Slippa's Mama's All Night Diner Green Zizth

Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg

This body looks more like a painted simulation than a living object. Cerulean, pinks and greens all richly lacquer the outside of the shell, giving it shine and a smooth glossy hue. The gleam is so bright that one might think of using it as a mirror, that is if its protective mother wasn't apprehensively guarding it with her very existence. Two or three coats of color seem to be layered upon its surface, leaving no parts uncovered, a perfect coat of paint for that perfectly painted egg. Upon closer inspection, a zaffer hue is seen in its hollows, but only slightly, as the light reflects off the shimmering shell at a certain angle.

Hatching Message

Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg tilts, wriggling a little as chips break away to drift down lazily onto heated sand. Hot, hot… it glows, it gleams. It cracks like glass crazed from too much heat, real fragments following the chips down, raining their bright colors away. Green goes… no! Green is still there; bright apple green with an iridescent sheen. Wet hide mischievously revealed in tantalising patches before the last confining remnants shatter away, leaving the occupant with nowhere to hide.

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet

Chunks of soft apple are tumbled together, winter's green teasing round the edges of a supple, sweetly rounded form while elusive specks of brilliant silver glimmer like fizzy bubbles foaming over solid flanks. Streaks of gracious Mutsu-like shades cling to her neckridges, enriching the savory orchard greens that meld and tumble over a short back before softening down a sturdy tail. Yet peeping through the mellow hues is a hint — a blush of delicate, almost opaline, fuchsia rounding out her gentle curves like the first rosy taste of ripeness that's gone when the eye looks too closely. Touches of tart myrtle tapers into moss, both coiled across narrow shoulders before spilling out into overlong wingsails like a veil of murmuring forest leaves that sparkle from the barest dusting of silvery stars. Breathy satin is echoed over slim apple-green paws and woody talons while equally breathy silk lends a shapely head a little of the sublime.

Public Impression Message

Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet steps past the last of the Wrong ones, ducking into a ditch in the sand for one last moment of hide-and-seek before she's found… or finds… Whirling eyes tinged with red hunger but vibrant with new found love are lifted, her gaze seeking the Right one's returning look as she bounds forward to cross that last little distance between her and the other half of her soul. Slippa. The one whose feet are now the ones being covered with all the sand she keeps kicking up. And she's not covered in goo. Is she?

Personal Impression Message

« You! » It's a voice in your head, shimmying in like it belongs there. First, all that is there is the word, echoing across your perceptions. And then, like a picture gradually being outlined, more detail comes into focus. Mezzo-soprano, filling until overflowing with bubbly mischievousness. Now, someone is painting in the colors, with cinnamon scent wafting through with a tempting reminder of the best home cooking and an effervescent fizz like the insubstantial softdrink of nameless ingredients. Now you are no longer one, you are two and two made one - you are Candidate, hot feet and thin robe and you are dragonet, sore paws and a belly aching with hunger. « Slippa! Zizth! » It's you and her. One… or is it two?

Theme Inspiration

My idea of her was based on a Greek princess girl who works in her family's diner. She's a little princess, forever young in her mind and full of bubbly energy. The hatchling name, Mama's All Night Diner Green Dragonet was from this source, and the 'night out' she was based on is a night out at that diner with a combination of jazzy sparkle and wonderful home cooking.

Name Inspiration

Zizth. Well, you suggested Tzth and you said short so we looking around and came up with Zizth. It has no particular meaning except 'fizzy'. I wanted a name that sounded bright and fizzy and Zizth it was.

Description Inspiration

Apple green, irridescent, fushsia, small with long wings. That's what you gave us and that's where I started. It's not canonical for there to be any -real- pink on a dragon (gotta follow Anne's rules unfortunately). So, she has this pink look hiding under the green. Can't see it when you look straight at her; it's only there out of the corner of your eye, like a wil-o-the-wisp which vanishes when you look at it properly. This reflects her tendency to play hide-and-seek all the time. For the rest, I was thinking fizzy (the silver speckles), and sweet/tart apples. to reflect a good deal of personality. Note that 'Mutso' is a particular type of apple. ;)


Cinnamon scent and fizz. Truthfully, that dominate although whispers of other tones and so on drift in. Her voice is very insubstantial - if there was a spirit talking, it might sound rather like she does. Mezzo-soprano, often soft. And cinnamon. It's always there, that cinnamon. It's how you can tell her mood. It's sharp and strong when she's cross, gentle and just like cinnamon off a new baked apple pie when she's feeling teasing and happy. Or smoky like cinnamon incense when she's upset about something. But even when she's tired, there is this energy in her voice, like a bratlet fed way too much sugar!


Zizth is small. Not the smallest green around but certainly one of the smaller ones. She's supple and gently rounded - not plump, not skinny but just right as they say. But her wings are a tad overlong in proportion to her body - giving her a bit more endurance in the air than might be expected otherwise. However, like a normal green, her strength is in aerobatics - and Zizth specializes in quick darting movements. She's zigzag madly in the air, changing direction half a dozen times a minute. But she's not built for anything too wild like loop-the-loop type maneuvers.

Her hide tends to be somewhat more robust than most - all but her particular itchy spots. The spots referred to are her paws. For some reason, the majority of your attention is required by her paws for they itch like mad and her talons are forever needing a trimming or filing or oiling. As for the rest of her, she's content to last a little longer than most between oils and bathes, possibly because she also tends to avoid getting dirty. When they and or take off, dragons are apt to kick up dust in large quantities. Zizth goes out of her way to avoid doing so and she'll complain bitterly if she gets covered in dust from someone else. That leads into a note on how neatly she moves. True, she bounces about energetically on the ground but her feet do go just so and it's more like she dancing than anything else.

As she grows, she does grow fairly neatly. Her proportions stay roughly the same rather than all her body growing at different rates - and she skips the adolescent gangliness entirely.


Fizz. Energy. Bounce. Zizth's personality is pure exuberance combined with total and absolute confidence - especially in you! She's capricious, mischievous, apt to flit from one thing to another in her chatter until even you might be lost in following her train of thought. When she's talking in your head it tends to be a full speed, full on chatter and woe betide you if you do not pay sufficient attention. She's quick to sense distraction and unless you're being distracted by something important, she'll badger you unmercifully in your head until you give her your complete attention. Of course, if there is something important to you on your mind, she'll drop everything she was thinking about to offer support. She loves you, Slippa - loves you with ever fibre of her being and she can not bear for you to be unhappy. If you are, she'll be anxious, edgy and unable to rest. She'll do her best to make you laugh, to cheer you up - possibly until you feel like shrieking at her to hush. But she does it only for love of you.

However, she doesn't spend her life talking at you; a good deal of time is spent talking at someone else. For some reason of her own, she's inclined to only talk at one creature at a time. Thus, when she isn't chatting to you, she'll chat to some other dragon. Endlessly.
But there is more to your Zizth than chatter and energy. She feels, Slippa. She feels so deeply that sometime she can not bear her own emotions and you will have to comfort her - most particularly should a dragon go *between* forever. The brightness and bounciness is sometime a defence against touching the world too deeply. Should you ever weyrmate, she'll accept your weyrmate (and his dragon if the dragon is male) into her life and adore them almost as much as you. Greens are said to be flighty and while on first glance, Zizth is flighty, underneath she is not.

However, her overt attention span is low. You will have to haul her mentally back on track - and while she's a baby, physically back in line - at frequent intervals. During a lesson, she's certain to find something else of interest and attempt to go off in a totally unrelated direction. Anger, fear - she does feel these emotions too but they do tend to be fleeting. But you will know if she is upset with you or unhappy about something for she mopes. And sulks when she thinks she can get away with it. That's about the only time she doesn't talk - when she mopes or sulks.


Zizth is not a flirt. Flights in general tend to make her irritable. Her own proddiness tends to be regarded as an inconvenience, to be endured. And she doesn't really like the idea of ending up in some strange male's clutches - she tends to find a male she likes and then stay with him, indignantly putting all her efforts into avoiding any rivals but allowing her favourite to catch her. Note that if you weyrmate, and your weyrmate rides a male dragon, she'll muchly prefer to be flown by him.
The flights tend to be swift and short - she has little interest in wasting time up there. She goes up because she must but she's not about to stay up when she need not… so there! ;)

As for what you feel, well, when Zizth is proddy you'll most likely just feel weird. The room is too hot, your clothes uncomfortable. The food doesn't taste normal and people look at you strangely - you think.

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