Areiah's Milky-Way Gold Ysbryth

Savannah Sunset Egg

Sunset flares, vibrant - violent - viscous gold, painting the horizon of this egg in a heady mantle of color: day's desire burnishes the shell, passionate hues of crimson and liquid amber slough against the paler tones of the savannah. Here the grasslands whisper, an endless sea of susurrant hues set on fire by the setting sun. The occasional symmetry of tawny, wicked orange prowls the shell, oblivious to the fragile serenity soon to be vanquished by the shadows of night.

Hatching Message

Amber whitens under the strain of Savannah Sunset Egg's bulging shell, paling beyond savannah grasslands, to milkier hues that flare more vibrant than the sunset shell, for all their pallor. Fiery shards fragment around the more subtle intensity of the dragonet that emerges; a crimson aura to surround and herald the birth of Milky Way Gold Dragonet.

Milky Way Gold Dragonet

Buttermilk pours, pale gold, along the drawn-out length of her; runnels of clotted cream churn down her attenuated throat to broadened withers, where starlit motes — paler still, though more intense — freckle her hide. Their heat steams milky gold to white-hot froth, boiling over shoulders and spine, foaming along the base of 'spars and lathering haunches, before cooling again to softer, condensed shades that settle comfortably into the hollows of her flanks; stars crossed; stars lost in the mellowed warmth of profound tranquility.

Private Impression Message

Dark tendrils coalesce at the edges of your mind; wispy and insubstantial at first. But then everything - oh, everything! - changes as a voice speaks: soft and subtle, but rich with multi-dimensional layers of colour and sound and scent and something else; something indescribable - that spark that is: « Ysbryth. » All that she is, she gifts to you in the speaking of that name; her name. All that she asks in return is everything that you are; discovering in this instant of Impression: « Areiah. » Nothing more is said, but she leaves the window of her mind open - that spectrum of vibrant shades: darkly sun-dappled; and aromatic array: sage and cedar and a fainter tang of citrus - bared to your soul and none other.

Areiah, you charmed us all with your delightful humour, enthusiasm and wonderful RP. We hope that Ysbryth is everything you hoped for and more!

Theme Inspiration

We wanted to create a truly unique gold for you, Areiah, so we were initially avoiding anything sunny / firey / bright&shiny; not only because these are too-obvious choices for golds, but also because you wanted a dragon who would be just that little bit shy - which we felt was a marvelous idea! So we were looking for an inspiration theme that would encompass that - understated rather than over-the-top; quiet rather than loud; subtle rather than overblown.

When pondering celestial things, the Milky Way Galaxy seemed the most appropriate: more diffuse; softer shades; the galaxy-next-door ;) But it's not without its own intensity either - it is, after all, made up of uncountable numbers of white-hot stars. Quiet, inner presence; that's what Ysbryth is all about: calmly tranquil on the surface, but with a profoundly intense depth beneath that ("Still waters run deep", and all that); like a somewhat introverted older sister - quietly supportive; a guiding hand, but more of a peer than a motherly figure.

Name Inspiration

Name: Ysbryth - from the Welsh for 'spirit'. This gold has a lot of quiet depth to her; almost a spirituality that keeps her in touch with the world - the life - around her, and most importantly, with you. We wanted a name that would reflect that.

As far as pronunciation goes, we leave that up to you :) The proper Welsh pronunciation would be USS-brith; a more Irish pronunciation would be ISS-brith; but there's plenty of other ways to say it as well. She is yours now; her name is yours. You tell us how it's to be said ;)


Her voice is all soft-spoken murmurs, with a certain delicacy to it - like alto-pitched starlight; but grounded as well: a paradox representative of the multi-dimensional layers to her voice - colour-wise and scent-wise as well as pitch-wise. These give it a certain rich depth; like a resonant, almost chordal fullness that lurks beneath the more softly murmured overlay; subtly expressive. The slightest adjustment of any one of those layers can tune that voice to a new nuance of meaning.

Colour-wise, Ysbryth's voice tends toward darkness, for all her pale hide (and she's quite fond of blues and violets); like sunlit panes of stained glass, but each stacked on top of another - separate colours, but part of the whole; layered - like a spectrum of shades, each with their own meaning. She has a tendency to use a lot of imagery when speaking - images offer far more flexibility of meaning than words ever could. If she's discussing fish, for example, she'll etch her words with the iridescent flickers of fish-scales and the murky blues and greens of deep water.

As for scents, again, these will often vary with the subject-matter, especially when she's hungry. Don't start her talking about herdbeasts when she's feeling peckish, or you may get a headfull of the tangy, metallic scent of blood and the aroma and flavour of raw flesh. But the mindscent of /her/ is more subtle than that - herbal scents: sage and cedar faintly interspersed with citrus and wildflowers: yarrow and forget-me-not and lobelia; all carried on the faintly crisp clarity of early autumn breezes.

When she goes proddy, her mind will change somewhat; darken, become huskier, more earthy. Autumn breezes will turn to spring promise, still laden with her own faint perfume, though wildflowers will become the nectared sensuality of honeysuckle and cedar will turn to the more exotic aroma of sandalwood.


Ysbryth is a light-coloured gold; not white-gold like Ista's Serath, but pale gold - paler than her butter-gold dam and sunlight-gold grand-dam. If Rhyath is buttery, Ysbryth is buttermilk - a similar colour, but a few shades lighter. Blame her sire for that.

She's also got a smattering of pure white flecks that run over her shoulders and withers - as if a fistful of stars had been carelessly tossed there. The effect is almost like an appaloosa blanket in reverse, but over withers rather than rump. These freckles will always have a certain shine to them - like the faint glow of starlight - but a warm, rather than cold, sort of glimmer. When she goes proddy, these will glow white-hot - almost iridescent - subtly spangling her shoulders like a sequined cloak. This would be her one vanity, if she had any; but she's not a vain creature in general.

But that pale freckling - in fact all of her foam-pale highlights - shoulders, spine, the base of wingspars, and haunches - will need a bit of extra care and attention as she grows. These are the bits that get itchy first, along with the hide over each of her joints, so these are the parts she'll pester you for oiling most often. « Areiah… I know it is time for you to have your dinner, but I have the most /awful/ itch right… there. Could you put some oil on it, please? If it would not take you too long… » She's not a demanding soul; she'll not sulk or niggle away at you if for some reason you can't help out as quickly as she would like. Instead, she'll try to sort herself out - wriggling her body over the edge of the oil vat and accidentally knocking the whole thing over as she tries to find a way to get oil over that spot right in the middle of her spine. You'll notice this more often during her weyrlinghood when the skin is stretching fast, and when she's not got quite as much patience as she will have in later years.

Size-wise, she's not overly large or small - just the short side of average for a gold, though even so, she tends toward a bit of gangliness: long, thin limbs, neck and tail, all of which makes her seem longer than she truly is. Even after she finishes all those weedy growth spurts and fills out a bit, even after her 20th clutch of eggs, she'll still look just that little bit awkward. She's not particularly clumsy - no moreso than the average dragon, though because of those proportions, she'll probably always be a bit self-conscious (especially after tipping over that oil vat a time or two - though again, accidents like that will be fairly rare). She's not overly bashful, because this dragon accepts herself for what she is, but she is very aware of her own short-comings - that she's not the most classically proportioned beast in the Weyr, and so when she hits that second turn-day and the bronzes start eyeing her up, she'll probably get a little shy. In fact, being gold, she'll get a lot of stares from humans and dragons alike - which will tend to make her somewhat uncomfortable - she's no attention-seeker.

She's neither nimble nor slow in flight, but she'll experiment a lot: angling her ailerons a bit steeper than normal, just to see what happens, banking onto a wingtip and letting side-sheer take her for a while - again, just to see what happens - which might give you a nasty turn or two if she should take it into her head to experiment while you're on-board, but she's usually pretty good about warning you: « Hold on, Areiah. I want to try something. » Which is your cue to hang onto your hat.

She's not particularly sensual, and certainly not a flirtatious creature; but /sensation/ intrigues her. All of the senses - touch, taste, scent, sight, sound, even mindtouching other animals to see what their thoughts are like. But all of this is conducted quietly - just the occasional shared observation: « Areiah, did you know that herdbeasts think only in grey? » She needs an affirmation of something's presence to add to her assesment of it - and things without substance particularly puzzle her, « Clouds can be seen, but not felt. How… /odd/. » (This paradox is something that will drive her to distraction during flight - especially the first time she tries her wings.) Her comments are random musings for the most part; interspersed with rhetorical questions that she doesn't really expect you to be able to answer - but she'll be terribly impressed if you can.

As much as she wants to discover things with some form of contact, her inherent tranquility works with that curiousity to ensure that she does not disrupt things with her investigating - a passive observer more than a participant - making careful, patient, watchful investigations. She is not the child to stomp from tidal pool to tidal pool terrorizing the spiderclaws. She will sprawl down alongside one and stare at it all day, barely intruding. She likes to get down to 'claw level and /watch/: watch the slow movement of its claw, watch the way the saltwater dries against its crimson shell, watch the way its little feelers reach forward to taste the air before walking into it. Watch, learn, figure things out and then see how the walk of a spiderclaw relates to the prance of a runner. Ysbryth just takes it all in, as wide-eyed as a child, wondering at this creature so very unlike her.

For all that she is careful not to intrude, however, sight alone is not enough. Ysbryth would have been a marvelous scholar had she been born human instead of dragon; and like any scholar, has the need to investigate beyond the obvious. So she'll touch the water, touch the rock, bump that spiderclaw with her muzzle and yelp in surprise should it bite her. She doesn't get quite as down and dirty with her investigations as Siulth might (though the next time the green brings up a bloated herdbeast carcass from the bottom of the lake, Ysbryth might be intrigued enough to have a poke at it herself… be glad that she /doesn't/ share everything with you, though since her mindscent takes on elements of whatever it is she's contemplating at any given moment, it might be best if you skip dinner that day); Ysbryth's touch, both physically and with that overly well-designed mind of hers would be gentle and inquisitive - not messily intrusive.

« Did you ever notice that spiderclaws can swim, even though they have no fins? » Ysbryth is observant - aware of her surroundings, and curious about the interconnectivity of life; « The wherry is fishing for spiderclaws. But when he dies, the spiderclaws will eat him. » Amused at some of life's ironies, and sometimes awed by the great tapestry of life - but not /distracted/ by it. She's pretty responsible - if it's time for a flying lesson, she can leave the spiderclaw to its tidepool. It will be there when she gets back. Or if not it, another spiderclaw for her to contemplate.

Ysbryth will rarely be found causing a uproar - unlike some of her more show-stopping siblings; Cairhoth, for example. If and when she does become the center of attention, it will be accidental, and somewhat to Ysbryth's chagrin. « Arieah, the riders stopped talking when we landed. Is there a piece herdbeast hanging from my teeth? The holders are staring. » Though at the same time, she has that draconic acceptance of self; she's at peace with who and what she is, so while she may be a bit uneasy about all the commotion and staring, and without a clue as to why they'd all want to waste their time gawping at her, she's not precisely /embarrassed/. Though there will likely be cases, for example, like the Oil Vat Incident, where /you/ may get embarrassed, in which case she'll be all sheepish apologies.

There's a spot just between her jawbones - not her chin, beneath her muzzle, but further back - like the indented spot underneath and between the jawbones of a runner. Scratch or oil her there and she'll just melt. She'll suffer the scritches of weyrbrats along her eyeridges or headknobs, but that particular spot is yours and yours alone. While she's still fairly small, she'll rest her head - that jaw-spot - on your shoulder, but as she grows her head will become a good deal bigger than yourself and she'll become more careful about resting anything on you - but she'll always crave the physical contact.


Ysbryth is the scholar; the sage. She is balance; the beacon of enlightenment; quiet depth. She is the navigator, too - in the sense that life, for Ysbryth, is a constant journey - she knows where she is at any given moment in time, and remembers quite a lot of where she's been - more than most dragons. But she's not entirely certain of where she's going - or rather, she knows what direction she's travelling in, but not necessarily what she'll find or what she'll be like when she gets there.

There is a child-like sense of wonder and buoyant whismy about Ysbryth - though there's nothing childish about her. She's neither the naughty scamp that is Zenzorath, nor the Erranth schoolboy, though she shares a certain innocence with both of them. She defines reality in her own terms - and continually redefines it with every investigation. The innocence of a child, but with the intuition of a druid and the wisdom of a sage. She doesn't worry about what she is or is not, nor does she worry about what you may or may not be. She is. Together, you are. That is enough.

She does not drift through life. She has wonder. She has innocence. She has acceptance. But she also has a maturity of sense and spirit that will help you when you necessary. She /is/ spirit, but Ysbryth is more Zen than sprite.

Have you ever seen The Fifth Element? The Fifth Element being Leilu, the redhead, who approaches everything without any awareness of danger and little understanding of the world around her, but intrinsic faith. Faith in herself, and in what she can do. There is great innocence there, but nothing at all childish. Ability with limitations; competence, but with an intuitive knowledge of her own boundaries. Ysbryth is a lot like her - though a little bit more self-conscious; a little bit more imperfect; and more sympathetic toward others. That kind-heartedness is shared with Sardrinth, though her roguish clutch-brother is far more mischievous.

Like a good friend or sister, she is always there, you know she is there, you know you can count on her and trust her to wait until you can put things into words, or even just sit with you in that lovely comfortable silence of knowing. In times of quieter than quiet when you're only just awakening, or going to sleep, she's a little bit closer again; sage and cedar and wildflowers wrapping you in a comfortable presence - like a patchwork quilt of citrus-edged scent. Like a long soak in the baths at the end of a hard day, she's quietly there, not doing; just being - but that is inherently comforting. She doesn't have to do anything special or say anything deep and meaningful to achieve that.

She's not overly verbose either; she explains things more with the wealth of imagery than with long sentences - showing more than telling. If you're upset, all she has to say - if she says anything at all - is: « I'm here. » with the slightest intensifying of that herbal scent, the deepening of colours as she mentally pulls you close, and a wispy image of some soothing remembrance plucked from your mind as a comforting reminder of the good things in the world. But there is no need to find the right words, or verbalise her feelings for you. She Is, and she can convey it all without saying a word.

In the same way that Ysbryth never meddles in the physical world around her, neither does she meddle mentally. She'll never jump in willy-nilly to 'fix' things. If a child - weyrbrat or weyrling - throws a temper tantrum in front of her, she'll just watch, quietly, until he/she is finished. She is sage and scholar, but not teacher. She doesn't intrude unless it's necessary. In the same sense that She Is, Others Are; she feels no urge to convince them to behave differently - any more than she would wish to convince the moons to stop shining at night. They are moons. That it what they do. Alarth likes to sleep when it is cold outside. He is Alarth. That is what he does. And that is enough for her.

When it comes to more general subjects, she waits for questions before offering an opinion. Ysbryth never forces her own views on anybody - she's perceptive enough to understand that if she is right (and no, she won't always be!), the other party will learn the truth eventually; if she is wrong, she'll learn the truth eventually. When asked, however, she will point her way out to the other individual (you, another dragon, etc) - but she's less an active navigator; more a passive beacon. She will share what she knows and what she thinks with any who ask (though she'll speak to humans through you - Ysbryth speaks outside the bond even more rarely than most dragons) - but not guide them toward it - she shows what she thinks - they can come round to her way of thinking or no - it's their choice.

The only time she will take a more active role is with a distressed soul - a dragon whose rider is ill, a thread-scored dragon in pain, etc. Then she'll take the initiative to help out - though sometimes not enough. There again, she just extends a hand (paw?) of comfort. It's up to the injured party to accept it - she's not forceful; perhaps a little bit shy of over-stepping the bounds. She does not with to intrude, but is there, in case she's needed. She watches, she waits, she listens, and then, only when a situation absolutely requires action does she step into the fray, and even then her inclination is to just mentally lie on top of it all, Sphinx like, and wait for everything to quiet down. She has direction, but gradual change is her medium; not quicksilver response.

She'll need some of your encouragement, Areiah, in more crucial situations to intensify beyond that and put the full force of her mind behind her actions. She is a little bit afraid of her own strength, mind-wise, because she does think so deeply about so many things, and so few can understand all of her meaning (her mother can, certainly and Tiareth can, though she doesn't care about Deep Thought in the same way that her grand-daughter does. And you, of course, understand her better than all of the rest - but no others.

So because she puts the needs of others above her own, she tends to hold back a bit. Let them continue their nattering - she may have fascinating observations she could make about the topic at hand, but if she is the only one who would find them so, she'll keep them to herself. She's not secretive, she's just not forthcoming with everything unless some dragon wants to try to follow all the twisting pathways of her mind - and then she'll share her thoughts, and gladly.

But this reticence has the unfortunate tendency to apply to other areas as well, so that if, for example, something as powerful of mind and body as a bronze dragon was badly scored and needed subduing, she might not give enough quickly enough without your encouragement and instruction. She's not perfect - she needs your help to get by; to understand when it's necessary to take action. By having to help Ysbryth overcome some of that reticence, you'll have to be the confident one sometimes. You and Ysbryth; Ysbryth and you - each complementing and balancing the other.


Her green sisters will go proddy long before she does, and their sudden mood changes will confuse her to a certain extent - sudden, volatile change always does. But this will only last until she goes proddy herself for the first time and has that personal insight into the whole business to make things more clear.

When she does go proddy, she'll never be the one to make advances - not even like Nekomieth's demure, kittenish teasing; she's more subtle again. She'll draw the males to her with her own essence - it won't be a conscious flirtation. Pheromonal. Instinctive. Part of Her - she's no practiced flirt. But proddiness will never take her as firmly in its grip as it does some of the more sensual golds and greens; that analytical, investigative side of her will never be fully suppressed by the demands of nature and instinct (though neither will it save her from those demands).

When possible, she'll choose her mate herself, though it won't upset her if she's taken by surprise and caught by someone else, either. She tends to prefer the company of less vocal dragons, but she takes every dragon, every mating, every experience as it comes; learning something new from each.

When it comes to social interactions in general, Ysbryth is very diplomatic. She does not voice her private opinions unless specifically asked - and then she will respond honestly, though tactfully. She tends not to say much at all, though she's not stand-offish; she does enjoy the company of other dragons - but just being in their company is enough for her. She has neither the witty repartee of Zaqith nor the smooth urbanity of Azrieth, but that doesn't worry her. They are they; she is she.

As far as /your/ social interactions, she continues in the same non-intrusive vein. She is always interested in whatever friends, weyrmates, children, etc, that may enter your life, but she will never be so interfering as to venture, say, a disparaging opinion on your latest weyrmate. Not unless you either ask her outright for her thoughts on the individual, or unless she feels that the person in question might do you physical harm. She accepts you as you are - but more than that; she /understands/ you in a way that no other person ever could. So if B'ob comes along, and none of your friends can figure out what you see in the man, Ysbryth will know. And understand. And accept. She may personally feel that J'oe would be better for you, but she'd never tell you so unless you ask. And if you do ask, and she tells, she'll not expect you to suddenly decide to dump B'ob for J'oe - she's happy enough to agree to disagree. She might be wrong, after all ;)


Name: Saorise
Egg Desc: Nuff?
Dragonet Desc: Saorise
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Puppeteer: Saorise
Inspiration: Saorise, Nuff, Enya

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