Syriene's Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Zhizusikolymuth

You began your journey here at High Reaches as a Candidate of Incomparable curiosity and depth. Your path onto the sands left you drawn to an egg of Incomparable cuteness…

… She pauses, marking her next destination, and brightens slightly. It shouldn't be strange that the girl enamored with animals finally finds herself stroking the painted-on fur of Wind-Up Toy Mouse Egg.

Wind-Up Toy Mouse Egg

Plump and round at the bottom, the lines of this egg sweeps to an almost near-point, topped in delicate shell pink. For the most part, the egg is uniformly mouse grey, with darker striations originating from the little pink tip of the egg, in a delicate fanning of dark bistre. Coal black smudges are dappled twice a step or two down from the little pink dollop at the top of the egg, not unlike eyes. Four little hints here and there of little pink swatches are far to reminiscent of rodent feet to be anything but. Steel grey sweeps in a wide swath of a figure eight at the base of the egg, perhaps to serve as a wind-up power source were the egg to come to life.

A pleasant summer's picnic turns dark and steamy. Suddenly, you are lost, in a scary forest, with the branches clawing at your clothes and the bats flying around your belfry. The winds pick up, indicating a storm is a brewing as the sun sets, leaving you in cold, shadowy uncertainty. What's that? A rustle in the bushes, and a strange growl just behind you. A branch SNAPS, leaving your skin crawling an a sixth sense, or maybe just regular old impending sense of DOOOOM. You're being hunted, but, by what? By how? The glowing yellow eyes in the cave you're approaching are not a good sign. RUN. RUN NOW.

… Some inner instinct has taught you of what it means to be prey, and preyed upon…

This time, the gasp is strangled, and Syriene's eyes are wide, pupils pinpointed, as she shoves away from the egg in question, snatching her hand back and shoving it, and its mate, behind her back. "Uh huh. Uh. Yeah." See, the egg told her to run. And R'yst, she's fairly certain, told her not to run. So instead, it's kind of an awkward hopping shuffle that takes her past the dam and sire - at least she has the presence of mind to bow on the move - and straight to the exit. No explanations given, nope. That's a Candidate fleeing for her sanity, that is. Hope R'yst knows where to get a cattle prod - that might be what it takes to get her out here again.

And so you ran. However, the day of reckoning has come…

Wind-Up Toy Mouse Egg tilts hither and yon, just enough that it seems like the little pink nose is twitching. The sweep of whiskers seem to writhe as cracks form along these darker striations. The cracks wide until bits and pieces start falling away, the belly of the little egg busting forth. The wind-up power source clings to the gooey gem that spills out of the egg’s shell. Giving a shake of her head, Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Dragonet strikes a pose, that ridiculous piece of egg shell still clinging to the slope of her plushie hips. Toss! New life begins with a hiss to her mother, before those first little dancing steps are taken forward…

Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Dragonet

Manifested as if a thousand emeralds have been squeezed of their color and shaded by the abyss, this dark, eddying green forms the base coat, liquid swirls of glossy bronze tinted jade spill through the richness of hue like free-flowing swirls. Nothing lighter than the brilliance of the faint copper-bronze tinted fire of dark emeralds emerges from the sweeps of color that spill from rounded snout, down the short length of neck, across the curve of her back to end in the tip of her tail. In stance, she echoes the influence of sinister's call to shadow for the sharply pointed 'ridges and low-carriage rise of dainty legs. Viscous globules of soot veiled malachite emerge across the surface of richly appointed curvature of ribs and delicate, rounded shoulders. Elegance incarnate comes from the outstretched perfection of wings; painted in liquid ruby-in-zoiscite with the faint shimmer of red-violet reminiscent of the peacock's fan. Delicate wingsails collect watermelon-tourmaline, spotted with clarity of moss agate, like eyes against feather’d ebony in peacock-like plumage that form the foundation of her wings. Glittering mawsitsit gains a foothold in rounded headknobs, the brilliance of pure, vibrant green touches upon the cuteness of upturned snout. Talons are of tawny gold, tipped in shadow’d forest green; jasper-stoned curvatures of wicked sharpness. Underscoring the dark coloring is an opalescence that shimmers beneath the soft caress of light.

… And thus was your Changeling lifemate born, and mayhap you shudder to feel the twisted darkness within…

Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Dragonet dawdles no longer, legs moving her across the sands with nary an issue now. Intent is clear, her objective is nigh. Candidates are about her now, though she has no real interest in any save one. This was a choice made long ago, as green dragonet stops in front of a green-eyed girl with auburn hair. The challenge is issued, the battle lines drawn. For Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Dragonet's is a destiny of Leadership. Of command. Whether it be by the steeled glint of a sword or through the seduction of a fan that shows only the eyes… all that is High Reaches Weyr will one day be hers. Syriene is looked up and down, always that calculating stare from the green. So be it, candidate. For once she is Leader of the Reachian Dragons, you shall be her second-in-command.

Tendrils of grey-white float across black sands, a stark contrast against the chaos of the hatching dragonets. The fog thickens slowly until you lose sight of the sands entirely, and strangely enough the brightness of day’s light fractures through the skeletal reach of deciduous trees. Bars of pale white light splinter apart, fading to diffused light that waters down the shadows. Even the sounds of the chaos once around you fades until nothing can be heard but the soft lap of water at a distant lake. Eerie is the silence that holds you in it’s grasp, until you hear the first *CRACK* of a fallen tree branch. Wind cuts through the forest that have risen up through the fog like silent soldiers, rustling the leaves. A presence touches the very depths of your soul, gentle at first then clawing and grasping, a blatant refusal to relinquish its grip. Internal panic bubbles up, it is that of your own, belaying the calmness of dancing will-o’the-wisps that bob through the fog like soft balls of light. The quiet lapping of water, the breaking of a branch, the movement of many feet all start to make a sort of sense. It is the creepy whispers of the voices of those on the sands that add the final thread to a voice made up of the sounds of the forest, of the fog. « Syriene. » Your very name taken from you. No longer your own. Alien is the sound, as if vocals are a thing inconceivable. « I, Zhizusikolymuth, shall make use of you, be sure of that. You are but another pawn in this game I run. » Mental talons of a sort, still holding strong to your soul, finally allow a marginal release. The chance to breath once more. It’s then you note, no longer are you alone, bonded forever to this changeling soul in a dragon’s body. « I suggest you stop standing there, staring off like a fool, Syriene. There are other things that await us. Let us be off! » Only when your foot steps forward are you released to the overwhelming heat of the sands, though you feel as if the cool mist of fog clings still, to your skin.

… yet the faerie tale has just begun; one of darkness and amorality, held together by the light of an Incomparable.

❀ Inspiration ❀

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Syrieeeeeeeneeeeee! Syrieeeeeeene! We got you! We nabbed you! We stole you away from Herder! Did you really think you’d manage to escape without the perfect of a faerie mixed with Starscream with peacock coloring? Did you?! Really?! Hah! Little did you KNOW! So here is your Zhizusikolymuth — she’s a rare creature for sure, but she is YOURS! We hope you have enjoyed Candidacy and continue to enjoy playing her for a long time to come!

Egg Inspiration

Wind up cat toys! Robot cat toys! Those things that race around the floor, powered on battery and catnip to drive your cats crazy! Cute, little fuzzy things that sends cats into an ever-loving tizzy that leaves you in stitches and them up on YouTube…

We picked this egg, not only because you touched it, but because it really was too cute to pass up – and you said you loved cute!

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Theme Inspiration

The theme for this clutch is Old World Inventions, and from that we derived the hand fan. There are two types of hand fans: folding hand fans, and flat hand fans and from those two archetypes are even more variety. Fans have been used throughout the ages as a way to keep cool, but also incorporated into the body language of a society. Whether to denote, acceptance or rejection, give clues of love or lust, or as mere tools to hide the expression, they are part of the subtle and complex dance of a society.

Not only is it a social tool, but the folding hand fan has also been adapted for fighting in Chinese marital arts. It’s a beautiful object, yet deadly too, both in form and function.


Now where hand-fans may be a general theme for your Zhizusikolymuth, she has a more specific theme to her personality and demeanor. You have to realize, Syriene, the moment you asked for a Starscream inspired dragon that Lendai would be all over that. Starscream, after all, holds a special place in that certain SearchCo’ers heart. It was decided, then and there, that that was who you would forever be Impressed too.


He is, by all rights, the /true/ leader of the Decepticon Army, no matter what that blowhard Megatron might say. And much like some await the day Starscream takes control of what is truly his, Zhizusikolymuth awaits the day to her own rise to power. The day High Reaches Weyr will be under the control of the chromatic, the green, none other than herself. Much like her grandmother, Talicanitath, it’s only a waiting game. The curse will surely take out Aevryscienth, leaving it wide open for the green to take over. This, this desire for power that Starscream always has is what also fuels your dragon. There are many forms of Starscream over the entirety of the Transformers generations. There is also, did you know, a female Starscream, known as Slipstream (, who is one of his clones from Transformers Animated. Some of her personality also was inspiration for the overall theme of Zhizusikolymuth.

There are other elements weaved into this green as well. Faeries and the Kunoichi are prevalent as well. All coming together, mixed and meshed together, to make the deadly combination that is Zhizusikolymuth. It’s a mighty conglomeration, Syriene, all that is your dragon.


Let us leave it at this video to truly understand how awesome Starscream is, and how awesome it is to have a dragon based on thus:

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Description Inspiration

So we started with the basic darkness of jewel tones; but rather than just slap a bunch of jewel tones on Zhizusikolymuth, we went back to your desire for fluidity of form and Eth’n found the best picture to form the basis of her coloring on, even better than mere coloring, but the pattern:


Zhizusikolymuth is certainly her father’s daughter with such dark coloring, though the hints of bronze that swirl like water eddies in the rich, dark emerald of her form off-sets her from being entirely too green. Now comes the emerald, for the coloring in that picture is very close to a dark, clear emerald. What really inspired us is the almost liquid flow of color and shapes hidden within the color; this, too, you Zhizusikolymuth has. Though it’s hard to see and Syriene would not know it as the shapes of planets, there are hidden patterns to her coloring that could amuse the mind for turns to come. The emerald color is such an ambiguous term, but what I went with was more the lab-created emeralds, such as the one below, to get the darkness and richness of clarity that does not occur naturally.


Now, she has more than this to her! That is just the foundation; her wings are the pure fanning flare of a peacock. The eyes gathered against her sails are of a watermelon-tourmaline, with speckles of moss agate tossed in to darken it up and give the peacock ‘eyes’ a bit more interesting color:


Watermelon Tourmaline & Moss Agate, respectively

The long bones of her wings have the most interesting jewel tones in them — we found it when doing a search on various green gemstones and rather than going too complicated with various words for green and then leaving the description entirely without the ability to imagine it, Eth’n threw in the ‘red-violet’, because ruby-in-zoiscite is just that: a dark green with hints of red-violet mixed in. It’s a pretty stone, but what’s more, is it fit so well with the natural forests and such that will arise later.



Hidden within all this coloring is definitely a touch of malachite — which is a gemstone that also has that fluidity of color to it, and it matched really well against the darkness of the other greens. She is not formed of only muted colors, however. The mawsitsit is really brilliant with a vibrant green intermixed with the darker green, this is what is across her cute little snout!


Malachite & Mawsitsit, respectively

Finally, her talons. We couldn’t very well stop with the gemstone theme, but rather than go with a different color, we took inspiration from the bronze-green of the first picture and came up with Jasper — it’s a mix of tawny brown and dark, forest green. It’s an interesting stone, and the tawny gold is what forms the majority of their wicked curve, and it is the forest green that clings to the tips.



To her form, Eth’n used the phrase to be the basis of the inspiration of her description: The beautiful side of evil. Despite the relative sinister aspect of her personality, it is beauty and grace, fluidity of form, and the glittering and rich jewel tones that are manifested in her physical form. And when she spreads her wings, peacock brilliance done in shades of green shine through. It is a greatly expanded from what you asked for, but we tried to keep as close to what you wanted as possible!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

Zhizusikolymuth. Okay, okay, okay… so there’s a story here too! What — HOW — did Eth’n and Lendai come up with this name? It was actually quite easy. Buried in inspiration making, names are often the hardest to come up with. And often take a lot of brain dumping to get them.

Lendai found a really awesome website with a lot of different names for “Starscream” — more specifically, what his name is in other languages. Zhizusikolymuth came to us… actually really easily. One, two, three suggestions and BAM, we stared at it.

We liked it.

We made it so!

So! Zhizusikolymuth = Hong Zhizhu (Chinese-China) + Csillagsikoly (Hungarian) + Sutasukrimu (Japanese)

It flows, is long, and has that required Asian feel complete with unique letters and without a plethora of ‘g’, ‘e’, or ‘u’!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Everything you can imagine is real.

~ Pablo Picasso

Fog is the first aspect of Zhizusikolymuth that Syriene will really come to notice: it is a living thing, woven through the trees of a deciduous forest. It’s the liquid blanket that rushes over the curves of mountains, running like water in fast, time-lapse movement. Eerie shapes of the forest are hidden by the soft, white blanket of fog, while light is fractured through the branches of trees.

At first glance… it’s so simple.

At second glance, you realize the fog is a shield, a way of hiding the true intention that lurks in the depths of shadows.

At third glance, you stand enthralled from a perch high atop a cliff face, watching the fog rush around you like a flowing river, only of clouds and over the very mountains of high reaches themselves rather than the pebbled stones of a creek.


Zhizusikolymuth’s actual voice is a thing you will never hear — not the clarity of tone that her clutchmates will have. Her voice is woven of the echo of sound. Whispers, avian calls, the fall of a branch from the depths of the forest; it is these sounds woven together to provide you with the strange and very Other nature of her voice. In this, she is very much her sire’s get, from the eerie mindscapes and the alien sense that comes from the depths of her being.


Fog spreads through the height of daylight, dimming the world that’s woven of trees and shrubbery. Light fractures from the space where tree’s embrace lets in the sun’s light only to be muted by fog’s embrace. Whispers dance through your mind, saying many things, nonsensical things. Broken bars of clean, watery light, tinged with gold, highlight the shape of the tree. The whispers of lost souls wandering through the forest are joined by the movement of living things through the forest: a crack of a twig, the soft swish of a leaf as it’s brushed past, the distant and echoing call of a hunting avian: finally the myriad of forest sounds swell to a desire. « I hunger. »

Her mindscape is not a land of colors, though some colors come through with muted glory, for the most part it will be in a single color range. She does not disdain color by any stretch, it is just that the sweeps of fog hide much that the forest has to offer. This place of hers, however, is as rich and complex as any of her clutch siblings, for even while her mindvoice is the fog-shrouded forest, it is much more than that.

You may find yourself settled into the comfort that comes with not seeing more than two feet in front of you when…

… you step out of the fog into an eerie lake, the water so still that it seems unnatural.

All around you, the fog hovers, contained to the tree line, where in front of you a small, dinky boat awaits the trip across the glassy surface of a dark lake.


It is a lure, and one you may or may not really come to understand, for it is here in the boat that drifts across the calm surface of her thoughts that she will lure you. Very little of Aevryscienth is in your Zhizusikolymuth; but much of Ysvarth is, and with that comes this thread of compulsion that will drive your steps forward.

Her ability to completely form whole lands around you will always be a danger of you getting swallowed in, and in a way she will not care except when it would end your life, and therefore hers. She is a selfish creature who will use any tool at her disposal to get what she wants.

Sarah: Ow! It bit me!

Hoggle: What'd you expect fairies to do?

Sarah: I thought they did nice things, like… like granting wishes.

Hoggle: Shows what *you* know, don't it?



This will not prohibit her from using her very distinctive mindvoice to frighten Syriene into doing what she wants. The eerie sounds of her voice, the creepy fog that rolls in to hide everything around you, the sounds of creatures — dead and alive — roaming through the trees; all of these things she will use to try and goad Syriene into doing what she wants.

Day’s winding light falls like russet yellow through branches of twisting black, bounded by the fog. It is a living thing, with creeping tendrils of grey-cast white that seek to wind around your feet. The echoes of the forest wind around your ears, the falling branches, shuffling leaves, creatures roaming within. Souls, disembodied, weep nonsensical things that echo through the trees. These many sounds collect into a single want, desire that throbs with the heavy hand of compulsion, « My desire is to eat of these beasts, Hold-owned or not. »


At any given time, her mindvoice generally has a sort of monochrome scale to it. Not that it is always in greyscale, but monochrome literally means single color. Daylight, moonlight, twilight, dawn — she will usually pick one color and build her mindscape off of that for any desire she may want of you. Sometimes, there are dancing will o’wisps that move through the forest, dancing in a strange and lively manner that casts eerie light through the heavy sweep of fog.

Faerie is a perilous land, and in it are pitfalls for the unwary, and dungeons for the overbold.

~ JRR Tolkien

It shrouds, and hides. True intentions are hard to decipher from her voice alone. True intent is something that can only be discerned by instinct, and for you, Syriene, it will be hard for you to resist. The lure of her voice is strong, whether in fear or mystery, you are always coming upon some aspect that is new. Anything that is found within the depths of Zhizusikolymuth contains a danger as well as beauty, for she emerges from the darkness itself, not delving into it.

You may wish you could hear her true voice, rather than echoes woven into an inflection-less sound, thinking that if you could hear her, that you might be able to withstand the compulsion of desire, and fear. She is not the great orator, your Zhizusikolymuth, not quite deigning to waste her time on those who don’t catch her him, but even when she does speak to other dragons, it is… sparse. It is of desire. She is no Szarabhayanath, to gossip idly. Her contribution to dragon gossip will be the sardonic comment here and there that tends to cut to the quick.

Dark, skeletal trees reach through the fog like the bones of darkness, while branches rustle against a wind that stirs even the bushes and the dirt of a hidden pathway. Fog enshrouds with mystery, though the whip crack of a branch is the bases of the desire that’s formed of the sounds of the forest, it is the soulless whisper of darkness that adds the sinister flow, mocking the recipient of such a cutting comment. « Oh, Eriphyliriuth. If only you could hold a thought to your head long enough to actually make sense. » Condescension is underscored by the dancing will o’wisps that glow like fractured light in the depths of a foggy forest.

She is an aloof dragon, wanting to cut her proverbial milk-teeth on her clutchmates more than most, having no care to how far she treads across the boundaries of a mind touch — if she’s got it in her head to push her fog into another’s mind… she’s going to do it.

And you’ll just have to be all right with that…

… Even when you have to have some explanation for her behavior. Sometimes, you will be the reflection of her voice, the cadence of her flat, dry tone touching yours. Her deadpan humor, that cuts to the very bone, will be a thing that others may not get, yet all the same this will also leak through your own voice.

Amorality and eerie, fog-shrouded forests bonded with the sweetness of innocence will lend to interesting results…

Wouldn’t you say, Syriene?

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Physically, she has many similarities with Dhioth — only in that she is the perfect complement of her two parents. Long of form, but with the cuteness of a rounder body. Zhizusikolymuth is formed of sleek lines, and softness of form that lends to a striking contradiction of between cute and sinister. Like the rest of her clutchsiblings, she is striking more than she is classically beautiful. Yet, there is an almost otherworldly quality to her that gives her form an ephemeral quality. Such dark jewel tones that flare with hints of light here and there with glimpses of soft bronze and tawny gold.

The spikier neckridges she gets entirely from Ysvarth, though Syriene will not suffer as Eth’n does, because while the neckridges are elongated, extruded into wicked, sharp points, it is only the neckridges that suffer the influence of the abyss. It is only the upper neckridges that this affects, however, as you flow down the curvature of neck the ‘ridges smooth out, so that the actual ride of Zhizusikolymuth is rather smooth.

Plushy almost.


She is cute of form and with cuteness comes a chubbier body, a plushiness that will have you wondering if she should be losing weight. However, she is not fat… you could almost say she’s, why, she’s fluffy. Adorable, even! Which hides such a devious and sinister inner quality, though physically she looks as cute as can be, as innocent as a freshly bloomed flower…

Cute, however, is not the full dimensional description of what Zhizusikolymuth really is; she is the embodiment, in form, of a faerie’d peacock. The brilliant plumage of her wings shines in brilliant light, in iridescent, opalescent glory. When they are outstretched and turned upwards, the eyes that gather along the delicate wingsails catch the eye so that it is all that can be seen. Against the darkness of coloring, the brilliant watermelon tourmaline stand out so brilliantly. Her wings, serving as her plumage, look more like this:


From her grandsire, she will inherit not only the plumage of the peacock, and the shiny brilliance of such coloring, but the instinctive knowledge of her own, slightly strange, attractiveness. Faeries are beautiful creatures and they know it, it is part of the glamour that attracts the lesser-minded to sup of the faerie world, and fall in love with the otherworldly creatures and create stories just to justify that which they deem to be magical.

She has this innate grace, elegance and beauty to her. It is as if Aojadinth’s influence had skipped a generation, and when combined with Talicanitath’s glitter, has created a special glamour to Zhizusikolymuth, and that glamour will work it’s influence on many a male and female dragon alike; when she flies, the shimmer of her jewel tones and iridescence will be a thing to behold.

This is the embodiment of your Zhizusikolymuth — she will not have the awkwardness of movement that Eriphyliriuth suffers, nor the skin-folds that Lakenheath will suffer through. She is much like Dhioth in that growth from babyhood to adult will be done with relative ease. She is selfish enough that you will find yourself oiling her before you even realize what you’re doing.

Emerging from the barracks intent on some desire or another, you will turn and find that you’re grabbing the oil pot instead of heading out into the sun’s light. You may pause and ask, “What?” Though your hands almost move of their own accord…

Fog’s ghostlike fingers stretch deeper and deeper into your mind while overhead dawn’s watery light is split against the sinister branches of trees shrouded in ghostly grey. Bars of light go off in many directions. « Do not worry, » come the echoes of the forest; lapping water, breaking branches, the whisper of trees and the cries of the lost souls of a place that holds sinister sway over reality. It manifests and morphs into a strange sound that spills forth words. « It is what is needed to be done. »

And still, even while confused that you left the barracks to get lunch, you’re somehow rubbing oil into glossy hide. Yet still… still you do it.

Oiling Zhizusikolymuth will be relatively easy as well, for all of that glamour is easy to take care of. Keeping her well fed but not over fed will also be easy to do, for your green likes to look her best. She is the faerie peacock of her clutch, given to know her own physical attractiveness wanting to keep it that way.


She is enthralling, and some dragons and people alike will find it hard pressed not to gravitate to her, or get lost in staring at the liquid shift of her coloring. However, there’s danger in this for Zhizusikolymuth knows very well what her physical attributes are, and she will use this to her advantage with a cruelty that will sacrifice everything — even your own desires. Her clutchmates are the favored food upon which to sink her teeth into; at times ruthlessly trying to get Eriphyliriuth to over feed or over oil so that she, Zhizusikolymuth, can be the prettiest of the clutch.

While her physical growth is not something to be troubled about, her desire to sabotage the looks of her clutch siblings… why… that, Syriene, that is a battle on your hands.

To open your heart to the fairies, you must nurture these feelings of wonder, reverence and love for every detail of your garden, for the airs which blow about it, the musical rain which falls gently upon it, the moon and the stars which silently look down on it, the great sun which is the source of its being and for the clouds and changing skies which provide it with a canopy. When you truly feel the sweetness of this magic, you will begin to discover the fairies, for they will make themselves know to you.

~ Claire Nahmad

Your Zhizusikolymuth is a changeling; a fairy of a different time with that sense of Other to her that others will see as beauty and grace and something about this beauty may set them to unease. She will cleave to the forested mountains, the streams, and waterfalls. From the moment she can escape the weyr itself, she will hound you to go outside. Forget relaxing in the barracks, or taking a long soak in the baths; nay, Zhizusikolymuth wants to be in the outdoors, to seek out the hidden streams and waterfalls, and bath in the sun’s golden light… or yes, the moon’s sweet caress.

Flight… oh how she will love to fly. She is as graceful in the air as she is on the ground, quick with a tendency to dart out of reach. The embodiment of a fae and peacock… it is no wonder she’s quite capable of steering clear of any dragon in the sky. Flight like her growth will provide little difficulty for Syriene except… perhaps the unwillingness to come down out of the sky.

From your barracks to your ledge to even your weyr, you’ll find the strange habit of collection. Though it hardly seems like collection as it does an absent-minded desire for the flowers and Pern’s ground fungus (like mushrooms) to follow her home. You are the arms of her collection, and you will mindlessly gather up these items and leave them in a ring around any place that Zhizusikolymuth stays for any length of time.


They are transient by nature for she’ll never ask you to keep these treasures long past the time they would have shriveled up or died, but rather when the circles have gone to dust, or blown away, you’ll just be gathering more.

Do not be surprised if you find your pockets filled with the flowers and mushrooms of the forest when you go visiting your neighbors. In the midst of conversation, you might find yourself slowly tossing out a little fairy ring ‘round Zhizusikolymuth small bulk.

You, like poor K’ane, will start to earn yourself a reputation from the moment you Impress… though, luckily for you, it’s a bit of a different type of reputation, eh?

One final note here, Zhizusikolymuth will favor lantern and candle light. You’ll be spending marks to keep the various lanterns and/or candles of your couch, weyr and ledge full of oil or replenished, for Zhizusikolymuth will disdain glows. Their strange light is not flattering to the jeweled brightness of her hide; she prefers soft light, lantern light, like will o’wisps.


Zhizusikolymuth is a dragon of beauty, of deadly beauty, but beauty none the less. She is the beautiful side of evil, though not necessarily evil per se, more along the lines of amorality. She is wholly and wonderfully yours, Syriene, and for the days to come… why… we’re sure life will be interesting!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


I remembered black skies
The lightning all around me
I remembered each flash
As time began to blur
Like a startling sign
That fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
To prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason
To fill this hole
Connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this new divide

There was nothing in sight
But memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide
The ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in
Between where we were standing
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
To prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Across this new divide

In every loss
In every lie
In every truth that you'd deny
And each regret
And each goodbye
Was a mistake too great to hide
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
To prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason
To fill this hole
Connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this new divide
Across this new divide
Across this new divide
— Linkin Park - “New Divide” (


Sugar and spice and everything nice! Sunshine and rainbows and ribbons for hair bows! Tea parties, laces, and baby doll faces! This… is not your dragon. Not even close. For all the things that make up a precious little girl, even if that little girl happens to be a green dragon, none of them even touch upon that which fuels Zhizusikolymuth. This dragon is one of contrasts. Both in personality and how they appear. She may look adorable and plushie, like a stuffed dragonet just waiting for your arms to go around her neck and give her a big ole hug! But be sure that if you try, you may lose an appendage. For all her sweetness of appearance, her personality is dark and tar-like, cloying and encroaching. Domineering and dismissive. Consider Zhizusikolymuth the ying to your yang (or visa versa). For where Syriene is good, her green is so very, very bad. For all her vices, she is a very ambitious dragon. Though the ambition is… quite dark in nature. It’s not for others that she wishes to rise to glory. It’s only for herself. Those with all the power hold all the cards, after all. She is a dragon not suited for merely lazing about at the bottom of the barrels. Whether it is in her own weyrling group, or in her Wing, or as just a member of the Weyr as a whole, Zhizusikolymuth will always be fighting for a position at the top.


Rank holds something near and dear to her very draconic soul. She is, after all, the green daughter of one of the strongest Weyrleadering Pairs that High Reaches Weyr has ever seen. Ysvarth and Aevryscienth’s own natures run deep within her ichor. It’s from Aevryscienth that Zhizusikolymuth gains her need of power (though hers being a more twisted lust for it, than a natural instinctual acceptance that the Senior has). Believe it, Syriene, that her desire to be Number 1 will come before all else. Yes. Even you. Nothing is more important to your dragon than rising to the top of the Weyr’s hierarchy. While it may never be in her destiny to be Weyrwoman herself, that does not stop her from trying to attain it. She will never lament over the color of her hide, being green works very well for Zhizusikolymuth. While she has that normal dragon-instinct to respect any gold, given they are the life bearers of the Weyr… Zhizusikolymuth sees the truth of the matter. A mother she cannot be, but who truly would want that? Getting all bloated and fat once every two or three turns? Being forced to sit on those sands, staring at eggs all day long? Do not even get her started on the uselessness of it all! So far as she cares, golds are only good for creating more dragonets that will one day form Zhizusikolymuth’s own army of peons. Otherwise, they are no special than any other dragon. Tradition simply dictates that all other dragons must listen to them, and really, sometimes traditions are meant to be broken.

Starscream: Oh, how it pains me to do this!
Megatron: Wait! I still function!
Starscream: Wanna bet?
[Starscream lets Megatron's body drift from the open shuttle door into space]
Megatron: Starrrrrrrscreammmmmmmmm!… argh!…
— Transformers: The Movie (1986)

Zhizusikolymuth holds a special kind of hatred for Aevryscienth. Cluthmother to your green she might be, but that is where any affection is muted and destroyed. For Aevryscienth has what Zhizusikolymuth yearns for. Has what she /deserves/! And truly, should there ever be any other gold that ascends to the position of senior during your dragon’s lifespan, Syriene, they will surely be hated as well. For now though, the senior queen is the Megatron to your Starscream.

Starscream: Oh, all hail the broken down junk pile of our failed leader.

— Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

They do not really know what is best for the Dragons of High Reaches Weyr. Only Zhizusikolymuth knows that, for she is one of the army now, is she not? She sees what those big-butted golds don’t see, sitting on their precious sands, ordering about those who should in truth be /their/ true masters. Dragons have long lives though, now more so during a time of no Thread… so your green has time. Lots of time to make Pern see that it is greens, blues, and browns who should rule, of course with herself leading the battle.

Dense fog rolls in, condensation forming into droplets on every tree branch and falling into all nooks and crannies. Hillsides are blocked from few, trees only shadows in the wavering muted darkness. Smokey greys and dirty whites encircle the mind, grasping, clawing, such simple colors belaying such exquisite brutality. « She knows not what she says, not what she does. » The vivid image of one warrior-queen, beaten and broken, bloody from talons ripping and tearing is an image brought to the forefront to your very mind. « I shall allow her to rule while she can, for one day, I, Zhizusikolymuth, will be the leader of High Reaches Weyr! »

Again though, it should be noted, Zhizusikolymuth is not one to lament on her own green hide. She revels in all aspects of her gender and coloration. So many do not give the smallest of dragons their due, thinking easily that they are disposable. What they may lack in size and girth, they make up for in spades with sheer numbers and quickness of speed. Perhaps they cannot last as long in true flight as those brutes of bronzes and golds, but why does that matter? The name of the game is to destroy another’s opponent quickly, as it is. Why bother with a long flight, wearing out the wings, when she can just as easily zip to the front and declare her superiority. It’s about /results/! Not in the journey of flying, but who is at the finish line first.

It matters not the deed that needs to be done… Zhizusikolymuth will ensure it’s completion if it means a rise in status. Wingsecond, Wingleader, Weyrsecond, all are open to her, and she is ready to knock down one position after the other to get what she wants. Her swirling eye is in reality on the Weyrleader position, for it holds more for her than any other, but your dragon is nothing if not practical. Bronzes and the occasional brown are made for that rank, as tradition states. Though by now you well know her feelings on that matter. And also, in the past, have now Wingleaders or Weyrseconds stepped up where the Weyrleader once was? All it takes is some planning on her part and simple patience. So long as she can ascend into one of the higher ranks… she’ll be set and ready when the time is right. Of course, throughout all that time waiting, she is also sowing the seed into the minds of her fellows. Trying to amass an army behind her.

Megatron: Starscream, I'm home.
Starscream: Lord Megatron, I was so relieved to hear of your resurrection…
Megatron: You left me to die on that pathetic insect planet!
Starscream: Only to help spawn our new army! The Fallen decrees it! After all, in your absence, SOMEONE had to take command…
— Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Your dragon, Syriene, knows how to say the right things at the right time. Manipulation is a weapon she has finely honed, knowing when to use it and against who. Always she knows when to properly assert her dominance and superiority over others and when to meekly take an order and run with it. Her mindscape already leads many other of her kind to wonder at the mysteries of this dragon’s origin, her seductive words twining betwixt their own thoughts and feelings. She’s good at getting into the heads of others. Telling them what they want to hear, feeding them the praises they yearn for or helping to disparage those who have acted against them. It’s a natural talent she has, saying the right thing at the right time, always depending on the situation and who she may be up against. Zhizusikolymuth knows how to cower appropriately against the might of her Weyrleaders, though all the while she placates them with pretty words, she has been insulting them to others. Let’s face it, your green does not have a death wish, and how well she knows that the other dragons could dispose of her if they ever wished. While others may spout nonsense about the average dragon being unable to harm one of their kind, she does not believe it. Too many fights when emotions are high or when riders are entered into the mix have taught this femme fatale to always be on guard.

Two-faced is a word for your green, Syriene. It’s a hard one to hear, yes, but it’s a fact you must come to terms with. Zhizusikolymuth has no issues catering to the whims of one dragon, while talking about them behind their back to another. It’s how she works her magic. I wouldn’t exactly call her a social dragon by any means, in truth she finds herself more intelligent and wittier than even her own clutchsiblings (and let’s be frank, her clutchsiblings are the few dragons that may rate higher on her list of Acceptable Dragons). She will play the game, be nice to some, cruel to others, all in the name of saving face, gaining supporters, and proving just how much better she is than everyone else.

Waspinator: What is this? "Program does not respond!" Waspinator does not understand!
Starscream: I'll bet Waspinator seldom does! But try not to let it depress you, bug face…
~ Transformers: Beast Wars

Where Aevryscienth is where she gained her lust for power, Ysvarth is where her single-minded focus to achieve it comes from. Though she will not use her clutchfather’s ways to go about getting it. He may use planning and determination, yes, same as his daughter, but Zhizusikolymuth, as you well know, will have little issue when it comes to taking out others to get what she wants. The Weyr can do well without a few dragons here or there, if they decide to get in her way. It should also be said, due to her single-minded determination to gain the positions she so rightly deserves, Zhizusikolymuth will have no issues stepping on the little guy. Or the big guy. Or the medium-sized guy. That is to say, not even you, Syriene, are free from her persecutions. This is a green that has no problems what so over with throwing her own beloved rider under the proverbial bus. Should one of her schemes come back to bite her in the ass, it will be you, the rider, who will be blamed for the compilation of the plan. It matters not that Syriene would never DO such a thing as, y’know, overthrowing a your Wing’s leadership, the fact of the matter is all the blame will be placed fully on the shoulders of /you/! All the while, your precious, borderline adorable green will bat her lovely large eyes, puff out her adorable wings, and give off an air of innocence you never even realized she had!

« Oh, oh, Wingleader! Never, ever would I /ever/ try to take your knot from you! Not unless you thought I was indeed worthy of such a promotion. Though I know I’m only a green, and so lowly one at that, I promise to you now should you ever decide to take a rest from your hard-earned rank, I would do all in my power to prove my worthiness of it! Though of /course/ I do not wish for you to ever step down, since you are by far the most deserving dragon and rider pair to /ever/ have such a position! I will be sure, beyond sure, to scold my silly, confused Syriene for trying to usurp you both! Such dreams that one has. »

Zhizusikolymuth is the master of laying it on thick, but it helps her immensely out of all sorts of predicaments. Even some of her own clutchsiblings, such as Cervilaevarth who is well known for his keen intellect and amazing ability to plan and strategize, will be amazed at her ability to get out of almost all punishments. Though it should be noted that out of all her siblings, Cervilaevarth is the one to look out for. He’s ridiculously smart, something even your green will take notice of quickly, and not as easy to convince as the average dragon. Where Cervilaevarth holds loyalty to be an important, almost all encompassing thing, it’s but a plaything in Zhizusikolymuth’s mind. She’ll use it and abuse it, throw it away with little care or worry. As he’s the other planner in this group of dragons, he’ll be quick to pick apart and issues in her own well constructed ideas. He knows well that while his plans and missions are for the betterment of all dragonkind, Zhizusikolymuth’s are not. She is using her powers of mind and body for nefarious deeds. If any dragon could have the ability to out her TRUE plans of Reaches Domination, it’s him. Because of such, she will do all she can to seduce her blue brother to the dark side one sentence and mental stroke at a time.


Starscream: Someday, I'll be giving the orders, Rumble. You'll do what I say.
Rumble: Look Starscream, Megatron is strong. He's merciless. He can't be beaten. And you'll never be our leader.
Starscream: I will find a way. Everyone has a weakness.
~ Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

Other dragons are equally on her radar, due to their possible usefulness to her cause. While she has a distaste for all those pompous bronzes and golds, her brother Dhioth holds a special place in her black heart. He will be one of the few bronzes she will allow near her, though not exactly in a companionable way. Well does she realize that Dhioth has the makings of Leader dragon, both in personality and in appearance. He’s a lovely dragon gleaming of sculpted metal. Laid out in /all/ the right places. She will make it her duty to seduce him as best she can, slowly using her feminine wiles to entice the bronze. He will be useful to her, in some way, some day, she just knows it. Better to have that card in her deck now, versus scrambling for it when the time is right. Truly, as both she and he are the loveliest creations that Aevryscienth and Ysvarth has made, it makes /sense/ that they should be together. The power couple, if you will.

Selfishness is the key word to all of what Zhizusikolymuth is. She’s a megalomaniac, so assured in her own glory that it’s hard for her to EVER see the big picture. Who cares about the Weyr as a whole? The economic times? The anything that’s /not/ in some way related to her? She is the Sun, the Moon, and entire Universe and /well/ should all of Pern realize this. And you, Syriene? You are… a means to an end. She needed a rider, an easily dominated one at that. Someone she could push around, manipulate, and use to her own devices. She does… care about you. To the extent a dragon must care about their rider. Your life is important to her, though really only because Zhizusikolymuth knows well that should you die, she shall as well.

Starscream: Not to call you a coward, Master, but sometimes, cowards do survive…
Megatron: This isn't over.
~ Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

The concept of death, her /own/ death really, is one of the few things that scares your green. So safety in both her own welfare and your own will be a major priority. Some may remark about how sweet it is that your own beast remarks so often on your getting food, should your stomach rumble even once. How caring a dragon! How loving! You’ll know the truth of it. Zhizusikolymuth fears you starving to death, even though you may try to talk sense into her. Humans do not die from one skipped meal, it will matter not. Your green will be on your case, day in, day out, ensuring you have not done anything stupid enough to jeopardize her own future. One cannot take over a Weyr if one is dead.

Zhizusikolymuth uses everyone, you know this already, though it should be stated that one person, above all else, will be used the most. That’s right, sorry Syriene, but that person is you. While your green has to schmooze others and manipulate them to get them to do as she wants… you are different. You’re her rider. The one person she cannot hide her true, dark personality from. So… she won’t. Why bother? It’s not as if there’s much you can do, anyway. She is as she is and really, Zhizusikolymuth /likes/ who she is. Why change? That being that, she will use you in ways you may not even have imagine. Favors will be called in on your behalf. You’ll find yourself with hidework, extra sweeps, chores, jobs you don’t even know /how/ to do, all because your green signed you up for it. There are worse things, however, this dragon can and will do, as you will find when she flies to mate.

There will be a key issue always playing against Zhizusikolymuth’s ploys, the proverbial thrown wrench in the gears that may short-circuit her entire plan: her temper. Oh yes, it’s short, it’s volatile, and it will surely get her into a lot of trouble should she let loose on any of those her REALLY anger her. Usually, only you will be the one to hear the explosiveness of her temper, Syriene. You will also be in charge of making sure, to your best ability, that none of your dragon’s ire is leaked out, where it will surely foil her plots. You see, Syriene, when Zhizusikolymuth lets her barely contained temper snap, she will tell people /exactly/ how she feels. It will be your job to make sure to notice when the breaking point is coming, to whom it is she is speaking, and to try to divert her attention to you. You might be asking yourself, why? Why would this matter? Ruling High Reaches Weyr is really not that important to you, though again it must be stated… should you /not/ do this job… it will be /your/ life that suffers. Zhizusikolymuth knows well how to make others suffer and she is always there, within your mind, seeing your thoughts and judging your feelings. If you do not keep her in check when it is needed, perhaps your green will inform others of an embarrassing habit of yours. Or let it be known to a crush your feelings. That five hide manifesto you wrote, declaring your feelings for another rider? It will be read out loud for all the Weyr to hear. THAT is how she will make you suffer, Syriene, if you do not do her bidding in this one manner. All your hopes, all your dreams, all that makes you embarrassed or you wish to hide for others will be aired out for any dragon within earshot. So yeah. That temper of hers? Best to watch it and be ready.

Starscream: The time has come to purge the universe of that accursed Megatron! And forever seal my destiny as the one true ruler of the Decepticons!
Thundercracker: You second rates clones aren't even worthy to breath my exhaust fumes!
[Thundercracker and the other clones blast off towards Earth]
Starscream: I must be a bigger pain in the gearshaft then I thought.
Slipstream: Well, well, well… Look who just got to the party!
Starscream: Don't start with me, woman!

~ Transformers: Transformers Animated

Well, Syriene, you’ve got yourself a handful of a dragon. She’s selfish, an egomaniac, a user, manipulative, and lusting for a power that really cannot attain. Though at least you can tell people that she’s not a lazy dragon! That’s good, right? And so long as the two of you shall live, she’ll always be making sure you are well taken care of. Even if it’s for her own devices, it’s /something/ at least! Just think, someday, in the far future, as all the peons of Pern do your dragon’s bidding, you will surely be her second-in-command. What a glorious thing to look forward to, right?

Starscream: Decepticons! It is with deep sorrow that I note for the log… Megatron's Spark has been extinguished. All… hail… Starscream!

= ~ Transformers: Transformers Prime

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Flying to mate isn’t all about the sex for Zhizusikolymuth. It’s a perk, as it would be for any dragon, but her sensual nature fueled by malice will turn even her own flights into a power-play. She is the big business, using this occasion to ingest the smaller corporations, tying them to her forever. Flights are another way to claim more for her ever growing army, because of this your green will fly often. Where her green sister Eriphyliriuth is one to lengthen the time between her flights, your green will be different. She’ll go up as often as a green possibly can, enjoying the game of cat and mouth, chaser and chase-y that is portrayed at every flights.

It should be well known that each and every flight will be a vicious game of tag, ending only when one of the males can out maneuver your green. Already you know, Syriene, how adept she is at flying. The sky was made for her to control, and during a time when emotions are running high and lust begins to cancel out all feelings of domination is when her true ability to soar is revealed. Her ability to do tricks and tactics all while under a sexual influence would take even your own breath away. Sadly, you’ll be far too riled up with those lusty thoughts to think much of her flying. There is one thing (and possibly the only thing) that she will have in common with her other green clutchsibling, that is she will not have long, drawn out flights. She is no gold (thank /Faranth/!) and doesn’t see the purpose in allowing mating flights to linger. She wants the fulfillment of the flying, the excitement of the speed, the risk of the flight tactics she shall use, and the reward of another male being under her power.


Zhizusikolymuth holds a place in her cold, dark heart for the chromatic males. Blues and browns will be her preferred suitors, those she’d really rather win her flights. She will allow a few select bronzes to try to court her while in air, though their large, overbearing wings usually cannot sustain the speed in flight that her and her fellow smaller dragons can. It’s a good thing, for your green, that all dragons of all colors can hold rank here at High Reaches Weyr. For many times her preferred will be the chasers, so it’ll be all too easily to allow those males to twine tails and have them be the victor. Only for those select bronzes that actually hold something she desires will she relent and allow them to win. Those times will be few and far between. Zhizusikolymuth will have an uncanny ability to almost… control the outcomes of her own flights. All those hormones in the air, Zhizusikolymuth’s level of crazy going up to new levels, you’d assume she wouldn’t have it in her mind power to do such a thing. It’s instinctual for her, however, to seek out the best of the best, those also usually being the ones with the rank to go with it.

Anyone with rank above her own, even some of those beneath her, will be open season. Zhizusikolymuth will be relentless in trying to get Syriene to sleep with them (even outside of flights!). Man. Woman. Shemale. It matters not. She’ll go there. While she can’t outright force Syriene to do anything (or anyone) she doesn’t want to do, the green can make her life a living hell. Somewhere along the lines Zhizusikolymuth heard a comment about ‘sleeping ones way to the top’. While she herself will give it a go, twining tails with a ranked dragon, perhaps even skewing her flight in such a direction that only those at the top shall ever win her affections.

Starscream: Yes! I love when a plan comes together!

— Transformers: Transformers Prime

So, skewing flights in her favor will be a ploy your green will play very well. Zhizusikolymuth’s flights will not be peaceful or without injury. She has a thirst for blood, both the kind that pours down her throat as she sucks dry the herdbeasts, but that of her fellow dragons as well. Ichor will flow from the sky, like droplets of rain, when she finally gets airborne. Her talons, always kept sharpened, will tear into the hide of any male that she may not want near her. Violence is the name of the game in flights. Usually her aim will be true, injuring a male just enough to force him back or even to leave the flight as a whole, never to hurt permanently. That’s not to say that… mistakes can’t sometimes occur up in the air. Let’s just hope they do not, for the sake of the dragonhealer’s.

Zhizusikolymuth will be the seductress on the ground, before she takes off. She is kunoichi, the female ninja, well versed in the ways of seducing men to their deaths. Through her proddy time is when this truly becomes seen. Your dragon will change from the vile woman she usually is, to a more coy version of her self. Males she finds worthy of her time will be sought out, her proddiness all but thrown in their faces. She’ll be blunt at times, making it know she fancies a dragon, encourages them to try when the time is right. Then she’ll slip her face behind the hand-fan once more, only allowing her mental eyes to goad the male further. Simply another way this dragon controls the situation.

The kunoichi within her also has her craving flights in the middle of the night, to those in the day. While she may have a few day flights, they will be few and far between. When Rukbat is full, and the night is filled with many stars will your ninja finally allow the burning urge to mate take over. She is hidden well at these times, able to descend upon her chasers and do any harm she wishes, to ultimately achieve the goal of having one of her ‘favorites’ win. It won’t always work to her favor. Many times dragons all look the same with on the stars to shine light on their hide. Mindvoices start to muddle together, all sound the same when it’s hard to pay attention due to the throbbing of one’s loins. Once Zhizusikolymuth is herself, the mating lust gone, she may be nauseated with herself for the male she accidentally allowed to win. This only furthers her determination to fly once more, sooner rather than later, to get the outcome she was hoping for.

Zhizusikolymuth is not the type to settle down for one male dragon. Not even the handsome Dhioth or dangerous Kczyslawborth make the green wish to settle for just /one/ guy. The assassin in her is far too great to allow feelings of comfort and, dare it be said, love come between her and the Ultimate Goal. She also will not be favorable to you ever taking a weyrmate, Syriene. Should you decide too, there will be a constant fight on your hands. If one’s rider has a weyrmate, it is hard to get said rider to sleep with others. It goes against what Zhizusikolymuth deems to be your part in this whole plot.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

That’s it, Syriene! That is your beautiful, yet deadly Zhizusikolymuth in a nutshell. To say she is something else is an understatement. A dragon that only lusts for greatness, willing to use and abuse even her own rider to get there. It will take a woman of integrity and honor to truly control such a beast. We truly believe that Syriene has what it takes. Of course, this is only how we see Zhizusikolymuth. She is your dragon, and as such, you are free to play her as you want! Add to her, take parts away, the choice is in your hands.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


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