SnowFest - Iceskating Contest

29th August 1999
Logged by Pyrene

An irregularly shaped lake - like a great murky teardrop - curves along the southeast corner of the bowl; the clay bank falls off sharply at the shoreline to form a natural bench just ideal for sitting and dabbling one's feet into the calcium-rich waters. The lake is not terribly deep, but it rarely warms up to a comfortable temperature, even in the height of summer. The southern shore is far more swampy: a muskeg estuary that is home to a multitude of avians and insects. The boggy, mossy ground there makes for treacherous footing, but provides a variety of marsh plants invaluable to the healing profession.
Above the lake, a series of ledges climb the volcanic wall to overlook the chill waters, and far above those, the star stones themselves perch on the rim of the volcano.
Glitter! Pink and purple and green and orange and that sort of weird color that nobody can ever decide on. All but blue and black have been scattered across the ice, turning it into a maze of sparkles and shimmers. A path is worn along the outside of the dazzling lake, making an easier way for novice skaters. For those die-hard fans of the sport, lanterns have been rigged along the lake shore, casting their light upon the ice for nighttime adventurers.
It is a winter afternoon. The snow is definitely slushy now, and is being tracked inside every time someone goes indoors. In the distance to the north, you can see the edge of an approaching cold front. Rukbat has begun its descent for the evening.
You see small wooden raft here.

Electra walks in from the Beach.
Electra waves. "Hello!"

Halaith slips with a natural, sultry grace in from the Beach.

April walks in from the Beach.
Thesy strolls in from the Beach.

Electra says, "Hey, does anyone have an extra pair of mittens?"

Sardrinth dashes in from the Beach.

Electra says, "Or gloves?"

Halaith obediantly stretches one perfect leg so that Sita can scoot down, careful to make sure to show the perfection of her glimmering hide.

Jokaran walks in from the Beach.

Pyrene waves to a pile of skates of assorted sizes. "You can all start by strapping those on - there should be enough for you to find your fit."

April shakes her head, "Nope, I don't even have a pair.."

Electra remembers the snowball fight. "Shards."

Skittle walks in from the Beach.

Dalas strides in from the Beach.
Dalas slips and slides over the ice,'Whoa,

Electra heads towards the skate pile, and begins matching up rough fits with her boot size. After trying on a few pairs, she finds one that fits, and begins to lace them up. She unsteadily slides onto the ice.

High Reaches' own assistant cook decides he will try his luck at this "ice skating." Jokaran can't master a runner, tame a herdbeast, or mount a dragon with any luck, so maybe his calling is this?

April nods and walks over to the pile of skates, find her pair, and walks off with them top put them on. She struggles, but manages to get them on. Slowly, she slides over to the crowd, slipping, but doesn't fall.

Sita dismounts from Halaith and heads over to find a pair small enough to feet her narrow feet. She straps a pair of skates on that are a little too big, but she cinges them tightly around her thin calf. Ready, she stands and hobbles over back to Halaith, leaning on one glowing leg.

Breck walks in from the Beach.
Topaz walks in from the Beach.
Aliea whistles as she walks in from the Beach.

Dalas goes over to where the others seem to be getting blades for their boots, he tries a few looking them over then decides on two of them and looks to see how they are applied.

Salea drifts in from the Beach.

Thesy casts Pyrene an apologetic glance as she lands with a soft thud on the ground, "Sorry Pyrene! Unscheduled sweep because F'ranz was hurt last Fall! Anything I can do to help?" And with another, stern, glance at her lifemate, "Don't you dare get on the ice, hear me?"

Skittle strides towards the pile of skates and finds a pair that fit his over large feet, barely

Electra waves. "Hi, Breck!" She loses her balance and falls forward, her hands out in front of her. "Shards, that's cold!" she remarks as she unsteadily gets to her feet.

Marielle walks in from the Beach.

Pyrene is sitting on a snowdrift while she puts her own skates on, "Thesy?" she grins up at the bluerider. "I dunno, can you skate?" We're just getting people assembled here.

Jokaran searches from pair to pair, trying to find two skates of the same size that fit his enormously large feet. He comes to what he thinks is the biggest pair and tries them on, but notes, with embarrassment, that even these are too small. "Aha!" He rushes over to an even larger pair before anyone else grabs them, and tries them on. Success!

Skittle shuffles out onto the ice but isnt making very good progress. "does anybody no what i do to make these things work?

Electra shakes her head. "I don't think there's much you can do until you learn how to keep your balance," she says, not looking too balanced herself.

Breck says, "Hey Electra. WE're supposed to wear these things and get on the ice and /not/ hurt ourselves? Dalas you're a healer right?"

Nherys stealthily slips in from the Beach.

April waves her arms in the air, to keep balance, and looks around. She sighs, relieved that she isn't the only one that doesn't look like she can skate. But thats the point of all this, to learn to skate… Right?

Aliea starts slowly out onto the ice with wide eyes and skidding steps. She begins to walk faster, thinking she has gotten the hang of it then just as she is nearing the places re everyone is putting on their boots, she suddenly slips and falls down on her bottom. A little sob excapes her lips, and she blinks back tears.

Skittle starts to fall backwards but swings his arms wildly to keep his balance,

Dalas shakes his head,'Just an apprentice,' he tells her,' I'm not allowed to actually practice yet.' putting the skates on and sciscor walking almost falling over the ice towards the others.

"Skate?" A slightly terrified expression crosses the bluerider's face at the nanies suggestion. "Ummm, no. Isn't there anything I could do right here … I mean on solid ground?" A loud snort, very close to draconic laughter, escapes Sardrinth and he nudges his rider gently towards the lake. "Noooo Drinth, I /won't/ get on that slippery thing! No way!"

Marielle wanders in, looking around, seeing what is happening.

Electra walks unsteadily towards Aliea, extending her hand. "You all right?" Without warning, Lec falls on her bottom alongside Aliea. She laughs. "I guess not many people are very good yet." She moves onto her knees and gets back up slowly.

Skittle shuffles towards Aliea and helps her up. "you allright?"

Breck sighs and places blades on her boots, well, here she goes….

Topaz walks in and rubs her arms slightly, cold, very cold. "Hello?" she calls then notices everyone is putting these blades on… She shrugs, and puts some on, slowly,trying to figure it out. After she gets them on, she stands and after falling in the snow a few times, finally makes her wya towards the ice.

Salea stands hesitantly on the ice, unsure whether she wants to move any further…."What's up Thesy?" she shouts across the water cum ice.

Pyrene sighs. Doesn't anyone know how to skate. She stands, and glides comfortably over the ice, making it look wickedly easy. "OK, people, there's some rope going around the outside if you want to hold onto that at first. Let's just all get some skates from the pile and start by getting used to the ice!"

Electra shuffles unsteadily over to the rope, glad that it's there. Somehow she's able to stay up, it's when she tries to move that she has trouble.

Aliea gives a tearful nod to Skittle and lec and a little smile sreads over her face. "Thanks" she mutters through her out door wear. and attems to get back up, put only slips and falls back down. Undaunted, she starts crawling along the ice towards the skats.

Skittle shuffles for the rope and falls just short of reaching it. "ouch! Man! that hurts."

April manages to move her legs, but doesn't dare to lift her feet of the ground. Her arms are wide in the air, keeping her well balanced, but Noqual doesn't take any chances. She shakes her head, not thinking that she needs to use to rope, and moves herself onto the ice. Woo.. THUMP! Bad idea. Noqual brings herself back up, and quickly, actually slowly, moves over to the rope and grabs it tightly.
Noqual/april.. ;P

Kandar with a song in his heart and a harper's twinkle in his eye, walks in from the Beach.

Siannen walks in from the Beach.

Sita nods, listening to Pyrene. She steps gingerly out onto the ice, but doesn't grab ahold of the rope. Not yet anyway. With bolstering from Halaith, she manages to keep her skinny legs beneath her, while looking at Pyrene and how she does it. During her growing years, she ice skated a lot, but it's been a while. She has to get used to it all over again. Bah.

Kazandar walks in from the Beach.
Audria walks in from the Beach.

Dalas tries to make his way to the rope, still with the scisscor type walk, so far he hasn't fallen but tries to keep from it, remembering the class on broken bones, he has a grimace, his tongue hanging slightly out the side of his mouth as he concentrates.

Marielle sorts through the pile of skates, and selects ones that fit, fastening them onto her boots. She waves to the one who seems to be in charge, "I know how to skate, you need help with lessons?" She makes her way onto the ice, and glides over.

Jokaran laces up his skates and is all ready to go. He triumphantly stands and marches to the lake. On his way there, though, he slips on a wet patch of snow and falls, sliding down on the lake. "Owwwwww" he moans loudly, struggling to get up. This was /not/ how he planned on starting his career as a professional ice skater!

Kazandar says, "HI ALL!"

Thesy stumbles on the wet snow and almost falls on her nose, trying to sidle up to Salea, "Skating!" And again the disgust that she's feeling at the prospect of having to step on the glittering ice is well audible in her voice, "But I won't do it! Not after four hours of sweeps."

Skittle goes home.

Audria steps carefully, almost too carefully, afraid of falling. She gives a slight wave to all present.

Adora moves quickly, head held high and a far-off look in her eyes, in from the Beach.

Tiberia scampers, eyes wide, in from the Beach.

Topaz doesn't know how to skate, but she can try. She wobbly moves towards the ice and carefully grasps the rope. She slips a few times, after a moment she rubs her knees from banging them on the ice. She carefully slides along.

Kazandar jumps onto the ice just to land on his rear.

Nherys manages to keep her legs underneath her, concentrating hard. However, she overballances, and lands on her bum. "Owww." Dragons, chairs, now ice?

Pyrene describes circles comfortably, watching people and throwing out helpful advice. "Remember if you fall over, get right back up again. Having somebody skate over your hand is /not/ fun." She smirks reassuringly and turns to Marielle, "You can? Oh, good! Just watch out for people who need help and stuff?" Pyrene is organised, oh yes she is!

Rwyth distractedly shuffles, whirling eyes taking in every detail, in from the Beach.

April moves her legs on the ice, hands moving along the rope. "Now this is better.." April says to herself, "Not gonna fall /again/" She can't make that promise, but tries as hard as she can to keep balance. NOt as hard as it seem, April finds out. Heck, its so easy now, she isn't using the rope! "That was quick.." April says slowly, but doesn't say anything else, still moving very slowly. Her feet still stay on the ground, and that may make her slip and fall. She doesn't want that! So, April picks up one foot at a time, and glides on the ice, hands stretched out in the air to keep balance.

Aliea goes home.

Aaliyah steps, eyes gazing critically at any and all, in from the Beach.

Tiberia stumbles around, slipping and sliding, and eventually falling down.

Siannen makes her way quickly to Pyrene, actually knowing how to do /this/ 'Reaches thing. She twirls on the ice before coming to a stop, and beaming proudly at her nanny.

Audria stops where she is, watcing everybody else. She laughs at Kazandar, seeing him on the ice.

Breck slowly moves to the ice, and pretends it is like swimming, which is what water is /really/ for after all.

Electra gulps, then glides out a little further. She hasn't fallen down - yet - , so she keeps going, moving her feet in a scissor-like motion. It gets her moving forward, and she hasn't fallen down yet…

Topaz shuffles along, putting one foot before another as she skates along. "Oof," she grunts as she falls again. Listening to Pyrene's advice, she pulls herself up again and goes along the rope, a tad smoother this time, but not without falling again.

Autumn blinks in from ::between::!

Kazandar tries to get up but ends up back where he started

Beryl strides in from the Beach.

Salea scrambles out of the cool water, slipping slightly on the wet clay.

Audria grins, going over to offer Kazandar a helping hand.

Marielle grins, and nods to Pyrene, taking her circles a bit opposite of her, keeping her eyes out for those that need assistance; supporting those that seem wobbly, helping up those that have fallen.

Jokaran hears Pyrene's advice about getting up quickly and rushes to do just that. In an amazing feat of brilliance and balance he gets up and begins to skate slowly around the outside of the lake, guide rope firmly in hand, one eye on the people behind him and the other on the instructors. He starts to pick up speed as he gets more confident, and soon he's going at what seems like a speedy pace (it's really just as fast as cold klah at the 'Reaches).

Beryl pulls her jacket tigher around her as she makes her way over to the skating party.

Tiberia slips and slides back onto her feet. Ok…maybe this isn't so fun after all.

Sita wobbles a little, but keeps her eyes on Pyrene. Doing slow, clumbsy circles she manages to stay upright though only with bolstering from her lifemate. Ooh, is she doing it right… her circles are more like squares.

Nherys gets her feet back underneath her, and slides wobbily towards her Kandar…

Breck slowly, and then with a bit more speed, she moves on the outside of the crowds, one foot in front of the other, almost a walk.

Kazandar tries to let Audria help him up but just pulls her down too!

Dalas lets go of the rope and tries to make a circle with out it, he starts getting the hang of the gliding motion. Hey he thinks, I'm doing this, he makes it short bit around the first curve of the lake, only to land on his……deriaire? Omph, he gasps,' Then remembering the statement about getting your hand ran over, he quickly gets up, picturing the blade going over his hand, he shutters.

Kandar simply look at the people, especially Pyrene with a confused look on his face. People walking on Ice? that's absolutly impossible. No way is he going to be able to actually /walk/ on ice. No way. Nevertheless, he follows the people before him as to not be left out, and prepares himself for the ludicrous ordeal. He grabs the rope and shakily gets up, noticing Nherys and managing to get over to her despite the odd wobbly dance of his. "You seem to have an awfull habit Nher." he says with a smirk.

Both feet secured firmly on the ground Thesy pushes her hands deeper into her pockets and watches all those people nuts enough to risk their necks. She grins at Beryl, gesturing her to her side with a nod, "Hey, sis! Going to try your luck as well?"

Audria lands on her backside on the ice with a thud, "Hey, you weren't supposed to pull me down too!" She begins trying to get up, finally making it beack to her feet.

Miako sneaks in from the Beach.

Pyrene skims over to Siannen, grinning at the little girl, "Sian! See, everybody? This little brat can do it, so you should be able to manage it too. Just move the feet in a steady gliding motion: one two, one two…" The nanny demonstrates as she heads over to another of her charges, Tiberia. "You OK there, Tib?"

April glides around on the ice, a little shaky, but better than she was at first. Eyes scan around, watching as other people fall down. She can't help but laugh, this is fun! April never thought she could skate before, but she really never tried. Heart pounds loudly, or it seems loud to her, as April continues to glide on the ice, feet actually being lifted up!

Kazandar pushes himself up "Sorry!"

Audria giggles, "Oh, it's okay. I'm not too sure I want to try to skate, though…"

Tiberia looks up at Pyrene and nods a little, still trying to stay upright without falling. Ugh this is not as easy as it looks!

Electra begins to move a little faster, one skate in front of the other. Finding it more helpful, she bends her knees a little, but not too much. She begins gliding around the circle, smiling to herself. She's finally getting the hang of it!

Topaz watches Pyrene's motions and tries to move her feet the same way, eventually getting in a shaking rythamatic move around the ice. This is hard, for now. Her hand stays tightly on the rope, yep, the poor gal is going to have rope burn…

Kazandar begins to walk along the lake, sorta getting it by watching the others….

As her legs get accustomed to the weird ground, Sita begins to get more confident. Halaith sits and preens for the audience. Look at me! Look at me! Ain't I purty and bright? Proddiness does lend drastic mood changes for our poor little greenrider, but for now she seems stable enough… just as she crashes into something hard and solid with a loud, "Ooof!" Rubbing her backside she mutters, "Are we having fun yet?"

Breck hey, this is working, just a push for each foot as she steps and there she goes, a glide and a glide, this is good, fun, even!

Audria crunches her way carefully to the lakeside, content to just watch…

Dalas watches the one, two, rythem of the glide, and concentrates on mimicing it. One, Two, wobble, one, two, wiggle with hand pinwheeling. He thinks ok I am going to land on my rump again, then one, two glide. Hey did he just do it?

Audria scrambles out of the cool water, slipping slightly on the wet clay.

Beryl waves at Thesy from her perch on a nearby rock as she finishes lacing up her skates. Taking a deep breath and muttering under her breath, "I can do this. I can do this.", she takes small mincing steps over to the lakeside, managing to make it to the ice pright. She grabs the rope tightly, no fool she!, and starts the slippy glidey steps that, she has been assured, will lead her gracefully across the ice

Kazandar one two one two klunk!

A greenrider gingerly steps onto the ice, blond hair swept up into a tight ponytail and slim hips swinging as gracefully as ever. Well, looks like Aaliyah's fashionably late yet again. "What are they doing?" the rider asks herself softly, putting her hands on her hips and staring at all of the bumbling skaters. She saunters towards a crowd of spectators and stands in front, simply watching. Won't catch her taking a plunge to that cold and slightly wet surface.

Breck says, "Dalas, look, just push your steps, it seems and you will glide! It's fun and almost easy."

Marielle helps up a person or two, offering bits of advice, "Balance is important, but it's easier to maintain while you're moving." Another person, whose toes keep wanting to point in, and then widely out … "that will move you, but if you aren't careful, you'll end up on the ice, with your legs pointing in different directions!"

Kazandar finally gets it sorta!

Pyrene smiles encouragingly at Tib. "Want me to help you over to the rope for a bit? Just until you get your balance?" Turning back to look at the ice, she studies Jokaran and adds for the rest's benefit "And keep out of Jokaran's way… Thanks Faranth he's better at cooking than skating."

Miako steps slowly onto the slippery ice. She's never done this before. Almost a second after she gets on, she falls. But she cheerfully gets right back up. And takes another step before falling down again. She laughs, hard but fun!

Nherys grins at Kandar, and latches firmly onto the rope. No more falling for her, nooooo way, no how.

Kazandar glides(if that's the right word) over to audria.

Miralia walks serenely in from the Beach.
Tigger blinks in from ::between::!

Tiberia puts her hands out at her side to help her balance. A rope, oh yay! Yet with an ill-timed sneeze, she once again finds herself in contact with the ice on her backside, and she stares upward at the sky, a bit winded.

Kazandar says, "See? You can do it to!"

Dalas watching Breck, he gives it a try, One,two,he pushes with his feet, and seems to be getting the glide down now, he grins at Breck, then falters a bit. He concentrates harder and seems to have it, least he can mover forwards on the ice now.

Electra moves a little faster until she's level with Breck and Dalas. "How're you two doing?" she asks. Lec glides along the surface of the ice, keeping level with her friends.

Larisa walks in from the Beach.

April stumbles on the ice, the front of the blade hitting the ice hard. Her arms wave in the air as she struggles to stay balanced, legs getting getting all their strangth to stay up. Woo, all that struggling worked, April continues to glide, making her feet hit the ice more evenly. Arms lay on her sides, April will now only ude them for balance when she needs it. Her body glides around, rather slowly, but she is proud of herself. Legs stiffen as she starts to move forward into the crowd. Hands go out in the air. Uh-oh. THUMP! "Oh.." She shakes her head, managing to let out a sorry to whoever she bumped into. Feet go on the ice again, arms gently land on her sides, April continues to glide along, this time avoiding people.

Jokaran continues around, slowly getting the hang of it as he goes. He's daring, and he lets go of the rope. This results in mild success, and he now changes form and goes across the diameter of the lake in a /very/ wobbly fashion. He sees Pyrene on the other side and hears her comment about his skating. "Hrm," he says, "would you like to experience it first hand, Pyrene?" With this, he charges forward with no caution and with one target in sight: Pyrene.

Breck says, "it's fun! And i think I can at least stay upright and keep moving..not fast mind you, but moving!"

Kazandar takes Audria's hand and tries to get her to come on the ice with him.

Kasey walks in from the Beach.

Marielle glides around, smiling to see that most have gotten a good grasp on the concepts, she keeps her eyes on the newcomers, to see if they need assistance. She sees Jokaran from the corner of her eye, and gives him wide berth.

Slide, slide. Glide, glide. Hey, this isn't so bad! Beryl grins to herself as she lets go of the rope and lets her glides get longer and longer. Whee! Urp! Didn't see that little bump on the ice. With a wild "Eeep!" she trips and falls face forward,her momentum keeping her going till she finally skids to a stop at the lake edge, arms and legs akimbo, and looks up into her sister's face. "Er, Hi, Thesy!

Siannen chuckles at all the silly people, and does a pretty little spin on the ice, then skates in front of Pyrene. "Whacha want me to do, Nanrene? They all look funny….."

Larisa smiles."Hello." She puts on skates and walks slowly tottering like an auntie out deeper on the ice.

Sita picks herself back up and flashes a look at Halaith. Definitely an unstable dragon there.. she begins to ice skate agian, more slowly this time. She swoops across the ice, flailing her arms in a windmill style.. oooh, is the greenrider treying to /fly/!?

Kasey says, "Hi."

Miako gets up again and tries to glide like she sees many of the others doing. She stumples over her blades, but with the help of her waving arms, manages to stay up. She takes another gliding step. "Wheee!" she calls, and then falls flat on her face.

Miralia carefully steps out onto the ice. It's obvious she hasn't done this in ages, waving her arms around like she's trying to take off, she moves a little way on the ice.

Kazandar waves "Hello."

Kandar looks back to the banks of the lake, hardly beliving he's way out over here on top of ice. He looks back at Nherys as she comes back to the rope, "WHo do you suppose ever came up with this idea? It definitly wasn't us Istans?"

Topaz pouts as she falls again. "I'm going to be in pain later…" she mutters. After a few more minutes of practising holding the rope, she lets go and gets about… oh… four feet before she falls. She climbs back to her feet again and starts moving once more, holding the rope again, she's not really ready to let go…

The bluerider gives a gusty sigh, she simply can't understand what people see in this and suspiciously watches Beryl slide down to the lake. With a shrug she moves over to a boulder and wipes off the snow before sitting down. Pulling her feet up so that her knees actually touch her chin Thesy justs sits there, her eyes watching those on the ice in wonder and disbelief.

Pyrene continues to keep more of an eye on Tiberia rather than other people. A mistake - before she knows what's happening she skate full on into Jokaran, letting out a squeak as she's knocked spinning out across the ice, fianlly skimming to a stop with her legs in the air. "Siannen? You can start by helping me up…"

Miralia reaches out and grabs for the rope, unfortunatelym she misjudges the distance and her momentum sends her facedown towards the ice, with a slight oof.

Etain walks in from the Beach.

Electra smiles at Breck. "Yeah, this is fun, once you get the hang of it?" She turns to Dalas. "And how are you doing?"

Larisa shuffles her feet and her lizards start flapping their wings to push her along as she watches…Whoa Bamf she falls backwards on her derriere."Owwie."

Tiberia slowly sits up, eyes a bit wide. Well, since she can't stand up right, she knows a way to get out of all this. She starts crawling across the ice, still slipping occasionally, but having much more progress than she would be standing up.

April's legs move along, keeping her straight up. Her hair blows slightly, even though she is going slightly slow. Eyes scan the crowd idly, though she is having fun. April hmms, thinking that just gliding around is boring. She starts to take turns, little by little going more sharply. Bad idea. THUMP "Not again.." April says, looking down at her foot to make sure she didn't twist her ackle. Nope, quickly, she gets back up, this time continueing to glide around.

Siannen dids her skates into the ice for ballance, and helps pull Pyrene up. "Why did we decide to teach them to skate? Did the draggies wanna laugh at something again?"

Breck looks at Dalas as well, he seems to be getting it.

Miralia picks herself up off the cold surface, almost collapsing again, and shuffles in a rope-ish direction.

Jokaran didn't actually expect Pyrene to /take it/. He goes careening off to the side of the lake and goes headfirst into a snowbank. A distant "mwhelp!" can be heard. Three flapping limbs can also be seen, the four submerged beneath the icy snows.

Etain chuckles

LAnding ina soft pile of snow, Sita is able to stop her out of control skating. Grumbling, she stands, with a frown. Well, now.. remembering isn't quite as easy as she thought. Hmmph. She gets back out on the ice and just stands. She can't have problems if she just stands.. can she?

Miako decides in her mind that she's going to at least take three steps before another spill. Her first step, she makes it. Her second, she makes it. "I can do it!" she mutters to herself and begins the third. "I can - " she starts before she again meets the ground. "Gotta try again." she calls cheerfully.

Topaz hears Siannen's comment and sniffs, well, she's trying at least. A sigh as she plops down in the snow to rub her legs and feet. After a few moments of rest, she clambers back onto the ice and grips the rope with two hands to pull herself along.

Etain says, "Hello"

Dalas pushes and glides now pretty good,' I think I am getting it,' he tells her,' and can actually grin, his tongue no longer needed at the moment. He sees the crash of Pyrene and Jokaran,'Ouch that had to hurt ,' he says, then wobbles a bit and takes a sharp intake of breath.

Resuming her mumbling to herself, "I can do this. I can do this." Beryl hauls in those limbs that seem to have a mind of their own. Forgoing any effort at grace, Beryl finally gets up on knees and hands, managing to eventually getting feet where the belong … at least for now. Tottering and wobbling, arms outstretched, she stares down at her feet and tries again, /much/ more gingerly. Slip, slip. Glide, glide. Her eyes are going to be crossed from staring at her toes

Kazandar calls to Etain "Hello!"

Marielle waves to Etain, and points out the pile of skates. "Get yourself a pair!"

A fellow greenrider flys by Aaliyah, turning and then pulling her over to where he's reserved a pair of skates just for her. "Oh no! You're not making me to look like the fool you are, H'ser. Stay away." Somehow, though, he gets her feet strapped to those contraptions and up standing on them. He pulls the ice queen along , skating in front of her and towing her through the throngs of people, the occasional "Stop!" or "Let go!" piercing the air.

Miralia slowly pushes her way across the ice, the ice-skating skills slowly coming back. But before she can get more than… oh a meter or so, she makes too big a movement and her feet go out from under her. Miralia lands on her back, staring up at the sky and sighs, deciding to sit there for a moment before trying to get up again.

Breck gathers her courage and decides to move faster, maybe a mistake, but a challenge is a challenge. And so she begins pushing a little harder and faster with her feet, taking longer glides and getting further into the lake area, out where people are really skating.

Tiberia halts her advance toward the snow as a few people go careening by her, nearly running her over. She eeps, making herself as small as possible.

Larisa stands up slowly and tries again…This time she stands carefully up and shuffles again…She makes it to the rope this time, and starts pulling herself along.

Pyrene struggles to her feet and glares at Siannen. "We're showing the opportunities that the cold climate here provides." She shakes her head dizzily and peers around at all her pupils. Oh, yeah, she's meant to be offering advice. "OK, now, all those of you still on the rope, I want you to try and strike out across the ice now. Don't be afraid - Jokaran, I think you should try sticking to the rope for a bit." That'll eliminate the main danger.

April rubs her back, or tries to, stretching her arm. She shakes her head, trying to forget the pain that is forming. "Must focus on staying up" She repeats over and over again, going in straight lines, only turning when she has no more room to go forward. She continues doing this, but then stops and makes a zig-zag line. More of a challenge. Woo, and it is hard. Arms go up in the air, feet twist and turn. She repeats what she is doing for awhile, waiting til she gets it just right.

Kazandar skates over by tiberia

Electra follows Breck's lead and heads out towards the center of the lake. She's doing better now…not the best of skaters….but she can stay up, at least

Jazz blinks in from ::between::!

Nherys manages to catch Siannen's comment and laughs, "Kandie, mebbe the 'Brat's right?" SHe shakes her head, and unballances again, landing hard on her poor bruised bum. She gets up, and starts out across the ice.

Etain teaches to get a pair and puts them on. "I have not skated in a long time, but thank you.

Tiberia opens first one eye, then another. Whew, ok, she's still alive. She blinks, looking up at Kazandar.

Kazandar tries to skate backwards! opps! that was a mistake! He just fell, again.

Jokaran thrusts his limbs out and after a few tries at this, he has success and his head *pops* out of the snow. His tired body just rolls to the lake and he /slowly/ gets up, heading /straight/ for the rope…

Dalas seeing Breck pull away he tries to go faster too, hmmm, is it easier the faster you go, he seems to be able to keep up with her and his glides are becoming smoother, he grins again, this time not even a wiggle as he increases his speed just a bit.

Marielle grins, "well, some who have skated before have gotten back into it fairly quickly, others are having a bit more difficult of a time."

Topaz squeaks… Away from the rope? Well, she /is/ getting better, maybe she should try… With a few strokes of her feet, she moves out onto the ice. Seacraft Apprentice half-shrieks when somone goes by her and slips onto her back with an audible 'oof'. She lies there a moment, blinking. Finally getting to her feet, she tries to move along.

Miralia rolls over onto her front and pushes herself to her knees, determined to get across the lake. She slowly stands, wobbling unsteadily.

Etain steps on to the ice and starts to gracefully skate around the lake.

Tiberia giggles, Kazandar fall instead of herself. Ha, see? That's why she's not bothering to stand up again.

Sita sighs, well it seems she must move. Move? Who everheard of that. Halaith whuffles from the shore, giving encouragement. Striking out onto the ice, she manages to do better.. really she does.

Siannen ahhhs, of course that's why. Nanny knows everything……..She streaches out, ballanced on one leg, and skating across the ice. She rights herself, them starts giving pointers to all involved.

Larisa lets go of the rope and starts out gingerly. She skates slowly away, her lizards crooning encouragement, and ends up beside Beryl of all people."Hello, I'm Larisa."

Breck smiles at her companions, "I am not promising I am doing anything right here.

Kazandar grummbles "All, you people make this look easy!"

Electra shrugs. "Maybe so, but is there anything all /that/ exciting happening anywhere else on this lake?"

Slip, slide. Glide, stumble. Oh dear, this is hard!. Beryl looks up as her little Jazz pops in for a look see at all the silly humanpets and gets an idea. Whistling to Jazz, Beryl tosses one end of her belt up for Jazz to catch in her talons and shehangs onto the other. She waves her free hand at Jazz and points. "Along the lakeside, Jazz!" As Jazz starts to fly along the lake with Beryl's belt in her talons, Beryl whee's as she is pulled along behind. Now /this/ is skating

Etain says, "It is if you skate alot, or at least used to."

Kazandar humphs

Miralia starts moving with a little more grace. Not much, but a little. She suddenly sees that she's heading for a snowdrift at the side of the lake, too late to avoid hitting it. With a thud and a muffled curse she hits it, and then /tries/ to get back on the ice.

Etain says, "Just start slowly."

Kazandar gets up again and decides maybey to just stick to FORWARD for a while.

Tiberia makes it to the snow in once piece, and sighs in relief, sitting there to watch everyone else.

Well, Aaliyah has calmed down enough to be led wobbily away by her fellow rider, the loud protest waning down to only a few angry grumblings. But then, that bronzerider that H'ser's had his eye on for quite some time sweeps by. Well, that, needless to say, leaves poor little Aaliyah sashaying across the lake with a skewed sense of balance and no brakes. Better watch out!

Kandar stares after Nherys as she leves him all alone. Well, this definitly limits the amount of direction a person can go. He sighs, and puts one foot infront of the other as he tries to go after her, wobbling instead and ending up stuck in the middle of the lake. Oh boy. Not good.

Kazandar tries to go faster and ends up triping and slides to the snow at the edge of the lake.

Pyrene realises the problem with encouraging people into the middle as she hastily dodges various flailing limbs and sliding bodies. "That's it, keep moving and you'll keep your balance well enough… just concentrate on going forward. If you're feeling really confident, you could try turning so that you don't hit anybody else!" Another innocent smile, and she turns in a wide circle to show how it's done after you've had years of experience.

Breck gliding in stride to the middle of the lake, she is too late to slow down when she spots Kandar straight in front of her! "Look Out!"

Etain turns around trying to stake backwards she goes around for a bit then colides with Kazandar. "Sorry" she says sheepishly. "I need eyes in the back of my head.

Nherys makes it about halfway across the lake and falls again, hard. "Kandiiiieee!" is wailed across the ice, but then she sees his perdicament is no better than her own. Well, at least he's still upright.

Tiberia pulls her damp jacket around herself a bit tighter and shivers slightly.

Kazandar spits out the snow and gets up.

With a slip and a slide, Miako rises to her feet. Her goal is now to make it to that crack in the ice about ten feet away. She slowly starts toward her goal.

April hasn't exactly skated before. Attempted once, but didn't. So, she's doing rather well. With trying new things, April will soon be /very/ good at this. Or at least she hopes she will.. Sighs, she continues to do the zig-zag line, this time almost perfect. But she repeats it some more, thinking that this is more fun than just going forward. But April realizes, what she wants to do next, will take some skill. Ok, a lot of skill, and some balance on her feet. She wants to do a combo, first go straight, the do a zig-zag line, then do a little twirl, /not/ in the air. She thinks that seems hard, but tries it anyway. Her balance is perfect, and she gets a little speed while going forward. but she slows down, just a little bit, and does the zig-zag line, stubling a bit, but doesn't fall. Then April tries to do the twirl. Bad idea. Shouldn't of practiced first. THUMP! She falls to the ground, but doesn't get hurt, and tries again.

Etain says to April "Your doing pretty good."

Donal walks in from the Beach.

Dalas seems to have the forward thing going now, he looks and notices he has come back full circle, he watches the /raft/ as he goes by it, watches it till he makes it even with it then, loses sight of it when he goes bye. One lap done, and only fell once, Hmm, he seems to getting faster even though he isn't deliberately trying to gain speed.

Miralia tries to turn slightly in order to stop herself, she succeeds, then overbalances and falls over. Again. Miralia sighs audibly.

Beryl's laugh can be heard across the lake as Jazz gets the idea of this game and picks up speed! "This is fun!" Er, rather. /Was/ fun. Aren't things flashing by just a bit *too* fast? And aren't they just a bit *too* far from the others? "Jazz!" Beryl shries! "Slow down! And go that way! /That/ way!! Aieee!!!!" But a flit-y little gleeful *Cree!* is all she gets in return as Jazz's eyes whirl merrily blue. This is too much fun to stop

Breck should she close her eyes as she hits Kandar or not is her only thought in her mind..please let him move fast!

Larisa skates again and sees Nherys fall. She gets herself going again and slowly comes to a stop next to the girl, arms at the flail."You alright?"

Secretly as not to attract his rider's attention Sardrinth slips on velvet paws down to the shore and with a little push of a hindleg the blue skids over the frozen surface like a pebble on water … only a little bigger. Watch out, I'm cooooooming!

Nearly crashing into the explaining Pyrene, Sita tries to hold her small frame upright and not land ont he ice again. Eeek.. must not hit the judge! Bad Idea. Trying to barge her way through the throng of flailing arms, stomping feet, and moving bodies. Ignoring the others for a moment, her feet head her in the direction of empty lake. Oh-oh, ist hat a /tree/?? I hope not..

Larisa releases Logan, who launches into the air.

Tigger watches Jazz's antics and chirps to himself in amusement.

Donal scrambles out of the cool water, slipping slightly on the wet clay.

Astryd blinks in from ::between::!

Electra carefully lifts her right leg up a little bit and glides a short while on her left leg, then quickly places her right leg back down to avoid falling.

In a few seconds Miako's almost made it. But she's falling off balance! She picks up speed and falls, sliding over the crack. Without relizing that she's fallen, she calls out, "I made it!" to anyone who's listening.

Topaz shrieks as she slips again, skidding across the ice and falling into the rope. She balences herself with it and tries going across again. She beams as she gets halfway, then gets knocked into somone else going by. She tries to scambe to her feet again. Dragon is noticed and girl scrambles to stay out of the way, maybe she should've stay home..

Logan Slow your pet down Miss !!!

Miako releases Loch Ness, who launches into the air.

Logan flies over to and tries to slow the woman down…

Loch Ness flies away from her owner, what a dangerous sport! At least on Miako.

Etain says to Pyrene "Are we alowed to throw snowballs?

Breck finally, at the last minute, she pulls herself away from the gentleman stuck in the middle and finds her stride again..looking around, she sees Dalas and tries to re-pace herself with him again..nice and steady.

Kazandar skates over by Nherys, for no reason.

Electra giggles. "I don't think we should on the ice…but snowball fights are fun, riiight?" She glances meaningfully at Dalas and Breck.

Nherys nods, and rises, wincing. "Yeah…I think so………" She rises, and gingerly begins to skate again, trying to make her way back over to Kandar.

Breck nods and agrees "Snowball fights are great fun!"

Larisa offers her hand to Nherys

Miralia hears the mention of snowball fights and glances around, wary of getting pelted with little white balls again.

Kandar drops his jaw as Breck almost hits him and cowers. As he figures out that he's safe, he get's back up unfortunantly looses his balnce, "Whoah!" is exclaimed before going down with an *oof!* He knew he shouldn't have gotten in to this.

Etain says, "If anyone wants one, I'm game. Oh by the way my name is Etain. I forgot that."

Kazandar tries again to skate backwards and does it! Unfortuantly he didn't look where he was going and ran into Larisa!

Astryd suddenly disappears ::between::!

There she goes flying past Pyrene, a group of flailing kidlets, and straight into St'pid. Whoops! This is not good. Aaliyah slips to the way-too-hard ice, her eyes that match the hue of the frozen lake glaring up at her former beau. Oi, this is waht she really /doesn't/ need right now.

Nherys takes the offered hand with a grin, hoping she doesn't pull her down too.

Pyrene darts out of Sita's way and then stares at Drinth. "/Thesy/!!" She didn't say anything about teaching dragons. "And no snowballs either! It's bad enough with people flying about…" She skates to the opposite side of the lake. All the better for surveillance of course, in no way is she trying to avoid Sardrinth. "Concentrate on where you're going people!"

Dalas releases Barakus, who launches into the air.

Electra grins. "I'm Electra, and I'd be willing to have a snowball fight! Again…now, where is his highness the 'snowking?'"

April decides not to try that comb again, at least not right now. She decides to focus on the twirly thing. Though she hasn't seem it done before, she tries anyway. First, she tries it slowly, but then doesn't even do it. "Gonna haveta practice going on one foot first." Is said, mostly to herself than for anyone else to hear. Now she is shaky. Left foot, she decides, will go in the air, cause right foot has better balance. But still, she waits to try even that.

Etain says, "Snowking?"

Larisa falls over and suddenly the three other lizards rise to protect their lady!!!
Larisa releases Byron, who launches into the air.

Kazandar gets up quickly and goes over to etain "I'm Kazandar!"

Electra giggles. "A victim in an earlier snowball fight."

Larisa releases Raspberry, who launches into the air.

Miralia glances at Etain, barely managing to keep her balance. "Don't ask…"

Tiberia sniffles a bit and gets up. Ugh, she doesn't feel great…Quietly, she heads away from the lake.

Electra says, "Who was easily bested."

Etain says, "Oh, well met."

Breck says, "I think he suddenly decided he had business elsewhere when he lost so soundly earlier!"

Tiberia scrambles out of the cool water, slipping slightly on the wet clay.

Larisa releases QuiGon, who launches into the air.

Siannen skates over to Drinth, grinning. "You wanna skate too? I'll teach ya……"

Barakus flies along watching the twolegged wingless ones, hmmm they seem to be moving kind of fast, the one he claims a bit too fast it looks like,

After getting up, Miako watchs her flit, a moment later she falls head over heels and finds herself in the snowbank on the othe side of the lake. "I got to the other side!" she yells happily. The cold snow begins to seep and and she jumps up. "Cold! Cold! Cold!" is her yell as she tries to get the snow out of her coat.

Electra nods. "That's probably it….it was fun giving him his crown."

Wheeeeeeee, this /is/ fun! Sardrinth bugles happily as he glides over the ice, all four limbs stretched out, the lashing tail causing one or two skaters who weren't paying attention to make unpleasant contact with the cold and hard surface. Ummmm, sorry? Finally remembering his talons he uses them as brakes and comes to a halt right beside Pyrene. Hey sweety!

Etain laughs at the thought

Kazandar says, "I missed most of the fight."

Electra says, "Poor you…it was fun."

Topaz slides across the ice, fairly fast, her arms flailing as she shrieks, "Heeeeeelp!" is exclaimed as she flys into the snow. She comes up, and shakes the snow off and slinks back to the ice, she'll make this if it kills her, well, maybe not. She giggles at the dragon, causing her to fall again. This time she doesn't rush to get up, waiting till she's done laughing, so she doesn't fall over, again.

Pyrene claps her hands loudly. "OK, lesson is over!" Before Sardrinth can get any ideas. She glares up at the blue, and pushes herself away from him before continuing. "OK, you all did beautifully, now get over to the side and take off your skates, while I decide on who gets the prizes."

Dalas seeing the dragon brake gives him an idea,he points one tip of one blade slightly into the ice, and to his astonishment is able to come to a stop still erect.

Sita's legs collapse beneather and she butt-skies. Whee! She spins across the ice, her knees bent, angling towards the edge of the ice. Hearing Pyrene, Sita tries her best to get up, but instead, ends up just sitting. Sitting is safe.

Miralia needs no encouragement to get to the side of the lake.

April nods, glad she won't have to do what she wanted to do, and glides over to pyrene. She stops quickly, and kneels down to take off her skates. With a little toss, April moves the skates away, and puts on her really shoes.

Larisa sees her trio rise from her and fly in a wedge straight for Kazandar. "No Boys Back here NOW!!!" They fly towards him eyes all swirly with Anger. Oh Bother…

Beryl may be the only weyr-folk ever to have been Flit-Napped!! Hair flying behind her she tries to pull back on her belt to turn Jazz. Fortunately (?),Jazz spies Drinth across the ice and, forgetting all about this silly humanpet game, heada back in Drinth's irection, hauling the terrified Beryl along behind her till she lands, *plop* right at the feet of her sister's big blue. And here is where she is staying!

Kazandar skates around backwards somemore. Hearing "lesson is over" tries to stop. Well falling stops you doesn't it?

Breck looks at Dalas' technique and tries it, hey it does work. She comes to a wobbly, but upright stop.

Electra frowns. "So soon?" Just like the snowball fight. Once it got going, it was over. With a sigh, Lec glides over to the side of the lake and begins to unlace her skates. Once she's done, she flops down in the snow, waiting for Pyrene's announcement. The snow doesn't seem as cold after that snowball fight….;-)

Larisa rises to her feet and picks up speed…She has to get there before the Lizards do.

Etain looks and makes sure that no one will get hit she skates really fast and then tries a jump and suceeds happily.

Miako stumbles and falls, but gets up without a thought, trying to get back to the other side when she sees everyone else doing it. Hoping she's not last to leave the ice, she continues.

St'pid stands there, staring dumbly icewards at the fallen Aaliyah. That is until she shouts out a hissing, "Help me up!" Pyrene's words are heard and the greenrider nearly cheers. "Love to chat, but I've got to go," she pronounces with sugar and syrup dripping from her tone. Wtih a scramble and a fall or two, Aaliyah reaches the side away from that idiot of a bluerider.

Look! Talons can be used as accelerators too! Cheerfully, and with care this time, Sardrinth gives a little pushes and slowly glides after Pyrene. Unfortunately he underestimates his strength again and with an apologetic whuffle he pushes the nanny right into the wet snow of the shore.

Etain says, "Whats next?"

Topaz grins as she skates to the side, going at a fairly alarming rate, "Loook Ouuuutt!" she yells as she flys, headfirst into the snow. The skates are happily pulled off, along with her shoes as she takes a moment to rub her feet, "Oowww…" she murmers.

Kazandar crawls over to the snow

Marielle circles widely, helping those that have gotten stranded at the far end of the lake.

Breck slowly glides to the side and removes her blades, skin flushed and eyes shining with the fun she has had today.

Dalas says,' Hey you managed it too.' watching Breck,' I think I can make it back over to the raft without problems now, ' he says as he heads that way to remove the borrowed skates.' You comming?'

Tynis walks in from the Beach.

Etain skates over to the snow and pulls them off.

Dalas *sneezes quite loudly*

Beryl has had her fill of skating for today, thank you very much, and uses hands and knees to crawl off the ice and retrieve her boots. Tossing her skates back onto the pile she calls over to Thesy. "Thank Drinth for that appearance! I'd be half way to Ista bynow if he hadn't shown up!

Larisa gets in the way of the lizards as they wing in and aim for Kazandar's backside."No Here Now Bad boys!!" Her Bronze joins them and gives a calming command to the trio.

Nherys manages to make it to the edge, how she'll never know. She scans the crowd for that so special familiar face. Finding it, she calls out, "Kandar!!!!" and waves him over to her.

Larisa calls to Logan, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Pyrene drags herself up and glares at Sardrinth, spitting out snow. "Oh, thanks very much. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that. We have a few prizes for those who I felt showed particular promise. In 3rd place…. Aaliyah!"

Larisa calls to Byron, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Hoping against hope that she won't be last off the ice, Miako finally manages to somewhat gracefully glide to the edge. "I skated!" she yells happily.

Larisa calls to Raspberry, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

April woos and claps, "Congrats Aaliyah!"

Larisa calls to QuiGon, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Miako cheers, "Go Aaliyah!"

Electra claps. "Congrats to you, Aaliyah!" Powdery snow flies through the air as a form of confetti.

Breck applauds the winner.

Kazandar face in the snow says, "thanks."

Etain says, "Congratulations"

Tynis finds a spot of unclaimed space and settles in the snow to watch

Kazandar says, "Congrats!"

You hand Third Prize - Skating Contest to Aaliyah.

Miralia claps, "Yay Aaliyah!!"

Dalas *sneezes* again then Congratulates Aaliyah?

Her cheeks flushed and her eyes brimming with tears, Thesy laughs so hard that she almost falls backwards from the boulder! Wiping away the tears she then gets herself together and class to the blue to leave Pyrene alone for once and sidles up to Beryl. "Oh my! Have you done this before?"

"Not smart, greenrider," is whispered softly into H'ser's ear by Aaliyah. She finally has her skates off and she's not helpless anymore. Then, someone calls out her name. Several people. "Huh?" The rider walks to Pyrene with a slightly puzzled look on her face. "Yes?"

Kandar looks up to the edge from his sprawl over the ice. He doesn't bother getting up. Crawling is a much safer way of getting there. And so he does, and after a while, and collapses into the snow beside Nherys.

Tynis smiles to the winners, "Congratulations!"

Breck looks with some concen to Dalas "A Healer getting sick, Dalas?"

Electra giggles. "Kinda ironic, if you ask me…but it could happen.."

Kazandar calls to Kandar "You crawled to eh?"

Etain says, "Possably allergies, maby to snow."

Topaz blinks and looks around for whoever Aaliyah is. She sighs and shrugs lightly, rubbing her feet a little more before pulling her boots back on. A yawn erupts from her and she falls back into the snowm exaushted.

Tynis scrambles out of the cool water, slipping slightly on the wet clay.

Larisa falls right at the shore by the lizards almost victim and gets her shoes from a drudge."My blues almost got you. Sorry about that." The blues' eyes whirl less angrily.

Pyrene smiles in some amusement at Aaliyah, "You did very well, and I hope to see you out here again rider. In the meantime, please accept this as a token of our… esteem." Straight-faced she hands the prize over and then turns to the rest. "And in second place… Her!" Judging by the pointing hand, 'Her' refers to April.

Aaliyah is handed a prize and she looks down at it. "Oh. Okay. Thanks." A small smile for Pyrene and the crowd looking at her, and she disappears back to her original spot.

Beryl shakes the ice crystals out of her hair and sighs. "Where I grew up, water was for sailing on, /not/ sliding on!"

Sudanna walks in from the Beach.

Etain says, "Way to go April."

Kazandar turns over in the snow and sits up looking aound and nevistoly watching Larisa's Firelizards.

Robyn walks in from the Beach.

Dalas says, "I hope not,' not being able to explain his absence is one thing but to get a cold on top of that,' I think its just that I'm not use to the extreme cold.'

Beryl calls over good naturedly. "Good job, April!"

Still chuckling Thesy reaches up and retrieves a towel from one of the pouches dangling from Sardrinth's harness. Tossing it at her sister, she grins, "Here! That should help a little." She turns around and waves at Aaliyah and April, "Conratulations!"

Electra claps loudly. "WOO! Go, April!" More snow confetti flies through the air.

April eeps, "Me?" She looks and sees the finger pointing to her. "Cool!" is all that is said, with a smile on her face.

You hand Second Prize - Skating Contest to April.

Sudanna says, "Dalas, you too? What are you doing here. Oh what a silly question, huh.."

Electra pats Dalas's shoulder. "Poor you."

Kazandar claps loudly "Congrats!"

Miako again cheers for someone she knows only by name, "Great job April!" Happy for the person who must have tried real hard to skate.

Miralia finishes pulling on her boots and grins. "Well done!" she yells at April.

Nherys shivers slightly, but smiles as Kandar makes it. "So what did you think of skating? I don't think my poor bum can take much more abuse……"

Larisa rises soothing her baleful blues."I'm Larisa by the way."

Robyn goes home.

Topaz looks around, trying to find the second place winner… Drat, she doesn't know enough people. Girl yawns and closes her eyes while lying in the snow, half asleep, except for the fact she's shivering from being so cold.

Dalas seeing flinches a bit as he sees Sudanna," Am I busted?" he asks her,' I couldn't help it I wanted to have fun in the snow."

Breck looks at Sudanna with a slight glare… another healer, even..closer proximity..hmmm

Kazandar smiles still watching the firelizards. "My names Kazandar. nice to meet you?"

Sudanna says, "Busted by me? Hellion Healer? Oh Dal, you should know better. I just wish I had been here earlier. I love snow!"

Pyrene reaches out the second prize and turns to her audience, milking the suspense for all it's worth. "But, the first prize goes to somebody who I feel shows genuine potential, and who will no doubt be a champion in days to come." Possibly not at ice skating, but still. "Beryl! Come get your prize!"

Etain says, "Nice to see you again Sudanna"

April claps loudly, "Go Beryl! Congrats!"

Saffron walks in from the Beach.

Etain claps for the first place winner.

Electra claps extremely loudly. "GO BERYL!" Cubic feet of powdery snow fly through the air.

Sudanna says, "Hello Etain, how are you?"

Miako wishes she knew these people, but cheers just as loudly as if she did, "Keep it up Beryl!"

Larisa applauds for the woman called Beryl.

Marielle applauds for all the winners.

Dalas breaths a sigh of relief, " I didn't think so but wasn't sure if Kyee or one of the others sent you to find me,' he tells her,' I didn't care this was too much fun to pass up,'

Etain says, "Good, you?"

Miralia claps, and cheers, "Congratulations Beryl!"

You hand First Prize - Skating Contest to Beryl.

Kazandar whoops "Yeah! Congrats! TO ALL! CONGRATS!"

Breck applaudsthe winners and wishes she had done as well.

Loch Ness adds a confused chirp when she hears everyone cheer.

Beryl looks around her. There's another Beryl here? "Me?" she finally squeeks as awareness dawns."Me?" she repeats, heading awkwardly over to Pyrene. "THank you! Oh, my. Jazz, come seee this!"

Thesy blinks, the chuckle stopping for a moment, then she cheers loudly to her sister, "Congrats, dear! Hope you don't have to share it with Jazz!"

Siannen cheers as the prizes are awarded, beaming that she got to skate finally. Yay!!!!

Kandar looks up at Nherys from the ground, "I don't think I can posibbly do any more activities if they have something to do with this weather. It almost makes me want to go back and beg for another turn for the band. He plops his head back into the snow.

Kazandar says, "YEAH!"

April? Someone Aaliyah's never heard of, and so she is fairly ignored. But then Beryl? Now that's better… a true High Reachesian. "Yea Beryl!"

Marielle goes home.

Jazz chitters and preens, fluffing her wings smugly, as Beryl blushes and laughingly accepts her prize!

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