What's Happened to the High Reaches Weyrleaders?

December 27th 1997
Logged by Catia

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Living Caverns> Ash comes back in… "A little kid came running up to me in the weyrling barracks and informed me that the weyr was ready and ran out screaming…" she's laughing, eyes full of amusement…

Living Caverns> Aslyn blinks and chuckles " It is, sorry it took so long.."

Living Caverns> Kumiko looks up, pausing in another question to grin roguishly. "Well.. that's an interesting way to tell it, I gather."

Living Caverns> Ash shakes her head, "Think nothing of it, but I'm afraid that someone will have to show me where the one you have in mind is…" she turns and smiles at Kumiko, "It was rather amusing…" she extends a hand, icy cold from her walk across the bowl.. "I'm Ash…"

Living Caverns> "Kumiko." Icy hand is taken in warm one, the klah's doing, as she murmurs, "Just came a few weeks ago from Ista Weyr… I take it you're a transfer from there?"

Night or day, Klah can always be found warming on the High Reaches Hearth…
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Whimsical, Dev, Pollina, and Maeve.
Aslyn, Kumiko, and Ash are here.

Catia is /so/ glad that she can reach the caverns without coming outside… The healer is looking decidedly most rested today, too… And a beaming smile appears on her face. "Ash!"

Ash is nodding in answer to Kumiko's question, "Yes, 3 days to affect a transfer that took me totally by surpise… I've been here most of the day waiting to see if a weyr can be found and trying to decipher T'drim's numerous notes…

Catia grins. Her fellow ex-Istan is obviously busy… and Cat just pours herself a cup of klah, and takes a seat with a smile for Aslyn and Kumiko.

Kumiko nods, rubbing at the back of her neck. "Aye… this… situation has caught a lot of people off guard. Today is no exception." She pauses at Ash's name being called, nodding quickly to Catia. "You're looking better."

"Less like a trussed-up wherry, you mean?" Catia teases Kumiko, remembering the cook's words of the other day. Yep, she's rested. "I've had plenty of sleep. And…" Strategic pause: "there've been no further deaths!" Eyes spark bright, still saddened by the others, but starting to be relieved…

Aslyn smiles over at Catia and nods in agreement to Kumiko " It's hard to get things done when so many are ill, or missing or..well, we're managing," she gives a shrug and then smiles up at Ash "So you ready to check that weyr out? Good.."

Ash chuckles, shaking her head in partial disbelief… "Someone down there figured I'd make a better WLM here then there… go figure…" she shrugs, trying not to show that that bothers her slightly… she clears her throat, "Aslyn, if you could let me know where that weyr is… would be nice to know how much space I have…" she turns to Cat… "none? Well, that's good news…" she still hasn't heard about the WL and half his wing taking off this morning has she?

Catia cocks her head at Ash. "You really /have/ been transferred here?" She didn't believe Pavelth, you see… "And yes, no more deaths." And Catia doesn't know about the missing WL and W2 either…

Kumiko nods to Catia, remarking, "Good. Now maybe someone can find the Weyrleader and half the shardling wing." She's heard, thanks to one of Tavina's charges tackling her over. "I can't believe he's just up and left."

Ash blinks, "He /what/?" she asks… shocked by that new peice of information…

Catia blinks, visibly taken aback. "The Weyrleader… where's he gone?!" She looks on the verge of spilling her klah again… the poor greenrider isn't as rested as she thought.

Kumiko nods. "He and half the wing, I heard." Opinion of the leadership has dropped to a new low. "They've up and gone without a trace… Weyrwoman is upset, to put it kindly."

Ash just looks stunned… and slips into a chair, the weyr forgotten for the moment… "Wow… and I thought people dropping like threadash was bad…"

Aslyn sits quietly and reflects on the conversation, she /had/ heard something to that effect, but really couldn't believe it was true..

Catia sags back into her own chair and takes a long unsteady sip of klah. "Oh dear…." Her opinion of R'meld was never too high anyway, but.. ."Did F'renkil go with him?" Now there's a steady, sensible rider…

"Yup." Kumiko tends to believe running weyrkids… that means they've heard something hot, and intend to spread it all over the Weyr. She misses those days. "And half the wing with them. Left Adel all alone to lead the Weyr." Snort is given, as she finally sips her klah.

Aslyn pales as she turns to the others " They couldn't have!!"

Ash pales… "Faranth… /now/ how is the weyr going to meet thread?" she says… the upcoming fall over Nabol was /already/ looming… now it seems even more of a problem

Which maybe explains why she hasn't seen Adel all day… Catia tries to think all this through. But anger just spills forth… "Where in the name of Faranth does that sharding dim-wit think he's going?! And F'renkil too! Narali's going to hatch cinders…." Practically spitting with fury, Catia leaps to her feet and paces. "Damn fool bigshot bronzerider thinks he can be a male Moreta and go off and find a cure, eh?!"

Aslyn shudders and pales some more "There is thread falling soon! How could they just leave us, when so many are ill and…" she falls further back into her chair in shock.
Aslyn falls asleep.

Kumiko grins, but no humor lies behind the expression. "I'd gather just as much, Catia. I'm not sure how we'll be able to meet 'Fall, with everyone running off to who knows where…" She pauses, another sip taken. "Unless we can get help from the other Weyrs."

Catia pulls at her hair, but otherwise simmers down, leaning on a table with a morose expression. "I'd best go speak to Adel. I wonder if she knows that there have been no more deaths since V'tin…"

Ash can't help but laugh at Cat… despite the seriousness of the situation, "T'drim's notes are a mess… so far I have yet to determine who your current weyrlings even are, I may just have to scrap it all and start from scratch…" she lends her own bad news to the mix

Aslyn purrs herself awake, sapphire eyes opening slowly to greet the day.

Catia's dark eyes are raised to the ceilng. "Come with me to see her, then Ash…. I hope Adel is still in control of this Weyr." Please, let someone be….

Aslyn comes to after having passed out from the shock and looks around hoping it was just a bad dream..

Kumiko shakes her head. "I doubt it…" She heard about yelling, and decides to keep that to herself. Lips twitch, nodding to the decision made, before she goes back to relative silence.

Healering takes over, and Catia moves to Aslyn's side, to check her pulse. "You're in shock.. have some hot tea."

Aslyn blinks " They really left " eyes are wide with disbelief..

Ash nods… and just sits… well, if you're gonna change something, you might as well just scrap everything and start from scratch… she can't help but chuckle at that thought

Aslyn shakes her head as the news sinks in..and blue eyes start to flash with the first signs of anger..oh all the sharding irresponsible..

Just then, Adel wanders in. To say she's a mess would be kind, as hair is toussled, and leathers look as if slept in. "He… he's just up and gone! With half the wing! I don't /believe/ this!" Distracted, she wanders into the area aimlessly.

Catia helps Aslyn to sit up properly and concentrates on stirring herbs into a mug of warm water. Until she catches sight of the Weyrwoman. "Adel… there you are!" Uh-oh.

Ash turns… she hasn't met the weyrwoman yet… for all /she/ knows the weyrwoman doesn't even know she's been transferred tho it was her and R'meld who requested help… so she just sits and watches… her smile fading into a look of concern

Aslyn glares over at Adel and raises her eyebrows high as she sits up straighter.."Ya, well we're having a hard time believing it too…"

Catia pats Aslyn's shoulder, and makes her way towards the Weyrwoman, taking her arm. "Come sit down Adel." Firm but kind.

Adel finally slumps into a chair, pushing chaotic locks from her face. "Just… up… and… GONE!" Voice hits a high pitch, as her body goes boneless. "With half of a good fighting wing. That shardling, wherryheaded, tunnelsnake blooded…" the last is gone with an exasperated sigh.

Kumiko whistles to the language, and takes herself to a more quiet corner of the cavern. No hot for her ears, yup.

Too tired to cope with this, Catia's eyes send panic signals around the room. "Adel…. do you know /where/ they've gone?" she asks softly, tentatively. Well, it's worth a try, right?

Ash hmms… good point… "Can the dragons even find them?" she asks… might as well say /something/ she's a part of this weyr now… whether she likes snow or not

Adel's lips form a thin line, and finally speaks, voice quavering, but far from the level she started with. "Ulrinath hasn't been able to bespeak Bannyth. If he's out there… we don't know." A sigh escapes, hair pushed back from her face.

Aslyn sighs and realizes the poor woman is suffering, no point in getting angry with her, not her fault..

Catia chews her bottom lip, face anxious, although turned away from the quivering Weyrwoman. "Umm, Adel… there have been no more deaths since V'tin. You don't think R'meld has gone to look for a cure, do you?" And the dragonhealer holds her breath. Was this the wrong question to ask?

Adel pauses, eyes widening just a touch as that hits her. "You mean that wher-headed idiot ran off for no reason whatsoever?" Dispite her tone, she does worry at her bottom lip, gaze going to the bowl. "Clod."

Ash pales… gone? WHEN? WHERE? cure? Over? no more deaths? Oh good grief… "Well if he /did/ run off to find a cure he's to much of a wherry to be WL anyway…" there she's said it… the weyr is better without him… well, at least in /her/ mind

Catia winces, sitting down heavily on a bench. "Perhaps?" she offers, voice whispery.

Let the fury unfold. Many of the following words escaping Adel's lips aren't fit to be heard, but she lets out a gust of air, before muttering, "Well, he sure as shards have best found something… because if he hasn't, he's going to hear from me."

Catia just looks at Ash for a minute.. she can hardly believe her friend /said/ that! And then Adel's words blister her ears…. "Ummm. Yeah… Ummm… so what are you going to do know?" Is this another wrong question?

Jh'ral skips in from the Central Bowl.

Ash is sitting across from the hysterical WW and just looks up at Cat shrugging, "Well…?" she says… opinionated it may be, but /true/

Please assume that Jh'ral /strode/ in here, not skipped.

Catia shrugs, helplessly… "Ah, Jh'ral." Sanity, maybe. "Have you heard about R'meld yet?" And please don't start Adel off again….

Sanity? Jh'ral? Frazzled sanity, perhaps, if that counts, "Heard that he's an idiot?" is muttered under his breath - they didn't hear that - as he approaches, "Not yet. Rennth's listening."

Adel tugs at her leathers, getting them in some semblance of order. "Don't worry. Something /is/ going to happen." She'll see to it. Just wait til she finds that man… he'll wish he'd found something for the good of the Weyr. She pauses, spying Jh'ral, before walking his way.

Catia takes that to mean that Jh'ral /has/ heard about the missing WL and W2… and that Rennth is listening for them. "Ah, right." She keeps a sharp eye on the distraught Weyrwoman.

Ash frowns… wondering who the new guy is… she's new here you see. but she senses now isn't the appropriate time to scream out, "HI! I'm YOUR NEW WLM! WHere do you want me?!" so she just sits quietly contemplating her empty mug of klah

Aslyn blinks as she looks around at the Weyrwoman and everyone else..and then back at the Weyrwoman, who appears to her to be..um…loonier than a one eyed wherry..but who is she to judge.

Jh'ral just sort of stops, and lets Adel come, even though the better sense might be to escape. He's not stolid, no, but one who doesn't believe in ducking duties … or wired weyrwomen.

Wired, maybe, as Adel reaches Jh'ral, a flurry of hushed words escaping her lips as she pauses near the man. A quick nod, mostly to herself, and out the door she goes. What she said? Anyone's guess.

Aslyn looks over at the new male in the room and thinks, nope probably /not/ a good time to strut her stuff.

She's gone. Thank the Egg…. Catia just sits, a little blankly in her seat and looks over at Ash. "Umm, I never got a chance to introduce you to Adel…" she apologises weakly.

Ash just watches Adel leave with a look that clearly says … well that was interesting… and she looks up at Cat and shrugs slightly. Ash looks to Cat… "I think it can wait dear…" she giggles… laughing at a time like this?

Kumiko isn't strutting anything. She's looking over to Jh'ral, wondering what was just said. Curiousity piques, as she watches carefully.

"/Lara/?!?" Jh'ral looks after Adel with something of a dumbfounded look on his face, and nevermind the rest of what Adel said.

Catia puts a hand over her mouth. Her giggles are likely to be hysterical…. still exhausted, it seems. Despite having been forcibly put to bed the night before… Uh-oh. Lara /what/?!

Ash's attention is drawn to the man standing yelling after the WW… Oh what now??

Kumiko peeks. The dizty Junior? Oy vey. She thought Ista was in bad shape with the flood. Ooof. Haven't heard much about Jh'ral… so she continues to watch.

Aslyn wonders out loud " Anyone else wondering /how/ she expects to find someone the dragons can't hear and um..she doesn't have a clue where to look?" small shrug, yep the woman's definately loonier than a one eyed wherry in a den of dragons..

Jh'ral looks poised between running after her and just standing there in shock.

Catia has a bad bad feeling about this… but anyway. Time to inject some normality into Weyrlife. "Aslyn… don't you have to show Ash her weyr?" And she herself has to get back to the infirmary.. still plenty of sick, even if no dying…

Aslyn blinks "Weyr? what weyr..oh! oh right.." she turns to Ash wondering if now is a good time..

She should have a bad feeling about this, but Adel's gone and Jh'ral is too late in any case - and not in a place to dispute it, given the weyrwoman's condition and the weyrleader's absence. He closes his eyes for a moment, then shakes his head and works his way over to fall into a chair. He'll have more silver hair by the time this is through.

Ash nods to Aslyn… "Um, yeah, well, I suppose it can wait…" and besides she wants to hear what Jh'ral has to say…. she turns to Cat… "I'll get to it, promise…" if someone would just tell her where it is…

"Umm, Jh'ral…" Cat is brave enough to ask this. "What /was/ that about Lara?" You see, Catia remembers that dizzy goldrider from when she was a weyrling at Ista… and if Adel's gonna do something silly….

Hunched on Jhral's shoulder, Jobber pecks at Jh'ral's cheek irritably. Stop that, he's messing up her perch with that slouch.

Aslyn has missed half of what Ash said, attention caught by the look on Jh'ral's face..she turns and wonders what else could possibly happen..
Aslyn takes a sip of her klah and promptly spits it out, cold..very cold.

Kumiko is perched on the edge of her chair. Will they get news, or will they have to tune in again, Same Looney Time, Same Looney Channel? Let's hope not the latter….

"We're in charge," Jh'ral says bluntly, stroking Jobber's muzzle away - out of habit and the fact that she gets painfully peckish.

Kumiko whistles low, a soft mutter of "I'm sorry," drifting over. She's run into Lara once, and well… vtol's have better sense.

Aslyn puts her mug on the table and raises and eyebrow to Jh'ral "Well thank Faranth, somebody is! "

Catia dithers. She has her patients to get back to… but: "What?!" Jh'ral and Lara? "Why?! What's Adel doing!" Ok, ok , so she hasn't been here long and probably has no authority to demand things of an acting Weyrleader - oh my! - but Cat wants /answers/.

Ash just raises one brow… she too remembers Lara… /vividly… "YOU"RE WHAT????" no offense to the older man, but LARA???

Kumiko is far from disagreeing with such a reaction. "Maybe a trip to Ista might be in order," she mutters. For good, maybe?

Aslyn frowns as she looks around, WHAT is going on now…! " But, but, somebody needs to be in charge…I don't understand.."

Ash is glad for her seat underneath her… indeed… "Well then considering you're in charge…" she mutters and stands… extending a hand to Jh'ral… "I'm Ash… Ista sent me as your new WLM…"

Jh'ral's frown turns into a wry grin as he stretches a hand toward Ash, "I guess I'm Jh'ral, acting weyrleader." - "/Shells/, that sounds odd to hear again."

Kumiko just continues to sip. Have a dizty Weyrleader and competent Weyrwoman, loose that to the exact opposite. Strange. But… well.. maybe Lara won't be that bad… but then that will be the same time Vtols flame Thread.

Jh'ral, acting Weyrleader. Which makes Lara.. acting Weyrwoman. Oh shells. Catia's face is a picture, it really is. And her klah's gone cold, too.

Ash grins, taking the hand in a firm shake and then pulling her still-cold hand up to run through her bangs, "Well, the news isn't good… I'm sure T'drim was capable, but his notes are a mess… I can't even decifer who your weyrlings /are/ let alone his lessons… perhaps you could help me at least with a roster?"

Aslyn just blinks and shaking her head pours some fresh klah, might as well, looks like a loooong night, insanity reigns, but at least the klah is hot..

Catia jumps to her feet, oddly decisive and buoyed with energy. "Jh'ral… if you need me, I'm in the infirmary.' He probably won't, but you never know. "Good luck Ash - I'll catch you later."
Living Caverns> Catia steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Aslyn sips the hot klah and nods as Catia leaves, interesting evening, yep..sip,sip..

Living Caverns> "Um. Weyrlings. There's a lot of them," Jh'ral agrees. "Adel - " but no, "They should be in the main records."

Living Caverns> "We're doomed." Said hushed, Kumiko finishes the last of her klah, before rising, hands rubbed onto her pants. Doomed, doomed, doomed.

Living Caverns> Ash nods, smiling in relief… "Well that will be easier then asking all of the riders in the weyr if they are weyrlings or not…" she chuckles, looking relatively relaxed…despite everything… it will all be okay, yup… "Also, I should tell you since your situation may have just gotten more desparate, Ista will aid you… at least that's their intention…" well that helps

Living Caverns> Aslyn tries to ignore the mutterings of Kumiko, doom and gloom is not her style, hers is more of a sway and glide style..

Living Caverns> And the idea is planted. Ista. Jh'ral nods to Ash as he tries to round up the various things that just got dumped on him with that simple statement of Adel's.

Living Caverns> Aslyn smiles over at the obviously confused man, and sways in his general direction, she only wants to help and she purrs " If you need any help, feel free to call on me.."

Living Caverns> Ash nods and grabs Aslyn's arm… this is /not/ what's needed right now… "Hey Aslyn, hon… why don't you take me up to see that weyr… I need a place to bring my things tommorrow…"

Living Caverns> Kumiko raises brows at Aslyn, before tsking softly, heading over to the klah. Well. Vixen No. 1 has been found. Where's two and three, so the feline fights can begin? A cough, as she concentrates on a drink, deciding to add a bit of brandy to the mix.

Living Caverns> Aslyn blinks at Ash, hmph, she's /always/ being misconstrued, can't Ash see…he needs help…really he does! She gives a soft sigh, the offers been made…and nods at Ash " Um, okay..you do need to get settled so, follow me.." as if with the death lock on her arm Ash has any choice.

Living Caverns> Jh'ral appears to have not noticed very much anyway, so no harm done in his case. A natural immunity to sways and flus? Who knows.

Living Caverns> Aslyn gives a little wave to all as she leaves.
Living Caverns> Aslyn exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Living Caverns> Ash exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

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