Threadfall over Nabol

December 30th 1997
Logged by Catia

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Sky Over Nabol Hold
Below, the mountains stretch on to the east covered in the precious softwoods
tended carefully by the Nabolese. Below Nabol Hold is enfolded protectively in
the moutains that stretch north blending into the lush greenery of the Esvay Valley.
Grasslands lie to the south and west running in sweeping, cultivated fields to
the ocean.
It is a winter evening.

Myrineth appears from the blackness of ::between::!

The night sky blankets the hold in cool breezy winter… out over the ocean the leading edge of threadfall is weakly apparent as a light, grey fog

Myrineth senses that she bugles, loud enough to echo over all Pern. « Thread falls over Nabol! »

Rennth blinks in from ::between::!
Taviath emerges from ::between:: as though from the eye of a desert storm!

Myrineth bugles again, with a greeting that also warns. Thread! And the green slips into her place behind Rennth, eyes blazing red with eagerness.

Eirth blinks in from ::between::

The night sky blankets the hold in cool breezy winter… out over the ocean the leading edge of threadfall is weakly apparent as a light, grey fog moving ever closer…

Rennth flicks his tail. Flick, flick, as he watched that smudge.

From Eirth's back, Veri watches everyone carefully, hanging on her green's back tightly and nervously watches the smudge.

Capryth appears from the chill of ::between::, eyes whirling, long wings outstretched.

A bugle emerges from between, and in comes Ista's Wavecutter wing, standard V formation.

Myrineth senses that she shrieks louder, summoning all Pern to the flamefest. « Thread! »

Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges, Ayrina salutes the Wavecutter Wingsecond and then clasps Taviath's riding straps as he slips his way into formation without even waiting for Ayrina to direct him. Eyes awhirl with the red light of hatred for Thread, the brown bugles his battle cry before turning back to accept firestone from his lifemate.

Suddenly the grey smudge is a sheet of twisting rain… thread making its way overland from the ocean… and even more suddenly, it is upon the wings of Pern's Weyrs…

Kianth blinks in from ::between::!

Catia shouts out a glad greeting, catching sight far below her of the Istan riders. Myrineth holds in formation despite impatience, a small belch of firestone gases showing her eagerness.

Capryth warbles defiantly, eyes whirling red, turning her muzzle and opening green maw as her lifemate begins to feed her firestone.

Dragons swoop down and burn huge patches in the ever-present thread.

Rennth is paused, but tense, as Jh'ral casts his own look - if one were close enough, there's relief etched on it - towards the Istan riders. High Reaches is flying light this time, and Jh'ral knows it well.

The first wings rise to meet the age-old menace, colours glowing bright against silvery flashes. And now the bursts of orange flame punctuate the silver…

A silvery tendril of Thread reaches out to curl its deadly grasp around Capryth.

It doesn't matter to these riders which Weyr they're from…for all intents and purposes, Pern is one big Weyr to which each of them is sworn to give their lives for its protection. Soon, all wings are involved in the battle in the sky.

Kianth bugles his challenge to the menacing thread, turning his head to A'ryn for firestone.

A wingleader dives quickly, his wing following, as he finds yet another patch of thread.

Rennth goes, the firestone stoked in his second stomach blossoming out of his mouth as wings vane sharply - no one wants a wide wingspan in this situation, no matter the stamina it gives.

Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri pauses for a moment, pumping her fist into the air in greeting. But no sooner is that done with the first strands appear. Capryth deftly ducks to the side, letting loose a burst of flame, burning the tendril as it floats in ashes to the ground.

Silver upon silver: deadly strands interweave to form an intricate quilt of roiling Thread, awaiting to blanket Myrineth.

Swift, agile, tucked in high at the back of her wing formation… Myrineth coughs out a swift spar of deadly flame. Thread shrivels, and dissolves to dark ash. "Good girl!" Catia hisses, unheard, and slaps her lifemate's neck.

A'ryn watches from Kianth's back as the deadly Thread nears, hearing the rumbling of the firestone's gasses in his lifemate's stomach. riding with his wing, he engages thread, the brown beneath him flaming strongly, searing thread from their path.

The Thread hisses as it passes through the air, nearly hitting a blue rider.

A large clump of Thread bouys in the wind and spirals dangerously toward Eirth

Banking sharply, young High Reaches brown Icrith swoops, charring the silver strands that threaten a wingmate.

A sheeting ribbon of Thread tumbles like a dandelion past Rennth, twirling downward towards the ground.

Jh'ral's wing stacks, a green cutting sideways to engage a personal battle as the wing takes a more generic sweep. Rennth leads, puffing that dandelion into impotent ash.

Taviath lets loose with a massive flame, searing the sliver menace from the sky. He swoops to avoid an ash cloud before it moves in on his lifemate and then soars back into his place in the formation.

A bronze rider smiles as his dragon quickly burns a huge path in the ensuing thread.

A young bronze banks a bit too close, and a clump of Thread hits his leg, as well as his rider. With a roar of pain, the two blink into between. Soon after, an Istan bluerider suffers from the same fate.

Far below the winking blues and greens, browns and bronzes, soars the Queen's wing - sadly depleted. First Fall is this for Mitria and Salbith - not an auspicious start. Marechekith flies with determination, ignoring the mumbles of Lara between her neckridges. The young queens on loan from Telgar just behave in exemplary fashion, wielding flamethrowers with skill.

Kianth flames a strand of Thread that falls to close, turning on wingtip to follow it down and sear it to ash. A'ryn winces as the hot ash hits his face mask, but Kianth doesn't miss a beat, swinging back around to fight the menace that dares to threaten his rider.

A tumbling ball of Thread kites past Taviath, fluttering as it sails downward.

A wingsecond screams a warning to the wingleader, who is almost scored by a large patch of thread.

A large gold swoops down low, as her rider fries a patch of thread with a flamethrower.

Rennth dodges, his left wing yanked tightly inwards as Jh'ral's blue wingsecond follows the Thread downwards where it's safer to flame - ie, where he won't singe his wingleader. Not a good idea, generally.

Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges, Ayrina looks right and left, grimacing at the sounds of pain she knows will echo in her ears most of the night. Taviath bugles a challenge to a ball of Thread that appears to escaping his firey breath. A dip of his wing and he banks, Ayrina lurching on his back, to pursue the clump of wriggling silver and char it from its deadly path.

Bouncing on a thermal, Myrineth darts upwards sharply, flame bursting forth just in time to prevent being scored… Catia glares, behind her goggles. "Sharding green, concentrate!" No, not her own fault, at all.

The Wings converge from every point on Pern… and the air is filled with the sounds of wingleaders and dragons bellowing out their defiance to their ancient enemy…

A green skips between just ahead of a long strand of thread, appearing in the next instant to flame the silver strands from the sky.

The dragons soar around, looking for more thread to devour by flame.

Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri narrowly misses a clump heading for her, her lifemate scooting forward just in time, the dragon behind her searing it the moment after. Breathing a sigh of relief, the greenrider clears her goggles and watches more carefully now.

A rain of thread reaches out to attempt to ensnarl Kianth and his rider!

Wingleader Estara checks back on her wing, face worried as a blue screams in pain! Green Tharinth bugles, but flames with a deadly concentration.

A rushing waterfall of Thread cascades from the heavens above, reflecting an eerie, distorted image as it falls before Myrineth.

Rennth skips between - goodbye, wingleader - hello wingleader - as they reappear in formation and Jh'ral sneaks a look back at the wing. In formation, only one minor score - for them, at least, thus far. There's gaps where there shouldn't be gaps in the wings this Fall. Sharding illness.

Kianth bellows his defiance, winking between just before the deadly rain can ensnare him and his lifemate. Returning to the scene, a wash of flame pours from his open maw, engulfing the menace.

Far, far below, Salbith ducks neath a nasty clump that somehow escaped the nasty wings. Bright flame bursts forth, and the young queen dragon trumpets success!

Catia's head jerks back, knees clenching tightly as Myrineth swerves left and around… and with a bark of fire destroys her enemy.

A stray clump escapes the wings, and hisses as it hits the ground below.

Another Istan dragon disappears, bugling pain, having suffered a deep score.

Curling movements pulsing with every contorted twist, a clump of Thread reaches out towards towards Rennth.

A strand of thread escapes, and falls to the ground below.

Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges, Ayrina pats Taviath on the neck in encouragement. "Soni!" she calls to the greenrider in front of her. "Tighten up the formation! More thread is headed toward our location!" The brown doesn't wait for the green to decide to do something but swoops to catch the strands of Thread that have managed to fall through the hole left by the other dragon's carelessness.

Too new to this, a brown weyrling - obstensibly delivering fresh firestone sacks - is scored, and blinks between with an agonised scream.

And those gaps show. High Reaches dragons get scored: blue, green, brown, and bronze up in the higher wings as those expected nearby … aren't. Th'vren and brown Breth winks back to the weyr and the healers, wingsail torn and leg scored.

A tangled mass of Thread tumbles downwards towards Capryth.

Capryth warbles loudly to Boomth, her rider turning to Soni. "Be careful!"

Lodged astride Tharinth, Estara growls low in her throat as another of her wing skips, and fails to reappear: headed back to the weyr for healing.

A'ryn hangs on as Kianth spots a strand floating below him and dive, spouting flames to char the nasty stuff. Buggling his triuph over the villian, the hero climbs back to his position, looking for more thread to destroy. A'ryn winces as right behind them, a blue screams in pain, heading back to the Weyr and comfort.

And no sooner said than done, Capryth belches forth more fire, neatly turning the tumbling mass into a nice scorched mess. The ashes fall instead, though some are carried by the wind, momentarily blinding her lifemate, who quickly clears her goggles.

Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges, Ayrina closes her eyes trying to shut out the sound of the scored weyrling but just for an instant. She knows she can't lose her concentration. Digging in her firestone sack, she offers the brown clumps of the rock when he turns his muzzle back to her.

A blue dragon hops ::BETWEEN:: as his rider's hand is painfully scored.

A silvery tendril of Thread tumbles on the winds, spinning close to Taviath in its fall.

Reload. Refuel. Rennth turns his head for more firestone while the wingseconds hover above and near - and /back/, to sear the Thread that squiggles at once innocently and maliciously. Goodbye, seeya. Don't come back.

The wind, cold by Istan standards, buffets the grey, sizzling rain… and a clump writhes as it falls across Kianth's path

Taviath finds himself suddenly confronted by a strand of thread thrown his way by the wing…too close to flame before he notices it.
Taviath skips ::between::!
Taviath emerges from ::between:: as though from the eye of a desert storm!

Leading the Queens' Wing, Lara looks around nervously, flamethrower-tip wavering as she checks for escaping Thread clumps. And all it takes is one wrong press of a button… and Marechekith howls in pain, flamed by her own rider! Gold wings sweep once, twice, and she disappears between, leaving the Queens wing leaderless… (again).

Black, blacker, blackest, another weyrling soars higher to deliver more firestone, only to skip between to avoid a clump of Thread heading her way.

Taviath bugles as he comes out of between! He's not too close now! He swoops down on the Thread, flaming roaring from his mouth until the Thread is charred.

Kianth rears back in midair, mouth opening in a bellow that turns to a wash of flame. A'ryn yelts and hangs on as the brown sears the thread and goes back to his normal position. Hot ash falls across the rider's cheeks, and he frantically slaps at them, then holds on as Kianth dives for yet another strand of Thread.

A writhing knot of Thread descends stealthily, slipping silently past Capryth in its downward fall.

A bronze dragon quickly chews more firestone, and swoops high to cut a large path in the falling sheets of thread.

Capryth opens her maw, as Miri quickly feeds her more firestone. Just in the nick of time, as the green finishes chewing, the Thread falls, and rider and dragon skip between.
Capryth skips ::between::!
Capryth appears from the chill of ::between::, eyes whirling, long wings outstretched.

Catia leans forward over forest-flecked neck, hanging onto those perfect red straps… and feeds Myrineth more firestone. Reddened-mad eyes half-lid as the green chews, diving swiftly out of the way of a thick silver clump.

Capryth reappears, a burst of fire directed toward the falling clump. It sears neatly, the ashes scattering to the winds, as Capryth darts to the side to get a sister clump she missed before.

A pause in the Thread directly around Jh'ral gives him a breath to check out the Fall - and lets him spy the gap in the queen's wing. /Shards/. The silver-streaked head whirls to spot another queen, and Rennth obligingly sends the message, and Fort's gold Sorianth takes over with Mera now in charge of the gold triangle.

And a young blue darts down swiftly, flaming that which threatens Myrineth's tender hide. With a wave of a gloved fist, Catia acknowledges, and Myri swoops back into position.

A small knotlike bundle of Thread blossoms, reaching out like a fisher's cast net, hoping to ensnare Taviath in its hungry grasp.

A young blue, just out of Weyrlinghood, shies away from a strand of thread that comes to close, catching him across his wingsail. A bellow of pain is given, and the dragon disappears between for the Weyr.

A large chunk of Thread plummets out of the sky in front of Rennth.

Taviath accepts the challenge of the thread approaching him. Again, full flame attacks the silver blossom but this is too much for him to handle and he skips between before he's ensnared.
Taviath skips ::between::!

Catia glances down too…. and face blanches neath dust and ash. What happened to Lara? But no time to think….. time to flame!

Taviath emerges from ::between:: as though from the eye of a desert storm!
Taviath turns to finish the job he'd started…but from a different and much /safer/ angle.

Rennth twists his neck, hauling his rider along with him as he chases that large chunk. Take that. And that. And you're Ash - well, maybe not, but close enough. Missing Pavelth, and charred Thread somehow doesn't quite look like the bluerider….

Kianth squeels as a long strand of Thread wraps around his long tail. He blinks between, but is soon back, scored, but otherwise fine, and madder than ever. A bellow emerges from his mouth, followed by the flame that devours the strands of silver in the sky.

A delicate spiderweb of Thread cascades downwards, tumbling past Myrineth with silent grace.

Threads looking almost like crystalized snowflakes drift down, buffeted by wind, past Kianth

No spinners-net of Thread is going to catch the lacy-leafed green! Myrineth opens maw wide and /flares/.

Capryth receives a medium score on the neck!

With worried blue eyes, Estara checks back on her wing. And not just hers, but all the High Reaches wings…. surely more riders than that started Fall? And what happened to that damnfool goldrider?

Kianth flames at the thread that is foolish enough to cross his path, the fires surrounding the silvery substance, melting the snowflake to a crisp. Hah! Got you back! A'ryn laughs in triumph, noting that the end of fall nears.

Nestled between Taviath's reddish brown neckridges, Ayrina snaps around to look at the wingsecond. "Miri!" Taviath croons with concern, too, but then the pair goes back to what they're here for and continue to flame Thread as it falls.

Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri screams, in double pain for her lifemate and herself, as a second clump gets her on the arm. Cold.. need between!

- - - - Fall ends but my computer crashed and I missed that bit - - -

Drizzling astride of Capryth, Miri holds her right arm, teeth clenched, trying to calm Capryth down, as well as dull her own pain. "I know.. shh.. it'll be okay…" Or so she hopes. The green rumbles in pain, the hurt shared.

Rennth winks into ::between::!

Myrineth senses that she bugles imperatively. « All injuries to the Weyr! »

Taviath turns into a brown flurry of a whirlwind and disappears ::between::!
Kianth suddenly disappears ::between::!
Myrineth disappears abruptly ::between::!

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