Azia is Searched

March 10th 2002
Logged by D'renn

Dark curls flop into a still youthful, tanned face, but the faint thread of silver that twines back from D'renn's left temple has been joined by a salt&pepper sprinkle in his unruly mop of hair… and for some reason, he's decided recently to grow a beard: it's no wispy goatee, nor yet something you could hide a feline in… but it does cover his whole chin with white-sprinkled black hair, matched by the line of mustache on his upper lip. He can only be described as short, wiry rather than stocky; muscles firm as a result of Turns of dragonriding. Blue eyes are framed by tiny laughter lines, another wrinkle or two furrowing a groove between thick black brows whenever he frowns - which is rarely. Mobile features are far more likely to smile, or laugh as D'renn makes yet another inappropriate joke at someone's expense… though malicious he never is, merely high-spirited and impulsive. The ingrained impetuosity shows too in the quick movements of someone who never sits still, but is constantly in fluid motion,
Tight raspberry riding leathers, with a iceblue snakeskin Z emblazoned on the back of the jacket.
D'renn has a complicated knot once more: this one seems to have been stolen from a High Reaches Weyrsecond, with its elaborate loops of indigo and black. Trydanth's electric blue does flash through, though, so presumably it's D'renn's by right.
He is an adult of about 46.

Coiled energy rests in the tall draconic shape, electric blue shimmering wildfire over every handspan of the glossy hide. Copper-verdigris streaks wings that are deceptive in their delicacy; speed coils in haunches that tense to spring with eager grace. Copper too are the sharply powerful talons, forepaws shaded with deep azure and seeming too large for the whiplash frame. Length and strength are evidenced in every shift of lean haunches, neckridges spiking skywards in sapphire splendour.
The normal peaceful mahogany of Trydanth's straps are marred these days with orange tassels and ribbons; the small bells remain to annoy him and delight D'renn, although the pink and indigo ribbons of the Candidates' prank got lost somewhere.

A busy, bustling place, this courtyard still gives the impression of order, and routine. The main door to the stables lies directly opposite the path to the valley, and are plainly made. A smaller, iron gate hides in their shadow, leading into the quieter Training ring. On the opposite side, a well-worn trail wanders off to the pastures. Worn paving stones line the ground, providing a smooth floor for the courtyard, discouraging any greens from taking up residence near the hall. Nearby, a pair of lonely hitching posts sandwitch a picturesque well and trough between them. The area is mostly well-swept, but could use another quick pass with a broom. It is a winter before dawn.
Standing on the stones are Fire Cloud and Siggy.
On the ledge above the large doorway are four firelizards.
You see JonBob, Trahern, and Kino here.
Azia is here.

Lylia walks in from the center of the valley.

Forest-green eyes stare out from a pale face, emerald diluted by hints of ocean-blue. Her thick, coppery hair holds a definite undertone of golden-blonde among its reddish tones, swept back in a slightly loose braid, hanging down her back. A few stray wisps escape the plait, framing her face, while light bangs hang over her forehead. Her body is on the slender side, despite the feminine curves.
Midnight-blue cloaks her leathers. Of a simple cut, the soft leather conforms to her body, leading down more loosely to her belt, before the leather accentuates her long legs and the curves of her hips. A loose jacket is of the same shadowed color, ripples of purple traveling down the sleeves. Dark emerald streaks down the sides of the pants, cutting through the darkness, colors ending at scruffed black boots.
Cerulean and coal-black cords wind into a pair of loops with silver thread. A black tassel hangs closely to the knot, which also contains a single, brown ribbon woven into it, dark as the rest. Just beside it is a badge, a blue wave, marking her of Tsunami wing, which matches the blue and white sc arf, also of Tsunami. The knot also shows her to be an assistant weyrlingmast er for the High Reaches Weyr.
She is a young adult of about 26.

The girl before you has finally grown up. Sleek, black hair falls in an uncut deluge down her back, sweeping at her waist as she walks. Having found confidence enough to tuck her long fringe behind her ears, she smiles out from dark, oval eyes and a rosebud grin. Her kidlet-body has lengthened somewhat and is beginning to take shape, a definite curve around her hips. Her height has finally caught up with others her age, no longer daunted by the middle-sized. Turns in Southern have given her a healthy glow and worldly knowledge, which she'll be more than happy to share with you. Though not bulky, her shape is wiry and strong from turns outdoors, training Runners and working with the Weyrfolk under the near-constant daylight.
She is clothed as her day requires, legs encased in thick, supple wher-hide riding pants. The deep obsidian of the pants matches the hue of her thick boots, capped at the toe to prevent a mindless runner from crushing her toes. The boot-heels scrape along as she walks, announcing her arrival with a familiar click. A fitted blouse clothes her upper half, buttoned loosely over a soft undershirt. The shirt was a gift from Southern, colored a rich, earthy mahogany. The undershirt is the same as her pants - impenetrable black. In the winter, she stays warm in a long cloak, baggy hood swept over her head, hiding her face in the shadows. The cloak-skirt sweeps the floor when she moves, various hues of mustard-yellow and timber-red dancing in the soft folds of material. Around her neck is a thin thong of wherhide, strung with a single, glassy stone. A valuable piece of amber, found near the Southern stables.
Bound around the girl's shoulder is the pristine knot of an Apprentice Herder.
She is a teenager of about 16.

D'renn stomps into the Herder courtyard, scowling a bit. "Stupid dragons, dropping us off all the way down there so as not to scare the runners - can you believe Trydanth thinking of a thing like that?" he grumbles on to Lylia.

Desayuno slips from ::between::, trailing spicy confidence.

"Shardin' /irritating/. Druseth normally /likes/ to give the creatures a good scare… I think he's gettin' soft in his old age. Or somethin'." Lylia just sulks, slinking after D'renn with a baleful stare or two behind her. "You'd think they'd rather think of eatin' them and sucking their blood than keepin' them calm."

"It's fatherhood, softening him…" D'renn tells Lylia with a smirk, before looking properly around the courtyard. Ah-hah. An apprentice. "You!" he calls to the girl. "Anyone important around? Although you could probably help anyway…."

Azia looks up, hand instinctively reaching out to grab the collar of a large, muscle-packed canine that has clambered to its feet and now stares curiously at the riders. Whuff. The Apprentice whinces some at D'renn's call, but plasters a smile onto her face and turns to face him. "Yes, sir.. I most probably could. WHat can I do for you?"

Eiri blinks in from ::between::!
Tyr glides in from the Stables.
Jasmin blinks in from ::between::!

"That's what I've been thinkin'. But he still gets to mean and 'grrrr'ish with people looking at the eggs…" Lylia has hope yet, really. Apprentice? Lylia perks up, peering over at Azia. Oooh. "Oh, you could probably tell us where we could get some help. Lovely."

Help is a good thing. D'renn eyes the canine carefully, not to mention all the firelizards popping in and out. "Too many animals round here," he's heard to mutter quietly, before clearing his throat, stroking his short beard, and walking closer to Azia to give her a smile. "Well….. I'm D'renn, High Reaches Weyrsecond, and this is Lylia, she's an… erm… assistant weyrlingmaster." Can't he remember? "And we're here to talk to someone about herdbeasts."

Azia pauses, undecided on whether or not she supposed to.. salute, or whatever you do to Weyrseconds. She settles for a half bob that could easily be disguised as a shift of weight, that same shadowed smile on her lips. "Herdbeasts? Well.. Do you need milk? Leather? That's about all I'd use a herdbeast for. Or meat, but.." She trails off, shrugging. Trahern growls lowly and is ordered by the Apprentice to sit, which she does with some air of independence. She was going to sit down anyway.

"Milk? Leather?" D'renn frowns. "Well, leather's something, I suppose - but we generally get that from the tanners." He looks expectantly at the brownrider with him - she can explain.

"Good to know your memory's not going," Lylia mutters. But the mention of 'leather' makes her brighten. "Oh, leather! Can always use a good bit o' leather, the weyrlings are simply /terrible/ about properly using… But. No. We're here about 'beasts. While they're still breathing. Food for the newest lot, and all that."

"Well, they won't be breathing when we feed 'em to the dragonets," D'renn supplies.

Azia raises a fine eyebrow, deciding to humor these insane people. "Well.. Alright then. How many will you be needing? You can have them shipped up to the 'Reaches." She pauses, confused. "Though it *would* be simpler if you had asked this of the main Herder Hall, up near Keroon. I was under the impression that they were quite close to you. It is a long journey to the 'Reaches from Ista by sea.. Not to question your intentions, sir and m'am."

"Shells, Keroon's further than you are. You must be thinking of Telgar," D'renn replies patronisingly. "And it's not that we need 'em shipped, exactly - more than we need some advice." He pauses then, rubbing his hairy chin. "And erm… while I'm down here… I was after some sort of pet for my children too."

Lylia sniffs, narrowing her gaze as she glances over at D'renn. "Details, details." Hmph. They'll be breathing at /some/ point. "Yeah, and Ista's got such /lovelier/ weather to come down to…" Ly winks before dissolving into giggles. "/This/ is why you're here, D'renn?" And her eyes light up. Evil plan. She has an eviiiil plan.

Azia takes on the look of a scolded canine, rolling her shoulders somewhat in self-dismay. "Advice? I can probably help you with that.." she drawls back, tapping her riding crop gently against her boot. "Though I'm more of a Runner person, myself. What exactly do you need?" A long pause, with a critical glance to Lylia and a sidelong look at Trahern. Mrr.. "A pet? That I can definitely help you with."

"Oooh! Runners? Any old ones you're not that fond of, that you could spare us?" D'renn gets all excited - possibly prompted by Trydanth - at this idea. "Erm… yes Lylia. Sort of. Killing two wherries with one stone, that sort of thing," he admits to the brownrider.

Trydanth thinks to you, « Oh, maybe we could keep the runner in the weyr with us! For a midnight snack, some time? »

"Donis wants a ferret." Lylia practically beams, giving a sharp nod of the head. "He'd love one, really. Perfect for him." Looks like D'renn, even. The brownrider bounces lightly on her toes. "Canines are so loud and messy. Get Donis a ferret." Nevermind that Lis hates ferrets.

Azia drops a quick word to a passing stablehand before returning her gaze to her customers. "I'm fond of all runners.." she replies levelly. "And I don't suggest and old one for you, sir. That would be an unwise investment. If you're interested in a Runner, I can assist you in placing a commission or choosing from those that we have already." A hand is waved towards the pastures, where the silhouettes of grazing beasts are outlines against the sky. "Ferrets make useful pets, though they might not work well with a younger kidlet. They tend to be.. temperamental at times. The choice is yours, of course.." Again, that half-formed bob of muddled respect, accompanied by a tone of utmost courtesy.

D'renn blinks at Azia's answer to his runner question, and then snickers. "Why would I want a runner to ride?" he asks, waving an arm in Trydanth's direction. "It was to feed… oh, never mind." Lylia's words seems to sink in, and he stares at her. "Did Donis /tell/ you he wants a ferret, or is this just your personal opinion, Lylia?"

Trydanth thinks to you, « Ferrets would be a nice mouthful one night when I'm too hungry to make it down to the pens… »

You think to Trydanth, » Ahem. I'm not too sure about ferrets myself, but don't tell Druseth. Lylia likes 'em. «

"You're just terrible, D'renn." Lylia laughs lightly, shaking her head. "Just terrible." But she's all angelic as she looks up at the weyrsecond. "Maybe he didn't /tell/ me, but I know kids. And sweet, wonderful kids like him like ferrets." Cough. Cough.

Azia falls silent, waiting for the Riders to decide exactly what they want from her. Not receiving this information, she voices a demand for it. "So.. Did you have anything you need my help for, or are you still trying to decide?" Blunt, yes, but there are chores. And when chores are done, riding. And feeding. And all manner of herder-type things. "Ferrets cost around a mark, Runners cost anywere from 7 and up. If you are looking for a meal for your lifemate, I suggest a cheaper alternative." Ice.

"Trydanth says that a ferret…." D'renn starts, and then stops. Probably best not to offend the herders /too/ much. "Well, if Lylia thinks a ferret would be a good pet, then I suppose I could look. Although Trydanth says…"

"Well, take a ferret over to Trydanth and ask him if it looks so bloody scary and bad then," Lylia grumps, shaking her head as her eyebrow twitches. Twitch. "Unless he'll eat it." Mope. "Ferrets around a mark?" Lyli's eyebrow goes from a twitch to a tilt. "Hrm. Maybe 'Mion needs another ferret friend… Nah."

Azia takes a half-step back, motioning to the Hall. "What exactly would you like me to do? If you have a question, ask. If you're looking for a pet, we can head inside. Unless you want a runner - Then we can go to the Stables." Obviously, MIss Efficiency is getting annoyed at the lack of decision here.

Trydanth thinks to you, « One of each, please. Never hurts to be prepared »

"I think Lylia has the right idea. We'll show Trydanth a ferret and see…." D'renn's voice drifts off briefly as his eyes glaze, then he laughs and continues: "what he thinks of it. Though you can carry it back to the Reaches, Lylia - you like 'em, I don't."

<Local> Trydanth senses that his thoughts sizzle with tantalizing images of runners and ferrets and sharp, pointy dragon teeth.

You think to Trydanth, » Stop it. « D'renn is stern. » You'll scare the poor creatures… and I'm not buying a runner for you to eat when there's plenty in the pens at home. «

"/Fine/. Druseth likes ferrets, anyway." Hmph. Lylia gives a curt nod, before turning to Azia. "Okay! We need to show a ferret to Trydanth, to prove to him they're cute and lovable." Unlike Trydanth.

Trydanth thinks to you, « But those are different… they've got such a nice flavor. The herdbeasts get the tastiness scared out of them each time we visit. By the time I get one, it's stringy and dull. »

Azia sighs her relief, tugging Trahern's collar to make her follow. "Okay, right this way.. Inside and to the Kennels. You'll be able to hear the noise."

<Local> Trydanth senses that Druseth is slightly disturbed, dark crimson and cerulean swirling. « Herdbeasts are plumper. »

D'renn gives a little shrug of his raspberry-jackered shoulders. "Alright…"

Azia pauses a moment before opening the store door and disappearing inside letting the door settle back into place.

Lylia pauses a moment before opening the store door and disappearing inside letting the door settle back into place.

You glance at the emblem on the store door before opening it and stepping inside.

HerderCraft Store
A long, narrow counter is set against the far wall always with an apprentice lurking somwhere behind it cleaning tack, sweeping or taking inventory. The right side of the wall is dedicated to rows upon rows of bridles, saddles, leads, halters and crops. Piled on shelves are blankets in every hue, gaily woven collars, saddle soap, bowls, brushes, combs and any number of items all kept clean and neat. The space is rather cramped with feed bins taking up a lot of floor space as well as pet cages piled in pyramid shapes. From behind a closed door behind the counter a few yips and yaps can be heard and the sign on the counter reads, Pet Returns.
There is some feed grains on the floor and some of the blankets are askew on shelves, its not dirty but could use a quick swipe of tidying.
On the perch are two firelizards.
You see Mudpup, Herder Gather Booth, Ferret [For Sale], and Pricelist here.
Lylia and Azia are here.

As you step over the threshold, the little bell above your head tinkles and you are assaulted by the rich heady smells of oiled tack and fresh feed.

Azia strides in, leaving Trahern sitting dolefully by the door. She stops at a large, wooden enclosement and dips her hand in, retreieving one wriggly ferret. "Here's one.. Our only one old enough for sale right now, actually. We've just had a new litter, though, so they should be ready to go home in a sevenday or two.."

D'renn's nose wrinkles at the smells of animals. "Hmmmph. Maybe I shouldn't get a pet for Donis after all. And what if it bites him?"

Ferret [For Sale]
She's a young and impressionable ferret, the light in her inky black eyes set so deep that one may wonder how it could be seen at all. Her body, wiry and lithe, is coated in a shining, fresh layer of a burnt-meatroll black, making it all too easy for her to become lost from sight in a night-covered Pern. Shes an acrobat, perhaps too young to realize that not every nook and cranny lies within her reach- but with this youth comes the ability to try, and flexing her sharp claws, she will make every attempt, it seems. At least she possesses a tail, a strong, sturdy tail, thin yet able to wrap around the slightest branch, or stiffen to allow her the balance she needs to sneak off to the highest heights imaginable.

"Awww!" Lylia just squeaks. Cute! She turns a glare at D'renn, just shaking her head. "You're choice, D'renn, but Donis would probably bite the ferret back." Kids. They're weird.

Azia looks offended. "She will only bite if he deserves a little nip now and then.." she argues quickly, stroking the ferret's tail with calm reassurance. "Many injuries from animals are caused by misbehaviour of the human, not of the animal itself." So there. If she wasn't scared that Trydanth would eat her, Azia just might waggle her tongue at D'renn.

"Well, she is sweet-looking…" D'renn admits, looking closer at the animal, and reaching out his finger daringly. "Can we go show her to Trydanth then? He promises not to bite." Really he did.

Trydanth thinks to you, « I won't bite it today… Not hungry enough yet. »

Azia hands the ferret to D'renn, watching hawkishly as though she had spawned the thing herself. "I.. guess so.." she hazards, showing the first sign of fear since the Riders arrived. "But please, be careful. You break it, you bought it." A small snicker escapes, quickly masked by a cough.

"She really is… I'll help Donis learn to care for her, D'renn. Ferrets are rather sweet things." Ooh. Lovely. Lylia bounces, giving a chipper nod. "Wonderful! I'm sure Trydanth will love her."

D'renn holds the ferret out to Lylia for the brownrider to take, a look of panic on his face. Pass the ferret.

Lylia smirks. "Your ferret, you carry, Weyrsecond. Or perhaps she could oblige you with assistance." And Lylia goes bouncing out. Ha.
Lylia opens the door letting in the cool breeze from the courtyard, making the bell clank against the frame as she leaves.

Azia opens the door letting in the cool breeze from the courtyard, making the bell clank against the frame as she leaves.

You step out over the threshold, taking care to hold the on your way out.

Lylia and Azia are here.

You breath deep the fresher air from the outside thick with the scent of animals and the fresh fragrance of the trees.

D'renn clamps the ferret under one arm, trying to stop the soft-furred creature from wriggling away. "Erm, Trydanth is over there…" he gestures with a jut of his beard.

You head out into the valley.
Hold Valley

You walk down the valley towards the gather meadow.
Gather Meadow
You are standing in a wide grassy area that spreads out before you. It rises gradually to meet the hold valley in the west. A road continues through the field over the rise to the Hold's cliff and comes down in the north to the main gather square. To the south you can see a small waterfall tumbling down the hillside, which gathers into a stream and runs toward the sea. It is a winter before dawn.
Blue Trydanth and brown Druseth are here.

Azia strides in from the valley.

Trydanth shifts his weight from side to side, his head lowered towards his rider.

Lylia walks in from the valley.

D'renn holds the ferret up in both hands in a way that's probably uncomfortable for the creature. "What do you think, Trydanth?" he asks his dragon. "As a pet for Donis I mean…."

Night descends on the dragon's pale, buff hide, to cast shadows over the majority of the ghostly surface. Scarlet splatters his muzzle, blood-red smears his neck; faded tan lingers amongst the shades of his torso, darkening the great hills that are blunt neckridges and settling upon an elongated tail. Mystery and intrigue reign amidst his complexity of razor talons and sharp teeth, yet a softer side is revealed in the sandy glistening of sweeping wings. Innocence too is evident in the serene sunlight-touched beige of his headknobs, abstaining from the drunken revelry that otherwise makes for fanged, feral ferocity.
Shades of midnight solidify as dark blue leather, carefully stitched as sturdy riding straps for the brown. Ripples of violet and forest green seem to blend in with the dyed blue, hints every here and there. The leather is soft and supple, well-fitted to the dragon's hide, and occasional spots show patches of lambskin sewn to increase the comfort for Druseth. Moonlight glints, the steel buckle in the front being well polished, if nearly lost in the dark colors of the straps and hide.
Druseth is 10 Turns, 7 months, and 4 days old.
He is 62 feet (20m) long, with a wingspan of 103 feet (34m).

Azia strides quickly after D'renn, trying to keep up and settling for a brisk trot. SHe arrives, not panting at all, and drops a simple bob to Trydanth and Druseth. Just in case. Her eyes don't leave the ferret, apart from the quick glance stolen at the Blue and Brown beasts. Gulp. Big.

A low croon escapes Druseth, the brown's head tilting just slightly. An impatient stomp of the front paws and he wraps his tail around Lylia's waist. Harumph. But his attention wavers. Ferret. Interesting. And he gives a slightly whuffle in its direction.

Trydanth leans forward and carefully prods the ferret with the end of his snout and sucks in a huge breath of air, ruffling the ferret's fur.

Trydanth thinks to you, « It smells delicious! »

D'renn tightens his grip on the poor animal, which is frozen in terror. "Trydanth, /don't/!" D'renn scolds, moving backwards a few steps. "I haven't paid for it yet."

The ferret wriggles fretfully, struggling to escape D'renn's grasp as her death approaches int he form of a large, dragon-breathed mouth. "Don't scare her!" Azia exclaims frantically, jumping closer to D'renn. "He might eat her.. Here, give her to me before the poor thing has a heart attack."

<Local> Trydanth senses that Druseth gives a mental 'hrm', smokey gray dancing across emptiness. « Scaring it isn't very nice. »

[OOC:] D'renn erms. Oh dear. Well, it started to wriggle after being frozen in terror? :) Or I can amend my pose. :>

[OOC:] Azia snorts. No, that was my fault. Amend mine :)

"Trydanth…," Lylia's eyebrows raise, a little sigh escaping. "D'renn, your dragon's terrible." Druseth remains quietly in place, still curiously watching the terrified furball, interest flicking in the whirling blue eyes. He doesn't scare little things. Except brats, he likes to scare those.

D'renn quickly - very quickly - hands the ferret back to Azia. "Sorry 'bout that. He's not used to small animals. Apart from the children, that is. And he nearly did inhale Lianor once, when she was still crawling…"

Tyr glides in from the valley.

<Local> Trydanth senses that he lets his thoughts settle as innocently as a newborn babe. «It smells delicious,» he confides sweetly. «I just had to be sure.»

Trydanth paces gravely forward, tail swinging behind him, and advances on Azia and the ferret.

<Local> Trydanth senses that Druseth gives a mental sigh, a little amusement still leaking up in midnight-winds. « You scared it, though. » Poor thing. « Pets are nice. I wonder if Lylia will let me keep that one. » Yeah, her. She'd be a nice pet. And tasty.

Azia clutches the ferret to her chest, glaring somewhat at Trydanth. "That *wasn't* very nice" she announces, voice tainted with indignation. "Look, you scared her. Now, I think you owe her an apology. From a distance." Druseth gets an approving glance - Now that's a well-behaved dragon, yes. Trydanth could use a lesson from the Brown!

D'renn fidgets with the gloves tucked into his belt, looking worriedly between Azia&Ferret and Trydanth. "C'mon, Trydanth, behave…." he scolds. "Apologise, like the nice apprentice said…" Though how, D'renn's not sure.

<Local> Trydanth senses that he allows a zing of surprise to color his thoughts. «This does seem like a nice girl, even if she is overly sentimental about a tasty snack.»

Druseth isn't the /best/ behaved dragon, exactly… He just doesn't mind ferrets. The slinking, shadow-touched brown nearly drags Lylia behind him as he takes up a slightly lurk, prowling around past Trydanth, then circling 'round D'renn and Azia. Proooowl. "Yeah, I wanna see Trydanth apologize," Lylia snickers. Heehee. Poor, poor little ferret.

<Local> Trydanth senses that Druseth ponders with murky violet peppering his words. « She does. A bit sharp. But very nice. She could be a nice pet. I wonder if she smells tasty, too. »

<Local> Trydanth senses that he thinks « I will find out, » he decides firmly. « I bet she does smell tasty… »

Azia cradles the ferret like a baby, still eyeing Trydanth. "Go on.. Say you're sorry. Or.. something." The 'nice little apprentice' quip is promptly ignored. Nice? No. The last two are definitely correct, but still. She's getting slightly nervous at the prowling dragons, and compensates for it by drawing herself and and rolling her shoulders back. Hrmph.

"C'mon, Trydanth." D'renn urges rather anxiously, looking from one dragon to the other and then to Lylia. "Tell her you're sorry, and stop trying to sniff the ferret, and then we can take it home to Donis."

Trydanth tilts his head to one side, regarding Azia with gently whirling eyes. He inches closer and closer, his snout even with the girl's midsection, and sucks in another huge breath of air.

Trydanth bespoke Azia with « In your mind, you hear a soft voice say, « I'm sorry for scaring the tasty morsel… but you smell nice too! » » »

Azia utters a faint yelp, jumping back a step and clutching tighter at the ferret. Any minute now, the thing's eyes will bug out so far they'll shoot like projectile weapons. Which would be amusing, but still.. "Uh.. Uh.. thankyou.." she stammers. "I.. I bathe regularly."

<Local> Trydanth senses that he announces with zip-zinging appreciation « She smells like runners. Very nice. Smell her, Druseth. »

D'renn blinks a little, surprised. "Erm, I'm glad to hear that, apprentice?" he tells her, looking both amused and bemused.

Druseth edges closer. Edge-edge-edge. That's right, apologize Trydanth. The brown's done with his slinking, the crimson-splattered-muzzle moving closer to the herder. Maybe she's tasty. Sniffsniff. Sniiiiff.

<Local> Trydanth senses that Druseth gives happy little starbursts of silver and smoke. « Nice. » He likes. « I want to keep her. »

Trydanth lifts his head to inspect Aiza's hair, making faint snuffling sounds and breathing the pungent scent of not-so-fresh meat down onto the girl.

"Erm… Erm… Apprentice." Whatever her name is. "Trydanth would like you to come and be a Candidate for the High Reaches clutch?" D'renn asks, formally, not fidgeting any more. "And I'd like to buy the ferret."

Trydanth thinks to you, « I think we should take the girl home. She'd make a nice pet for Donis, even if I can't eat her. »

Azia wrinkles her nose and offers the still-rigid ferret. Must be rigor mortis. "Er.. here. You want the ferret, you can have the ferret. Please don't eat me! Sir.. sir.. Will you call your dragon off, please?" And, as a last resort: "Trydanth, sit!" But then D'renn speaks, and Azia nearly drops the ferret into Trydanth's mouth anyway. "He what?" Blink.. Pause. "Well.. Okay. If you buy the ferret, I'll come."

"They like how you smell," Lylia explains, omitting the fact that Druseth thinks her to be… rather tasty… The rider gives a roll of the eyes, smacking Druseth on the forelimb. Weird dragon. "Druseth would like that, too." Lylia chirps in her own dragon's agreement.

[OOC:] Azia dashes before she's.. banned from the 'net. Thanks again!

D'renn takes the poor ferret, wrapping her into his jacket gently. "Donis'll love her… and Chayath'll love you. Or something. Go get your things, and we'll talk to your Masters." Whatever her name is.

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