A Sledding Party

6th August 1999
Logged by Adora

Alpine Meadows
A vast meadow spreads away from the high moutainside that is the weyr, an ocean of grass that keeps its emerald green brilliance despite the weather, only losing it in winter when the snow falls in swirling folds. Rolling on a downward slope from the weyr's wall, large chunks of volcanic rock give way to the green sward, flattening out into the wide meadow that seems to reach all the way to the purplish mountains half-hidden by the mists in the distance, guarded over by the ring of darker green fir and pine trees that line its edges. Sparkling it way across the meadow, a ribbon of silver blue gives evidence of a mountain stream, flowing towards the weyr and disappearing under the wall of volcanic rock as it meanders across the flowing ocean of green..
It is a winter evening.
You see Snow Crasher, Snow Racer, Iced Ysbryth, Tub of Wax, bonfire, Crazy Carpet, and Super Slider here.
Liseria, Tessera, Salea, and Taida are here.

"Er." Taida ponders this, approaching the canvas thingy and poking it with a finger. "I dunno. I think I'd fall and die," she says candidly, eyes lifting to wink at Tessera.

Snow Crasher
A snow racer designed for SCHUSSING straight down the slopes!

Snow Racer
A blue canvas snow racer, waxed for SPEED and MOGUL JUMPING!

Iced Ysbryth
A full size (whew!) Ice Carving of Areiah's gold Yrbryth. Standing on all four legs, head raised to the Star Stone, and adorned with an assortment of colorful bells, bows, and ribbons. A glorious beauty to be sure!

Tub of Wax
A Big Ass tub filled with snow sled wax. Use it to make your sled super fast!

A huge bonfire is crackle warm to dry off wet butts and heat up chilled finger and toes. There's plenty of food to be toasted and warm klah to keep everyone satisfied.

Crazy Carpet
A waxed canvas circle with rope looped around its edges to hang onto because this baby is UNCONTROLLABLE. Ride at your own risk!

Pulling patchwork scarf closer to slender neck, she prods the waxed canvas herself. Giving a grin to Adora as she enters, she waves the candidates as well as Salea over. "Aye, it's great. Goes fast," zooming hand shoots outward, demonstrating. "And it's /perfectly/ safe," says engineer Tess, "if you fall, you just hit snow." Snow's soft. Cushions for the posterior and other items.

"Unless you hit ice," is Taida's warning, a finger lifted to 'scold' Tessera. "Maybe you should show me how to do it," she adds, tugging her jacket closer around her - it's cold out here! - and peering at the Thingy. "Then we'll decide whether or not it's Safe."

Tessera blinks. Well yes, ice. But Ewan excavated most of the ice in this valley for the Ysbryth statue, you see. "Erm.. okay. I shall demonstrate." How magnanimous of her. Grasping edges, she hauls it to the point of the slope, peering down with apprehension. She's done this before, right? Right. "So, hang on, and you go, that's it," Tess says, sitting cross-legged as she prepares to nudge over the edge.

"Right. You won't die?" Taida says, as though if Tessera answered 'Yes' she'd have to get right off that thing this minute and apologize. "If you die I'll be mad."

Adora steps into the meadow, her slightly threadbare crimson-colored cape drawn tightly around her, only the slightest green of her overdress peeping out. Brown hair is covered by the loose hood, although a few stray whisps billow in the sometimes brisk wind. "Heyla!" she calls cheerfully, a bounce in her step as she waves to those gathered! A night off is just what she needed.

Zaqith lands gently despite the buffeting winds above.
R'sli slides easily down Zaqith's neck, with an assist from the dainty green, to land softly on the ground.

Nadesda arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Ewan arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.
Ewan runs to the meadow, hopping on one foot trying to get his right boot on.

R'sli lands in the snow with a crunch, peering around, breath steaming in the cold air. "What's going on here?" he asks with a raised eyebrow. Spotting the snow dragon, he pales. They froze Ysbryth? That's some prank.

Adora trods over to Tess, leaving little footprints behind her in the snow. "Tessera! Need some help with that snowman?" At least, that's what it looks like her fellow candie is making. She turns, her cloak billowing, to wave at Nade, Ewan, R'sli, and Zaqith. "Hello, everyone!" she calls cheerfully, her cheeks cheerfully red from the wind and cold.

Zaqith snuffles, her spicy breath making cinnamon clouds in the alpine air. Mmm. Snow.

Tessera is engrossed in her snowman. The perfect roundness to his cheeks acheived, she turns with a beam of a surely hundred watts on her face. "Adora! And.. everyone," she grins, waving them over. "Aye, I'm wishing I had a tuber for his nose.. " or something. She eyes the snowman, poking at a chubby coldly grained tummy with a mittened finger.

Pulling out a bag from his jacket pocket, Ewan waves at everyone while heading over to the Ice Ysbryth. "Now, the finishing touches." He mutters to himself. He reaches into the bag and tosses a cloud of Gold Glitter all over the ice Sculpture.

R'sli crunches over, inspecting the work with a critical eye. "Looks good," he decides. "Sort of like the Sea Holder down to Half-Circle." He grins, and looks around, noticing the cook and Ewan appear. "Hallo!" He waves heartily, noting the glitter with approval. Not frozen, then. Just made of ice.

Stepping closer to the snowman, Adora stumbles and falls down to her knees. Thank Faranth for the cushion of snow! Giggling, she turns her bluegreen gaze on what felled her - a rather squat, triangular rock. Picking it up, and regaining her footing in the same jerky movement, she hands it to Tess. "Not a tuber, but good enough?" she inquires, watching Ewan be-glitter the ice sculpture with a grin of delight.

Zaqith was hatched with her glitter, and extends a wing for proper admiration. See? And she's nice and warm, too.

Ewan still has some glitter leave and walks over to Tess. "That's a fine looking snowman Tess, anyone we knw? " He jokes and gives her alittle bump. "How about some glitter?"

Tessera winks as she pats her snowman. "Ooh, the glitter does it," she notes, looking at the ice sculpture with approval. "Nay, I think S'nowy here is good with white." Unwinding her scarf from her throat, she affixes it to S'nowy's throat, securing it under double frosted chins. She eyes the sliders. They need to be tested. Eventually.

Ewan makes no of Tess's glance towards the sliders. After testing them this afternoon he's eager for more. "Anyone up to racing?"

Adora grins at Zaqith's natural glitter, properly in awe of the green…or so it seems, anyway. Dropping the stone for someone else to trip over, candie tucks her hands back into the folds of her cloak - should have brought her mittens. At least her ears are warm and cozy in the confines of the hood to her cloak. "He looks good, Tess," she says, flashing her a smile. "Racing?" she queries of Ewan…"I've never been on a sled before…" her voice trails off uncertainly…

"Ah its easy." He walks over to pick one of his favorites. Never afraid of a little snow and tumble, Ewan's ready to hit the slopes.

Ewan jumps on Snow Racer ready to race and jump moguls. Power will fly.

Tessera steps back to compare the glitter to that of the green. Close, perhaps. But she bets the sparkle of the /snow/ would look better on that hide. "Racing?" There's an echo in here… "I'd just like to take a nice leisurely jaunt down the slope…" Tess muses, shaking powder off her mittens to hug them to her frostbitten nose, cherry in the bright whiteness.

Leisurely? R'sli grins, and grabs a slider for himself. "It's fun," he notes with a grin for Adora. "When I was a kid, we'd make camp somewhere around Telgar and my sister and I raced all the time." He grins, and motions to the slope. "The trick is, you go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."

Lifting an eyebrow to Tess, "I don't think there is such a thing as a leisurely jaunt when you are on a sled," is Adora's wry rejoinder. She turns her attention on R'sli, "We camped near Telger, too, during the winter…but Da never really let us kids out of his supervision." He saw sledding as a frivolity, and nothing that resonable children would participate in.

Ewan claps R'sli back. "I like the way you think friend." And up the slope Ewan trudges dragging the Snow Racer behind him.

An Istan at heart, more used to sliding down sand dunes than snow, Tess shrugs. She's got two feet, she's got brakes. "Give us a demonstration?" she arches pale auburn brows at Ewan and R'sli in challege, hands scooping snow from behind her absently. A wink to Adora. Sure, leisurely, Tess'll try it. Soon enough.

R'sli follows Ewan up the slope, boots crunching loudly in the snow. At the top, he produces his flight goggles, and secures them o'er spectacles. Grinning at Ewan, he gives the thumbs up and waits for the other man to get ready.

Putting the sled down on the packed snow and easing his rump down, not wanting to slide before he properly settle. "Well R'sli, last one down is a rotten egg?" Ewan give R'sli the thumbs up signal.

Adora watches the..umm..waddling Nadesda, and stifles her giggles under a sudden caughing fit. "Warm enough, Nade?" she calls out to her favorite cook. Stepping back, out of the way of careening sleds, candies watchs R'sli and Ewan with interest. /This/ should be interesting.

Mayuth lands gently despite the buffeting winds above.

And he's off. Kicking himself off the peak, R'sli fings himself on his stomach on the slider, shooting down the hill like a shot. Gathering speed, it's an almost perfect shot. Almost, if Adora had disposed of that rock. One corner of the slider clips the triangular stone, and greenrider and slider part company, the former landing at the base of the icy queen, and the latter sailing off into the fading light.

Cyrene slides from Mayuth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

"Okay," R'sli states limply from the snow. "Now, see? I should have turned."

Marena arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Kaatje arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Ewan with a kick of his legs, he's off. "Whoahoo…" Intially verging to the left Ewan shifts his weigh, receiving a splat of snow in his face, temporarily blinding him…where R'sli…."Shells.." He leans forward for more speed, hitting a small mogul, Ewan and the Snow Racer left right off the ground a foot landing with a thud …Oh his porr butt! Then spinning out of control Ewan's spit off the racer into a snow dift, head first, only his boots are visible.

Cyrene looks at the slope, the sled, the becrashed fellow greenrider, the others, and aims a suspicious glare up at her dragon. "Are you aure this was a good idea?"

Eyes peer curiously at the adventurous ones. A chuckle and Tess moves over to huddle behind Nade. Tess gave up her scarf to S'nowy, she wants Nade to block the wind at least. As the crash occurs, a laugh spills out, burbling over at the explosion of snow at the ice statues base. A grin to Cyrene as she lands, Tess heads to the bonfire, pulling the klah off the warmer and she offers it to the brave sledders.

Ambar arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Kaatje shivers and looks around

Mayuth pushes her muzzle under the snow and huffs, sending a fine white spray drifting down over her rider. Cyrene makes a face and sidles towards the bonfire. Now that's more like it.

Marena wanders about, searching for any friends or fellow residents in the slight sledding-party induced hubbub.

Ambar walks in "is the sledding open to anyone?"

Kaatje shrugs, "i just got here, I don't know. Looks like fun, though"

Gabrielle arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Still stifling giggles, Adora's gaze lands on R'sli. "Yes, I see your point. Turning would have been a good idea. Are you all right?" she finally asks the 'rider - good thing he put on his riding goggles! Eyes widen as she peers at Ewan - or at least his bootsoles. "Shells," she says, tripping her way over to help distribute klah to the cold-weary.

R'sli gets to his feet, and brushes the snow from his leathers. Spotting Ewan's boots sticking out from the drift. Chuckling, he grabs hold and hauls at the errant feet. "Come on, you," he says lightly. "I guess neither of us wins."

Gabrielle moves toward the sound of burbling water

Ewan digs himself out of the drift looking like Tess's snowman's cousin. "Wheehoo! That was great!" Shaking the snow form his head he runs back to the stack of sliders to try another one. "How you holding up R'sli?"

Laurenlee arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.
Laurenlee waves!

Ambar nods in greeting to her friend, and then turns her gaze over to the many sleds sitting around the hill

Ewan runs back up the slope and leaves Snow Racer for someone else to ride.

Kaatje slowly advances towards a sled, "does anyone want to race?"

Ewan says, "I'm going to try the Red Racer this time!"

R'sli has no broken bones, and grins as he spots his fellow greenrider. "Cyrene! There you are! Care for a run at the slope?" He grins broadly, the snow caked to one lens of his goggles. "It's loads of fun."

Laurenlee walks up to her friend, whispering something in her ear. Then she looks around and nods to the others.

Ewan is up to the challenge (are you?) and grabs Snow Crasher.

Fynn arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Ambar shivers at the cold "You'd think I'd be smart enough to bring something warmer, if I'm going up to high reaches…"

"Did I hear a challenge?" Ewan looks about?

Cyrene stands near the fire, trying to brush the snow out of her haire before it melts. She aims a suspicious glare similar to that used on her dragon at R'sli…though she'd be nicer to him than to Mayuth. "Er…maybe some…other time?"

Waves as more enter fromo Tessera, she's content over near the fire. Warm. Warm is good. Pulling aside Erole, harper, she nods to him, as he strikes up a lively tune on his instrument, pulling in other harpers and musically inclined people as the melody permeates the meadow.

Laurenlee nods, shivering herself, then looks over to Ewan, "I am!"

Marena bends down and scoops up and handful of snow, then packs it into a loose snowball, looking for someone that she knows who wouldn't get to angry at having a snowball dropped on their head.

Kaatje grabs the sled and runs to the slope, "LET'S RACE!"

Ambar also steps forward, offering her challenge

Adora distributes mugs to those who come over. "There you go S'anta, and how is Clausth doing this fine night?" she chatters good-naturedly, passing out more mugs. Spotting another greenrider - one who is unknown to her, she waves Cyrene-ward, smiling to Erole and the harpers. /Now/ this is a party.

Ewan claps his gloves and points at Laurenlee. "You're on!" And up the slope he runs, or rather wades.

Ambar grabs the crazy carpet and dashes (slogs) up the hill after Ewan.

Laurenlee jumps forth at the challenge and follows the others!

Kaatje looks towards Fynn questioningly, "I'm Kaatje, and you are…?"

Ambar looks back down the hill and sees Adora with the klah. "Could you save a mug for me? I'll be right down!"

Tessera eyes the ice scuplture, safely away from the bonfire for the moment, she heads towards the sleds. Peeking under at the waxed sides, she grimaces. Waxed. To go fast. Hrm.. she steps back to watch those braver then herself go hurtling down into the snowy depths of the whitely-granuled wasteland below. An explosion of powder marks the crash and burn of a hapless young man into the banks of the far left. "That'll leave a mark," is the dry comment as she heads back over towards teh bonfire and Adora.

At the top of the slope, Ewan settle down on the Snow Crasher, waitng for the other daredevils. "Ready to eat snow?" He better be carefull since he's already eaten quite abit of snow.

R'sli opts for the warm klah instead, and joins his fellow weyrlingmaster by the fire. "I think you may have the right idea," he states quietly, pushing at Zaqith's nose as she snuffles him. "Leave off, Zaq. You'd know if I was hurt." He grins, and sips at the klah, removing his goggles and placing them atop his head.

Kaatje takes snow racer to the edge of the slope, who's racing me?

Ambar is eagered to spin and takes the Crazy Carpet for messy ride. Stand Back!.

Laurenlee takes Super Slider for a crazy ride down the slope. Snow flying everywhere!

Ambar goes wheee! "I'll race anybody!"

Laurenlee nods to the other, "I'm ready!"

Kaatje looks at ambar, "you on?"

Ewan wave his hand. "Everyone ready?"

Ambar glances back with a determined look "Let's go!"

Laurenlee leans forward, eager to start!

Kaatje me jumps on and takes off, as she speeds off down the hill

Waddle, waddle, crunch…Nadesda has perhaps too many layers of clothing on to walk about as fluently as she usually does. A gloved hand raises a few more inches from its already elevated spot to wave towards the surrounding people before she trundles forwards yet some more. "Ahmf gonna gerf sum drfin." An announcement that is surely understood by all, no doubt.

Ambar dashes a step and slides down afterwards

Marena hmms and forms a messy snow-person, using at a practice target.

Ewan grins at Ambar "Ok on the count of three." "One… "two…" THREE!!!"

Cyrene shrugs and grins. "Well, I'm just an ex-Istan pansy, that's all. Snow isn't exatly my thing." She smiles and waves back to Adora, casting about for her own mug of klah.

Gabrielle arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Adora shakes her head at those foolish..err, daring enough to race on those sleds. If they weren't waxed, then, maybe she'd try. As it is, she's content to be official klah-distributer. "R'sli…and, ummm," candie looks at Cyrene, at a loss for her name, "…would you like some klah? Or some of these cookies that have been warming?" she offers, one eye trained on those about to race again.

Ambar makes sure to keep all limbs off of the ground for maximum speed and doesn't stop

Kaatje yelps as she flies down and flips over into the snow and rolls down the rest of the way trying not to get hit by anyone

Laurenlee's sled lurches forth, speeding down the slope! "Yee-Haah!" She calls, sticking her hand in the air. Grinning all the way down, it looks as if she could win!

Kaatje screams as she dodges sleds left and right, "DON'T HIT ME!!"

Ambar has a look of delight at the speed she is reaching. She realizes she's heading right for Kaatje…

Kaatje freezes as the sled approaches and tries to jump to the right, but her boot is stuck in the snow!!

Ewan runs and jump stomach first , coping R'sli's style. His body flying inches off the ground with each bump, knocking the wind out of him. He spots a tree, try to steer away fro it….. can't….and has bail off his sled!

"Oh! Sorry…I'm Cyrene." Previously unnamed greenrider supplies. "But Cy, for short. " She brightens at the offer of klah and cookies. "Ooh, I'd kill for some klah right now."

Harpers' tune and Tess shifts feet, feeling the melody. Heading instead for the mug of liquid heaven, klah, she tromps through the powder. Shaking off mittens, she grins several people bite the snow, amusement not bothered to be hidden. Of course she laughs, /she's/ not the one out there. Heading over towards the group by the bonfire, she catches a name, Cyrene. A nod of hello from Tessera as she makes her way in with one of the many pitchers of klah. Just call her psychic.

Laurenlee giggles as she sees where Ambar's sled was heading, then giggles as Ewan isn't even on his sled anymore. She steers straight a head and looks as if she might win this one!

Ambar bails to the left, her braid flying every which way. The sled, knocked off course by this, slides down to Kaatje's left, slowing now that it has less mass.

Nadesda wildly waves her gloved hands about as she makes her way ever so slowly towards Adora - her clothed head equably shaking as much. "Ahgf do hfit!" Mummblings surface from underneath her neck warmer before she yanks it down over her chin. "Ah'll do it, Adora. Y'go 'n 'ave fun." Besides, the cook has some warmed cocktail drinks and heated bubblies awaiting in the kitchens that she needs the candidate to retrieve.

Wincing as Kaatje rolls down the hill, Adora can't watch the outcome of this race. Instead, she turns her attentions to those gathered about the fire, holding out a fresh mug of klah to Cyrene. "Well met, Cy," candie says with a grin, "I'm Adora." She peers at the be-bundeled chef, tilting her head and trying to make out her words. oh! "That's all right, Nadesda, I'm managing." She needs an excuse to not sled, you see.

Ambar slides roughly to a halt just downhill of Kaatje. "Gee, If you hadn't flipped, I'd still be going! Don't worry about it though. By the egg I'm cold though. Want some help with that boot??"
Ambar is grafefull to survive that dizzy ride and passes Crazy Carpet to the next daredevil.

Gabrielle plops onto the sled and holds her stick out as if it was an oar. Pushing off she uses it to navigate. "Watch out below!"

Laying on the snow, with a very wet bum. Ewan glazes at the stars. At least he thinks those are stars. Once he's caught his breath… "Wheeeeehooo! THAT was fun!"

Kaatje look apreciativly at Ambar, "please, I think it's jammed, though.. I was somewhat hoping you'd hit me, probably would have gotten it out!" She grins.

Ambar looks up to make sure Gabrielle isn't heading for her
Ambar smiles back "Well why didn't you say so? I would've kept on going then. My name is Ambar."

Kaatje follows Ambar's gaze and groans, "not again! oh, I'm Kaatje

Eyes of hazel's influence look towards the race survivors down at the far bottom of the hill as Nade can't help but smirk at them. Of course, she wouldn't be the one laughing if she fell over caused by the inbalance of her clothing style. "Y'sure, Adora? Hrrrm…Well, Ah gots t'do sumpthin' now."

R'sli thinks a moment, and sets his mug in the snow. "I want to try something," he mutters, his gaze thoughtful. He secures his goggles back in place, and trudges up the slope, grabbing a slider as he goes. "Everyone make sure I've a clear path," he says.

Ambar begins digging the snow around Kaatje's boot and shivers, especially now that she is all wet with ice.

Kaatje yanks at her foot

Ewan gets up very slowly, brushing the snow off. Spotting another rider whizzing down the slope he cheers. "Go Go Go!" He moves carefully so as not to be run over.

Kaatje helps Ambar dig some of the snow encasing Kate's foot and gives another yank as the foot suddenly free

Fynn arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Laurenlee suddenly sees the end of the slope, and so excited, surges forward with even more speed. Suddenly she flips and slides a long way with out a sled. She grins at the fun of it all, and trudges back up the slope.

Tessera turns an eye to the flounderings of the sledders, a chuckle heading to Ewan's position as she flips back hood over her chilled pinkened ears at Nade. Auburn brow lifts, and she peers. "Is that you, Nade?" Fingers itch to peel back the layers and peer inside, as if to check the identity of the muffled woman. Bypassing the snowman, she yanks her scarf from about S'nowy's 'neck'. She needs it more than the be-frosted man.

Ewan thanks the shell that thing steers! And gives Snow Crasher to some other brave soul.

Cyrene waves to Tessera and nods to Adora, wrapping her fingers around the klah mug gratefully. "Nice to mee you too, and thanks." She takes a small sip, beams cheerfully (that happens when she gets around klah) and eyes the sledders. "Crazy, crazy people." she murmurs.

Laurenlee dropped Super Slider for someone else to use at the top of the hill.

Marena trundles over to Ewan, first making sure she's not in the way of anyone else. "Hey! Long time, no see," she says.

Laurenlee stops by Ambar, breathless, then looks down the slope, "Who won?"

Kaatje turns to Ambar, "thanks bunches! But my sleds way down there.." She says, pointing halfway down the hill at a ball of snow and ice that could only be the snow racer

Fynn disappears into the mountain through a small crevice.

Ambar grins "Well, you'll just have to go get it! try sledding down on your bottom."

Ewan hugs Marena. "Heh! Glad you could come!" "Want to start some trouble later?"

R'sli reaches the top of the slope, measuring the guide ropes of the slider carefully. Zaqith, in response to some unheard request, glides to rest behind her rider. As she settles, the greenrider - stands? - on the slider, and braces himself. "Okay," he calls. "Clear path!"

Kaatje runs down the hill, trips and rolls to where her sled sits near the bottom. She picks it up and begins the trudge uphill to the warmth of the bonfire.

Laurenlee goes home.

"G'evenin' Tess! Tis me…Nade." Upon this reveilment of her identity, the cook flashes a bright smile towards the Candidate. "Ah jus' wanted t'keep warm, y'know?" But she too seems like she's craving to peel the layers off her sweating skin as she becomes a little too warm for comfort. "What in th'…" Stepping away from the licking flames of the fire, the woman cranes to see R'sli's next anatic.

Cyrene looks from Zaquith to Mayuth worriedly. "May, don't you get /any/ ideas!" she shouts to her own green, who ruffles her wings and contrives to look innocent.

Ewan is eagered to spin and takes the Crazy Carpet for messy ride. Stand Back!.

Marena laughs and shrugs. "If I don't catch my death of cold, first." Marena brrs a little. "Wanna race? I haven't had /my/ turn to fall off a sled and go rolling down the hill yet"

Eldorado blinks in from ::between::!

Adora shakes her head at those piled up at the bottom of the hill, then turns her attention to R'sli. "Oh, no, there he goes again," she says, shooting the rock that caused his last fall a look. Too late now to retrieve it. Attention is drawn again to the rolly-polly cook, "Did you need something done, Nade, that I can help with?" she asks helpfully.

Ewan nods eagerly. "I'm ready Marena!" Pats her on the back. "Let's do it."

A nudge. That's all it is. Zaqith shrugs, and suddenly, R'sli is flying down the slope, wind catching his black hair and ruffling it. His grin is wide, and it looks like he has control, both hands gripping the guide ropes tightly. Look at him go!

Tessera thinks Nade had the right idea. Tess perhaps, underestimated the power of snow. Lots of snow. And ice. Shiver rakes her spine and she winks at the woman. "Thought so, the mufflings sounded familiar," one jaded eye closes in a wink before she obediently scoots back, galoshes whumping in the snow before curiousity make her head tilt to the side. New antics? Eyes turn to the side, searching. She /knew/ she saw a healer here…

Marena grins and snatches up Snow Crasher from its small snow pocket, then begins to walk..no..wade through the snow and up the hill.

Kaatje advances towards the bonfire and extends her hands for heat

Ewan hurries over to help Kaatje. "Don't worry you'll shake it off." He turns seeing the green and her rider barrelling down the hill. "Holy Shells! Look at them!"

Kaatje grins, "I'll be warm enough for another go in a sec, want to race?"

As he nears the stone that was his undoing, R'sli crouches slightly, then suddenly bounds, taking the slider with him. And it's beautiful. It truly is. For a moment. Then everything goes in opposite directions, and the greenrider is hurtling toward the snow, landing in a drift with a muffled whump.

Marena looks to where Ewan's pointing and raises an eyebrow in surprised humor. Marena is up to the challenge (are you?) and grabs Snow Crasher.

"Ow," comes a muffled comment from deep within the snow. "That one hurt a bit."

Nadesda joggles her mess of various coats and pants up so she can trot to the top of the hill to watch R'sli's progress - all the while calling over her shoulder: "There's some…treats in th' kitchens, Adora, if'n y'care t'get 'em." A wink is also flashed towards Tessera as she passes, glad to know that she's so familiar with the people that they can recognize her via mumbles. "Ahhh…Tha' hadta hurt." This said in referance to the greenriders non-to-graceful fall.

Ewan follows marena up the hill. Looking back to make sure R'sli okay. "He's totally cool, it was like R'sli was at one with the snow…"

Adora's flourite eyes widen in shock as she watches R'sli, and nearly drops the tray of balanced klah mugs she is carrying. She turns slightly when she hears someone mutter something, and smiles appologetically to Kaatje. "Perhaps stay near the fire?" she offers, trying to helpful - theres not much you can do to stay warm out here except exercise or stay close to the redgold fire. Startled gasp as R'sli falls, and then her attention is cast about for a healer. He just might need one…

Marena chuckles as she continues the uphill 'trek'. "We're lucky it's deep. Hate to see how many people might get hurt if we didn't have such a heavy snowfall."

Cringing at the landing, Tess makes note of the healer's position in the crowd; close enough to grab and manhandle down to the scene, she sees. "Aye," short agreement and Tess winces, her less than vociferous agreement shortened as she sips at her klah. "Oh, klah, Nade?" she offers as she turnes amethyst orbs at the scene below.

Ewan agrees with Marena. "You know the trick is to roll with the fall, and be loose and relaxed so nothing tenses up." He jabs her playfully with his elbow. "Just have to keep moving right?"

Kaatje shivers and says she has to go

He might be okay. See? There's a violet glove poking from that drift. Slowly, R'sli drags himself from the drift, goggles askew, and hair matted to his head with ice and snow. "Okay," he pants. "Adora, I've decided that your da had the right idea." He sighs, and shifts, knocking snow from inside his collar. "I'll be lucky not to catch my death from this."

Marena nods with a laugh, then pauses for a moment when she finally reaches the top of the sledding hill. "That's right. Though I've never had to worry about it. Most of my crashes are with large snowdrifts, so the only danger for me is being a large pile of snow with a head." Marena drops the snow crasher and puts a foot on it to keep it from going down hill without her.

Snow flutters all over as Gabrielle's sled hits a large, hard, pile of snow and she flips over, landing on some fluffy snow. Blinking she wipes slowly at her eyes and licks her lips absently.

Adora shakes her head, now sighing with relief. If he can talk, then he's allright. "R'sli, come get warm or you just might." Catch his death, that is. "Perhaps, after everyone gets warm," and dragons are assured of their riders safety, "we could have a snowball fight?"

Cyrene is warm and cheerful and klahfilled and perhaps a trifle smug. "You look like a snow-monster, R'sli. Ooh, I hope Mayuth didn't learn anything from watching that little stunt…"

Ewan mimics Marena's movements. "Right." He looks downslope…"So the first one to the frozen stream is the winner okay?"

"Ah've never been sledding before…" Nade muses as she turns away from the panting R'sli to beam towards Tess. "N'thankee. Ah've got sumpthin' special brewin' in th' kitchens." All that can be hinted towards what is a sly tilt to her smile as she begins to untie her coat to reveil…another one. "Wow…Wanna coat?"

Marena nods. "Right."

Tessera catches glimpse of a toddler, wee one trundling towards the stream. A shreik of dismay and Tess recognizes the youngster as one of the laundress' children. "Whatever are you doing out here," she chides, scooping up the small girl. Tut-tutting, she gives an apologetic wave, heading back to the weyr with the squalling child in her grasp. "Back in a bit, I need to run Moira here down to her mum," a wave and she heads back, shushing the girl with a kiss and promises of pie. The bribing candidate..
Tessera disappears into the mountain through a small crevice.

Ewan bends down and lowers himself, stomach first onto the Crazy Carpet. "And no tricks you!" He spreads his mitts out, gasping the snow for the first push…

Marena sits crosslegged on the sled and gets ready to push hard. "On the count of three. One…two…THREE!" Marena pushes off and goes flying away, bits of snow going everywhere. "See ya at the bottom!," she calls back with a laugh.

Both arms give a mighty heave and Ewan's off. He spots Marena ahead of him so he tucks in tighter for more speed.

R'sli opts for the saftey and warmth of the fire once more, accepting the blanket produced by a cold-looking drudge with a smile. "My thanks, Lackee," he grins, wrapping the woolen cocoon around him. Finding his mug in the snow, he frowns. Ice cold, wouldn't you know it?

Marena skids down the hill, slowly at first, then faster as she gains momentum. "Ahh!" Obviously, the young girl has encountered the first of many snow drifts. "Turn..turn..turn!" Finally, Marena pulls off the action and veers to her left.

Every bump, more snow flies. Ewan gives another push with his mitts trying to gain more speed. "I'll get youuuuuu…" He's right behind her now, an inch or so…

Adora has rushed off and come panting back, balancing a platter on the top of a covered bowl. "Nadesda," she pants, walking /very/ carefully, "the apprentices in the kitchens said these were what you wanted?" No idea what the chef has cooked up, but if she wants it, then she gets it. Stepping past R'sli she peers down at his head. "You need some warm klah," is noted - there she goes again, stating the obvious.

Too close to Marena, when she rolls, he crashes into her. Together they snowball down the hill, sleds or not….

R'sli's lips are indeed bluing around the edges, and he rubs the blanket against his wet hair roughly. "I knew I should have worn my helmet," he grumbles. "Wet head. First thing we teach 'em. Wet head is an open door for firehead." He frowns even more mightily and accepts the warm klah. "Thanks, Adora."

Marena shrieks and tumbles off her sled. "This..is /not/..good," she cries, though it isn't audible and is deeply muffeled by snow.

They don't just need warm klah…they need something to warm themselves innerly. "R'sli! Let me fill yer cup with some o' this brew!" A wink and a nod is given towards Adora as Nadesda takes the kettle from the Candidate. "This is th' g'stuff." It's a secret recipe though…

Fynn arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Sonya arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

The combined momentum of Ewan and Marena, send the human snowball plummeting down, passing the now abandoned sleds.

Fynn walks in slowly, trudging to the snow, wool jacket donned. He looks up. He heard there was a sledding party- or was, but of course- this is what Palpatine told him, so he wouldn't be suprised if it was just a lie.

Marena closes her eyes and tucks up as well as she can, which isn't good at all since she's rolling down a hill.

Adora sniffs the stuff Nadesda is offering, her nose wrinkling slightly. "What is that, Nade?" candidae querties, trying to peer over the bundle that is the cook, and catching sight of those tumbling down the hill. Where did that healer disappear to, anyway?

Cyrene grins over her klah mug. "Just hope that good sturdy 'Reaches constitution doesn't fail you now." She leans over as well to get a peek at the 'special brew'. Sounds intriguing.

Ewan spits Marena's boot out of his mouth,worlds spinning….

Fynn noticing the sleeding, assumes it is still going on. He doesn't take in much of any conversation, he's not real social. He shoos away Palpatine and decides he oughta try to seld. He nervously gets on to the sled, not really prepared or anything special.
Fynn takes Super Slider for a crazy ride down the slope. Snow flying everywhere!
Fynn gasps for a breath, not knowing it'd be like /this/ and skids to a stop. I'll try a bit later.
Fynn dropped Super Slider for someone else to use at the top of the hill.

"Sssssswwweeeeet eeeeggggsssssssss…." Ewan crys…..

Marena shrieks one last time, then she and Ewan, human snowballs, go skidding onto the frozen creek, spinning around, with chunks of snow flying every which way. "That was fun," Marena says, distangling herself from Ewan and standing up shakily, then crashing back onto the snowbank. "Can we do that again?"

"Good stuff. Puts hair on yer chest…er sumpthin' like tha'." Well, so does bread crust, but that's besides Nade's point as she doesn't fully release the 'secret ingrediant'. She rarely does. "Try some, Adora. Y'll love it." Just to prove her own point, a mug is retrieved for herself, and a glassful is poured - the steam inhaled deeply.

R'sli knows that smell, and his eyes light up as his mug shoots forward. "Yes, please!" He knows good stuff when he smells it.

Ewan shaking the snow from his body. "Guess it was a tied! Well that won't due at all will it." He pokes Marena. "Why to cut me off lady…." He grabs her and lifts her shaking her playfully. "I want a better sled."
Ewan is grafefull to survive that dizzy ride and passes Crazy Carpet to the next daredevil.

Kaatje arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Cyrene pulls her own klah-mug in close, protectively. "The last thing I need is hair on my chest." she comments dryly. Mayuth rumbles amusement from her wallow in the snow.

Kaatje looks around at the people, some of whom are familiar to her now and heads towards the sleds

Marena giggles and grabs crazy carpet. "Use mine," she offers. "Snow Crasher steers better.
Marena is eagered to spin and takes the Crazy Carpet for messy ride. Stand Back!.

Kaatje takes Super Slider for a crazy ride down the slope. Snow flying everywhere!

Adora peers at the stuff tentatively, but, if Nadesda is offering it, then it must be all right, right? Right. Although hair on her chest is the last thing she desires. Adora finally sets down the other things she was balancing, near the fire so they stay warm, and takes the proffered mug, inhaling cautiously. Remaining standing, she watchs those still sledding. "Feel free to come get warm by the fire," she calls out to them all, again. "We have pleanty of klah and cookies," she reminds everyone.

Kaatje grins, "anyone wanna race?"

Ewan waves at Kaatje. "To the Victor the Spoils!" He runs and grabs a swift slider, running pass the girls up the hill.

Marena says, "Wait for me," Marena cries. "Wait!""

Fynn stumbles towards the refreshment table. He shakes the snow off of him and takes off his hood. He just breathes deeply for a while.

Marena scrambles up the hill after Ewan.

Oorla arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Ewan shouts "Come on you slow pokes!"

Kaatje laughs as she watches the comical sight of people *trying* to run uphill through the snow

Marena says, "I'm comin', okay! Just wait up!" "
Marena finally cathces up with Ewan, then slowly passes him, reaching the top of the hill first.

Ewan quickly makes a snow ball throwing one right a marena, hittin her on the forehead. The he takes aim at Kaatje, just missing her right ear.

Kaatje glares playfully at Ewan and bends over to make herself a snowbal, especially for him

Marena sticks her tounge out and makes her own snowball, nailing Ewan right in the back of the head while he's turned towards Kaatje. "Snowball fight! Sledding can wait!"

Kaatje throws at Ewan and her perfect aim awards her with Ewan groaning as he wipes snow off his face

Oorla's eyes widen as she enters the clearing. Well, this isn't quite the peacful haven she'd been expecting to find when she set out, but it looks fun anyway. Grinning, she scoops up a handful of snow and packs it into a ball, just in case someone aims at /her/!

"Eckk!" Snow getting down Ewan jacket on his neck. He runs and jumps Kaatje dragging her into the snow.

Fynn thinks for a while. The only to get social is to get involved. He throws a snowball, hitting Oorla's back.

Kaatje throws snow in Ewan face as he tackles her and gets up and packs another snowball which she throws playfully at the newcomer

Marena points at Ewan in a fit of giggles, then hops on her sled and slowly glides down to the group, gathering up snow for a large snowball.

"Not the face, not the face." Ewan scrabbles away from Kaatje, jumps on his sled chasing Marena down for the free-for - all at the bottom.

Marena finally gets a snowball large enough to suit her, and lifts it up, heaving it towards Ewan. "Take that!"

Adora is standing by the fire, sipping at Nadesda's "special brew." She raises a cold-numbed hand to wave at Oorla, and ducks as a snowball goes flying over her head. "Uh-oh," she says to those around the fire, "It looks like a snowball fight is starting…"

Bombarded from all sides, Oorla giggles and jumps out of the way. Unfortunatey, not in time to escape the flying white stuuf. Giggling she launches her own snowball at Fynn, then scoops up another just for Kaatje.

Kaatje makes yet another dreadful ball of snow which she aims at Fynn. Rewarded with a yelp, she screams, "YEEE-HAW!"

Marena sees Ewan grab his sled, a begins to push harder. "I'm gonna beat you, I'm gonna beat you," she chants.

Kaatje laughs outright as her face is smacked with a cold, wet white substance

Ewan blinded by the face ball. He's in a moment of shock….He snaps out of it. "Not the face! Without it I'll never get a dateeeee." Down ward heis sled skids.

R'sli takes a sip of Nade's brew, then firmly removes the mug from Adora's grasp. "Sorry," he notes wryly. "None for candidates." He shoots a look at the cook. She knows better.

A very suprised Fynn, getting hit by two snowballs, makes a another snowball and nails Kaatje.

Marena laughs at Ewan's explination and swerves, turning so that she's facing Ewan, and heaves one more snowball at him before turning around again.

Snickering, Oorla slings a couple more snowballs randomly into the fight, but when she bends down to gather more snow, she slips and falls smack on her face! Shrieking, she tries to get up before she is spotted as an easy target.

Kaatje keeps her eyes closed as she makes another snowball. THat one to the face was COLD! Whe she assumed the ball was of adequate size she launched it to her left….right towards the people standing around the bonfire
Kaatje says, "sorry Adora! I didn't mean to hit you, really I didn't!"
Kaatje runs back up the slope and leaves Snow Racer for someone else to ride.

Nadesda would be seen blushing if it wasn't for the neckwarmer inching over her already pinkened cheeks. "It's good for 'em." she merely replies towards the glare as she takes a sip from her own mug, a light smirk upon her face. "Th' bubblies 're alcohol free…" Just a little fact to make up for herself as she deftly ducks from a zooming snowball.

Kaatje dropped Super Slider for someone else to use at the top of the hill.

Fynn makes another snowball, and heaves it in to the air, letting it drop somewhere. Feeling entergetic, he grabs a sled for one last ride before he goes back to the caverns.

Ewan rolls off his sled away from that vicious Marena. Jumping to his face he runs towards Oorla. "Welcome to High Reaches!" He lifts her up, twirls her on his shoulders and dumps her in the snow before she can shove snow into his face. "Come fly with me.." he sings…

Fynn jumps on Snow Racer ready to race and jump moguls. Power will fly.

Adora peers at R'sli, surprised. But Nadesda offered….she shrugs, grins, and goes to retrieve her empty klah mug. But, then, she is hit! A flying ball of snow smacks into her arm, sending little needles of cold into her face. "All right, who did that?" she calls out in mock anger, stepping away from the soft glow of the fire, and stooping to make a ball of her own, eyes scanning for likely targets.

Kaatje slowly backs away from a grimacing Adora as she tries to mutter an apology
Kaatje mutters "i'm sorry, didn't mean to hit you there, really i didn't" to you.

Marena finally reaches the bottom and cheers victoriously, then trudges back up to Ewan. "Hah!," she cries gleefully. "I won." Marena is grafefull to survive that dizzy ride and passes Crazy Carpet to the next daredevil.

Fynn pushes off the edge of the hill, zooming down it, he's never gone this fast! He's now a blur until he reaches the bottom of the hill and crashes sending him flipping and deep into the snow.

Oorla leaps up, s[uttering to rid her mouth of the snow. She scoops up a really BIG snowball and sneaks over to where Ewan is singing. SPFOOSH!

Marena follows Oorla's example and scoops up as much snow as she can. Standing on tiptoes, she dumps it on Ewan's head, then stands back and tries to pretend she didn't to anything.

Fynn gets up, trying to wipe the snow off him, and slowly climbs up the hill.
Fynn runs back up the slope and leaves Snow Racer for someone else to ride.
Fynn sighs, fearing he must leave as it is deep into the night. Though, for a prank, and packs a snowball and drops it in the klah pot, so anyone who gets more klah will have a snowy treat.

Kaatje grins and gasps for breath as she drops to the ground, "I should come to High Reaches more often!"

Ewan EEECKKs as Oorla gains her revenge. "Here I thought you were a nice girl!" Scramppering away from her, he spots his next victim Marena. "Come here you and chases after her to give her a good snow dunkin'

Oorla a nice girl? Not likely! At least, not in a snow fight! Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Fynn messing around the klah pot. More snow for him!

Marena shrieks again, then tries to scramble away from Ewan without much success. "Ahh! No! I didn't do anything," she cries, crouching down to try and hide since she can't run away.

Grinning at Kaatje, Adora proves that she's not upset. She needed an excuse to get into this snowball fight. Too bad all the 'riders are still sitting by the fire. Her ball of snow packed, she aims for a familiar face - fellow candidate Oorla. "Heyla, Oorla," she calls to gain her friend's attention before she lets the snowball go arching over the meadow.

Ewan pounces on Marena, stuff snow into her face."To the Victors the Spoils HhhhAAAA."

Kaatje lies on the ground listening to the sounds of fighting down the hill and chatter by the bonfire. Cries from down the hill make her giggle to herself as she searches for air to fill her mistreated lungs. It's so peaceful, just lying here, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of nature.. well, the sounds of …well, whatever it is. She sighs and begins to feel sleepy…

R'sli *has to go. BBL. Soon.

Marena sputters and tries to get away, which only results in more snowy gifts from Ewan. "Hey..stop!..stop!..I do /any/thing! No more snow! Arh!"

Ewan grabs Marena hands. "WAIT, wait a second… Let's call a truce and set up an ambush?" He winks and glances towards the bonfire.

R'sli goes home.

Fynn snickers and sneaks out before anybody finds snowy klah.

Sita arrives from the direction of the stream, clothing dampened by the occasional spray of burbling water.

Marena nods anxiously. Like she said, /anything/ to stop the snow. Besides, this is fun!

Zaqith goes home.

Fynn moves toward the sound of burbling water

Kaatje sighs again as the heat of the bonfire drifts towards her, so soothing

Hearing her name, Oorla searches for the voices owner, only to be smacked with freezing snow. And she thought Adora was her bud! Well well well! "Your gonna pay for that bigtime Adora" she calls, grinning as she wipes snow from her face. Moments later, Adora is positively pelted with an armful of snowballs.

Nadesda goes home.
Cyrene goes home.
Mayuth goes home.

Ewan nods to Marena. "Right here the plan…. whsiper, whisper…"

Marena listens, nodding periodically. Snowball ambush! Heh heh heh.

Sita slips up behind everyone, watching with mounting interest. Blinking, she huddles farther down into her winter jacket, waving to various people she knows.

Oorla eyes Ewan and Marena; something's up with those two. She'll just keep away from them until she knows what their doing.

Ewan signals to Fynn and Oorla to join them.

Marena nods once more and pulls out her new pack, then begins to fill it with snowballs. "Want a sack," she asks, offering a second one to Ewan.

Kaatje slips into a shallow slumber, muttering, "snow…. … cold… ..wet… ouch.."

Oorla scuttles over to Marena and Ewan, wondering what's up.

Palpatine creels loudly, his humanpet Fynn forgetting him. So he starts is own mischeif. He gathers up his own firelizard snowball and dropping it on Adora. She seemed like a nice target.

Adora screams with delight and digust as she is pelted with snowballs, the powdry stuff standing out nicely against the backdrop of her crimson cloak. Her brown hair sneaks out from under the hood, blowing across her reddened cheeks and nose. "Heyla, Sita," she calls spying a new victim. HEr newest snowball is launched at her friend. Boy, she doesn't know what's she in for, does she?

Oorla grins. "Definately!" she whispers, then, noticing Sita, she greets her as any true friend would: with a soggy snowball!

Marena finally finishes, and scoops up her cloak, pulling it on her and seemingly dissappearing into the white snow. Snowball-fight cloaks are very handy when wanting to hide from someone.

Sita blinks stupidly as snoballs crash into her, her curly hair wipping in the breeze. Blink. Grey orbs narrow a bit, lips are smacked and she reaches down to scoup her own fair share of snowball. Launch! Wonder if it hits..

Marena is still 'invisible', and the only clue to her position is a slight movement now and then.

Once again, Oorla's head connects with a snowball. At least it wasn't her face this time!

Ewan starts attacking with snowballs, in his frezeny he throws at friend and foe, anything moving including that cute Fire lizard. "FREE - FOR- ALL!" He screams.

Adora is smacked with Sita's snowball, and grimaces. For a moment, and then she is laughing again. Numb hands toss snow at everyone, as candie tries desperately to get under cover. Ack! This is getting out of control!

Kaatje wakes to the sounds of an all out snow fight, so she grabs a sled and takes off outta there
Kaatje jumps on Snow Racer ready to race and jump moguls. Power will fly.

Marena begins to crawl over to Ewan, still not having extracted revenge for causing her to snowball in that first race. Suddenly, a large pile of snow begins to rise, revealing a devilish looking Marena, who suddenly opens her pack and empties its contents, tossing snowball after snowball at Ewan. "There," she says, once finished. "That was for making me lose."

At Ewan's sudden frenzy, Oorla dives into the snow, only to be pelted. That's it! No more miss nice candi! Revenge shall be hers! Grabbing an armful of snow, she leaps straight at Ewan and turns him into a snowman! A big snowman!

Ewan turn and spots Kaatje barrelling down on him , he dives and throws, hitting her square in the chest (yeah the chest..)

Kaatje glides down the slope, wind blowing at her hair, and smiles, not a grin, nor a smirk, but a peaceful smile.. as she slowly…drifts…off…again. Sleeping on sleds is not a very good idea as Kaatje finds out when her sled goes out of control heading right for Ewan
Kaatje smacks Ewan upside the head, "Get offa me you sicko! I'm only 13 turns old!"
Kaatje grins, anyways, and tosses snow at Ewan

Sita ducks flying snowballs, sending them flying at anyone within reach, hoping they splat deliciously.

They've all turned against hime. Ewan screans "Eeeck, ooch1, Not the face…emmmmfff." Snow everywhere.. up the nose again!

Marena begins to crawl over to Ewan, still not having extracted revenge for causing her to snowball in that first race. Suddenly, a large pile of snow begins to rise, revealing a devilish looking Marena, who suddenly opens her pack and empties its contents, tossing snowball after snowball at Ewan. "There," she says, once finished. "That was for making me lose."

Kaatje grins and takes off after Ewan, pelting him with snowball after snowball, teach

Flying snowballs seem to like to bump into Oorla, for that is exactly what they do! "Aauugh-" she yells as a nice big one smackes into her mouth. She looks purposefully for the launcher.

"Halp!" Ewan trys to roll away from the mad females.

Sita shrugs innocently at Oorla, it definitly could have been hers. Her mission is to send snow in all directions to all people, and she tries her best to do that.

Adora finally stands up, amid the flying snowballs. "All right, everyone!!" she calls out, cupping her hands over her mouth. "Let's call a truce and go devour all the goodies that Nadeada made for us!" She begins heading over toward the bonfire - warmth and food and klah.

Kaatje looks up at the sound of Adora's voice, "goodies? who mentioned goodies? I never knew there were goodies here! GOODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marena looks up at the now darkening sky, and, even though she's a resident at High Reaches, she has to go. A lovely eighteen year old like Marena needs lots of rest.

Oorla decides that Sita looks all too innocent, so she sends one flying her way. Now what was that about goodies…?!

Kaatje runs back up the slope and leaves Snow Racer for someone else to ride.

OOC: Adora grins and hugs everyone. Thanks for coming and making this a great party! We'll do it again in a turn or so! ;)

Ewan stands up, a shell of his former self, wavering slight. "I.. surrender…" He spins and falls into a snow drift.

Marena finally has gotten revenge and notices everyone scuttling away. Deciding that she may have been a bit to hard on Ewan, Marena trudges over and gives him a peck on the cheek. "That's for all the snowballs in the face." Marena waits impatiently for a reply, tapping her foot in the snow.

Trist suddenly disappears ::between::!

Marena hmms and helps Ewan up.

Ewan is in a daze.."Mama…"

Marena rolls her eyes and gives Ewan one last peck on the cheek. "I'm living at High Reaches, and I expect a rematch from you for that first race. Hafta go! Bye!"

Ewan says, "bbbyyeee..mom"

Oorla giggles as the party breaks up, people already planning revenge. She'll have to be careful, lest someone decided to get even with /her/!

Marena rolls her eyes once more, then takes out a scrap of hide and writes what she just said. "Remember. High Reaches, and a rematch. G'bye!"
Marena goes home.

Ewan pulls himself together and follows the crowd into the warmth of the weyr. Hoping for some mulled wine.

Adora makes it over to the fire to find that it is close to going out. So much for warmth! Ahh, well, it seems the party is breaking up. Probably before all the noses freeze and fall off. Since she helped lug the stuff out here, candie begins to pile snow on top of the fire, to put it out, and to gather the scattered mugs and platters of half-eaten cookies.

By now Oorla is shivering cold. Too bad the bonfire looks dead. "Time for me to head back" she says, sighing. "Need help, Adora?"

"Oops" Ewan remembers that he helped make this mess and he ought to help clean up. He turn around and start gather items to haul back in doors.

Adora nods thankfully at Oorla. "I sure could." Thus one candidate begins to pile the arms of the other with empty dishes and platters. "Someone make sure to get the sleds and wax." Adora peers at the ice sculpture, smiling. "I suppoe that will last the rest of winter," she says with a giggle.

Oorla starts gathering up the mess. She gives the ice sculpture an admiring glance. "Yah, it should," she agrees, "Unless some flits take it into their heads to melt it!"

Ewan says, "Should we leave the Ice Ysbryth for Areiah to see?"

Adora sighs, peering about. "Well, I think that just about does it." Arms laden with bowls and mugs, she juts her chin out in the direction of the weyr. "Shall we all go get warm?"

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