Assistant Weyrlingmaster and Ikth's Slave - Liza
Pronunciation Lies-ah (as in Minelli)
Title Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Gender Female
Age Late 20's
Dragon Green Ikth
Wing Tsunami


Her bright eyes are green, flecked with blue-grey, and framed by neat - yet manually shaped -eyebrows and long eyelashes. Liza's face is a gentle heart shape, with rounded cheeks spattered with freckles, which also run down the bridge of her slender nose. Her hair, hazel-brown and naturally highlighted, reaches just past her shoulders, and has been worked into a number of thin dreadlocked strands, some of which have been wrapped around with pink, black or purple fabric, with the occasional bead tied in here and there. Figure-wise, she has a voluptuous hour-glass shape, with a nipped in waist, ample chest and wide hips, and she stands a relatively leggy 5'1.


Liza wears a comfortable outfit, comprising of a pair of shiny, supple black leathers, well-worn yet
well taken care of, coupled with a simple pale pink shirt. Her shirt has an embroidered pattern on the
front left side, a dark green dragon, head up on Liza's breast, it's tail curled down by her waist.


Bubbly, fun and just a little bit ditzy. Liza's never been one to shy away from a sticky situation; in fact, she's most likely to be smack bang in the middle of it. She's friendly, perhaps a bit too flirty (though it's all done in fun), and easily persuaded into doing all sorts of dares.


Lizabet and her twin sister, Lilibet, were born to High Reaches' greenrider Slippa. They had two older sisters, Nayla and Pasha, and were followed by younger brother Slogan (now S'lo). Their mother never let on who their father was, though it's guessed he's a rider at High Reaches and hooked up with Slippa during one of her green Zizth's flights.
It was a pretty normal life for a weyrbrat that Liza led - classes in the lower caverns, chores, all that good stuff. She didn't do it for very long though, as she was searched at 13, and impressed green Ikth her first time on the Sands.
Weyrlinghood, again, was just about normal, going by without any hitches. She graduated and was tapped into Tsunami, where she got on with her riderly duties, fighting thread and the like, until the Pass ended.
Once it did end, she found herself knocked up, after sleeping with Y'an following his bronze Aojadinth catching Ikth during a flight. Nine months on, and Liza, to everyone's surprise, gave birth to triplets - identical boys Lyzan and Ryzan, and little girl Yzabet.



Slippa, rider of Green Zizth (now NPC)


Jiu (was Jundi), rider of Blue Tsulryth (now NPC)


Nayla, rider of Brown Manaslath (now NPC) (+8 turns)
Pasha, rider of Green Sharayath (now NPC) (+4 turns)
Lila (was Lilibet), rider of Green Alajaith (twin sister)
S'lo (was Slogan), rider of Blue Tosiekoth


Triplets fathered by Y'an: Yzabet, Lyzan and Ryzan (-24 turns)

Ikth Click for Inspiration


Characteristically flawed, this zaftig little green remains unbowed from her sturdy legs to the merry
sweep of a tail too long for her compact proportions. Rich holly-green glisters her hide without
blemish on her left side; on her right, the depth of colour is marred by iridescent white, whorling
across her hip and smudging her forefoot. Her rounded ridges are likewise pearled, clarifying the
line of her body in spite of its plumpness, but green reclaims the wide canopy of her wings. Perky
headknobs top a snub-nosed face broad enough for perpetual cheer, and size-of-saucer eyes all but start from her head in a gaze without guile.


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Gold Mimic

Brassy, brazen hues sweep across hur pugnascious, fat form, barely pretty bone in her body. Her head
is warapped in a veil of dulled gold, unpolished for centuries and tarnished with worrisome wrinkles
of copper and black, drenching her muzzle in inky darkness. Her headknobs and the 'ridges running down
her neck to her tail are all sootied with midnights fair compliments, fading to a grey-bronze at the
very tips, while the rest of her body wallows in a sullen mess of camouflaged patches consisting of
ambered copper, dank blonde and oily honey, all tossed together with a handful of sandy mess.

Green Pest

She's brightly daubed in a vast array of greens, splattered here and there with vivid hues of lime,
chartreuse, lemon, absinthe, citrine, all as if someone had just picked up a paintbrush and had fun
over her hide. There's an energy to her color as it flows over her tiny, slender body - streamlined
and lightweight, with over-large wings and a stub of a tail.

Green Punk

Offensive lime green coats this bulky green from muzzle to tail-tip in a pretty uniform shade,
glaringly bright all over. She's stocky, well-built, muscular and almost the size of a smallish brown;
in fact, she's overly butch for a green, obviously with a lot of testosterone. The only variation in
her overly vibrant color appear on her wing membranes, which are daubed in a series of
symbolic-appearing smudges - if you peer closely and for long enough, you might even find some

Green Tart

Boldy showing her coquettish colors, this prettily feminine and delicate little firelizard sports
shades of savory sage and sweet melon, blended in with the summery shades of hot pink. Her muzzle is
daubed in bright pink, as are her wingstails - complimented by the pink-daubed sheen that shimmers
across these appendage's membranes. A delicate shimmer of opalescent gold sneaks along her wide hips
and down her tail, to a sun-kissed tip.

Blue Rascal

He's wiry, bony, skinny and waif-like, all rolled into one. His figure looks so scrawny that one might
almost believe that he's not being fed enough; and his pale, gaunt coloration doesn't so him any
favors. With a misty wisp of icy blue across his face and down his chin onto his belly and a flash of
silverish grey across his paws, he looks rather out of place, especially as the rest of him is a
unique shade of electric blue.

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