Areiah is asked to Stand

1st November 1998
Logged by Catia

[Rhyath just clutched!]

Living Caverns
Present: Catia, Zirade, Mishanda, Areiah, Teraelis, Tylendel and Enya.

Catia carries the baby over towards Zirade… an admirer at least. "There are dragons out in the bowl, if anyone needs to get back.. to Ista, or anywhere," she announces softly to the gathered strangers. {Just snag an NPC and @go home!}

Mishanda grins and nods to Tylendel, " Sure, it's no trouble.." she grins and grabs some food for the road home she peers at the boy, " You commin too?"

Areiah shakes her head slowly, looking back up at Tylendel, smiling ruefully. "I'm afraid I don't know very many riders.. and.. oh! Perfect. Thank you." she says, and the grateful words are directed over his shoulder to Mishanda. "Wonderful."

"I don't /want/ to ask somebody to take me home. I don't /feeeeeel/ like it." Teraelis drags the 'ee' out in a most painful way. Somebody has to offer to take him home, see, before he goes. He won't condescend to /ask/ them! Therefore, it's going to be a long time before he goes…or maybe not. "I'm coming." Out he crawls, then stands, dusting off his knees.

Mishanda chuckles and rolls her eyes, " Well then, let's go .. I believe I left my ride in the central bowl..
Mishanda exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Tylendel turns then to Areiah with an apologetic glance, "I'm sorry to have to go so soon, but I'll be sure and send Precious with a note sometime." He frowns distractedly, "Once I get her trained, that is." Shrugging, he stands up, draining his mug and setting it, now empty on the table. With that, he stoops over for a quick hug and then strides quickly after Mishanda.

Zirade is trully becoming annoyed with this horrible whiner, " The only way you can get home /is/ by asking, you dim - " the children glance at her expectantly, " Nice person." She proceeds. Raising herself up, she smiles at the tiny babe in Catia's arms', " Aww. What a sweet widdle Taesha. Yes, you are! You are!"

Tylendel exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
Teraelis exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

"You don't need to ask. They're waiting," Catia points out to Teraelis, sitting down in /another/ spot. "Isn't she gorgeous, Zirade? Two months old, nearly…"

Areiah smiles softly and rises to her feet, wrapping both arms tightly about Tylendel's midsection, near reluctantly letting go as she pulls back. "Have a safe trip.. I'll see you soon!" she calls softly after him, settling back down into her chair, redfruit juice taken up again and sipped from.
OOC: Areiah lags. :P

Short bluerider tries fight way through crowds, no easy take for someone Enya's hieght, yet, she manages make way over to fellow wingmate, "Hullo Catia…Oh, Taesha's grown!" Gee..only saw her a sevenday ago. But then again, everything seems grow fast when your stuck in halfpint land like Enya is.

Zirade glances up at Catia - after all, she is the mother of this sweetie, who she hoped months on end would not be born, " Oh, yes, a cutie! How time flies, it seemed as if just a few days ago she was a little Pink Thing." As babies tend to be..

Catia chuckles, as Taesha wriggles in her arms, snuggled with the llama. "She still is a little pink thing, Zirade…."

Pardon..mpph. xcuse me…meep. Finally short bluerider manages make way over to others as crowds thin and spread out, "Well…been a ruckous of a day…no?" Enya simply comments with bit of merriment lighting dark jade eyes.

Catia peers about as people leave, the crowds thinning until it's just Enya, Catia and a few others. And the weyrbrats, of course. "ISn't it time they went to bed, 'Rade?" Catia asks softly.

Areiah glances up, spotting Enya.. now where does she reckognize the bluerider from? Ah yes, she was here when Lani was.. well, she was here to save Conlan from Lani. She smiles, waving a bit wearily from her seat at a now-deserted table.

Zirade shakes her head at Catia, then twists her face undecidedly. " Well … " she thinks, or at least tries to. " I, nah. They're practically sleeping anyway, and aren't they cute o'er there infront o' the hearth?" she smiles at Enya, nodding her head 'wards the friendly muffin. " Enya, dear, how're you? Busy? Hmm."

Maeve arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Catia waves her free hand, beckoning Areiah over. "Come sit here… uh….. Eria?" She tries out the name she thinks she remembers.

"Ah…well..busy enough..finally finished that pile of hidwork Oph passed on to me with wing business.." Enya answers with good natured shrug and nod, "But I'm sure you've kept busy as well?" she asks, absently rubbing neck with sigh, "Seems all of today has been spent cramped in crowds.."

"Areiah." the young woman supplies helpfully, grinning conspirationally at Catia. "Close, though." She rises from her seat, bringing a half-full juice glass with her, ambling over to the gathered group. Free hand touches self-consciously to her plait - good, still set. So she can't look all that bad. She smiles, then, nodding to Zirade; another familiar face.

Taesha snuggles in closer to her mother, whilst Catia stretches her bare legs out under the table. "I only stayed for the first few eggs… what was the count? I hear there may be a gold one?"

Zirade tosses a grin 'wards Areiah, a almost automatic movement, whilst she peers at Enya, " Aye, I know how you feel. Somedays, it seems as if I /live/ in just one great crowd … " of course, she does. The kids. But what can you say? Leaning on her arms, both hands cupping her hot klah, she inspects Areiah carefully, " I reconize you from the festivle a while ago … " she smiles.

Areiah laughs lightly and nods to Zirade, rotating narrow shoulders back in a subtle stretch. "Mmmhmm, I was here for that.. a good friend of mine and I were out there for nearly the entire festival. Now that was fun." she says softly, sapphire eyes sparkling with the delightful memory. She blinks out of the reverie and returns Zirade's scrutiny in kind, even with gaze kept modestly beneath her 'lashes, nodding once again, slower this time. "And you're the nanny, right?"

Ruathan-Irish accent breaks into chuckle, "Well…I've had enough of stuffy crowds and galleries…" Enya pauses with pursed lip sigh and roll of dark jade green eyes, "And now Ky wants *another* bath…you'd swear he was half fish..think any of the kiddies awake would be eager enough to help bathe him for me?" she ponders to nanny with wry grin. one thing good about weyr brats…free slave labor.

"Eggs?" Catia asks pleadingly. She wants to know.

Pita leaps recklessly about, a distinctive spring evident with each hop in from the Central Bowl.

Niyanne walks in from the Central Bowl.
Pita steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Quiet gaze cascades o'er the mountainous piles of kids sweating disgustingly around the fire, " Sure," Zirade nods, glancing up at Enya, " I guess I should come and watch them…?" Trailing off in question, she waits a moment, 'fore gaze goes to Areiah, and she nods, " Yeah, the Head Nanny." Then … " Huh?" Reckless stares go towards those who enter and leave..

Niyanne steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Catia watches Pita walk past with someone else… and shrugs, a faint smile on her lips. That time of Turn, again….

Zirade answers Catia's plea as she tosses her head back, " I … I think there was a gold egg! Of course, you mightn'd be sure with all that goo and such … but. " A but is a chance, a chance is a … but.

Areiah turns now interested eyes on Enya, smiling slightly, anixiously. "If you'd like some help, I'm free.." she offers, the opportunity to help bathe a dragon one she can't let pass without offering, at least. She then peers over at Catia and says, "Thirty-five.. and.. well, yes, quite a few people think there's a gold egg out there."

Catia nods, satisfied with Zirade's answer. Taesha wriggles fretfully as Catia squeezes her for a moment… "Thirty five? Well, well… we'll be needing quite a few Candidates for that lot. Rhyath did well."

Course you need watch them! Kyleth is just as bad and can you imagine kidlings and burbling bloo together? eep. "Uhm..think that'd be good..can keep me company.." Enya muses with slight wry grin.

Zirade feels bad, since poor Catia'd be all alone, then, " Catia, do you want to come, too? Or, perhaps, we can even wash your dragon, if you'd like? There's plenty of kids.. " a bit of them rustle, giving worriedly glances to their Nanny.

Catia rocks Taesha slowly. "I've got this one to think of… and Myrineth's asleep. She got bored with Rhyath's groans." Catia looks rather disappointed.

Dark jade eyes fade out for moment before Enya sighs, "Silly fool..he played around in the bowl sand all day and stood on hot ledge watching clutching..and *now* he wonders why he itches.." she muses with amused shake of head, "But seeing his 'kidpets' will help I suppose…"

Zirade sniffs, running her hand across her nose; draining her cup before rising, again, but this time to awake the poor, over-worked bratlings. Figure crouches o'er them as she murmers, or yells, depending on your point of view, " Wake up, dears. We're going to wash Enya's lovee Kyleth. Get up. Now. Now!" At her final command, grumbling, they arise, beginning to layer themselves once again.

Slightly confused, Areiah looks between the bluerider and the nanny, eyes reflecting her state clearly. "So you /don't/ need my help?" she asks finally. Not disappointed or any such thing, just confirming.

Enya grins with a nod, mentally soothing her lifemate that bathing is on the way, "Ah…good. Ky'll meet us at the lake..he's itching to get in the water…" short bluerider gives summary of blue's mental burbled babblings in head. shush!

"Stay here and talk to me," Catia offers Areiah, still joggling the baby up and down to make her giggle. "Do you do anything in particular here?"

Areiah looks to the Weyrhealer now and smiles. Maybe resting for awhile /would/ be a good idea. She decides, then, politely offering to the pair she assumes will soon be off, "Actually, I think that'd be better. Another time." And she settles down into a nearby seat, peering upward at Catia. Finally, she answers the question. "Not really, no.. I'm just a resident."

Ethree stomps, making sure you hear her in from the Central Bowl.
Ethree steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Catia twirls a loose lock of hair about her fingers, looking Areiah over - not in an intrusive manner, just a curious one. "So they haven't got you doing something in particular?" Head turns, healer watches the children file past. "Child-minding, or anything?"

Enya reluctantly pulls lithe frame from seat and sighs, "Ready?" she asks, glancing to nanny and weyrbrats, with Kyleth's antics, not many weyr children complain of that blue's company. heh. that's her lifemate..the sweet talker.

Zirade tugs at one childs' collar, lifting another under her arm, and rises one more to her shoulders'. " C'mon, ya lazy bones, we /are/ going … " One by one, two bye two, three by three, and four by four, they trail behind Zirade, " I'm ready!"

"Ah…out we go then.." Enya remarks, moving towards exit to bowl..

Areiah shakes her head slowly and almost frowns at this, nose wrinkled slightly. "Not yet. I'm actually surprised.. a friend of mine told me they tend to recruit people for work whenever new people arrive." she says softly, reclining slightly and taking a brief sip of juice. "I'm willing, mind you, just haven't found anything yet."

Enya exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Zirade releases Lei, who launches into the air.
Zirade exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Catia chuckles at that. "You're lucky, you mean?" Taesha whimpers sleepily, to be quieted with a touch of her mother's finger. "Didn't you come here about the same time as Thesy? She /volunteered/ to help me…"

"Thesy? Oh, yes, I did.. I arrived just a bit before she did." Areiah replies, gaze flickering to the baby in the woman's arms. She smiles gently, tenderly, watching her a moment before peering up at her mother. "I don't know what I would do, though.. what needs to be done?" The young woman pauses a moment for an afterthought, adding, "Is there anything dragon related that I could possibly help with, do you know?"

Baestia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Catia frowns a little. "Well… wash them? Though that's more fun than a chore when you don't have to do it all the time…." She looks down too, a contented expression crossing her face as Taesha gives a tiny hiccup, and falls asleep. "Thesy's going to be helping me a little after Fall, with slapping numbweed on dragons and so on… though most weyrfolk help there." Cat frowns a little, working her way through a list of what she can think of.

Baestia exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Smile undaunted, Areiah tips her head to the side, shrugging lightly. "It doesn't matter, if there isn't something dragon related.. I would /love/ to work with them, mind you, but if something else is availiable and needs to be done.. well.." and the offer trails off as she gives another shrug.

"Course, you could always Stand for this clutch…." Catia's voice trails over as she considers that proposal. "Seeing as we have eggs, and all…"

Areiah stares in utter disbelief at the Weyrhealer, brilliant eyes going impossibly wide. "Stand? For the.. you mean.. for the /Hatching/?" and the last word is almost a squeak, soft soprano conveying an awestuck sense at the very notion. Overwhelming. She takes another slightly longer sip of juice, near draining the glass, much to her surprise. "I.. suppose I could, yes.." she murmurs finally, after a slight lick of her lips and a slow, astonished shake of her head.

Catia's lips quirk as she attempts not to grin outright. But the smile wins, and her dark eyes smile at Areiah. "Well, you're a resident… you don't seem to have any unsavory habits that I've heard about… don't see why not." Her expression settles back into solemnity, only her eyes still shining with mirth and encouragement. "So that's a yes?"

Eyes still wide with disbelief, Areiah stares. She genuinely can't help it. Slowly, painstakingly so, she nods, giggling softly. "That's.. a.. yes, absolutely, yes." she manages to reply finally, and excitement becomes blatantly obvious. "I.. oh.. yes. Absolutely. Yes. The eggs were just beautiful, but through the whole thing, I never even /considered/.."

Catia chuckles again. Careful of the sleeping babe, she slides from her seat, and beckons Areiah to follow. "Let's get your name put down on the roster, then… and you can pick a cot in the barracks! A decent one, too… you're one of the first." New Candidates. More people for Catia to torture with cold implements.

Baestia walks in from the Central Bowl.

Areiah grins broadly and moves to her feet, empty glass abandoned upon the table as she obediently moves to follow, bag jostled a bit over her shoulder. Cold implements? Oh, dear. Though even that thought couldn't daunt the excitement reflected on her delicate features.

Deeper, darker, narrower… passages kink and twist into the Weyr.
Inner Caverns

Areiah moves in from the Caverns.

Catia beckons Areiah on. "In here… been in here before at all?" Probably not.

You survived! Escaping through the heavy canvas curtain you arrive here…
Candidate Barracks
Niyanne is here.

Areiah escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Catia sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Areiah.

Areiah giggles at Catia and shakes her head, "Never." she replies quietly, taking a careful look around the cavern. "I.. oh, thank you." she says, nodding to the drrudge, then grinning at Catia once again. "And thank /you/."

"Here you are…. home for a while," Catia tells Areiah, perching herself, babe in arms, on the edge of a spare cot. "Welcome to Candidacy…. " She beams at Niyanne, too, offering her the same.

Slow nod is gestured towards Areiah and Catia; Niyanne being settled upon her own cot. "Heyla.."

Areiah shifts the bag from her shoulders, then, setting it carefully upon the cot before settling down herself, cheeks flushed. She looks to Niyanne and smiles warmly, her slight nod of greeting accompanied by, "Good to know I'm not going to be alone in here.."

Catia rocks her daughter gently, smiling at the two girls. "Well…. Areiah, if there's anything you need to get from the dorms, go ahead.. you'll be living here till the Hatching though." And then… either back to the dorms or on to the weyrling barracks. Catia leaves that unsaid, just getting to her feet again. "Well, I'd best get this one to bed…"

"Oh.. no, I've got pretty much everything I need in my bag. Thank you." Areiah says softly, brushing absently at a few loose strands of hair, looking between Niyanne and Catia, choosing finally to settle her gaze on the babe in her arms. "Probably a good idea, yes. Take care.. and I hope to see you again sometime soon."

Taesha wriggles, fast asleep. "Oh, you'll see me soon enough," Catia answers, a dark threat in her tone. "All Candidates have to have physical exams….." And with that, she's off.

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