Messengers are ambushed

February 15th 2002
Logged by Fyria

Forest Edge
Sweetest of hyacinth scents drift in on the careless sea breeze, wisping in and mingling with the pungent aroma of the tall, strong evergreens that spread their branches as shade from the bright mountain sunlight. As close to the traders' road as this patch of forest is, campfire pits are found scattered here and there, where many a caravan train settles for one last night on the road before continuing to the Hold Proper. The area is very quiet, as each creature's step is muffled by the carpet of pine needles and other leaves covering the forest floor.
It is an autumn afternoon.
On the perch are Cylanthe, Fuzz, and Swampy.
You see Duvi's tent here.
Tevya is here.

Almond-shaped eyes of liquid sienna darkness beckon in a come-hither fashion from beneath the long feathery lashes that surround them; ruby-red lips perpetually curved in a half-smile adding to the rather feisty aura around this young woman. Honey-coloured skin, the ever-present smattering of sparse freckles across her nose, and her slim, petite figure only lend air to her spritely-ness. The shadows of sun-streaked and gold-kissed chestnut locks that cascade down her back are worn loose or pulled back, depending on her mood, but ever-present are the few braided strands anchored by clear crystal beads. Womanhood has done her quite well, the swells of breast and hip balanced equivocally by her trim waist, svelte limbs completing her tiny 5'4 figure. One inert flaw - a small scar across her wrist - blazes white against her tan skin.
This blood-red burgundy dress hugs every curve along her body, it seems…almost scandalously so. The top of the dress cuts low across her shoulders in a tattered leaf-shaped fashion, dipping quite low to a point between her breasts to reveal bare, tan skin. The sleeves snug her arms to her wrists while the bodice hugs the curve of her waist down to her hips…but then a dramatic change. The skirt itself flows down to her feet, but two rather sensual slits rise up each side to her hips, allowing her freedom of movement (not to mention drawing every eye towards her). Feet are covered with a pair of knee-high black heeled boots, and around her waist is a thin, embroidered black and white belt depicting dragons in flight.
Attached to a clip on her belt is a mysterious cord of supple onyx leather, coiled around like a sleeping snake and looking rather, dangerous.
Ebony and sapphire intertwine amonge each other in a delicate dance with no beginning, no end upon her shoulder. A diamond pin anchors the knot - a High Reaches Messenger, she is. Beware.
Fyria is 17 Turns, 6 months, and 6 days old.

A slender woman by all means, Tevya stands just above five feet tall. Thick, long brown hair falls past her shoulders, just reaching the middle of her back when it's not pulled back into a bun or runner tail. When unhindered by bands, her hair will most often fall over her shoulders and frame her oblong shaped face. A high forehead is left bare, as bangs have been grown out enough for them to be tucked behind small ears. Formless eyebrows form a slender arch above her big, green eyes. Of a sparkling emerald, flecks of brown are scattered throught, as well as the subtle tint of blue near the iris. A set of light yet dark lashes rim these, drawing further emphasis to her eyes. Sitting between these and just below them is a petite nose. A slender bridge leads way to a slightly upturned nose, and beneath her nose is a set of pale red lips. A creamy complexion lends Tevya a rather pale look, doubled by the fact that there are no freckles or scaring to be found on Tevya's face. Sculpted features are also lax, for almost childlike features lend Tevya a youthful appearance. A slender neck will lead way to amazingly petite features on the remainder of her form.
Pale daisy folds fall from Tevyas shoulders, extending with sleeves that crawl down slender arms to end in cuffs that loosely round her wrists. A rounded neckline falls just below her collar bone and is hemmed with antique hued thread. Barely noticeable when set against the softer hue of this tunic, yet a pleasant touch to the slightly worn tunic. Falling down across her small form without clinging or hanging, the tunic simply fits her form in a complimenting manner. The ends will stop just past her hips, and two slits on either side of it will run a finger-length upwards on the tunic, allowing for movement and comfort. The tip of her breeches can be seen between these slits. Light clover in hue, the breeches steadily extend from her waist. Her wher-hide belt can barely be seen around her waist, for the ends of the tunic fall to cover it, and soon the breeches fall past the overhanging daisy fabric. Much like her tunic, the breeches fit her form to be complimenting and not baggy. Soft, sturdy fabric that falls past slender legs to be pulled over the tops of her faded, black boots. Perched on Tevya's shoulder is Razzathe. Perched on Tevya's shoulder is Roxanthe. Perched on Tevya's shoulder is Celiothe.
Tevya is 22 Turns, 4 months, and 7 days old.

Fyria stretches, long, languidly as she walks on the beaten path with Pinyon at her side. "Well Tev…so much for a day's trip, eh?" So it goes, when one plans too much. "Heh…I should've let you bring those extra packs along." Fy grins impishly, scratching Pinyon's nose a bit. "Did you have fun?"

Tevya grins as she slides a hand along her pups leashes, Ini and Mara having playfully jounced alongside Tevya and Saffer for the past few candlemarks. Saffer is given a pat as she rubs her arm on the opposite side of his neck, while Fyria is given a wink. "Oh it's not so bad. I mean, all in all I think I rather like this. It'"

Fyria goes quiet for a moment, then looks at Tevya. And thinks. "Y'know, you should become a messenger." She looks ahead for a bit, then glances back with a grin. "I think you'd make a great one, and considering you've already gone on a trial run…with me….I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem for you to join." Ramble ramble…shush Fy!!! "And of course, Ini and Mara could be honourary messenger canines…the first!!" She peers off suddenly into the bushes for a moment, then shrugs again. Silly girl.

A soft rustle is heard from the left…whisper soft, but heard nonetheless. Shadow? Movement? Who knows.

A wide grin breaks across Tevyas face at Fyrias words. "Oh..really? D'you think I'd be considered? I mean..I /am/ almost twenty-three Turns. Faranth knows I cant join any crafts at this age.." A slight murmur before Tevya's gaze switches towards the bushes to her side, Ini and Mara doing the same. "Probably just Cy playing around you two..c'mon let's get moving.." Leashes are checked, drawing her pups attention back to the path they were following. "Ini and Mara..well I think they'd like that. What with the fresh air and..the unlimited space. Still..d'you really think it'd happen?"

Another sudden rustle…this one from the right. Spooky.

"Oh shards, Tev…of -course- it could." Fyria watches the pups' reactions curiously, then whips her head to the right. STare. Mmmph. Something doesn't…-feel- right. She unknowingly picks up the pace -just- a little, then grins at Tevya. "That's the beauty of it, actually. It's not really a craft per se, so none of the restrictions, etc. Else shards, I'd never be able to be with Kare!"

"Well..I should probably check it out when I get back. It'll sure give me something to do, besides helping P'rru. And..well this cant be bad," A wave of her hand towards the surrounding areas as Tevya continues walking, and she picks her pace up as Fyria does, though she's not so inclined to be spooked. Rustling bushes are heard and, Tevya pauses briefly to glance in that direction again before shaking her head. "I dont think thats Cy.." Apparently not since Ini and Mara are now closely watching the bushes. "Probably just..something." A flip of her hand and Tevya quickly returns to where Fyria was walking.

Nope, it wasn't a firelizard. With a sudden burst of snapped twigs and broken leaves, 4 rather burly men, faces hidden by odd masks of wherhide, rush out and reach for both Tevya and Fyria. Three bear rather deadly looking knives, the other a length of twine. "Well well well, boys….seems we're double lucky this time around." A gruff voice, hardened from years of liquor, no doubt.

Fyria shrugs a bit at Tevya and opens her mouth to say something - but the only thing that comes out is a gasp as her and Tev are…well…ambushed. "Tev…look ou-" Abruptly her words are cut off as she feels the cold steel of a knife against her throat. "Now now miss…" hisses the man in her ear "….we only want what you've got…and all of it." Leeeeer.

The third man with the knife gives Tevya the same treatment, running the tip along her throat, suggestively. "Mmmmm, you're a pretty one…."

Tevya's eyes widen as they are suddenly..pounced upon. The leashes holding Ini and Mara gripped, as the canines lunge towards the three men. Saffer's reigns are held as he neighs, and Tevya just stares. "Fy!" A warning echoed by her friends, which is ultimately too late and Tevya finds a knife to her throat. His words draw a heavy frown across her features, Ini and Mara barking loud enough to wake a watch-wher.

The one with the twine snaps it at the canines, growling back. "Grrrr…git, git!!" He leers rather menacingly at them, then turns back to the women, a vicious smirk on his lips. "We just want your goods, that's all." a loose term, though, it seems. He peruses the packs on both runners a moment, then turns back to the women. "Hmm…mayhaps we'll start with you, eh?" One dirt-stained finger reaches out to run along Fyria's cheek….

Fyria…is scared to death, but…she's also irate. How -dare- someone attack her and Tev!!! Ugh!! Pulling her head back from that man's touch, she grits her teeth…then nails her assailant in the ribs with her elbow. Knife is dropped, and the man doubles over, gasping. "How DARE you attack us?!" The twine-man is definitely caught by surprise, and Fyria takes advantage, giving him a well-placed kick…well…you know. There. Howling with pain, he crumples even as Fyria faces Tevya and her assailant.

Tevya isn't about to attack, at least not just yet. As the man growls at her canines, she'll send a frown his way. That'll show him. And, Ini and Mara are held back, if nothing else..for their safety. "Get your eyes off them.." Them being Ini, Mara and of course, Saffer. "They're staying with us." And then Fyrias movements are caught, her friend breaking free, Tevya will do the only thing she can really think of at the moment. "Fy!" Stomp goes her foot on the toe of the man holding the knife to her throat, which in it's self probably isnt the smartest thing to do, but what's done is done. Wether he lets go or not is up to him, because at that moment, Cylanthe chooses to enter, followed closely by Roxanthe, Zaethe, Razzathe and Celiothe. The faire of firelizards angrily creeling as they react to Tevyas distressed emotions. And the dive-bombing commenses as Tevya tries to break free of the mans grasp.

And lo and behold…the man can shriek like a woman!!! Not so much at having his foot stomped, but at seeing five pairs of angry red flizzen eyes coming towards him. He bats his hand at them, knife long dropped, and runs towards the forest edge. One down. The twine-man is slowly recovering…slowly…and growls as he tries to get up. The third man is facing off with Fyria, it seems…sans knife, however.

"Tev!! Get on the runner!!" Fyria shouts as she circles with the man, a rather wicked grin on her face. Oh, he wants to dance, does he? Well…some men just aren't bright, are they? With a snarl, he lunges at Fyria - and succeeds in getting a mouthful of dirt instead. "No no no…bad manners. Tsk tsk." Smirk. He growls and tries to get her again - but Fy is quicker. With a spin, kick, and "Haa!", she lands a kick on the man's knee and a loud…er…crunch…is heard. Oy.

The third man is howling in pain know, rolling on the ground as he clutches his knee in agony. He's definitely out of commission. Two down. The twine-man, however….he, has come across the discarded knife. And his eyes are overflowing with rage - rage aimed at the nearest target, Fyria. While her back is turned, he slowly, quietly, sneaks up on her step…by….step….

"Right I'm leaving you here!" Tevya wasnt about to abandone her friend, let alone to these..scoundrels. Ini and Mara are finally released, as Tevya kicks attackers knife away. No way was she touching that! Twine man is then watched, before she shouts, "Fy! Behind you!" Ini and Mara are..well they're busy chasing down the first man who had attacked Tevya, while her firelizards angrily chitter above her. A rock is found, and Tevya palms it as she crosses towards the man, and *thwop* the rock is let loose and Tevya rushes Fyrias attacker.

Twine-man snarls aloud as he lunges towards Fyria..ignorant of the rock as it bounces off his shoulder. A flash of steel is raised high above the messenger girl as he drives towards her, aiming for her heart….

Fyria narrows her eyes satisfactorly at the heap of man before her, then lifts her head abruptly at Tevya's warning. Whirling around just as a rock goes flying by she just catches sight of the knife flashed above her - before it plunges deep within her shoulder. The impact knocks her to the ground - a simple thud. But then..pain. Searing, white-hot pain shoots through her shoulder and she cries out. Anger and adrenalin takes over though, and she pulls out the knife to toss it at him. Good aim, girl. The knife flies true and embeds itself in the man's thigh. Three down. "T-ev….runner…."

Twine-man growls with evil satisfaction at having hit his target - but that's soon turned to a cry of his own - agony as the knife lands in his thigh. Falling to the ground next to the other whimpering man, he too howls with pain. They, are thoroughly dispatched, it seems.

"!" Angry, Tevya doesnt stop at Fyrias warnings, has no intention of it really. Fyria was her friend. Fyria was bleeding. Twine man just made Tevya mad. Regardless if the dagger is pressed into his thigh. The very same dagger she'd originally kicked away finds it's way into her hands as she just glares at the two writhing men on the ground. "Attacked us! You..Faranth foresaken theives!" Dagger is waved infront of her as she glares at the men, "You're not getting away with this!" And having thusly delivered this promise, Tevya finally turns to Fyria and kneels by her friend. "Fy..oh're bleeding!" And Tevya now will gain hold of her senses. "Okay..okay. We've got to get you back to the Weyr. It's closer.." Lifting her gaze from her friend long enough to spot Ini and Mara returning in the distance, she'll then purse her lips in a frown. "Hold on.." Saffer has, amazingly enough, remained calm enough to have not bolted, and as Tevya reaches his side, she lifts a pack from within the saddle bags, and returns with it to Fyria's side. "Okay Fy..I'm going to get you back to the Weyr.." Faranth knows how she'll manage that feat, "Just have to get you patched up first. Stop the bleeding.."

Zaesthe blinks in from ::between::!

Fyria's once-white tunic is slowly becoming crimson as blood flows freely. The wound, it seems, was deep. How deep…only a Healer will know. Fy's face has turned somewhat pale, and as she tries to get up she sits back down abruptly. "Tev…I'm…" She blinks a few times - vision getting a bit fuzzy as the adrenalin wears off. Fy grimaces in pain, and tries to get up again, muttering "Must…get back to the weyr…" Stubborn. Yes, that's Fy. "Runner…help me get on Pinyon…"

"Of course..just..sit." Firm hand presses against Fyrias uninjured shoulder as Tevya opens the pack. A cloth is pressed against the bloodied shoulder, and Tevya presses firmly down on it. "I'm sorry..thats going to hurt, but I need to stop the bleeding.." And another bandage is pulled out from the pack, which will then be used to wrap around her shoulder, Tevya half lifting her friends arm as she does no. Perhaps not the wisest of things to do, and Fyria surely would have a heardbeast as her first child if she knew Tevya was using herder-healing practices on her. "Okay. I've got that set with you. Now..come on. You're riding with me. No way will you stay on Pinyon with an injury like this.." And as Tevya helps lift Fyria to her feet, Ini and Mara finally reach her side. "Stay. Watch." Command given to the two pups who then watch the men on the ground. Fyria is then led towards the Runner. "Up you go..I'm going to get some twine for those men. They're comming back to the 'Reaches with us.."

The trio definitely won't be going anywhere, for sure…

Fyria opens her mouth to protest, but all that comes out…or is inhaled, rather…is a gasp as Tevya wraps the wound. "Guyuh….shards…" Another grimace appears, her breath somewhat ragged at this point. She simply nods, biting her lower lip, and with much, much effort gets up and leans heavily on Tevya as they approach Saffer. "Pinyon…twine…pack…" is said in a strained whisper. She gasps again and nearly faints as she climbs the runner - finally, she's settled, or more slumped, upon the runner's back.

"Right.." Hands help Fyria as she settles before Tevya returns to Pinyon. Ini and Mara are checked, as Tevya finds a healthy portion of twine, and this is taken in hand as she traverses back to them. "You'll pay for this if Fyria is injured. I promise you that.." Vicious reply from Tevya as she unwraps the first section of twine, taking it in hand as she eyes the first of the men. The dagger she'd found earlier is once more taken in hand as she cuts a section of twine from the gathered section in her hands, and then both are set behind her as she turns to the closest man. "Try anything..anything at all and I promise you'll regret it." Yes, Tevya could be brave now that she wasnt cornered by /tall/ knife wielding men.

Oh, no worries there. The trio is definitely reduced to a whimpering bunch of boys, one with flizzen scratches everywhere plus some strategic dog bites in other places, one with a broken knee, and another with a knife wound in his thigh. Sorry bunch. They meekly allow TEvya free reign to tie them as she sees fit.

Fyria's eyes flutter briefly as she leans against Saffer's neck. One hand lifts out towards Tevya as she mutters "Careful Tev…be…careful.." Her arm drops limply down again, though - Fyria's barely conscious at this point.

As the last of the group is tied, Tevya will draw the cord attached to all three of the wrist binds holding the men, out to where Pinyon was still standing. A loop of the twine over the saddle, before the cord is tied tight, leaving a thin stretch of loose cord between the runner and the thieves. "Fy.." And here comes the dilema, "Fy, they're hurt something bad. I cant..I cant just leave them here, and they cant rightly travel hurt.." A glance towards the men as Tevya frowns, "And I'm not leaving you here to die either..they'll..they'll just have to ride Pinyon.." And Fyrias state is noticed as Tevya hears her friends words. "Faranth blast it all!" Hands reach out as she drags a hand through her hair, before the injured men are spotted. "Okay..okay. I've got something." Pack is sought out as Tevya quickly takes it in hand, before crossing to the injured men. The one with the broken knee is studied first, Tevya half rolling him on his side. "Okay. I'm sorry..this is really going to hurt, but I've got to do something.." Yet more bandages are taken out, soon joined by nearby twigs. One is set on each side of the mans knee as Tevya begins talking. "Fy? to me.." A quick series of wraps around his knee before Tevya has him standing and crossing towards Pinyon. "Up, or I leave you here and send the Guards back to pick up your corpse.." And it's left up to him to mount or get dragged. Tevya then returns to the other two men, and makes quick work of bandaging the serious wounds, her pack now quite empty, and tunic missing the bottom strips as she had to use that. And Fyria is at last turned to. "Okay Fy..let's go.." Ini and Mara are now stationed on either side of Tevya, quite ready and willing to follow. A cord gathered from Saffers packs is attatched to the reigns on Pinyon, and doubled back where it is then tied to Saffers saddle. Tevya mounts Saffer, positioning Fyria infront of her. "Stay awake and talk to me..the entire way. C'mon Fy.." One hand wraps around Fyria to secure her friend to the saddle, and with a cluck of her tounge, Tevya leads the pack back to the Weyr, firelizard faire still in tow.

Fyria mmmphs as she struggles to stay awake…managing to stare at the trio. Her jaw would drop, except she's too weak to even do that. "Tev…you're crazy.." A faint smile appears before she drops her head back down on Saffer's neck. And with that, they all make their way slowly, ever so slowly, back to High Reaches.

(The haggard, trail-worn and wounded group makes their way over the length of a candlemark back to High Reaches Weyr, finally arriving in the Central Bowl, and much in need of a Healer at this point).

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds - quite literally - overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is an autumn evening. The moons rise in the clear, starry sky. The northerly breeze has died back a bit but it is still quite cool, and the absence of cloud cover promises the night to be even cooler still.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty-four firelizards.
Green Kelitath, green Zoryanth, blue Lainnoth, brown Revnath, brown Sevareth, bronze Telynth, green Miravith, gold Chayath, green Fiareth, and bronze Rixesith are here.

Monaco winks silently in from the smoke and mirrors of ::between::.
You call to Monaco, who flies over and lands on your shoulder.
Cylanthe blinks in from ::between::!

Monaco subtly moves into the murky smoke and mirrors of ::between::.
Monaco> Infirmary
Monaco> Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphenalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Monaco> Comfortable on top of a cupboard are Caerulus, Risidan, Hermes, Enjolras, Fluker, Kidda, Mercury, Jupiter, Klee, and Stratus.
Monaco> Kariel is here.

Monaco> Kariel
Monaco> Saffron laced with aureate gold graces the crown of this man; yes, everyone's favorite pink-and-plum child has blossomed into adulthood at last. Once chubby facial features have traded themselves in for a distinct jawline and a might of stubble on off days, lengthening downwards into a lean, mean and rather striking appearance. Heighth has soared from its original five-foot-one upon arrival to the Reaches' spires to a looming and rather substantial six-foot three. Flaxen locks are touseled and disheveled, best described as a mop, with overhanging bangs that cast shadows on his northern, ivory countenance. Wide zaffer eyes contain a jovial cast, and can be caught peering from 'neath aforementioned bangs, adorned with the same long lashes and an expressive brow which gives hint to his mood at any moment in time. Pert, slighty upturned nose is centered betwixt faintly roseate cheeks, and just above his narrow, blushing lips which are usually upturned ever so slightly in a simply impish grin.
Monaco> Brushed cotton cloth dyed a rich indigo blue lightly clings to his well-muscled form, faint outlines of his sculpted bicepts just visible as shadows amongst colour. Full-length sleeves are rolled up to mid-forearm, allowing him ease to work unencumbered at his Weyrhealer duties. The collar hangs casually open, ties undone a length or two to give hint to the toned chest beneath the fabric whilst the hemline is tucked in casually, fabric above his waist billowing out ever so slightly. A pair of equally soft wherhide trousers in midnight black hugs his lower portions, giving the flaxen-haired man an easy relaxed look and allowing him freedom of movement. Not to mention prominently displaying that rather delish behind. Believe it or not, those boots are -new-, not the old tried, true one's he normally wears. A braided belt of black and plum anchors the outfit, lending quite nicely to the whole aura of Kariel as Reaches' Weyrhealer. Kariel's Bag o' Healer Stuff hangs heavily from Kariel's shoulder. Kariel wears Kariel's Listening Tube around his neck.
Monaco> A ring of polished silver hangs upon a length of purple wherhide 'round Kariel's neck. Intertwining lines dance around the outside of the ring, scripted words curving along the inside. A knot adorns his shoulders, colors a four parted blaze: purple, white, black, and blue. Tassles and loops, what does it mean? Why, he's the Weyrhealer of High Reaches. Run.
Monaco> Kariel is 22 Turns, 11 months, and 3 days old.

Monaco> Monaco blinks in from ::between::, chattering quite irritably, madly, nervously. He flitters around looking for manpet…there!! Twitter twitter, the bronze swoops down to land on the nearby cot, shaking nervously with distress. Help help!!! Girlpet hurt!

Monaco> Kariel is writing a letter. To the Smiths. Who are dilly-dallying around about his new door, gosh darnit. There's a giant hole just waiting to be filled with a door if they'd get off their large, lazy, coal-sodden butts to- blink. No, not to blink, but that's what /Kare/ does, noting the sudden chittering of a bronze. It takes him a moment to recognize the flit, then he smiles a bit, oblivious. "Fyria back?" he comments idly, rising to his feet and leaving letter to wait…

Monaco> Monaco hops up and down, obviously irritated and still shivering like an autumn leaf. Chitter-chatter…eyes whirling yellow with alarm, he launches into the air and swings down towards Kariel's head before ducking back out…prolly towards the bowl. Hurry!! Hurry hurry!!

Monaco appears from ground weyr's overhung shadows.
Kariel appears from ground weyr's overhung shadows.

Half-awake, Fyria's essentially draped across Saffer's neck like a blanket. A crimson-soaked one at that. She's barely awake now, the half-candlemark trip having taken a small toll on her already-sapped strength. Eyes flutter briefly and she moans, saying "….off." Her once-white tunic now half soaked with blood, she can't even notice Kariel's appearance from the caverns. "Tev.."

"Hold on..hold on.." Tevya guides Saffer into the area, before quickly dismounting the Runner and reaching up for Fyria. Her friend is gently manuevered off, Tevya supporting Fyria as she slides down. "Okay, come on..let's get you to a healer.." Saffer remains still, as does Pinyon, the three men atop him obviously faring slightly better then Fyria. "We'll have to get healers for them too..and..the guards I think. Not sure what to do with them, what do you think Fy?" Yes, she was asking a half concious person her advice, if nothing else, to keep Fyria awake and conscious. "Fy..stay with me now. Dont go to sleep, we're almost there..just a few more steps.." And the talking continues as Tevya half helps Fyria towards the Caverns.

Kariel follows the flit with rolling eyes, still unawares… "Faranth, in a hurry, aren't you, Monaco…" He's seen her before. He missed her and all, but sheesh. Ridiculousness… or is it? The runner is noted, and Tevya's aid, and then Fyria… wilted and crimson-laced. Blink. "By the eggs…" the hisses as eyes bug out and he's momentarily frozen… before he springs to a leaping gait, rushing to her side to lift her off the ground and cradle her close with on arm, seeking wound to use other hand in pressuring. "Faranth… Fyria, love, it's going to be okay…" He promises. Great betweens. Tevya is, not of any blatant disrespect, baiscally ignored… he's a bit distracted.

Fyria is kind of in limbo at the moment…everything just sorta - spinning. Yeah. Her vision's sorta going all tunnel-ish and such, but she manages to -not- crumple as Tevya helps her off the runner. Knees don't want to fully function though…and thank Faranth Kariel's there else she might be one heap of messenger on the ground. Hearing that lovely, familiar voice again, her eyes widen a bit, feeling herself scooped up. "Kare?" One hand reaches up to run along his jawline before her eyes flutter again, head lolling back a bit.

"Kariel.." The healer is spotted and Tevya allows him to support Fyria now, she sliding out from her friends arm. "We got ambushed..nearly a half candlemark ago or so. Fyria took a knife to her shoulder..but she's doing better then those three there," A flip of her hand towards the battered, bruised and broken men on the back of Pinyon, "They're the ones that ambushed us. I dressed her wound, though I couldnt clean it. Just..stopped the blood is all." A rather guilty reply as Tevya glances from the healer to her friend, "I got here as fast as possible..but..I was afraid of hurting Fy more if we came any quicker.." And her voice soon ebbs away as she watches Fyria.

Three sorry looking chaps indeed…one with a stab wound in his thigh, the other with an essentially crushed knee…the other looking like a firelizard chew toy. All three, now reduced to whimpering piles of lard.

Kariel groans as he looks to them.. well, he can't just completely stop healing those in more dire need because of Fyria. No matter how much it hurts. Fyria's forehead is softly kissed as he begins to hightail it into the ground weyrs… and back into the lair of the Infirmary. "Get them back here and I'll see what I can do…" he hisses, a heavy frown creasing his face as he tries to comfort Fyria with soft whispers.

"Right..I'll..right." And Tevya moves away from Fyria, quickly heading towards the other three men on the Runner. What in Faranth she was suppose to do now was beyond her, as she stares meekly at them. A rather limp hand reaches out to take the reigns as she directs the Runner to follow her, "I'll..get someone to take care of them." The last said to thin air as Kariel seems to disappear, and Tevya is left to head off in another direction to find help for the men on the Runner.

Ow ow ow…moan…whimper. What a bunch of babies these 3 turned out to be, their mutterings heard all the way into the ground weyrs.

(Travel spam deleted: They make their way in towards the infirmary).


Kariel pushes his way in from the ground weyrs.
Fyria is carried in by Kariel.
Tevya ducks in from the inner caverns.

Kariel shhhs softly… because it's all he can know of to do. He's merely human, flesh and bones, and right now… a rather frantic one, at that. Her tiny frame is laid tenderly upon a cot, shirt literally ripped from her frame as he goes up to remove the crude bandaging, frowning as he sees the puncture still bleeding, obviously… rushing to redwort his hands and run back over, clamping down upon it… successfully stopping blood flow for the moment stemmed from her moving around. And apprentice is yelled for, a meek creature appearing who Kare barks at rather loudly… calling for numbweed and mosstea and bandages and redwort… which are gotten with a squeak. Scarykare.

Fyria's eyes were closed, but as he pulls back the bandage and applies pressure, they flutter wide open and she cries out, gripping at the edge of the cot with her other hand. Gasp. That. Hurt. "Ahh…shards…" Voice strained, she grimaces again. Well, at least she's more awake now.

Tevya enters the area once more, three men in tow. Three men who eventually find their way off to an area of the Infirmary while Tevya heads closer to where Fyria and Kariel were. "You'll be okay Fy.." This all she offers to her friend as Fyria's eyes open, Tevya then turning towards Kariel. "I dont suppose I can help with anything?"

Kariel would whimper too if he had a moment… as she speaks, he shhhs, reaching down to kiss her cheek before he goes quickly to work… making sure bleeding's stopped, he begins to numbweed the area for her benefit… damp cloth used to wipe away excess caked… mess. Mmph. He's furious. "Make sure the one of those… imbeciles… with the thigh gash has stopped bleeding…" The chewtoy he can just douse in redwort, numbweed, arnica, and mosstea… the shattered knee… well, he'll have to see what /can/ be done. "There… see, Fylove…? It should feel better…" Tell him it feels better? He continues to gently dab with the damp cloth, waiting for affirmation before he goes any further…

Fyria's knuckles whiten a moment, then lessen as she slowly releases the grip on the cot. One tear breaks free to roll down her cheek, breathing pretty ragged and quick. "Mmmph…" Ahh…numbweed…thank -Faranth- for that stuff. Slowly, her expression relaxes a bit and breathing slows, the numbweed kicking in. Wound must be deep - or rather, it sure feels like it. Yeouch. Biting her lower lip, she looks up at him with huge doe-eyes and nods once. Better.

Thigh-wound simply mutters in pain as he slides down to a seat on the floor. Soon, chew-toy and shatter-knee follow suit. Wait. Shatter-knee was already on the floor, dangit.

"Right.." And Tevya moves away once more towards the battered men, she using what little she knew of healing to make sure bleeding had stopped, and after a moments time she returns back, "They're..well as well as they're going to get. The wounds arent bleeding anymore.." And that is the end of Tevyas medical knowledge. "Is she going to be okay?" A flicker of her gaze towards Fyria, one that soon flows back up towards Kariel, "I tried to get the wound to stop bleeding.."

Kariel wipes the tear away with the cloth, then moves spindly fingers to her shoulder wound with mosstea… packing the thick, damp green leafy substance upon it thickly. He then gently rests a hand behind her back and props her up with pillows… beginning to wrap the wounds with the sterile bandages to keep poultice in place. "She'll be fine, in time… in time… what the shards happened?" There's that rage again… that rage that something like this could happen. The rage that /they/ didn't stop it… rage he wasn't there to stop it. He moves over to the men next, going to thigh-gouge first, of the three, his most serious, and hefts him up semi-gently… he's not quite going to carry the man like he did Fyria, but he's not cold-hearted as he lower him to the cot, cutting away trous to get at the wound with a new damp cloth and numbweed.

Numbweed taking effect, Fyria's calmed quite a bit at this point, even as Kariel packs the wound thoroughly. She blinks slowly and shakes her head, whispering "This is what's been going on…" Her eyes flutter briefly, though from exhaustion more than faintness.

Thigh-gouge huffs and whimpers as he's dragged over to the cot.

"We were heading back from the Cothold. We werent more then a candlemark away from the Weyr and we were walking the Runners. Then..they came out of the bushes on the side of the path. Fy knocked two of them down, and the one holding me got away when Cy and the rest attacked him. The others..well Fy took care of them. Kicked one, stabbed the other. I tried to get the one who stabbed her with a rock but..I missed." Yes, Tevya has slightly bad aim. "I tried to warn her, but I dont think she heard me. She pulled the knife out though, and stabbed him with it," A slightly humorous tilt at the mention of that, though one that soon disapates as Fyria speaks once more, and Tevya crosses to kneel by the side of the cot where Fyria was.

Thigh-gouge huffs and whimpers as he's dragged over to the cot, wincing in pain but still looking rather…wimpy-ish and furious at the same time. "Sharding girl..I should've aimed better…" is said with a glare at Fyria.

Kariel blinks as he suddenly realizes… he's healing the man who stabbed Fyria. Or so he's gathering. "You… you…" he hisses… if the man could breathe fire, he would, at this point, and flame this thread to smithereens… but he can't. He's got a damned code to follow. Numbweed is slathered, mosstea packed, leg bandaged, before he looms above the man, pointing to Fyria with an oddly calm expression. "You do that?

Fyria hears a rather…dangerous tone in Kariel's voice. Something she hasn't heard yet from the weyrhealer, and it's enough to cause her to turn her head towards where he is. And blink. Kare looks calm. That…could be a bad sign.

"Yeah, yeah I did.." snarls the man gruffly. Steely blue eyes laced with pain glance up at the healer defiantly. Of course he'd have no clue that Kariel and Fyria were together - else he wouldn't say what he says next. "And if I had another chance, I'd aim the shardin' knife for her heart is what I'd do." Eeek. Hit the deck.

"She did. I-" Well Tevya wouldnt go into that, "She stabbed one of them, and broke the others knee.." And Ini and Mara helped, as did her firelizards. All Tevya could manage to do was throw a rock. "One got away though..Ini and Mara chased after him so I dont know..if he's hurt or..what.."

Kariel ahs softly. Nodding a bit, he rolls up his sleeve quietly… that ever so slight smile on his face… before it suddenly turns to one of livid rage, and fist swings across with sheer brute force, landing squarely on his jaw. With a sickening thud. Apprentice is barked for as he heads for the other two, a red glow almost coming out of his eyes… well. This is going well. "Give that man something for the sudden pain in his jaw, eh?" he mentions… he might cause it, but he's a good enough man to fix it. "Who's next." he hisses quietly, looking between the two still huddled on the floor.

Pain medicine won't be needed. Thigh-gouge man is out like a glowlight.

Eyes widening at the display of brute…er…force in front of them, the other two simply huddle together. It's amusing, actually. "Uhhh…I-I'm fine…take c-care of him first.." They point at each other, obviously more scared of the weyrhealer than of pain.

"Well. You two decide." Kare explains ever so calmly, moving over to the cabinets and swinging them open, grabbing leather straps of thick wherhide and heading over to thigh-gouge man's prone form… moving to tie him to the cot by the wrists and ankles. He's not going anywhere even after he wakes up. "I'll make sure he's not going anywhere." Because once they're well, they're each going to be sent on a splendid one way cruise to the guards. "Decided yet, boys?" he calls out as he finishes a final ankle… looking to the two.

Fyria has a quick intake of breath at that…brows furrowing somewhat. No no, she doesn't feel for the man - after all, the worthless piece of dragon feces stabbed her - no, she feels for Kariel. Poor man, having to go through all this. Dizziness ensues, and she closes her eyes briefly. Spinning wheel….

Knee-shattered blinks a bit and barks "He's worse off than me!!" Chew-toy is left speechless…and simply says nothing. Looks like he's volunteered then.

Tevya just gapes as the man is hit and..consequentially 'falls' asleep. A blink and brows are furrowed before her head is shaken. Well..she couldnt say much. Kariels actions are then watched, before Tevya decides to try and be of use, and turns towards Fyria. "Fy, do you want anything? Water..juice..?"

Kariel hefts chew-toy up with ease… dropping him onto a cot easily before moving to those gouges and slashes… stitching and redworting where necessary… and although he doesn't want to, numbweeding, too. He's a good man, Charlie Brown.

(At this point, all 3 players are ready to drop - so it's safe to say that Sr. Weyrhealer Kariel finished stitching up and splinting the other two culprits, then proceeded to carry Fyria back to hers and Kariel's room where she drops off to sleep, safe in his arms. Tevya returns to the resident dorms with quite a story to tell indeed. And the bandits? They're in for a brief recovery before being shipped off to the guards. But that's another RP ;)).

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