Asking Aaliyah to Stand as a Candidate

12th May 1999
Logged by D'renn

Living Caverns

Central Bowl> Xeth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
Central Bowl> E'ren slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

D'renn trundles in, all free-flowing locks and free-flowing green shirt, and cheery smile. Something or someone has improved his mood considerably.

Dark curls flop into a tanned face, a faint thread of silver twining back from D'renn's left temple. He can only be described as short, wiry rather than stocky; muscles firm as a result of Turns of dragonriding. Blue eyes are framed by tiny laughter lines, another wrinkle furrowing a groove between thick black brows whenever he frowns - which is rarely. Mobile features are far more likely to smile, or laugh as D'renn makes yet another inappropriate joke at someone's expense… though malicious he never is, merely high-spirited and impulsive. The ingrained impetuosity shows too in the quick movements of someone who never sits still, but is constantly in fluid motion.
Lickable raspberry paints D'renn in layer after layer of berry-stained leather: pants a dark, ripe red, padded at buttocks and lower legs for riding and warmth. High black boots encase lower legs, a loose shirt of thick forest-green cotton hanging out over the tight trousers.
Shiny brand spanking new - or at least in better condition than his last knot - the loops of a Weyrlingmaster sit on D'renn's shoulder in resplendent shades of indigo, black and a strand of gold.

Central Bowl> Trydanth yawns a greeting to Xeth&rider, shuffling himself into a patch of autumn sunlight.

E'ren skittles in from the Central Bowl.

Quick in movement and startling in intensity of mood, this young man meets your gaze with a sudden smile and flash of Thread-gray eyes hooded under dark lashes. His inky-black hair has been teased into artful tufts with studied carelessness. Squarish jaw matching the set of his shoulders, his wirey frame is spare, notable more for gesture than stature. His complexion is dark, his form compact, though he occasionally creates the illusion that the opposite is so, due to his unapologetic flair for the dramatic.
Soft brown leathers highlight as tangerine-bronze, piping the colors of lime and milky klah marking his shoudlers and sleeves, descending along the outside of the tight leather casing his legs. Visible beneath the soft leather of his jacket tinted with dawn's oranges is gracefully rumpled flannel in sky blues, greys, and violets in subtly smudged brushstrokes. Boots polished to a charcoal mirror finish rise to his knees. The effect is to outline his darkly compact form in startlingly brilliant hues, assuring he will nto pass easily unnoticed. Perched on E'ren's shoulder is Falx.
His knot is a double twisted cord, one strand blue and one black, in a single loop, threaded with a dusty green ribbon matching Xeth's matte hide, and he wears a flit-gnawed badge marking him property of Inferno wing.

Central Bowl> Thesy meanders in from the north.
Thesy strolls in from the Central Bowl.

A careful sniff over the klah pot is made before Aaliyah pours herself a cup. She won't stand for that /awful/ stuff that was served just last night. Then D'renn, that strange green rider, and Thesy are noticed to walk in, and she smiles slightly to herself; good moods to diminish? A simple nod is sent their way and she slides into a bench near where she is standing, watching the proceedings of them, waiting for the perfect time to just push right in.

Snapping blue eyes sparkle in any light provided, whether it be sunlight, moonlight, or even glowlight, and, though they examine everything carefully from behind rather too-long bangs, they seem to be unoccupied and unobservant. A mass of white-blond hair cascades behind her, wavy and flowing, though it seems always to be getting in her way, falling in front of her eyes and tickling her ears. Average in height and slight in frame, she walks with poise and grace. Both hands are usually laying idle by her sides and only gesture when absolutely necessary to get her point across. Her face is quite attractive, with those high cheekbones, strongly upturned nose, and softly lined chin, though something tells you that her personality isn't going to match that practically flawless exterior.
Pale, shimmery green drifts in lazy whirlwinds across the tunic that clothes Aaliyah, blending down into a darker shade of green at near the bottom hem of the shirt. The very same forest green hue continues on to her light, cloth trousers that drape about each and every curve of her leg and hang limply around the tops of her boots. Bleached hair is swept back into a loose ponytail, revealing a string of pale metal dangling about a slender neck, at the end of which hangs a rather overpowering emerald embedded in a silver pendant. Perched on Aaliyah's shoulder is Qyvox. Sitting on Aaliyah's shoulder, tongue lopping out of his mouth like the stupid canine this blue resembles, is Dytez.

"Brrrr!" Thesy pulls her jacket closer as she hurries in, "Pretty chilly today, no?" Quickly a mug of klah is purchased before she settles right beside the hearth, fingers waggling a greeting to D'renn and E'ren. /That/ girl is given a nod, just that.

E'ren strolls in, whistling a light tune, probably something he heard at a Gather last sevenday. "Hello, hello," he calls. Juice? Well, it is an autumn afternoon, a bit too early for wine, at that. "I've felt it colder," he remarks. "Though anywhere is cold, compared to somewhere like Southern." And we all know how much Renren misses Southern, Xeth not withstanding.

D'renn is Reaches born and bred. "T'ain't /that/ cold," he answer Thesy… collecting klah nonetheless and folding himself into a comfy chair. "How goes?" A strange half-leer goes to Aaliyah - that he has a very odd opinion of her can be guessed from the expression.

Shrug. "Maybe Drinth and I went ::between:: too much for one day", Thesy leans closer to the warming hearth, cradling her mug for additional warmth, "With that double clutch on the Sands, it seems that we can't get enough candidates this time." Now even legs get pulled up, and mug put on the table, arms are wrapped around them. 'Nother shrug, "/I/ am cold."

E'ren smiles wryly at Thesy. "The way you say that, you'd think that candidates are nothing but work." Well, maybe they are, but the romantic in E'ren won't ever admit that. "How could you deny someone all that excitement, the hope for the future?" Yeah, just don't remind him of when he passed out in the catacombs as a candidate.

"The Candidates /are/ nothing but work," D'renn retorts. "Especially once they turn into weyrlings…."

And Aaliyah's cue rings out from Thesy's mouth. "Not enough candidates?" she asks, half of her mouth hidden by her mug. "Really? I sure have seen wnough of them running around the Weyr," she continues, talking about them as if they were some kind of inferior race. "Seems plenty enough for the eggs there." Just like that girl, not one for formalities.

Candidate Barracks> Khayet scratches his tummy and sits up again. He's just conserving his fast movements for when their needed you see, yah that's it.

"Last time we had forty-four eggs, we gathered more than eighty candidates," D'renn points out to Aaliyah, taking a somewhat patronising tone. "We don't have two-thirds of that yet… and it looks like the numbers will have to be bumped up with weyr residents anyhow."

Candidate Barracks> Shaela dunnos. Hatchings are pretty tough to miss - they herd Candidates out of here, ready or not. "Watch you don't fall," she teases Conrad, watching his movement from the corner of her eye: she wants to be able to laugh at him if he does.

Juliet walks in from the Central Bowl.

Sipping her klah Thesy flashes E'ren a grin, though a rather faint and lopsided one, "Oh you! You know I didn't mean it like that. S'just that this is Drinth's first time as a fully fledged Search dragon." Tearing her glance from the green rider towards /that/ girl, a brow is raised mockingly, "Another thing to complain about, huh?"

E'ren grins at D'renn. "Nah, weyrlings are more trouble than work. Except for Xeth and me… we were perfect models of behavior!" Ahem. He smiles bemusedly at the blond girl's response, though. "The candidates haven't been causing trouble for you, have they? I don't think we've met, either. E'ren, green Xeth's rider."

D'renn nods to the younger girl who entered, giving E'ren a suspicious look. "I wasn't weyrlingmaster then," he points out, Master of the Obvious.

Juliet steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Very small glare is flung to Thesy, but Aaliyah ignores her for other interests. Her icy eyes are pulled open a little more by D'renn's simple comment. /She's/ a resident… "Oh, so that's what you do if you don't have enough candidates Searched? I always wondered about that." Juliet is noticed and only a snippet of a smug grin, and then she turns back to her drink, listening for curious bits of information.

"Yeah, we get all and sundry on the Sands, as long as the dragons reckon they're suitable," D'renn blithely informs Aaliyah before taking a long hearty swig of klah.

Jarem arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

E'ren narrows his eyes slightly. "Fine! Ignore me! No one has to pay attention to me, ever! Even you, dull little resident type…." He waggles his fingers in Aaliyah's direction, then turns on his heel and stalks out. E'ren's very good at making a dramatic exit, don't you think?
E'ren exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Jarem steps in, feeling a bit lazy and…comfortable, to say the least…He sits down on a stiff-backed chair near the table with the klah and pours himself a mug, leaning back and greeting the company, "Hiya Aaliyah, Thesy, and…" he trails off, not recognizing the other man in the room, but does add a greeting for him, "..sir."

Content with getting slowly warmer Thesy watches the dialogue between her wingmate and the blonde with keen interest. E'ren's sudden departure though causes a startled glance to follow him. Shells! Since when is he so touchy? Maybe Xeth on the verge of proddiness. Jarem gets a nod then her attention is returned to the others.

D'renn snorts, rather put out that he's not recognised. Not know /him/, D'renn, infamous throughout Pern for his raspberry leathers? Unlike E'ren he doesn't stomp out…. merely shrugs at Thesy and Aaliyah.

Sigh. Big one even. Reluctant to leave her snugly place Thesy nevertheless stands. Casting Aaliyah a mildly reproachful glance she says softly but with a tinge of iron in her voice, "Great, now look what you've done! But you're not going to offend riders, m'girl! Come on, you come with me now and apologize, hear me?"

D'renn laughs out loud at Thesy's threat: eyebrows tilted with amusement and a prickle of scorn. "That's something I'd like to see, Thesy…." he murmurs, standing up too.

Dull? Aaliyah is /not/ dull. But before she can defend herself E'ren is gone. Anyway… Jarem's voice is heard and her head turns, eyebrow rising slowly. "'Lo," is her reply before she returns to listening to D'renn and Thesy babble on about the eggs and candidates. Then, Thesy is heard and she whirls around and stare at her. "Apologize? But why? I wasn't ignoring him…" Aaliyah protests, but still rising along with the rider.

Central Bowl> E'ren scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks and is assisted into place between two neckridges.
Central Bowl> Xeth takes off.

Well, at least she won't have to drag /that/ girl all the way. "Follow me", is hissed at Aaliyah then the blue rider strolls toward the bowl.

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl
It is an autumn afternoon. The bright golden sun dips westward across the clear sky. The cool north breeze continues. The day is very pleasant.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Jesse, Nonono, Gunwalloe, Litza, and Cynic.
Brown Azrieth, bronze Cairhoth, blue Kyleth, and blue Trydanth are here.

Thesy steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Aaliyah steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Trydanth lifts his head, staring at his rider in interest and consternation. Who made Xeth fly off like that?

D'renn shrugs both shoulders as Thesy and Aaliyah appear, looking at a blank space where there had been a rosemary-green dragon. "Erm."

"Great!" Thesy frowns, hands put to her hips, "Now he's even left." She won't mention of course that probably there was some other reason for it. "Anyway, D'renn's still here. Now go and tell him properly."

"Tell me what?" Aaliyah didn't offend D'renn, did she? Not that he remembers….

"I didn't do anything!" Aaliyah says through clenched teeth, her words nearly boiuncing off the backs of the riders she followed out here. "See he's not even here," she complains, crossing her arms in front of her and turning to look at the other dragons. "What?" she asks, blinking, confused. Him? Why

Trydanth shuffles to loom over D'renn's shoulder, copper-tinged wings rustling as he fidgets. "What?!" D'renn asks crossly of no-one, frowning at Thesy too. Maybe /she/ should apologise…

Muttering something quite incomprehensible under her breath Thesy then frowns. E'ren's gone, D'renn's not offended, oy she's really making a mess of all but everything today. "Whatever … you can as well say something nice to someone for a change." She's not really making sense, is she?

Sardrinth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

"Maybe you should apologise to Aaliyah," D'renn suggests, not unkindly, to Thesy. "It's not her fault…" Maybe. The weyrlingmaster gives Aaliyah another strange look, varying between leer and puzzlement.

Her say something nice? Okay, now Thesy's lost it. Aaliyah's eyes now glance from rider to rider to dragon to newly landing dragon, wide open, the eyebrows that shade them both disappearing into the long-hanging bangs that lie on her forhead. "Uh, um, well," she stutters. Then D'renn's suggestion is seconded with a loud, "Yeah, it's not my fault." Nothing /ever/ is.

Riders and weyrfolk get equally showered by a cloud of dust as Sardrinth lands so close to Trydanth that he misses people only by a few inches. Head is stretched out, eyes awhirl as the blue whuffles once … twice. Thesy's head jerks around her lifemate getting an angry glare before she turns back to D'renn and /that/ girl, "Apologize? Me? What for?" Stubborness, rarely noticed in the blue rider, is raising it's ugly head. Silent for a moment she then almost ejaculates "What????", blue eyes raised utterly stunned at Sardrinth, "WHAT?"

D'renn leans back against Trydanth's foreleg, the blue's breath whuffling through his over-long curls. "Hey, calm down Thesy… it wasn't that bad a suggestion…" Of course she's talking to him, never mind Trydanth's insistent niggles that it might not be the case. "Whaddya reckon, Aaliyah?"

A swinging nod throws near-white locks into a frenzy of whirlwinds as she draws herself up to full height and glares at Thesy. "I think that was a very good suggestion, D'renn," Aaliyah states. "I didn't do anything," is added to the end in a low, under-her-breath mutter.

Taking a deep breath, Thesy seems to listen to D'renn for once. Sardrinth is given a gentle scritch and, leaning against that starry hide more relaxed now, she even manages a faint grin, "Sorry, guess I'm getting everything wrong today. All right, You weren't offended" that's for D'renn, "so you" and now Aaliyah is addressed, "don't have to apologize. But next time you'll be nice to E'ren, ok?"

D'renn mercifully stays quiet at this, Trydanth's warm whuffles the only noises from /that/ pair's direction. But the WLM can't stay silent /that/ long…. neither can he control the almost-gloating expression that lands on Aaliyah. "Happy now?"

A puff of air whiffles through Aaliyah's mouth as she breathes, "I wasn't /mean/ to him in the first place." But at least she's won the argument and she doesn't have to embarrass herself by apologising. That would be horrendous. D'renn's gloating query reaching her ears, she nods slowly, punctuating her action with a bit of a "Yes, actually."

"Glad to hear it…" D'renn replies to Aaliyah with a half-bow. Again, blue eyes rake over the blonde girl, considering. "Ohhh, shut up complaining Trydanth," comes as an aside before he addresses Thesy. "Thank you dear."

Living Caverns> Taida arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

"Well, green riders can get offended very easily," Thesy tries to explain and tilts her head to get out of Sardrinth's whuffles, "Even ignoring them can send them into fits of sulking." Moving one step to the side but never leaving the comfort of the soft hide as another warm whuffle is sent in her direction, Thesy flashes a smile at D'renn, "Welcome."

Living Caverns> Taida enters the caverns from within the depths of the weyr, accompanied by two other candidates. The other two, both boys, make their way for the Food; Taida herself grabs a rag and starts wiping down tables. Good Taida.

Blueriders can behave like that, too, mind you…. D'renn being a perfect example of spoilt-rider at his worst.

Xeth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.
E'ren slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

This scrawny sprig of a dragon is pungently pressed with rosemary's hue to mark her sharp-flavored, sharp-minded: she's a dusky, dusty green from the narrow slope of muzzle back along every slim inch of her sylph's frame. The same silver that showcases tail's every motion lines the underside of full, delicate wings and sparks mischief in her gaze; her dark side hints in the near-black that needles talons and neckridges with prickly, peppery bite.
Drawn across the spice of rosemary hide is the ripe sweetness of tangerine-bronze leather straps, hooked snug with gleaming brass buckles.
Xeth is 5 Turns, 2 months, and 10 days old.
She is 23 meters long, with a wingspan of 38 meters.

Trydanth redirects his whiffles from D'renn's hair to Xeth's hide: far more attractive, and much better groomed.

"Now look!" Gloatingly Thesy grins at Aaliyah, "Looks like you've got another chance now! Oh go away, Drinth! I'm not cold anymore!"

"Ah, E'ren." D'renn appears to be measuring his words carefully, and taking the greenrider's measure too, with a long staring gaze like the one that was so recently on Aaliyah. "I think she" - careless wave at the girl - "has something to say." Or not.

A small grin adorns /that/ girl's lips, having succeded in having a bit of fun today. Just then… it's Xeth. Oh, not now. She was just getting away with it! A few steps are taken by Aaliyah's feet, towards the Living Caverns, subtly trying to take her leave lest they actually make her go through with it. But she's caught by Thesy and she hesitates, glancing about the bowl, hands held innocently behind her back. "I do?" is the shaky question directed at D'renn.

"Possibly…." D'renn replies carelessly, giving Trydanth a curious look. "Course, if you don't, I'm sure we could think of a suitable penance."

Xeth lashes her tail in an aloof fashion, though she can't resist tossing an enticing glance in Trydanth's direction. E'ren scowls - see how good he is at it, too! - first at Xeth, on principle's sake, then at D'renn and Thesy, and then that nobody resident girl who won't introduce herself. "What? Who, her? I bet whatever she says isn't that interesting." He sniffs slightly, just as aloof as Xeth.

Living Caverns> Shaela arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Living Caverns> Maeve blinks in from ::between::!

Living Caverns> Lox twirls herself into the air, descending onto someone's nearly-clean table with a saucy flick of her golden-syrup tail. Hmm. Interesting.

Living Caverns> Taida blinks, eyeing Lox with an arched eyebrow. "Hi," she says, before waggling the rag at the gold. "You're welcome to perch, but don't dirty up my nice clean table."

Living Caverns> Lox has nice clean talons: click click click they go as she criss-crosses the table from one edge to the other. Pausing on an unwiped spot, the cherubic-seeming gold plumps herself down.

Penance? That means chores doesn't it? Uh-oh, now we don't want that, do we? Eyes wide as saucer plates, Aaliyah stumbles through her words. "Well, I guess, um," then she takes note of E'ren's remark and her mouth drops open. "Well, for your information, I do have something interesting to say. I was /going to say that I was sorry. But I guess you don't want to hear that from a little /resident-type/ do you?" A simple 'hmmph' indicates that she's done and she looks away, arms folded in front of her, foot tapping heavily on the ground.

Sardrinth whuffles once more, this time to Xeth, eyeing the rosemary green with some interest. That's a really cute one. Another whuffle then he swings his head back to Thesy and tries to hide his huge muzzle in her curls … and fails. More whuffling … oh, well!

Living Caverns> Taida's rag rubs neatly, systematically down the tabletop, even as she turns her head and flicks free-fingers at fellow candidate. "H'lo!" she greets before turning back to regard the gold adversary. "You know," she says conversationally, "I need to wipe there."

D'renn snickers, amusing himself by watching Aaliyah from under his bangs, at the same time as feigning nonchalance and picking his nails.

Living Caverns> Oh, she does, does she? Stubbornly, Lox remains seated, plump little golden body sprawled in complete contentment for a moment or two, until horror of horrors: an itch! A plantive mewl heralds the gold's flight to a nice cosy ledge where she can scratch and scratch.

Living Caverns> Shaela enters the cavern, arms laden with a rather heavy-looking basket, chock-full of now-mended laundry-sacks. Head bobs to the greeter, in place of Shaela's typical wave, and a "Hi!" is called. If only Shaela could remember the Candidate's name.. ah well, it'll come to her eventually.

Thesy ducks as another surge of hot spicy dragon breath washes over her, and leaning deeper into Sardrinth shoulder, she grins much like D'renn. Nice to see /that/ girl a little lost for words for once.

Living Caverns> "Thanks!" Taida calls after Lox, clearly assuming it was her gentle admonishment that prodded the gold out of the Spot. And so she cleans it, before tossing the rag to her other hand and heading to the next table. "How're you, Shaela?" Taida says, mastering her name-knowing thing.

Living Caverns> Nadesda comes out of the kitchens, the smell of fresh baking following just behind.

E'ren mm hmms at the girl, arching a brow. But he's listening, isn't he? "So… little miss resident-type-who-won't-tell-anyone-her-name-because-she's -too-snooty, whoever you are, what is it you're sorry for? Other than that…" here he waggles his fingers in the general direction of Aaliyah's outfit… "rather unfortunate drapey thing someone dressed you in. I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing my weyr decked out in something like that, but a nubile thing like you, if you have any curves at all, should at least try showing them off with something better tailored." Xeth snorts. Humor? Agreement? Scandal? We may never know.

Utoxin walks in.
Utoxin thanks the rider who dropped him off, and steps off, looking around.
Utoxin nods to the other riders. "Good afternoon."

D'renn actually winces at E'ren's words, pushing his curls back into place as Trydanth turns his head to check on new arrivals. "Awww, 'Ren… that was a bit harsh…."

Living Caverns> "About as well as can be expected," Shaela gestures with her over-full basket, sending the top two sacks toppling to the ground. Oops. "And getting better by the minute!" she adds in a falsely cheery tone. "How about you… Taida!" See, it came.

Living Caverns> Jarem falls asleep.

Living Caverns> Taida sorta puts her back into her work - stretching across the table to wipe up a tiny puddle of klah. "Oh, just fine," she says, glaring at the dirty rag and going to get a new one.

Utoxin realizes he's in the middle of a conversation, and nods. "I'll go visit the main cavern."
Utoxin walks to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Utoxin walks in from the Central Bowl.

Thesy whistles softly, flicking a surprised glance at E'ren. Wow, what a speech! And curiously she looks back to Aaliyah, wondering what she's going to reply to this. Instinctively a foot is lifted as a blue tail lashes nervously around.

Living Caverns> One Candidate scurries as she sees the opening of the swinging door leading into the kitchens - fearing the worst of what might the cook carry outwards. A basket of unpeeled, slightly slimy tubers? Jarfuls of glows to refresh the dimmed ones about the cavern? No, Nadesda carries out a batch of fresh cookies, a broad smile upon her face as she looks about expectantly.

Living Caverns> Lox sits bolt upright on her ledge, one hindclaw working furiously at her itch… But no, it wasn't her slave and oiler who walked in. A creel of distress heralds the arrival of cookies: the gold too fretful even to attempt to steal.

Living Caverns> Utoxin sees the cookies, and his eyes brighten as he wanders that way. "Good afternoon, Ma'am. Would it be possible to spare one of those for a hungry crafter?"

Living Caverns> As Taida drops the old rag into a dirty-pile and grabs a clean one, her expression lights up at the sight of the cookies. An eyebrow arches, eyes widen: "For us?" she asks of Nadesda, sweetly fluttering 'innocent' eyelashes at the baker.

Living Caverns> Shaela kneels slowly, setting the basket down beside the fallen sacks. With a muttered comment, she returns the pair to their spot, folded atop the pile, and returns to her feet, this time choosing to kick the basket across the floor instead of carry it. "For what for us?" she glances back with curiousity.

Harsh is E'ren's middle name. E'ren Harsh GreenXeth'sRider. And he's pretty good at pouting, too, when the moment calls for it. "I'm just thinking she should learn to be polite to riders, is all," he answers Thesy and D'renn in response to their looks. "Or polite to anyone, for that matter. If someone introduces themselves, she shouldn't turn her nose up at 'em." Watch out, or E'ren will think up something even worse to 'teach' her.

Living Caverns> "Sure would..'fter all, what else would Ah make 'em fer?" Doggish grin and impudent wink is flashed towards Utoxin before Nade hold the plate out in a welcome 'first come, first served'. "Sure. They've got n'tmeg 'n suagr 'n cinnimon 'n…other stuff." Chef goes quiets as she picks one up for slight examination.

Living Caverns> Beldara blinks in from ::between::!

Living Caverns> Utoxin grins, and takes one. "Thank you. They look wonderful." He takes a bite. "And smell better."

Nose has bunched itself up during E'ren's whole insulting speech, and Aaliyah's jaw clenches from it's former slack position. "I'm not snooty, just sophisticated. Of course that seems to be hard for /some/ people to see. And I have curves. But proper holder's daughters do not go flaunting about." Okay, now she's done defending herself. "Now, I was going to beg forgivness for that little… incident in the Caverns back there. that seems to have come from nothing less than a proddy dragon." There. "And I'm not snooty," is her last statement.

Living Caverns> "Other stuff?" Taida says cheerfully, free hand extending to snatch up a cookie as table-wiping's put on hold. Crunch. "Ooh."

"Well…. you've got a point, 'Ren," D'renn acknowledges, picking fluff from Trydanth's leg and watching Aaliyah covertly. "You're not in a Hold now, dear…" D'renn picks on the most inconsequential part, and leers at Aaliyah. "You can show your curves if you like."

E'ren snorts. "But you still don't have a name, I see?"

Living Caverns> More mutters emanate from Shaela's corner - kick, kick. Slowly, but surely, the basket makes its way towards others of its kind, all stacked up against the far wall. "Save one for me?" she calls back to Taida, hopefully.

Living Caverns> Taida falls asleep.

"I have a name," she says to E'ren over the cold shoulder that she's turned to him. "Aaliyah." Anyone should know that. And then she decides to answer D'renn's prompt. "Well, if I had money to get new clothes, I /would/." Oh, that old gripe again.

Grinning mockingly Thesy can't refrain from chiming in with the other riders, "Not snotty? Well, seems like you're doing your best to offend each and everyone here." It's more than obvious that she hugely enjoys seeing Aaliyah trapped like this since she's been lucky each time the blue rider tied to give her a setdown.

"Oh, she doesn't offend /me/…." D'renn protests!

Living Caverns> Nadesda nods thoughtfully towards Taida's question before she starts to nibble upon a corner of, what appears to be, a sugar cookie. "Eh, they're okay…Yer right, they smell better than they taste." Delicate nose is wrinkled before the cook sighs dejectedly; another recipe gone, sadly, down the drain.

Living Caverns> Utoxin chuckles quietly. "They're fine. Better than fish day in and day out, for sure!"

Glaring eyes focus now on Thesy. "I do not offend everyone," Aaliyah says, then continuing with a sharp, "See!" as D'renn says what he does.

Living Caverns> Adianna arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

E'ren smiles wryly. "Well it's lovely to meet you at last, Aaliyah. And I would be happy to see that you're decked out in all sorts of lovely new outfits… under one condition. Say yes, and I'll personally see to it." A covert glance is sent towards D'renn. "And I can promise you that sleeping with D'renn has nothing to do with it."

Living Caverns> Adianna exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Adianna steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Adianna moves with a long stride and easy gait to the Lakeside.

"Nearly everyone, mind you…" D'renn continues placidly. So does he, sometimes. "I'd forgive you even more if you'd wear tighter clothes…" Perhaps it's Trydanth who's the proddy one?

"Uh-oh but you're trying hard, no?" Brow raised once more, Thesy glares back, "And don't count D'renn. He's /very/ hard to offend, if at all. But with almost everyone else you were successful."

Condition, condition… chores suddenly come to mind. "That depends what the condition is," Aaliyah says to E'ren suspiciously, her eyes of ice darting from person to person. New clothes would be awfully nice, though. Especially tighter ones. "What is it?"

What E'ren said suddenly catches up to D'renn. "Don't let E'ren pick your clothes, Aaliyah!" he orders urgently. "He's got terrible taste!" Says D'renn, the walking fruit pie.

Living Caverns> Shaela goes home.

Curiosity lingers in these blue eyes as Thesy regards E'ren. Condition? There is a condition under which he'll forgive /that/ girl? He can't be serious, no, not really.

E'ren smiles sweetly. "Nothing too awful, I promise. Seeing as you're hanging about the Weyr already, you might as well Stand as a Candidate. I'll chaparone a trip out to Southern Boll, and you can pick out whatever you like. Deal?" A stilletto-glare is sent in D'renn's direction. "No worse than yours, love," he replies, though a tiny smile does accompany the response.

D'renn casts E'ren a distinctly harrassed look before turning the full force of blue beaming eyes on Aaliyah. Trydanth peers too, blue-green whirling slowly. "You sure about that, E'ren?" Read: do we really want her as a Candidate?

Living Caverns> Utoxin grins at Nedesda. "Like I said. Not bad at all."

Thesy simply glares at E'ren but a soft nudge of Sardrinth muzzle makes her look up, her glance getting more incredulous, if possible. Has all Pern gone mad? Her? /That/ girl? A candidate? But the dragons know … always … sigh

The bit of conversation is listened to by Aaliyah as her eyes grow even larger, however impossible that may seem. Then a smile spreads, slowly and smoothly, across her face. "Of course," she says with a nod, her expression reading clearly 'I knew it'. Of /course/, anyone would want Aaliyah to stand for the clutch. Especially for that new queen that's supposed to be hatching from one of those larger eggs.

E'ren appears a bit smug as well. "Good, good." Maybe a few sevendays of candidate chores will teach the girl some manners, too. We'll see who has the last laugh. "Well, we'd better get you to the barracks and settled in, hmm?" Before she suspects anything and changes her mind. Sly looks are sent Thesy and D'renn… sure, he has everything under control.

"Nothing less for you, eh?" Thesy sounds pretty disgusted, things obviously turning a way she can't really enjoy. Seeing her reprimanded way a lot more entertaining. But if that is what these giant dumbwitted lizards want, who is she to complain?

D'renn looks left, looks right, looks down, looks up Trydanth's nostrils… anywhere, in fact but E'ren and Aaliyah. "Just put her in some better-fitting clothes, eh?" he ventures at last, giving a shrug to Thesy.

Ah, the candidate's life; being pampered and all is what Aaliyah is cut out for. And new clothes too. What a package. "Yes, yes, settled in. Sure. I don't have much to get," she bumbles on, her mind occupyed with the task of dreaming of how easy her life will be these next weeks.

E'ren winks at Aaliyah and heads into the caverns…
E'ren skittles to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> E'ren skittles in from the Central Bowl.

Aaliyah steps, eyes gazing critically at any and all, to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Aaliyah steps, eyes gazing critically at any and all, in from the Central Bowl.

D'renn's shrug is mirrored, one more annoyed and slightly disgusted look cast at the now unsufferable smug Aaliyah before she murmurs, "That's just it. I need a drink now. Oh, take her away, Eren and let's hope the dragonets will have more sense."

Living Caverns> E'ren steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Living Caverns> Head held high, Aaliyah follows E'ren, smiling and nodding to the people as she heads down to the inner caverns…
Living Caverns> Aaliyah steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Candidate Barracks> E'ren escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Candidate Barracks> Vedra blinks in from ::between::!

"I need some wine too," D'renn nods to Thesy, and heads into the caverns.

Thesy strolls to the Caverns.
Living Caverns> Thesy strolls in from the Central Bowl.

Candidate Barracks> Aaliyah escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Candidate Barracks> E'ren sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Aaliyah.

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lightfoot, Kynance, Goblin, Vibo, Reno, Snow, Lox, Zhaneel, Kyrus, Majicke, Bundr, Michiru, Kya, Requiem, Sonate, Atlas, Nocturno, Sirona, Kelpie, Ford, Spire, Chasm, Maeve, and Beldara.
Nadesda, Utoxin, and Thesy are here.

Utoxin is sitting at a table munching on a cookie.

Candidate Barracks> And even a new cot! "Oh, good, I was afraid I'd have to keep that old, lumpy thing in the resident dorms," she says, sophistication coloring her tone, or at least an imitation of it.

D'renn steps into the caverns… and is divebombed by a screaming and itchy Lox. "Aww, shards, and I thought the day couldn't get any worse…" grumbles the bluerider, falling into a seat and calling for oil, with barely time for more than a nod to the stranger.

Utoxin chuckles.

"I don't get it, I just don't get", Thesy saunters in, head repetitously shaken, and makes her way to the wine skins, hastily pouring herself a glass, this time not even disdaining the Tillek pressing. Settling on a bench she takes a swig, almost drowning the whole glass. "They /must/ have gone mad, they must!"

Utoxin glances at Thesy, raising an eyebrow and chuckling quietly.

Candidate Barracks> E'ren chuckles. "No, no… nothing but the best for our candidates." Actually, though, about half of these cots are rejects from the resident dorms. "So, I suppose I'll leave you to settle in. Let me know when you'd like to make that trip down to Boll." Here he smiles, rather genuinely, too.

"I can think of worse…" D'renn manages to reply, coating Lox's itchy spot liberally in some hastily-delivered oil. The gold subsides to a mere murmuring grumble, and with another shrug for Thesy, D'renn addresses the other man. "Hello there…. you are?"

Looking up at the chuckle Thesy searches the room for it's source. As she notes the stranger, she nods at him, brow raised, "And you are …?"

Utoxin grins. "Hello to you too. I'm Utoxin." He carefully doesn't mention a rank, though a golden bracelet with some highly elaborate charms is easily visible.

Candidate Barracks> Another nod is given as she looks about her, noting everything. "Not bad," she murmurs to herself. "Oh, Boll," Aaliyah replies, looking back To E'ren. "Of course I will."

D'renn doesn't notice things like that… any more than he pays much attention anymore to his own elaborate knot. Familiarity breeds contempt… "I'm D'renn, blue Trydanth's rider," he manages to introduce himself as Lox squirms up one elbow. "And this is Lox."

Utoxin grins. "Pleased to meet you."

Candidate Barracks> E'ren muses for a moment, looking around at the ole barracks himself, before he grins at Aaliyah. "Well then, have fun with chores and all. If you prank, don't get caught." He winks and heads out.
Candidate Barracks> E'ren slips back out to the caverns.

"Not if you knew her…" D'renn answers, face settling back into grumpiness as he settles Lox to his shoulder, and looks over at Thesy. "Why oh why….."

Candidate Barracks> An eep is let out as E'ren walks out, and Aaliyah clunks down to the bed that was just brought for her. Chores? Uh-oh…

Name is heard and taken in but Thesy's attention is with D'renn at the moment. "I've no idea. But then … I guess none will understand." A sigh, close to a groan, escapes and she goes on, "And why did it have to be Trydanth and Sardrinth? Could have been every other dragon but no …"

Candidate Barracks> Aaliyah falls asleep.

Utoxin raises an eyebrow. "Candidate pranks?"

"Sumthan th' matter? 'Ere, 'ave a cookie." The solution to everyone's problems lies in the plate hald in the outstretched hands of the cook before she shrugs. "They taste kinda…odd, but that was their purpose." Sure, that's Nade's excuse as she smiles towards both riders sweetly, needing at least a majority of the people to like her new recipe.

Adianna moves with a long stride and easy gait in from the Central Bowl.

"Well, it was E'ren's idea…." D'renn protests, getting to his feet and rummaging under a table. Producing a wineskin, he shrugs at Utoxin. "No… just one of the most obnoxious candidates we've ever had the misfortune to ask to Stand…."

Amalia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Utoxin ahhhhs. "Well, I wish you luck then."

Adianna enters from the outside shrugging out of a heavy jacket nibbling on tart pilfered from the kitchen earlier, licking her lips she lifts a hand in greeting, cheeks too full to speak at the moment.

Lox glides from D'renn's shoulder, tangerine tail trailing like a banner as she soars over the plate Nadesda offers, rising to her perch with a cookie in her claws. With a soft croon now that her itch has been relieved, the gold picks and nibbles and dissolves to crumbs her stolen treat.

"Obnoxious?" Thesy looks taken aback. Since when does D'renn put things so mildly? "A veritable terror this one is." Emptying her glass with another swig, she ambles to the wineskins. Returning to her place she settles with a refilled glass. Oh my, looks like Aaliyah accomplishes what no one has so far, though unconsciously … getting the blue rider drunk.

Kaylee arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Lilian arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

D'renn gives his fleeing pet a hard stare, before slinging the wineskin over his shoulder on its strap. "I'm gone," he announces to the cavern at large; following his gold's lead and stealing a cookie from Nadesda as he passes.

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