Links & Credits


Harpers-Tale Specific:

Harper's Tale MOO
The game that started it all! Links for how to connect are inside.
The High Reaches Weyr Community
The LiveJournal community of the characters of HT. Most are IC "diaries" of the characters, but some are
Harper's Tale Photo Album
See what all the players look like! (Contact Il'ad if you'd like to be added!)

General Pern/Mu*ing:

Sariel's Guide to Pern
This site has all sorts of information on the book-elements Pern is drawn from.
All the Plants of Pern
All the plants that you'd find on Pern! Wonderfully compiled list and uses of plants.
Sabriel's Guidebooks
Lots of really neat stuff on this one! The famous gold pages, a visual chart of shoulder knots, a guide to riding straps, and more!
Guide to Pern Mu*ing
Some useful tips for new players orienting themselves in the player environment that Pern games present.


Many many thank yous are due to all the people who've ever contributed anything to High Reaches Weyr - which is every single person who has ever played there! There's a few too many to list, but special kudos go to:

  • Nuff for her vision of High Reaches
  • everyone who plotted and got High Reaches up and running in the first place (it's too far back in the past to remember the names, but you know who you are)
  • everyone who's ever been on staff or SearchCo or CandieCo, particularly everyone who's ever contributed to creating our beautiful collection of dragons
  • and, last but definitely not least, Harper's Tale wizards for letting us having High Reaches Weyr at all.

Thanks for contributions to the webpages go to:

  • Nuff for the foreword and DaMove TP commentary
  • for logs: Adel, Adora, Ainth, Alasse, A'ran, Ashli, Auryn, Bronagh, Calissan, Catia, Chayath, Chelle, Ciera, Crihan, Desba, Devmani, D'nik (Dominicke), D'renn, Eitanex, Eshe, Fyria, G'deon, G'ram (Graiham), G'vin, Hannah, Hiza, Hyzen, Ilare (Tilarekna), Jh'ral, Khena (Kinecha), Kh'et (Khayet), Kh'ryn, K'nex, Kodisan, Konolan, Lani (Landry), Lauria, Lis (Liseria), Lorsalia, L'shil (Leshil), Lylia, Lyri (Lyrica), Ndi, Nuff, O'don (Donis), Oorla, Pia, Pita, P'rru, Pyrene, Quara, Rade, Rana (Kirana), R'ave, Reuben, R'gis, R'sli, Saoirse, Sariani, Sasha, Shaela, Silas, Siren, Sunhomme, Sylara, T'am, Tatia (Tatoria), Tekin, Thesy, Thiern, Vaeli, Wyn (Miralwyn), Yiddae, Ysbryth & Zai
  • and for character pictures: Aislinn, Annalysa, Auri, Claire Fox, Damine, Diana See, D'renn, Druscilla, Durch, Fye, Hiza, Ilare , Kariel, Kazander, Kelly Matten, Khena, K'nex, Lis, Li Walker, Lylia, Melissa O'Brien, Ndi, O'don (Donis), Oorla, Pyrene, Quarla van Ness, Reiko, Sarah Ferguson, Sasha, Takovic, T'am, Thesy, Tyara & X'ian.
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