The Weyr Meeting

7th February 2004
Logged by Adel & Pyrene

Leaders Return TP
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Row upon row of stone benching rises above the Hatching Grounds, seats for those who come to watch the incredible experience that is a hatching. Each individual seat is embellished with a worn cushion, the only concession to comfort in a place that traps heat, holding it within so that those who watch are inflicted with its intensity, though on a milder level than those who must stand and face the dragonets. The expanse of sand that is the hatching grounds spreads out in front of the benches, a huge stage for a spectacular show.
Michel, Sylara and Pyrene are here.

Axle, Catia and Rajanigandha come up the stairs.

Sylara smiles at Raja. "Hello again."

Pyrene gives a tight smile to Sylara, although she's not in the mood for talking. She'll have enough of that to do later. She fusses at a drudge, who's carrying jugs of water as to exactly where to put them. The galleries were never constructed with podiums in mind.

Catia comes briskly up the stairs, pausing to smile down at Cadgwith and her eggs. Her eyes narrow as she looks around for familiar faces… and spots that of the Weyrwoman. "Pyrene?"

Rajanigandha isn't at all sure what the jugs of water are for as she approaches Sylara with a smile and eyes Pyrene in a completely friendly way as she works. "Greetings Sylara," Raja halts her upward climb to greet Sy for a few moments. "I think it's going to get crowded.." She flicks her eyes along the already gathering crowd.

Michel is sitting at a seat close to the stairs but enough out of the way that he won't get stepped on. He's leaning against the post and just watching, egg-oggling, whatever till the meeting starts and hoping that nothing burns or goes wrong in the kitchens.

Sylara nods to her friend. "If everybody in the Weyr is going to be here, then it will surely be crowded." She pats the bench near her. "Want to sit near me?"

C'radoc and M'tny come up the stairs.

The water's for flinging at anybody who disagrees with the Weyrwoman, of course! Although, officially, they're there to wet any throats which dry from heated debate. And from the amount of care Pyrene's taking in their placement, she's clearly nervous. The sound of her name breaks that though, and she glances over to the woman, some seconds passing before she gives a start of recognition. "Catia! You made it!"

Axle slinks into the galleries just a few paces behind Raja, his hands shoved firmly into his pockets where they won't be tempted to start snatching at things that aren't his - at least not yet, anyway. Peering around warily, he immediately recognizes Pyrene and swerves away like a fish being swept into a different current.

Wyn walks in.

Catia gives a lopsided smile - she has trouble giving any other kind, with that new thread-scar puckering her face - and steps over to the Weyrwoman with nods for the occasional familiar-looking rider or weyrfolk. "Pyrene. How could I miss something like this?"

C'radoc strolls into the caverns, his face void of any emotion what so ever. Jaw set and brows furrowed he scans the galleries for the weyrwoman and the weyrleader. "Excuse me…Pardon…" Is said to a few people as he squeezes by them. "Pyrene? Wyn? M'nty?" Is asked, loudly, he's sure they would be together.

"I'd love to.." Raja slides into the row and settles into an empty seat. "Should probably save a few for our friends who arrive." Namely Merandi, whom she knows will arrive eventually. Of course anyone who chose to sit near her would be more than welcome. She sets her shawl and pack onto the cushions next to her.

R'meld comes up the stairs.

Pyrene nods to Catia. "Well, just as long as everybody else is as punctual." She gives a pointed look to R'meld, only now arriving and without his Weyrwoman, but is distracted by C'radoc. "Ah, Catia, you remember C'radoc, I take it? He's chairing." About which, she still has her doubts, but at least she knows he's one of the few Cloudburst members pro staying. She does like a biased chair that's not too obvious.

Once his back is to Pyrene and most of the others, Axle hesitates, glancing back over his shoulder in a quick effort to locate Raja in the crowd that's still shifting around him. "Rgh…" Turning on his heel yet again, Axle jumps up onto the first bench and begans to walk upward, circling back around the back of Raja and Sylara, but keeping his eye on Pyrene, C'radoc, and everyone else as he does so.

Sylara nods to Raja, although her friends change from day to day, it seems. "Sounds like a good idea."

Donis comes up the stairs.
Donis makes an appearance, along with a couple of other guards. They disperse to the edges of the galleries to watch out. Just in case of trouble. You never know.

M'nty squeezed through the crowd that was forming to make his way to Pyrene's side. "Morning Glorious, Pyrene. And how is the meeting going so far?" M'nty swept his gaze over those who were already there. Raja and C'radoc. And Wyn… This was going to be interesting. He spots Axle as the man slips upwards.Too many people for M'nty's taste. But if he's going to have any say in this matter.

C'radoc finds a place near Pyrene and smile his trade mark teeth filled smile at Catia, "A pleasure to see you again…" A hand is extended, and has he does so his other hand searches for Wyn's will she allow such an open display of affection in such a crowded place, he's not sure, and he'll leave it up to her. A glance is given to Donis and a nod, his face relaxes just slightly, obviously glad to have the guards in the room, he's not overly confident that nothing will break out.

Fasulkad walks in.

Michel seems to be in a bad spot. Everyone goes past him and of course he has to greet everyone, it's only good manners. But he's not really in the mood to do that and he really doesn't want to move….again.

Catia does shake C'radoc's hand, though she frowns slightly, trying to place him. Glancing around as she takes a seat, she asks quietly, "Do you need me to speak?"

Wyn is standing near the other two members of the current weyr leadership, and she seems to be quite engrossed in watching the gathering crowd and attempting to ascertain their mood. In other words, she's people-watching and keeping her own counsel about what she's thinking. There's a nod to a few faces in the crowd, a touch of something conspiratorial exchanged with F'renkil, and lifts an eyebrow at C'radoc. She does, however, allow her hand to brush his covertly before returning to her watch. Mustn't alienate him -now- of all times. Sure, that's the only reason. Yep. No emotions from the weyrsecond, we've established that fact.

Rajanigandha smiles at Sylara and nods her head. She spies M'nty as he enters and flashes a happy smile. He's always done right by her, which had won him a stout defender. Her fingers twist about in her lap as she cotemplates what next to say to her companion. As always.. what is actually on her mind wins out. "So.." She says trying to sound completely casual. "Have you seen Axle 'round of late?"

R'meld scowls as he makes his way into the galleries, arms crossed all the while as he walks towards the Weyrleaders of this time. His frown only deepens as he scans the large cavern, noting the amount of weyrfolk showing up. The Weyrleader is not completely alone, a number of his wing, Cloudburst, coming to show their loyalty and determination to go back to where they belong. "Let's get this over with." R'meld hisses out, settling on the heels of his feet and just glaring at everyone he makes eye-contact with.

Adel comes up the stairs.

Even with guards present, Axle finds himself distracted by the sheer number of people around almost immediately. Sliding his right hand out of its respective pocket to scratch the side of his nose idly, he shifts his gaze off of Pyrene and onto a cluster of older women shuffling into the row ahead of him.

Off to one side, the Harpers sit. Master Liesana may have come in order to lend legal expertise and show that the Hall is taking the matter seriously, but it appears she's planning on deferring to the apprentice she's brought along with her. "Got your notes in order, Fas? Looks like the leaders are starting to bunch together."

Pyrene glances calmly between the two Weyrleaders. "I'm sure it'll be going just beautifully as soon as Adel arrives." At that moment, the other Weyrwoman appears, and Pyrene merely raises her brows superciliously. She pours a glass of water, offers it to M'nty.

Sylara looks surprisedly over at Raja. "I see him every now and again out in the bowl messing with something. I'm still trying to figure him out., so I don't spend a lot of time with him. Why?"

C'radoc isn't thrown off by just having his hand brushed, and he allows a soft smile to cross his face. They both know the ambition in the other, and look his has gotten him here already, standing next to the leadership. His face quickly returns to emotionless and he nods to Pyrene, "Weyrlady, simply let me know when.."

Rajanigandha shrugs her shoulders and scans the scene unfolding below. "No reason in particular," she tells Sylara. Taking her eyes off the crowd below she smiles at the other girl. "I just hadn't seen him 'round all day. Seems odd after having him pop out of every dark shadow on me of late.." She laughs softly and nods her head, nudging Sylara's shoulder in friendly comraderie. "I know what you mean about him though. I've spent a good deal of time with him.. and I /still/ have no idea what he's about."

"By 'notes,' I hope you mean 'wits,'" Fas replies quietly under his breath towards the Master with him. "I tried writing a few things down, but nothing seemed to come out right…" No grin appears to take away the admittance, no humor to lessen that he's going at it without anything but his voice and his thoughts. If anything, he actually looks tense - a more likely than not, a first in his life. Or at the least, the first anyone's seen of it since he's arrived back at the Hall.

Mikailyn walks in.

Adel makes her entrance, and makes her stand in the High Reaches colours she wears so pointedly. She's well-dressed, as befits a Weyrwoman, and her jewellery looks expensive. She's not pulling any punches. Pyrene gets nothing more than a flat, dismissive look: the challenge of those eyebrows disdained but acknowledged. The Harper contingent, however, gets a respectful nod.

Laok walks in.

"Adel, R'meld," Catia offers in a low tone by way of greeting to her former Weyrleaders. She's clearly looking to Pyrene to be leading this meeting though, and tilts her head in some surprise when C'radoc seems to be in charge.

Pyrene is most pointedly /not/ wearing High Reaches colours. She's got nothing against black, but blue just isn't her…. Rolling her eyes at C'radoc she nods ostentatiously at him, and then settles back, mouth tight as she glances between Catia and Fas.

Sylara continues her thought. "When I first met him, I wasn't sure I trusted him, and he really seemed anti-dragon, but he doesn't seem so bad after spending time with him…." her voice trails off.

C'radoc makes his way from the group of weyrleaders to the front of the galleries so that he standing infront of everyone. "Everyone! Ladies and gentlemen, if you would all take your seat and listen quietly for the next few minutes, we have some speakers to lay out the background for you all, and then their will be a question and answer and discussion phase. So if you will all settle down…" He pauses just long enough for the loudest of the gathered to quiet down a bit and then smiles, "Fasulkad, if you would…" He makes a geusture with his arm to call Fasulkad forward."

"Just stand up straight, and follow the basic tenets of a good speech." encourages Liesana, going so far as to start straightening Fasulkad's collar in a disturbingly maternal fashion. "Keep it simple, keep it short enough that you don't lose your audience and just speak honest truth. They -want- you to fix things. They expect Harpers to be able to. Now go." And with a pat to the apprentice's shoulder, the Harper Master turns him over to C'radoc with a nod, and takes her seat.

Mikailyn heads in with a small flock of harper apprentices, looking presentable and and blending easily into the crowd. "Hope we find good seats," she mumbles to the boy nearest her. "Recording seems silly if we can't hear." But as it's starting, Miki quickly finds the best seats she can for the lot, and settles down.

M'nty nods his thanks at Pyrene, accepting the glass of water and sipping idily. He eyes follow C'radocs interactions especially. Whatever Wyn says, he's most concerned about the other bronzerider. Wyn wasn't telling him the whole truth when he was talking to her before. M'nty eyes Adel and her flaunting of colors. M'nty was in his full regalia. Perhaps as a way of getting back at Pyrene while 'being on her side'. When C'radoc steps forwards, M'nty keeps his silence. Only following the proceedings.

Rajanigandha sucks her lower lip in and chews it between her teeth. A common enough expression when she is worried. "He's anti-everything I think," Raj informs Sylara, "even canines." At least she knew /something/ about him now. Which is preferable to the nothing of before. "I enjoy spending time with him," she admits with an agreeable nod. "So I understand your point. He's not the type to do you actual harm.." He might steal from you.. but she wasn't mentioning that.

Laok steps in, a little hesitant. His face is ashen and he's trying to hide a faint quake. He is holding a sheaf of hides and immediately follows Mikailyn, trying to hide, as silly as that is for a twenty turn harper. Well, buisy hands are happy hands so he immediatly buisies himself with taking notes.

Sylara looks confused. "But I thought you were connected to that 'rider…" Once again her voice trails off. She nods toward the front. "Sh…looks like they're starting."

R'meld brightens up, just a small bit, when he spots Adel. Perhaps he should have waited for her before arriving? No matter, what's done is done. Hearing his name, the Weyrleader looks at Catia and nods slowly, his mind taking a moment to click the name to a face. "Catia." He mumbles loud enough to be heard. "Good to see one familiar face." Raising his head defiantly, R'meld watches and listens to C'radoc, before shifting his gaze to Fasulkad.

Wyn, perhaps in defiance of all the finery being worn, is wearing nothing more or less than what she wears every day, workmanlike and down to business as she takes a seat to one side of her weyrleader and leans in on one elbow to murmur various impressions garnered. "Don't expect Harper Fasulkad's speech to change anyone's mind. The players in this game already have their minds made up. This is for the weyrfolk." she counsels.

Laok catches Fasulkad's name and looks up from his copius note taking quickly, flashing the other man an encouraging smile.

There's a short, angry shout somewhere up behind Raja as Axle gets popped across the face by old lady number one, followed by some grumbling on her part about young men having been taught absolutely nothing about keeping their hands to theirselves in this day and age. Axle, brows knit, with his left hand clapped over his smarting jaw and the other gripping the old woman's mark pouch, does the best he can to vanish back into the crowd, an action that puts him just two rows behind Raja and Sylara.

Adel makes her way to sit beside R'meld, nodding her own greeting to Catia - and to the few other old friends who attend this meeting. "Yes," she answers R'meld equally quietly before turning her attention, too, toward the Harper.

C'radoc steps back from his spot so that Fasulkad can have center stage, he finds a seat by Wyn, but not sitting familiarly close to her, though he does lean over and whisper to her and the other leaders, "Yes, well, those that have their mind made up from my time, don't have much mind at all.."

Donis lurks at the back of the galleries, well away from the central characters in this little drama. Close enough, perhaps, to spot various misdemeanours amongst the crowd - but his attention's elsewhere.

Rajanigandha gives her head a negative shake. "R'gis and I aren't a couple," tells Sylara with an understanding smile. After this morning a few people might have been mislead. "We're just.. good friends." That seemed a good way to word it. At Sy's mention of the meeting starting she falls silent and grins. Her eyes drift foward obediantly. A cry from above gives her cause to turn 'round. By the time she has Axle has disengaged himself from the old woman's presence and Raj sees only the gaggle of women remarking amoung themselves. Too high for Raj to hear what the comotion had been all about. With more interesting happenings going on below, Raj turns her gaze foward again as she turns back around on her cushion.

"I love how he says it as if I have an option to say 'no,'" Fas offers quietly in return to Liesana, before he visably swallows, and stands up, pausing to clear his throat, and simply pausing. My that's a crowd. And a big one, to boot. Back straightens completely, belatedly, and Fas finally starts to speak, giving a good go of attempting to project his voice enough to be heard over the little whispers and chattings that gathers seem to be known for. "Riders, Weyrfolk, Crafters who reside here, and all those who've come to help decide the destination of Cloudburst Wing… We're here today to decide what to do about a Wing out of time, and what we can do to remedy the obvious problems such an occurrance would cause. The most important of these, is to decide whether or not the errant wing can be allowed to go back to their own time… And the obvious question for me to ask is: why /not/ let them go home?" He pauses, but apparently only to take a breath and to allow the question to sink in a bit.

From the sands, Cadgwith has seen crowds just like this plenty of times. Of course, she's not used to having their attention focused further forwards than the Sands. The queen watches the proceedings quietly, wings mantled over her eggs as if for protection, but mostly looking smug that the clutch gives her an excuse to prove her hold on her Weyr.

In the chaos, M'nty's attention was drawn to the shout and he was a familiar head dissapear into the crowd. Somehow M'nty was going to have to smack that man upside the head. A frown is directed in Wyn's direction. Didn't he already know that everyone already had their minds made up? M'nty hears the question from the speaker and has an urge to speak. But he won't. It was proabably a bad idea to speak now.

Mikailyn's pencil scribbles away across her hide as she records the speech. Otherwise, she's appropriately quiet and respectcul. Et cetera.

From the sands, Minoyath spirals down from above, battered by thermals.

R'meld stays quiet throughout the beginning of the speech, a smug look crossing over his features. Finally, someone who spoke his language. "I still cannot believe we have to stand here and take this." He mutters, quietly, to Adel, before straightening back up and replacing his his eyes back on the speaker.

Laok bites his bottom lip, concentrating on getting Fasulkad's speach down as well as he can. Writing quickly is still a bit of a trick for him, and one he must concentrate on.

Wyn seems unimpressed by the frown, simply elabourating that "The people to focus on are in the crowd. The weyrfolk are staying regardless, but if there's a lot of them unhappy with the decisions made here tonight, we're going to have damage control the morrow morn." in that same undertone. There's method to her mastery of the obvious, it seems.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Ulrinath, on the other hand, attends in mind, if not in body. She'll not bait her opponent with her presence; not when there's a clutch at hand. But she threads the skeins of dragon-thoughts between her mental fingers: attention demanded in the tension of her silence.

Pyrene sits up a little straighter, watching Fasulkad intently. He'd better not let her - the Weyr down. There's only one way this can be resolved tonight, as far as she's concerned.

Michel sits and waits for the Harper to continue, scowling at the very thought of the errant wing. He doesn't believe they should be allowed to go back to High Reaches Weyr of their time, but he sure doesn't want them to stay in -this- time, scaring the poor drudges and acting like everyone was on Pern just to serve their every whim. Angry? Yes, just a tad. Which is a surprise.

Axle's brows twitch together at the questions offered, the corners of his mouth turning downward even as he leans to the left to better shove the mark pouch into his right pocket along with the others that have already been crammed into position. That done, he finally leans forward to rest his scruffy chin on Raja's shoulder, one brow arched. "So, what, we sit in here and let common bozos like this guy try to convince those two…" he jerks a thumb not-so-subtly in the direction of R'meld and Adel, "That their esteemed personnas are going to do whatever the lot of us wants them to? Pffft…" Fortunately, he has the common decency to keep his voice down - for now.

Sii'kyn comes up the stairs.

Liesana seems content to sit on the sidelines, formal in the linen finery she never wears but for trials and decisions about wayward fighting wings, all dressed up and with nothing to say. Or at least nothing she cares to say. Fasulkad gets an undignified grin and a thumbs up, along with a mouthed "You're doing fine."

"Of course - silly question, right? If we let them go /back/," Fas continues briskly again, "we don't know what would happen to the /present/, and that's fear enough, isn't it? … But we are not here to ask the question of the 'easy way out.' I am here to argue both sides of this case, for and against letting Cloudburst return to their own time. We do /not/ know /precisely/ what will happen if Cloudburst can return home. At the very least, High Reaches would change, and more likely than not, we would never even know it happened. Why do I say that? How do we know something catastrophic won't happen if they go back to the past and change what happened? Simple - because Lessa's already done it." The Harper pauses, and glances around the crowd a bit - not too much, he's still working off the little fear he's got of such a big crowd staring at him. "Because if you stop to think, the only reason, in the Ballad of Lessa's Ride, that there were not enough dragons to ride against threads, is because she went back, and /got/ them. Because if the 'Oldtimers' of Lessa's Ride had not gone with her in the first place, there would have been no reason for her to go back in the first place." He pauses, and licks his lips. "That means, essentially, that time can change, and so will we. And we will never know that difference. And the /right/ thing to do, as anyone in this room can tell you, I'm sure, is to help lost travellers back on their way…" Breath is taken, and Fas takes the smallest glance down to look at Liesana, before he looks up to continue again.

Sylara wears a confused expression on her face. This whole thing has confused her since the night Cloudburst landed. So, they can affect things because they already have? Or will, or … She is befuddled.

Rajanigandha inhales a noisy breath in her moment of startlement. "Shards Axle! You did it /again/," she hissingly informs him sounding quite pleased even as she scolds him for scaring her. Careful to keep the words low enough to reach his ears alone. The cloak and pack sitting on the cushion next to her are soon tugged off the seat next to her. Her movements barely disturbing him. "We're here to at least listen.." She falls quiet the moment this is whispered. She strains to hear each word spoken, and actually hear it with an open mind. Her opinions are carefully kept to herself.

Pyrene's jaw drops, ever so slightly, and her eyes flicker. He wasn't supposed to say that. She makes as if to rise and object, but hesitates. Is this part of that harper rhetoric stuff she hears about and pays little attention to? Her stormy eyes, keen upon Fasulkad, suggest it had better be.

Laok gives another encouraging smile to Fasulkad, remembering the conversation earlier that day. Oh he's got his own opinion alright. But he wisely doesn't utter /anything/. After all, he's only here to record.

M'nty looks rather annoyed. That's not an arguement! That's a fallacy. He makes to stand up. No one here quite understood what they're talking about, that's for sure. Time didn't just -change-. If something had already happened, then that's how it happened. If the Cloudbursters didn't show up in the past, they didn't ever make it there even if they left in this time. His opinion was based on -that-. Just because Fasulkad was… presenting a different theory… didn't mean he was right.

Adel studies Fasulkad with a careful, narrow-eyed intensity as he speaks.
Mikailyn keeps scribbling. "Either way, he makes a good point," she agrees quietly. "Even if they did cause some sort of catastrophe, it's not like we'd ever know they did it." So reassuring. Scribble-scribble.

Sii'kyn is here. Really, he's been in here all along, sitting at the very back, unseen in the shadows 'scept for the occaisional glint of silver-on-black. Being in the shadows reminds him of another time, but his mind's focused specifically at-hand on the discussion; silver gaze is keen upon the Harper. He follows more closely than his fellows would expect, nodding at several points. He gets it.

Liesana winces ever so slightly as Fasulkad brings personal opinion into what's supposed to be a theoretically unbiased discourse, and makes little finger-waving motions of correction. Subtlety! Subtlety! "Harpers may meddle incessantly, but they're not supposed to be obvious…" she murmurs, quietly and for the ears of the note-taking apprentices. "We advise."

Axle rolls his eyes even as he creeps and stretches into the cleared space. Once settled, he leans forward to leer briefly at Sylara, his eyes still glittering once he rights himself to sit up properly next to Raja. "I don't know about the two of you, but I would have much rather prefered this situation to be resolved through a simple wrestling match between Pyrene and Adel. It'd be a lot less stressful, just as effective in coming up with a clear winner, and it'd still draw a big crowd." Thinking a moment, he smiles slightly. "They could've made a bundle off of charging people to get in."

C'radoc takes his feet, as he is in charge of the meeting it's responsibility to keep it on track, and when the speaker is hurting his cause he's more than happy to do so. "Fasulkad! If you would…you are here to present and unbiased report on time travel, not to try and sway. If you would continue…." He gives the boy a cool eye before taking his seat again.

Sylara laughs at Axle's disrespectful remark, then catches herself. "Yes," she whispers, "But then the dragons would get involved, and it would be messy."

Wyn's hand finds M'nty's forearm as she senses him tensing to rise. Pyrene's out of reach, so she compensates by letting her voice carry over to her as well. "Let C'radoc do his job as moderator, weyrleader. Trust him -that- far." And then C'radoc does just as she was hoping, and is rewarded with a very slight smile.

R'meld purses his lips, one eye-brow arching up as he nods, ever so slightly, at the harper. He snorts outloud, slashing his arm through the air. "The harper-lad is doing fine on his own. Let him speak without interruption, C'radoc." Forget the fact his traitor of a wingrider is the 'leader' of this meeting. So far, R'meld likes what is being said and being equal means nothing to him.

Rajanigandha smiles at Axle's remark but fails to acutally laugh. The idea of time changing here at the Weyr actually frightened her more than she cared to admit. Raj seems to be taking this thing rather seriously. Her eyes often floating toward M'nty to guage the Weyrleader's reactions to Fasulkad's speach.

"Oh, no. They wouldn't, because, you see, we'd tie Adel's down, since that's obviously what they plan on doing anyway if they believe they can force her into staying. And Pyrene's is busy with the eggs…" He gestures to the gold dragon on the sands. "Pity Pyrene isn't much of a looker. Perhaps we could get some of the better looking green riders out there for moral support…" Annoying as he is, he nudges Raja with an elbow to make sure that she's actually listening to him.

… you… would… continue… Carefully lettering, Laok finishes up that bit of recording and flashes a respectful look at Liesana. He'll make sure to remember that.

Adel pointedly ignores the bits and pieces of conversation she hears going on behind her. Especially the ones that mention wrestling.
Sylara shakes her head. "Axle, that's a crazy idea. But, it might make as much sense as this does. I am /so/ confused."

M'nty snaps his gaze to Wyn and looked as if he was going to actually -growl- at the woman. "The man is presenting his opinion on the matter of Time trouble. Not the facts. His -facts- fit in with the Cloudburster's opinion." His gaze returns to the speaker with a frown, containing himself by passing on the message by placing a hand on PYrene's shoulder. "We'll get our turn. Sit." It wasn'ta suggestion.

Chyessamyne comes up the stairs.

Mikailyn snickers faintly at Liesana's advice, though it's out of humor and not disrespect. "Well. The good ones do." Scribble. Ballads and Lessa and et ceteras.

Racee comes up the stairs.

Catia listens to the Harper with a slight frown puckering her forehead, glancing at the different Cloudburst riders to gauge their reactions.

Pyrene jumps at M'nty's hand and realises just how tense she is. Forcibly relaxing, she sits back, folds her arms and frowns at the harper. Last time that one gets a welcome at the Weyr. And just for the record, she doesn't see that Adel's anything to write harper ballads about either.

"This honesty and bravery to help these Riders, lost from their own time, is not without price, however. I spoke to another Apprentice, before I came today. By returning to their time, Cloudburst will, undoubtedly, change time - but we will never know. And it is entirely possible that I will never know that one of my fellow Apprentices' parents met at a High Reaches gathering, because, perhaps, they won't. The smallest of changes, the tiniest decision affects a life. We all know this, it's a part of life. This is not to say that lives were not changed already - weyrmates, left behind. Children, perhaps. I don't know the personal lives of every member of this Wing, stuck here, in our time, but as much as our lives /would/ change, theirs already /has/. We are here, because are discussing a change that they have already gone through. The idea that everything they have known has been ripped away from them, and they suffer the added burden of /remembering/ it as we would not. That, at least, is how a changed past seems to already work." Fas glances down - and mutes the curse at having forgotten, of all things, a simple glass of water. Nod is carefully hidden in that search for water towars Liesana, before he looks back up, and over at C'radoc. "Of course. Sorry…" He offers a light smile. "Got the better of myself, for a moment there. Now, then… The arguement /against/ Cloudburst…"

"The problem with time travel is that the only -facts- we have," Wyn murmurs back to M'nty. "Unfortunately support the Cloudburst position. Our arguments are based more on what-ifs, which places us in a more difficult position. But what-ifs can be quite nicely based off of fear of the unknown and fear of their own mortality, and those particular fears are powerful ones." the former mindhealer muses. Well, it's not the most -happy- platform, but for a Wyn who privately wants the oldtimers gone, it's the best she can come up with.

Adel was actually half-smiling at Fasulkad - if still rather warily - until he said that last bit. Harpers. Typical.

Sii'kyn leans back, one eyebrow arching high at Fasulkad. Sure, he follows, and sure, he's bound to see the argument, but does he back it up? No. The brownrider wisely refrains from commenting too loudly, but it's evident he's not the only one back there in the shadows - V'der and N'zgul, individually, of course, and perhaps a few more of their shadowy-dealing friends. If one wouldn't know better, they could say that they're actually betting on the outcome.

C'radoc eyes the boy lightly and says not so loudly this time, after all the boy is new at this, but why at such a critical time did the harpermaster decide to use him? "Not for or against anyone…just the facts."

Pyrene's frown lifts a bit, and she nods in satisfaction. This, in her opinion, is what they're giving this young harper a stone roof over his head for. Wyn, however, earns herself a first-rate Pyrene scowl, although she restrains herself from whispered-bickering. She'd much rather wait until she can state her opinions with the volume they deserve.

Laok chokes when he hears himself mentioned, not by name of course. But he's not sure he would have shared his opinions if he knew they would be brought up tonight. He lowers his head and tries to concentrate harder on the task of recording that sharding speech.

Michel frowns at the Harper's words, rhetoric to the Baker, and still shakes his head. A hand comes up to cover his mouth, as if he'd blurt something out at an inappropriate time. He'll just wait till the question and answer portion of the meeting.

At Fasulkad's continued speech, M'nty shakes his head even more. "No. The only facts we have point to that the Cloudbursters never arrived back in time. You can't change something that already happened. Time is not mutable." M'nty shares Pyrene's scowl… Wyn proabably wouldn't belive him either.

The ways of harpers are mysterious ones… but even they can be human. And the idea of having their one representative with time travelling experience chair the meeting seemed a good one one paper. Liesana looks like she has a mild headache forming, but musters up an encouraging smile as Fasulkad gets himself back on the right track before turning her attentions to watching both sets of weyrleaderships.

Every word out of that harper's mouth just confuses Sylara even /more./ She thought she was as confused as she could get, but guess not. She has resorted to trying to puzzle it out visually with her hands. It doesn't help. Maybe there will be some light soon.

Mikailyn grimaces as she attempts to keep up with Fasulkad. "I hope he wrote this down. I can't write fast enough."

"Would rather it just left at that." R'meld grumbles out. He had been perking up more and more as the speach went through his side of the argument, and for a moment a small smile almost flitted onto his face, only to dash down at the end. Once more a scowl is etched onto his face, and the Oldtimer Weyrleader sends seething glances over to those who oppose him and his wing.

"Not that I'm saying Adel is really any better looking…" Axle continues conversationally, scratching his chin as he squints at the Cloudburst weyrwoman, "But it helps if you'd consider sleeping with the person you're rooting for - catch my drift?" Turning from the Harper to see if Raja does, he smiles wolfishly, "I apologize, but this entire ordeal really is rediculous. Everybody dies. Have them send one without kids back and write them a bloody message if he makes it. There are methods of testing all of these theories they're spouting. Either way, kids aren't going to get born that could have been. Boohoo. It isn't as if we have a shortage around here or anything."

"Would you watch your expressions?" Wyn hisses sidelong to her glaring weyrleader and weyrwoman. "Others are, if you're not. The phrase about shooting the messanger comes to mind." she murmurs, although it's more a mutter. Not -her- fault that a month of research just kept turning up more and more proof that Time was a bendy thing.

Pyrene is personally hoping that the harpers /are/ taking note of her expression. She doesn't intend on hiding her opinion later, so why be poker-faced now? Instead she hisses back: "Stop whispering like a brat in a harper lesson and pay attention as you should." She suspects Wyn of being able to multi-task, but that doesn't mean she'll give her credit for it.

"Pyrene…" Catia adds the weight of Turns to Wyn's admonition, with a soft-voiced hiss at the Weyrwoman. Thus making her opinion on the matter fairly clear.

M'nty shifts in his seat, catching snippets of conversation from the crowd gathered. He had the sudden, contrary notion to remind Axle that the weyrleadership consisted of two each. Either way… "Wyn. If you'll remember that if the messenger falsifies infromation. He deserves to be eaten by a dragon." He also has no intention of remaning pokerfaced. Wyn's reasearch must have been somewhere odd, because M'nty doesn't believe her research. And Thread take Catia and Wyn's admonitions.

C'radoc sighs and lays a gentle hand on Wyn's shoulder for just a brief second. He's here so that Pyrene and M'nty don't have to be poker faced, that's his job tonight.

"That is disgusting," Raja tells Axle baldly the moment he mentions sending one back and bloody notes. "This is /really/ serious.." She gives her head a shake and gives Axle a look that clearly states she is not in the least amused. "If you want to sleep with one I suggest you clean up and approach them decently. This whole convorsation is simply distracting." She sighs and lifts her pack onto her lap even as she continues to whisper hastily. "I apologize Axle.. I'm .. well, I'm scared." Her eyes glimmer with the rare emotion before she tears them away from him and digs silently into her pack.

Pyrene twitches at Catia's admonition, but makes no other acknowledgment of it, instead keeping her eyes fixed on the harper.

Wyn merely keeps her own counsel, but her hand goes up to where her knot rests, and very quietly pulls one pin loose, not enough to remove it in an 'I quit!' gesture in the middle of something important, but enough to soothe herself that she can do it later, when the meeting's done and the Oldtimers are squared away. Catia gets a grateful look, and M'nty a low hiss of "Insult my integrity again, and you will find it fortunate that I don't duel." before she falls into an unholy silence, features wiped clean of all traces of emotion, bar a tightness around her eyes. Oh, for the days of Sii'kyn and actually being valued.

A nod is given towards C'radoc in reply for the quieter reprimand, and with it, a light question. "Of course. Entirely my fault, but, when it comes to arguing against Cloudburst, you'll excuse me if I can't cite perfect examples. After all, it's hard to determine what happens to a time that doesn't exist. And there's the problem." Head lifts to look back towards the audience. "Truth be told, we don't have /any/ records of what happens to a time that's made 'unreal,' so to speak, because of time changing it. Will we live on, here, without ever knowing the difference of them returning? Will catastrophe stike, even? No one has ever come back from a time that doesn't exist and told the tale of it, and that in itself is /very/ telling, indeed. That we simply forget, and time changes for us, and we never notice, is quite the optimism, because there are so very little facts to support it. The facts, are thus: even if time itself will change with Cloudburst's return, will /we/? What will happen to all the people gathered here - even Pern itself, because we played to hearts that wanted to help lost travellers? Thus, we may send them back, and they may not arrive. The only thing that may change is the Archives I poured through, a line I may have missed, bleary-eyed searching for some definate /answer/ to give, that tells of the dragons mourning the loss of a whole Wing. And then they could make it back. And of us, we have no facts to support what happens to a time discarded by time as never having happened. Only what happens in the /real/ time." Harper pauses once again, and he glances towards C'radoc. "Once again, sorry for what I said earlier." And tenatively, glance goes down to Liesana, hoping he didn't mess up too badly after he… Messed up.

Axle chuckles, wrapping an arm casually around her shoulders. The fact that he's more than a little stiff and awkward about it probably isn't overly comforting, but he's trying nonetheless. "Come on, now - you weren't born to dragonriders, were you? Much less Cloudburst dragonriders. I certainly wasn't, anyway." He stops to think, reasoning out what he wants to say. "If time is capable of changing, and Cloudburst goes back, it won't affect either of us. Not that /that's/ overly comforting news for the rest of the Weyr. On the other hand, if time simply remains as it is, then the decision has already been made. If they've already gone back, nothing adverse happened."

Sylara partially turns around to address Axle. "Do you understand this stuff? I am so confused."

Laok's ears burn as he catches Axle's earlier words, and he stoicly attempts to ignore them. Leaning towards Mikailyn he favors her with a small smile, "I be takin notes best I can lassie, we'll be comparin' later to get the best." His notetaking speeds up a very little bit now that he isn't having kittens over his opinion being blared, anonnamyously, over the gathering. Sure it was anonamous but, well, /still/.

Adel aims for the moral high ground of serenity in the face of all these arguments - especially to play counterpart to Pyrene's more volatile reactions. Though it helps when you've heard most of the arguments, or variations thereof, before. Still, the decision on Time is potentially a door to plenty of other arguments; if they lose here, they might still win one of those, and she murmurs something to this effect to R'meld.

C'radoc stands and takes his spot next to the harper lad and places a hand on the boys shoulder and nods at him with a soft smile, comforting look is given saying that everyone makes mistakes and you can only learn by messing up. "Thank you Fasulkad," is said with another nod and a wink to the boy. "I believe now we can all see that no matter what happens there will be ramifications. If we, the oldtimers, don't go back their will be problems, and if we do go their will be problems but known one will know just how bad they are until it happens…" He rehashes for those drudges and other simple minds that couldn't follow the harpers speech. "And now Catia will speak…Catia?" Is said calling the woman up.

Rajanigandha never once appears to object to Axle's proximity. Instead she curls toward him to make the arrangment at least more physically comfortable. She looks a little surprised at his show of affection, but certainly pleased. "But it /could/ affect me Axle," she tilts her head to whisper. "I've built a life for myself here.. how would I fit if it all changed? What would I do if I didn't?" She'd be lost with nowhere really to go. "The Cloudbursts want to go home," she turns her head the other way to smile at Sylara. "That is what we are here to discuss," she waves a hand toward Fasulkad and the speech she is desperately trying to catch.

Liesana seems pleased, even if Fasulkad will be getting a C rather than an A on his performance, and gives a nod like Caesar pronouncing a stay of execution. She mouths a "Wait to be dismissed." to him, and then settles back in her seat, one hand pressed against her chin as he is, and Catia's called.

Sii'kyn twitches as he notes Wyn/M'nty interaction below. See, the thing is about that entire arrangement is that Ike /does/ duel. Successfully. And his best friend's looking far too stressed for him to properly enjoy the politic-struggle-climatic-moment. Grr. His eyes /literally/ brighten as Catia's called to speak, however, and he nestles back in his chair, watching with grey eyes alight. Finally. Someone with sense.

Mikailyn grins at Laok, though she doesn't quit copying. "Sounds like a deal." And then Fasulkad's speech is done, and Miki's copying of it isn't, so she returns her attention to that.

Axle shrugs. "Yeah. He's just trying to make things complicated. Apparently Harper's tactic is to confuse the lot of us so much that nobody knows what to say anymore so that the meeting ends in a perpetual stalemate, therefore 'forcing' Cloudburst to remain in this time until a firm decision is reached." Axle returns, peering around Raja to smile at Sylara as if he was the one that wrote the fabric of the Universe - of /course/ he knows how time travel works. "My dear Raja, if anything changes, you can rest assured that you won't know that anything has changed. As I said, the change may have already been made for all we know. It's nothing worth worrying over."

M'nty watches the proceedings. For Wyn, it should be more of the days where she was thinking straight. M'nty is still of the opinion that C'radoc is clouding her judgement. He still thinks she's essential. But if she's going to be influenced… He'd duel the one she's sleeping with. M'nty watches as the argument ends. And it ended in a manner that relaxed him. That was his position. Of all the problems that the Cloudbursters have caused… It would be more than dangerous for any to try and return.

L'shil comes up the stairs.

Catia starts, and gets to her feet. With a nod to C'radoc, she looks around and speaks calmly. "I was one of the healers here at High Reaches when the plague broke out, and when R'meld went in search of a cure - and Adel went in search of him. I've been asked to speak a little bit about what happened at the Weyr after they left." Her tone is level and non-partisan - but she's sitting with Pyrene, so people can draw their own conclusions on where her sympathies lie.

C'radoc smiles softly as Catia takes her place, he can trust her to at least cover her bias and so he takes his seat and relaxes a bit.

R'meld says nothing back to his Weyrwoman, instead he only nods before shuffling back into place. Another speaker is called forward, and his expression picks up a little, at hearing it is to be Catia. Surly she will talk on their behalf, allowing them to return to their time, but then again, the Weyrleader has learned to trust no one from this time. Even some people from his own have turned out to be traitors, going against their rule. "This is neverending. Can they not get to the point?" R'meld mutters out. Listening to intelligent arguments has never been one of his strong points.

"Sir, you did miss one fact - whatever ramifacations there are to Cloudburst /not/ returning, they've already been dealt with by the present. The effects are simply, nothing changes." Fas pauses, and then shrugs lightly as the floor is handed over to another, and sits down, pausing a few moments, before releasing a deep sigh as quietly as possible, interrupted only by a muted, depressed, "Shard it. That was horrible." Eyes lift slightly to Liesana, and he offers as way of quiet apology, "I give you the option - ban me from the Hall now, or later?"

Rajanigandha still isn't really convinced that it is all nothing to worry over. She doesn't care if she wouldn't /know/ of the change. The fact that it all /could/ change for the worse totally freaked her out. Instead of arguing about it though she simply smiles at Axle. "I hope you're right," she tells him with all honesty. She was in no mood for things to go all wonky on her. They already are as it is!

Pyrene ignores the tension between her Weyrleader and his second. She misses Ike too. Life was easier with him… most likely due to the fact that she and Wyn would actually leave him alone to get on with things by himself from time to time. She watches Catia keenly, since she, for one, isn't actually sure whose side she'll be on.

Catia spares a glance for Fasulkad. "Political ramifications remain if Cloudburst do," she points out, and then continues on her own topic. "Most of the plague deaths had already occurred by the time R'meld left; by the time Adel led the rest of Cloudburst to follow him, only a few more people had died. Within the few days after that, those who were sick began to recover, and there were no more deaths. In short, no cure was ever needed in the first place - correct medication and nursing, and of course quarantine, were enough." The look the middle-aged greenrider shoots towards R'meld fairly shrieks 'idiot', but she doesn't pass any further comment, pausing instead to take a few breaths and consider her next words.

Sii'kyn is glad, however, to be out of the Power Circle. Much more time for annoying Ram by riding runners and making out with his weyrmate, see. Catia's listened to with a most intrigued look, and he snickers - loudly - at the look she shoots R'meld. He doesn't care if people try to see who snickered. He's in the shadows, and that was funny. Ahem.

Wyn would probably have something to say to M'nty, crowds or no crowds, but since his thoughts are only available to the narrators and any stray telepaths, we're all spared that sort of thing. Pointedly ignoring the other two on what's arguably still her side, she leans forward to listen to Catia, attentive to medical details and gently stroking her chin.

"Mmm…So do I." Axle mutters to himself, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand as he turns his attention onto Catia and sighs. That sigh, however, quickly turns into a quiet laugh. "There you have it. Cloudburst was obviously causing the plague - damn them. As soon as they removed their bothersome selves, everybody started getting better. Perhaps we should just send them off to create their own Weyr."

C'radoc is slowly beginning to think that it is a good thing that R'meld left his time, it ment that High Reaches was left with a more competent weyrleader, but he keeps such thoughts to himself. A worried smile is given to Wyn and he whispers softly to her so that no one except those who are purposely listening to the two can hear, "If things don't go well…I need to talk to you after the meeting…"

Laok spares a glance for Catia as he quickly scribbles notes. Catching her expression towards the end of her speech he peeks where her line of sight is directed. He makes a little note in the sidebar of his hide about it and goes back to head bowed, listening mode.

L'shil wanders up the stairs, late and fidgety, and sits in the middle. Because he rather has to, between his da coming back and his weyrmate being who she is. He seems, for once, inclined to be quiet.

Liesana simply fixes Fasulkad with a painfully dry smile and pats him on the shoulder. "Heck no. Your punishment is going to be an additional public speaking class, and becoming my personal attache when I go out to mediate. Learn to do by doing, kiddo." she decrees, before shushing herself and leaning on one elbow.

Self-consciously rubbing the new-ish scar on her face, Catia continues. "I know that R'meld and Adel's motives in coming forward aren't the issue here - the issue is that we have to deal with the result of their journey. However, it's my opinion that whether they stay or return will have no bearing on the outcome of the plague - has /had/ no bearing on its outcome." She shrugs, and her formal language lapses. "I know what I said hasn't been particularly helpful, and it's not my decision in any case. But consider this - if the decision to allow Cloudburst to go back is made and they succeed, it will affect everyone on Pern in some way, whether they live at High Reaches or not. You're deciding for Pern." With another shrug, the dragonhealer retakes her place.

Rajanigandha stretches upward to place a butterly soft kiss upon his cheek before returning exacly as she was. She hadn't moved. Nope.. "That is the best idea I've heard all night," she informs him of her reasoning on his comments. "I'm sure there is /somewhere/ they could go without actually going back." That idea has been strolling about inside her skull all night. "Then things would go back to normal around here. /Without/ changing everything," she whispers.

Adel's lips thin slightly at Catia's words, though there is no rancor in her gaze. She might even agree with the eloquence of Catia's gaze, but for all his faults, R'meld is Her Weyrleader, and she's savvy enough to realise that a united front is stronger than a divided one. She whispers something reassuring to R'meld and makes a point of being seen doing so.

"Shard it. I was almost hoping you'd just kick me out, in a way," Fas offers with the lightest of smiles - and not one that in any way seems indicative of happiness. In silence, depressed Apprentice sits back up, and attempts to once again look at least official, and not show /all/ the depression he's feeling just yet. He'll save all that for the Hall.

M'nty glances in Pyrene's direction. Select words could be used to describe her, as well. A return of sentiments towards him, most likely. There was no reversing it, unfortunately… but that didn't mean M'nty wouldn't try. With both the Weyrwoman and the Second. But now that Catia is just reciting history, he only whispers to Pyrene, "When will we get to speak?" He fixes her with a look. "You are going to keep on your side of the argument, are you not?" Another pause. "Are you going to not cause a scene that will make the weyrfolk vote for Adel." Because that's what he's concerned about.

R'meld clears his throat, choosing that moment to not meet the eyes of anyone and instead look off to a corner of the galleries. So he made a mistake, isn't this punishment enough? Does he really have to be mocked at every turn? A breath is hissed through his teeth and he shuts his eyes. Adel is sent an adoring look, that is quickly masked, but the Weyrleader is nonetheless thankful for his Weyrwoman.

Pyrene's head drops slightly at Catia's last words. That's what she's so afraid of, but she's glad the healer reminded everybody else of it as well. At M'nty's words, her head raises again as she struggles very hard not to throttle him. "This is about more than a popularity contest," she murmurs quietly, her eyes moving to C'radoc. Will the floor be opened now?

Axle nods sagely. "Precisely. Unfortunately, they seem to be of the illusion that this is still their rightful Weyr, so I cannot see them actually agreeing to simply pack their things and head out without a fight. The ones that want to go back will probably try to go back. Given their past mistakes, I would say that the odds of them being stupid enough to kill themselves in the process of trying are high enough that we may have nothing to worry about at all." Then he attempts to return the kiss with a /real/ kiss. If he's going to sit through this, he might as well try to get something out of it now that he keeps getting images of Pyrene and Adel wrestling popping into his head.

C'radoc stands again and moves to Catia patting her on the shoulder, "It was, not to worry." He pauses and lets things settle on people. "If we keep a few things in mind as we discuss things. As Catia pointed out that factually Cloudburst going back has no affect on the outcome of the plague, but will change High Reaches and Pern as we know it…or as you know it, but that this change could be good or bad…And which we won't know until it happens, or will never know if it doesn't…But that if we stay there will likewise be problems, what we have to decide tonight is which is more dangerous." He pauses, "We will now go into question and answers. I will expect things to stay civil." He eyes the crowd, a cool set of eyes setting especially on both sets of weyrleaders. They may be in charge, but he's in charge tonight and no one is going to be getting out of hand, "So if you will raise your hands, and talk one at a time." A eye brow is raised in warning and a nod and a smile go to Donis.

Catia gives C'radoc a cool look at the shoulder pat, but settles back into her seat to frown slightly in thought.

Sii'kyn flags a hand up into the air immediately, standing up in the back. Oh yeah, he wants in on the action. Why else would he be here? Cool, calm, composed - V'der and N'zgul try not to gape as he does stand. Oh, and here everyone thought he wanted to take a low-key note, here? Right. He's been watching slash listening slash steaming.

Donis and his fellow guards nod to C'radoc. They're just ushers really, even if they do all have cudgels tucked into their belts, just in case. No fisticuffs allowed tonight!

As C'radoc moves past her to take the center again, Wyn murmurs an "I'll be in the catacombs." for his ears only, muffled from M'nty and Pyrene's hearing. If she's going to be labeled a traitorous tramp by trying to walk paths too much in the gray areas for Pyrene's sensibilities, she's going to stay her course through to the end.

Michel nods and lifts a hand tentatively. He's a bit apprehensive about speaking to such a group but he's got a question he wants answered. He's right by the entry so he's in the front row, but way off to the side so who knows if he'll be seen.

Adel can wait. She's counting on the impact of well-rehearsed words coolly spoken to counter any hot-headed arguments that come first.

Sylara slowly raises her hand, too. She's really confused. Trying to sort out how she will word her question, she slips her hand into the air.

Rajanigandha places a firm hand upon Axle's chest as he dips his head in attempt to kiss her. "Not here.. and not now," she whispers against his lips with a smile. "It's disrespectful of M'nty," she reminds him of the Weyrleader whom she understands is a friend. "We're here to support him to him you know.." She winks at him but clearly must be removed from these particular premises for any of /that/ to be going on. "We should be quiet lest we distract someone.."

C'radoc nods softly as stuff is going well so far. People are being civil, but he's not about to let his guard down. "Sii'kyn? You had your hand up first."

M'nty doesn't quite agree with Pyrene on that count. "Of course not." He smiles at her in a fashion that says he's humoring her more than anything. "Just don't do anything stupid. We want people to remember our argument, not how we acted while presenting our argument. This is an important decision. We don't want to cloud it with petty arguments." Which includes Wyn and Pyrene's argument against him simply for existing. Pardon M'nty for living. But he also does raise his hand carefully. He will present the clearest argument he can. Nothing hotheaded from him.

Laok shoots a slightly panicked look at Mikailyn and Liesana. Frantic whispering at the other apprentice, "I no be knowin' most of these people! How do I be givin' credit for each question?"

Actually, Pyrene's problem with M'nty is more one of not-existing. Not existing by a few turns more than she'd prefer during such times.

"Just write down the question, and who answered it" Liesana replies absently to Laok. "Minor weyrfolk aren't often of historical significance, even if the questions they ask can be." A bit snobby, perhaps, but archivists haven't got all day, you know.

"Grmph." Comes Axle's disgruntled reply as he meets resistance. M'nty schminty. Still, his being de-nied doesn't stop him from standing, his hands clasping casually behind his back as he clears his throat as if called on. "Ah…Out of curiousity, how do we plan on forcing Cloudburst to stay if they're determined to kill themselves? Unless you plan on jailing the riders or clipping the dragon's wings, it seems that the outcome of this meeting really doesn't matter in the long run."

Mikailyn shrugs, and scribbles to finish up the last of the 'prepared' speech so she'll he quick enough to catch questions. "I don't know know them, either. Can't I just give them a number? Or label it question?"
Mikailyn goes home.

Sii'kyn shifts to the aisle, and down a few steps to make himself a bit clearer, but refuses to go further than that. People can turn to listen, if they so wish. "Aye, I have a few questions," he coolly states. "But I will trim them to one - to goldrider Adel and bronzerider R'meld, specifically." Leaning back on his heels, he composes the question with the way of speech he adopted sometime last turn, accent biting on each syllable but perfectly polite; "If we do vote to send you back, and the consequences of those actions inflict massive 'deaths', per se - how will you sleep at night, knowing that people /have not been born/ because of potentially selfish actions you took?" A serious question despite the tonage: there are ramifications to consider, personal and at large.

C'radoc pauses and nods as the man speaks, "Adel and R'meld the question was directed to you, so you will be the ones to answer." He states this to all gathered, though he's not sure if they will listen or if this will turn to chaos.

Catia gives a little sigh at Sii'kyn's question, glancing up around the galleries and spotting her daughter, brownrider Taesha - someone who probably wouldn't have been born if things hadn't worked out as they did.

Adel turns to R'meld. "I'll answer that, if I may?"

Laok nods and starts furiously scribbling. Then he blinks as he realizes that a good half of his note-taking is in drum code. Whoops. Oh well, he'll translate later. Adel… and R'meld… He readies his pen for the answers of the 'Riders.

Ha! Civil indeed. That'll be the day. "Must we sit here and answer each, individual question? Can we not get to the point of this whole matter?" Not that he wants an answer to be decided on, but the waiting does have a tendency to gnaw on ones nerves. Jerking his head in a rough nod, R'meld flicks his hand forward and allows Adel to tackle that question.
Pyrene starts at Ike's question, and then a smile slowly spreads across her face. "True. You /know/ what the state of the current time is. Do you really want to discover over the turns that you've prevented people and dragons from existing?" Oh, she likes /this/ question. Yet again, she misses having Ike as Weyrleader.

Tatia comes up the stairs.

Rajanigandha isn't about to rise and voice a word of anything at this particular moment. She appears surprised when Axle rises to ask his rather badly worded query. Watching as several others rise to state their respective questions, Raja mutely takes it all in. She knows full well she wasn't /born/ to the Weyr. The actual decisions here were not really hers to make and she realizes it. Still she is here to get the verdict first hand.

C'radoc sneers softly at R'meld, "Yes R'meld, we must, and why? Because this meeting is for those who's lives will be affected, or no longer exist to choose what will happen, so if you don't mind humor us." The sarcasism runs deep and pronounced, though he does hold himself to only that. He turns his attention to Adel, who at least he respects for having more brains than her weyrleader.

Sylara considers this. People and dragons not born? That is not a good outcome. If that's the bottom line of this, they /'need/ to stay.

And as the positions of her allies turn to the reliance on fear tactics that she'd predicted earlier, Wyn parts with a very slight and very sour smile of vindication. And by doing so, refrains from any hissed 'I told you so's. Being pinned squarely on the fence by one's sense of duty is no fun at all. She leans forward a little more, waiting to see whether Adel will choose reason or tirade.

Axle's brows knit at being drowned out - something he's obviously not used to. All the same, he rolls his eyes as he seats himself once more. "Bloody idiots. There could already be people that weren't born if they want that arguement to stand. Who's to say Cloudburst won't return to their own time and have kids in the space between now and then, hm?"

Quietly, Harper's eyes close as the first of the questions is asked, and Fas leans back to lean towards Laok, whispering, "I'm sorry, by the way. I didn't know if you'd want credit or not." And yet, a quiet smile is offered, and then turns forward again, tapping his hand on the table, firmly, but quietly, in aggitation.

Rajanigandha shrugs her shoulders as Axle retakes his seat. "We have nothing saying they arrived I don't think," she isn't entirely clear on the whole subject. It all does get confusing after a very short time. She smiles over at Sylara to see how she's holding up during the baffleing tirade's.

Sylara looks back at Axle. "So, there could be people that were supposed to be here but aren't, because of their actions?" This confuses things again.

Michel goes home.

M'nty glances at Pyrene's expression after Sii'kyn speaks and practically walks out right there. Only his stubborn personality keeps him in the galleries. They were going about this all wrong. M'nty's opinion that he was the only sane one out of the weyrleadership of either time solidifies. He speaks up, though. You do realize that whatever is decided has already happened if we decide to send them back, right?" A Pause. "And since we -know- they never made it back…" The past just speaks for his argument. Cloudburst must stay because they already have.

The nanny's face shows confusion. Sylara hasn't ever considered matters like this and she's supoosed to help decide their fate?

Adel nods briefly, first to R'meld then to Sii'kyn, though she addresses her answer to the Weyr, pitching her voice to be heard above the general clamouring. "I cannot pretend to understand all of the nuances of either course of action - and no one can, for the reasons that Fasulkad mentioned earlier." She lifts her chin. "But as I understand it, if we Time It in response to an action, that action must still have taken place in order to create the response. Therefore, if we remember you, and this meeting, then you still exist, regardless of our actions. Since we have to have interacted with all of you in order to have taken the decision to return, it is therefore impossible for our actions to change the existence of anybody." She pauses briefly. "What concerns me is that there is no record in the Now of our return, and if we did return, and remained in our roles, there would have been. Personally? I want to go back. We are out of our time, and it is only right that we return to our own lives. However, if we are forced to stay, then there is a further issue to be debated, and that has its own ramifications for all those present."

C'radoc crosses his arms, he doesn't think that answered the question at all, a very political answer and he gives her credit for that. "Who next?" He looks around for raised hands.

"Precisely. For all anyone knows, R'meld and Adel could go back in time and give birth to the little girl that was destined to be the next senior werywoman of High Reaches. For the 'deaths' that would be caused by Nuff's dragon never clutching on these sands, there would be many more lives created by Adel's dragon clutching. It's not about who's going to die, it's about which reality you prefer. And as nobody on Pern has the exact same idea of what the perfect sort of life is, they're never going to agree." His tone tainted with scorn, Axle folds his arms across his chest, looking hard at Raja.

Sylara's hand has slipped down during the discussion, and she doesn't re-raise it. Yet.

Sii'kyn is close enough to hear Axle's statements, and his eyes narrow slightly. Wyn's expression isn't seen, but he hears Pyrene clearly enough, goatee'd chin lifting slightly at the backing of /his/ weyrwoman; all the while, he waits for the reply of her rival. M'nty, however, is stared down /coolly/. "I would not advise you of taking such idiotic and non-viable positions such as that, Weyrleader, /sir/. Being completely certain that you have the only position and relying on such a.. mutable concept as Time passed is not a smart tactic." Gaze snaps back to Adel, and he measures the goldrider slightly, before smiling oh-so-lightly and inclining his head. Murmured, "Nice spin; she'll rule Pern yet," is muttered beneath his breath, before he returns to his seat, apparently satisfied with whatever he delved from that.

Laok leans forward, pausing in his note-taking once he's finished with Adel's speech. He puts his head close to Fasulkad's and hisses in his ear, "Shards man, look at the stir my opinion brought, of /course/ I no be wantin' credit for /that/" he chuckles softly as he makes another note in the margin about mannerisms and expressions, "Ye be doin' far better than I be Fas." A quick pat on the shoulder then it's back to furious note-taking.

"How can you expect this time to remain unchanged if you think you can go back?" Pyrene snaps, blissfully unaware of the reason for M'nty's fury. "For a start, if you return then Tiareth won't transfer. By this time, half the dragons in the Weyr must be descended from her!" Including Cadgwith. And Vorkoroth and Minoyath, for that matter. Cadgwith snorts from the Sands, not quite understanding the full ramifications of the situation but not liking anything that might disturb the existence of her eggs. "And when it comes down to it, it was /you/, all of you, who chose to come, however noble your intentions were. If anybody should take the fallout from time being messed around, it's you."

Rajanigandha doesn't argue Axle's point. "I don't think we'll ever really come to a conclusion," she agrees with him a bit. "I don't really feel I have an actual voice in the proceedings." Hence why her opinion has thus far been kept firmly in her seat. She isn't about to go yelling out her side of things. In truth she didn't really need to be here. She mostly wanted to know what goes on.

Axle raises his left hand after a moment, quietly waiting to be called on this time, like a good boy. Or at least a bad one pretending to be good, anyway. "Please. If we aren't going to arrive at a conclusion you might as well drop your two marks in. It won't hurt anything."

Sylara remembers her question, and re-raises her hand.

Wyn just remains quiet for the most part. The knot is off her shoulder now, but more to allow her to play with it than to toss it down or do something likewise foolish. "Is this actually going to accomplish anything?" she wonders to no-one in particular. "Besides show off who can play political games the more smoothly, and who's going to foam at the mouth? No-one's mind is changed, we ought to just shut up and vote about it. Cloudburst are outnumbered anyways."

Catia acknowledges Wyn with a small sigh and a nod of her head. "It's all so tangled, the time issues, that it's hard to know what the right answer can possibly be," she comments softly to the Weyrsecond.

Rajanigandha chuckles softly and shakes her head. "It won't help anything either. I'd mostly likely confuse things more with questions that need not really be asked." She doesn't try to discourage Axle's involvement at all. "Perahps you should mention moving them," she tells him with a smile. It had been his idea after all. She need not really voice her own opinion if he did it for her. Hence relieving her of possibly upsetting the balance carefully woven into her business. If she was unliked her clients may well find someone else to style their hair.

M'nty just gazes at Sii'kyn with a return of the cool expression. If possible, it was cooler. "Your idea of Time is something that changes. I am a firm believer that the Past cannot change whatever we decide. It's a matter of opinion. And this matter might kill people. I'm more concerned that the Cloudbursters will -die- if we send them back." It's the survial of -real- people he's concerned with. Not the hypothetical imaginary people that Sii'kyn, Pyrene, and Wyn seem certain exist somewhere. M'nty has calmed down completely. He's more just sad that Pyrene isn't thinking in a logical fashion. Poor poor people. So confused.

C'radoc at this point refuses to let his opinion go quietly. "Adel, my weyrleader, as you are, but I believe we are guests here and must do as our hosts wish…" He nods to Pyrene, now does everyone see as he stands? "Don't you see that we don't return! If we returned it would be documented…Their would be records of it!" He throws his hands up, "And why would we go back? Why?! The weyr is saved. Look around! It survived! No thanks to you and weyrleader brainiac." He furious, and unlike he meant to he has let himself go. So much for unbiased meeting leader, but he wants this time to know he's with them anyway. "You're not thinking of Pern! You're being selfish…" Like he is one to talk, but he's right none the less. "You were wrong and you just don't want to admit it…" He waggles a finger at them. Pauses regains his composure with a long sigh. An apologetic look is shot to Wyn, Pyrene and M'nty. "Axel…" he says in a softer tone, "I belive you had your hand up…"

"How?" Adel focuses her attention on Pyrene after a pointed glance toward C'radoc. If he doesn't inject some order into these proceedings, there might be plenty of spleen-venting but little decision-making. "Everything we know about what is and isn't possible when Timing It says that we cannot undo anything that we already know about." But she can't resist the opportunity to needle Pyrene. "Or don't your Weyrlingmasters explain those things to riders in this day and age?"

R'meld decides to just ignore C'radoc, doing nothing more then drawing his eyebrows together as the other bronzerider speaks. Proudly, he watches and nods his head along with everything Adel says. The answer got a good reaction from the crowd, and that truly is all that matters. "Asking questions is pointless, and who are we to answer questions about time and space that most of us couldn't understand if we tried?" He bellows, riasing to his feet. "This gets us nowhere. We are simply going in a circle, over and over, and that's all that has been going on since we," He indicates himself, Adel, and his wing. "first landed here. We came for aid, you did not give it, and as it seems, was not needed. Now we only want /some/ kind of conclusion." Actually, he only wants his conclusion, but that won't be voiced just yet.

Laok takes note of Timing issues with great interest. He, as a wanderer with little education, had only known that it was possible, not any of the /rules/ governing this apparently touchy subject.

Axle just keeps his hand up, his other hand rubbing at his temple distractedly as he listens to Raja. "I would, but I'd rather not be strangled by one of the Cloudburst."

Adel whirls to face C'radoc and his mutinous remarks. "Enough, C'radoc!" she snaps, biting the words and gesturing toward the Harpers for some support. "You are chairing this meeting, not participating in the debate. If you can't maintain your composure, and keep your ridiculous comments to yourself, then step down and let someone else take over." Her gaze lingers on him for a long, long moment. She's finally marked the traitor, oh yes she has.

Axle stands - clears his throat - and basically goes through the same routine that he did before. "Because we don't really know how time works, it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen. In one scenario, they can go back successfully. They would have kids. Adel's dragon would produce a number of eggs similar to what Nuff's dragon produced. The number of lives would be very nearly the same - but they wouldn't be the same lives. The same people wouldn't impress. In effect, not only are Pyrene and M'nty and the others here arguing for the safety of their Weyr, they're arguing for the state of their own lives, and the very existance of their dragons. So you must give them due credit for being rather stubborn about this whole 'going back' thing." Taking a breath, he pauses a moment. "On the other hand, they succeed and nothing happens, or they die and nothing happens. Either way, there are no lives lost - just lives exchanged, which means that neither side can be right. However, as we can see that nothing terrible is happening in this particular reality, it seems like it would be a good idea to stick with it, regardless of the political ramifications. What we've got now is working. Political problems can eventually be ironed out. Having a screwed up reality can't be fixed quite so easily."

"Huh, he doesn't know much about politics," comes a random comment from someone in the galleries.

C'radoc blinks at Adel and shakes his head, "You are right I am chairing this meeting, and the rules are you aren't to speak unless you are called upon…" An eyebrow is rasied. "Am I right weyrleader Pyrene…?" He looks over at her, "That I have the power to ask people to be quiet, even weyrleader Adel?"

Pyrene glares at her oldtime counterpart. "And how do we prove that? How can we be sure we've not undone something we once knew about. It's all very well to be so self-assured in your position Adel, but forgive me if I won't gamble my dragon and half the Weyr on what we 'know'." Hearing Axle's words, she does something she didn't expect she'd ever do: turn an approving smile on the lad.

Axle turns his head to scowl at random-comment man. "I'd rather listen to these guys arguing than be dying from some hidious illness that might have cropped up in the reality in which Cloudburst successfully returned."

Sylara scowls at Axle. "Shells. You took my question."

Rajanigandha blinks up at Axle and actually feels proud. He'd said something that made sense and wasn't incredabily offensive! Remarkable. The problems with the Cloudbursts could be worked out in /this/ time. Somehow.. Anyway they must. Raja chuckles softly at Sylara's exclamation.

"The point," Adel reiterates with poor patience in response to Axle's comments, quite ignoring C'radoc's threats, "is that nobody's life is at any sort of risk. Our dragons are not capable of 'switching realities' one for another." She turns toward Pyrene. "Think on it. Has anyone ever been able to Time It back to keep any rider from Threadscore? Go back and warn them of the danger? Tell them not to fly? Fly different? Of course not. It just isn't possible."

Tatia has been sitting, remarkably, quietly in the back of the group, watching the goings-on with a rather permenant frown, but surprisingly few muttered outbursts. Thinking, you see. At an open opportunity, though, the former wingleader's hand shoots into the air. For such a short little thing, she's remarkably noticeable. Something about the way she manages to intimidate most of those around her.

C'radoc is about to call everyone to quiet when he see Tatia's hand in the back. He stops and smiles at the girl, "You!" He points to the girl, "You have a question ma'am…Please go ahead."

"Oh, really?" Pyrene is all sarcasm. "And how would we know if somebody had tried and succeeded, thereby changing all memories of the event? I'm well aware that I can speak only hypothetically; the point is, you should be aware that you do likewise."

The girl? Tatia? Come now. She may be short, but she's hardly a /girl/. Tatia waits for Pyrene to falls silent, and then clears her throat, speaking loudly - and she's got turns of practice on this one. "Has anyone bothered to think about what the /shards/ we're going to do with the m.. with this wing if they /do/ stay here?" See how neatly she stopped herself from name-calling in the middle of a public meeting?

Hand creeps up from the table to press against Fas' face as he sighs and shakes his head. "Guess I /really/ did worse thank I thought," he admits in a whisper for the Harper's huddle only, pausing to swallow, an act he finds harder to do than usual from the dryness in his throat as he makes a motion towards Adel, "If she can make nonesense of what I said so easily… At least the other caught on," he adds with a second nod towards Pyrene.

Axle seats himself with a rather large sigh of relief, leaning against Raja for support as he gathers his thoughts. "Do you have any idea," he murmers, "How difficult it was to behave myself just then?"

"No, Fas," Liesana reassures, patting his shoulder again. "You didn't come here to change their minds. Look at them all, they've already got them made up, and they've had them that way for a while. We're here to be part of the show, and to educate the weyrfolk about what their leaders have been up to. You've done your job."

Laok squeazes Fas's shoulder, a smile for him on his lips though his eyes are focused solely on the hide he's been working on. "'Tis in better hands than ours now, be easy Fas."

Rajanigandha cuddles happily with Axle, her hand slipping 'round to rub his back supportively. "You have no idea how hot that was though," she informs him with a knowing smirk. "Well worth the pain I promise." She stretches to peek over Axle's shoulder at Tatia states her question. Her silent opinion is to send them somewhere in the Southern lands. She keeps her own counsel as she scans the crowd waiting on anyone to come up with /some/ viable thing for these 'rider's to do. They simply /couldn't/ go back.. it was far too risky a prospect to really consider.

Adel has degenerated into squabbling back and forth with Pyrene. "We know because riders *die*," she snaps. "If it was possible, whether we remembered or not, we'd never have any deaths."

"I guess I'd just feel better about it if /that/ one would use the facts, and not the fictions," Fas says quietly again, but nodding gratefully for the support of the other two Harpers. "I know I wasn't supposed to change minds. But I was supposed to provide the facts. And I was supposed to make them useable, not /malleable/ to whatever interpritation one could hope to drum up…"

As far as Axle is concerned, they need to see if Adel weighs as much as a duck, and then burn her. All the same, that sort of answer would probably ruin his chances of getting a decent massage, so he keeps quiet, his eyes narrowed in anticipation of the answer to Tatia's question. "It better have been. I didn't see any of their faces. Faranth knows I'll probably have both sides spitting on me tomorrow."

M'nty nods at Tatia and stands to answer her question. "We have already discussed this, being that we must be ready for every contingency. The answer to what we shall do with the Cloudburster's wing is simple." M'nty smiles slightly wryly at Pyrene. He hopes she's happy. "We would integrate entire wing into seperate wings. Adel and R'meld included, although they would have duties as befits their former rank and their current status." M'nty nods his head decisively. "It would not be a problem." M'nty would make it not a problem.

Tatia has oh-so-many words to say about that - including how stupid it is to make such a decision without consulting the wingleaders and how it most certainly /will/ be a problem - but she instead glances toward Pyrene and Wyn, makes a few mental notes, gives M'nty an unreadable look, and settles back into her seat. Now that can't be good.

"You're a queenrider… have you noticed that it would be particularly easy to time back to the heat of threadfall to safely warn another? Such deaths cannot count as proof!" Pyrene straightens, standing tall next to M'nty at his words, but she remains looking at Adel in a way that suggests she won't enjoy having that one under her in Esprit.

Sii'kyn applauds Tatia's look to M'nty. V'der passes plain out.

"FORMER rank?" Adel shoots M'nty a venomous gaze and tries to maintain her composure. "I didn't die, and I didn't retire. There's nothing 'former' about my rank in our day or in this one." And that's no doubt set the dragon amongst the wherries.

"I think she was impressed," Raja tells Axle in effort to reassure her opinion of his attempt at being good. Her finger points past the rows seperating them to center upon Pyrene for a moment. The convorsations going on all around her serve to distract her quite nicely. Her quintly cuddled position against Axle assures him he is working up to a nice massage indeed.

C'radoc decides that this would probably be a good time to halt the debate until it devolves into what Axle has been wanting to see all along. "Ah, if we can vote on it then," he calls, raising his voice over the hubbub and silencing it. "All in favour of Cloudburst returning to their own time, say 'Aye'."

Adel's "Aye" is loud.

Pyrene presses her lips firmly closed.

Sii'kyn has shut up. There is no aye. Well, duh.

Laok redoubles his scribbling, dully noting down each Aye as it is voiced and, when he can, giving each voice a name.

Axle snorts, trying to keep himself from smirking as he watches the continued bickering halted rather abruptly by C'radoc's call for a vote. "In case you're still confused, Sylara, just don't say anything." he mutters just loud enough for her to hear.

"I think not!" R'meld yells out, no longer being quiet. "I am not about to lose my rank, even more so not to a child of a Weyrleader like you! You're barely out of weyrling stage as it is!" He snarls, clenching his fists shut . "Aye! A thousand times 'Aye'!"

"He's got a point," Tatia comments snidely to her companion, in response to R'meld's outburts, before pressing her lips tightly shut.

Wyn looks sorely tempted to voice her own opinions. Her lips part, and she looks about ready to speak, before a glance down at the knot in her hand as she fidgets with it, and she holds her tongue. Bloody unity.

Rajanigandha bites her lower lip and worries it with her teeth as she silently counts the distinct sound of the approvals echo above the silence. There will be nothing heard from her.

C'radoc nods, listening as some of his wing (and a few not) make their voices heard. "And all against," he calls out now, adding with his own conviction: "Nay!"

Sii'kyn abruptly glares at R'meld. Okay, forget anything said prior. There might be a serious honor-feud going on, given half a moment and a badly-said word from R'meld. Ike has no problems with bloodshed… even if it would mean he'd have to back the child-weyrleader. "-Nay-!" he hollers at the very top of formidable lungs.

Pyrene is still standing, and this posture lets her make full use of her breath. "Nay!"

Sylara's voice perks up. "Nay. I think they should stay."

"Nay." Axle intones loud enough for himself to be heard despite the fact that his voice is unmistakably bored.

Tatia is firm, if not entirely happy, as she adds her own "Nay" to the crowd.

M'nty watchs R'meld cooly. "If I've not abandoned my weyr, I've done more than you have." But no Aye from M'nty's quarter. "I am much too young for this job. But I am doing the best I can." His voice is solid and his back is ramrod straight. He looks to C'radoc. "Nay. The must stay. For their lives."

Chyessamyne, though she hasn't said a word the entire time, adds her own firm answer: "Nay."

Rajanigandha considers it for a few moments before actually adding her voice to the fray. Unmistakable once she voices her opinion.. "Nay," is stated loudly enough to echo.

Wyn remains quite silent, arms folded across her chest, and her knot back on her shoulder. She abstains. And may the runner droppings fall as they will.

L'shil gulps. "Nay," he calls out, eventually. Even though he will have to explain to his kids that their granda's younger than their uncle and it'll be easier if they just ask him which way he wants to be treated.

And the messenger Racee, previously silent through the goingson, lifts he voice to the chorus. "Nay!" Clearly enough to be heard, a stoic soprano.

Whoever else may notice that abstention, C'radoc does, and he sends her a look of perhaps apology, before turning to the assembled. "I think we can all safely agree that the nays have it," he says barely loud enough to be heard at the back. "Cloudburst will stay." And his shoulders slump in relief.

Pyrene presses her eyes shut and clutches at M'nty in her relief. Cadgwith is more vocal in her reaction, bugling triumphantly to the metaphorical rafters.

Sylara looks over at the Cloudburst riders, wondering what they will do. It's hard to live in a time where you really aren't wanted.

Laok takes note of the abstain as well as all the nays and finishes with a relieved, Cloudburst…. will…. stay, period.

Sii'kyn lets out a hoot, and a definative, "Long live Weyrwoman Pyrene!" Yes, he's going for a mob-like mentality. Bloodshed, remember? Hack.

R'meld's face turns pale as the chorus of 'nays' echo around him. "You… you all cannot actually make us stay! This is unfair!" A nasty look is sent to M'nty, the Weyrleader narrowing his eyes. "You may think to keep us here, but I, for one, will not give up my knot without a fight. You may be able to take our free choice from us, but you will never take our rank or our pride!"

"Long live Pyrene /and/ M'nty!" Axle roars in return, just to tick Sii'kyn off.

Adel's teeth clench as the verdict is read out. She waits for the catcalls to cease before noting, loud enough for all to hear, "If we stay, then I remain the Senior Weyrwoman, and R'meld our Weyrleader until Ulrinath next rises." Her tone brooks no argument.

"Or possibly intellegent leadership," Tatia notes a bit louder than is perhaps wise as Axle roars. She remains in her seat, arms crossef firmly across her chest as she watches the goings-on with an increasingly deep frown.

Sylara looks back at Axle. She shakes her head, as she realizes he's a reactionary.

"And Weyrsecond Wyn may live longer than 'em all!" Ike roars in reply to Axle, lifting a fist. C'mon, wuss-boy. Bring it on.

Rajanigandha giggles at Axle's outburst and beams her agreement. She isn't much for voicing her actual opinions at this current time. But she clearly supports his statement.

"OKAY!" Axle yells back. He doesn't know Wyn, actually, aside from that one time he saw her in the baths.

Wyn suddenly grins at that, snapped out of her political funk to deliver the exceedingly rare expression to the shadows from whence the voice of Ike doth emanate.

Bolstered by the unexpected support of her Weyr, Pyrene simply shakes her head at Adel with an irritating smile. "Retired Weyrwoman is a rank we'll allow you." She waves at the cheering galleries. "If you really think you can get them to follow you, by all means lead. But while they want me, I will be there for them!" She always did fancy herself a harper heroine.

Laok notes down a couple more things before looking towards Liesana. "Ye still be wantin' me to be recordin' Master Liesana?" He asks quietly as he leans toward her.

"Dragons choose. Not weyrfolk," Adel reminds her opponent, grittily.

M'nty smiles at Pyrene, and nods. He's not so much relieved as reassured that the weyr will not willing commit murder. He just watches R'meld. "Bronzerider. I respect you. But you cannont expect that you can usurp the current weyrleadership. You came begging for help. To quote, 'Beggars cannot be choosers.'" M'nty did not react to the shouts. He was going to do what he had to do until they accepted him. Shardit.

Tatia's gaze sharpens and narrows on Sii'kyn, and with very little movement, she's at the former Weyrleader's side, hissing in his ear. "Do /not/ turn this into something it doesn't have to be. For once in your life, keep your ridiculous ego in check and think of the weyr. Needling them right now isn't a terribly good idea." Oh yeah. Tat lecturing Ike. /That's/ going to go over well.

"No, you can just take down the more interesting bits if you want. I think it's all dissolved into chaos and congratulations and backstabbing politics now," is Liesana's rather unimpressed directive to her apprentices.

Rajanigandha she doesn't comment on his second outburst. Instead she turns to grin at him. "How long are we supposed to hang around after we know the verdict? Will they dismiss us somehow?" Apparently she expects Axle to know.. she was raised in a minor cothold that /never/ saw this many people in one place. Her radiant smile clearly show her relief. "I could use a glass of wine I think."

"You're right. They do," Pyrene replies, still smiling. She knows and Adel should know that the majority of dragons will accept Cadgwith as their Senior queen. "I'll see you for wing-drills, Adel," Pyrene murmurs, unable to resist the petty jab before she goes down the stairs to her dragon.

Laok nods and relaxes, straightening his back with a couple of pops and flexing his long fingers, cramped from quick scribbling.

Sii'kyn smirks at Tatia. "Tat, darlin', love, /sweetheart/. There's nothing I want more right now than for it to escalate so as I can get R'meld riled up to the point that he disgraces himself farther than M'nty still, so there is no question of who's running this weyr." Though it doesn't look like it's going to be happening. Sigh. That sucks.

Voting finished, and decision announced, Fas stands up all but immediately, and turns to look down at the other Harpers, before he turns back to look at the assembled, and shakes his head as he listens to the arguements, back and forth. "This is…" Hand moves to cover his mouth, and he shakes his head as slowly sits back down, and head doesn't stop shaking for a few long moments. By that time, he merely lifts his head, and asks, "Is there any klah in here anywhere…?"

Sylara looks over at Raja. "I don't know, but that /is/ a good question. I'm getting tired."

Chyessamyne smiles quietly to herself, then gets up and heads out.
Chyessamyne goes out.

"And in the doing of it, risk a full-scale riot and the deaths of riders, riders with /dragons/ that this weyr can use, moronic time travelers or no? He won't be the only one disgracing himself." Tatia's words are hard, and for the moment, she overlooks the patronizing endearments.
L'shil trundles down the stairs and off towards home, pensive.

"To between with them all," R'meld spats out. "I did not beg, you insolent whelp. I asked, and I was ignored." To a point. "We've been 'riding while you were still in diapers. If you can't learn respect for someone who can contrl their own Weyr, then you should at least have some respect for those who are older and wiser then you." Snapping a look to Adel, the Weyrleader favors her with a nod before turning on his heel and walking out of the galleries. He got the last word, but this whole ordeal was far from over.

"I could use several glasses of wine and a shag." Axle returns, stretching as he finally sits up straight, shaking himself as he looks between Sylara and Raja. "Either of you willing to put some marks on those two trying to go back anyway and killing themselves? I'll put five on that and two on them trying to organize a coup."

Sylara doesn't have many marks for betting. She shakes her head no. "Sorry, Axle. I don't know what they'll do.

Leaving Adel to fume impotently in her wake, and she's reduced to addressing herself to Pyrene's dragon. "If you think we'll bow-head to you and Yours, Cadgwith, you're both very much mistaken." Ulrinath underscores her rider's remarks with a distant bugling of her own. With that, she follows R'meld out. She could use some fresh air after the stink of all this politicking.

Laok shoots a conspirational look at Fasulkad, "I be thinkin' that everybody be needin' a bit to unwind, ourselves included, and especially you." He pitches his voice to be audiable, but not commanding.

Rajanigandha isn't a whit tired as she turns her head to grin at Sylara. Indeed the celebration has only just begun.. "All this talk wear you out did it?" She smiles understandingly for a few moments before she spins 'round to eye Axle curiously. "I'm not betting my hard earned marks away," she informs him with a negative shake of her head. She says nothing of his want of a shag as she rises and collects her things. "I assume you know where to find the wine?" She turns to grin up at Axle sweetly.

Sii'kyn snorts at Tat. "It didn't work, after all, an' we're too civilized a weyr for riots," he points out, as the meeting pretty much dissolves. And R'meld walks out. Sigh. He narrows his eyes on Adel, then, and comments aside to the greenrider, "We'll have to look out for that one." Yes, his tone is no less than worried.

"We're bloody made for riots," Tatia contradicts with a sharp look before she nods, glancing away toward both exiting oldtimers. "We've made them angry - and rightly so. M'nty needs a few lessons in respect. He's too headstrong and ignorant for his own good - or ours. They wouldn't be happy with the decision no matter how it was made, but there was no need to add insult to injury." Yes. Tatia. Lecturing on respect.

M'nty just stares at R'meld's leaving back. "And I am not an insolent whelp. I'm a whelp who's just trying to do his job." M'nty shakes his head. "Do not blame me for your own faults." And so M'nty's left standing alone, a rather sad look on his face.

Axle nods, standing with a light groan. "Hm. Shall we, then?" Already turning to head out, he keeps his eyes on the bits of discussion still going on below, warily filing away the snatches of conversation that he manages to hear as he moves out, gesturing for them to follow. "M'nty, you're always welcome to come get drunk with us. You look as if you could use it."

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