Alasse is Searched

July 6th 2003
Logged by Alasse

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Green Alishath, green Kitiarath, and green Vespurath are here.

Valedath seems to float above the ground, as he swaggers down the trail from the plateau.
Vespurath slinks quietly down the trail from the plateau.
Alymath saunters with lanky grace, a hint of gold flashing in her steps, down the trail from the plateau.

"No /really/, I /swear/, Tat - " Lis' whining can be heard nearly three dragonlengths away, even before the sweaty-looking greenrider scales the first dune. "I heard from F'ish's sister's cousin's lover who knows this /rider/ that there was some kind of /thing/ going on at the beach tonight. A /naked/ thing."

"And if I believed one word of that, Lis, I wouldn't be here," Tatia replies, annoyed, but not yet grumpy. Her gloves have already disappeared, and she's fast undoing the buckles of her jacket in the Istan heat as she trudges alongside her windriders. "They do have the lovliest beaches here, though."

"Wait. A naked thing?" Tye states as she follows behind the two greenriders, stepping onto the beach, though stopping the moment that sentence hits her ears. "I don't want to do anything naked. I thought we were just coming for a little bit of sun and the warm water." The oh-so modest bluerider sends a skeptical look down the beach, ready to turn on her heel and run if she sees one nude body run past her.

Alasse sits up, a bit annoyed that anyone would disturb the serenity of the beach this afternoon. She looks askance at the thought of a naked thing-perhaps she can slip away while the people are debating the thing? She thinks this over for a moment, watching them curiously, but decides she probably can't get away without being noticed. So the next best thing is to sit quietly and hope they are so preoccupied that they miss her. Alasse pulls her legs up to her chest, resting her chin on her knees as she looks out over the water.

Lis looks around her, coming to a stop her hands planted firmly on her hips. "Well… Maybe it's not tonight, but I swear it's /sometime/. Anyway, Tye's right. Nothing's stopping us from enjoying a bit of sun at a nice… warm beach." The greenrider hesistates on that last adjective, finally shucking off her jacket completely, muttering something about 'steaming firepit'.

"If High Reaches doesn't have public outdoor nude parties, I don't see any reason why Ista should," Tatia points out, slipping out of her own jacket and glancing down at her boots, pondering whether they should go as well. "Shards. Reminds me how cold home is, being here."

Tye lets out a sigh of relief, running a hand through her shortened locks and taking a few long strides closer to the water. Gloves and jacket are pried off and tossed to the ground, the girl turning her head and waving Valedath over. The blue happily complies and trots near his 'rider, skidding to a stop and spraying sand at Tye. "Ick. Val. Watch it." She grumbles out, brushing the bits of grain off of her arms before she quickly takes off the riding straps. "'least we get a little while to relax in the warmth. Though it'll be shardin' cold the moment we hit the 'Reaches sky." A shudder ripples through the younger 'rider as she takes her boots off.

Alasse listens to the conversation, smiling slightly at the thought of it being too hot. It can't ever be too hot, right? Wait, High Reaches? That means these people have /dragons/! Alasse looks around quickly, realizing that, yes indeed, these people have dragons. She tries to scoot further away, watching warily as the blue comes down the beach.

Lis doesn't just have any dragon; she has Alymath, who has enough personality for two, possibly even three dragons. The green follows smoothly after Valedath, not-quite-brushing-up-against-him as she slithers past to the ocean. Can't catch me! "Oh, really now," grumbles Lis before remembering there's much more important things than bubbleheaded dragons. Like naked proms! "Exactly, Tatia, it's /too cold/ to have them. Ista can do it whenever they please." Ah-ha, movement! "Can't they?" demands she of the scooting stranger, who (by virtue of being on the beach longer than her) is deemed indigenous.

Tatia refuses to comment on the double entendre possibilities of Lis's statement, instead watching as Vespurath scampers into the waves after her wingmates. Yes. Actually scampers. "Fine, Lis, whatever," Tatia replies, unconvinced. "But if naked people show up, I'm going home."

Valedath rises to the challange, jerking his head up the moment Alymath passes him. We'll see who shall catch who. The blue lets out an amused sound from the back of his throat and just about runs after the green and into the ocean. "Don't really see Istans to be the type to /want/ a naked beach.. thing. Really. Then again," Tye drawls on, bringing a hand to her chin. "I can't see why any Weyr would want one. But I'm with Tatia. One naked person appears and I'm going back to 'Reaches. Cold weather or not." Alasse is noticed now, by the bluerider, a nod being given in greeting.

Alasse looks at Lis, eyes wide as she curses herself for moving. Sharding movement, it always gets her in trouble. "Um, no?" she replies, turning it into a question as she stealthily moves away, inch by inch. "You'd have to ask N'ano though, he'd know better than me." That's right, blame N'ano for everything. Alasse gives a small sigh of relief as it seems that dragons are not intent on eating her today, and that reassurance gives her enough courage to smile slightly at the riders.

Lis mutters something about people being 'spoilsports' and 'dried up prudes', fixing her glance on Alasse. "N'ano, huh? We'll have to talk to him afterwards." Because, of course, Tatia and Tye are just /dying/ to start nudist activities. "You can come over here, girl. You're clothed, so apparently you meet /their/ approval." Snert.

Alymath dives through waves like a glittery watermelon, sunlight sparkling off her pinkish, sunburnt-looking belly. Master of the art of the body surf - or, to be more accurate, just large enough and bouyant enough to be thrown shore-wards by the waves - she sails past Valedath in a wake of foamy chaos.

Tatia eyes Lis sideways and then glances at Tye. "Right. Because it's so much to ask that someone be /clothed/ that they automatically rank right up there with my favorite people," she deadpans before narrowing her eyes to squint at Alasse. "Not very social, is she?" she comments to the others.

Alasse stands up very slowly, watching the dragons out of the corner of her eye. They could send a tidal wave up the beach to drown them all, right? Of course they can. So, erring on the side of caution, she approaches the riders on the plateau-side. Because if she's dying by a dragon wave, these three are going first. Stopping a more than a few feet away, she nods to them and stands, staring. Nope, not very social at all. Wait, is she really expected to do anything else? She came over right?

Tye frowns a moment as she turns to Lis, "I think I may skip out before we find N'ano, if you don't mind." She states, completely dedicated at seeing only people with clothes on for at least one day in her life. Alasse gets the complete once over now, the bluerider narrowing her eyes slightly and frowning more as the lass comes closer. "I'd say not. Girl needs to talk more. Got a name, by the way?" Is called out, hands now on her hips, Tye leaning foreward and continuing to give Alasse the look.

"I'm just trying to be /friendly/, Tatia," Lis riposts, adding caustically: "Not everyone can afford to be so charmingly frigid and sarcastic as you." Flutter of eyelashes. Alymath washes into the shore, stomping up the beach with muddy paws and drip-dropping as she walks past Lis. "Why thank you, Alymath. That was the plan eventually." Ever so amused, the green gives Valedath a warm croon - and, aw, heck, Vespurath as well, since she's feeling chummy. Warm sand! Come dry!

Tatia would snap at Lis, but since that usually proves fruitless, she simply sighs instead and nudges a rock through the sand with one toe, a bit sullenly. "Of /course/ you were." She can't resist some sort of comeback, even as she glances toward Vespurath, apparently listening in on something even as the green dives beneath the waves.

Valedath smashes into the water, sending it flying all different ways, kind of like the sand only a few moments earlier. Leaping over a few smaller waves, the dragon kicks out to the deeper water, before allowing himself to float closer, only to have the process start all over again. Though soon Valedath gets bored of the actions and shuffles out of the water at Alymath's request, to lounge in the warm sand. A sweet sounding trumpet is delivered to Vespurath also, inviting the other green to come and join. Tye raises an eyebrow at her wingmates, shaking her head. "Can't we all just get along?" She asks, holding both hands out, though dropping them an instant later. Mm. Most likely not.

Alasse backs up a step under the scrutiny, looking from rider to rider. "Alasse?" Well, is it or isn't it? She clears her throat, speaking a bit louder. "My name is Alasse." That's slightly better, and she smiles again, even if its not a very good smile. "D'you need any help? I could maybe find N'ano for you," she says eagerly, jerking one thumb in the direction of the weyr. Of course, she might not come back, which is always a chance one has to take with Alasse when there are dragons involved. She jumps a bit as one of the dragons comes back up the beach, turning to watch closely in case the dragon gets any funny ideas.

Tatia stares at Vespurath for a moment, rolls her eyes, and heaves an exasperated sigh as she looks back at Alasse. Vespurath trudges sullenly in from the beach as Tatia speaks, annoyed. "Oh, for Faranth's sake! Wnough of this 'she smells like the beach' already!" Equally annoyed glances go toward the other dragons - evidently Vespurath's been relaying the draconic conversation. With absolutely no thought for the formality some might expect of such an occasion, she stares at the unfamiliar girl and declares, "You. Alasse. You're coming with us to Stand for the clutch at 'Reaches. Get mounted up."

Tye raises an eyebrow first at Tatia, and then at Alasse. "You sure?" She asks the greenrider, before turning her attention to Valedath. The bluerider is quiet for a few moments, the girl obviously having an important conversation that only she(and Val of course) can hear. "Mmm.. guess so. Does this mean we aren't staying at the beach any longer?" A forlorn look is cast to the crashing waves. "Why is it every time we come here, I'm never allowed a swim." Tye grumbles, unhappily, going to pick up her 'riding gear.

Alasse doesn't hear Tatia for a minute, she's so busy keeping a close watch on the dragons. It slowly sinks in, and she wheels around to stare, slack-jawed at Tatia. "S-stand?" she stutters, eyes wide in horror. "What, like to Impress a dragon?" Clearly she's in far worse danger than she realized, and the girl sways visibly on her feet as though she's either going to faint or run. Maybe both, if that's possible. "I can't Impress a dragon!" Darn right Alasse can't Impress a dragon. I mean, she can stand, but can she Stand? Apparantly so, but she tries the only thing she can think of to get out of it. "What will N'ano say?"

"Well, fine, we'll hide you in the shadows so none of the hatchlings see you. But we can't go home empty-handed," Lis pleads, a significant glance going to the amassed dragons, who are the ride home and can be terribly stubborn.

Tatia shrugs as Vespurath approaches, dripping, though the sun is drying her quickly. "Doesn't bother me." A sidelong glance goes toward Lis, and Tatia gives another roll of her eyes. "If the girl doesn't want to stand, she doesn't want to stand. I'm going home." Ah, yes. Blunt Tatia. How we all love her.

"Tatia, we can't just leave without her. More so if they," Tye jerks a thumb to the dragons, "think she should come along. C'mon Alasse. They won't bite. Well. Valedath won't, at the very least. Not to sure about the other two." Greens. They can be unpredictable. "And I think N'ano would tell you to go for it. Seize the day! Ride a dragon. Stand. Whatever. Make a choice, either way." Tye finishes her speech now, arms crossed as she watches Alasse and waits.

Alasse glances quickly toward Lis and then Tye, eyeing each suspiciously. She turns to regard the dragons for a few moments, trying to decide whether or not they will attack if she comes close. At last, she sighs, nodding, but she looks terribly pale faced and shaking as she walks slowly toward the dragons, muttering, "Hatchlings," and "Snow," under her breath.

Tatia shrugs again. "Sure we can. People say no all the time. It's easy. Just get on your dragon, fly, and between yourself right home, minus a new candid…" She halts, turns, and stares at Alasse. "That was a yes? Did she give us a yes?" she questions of Tye. "Shards, girl! Just suck it up and /say/ yes or no, already! Searching someone is /not/ meant to be this painful!" That, of course, to Alasse.

Lis delivers a glance at Tatia, a glance that speaks volumes about how much she'd like to dopeslap her fellow greenrider, but /can't/, since slapping your superior - in the face of an Istan, and soon to be candidate too boot - isn't the /most/ convincing argument. "Please, Tat, I know it's /that/ sevenday of the month, but really, can't you just bite your tongue?"

Tatia gives Lis a scathing glance, and then mounts, and is gone.
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Tye makes a face. "Well, sure lots of people say no. But - " Alasse is looked at once again, the girl coming closer. "I say we take that for a yes. She kinda nodded her head and took a few steps closer. "Does that mean you /will/ be coming along with us, Alasse? Or should we just leave." Cause though Tye would rather go back to 'Reaches with a new candidate, she will leave without one if she must.

From above, Bydelth soars in from above the forest.

Alasse closes her eyes, stopping on her way to the dragons. She takes a breath, turns around, and looks at the Alasse-snatchers. "Yes, its a yes," she manages to get out, succeeding in not glaring at the riders. "I mean, not everyone Impresses, right?" So she figures she's safe enough, even if it does mean riding a dragon there and back again. How bad can it be? she tells herself, setting her jaw in a determined manner.

Bydelth lands, scattering sand about with his wings.
N'ano slides from Bydelth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Sapha saunters hypnotically down the trail from the plateau.

Alymath starts making eyes at Bydelth as soon as she's sure the bronze is landing, sweeping her tail invitingly along the dark Istan sands - and darned if it doesn't set off her champagne-sparkled fork. "'Course not," Lis can be heard reassuring Alasse. "We usually Search about twice as many as we need, just in case."

Tye gives a stout clap of her hands, "Excellent." Score one for the Tsunami 'riders. "And no, not everyone Impresses. Though with a double clutch, one will never know. A good forty-something eggs out there. So shall we be go - " Tye starts to say, though stops mid-sentence, eyeing up the Istan 'riders who have appeared.

"Alright, what's this I hear 'bout - hello." Pretty ladies? Well, he's taken, but it doesn't mean N'ano can't window shop, does it? Seeing his sister though causes N'ano to sidestep up to her, tossing an arm 'round her shoulders, "So what're you fine ladies doin' at my Weyr, eh? Kidnappin' my family to make an easier distribution for it to take over Pern?" Literally.

Sapha is right behind N'ano, her dark eyes curious as she regards the contingent of 'Reaches Riders, and the poor soul being lured into thier midst. "Oooh Is this what I think it is? I hope it is, and I hope you said yes…er…" A baffled expression crosses her features. "N'ano's little sister." Nice save…Not! "I love it when dragons get all like that." She gestures randomly. They've all done it at one stage or another. Don't deny it.

Lis pauses for a moment to reckon the number of eggs to the number of candidates they'd need, by her reckoning, and it's in this moment of confusion that N'ano catches her. "Oh, hello," she remarks cheerfully, noticing the possessive posture that the bronzerider adopts and stepping a few paces closer to her quarry. "Well, as a matter of fact, we'd like to…" Check the knot, check the knot. "Weyrleader." She knew that, really.

Alasse looks up at N'ano in relief, although she's not quite sure of the whole taking over Pern thing. "Eh?" she manages, looking from her brother to Sapha. "Alasse," she gets out in a quiet voice, that directed to Sapha. "Like that?" she repeats helplessly. Surrounded by dragons and people who seem to think it's /good/ to be searched, she's pretty much at a loss for words. Is N'ano going to rescue her or not? It seems not, and Alasse deflates a bit in disappointment. Looks like she's going to have to go to High Reaches.

"Mmm. Just as you both figure," Tye says, tapping her fingers against her arms. "Nice timing. We were just about to flee back to High Reaches, unless you have any qualms about it, Weyrleader?" Though she wouldn't know why he would. "She did say yes, didn't you Alasse?" The lass is peered at quickly, before Tye's attention is directed back to N'ano and Sapha.

"Well, I 'unno - I think my ma might go a little crazy… 'n I know she's gonna give me a few words if I go 'n let her… so tell ya what - you go battle it out with that woman, eh?" Likely not going to happen. "You don't really wanna go 'Lasse, do ya?" Show her the puppy dog face. N'ano's good at that, anyway.

Sapha scowls at N'ano. "Oi! Of course she wants to go, I hear they have snow, and llama's and other things. It's always so pretty when I go there." She flip-flops her hands to dismiss N'ano's puppy-dog look. "You're just put out cos Aiana and Chelle left you for the 'Reaches." She prods a little. "Go on, Alasse. It'll be fun. See the sights and all that palava."

Alasse looks back up at N'ano, studying his face for a minute. Much as she'd like to fall for the puppy dog face (and since her brother is /so/ talented at it), she sighs, ducking away from him. "I said yes already," she mumbles, looking at the ground. Wait a second…"'Lasse?" Which gets her rather annoyed gaze back up at N'ano. She's a canine now? "I'm not a 'Lasse." Definitely not, and she takes a defiant step toward the Search dragons, forgetting that they are supposed to be giant Alasse-snatchers.

N'ano laughs lightly, holding his hands up in mock defense before nudging Alasse forward, "I'm just kididn', honestly. Y'should definitely go. It'll be a good experience for ya… y'ain' used to the cold one bit - might be a refreshenin' call for ya." Big brothers do have to be that mean, yes. And N'ano's no exception. "Hey hey - I'm well over Aiana by now… that was shardin' a billion turns ago. Say no more." And Sapha gets the hand. Y'know the one.

Tye raises her eyebrows and just blinks at the Weyrleader. "Duke it out with your mom? I'll have to say no to that. Anyway we can sneak her to 'Reaches before your mother learns of Alasse leaving?" One should never get in between a parent and their child. Could be dangerous. "Swear, the lot of you can visit time to time." Bluerider's honor.

Lis raises her eyebrow, her toe idly tapping at the brother sister exchange as arms sorta-kinda fold across her chest. "Well, I'm glad that's settled," she chirps cheerfully, more than a little relieved at having to duke it out with a Weyrleader for her charge. Sapha receives a flash of a grin for her comments - and support. "Mom?" asks Lis suddenly, in a panic. She doesn't want to deal with any power-mad matriarchs.

Sapha whimpers, stepping back a little so that she may better examine her body and face. "Do I really look old enough to be her Mom?" She asks in horror. "Oh Faranth no! My daughter isn't even six months old, and she's much prettier." Ooops. Sapha suffers from chronic foot in mouth disease.

Alasse affords N'ano a withering glance, muttering something about insensitive, unprotective older brothers before turning to Lis. "No mom," she assures. "I say yes, my brother says yes," and N'ano gets another glare, "And I suppose I'm ready to go." Seems having to repeat the word yes has given Alasse some backbone. Which means she doesn't hear Sapha's comments, although they're probably true. "How long does it take to get there anyway?" Poor child. Going off into the world with so little experience and knowledge, even if she should have that kind of knowledge already.

"She's talkin' 'bout /my/ mum, dimglow - the one that I told 'em to go ask permission from," N'ano tosses towards Sapha with a roll of his eyes before flickering a glance towards the rest, "I'll duke it out with my ma - ya'll just take good care of her, eh? And make sure she eats her vegetables!" he jokes, waggling a finger, "I'll bring her belongings up later tonight, eh? Let her get acquainted with everyone else 'n stuff…"

Valedath shuffles towards his 'rider, dropping his head and whuffling at her. "I'm ready to go when you are, Lis." Tye turns to her wingmate, placing a hand on the blue dragon's side. "And if Alasse is ready to go, and we have consent from all parties, then I see nothing stopping us from getting back to 'Reaches." And the cold. "Oh, no worries N'ano. We shall take excellent care of her." With a nod to both N'ano and Sapha, Tye gives a small waggle of her fingers before mounting up.

Ensnaring a braid of riding harness, Tye escalates over prominent royal robes and ridges of cerulean, finding saftey on the neck of Valedath.

And now it's Lis' turn to put her foot in her mouth. "Oh, no, I didn't mean that /you/ were her mom… I mean…" she half-gibbers to Sapha, finally shutting up before she makes more of a doof of herself. Straightening up and shrugging on her jacket, she looks from N'ano to Alasse and asks, "If that's alright, then we'll head straight back? Shouldn't take more than a few moments of flying, nary a breath ::between::, and you'll be nice and chilled in the barracks."

Alasse nods to Lis, swallowing before she answers. "I'm ready," she says in a clear voice, throwing N'ano one last glance. "Bye, then," she says to him, giving a small smile. Aw, tear. She's leaving her big brother, which means she runs to give him one last hug before heading back for the dragons.

Aww, a kodak moment? Most certainly. After returning the hug, N'ano assists her with a nudge towards the others, beckoning her forward, "Don't go gettin' into trouble up there, eh? I'll be there often checkin' in on ya!" Just 'cause N'ano can.

Aw. Lis, being a sentimental critter, gets a little misty-eyed herself at the hug, standing point at Alymath's elbow, ready to give Alass a hand up. Mostly a symbolic gesture, as she admits, half-rhetorically: "You probably know how to mount one of these beasties, but I can give you a leg-up anyway."

Sapha sniffles somewhat. "It's always so sweet when the dragons kidna - er take aloft thier…friends." She touches a finger to underneath each eye dramatically. "You never took me on a ride when you Searched me N'ano." The moment is over. "Oooh you want us to find you some socks? We could sent those up to you, along with a few other things." Enough jumpers so that Alasse can barely move is probably fore-front in Sapha's mind.

Alasse snorts at the thought that she knows how to mount a dragon and takes all the help she can get, awkward as though this is her first time on a dragon. Which it practically is, though she's not going to admit that /now/. She waves at Sapha and N'ano, smiling weakly.

"Didn't I search you /here/? Which technically wouldn't be a search - just askin' you to stand, that's all…" So neh? "C'mon, Seff, lets go gather her stuff up. You can help me take it all to the 'reaches once it's all packed, eh? 'n you can tell my mom, too… she won't try 'n whack you, I'm sure." And with a final wave towards Alasse and the 'reachians, N'ano mounts up upon his own lifemate.

N'ano clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Using a twiggy forelimb, you manage to get yourself up onto Alymath's silver-brushed neck.
Alymath [Main Beach]
The materialistic sparkle of vibrant emerald adorns the finely tapered muzzle to the point of saturation, before pouring in diluted jade against the understated arch and subtle crescendo of her neck. Like moonlight filtered through viridian, spaded leaves, silver's tapped touch airbrushes the arpeggio of sharp 'ridges, an ethereal breath across otherwise earthly, moss-touched spine. A roseate blush spreads faintly across lanky torso, a would-be gaudy pink acting as filler in places where jade fails to perform. Haze's vaporous movements end in scintillating mica rays which variate wildly over open-angled, sleek haunches. A coda of green, frosted with champagne's golden rush, twirls into a loopy tail and ends with a flash fanfare of verdant sage.
Broad expanses of bleached hide gleam with their cleanliness, sparkling white with foamy flecks of white's various shades in them. The head of a lager, a dollop of whipped cream, flow in hand-hold dappled circlets between sharp silvered ridges - sweet, intoxicating, and no good for you. Such is Alymath.

Lis returns the wave, starting the climb up Mount Alymath herself.

Bydelth takes off, scattering sand behind him.

You take off, scattering sand behind you.

Valedath takes off from the main beach.
Valedath flashes hues of sapphire light before trumpeting sweetly and disappearing into the darkness of ::bewteen::!

Lis erks as Alymath takes off without warning, triple-checking both her and Alasse's straps and then - ::between:: they go!
Alymath winks her silver'd green self ::between::, leaving empty sky in her place.

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Wings tired? Or you just want to feel solid earth beneath your paws…
Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds overhead, displaying a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half-mile in both directions, and though a bit of a stretch at times, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece within the middle of the otherwise vast emptiness.
The hatching grounds and leadership weyrs are located to the north, while the sounds of herdbeasts noisily allude to the pens slightly east of there. Constant traffic marks the entrance to the westward living caverns, and a glance southeast reveals the cold, glittering, glacial lake.
It is an autumn afternoon. The sun slowly begins to descend; the grey clouds overhead seemed to have stretched this day interminably. A light breeze stirs the air slightly.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty-one firelizards.
Green Kelitath, brown Sevareth, green Zhesteth, brown Druseth, gold Tiareth, and brown Sidramuntalath are here.

Lis tries not to bump 'gainst any sharp joints as she slides down Alymath's forearm.
Down you go! Just mind the sharp dragon-elbow, there.

"That was excting, wasn't it?" calls Lis as she finds her foot again. "I mean, sometimes you just never know when you're gonna come out again or not. Oh, anyway. Welcome to the High Reaches. Inside!" And so the greenrider leads on.

Lis cheerfully clomps in, still spilling little bits of Istan sand on the floor as she waves to Sii'kyn and Lianta with a bright grin. "Look, I got one!"
Lis opts for the white-washed entrances to the Candidates' barracks.

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