Cleaning the Hatching Sands

26th August 2002
Logged by Pyrene

Asteroid & Mudslide TP
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Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Cadgwith is here.
Sii'kyn and Siannen are here.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that she froths and lathers briskly. « Time to clean. » Again. There's a pause as she considers this, lacing her invitation with Sands' heat instead of wintry snows. « The Hatching Sands need to be cleaned. »

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Catiminith chimes sleepily at the Great Looming One, flicking cloud-silver: » Why? It is not spring yet. «

Pyrene is wearing boots. Nice, big, hefty up-to-her-thighs-and-then-some boots. Above her, Cadge squats in the mud, nosing through in faint sadness. There was sand under here once. She /remembers/. "At least it's /warm/ mud," Pyrene consoles herself more than her dragon. "And it'll be done before the next clutch."

Larnat moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that she throws images of mud at Catiminith, squelching briskly over the blue. « We are not laying eggs in mud. » Chances are that a gold won't clutch before the spring anyway, but that's not the point.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Sidramuntalath twines out a braid of smoke and ash, reddened starfire streaking the link. « I sent my rider, » he growl-rumbles, the decadent heat of his tone wafting. « I would just get in the way. » A flashed image of his canvas-wrapped wing, along with a heady feeling of annoyance and groundsickness, is shot through the mindlink, before the brown once more succombs to slumber.

Ashli moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Catiminith's sense of duty prevails; his mind retreats to wake his rider, though a warning is offered: » I am not responsible for Sora's attitude when she gets there. «

Ashli boings in animatedly, gazing around curiously before spying Larnat and boinging over towards her with a bright wave, "Hullo!" is chirped, and a wave is bestowed on the others at the Sands. Draggieth is, as usual, swinging from a tightly clenched fist, and something looks different about the girl…is it the black eye? The scratches down her arms? The bruises decorating her cheek? Well…at least she gave as good as she got…

Here comes Ike. Limpslosh, limpslosh, limpslosh. His heavily waterproof showboots - thought by some to have been given away when he realised that he wouldn't ride another runner to show, most likely - are the only boots that can weather the tough muck. "Naaah, evacuating the bowl and sandbagging when this flood came 'bout ain't enough - they gotta haul me out here to shovel this sledge outta the Sands." Sii'kyn mutters, obviously in a foul disposition.

A few luckless drudges are here with wheelbarrows and shovels, gloomily repeating the process that has so occupied the weyr for the past month: get the mud OUT. Anybody who looks strong enough gets a spare shovel at them; those slighter of build are given scrubbing brushes. No rest for the wicked, and that covers just about all weyrfolk.

Sora moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Larnat brought boots. And wheelbarrows - but the boots are her stand-out feature of the day. Big, hulking, mud-resistant things. The wheelbarrow she's struggling to haul along, piled with brushes, is background material. Grrph. "'Lo. Brought wheelbarrows. One of the drudges kinda shoved it on me." Scrub brushes included.

Sora drops Amerana.

Siannen finally got wise, and traded in black from brown - mud shows less, though the miniature nanny is equipped much as Pyrene is.. minus the dragon, that is. Hey, when you're four-foot-seven, it's easy to find boots that go up to your thighs. Well. In theory. Who knows what it actually took, in practice. Sii' is trudged towards, mild affection coloring her tone as she greets, "You, and everyone else. Quit griping, Ike." At least -you're- not the one pregnant.

Enceladus moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Cadgwith uses her nose as a mudplow, driving a wall of mud before her (Gangway!) as she tries to find some Sand beneath. Raising her head, she shakes the mud from it vigourously, liberally splattering those within range. No apology is received by them, merely a cheery get-to-work glance. She's directing, don't y'know?

Sora is loud and sleepy, and so strolls out on the sands with a shrill: "Pyreeeeeeeeene!" Bluerider stomps, baby on hip, in the vague direction of all those people, nose wrinkling at the /mess/. "Py, do you really need me here or was Cati just lying?" Speaking of which, she turns and glares at the blue. "Cat, get your sorry self down here."

Catiminith spirals down from above, battered by thermals.

Sii'kyn eyes Siannen, and heaves off a sigh. "Okay." Whoa. Did he actually consent to stop griping? When did Rukbat start orbiting the Red Star? He cringes - yep, Ike actually cringes - at Sora's shrill yell. "Okay, we're going /away/ from them.." He accepts the shovel, and starts obediantly shoveling the mud into a wheelbarrow.

Pyrene is taking no responsibility. "Cadge needed you here, Sora," she tells the bluerider. "Go argue with her." Hah. Meanwhile, Pyrene is working a shovel to fairly useless effect. "Eh. I think we might be best scrubbing at the lower tiers of the galleries," she tells Siannen and Larnat, and anybody else who's small and close. "Leave the muscle work to those used to firestone tossing."

Enceladus stands hesitantly at the entrance to the sands, silently watching people clean up for a few moments. With a deep breath, he takes a forced first step into the area. "I heard we're cleaning up," he starts in nearly a mumble. "I'd like to help, if there's anything someone wants me to do?"

Larnat hefts a scrub brush, being small and close, and waves to Ashli as cheerily as she can, with mud streaking all over her clothes and face. "All right. Scrubbing the tiers of the galleries," is said with a precise little nod towards Pyrene. So, Larnat starts lifting the heavy boots up and down. Making her way over. "Good. I've got very little muscle." Somewhat spindly arms being proof of that.

Sii'kyn growls at the mud. Yeah, he actually growls at the mud. Shocking. "You know, this is insanity," he grumbles to himself, though he shuts up as he eyes about for Siannen. Oooh. Once she /leaves/, he can wander over to V'der and have a brownrider-grumbling sesson. He eavesdrops on Pyrene, sighing. Times like this, he wishes he wasn't as vaguely strong as he is. But - dragonriding requires muscles. Lots of them.

Ashli blinks over at Larnat, and glances down at her own boots. Oooh, ahh, oooh, ahh…it looks as if her boots are attempting to overtake her. Going up past her knees, she clomps about in them ungracefully…though, she still seems to be able to boing. She blinks over at the gold, the mud, and nimbly darts away as a glob comes shooting by. Squeak! She bounces over closer to Larnat, "Can I scrub too!?"

Cadgwith creels imperatively at Catiminith, waving her head. He can play mudplough too. The two of them will have to make paths for the wheelbarrows so they can ferry mud out and to wherever it's going to. She isn't interested in the details, but she does know exactly which spot of the Sands she wants clean. And nicely raked afterwards, don't forget. She proceeds to nudge her own road through two feet of mud, firstlidding her eyes as the sludge oozes up her nose.

Siannen flourishes her scrubby-brush-thing, hollering a hello to Sora before chuckling at Ike's commentary. "Aww. It's only Sora, after all.. " She stood with the girl, you know. And Amerana's the triplets' half-sister, too. Pyrene is eyed, and the little nanny frowns slightly. "Hey, I've got muscle - or has it been so long since you were a nanny that you've forgotten, eh?" 'Sides. She can always push the wheelbarrow. :)

Sora, being one of those 'used to hefting firestone, grumbles and growls but gets to work after a half-cheery: "Siiiiiian!" Wheelbarrows. Right.

Pyrene isn't as puny as she looks, but she'd rather scrub than dig. "It's up to you, Siannen," she calls, pulling herself up into the galleries and thus out of the worst of the mud. Spying Enceladus, she waves her brush at him. "How are you at digging?"

Lylia moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Druseth moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Catiminith prance-prance-prances through the mud, towards Cadgwith, wings lofted high and tail waving dangerously behind him. Swishing, he angles himself next to the gold, and shoves a hesitant muzzle into the mud. Like this?

Enceladus's eyes are darting about the room with interest at the goings-ons. He catches the glimpse of a brush being waved about and is thus able to catch Pyrene addressing him. He starts to make his way towards her, shrugging with a good-natured grin. "I used to build sand-holds a lot when I was near the beach, so pretty good?" he offers.

Cadgwith senses Druseth whispers, windsoft and subtle as encroaching darkness. « I offer you my services, my loyalty, and whatever you request of me. » Shall he bare his neck for a blood oath? « Oh, and Lylia's too. »

Cadgwith flicks mud excitedly at Druseth. It's Dru! No time for reaffirmations of love now of course (and besides, her tail's too muddy to show off), so she spreads her wings wide and mimics Cati. Exactly like that. Altogether now… Push!

Ashli peers about at the flourishing scrubby-brushes before blinking at the draggies. Well, that's one way to do it, she supposes.

Larnat shrugs, Ashli-wards. "Ask Pyrene. Or, errm, Cadgwith. The dragon." Since Cadgwith /does/ seem to be directing the whole event. "S'fine with me, scrubbing's better 'n digging, anyway." And so she continues to surge through goop, over to where the scrubbing and such is needed, relieving firelizard itches with muddy fingers.

Cadgwith thinks to you, « I bespoke Druseth with: Cadgwith shivers delightedly at Druseth's touch, as the sea beneath a night-time zephyr. « I shall take it gladly then. How about you make a road alongside the galleries there? » Never let sheer joy in another's company detract from practicality. »

Ashli peers about at the flourishing scrubby-brushes before blinking at the draggies. Well, that's one way to do it, she supposes. She blinks at Larnat, and nods slowly. "Okay!" She blinks over at the mud-tossing draggie, and decides to go for asking Pyrene first. Might be a bit…cleaner. Yep. Boing-sproing…"Pyrene?" she queries with a bright grin, "Can I scrub too!?"

Sii'kyn shuffles over to V'der and Y'oda, striking up a failsafe effort between the three. The two brownriders and greenrider even crack a smile or two - and start bantering. Ahah. Male bonding. Gotta love that.

Pyrene points Enceladus to a shovel and the area of the Sands immediately below the first tier. "I think we want that cleared first," she tells him, glancing to Cadge for confirmation. "Just shove the mud in the wheelbarrow, and the drudges'll take it out. Mind the dragons though." In reply to Ashli, she tosses the youngster a brush. "Where's your mother anyway? She /always/ ducks out of the heavy jobs." Not true, but her tone's light anyway.

Cadgwith senses Druseth offers a silent puff of crimson agreement. He digs real good, just wait and see.

Druseth rumbles. Rrrrrrrr. He's Mr. Plow, you know, and the brown dragon slinks onto the sand, eyes disdainfully cast at the mud. But he's quick to perk up at Cadgwith, a soft croon of greeting offered before he works his way towards the galleries. Lylia, however, is much more slow as she approaches Pyrene. With a little smirk, the rider offers a crisp salute. "Lylia of Tsunami, reporting for duty, ma'am!"

Ashli grins brightly at Pyrene, and catches the brush barely, using Draggieth to stop its flight, then jumping towards it. Mwaha. She blinks at Pyrene, before giggling, "I'm not quite sure. I haven't seen her since after I beat up Rianna." Nope, Ashi doesn't mention the various cuts, bruises, and black eye /she/ sports. Nope. Ashli begins to boing off after Larnat…

Larnat coughs. "I subdued her." Something to be quite proud of, apparently, since Ashli…was…err, fairly bristling with knives and such. While unconscious. Of course. "Anyway. So. Scrubbing. Simple, right?" And a few squeaks of brush-against-mud are the product of her first tentative scrub-stroke.

"Stop that," Sora mutters in Lylia's direction, raising her voice to call: "You won't be so chipper when you're all muddy, Lylia!" Don't mind the grouch in the corner - she was sleeping. And now, she's shoveling, hefting mud into a big pile.

Enceladus nods obediently and walks off towards the shovels. He discriminates between them for what could be forever before finally picking the seemingly newest or cleanest from the bunch. He trods over to a less populated area near the first tear and begins his work, far less animated than most of those working.

Pyrene in turn points Lylia towards Ike. "If you feel up to digging, I think he's got a spare shovel. We're clearing this area by the galleries outward." And Pyrene is scrubbing stone benches in the galleries, thank-you-very-much. Ashli is eyed, unimpressed. "Brats," she sniffs. Products of their nannies, she has no doubt.

Siannen sulks faintly as Ike abandons her, then trudges toward the galleries. Phoo. "This stuff is aggravating." But up she clambers, settling somewhere still-to-be-cleaned, and setting to scrubbing. "Worse than Cr'ash."

Ashli giggles at Larnat, "Uh huh." she agrees good-naturedly before moving to the side of the pillar opposite from Larnat. Scrubby-scrub-scrub. She blinks as Sparkle pops in and begins to orbit around her head, before grinning. Heh. A hand is waved at the offending blue flit, and a muttered litany begins, ending in Sparkle using his talons to scritch away some of the mud. Products of their nannies? Aww, no. Ash's her father's daughter. Hee.

Sii'kyn shovels. Shovel-shovel-shov - he pauses, and stares at Pyrene. "Yeah, yeah, got an extra shovel." He hastily props it up against a wheelbarrow, and attempts to slink off - and fails. Mrah. So, he sludges stuff, here or there, mumbling about underappreciated brownriders. V'der and Y'oda have /abandoned/ him. Shellit.

Cadgwith directs happily, looming close over Enceladus to see how he's doing. One eye regards him solemnly before moving onto Sora who gets a whuffle. Cheer up, you're doing it for /her/. And it'll be all pretty when done. Finally she dips her nose back in, clearing a swathe next to Ike's rider-crew. Encouragement, that's her.

Larnat continues to scrub contentedly, humming off-key to herself as the brush makes its valiant battle against the treacherous mud. "Sparkle still doing that…orbit-thingy, eh?" Yfandes is doing the pristine thingy, along with all the rest of her fair. No part in this mud, they want. While Larnat chats, however, bristles are dying in the struggle to defeat the evil mud-clods.

Catiminith, the obedient little mud-plow, takes a break from the long, wobbly line he's been making - complete with fat, squelchy footprints on the side - to raise his muzzle. And stare blankly at the wall, all while twitching his nostrils. Twitch. Twitch.

<Local> Cadgwith senses that Catiminith's colours swirl uncertainly, puke-green predominating. » I ….. interesting. «

Ashli rolls her eyes, though Larnat obviously can't see her from all the way over on the other side of the pillar-ish thing. "Yeah. I can't seem to get him to stop." she grimaces, and rolls sapphire eyes yet again. "I got another, though!! Chowder! He doesn't orbit! He's very quiet, though, for a blue…" she sighs, and goes back to attacking the mud herself, making small growly sounds. Grr…Rawr…grrrr…

<Local> Cadgwith senses that she is wise. « Don't breathe in, » she advises.

Lylia sticks her tongue out at Sora, nose wrinkling slightly. "Terribly mean," she mutters, before skipping with a rather impish smirk over to the wheelbarrow, grabbing a shovel. Hmph. Ha. But the eyes widen juuust slightly as she looks around. "Lotta mud," she mumbles, before slinking into the group. Meh.

Pyrene uses the handle of her brush to chisel at some particularly persistent clods of mud. "How are we doing?" she wonders. "Ashli? Hop up onto the barrier there and just look out over the Sands a bit. And stop that growling before a lizard attacks you thinking you're a canine. Larnat? Have you got some more water? I think mine's half-mud itself now."

<Local> Cadgwith senses that Catiminith flutters delicate puce butterflies at Cadgwith. » Okay. But what do I do? «

Sii'kyn eyes Cadgwith with a beam. "Awww, you're so cuuuute," he chirrs at the gold, as she cleans a swathe near him. Beamkle. Cough. "Lottalotta/lotta/ mud," he chants, heaving more muck into a wheelbarrow full of mud. Mrah.

Siannen just.. scrubs. And scrubs. And scrubs s'more. Good thing she's already wearing brown, isn't it? "Too bad we can't get them to.. I dunno.. spray this place down, or something. 'Stead of just shovelling 'round mud." Dragon-labour is eyed as she pauses, pondering. Dragon-water-hoses?

Larnat snorts, Ashli the amazing talking wonder-canine. /She/ finds it amusing, at least, before shoving some muddy fingers into her slight bangs, hopefully causing them to stick away from her face. "Water? Yah, the drudges piled that on to my wheelbarrow, too." So, Larnat trundles over and relieves the wheelbarrow of its water-bucket, hauling it back over to Pyrene. "Here ya go. I brought a ladle, too. So we don't have to waste it all." Useful thing, being a baker. And she takes the opportunity to ladle some water onto her portion, before placing it back in the bucket. "Chowder, eh?"

Amerana, in the midst of all this, is haphazardly working her way along one wall, small hands holding on to the niches and grooves as she slowly disappears around one corner. Giggle.

Ashli muffles a giggle by biting her lip, and nods slowly, bouncing over towards the barrier and clambering up, she gazes around slowly, "Well, it's looking good towards my left…can see some sands, over there. And the draggies are doing a good job…" she blinks before peering about again, "The lower tiers are still /pretty/ coated…looks like we need to start carting out wheelbarrows of mud to put somewhere, those piles are /huge/." she nods brightly, hopping down with a sickening splat as her boots hit mud, before darting back over to the tier, nodding at Larnat, "Yep."

<Local> Cadgwith senses that she gushes with the boundless enthusiasm of Making Things Clean! « Make paths! Push the mud into piles. » Giant, dragon-sized mudpies. « Then they clean up into wheelbarrows. Expose the clean sand! We can move more mud than they can. Dig! » A whirlpool, a tsunami batters the blue cheerfully, before she gets back to work.

Whilst diligently shoveling mud from on top of the sand into a wheelbarrow, Enceladus glances up every so often to watch people talk amongst eachother. The shadow of a big dragon isn't terribly hard to miss, so he does glance back at Cadgwith when she nears and smiles all the far way up at her. He then goes back to digging, dirting up his clothes and listening to conversations.

Catiminith, though well-advised by Cadgwith, stares longingly at Sora. Help? Nostrils continue twitching, head slunk extra-close to nudge a muddy spot on her side. Heeeeelp.

Pushpushpush. Scarred paws go pushpushpush. Druseth gives a little snort at the mud, a cross little glower given as he nudges a pile with his muzzle. Poke. And with a wiggle of the tail and a very, very dark growl, he continues pushing. Must look good for Cadge, after all.

Pyrene heeds Ashli's report and it results in a bellow. "Drudges! Move it!" They're in charge of mud-moving after all. Dragons put it into mud piles. Riders put it into barrows. Drudges move it outside. The system works. "Thanks, Larnat! And no thanks… I don't like chowder." Naming lizards after food is ever-confusing.

Sii'kyn turns slightly. "Okay, Ram, your wing won't hurt you. Get your /tail/ in here, or I'll make sure not to duck next time!" Whatever /that/ means.

Sidramuntalath moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Cadgwith looks like the biggest brown ever clutched right now, but Dru always looks good. She's besotted with him. She's also besotted with Catiminith and Sidramuntalath. Helpers. Wriggling awkwardly, she manages to sweep some more mud into a high bank near the diggers. Lookit. There's sand underneath!

"Welcome," Larnat manages to grunt out, while violently trying to destroy the still-clinging mud, before stepping over slightly to begin work on a new section. "Klah, though. He likes the mud, I think," is mumbled to herself, as she gives the brown a slight push into the gunk, where he seems happy, for the moment. "Thought he hated it." Apparently not, though. "What? Oh, the flit's name is Chowder." Nod.

Sidramuntalath growls lowly. He looks good - blackred-brown hide is really not that badly muddied. But.. He stares at Cadge. Blink. Nose obediantly goes down, eyes are firstlidded, and he plows with more efficiency than previously thought possible. After all, he /is/ a perfectionist.

Ashli muffles another giggle, before calling brightly, agreeing with Larnat, "Chowder's my newest flit! He's hiding in the brat cave, though…" she frowns unhappily, scrubbing all the while. Scritch-scritch…scrubby-scrubby-scrub…she blinks over at the mud-flit, and giggles, "Last time I saw him covered in mud, he was flying directly towards me. Hee."

"Ewwwwwww." Sora is in her own muddy corner, and glares up at the blue. "Cati, what /is/ it? And why do you ha … have …" Something tickles at the back of her mind. Namely, the small, pastel-clad child that she spent way too much time birthing. "Uh. Amerana?"

Pyrene grimaces. "Why'd you name a lizard after something that tastes vile?" she demands. Whether she's talking about klah or chowder is anybody's guess. Rocking back on her heels, she surveys the square foot she's been tackling. "You know, I don't think this stone has /ever/ been this clean." Pride is fleeting, naturally, and falls as soon as she raises her gaze to take in the rest of the galleries. "Ugh. Why couldn't we just build a new Weyr?"

Catiminith stares helplessly at his rider, nose twitching ever-more-violently. Twitch. Twitch. Ahtchpllbtoo! Splatter.

Scrub. Scrubscrubscrub. Scruuuuuub. Scrubscrub. Scru - ? Siannen stops mid-scrub, having been half-paying attemtion to the conversations swirling around her. "Uh. Sora?" Gaze sweeps the sands, and she chuckles. "Hey, wha' d'ya know. She wandered off. Nice one, Sor." As in.. she couldn't have done it better herself. "Woulda made a decent nanny, you know." Pyrene then catches her attention, and she smirks. "'Cause that would have been even more wo - eeeeew. - rk. Catimiiiiniiiiith.. " -whine.- Muddy dragonboogers. Groooss.

Cadgwith fairly glows in Ram's direction. He's cleaning so beautifully. And moreover, they've uncovered a large expanse now. Striding into the middle of the clear sand, she slowly turns around, her tail feeling for manouevrability. Yes, yes… definitely enough room to swing a Cadge in. Catiminith's sneeze is heard and she raises her eyes worriedly. Oops?

Pyrene wrinkles her nose at Catiminith's sneeze, but wisely puts it down to Sora's own fault for Impressing blue. "Amerana?" she queries. "Sora? How can you just /lose/ a brat?" Pyrene only ever did that a few times.

Larnat peers at the just-cleaned stone just recently scoured. "Yah. I didn't know it was that…grey." Blinking, Lar leans forward carefully to sniff it. "Smells of scented-stuff, now. That's good, too." Not that she's…ever sniffed the stone, before. But still, she'd imagine it would smell like muddy boots. "I put a little bit of citrus, in the water. A tiny speck. So it would smell good." That was all to herself, of course. But Pyrene will most likely catch it, too.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww." Lylia winces. And takes a few steps back. Catiminith is eyed rather cautiously as disgust sweeps over her face. "Ewww." Druseth, in his comforting dark-knight presence, offers her a little pat on the waist with his tail. Alas, it's a muddy tail. "Ewwwww!" Pouting, she bats off the tail and does a rather dark growl as she sticks her shovel back in the mud. Shovel. Shovel. Meh.

Sii'kyn carefully avoids certain wingleaders and weyrlingmasters - and a sneezing blue dragon - to work studiously with Sidramuntalath. Whoo. Teamwork. Yay.

Pyrene approves of this Larnat creature. Citrus in the water - a wonderful idea! She's wasted as a baker, she should have been a drudge. Or Pyrene's personal slave. One of the two. "Cadge says we're doing well, by the way!" she yells up above the bench she's working on. The boss approves, so let there be much rejoicing. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the work.

Sora is momentarily distracted by Catiminith's snot-sneeze - "Ewwwwww! You are /disgusting/! Why couldn't you sneeze on the wall?" - before focusing again and glaring at Siannen. "I - you be quiet! And you too, Pyrene, I'm sure you've done it before." Voice rises, shrill again. "Ameraaaaana?"

From Enceladus's shoulder, Sudal squawks loudly in his humanpet's ear, tightening the grip of his tiny tail around the boy's neck. If eyes could ever bug out in surprise, this situation is no exception. Enceladus stops digging briefly to calm the young bronze (and maybe the ringing in his own ears for that matter), then picks his shovel back up. True that the dragon snot may have been far too close and nasty, but nothing compares to a skittery young 'lizard.

Too bad Pyrene didn't snag Larnat when she was a wandering Weyrbrat, still needing to decide where she should go. But, Larnat is now a baker, and a newly-promoted one, at that. So she isn't like to abandon it for personal slave duties, unfortunately enough. "Cadge. Cadge is Cadgwith, then?" Since Larnat's not really familiar with all these dragon-nicknames.

Cadgwith's eyes whirl happy shades of blue. The sand to mud ratio is definitely shrinking. Stalking up to Enceladus she chirrs mightily at the troublesome bronze lizard, before sitting back on her haunches and using her forelegs to pile up the mud. Tail and neck bank it up and then she leaves it to Enceladus to shift into a wheelbrow while she moves on. Cadge 1 - 0 Mud.

Pyrene nods absently to Larnat. "Cadge, Cadgwith, whichever falls off the tongue first," she agrees. "Why'd you bring the brat anyway, Sora? You should have left her somewhere safe. There are too many places to hide in the galleries - I remember sneaking sweetsticks here when I was 13, and Amerana's much younger than that. You're going to have to look under every bench in the place to find her."

Siannen can't help but giggle at Sora's panic, "Don't fret, Sor.. she'll wander back eventually. And hey, she can't have gotten -too- far.. " Pyrene is stared at, this time with something akin to abject horror. "I am -not- helping. Just 'cause I'm little enough to fit into more places than anyone el.. " And then she trails off, eyeing Sora. "'Less you want?"

Oh, that did the trick. As Sudal stares up at Cadgwith in awe, Enceladus gives the queen a relieved smile. He trumps through a slightly thinner film of mud and over to the new pile to begin shovelling. In no time at all, another wheelbarrow is filled and hauled off by one of the drudges. The teen stands there as he waits for one of the other drudges to come back and listens intently to the talking.

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