Sainina’s Fearsome Yet Fervent Brown Vruelykketh

Under the Water Pokemon Piplup Egg

Blue, blue and more blue. This egg certainly defines water in the cutest since of the word. Dark blue slips down from the curved top of this egg, slipping down its smooth surface like feathers covering an avian. On the front in the top-center of the egg is a little golden sphere, kind of shaped like an avian beak also, but it also kind of looks like a glittering quartz rock on the bottom of a shallow eddy. On the bottom half of the egg, its more of a light, sky blue.. like a sky over the ocean. A couple of round fluffy clouds center in that light blue, right below the dark. On the very bottom is a pair of twin globes of gold, like twin suns… Alright, so this egg is completely topsy-turvy. The suns and skies are on the bottom. The ocean with its treasured rock is on the top… but if you use your imagination, its a perfect horizon scene. Upside down. Or maybe it’s an avian?

Hatching Message

Under the Water Pokemon Piplup Egg bounces once, twice, three times into the air! Each time falling back to the sands causing a little crack to appear and then grow in size with every impact. Seconds tick by and no other movements are made from the egg, almost as if the occupant inside is waiting for just the right time before making its move. Soon, a loud popping noise echoes throughout the sands, and in place of the egg lays a small brown, dusted in the shattered pieces of what once was his prison.

Fearsome Yet Fervent Brown Dragonet

Brutishly dark, his head is swathed in a near-black brown, highlighted around bulging eyes by wisps of light tan and a sprinkling of hypnotic sparkling white central on his forehead. Pearly white teeth protrude from his lower jaw, oversized almost to the point of being useless as they curl back towards the brackish sweep of his nose. Stunted headknobs are covered in a murky umber, which is dragged down his neck and ragged 'ridges to his shoulders, melting into the splotchy patchwork of his olive and taupe wings. Darkness is whirled along his back and sides, greased with a slime-like green, down to the blackened tip of his whip-like long tail, while his belly and legs are daubed in dark, putrid swamp tones, hints of tan bubbling through. Predacious claws are slick and almost gooey-looking, their black shine tainted with the occasional ruddy flash.

Public Impression Pose

Fearsome Yet Fervent Brown Dragonet practically leaps into the air with unexpected glee. Yes, yes! This may be it! Though his legs still unsteady, and wings still quite damp, the little brown lands but is instantly off-balanced. Eep! He rolls a bit, making an assortment of odd, unhappy sounding noises. Coming to a stop, he rights himself and looks around, hoping nobody saw that. But then his embarrassment no longer matters, because tripping was the best thing that could possibly happen. There, right in front of him, stands Sainina. Here she is, the one person who will always understand him! Accept me?

Private Impression Message

Suddenly, all goes black. The noise of the hatching around you fades, and all you can hear is the sound of what may be drums echoing in the distance. « There's no place I can be, since I found Sainina. » A voice says suddenly, then pauses, causing the drums to intensify with sound, and now the twinkling of chimes can be heard with each word said. « No, not Sainina, but Nia. My Nia. » Mist swirls around your subconscious, white and wispy, bringing forth the smell of a long-past storm. « No one will take the sky from us, Nia. It’s ours. Nia and Vruelykketh’s, from now till the end! »

Oh Nia! We can’t tell you how thrilled we all are to have you and Vruelykketh at High Reaches Weyr! We hope you’ll come to love Vruelykketh as much as we all do!

Theme Inspiration

Well, Nia, you said you wanted a dragon whose personality was based off of Kaylee from Serenity and Willow from Buffy. You’re Vruelykketh is a good mixture of both! We also took elements from both those characters, plus some ideas from the viperfish. Then we poured all of this into a glass, shook it all about, and came out with your Vruelykketh! Mind you, most of the viperfish (and some anglerfish) more so describe your brown’s… errr… lovely exterior, but on the inside, you’ve got a dragon that’s heart is as pure as gold!

Description Inspiration

You said you could envision your brown covered in dark colors, so dark of brown, that he may almost look black in some spots. Along with shimmers of bright colors amid the darkness. There was also the fact that you wanted an ugly, ugly dragon! So we looked around and found the perfect match for what your dragon is based off of. The Viperfish is a vicious looking sea creature, with large, bulging eyes and fangs that curve upward. This fish screamed ugly to us, and in the depths of the ocean where it resides, there would be nothing but darkness. A good example of a viperfish can be found here:

He also has a tad bit of anglerfish in him as well; the almost white portion of scales on his forehead comes from this fish. Anglerfish are known to lure prey in with their little lanterns that sprout off their head. Here is a good example of an anglerfish with his glowing lure:

Some green bits are speckled about the dragon to appear as slime, almost as if your dragon is oozing out ichor. Altogether, this makes up your ugly, frightening and fearsome looking Vruelykketh!

Name Inspiration

We searched and searched through the internet, trying to find the perfect name for your brown, Nia. We scanned through pages of the Klingon language and just couldn’t find anything that really screamed perfect for you! It took a good week of searching and many rejected names until we found what we were looking for!

Your Vruelykketh’s name is a mixture of both Dutch and Norwegian. ‘Verheug u over’ is Dutch for ‘rejoice in’, which is where ‘Vrue’ was deprived from. We couldn’t find anything else in Dutch that really suited our needs, so we started to look in other languages, which is where we found ‘lykke’ which means ‘happiness’. That was it! ‘Rejoice in happiness’ was the perfect meaning for your perfect, cheery dragon! We combined the two ideas, meshed them around, and Vruelykketh was born! Many of us have been pronouncing it as “Varoo-lick-keth” but you are free to say it however you wish!


Your dragon will be a constant source of differences. His personality is full of cheer and optimism, but his voice doesn’t quite seem to blend with his happy nature. His voice, from the first moment he speaks to you, will feel like you’re walking into a dark, muggy night. The words will flow all around you in a deep voice, caressing your mind and making you think of foggy nights, where the mists embrace you as you move. In some instances, when Vruelykketh’s emotions are put to the extreme, either being veeeery relaxed or extremely perturbed, you can make out what sounds like drums in the distance, beating in rhythm to every word your brown emphasizes. In those moments, it’s most important to listen to what Vruelykketh may be saying, because something big most likely will be coming!

His mind scent will be very hard to notice at first, since it intertwines with his mind voice so well. This smell will remind you much of a rainstorm that passed after a long, hot day. When the mist and fog forms, cloaking the darkness with swirls of wispy whites. You can almost taste the water that had fallen, the damp taste of the air all around you. That is his mind scent, your Vruelykketh’s. It’ll be soothing to both the mind and the soul, the feelings of hard events passed.


Nia, the first thing you will have to be careful about with Vruelykketh is his tail. With his extra long tail, he has a bit of a habit of tripping people and knocking things over, especially during the first few weeks of weyrlinghood. If he gets upset or just playful, he may start intentionally tripping you and others. You’ll need to keep him in check when he gets upset, so he doesn’t start using the tip like a whip a hitting other people or dragons.

» Vruelykketh! Curl your tail in, you tripped T’ii and Bandeleth! «
« But I didn’t realize it was there, I swear! They got a good laugh and smile to start the day though! »

One of the first things you’ll see Nia, is that Vruelykketh has a bit larger than normal wings and will try to fly right from the start. You’ll be constantly trying to keep him on the ground during early werylinghood, and then later just trying to coach him down out of the sky to go somewhere.

« Can you smell that sweet scent of the wind? Come on, let’s go see what the sky is like up there! »
» Vruelykketh, you know you aren’t supposed to fly for another 2 months yet. «
« But look at that beautiful blue sky and to feel the wind whip around you as if you are fully free… »
» Vruelykketh, you are not allowed to fly yet! «

When Vruelykketh learns how to fly and can catch his own food, you best keep the young ‘brats and candidates away from the feeding pens. He doesn’t like to play with his food, but takes his time circling in the air to pick just the right animal for his prey. In some cases, you may have to coax him to get down out of the air and eat before his tummy begins hurting. This is when the white spot on his head with become the most dangerous, as he will quickly learn that he can cause it to sparkle and mesmerize the prey below. Once his prey is chosen, he will swoop down and kill it quickly. It may be quick, but it will be bloody as his curved front teeth will break the neck easily and blood will go everywhere. Even at this time though, he will be upbeat and perky.

« See! It was a quick death, so no pain. »
» Yes, I see Vruelykketh, but now you need a bath you have blood dripping all over you. «
« That’s good, it will help keep my hide smooth and sparkly for flying. »


People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

For such a… well… frightening looking dragon, Vruelykketh is the complete opposite in personality. He may possibly be one of the most caring, intelligent and loyal dragons High Reaches Weyr will ever see. Though only if he can get the nerve to let others see this side of him. You see Nia, your Vruelykketh is dreadfully shy, many times choosing to be alone or off to the side, instead of joining the other dragons. You alone are the one and only person he feels comfortable with completely opening up to. You are his confidant, his one true friend, who will like him no matter what he says or dos.

Once you chink away at his outer shell and he starts feeling more relaxed around certain dragons, you’ll find him full to bursting with cheerfulness. At times, it’s almost nauseating, the amount of optimism that can come out of one living being. But if there is one thing you need to know, it’s that Vruelykketh thrives on joy and happiness, and does all he can to try to bring these things to others, especially you, Nia! He may make some people want to cry with how he looks, so that means he has to work extra hard to get people and other dragons to see what’s beyond the outside, but what’s on the inside.

Kaylee: We're taking on passengers at Persephone?
Mal: Yeah, that's the notion. Could use a little respectability on the way to Boros. Not to mention the money.
Jayne: Pain in the ass.
Kaylee: No, it's shiny! I like to meet new people, they've all got stories…
Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse can stop Kaylee from bein' cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct-tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.
Kaylee: [kisses Mal's cheek] I love my captain.
—- Serenity

At times, more so when you have a proddy dragon or two, his cheerfulness may get a tad annoying. Possibly even to you, if you’re having a bad day. There won’t be anything you can do to stop the happy that comes out of your brown. It’s just a part of who he is!

« Hello today, Alajaith! Isn’t the sun reflecting off the water just absolutely stunning? It’s a great day to be alive! And my, look at how lovely your glowing hide is today! »
« … Vruelykketh, I swear, if you don’t get away from me by the count of five, I will do some serious harm yo your hide. »
« But… I was just commenting on how pretty you ar— »
« One… two… three… »
« Kay! Nice talking to you! »

Vruelykketh has one true love, besides you, Nia. It’s a love that at first, may seem cute, but then later may cost you a bit of coin, depending on the time of year. He loves berries of all kinds, loves them. But his favorite of them all is the strawberry. From the first moment you let him have that first bite, he’ll be hooked. He’ll bug you for them whenever he can, even going to the risk of annoying other dragons to get their ‘riders to get him some. In these instances, you may wonder what happened to your shy, sweet little dragon, because someone completely replaced him.

« So… I hear it’s summer in Ista. »
“Yeah, I believe it is.”
« It’s been so long since we’ve been there. Maybe we should stop by, say hello… check out the gardens. I bet they are just lovely. »
“Vruelykketh, you have a problem. Plus, we’ve got wing drills to do.”
« But… but… THE STRAWBERRIES ARE IN SEASON!! They call to me! »
“Ooooh geez.”

In all other circumstances, your brown is more than willing to share whatever he may have, except with strawberries. They are his and his alone, and if anyone even dares to put a hand or claw near his ‘berries, they may just lose that appendage. Needless to say, keeping a full grown, adult brown up to his neck in strawberries is not going to be easy, or cheap, so don’t be surprised when the season hits, you may have less coin than ever!

There will be times when Vruelykketh will have to overcome his shyness and actually converse with other dragons. Such as when news needs to be spread from dragon to dragon; so all dragonriders will be aware of what is going in. Instances like wing drills will forever be one of your brown’s least favorite activities. He loves to fly and will take any opportunity to get into the air, but when he has to join an organized wing and relay commands to and from you, there might be problems. Vruelykketh, as you know, is shy, and in so has a nasty habit and saying the wrong thing. He’s a master of putting the preverbal foot in his mouth. And during wing drills you’ll notice he’s even worse! It’s not completely his fault, he just doesn’t always know what to say, and so he’ll babble to the other dragons and sometimes say the wrong thing! It’ll be up to you, Nia, to make amends with the other dragons and their ‘riders.

Willow: Why are you suddenly so worried about looking like an idiot? That came out wrong.
-Willow, from Buffy: The Vampire slayer

Vruelykketh has little self-confidence; he’ll need you to help him realize how great he really can be. There will be many times he’ll relay on you more and more, and that’ll be when a certain gold or green truly catches his eye. Again, he’ll constantly be trying to say and do the right things. But it just never seems to workout so well for him.

Willow: When I'm with a boy I like, it's hard for me to say anything cool, or witty, or at all. I can usually make a few vowel sounds-then I have to go away.
-Willow, from Buffy: The Vampire slayer

You will need to be his coach in these terms, telling him exactly what to say, what to do, until he can figure it out himself.

« Ikth, your headknobs look really perky today. »
» Did you just say her headknobs are /perky/? Vruelykketh, just say her hide is looking lovely! «
« Err… that is to say… your hide… it’s green. Very green. Wait… is that a patch of mud? Need me to spit shine it off? »


It’ll almost feel like it’s never-ending. You’re brown will fumble with the right thing to say, until one day, finally, it all clicks! He’ll know exactly how to talk to the one dragon he likes, his personality will finally outshine his grotesque features and maybe, just maybe, someone else will like him for what’s inside…

Willow: I like you. You're nice. And you're funny. And you don't smoke. Well yeah, okay, werewolf. That's not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month, I'm not much fun to be around either.
-Willow, from Buffy: The Vampire slayer

But by that point, he’ll have lost his passion for that current female dragon, and you will be forced to once again help coach him through how to talk to a different green or gold, since his old lack of confidence will rear its ugly head.

You’ll need to be very, very careful in the future, should you ever take a weyrmate, Nia. For Vruelykketh may think that you are trying to replace him (even though we all know that it’s impossible to do). You’ll need to constantly reassure him that no, he’s the one and only true dragon for you, and that this other guy who is currently residing in your weyr is second-best. Your brown won’t ever bring up the fact that he thinks he’s being replaced, but his attitude toward the weyrmate in question will change drastically, once Vruelykketh realizes you are spending much more time with him than you should be. He’ll go far enough to snap at the other male (or female) who resides with you, even “accidentally” flicking his tail into said-person’s way, tripping them up. He’ll also become much quieter and stay to himself even more. At this point, you’ll have no choice but to sit him down and remind him, over and over, how much you love Vruelykketh and how you couldn’t live without him. After all of this, the brown will eventually come to like your weyrmate, if they stick around long enough!


Nia, Nia, Nia… One thing that you may come to love or hate is when your Vruelykketh decides to take flight after a proddy green or gold. He is choosy though and may only fly after a green or gold he has had his eye on (and can’t talk to with a foot in his mouth). Unlike his awkwardness in speech, he will quickly learn all the tricks of the trade of mating flights. He will learn how to conserve energy, ride thermals, and do limited acrobatics.

As much as he is good at flying, and may surprise you with his acrobatic ability, he still cannot match the smaller greens. Instead, you will find he will use his mind to find a way to outsmart the greens. If he chases a gold, he’ll probably keep to his knowledge of riding thermals to conserve energy to stay with the pack or above it.

If there comes a time he does catch a green or gold, his voice will become like a rain shower in smell. Drums will pound in the background and chimes will sound as if there is a light breeze as he entangles with his prize. Expect that he still won’t be able to talk to the green or gold afterwards, and still need a lot of coaching from you.

If he does not catch, which will be most of the time; his upbeat nature will continue and may aggravate your nerves from your disappointment.

« The sun is still shining. The grass is still growing. There will be others! »
» Vruelykketh, I don’t want to hear that right now. Just let me go get some sleep. «
« Come on! We can still take a quick flight down to Ista and get some berries! »
» Vruelykketh! «
« Ok, ok, I’ll let you sleep. THEN can we go get some berries. »
» Uggghhh! «

Of course, this is only how we’ve envisioned Vruelykketh, as he is yours, you are free to use what we’ve written or throw it all away and start a-new!


Name: Tye, Liza
Egg Desc: Eigo; Liza tweak
Dragonet Desc: Xayna; Liza tweak
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Tye
Inspiration: Tye, Xayna, Liza

L’yei and bronze Fwaaslaath, Lila and green Alajaith, Nia and brown Vruelykketh, T’ii and bronze Bandeleth

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