D’nik’s One-Handed Concerto Green Zveitseith

Clutching Pose

Chayath squirms and wriggles somewhat sensuously as she extrudes another egg, the motion showing in the varying colors of the shell. A long wuffle of forbearance sounds before another bout of wriggling and shuffling occurs, this time in seeming discomfort as a second egg appears. Could the coloration shown give some idea of just why the gold was so uncomfortable in the passing of it?

Dirty Dancing Egg

This ovoid is all spiffed up in vibrant carmine, luring even the least vagrant eyes to it. Not lost amongst the other eggs that crowd and invade it's sand space, this one can quite hold it's own. When the light hits it exactly right, the silky shell appears to sparkle and shimmer with a life of its own. Alas, this egg's true potential is masked by a series of muddy brown blotches.

Hatching Message

Dirty Dancing Egg quietly shifts to the left, the right, the center. A pause to properly await the start of something new; the merengai swiftly starts, then, a seductive sway executed before the dirty-hued egg spins out with insane notions, breaking apart at the edges to reveal the prize, tucked away in a side of the egg— the darkling green shakes her head, confused, and rises from her shell. Why? Because nobody puts baby in the corner.

One-Handed Concerto Green Dragonet

A descant of the finest pitch rolls over this lowriding dragon, the sleek ebony of her hide barely mired with the slightest hint of a green tinge. Lanky in the quarters and long in the muzzle, she is carved from confidence, an astounding vision of rare sensuality that curves over her frame as a second skin. Not that the first hide is anything but self-sufficient: slick and muted, the darkness is interrupted evenly by the faintest pattern of near-feline hunter-hued spots, barely discernible against the void of her hide; truly a jaguar, in that respect. A diminutive set of wings looms beyond the sleek staves of neckridges. Raw, primal force is etched within the very lines of this black-green rhapsody, supported by the intelligence gleaming within those eyes: indeed, she is a concerto for the ages, a melody unchained.

Public Impression Pose

One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet notes that there are two in white. Well, duh. Two. One's her One, and the other is… well, some random shrimp. Okay, he's not exactly a shrimp. But the other one is -so- much better looking. With a wobble-lurch, talons grasp onto Dominicke's robe, and a dark look passes behind whirling dragonet eyes as she belligerantly stares upwards, crooning a low alto warning. Hey, man, why are you -ignoring- me? Not cool!

Private Impression Message

Once upon a time, in a place far away from here, there lived a young man who was desolate, alone, without the half that makes him Finished. There lived Dominicke, before… « Zveitseith. » Bubbly and /sudden/, a mental presence is abruptly There. A lively mental airiness surrounds your mind and her cheerfulness bursts the dam of thoughts, changing to a husky contralto. « D'nik! I have questions. You have answers. /First/, what is this grubby stuff? Momma calls it sand. Is that true? Whoa! Did my stomach just move? Crazy! » A pause for the proverbial breath, and on she goes— « I feel… hungry. Is that the right word? I think it's the right word. D'nik! Are you listening? You're not! That's wrong! » As wrong as a shaved lemur, baby; but Zveitseith is Here, forever, and eternally Right.

Dominicke, Dominicke… Now our D’nik! You’ve been wonderful, fun, amusing, interesting, and you don’t even smell weird. Thus, we simply couldn’t let you escape! We, and your Zveitseith, have hereby captured you. Hopefully you’ll love her as much as we love you! –HRW SearchCo

"No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever."
- Francois Mocuriac

Egg Inspiration

This egg was, of course, inspired by that classic movie about teenage rebellion and a whole bunch of dance moves I'd kill myself if I tried to pull off. Enough said.

Theme Inspiration

Zveitseith is a little of everything, in the end. Just as you wanted a complex dragon, she’s a lady with many sides. Primary to her is a dual nature, one slightly similar to the character of Hatsuharu on ‘Fruits Basket’. When she’s in a good mood, she’s the bubbly and sweet creature who quite resembles Momiji, the gentleness of Tohru, with a dash of Legolas’s courage and confidence thrown in (and a little of his skill at stating the obvious!). When she’s in a bad mood, however… well, that’s when you see more of Kyo’s impatience, and the sadistic amusement and joy found in Hannibal Lecter. Throw in a pinch of vampire and a heaping pile of loyalty to YOU, dear D’nik, and you’ve got that lady of your life. You’ve got your Zveitseith.

Description Inspiration

Ooh. Zveitseith. She's a slinky jaguar, in all terms of the words. Though I don't think you could really honk her horn… ahem. You'll notice she's low to the ground, in a proverbial crouch; her quarters are leeeean and long, and there's not that nasty excess muscle that you'll see on other greens. No, just barebones minimal, and the most subtle color. It just doesn't break up: it's that black overlay of hunter-green spots. Ever seen a black panther up close, with the spots? /Exactly/ that, except with green. XD

Name Inspiration

Zzzzveit! Seith! Zesty, isn't it? You noted, D'nik, that you liked 'Z' names that look a bit crazy, but don't leave you tongue tied, so we came up with the name Zveitseith, pronounced Zz-vite-seeth or Zz-VIE-see-ith. Some nicknames we thought up were Zvei, or Zveitsy, but you can call her whatever you like. (We've affectionately referred to her as Feisty Zveitsy).

The name is based off German for "two sided" (Zwei/Zweit- two and Seitan- sides), which reflects the two-sided nature of your dear green's personality. Quirky, original, and quick, we thought it the dream name for your dream dragon.


« Yay! D’nik! It’s dinnertime and—oh! Oh! Hey, let’s go try and get Isamath to play and maybe… ooh, can we go up to the meadows tonight? Pleaaaaase, D’nik? »

Bubbly and sweet, Zveitseith’s voice is a light cyclone of energy. This is where she wears her heart on her sleeve, her mood is always clearly reflected in her voice. On her best days, it’ll be a whirling and twirling of words, with a swift and purring touch that is simply Zvei. There’s the sweet scent of jungle flowers that will dance in your mind, a laughing touch of brilliant color – magenta and violet and rich green. When she’s young, she’ll have a little trouble keeping track of all her thoughts – which could drive a few of her clutchmates, like Morchainth, to a bit of irritation. As she ages, her voice will be a little softer, yet there will always be that sweet joy.

When she’s angry, however, that’s when the voice will suddenly darken. The humid and eerie touch of the darkest rainforest nights, the faintest scent of flesh and blood hiding just beyond her words, just out of reach. If she’s in a bad mood, you’ll know it by the sudden darkening of her tone, the utterly tight and enclosing force of her voice. Her speech will become more clipped, and she’ll very rarely explain herself or her requests.

« D’nik. Let’s go… Somewhere. »

Her voice is the jungle, yet it is also light and soft. One thing that will always be there will be a faint touch of music, just at the back of your mind. It’s a soaring crescendo without a name, it is simply Her.


She’s irreverent and irreplaceable, forever loving and always loveable, a source of sanity and a force of chaos. In the end, she’s simply Zveitseith. Just when you think you have her figured out, she does something completely unpredictable. She's complex enough for an explanation ten times this length, but therein lies her simplicity.

Kyo: She’s not someone who cares about things like that.
Yuki: Honda-san is someone who perfectly understands other people’s hearts.
-‘Fruits Basket’

For the most part, she will be extremely friendly. Not a gossipy sort of friendly or a gushy, overbearing sort of friendly, but with a type of presence that energizes you and inspires you to keep going for the rest of the day. She’s a comforting presence, the kind of bubbly dragon that will always have time to lend an ear to a good friend, or show up with some silly gift to comfort a sick clutchmate. If you find yourself feeling down, have no fear! Zveitseith will be there, with a strange sweetness in her voice and a half-wilted flower attached to her talon, just for you. She won’t always succeed at cheering you up, and sometimes her attempts can be more annoying than endearing, but she does mean well. Zvei has a touch of the character of Momiji in her personality: she can be earnest and bubbly, with a touching truthfulness (which can sometimes be more of a hazard than a help!).

But at the same time, she'll remain slightly aloof, gaining no close circle of friends. She's willing to amuse herself with whoever happens to be around at the present moment, or simply bask in the sun by herself. Very rarely will she actually go seeking companionship. She’s content to spend her days as an acquaintance to others, a playmate or enemy or occasional companion.

Nevertheless, some will ultimately grow a bit closer to her heart than others. She's very loyal to this select group, putting them before all others if she has a choice - So long as they do nothing to anger her. It will take an almost unspeakable offense to tranform her cheerfulness to wrath, but once she's there, there will be little hope of appeasing her until she decides to cool down on her own. What will set her off the most is when one of those she considers one of her allies betrays her, or you, D'nik, her one and only true love. Just as Hatsuharu has another side of unreasonable anger, ‘Black Haru’, so does your darling Zveitseith have a very, very strange side. Insults will bring it out, but so will simpler, smaller things. Perhaps Esryth’s herded away the wherry that she’d had her eye on, or the weyrlingmaster scolded you for not keeping perfect care of your riding straps. Often these incidents will just roll over her like a wave, becoming quickly forgotten. But sometimes, especially if someone breathes an ill word about you, she’ll go into that distinct and frighteningly foul mood.

Alas, an unlucky few will experience this dark side of Zveitseith. Her mood's descent into shadow won't be a sudden change. It will be an almost imperceptible shift over the course of a few minutes, like stormclouds gathering in the distance. However, the realization that the Zveitseith you see before you isn’t the ever-jubilant, harmless dragon that you thought you knew so well may come as a shock. When she truly hits bottom, it is advisable for the subjects of her ire to get themselves as far away from her as possible.

A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
-Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs

In her dark moods, grudge will slowly simmer and boil beneath the surface. At first, she’ll be a little more callous in her statements, a little more sarcastic that normal. Some dragons will find her dark wit entertaining (for she does become much more likely to make a quip or crack jokes that are /quite/ funny… though also on the cruel side), while others will just be wary of her. She’ll become more irrational, feeding more frequently and violently, and prepared to lash out. You may find her staring at the stars some nights, unable to explain the turmoil that hides within her. Whatever dragon is the victim of her anger will find him or herself glowered at, snapped at, and suffering all the petty bits of punishment that Zveitseith can deal out. She’ll brood, she’ll curse and mutter quietly to herself and you, and she’ll lash out at some of those around her. Weather her tides, because while her moods are fierce, they don’t last for too long.

Clarice: If you didn’t kill him, then who did, sir?
Dr. Lecter: Who can say? Best thing for him, really. His therapy was going nowhere.
-‘The Silence of the Lambs’

Zveitseith will be extraordinarily stubborn in her dark phases, unwilling to admit any wrongdoing on her part, and ready to take on the world if she has to. She’ll write off her actions as being well deserved, or simply never happening.

« Oh? One of Celvynath’s mountain sticks disappeared? …Um. That’s a shame, really. Too bad. Now! I think my wing really needs a bit of oiling. It itches. »

She’ll slip hints to you, certainly, but she’ll dodge the subject if you ask her outright. She hates to lie to you, but she’ll definitely try to find ways to distract you. She’d be much happier without you knowing the details of her anger – it’s personal, something she keeps to herself when she can. She’ll also be a bit singleminded, part of the reason that she doesn’t speak quite so much when she’s in a mood. She doesn’t want you to know that she’s constantly wanting to get her revenge. Should she get caught red-handed, however, this is one of the times that she /will/ panic, and will desperately need you to calm her down. She doesn’t deal well with having her plans foiled, and the fear can often begin to break through when this occurs.

Who could have thought such darkness lay concealed
Within they beams, O Sun! or who could find,
Whilst flower and leaf and insect stood revealed,
That to such countless orbs though made us blind!
Why do we then shun Death with anxious strife?
If Light can thus deceive, where fore not Life?
-J. Blanco White, from “To Night”

After a while, though, as her lifemate, you will come to realize that this darker side does not come and go. Instead, it is always there, lurking just below the surface, waiting for a chance to show itself. If you are attentive, you will catch bits and pieces of it in everyday tasks, such as hunting.

« Hello there, little herdbeast. Guts in or guts out? Not that you have a choice.»

Never fear, though. Her anger will never be directed at you. Frustration at times, perhaps, like a shadow looming at the back of your mind. But she feels you're far to precious to her to risk driving you away. Furthermore, she feels as if she doesn't have the time or energy to have you moping around or being angry back at her. For when she does get over her anger, she'll act as if nothing ever occurred, and get back to her regular routine.

And her routine! Oh, that will be both a subject of amusement and confusion. She likes sunning as much as the next dragon, but wasting away in laziness is not something that your Zveitseith would ever consider. Whether it’s working on weyrling lessons, hunting down at Southern, playing in the mud, or trying to get Isamath to gossip with her, your green gal likes to keep herself moving. She enjoys excitement and adventure, every now and then being struck with an urge to travel halfway across Pern just for the sake of doing so. Her bubbly side will become even more pronounced when you give into her whims and let her explore.

Yuki: What about your school?
Haru: I left last Sunday. Before I realized it, I was on a path I couldn't recognize. When I came back to my senses, three days had already passed.
Yuki: Just be honest and say you got lost.
-‘Fruits Basket’

Unfortunately, her sense of direction isn’t the best. She’ll stutter and stammer when you’re out flying above the glaciers, and it’s then that you’ll know that it’s time to rely on betweening to find your way back to civilization. Even that small pitfall won’t stop her adventures, however!

Momiji: March 14 is White Day so I’m taking Tohru to a hot spring for my present!
Tohru: Eeeehhhh?!
Momiji: Titled, “A Happy Hot Spring Trip for Me and Tohru Together!”
Shigure: You don’t have to title it.
-‘Fruits Basket’

Sometimes, her desire for adventure won’t work out too well. She likes the rest of the Weyr to be aware of what you two are up to, whether it’s you two traveling to Ista Hold for the day and avoiding drunken brawlers out for your head, or simply a morning spent lazing by the lake. She’s never afraid to talk about what she’s up to, so if you’re trying to keep the weyrlingmaster from discovering you two slipped out of the Weyr… well, you’d better talk fast and constantly remind her that there are some things she should /not/ say! You may well find yourself commiserating with Kalaeya, though at least Zveiseith will have some sense of what personal secrets are important for her to keep just between the two of you.

However, don’t take her bubbly nature, her mercurial temper, and her habit of not always thinking before she speaks as a sign of stupidity. She’s quite intelligent, your Zvei. She’ll be quite adept at understanding humor once she gets out of her infancy, and as she grows up, will show a knack for seeing past subtle words. Her memory is slightly better than that of some of the other dragons, and she drinks up random facts like riders chug wine. She’ll never be afraid to share with you, proudly, what she learned in her day.

« …Did you know that there’s no such thing as a perfectly white runnerbeast? I heard that from the Weyrherder. »

She won’t just pick up strange information, however. Some of the knowledge is practical, things to do with Threadfall, formations, flying, and how to get herdbeast bits out of her talons more efficiently. When she’s young, however, she won’t really know how to apply much of it. Problem solving will not be a strong skill of hers in youth, and she’ll be relying on you whenever she manages to get into a jam. Once she starts to grow older, however, all the things that she’s heard and knows will start to come together, and she’ll be much better about how to use what she knows even in the strangest moments of trouble.

Perhaps the time when she will make the most sense is during Threadfall, doing what she feels she was meant to do. Both sides of her personality will be fully working and perfectly in tune with each other. She'll also want to be perfectly in tune with you. She'll be very particular during drills, trying to memorize exactly how you're going to do things and expecting you to do the same for her. Threadfall is one of the things in life, other than you, that she takes quite seriously. She’ll work hard, and expects you to do the same in order to be able to fly well and swiftly. Like Legolas, she’ll work quickly in Threadfall, putting all her effort into fighting and flaming. Zveitseith will be quite efficient in this regard, pulling off sharp moves after much practice. Unfortunately, this will cause her to get tired quickly, and she’ll have to drop out of the Fall a little while before most of the other greens.

In the end, you'll be the only one who really sees below the tip of the iceberg that is Zveitseith. But that will just make her all the more intriguing.

We're searching for a reason of existence. With our own strength, because maybe the truth is that there's no reason for life from the very beginning. Everyone hopes and tries so hard to find a reason of existence. The reason of birth, of staying with someone, of existence, believing we have to find them all with our own hands. Like finding a place for ourselves in dreams, in jobs, in people. The reasons we conclude may be indefinite and fragile. We may lose it too, but even so, we want a reason. As long as I'm alive, I want it too. If possible, I want to find a reason of existence within a person, within someone.
-Honda Tohru, ‘Fruits Basket’


It’ll be visible quite clearly on the dark hide: her glow is like the flicker of swamp gas, almost ghostly. She’ll light up like a neon sign days before it’s time for her to take to the skies. Zveitseith will, however, be quite oblivious of the change in herself. She’ll go on as her usual self, ignoring the looks of male dragons attracted by her color. The first time it occurs, she’ll be a bit confused.

« D’nik… what /are/ they looking at? Is there ‘beastiebits in my teeth? Or is my tail looking funny? D’niiik! »

If you tell her the truth, she’ll cheerfully ignore it. As far as she’s concerned, it’s the men that have just suddenly gone weird, not her! However, there will be slight shifts in her personality. She’ll eat more, enjoying her kills and drawing them out into a lazy game of cat and mouse – well, dragon and herdbeast. She’ll become a bit more confident, inclined to throw herself into the conversations of other dragons. Zvei will assert herself more: if she doesn’t like something, she’ll have no qualms about stating it. She’ll be quite clear when she wants a scratch, or to hunt, or simply your undivided attention.

"Through our great good fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. It was given to us to learn at the outset that life is a profound and passionate thing."
-Oliver Wendall Holmes

When it’s time to fly, that dark and predatory side will come out. Her spots will be slightly more prominent against her glowing hide, and she’ll strike and blood with a blissful and bloodthirsty joy before taking to the skies. Her flights may not be the longest, but they’ll always be wild. Her maneuvers learned for Threadfall will be used to their fullest, and she’ll pull off a series of wild acrobatics before she runs out of energy, or runs into an opponent that is simply too clever. When she flies, she is truly her dark and predatory self, having no qualms about luring dragons in false directions, or inciting collisions with her tricks and traps. She’s like an inferno, bursting into a flurry of energy that fades out as quickly as it arrived.

She’ll rarely have a particular attachment to those that catch her. You’re the one man that she needs, after all. But sometimes, once that darkness fades away, she might find herself paying a bit more attention to a particularly dashing blue, or to a studly bronze that catches her eye. Expect the unexpected with Zveitseith, for who she decides she wants to twine necks with for a few days may be a friend… or an enemy. In the end, however, often they’re simply short flings that fade away with the waning hormones. Some may last longer, some not. Regardless, you are the one male that will always be Hers. She will be your friend, your confidant, your protector. She’ll need your love and protection in return, but however life changes for the two of you, her heart is always yours.


“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
– e.e. cummings

D’nik! We hope no day with you and Zveitseith will ever be wasted, that she will always bring you laughter and joy (and perhaps a little scandal!). This inspiration is how we see her, a few suggestions from us, not something to limit who YOU decide that she is.



Name: Auri, Sii'kyn, A'ran
Egg Desc: A'ran, Sii'kyn tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sii'kyn; Lylia, Sunhomme tweak
Messages: Sii'kyn; Lylia tweak
Puppeteer: Sii'kyn
Inspiration: Lylia, Sii'kyn, A'ran, Auri

Desba and brown Dyamith, Palia and green Veriameth, Kalaeya and green Maiioth, A’hoy (Atohya) and blue Mateyth (NPC), Rajani (Rajanigandha) and green Celvynath, Ryse (Chrysea) and blue Paperth (NPC), Ashli and gold Isamath, R’um (Rylum) and brown Runnerth (NPC), X’ian (Axle) and bronze Morchainth, Aislinn and blue Esryth

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