Dragon Games - Firestone Relay Log

17th February 2002
Logged by Ciera

Weyr Plateau
You stand on the broad grassy plateau of Ista Weyr, between the gaps in the Weyr Rim. An eruption long ago blew out the western wall of the Weyr, forming the plateau. The shadowy Weyr bowl stretches off to the east, and the five-pointed pinnacles of the Weyr Rim tower into the sky like fingers reaching to the clouds. West, the plateau drops off in a somewhat steep slope, down to the black sand beaches below. The glittering turquoise waters of the ocean are easily visible from here, stretching off to the horizon.
It is an autumn midmorning.
Gold Quarith, bronze Tynabith, green Iredith, brown Ftoranth, and blue Zylpheth are here.
Nadine, Daniri, and Dea are here.

From Zylpheth's neck, Let the cheering begin, as Reaches is in attendance! And look, one of the contestants is the bluerider from the night before.. Whoot Whoot!

Kh'ryn slides down from the cloudy peaks of Zylpheth's neck, leaving the breathtaking view behind.

Undoing the riding straps, you slide down from Jakith's back with the assistance of a dark forearm.

Undoing the riding straps, Seilyn slides down from Jakith's back with the assistance of a dark forearm.

Sinead comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.
Lhana comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.

OOC: Dea says "Ok here's the rules, it's a two man relay. One dragon in the air, one on the ground, ic. What you will do, is the ground person fills the sack of firestone, flies up to the pair in the air, pass it over. Then the other dragon takes it to the Star Stones, dumps it, flies back to the waiting pair who flies down and fills it again, ic."

OOC: Dea says "ooc: I only have four people playing so four teams of pairs. You don't have to name your NPC partners and you don't' have to leave this room. You will pose once flying up to your partner, then pose flying to the Star Stones and back. The next pose will be you flying down, filling the sack and taking it up."

OOC: Dea says "I think because of the nature of this, I say a total of 2 round poses will do it. I'll pose the last pose, then the winning pose. I have Kh'ryn for the Inferno, Ciera for the Zehphyr, Seilyn for Telgar, Daniri for Igen and myself for Stormcrest."

There are piles of firestone waiting to be hauled, with empty sacks beside them. Dragons and their riders are posed to start. All eyes look to the Queen Dragon who will start this event. Suddenly, she lifts her head and her beautiful trumpet voice fills the plateau. The race is off.

Dea runs and jumps on Ftoranth and flies up into the sky as her running mate runs and fills the sack as fast as he can. When the sack is filled, he jumps onto his brown. Off then go flying after Dea. he swings it to her. Ftoranth catches the sack as Dea almost misses catching. Oif!!

Ciera zips over to grab a sack. Okay, so 'zips' isn't, perhaps, the right word, but she does pretty well for her age. Snatching up the sack, she hurriedly shoves in chunks of firestone, twisting the sack shut to prevent spillage. Vaulting over a neighboring pile of firestone, she scrambles up Jakith's side. The blue is waiting, and springs into the air almost before she's settled. Experience counts for something, neh? Their partners, a green and her rider, hover nearby as Jak zips like a lightning bolt into the sky. "Catch, L'ife!" The greenrider snags the bag out of midair, his fingers just barely snagging it before it falls. Whew.

D'tel swiftly climbs onto Piath as the blue launches into the air. At the same time, his partner shovels firestone into a sack and hauls himself onto his green lifemate. They lift into the air, and the rider swings the sack over to D'tel. He leans way over, catches it, and almost falls off as he undercompensated for the weight. Piath swerves slightly to keep his rider on, and speeds off, headed for the Star Stones.

Telgar's ground pair is quick to gather the firestone into the sack at the trumpet of the Queen, the blue pair who will be snagging the firestone sack from the first pair already having reached position. With barely enough time to get settled in between the neckridges, the greenrider (of the groundcrew) winks to her bluerider of the air pair, within no time handing off the sack of firestone. "Let's go, G'rin! Come on, Smilth!" is cheered after the air pair as they make the mad dash towards the Star Stones. Greenrider bursts into laughter suddenly at a private conversation between her green and her. "Stop checking out G'rin— that's my job!"

Ftoranth soars to the Star Stones as Dea struggles with the sack. Oy. it's heavy. She quickly dumps the sack into a shapeless pile, shaking the sack to the last bit out. Ftoranth bugles a playful note. He's liking this game all to well. He gets to show off how fast and handsome he is.

Sinead applauds as she watches. "Go High Reaches!" she shouts out for the team that happens to be with her Weyr.

Death and L'ife are off towards the Star Stones, the dark greenflying fast and straight. Nothing can stop Death once she's got her mind fixed on something. She barely brakes for the Stars Stones, hitting it more than landing. Ooof. That's gotta hurt. L'ife leans over, dumping the firestone sack as the green swings around. And, with a forceful lunge, they're back in the air, beelining for Ciera and Jakith. Once close enough, L'ife flings the bag towards his wingmate. Unfortunately, being empty, the bag doesn't fly well; it makes it only part of the way, and gets snagged on one of the claws tipping Jakith's wing. "Shells! Go with it, Jak, careful!" And they head into a controlled plummet. Yee-haw.

Pianth arrives at the Stones a few seconds behind Ftoranth and waits excitedly for his rider to throw out the firestone onto the rocks. As they leap off back towards the ground pair, Sh'ade, D'tel's partner, cheers. "Go, go, go!" Wraith bugles an encouraging note to the flyers.

Blue Smilth pays little heed to his rider, deciding showing off for the ladies is better than winning the race, and does a quick roll, G'rin yelping as he scrambles to keep the firestone sack closed. The blue barely touches the Star Stones when G'rin hops off, more weighed down by the heavy sack of firestone than anything. He dumps out the contents and scrambles back up to Smilth's neck. Smilth is having a blast but G'rin is having a hard time keeping the firestone sack from filling with air or flapping up into his face as his blue winds and rolls to awaiting green and her rider. Sack is handed off and G'rin relaxes, Smilth slowly pacing the air, chanting out for his green buddy.

Dea tosses the sack to her partner who catches it deftly. He and his dragon circle back down to their firestone. Filling it with as much as firestone as possible. Heavy, the seams are splitting. But he jumps back on his brown and heads back up to Dea and Ftoranth. Tossing it at Dea who is almost knocked of her Ftoranth by the force. Oy! And who said this was a fun sport, anyway?

And plummet they do. The landing is awkward, with Jakith trying to keep the sack from flying away, but somehow he and Ciera manage to make it intact, the rider sliding off as the blue's feet touch the ground. With a shake of the wing, the bag is dislodged, and Ciera jumps to snag it out of the air as she sprints towards the firestone piles. Shoveling the hunks of rock into the sack with her hands, the bluerider is breathing hard with exertion and excitement. The sack full, twist, scramble, leap, and she and Jakith are in the air again, racing towards the waiting Death like there's no tomorrow. A heave of the arm, and the sack hits L'ife full in the chest, eliciting a heavy "Ugh" from the Zephyrite. Teamwork hurts.

Sh'ade fills the tossed-down bag with firestone again and leaps onto Wraith, who jumps into the air with her rider barely astride. As Piath soars one way on a turn back for the stones, Wraith soars the other way, and the sack is tossed across as the two pass within range of each other. Turn is completed and Piath is off again, wings beating strongly as the bluerider clings tight to both the heavy bag and his lifemate.

A war cry is sent out by the Telgarian green pair, both rider and dragon hooting and hollering their enjoyment as they spiral down to the ground. Large wings are thrown out and catch the air, the greenrider's hair becoming pasted to her body as the force of her green rising abruptly to keep from crashing against the hard, unforgiving ground. "Phew!" g-rider sighs, throwing her hair about before leaping to the ground, tossing in a good load of firestone and scrambling back onto her green, piercing through the air like lightning to Smilth, both dragons colliding gently but colliding none the less. G'rin is looking a little bewildered and lost, having been knocked out of his special little thought place. Firestone sack is thrown his way and only thanks to Smilth's twist does he catch it. "Okay, this is /so/ the last Dragon Games I come to… Hush up, Smilth! I know it's the first!" With a jerky start, they're off to the Star Stones once more.

Ftoranth bugles as he races to the Star Stones. Dea, clutching the sack, and her dragon for all she's worth, trying not to fall off in this dizzying race. "Hurry Imp. They're gaining on us." That last bit of speed, Ftors makes it to the Stones. Dea dropps her payload and they're off again. The sack is passed. The last leg of the race begins.

L'ife and Death hightail it back to the Star Stones, unstoppable as a boulder rolling downhill. Without the downhill part. They again hit the Star Stones with barely a pause to break, the thud audible this time. Wince. A quick turnabout, almost bending in half, and they're heading back towards Jakith. This time, as the empty sack falter, Jakith snaps towards it, lightning bolt that he in, enabling Ciera to grab it from the air this time. Ha-ha! "Good job, Jak! Now, down!" Maybe this time it'll look like a landing should.

Piath arrives at the Stones, saving time and speed by simply circling around them as D'tel empties his sack, and swoosh, they're off for the Plateau, D'tel holding the sack down and leaning forward to reduce air speed. Down to Sh'ade and Wraith, drop the bag, fill the bag, up into the air, pass the bag, and swoosh, they're off for the Stones! Encouragement is voiced to Piath via Wraith and D'tel as the blue pumps harder and harder, working to gain speed as the dragons race for the Stones.

"Come on, G'rinny!" is squealed by the greenrider, laughing in the distance as the blue pair make their way towards the Star Stones, G'rin clinging to the sack of firestone. "Don't /call/ me that!" he calls over his shoulder, "Or I'll start calling you 'Bra', Branie." Pbbt! Greenrider Branie raises an eyebrow quizzically, wryly smiling, and watches as G'rin dumps the firestone and bounces back to Smilth, the firestone sack caught around his ankle. Pumping his wings as hard as he can, Smilth flies against the sudden gust of seabreeze. "Get it off, get it off!" G'rin squeals as he tries to kick the firestone sack from his boot, Branie trying desprately to free the poor sack of G'rin! "Hold still!"

Daniri cheers randomly, calling out praise and encouragement to each dragon/rider team whenever it's most convenient.

Esmeyath spirals in for a landing.
Zeja slides from Esmeyath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

The Ista team is flagging behind. They aren't in last place for they aren't winning either. The pile of stones doesnt' seem to get any smaller. The rider fills the sack to almost busting full. His dragon does a running leap and heads back up to Dea and her amazing Imp. This time instead of catching it, Dea misses and the sack falls. Ftoranth seeing the mistake dives after it and catches almost before it hits some poor on looker in the head. With a strong stroke of wing, the brown heads back to the Star Stones, losing his place in the line up.

Jakith hits the ground almost as hard as his teammate hit the Stones a few breaths ago, but he manages to make it look far less painful now that he doesn't have to worry about losing the sack. Cluutching the bag to her chest, Ciera slides down to the ground amidst a plume of dust. Cough, cough. Trying to clear the grit from her eyes, she stares around wildly—and sees that none of the other dragons have quite landed yet. "We won?" The sound that comes from Jakith is a bit too much like a thunderclap to be rightly called a bugle, but it suffices.

D'tel empties his sack while Piath turns on a mark, and the pair are off again, flying at top speed for the plateau and the finish. "Go, go, go!" cries Sh'ade, Wraith once again bugling to her partner. There's the plateau, and Piath dives down and down, moving ahead of those behind, and hits the ground at an angle. As dragon and rider skid forward, they become suddenly aware of the deafening roar of the cheering crowds, and Sh'ade and Wraith running forward, Sh'ade yelling, "We're second! We're second!"

Sinead applauds for the teams as they come in. "Congratulations! Good job!" She shouts out as each of the teams land. "Well done!"

Lhana is still slightly lost and confused, as everything just seemed to happen so /fast/. She gets all poised to clap and cheer for someone, but then seems not quite sure she's supposed to be cheering for them, so she just gets quiet again. Oh, but she is quite confused.

Telgar Wingriders G'rin and Branie are alerted by their dragons that the Zephyr Wing from High Reaches Weyr have already ranked in first. "What?" comes their synchronized question. The green readies to take off the moment Branie gives the sign. "Go!" cries Branie, laughing as she does. Her green lifemate takes off a little too soon and Branie and G'rin are both nearly stripped from their mounts but luckily the firestone sack lets loose and the petite green and Branie plummet towards the ground, a massive wave of dust and dirt envelopes the green. They rank third!

Ftoranth lands and Dea pats her dragon, "It's alright, Imp. We'll do better with the drinking contest."

Death lands considerably more lightly this time—you can't hear the impact. She joins her wingmate, her bugle ominous to his threatening. Lovely pair, aren't they? L'ife rushes across the intervening distance to give Ciera a hug. "Good job!" "You, too!" "Why are we yelling, we're right next to each other!" "I don't know!" They stop, consider, then step apart, clasping arms instead and lowering their voices. Chalk it up to adreniline.

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