out certain words.

« Ah, Iasri. » He rumbles. « I don't spose you’re ready to get going, yet? Come now, daaaahlin’, the Weyrlingmaster waits for no man. Or woman in yo' case. »

He's got that soothing quality to his voice. Something that catches your mind and makes you feel that maybe manly thoughts are a-ok. Deep greens and browns light his tone. Rolling in waves, like hills and valleys spanning over the countryside.

And his scent! It's something you may find yourself smelling often, as you are making new flying straps for your lifemate. And it will always make you think of Vosteyath. It's that stark smell of leather. It will change at times, depending on his excitement or concern. Switching from the smell of fresh, newly stretched hide to old, slowly disintegrating suede. It is a scent to remind you of times past in the Herder Hall. And sometimes, the sweet smell of the whiskey will waft between his words. It can be quite enticing and many times, you may find yourself asking Vosteyath to talk just so you can smell.


As you may have already guessed, Vosteyath is a big, big boy for a brown. He's large and in charge. Not to say that he's fat, because that is not the case. He's just got lots of muscles, that's all. His big, barrel chest adds to the illusion of sheer mass. While the rest of his body may possibly be average sized for a brown, he's got the chest of a bronze. Even though his coloration is anything but bronze, don't be shocked if people take a look at him, assume his color, and then stare at you for a few minutes, eyes going wide. You may be mistaken for the first female bronzerider from those who do not know the way of dragons.

Another interesting aspect are his wings. As wide as they are long, they cover his back completely. They resemble that of a horse blanket. You know, the type horses wear out into the pasture.


When he lies down to sun, many times he'll completely unfurl his wings to better sun his back. Cause if he doesn't, they'll never see the light of day. But honestly, they /need/ to be this large; proportionately they are appropriate for Vosteyath's size. So while they fit him, when your brown does flare them out, they'll block out large portions of the sun. Great beach umbrella option!

His size does not help with his maneuverability in the air, though speed and stamina will certainly make up for the lack. With his large wings, and sheer muscle power, he'll also get quite the head start. And once he gets into the flying rhythm, he will /take off/! Oddly enough, this also aids him on the ground. Vosteyath loves flying, what dragon doesn't? But he also gets a thrill running on the ground and jumping over things. When he's young and ambitious, maybe more prone to being active and social, you can bet he'll be jumping over the other weyrlings. Heck, he'll even bound over people sometimes! As he ages, he may still have this tendency. But only if he's in a frisky mood and the dragon is a friend.

Dust clouds will raise, one way or another, as he goes hauling butt, galloping awkwardly across the Weyr bowl.


It was a friendship…
…that became a secret.
There are places we can't return…
There are lies we have to tell…
There are truths we can't deny.
— Brokeback Mountain//

First and foremost, you need to know, Iasri, that you are Vosteyath's 'Big Bug'. That is his nickname for you and whether you like it or not, you're stuck with it. But truly, it's a compliment. Where his type is from, big bug is cowboy slang for an 'important person' or 'boss'. So get used to it coming up in day to day conversations between the two of you.

« Iasri? …Iasri? Big bug, c'mon! That Tye is one curly wolf, I dun wanna be on her shit list! »

If there is ever a tragedy a'brewing or some commotion going down that causes the Weyr distress, you can bet that Vosteyath will be your rock in the storm. He has a presence about him that commands serenity. Perhaps because he's just got a good head on his shoulders or perhaps because he has the answers to the problems of the World, though he will never share. No, Vosteyath is the type that believes one needs to find their own path, just like he found his. Even if he's not always sure if what and who he is is or who he should be.

Now, he's completely sure in his choice of you, Iasri; that's something you will never have to worry about. But your dragon has a head for thinking and mulling over things. You may find the two of you in many quiet moments, especially over long flights, where you may not be able to skip between. He'll find something of a companion in Zsivanyoth, who also enjoys those long flights. You and Jh'rek may find yourselves buddied up here and then, as your dragons agree to go on a trip. At any rate, as you two lazily fly over the landscape, don't expect great, mind boggling discussions. Vosteyath likes his thinking time, and when flying straight somewhere, it's the best time to think.

However, you may expect a few 'why's' thrown in out of nowhere. Always as if your brown was just speaking out loud to himself.

« Why's it gotta be that way though? »
» Why does… what gotta be what way? «
« Huh? Oh! Ah, nuthin' really. Just the way of things. Why can't we strive for more than what we have, just based on who I am or who you are, y'know? Never really made sense to me. »

Your dragon will always yearn for something he cannot have. Whether it's a female dragon, or a position he just cannot get. It doesn't matter. He's a yearner. Not saying he'll be a whiner. Nope, that's not his way. He has a problem with things, he'll keep it to himself. But he'll always be one to fly the path of the straight and narrow. Vosteyath does what he has to do because it is the norm of things. But sometimes, he will take a quick jaunt away from that path: maybe even to dabble in the politics of the Weyr. Even if you are only a wingrider and have no place talking with the Lord Holder of High Reaches, he'll still push you to do it. And once or twice, don't be surprised when he does something reckless and unlike himself.

You'll notice a trend for as long as Aevryscienth is Senior Queen, he'll fancy her. Now, this isn't saying that she will become his one and only love. Because that isn't so. That position is held for you and only you. But that won't stop him from silently pining for the gold. For the first couple of years of life, he may consider chasing after her on that long-away day she decides to rise, but as he gets older, and indeed wiser, he'll realize the futility of such dreams. He knows his place in life: that he will never be allowed to be her mate. So he’ll settle for watching her flights with wistful eyes. That said, once or twice in his later life, when he’s tired of denying himself just because it won’t work, he might seriously consider taking that chance; it'll be up to you, Iasri, whether he goes through with it or not. One word from you and he’ll either do it, or shrug it off as the bad idea it is.

Ennis Del Mar: What you can't change, you've just got to ride out.

One thing about Vosteyath is that he's a man's man. He does not talk about his thoughts and feelings, as previously stated. And if he ever does, it is just to you, and it's just a quick statement.

« Well, that's right pretty depressing. »

And that is all you'll hear from him. He won't go into it. He just puts it out there and then changes the subject.

He's not exactly the most social dragon of them all. He likes to hang towards the back most time, much like that quiet drinker at the end of the bar. Not stirring any trouble, but just watching the way of things. If he gets to know any particular dragon rather well, Vosteyath will usually become a bit more chatty with him or her. On the other hand, dragons like Amuirnith, who never seem to stop talking, will scare the daylights out of him. So expect him to avoid that particular green after he gets his first earful of what she has to say. And all other dragons like her!

« Sharditall! Here comes that chatty green again. Big bug! Tell her 'rider I'm sleeping and can't talk! Or… or… that I've gone up in a flume! »
» A flume…? You mean you're dead? Won't she notice you breathing? »
« What she /won't/ do is hobble her lip! It's like she doesn't need to /breathe/! »

Vosteyath has a certain sense of purpose about him. He knows he needs to move up the dragon hierarchy to make some kind of name for himself and for you. That means showing effort and sometimes even pushing you in the right direction. Even if he doesn't want it and is content where he is. But, as stated, it's what is done in this world. So that's what he must do. Don't be surprised to someday find yourself in the Weyrsecond position.

Your brown has a keen sense of right and wrong beneath all this internal conflict. He knows what's what, what has to be, and what doesn't.

Ennis Del Mar: Bottom line is… we're around each other an'… this thing, it grabs hold of us again… at the wrong place… at the wrong time… and we're dead.

Sometimes, that yearning to break from the norm becomes overpowering. It races through his mind, day and night, until it eventually affects even you: perhaps forcing you to think differently from your norm, or to place yourself in bizarre situations, doing things you may not normally do. It's at these points when all folk, even you, need to be very careful when dealing with Vosteyath, because the slightest infarction will make him go crazy mad. And if anyone, /anyone/ dares to naysay you or badmouth anything he has some vested interest in, he may very well tear into that person or dragon; his eyes swirling a bright, bloody red, he will serve that individual a delightful array of curses along with a few lashes of the tail or forepaw!

As always, though, the fire that burns the brightest dies the quickest. So, as explosive as his temper might be, it departs just as quickly as it came. Possibly leaving some wreckage and hurt feelings in his wake, but Vosteyath will undoubtedly feel more in control for it.

Jack Twist: Ever notice how a woman'll powder her nose before a party starts, and the powder it again when the party's over? Why powder your nose just to go home to bed?
Randall Malone: Don't know. Even if I wanted to know, couldn't get a word in with Lashawn long enough to ask. Woman talks a blue streak.


Now, even though you are Vosteyath's one and only, that doesn't mean he's going to turn a blind eye to those greens and golds. Because of his massive size for a brown, he's got a good shot at catching a gold or two, while the number of greens under his wings may increase weekly.

He's a straight shooter. None of that fancy schmancy flying around for him, dodging through clouds and trying to out maneuver the female. Nah, see, Vosteyath is smart. He knows they'll only tire themselves out sooner or later. So instead of trying to out-fly the flying gold or green, he just needs to out-fly the other males. Why bother wasting precious energy on aerobatics when instead, he can win the race by just going fast!

It's when that female starts to falter and slow down that he'll really make his move. His specialty is snatching them up before the other males know what's going on. He uses every part of his body to get a good snag on the female in question: neck, talons, legs, tail, /anything/! Heck, he may even use his wings if he can figure he can stabilize himself fast enough without killing the two of them on the way down.

All the names will crash together sooner or later. He won't remember who went up when or if he won or not. That's rather how important the flights are to him. They just… aren't. While it's good fun, he doesn't overly care much for all those females as individuals. He may just leave a trail of broken dragonic hearts in his wake.

Cassie Cartwright: [on the verge of tears] I don't get you, Ennis del Mar.
Ennis del Mar: I'm sorry. [he pauses]
Ennis del Mar: Was probably no fun anyway, was I?
Cassie Cartwright: [crying] Ennis, girls don't fall in love with fun!

The blooding, though. The /blooding/! He will match that green or gold times two. For every three herdbeasts she bloods, he'll blood six. It means his take off might be a bit delayed, trying to get that last 'beast or wherry in, but he'll make up the distance fast. He's a fast drinker though, killing swiftly and downing the draught.

» Don't drink so much, Vosteyath! «
« Got no choice, she keeps going back for more! At this rate, I'll be full as a tick! »

Even though Vosteyath is going to be pro in the air, that doesn't mean he won't have his fair share of losses. Because, let's face it, sometimes it is just simply ladies choice. But you'll be happy to know he'll take his wins and losses all in stride. Just figuring they're all another part of living. Though when he wins, expect a slightly smug dragon for a day or two. Or, you know, until he forgets and then wins the next one.

In the end, Iasri, you have a dragon who is wise beyond his years, and not altogether willing to be different. Not at the hefty price of personal prosecution, or your popularity. You are his one and only, prized above all others and his one true soulmate. Because of this, he'll always try to stay on his path, so you never come to harm.

He is yours, always and forever, to do with as you please, and we simply hope you come to love your big brown as much as we have!


Name: Shazi
Egg Desc: Pippa
Dragonet Desc: Tye; Shazi tweak
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Tye
Inspiration: Tye, Shazi

L’fei (Feilan) and Proddy Alda Time Green Utonalloth
Dex and Don Juan Triumphant Blue Nazkriuulth
V’arik (Vostarik) and Cosmic Kid in Full Costume Blue Svitelloth
Rhaeyn (Rhaenyra) and Intoxicating Warrior Queen Gold Aevryscienth
Jh’rek (Jhairecki) and King of the Alley Bronze Zsivanyoth
Tilla and Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith
Isabeau and Tarnished Legend Brown Krobeskeluth

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