A Candidate Physical Exam

July 14th 2003
Logged by Auryn

Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphernalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Comfortable on top of a cupboard are six firelizards.

Celeste ducks in from the inner caverns.

Auryn trundles into the infirmary, wearing a semi-sour expression. She was /just/ doing something… interesting. "I was told to come here for a physical," she informs Celeste, glaring at the girl as if she alone is responsible for breaking whatever fun the weyrbrat was having. "Where's the healer?" Obviously, she's expecting someone more… experienced.

Celeste is sitting on the edge of a cot, nibbling on her lower lip and pouring over the open notebook in her hand. At Auryn's so-polite interruption, she glances up. "I'm avaliable," she answers with a smile once the other candidate falls quiet. She stands, flipping to a new page in her notebook and tucking it under her arm. "I'm Celeste. You're… Auryn. Is that right?"

Auryn looks slightly brightened by the fact that she's recognized - she always knew she was popular - and she flips a little smile at Celeste. "Yeah, that's me. And well… I didn't know you were allowed to do these when you're a candidate," she states with a puzzled frown. And she knows what she's talking about - she's seen physicals many times before. Well, once. But that was sufficient.

"I'm a Healer, too," Celeste replies brightly, moving toward an empty exam table. "And I'm on Infirmary duty today. Thank Faranth. One more minute in the kitchens and I thought I would burst. So." She glances down to scribble something on her pad. "Let's start. Do you have any current illness? Any complaints or anything?"

Auryn smirks slightly. "I like the kitchens. And I thought you'd be bia… bias… you know." She obviously thinks of a physical as a test you can fail, rather than a check-up. "Illness? Naw, but I've plenty of complaints about some of the boys!" It's hard to tell whether she's joking or being sincere, because her expression is overbearing at best.

Celeste gives the other girl and odd look. "Right, feeling fine, then," she murmurs as she pulls an attractive grey robe out of a drawer and shoves it at Auryn. "There, go behind the curtain - " She waves at a screen in the corner. " - And put that on and we'll get started."

Auryn eyes the robe with distaste. She remembers what comes after this - prodding and poking and… oh well. "Sure," the girl mumbles, snagging the robe and rummaging around behind the screen for a moment before emerging, physical-clad. "Now what, then? It's not gonna hurt, is it? 'Cause I hate that." Who doesn't?

"It's not supposed to," Celeste replies cheerfully. "Now, hop up on the table." She pats the exam table, and then moves off for a moment to find a glowstick, which she sticks in her pocket for the time being. "Alright. First we're going to check your breathing." She removes the listening tube from around her neck and sticks in her ears. "It's gonna be cold. Just breath in and out, for me." Celeste reaches out to place the cold metal disk on Auryn's back. "Deep breath," she instructs.

Auryn hops deftly onto the table, her legs swinging back and forth idly as she's seated. "Ee, it /is/ cold!" she complains, momentarily gushing instead of breathing. But then she does get to breathing, deep ones, in and out.

Celeste listens silently for a moment, a look of concentration on her face. "Another deep breath," she repeats, moving the metal disk to the other side of her back and listening again. "Alright, sounds fine." She loops the listening tube back around her neck and pulls the glowstick out of her pocket. "I'm going to check your throat, nose and eyes now." She waves the glow around to demonstrate. "Open wide and stick out your tongue." She moves the glowstick up to illuminate Auryn's mouth.

Auryn has done that gesture many times, though never on command, so she looks a bit puzzled as she sticks out her tongue. "'Ike 'is?" Hard to talk without your tongue, isn't it now?

Celeste nods reassuringly. "Exactly like that." She peers into her mouth, eyes wide, and then lowers the glow stick. "Excellent. Now your nose." And before Auryn can protest, she waves the glow around under her nose, peering into. "Looks fine. Sorry about that, everyone hates that part." She flashes an apologetic smile, and then waves a hand over her left shoulder. "Now, stare right here for me, over my shoulder, while I check your eyes, okay?"

Auryn starts slightly as a glow is suddenly in her nose - how icky. "Erf, could've warned me," she reprimands Celeste, glaring once again at the healer candidate. "Look where? Just here?" And she fixates her eyes on a point on the cabinet behind the healer.

Celeste bobs her head. "Very good." She slowly moves the glowstick back and forth in front of her eyes, a thoughtful frown on her face. "Mmm," she murmurs, in a neither good nor bad sort of way. She drops the glow after another moment, and sticks it back in her pocket. "Looks great. Hold still a moment, I've got to get the hammer." On that ominous note, she reaches into a drawer and pulls out a mini hammer. "I'm going to tap each of your knees, alright? Don't squirm, and don't kick me."

"Hammer?" Auryn squeaks, though she relaxes as she sees the dangerous object. "Oh, that. Whaddaya mean tap my knees? Won't that hurt?" Spoken by a true brat who's had her skins kicked several times. "I'll try not to kick you though," she promises, as if granting Celeste a great favor.

"No," Celeste replies absently as she reaches out to tap the other knee. "We need them," she adds. "If we gave them to everyone who asked, we wouldn't have any left." Aside from all the hammer-shaped injuries the Healers would be forced to deal with.

Auryn makes a sound of disappointment as her other foot kicks into the air in front of it. "Too bad. I know one or two people who'd benefit from a good tap on th' head," she mumbles, grinning to herself. "So, what's next?" She's obviously not a patient girl.

Celeste tuckes the mini-hammer into her pocket. "Just green stuff, and then we're done." She turns toward the counter, and pours a gross looking green substance into a glass. "Have you had your menses yet?" She glances up at the younger girl. "Is there any chance you're pregnant?" She can predict the answer to this one, but she's forced to ask.

Auryn stares at the healer-girl. "/Green/ stuff? You want /me/ to take /that/?? But, but… I'm not some… some… greenrider!" The word is spat out, as if only greenriders are unworthy enough to take contraceptives. "I've only had it a couple of times," she mutters darkly to the second part of the question, crossing her arms over her chest. "And I'm not…!" She can't even say the word. Ew. That involves /boys/.

Celeste grins slightly, and ducks her head to hide it. "Don't worry, not only greenriders take it. Lots of people do. All the candidates - including me - and anyone else who doesn't want to get pregnant." She holds out the cup. "Here, just drink it quickly and it's not too bad," she lies brightly, trying to look convincing.

Auryn wrinkles her nose and ignores the cup for the moment being. "But I'm not going to /do/ anything that'd make me… pregnant." Ewew. She looks dead-set on not drinking that vile stuff.

Celeste shrugs. "Okay, then, you don't have to." She pulls the cup back toward herself. "I'll just go let the Weyrhealer know, and they'll talk to the Weyrwoman and tell her."And she'll probably find you to ask for your knot back." She pauses. "Or maybe she'd get the Headwoman to take it back, I'm not really sure."

Auryn's eyes widen considerably. "What?! They wouldn't take my /knot/ for it?! I mean… I'm not /going/ to get pregnant, I swear!" There's an outright desperate edge to her voice now, and she eyes the cup-o-green indesicively.

Celeste bobs her head sympathetically. "Oh, I believe you! I'm sure you won't." She frowns apologetically. "But sadly, it isn't up to me. I'm only a Senior Apprentice. I have to tell the Weyrhealer if anyone refuses. Or if there are any problems." She holds out the cup again. "Really, if you just glup it down at once, it's not so bad."

Auryn sends Celeste a wary glance, and then takes the dreaded cup. Peering down at its contents, she grimaces, then drains it quickly, grimacing again. "Ew! How /often/ do I have to do that?"

Celeste beams happily at her fellow candidate. "Not often. That's it for candidacy, anyway." And after that it's someone else's chore to worry about. "You're done, then, you can change back into your clothes and you're free to go."

Auryn looks pleased at that. "Good! I'd hate to do it like every sevenday. Yikes." She's quick to change into her own clothes, and she hands the robe back to Celeste. "Thanks, I guess!"

Celeste waves after Auryn with a grin, before turning to start scribbling away in her notebook all scholarly and Healerish.

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