K Ano
Title Wingrider
Gender Male
Age 31
Dragon Bronze Armaderoth
Wing Tsunami


The first thing that one notices about this man is his hair, it is glorious in the way it flows to just above his shoulders. Not only that but at times it almost seems to have a mesmerizing affect on those that look upon it. Hazel eyes and a swarthy complexion don't detract from the beauty that is his gorgeous thick tresses. He stands just a little above average height at five foot, nine inches tall and he is still fighting trim.


Unless its below zero by a considerable bit this man is wearing a sleeveless weyrhide top that has been dyed a rich bronze color, that suspiciously matches the hide of his lifemate. The weyrhide trousers that he wears are just as stylishly cut but they're dyed a flat black, so that the color of his shirt pops even more. His boots, well they're black as well with a fur top that is just as black. One would think he belonged in some sort of romance story but no he is just a man like any other, perhaps more dramatic than some.


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Kiano was born at Ista Weyr to bluerider Kia and bronzerider B'ane, the two were not an item in the least, they just happened to be a pair of friends with an itch to scratch. Thus Kiano grew up in Kia's weyr for the most part with many trips to the Nursery when his mother just didn't have the time or the patience for him or his sister

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Here is a spirit of rugged masculinity: his confident swagger imbues his strapping frame with a sense of old school machismo. This bronze exudes testosterone. Dusty sepia stains his swarthy hide, stretching faint where the muscle ripples against his broad shoulders and long limbs, drab spars like faded creases against the fold of weathered sails. The patina of old steel lies hidden within the shadows, waiting for the catch of light to send it cracking o'er thick neck, 'cross barreled chest, and 'round ponderous tail. With a face like old leather, he is sunburnt and trail-worn; in a broad-planed face, his blunt muzzle and square jaw are handsome, if craggy and unrefined. He is the stuff that legends are made of: the impression of a star on his chest and true grit in his gaze.


These straps are a rough looking, as if they've seen their share of turns and yet somehow remain intact. They're a cracked caramel color that still manage to be soft to the touch and remain as strong as ever. If one knows this dragon and his rider, there's no doubt who won when it came to picking out what the straps looked like.

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