Jh'rek's King Of The Alley Bronze Zsivanyoth

Clutching Pose

From the sands, Mynwiyath draws herself up again, her voice rumbling with more strength across the sands. She flicks her wings out, then pulls them back in, tucked neatly against her torso. She scoops the sand from another shallow pit, and lowers herself again.

From the sands, Not one, not two, but three eggs emerge, one after the other, to snuggle in the little hollow. Mynwiyath shifts the sand to embrace them, then begins anew, digging a groove in the sand.

Nightmares and Nightingales Egg

An explosion of white hot orange mushrooms across the dark expanse of this egg, inky smudges struggling to contain the ensuring chaos. Emerging from the turmoil is a pair of incandescent ovals, unseeing eyes focused on some distant goal. Shattered silver cogs tumble relentlessly against the apocalyptical kaleidoscope, bright and dark two sides bound together in the single illuminating shaft of red and white streamers that manage to pierce the rolling premonition of future destruction.

Hatching Message

Nightmares and Nightingales Egg lashes to and fro, a violent movement, always in constant motion. Never does the egg topple to its side though, instead it stays upright. Heavy bottom side on the sand, the top portion flailing around. The internal struggle doesn't last long, as cracks start to filter throughout the egg. The shell soon gives way, breaking away and falling to the sands, leaving a bronze bad-boy in its wake.

King Of The Alley Bronze Dragonet

A rebel's burning gaze smoulders in an angel's face; he is a dragon slicked sweet, a too-cool attitude layered over hungry-lean lines. Bomber-jacket bronze hide fits snug, almost too-tight; it showcases the flex of rangy muscles and stretches taut down the whipcord length of his body, too-thin, ultra-slim, no excess here. Silver star-studs mark the leading edge of both wings, marching a merry path from shoulder-joint to wing-tip; in flight they blur, supernova-bright, but at rest they flare like diamonds in the sun. Intensity marks him: he is neither sinner nor saint, but a pauper's prince who skirts the line, just a swaggering step across the border from dark-side dangerous.

Public Impression Pose

King of the Alley Bronze Dragonet is edgy, by now, restless as he shifts from candidate to candidate.  No, no, no— his shoulders twitch hard, and he jerks to a stop.  His head whips around, and when he starts moving again it is with renewed purpose.  He makes a low, irritated noise like the rev of an engine, plowing through anyone dumb enough not to get out of his way now that he has his goal in mind.  When he nears it, his movement slows again; there is a swagger in his step as he reaches Jhairecki, and comes to a stop.  Yo, whatchoo doin'?

Private Impression Message

A breeze of cool air whips across your face, the smell of the open road filling your senses with the sweet temptation of freedom. Burning rubber and whirling wheels rocket through your mind, with flashes of silver starlight zig-zagging from corner to corner. « Hey, hayadooin'. » It's a statement, not a question, that shimmers to being. « So its ya, right? Jh'rek. Nah, Tha's no good. Rekky. Yeah. Much better, don'cha think? » If dragons could grin, this one would be doing just that. « Zsiv is me, if'n ya didn't know. Zsivanyoth, but Zsiv's is cooler, if ya know what I mean. » The scent dies off, the starlight storm fades, but the feeling of another remains. « Rekky and Zsiv. Let's blow this pop stand! »

Three cheers for Jh'rek and Zsivanyoth! Hip hip! HOORAY! Hip hip! HOORAY! Hip hip! HOOOOOOORAAAAAY! Welcome to the grandeur of being a High Reaches Weyr rider, Jh'rek! We hope you come to adore your bronze as much as we have! We're so happy to have you here!

Egg Inspiration

Okay, I'm a bit of a Heroes fan, just a little I swear. So I wrote a Heroes egg, not just any Heroes though, this one is all about Peter Petrelli and Sylar. Both of them are able to paint the future (and explode) so I started off with a mushroom cloud, then added cogs from Sylar's watch and streamers from Claire's cheerleading uniform et voila. Peter and Sylar both have the ability to take on the abilities of others; one is passive and ready to save the world, the other far more sinister.

Theme Inspiration

James Dean, Motorcycle gangs, Brooklyn boys, rebels and bad-boys alike! These all describe what your Zsivanyoth is based off of! We aren't talking those lame motorcycle gangs. We're talking the hardcore kind. Hells Angels, Outlaws, so on and so forth. The well known guys. You know the type. They have dozens of patches atop their black, leather vests. They drink and bike to their hearts content! Going miles and miles to meet up with fellow members only to drink and bike some more. The truly hardcore ones ride Harley's and nothing /but/ Harley's!

And James Dean. Oooh, he's dreamy! He's also most well known for his acting in Rebel Without a Cause, which is where a majority of Zsiv's insp comes from. He's a bad boy, much like James Dean's character. He's the King of the Alley, he rules the streets!

Description Inspiration

James Dean, biker boy, leather jacket. This and so much more spawns the inspiration of your dragon's overall look. He's a lean, mean rebelling machine.


Now think of your boy here, decked out in a totally bitchin' leather jacket. The kind a motorcycle riding rough rider would have on, as he cruised the mean streets of the city.


Name Inspiration

Your bronze is an edgy dragon, so he needed an edgy name. Something that says "Hey there. Don't mess with me, mister. Or you'll be asking for it!"

I can't begin to tell you have many names we went through. At least 5! We kept hemming and hawing and deleting then re-writing. Just none of them seemed right! We wanted that perfect mixture of bad-boy-ness to mesh well with Jhai, and with Zsivanyoth, we feel like we got it!

His name comes from 'zsiványok', which is Hungarian for Outlaws. Now, if you know your Biker knowledge. The Outlaws is one of larger, well known biker gangs in the US. There are over 200 chapters in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. The Hells Angels are their main rivals! For more info on them, check out:


We've been pronouncing his name as 'ZEE-van-yoth' and some of us have been nicknaming him Zsiv (pronounced Ziv) but he's all yours to work around that as you want!


If your dragon could be placed somewhere on Earth, just in association with his manner of speaking, you'd say he is from the Bronx. Rocking it out Brooklyn style.

One great example, if you've never heard this awesome accent, is the movie the Newsies. This is EXACTLY how your boy speaks! He shortens words. You is always ya, the is da, words that end in -ing always get cut off, so on and so forth! He puts lots of emphasis on certain vowels. Stretching them a bit longer than should be. Also, he swears. A lot. and I mean a lot.

« Yo! Wha'cha think ya got goin' on dere, Aevryscienth? Shards, what's got a dam like ya all up in da air? »

Here are three awesome songs that you can just really hear the voice of those New Yorkers!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_59pP_Xcw0g&feature=related (main singer is so Zvis!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnfK7-aOv0w&feature=related (<— my fav!!)

He's also got that youngish sounding voice. Like a boy, on the brink of manhood, who thinks he is SO much tougher than he really is. But his accent gives him more of an edge, with the possibility of sounding like an adult… except not. Not that he'll really notice. He thinks he sounds badass, one way or another.

Motor oil and burning gas, the tantalizing scent of the open road, with wind flowing through your air and the rubber burning beneath your wheels. That is Zsiv's mindscent. And while it may not be flowery or pretty, and heck, some people/dragons may find it just downright offensive. It's all his! And he digs it. And his colors? Blacks and silvers, lightning streaks will constantly zig and zag across your mind's eye, with varying degrees of grays. It's like a monotone light show!


It's apparent from when Zsivanyoth begins that crazy growth stage that he's always going to hang around the 'average' end of the bronze size spectrum. While he's not going to be a tiny little thing like Ckiezeluth nor a hulking mass like Armaderoth, there's nothing to worry about — he'll be the perfect size to do just about anything and it certainly helps to have less mass to do that atypical walk that he has.

From the second Zsivanyoth emerges from the shell, he'll possess that characteristic swagger that seems to hang like a dangerous cloud about him. For some reason, he won't really hit the snags of hatchling clumsiness that the others will, instead perhaps 'accidently' bumping into things or falling over and masking it with a quick cover-up swagger to his destination.

Something that may prove to be of an annoyance to you is the near constant pestering that Zsivanyoth will give you about one particular area of his hide. It happens to itch so much! You know those silver star-stud marks? Yeah, those will be of a constant pain throughout much of weyrlinghood, with Zsivanyoth asking for relief while twitching from itchiness that just won't seem to go away. This is most certainly something that he'll grow out of once his growth slows down, though this is one area that will always be one of Zsivanyoth's favorite places to ask you to rub.

There's also something that Zsivanyoth will prove fond of doing. If he's ever still (which is rare, why have a swagger if you cannot show it?), he does this thing with his right forepaw. From a distance, it may look like an odd twitch but, when seen from up close, it appears that your bronze might be trying to smooth at his hide, a nonchalant easy movement adopted by his badboy attitude. It's all a show, really, meant to give him that 'suave' attitude that he might be trying to hold on to.

And his movement! Ooh, his movement. Once he's reached that final stage where he's actually at the size he'll stay at for the rest of forever, Zsivanyoth will have the most alluring walk out of perhaps all the bronzes in the Weyr. Some may have that slink but Zsivanyoth will have that -swagger-. It's the one that projects all his confidence and just shows that he knows who and what he is. This, odd as it may be, definitely does not translate over into his movement in the air. In the air, he's just plain fast and who needs to be all slick for that?

While your Zsivanyoth may look average (aside from his relatively unusual coloring), he is far from average. As he grows, there will always be new quirks that appear — who knows, maybe he'll take to doing a shimmy along with that swagger or adopt a constant twitching of his tail to accompany that paw movement? There's always more to find out as he grows and it is that awkward period that'll hold all the surprises.


I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard look of a cobra
I was born blue and weathered but I burst just like a supernova
I could walk like Brando right into the sun
Then dance just like a Casanova
With my blackjack and jacket and hair slicked sweet
Silver star studs on my duds like a Harley in heat
When I strut down the street I could hear its heartbeat
The sisters fell back and said "Don't that man look pretty"
The cripple on the corner cried out "Nickels for your pity"
Them gasoline boys downtown sure talk gritty
It's so hard to be a saint in the city

I was the king of the alley, mama, I could talk some trash
I was the prince of the paupers crowned downtown at the beggar's bash
I was the pimp's main prophet I kept everything cool
Just a backstreet gambler with the luck to lose
And when the heat came down it was left on the ground
The devil appeared like Jesus through the steam in the street
Showin' me a hand I knew even the cops couldn't beat
I felt his hot breath on my neck as I dove into the heat
It's so hard to be a saint when you're just a boy out on the street
—- Bruce Springsteen "It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City" (Greetings From Asbury Park Album)

If you haven't guessed it yet, your Zsivanyoth is a rebel without a cause. He's a tough guy, through and through. He likes the shadier aspects of life. Gambling, petty theft, slight vandalism. But never anything extremely major! He just likes to shake things up a bit. Put his mark on things and what not. One things he'll have a fascination for is the soot pits. He'll love rolling around in it, giving him that hardcore black look. And then stomping around the Weyr, leaving black paw-prints and tail drags in his wake. Not to mention throwing himself against the side of the Weyr and whatever walls he can get too, leaving dragon impressions. You and a bucket will become close indeed, during his first year of life. The Weyrlings Barracks will not stay neat and tidy with Zsivanyoth around.

Is it a reasonable thing, I ask you, for a grown man to run about and hit a ball?  Poker's the only game fit for a grown man.  Then, your hand is against every man's, and every man's is against yours.  Teamwork?  Who ever made a fortune by teamwork?  There's only one way to make a fortune, and that's to down the fellow who's up against you. 
—-W. Somerset Maugham

Gambling. Oooooh gambling. Zsivanyoth loves the concept of making a quick mark. Not that he actually needs the money, but he still wants it. Poker is his calling. If only he had thumbs to hold the cards. So, of course, since he can't, you will be the hands for him. Anytime he even hears the words "Poker game." You will be harassed, bothered, and annoyed until you cannot take it anymore. Zsiv will force you to learn the tricks of the trade, even if you don't want to. Just so he can be a part of the game. And if you should lose? Well… just don't lose.

Now, all of this being said and done, it's good to know that your bronze, Jh'rek, isn't exactly a rule breaker nor will he go strictly against an obvious order. He's just more the type to do what is asked, but do it his OWN way.

"Tye said we need to move all these firestone sacks a dragonlength away from where we are now."
« Did she? Huh. Hows 'bout, instead, we just walk a dragons length tha' way an' say we did da work. Sounds better. »

He just enjoys that bad boy reputation. He's the kind of dragon all the greens and golds want to be with, if only so they can piss off their parents! Cause hey, nice guys always finish last. And Zsivonyath is a first-placer. The hell with last!

There are those types of dragons that cling to their riders like the lifeline they are. And then there are those like Zsivanyoth. He's a bit more independent than many dragons. Not to say you aren't his goombah, y'know, his best mate. But he's a free thinker, and at the same time, wants you to be a free thinker too. You two may be rider and dragon, but you are still two different entities, right? And yeah, he knows he needs ya, but he can still be his own person. Honestly, he finds some of your ideals and thoughts not to his style, but he's the shoulder-shrug type. The 'as long as you don't get any on me, than fine, whatever!.' king of guy. As long as you don't bring him down with you, he don't care what you do! But he has no qualms bringing you down with him.

« Rekky an' me. We're tight, see. And if you want me, ya gotta through him. Got it? »

Yeah. Rekky. That's what he calls you. Of course, your official name is always Jh'rek, but there is just something about Rekky and Zvis that meshes well, and he knows it. And if you happen to hate it, he'll call you it more. Just to show how much he cares!

He has a rather… colorful vocabulary. And is big on telling it how it is. And while he's not the type to blurt out exactly what is on his mind ALL the time (unlike one of his clutchsibs), if an altercation comes out, you'll hear what he has to say about it.

« Ah, shardit! That good for nuthin' weisenheimer, Svitelloth. He's gotta lotta shit witchoo, if you know what I mean. »

And you won't. But you'll grab onto his odd wording fast enough. And maybe even throw it into conversation once or twice.

« That Utonalloth, pah! She thinks she who she is, that one. What a load! »

(As a note, feel free to check out: http://www.lampos.com/brooklyn.htm — it has a multitude of awesome Brooklyn words and sayings from the speakers themselves!)

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
—- James Dean

Your boy is a rough rider, all the way. He likes to fly straight and while sees the benefit of going between, he likes the loooong drawn out flights. On your free days, you can expect to be dragged to the farther off Holds and what not. Anything to give your bronze that wind-in-his-hair feeling. He thrives in the cold more than the warmth. And while he enjoys to sun himself like any other dragon, he's more often to hang out, rocking around in the snow and enjoying the bite of below freezing temperatures. Hope you like the cold, cause as his best chum, you'll be out there with him!


Zsivanyoth /lives/ to chase after the ladies. Even if he doesn't always win the flights, he's a chaser. There is just something extremely satisfying about flying after a good looking gal, as fast as you can, and doing crazy ass stuff in the air! He gets seriously into flights. Going as fast if not faster than he ever has before.

Now, mind, when he does loose, and he will. Zsiv will be /pissed/! I mean lashing out, breaking stuff pissed. It may be because he didn't win, or maybe just his way to alleviate all the adrenaline that was coursing through his system. But he'll go on a rampage when his talons touch the ground! So it'll be good, after the first time he flies and looses, that you take him to the meadow or what not and let him flail himself to exhaustion.

« I had such a wallear to be catchin' that hoowah! An' she let that shlubby fool catch her instead! Stupid, blubbering, idiotic scumbag! »

It won't last too long, and he'll never, EVER hurt you or any person or dragon while he's "temptertantruming". But he will project the… less than savory thoughts and feelings to the rest of the beings around him. And some of them may not exactly appreciate what he has to say!

Another aspect you'll notice is that your bronze will be almost violent in the sky. He's a fighter before he is a lover. And all that speed and sneaky flying just brings out the worst in him. Don't be surprised if he comes down from the sky with some ichor flowing and needing a quick patch job. Each and every scar he may get, though, will be a badge of honor and he'll wear with pride and show off to anyone who dares to stare.

And that is Zsivanyoth in a nutshell! Or at least how we all see him! As he is now yours, forever and ever, you are free to play him however you want! We just hope you have as much fun playing him as we did writing him!


Name: Tye
Egg Desc: Xora
Dragonet Desc: T'ii
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: T'ii
Inspiration: Tye, Nu'ra, T'ii

L’fei (Feilan) and Proddy Alda Time Green Utonalloth
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