Nuff tries out some laps

March 1998
Logged by Nuff

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Legend, Falx, Joshua, Zhaneel, Pollina, and Fish.
Sefren and Ash are here.

Obnoxious gold ringlets tumble down around this rosy-cheeked cherub in a perfectly divine halo of treacle and amber; if not truly angelic, at least she may look the seraph's part from broody heather-violet eyes to bottled-sunlight smile. Stolen sun has baked her pert features rum-gold, the tan extending itself across her motherly frame and down through Weaver's fingers to the very tips of her immaculate nails. Turns away have pared the excess flesh off this weyrwoman, lending her a subtle grace only occasionally overrun by her old wherry-drunk discontrol.
Deep ebony sisal falls in regimental slits to expose rapier-thin stripes of ivory that match the lace flaring from the tight cuffs and high collar in creamy ripples; tunic's hem rides low over lamp-black trous - all so /very/ nice and normal… but wait - this is Nuff! Over the crisply sedate tunic she sports a garish gawd-awful vest of rich intricate brocade, threads tangled into a hideous pattern of purple paisley. Tassels flicker in mauve and puce, each ending in tiny ivory bells that jingle over the endless gagging swirls of true violet. Torc of roguish, gypsy flegling dances a river of bronze about her forearm.
Tiareth's proddy fire lashes itself around Nuff, inspiring bouts of poetry and the occasional breaking of dishes.
Nuff is 29 Turns, 8 months, and 11 days old.

Sefren is brooding in a corner over an untouched mug of klah. Seeing folks, he looks up and waves.

Nuff trails Ash in, muttering to herself and flicking imaginary bugs from the air around her. No giggles, not today, she moves like a sheep with her head down on the lookout for the herd.

Ash stalks in… slim, cold..and broody… oh wait… Just ahead of whomever else is filtering in, Ash, hair tucked behind one ear, is again walking with her face buried in a hide… hands covered in thick wool gloves and carrying an empty klah mug…

Quick in movement and startling in intensity of mood, this young man meets your gaze with a sudden smile and flash of Thread-gray eyes hooded under dark lashes. His inky-black hair is close-cropped and kinda sticks up on top with studied carelessness. His complexion is dark, his form compact, though he occasionally creates the illusion that the opposite is so, due to his unapologetic flair for the dramatic.
He is wearing is an elaborately embroidered indigo tabard, brocade in ivory and fawn encircling the scoop-neck, over a high-necked, bell-sleeved tunic trimmed in tangerine. Darker-klah-and-ecru-striped trews cover his wiry legs and tuck into indigo boots, laced up with black. A round, brimless black cap is settled beanie-like on his head.
Sefren is 17 Turns, 9 months, and 7 days old.

Sefren pushes aside the cooling klah - he doesn't quite trust it anyway - and summons up a smile. "Hello." Sure, he could ask Nuff about the gargoyles, but maybe she isn't in the mood, looking rather like one herself. "Watch out for the klah," he advises .

Nuff almost bumps up against Ash and sidesteps almost automatically - where'd he go, where'd he go? She waves some more imaginary wraith's from around in front of her and peers up through proddy veil-o-dragon. Ahah, target. Not herd, no, but Sefren… moving close, she simply up and sits in his lap. "Why, what is wrong with it?" Oh baby oh baby oh.

Ash looks up… peers sidelong at Nuff…just after getting bumped… "Uh oh… what's wrong with the klah?" Okay, just take the blood and drain it out of Ash… take away her klah… take away her life… she stops dead in her tracks… the hide drops to her side and she just stands there looking from Sefren to her mug and then at the klah pot…

Sefren blinks several times, and the thoughts running through his head are almost visible. Should he offer her his chair? Well, she is the Weyrwoman; she can sit where she likes, etc. "Er… I'm not sure. But yesterday, it reeked of numbweed. What if someone put something in it that you couldn't smell?" Then again, Sef is more than a little paranoid these days.

Nuff does then - wriggle wriggle wriggle. Being Nuff, and therefore small and chubby but not so chubby anymore, she can almost curl up on the wiry youth so does, nose twitching. "Its a plot, from Telgar, they're trying to up the price of klah again." C onspiracy theories abound. "Sides, Nuffie wants some wine." Or a big kick to the head. She turns and peers hoepfully at the weyrlingmaster, "GOts any wine Ash?"

Ash is /not/ afraid of klah.. numbweed or no she /needs/ the stuff.. and dutifully she moves the klah pot and sets her mug down… pours and picks up the mug, turns, leans against the cavern wall and sips, "Tastes fine…" really it does, "Um, wine?" Oh b oy… you can just see the look of apprehension cross over Ash's face as she peers around, "Um, Telgar…. white it looks like…" she peers back at Nuff… icy blue eyes narrowing, "Conspiracy huHe is awake and looks alert.

Sefren isn't quite sure what to do with his hands with Nuff wiggling on his lap, so finally pats her knee lightly, if a bit awkwardly. "I hadn't heard the Telgar story…. I think it was a weyrbrat. Can I get you a chair of your own?" Sure, to Sef, it 's a logical progression.

Nuff loops one arm casually around Sefren's sleight shoulders so as not to fall off his lap and nods. "Uhuh. So Nuff heard. Wine." Whine. Whine whine whine wine. "Give it over." Then she turns from Ash to Sefren and breaks into a wicked, sunny Nuff-gri n. "Nuff kinda likes yers boy."

Sefren licks his lips nervously. "I could give it to you if you wanted. You know, if you let me stand up." Fair trade, eh? "I just wouldn't want you to fall off or anything." Not that she seems about to, but how terrible it would be if he dropped Nuf f!

V'kyre steps, fawnlike, in from the Central Bowl.

Ash giggles and moves her attention from wine-craving proddy weyrwomen to youth underneath her… her look, tho sympathetic is slightly amused…and suggests the unspoken question… 'need help?'… "You okay there, Sef?" and dutifully with a slight shru g she swings her long form down and grabs the skin a foot away from her ankles… and strides the few feet to the Weyrwoman… "Ask and you shall receive…" making note that the skin is only half full… well thank Faranth for small miracles…

Nuff shakes her head slightly, still staring doe-eyed at the young man. "Kinda like it with you on it." But then she gets dumped off a lot of laps lately. Another wriggle and she reaches for the wine, "He's fine Ash, leave'm alone and gimme that." And, p ast the weyrlingmaster, "V'kyre." Nuff /purrs/.

Sefren manages a grin at Ash. "Uh, sure. I'm fine. No troubles." Eeek. He waves to V'kyre from underneath Nuff.

Ash hands over the skin with a slight bow… dark hair falling over her shoulders and disguising in shadow the definite smirk on her face… and then she slips onto the brightly flame colored bench a foot or more away… setting her mug down on the eye of the dragon decorating the top… to watch… "Evening V'kyre…" her look seems to suggest the bronze-rider run for his life

Nuff is too preoccupied right now in trying to uncork the flask and keep hold of Sefren both at the same time. Oh good, more wiggling. She finally untops the wine with her teeth, spits out the cork, and sets about inevestingating the inside of the skin's rim with her tongue. She makes little happy Nuff noises.

V'kyre nods, eyeing Nuff warily. "Evening." Glance of empathy is aimed Sefren-wards. Poor boy.

Sefren of course gets a /real/ good view of Nuff's encounter with the wineskin. "Wouldn't you prefer a glass for that, Nuff? I could get you one, if you left me up." He catches V'kyre's glance and returns one clearly pleading for help. Jays, but Cyren e's going to give him a lecture when she hears about this.

Ash watches the 'new side of Nuff'… scary isn't it? and just raises her klah mug to her lips, again casting that grin behind a fairly convenient blocade… this indeed is gonna be fun… She watches the cork go flying across the living cavern and clear s her throat… encounter /indeed/… "Oh no, Sef… stay put, I'll get a glass…" and with a wink the woman gets up, unfolding herself from her seat and grabs a ceramic mug from the table top, checks to make sure its clean and crosses to Nuff and her 'c hair'… "Allow me…" she says with more /graciousness/ then perhaps she had intended, holding her hand out for the skin

Uhuh, Sefren will have to do much better than that if he wants to get rid of the proddy weyrwoman, unless of course he just dumps her to the floor. With her tongue stuck in the skin, Nuff just shakes her head rapidly from side to side. "Schgud." And the n tilts back her head and manages not to choke on the wine. After the first taste she blinks and peers up at Ash for a long moment and then pulls her tongue out witha shluck and reluctantly hands over the skin. "Yer n'fun."

V'kyre lowers his lashes briefly. Now, the poor lad can *hardly* be sent back to his Craft in this condition, now can he. People may think the Weyr a place of - ah, they already think that. "Weyrwoman..would you let the poor lad up? I'm sure he'd be more u seful if he's on his feet." Amusement crackles in his soft voice. It does look funny. Too funny.

Cappachino comes in from teh cold cold place called *BETWEEN* with a chirpo and a chitter and a tippping of wing

A very Ash-like giggle breaks through her very weak disguise… and she grabs the skin… "Oh I'm lots of fun Nuff…" and if you were on my lap you'd be in the dirt by now.. proddy or not… She hads the full glass back to Nuff and grins, "There, like th at…" and she shakes her head, "Now I dunno, V'kyre… men can be very useful sitting down…" and with that…she sets the skin down and folds her height back onto the bench and picks up her klah… sipping, and setting it back down on the dragon's red eye that is a part of her wing's badge…

Sefren stifles a sigh. Clearly, V'kyre will be no help; he's probably too busy being grateful he isn't the object of Nuff's attentions. Ah well. She'll get bored of him eventually, won't she? /Won't/ she? "What do you mean, useful or not?" he asks, k nowing he probably shouldn't.

V'kyre chuckles. The better chance he has of *running* if he's on his feet. Brows wriggle sugestively at Sefren. You want to escape, don't you?

Nuff considers the question, though it wasn't a question, somewhat mollified now that she has her wine. Her hand toys with the hairs at the back of Serfren's neck withotu thining about it but the weyrwoman is looking at V'kyre with those purple-swept eye s. "Why V'kyre. Willing to trade?" She looks at his lap, bronze-rider's lap, "Wouldn't want Nuff to get cold now woudl you?" Ash gets a wink, for her trouble, and Fish alerts arriving firelizards to Nuff's dragon-induced state.

Toren takes long, confident strides in from the Central Bowl.

At first glance this woman looks imposing standing at a hair shy of 6 feet tall, taller than most men. She's got a stubborn set to her chin but here round dark brown eyes ,almost black, are often sparkling with a smile to help soften her daunting appearan ce. Her oval face is framed by a mass of long hair in loose curls that is a deep burnished brown but turns vibrant with fiery red highlights in the sun. Her friendly smile sports perfect rows of white teeth and a right cheek marred by a deep dimple. Tall but not clumsy, she can glide with ease or run with surefooted speed and her well proportioned, small fram belies the wiry strength beneath. Not voluptious by any means, she notheless posseses quite pleasing curves that meld into strong legs. Not outspoke n for the most part, if she's got something on her mind she'll tell you, which is why she will often introduce herself first before you have a chance to say a word!
Black, hardsoled boots engulf her legs to midcalf and form fitting dark brown trous hug her legs. A white, billowing, long sleeved shirt is tucked intot he waist band of her trous and she wears a plain black vest over the shirt. Her long hair flowing down to well past her lower back is pinned back with a leather tassel. Clean, crisp lines and colors are her trademark. Simple elegance.
Toren is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 3 days old.

V'kyre tilts his head."First you must promise me something."

Nuff drops her head to Sefren's chest, nuzzling it even as she sips at her wine. "Nuffie never promises nothing."

Ferna comes down from the workrooms above.

The first thing that you notice when you look at this girl is her extremely small size. She has very large brown eyes that occassionally look scared, and often look confused and almost frustrated with the world around her. Her hair is very long and neatly tied, falling down her back. She tends to shy away from people who she does not know, but is much better with those that she knows then she used to be.. Currently her face is all red and puffy from frequent crying, and her brown eyes have deep within th em a great pain.
Around Ferna's neck is a small silver whistle made to resemble a riderless dragon. He is curled close in on himself in a roughly spherical fasion with his head exposed creating the mouthpiece. There is a catch on the back allowing it to be attached to t he sturdy silver chain sized for the child. The whistle can be used when Ferna really needs to attract some attention.
A small silver locket hangs suspended from Ferna's neck on a thin silver necklace. The necklace hangs and shifts without displaying a single fold or hinge, giving the appearance of liquid silver taken form. The locket is made of a similar silver. The w ord Love is etched in Calligraphy on the front of the locket. When opened, two sketches can be seen. A girl's face decorates the right side, with tangled curls framing her face. The curls have random objects mixed in, a tiny feather blowing across the f ace and a bead blocking most of an ear. The face's delicate cheekbones bring to mind a bird's fragility. The eyes seem to draw the viewer's attention, seeming to look directly at them. A slight smile curves her lips gently. The other side has a sketch of a male face, a soft face with a quiet strength to it. A slight smile touches his lips as well, a warm smile, but with a sadness behind it, somehow. His eyes don't share in the smile on his lips. His hair falls in wild curls, which suit his face.
She is wearing a dress that has been adapted from a small adult's tunic, but done skillfully. A soft light blue, the skirt twirls about her legs to just below her knees. The sleeves are short, so as to not get in the way, and a blue ribbon ties the dres s around her waist. Carefully perched on her shoulder is Dep.
Ferna is 9 Turns, 9 months, and 15 days old.

Toren offers a smile and nods to Nuff and the others, walking over to the foodstuffs.

Eowyn squeels in response to the sudden rucous raised by the flits… and just hides blood-gold hide back in Ash's hair… "Escape… just an interesting concept indeed… You see, we could indeed help you, Sef, but then we would risk having her on yet an other lap…" she giggles and raises an eyebrow at V'kyre… "And that is an experience I know /I/ would rather not have… although my lap will be the unlikely choice…" leave it to Ash to just be blunt… and totally uncouth… Nuff-wrath? Does Nuff / have/ wrath?

V'kyre says, "Not even a little one, like letting me get you more wine, ocasionally?"

Toren gets a goodie from Tray of Goodies, and you wonder what it is…looks good..maybe you should ask her.

Nuff licks her lips, struggling. "More wine?" Eyes light up, as only Nuff's heather-purple eyes can and she turns to peer at arriving parties and waggle her winne-mug before asnwering Ash. "Dunno, looks like a very nice lap to me, Ash."

Sefren tilts his head at V'kyre then glances down at Nuff, patting her shoulder awkwardly. That's what you're supposed to do when someone snuggles, right? His eyes flash at Ash. "Better me than you, is it? Well, I suppose it could be worse." Nuff isn 't that heavy, thank goodness.

Toren takes her prize and sits by the fire watching the others, unusually silent for this time of day.

Aye, thank godness. Not that she was ever realy heavy, being far tooo short, but she did used to have more than her share of speckled Nuff-flesh. All those cookies, you see. Nuff wriggles again, draped on Sefren's lap, and waits to be lured off somewhere else.

Ash chuckles.. and hmms… looking to Sefren with a shrug… the tall bluerider never really considered the aspects of her lap at all… she looks down at the pearl of her leather trous and chuckle, "Well, if you'd like to give it a try… I suppose I cou ld deal with it, although be warned if I want you off I /will/ tump ya in the dirt…" well, there ya go… nice lap, smirk of the lips… blood red head of a baby flit peeking out from under torrents of straight black hair… invitation… accept?

Ferna wanders silently in from the Central Bowl.

Sefren gives Nuff a nudge. "Hey, there ya go. Ash wants you to sit on her!" Saved!

Salea drifts in from the Central Bowl.

Nuff's nose twitches again, cheek sleeking the youth a few last times. "She did?" She peers across at Ash, admiring, "Got any wine?" V'kyre offered wine, you see.

Salea nodds to all, catching an errant cup of klah and wandering to join the group.

A ragingly wind spreads short cropped hazel hair everywhere, while sea green eyes look out from underneath the frizz. A moon face and a petite, almost pert nose gives the impression of youth. Small in stature but not lacking in courage, Salea is nimble an d quick. A shining grin flees across her lips, but just as quickly, disappears. An inside joke? Perhaps. Her compact frame is well muscled, telling of years of toil and hard work. She walks with a confidence that speaks of knowledge about her profession, and her values always leads her willing to help others.
Salea is wearing a simple outfit of riding breeches and tunic. Both are made out of hardy hide, and have been dyed a dark brown.
Blue and black whirl together, then seperate into two single cords, each looped twice. A single tassle hangs flambouyantly, while a silver thread runs through the design, denoting Salea as a High Reaches Assistant Weyrlingmaster.
Salea is 28 Turns and 27 days old.

Toren nods to the newcomer from her spot by the fire munching on a yellowtail sandwich.

V'kyre chuckles."Yes, mor ewine..

Ash chuckles and indicates the wine skin at her feet… "Indeed…" is all she says as she picks up her klah mug from the dragon's eye and peers at the scene in front of her…

Sefren grins hopefully at Nuff. "I'll bet she'd get you some. And look at what a nice lap she has! Maybe you should go get it before someone else does." Going, going, gone!

The Group: proddy Nuff curled on Sefren's lap. V'kyre trying to lure Nuff off it with wine. Ash trying to slure Nuff off it with Ash. And Toren nibbling in the corner.

Not believeing her eyes, Salea looks quitely to her klah. Has everyone gone crazy? Must have been the cold that finally snapped them all…

Toren waves Salea over,not saying a word…wonder what's happened to her tongue today?

Laps for sale? Well, maybe Ash just wants someone to 'try her lap' out… you know? Just see if it is any good at all… having never considered her lap before… seeing her wingmate out of the corner of one eye she chuckles, "Hey Salea

Salea chuckles and moves to a nearby seat…."Hey Ash.."…
Salea looks at Nuff, curled happily on Sefren's lap…"Nuff, are you sure you wouldn't be more comfy in a bed? Maybe have a nap?" Gotta be careful around proddy women…they need more sleep than others seem to…

Catia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Catia trots in, bleary-eyed. She got woken from a much-needed nap and has decided klah's in order. Taking in the scene, dark eyes widen. "Well…. hello all."

Sefren shakes his head at Salea. "She doesn't seem tired…." Not with all the lap-wiggling she's been doing lately.

Toren nods to Catia as she enters, "Hello to you."

Nuff pats Sefren's cheek once more and then slips from his lap. Wine in hand, she stretches herself up and back, arched and on tiptoes, and then recollapses into her sisal-clad slouch. "Nopw. Not tired. But want to sit down." Nuff's grin lights up her s eraph's face and sets her ears wiggling.

Ash is sitting there and gets a look on her face that clearly says no /wait/ a doggon minute… "No nap…" uh uh… the question must be answered now… the lap must be tried… its an imperative… indeed… "Well /sit/…" Ash says getting mildly impa tient now… and she sets the mug down on the dragon's eye… and peers Nuff-ward…

Catia pours herself some klah, a faint vague smile on her face. She's known Nuff a long time… and a picture of what's going on has started to blossom in her brain. Coiling down into her seat at the Inferno table, eyebrows are raised at Ash.

Sefren wrinkles his nose at the half-moment reprieve. No fair teasing him like that! Maybe he should've worn something uncomfortable, like his most itchy sweater. "You look like you've got a really nice lap there, Ash. Maybe someone else should try it out." Yeah, could Nuff be made jealous?

Nuff continues beaming and she shuffles her way over to the weyrlingmaster, wine in toe. Sefren' is almost instantly forgotten and she looks wistfully at V'kyre, but such an offer from Ash is not to be denied, especially with the competition. Before Sefr en or anyone else contemplates sitting in it, sitting on Ash, Nuff does - kerplunk. "Hi." Then, after a few testing wriggles, "Gots any wine?"

Catia pushes back her hair and grins complacently at Nuff. "Wish I did," comes the healer's answer…. not even blinking an eyelid at the goings-on, now that she thinks she's got it figured.

Cappachino gives the humans one more glance then slides easily into *between* Cappachino goes to the place called *BETWEEN* with a chirp and a chitters and a wing tip good bye

V'kyre smiles slightly. Wistful, eh? Ah well, he's still glad she's not going to pounce. WIne is secured, and taken very, very slowly. Delicious - not at all, but thirst makes just about anything tastge good.

Ash hmms… sitting up and leaning back slightly.. unabashedly doing what Sef didn't and just latching arms around waist on her lap… Not too bad… odd, but not too bad, "Wine… down there…" she indicates the skin with her finger, pointing in the dir ection of her feet… "So, good lap?" Ash asks…almost scientifically…

Sefren slumps into his chair, rather relieved. "I think I need a drink too." Give him a minute or two before he's recovered his wit.

"We all do," Catia answers Sefren stoically, her eyes fixing on the skin Ash indicated… wonder if she's gonna get any?

Nuff looks, down there, - no! down there for the wine! - and leans out trusting Ash to hold her. Thus curled, she rummages around 'neath the chair an comes up with some more wine. Having nothing else to offer the Healer, Nuff holds up the flask. "Wine ?" Then, after a moment, "Get yer own."

Catia doesn't take offense at Nuff's refusal, just wrinkles her nose and sips klah instead.

Salea chuckles…she's never seen Nuff in /this/ mood…and moves to the painted table, taking her fav seat.

Toren watches it all with interest, standing and taking a seat at a nearby table, curling her legs underneath her..funny way to sit on a chair…taking in all the activity in the room.

Ash does indeed hold the weyrwoman… at least until she has gotten her question answered… she quirks a smirk at Nuff's refusal to give anyone the much sought-after wine and clears her throat, hooking her arms together around Nuff by grasping on wrist.. . Oddly she doesn't seem to mind having the mass of purple on her lap… getting rather used to it… and she did invite afterall… "So?" she asks again… she /will/ get an answer.

Sefren pokes his knees several times, wondering if they'll function. Well, they'd better. "I guess I should get going." Or escape while it's still possible.
Sefren exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Nuff wriggles then, happy with lap /and/ wine. She drops her head to Ash's collar-bone and sighs. "Nice lap."

Catia grins, definitely amused, and peers into her klah mug to watch the swirls and eddies as she moves it in circles over the painted dragon.

Ferna exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Ash grins, "Excellent…" now be careful Nuff, you might end up in the dirt… experiment over… well, sorta, "What are you laughin' at, Cat…" she asks more then slightly amused… "What you wanna try my lap, Nuff says its a good lap…" she winks at her wingmate and a arm leaves Nuff to grab her klah mug and bring it to her lips

Nuff tilts her head back and smooches As on he rcheek, grinning. "Nuffie be good." In fact she is, she does, and smooches again not too wetly before relucatntly giving up the lap. "But must go. Go now. Go hide." She pats Ash on the knee, grins at the others, winks at Catia, and sashays out, taking the wine with her.

Living Caverns> Catia chuckles and pats Ash's knee. "She is, at that. Gimme some of the wine?" Cat has a feeling that she might be needed its blurring qualities very soon.

Living Caverns> Ash has that same feeling somewhere in her brain… that this is gonna be one of those nights and it might be beneficial to deep in the cups by the time the proverbial foo hits the fan… She shakes her head, indicating the almost empty glass, "She took the flask with her… think I might have some of my horde up in my weyr tho…" she says with a mischevious grin

Living Caverns> Toren offers, "I think I still have a skin stashed away. I'll get it if you care to join me." she offers sitting in the chair in that most uncomfortable looking position.

Living Caverns> Salea contently sips her klah, watching the strangely relaxing scene…not often this much activity around to watch…laughingly, she asks Nuff, "So Nuff, what are the good qualitite of a lap?"

Living Caverns> Catia winks at Ash. "We got some, haven't we?" Inferno always have wine… hard workers and hard drinkers, they are. "In fact, I think I /still/ have some of that Benden left…" though she's not sure how.

Living Caverns> Ash peers around at wingmates and then at other occupants of the living cavern… "I dunno… to drink or not to drink… indeed…" and she drains the glass… and gets up… shaking her long legs slightly in an attempt to shake off the feeling of being sat upon… good lap

Living Caverns> Toren chuckles, brushing her damp hair back…swimming at this time of year? She must be out of her mind. "I vote for drinking." she says with a grin.

Living Caverns> "To drink, I think," Cat answers fairly decisively. "From the way Nuff's behaving, TheLump's gonna rise soon. And the more drunk I am, the better." TheLump: the old 'affectionate' name from weyrling days. Catia still falls to using it, every so often.

Living Caverns> Ash nods, "Aye…" she toys with her glass and as if a decision is made… she stands… and nods, "Drink… I have red and white up in the cave…" which is how she refers to her home for the moment, "But I also have a bronze parked on my ledge… although I could prolly persuade Nham to move for landers…" she giggles

Living Caverns> "Nhamarath's on /your/ ledge?" This is something that intrigues Catia…. a faint flush traverses her face as she stares at Ash.

Living Caverns> Ash clears her throat and nods, "Yeah, unless he's not there anymore…" what about this conversation bugs her? Something tickling the back of her mind… she reaches back to scratch her neck and Eowyn gives a sqwak of agitation, "Oh hush…" the rider says with little patience

Living Caverns> Ferna wanders silently in from the Central Bowl.
Living Caverns> Willowbark blinks in from ::between::!

Living Caverns> Lips quirk into a gentle smile as Catia watches Ash. "Well, no matter if he is or no… shall we go get drunk?" What an offer, eh? Dark eyes scan the room once more…

Living Caverns> Willowbark exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Living Caverns> Toren grins for no particular reason other than listening to the conversation she only half understands.
Living Caverns> Toren grins, "I suggest also a large tray of food…Helps to stay off the hangover the next morning."

Living Caverns> Ferna goes home.

Living Caverns> Ash nods, "Right…" and with that she spins with a chuckle, "My ledge is real high too… maybe we can watch…" she snickers… and heads out of the cavern and toward the blue merede… dragon parked in the bowl…

Living Caverns> Catia uncoils herself and follows Ash with a mumbled comment of some kind. She's not used to ledges you actually have to get to by /dragon/…

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