Cadgwith's leadership(?) flight - in the caverns

6th January 2004
Logged by Pyrene

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Living Caverns, High Reaches Weyr

Pyrene, Sii'kyn, Lylia, R'meld, L'uc and C'radoc exchange the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Nyhia watches practically everyone else leave and wonders silently to herself what to do. She looks around at the only other people left in the living caverns and tilts her head slightly as she watches them.

Tatia allows herself to be led away, but she eyes Wyn with something less than friendliness. "Don't patronize me, Weyrsecond," she states bitterly. "I know where /your/ loyalties lie."

"I'm not patronizing you, Tatia." replies Wyn calmly, marching them both away and over to a suitable out of the way table. "I'm trying to keep you from getting yourself thrown out of the weyr entirely. As a -friend-. Sit." she order with a point of a finger and the offer of a large flask of brandy. "Unless you'd rather punch me, and get rid of a few frustrations that way. I could understand that, and I've set aside a good amount of arnica salve a friend made me."

Tatia sends a withering glance toward the groundweyrs. "You know who'd I'd rather punch," she answers, dropping heavily into a chair. "But contrary to why is apparently the popular belief, I am /not/ out to ruin this weyr by giving Cloudburst a written invitation to the Weyrleadership." IE: Aren't you proud? I controlled my temper!

Good greenrider! Have a biscuit. Wyn takes a sip of the brandy herself, before extending the flask a second time, allowing with infinite dryness that "I do indeed know… and it is, I confess, a sentiment I've felt myself, now and again." Settling into a relaxed posture, it seems that Tatia's going to be stuck with the ex-Mindhealer on her case until Wyn's satisfied she won't do anything rash, the younger woman nodding a little and assuring her that "I know, Tatia. I believe you on that. This whole incident's come about because of your concerns about Cloudburst's place in the Weyr, so it's ridiculous to think that you're suddenly siding with them."

Tatia's gaze on Wyn turns suddenly suspicious, and she nods warily. "Yes, but apparently concern and questions and demands for answers in this weyr are not welcomed," she answers bitterly. Nevermind that Wyn's weyrleadership.

"You're looking at part of the weyrleadership right now, Tatia," Wyn points out the obvious in an inoffensive tone, grey eyes settled on the other woman and watching her with a trace of concern. "You and Sii'kyn have always had a rough history, and the reports I got suggested that you weren't making a request of someone higher-ranking so much as ordering around a former weyrling of yours… I just wish I'd been there." she admits, looking very slightly pained.

"You're looking at part of the weyrleadership right now, Tatia," Wyn points out the obvious in an inoffensive tone, grey eyes settled on the other woman and watching her with a trace of concern. "You and Sii'kyn have always had a rough history, and the reports I got suggested that you weren't making a request of someone higher-ranking so much as ordering around a former weyrling of yours… I just wish I'd been there." she admits, looking very slightly pained. *re*

"We may have a rough history, but if the boy could do his job, you can sharding believe I'd never take it away for something as petty as a grudge!" Tatia counters angrily. "If he'd /act/ like someone with an ounce of sense, if he'd pay attention when I talk, acknowledge that I'm not.. wasn't.. a wingrider, but one of his /leaders/, who /ought/ to know what's going on, then I wouldn't have to resort to other ways of getting his attention! He's always spoken down to me, Wyn, since the moment he fell into that knot, and he's never even pretended to acknowledge the fact that I may very well be /good/ at my job."

Wyn simply nods along at Tatia, gaze intent as she leans forward a little, making sure that her body language is clearly stating that she's listening. "I won't deny that you have a point there, Tatia," she agrees. "But the fault of a thing very rarely lies solely on one side. Have you ever shown to him that -you- think he can be capable? Have you ever bitten your tongue and tried to show deference to his rank while in public? He is a person of passions and prides, much as you are, and the both of you make and hold grudges and nurse old wounds very easily. You are too much alike in some ways, I think," she admits, parting with a very slight twitch of her lips. "You are an extremely competant wingleader, Tatia, but part of working with a group of leaders is being able to work with them on a personal level. Someone may have all the skill in the world, but if there's a personality conflict that the two sides won't solve, or even acknowledge is on two sides…" Wyn shrugs.

"If I'd ever seen him prove he could be capable, I'd be happy to show I thought so," Tatia answers unreasonably before her eyes narrow again, filled with suspicion, and she stands abruptly. "What? You're saying he's /right/? So my decade of service to my wing is thrown away because a weyrleader.. who probably won't even last this flight, by the way.. can't work with me? Weyrleaders are a dime a dozen! How many have we have since I started leading Tsunami? And /I/ have never had a problem with a single one of /them/."

"Sit. DOWN. Tatia." orders Wyn in a tone very rarely heard from the quietly composed bluerider. If we're to draw a reference, Cordelia Vorkosigan's 'Ship Captain's Voice' would do nicely. To enforce her command, her hand reaches up and finds the other woman's forearm again, just below the elbow. More quietly, she continues that "I am saying that you are both right, and you are both wrong. This -can- be resolved, and frankly, for the good of the Weyr, I think it should be, but in order to do that, I need you to get down from your offended piller, no matter how much you are hurting at the moment, and think -rationally- for once. The both of you. Except that Sii'kyn isn't here now, or I'd be telling it to him too. He did not name me as weyrsecond because he wanted a yes-woman."

Trajan walks in from the Central Bowl.

Tatia refuses to sit, despite Wyn's grip on her arm. Rather like a pettishly stubborn child, at the moment. "I think I've earned at least a few days offended hurt, Wyn!" she declares. "If I want to wallow, I'll wallow. The last thing I need are.. are.. misguided opinionated /friends/ telling me I was to blame!" Believe it or not, she's not actually talking about Wyn at the moment. But yay for misunderstandings.

Wyn doesn't release the greenrider, but she does note that "Yes, you have earned them. But for Faranth's sake, take them in your weyr, or wait a couple more days for me to get the final findings together that, in my ex-Healer opinion, and having been consulting with some current weyrhealers, it's safe to lift the quarantine, and then take them on some pleasant island like South Point. You're entitled to feel hurt, but you're not helping me convince others that you're an asset when you're carrying on in public like this." she points out. "Not everyone has their head controlling their heart."

Tatia levels a look at Wyn. "I have to eat. It's certainly not my fault he approached me in the middle of the caverns.. in the middle of a /flight/.. and decided to start insulting me again. It's /certainly/ not my fault that he chooses to flaunt it in my face any time he can!" And now Tatia sits - or collapses, whatever. "Do you know what he did after demanding my knot, Wyn? /Do/ you?"

Trajan skuttles rather rapidly into the caverns…and straight on through, zipping into the kitchens….and back out again. Ahem. Yes. He's moving rather quickly. But he was after the sticky buns that were just starting to come out of the ovens. Quietly, the baker heads to find a place to sit, taking a peek in the direction of the riders almost wide-eyed. After all, who /doesn't/ know about the subject being discussed? Words are being whispered all over the weyr about it. He'll just try and make himself very..small.

Wyn lightens her grip as Tatia takes her seat again, the contact now more of a reassurance than a restraint. "Well, my reports tell me that he was an insensitive and unprofessional idiot who let his temper get the better of him, and turned a demotion that was his right as Weyrleader to grant into a gesture of cruelty." she replies quite calmly. No, Wyn is quite equal-opportunity in picking who gets to feel the sharp side of her tongue today. "As I said, the blame for this situation getting so out of hand is on both sides. Even if both sides also want to say it's completely the other side's fault."

"He handed me the knot.. my /own/ knot, Wyn, he handed it back to me and demanded I take it to K'nex. To /K'nex/. To my /weyrmate/ - with his congratulations." Tatia's hand comes down on the table, palm open. "That was just cruel. Don't get me wrong.. I love K'nex, and he's a wonderful second, but it seems very clear to me that Sii'kyn wanted to flaunt his power irresponsibly so he could get the better of an old grudge and get a wingleader without the backbone to ask the hard questions, all in one swipe."

"I don't disagree." assures Wyn, patting Tatia's arm lightly, before letting her hand fall in her lap again. "Asking you to deliver your knot to a replacement is bad enough, but when the replacement is your weyrmate… no, that was wrong of him." she states solemnly, taking another sip of her brandy and then passing it over. "But, I know Sii'kyn, and while his temper is sharp and can make him do very stupid things, it's also very impulsive. K'nex was likely just the first qualified person to come to mind, since Sii'kyn wouldn't want to replace Tsunami's wingleader with one of the Cloudburst riders or something foolish like that. And really, Tatia, I think we all know that we'd have to have you dropped between to keep you from asking hard questions… no matter what knot is on your shoulder."

Tatia shakes her head wearily. "You didn't see the look on his face. He knew exactly what he was asking, and he was doing it to be cruel," she maintains, though all other arguements seem have fallen by the wayside in favor of a Tat who simply looks tired

"I don't doubt that. He is, and always will be, Bitran-born." Wyn states gently. "And unfortunately, his heritage shows itself at times. I've been on the recieving end of it myself, if you can remember gossip that far back," she points out. Although perhaps the idea of N'sync and Wyn cavorting for a time has been blocked from the collective Weyr mind. "On the other hand, he isn't stupid, 'nor is he heartless. I'll be speaking with him." is promised, before news from Vorkoroth causes her eyes to disfocus, and a concerned look to settle on her features. "Oh dear…"

Tatia glances sharply at Wyn. "What?" she questions, head inclining toward the weyrsecond. Her own dragon's off doing.. something.. and not keeping the sharp tabs on weyr-goings-on that Vorkoroth likely is.

Trajan will just continue to eat his sticky bun. Quietly. And listen. He's not evesdropping! Honest! …Though Wyn's sudden change in attitude prompts him to speak up, curiously peering towards the rider. Blinky. "Did something happen?" Hey, he's got a right to know too.

The nice thing about having a dragon who considers it his personal intelligence mission to know what the Weyr's up to is that Wyn's usually the first to know all the dirt. "The flight…" she replies absently, busy playing Illyan to her draconic Vorkosigan and mentally yelling for updates. "It's… complicated. But Ike's been knocked unconscious… Damn! I just hope the oldtimers are out too, somehow."

Ike + Knocked Unconscious = Distraught Trajan. The baker does go rather pale, snack completely forgotten. After all, it's hard to eat when your stomach lurches upward like that. Of course, he's out of his seat in the next instant, immediately darting out of the caverns.
Trajan exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Tatia blinks slowly, as if it's not really sinking in. "This," she finally begins, evenly, gaze fixed on Wyn, "Is /not/ my fault." Trajan is given a disgusted look from the corner of her eye, and you can just see her opinion written on her face.

"No, provably not…" murmurs Wyn, very absent indeed as she tries to get more information from Vorkoroth, and getting fairly blasted with it in the blue's excitement. "No.. wait, he wasn't knocked out… fainted. It's the dragons that collided. Vor, WHOSE?" Mechanically, she takes a swallow of brandy again, having now forgotten about the fact she was planning to feed it to Tatia. Trajan's exit goes unremarked on for the moment.

Tatia is watching Wyn curiously now, and her own mind is reaching out to prod Vespurath into attention, though she's lagging several moments behind. Still, one's dragon is the best way to get visuals of such things as colliding dragons. "No control at all," she murmurs.

Wyn jerks out of the reverie of the mindlink at news directed specifically to herself, and glances over at Tatia. "Sidramuntalath wants me to go to the infirmary and make sure Ike's all right. You… take it easy on yourself, yes?" And with a distracted pat to Tatia's shoulder in passing, away Wyn goes.

Tatia stares after Wyn bitterly, and with short, angry movements, collects her food and retreats home.

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