Dragon Games - Drinking Contest Log

17th February 2002
Logged by Ciera

Weyr Plateau
You stand on the broad grassy plateau of Ista Weyr, between the gaps in the Weyr Rim. An eruption long ago blew out the western wall of the Weyr, forming the plateau. The shadowy Weyr bowl stretches off to the east, and the five-pointed pinnacles of the Weyr Rim tower into the sky like fingers reaching to the clouds. West, the plateau drops off in a somewhat steep slope, down to the black sand beaches below. The glittering turquoise waters of the ocean are easily visible from here, stretching off to the horizon.
It is an autumn midmorning.

In comes a table and behind the table, several vintners with skins of wine. They start setting up the next event. The drinking contest. A gold rider shakes her head as a bronze rider starts taking names. "I'm sure you all will have heads in the morning. That is if you remember anything. This is the last event of the games. Totals are being tallied as we speak. Are you ready?"

Sp'nger holds out his glass."I be ready."

"Woo!" And Lylia's awake again, yanking herself up with the help of Druseth's tail. "Lis! Drinking contest!" Druseth gives a disapproving growl, withdrawing his tail as the rider just sulks. "Come /on/, darlin'. It's for Weyr /pride/. You don't want me to /shame/ the Weyr, do you?" And those oh-so-wide absinthe eyes pray for the sweetness of drink. How can the brown refuse?

Nadine grins as she walks over to the table and rubs her hands together before taking a glass. "Ready whenever." She seems to have completely forgotten about the hangover she had /last/ time she drank herself drunk.

Shirasuth rumbles louder as he swings about to fix his gaze on the greenrider kicking his Kex. Leaning down, he nudges his rider with his muzzle, making sure that he's ok and at the same time, trying to offer some assistance in getting up. Curled up in a ball like that on the ground isn't very dignified.

Sinead chuckles and debates whether to make a fool of herself for the drinking contest and join, or just to watch from the sidelines. To drink, or not to drink, that is the question.

R'ley as usual is probably the best, and most expensivly dressed rider around. His skin tight black suede riding pants are tailored for his luscious figure, hugging especialy tight to those buns-of-steel of his. His shirt is a short-sleeved silk looking button up that moves smoothly across his wide shoulders leaving his arm movements unhindered. Special occasion or not his dress boots are shined to a near mirror finish, and despite it being a special occasion hidden in the right one par usual is a slim little dagger usefull for eating for defending onceself as need be. His soft black curls that frame the sharp lines of his face almost cherub like bounce slightly as the big bronzer heads for where it looked from above like the drinking contest is being held.

Ciera is distracted from the argument by the arrival of the liq - err, fine wine. Oooo. Free drinks, and a prize. It's like a Pernese Happy Meal for alcoholics. "Anything for the Weyr!" And, quick as a blink, she standing in line. "Sign me up!" she's doing this solely for Zephyr's pride, you know.

K'nex is not a disadvantage! Hey! Well…Maybe. "Ow, ow…Stop that," Kez whines, absently batting at Tatia's foot…somethign that doesn't seem to make her stop anyway. "Erk…" Fear is a great motivator, isn't it? At least they aren't beating him to a pulp…here…And between greenrider and brown dragon's nudging Kez finally pulls himself off the ground, dirty and wincing. "I did not..I was not..er…Nu-uh," he attempts to defend himself, but weakly. At least he's up off the ground, right?

Jozzie comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.

Lis grumbles a blue streak under her breath as she smoothes down the front of her borrowed shirt, shaking out the mis-matched skirt and eyeing the would-be drunks with some competetive spirit. Whatever hasn't been washed off with the mud, see. "Oh, alright. I feel like I could use a drink or five right now." Lead her off to the bacchinalia, Lylia!

Jozzie storms in, just like a lady. Somewhat expected coming from the Wingleader of Firestorm. "Did I hear something about free drinks?" she calls out, making her voice loud and clear.

Hyzen turns at the mention of the next contest, one brow lifting slowly as she glances over the vintages and then towards her dragon. "Hmmm," she murmurs lowly before sauntering over to the gathering. "Have to back up High Reaches, after all." Imbriath growls lowly from her sprawled out position, but makes no other move to keep her rider away from the wine.

Tatia turns her glare on Shirasuth for a short moment, eyes blazing. "Don't get me started on /you/, you stupid brown lug," she states before looking back down at K'nex. Since when have hovering dragons intimidated her? If she can take on a rider twice her size, she has no qualms about Vespurath doing the same. "And /you/. Please tell me you can drink, at least? And get your sharding dragon /away/ from things, in case he decides to suddenly spill all the wine? /Honestly/, K'nex." And here they were blaming those hormones on pregnancy.
Sinead chuckles and makes her dirt covered way to join the rest of the group, of course she's going to make a fool of herself. "Woo! Go Reaches!" Of course she'll cheer for her Weyr.r

Sp'nger holds his glass ready and bows to the others."Prepare ye t'be drunken under th'table thar." He fluffs imaginary feathers as he's proud of his drinking most all the other retired Telgar riders under the table too.

R'ley gives the goldrider who mentioned hangovers a saucy grin as he tells the bronzer taking names his and takes a seat. "Hope I don't beat you all to badly." he rumbles cockily to those sitting near him. Spotting his wingleader he stands again waving her over, "Your just in time for the contest, and I even saved you a seat." he did no such thing, the seats to either side of him just happen to be open, but it's easier to be considored polite for doing nothing then to actually do something disserving of it.

"Or six, or seven… Oh, shard off, Druseth!" And Lylia gives a playful smack to the crimson-tinted brown paw that juts in front of her. "Let me /at/ the wine… Me and Quara were drunk when we ended up getting together, you know," Ly adds to Lis belatedly, a fond little beam coming to her expression. Ah, memories.

Sharrasi shoos the younger children back from the table, and will cheer for Ista.

Nadine beams as she looks over the wineskins. It's almost sick, the way she's reduced to drinking after getting drunk once…and she didn't even enjoy that. Oh, well. It's drinking! Woo! She grabs a glass and looks around at the others. When's it gonna begin, eh? Hurry up!

The skins are cracked, glasses poured. Drinkers, start your thirst. The contest has begun and you are about to become plastered.

The air suddenly errupts with a peppy, upbeat bugle as a flash of brown appears in the sky above the plateau. The puntuated movements and tell-tale whip of the the show-off brown's tail offer an identification long before the brown actually settles on the ground and his rider slips off, hand already running through his hair to smooth it into place as he switches on that oh-so-charming grin of his. N'sync. Would a drinking party /really/ be complete without him? Backstreeth is given a fond pat before the brownrider adjusts the fit of his jacket, smooths his hair once more, and then saunters toward the table. Look out girls.. Backstreeth's back! And he's brought N'sync with him.

No, Tatia's always cranky. Well, almost always. If anything, she was perhaps a bit nice pregnant except when decking people who called her 'hormonal'. Ha! K'nex frowns. "Hey…Leave Shira out of this. He's not /stupid/, just curious. He was trying to help." So there. Mutter. "Erm…," Kez looks rather nervous about that, "Drink, well, I normally don't..but I could?" Anything to make up for that last, um, mishap. Even if that wasn't exactly his fault. "Erm, you'd better just watch this time, Shi," he comments to the brown with a pat. And take your poor rider home when he can't stand anymore. Right…He's a part of this ontest now..

Nadine lifts her glass up to eye level, grinning at the shining liquid inside. "A toast, to the Weyrs!" she cries, then tilts her head back and downs half the glass, gulp gulp gulp. She pauses a moment - no sense in rushing it, besides, she wants to judge the opposition. Eyes dart around the table, watching the other drinkers, before she finishes her glass with a looong swallow. A sigh, a smacking of lips, and she's ready for the next round.

Shirasuth rumbles in agreement before giving his rider another quick nuzzle and then lumbering off to find a sunny spot to curl up and sleep. He's had enough excitement for one day and he'll leave it up to another dragon to investigate the next strange human game.

There's a moment of brief hesitation as Lylia hovers above the table, diluted emerald eyes wide as she just stares down at the drinks. And stares. It takes a tenor growl from Druseth - disapproving of the whole affair, of course - to bring her back to the moment, and calloused hands snatch a glass, taking a moment to drink in the color with her eyes, the rich scent of alcohol. And the brownrider's off and running, neatly tipping it back and taking a gulp. "Mmmmmm," she nearly purrs, languidly stretching an arm. "/That's/ the stuff." Mroooowl. And she less than neatly chugs the rest.

Sp'nger settles onto a stool, so he won't fall over right away. He begins with slow sips of his wine, the slower one goes the longer it'll take before he collapses. He glares at the bugle sound of the new arrival, and then nods to the woman."T'th'Weyrs an' th'Queens." He swallows the last of his first cup and holds it out for another fill.

Shirasuth strides, bringing the scent of warmed sands with him, up toward the central bowl.

Sinead lifts her glass and does the same. "To the Weyrs," and with that she begins to down the liquid. Slow and steady wins the race, as she drains what's left in this glass and goes for a refill.

"Cheers!" Ciera takes her first glass, rolls it around experiementally in the glass, then takes a deep breath. She knocks it back in two gulps, smacking her lips as she swallows. "Yee! Been a while since I really had a lot to drink." She stares moodily into the glass, waiting for the next round. "Hope I've still got some of my old tolerance." A crafty glance is cast around. "Before we're all plastered, who wants to place bets on which of us is the first to start taking off clothing or dancing on a table or something?"

Jozzie beams at R'ley, "How nice of you…so you want to get together after I'm drunk?" there is a teasing laugh there as she settles into her seat. Now, this wingleader can pack more than most men can. "Clear out," she says with a grin, "I don't drink good Benden for any other better reason." As the skins are opened, pours and issued; Jozzie is into the glass before it is placed into her hands. An ex-herder is caught in the corner of Jozzie's eye, ahh…K'nex. Yes, Cris has talked about him. Suddenly her eyes go back to the glass, suddenly noticing that it is empty already. Just like a mouth waters for thirst, Jozzie's is certainly for the wine.

Hyzen finds a seat and plops down into it, shifting around until she's quite comfortable. As a glass of wine is passed to her, the greenrider rises it in salute of the vinters. But before she takes her first drink, she glances skywards at the announcement bugle. Eyes watch the descent of one of the people she could have lived without seeing. Wincing, she offers just the barest of nods to N'sync before focusing, or trying to, on her wine. There's the first sip, rolled around in her mouth to savour the taste before she takes a larger drink. Careful does it - too fast and down she'll go.

Lis slides easily, grumpily, into a table where the wine is being liberally poured, saving a spot for her next to Lylia. "Tell me," she wonders as the watches the brownrider with much amusement, how do you drink it all and still stay standing?" TRue, the greenrider knocks back her first glass in three gulps, but she is merely a dabbler in the art of drinking contests.

"/Sure/ he was," Tatia states with a disapproving frown as she backs up a step - and then moves forward, latching onto K'nex's arm quite firmly. "You /are/ going to.. you ruined that one, so you'd better sharding well win this one." Guiding the brownrider toward the table with a forcefull nudge in this direction or that, Tatia glances about for lost wingmates - easy enough to spot, really. They're the ones covered in mud. Much like her own appearance. A cup is scooped up without much regard for its contents as they reach the table, and it's shoved quickly toward K'nex before Tatia claims her own. "/Drink/," she orders in a low hiss before her own is thrown back.. rather too quickly, judging from the rather humorous expression of distaste that crosses her features.

Sp'nger begins his second cup with a smile."Thankye miss…." The vintner blushes a little but goes on with others."Even 'f I g't dis…kicked out…I'll still drink on…"

R'ley takes the glass set infront of him and sips from it. The first mouthfull is swirled around for a moment to get the full flavor before swallowing. Now that he's indulged in a first taste R'ley raises the glass to his lips again pouring the whole of it's contents down his throat. He fills the glass again raising it in salute to Jozzie before tossing it back like nothing once more, "Sure, assuming we can manage to fly up to my weyr after this." he says with a chuckle.

"Practice. And more practice." Working with weyrlings inspires a lot of practice. Lylia gives a light laugh, alto voice cut off to be drowned in pleasure as she takes the next sip, letting it drift over her tongue. "I did a couple contests before Druseth. Down in Paradise, once. He doesn't let me now…" Except for, yes those famous words, /Weyr Pride/! Another glass is picked up, and she balances the two, taking a sip from one, a gulp from the other. Mmmmmmm. Nummy.

Lis' glass is poured full again by another helpful vinter, the greenrider inhaling the rich boquet - or something - before tipping it into her waiting mouth. Luckily she only manges to dribble a few drops out of the coner of her mouth. "You don't say…."

He got a /nod/! N'sync's on a roll already! With a short pause to toss a wink toward a girl who's already begun giggling behind a hand, he strides toward Hyzen, bad pick-ups already running through his head until he latches onto the one he needs. The giggling girl blushes imediately and turns, taking off at a quick run. Not out of embarassment, mind you. She's simply going to tell her friends. /N'sync/ is here. "Hyzen, love," the brownrider coos as he reaches his clutchmate and sweeps up a drink of his own. "What a girl like you doing over here all by herself?" Ok.. so not his best line. But not his worst, either. Just give him a few drinks.

Ciera takes her second glass with a certain amount of flourishing, the wine sloshing dangerously. "Bottoms up!" Another two chugs, and it's down the hatch. "Tatia," she asks after the wine has been swallowed, striving for a conversational tone, "honestly. If he hasn't got the head for it, who do you think he'll sharding well win? Are you going to stand behind him and puppet him arms around once he's passed out?"

Nadine refills her glass with a little smile, and downs the whole glass in one head-tilt back - that doesn't necessarily mean she drank it fast, of course. She just kept the glass up to her face for, oh five minutes as she finished it off. Stil holding a silly little smile on her face, she wipes her mouth and holds it out again.

Sinead takes up another glass and has that one downed as quickly as the last, perhaps even quicker then the last. "Woo, nice stuff," she notes, not yet drunk, considering she's had more than this and been drunk, she can handle two glasses.

The vintners keep pouring out the drinks as riders line up for more. This is going to be long night from the looks of things. Already Lis is out for the count. And another rider slides against the side of her dragon.

K'nex stiffles a squeak as he's rougthly pushes towards the table and the drinks. How'd he get into this again? He wonders, since he never drinks. Oh that's right, Shirasuth bit the rope so /he's/ in trouble. Somehow that doesn't seem /fair/. He watches Lylia with what's almost disgust- How /does/ she do it? -before Tatia's shoved a drink in front of him. "Er, yes…," he mumbles before closing his eyes and downing the said drink. "Ugh..," he moans setting the glass down.

Sp'nger keeps up with the younger ones."A toast, t'th'first fallen!" He toasts Lis.

"If I have to," Tatia states with a sharp glance toward Ciera. "If he can't control that brown lump of his, he can at /least/ learn to control himself." Nevermind that Tat's never been so great at these events, either. She's got determination - and that's all you need, right? She holds her cup out, assuming it will be refilled as she snaps at Ciera - and so it is. "Ready for another?" This is asked sweetly as she turns her gaze back to K'nex, lifting her now-full glass in indicaton. "We're just getting started. Honestly. Don't leave your glass around where people can get at it." That said, she grabs his glass, now refilled by some kind passing vinter, and shoves it into his hand.

Hyzen sputters around the last drink of her wine, coughing to clear her throat as she glares at N'sync. "Warn… a person next time, won't you?" she grumbles, nodding as a vinter refills her cup. "Thanks," she murmurs, taking a delicate sip while glowering at Backstreeth's rider over the rim of her cup. "So that I might drink in peace, rider," she makes comment to his question, though it's not exactly cold. Drink, drink, drink… and that one's gone too. Refill… again… and half of it's gone within a blink. But already the woman is think that maybe she's had her fill. Blinking, she eyes what remains in her cup before giving a wavering smile to N'sync. Pretty pathetic for an Inferno rider, don't you think?

Jozzie's fellow wingrider is given a twinkle of the eye as she sloshes the wine into the glass, some of the liquid acidently is spilt across her wrist. No harm in that, since just a little was spilt. The second glass goes down with as much enthusiasm as the first. As the second glass is set down, she licks her lips and wipes the remaining wine at the corner of her mouth across her tunic. "My dear boy!" she says to R'ley, "There are the underground weyrs available too." She can feel the light burning sensation in her throat but it does not both her.

Brows lower in a frown on K'nex's face, "Hey now..I'm still here and I /can/ control myself!" Nevermind that Tatia doesn't have any control of her green, who tries to get into Holds and fobids sweets. Ahemahem. The brownrider wrinkles his nose at Tatia and the glass she's so nicely put into his hand for him, looking about ready to say 'no', but instead he nods, "Oh, yeah, sure ready…," he mumbles and, with a slight wince, finishes off the second glass. Eck. He's doing this, he doesn't have to enjoy it.

Sp'nger watches the others through half lidded eyes, and smiles still, sipping at his wine."I'm g'na get ye under th'table if'n it's the last thing I do Heh."

N'sync claps a hand over his chest, covering his heart with a practiced expression that indicates just how wounded he is by Hyzen's words. "Ah, sweetheart.. you hurt me! Honestly, Hyzenlove, I thought you'd be /happy/ to have my company. and now I find you're just playin' games with my heart?" His own glass, so recently claimed, seems to have somehow managed to empty itself already. The better to flash that smile at Hyzen and continue his quest. "Besides, Inferno must stay together, hmm?" he questions with a slow wink and a glow in his eyes that indicates he could take that suggestion in more ways than one.

R'ley takes drink after drink, occasionaly using the tactic of just pouring it down his throat, who really needs to swallow anyway? This however has the effect of it kicking in quicker, his posture drips slightly and he even doesn't manage to withhold a belch. "Of course, there is the ocean as well." he purrs to Jozzie with a wink, slurring but he usually does that with his still evident accent.

Hyzen, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.
Imbriath goes home.

Sinead continues downing the drinks set before her, one right after the other, in fact, they're dissappearing so quickly one would hardly notice they where there at all, unfortunatly, though, she does start to slow after a few. Looks like the guards not used to a lot of drinking.

Sp'nger mutters."And another one's gone and another one's gone and another one rides the wing…" He taps his foot on the stool bar beneath his foot.
Yes, nevermind that fact. Tatia doesn't like to talk about that fact. A rather wicked smile lurks on her lips, curving them upwards in a somewhat dangerous expression as her eyes glint with determination. "Good," she states firmly as she raises her own glass and drains it slowly. It's finished off with another distasteful wrinkle of her nose.. but really, the flavor improves as it goes. Or maybe it's just that she's noticing less. This really would be easier if Tat had a taste for alcohol.

Sp'nger is also keeping up with the rest of the drinkers, holding his cup out for more wine.

"Oh, /K'nex/. Hurry /up/. You can do better than that." Lylia's on her fourth, nearly finishing it as she swings it in a grand motion, a few droplets splashing and clinging to the edge. "It's /drinking/. Not 'girlishly tasting'." And the fourth is done, and Ly drops the glass carelessly, grabbing her fifth. A little slower, a little more cautious, however. Can't drink herself down so quickly.
Nadine takes her third glass and drinks it down slooowwwlllllyyyyyy. Several down already…they must have been drinking too fast. "Good tashte!" she says, slurring her S a bit. "I mean, tastes good," she corrects absently. Shouldn't make everyone think she's being affected already.

The third glass is downed - three gulps needed this time - and Ciera's starting to get a little tipsy. You can tell, because she eyes N'sync speculatively. She slides a tad bit closer, a stupid grin on her face. Not as stupid as her words, though. "I have friends in Inferno." Well, she's not tipsy enough to go beyond that yet. He still doesn't look /that/ good. A glance is flicked over to where the Tsumani bunch is egging on K'nex, and her grins grows wider. "Hey, he could be doing worse. If he drinks slower, he has a chance to take it in a bit better." Not that she holds out /much/ hope for him, but every little bit helps, neh?

K'nex is determined to make himself sick! No, that's not really what the brownrider is aiming for, but it's likely to be the result later. Especially considering that this Rider is a non-drinking one. Not that he hasn't before, and that's his little secret. /And/ the reason he can keep going, drink after undisired drink. "Oh /ok/," K'nex almost growls at Lylia, picking up the pace somewhat…although he's still now downing 'em quite like she is. Eesh.

As the third glass is picked up, Jozzie bubbles in her glass in the direction of R'ley. She seems to be amused by this even though she is not that close to being plastered, yet. Again, the third is drank with about as much speed as the first and the second. Licking her lips, she looks across to R'ley to see how well he is holding out. "Good thing I ate before coming, huh? Can pack more alcohol in without getting too drunk." She beams with all of her good luck, no doubt she'll be walking out in a male's arms after this night is over. Who whouldn't want to take the lovely Jozzie home with them? "We're not called Firestorm for nothing, 'mate." she says to R'ley with a devious look in her ginger eyes.

Lylia pounces back towards the table, a feline flicker in her step as she slinks along the edge, batting her 'lashes at Druseth. "See? Fine. Perfectly fi - ow." And Ly's slinking misses a step, the ankle twisting as she stumbles, grasping the edge of the table for balance. Oopsie. Silly her. Ciera gets eyed for a moment, hazy glance brightening as K'nex speeds up. Just for her? Hurrah. "C'mon, Ciera… The po-erm… Yeah! The point of this is to get them men-type-people drunks. An' schtuff." Yes.

Sp'nger finishes his fifth, and reaches for another glass."M'da says I drink like a sponge, wh'tever tha'means I dinna know, but th'wine makes me feel all aglow…"

R'ley is one of the lucky few who doesn't have anything to do intill late the next morning, so is apparently intent on imbueing however much alcohal it takes. All in the name of winning, with the bonus of a whole lot of fun. "Carefullll." he slurs to Lylia as she slips. Promptly downing another half a glass after saying it.

N'sync looks faintly disappointed as his prey flees.. ah, but there are more fish in the sea. And he's never been picky. His boyish grin widens as the giggling girl reappears, this time with a pair of friends. The tri resumes the giggling, puntuated by a bit of pointing here and there - but N'sync's not paying attention to /them/. After all, Ciera's speaking to him. And his attention is on Ciera. "Do you?" he questions, turning blue eyes on the bluerider with marked interest as he sidles a bit closer. "You know, I could be a /very/ good friend in Inferno…" Aw, c'mon now. Other than the lecherous buisness, along with his really bad lines, N'sync's got a lot going for him. He can make young girls squeal. He's got moves that would make Britney Spears jealous. And let's not forget that boyish charmandgoodlooks that he's been bankingon for /years/. Let's just keep his age a secret.

Ciera stares over her fourth glass at Lylia, one eyebrow raised. "I though' th' point was to see how much we coul' take in b'fore dropping." Only a little slur, she's fine, really. Ally-oop! And there's the fourth glass. N'sync is awarded a broad grin, bordering on leer. "I jus' bet you could. How good'a friend are we talkin', 'ere?" Ignore the fact that she's middle-aged. Cough.

Nadine grabs her fourth and happily downs it. She's getting just a bit tippy now; her smile's even sillier, and she's swaying slightly. "T'the Weyrsh!" she cries joyously, and drinks it down.

Tatia grins at Lylia, a faint snicker escaping as she takes her third a bit slower, sipping catiously. Hey.. /she's/ allowed to taste girlishly. It's K'nex who has to win this thing. Tsunami pride and all that. "Ly, dear, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you'd done this before," she states with a grin before she turns to eye K'nex with faint surprise. "Well.. he hasn't passed out yet.. that's a good sign, hmm?"

Sinead goes home.

"N't when there's /men/ around." Lylia gives a somber little sniffle, wavering a little as she presses her hands against the table, trying to figure out how to drink more without waiting for the dizziness to pass. Tatia just gets the most innocent grin she can muster, sweetly curved lips and bright eyes. "Me? …A'course," she adds, a little slurred as her tongue forgets itself and rests on her lower lip. She just needs her second wind, yep.

The vintners bring out more skins as more riders get plastered. The dead ones are taken back to the weyr to get refilled.

Sp'nger keeps up with the drinking even though he's out of the contest…He reduces his large swallows to sips, and watches quietly.

N'sync flashes a row of much-too-even teeth at Ciera, leering quite happily in return. Another of his splendid talents. "Darlin', whatever you want, whatever you need," he replies in a slow drawl that's helped along by the alcohol that mysteriously appears and disappears from his glass.

Nadine refills her glass a fifth time; she's still going good, or at least she thinks so. This might be a good time to sit. She shakily pulls out a chair and sits herself down before gulping down the glass. Offering a bright smile and a wink to all the males present, she gets another refill and takes a deep breath in preparation for the next drink.

K'nex tosses his head to the left and the right, growling and sputtering as he finishes off another drink. Eyes quinting and nose wrinkled in a mask of disgust that's plainly comical…To everyone but him. "I /wish/ I was passed out," he mutters, head hanging a bit as he stares at the drink before him. Darn Tsunami pride…Kez shakes his head again, trying to dispell the rather clouded feeling he's begining to get there. At least he isn't falling, right? Not that he's tried to get up…

Shirasuth comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.
R'ley scowls as he takes a moment to breath between mouthfulls, since so many are drinking it can't be the best wine, and thats what he's used to. Not letting his delicate sences get in the way of winning something he continues to down the spirits at a steady pace. "Lookin at little tipsy there." he teases his wingleader doing a good job at sounding un-inebriated

Five and counting! Ciera swirls this next one a bit unsteadily, grinning at Lylia over the sloshing liquid. About half splashes out, and she waits for a vintner to refill. "I shee your poin'." The glass refilled now, she swallows in one admirable gulp, her eyes trailing up and down N'sync now. Someone's going to be regretting this come tomorrow morning. "Re'lly? Wha'e'er?" Leer. "Intereshting." she eyes the other rider's glass with vague confusion. "You sheem to take tha' v'ry well…"

Tatia's smile widens with pride for her alcohol-consuming wingmate - nevermind that it wavers a bit with the effects of her own consumption. Tat's never claimed to be able to hold her alcohol, and the poor thing's rather small on top of it. And out of practice. Still, after nine months, this /is/ rather enjoyable. K'nex is giving a beaming smile, slightly lopsided, and she leans against the table as she continues her rather slow-paced sipping. "Come, now.. it's not /that/ bad. We're on a roll!" This last is punctuated by an exhuberant fist thrust into the air before it returns safely to grip the side of the table. "Tsunami pride, y'know!" Yes, we know. She's mentioned it already.. several times.

Lylia practically gleams, cheeks prettily flushed as she offers a bobbing nod. That she forgets to stop. "See?" And another drink finds its death in Lyli-tummy, sliding down her throat as she offers a purr of contentment, licking her lips slowly to maintain every precious drop. "Tsuuuunamiiii," she murmurs, letting her tongue drawls across it. Tsu.

"Practice," N'sync intones as he leans a bit closer - quite close enough to leek alcohol-ridden breath on Ciera. "You," he states after a moment of pondering silence. "Are larger than life." That, evidently, is a profound statement coming from the brownrider - who, though not nearly as drunk as Ciera seems to be, is somewhat on his way. Far enough that he obviously didn't consider the many different ways that statement could be taken.

Jozzie recieves another glass, which sets her eyes into large saucer plates. Nothing is going to stop her now, its her way or the…without a woman as pretty in Jozzie's arms tonight. As she gulps down the next glass, she begins to feel a light buzz to her head which causes her to giggle like a thirteen-turn-old. This is just getting good, really good. She shallows the slightly bitter taste in her mouth once the wine glass is empty, lightly clearing her throat as she looks hungerly for another glass to quench her thrist. "Hey bud, if I have some relations to Teza….I'd ought to be a drink drinker." And everyone in Ista Weyr had ought to know that Jozzie is one of the very best. If there is a Benden in sight, it is probably under her jacket in no more than a blink of an eyelid. "Whhha's the prize anyway?" she asks not to soberly, "I hope it's Benden." To get rid of the taste of this aweful generic, you see?

Nadine stares at her glass and listens to the others. All intoxicated, are we? Well, she isn't! At least, she won't let them see she isn't. As she drinks down her last glass, she keeps her eyes shut, since all the guys are starting to look quite sexy, and she's positive none of them were when she started this. Right? A quick glance around, and sure enough, those guys are looking nice… "I'm shtill going good!" she announces slurrily to the group. "I'm going..to..my seventh." Seven, her lucky number, though undoubtedly this will be the number to get her down. She doesn't care, though. "Fill 'er up!" she commands a vintner, holding out her glass yet again.

K'nex snorts rather loudly at Tatia, turning his head slightly, sudden fast movments are begining to become a no-no for the brownrider, and grins rather lopsidedly. "Phaw. Not that bad…It's horrible," he states with a rather firm nod and looks abour ready to fall over before he he rights his tilting self and finds his full glass again. There you are…Trying to escape…"Tsunamii!!" He shouts, lifting the said glass in the air once before dowing it and then getting it refilled quickly. Harhar-hic.

Sp'nger looks atthe girl talking about Benden."Th'prize is t'feel yer head maybe…t'morra." He rises and nearly falls over. He's had five too many… three was his limit..He sits down again rapidly.

R'ley nods way to hard, nearly bobbing his head at Jozzie. "Yes! I definitly hope it's Bendan, a good aged red would be best." he raises yet another glass tipping it in cheers to his statment apparently, and managing to slosh a slittle over the edge in the process. In his usual easily grumpy manner he scowls at the drop and to get back at it downs the glass. The other woman sitting to the side of him Jozzie isn't on promptly passes out slipping down in her seat and beginning to snore. R'ley cracks up at the sight shooting wine out his nose, oh my he's not gonna like knowing about that tommorow.

Give them enough time and they'll start singing bawdy Tsunami songs. Tatia's grin turns into a giggle as the sipping continues - seems like everytime she's close to finishing a glass, it refills itself mysteriously again. "Should..'ve kept Sh…Shirasu' off the rope then," she states quite firmly.

Ciera eyes N'syncs warily, wavering just a little as her glass is refilled for the sixth - seventh? - time. "Jus' 'ow mush practish do you get?" Not that she's really sure that she wants to know the answer to that question, but heck, if she knew what she wanted, she wouldn't be talking to him. The larger than life comment is puzzled over for a moment, and discarded as too much thought to be worth it.

"Tsuuuuuuu!" Lylia manages to squeak out, raising her own glass and still keeping a slender arm upon the table, supporting herself and her drinking binge. Druseth lets out a low, dragging growl, a moaning croon that reflects infinite depression at his rider's lack of. Um. Dignity. Because Lyli shimmies out of her jacket and nearly sloshes the wine on herself trying to take another desired gulp.

N'sync tries again as he shrugs off the question. "Now and then, darlin'…" Another long pause, in which he inches close enough to attempt the old slide-an-arm-around-her-to-keep-her-warm manuever - nevermind that it's /Ista/. And at the end of it, he again falls back on that practiced smile of boyish charm and states, quite seriously "/You/. Are the shape of my heart." Whoa. Profound.

Bawdy Tsunami songs? Lylia's mind doesn't quite get there, but the brownrider's words drink-fuzzied mumblings sound an awful lot like limricks. "There once was a greenrider from Nabol… Who liked…," and it fades off as nother drink goes down her throat, scorching sweetness bringing another bleary smile to her face. "Taaat. You need more." She's got a kid, she needs to be drunk. Right? Right.
Nadine sighs at her seventh glass. Isn't it purdy? She drinks it down and watches the riders. Wow…interesting….very fascinating…She sits and watches them, not noticing when a vintner refills her glass…the eigth cup of wine for her.

Lis wanders back to the imbibers, merely merrily tipsy - unlike the N'sync, who looks to have a case of beer goggles even worse than her and D'renn. Floating like some misplaced flowerchild in her skirt, the greenrider seeks out Tsunami wing members to cheer on. "Yay Lylia! Tat!"

Sp'nger greets Lis with a toast."Here's to busty riders."

"Drink it, Ly, don't spill it," Tatia intructs with a giggle that indicates just how far /she/ is. Tatia. Does not giggle. Ever. Except for now, of course, when the limerick is enough to send her into an uncontrollable fit that sends her balance a-wavering. Her hands clutch at the table as giggle threaten to consume her, and she simply shakes her head helplessly at Lylia. "I can't.. I.. lossst my glasss," she points out. And indeed, she has. Y'know.. clutching at the table requires two hands. Her glass rolled under the table somewhere when she dropped it. And /she/ certainly doesn't have the balance to retrieve it.

"Ewe, that's nasty." Jozzie replies to R'ley as wine shoots out his nose. She digs out a hankie from her pocket and offers the lacy material to R'ley. Now he can carry around they little lacy material with in all evening. Another glass seems to magically appear by the vintners, since it appears that none of the riders have eye cordination anymore. Or at least Jozzie doesn't have any proper eye cordination. She is most certainly going to be in one of the groundweyrs tonight. No drinking and riding, kids, could get yourself into a lot of trouble. The Firestormer begins to chant some old fisherman folklore between her drinking. How she learned any folklore songs….ah, we'll just leave it at that.

Shirasuth strides, bringing the scent of warmed sands with him, up toward the central bowl.

"Awww? Really?" Ciera doesn't slur the words as much as before, and if it weren't for the actual words, she would sound a good bit more sober. The next glass is downed almost as a passing thought as she grins at N'sync. "Dat's sho swee' of you." She doesn't even resist the arm maneuver. "Shape of your hear'." Giggle. Giggle. Man, how strong /is/ this stuff?

"Nuuuuuuh, I /aaaam/," Lylia squeaks indignantly, her squeak falling flat as it dissolves into her own little giggle. And a hiccup. "Awww. Poor Tat. Tat-mat. Shvat. Have 'nother." The shaking fingers shove another glass across the table, getting it as close to Tatia as she can without losing her balance and falling flat onto the table. Splatted brownrider can't be good. And she slowly lifts her own glass, sipping just a little. It's all she can get through her lips as she hiccups again.

K'nex holds onto the table a long moment, staring intently at the glass infront of him as if mind powers alone with get it to disapear…Alas this theory doesn't seem to work and Kez is left having to make it dispear like the rest of the contestants. So down goes another drink, and Kez slams the glass back down. Ha! "Yesh, Tat…You gotta keep up…," he trails off as he becomes a bit slurred, odd grin still on his face. "Oh, lost…" The brownrider makes the mistake of trying to look under the table for her glass- Maybe he can reach it with his foot -and almsot falls, saving himself only by one arm holding onto the table. Whow…

Strong enough for N'sync's tastes! After all, he's got a bluerider tucked under his arm. Giving Ciera a short squeeze, he nods solemnly, grin abandoned for seriousness. Really. "Absolutely." Wow.. and look at that enuciation. Really something. Maybe he hasn't been consuming quite as much as it appears he has.. "I'm.. /crazy/ for you," he finally adds. How long before she's far enough gone that he can whistle for his faithful steed and wisk her back to his weyr?

R'ley spots Lis in the crowd and keeps his eyes on her for a moment, not even bothering to hide that he's checking her out. He just pretends the wine shooting out thing didn't happen, taking the hankie and dabbing his nose. It's dropped back on the table though, he'd rather not be seen with anything lacy even when getting rather drunk. As Jozzie takes up song he downs half a glass to wet his toungue and joins her, his voice a rich and velvety though more then a little slurred.

Jakith eyes his rider with a fair amount of concern, eyes whirling as he tries to see what it is that she's drinking so much of. And who that riff-raff is that she's practically clinging to, for that matter,

Nadine glances back at her glass and, wow, it's full again! She looks at it for a moment. "Wow…shelf-refilling…I need one of theshe glashesh…" She picks it up and drinks it - what else do you do with a glass of wine? - and perks up. She's feels much better now, and finds herself eying the menfolk again.

<Local> Jakith senses that he muses sulkily, clouds skittering across a dull moon. « I think perhaps my rider will not be happy when she finds who she is hanging from. This is more stupid even than the rope. »

Lis sashays by R'ley on her route to harassing Lylia and Tatia, hands clasped behind her back as she purrs at the bronzerider, "Nice, uh… nose-wine." Leer at her, shall they? "C'mon K'nex! You can do it!" Encouragment is even to her wingmates of the male persuasion. They're so cute when they're bent over the midden vomiting.

Tatia takes the glass with delicate care, one hand still gripping the table tightly as she grins her thanks. "Ly. You're the /best/." Her eyes glint as she turns toward K'nex, glass held aloft, and she glares vehemently at him. "I /am/ keeping up.. watch. I'll match you. One for one." Oh, /very/ good idea. When she's already mostly gone and half K'nex's size. She reaches out, latching onto his arm with the hand that was previously anchoring her to the table, as if she alone can hold him up. "But.. you gotta stay /here/," she points out.

Sp'nger topples to the floor sound asleep.

Nadine glares at Lis, angry for some reason that somebody here isn't drunk like her. "Want shome?" she offers sweetly, offering the rider an empty glass as she struggles to down her (ninth?) glass. "Thish ish shtrong shtuff.."
"You shoulda 'ad the kid w'/me/," Lylia mumbles, managing to half-shove herself onto the table, practically clinging to her wineglass. It brings salvation. And a hangover. But first, it brings salvation. "/You/ drink s'more, Lissers! Alla you!" All four. Or is it five?

Jozzie brings to sway in her seat as she continues her chanting, adding in R'ley's wonderful singing voice. The bluerider is not reallt harper material though, but she gets by with her strong alto. As another glass is plopped ever so delicately into her hands, and drank rather quickly as she sets the empty glass down and places her arm around R'ley's shoulder even though he has been voted out. "You can be my little cheer-person." she says.

"Realwy?" Swaying, Ciera's eyes widen adoringly at N'sync, and she squirms even closer. Well, at least it keeps her from losing her balance. She waves her glass in the air, making it very hard for the nearest vintner to refill it. More winds up around her than in the damn glass. "Maybe, wonsh thish ish done, we kin fin' shomeplashe more… quiet." Her eyes narrow, flicking unsteadily to her hovering blue. "I'm jusht fine," she says, managing to eliminate most of the slur. "See?" And down, with the next glass, and she waves another vintner close.

"Heeey." Lylia remembers something. Even with all the alcohol flooding her system and fusing all the pretty words together, she remembers something. Run! She's starting to *gasp* sing! Well, drunkenly carouse, really. "Tsunamiii's the best of the weeeyr, and though we don't really ride waves, when it comes to greeeens…" Uh-oh. The bawdy songtime has started.

R'ley doesn't blush, but manages to make an almost dignified scowl at Lis. His eyes begin to droop and he momentarily forgets about the glass in his hand letting it spill. It's only momentarily, and he recovers with another scowl while re-filling the glass again. To late for him though as the judges saw that and he's told he's out. He wavers between scowling some more and enjoying himself, the latter winning over and he chuckles good naturedly getting to his feat with a cheek smooch for Jozzie, "Good luck babe." he rumbles before managing without stumbling to make his way into the crowd.

Lis accepts the glass from Nadine, and although she fills it, the wine is sipped leisurely. Someone's got to be the designated flier, and Faranth knows D'renn's already unconscious. "I will, Lylia. You keep drinking - I'll hold your head later, promise." Isn't that the sweetest friends can do for each other. The greenrider picks up on Lylia's caterwauling, carring it only somewhat more tunefully. "… There's no finer seens, than the ones we ride in our caves!"

Tatia gives a short glare toward Lylia, but she's really too fuzzy to snap back a wicked response as she usually would. And plus.. she's got this glass, newly filled, that needs to be emptied. With one hand again claiming purchase on the table, she tilts her head back for a long swallow that nearly drains the glass before she comes up for air, head spinning rather pleasantly. A sudden beam crosses her face as Lylia's voice rises and she draws in a deep breath to begin the next verse with alcohol-induced gusto. "Wiiiiith proddy greens and brownrider might, against the Threat we go and fight…"

Nadine grins lopsidedly as she starts on another glass…or is she finishing her current one? Who knows? "Shong!" she cries, even though she's not part of Tsunami; lo, not even High Reaches. She sways from side to sing and adds a strange harmony consisting primarily of, "Fa la dee da, fa la dee da, fa la dee da.."

K'nex rights himself once again, although the brownrider is considerably more slummer over and cheery looking thatn he was- how many drinks? -ago. "I'm a-trrryin', Lis!" Kez drawls a bit, drinking another glass jsut so she can see. See? See. "Rioght, Tat..one fer one then..," he says with a wink to the greenrider. No, not exactly a good idea, but then they're both doomed to painful headaches at the point already..so why not go for all-out sick? And while you're on the way, you might as well sing about it! "…who can get ride the alcohol storm? Tsunami, the 'Reaches wing wave-boooorn!" He sings loudly, picking up on the tune.

N'sync is very good for balance. Among other things. Leer. He doesn't even attempt to hide the expression behind that boyish charm of his anymore - after all, Ciera doesn't seem to care! "Quiet is… perfect. I /definitely/ want it that way," he states, arm tightening before he swoops his head down in an effort to steal a kiss whilst the bluerider's still able to stand upright.

Somewhere in the crowd that are watching Riders and Weyrfolk alike drink themselves silly one person throws there hands up into the air and down again. It is an action that causes most people after the first spectator to also throw their hands up in the air before dropping them again one after another down the row and cheering loudly.

Lylia picks up the chorus, slinging her glass in the air. "Tsunami! Tsunami!" Poor dear's gonna be feeling this in the morning. Lis gets a sleepy nod of approval as she wobbles back and forth, haphazard drops splashing to the ground. Whoops. She loves Lis. Lis'll hold her head. Yay.

The Tsunami voices are corousing loudly now, though not necessarily in tune. Tatia's grin is again broad as she returns K'nex's wink rather saucily and picks up the chorus. "Tsunami! Tsunami!" Each word is stated with emphasis, and her glass is thrust upward on the beat as she joings Lylia. "We love you Tsunami!"

"There's never a booooring daaaaay!" Lis warbles above Lylia and Tatia's cheerful lead - not to mention Nadine's weird harmony. Drops of wine hit her, but she cares not. These aren't even her clothes!

Ciera sways into N'sync, not moving away from the kiss. Indeed, drunk as she is, she encourages it, reaching up with the arm holding her wineglass and wrapping it around his neck. Good thing the glass is empty for the moment. As she pulls away, she spots the crowd going up and down, and shakes her head fiercely. "Sh'more wine… 'ere!" She holds out the glass for the vintners. Maybe some more will help her figure out the waving group of people over there.

Uh-oh. Ista should learn to be more careful who it invites. Lylia's wobbling voice gets louder as she adds into the singing fray, swaying back and forth in a combination of alcohol and musical inspiration. "Tsunami! Tsunami! We love you, Tsunami!" Wheeee. Another glass down the hatch, another step closer to passing out.

K'nex smirks at Tatia as she returns his wink, still singing along with the rest of his wingmates. "Tsunami! Tsunam! We love you, Tsunami!" is sung with great enthusiasm, if slightly off-key, as the brownrider waves his glass in the air, splashing a bit more liquor than he actually manages to drink, but hey.

N'sync is quite happy to oblige, and he takes full advantage of Ciera's.. inebriated state - as he lowers his head for the kiss. His own glass is held loosely, half-full, and his head swings back to drain it as it lifts. "More wine!" he echoes cheerfully. There's never enough wine when it makes the women /this/ agreeable.

Jozzie makes a little pout towards R'ley, "Wait for me?" the bluerider rives a light scowl as she eyes the party. She should have known better than to see R'ley off with a greenrider. Ah well, here's to drinking! Liquid sloshes over her wrists as those serving pour in a tat more liquid into Jozzie's wine glass. The bluerider of Ista spots the lovely ex-herder from across the crowd. A wild wave is given to K'nex, while looking to see where her dear friend, Cris might be. As chants from High Reaches are given, Jozzie cheers out a mellowed, "Firestorm!"

"We love you, Tsunami! Until we get old and graaaaaaaay!" Tatia draws the last note out for an impossibly long time before finishing it with a grin and tilting her head back to drain the last of her glass. Gotta love drunken singing.

Nadine picks up what must be her tenth glass and brings it slowly to her lips. As she starts to drink it, she realizes with a start that everyone has twins here. Two of everything. Wow. And that's the last thing she sees before all goes black and she falls from her seat, the wine glass clattering to the ground and rolling around a bit.

Lis finishes up with the final triumphant harmony on 'Graaaaaay', holding it out with Tatia until she collapses into giddy giggles that are surely as alcohol-induced as anyone else's behavior. It's just cuter.

"Graaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Lylia echoes, letting her voice trail off as she tries to carry the sound while drinking. And it comes out a sort of strangled gargle at the end. Glarg. "Tsuuuuuuuu," she purrs again, slinking over to Lis. Slinkslink. Druseth's retreated back, an occasional whimper coming from his direction as the shadowed brown tries to sleep. Watching his rider like this is far too disturbing for him.

R'ley carries his riding jacket that was on the back of his chair on one shoulder not feeling like wearing it. He does however slip a flask out of a inner pocket and take a draught out of it, screwing the top back on and keeping it in his hand. He saunters over to Lis looking thoroughly amused as she collapses into giggles, "Having fun?" he asks sounding as amused as he looks.

The "Firestorm" chant does not seem to be doing Jozzie a whole lot of good but at least she did try. She toasts her wine glass out to those from the other weyr as she downs the portion of the wine in her glass. She licks her lips, beginning to feel a but lighter in the head. She takes a deep breath before she goes back into fisherman chants again. Yes, it is very amusing, thank you.

Come now. Lis, cute? Only to those with alcohol-shaded.. oh. Nevermind, then. Tatia grins broadly as her glass slams to the table and is quickly refilled by a dilligent vinter. She eyes K'nex speculatively, brows raising upward as she lifts her glass in challenge. "Ready?"

Ciera seems to be having a bit of a hard time focusing. Two N'syncs's (there's a sobering thought, if ever there was one) seem to waver in her vision. Whoa. She raises her wineglass to her lips… only to find it empty. Odd. There was some there just a moment ago. "Hey. Dish glash was full jusht…" she trails off, unable to remember /when/ it was full. Resolutely, she puts that fact aside, deciding to simper up at the brownrider instead. "C'you get shome more? Pleashe?" Hoooo, boy.

Lis looks up at R'ley from her sprawl on the table, wiping tears from the corner's of her eye at the antics of her wingmates. "Oh, my… enough fun for the rest of the Turn," she pants, rubbing the side that's developed stitches from giggling. "Sorry to hear you're out." And there's a sincere pout up at the bronzerider.

K'nex thrusts his glass high into the air on the final note of 'graaay' and then downs if quickly, before he has a second to re-think it. Not that he's really capable of rethinking much anymore and even just thinking seems to be hard. "Tsu-tsu-tsunami!" The brownrider calls out and gets himself a filled glass. Har! Kez looks slyly over at Tat and nods, raising his glass as well. "Ready."

N'sync easily slides his own glass into Ciera's hands, exchanging it for hers as he abandons the empty one to the ground. Who needs alcohol when you've got an arm full of bluerider, hmm? Or full of any girl… who's willing to let him steal kisses in public. Which he's /very/ determined to do.

"Tsu-tsu-tsunami!" Lylia gives an echoing call. She's incapable of her own thought at this point, anyway. Sigh. The rider hops sloppily onto the table, grabbing an errant glass and barely licking at the rim. Whimper. Must. Drink. More.

Tatia's grin is positively frightening as she nods once, emphatically.. and then pauses for a long moment, waiting for the world to right itself again. And then the glass is lifted, head tilted back.. and a good deal of the liquid goes creeping down her neck as she drinks, trailing into the dried mud to create red-brown streaks down her arm. Still, she got most of it down, and her eyes still glint with challenge. The greenrider giggles faintly, arm lifting to wipe across her lips. "How many is that?"

R'ley picks up someone's glass from Lis's table and drinks out of it, apparently not noticing or ignoring the flask of his own liquor in his other hand. "It's horrible, I'm thinking about demanding a recount." he snickers obviously joking.

Ciera tosses back the next glass with ease that would make the most alcoholic heart jealous, and leers appreciatively at N'sync. Or at one of him. Then the other. Finally, she splits the difference, and leers somewhere between the two wavering images. "Shank you." She reaches up, trying to pull him down for another kiss, but that whole damned double image thing gets in the way again. Whoooo. Shaking her head and concentrating very hard, she manages to make N'sync resolve into one person again. "'Ey, Lish, I 'ave a nea' trick to sho you later." Right now, though, she's intent on the brownrider. At least hauling him closer for a kiss gives her a moment without imbibing any more.

N'sync doesn't seem to mind /where/ Ciera's leering. After all, he's still sober enough to find her lips when bending down for a kiss. And that's what this whole things is about. His arms tighten as he goes willingly, planting one on the bluerider that /really/ should be saved for private.

Lis flips over onto her belly to swing her legs in the air, bare feet looking very provincial. It's vintage Lis. "Aw… poor dear. I think you did a smashing job, except for the bit where you kind of reverse-snorted it." The 'Reachan winces up at the Istan, sympathetically.

Perhaps it's been too much. But the chants and squeaks fall silent as Lylia remains half-passed out on the table, a few limbs twitching as she manages to take another mouthful, then another. Hehe. She looks kind of like a squished bug… But that matters little, as she continues her effort, a little mouthful here, a mouthful there, ignoring the fact that quitting would probably be healthier. And better in the morning. "Mrf," she mumbles, a strange sound. "Wiiiiine." And that plaintive plea is perfectly explanatory.

Ciera melts into N'sync - whether it's the booze making her lose her ability to stand upright, or just his incredible masculine charm… well, we'll never know. Somehow, she manages to sneak in a glass or two between kisses, but the latter seem to have outweighed the former in her list of priorities by now. "Sho v'ry, v'ry nice…" Giggle. Giggle. Hiccup. Swig. And tehn she's twining her arms around him again. Well, everyone needs a reason to swear off alcohol…

Vinters seem to be a little bored with the fun now, only a few seem to find the drunken riders to be overly amusing. Of course the crowd must be finding it amusing too, at least those that aren't already plastered.

Jozzie's mind as left her as the next glass is set almost naturally into her hands. Like a very natural, fluid movement, the glass is lifted to the bluerider's lips as she clings onto the glass, while taking short slips. As she sets the glass back down a loud hiccup that sounds like a squeeing mouse erupts from the rider as she covers her mouth quickly with her hand. You really didn't hear that. Then again, there is another squeaking hiccup. The rider's cheeks turn a shade of red as she appears extremely embarrassed. Then she holds her breath until she is about to turn blue, exhaling deeply. "Goood, they're gone." she says with a sigh. Then…hiccup! The bluerider whines like a little kidlet.

K'nex finishes another drink to Tatia's challenge, only slopping a little out of the glass. Not that that doesn't mean he isn't covered in alcohol after waving his glass around in the air and singing. He rightly smells like a brewery or something. "Tsuuu-yeah," he tries to yell, but trips over a slur an falters. Yee-haw…hic. Must. Keep. Head. Off. Table…

R'ley casts his eyes back to Jozzie, an amused smile softening his features as she continues singing. He pouts at Lis, "You didn't find that sexy? I thought it had come off that way." he rumbles with dry humor.

Tatia tilts her head back for another drink, kindly refilled by a passing vintner - or lurking, as the case may be… and suddenly finds that her vision doesn't seem to be what it was. Eyelids fluttering as the world begins to spin, she stumbles a bit, clutches at the table.. and then finds herself on the ground with no real idea of how she got there. She scowls ferociously upward as a judge declares her out, then decides that the ground really isn't a bad place to be after all.. and so there she remains, eyes alternatively blinking upward and remaining firmly shut.

Lis can't decide whether or not she's proud that High Reaches has held up this long in the contest, or mournful that so many 'Reachian riders have drunken themselves beyond the point incapacity. "It was a good effort, but not quite close enough," the greenrider reassures R'ley, her tongue firmly in cheek as she winks up at him.

What was that about a drinking contest? Nah.. just an excuse to grab an armful of.. Ciera it seems, tonight. N'sync's smile is anything but boyish now as he dips his head to whisper something in her ear, then raises it to reply. "And /you/.. need a ride home." His home. Now. And.. maybe one more stolen kiss before he convinces her that Backstreeth is a /much/ better ride than Jakith.

Lylia is. Done. Sorta. The rider can barely manage another sip, finally letting the glass slip and sit as she gives a happy, drunken beam. Beaaaaaam. Lis can carry her home? Druseth looks to scared to…

Daniri comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.

Daniri returns to the plateau, all clean and glowing in her brand new borrowed clothes. She stops short at the sight of the table and all the glaze-eyed, sleeping, unconscious, and singing people. It's a rather disturbing sight for a sober 13-Turn-old.

K'nex can't even remember what things looked like before he started drinking at this point, but everything looks so nice /now/…even if it's all a bit fuzzy. Fuzzy is cute, so everyone's cute? That doesn't have to make sense. Kez is drunk. But still up, unlike Tat. The brownrider looks a little upset that his drinking partner is now on the ground. "Aww…Taat…" Nevermind the gravity seems to be wanting to pull him that way too, and he'd gladly go, but he has to stay up for this contest. For a mere second the thought crosses his poor, drunken mind…How is he getting /home/? And then it's gone. "Whas goin o-" Thump. Oops. Gravity got the better of him it seems as he joins the Many, The Insane…The Passed Out! You can tell him what happened later..

"Home… yesh, home. G'dea." Somehow that was supposed to be 'good idea,' but Ciera's not big on the whole coherency thing right now. Giggling madly, she lets her glass fall to the ground and clings with a death grip to N'sync's arm. "Shure… Where'sh Bashtreeth? Jak kin fol…" She trails off, staggering in the direction of the brown. Now, to chalk up another item on the list of things she'll regret some sunrise….

One of the judges stands up and shouts over the noise of the crowd, "There's a tie for second between Istan Jozzie and High Reachian Lylia!" he shouts then with a pause for drama adds, "And in first place, winning the last event of the games….K'nex!"

N'sync is grinning again, but this time it's in triumph as he leads the drunken bluerider toward his own brown steed with a steady grip that definitely speaks of a seedy rider taking advantage of the situation. He /did/ drink all that wine, didn't he? Backstreeth lowers himself as the pair approaches, and N'sync helps Ciera upwards. Things to regret? Nah.. just boasting rights in the morning.

Keliana comes out onto the plateau from the Weyr bowl.

Lis looks down on her brownriding friend with an expression of extreme pity. "Aw. Poor dear… I don't know how I'm going to get you home again." Sleepover at Ista! "Yay K'nex! Yay Tsunami!" Hooray for the lushes - not to mention the letches, N'sync over there.

Jozzie tries to be the woman that she is, a Firestormer of course, and stand from her seat. However, as soon as she begins to stand and waddle, she hits the ground flat on her face. She tries to scrabble back up again but she seems to be a little tipsy.

Tatia climbs up shadowed hide to settle between Vespurath's slender 'ridges.

Vespurath goes home.

Ciera somehow manages to find herself perched on Backstreeth, while Jakith lashes his tail and rumbles even louder than before. "'Shokay, Jak. 'Shnothing t'worry 'bou'." As N'sync settles in behind her, she grins stupidly and hiccups again. One last wave to everyone still assembled, and the brown takes off. Like a fairy tale ending, only with a headache and no memory come morning. Awwww.

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