R'sli's Explosive Supernova Green Zaqith

Ruins of Atlantis Egg

Sunken blue suffocates this egg in its depths, a ragged gradient of sun-touched aqua rounding out to darker hues in gradual descent. Marble, ivory, even a glitter of submerged gold show their unfinished faces, ancient pillars, old beyond recollection, forgotten beneath the tides of history. And what were once grand seem only ruins, now, stretched out in abstract scenery across an eggshell.

Hatching Message

Ruins of Atlantis Egg settles, aqua and blue slowly but surely being drawn away from shell's hard surface. Pale stone seems to rise, striations forming along pillar-lines. And as the glitter of gold surfaces, so the shell cracks away, the lost continent finally revealing its treasure.

Explosive Supernova Green Dragonet

Stellar-gilt jade surges over her diminutive frame, the endlessly deep hue cracked and shattered by the force of diaphanous volatility. Within each striation, grains of mica glitter, brassy gold, accentuating her sylphic proportions with their opalescent shimmer and glinting from beneath the verdigris that caps each perfectly defined headknob. Rounded shoulders brace in a wide-set stance, bisected by the rocky 'ridges scattered along the length of her spine as jagged fragments of rougher opacity. Copper trails into bright wheaten quickening along the length of her long, lithe tail; caustic brightness in a resonant contrast to sunlight's subtle charade.

Private Impression Message

The first signs are a jade-deep glimmer at the edges of consciousness… Next comes a scent of cinnamon and apple, a soft whisper of questioning caramel. Then KABOOM! « I'm Zaqith, Zaqith, Zaqith! » comes the proud statement, flashed into your mind in glowing neon green-gold, little sparkles shooting fire in the corners of your mind.

Name Inspiration

Zaqith: you were doomed, R'sli, from when you first told us you like Q and Z… We played around with lots of names, but Zaqith (pron


Oh, she's a bright one! Forceful, all bright jade glimmered across with citrine and gold flecks (much like her hide). Apple-sweet at times, at others apple-sharp… mellow, but with a sudden blistering wit that breaks through, especially in conversations with you. Sometimes she's softer… more cream and caramel… although she doesn't hesitate to contradict you if the situation warrants. At times the mind-link between you can fairly crackle with brilliant thoughts and wisecracks. And although she's stubborn, patience and love (and logic) will wear her down in the end.


Zaqith smells like the very best of just-out-of-the-oven apple pies; all cinnamon and burnt sugar where the filling's overflowed the pastry and caramelized… Dragon-spicy, with her own aroma never completely taken over by firestone stench.


Zaqith's average-sized for a green… neither small nor tall, though tending more to slender than plump. And this average-ness is a source of deep dissatisfaction for her: surely her physical form should mirror her internal 'specialness'? Her one pride and joy are those light-sparks dappling from headknobs to withers, a scattering of fairy-dust over the deep jade hide. She doesn't realise what others do: that her permanent glow, that which shines from deep within, echoes her firmly-held belief of uniqueness.

On the ground she's perhaps more graceful than her clutchmates; having less bulk than most. Certainly she almost dances rings around Alarth the ponderous plodder, and even small Erranth with his bumbling ways. Her crawl-hop is more lightly accomplished, neck held proudly not just for balance.

And in the air…. she's a swallow in flight: swooping here, soaring there… darting beneath and behind and between her wingmates in swift pursuit of Thread tendrils flung this way and that. In mating flights too, she wastes energy in aerobatics… never gaining quite as much height as perhaps she should, but giving the smaller males a better chase than if she were to strive upwards where the bronzes and browns are better suited at catching.


This is a green with enough force of personality for a gold. And if you had been female, Zaqith would be just that: a bright white-gold, prideful and passionate. That knowledge is something that permeates her behaviour: she can be haughty sometimes, especially with the males, and especially in the chase of a mating flight! Her personality imprints itself on everyone… most especially on /you/, her lifemate! She /is/ a proud dragon, though not an arrogant one… merely convinced of her own worth, and your worth to her. For despite you not being female, you're hers and no-one could be better suited. Fiercely bright, her adoration of you is clear… despite her stubborn little ways sometimes, she will defer to you.

There's an exception to every rule, however, and Zaqith's comes when she's proddy. It's hard enough to tell that she's going to be proddy, at least from looking at her: she's got a perma-glow about her that deepens only a little when it's time to mate. It's her behavior that gives the first pointers: she'll become bossy and motherly, worrying at you like a hen with a single chick. « Don't you think you've eaten enough today? Why don't you just have some juice to drink?» « Be careful now… are you /sure/ you've checked the straps for wear and tear? » « Don't you think the blue tunic looks better with those trousers? » These questions and niggles come at other times too… but never as thick and fast as when she's proddy. And never really one for logic at the best of times, all attempts to reason with her will just break down completely.

When she rises to mate, she does so without warning… one moment peacefully resting in the sun, the next diving into the pens to drain as many beasts as she thinks she can get away with. And then she explodes upwards, leading the chasing males into a wild dance, her mindvoice white-hot, passing taunts and comments and criticism to her pursuers. Swooping and diving, she's flying for the fun of it!

And as for the rest of the time? Zaqith /likes/ the boys, she really does. Bronze, brown, blue… all favorites with her. A constant flirt, sometimes she takes on a more maternal role… « Alarth, you really should eat more tidily. » « Kyleth, please stop burbling. you're giving me a headache. » That's only for the benefit of the males though….golds and greens can fend for themselves. A faint note of jealousy colors her exchanges with the Queens - she should be gold too! And she tends to 'lord' it over the other greens… superciliousness making an appearance although if you were to point it out to her, she'd stop. Till the next time.

She's a social dragon though… content to lie (never sprawl) in the sun with the others and make small-talk; even if her comments /aren't/ always appreciated. For, as mentioned, her wit is sharp-sparkle in style and she's /never/ the dull one. She has a keen observation for human interaction and will find the idiosyncrasies of people most amusing.. as she'll point out to you. « Don't you think that brownrider you're talking to likes Opeiath's rider? He's not really listening to a word you say… he's watching /her/. » Or on observing ex-Harper Sh'mann: « It's a shame that Clarath makes such strange sounds. They must hurt her rider's ears. » Sometimes you'll be hard put to keep a straight face as you listen to both her play-by-play comments and the serious discussion on hand.

So, to sum Zaqith up in a few words? Proud, fast, bright bright bright. And /yours/.


Egg Desc: Ethree
Dragon Desc: Saoirse, E'ren; D'renn tweak
Dragon Name: D'renn, Saoirse
Messages: D'renn Inspiration: D'renn, Enya + others

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