Planning to redecorate Pyrene's weyr

March 27th 2006
Logged by Ashli

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Perched on a few empty cots are six firelizards.
You see Name Board, Xayna's Cot, Naomi's Nest, Iliad's Cot, Shazi's Cot, Lihall's Lodging, Saohlai's Cot, Eikera's Cot, Ryan's Cot, and Akasha's Cot here.
You notice Eikera, Lihall, Xayna, and Akasha asleep here.
Saohlai, Naomi, and Ryan are here.

"Candidates!" Ashli walks in and chirps brightly, waving her arms around for added dramatic effect. One can be sure that if the bakers would've let her walk off with that pot and wooden spoon, she would be smacking it to great effect. Unfortunately, they are very possessive of their pots and spoons in the kitchens. "How we all doing? Time for a field trip! Let's go, folks!" Advance notice? Of course not! Ash is commandeering them, will they, or nil they.

Naomi blinks and sits up from her nest, as she ways laying as she fixed holes in her older clothes. Reaching towards her blue 'lizard Miashi, she hops up, with a small strech and stands ready to follow.

Ryan looks up from whatever he was doing "Ermm…where to?" he asks, always curious as he begins to shuffle to his feet off the cot. "And I don't think everyone's here…"he continues to comment stretching out, as he stands up causing several bulges in his cot to stir.

From the messenger barracks, Oblivion chirps, circles for a little bit after entering, a crumpled hide clutched in one foreleg before spying she whom she has arrived to deliver said crunchy hide to. The green spirals in a little closer, and drops the note near to where Shazi is - the note being from none other than Ashli, inviting 'Candidate Shazi' to meet her in her weyr at her convenience for a 'candidate experience'.

Xayna had just come back in from a late bath before a chore to help clean the caverns. At Ashli's entrance, she stands and gives a startled but sharp salute. Hope there isn't a reprimand for saluting with a comb in her hand. "Doing good ma'am." She comments softly and continues working at the laststubborn tangle in her long hair.

Ashli beams as Naomi readily complies, then narrows her eyes at Ryan and notes brightly, "Wherever I say to!" Ahh, the power. Has she let it go to her head at this young of an age? Hopefully not. But, that doesn't stop her from noting to Ryan, "Candidate, it hasn't been /that/ long since I've been a Candidate. I realize some of you are off on chores and at leisure periods. I've sent messages to all the candidates pertaining this, don't you worry your handsome little head about it." Handsome little head? Apparently Ash has also been hanging around with the Traders a little much recently. Either way, she has arrived, and she is prepared to kidnap the candidates. Or, perhaps, merely borrow. Upon Xayna's entrance she beams happily, and notes, "That's what I like to hear! Okay! So! Onwards! Follow me, folks!" And with that, Ash skips (yes, skips) out of the barracks and towards the caverns…

Isamath's Ledge
A ledge, kept immaculately clean…except for the various splotches of color that mar (or perhaps decorate) said ledge. Apparently someone got a little excited about colors and ledges and decided that a little Picasso-like artwork was necessary. And so, greens the color of freshly cut grass swirl along the edges, and blues, that soft pastel shade of a fresh spring morning dance near the green, but never touching. Red, that passionate shade of crimson, nearly shimmering into an amber, almost coppery shade when the light hits it correctly, twirl along the entrance to the weyr. Purple is the other shade that prowls along this ledge, a purple as deep as a raging storm. No royal purple this, oh… [look closer]
It is a summer sunset.
Inside the weyr, you see a gold dragon.
Xayna and Naomi are here.

Ashli beams and peers. "I have everyone, right? Didn't lose anyone?" Ash pauses for a moment to head-count, before beaming again and waving a hand. "Welcome to my humble ledge! So, you're probably all wondering why I've had you trek here! Follow me into my 'office', and we shall discuss just that! I can tell you're all so excited." The beaming doesn't stop now, oh no. The young goldrider walks into the weyr, pausing at the entrance to scritch Isamath's headknobs fondly and apparently exchange a few words regarding the people following her before she continues on…

Isa's Illustrious Illahie
A work in progress, is this weyr. A brightly colored bed rests against one wall, and a ragged-looking rug rests on the floor, the rug once perhaps having been a pure, snowy, white, but is now a rather indeterminate shade of silver-gray. An unused (as of yet) fireplace is set into one wall, mantel above it of a deep, deep brown, apparently the same wood that was used in her bed. A collection of large, brightly colored cushions rest in no particular pattern around the fireplace, overstuffed items perfect for simply sitting and relaxing upon. Sadly, the mantel is empty of all but a strange-looking mug, and the only real decoration in the room is a faded tapestry upon the wall that was most… [look closer]
It is a summer sunset.
Gold Isamath is here.
You see Ashli's Rainbow Nest, Wenchbeard Mug, and Happy Egg here.

Xayna follows the weyrwoman into the weyr, looking around curiously at the contents. A nod is given to the gold dragon lounging on her couch. She is quick to move on and takes up a spot to lean against the wall. Using her comb she continues to work at the tangle.

Bustling in, Ash heads towards the fireplace area, fluffing a few pillows as she notes, "Sorry it's a little messy, I'm renovating. I had some chairs, but I sat in them." And…of course, that explains why they're no longer there. "So, we have pillows. They're very nice pillows, Pyrene gave them to me." Chatter chatter chatter. But with the mention of Pyrene, Ash has begun her segue. "And, speaking of Pyrene…well, she's the reason I've connived the group of you here tonight, and what I'm going to discuss with the other candidates as well before tomorrow, hopefully."

Naomi plops on one of the fluffed pillows, still taking in the room. Curiosity keeps springing forth at every new thing she sees and she has to fiddle with Miashi's tail in order to keep her hands from wandering. Taking a breath she bounces on the pillow a little, quietly giggling since she considers that fun.

Xayna grimaces as she finally gets the tangle out of her hair and moves over to sit down on one of the pillows. "What about Pyrene?" She asks curiously and begins braiding the bottom length of her hair to keep it out of her way.

Shazi walks in from the Isamath's Ledge.

Isamath whuffs softly, and Ash looks up, noting aloud, "Don't worry, they're still new at this. And, welcome, Shazi! You came just in time." The grin alighting upon the weyrwoman's face couldn't be called anything but conniving. "C'mon and join us on our pillows. I was just about to explain why I've convinced everyone to arrive!" And with that, and a pause to take a breath, Ash launches into her story. "So, we all know that Pyrene has been through a…rough time, recently." To put it diplomatically. "And you, as candidates, represent the hope of the weyr, especially in times such as now when inter-weyr and inter-hold relations are crucial and may come to a head during your potential careers as dragonriders. As such, it is my plan, to welcome Pyrene back to her weyr with a bang!" What their potential careers as dragonriders has to do with this…well, who knows. But it sounded good, right? "Exciting, right? So, who knows how to paint? Build things? Sew?"

Shazi comes tromping into the weyr at a quickstep and pauses as she notes the candidates, and Ashli with her bevy of pillows. "I suppose waiting until we're actually riders and truly the hope of the Weyr is out of the question, hm?" she asks cheekily. "Baby dragons and all that." She flops onto a corner of the pillows. "Don't look at me. I'm hopeless."

Xayna shrugs slightly as she gets comfortable, pushing one shoulder up against the pillow at her back and then the other. "I can draw a bit. I'm used to taking anatomy notes. You do not want me sewing, Faranth knows how bad I am at that." You want proof, just take a look at her candidate robe hems. She rolls her eyes at the thought of sewing large things like curtains. "I suppose I can help out with what I can do."

Naomi raises her hand, "I can sew pretty well, I helped with what I'm wearing, but it's been a while so I'd need a moment to practice." Smiling happily at the chance to be useful yet again, she bounces more happily on her pillow until an angry squak resounds from her shoulder, then she just sits still.

A hand is flopped at Shazi, "Exactly. And, we should do this before Pyrene actually moves back into her weyr, right? And, hey, you're all a wonderful work force." Ash beams. "I've heard wonderful things about your group dedication from the cooks." Actually, she hasn't, but no news is good news, right? And so that's what Ash informs them of. "And, hey, I think it would be a wonderful gesture, right?" Right. Of course it would be. And, upon Xayna's comment, the girl lights up again. "Wonderful! Okay, here's what I'm thinking. A rug, maybe some chairs, pillows, maybe a new throw for her bed, and a mural on her wall. I figure we can divvy up the candidates into all of your strengths and get this done in the next two sevendays! How's that sound? Do we think it's possible? I think we can do it." Ash beams, yet again. "Now, for supplies, I'm planning on asking Sylara or Jess if we can raid the Lower Caverns - once they find out what it's for, I'm sure they'll be delighted, and I know for a fact we have some surplus fabric down there. Wood is a little trickier, but I have some left over from when I attempted to make chairs, so I think we can get at least one functional chair out of that." Ash pauses again, then beams at Naomi, "Can you? Perfect! Okay! So, my plan is to meet back here tomorrow, same time, same place, bring ideas, tell your fellow candidates, start work on whatever you can, and I'll have whatever supplies I can scrounge up!"

Shazi blinks and opens her mouth to protest, but decides against it. "Make everything? You sure it wouldn't be easier to just head down into the storage caverns? I've unearthed some interesting things down there in the past few months." And it'd certainly get her out of sewing and woodworking and whatever other insanity Ashli has in mind.

Xayna doesn't say anything for a bit, just sits looking at Ashli. Finally she nods, fidgeting in her seat again. "I'll need suggestions on what wants to be drawn. I'll need to start making rough sketches soon." So that means hides, stylus, and some washable paints if they can be found. More fidgeting as she finds a sore spot that is getting pressed too much.

Naomi just nods and starts thinking about what she'll need to get and do to get things underway. As she thinks of things her hands wriggle with the need for a parchment, or ink, or something to write with to take notes upon. Sighing a little at the wantingness to get started she watched to see if there was anything else they needed to know.

Ashli frowns at Shazi. No raining on Ashli's parade, hmpf. "Nope! Pyrene deserves new, lovingly made items! And won't the sense of accomplishment be so much more? I know she'll appreciate it so much more if she knows we did it ourselves. We can stockpile the items in my weyr until we've finished, and then move them on over to her weyr. The mural will be a little trickier, but if we can get a plan set, and get the paints, I don't think it'll take more than a few hours to finish it, anyways, and that'll be fine to organize." Ash pauses, then notes to Xayna, "I was thinking maybe a relaxed motif. Maybe the ocean, or a forest, or something? I don't really know much about art. You could collaborate with I'anex on it, maybe? If you stop by tomorrow, I'll have hides and writing sticks for you to begin with. I think I can get a few scrap hides off Aries."

Shazi tried. With a frown, she subsides into silent thought, her mind going over the candidates she knows. "You could always talk to Eikera. She mentioned something about maybe wanting to become a weaver, so she may be good at sewing, or something."

Xayna nods to Ashli and then looks from one to the other ask each speaks. Her eyes show her mind is not really in the conversation but on what to draw and eventually paint as a mural.

Naomi starts wriggling in her seat, anxious to start, trying not to be annoying she took the angered 'lizard in her arms, she started to pet him to apologize and keep herself from jumping up and running in circles. Glancing around, she wondered if that was all to be said.

An odd glance is shot at the excitable Naomi before Ash seems to decide she has planted the idea. "All right! So! We all know what we need to do, right? So, tomorrow night, same time, bring your fellow candidates!" An excited grin widens upon her face as Ash notes, "This'll be fun, guys! It'll make your candidacy memorable, right? Right!"

"Is that it?" Shazi mutters under her breath, annoyed that she was dragged from her pleasant chat for this. She sighs and pushes to her feet. "It'll make it memorable, all right. At least we don't have to make our own robes." Right?

Xayna turns her eyes on Shazi. "I got my robe the other day but it needed to be hemed. So you may end up having to do some work on a robe." A nod is given to Ashli as she also stands up.

Ashli catches Shazi's comment, and shoots a sad sort of look at her, noting, "If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. I'll make sure Pyrene is told, when we present the items to her, who was involved." And who wasn't, seems to be the unsaid comment following on the tail of that. "Actually, you guys do have to make your own robes, too." Ash comments, on another note. "Though if you have the marks, I suppose you could pay for someone else to do it, or barter something to get someone else to do it." Ash nods back at Xayna, and notes, "Well, it's been a pleasure, thanks for stopping by, everyone! See you tomorrow!" A grin is offered to Naomi at her sneeze and denial, as well, and Ash pops up from her seat on the pillow.

Shazi sighs as she turns her back on the rider and her weyr. "Yeah, I'm sure Pyrene will appreciate a bunch of useless junk from a bunch of candidates who don't know what they're doing," she mutters, her shoulders slumping. Why does she let herself get dragged into these things?

Xayna makes her way out of the weyr with a respectful nod to the gold on the way out. "Do you think the rest of the candidates got our dishwashing chore done?" She asks of Naomi, though her voice betrays that that isn't really what she is thinking.

Naomi blinks, then forces herself to think of that chore momentearily. "Yeah, I'm sure that it'll get done." Smiling she looks over at the other two, and bouncing over to the other females in the room she gives them each a friendly hug before bouncing out with Xayna.

Shazi stares after Naomi as though the girl had grown a second head, then grins. "What a goof." She waves, back still turned, as she walks through the exit.

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