Ashli's trivia quiz

August 5th 2005
Logged by Ashli

Row upon row of stone benching rises above the Hatching Grounds, seats for those who come to watch the incredible experience that is a hatching. Each individual seat is embellished with a worn cushion, the only concession to comfort in a place that traps heat, holding it within so that those who watch are inflicted with its intensity, though on a milder level than those who must stand and face the dragonets. The expanse of sand that is the hatching grounds spreads out in front of the benches, a huge stage for a spectacular show.
Type 'help here' for info on how to view objects on the sands.
To the north, you see a green dragon.
Settled along stone are five firelizards.
Eitanex, Eshe, and Auryn are here.

Ashli is happily sitting upon a cushion, a hide in hand, busily scribbling upon it. Ash is working on something, that's for sure, though what it is, exactly…well, who knows, though it could be guessed that it's her newest pet project, by the way her eyes are sparkling mischeviously as she writes…

Auryn drags herself up the stairs, a weary expression on her face. "H'llo Ashli," she greets, flopping into a seat. "I was told to meet in the galleries for extra chores." And by the look on her face, she didn't like that message one bit.

Eshe trails up the stairs, not looking particularly happy to be here, though she does give the dragons on the sands a nod as she looks over toward the eggs, then follows Auryn over to sit near Ashli. "Me too," she says and glances at the hide in the goldrider's hands.

Eitanex pops in with a draggy twitchiness, rubbing the back of his hand against his eyes. This has apparently been a morning where he did not sleep the previous night. I.e. was probably amusing himself annoying his firelizards or some such nonsense. "Hi, Ashli."

Ashli positively beams at Auryn, and hides a merry grin behind her hand as she nods quietly. "Ah." is all she says, before she peers around, searching out any other attendees. Eshe is grinned at, as well, as she comes up, and Ash can barely hide her amused grin. Upon seeing Eitanex as well, Ash can't help but giggle softly. Ever so softly. And then…well…the gig is up. "Don't worry, you're not actually here for extra chores. Well…you sort of are. But they'll be fun, I promise! You see, it all revolves around…well…a herdbeast." And Ash sits in silence for a moment, her grin from ear-to-ear.

Auryn looks absolutly blank. "A herdbeast?" she inquires of Ashli, peering behind the golrider as if a herdbeast has managed to hide itself. "What about it? Is one missing? And you think we're hiding it?" She wouldn't put it beyond certain candidates.

Eshe looks sideways as Eitanex joins the crowd, a brow raising slightly at the kid, but then Ashli draws her attention and the raised brow becomes a furrow, "a herdbeast?" she echoes Auryn and leans back in her seat, stretching her legs out in front of her, adding a speculation of her own, "butchering it?"

"… I don't like herdbeasts?" Eitanex admits with a terribly regretful expression that might be teasing and might be due to the fact he suspects he's smelled like one for the past sevenday or billion.

Ashli can't contain herself any longer, and she beams at everyone brightly before she finally explains it all. "Well, you see, we've decided to gift you with…a herdbeast. All of you, the entire Candidate class. You guys get to name it, take care of it, love it, and cuddle it. It's the herdbeast outside in its own little pen. It has a nice blue ribbon tied around its neck. And…it's yours. To get everyone used to the concept of caring for another creature, of course." Ash beams merrily. "But, there's one more thing." Pause. Dramatic effect. "Every weyr resident will be holding impromptu 'contests' for however many candidates they can find at the time. These contests will result in points, five for the first place, and so on and so forth. These points will be recorded in the scoreboard in the living caverns." Ash pauses, once more, for even more dramatic effect, before she beams. "Want to know what the points are for?" Of course they do. And she's going to tell them! "The person with the most points on the day of the Hatching will recieve the herdbeast for their very own, free of charge, to do with whatever they'd like, regardless of whether you Impress or not. Cuddle it, eat it, feed it to a dragon as a snackie, doesn't matter. It'll be yours! Exciting, huh?" Ash smiles happily.

Auryn looks as if she can think of more apt descriptions than 'exciting', but she nods slowly anyway. "Uhh… sure. But… a herdbeast isn't like a dragon," she states lamely, frowning. "What do we do if a dragon accidentally eats it before the Hatching?"

Ashli blinks and considers this, before noting, "Well, it's up to you guys to protect it and make sure nothing happens to it. The idea is that you Candidates are taking care of it, and if anyone lets it die…I'll give them triple chores for a month, how's that?" Ash winks merrily, and shrugs. "Seriously, though, the point is to be taking care of it, and you don't want it to die. Keep it happy, healthy, and adorable. Isa will make sure a dragon doesn't eat it. But it's mostly up to you guys - Isamath isn't awake constantly."

About as exciting as watching paint dry is the expression that rolls over Eshe's face as the nature of the contest is revealed. She does keep her mouth shut, though, but wrinkles her nose a bit at the goldrider. Sheesh.

"But … there are a lot of herdbeasts the dragons could eat. Wouldn't it be kind of wrong to care for something like a dragon, or … sort of like a dragon," Eitanex is not sure about this concept. "And then feed it to the dragon, or eat it or … I already had a dog. But … sure, could be fun?" Eitanex hastily tacks on.

Auryn bites her lip, but doesn't comment on the herdbeast any further. Instead, she asks: "What *kind* of contests? Do we have to fight each other or something?" Because then she'll start training her punches on the more annoying candidates.

Ashli grins happily as she looks around, though her face falls slightly as her gaze rests upon Eshe. "Well…guys…this is supposed to be fun for you guys. If you don't want to compete in any of the contests, that's fine, but…err…you've still got to care for it." Ash beams as she pronounces this, and nods happily. She'll brook no argument. Eitanex is blinked at, and Ash shrugs. "Well, I didn't say you had to feed it to a dragon or eat it yourself. You're welcome to keep and cuddle it forever and ever if you'd like. It'll just show all of us that you guys can take care of something other than yourselves. We're giving you guys more responsibility." At Eitanex's last addendum, though, Ashli beams. "I think it'll be fun, too!" Ash blinks at Auryn, then, and seems dumbfounded for a moment, before she shakes her head. "Oh…err…no. More like…trivia type contests. Like the one I'll be holding in a few moments, entitled, 'how much do you really know about Isamath's eggs'. But, any weyrperson can hold a contest, and each contest could be a little different, I suppose. Maybe, 'who can shovel dung the fastest' or something of the sort. Myself, I'm going the trivia route." And with that, Ash beams once more. Yay.

Auryn looks quickly at the eggs, then back at Ashli. "But… what's there to *know*?! They're rather du… erm, colorless. And we don't know which dragons are inside them." She's determined to be the pessimist.

Eshe winces, visibly, at Ashli's all too enthusiastic demeanor about caring for a herdbeast, "It's a /herdbeast/," she can't help saying with a shake of her head. As in, food for dragons or humans, not something to be cuddled. Probably wisely enough, she doesn't comment on the black and white eggs out there on the sands.

Ashli huffs at Auryn and wrinkles her nose. "Oh, shush. They're lovely. And the game will be fun." An 'or else' almost seems to float after that, though Ash lightens the tone with a bright wink. "So we begin! First…which egg is in its own row, all alone?"

1. Checkerboard Slip-on Vans Egg
2. White Witch, Black Heart Egg
3. Tickling Ebony and Ivory Egg
4. Go go go! Egg 10. The Fine Line Egg
5. Enigmatic Rorschach Egg
6. The Good Kind of Evil Egg
7. Hoodsie Cup Egg
8. Grand Illusion Egg
9. Monochrome Piebald Egg
11. Composition Notebook Egg

Auryn looks dumbfounded, then offers a tentative: "Uh, the Go Go! Egg?"

Ashli shakes her head. "It's not egg 4. Any other guesses, or should we go on to the next question?"

Eshe gives a shrug and points at the Checkerboard Slip-on Vans Egg, saying with a bored voice, "that one over there?"

Ashli shakes her head. "Neither is it egg number one. One more guess for the both of you, unless you'd like to move on?"

Auryn stares at the eggs as if she can tell from this distance. "Uhm, egg 5 maybe?"

Eshe isn't excited at all about this 'contest' and it shows as she sighs to point at the next in line, number 2: White Witch, Black Heart Egg, "that one?"

Ashli grins and shakes her head. "Nope. It's actually egg eight. I'm not quite sure why it's in its own row, to be honest with you, but you can sort of see it over there, all alone. Come now, you guys don't remember the clutching?" Ash winks merrily, then says, "So, next question. Which egg has brown in it?"

Auryn snorts at the answer, then makes a quick guess: "Egg 4?"

Eshe didn't pay much attention at the clutching, but glances over the eggs again, then toward Ashli with a frown, "no one can know that, can they?" she asks, shaking her head, already far too bored with this game. Give her some chores instead!

Ashli blinks at Eshe, then beams at Auryn. "Yes! Egg number four it is!" To Eshe, she notes, "No…not the dragon, I meant upon the shell. There are only two eggs with colors…well, hey, let's make that my next question. What's the other egg that has color in it?"

Lizabet comes up the stairs.

Auryn grins as she gets a question right - amazing. "Uh, number 1, isn't it?" she tries for the follow-up, looking between Ashli and the eggs.

Lizabet trots up the stairs to get herself a peek at the eggs, and is somewhat startled to see the small crowd gathered there. It's not a bad thing though, and she trots over with a smile over face as she greets the three. "Egg that has color in it?" She looks slightly confused, looking from Ashli to the two candidates, eyebrows raised.

Ashli claps happily. "Yes! Number one it is! It's got that strange reddish splotch. All right, ready for question number four? Ooh, wait! Hey, Lizabet! We're holding a little contest. I'm sure Auryn and Eshe would be glad to explain the prize to you, but the idea is basically that you're answering little trivia questions about the eggs." Ash beams happily, then questions, "All right, which egg is Isamath's favorite?"

Auryn snorts at Lizabet. "We have to take care of a *herdbeast*!" she explains with a roll of her eyes, then snickers at Ashli. "Number 4, if I remember correctly."

Lizabet turns her gaze towards the sands, then snaps attention back at Auryn. "Whoa, really?" She asks, hiding a giggle. "I think her favourite's number 9."

"Ah…" Eshe notes, but looks even more bored and beginning to appear rather annoyed too, narrowing her eyes at Ahsli as the goldrider continues her game, then glances at Auryn who is too quick too answer, "dunno.. I haven't spoken to her."

Ashli nods at Auryn. "Correct you are! All right, well…um…I'm running out of questions, so let's make this the last one, and then go have some klah, ey?" Ash winks brightly, and notes to Auryn, "Since you're the obvious winner, though, let's make a run for second place, ey? All right, Eshe, Lizabet, this question is for you two. Which egg looks furry?"

Lizabet ponders the question for a minute, hoping to answer before Auryn. She likes being competitive, and it seems, somehow, that Auryn's got the edge over her. "I think that's number 9 again, it looks furry to me," she says, peering at the eggs.

Auryn is one step closer to winning her very own herdbeast! How utterly… scary. "Uh, great," she mumbles, looking at Eshe and Liza to see which one of them 'gets lucky'.

Eshe rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, now simply refusing to play and so allows Lizabet to answer, giving a shrug at Ashli as she directs her gaze to the Sands, giving a snort before answering anyway, "number eight."

Ashli nods at Lizabet. "Number nine it is! All right, that concludes the game, and the scoreboard now rests at…5 points for Auryn, four for Lizabet, and three for Eshe! Yay! Now, how 'bout that klah?" Ash beams merrily, and bounces up, pausing as she waits to see if anyone will accompany her.

"I'll take klah," Auryn states, trailing after Ashli. It's better than chores any day!

Lizabet thinks about it, then shakes her head. "I don't really fancy klah… I'll just stay and watch the eggs, if it's all the same with you," she says with a soft smile, settling herself down on a seat where she has a pretty good view.

Eshe is deliberately going to /lose/ this contest. No chance that she will be winning a herdbeast, so she simply gives a nod to Ashli and raises herself off her seat, "I think I'll go have a bath, if you don't mind?" she tells Ashli as she starts down the stairs, without waiting for an answer.

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