High Reaches Weyr Winter Festival - Spicy Wherry Wings

11th October 1998
Logged by Catia

Fires blazing and Zir wants to make it hotter!!! Spicy Wherry Wing Eating Contest to start now in the Living Cavers while those of us not participating eat our dinner! @go High Reaches and join in the firelit fun in the emmense Weyr Living Caverns! - entered by Ash on 1998-10-10 19:01 MOO Time.

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
For this day and this day only the living caverns have been competely remodeled. Cheery, bright decorations of streamers and glows practically cover the dull grey of cavernous walls, and most of the tables and benches have been removed, except for a several that ring the cavern's wall, and replaced by dozens, perhaps hundreds of thick furs. Bundled up in corners, spread out picnic style, and just in general layed and arranged haphazardly about, the furs contribute to the overall 'sit down and take a load off' atmosphere. As Festival central, the walls on either side of the kitchen entrance are lined with tables laden with dozens of varieties of foods, every type of drink imaginable, and the centerpiece of it all - the Festival cake. Bakers and weyrfolk stand ready to lend a serving-hand as drudges bustle from place to place picking up dishes and keeping the two large hearths lit with cheery snowfall fires.
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Maeve, Adonis, Sobrinita, Kynance, Dougal, Kraft, Fish, Lorilya, Leia, Falx, and HRWB.
You see Cheese blintzes, Aslyn's Amazing Bubblies, Beverage Table, Finger food and tidbit table, High Reaches Cake, Spiced Wherry, and Glazed Hams here.
Darias, Zirade, Jinnia, Kino, Lyara, D'renn, Adar, Teraelis, Ash, Senalia, Areiah, Tylendel, and Enya are here.

Dark curls flop into a tanned face, a faint thread of silver twining back from D'renn's left temple. He can only be described as short, wiry rather than stocky; muscles firm as a result of Turns of dragonriding. Blue eyes are framed by tiny laughter lines, another wrinkle furrowing a groove between thick black brows whenever he frowns - which is rarely. Mobile features are far more likely to smile, or laugh as D'renn makes yet another inappropriate joke at someone's expense… though malicious he never is, merely high-spirited and impulsive. The ingrained impetuosity shows too in the quick movements of someone who never sits still, but is constantly in fluid motion.
Anyone who knows D'renn well will notice that he's /not/ wearing that monstrous, multi-striped scarf of his. No: just a thick navy woollen sweater, warm trousers (although they are checked in red and blue) and boots.
D'renn is 32 Turns and 9 days old.

No longer slender but bearing a very large bulge in front, Catia's pregnancy has enrichened what are normally subtle curves; muscles are still firm from Turns of dragonriding. Maturity may have softened Catia's figure, but it has sharpened her tongue: finely-curved eyebrows are more ready than ever to arch in disdain or amusement. Near-black locks frame a generally solemn face, coiling now half-way down her back, grown long to please her weyrmate. Almond dark eyes glint with an occasional mischief that can light delicate features with a warm glow; dusk-rose lips quirk with a relaxed smile that seems ever more frequent these days. Long, lightly-tanned limbs move with an easy, confident grace; shell-pink nails are still ragged and chewed, even though the myriad tiny fish-net scars that criss-cross capable hands have faded to mere pale lines.
Soft wool the colour of Benden red envelopes Catia's expanding form: square-necked, then falling in sweeping folds from just beneath her breasts. Black boots peep from 'neath the ankle-length garment.
Catia is 29 Turns, 4 months, and 9 days old.

Darias watches the occuppants of the room quietly, brushing hair out of his face..

Ash looks up and grins, "Look Cat! Blintzes!" of course with her mouth full it sounds more like… Vook Cav, Bwinjez… but hey… whatever

Catia stops dead at the door, looking around the caverns worriedly. Already having picked her way through the obstacle course of the Miner's bits and pieces, she's now faced with more people than she usually sees in a Turn. Putting her hands on her pregnant belly involuntarily, she looks this way and that. "Ash!" Hurrah. And the pregnant healer joins her slightly-less-pregnant wingmate.

Lyara, keeping a watch on her proposed seat, strides toward the food. A low rumble escapes her stomache and she grins at herself. "Guess I should hurry up and grab some of thoses blintzes…" she says to no one in particular and finds a plate.

Tylendel turns his head both weys, sniffing the air slightly. A broad grin encompasses his face at the good smells, and he looks quickly about for an empty spot.

Senalia takes a bite of her wherry meat, and washes it down with some klah. The jacket that was opened outside somes of completely now, as she surveys the room. Her dark brown eyes seem to take in every detail and you can almost see her storung it away to sketch later. She seems alive and open for perhaps the first time in a long time, and the smile on her lips and the glint in her eyes which are rarely seen, appear.

Darias glances at Senalia curiously, sipping absently at his klah

Deepest grey eyes dance around the room once more, then Jinnia sets out on her mighty quest- the quest for cheeeese. Dodging chatting Harpers with grace, leaping over small children in a single bound, skirting sharp miner-type objects, finally she makes it to the table with the rapidly disappearing cheese blintzes. Oh, yes, one typically needs a plate…

Daleva arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

D'renn pushes his plate towards Catia, actually smiling at her for once. "Here, you have this lot… I can get more." Bushy dark brows pucker in a frown. "Hey, you two can't have wine, can you?" All the more for him…

A long, extremely thick, coal black braid lays down the middle of Ash's back leaving only whispy bangs to frame a face of delicate features; dark chocolate brown skin, high cheek bones, and full lips only serve to accentuate her most startling aspect… her eyes. In the dark frame of her face, the pale, icy blue of her eyes stands out, two daggers, cold in appearance but gentle in perception - piercing and cold in anger's tempest but soothing and warm in comforting gaze. Usually trim, her tall figure is now made curvier by five or so months of pregnancy; delicate grace somewhat usurped by a lumbering waddle that somehow still speaks of confidence and conscious deliberation.
Pregnancy has made it necessary for Ash to relegate her usual leathers to the bottom drawer. Now clad in a loose fitting, pale blue tunic that falls mid-way down her thigh, her ever-growing stomach is becoming rather noticable even given the attempts to hide it for a time. The tunic covers a pair of black leggings that are tucked into a pair of light-weight ankle boots.
Ash is 28 Turns, 4 months, and 20 days old.

Ash scoots over for Cat… trying not to end up on the furs where she'll never be able to get up from… and takes another bite of ham… /not/ talking with her mouth full this time she swallows and points to the drinks table, "I think there's a bit of everything there.."

Short bluerider enters, almost unnoticed in huge crush of people, "Oh..pardon me. excuse me…pardon." Enya softly murmers as she's enveloped by crowd. meep.

Adar slips into an empty space, setting her plate down on the tabletop. Sure is crowded… she takes a sip of klah and glances at the free space next to her.

Darias picks up his plate, and after everyone else has gone through, returns to the serving table for some more dinner, he's had a busy day..

Lyara hmms softly as she finishes piling her plate, and then glances quickly around the room for empty seats. A frown crosses her face as she notices her coveted chair taken. Pouting only a moment, she shrugs and spot another, if not as convenient seat.

Wandering children gather closer to each other, like molten lava, mixing, mulfling together. Cat eyes graze Enya, she flickers her fingers over towards her friend, ' Hey, I think the kids have got something ready for us .. " she announces brightly. Y'hoo. Kids aka bratlings, that is.

Brinne arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Kino rocks back and forth on his heels, watching the others

Catia shakes her head regretfully at D'renn, picking at a bit of ham. "Hmmm. The cooks have done themselves proud…" She pats Ash's knee - doing her best to stay on a bench, at least. "How goes?"

Brinne comes dashing in, skidding to a stop just inside the entranceway. Must act like she's got a modicum of decorum, right?

OOC: Zirade ees! Everyone! Silence … we are about to begin something called a 'Wherry Eating Contest'. Enya an' me are co .. doing it. Enya 'n b .. me! Yah. Alright, now, silence so that I can tell y'all the rules, and if I mess up, I'm on raw telnet. Forgive. ;)

Nemain walks in from the Central Bowl.

Daleva steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Jinnia allows a rosy smile to smooth the angles of her face, reaching for a plate with her left hand while nabbing a cheesy pastry in the right. Balancing precariously, the blintz is placed upon the table for a moment, and is grabbed by a passing weyrbrat. She's having quite a day. And the cheeses are almost gone!

OOC: Zirade grindies. 'Right. Alright, anyone who wants to join this, page me. K? Anyways, here it is: A wherry eating contest. Ic'ly your characters will be eating severlar rounds of wherry wings, each hotter and more spicy then the first. The ones that eat them the fastest go on to the next *spicier* round. There will be around 4 rounds, I think. Anyway, OOc, it'll be based on your rp, and you can't rp eating faster then anyone, or anything like that. But you can rp having your mouth burning up! Have fun, page me, and w're bout to begin!

Tylendel tugs his tunic into something resembling neatness and follows through the milling people to the food. Grabbing a plate, he drops a bit of this and that onto it and settles into an empty seat. Lounging in the uncompromising chair, his eyes once more scan the room as he looks for a familiar face perhaps. His muted green eyes curiously observe a conversation nearby for a moment before resting on a young woman not far away. His head inclines slightly to the left. Then, realizing he is staring, he draws his gaze instead to the food and lifts a piece of faintly crusty bread to his mouth, taking a healthy bite. After chewing a few times, he swallows, smiling as he catches someone else's gaze.

Jinnia exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Brinne sidles up to the finger foods table, and lifts a few delicacies for herself. Well. Two meat rolls and a piece of cheese, anyway. She then finds a space small enough for her to fit, and tucks herself into it.

Brightly colored children mottled in shades of yellow, green, and red slowly circle the middle of the living caverns. One of the children - a friendly, dark haired one - pulls herself to the top of the table and coughes. Loudly, she continues, ' Wherery eatin' contest! Come over here, y'all! Come one, come all, eat spicy wherry. See y how manly you really, really are. " She smiles, gets down, and begins getting the wherry meat along with several a other children.

Catia leans over a little to poke D'renn. "Go on then… you gave me your food, go and get some wherry wings!"

OOC: Zirade says "I've got Adar, D'renn, Trae, Ty, and Nemain. Anyone else?"

Ash just stays seated with her cheese blintzes and glazed ham… smiling at the children… memories this day has wrought, as a hand goes to her stomach and she grins Cat-ward

Ayup. Kidlings run amuck. Bouncing, skiping, hopping, running, and basically hyper terrorizing (gee, think it could be the sugar?) 'round the cavern before gathering at table as well, a rather chubby adolesent or two snitching a wing before platter of meat is taken to table.

Adar peers around as she takes a mouthful of klah - and grins at the announcement. Mmm, spicy wherry. She gulps the last of her klah and stands up, heading for the indicated table.

Brinne makes a face. "Ew. Hot stuff."

Darias sighs and tries to avoid the kids as much as possible..sharding things make him nervous..

D'renn coughs, glares at Catia, and then scrambles to his feet. "Alright then…" he answers, puffing out his chest a little bit as he steps out boldly (in those red and blue checked trousers). "I'll do it," he calls out loudly, reaching the table.

Content to observe, Areiah quirks her lips into a faint smile, drawing back from those participating in a.. wherry eating contest? She's got enough problems with the meatrolls around here, let alone the wherry, thank you. No, she'll sit this one out. A wayward half-smile offered to Tylendel; amazing, yet another quiet person in the crowd - before she settles back against the smooth stone wall she's nestled herself in near.

Senalia glances around as she hears the words 'Wherry Eating Contest' going around. She hmms to herself. It wounds interesting. But is it wise to join in. She shrugs, if you don't Stand at the Hatching, you won't Impress. She gives Areiah a breif grin and a wink and heads over to the indicated table.

Weyrfolk - just from another weyr - saunters in, embodied in Nemain as a charming smile is flung about, chair claimed as a blink is given at the living cavern's occupants. "Wherry Eating Contest? Hwo's that work?"

Tylendel glances over at the children, then down at his plate. Slowly, he pulls himself out of the chair, setting the plate on top and hoping it will stay. His eyes light as he shrugs in Areiah's direction and follows her friend.

Teraelis swallows, loudly. Yes, he wants to make it quite clear that he's going to suffer! He trots on over to the Table o' Doom, head held high as he draws to a position near the table. "I'll do this. I'm sick and twisted, so of course I'll do this." True.

Zirade makes a face, getting up from her chair and wondering through the lilliade of children towards her own special seat. Of course, she's not winning a prize, she's simply … eating. Yum. Spicy hot wherry. The chubby kid yells loudly, " C'mon over, it's ready, it's set … come!"

Lyara lets her eyes examine the crowda little before taking a bite of the blintze. She chuckles at the people being cajoled into joining the contest, knowing she'd never manage eating that much wherry. Almost as an affirmation, she takes another bite of the blintze. Not that bad, really.

Kino goes home.

Brinne nibbles on a meat roll, watching the poor sap…er, contestants eat the wherry wings.

Darias stands..spicy hot wherry? sounds doable..he walks over to where the contestants are.."I'd like te join.." he says to Zirade

Catia leans back towards Ash, murmurins something to her friend: presumably amusing as Catia herself giggles before taking another bite of ham and bread, and looking up towards the wherry-eating table.

Areiah widens her eyes in surprise at Senalia, grinning in return. "Good luck!" she pipes up finally, this offered to both the gentleman whom her gaze rested upon earlier and her friend. Watching what she will class as entertainment, for now, with avid interest, Areiah takes another sip of her cider, wry grin hidden behind the laquered surface.

Ash watches 'D'renn of the checkered pants and he who hangs out with pregnant women' and nods to Catia's comments… giggling as she takes another bite from her ever-decreasing plate-of-abundance

Spicy, spicier, spieciest. The first round of plates are layen with soft clinks opun the table, carefully watched so not cob(gobbled) too quickly. A whisper fills their faces, murmur running at the children; yet no one can eat, yet. " Is everyone ready?" asks a simpleton child, softly, green eyes glowing all a-bright.

Adar reaches the table, grinning at the plates of spicy wings on the table. She takes a bite of a piece of bread, looking for a spot at the table. Finding one, she slides in, inhaling the sharp-spicy aroma of the wings, and nods at the child who spoke. Ready as she'll ever be, anyway.

Senalia hears Areiah's offer of luck and calls back, "I'll need it," she turns to facethe food, Hmm, looks good. But how much of it can she eat?

Darias slips closer to the wings, glancing at them curiously..looks mostly harmless.

D'renn takes up the indicated seat behind a plate of wherry wings. "I'm ready," he boasts, smoothing back a few black curls. Well, he's suddenly on display, isn't he?

Teraelis sniffs delicately at the wherries. "I don't smell anything awful about them," he proclaims dubiously before nodding to the child. "I…suppose so."

Tylendel gives a gentle smile to the youngling and nods quickly, eyes showing the only hint that he might be a bit worried about this food. He looks warily at the plates, sniffing as he tries to recognize the spices. A calm, assured smile breaks across his face as he detects nothing particularly harmful.

Enya is luckily, quiet non-pregnant, thank you very much, seems she's one of the few females of her wing that's never expected yet. But still quiet-ish short bluerider stands back and watches the food be settled infront of people, nope. not gonna try for it. couldn't even fit half those servings into short frame.

Salea drifts in from the Central Bowl.

Quick switch moves Nemain closer to the wherry-table, nose sniffing experimentally. They /look/ all right, as stomach's rumble is in agreement with thoughts. "Are they good?" Voice is hopeful, it's always a thought, as finger extends to *almost* poke at wherry.

Senalia throws an amused glance at the other contestants and then looks back down at the food. She glances at the contestants again and offers a lopsided smile, "Good luck" she tells them and shifts her weight to both feet. Right. She's ready now. ;)

Catia gives Salea a wave from her-and-Ash's comfortable bench. "Come watch D'renn make a fool of himself!" she calls to the brownrider.

Darias finds a seat towards the end of the 'arena', smiling nearvously

Salea ohs appreciatively, griining widely. "Wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Ash giggles and waves Salea over although where she'll sit besides on the furs is anyone's guess… "LOOK! Salea! Blintzes!" She giggles and then watches D'renn do just that…

D'renn gives Senalia a beaming blue-eyed wink. "Aye, good luck… may the best eater stuff himself silly…" Or herself, of course.

Once again a little tyke rises above the world on top of his friendly table. Hands fit on chubby hips, her (he) lifts the bright, shiny , red flag in the air ; " Go!"

Teraelis slides into a seat with a plate full of evilly spicy wherry wings in front of it. He just stares at the wings for a long moment, eyes rolling back in his head as he imagines the sheer spiciness of them. "Uhhhh," he groans, "I'm going to torture myself again." He squeezes his plush llama tight, muttering to it, "It's just you and me, Tawny. Everyone else is against us." Good grief, he's talking about his paranoia with a stuffed llama. Well, nobody ever said he was sane. "Here goes." With that ubiquitous comment, he lifts a wing to his mouth and begins chomping through it at a painful speed. His face reddens to an interesting shade of pink, and he clenches his eyes shut. No doubt he'd be chattering about the pain he were in, if his mouth weren't full. Manners? Nope, he simply /can't/ talk. He's been shovelling the wings in as if this was the last day on Pern.

Uh-oh. Someone said go… but surely a red flag's for 'stop'? Or maybe it's to irritate any male herdbeasts in the vicinity…. There don't seem to be any of those, so D'renn takes this as the signal to start munching ferociously on the wherry wings: one in each hand. Sharp teeth tear the spiced-skin and gnaw at the meat; a silent commentary from Trydanth running all the while.

Tylendel tosses a wry grin in D'renn's direction before turning to his plate. Stuffing the first of wings in his mouth, he raises one brow, murmering around the food (tsk, tsk bad manners) "No soo bad." He takes several bites and then half shrugs, shoving more into his mouth and chewing to the minimum before swallowing quickly. The meat bobs down his throat, at one point nearly getting lodged there. At last, his plate is clear. He sighs and pushes back his chair to see how the others are doing.

Salea struggles through the crowds, eventually ending behind D'renn…"What…no mismatched colors?" Disbelieving eyes take in the sight of conservative navy blue…"Feeling okay D'renn?"

Darias shrugs and picks up wings from the nearest plate (being spicy) and begins to eat steadily, his face betraying no sign that the spice has affected him yet..he just kinda chews stoically through them, smiling slightly

Brinne watches, quietly.

The first wing is carefully selected and bitten into, hesitantly at first and then more confidently as Adar realizes the spice isn't /that/ bad… yet. Neatness is forgotten as she plows through the frst plate. Oooh… there's the afterburn. Shards, that's actually pretty spicy.

Senalia takes a depp breath and spropriates a plate of wherry for herself, taking one wing and taking a huge bite out of it. She chews and swallows quickly, her drak eyes dancing with laughter and a suppressed smile twitching on her lips. The girl seems seconds away from bursting into laughter. She gives a side long glance at the other contestants and digs into her wherry, trying, but not wuite managing to get the food into her mouth neatly. She's putting in the effort at least. She chuckles delightedly as she finishes the second wing and heads onto the next. Here we go…

"Leave poor D'renn alone, Salea… can't you see he's busy?" Catia beckons her wingmate over. "And he does have those terrible checked pants on today…."

First munch is taken of wherry; teeth bite down, chew voraciously, and then Nemain's pleaseed expression changes. Gaahhh, as the wing is eyed, then nibbled ata again, burning sensation just *now* coming to the fro with a choked curse, "/Shards/!" Quickly stifled, as matronly woman makes pretense of settling further into chair, nibbled bone picked clean despite the burn left on tongue.

Salea sighs and follows Catia's goodly advice…Picking her way through, she notes.."Welll…he has the biggest mouth…I think maybe he'll have a chance at winning…"

Brinne giggles, looking highly amused.

Ash takes a draw from her juice… mouth feeling hot just watching… and those were the /mild/ wings

Lyara avidly watches the expressions on the contestants' faces…. she grins at the sudden changes from caution to greedy stuffing. She carefully controls her laughter, but can't help the twitching at the sides of her mouth.

Catia nibbles the edge from a piece of glazed ham. "I noticed my stocks of cayenne and spiceroot and a few other things were down in the infirmary… I wondered if they got 'borrowed'?" Coz if so… those wings are going to be spicy.

Tylendel overhears a few spice names and glances over his shoulder to see who uttered them. He listens intently but seems unable to find the source.

Ash giggles as her eyes get wider, "Well, we are talking about children here…" she giggles… yup, those wings are gonna be /spicy/

Brinne grins, and adds, "Yah, bet they were."

Twisted mesh of freckles flash over this child's face, snooty features clicking angrily as she tries to deciphor who deserves to have the honor… hmm. " Darias!" Point. Out. Then, appologetically, " Sorry.."

Darias blinks as he is pointed at.."Out?"

Widened eyes briefly greet Catia, burning sensation still felt in tongue as Nemain licks the remnants of the first piece of wherry off, "You mean.. they put /all/ of that in this wherry? That might explain a bit.." last ends in a mutter, quickly stifled as words bring another reminder of spices that she had just eaten.

D'renn pokes at a few bones on his plate, making a semi-sympathetic face at Darias. So what if he's gloating inside?

Drudges come and get empty plates leaving behind glasses of water in preparation for the next round

Senalia glances around at her opponents for tips and with a gulp prepares for the next round..
Nodnod. " Yah, sorry, ya just didn't eat 'em fast 'nuff, " the kidling shrugs as the other children set out the spicey wherry wings infront of the remaining players. " Alright .. g'ready, g'set, go!" Wee, fun.

Darias shrugs and returns to his corner to finish his klah..'s'what he gets for tryin.."

Brinne murmurs lowly, "Out! Out, out, out out…out!" It's almost a chant.

D'renn grabs. Didn't even have time for a sip of water, blast it…. although the bluerider's heard that drinking water with spicy food makes it hotter. Wine or beer is the beverage of those in the know… Meat is shredded, a bone cracking in D'renn's haste as he chomps down with /the/ most peculiar expression on his face.

Senalia almost chokes as the next wing of wherry goes down and a grin spreads over her face, along with wherry sauce, smeared in lines around her mouth, but she seems completely oblivious to the fact. Resolutely she grabs another wing and takes a bite, trying not to choke as a chortle of laughter from her throat disrupts her eating process. She pauses for a moment and suddenly the heat of the wherry hits her and she gasps, trying to stem it by placing whatever she can in her mouth to stop the heat. Which unfortuneately, turns out to be another wing of spiced wherry.

Adar grins and snatches a wherry from the tpo of the pile in front of her. Small nibbles at first, again, then larger bites… but there's the shock of the spices again. Eyes water slightly as the pile disappears, but more slowly than the last one.

Wherry is given a wary look, no pun intended. Water is eyed gratefully, gulped down with an 'aahhh' frm the older woman as next round of spiced wherris munched, bones crunching slightly and teeth gritted against the hot spices. Bones are picked clean, wherry meat quickly disappearing - the quicker it goes, the sooner she'll be done - into Nemain's mouth. Crack of bone is heard, as last of wing is deposited neatly in bowl.

Teraelis doesn't look /too/ stuffed…yet. 'Yet' being the key term. Yes, watch that 'yet'. A faint groan does come from him, though, as he watches the plates of the previous rounds be whisked away and brings in some more plates of scary spicy wherry for the next round. Well, at least they don't sing awful songs, scary and spicy though they may be. "Did they manage to find a solid incarnation of fire to place in these things?" He asks casually of a passing weyrbrat, one of the ones advertising the contest. Unbeknownst to him, these are /sugary/ compared to what lies ahead! Muahahaha! "Here goes," he repeats, not realizing he's echoing his previous words. Then he once again has no time to speak as he stuffs the pain-causing wherries into his maw, somehow managing not to gag with them. "Mrf, uggle, gah," are the only sounds he makes. Interesting sounds they are, too. He wipes tears from watering eyes with an arm, then leaves that arm there over his head, as if it could shield away the encroaching Spirits of Spicedom.

Tylendel takes a deep breath and sets down the glass mid-raise. Reaching for the first, he puts it slightly more slowly in his mouth. He breathes out quickly at a hint of flame but sniffs and continues chewing. Grabbing the next, he stuffs it in his mouth, deciding that eating them quickly might dull the spice. A sharp crunch reaches nearby ears as he bites a little too hard on one and ends up spitting out a few pieces of bone. Swallowing, he shrugs and continues. At last finished, he rounds his mouth and lets out a steady stream of air to cool his mouth. The afterburn now catches up with him, but still seems only a shadow of what must be to come. However, he gives a slight groan at the /quanitity/ he has now consumed. A smile quirks at the corner of his mouth as he is grateful for the bread he ate beforehand; perhaps it will soothe the heat a bit.

Brinne hees, clapping her hands together. She's completely forgotten about her own dinner, so enrapt is she in watching the contest. And enjoying it, too, the sick, sadistic little weyrbrat she is.

A group of short lil skiny girls wanders over to the table, "You want water?" one pipes up to a rather red faced particitpant, "Tell me what you want! what you really really want?" another adds with giggles as 'dult just gets redder and redder from spiced wherry. the trio of weyr brats now dubbed the Spice Girls.

Tylendel takes a slow sip of the water, letting only a bit slide down his throat to save room.

Adar takes a small sip of water, grateful for the relief, however minute. Watering eyes are wiped clear, and she breathes in and out, deeply, cooling the fires in her mouth. She blinks as yet more wherry wings are introduced. There must be a whole flock here…

Lyara leans back in her chair, which more convenient than she thought because it gave a good view of the contest… Her laughter under control, she begins to feel sorry for the poor contestants and begins munching on a piece of bread. Even /watching/ the contest is making her mouth burn…

Ash just laughs nudging Cat, "Scary…" is all she has to say…

Catia giggles back, chewing on some thankfully unspiced meat.

But even the cheerleaders, the 'spice girls' must stop. Geeky boy yurks at 'em, pulling his trousers up higher. " Uh, " sniffle, " Hyuck. Well, I guess that Adar's out now!" he points, isn't said, /is/ geeky. Did he do that?

Senalia takes a glass of water gratefully and downs it.

Ash is getting to the bottom of that plate… she seems to eat faster while watching other people eat faster and suddenly its empty and she realizes she's stuffed… "Ooof…" she says leaning back and placing a hand on her stomach…

Lastly, Geek-boy finishes, " Next round!"

Drudges again, come and whisk away plates, refilling water and even being kind enough to leave napkins

Adar sighs as she is singled out by a weyrbrat, and stands up from the table, gulping down the last of her water and heading back to her seat.

Tylendel quickly grabs one of the napkins, wiping his hands across it with a faint look of amusement/disdain.

Another sip of water - not much to alleviate, but to make soo much worse the situation - is taken, Nemain wiping mouth thanfukfully with napkin as wherry is eyed. Next round?

Brinne rubs her hands together and awaits the further torture.

D'renn takes a hasty swig of water, blowing out to cool his mouth. Or at least, that's the idea. The quantity of food isn't a problem yet; the spiciness is… getting to be one. As the next round is called an audible groan can be heard… but the rider perseveres: picking chunks of meat and wherry skin from the bone, and cramming them in his mouth. He can eat all this… I think I can, I know I can! So is steam going to come out of his mouth when he next sips some water?

Darias drifts off in his corner, his chair leaning back against the wall

Senalia glances at the wherry and with a reluctant grimace, she puts down the glass of water that she drank from between rounds and picks up a piece of wherry, eyeing it suspiciously. With a side long look and wry smile to her opponents she rolls her eyes and takes a bite, telling herself that the spiced wherry will make her burning tongue 'all better'. Forget the illogic of the thought, it works and Senalia plunges on, gulping down the wherry, tears caused by the spices in her eyes. Her face is flushed and she is sweating, but strangely enough there is still a smile twitching on her lips and laughter dancing in her eyes. With a quick wipe of her face and a shake of her head as if she can't believe what she is doing, she goes for the next wing of wherry, the smile still twitching on her lips. Will this girl never stop? How can she find something to laugh about at a time like this?

Salea hmms…and decides to try just one of those spicy things…gingerly she picks one up, inspecting it as if not quite sure…."How much cayenne was missing Catia?" she asks dubiously.

Nemain goes home.

"I seemed to be at least a goodsized pot short," Catia answers, indicating with her hands a large jar. "Of course, it might just have gone somewhere else…." Like where?

Eyes grown glassy with the stinging pain of spice are cast upon the newest steps on the ladder of spice. Teraelis warily takes up a wing and ungracefully shoves it into his mouth - but that 'a' article doesn't last too long as more and more find their way into the gaping pit o' doom. Tears are definitely collecting in poor Trae's eyes now, and he no longer takes the time to wipe them away. That would definitely detract from what minimal time he has. A gurgling sound begins to rise from his throat - when it isn't entirely filled with wherry wings. Surely if he had the brief moments to speak, he would be complaining that he 'doesn't feel so well'. Thankfully, he's much too busy with being masochistic, and he doesn't seem about to stop anywhere in the near future. So long as he doesn't explode all over the caverns, then everything should be fine. At least, for anybody besides him. Trae himself isn't looking so good, to put it just a tad mildly. His cheeks are burning like there's a fire gnawing at them from the inside out.

Adar goes home.

Aislynn flies like the little golden dragon that she is, her arms, … Er…/wings/ … outspread and flapping wildly, in from the Central Bowl.

Katja is led in by Aislynn.

Tylendel quickly thrusts one hand forward to grab some wherry. This time, he begins with two - and pauses in mid-chew as the spice proves considerably stronger. His eyes widen for a moment before he narrows them and concentrates. Chew, swallow. Chew, swallow. Grab new. put in mouth. Chew, swallow. He speeds up as he goes along, continuosly sniffing as the heat infects his systems. His eyes begin to burn a bit, and he pauses occasionally to blow out some of the air.

Aislynn skips in, one arm flapping, the other attached at the hand to Katja's. She doesn't practice whistling at the moment, her gap-toothed grin making that impossible, but she thrums instead, the gold dragon, Katja her current rider.

Somehow doubting her memory, Lyara checks her plate for any wherry she might have taken… oh, good, none. Just like she thought, but one can't be too sure. She takes another slow bite of bread, wondering who'll be pointed out next.

Brinne remembers she's got nice, unspiced meatroll, and picks it up to nibble on once more.

Tylendel glances at the entrance as something catches his attention. A smile crosses his face despite the discomfort as he recognizes a little one from his recent visit.

Tentatively licking, Salea tries the spicy substance…"Hey its not too …Ooof!" Reaching for a nearby glass, she gulps down cooling water. Putting down the wing, she grins…"Perhaps a bit…spicy."

Katja looks extremely thrilled at being the little golden one's rider, even though she seems to be carrying a rather diverse number of bags - instrument bags - and a pack of some sort. "Sort of cold, isn't it?" she comments, shivering a little bit. "And I thought Fort was chilly…"

"It gets spicier as the game goes on," Cat murmurs to Salea, peering sideways towards the contestants. "I wonder who'll be left out this time?"

La la la la-bumb-a. Black haired kiddy salsa's in taking away old spicy plates and setting down a-new. Cups are set, softly, as judges wonder with each other softly, quietly - chatting nervously to each other. Break time!

Darias blinks and looks around..oh..still goin on..he gets up and heads for the bowl
Darias exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Tylendel sighs and continues to breathe slowly and deeply, reaching then for a sip of that oh-so-desirable water.

Senalia takes a glass of water gratefully and downs it.

Aislynn isn't cold at all, bundled up as she is for the deepest cold of winter. She's actually getting rather hot, cavorting around as she is. She drags the harper over near Tylendel, noticing him noticing her. "Hi!" she waves and 'flies' over, flute banging on her thigh. The straps are quite long for a little girl. "I forgot your name," she says ingenuously, mindless of the fact that his mouth is full of something apparently painful. "I'm Aislynnth," she reminds him.

More water! D'renn drinks about half a jugful in one go, cheeks inflated as he huffs and puffs to cool their fieryness. Still doesn't work…. Blue eyes glaze a little, and D'renn gives a loud snort at some comment of his lifemate's. "Sharding stupid blue, he wouldn't like /his/ wherry spiced…" he grumbles, not-so-quietly.

Senalia glances atthe other contestants and grins, wiping the wherry sauce from around her mouth. "This wherry is really nice," she mumbles, well it was nice before the sixth and seventh wing.

Tylendel gives a light chuckle at that, his eyes softening, "And a lovely, if unusual dragon you are!" He smiles, dipping his head slightly in acknowledgement, "I'm Tylendel."

Soft and entirely uncontrollable giggles prevent Areiah from offering any vocal encouragement to the contestants, the expressions on various faces positively priceless. Her brilliant blue eyes sparkle with amusement as she watches this continue; some form of divine, self-induced torture, really, but hilarious for those observing from the sidelines.

Teraelis gasps as he swallows the last of a wherry wing from the most recent round, then breathes out in ragged sobs. "Gotta get all of that awful fire out of my system! It's eating me from the inside out!" He laments. A suspicious glance is cast on the water before he gratefully downs it. Never mind that water only spreads the spice. It gives the illusion of cooling it off, and that's what counts!

Hothot. All is hot. Hotter then the sands. Bright eyes finger out a young starlit who suddenly comes upon the tables, having let the others have a break, and refilled their over-stuffed plates. " The loser of this round is … " drumroll. Silence. " Tylendel." Some might feel sorry for him, but at least he won't have to endure more spice!

The Starlit continues, " Next round!"

Ash grins, sipping juice… cool juice… yummy juice… One more round and 3 lone contestants… Oh this /is/ good… then she thinks about it… suddenly recalling she's out of llamas
Ash exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

"Tylendel, I am very pleased to meet you again." Aislynn grins, showing off the hole in her mouth. "This is Katja," she points to the burdened harper at her side, "and she is my rider today." The little girl leans forward conspiratorially and whispers, "…But sometimes Conlan is, and sometimes 'Leste is. Cuz I 'dopted them."

Senalia chuckles weakly as the next round begins. A chuckle that turns into something like a groan, and a 'Gooh Wluck' is murmured to her opponents as she begins the next round. Her tongue seems to have become to immune to the heat of the wherry by now, but unfortuneately it has also become numb and she's almost lost the use of it. With a rueful shrug and a thought to how grateful some people will be that she can't talk properly she sighs and grabs another piece of wherry, which she swallows almost mechanically. As she goes for the next wing, howver, she fumbles and the wing falls onto her lap. She tries to pick it up again but it hits her nose instead of her mouth and falls onto her plate. Unable to suppress her laughter any longer she lets out a chortle of mirth, and with eyes dancing and the inevitable smile spreading over her lips she picks up the next piece of wherry, downing it with a grin to the other contestants, before she heads for the next. Just think, she tells herself, you won't have to eat again for a week. It'll take her that long to work this off.

Katja is led forward - how could she resist Aislynn? And who would want to? - and manages to introduce herself, her eyes growing wide as she watches the eating frenzy, "I'm Katja," she says to the fellow that her golden friend has brought her towards.

Shards, here we go again! D'renn only has time to give Tylendel a half-sympathetic, half-envious glance before he's once more into the frantic ferocity of feasting on feisty fowl. Shreds of meat fly in all directions as D'renn gobbles, occasional whimpers of pain to be heard as the spice inflames his cheeks and lips and numbs his tongue. Although that last might be a blessing to some.

Teraelis seems to be in serious pain now, but masochist that he is, he is just too obnoxious to stop now. What, and give up his dignity? Bad news for Trae: It's long gone. It crawled away and hid when Trae starting talking to his fuzzy stuffed llama. But still, he seems to think that the survival of any last shred of it hinges entirely on this contest. It does, in a way. It could only, possibly, survive if he backed out now - which of course he doesn't. Such warped perceptions he has of reality! Hands grab for more wherry without a care for their own tidiness as Trae forces more and more into his tormented mouth, oblivious to his fiery tongue. Okay, so he's not /oblivious/. He just /pretends/ to not notice it. For a moment, his mouth is clear of the painful wherry, and he pants like a pathetic canine, trying to puff away all the noxious steam…noxious steam that doesn't exist at all. Then he's back to work, stuffing himself like an overgrown, talking turkey for an unPernly Thanksgiving. Actually, he's not a talking turkey, just an overgrown annoying one. He's a little busy to talk right now. Except, of course, for the mystical code words he now sputters in between terrible bites, "Argh. Ick. Bleah." And so on.

Ash walks with confident stride in from the Central Bowl.

Tylendel sighs exageratedly and pushes his chair back. Then, he grins, eyes sparkling, and taps Aislynn very lightly on the nose, "Quite pleased myself." He turns to Katja with a smile and a nod. "Well-met Katja. Just in case you didn't catch it, I'm Tylendel."

Areiah doesn't pity Tylendel at all. In fact, he's favored with a warm, however lopsided grin. Hushed giggles prevent further acknowledgement, these only worsened by varied responses to next round call. She just shakes her head - what /is/ the appeal of searing your tongue and rendering your tastebuds useless, anyway?

Brinne starts to look just a bit bored. After all, watching people have paroxyms from eating wherry wings only has charm for so long. Her eyes dart about, looking for something else to catch their attention.

Lyara raises her hand to her mouth, only to discover she's munched away all her bread watching the contest. Oh well, there's other things to eat while watching eating. She snips a bubbly from her plate and begins the process of nibbling.

Aislynn grins proudly, pleased at having made the introduction correctly. Or mostly, anyway. She drops Katja's hand and rubs at her nose absently, sticking her tongue into the gap between her teeth, careful not to wiggle the other loose tooth. "Katja's gonna play the flute," she says, boasting.

Adianna comes down from the workrooms above.

Grim faces look 'almost' serious as children squint, smirk, and /talk/ with each other softly. Finally, after a few moments of hard decision-making, one a-rises from his seat. He stands a-top the table, takes a deep breath, and begins. " Y'all are fast, but the only winners are clearly .. " he grins at Zirade. " Senalia in second place and Teraelis in first!" Happiness. Then, confused, he gets down again. Prizes? It's not /his/ job to give 'em out!

Tylendel notices a friendly glance and smiles in Areiah's direction, offering a cheerful wave. Glancing back at Aislynn he grins, "That's wonderful. I believe another harper.. Sky was it?…mentioned something about helping, too."

Ash clears her throat as she comes back into the caverns… "I've got the llamas here…" she grins… looking down at what's in her hands…
Ash ums, "Ive got a Brownie, Appie, Cinnami, Snowy, Merli, Spotty and Agouti…" she grins, "Which would you like Trae?"

Senalia glances up as she hears her name, "Wecond wlace?" she asks around a very abused tongue. She collapses onto a chair and wipes the wherry from about her mouth and stares, "Swecond wlace."

Brinne applauds the winners. And they get /llamas/! That's spiff!

D'renn's face takes on a definite scowl for a moment. "You mean I ate more wherry in ten minutes than Trydanth does in a week, and all for nothing?" No-one's supposed to hear that grumble, but most likely half the cavern will. Not that D'renn ever stays grumpy for long… a bright smile is offered to the winners before he stalks back to his seat. And a large mug of wine.

Katja giggles and nods, her pale cheeks almost flushed a bit at Aislynn's pride in her, "Sure, when we get the harpers going," she admits with a slightly shy wink. Amazing. One adorable child and she regresses to half her age!

Aislynn tugs gently at Tylendel's shirt, pulling him down and standing on her toes so she can reach him, cupping her hand around her mouth to whisper. "She might let /me/ play too," is whispered excitedly, and she lets the man go, grinning broadly.

Teraelis lets out a low moan. "I won, Tawny, I did, I did!" He manages a feeble - if rather triumphant - smile. "So which one?" Yes, he's talking to that llama again. And apparently, the llama responds. "Agouti, you say? Agouti it is." A slightly sweaty hands reaches vaguely out.

Senalia throws a glance at D'renn for that comment and grins at him, "Nweverwind," she tells hom, "Wu did well," she tells him.

Ash turns to Senalia with a smile, "Which would you like?"

"You did better… pick a good llama," D'renn answers Senalia with a wink. Seems like his speech faculties weren't impaired at all, more's the pity.

Tylendel glances at Senalia with a chuckle before offering a hearty congratulations to the final winners. Turning to look down at Aislynn, his eyes crinkle at the corners as he can't resist the dear girl. "I hope to hear you." His eyes sparkle as he winks over Aislynn's head at Katja.

Senalia glances up at Ash, "Well, ummm, Mwerli," she says, though it's hard to tell exactly /what/ she's saying around that numb tongue.

L'shil bounds in from the Central Bowl.

Areiah laughs outright at the announcement, applauding enthusiastically while simulataniously scambling to her feet. She slips over to where the juice is, thoughtfully pouring a generous glass and bringing it with her as she slips over to Senalia's side. "Congratulations!" she offers softly. Closer examanation shows the condition of her friend's battered tongue and quite likely no longer functioning tastebuds, this bringing a sympathetic grin to her lips. "At least, I think this is a good thing." And she willingly hands over the chilled glass.

Lyara grins at the winner and looks down at her plate… over half is gone.

Ash looks down at the llamas in her arms… grins at Katja, "What am I going to do with all these now?" she wonders outloud… and starts tossing them into the crowds of eating people… its first come first serve..no fighting, please, and no food fights! hee… but amazingly she keeps snowy for herself

L'shil grins. "I missed something, I can tell… What?"

Brinne grins at Senalia. "Y'know, you're not gonna be able to taste anthing for /weeks/. Turns even. Y'okay with that?"

Aislynn nods proudly, then flaps her wings, away from Tylendel and Katja and toward some food. What are /they/ eating? She peeks around and takes up a wing. And a napkin. And digs in, gorging like the dragon she is, neatly, but intently, until her eyes widen and she gulps. "Ow…" she whispers helplessly.

D'renn seems to be gargling his wine, to judge from the sounds coming from his direction. After a while he looks around again. "Hey, anyone got any more of the last wings left?"

Brinne scrambles out of her chair to grab one.

Salea smiles and makes her way over to congradulate D'renn…on burning his toung…"Just think, you won't have to eat for awhile…stave off those hunger pains…"

Brinne sings out, "Thank you!!"

Catia laughs out loud at D'renn and the other contestants. "Glad I didn't have to eat those…. Ash, what /are/ you doing?" Catia eyes the llama toys with a sigh: too big to get out of her seat and grab.

Tylendel glances at D'renn with a laugh.

Senalia grins at Areiah gratefully, holding the llam under one arm, she takes the glance of chilled wine and drinks heartily. She rolls her eyes at smiles lopsidedly at Areiah, seems like her sense of humour is still in tact, even though her tongue might not be. "What wi will do wfor Wattention," she says her eyes dancing and takes another sip of wine.

Ash grins and suddenly her voice can be heard over the din of noise… "When y'all are done eating… there is going to be a dance in the pavillion set up out in the bowl…" and indeed you can see the bonfires being lit in the bowl behind Ash… and drudges are already moving drinks and finger food trays out in that direction…

Katja blinks over at Aislynn, she does feel a bit responsible for her, since they came along together, "That might be a little hot there, Ais…" she points out, looking around for something good to wash it down with.

Ash smiles as Katja leans to pick up one of the stuffed toys… "If you'd like I can show you where the harpers' area is, Journeywoman…" nothing ever gets lost on Ash and the instruments certainly didn't…

L'shil exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Brinne snugs Cinnami to her chest. "This is the bestest late Turnday present. Better than th' clothes. By much. Yup."

Aislynn nods slowly, the unfinished wing still in her hand. "It's hot," she chokes out. But…there is a job to be done. Can't waste food. Carefully, she takes another bite. A teeny, tiny, itty bitty, wee little bite, out of the side of her mouth. Don't want to disturb that loose tooth. She tries not to even chew as she swallows it down. "Mmm…," she says bravely.

Believe it or not, D'renn's still hungry. With a cheeky grin at Salea, he piles a plate him with non-spicy food, flopping into a heap on some furs to chew it down: nearly as fast as the wings went.

Katja catches one of the hastily thrown llamas before it lands on the floor - all those bits of sticky wherry, after all - and gives it a good looking-over. "Interesting," it is declared. Of course, all the movement upsets her carefully balanced instruments, causing her gitar to bang her squarely in the knee. "Ow. I'd appreciate that," she replies to Ash, followed with a "Ais? Could you carry this little llama fellow for me? I think I'm out of hands again."

Lyara picks slowly at her food now that she is aware of her eating. Occasionally, she pops a pice to her firelizard and contemplates the mentioned dancing.

Brinne skips out to the bowl.
Brinne exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Tylendel laughs at Aislynn and takes a few leisurely strides back to his previous chair, retrieving the plate of finger-foods. Tearing off a piece of bread, he places it into his mouth with far better manners than during the contest, chewing slowly, for /taste/. Finished at last, he swallows and gives a long sigh.

Senalia glances at Areiah, "I wthink I'm done wfor the wnight," she says, "Gwight!" she calls and winks, "Make sure you nab wourself a wcute wharper," she grins and strolls out, her llama under one arm.
Senalia steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Aislynn walks up to Katja, her eyes wide, still holding that unfinished wing in one hand, the napkin in her other, the flute still banging against her thigh. She tilts her head up to the harper, reaching out her clean hand for the toy. "It's big," she observes. "I could tie it up with the flute."

Catia smiles after the people who leave, rocking back and forth on her chair, and yawning a bit. "I don't think there's much point in me staying for the dance…I never was any good, as Ash can testify, and now I don't have any balance…" She grins at the people around her, swinging a foot back and forth.

Teraelis falls asleep.

Ash nods… smiling and taking one of Katja's instruments from her and starting her own half waddle out of the cavern entrance… "Dance in the Pavillion!" she shouts… and softer she smiles, "This way…" and leads Kat out

Lyara exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Areiah grins faintly, the faintest of blushes accompanying this at the 'cute Harper' comment, a nod of acknowledgement given. "Okay.. hey, I had a great day. See you around." she says softly, still amused by the half-hearted tease. An affecionate pat upon her friend's arm before she slips off in the opposite direction, choosing a place to settle back down, cider mug lost during her effort to assist Senalia and her seared tastebuds.

Ash exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Katja exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Aislynn exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Adianna exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

D'renn can't dance very well either… could this be the moment to disappear?

Catia gets carefully to her feet, nods around, and carries a plate of food carefully off towards her weyr.

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