SnowFest - Snowball Fight!

29th August 1999
Logged by Pyrene

Northern Bowl
Seasonal winds lash up against the wall of the bowl, whipping the already hard-packed dirt into tiny dervishes of dust and debris: grit catches in the narrow clefts that crack upwards, branching out around ornate arch of the Council chambers to the north and higher about Weyrleaders' ledges and Riders' more distant niches and nooks. Westward, the junior queens' weyrs slant to the bowl floor, while to the northwest, wind roars through the tunnels that lead into the Hatching Sands. Off to the east lie the equally well-tended Weyrling grounds.
Decked out in its finest, even the most northern reaches of the Bowl have not escaped from the frenzy of the event. Black banners seem to have run out, to be replaced by a few of the more startling neon colors so noticeable in the living caverns. Sculptures abound here though ice has been replaced in many places by snow. Some wit has piled mounds of the fluffy white stuff in front of the Sands' entrance in a mock pile of eggs. Half concealed behind a huge blue banner, what appears to be the icy eye of an irate queen keeps watch. To top off the snowy scene, a convenient pile of snowballs has been placed near the entrance from the Central Bowl, favorably located for catching wandering guests off guard.
It is a winter afternoon. The snow is definitely slushy now, and is being tracked inside every time someone goes indoors. In the distance to the north, you can see the edge of an approaching cold front. Rukbat has begun its descent for the evening.
Clinging wind-blasted to Council arch are Orphan, Brio, Poldhu, and Tigger.
Brown Rwyth and green Halaith are here.
You see Snowfight rules!! Please Read!! here.
Adora, Donal, Fellar, Kasey, Tiberia, Dalas, Renata, Electra, Miralia, Breck, and Sita are here.

Electra seeing that nothing much is happening, she scoops up a few more snowballs, humming to herself. No one can defeat the Great Snowball Thrower Electra….well, maybe not…

Donal walks over to some snow just laying around from everybody elese and starts to make snowballs. He takes out anything that could hurt anybody. After 10 balls he mover himself and the balls behind a tree and gets ready to have the fight.

Fellar gazes around, before digging into the snow, c(quickly) putting together a few lopsided snowballs.

This big pile of snow in teh corner with the brown tail isn't Rwyth. Nope, not at all. It's just a pile (a really really big pile) of snow. Adora cups her hands over her mouth. "OK, everyone, can I have your attenion please?" she bellows. Didn't know she could be that loud, did ya?

Erranth snorts, splashing carefully down in the slush and snow. Eyes whirl, peering around at dragons and people alike as harper blue dragon wonders what's going on.

Tiberia looks upward as air rushes past her, whipping raven hair in all directions. Blinking, she notices her two favorite dragons, and squeals delightedly.

Renata bends down onto the side of a snowbank, scoops up some snow and starts to make projectiles.

Dalas gets a snowball and tosses it in the general direction of Electra, thinking she isn't going to notice it comming from behind, while she is busy sizing up the competition.

Breck looks to dalas and scoops some snow into a good handful. What he doesn't see…. And lets fly with a perfect throw!

Electra feels a cold, wet, ball, hitting her from behind. With a loud "EEP!" she stands up suddenly, another snowball in her hand.
Electra says, "All right, who threw it?"
Without waiting for a response Electra throws it at…

Erranth whuffles happily at Tiberia, sniffing towards her in the eternal hope of a cookie or two. He's listening to Adora as well, of course. Really he is.

Trebuchet blinks in from ::between::!

"OOCly, please read the rules (type 'read snowfight')," Adora contines bellowing. "Its every human and dragon for him or herself, but please play nice! Have fun!"

Dalas gets a snowball right in the back, looking around and seeing Breck knows who hit him, only logical assumption or so he thinks, and sends another snowball over at Electra, " I got you, I got you,' he laughs.

Miralia sneekily glances around then makes a ball of snow in her hands then lets it fly at the first person she sees.

Electra glares pure murder at Dalas. "All right, that's it!" She grabs another snowball and hurls it towards Dalas, followed by another, and another…

Tiberia starts to notice all the snowballs being made. Uh oh….ack! Snowball goes flying over her head. She flops down to the snowy ground and starts digging a little fort. A little cold fort, but a fort nontheless. She makes walls, and crawls in. Ha! Protection! Little hands form tiny snowballs, then peeks out, giggling, and sends one the way of the big blue Erranth.

Matro wanders in from across the bowl.

Miralia yelps as some of the snowballs miss their intended targets and clout her instead.

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at tiberia.

Breck laughs at Electra and Dalas and starts to think about a gang up on Dalas. She scoops more snow and makes a careful pile of perfect snowballs in front of her. When she has quite a few she begins her aim…

Fellar blinks, a snowball hitting her in the face. Brud(brushing) the snow away, she tosses a few snowballs, laughing softly to herself.

Dalas is pelted by snow fire from Electra, he laughs and laughs, trying to get away, he manages to get out of range and chuckles while getting another snowball, this one for the culprit that got him, he lets it fly watching the arch, hoping the trajectory is right.

Renata throws an odd shaped snowball at Dalas, trying to smack him in the back of the head.

Donal grabs a snowball and just tosses it not really picking anyone but just tossing that. After he tosses eight he sits down and starts to meke a few more.

Sita scoops up a big giant snowball, and with a look at Halaith, she turns and throws it at Erranth. She waits with baited breath as the snowball arcs over towards teh dragon. Is it going to splat on Erranth's head like it's heading.. or will the dragon make it out of the way.

Miralia doesn't bother doing very good snowballs anymore, and is just clumping up snow and hurling it at anything that's moving.

Electra pauses, laughing, her hands frozen, as she takes a few more from her pile, which is rapidly dwindling. She throws them in Dalas's direction…no one throws snowballs at her and gets away with it

Matro grins as he sees the huge group of people through snowbals. He runs out from behind a rock outcropping and rolls behind someone. He stands up, throuwing a huge snowball over the persons right shoulder toward Tiberia

Breck yelps as cold slithers down her neck…Oh really? Well, she grabs another of her perfect orbs and aims right at the offender, Dalas.

Madarivian wanders in from across the bowl.

Rwyth bides his time, buried in his own little fort. 'Course, that twitching brown tai is kind of a giveaway. His rider, meanwhile, is hiding behind a rock, out of the way a she scoopes up a few snoballs, hurling one toward Sita, and one toward Tiberia.

Kazandar wanders in from across the bowl.

Dalas gets smacked in the head, turns around thinking it was Electra in range, but no…. she is still out of range,hmm, he decides to continue his barage on Breck for a bit, he lops another one in that direction, just ducking one as it skims by his nose.

Terri wanders in from across the bowl.

Electra ducks as a snowball from Miralia's direction comes her way, but not soon enough. A clump of wet snow smacks her in the forehead. Wiping it off with nearly-numb hands, she clumps the remains into a ball and hurls it back at Mira.

Madarivian says, "Hello""

Kazandar says, "Greetings"

Fellar tosses yet another lop-sided snoball in Electra's direction, befre ducking behind a snowbank.

Terri says, "hello"

Erranth opens his mouth to receive this white cookie and chomps down on snow instead. Wait a minute… so that's what the game is here, eh? He realises this just in time to duck Sita's attempt on his head and negligently flicks his tail, sending a shower of snow at Sita and anyone nearby. Then he buries his muzzle deep into snow and slush, burrowing further down… and along towards Tiberia's fort until just his eyes are visible peering impishly at the girl.

Before anyone can hit him, Matro rolls out from behind one of the many people, dodging snowballs, and ducking behind rocks. He scoops up a large balls of snow. He launches himself behind another rock, through the ball at Donal.

Madarivian says, "AHHH!"
Madarivian goes home.

Miralia shakes snow-soaked hair out of her face and throws a snowball at a dragon-shaped object, then yelps in alarm as Electra's snowball gets her.

Breck she manages to duck his latest incoming charge and sends another of her own out, perfect aim, so she thinks and hopes…

Terri gets a snowball

Tiberia eeps and ducks behind her little fort once more, seeing the incoming snowballs. Of course…she forgot that perhaps she needed FOUR walls instead of one, and gets splatted with the snowballs from Rwyth.

Terri thorws one at Pyrene

Electra grins at Kazandar. "Greetings!" A snowball is thrown in the newcomer's direction!

Terri grabs another snowball

Kazandar quickly ducks

Terri throws one at Kazandart

Tiberia looks down, and peers at Erranth curiously. A dragon buried in the snow?? Oh well…however odd that is…she grabs another pile of snow and slings it back towards Rwyth, clapping her hands happily.

Kazandar grabs his own snowball and throws it at a person

Miralia starts hurling snowballs in Electra's /general/ direction, she knows her aim is horrific, but she tries.

Kazandar says, "Agh!"

Antarticath bumbles into the Northern Bowl, making a long, grumpy rumbling as he does. He turns to the side to display a fresh dollop of snow that apparently hit him while he was resting. His eyes turn a soft red as he searches through the crowd, trying to pin down the owner of the miscreant snowball.

Terri grabs another ball of white stuff

Sita sees the snow ball coming and ducks behind a Halaith leg and peeks out at Erranth and Rwyth and Adora. Hmmph. "Now that was funny! Erranth eating snow…" Halaith helps her lifemate scoop up a big, compacted snowball. HEr lifemate helps her by raising Sita up above the crowd so taht she can toss her monolith at Adora and Rwyth. It flies…but where does it land. Erranth gets a speculative look.

Matro grins. He runs out from behind the rock, strafing to his right, then turning 180 degrees to be greeted by a small ball of snow in his face. He sees another coming at him, and ducks just in time. He grabs some snow and throughs it back. Then he turns around again and runs in front of a rock wall.

Electra ducks out of sight behind a mound of snow to replenish her nonexistant pile of snowballs. As she looks up nervously, another snowball of miralia's hits her. Electra throws another half-made snowball in Mira's direction and continues on her pile.

Terri drops snowball nad builds a snowcreature atop Erranth

Adora giggles and ducks back behind her rock. Safe - for the moment! Grabbing another handfull of the slushy white stuff, she packs it into a ball, hurling it and a few more toward teh newcomers - Terri, Kazandar and Miralia.

Kazandar scoops white snow off the ground and hurtles it at electra!

Donal being hit looks up and saw Matro was the person that hit him. He thens picks up 3 snowballs and tosses them all to Matro, he thens runs to him and tosses more as he runs. The last two were ment for nobody he is just tossing them.

Terri ducks and shrieks as snow is dropped down her tunic!!!

Breck quickly replenishes her supplies while the melee spreads about her. She makes a new pile of the round balls and prepares to let fly. This time she aims at Kazandar

Erranth pushes his head further towards Tiberia, like some large blue snowplow. Is her fort doomed, or is the fact that he's paying absolutely no attention to anybody else going to be his downfall?

Terri grabns another snowball

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at terri.

Kazandar brushes the snow off his face and throws oe at Adora!!

Miralia brushes most of the snow off, then is hit by a huge number of snowballs.

Terri chucks one at electra

Kazandar tosses two at terri

Dalas doesn't wait to see if it strike Breck, suddenly notices that it seems to be snowing again, then realizes what it is, the dragon has joined in, thinks he should stick to a human target, and turns to throw another at Breck and gets one right in the face, he drops the one he had and laughs as he cleans snow out of his eyes.

Terri oofs as Kasey hits her with a ball of white fluff

Matro pants, then ducks and rolls into an alcove in the stone. He throughs a snowball toward Tiberia. Ducking out of the way of possible return fire, he throughs another ball toward Miralia. His aim isn't great, but who cares, he's having fun!

Electra leaps out from behind the snow mound, only to get hit by Terri's snowball! ARGH! She's hit! With a fiendish glint in her eye, Lec tosses one back at Terri!

Fellar gazes, grinning from behind her snowbank, and tosses one over in Terri's direction, giiggling to herself.

Tiberia blinks in surprise and scoots back wards, between snowplow dragon and her fort wall. She digs her feet into the powdery white stuff and shoves it back towards Erranth. Must save the fort at all costs!

Etoile suddenly appears from ::between:: with a chirp.

Kazandar chucks one in the general direction of Fellar

Terri gets smacked from four directions by snowballs. She is only seens as eyeslits when she blinks- she has n been covered.

Breck walks up to Dalas, "If we join forces, we could wipe out quite a few, we both have good aim."

Etoile circles a couple of times, then disappears ::between::!

Kazandar is hit in the back of the head by one.

Donal runs to a big chunk of snow and starts to make more snowballs, he then starts to tossing to the dragons and when he sees people move he trys to hit them.

Miralia slips on the snow on the ground, but manages to keep her footing long enough to hurl another snowball before she collapses on a snowdrift.

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at donal.

Terri shakes herself off and grabs three snoewballs and throws one each at Kazandar, Kasey, and Fellar

Electra throws two snowballs in the general direction of Breck and Dalas.

Dalas nods in agreement with Breck,' Lets do it,' he says with a grin handing Breck a snowball and getting himself one, " Who first? ' he asks.

Breck says, "Terri?"

Terri says, "uyes?"

Kazandar throws two at Terri after being hit by one of hers.

Kasey jabs out of the way.

Kazandar says, "CATCH!"

Miralia picks herself up off the floor and ducks one of the white flying projectiles. She looks around frantically for some snow, balling it up as quickly as she can.

Breck says, "oh wait, Electra!"

Matro turns to look toward the dragons, and throughs a huge snowball toward one of them. While his back is turned
toward some other people, he gets slammed in the back. Matro spins around to see his attacker and flings a hard snowball at him. "Ha!" He grins as it hits the man right in the shoulder.

Halaith turns her glowing green butt towards the crowd, crouches a little, then lets the snow fly! With her legs she randomly sprays snow at the people, whether it hits or not is unknown. Bugling a challenge, she sends special clump of snow at Erranth and Rwyth. Let's play paint the draggies white.

Terri laughs and picks up another and tosses in Kazandartr's direction.

Donal taks one of the snowball and cleans his face and tosses a few to Kasey, "Maby these will teach you."

Terri steps out of sight.

Electra slips and slides through the snow in an attempt to change her position to a better one. She looks up as she hears her name being called, but quickly ducks again, knowing it's probably a trick to get hit by a snowball.

Kazandar Is knocked down by a few well aimed snowballs

Breck doesn't wait for Dalas' answer, but lobs two, one after the other in her direction, at least one looks good!

Ducking behind her lifemate, Adora avoids the monolith of snow from Sita - 'course Rwyth isn't so lucky. He rears up out of his dragon-made snowbank, showering anyone with in feet of him with snow. Oops?

Kasey is hit.

Fellar ducks, snowball barely missing her. Picking up two, she tosses them, before ducking back behingd the protection of her snowbank.

Dalas is struck on the side of the head by one of Electra's snowballs, it splatters all over the place, "I say we get Electra first,' he tells Breck and lobs two in her direction one to one side one to the other, one is bound to get her he hopes.

Antarticath slowly leans his head back and forth as he searches for the thrower. His eyes stop on Donal and slowly he steps forward. Halfway there, however, he gets a scent of Adora and is sure it was her. He rumbles over towards her, and unleashes a tail-whipping's worth of snow, the likes of which could cover an entire dragon. Chances are Adora and anyone near her better /run/ fast, or face becoming an unwilling ice-sculpture.

Kazandar begins to make them fast and trow at anything that moves.

Matro rolls over to Electra, "Want to take on a dragon?" He grins and through a large snowball at Erranth. Then he does something of a messed up backflip and grabs up some more snow. Then he turns 90 degrees to send a snowball hurtling toward Dalas.

Miralia coughs as she is showered with snow. She lobs a snowball or three where she /thinks/ she can see things moving and ducks any return fire.

Tiberia falls backwards as the rain of snow comes at Erranth, and consequently, at her as well. She curls up against the wall of her fort, quickly finding herself half buried in the white stuff.

Donal grabs a big snowball and tosses it to Dalas.

Breck smatters of snow from Electra's hit sliding down her face, she grins and nods, aiming again and throwing..this time it is for real!

Terri waves and ducks as a snowba,ll wi barely slips b past her face.

Kazandar casts one at electra

Electra is hit! Oh no! She falls into the snow with a somewhat realistic groan. Shaking white powder from her flushed face, she grins at Matro. She quickly makes two snowballs and throws one back at Dalas and one at Erranth.

Terri says, "it's been fun!!"

Erranth gets hit from behind! With a startled chuff he jerks his head upwards sending snow flying forwards over Tiberia and her fort. The blue peers down at the snow diaper covering his rear end and snorts at Halaith. However pretty she may look all glowing like that, that's no excuse! He waggles his rear end sending snow in all directions and stalks around to peer at the rest of the fighters.

Electra acks and ducks the other snowballs coming towards her.

Terri says, "thanks everyone!!"

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at kazandar.

Terri goes home.

Donal takes one and tosses is fast to Matro, and then tosses a few to the dragons.

Kazandar dives into the snow, just in time…to get hit!

Electra grins and throws a snowball at someone. "D'you think we scared Terri away?"

Kazandar grins "We'll see!" And her tosses out a few in several directions.

Breck aims one at Electra, "Don't know, can we scare you away?" grinning as she sends another ball her way!

Tiberia climbs out of the mound of snow, only to get buried once more by Erranth's wave of snow! Digging her way out slowly, she looks around, a bit wet now, and rather cold. She throws snow at Erranth, as much as she can get into her hands at one time.

Matro gets down low and crawls toward Rwyth. He is about to throw one nice and hard at point blank range when he is hit by something from Donal. The hit knocks him off balance and his snowball misses terribly. Then he jumps up and uses a dragon leg as a blocking point to return the snowball to Donal. "Take that!"

Kazandar says, "See ya!"

In her hurry to make a snowball, Miralia doesn't scrunch it up enough, and the result it a fine spread of snow when she throws it. Mira hmphs in irritation and tries to make a new one and ducks others at the same time.

Fellar sits up, tossing a large snowball up and down in her hand, before tossing it at Kasey, and getting hit in the top of the head, ducking back down.

Breck says, "bye"

Erranth waves his head from side to side. Batter up! Electra's snowball is sent right back at her while Matro's heads in the direction of Donal.

Dalas tries to duck the snowball thrown by Matro but it skims the top of his head sending his hair up into a rooster comb, grins and thinks ok now we have a battle two on two. He lobs a snowball high in the air hoping it will come down on top of Matro but doesn't wait for it to strike but throws a second in beeline towards Matro. One of those should get him if his calculations are correct.

Kazandar runs away from the mob of happy snow ballers!

Halaith bugles almost laughingly at Erranth. Tossing her head, she tries to shelter her lifemate fromt he flying fluff, but alas, poor Sita is lost in a pelt that came from somewhere. She stands, shaking the powdery, slushy stuff off of her, and eyes the others. Whose next… Dragon and rider pair eye the choice of victems..

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at breck.

Electra can't duck the snowball hurling in her direction. She tries to claw the powder out of her face and grins through her mask of snow. "No, I'm tougher than that," she laughs, hurling a couple of snowballs back at Breck.

Rwyth peers at Halaith strangely. Why is she glowing? Green glow must mean go - asn in, she's a willing target for snowballs! With a siwsh of his tail he send a pils of snow heading straight for her. Adora, meanwhile, deprived of her shelter, is covered up to her neck in show. Unwiling ice-sculputre indeed!

Kesara wanders in from across the bowl.

Breck stands next to Dalas and throws one out to Matro, ducking one of the bals coming at her, but taking another spalt on her chest!

Kitalya wanders in from across the bowl.

Matro crouches under one of Donal's, while rolling out of the way of the other. Then he summer-saults around Erranth, throwing a big snowball at a big dragon. He doesn't wait for the return fire, instead he runs behind a rock, with only two eyes peering out.

Miralia shrieks as some of the flying snow gets down the back of her neck and into her jacket. Forgetting about the snowball she'd holding, she jumps around, looking ridiculous.

Electra grins smugly before throwing a snowball in Kytalya's direction. "Heylo!"

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at matro.

Donal after being hit goes and makes his biggest one and tosses it to Matro, "Take that."

Halaith gets pelted from behind, and turns to eye Rwyth with consternation. Glowing green does not mean hit the dragon with white stuff. She sweeps her tail, sending a snow-wave at Rwyth, while Sita is again deprived of her draggie wall. Ooh, so vulnerable.

Tiberia scampers quickly across the battlefield, and flops onto her stomach, sending snow-bombs at both Rwyth and Erranth, giggling like crazy.

Kesara rolls a large snowball, then chucks it towards Kitalya, grinning impishly as it whizzes through the arctic air.

Matro cringes as he is hit from two directions, from Donal AND Kasey. He rolls, and stands in an alcove. Then, grabbing more snow he pauses two decide who to through at. He decides to focus on the newcomer, and heaves it at Kasey.

Breck decides that errant throwing in a melee might work, just pitches next two balls randomly into the crowd, do they hit dragon, person or no-one?

Kitalya feels the thump of ..well something agenst her coat and glances down grinning and looks up getting snow in her face and yelps "Hey!" Laughing Kitty dives down into the snow and packs in a ball of it chucking it in the direction of Kesara

Fellar peeks up again, snow-hat covering the top of her head. Picking up another snowball, she tosses it at Electra, before ducking back down.

Kasey getss out of the way.

Miralia tries to ignore the icy water in her jacket and aims for the biggest targets - the dragons - with several snowballs.

Erranth paws at the snow underfoot, sending sprays of slush towards new arrivals Kesara and Kitalya. Matro's snowball hits him squarely between the eyes, and drips down his nose for that nice frosting effect. Erranth pounces forward to find the culprit. Those eyes, behind that rock… And even as he stalks he's getting pelted by Tiberia. Sheesh!

Wybren wanders in from across the bowl.

Fellar goes home.

Dalas says,'Shards! I missed!,' then grabs another couple of snowballs and decides on a covert manuever he gets on his belly and quickly crawls towards the alcove he saw Matro enter, then goes along the wall, hoping to suprise him, he waits for Matro to show his face as snowballs strike the wall around him.

Kesara squeals as she spies a flying white object coming towards her, then ducks. However, its too late and she ends up getting a cold one right in the arm!

Wishing she was wearing mittens, Electra grabs a huge bunch of snow and hurls it upwards, hoping it hits someone. Her red hair is full of snowflakes, and her face is covered with snow. She notices Fellar's snowball just in time…but here comes a new person! Leccy throws a 'ball at Wybren!

Adora pulls herself from her pile of snow with the assistance of Rwyth's tail, ducking behind him so that Halaith's snow-wave surfs right over her head. Pering around for her next victim, she spies a small friend…ohhh! Oh, Tiberia? Turning, she is hit with a snowball from just that person. Snowflakes clingling to her eyelashes, Adora prepares to fire back

Matro is struck down by a snowball from an unknown customer. Then he runs up to Erranth, "Looking for me?" He rolls out of the dragons way, coming up behind him, "Hehe!" He laughs, throwing another snowball at the dragon and running around, ending up in front of Erranth, right in his path.

Donal tosses a snowball and tryes to hit Erranth, and he tosses a few to just toss them

Kitalya giggles and feels the snow crunching under her knees as she moves to gather more snow and spots Electra "Aahha…" She throws the snow toward Electra and laughs as it wasnt packed very wel and breaks in mid air

Tiberia giggles and runs over to Erranth, hiding behind a leg against incoming snowballs. Ha! Dragon-shield! That probably won't last long, but hey, it's worth a try. She looks at Adora through slightly damp strands of hair, and giggles. Oops.

Breck is wacked with a snowball from behind, but has no clue who threw it! Okay, she will find a new victim asnd take it out on them, then…

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at donal.

Dalas throws the snowballs as Matro runs toward Erranth, hoping to hit him, and not the dragon, he watches as they fly.

Electra giggles as she watches Kitty's snowball explode.
Electra calls, "Nice try!" Following her remark with a snowball

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at electra.

Suddenly a new dragon enters the fray. Here comes.. Cutebunzth! This big, burly bronze begins sending snow balls in every direction trying to hit as many people as possible. One aimed at Kesara.. one aimed a Rwyth. Oooh, Does Electra get hit? Or how about Kasey? The snow flies as this big cutie uses all life and limb to send the snow flying.

Miralia hmms as she makes her next snowball, then sends it towards Electra.

Erranth turns around trying to follow Matro but Donal keeps getting in the way. Right that's it. He lays his tail down in the snow, and then whips it around, turning 360 degrees to thoroughly coat anyone within range with that spray of snow.

Wybren artfully dodges the snowball from Electra with a laugh. "Just try and hit me! I challenge all of you!"

Donal gets hit and trys to clean himself and graps one and tosses it to hit Kasey.

Breck aims for Wybren this time, fresh blood as it were…and laughs as she lets fly with another perfectly packed snowball.

Kitalya ducks down under a mound of snow but her collar pops up and the snow ball finds its way down the back of her coat. The young harper jumps up hopping and grabbing at the back of her coat. "OH cold cold cold oohhhh"

Kesara spies Donal, then makes her approach. Her frosty breath is streaming through her nose as she rolls a good sized snowball, then tiptoes to a point at which her aim will be better. Grinning to herself, she lets the ball fly with a loud "Kiyiyiiiii!" as a sort of winter battle cry.

Kasey getss out of the way.

Erranth is careful not to trample Tib while turning of course.

Miralia chucks a large snowball at Wybren. Who is she to resist a challenge?

Electra is too busy watching the snowball she threw at Kitty to notice the one Kasey sends at her. Suddenly, she is pelted by snowballs from Kasey and Mira…as well as the bronze dragon's mound of snow!!!!! ACKKK!!!!!!

Matro gets buried in snow from Erranth. He digs himself out, heaving another snowball at the dragon. Then he runs in front of Erranth. Walking backward, throwing snowballs at him. He trips over a stone, "No! Ouch." He falls, face in the ice.

Tiberia scampers away from Erranth and towards Adora instead, looking quite innocent in fact…until she whips out a tiny snowball and lets it fly towards her friend.

Electra pretends to collapse into the snow, laughing hysterically. She wipes some snow from, her face with numb hands, scooping up a small bit of snow and hurling it in Wybren's direction.

Miralia gets covered in snow from the dragon's sudden sweep of his tail. Now covered in white… stuff… she grabs at some more snow, hurling it around indiscriminantly.

Erranth nudges a pile of snow towards Matro, aiming to bury him while he's down. Incoming!

Sita stands, realziing that she lost her green wall. Wait a minute… where'd it go? Dragon's mean haven. Grey eyes search out her preoccupied lifemate while a big snowball hits her in the face. Mrrrr. This stuff is cold. Not warm. Definitely not warm.

Breck slips to Electra's side, "okay, we take him out" nodding toward Wybren…

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at sita.

Kandar wanders in from across the bowl.

Wybren laughs heartily. "Let me show you all what I learned in Telgar's winters, where they called me the snow king!" He fails to notice snowballs coming at him from several directions. Pummeled mercilessly, he falls to the ground, whimpering slightly.

Kitalya narrows her eyes at Electra and Breck as she packs several balls of snow in a line infront of her and turns her bright golden eyes toward Wybren grinning foolishly.

Electra nods slowly to Breck, then scoops up a ball of snow, as large as she can manage, and packs it tightly. She holds it ready and waiting, then hurls it in Wybren's direction.

Dalas sees the spray heading his way and tries to outrun it, late he is overcome by a tidal wave of snow, when he digs himself out of the new snowdrift he sees he is behind Breck again, thinking all is fair in love and war he goes over with a snowball in hand silently trying to hide his approach, crunching footsteps covered by the cacaphony of squeels and laughter around him, he plans on putting a snowball down her shirt.

Chloe wanders in from across the bowl.

Matro cringes and balls up, right before he is covered in snow. He digs himself out once more, slamming a snowbal at Erranth. He ducks out of the way of a snowball from his right side, but that lands him in the path of another snowball. The ball slams him down, but he gets back up and hits the attacker square in the chest.

Cutebunzth spots the dragons. Oooh, dragon fodder! CAreful not to trample the humans into little splats, he inhales a biiiiig breath, takes careful aim, then - -*Snort* A flutter of white stuff swooshes towards Erranth, Halaith and Rwyth.. andthat other dragon. Oops?

Miralia laughs, "I came from Telgar too!" she yells at Wybren and throws three more snowballs at him.

Ysbryth wanders in from across the bowl.
Noqual wanders in from across the bowl.

Electra turns around and sees Dalas coming closer. Instead of warning Breck she hurls a snowball at Dalas…what fun!!!

Adora is snowballed…from several directions. Ack! Snow meant for her dragon covers her head to foot - again. Oy.

A loud "AAh ha!" Can be heard from Kitalya's direction and a ball of white backed in snow makes a bee line toward Electra. Quickly another fallows ment for Breck. Bright red hair sticks up from behind her small little snow wall

Lowering into a crouch, Ysbryth dutifully extends one narrow foreleg, assisting Areiah to the ground.

Breck packs several smaller balls, getting ready for a major onslaught, when EEEK, she whirls around and sees Dalas laughing hysterically, so wham, he gets the throw instead of Wybren, so there!

Kesara spies Electra, sitting unguarded, she rolls another snowball, then makes her approach. Packing the snow tightly, she creeps closer and closer until she is confident she can hit her target. Blinking to remove the snowflakes from her eyelashes, she throws the ball with another "kiyiiiii!"

Sita feels another splat land in the middle of her back and turns tofind the culprit. Ooh, a Kasey. She gathers her own ball of snow and eyes her target. White ball flies in Kasey's direction..

Tiberia giggles…and is hit in the back with a snowball. Unsteady already, she falls over, the slush soaking her already damp clothes. She giggles still, finding this all very fun, and then runs off to pelt Rwyth with her snow-bombs.

Electra feels the impact of several snowballs making contact with her body. With a fiendish grin on her face, Lec hurls a few more snowballs in the general direction the attacking missiles came from.

Wybren stagger's to his feet, desperately trying to form a snowball. He grins sideways at Kitalya. "Okay,perhaps you all did not hear me…I am the snow king!" He pulls back his arm to throw, only to be pelted another half dozen times,knocking himoff his feet.

Chloe says, "getting a big snow ball and throing it tords Dalas"

Noqual woos as she walks in. "Snowball fight?" Is half said, half screamed. "Woo!" A handful of snow is picked up and rolled around in her hands quickly. Noqual takes a step, and chucks the snow in the air, eyes watching it to see if it will hit anyone.

Kasey getss out of the way and its now going to breck.

Miralia flips her hair out of her face with one hand and tries to fend off snowballs with the other. She fails, of course, the snow pelting her.

Halaith ducks from the blown snow, making her way over to her poor pelted rider, making sure not to squish Sita. Would be a bad thing to step on one's own lifemate.

Dalas hit in two directions one from Electra and one from Breck right in the face, he laughs and clears the snow from his face,"I couldn't resist,' he tries to say to Breck as he gets a mouthful of snow from an unknown source, he sputters a bit and decides to dive back in.

Electra drops to her knees and begins creeping through the snowmounds, hoping to creep up behind Wybren…she ducks down lower as people look in her direction.

Erranth's rider was obviously smart enough to stay at home. Meantime blue dragon has spotted Ysbryth and heroically places himself in front of the gold, as feeble protection from the snow. Of course Ysbryth's quite a bit bigger than him, but he starts flicking snow left and right, making up for size with effort.

Chloe says, "the snow is cold?"

Kitalya creeps along in the snow on her hands and knee's to Wybrens side and looks up "Ya got him down woohoo!!!" She laughs and grabs a ball of snow spotting Electra and narrows her eyes, rolling the ball around in her hands

Electra moves closer to Wybren….closer….closer…closer…suddenly, ELECTRA pounces!

Breck says, "I know, but niether can I" and she pekts him mercilessly while he is down…."

Marry wanders in from across the bowl.

Matro moves into crouches in front of Erranth. He takes some sicks he had in his pockets and holds them in his left hand. Then he makes four snowballs which he puts one on each finger of his right hand. When he sees Erranth go behind Ysbryth he changes his target to Ysbryth. He flings each sphere of ice (using the sticks) toward Ysbryth. Surely one Will hit her…

Wybren feebly raises his arm into the air. "To me,my armies!" he calls,in a daze.

Dalas hearing Chloe's remark gets a snowball and tosses it at her, "You tell me if its cold,' he tells her as he watches the snowball head in her direction seemingly on target.

Forest blinks in from ::between::!

Miralia screams in astonishment as she gets a faceful of snow, most of it in her mouth. She spits it out and glares around, looking for the offender…

Noqual ducks snowballs that fly through the air, jumping, dodging, doing whatever she can to not get hit. A squeaky noise comes out of Noqual's mouth as a snowball hits her smack on her back. "Hey, watch it!" She grabs some more snow, rolls it into the ball, and throws it in the direction where the snowball came from that hit her. Her throw is surprisingly strong.

Electra yells excitedly, "Oh yeah, it's cold!" She throws some at Dalas to see if he agrees with her.

Kasey gets a snowball and tosses at electra.

Sighing with a smile of relief that his turn at entertainment has passed, Kandar enters into the area that sevral of his appie friends have touted as a place to relax. Of course, the full blown snowball fight does startle him, but then he grins widely, thinking out what he should do. Hardly a moment of thought passes before a snowball lands squarely on his face. Grunting, he shakes the snowball off and makes one up, trying to identify the attacker. Maybe the pair of Harper Appies over there?

Tiberia scampers across the snow-battlefield and flings a tiny snowball at Matro, defending her favorite blue from the attack.

Better late than never, Areiah and Ysbryth are - but seeing snow and people and various balls of the white stuff being tossed this way and that, the former of the pair twirls behind the latter, hiding quite effectively. At Erranth's move, laughter bubbles, and she simply has to shake her head, wicked amusement glinting 'hind sapphire eyes. Well.. maybe it won't hurt to participate.. just this once. They seem to be having fun. Goldrider stoops, scoops, and shapes a small ball of snow. Much to her lifemate's interest, apparantly, for the dragon leans her head down to watch. Still laughing, she launches her perfectly formed sphere - duck, Erranth! You're the target!

Chloe says, "Dalas the snow is freezing"

Electra ducks the snowball. Due to all the practice she's getting she's definately a little better at the ducking of snowballs…still…another snowball from an unknown source hits her in the back of the head. Lec whirls around and sends a frozen missile heading in that direction.

Breck seeinga new target aims a packed ball squrely at… Kandar and hopes for the best!

Kitalya turns around slowly grinning, and wonders who will be her next lucky target. Golden eyes land on Chloe "No no its not cold.." Wizz of white threw the air toward Chloe "Not cold at all!"

Miralia throws a snowball at the closest target, which happens to be Erranth, and tries to make another one quickly.

Kesara spies Dalas throwing a snowball at Chloe, then creeps over on her hands and knees. She rolls a snowball then looks around making sure she is not a target yet another time. Then, she goes over to Dalas, and shoves the snow down his collar, running away then laughing as she does so, snowball fights are great fun!!

Dalas is bombarded by snow pelts from Breck, and Electra, "Ok, Ok,' he hollars trying to get up then decides to slide on his belly out of range of the two, he slides right into a big snowdrift though unable to get under control of the slide.

Corrim wanders in from across the bowl.

Marry says, "throse a snow ball at the other end"

Erranth snorts and fans his wings outward staring at Matro. Right then, mess with Ysbryth, mess with… he buries his muzzle in the snow and then flicks his head up, spraying it over Matro's general area. Only to be hit from behind? Et tu Areiah? Snort. Right then, dragon turns around and friend becomes foe.

Breck laughs at Dalas' stae and wanders over to personally torment him, dropping tiny pieces of snow down his back.

Wybren stands up, stumbling pitifully into the middle of the battlefield. He raises his arms and shouts.."Bow down before the Snow King! My power is beyong your comprehension!"

Sita ducks behind a leg, but sticks her head and one arm out to wave at Areiah. Calling out a "'Reiah! Hi!" before ducking behidnt he leg again. Halaith bugles at Ysbryth before swishing her tail and sending a snowballwavethingy at the gold dragon, while Erranth is otherwise occupied. Her rider scoops up a tiny little snowball, takes aim, and hurls it at Areiah.. aiming for the general direction of the torso. If it hits… she won't know who did it right?

Dalas says, "Hey it isn't bad enough that I land in a big pile of snow that you got to add some down my shirt,' he laughs,' Don't worry I saw you running away and I'll get ya.'

Noqual eeps as snow some how goes up her pant. She lets out a high pitched scream, surprised at the feeling, then shakes her head, trying to concentrate on dodging flying snow. She runs, seeing snowballs coming her way, but trips on a pile of snow, ending up on the ground, "Oh, why didn't I bring extra clothes??" She wonders, sighing, but manages to get up and dodge some more snow. Hands go to the ground, fingers roll the snow around, and arm raises in the air, letting the snowball go flying.

Kasey gets out of the way of a snowball and its now going to chloe.

Marry says, "Matro want to get hot chocolate?"

Miralia idyly hurls several snowballs at Wybren, then ducks as she sees several heading towards her.

Electra giggles loudly. "OHM< allmighty snowking!" She grabs another handful of snow and runs towards Wybren. "HAVE A CROWN!" She says, planting it on his head.

Matro runs into an alcove near the dragons. All this running is making him hot. He takes off his jacket, putting it in front of him as a shield agains the many incoming snowballs. This protects him from most of Erranth's snow, but not all of it. He yells to Marry, "No, but thanks!" He grins, and throughs a huge snowball toward Erranth AND Ysbryth

Forest suddenly disappears ::between::!

Breck turns and looks to the newcomers, and with practiced eye picks one out, slowly and deliberately she aims at Corrim and waits to se if the ball hits its mark.

Kandar ducks as he sees another snowball coming from Breck's direction. Ah Ha! He geusses. This must have been his previous attacker, he throws the snoball at her, athen ducks behind a mound of the white stuff to take cover, and to produce more armements.

Tiberia eeps and falls over backwards into the snow as she is pelted in the front by wayward snowballs. Ow! She sits up, rubbing her stomach. Them grownups throw kinda hard.

Wybren actually manages to dodge Miralia's volley, only to be taken down by Electra's crowning blow.

Corrim eeps as he gets smacked by Breck's snowball.

Chloe falls asleep.
Chloe has disconnected.

Erranth ducks Matro's huge snowball. Sorry, Ysbryth but you betray your shield, you lose your shield. He's going to protect Tiberia instead.

Corrim says, "I wasn't ready.."

Antarticath now sees the presence of a queen and her lifemate and changes targets, moving from Adora over to where Ysbryth and Erranth are. He waits until Erranth is far enough out of the way and then playfully shovels (with his tail) a nice mound of snow towards Ysbryth.

Kesara giggles as she runs towards Wybren, taking cue from Electra "Don't forget your mantle!!" she says, throwing snow down his collar

Electra crows with triumph. "I GOT THE SNOWKING!" She skips around him, throwing snow at him.

Breck Ack, hit again..grinning at Kandar, yes she knows,… she prepares anothe just for him…

NOw used to the feeling of the cold, /very/ cold snow, Noqual doesn't feel as worriedabout getting hit. Heck, she doesn't mind it at all. "Why not just enjoy this?" Noqual says to herself, /before/ she gets hit in the head with some now. Shaking the snow out of her hair, Noqual chucks a snowball in the air, not even looking at where it will land.

Kitalya falls back into the snow and giggles lick crazey, but then she spots Corrim and grins coming back to her senses /well/ sort of coming back to her sense and grabs a few of the snow balls hiding them behind her back and stands sauntering toward Cor with a cute little sway of her hips "Hey Cor cor…"

Marry says, "thro a snow ball at Matro"

Dalas gets a rather large ball of snow and shapes it into a super, duper, getter, wetter snowball and chases after Kasera, trying to hit her with it. He slips and lands on his back the snowball no longer in his hands, he looks up just as the super, duper, getter, wetter snowball comes crashing down on his own face.


Wybren mumbles."Kitalya…help me..I name you my champion.."

Corrim grabs a giant double armfull of snow and heaves is towards Kitalya.

Tiberia grins up at Erranth and makes a little mound of snowballs. Hiding behind him, she peeks out and lets the tiny projectiles fly into the crowd, not caring who they hit, as long as they hit someone!

Breck laughs at Corrim's answer "A likely excuse when you wander onto a field such as this!"

Adora is just buried. Nothing can hit her if she's aleady buried upto her nose in snow, right? Once again, a brown tail rescues her, and she clambers up on top of him, watching the free-for-all below her. "Attention please!!" she shouts. That means, cease fire and listen up, right?

Electra throws some more snow in Wybren's direction. "Oh, is the wittle snowking having trouble?" She giggles some more and throws some more snow at him.

Kesara spies Dalas falling, then laughs so hard that she falls herself with a "WHoomph!!"

Suddenly a snowball comes from somewhere hitting Sita in the face, sending the rider plunging head long into a drift, leaving only little legs flailing in the air. Halaith snorts as she tries to pluck her rider from the drift, but to her consternation, Sita only falls deeper into the drift. Ooh, it's a white hershey's kiss, only with legs as the paper tag.

Matro runs behind tiberia. Then he throughs a snowball at Ysbryth. He grins to Erranth, signifying that he wants an alliance. To prove himself, he throughs himself in front of a snowball aimed at Erranth

Marry says, "I gotta go now byw"

A delighted grin is thrown Sita-ward before Areiah scoots sideways again - only to be hit squarely in the stomach with the snowball. "Eee!" she squeaks, unceremonious, to say the least. But it's fun. Ysbryth, for her part, tail-twitches, following the lead of the other dragons in the bowl. Snow is sent spraying, predictably, some toward Halaith - hi there! - some toward Erranth - et tu, indeed - and some toward Rwyth. Oh, yes. Very fun. Whoops, cease fire. Okay. Peeking up, Areiah stops, mid-snowball-form to pay attention. Really.

Electra pauses, dropping the snow in her hand on Wybren's head, looking up at Adora.

Marry says, "I mean bye"

Miralia freezes in mid-throw and glances at Adora, annoyed..

Kasey gets out of the way of a snowball and its now going to gold_guest.

Kitalya yelps and throws some of her own snow balls toward him and turns running and screaming…well more like squeeling and joins Wybren on his snow mound "Yes my king what survices do you need of me?" She winks and clasps her hands behind her back all deutifuly like

Electra makes the sad puppy face. "It was just getting fun."

Erranth raises his wings protectively over Tib just in case of late throwers. He looks dutifully toward Adora though. We're civilised… sometimes.

Miralia mutters, "I was having fun…" but with all the noise, no one can hear her.

Tiberia blinks, noticing that the snowball fire has ceased, and looks around quickly. What happened?

Halaith abandons her rider for a minute to send snow spraying at /all/ the dragons and riders… before she turns back to help her rider outof her predicament.

Breck drops her hands and smiles angelically. It sure was fun. Grins at Dalas.

Wybren's hand makes frantic digging motions at Kitalya, his arm the only thing visable under the pile of snow.

Matro uses his jacket to block some snowfall from Ysbryth. Then he throughs some snow from behind One of Erranth's legs.

Corrim grabs a small handfull of snow and chucks it at Breck. "That's for peltering me!"

Dalas grins back at Breck, waiting after getting the snow off his face, he waits to see what happened.

Kitalya laughs at Wybren and shakes her head "Have you gone crazy?"

Noqual screams, thow her voice can be barely heard cause Noqual's face is buried in snow. HOw did that happen? She quickly gets up, and turns to look behind her, seeing a mound of snow that she somehow tripped over. Wiping snow from her face, Noqualshakes her head, sticky hair flying in the air. Noqual is shivering now, though she did think that she got used to this coldness. But she doesn't mind being cold. Hands go down again, and she takes now, and throws it in the air, not even making a ball out of it.

Miralia shakes her head, sending snow - the stuff that hasn't melted - flying in all directions.

With nothing of Sita showing but her legs, she can't very well call out for help. A muffled, "Heemphdhdh" can be heard from the snow drift. Ooh, talking snow. What a concept. Kicking her legs, she tries to squirm out to no avail. Well, durn it. She can't inflict snowballs on people if she can't even get /out/.

Dalas goes over to help the kicking legs out of the snow,'Stop kicking and I can help you.' he says.

Antarticath stops mid tail-swish to listen to Adora, but the momentum of his repetitive behavior launches him forward and over, into the snow. He slowly wrenches his head out of the white slush, trying not to cause a scene…

Tiberia finally notices something, and curls into a little ball slightly, shivering. It's /cold/ out here in the snow, and she's all wet!

Wybren shakes snow away from his face and stares up at Kitalya, his eyes wide with laughter. "You could say I am a bit crazy at the moment…" He winks mischieviously.

Electra rubs her freezing hands together.

Sita hrrmrphs at the voice, trying not to kick. Grateful, she is for help… of course she can't /see/ whose helping her..

Corrim grabs a large handfull of snow and chucks it at Wybren.

Kesara shakes the snow off her head after being sprayed by Miralia. She will get her revenge shortly, oh yes, with a
big snowball, now she just has to plan her assault…she goes over to Antarticath, and in his shadow, makes her moves, slowly, towards the girl…

Breck grins at Corrim with an 'I will get you back look' in her eyes. But for now, she listens to Adora.

Electra wishes she had been wearing mittens then. Still, it was fun, despite her snow-filled hair, flushed face, and numb hands.

Miralia realises her thick jacket is soaking, and pulls it off, an only slightly less wet tunic underneath.

Kitalya grins and grabs a handfull of snow "Here let me help you…" She pushes the snow toward his face and squeels as she is blocking Wybren and gets pelted by Cor cors snow balls

Matro begins cooling off and puts his jacket back on. He smiles, and listens.

Dalas grabs Sita's legs and pulls her free of the drift listening to the announcements.

Erranth settles comfortably, warm tail curling around Tiberia, while he watches the prizegiving.

Corrim says, "Hey Kitalya, that was for Wy!"

Wybren grabs Kitlaya and pulls her down into the snow, shoveling handfuls of the white stuff all over her.

Noqual rubs her hands together, trying to get warmer. Doesn't work well, so she stops and continues to pick up snow and throw it in the air. Her aim is kinda bad, with all these moving people, people who she doesn't know, That could be a problem, don't want to throw snow at someone who is low temperred. She shrugs, and throws more snow in the air. Why should she care if someone doesn't want to get hit?

Tiberia hugs the large blue tail happily, snuggling up to the warmth. Ah, that's good, much better. She looks sadly at her leftover snowballs. What a waste of good ammo.

Adora bounces off Rwyth's tail, hands off the prize to Noqual with a friendly grin, and bounds back on, rummaging in the bag again for the next prize.

Adora hands Third Prize - Snowball Fight to Noqual.

Kitalya grabs at his arms and giggles "Shhh stop it Wyb the fights over..and yer getting snow down my coat"

Halaith rumbles happily at Ysbryth just as she tries to follow the gold's suggestion. Dalas of course manages to get the erstwhile rider, with a bit of help from her lifemate, out of the snow.

Kesara grabs more than a handful of snow to her chest as she sneaks up upon miralya whohoo

Sita smiles at Dalas, "Thank you!" and turns to listen-finally!- to her clutchsib Adora.

Breck claps for Noqual

Electra smiles at Noqual. "congrats!" A snowball fight prize….this is interesting.

Miralia yelps as Kesara dumps the snow on her.

Dalas hearing that Noqual won a prize he cheers for him, though he doesn't know him, this was a fun competition and he is glad he snuck away from where he was suppose to be.

Wybren struggles to his feet, a gleam in his eye. "The fight is not over, as long as the Snow King lives!" HE takes a few steps foward and trips, falling on his face.

Kesara grins

Matro hadn't seen Noqual, but he claps loudly, grinning widely, "Congrads!"

Erranth whuffles at Noqual in interest. Pretty prize, and she didn't hit him much (he doesn't think). Nice choice.

Miralia death-glare's Kesara, but in the interest of keeping the peace, doesn't try to throw any snow back… not yet anyway…

Electra laughs at the might snowking, shome she vanquished awhile back. "Did you like your crown, SNOWKING?"

Corrim opens Corrim's Pack.

Wybren mumbles something to Electra,but can't be heard with his head in the snow.

Kitalya laughs softly and grabs a handfull of snow and pushes it into Wybrens shirt then sits on his back and rases a fist into the air "HAha Snow king I am the snow queen!"

Dalas gives Sita a welcome in the way of a nod, and listens to the rest of the announcements.

"And the second prize," Adora says, holding up another statuette, this one a bit larger, "goes to…uhh…you!" she point to Matro. Yet another person whose name she does not know. ANd she hops off the dragon to present another prize.

Electra is anxiously waiting for Adora to announce the remaining prizes.

Corrim closes Corrim's Pack.

Matro grins and jumps up happily, "Matro, it is!" He walks up, accepting his prize.

Sita smiles at Matro, "OOh, congrats.." She adds a smile of congrats to Noqual, seeing as how she was stuck when that prize was given out.

Adora hands Second Prize - Snowball Fight to Matro.

Dalas claps for Matro,' Congrats, ya got me quite a few times,' he grins.

Electra says, "Congrats, Matro!"

Matro smiles again and sits down.

Erranth snorts in horror at Adora. Him?? He who threw snowballs all over poor helpless dragons?? (What do you mean that was the point?)

"Congratulations!" Areiah calls out, brushing the snow from her hands to applaud along with the other cheering, clapping folk in the throng. "Hmm? Oh, best aim, I suppose. Accuracy." A wink is thrown Ysbryth-ward - whom, clearly, she was answering - before she silences again, only to begin soon after with the clapping and congratulating.

Kesara claps for the winner

Noqual grins and claps, "Congrats Matro."

Breck claps again

Miralia wrings her hair out as she shouts, "Congratulations!" at Matro.

Kitalya looks at the pretty prize and claps from atop her seat on Wybren

Kender wanders in from across the bowl.

Tiberia watches Adora closely, blinking a few times. She's giving things out? What are those for? Curiously, she stares. Are there more things to give out? Are they pretty like the other two?

Wybren lifts his head. "Very well Kitalya, you hast vanquished me. I am at your mercy." He sighs,defeated.

Kender goes home.

Adora pulls out another prize, this one nearly 2 feet tall! Oy! Lots of work! "And the first prize goes to…." Rwyth rumbles..not a drumroll, but close. "Tiberia!" Oof, the statuette will be almost too big for the small child to carry!

Kitalya aaws and ruffles his hair "Tisnt to bad is it?" She grins down at him and wiggles. "'sides…yer cumfy"

Breck applauds the winner.

Corrim grabs as much snow as he can and goes to dump it on Wy. "I wanna beat ya too!

Electra claps loudly. "Congratulations, Tiberia!" What the heck is Lec didn't win, she had fun anyway!

Dalas joins in the applause.

Miralia claps to congratulate Tiberia. "Well done!" she yells.

Kazandar wanders in from across the bowl.

Breck says, "Electra, you won as far as I am concerned, well done!"

Erranth trumpets loudly, nudging Tib. One of his brats. Eyes sparkle eagerly, as he watches the little girl.

Sita grins, smiling a congrats to Tiberia, then hauls herself back up on Halaith. after all.. draggies are nice little ovens.

Halaith bends her sleek, compact form so that Sita can easily grab ahold of the straps without marring her perfect jewel shine.

Wybren says, "FIne,fine.Every one can defeat me. I warn you all now,seating room is very limited!""

Matro smiles as Tiberia gets first prize, he claps loudly and with much enthusiasm

Electra blushes the same color as her hair. "Thank you, Breck. You weren't that bad either."

Sardrinth circles down from above.

Tiberia looks around, hugging Erranth's tail. What is everyone putting there hands together for? She blinks, getting up when Erranth nudges her? What? Oh, for her? She gets a pretty thing too? Yay! She giggles and jumps up and down.

Kitalya grabs some snow in her hands and runs over Electra "And your prize……….SNOW!"

Dalas chuckles at Breck and Electra's remarks, "It was fun though wasn't it.

Kazandar says, "It's over?"

Thesy gently slides down Sardrinth's neck, startled by a huge frosted muzzle sniffing at her, and lands with a soft thud.

Breck throws a well made snowball at Kazandar, not really!

Electra eeps, and ducks as Kitty runs over with some snow. "ACK!"

Miralia looks down at her sopping wet clothes and sighs. "I've really gotta get changed," she mutters, and heads in the general direction of the weyr.
Miralia meanders south 'neath spires' watchful spikes.

Adora grins and hugs her little friend. Handing over the large shiny thing.
Adora hands First Prize - Snowball Fight to Tiberia.

Noqual smiles thoughtfully at her prize. "Cool."

Corrim walks out.

Kitalya laughs softly and drops the snow blob back into the /snow/

Kazandar sighs

Matro meanders south 'neath spires' watchful spikes.

Tiberia scampers over to Rwyth and Adora, looking up at them curiously. Oooo! A shiny thing. "Tankoo Adua." She grins,
having spoken the best she can.

Kazandar says, "I missed the end of it."

Breck nods to Dalas, "I am Breck from Ista Weyr, well met!

Wybren stands, brushing snow from/everywhere/. "Well, that's enough physical activity for me for quite some time."

Electra laughs at Wybren.

Kitalya looks over her shoulde at Wybren and arches an eyebrow "Really?"

Tiberia stares at the statue that is nearly as big as herself. Ok now how is she supposed to get this back into the caverns?

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