The Candidates play with leather

November 17th 2002
Logged by G'deon

Candidate Barracks (#6388)
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes.
Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Resting atop the doorframe are twenty-three firelizards.
Enceladus, Zorana, Seana, Vaedelle, Zai, Larix, Aladden, and Laytai are here.

G'deon pokes his head into the barracks for a moment, a quick check first of all to see if everything is decent. Then grinning, he edges in a bit more and glances at the duty roster to see who's free for the taking. Muah.

Lianta comes home.

Larnat stands up from Larnat's Torture-Chamber of Dooom.

Seana happens to be sitting on her cot for the time, having had a free moment from the demanding Mudslide wing. Vorkoroth requested a wing massage earlier in the day and since she's Mudslide's brand new 'pet', well, it was in the job description. When the bronzerider enters the barracks, blue eyes blink twice in his general direction and she quickly grabs a few hides to cover her face. Maybe if she does this, he won't notice her.

Zai goes home.

Lianta slips in the door, carrying Plant-O'-Happiness. Never mind the fact that she's softly crooning to it, muttering, "Groooow. Grow, likkle plant-y, grow.." Mindhealers need not apply. Cough. Lianta nearly runs into G'deon, and covers by screeching to a halt. No crashy. Nono.

Laytai snaps her head up and over towards the door way, veering her attention away from the numerous skins in her hands. Head is tilted and eyebrow cocked in question as she waits a moment to see who it exactly is. Someone akin to a groan is let out as she makes out the person and slowly draws her covers up and over her head. If she keeps thinking she is invisable, maybe no one will notice the big lump on the cot.

G'deon finishes with the duty roster and gives the candidates a satisfied smile. "If any of you would care to help me repair and replace some of Nylanth's riding straps, we would both be extremely grateful. I've put it off far too long now. Don't worry, no experience required." And volunteering for something that isn't so bad gets you out of things like ash pit and latrine duty.

Aladden peels off covers to eye the rider. "Yah? I'll do it. I like to sew."

Zorana looks up "Huh? Help with what?" It's pretty obvious she hasn't been paying attention and she just now flushes slightly. Everyone else seems to know. Oooopss. Bad Zorana.

Larnat falls out of her cot. Oof. Groggily, she stands up, raising a finger to manually open an eye. "Ehwha? Illelp?" 'Illelp' has no particular meaning, but it sounds something like 'I'll help.' Unfortunately for Larnat. It wasn't in her Master Plan, but that head-shake looks remarkably like a nod. So feel free to demand she come.

G'deon blithely overlooks those who aren't exactly… enthusiastic to /volunteer/ for an extra chore. Crazy, I know. Of course… perhaps that grin that is slowly turning a bit roguish means he knows what other chores might come up in the meantime. Faranth can only guess. "Right, if you're in, grab your coat and whatever else might keep you from freezing on the way up, and join me outside the barracks." And with that, he ducks out, but not without a quick wink of one sky-blue eye.

Back out into the bustling world of the caverns you go.
Inner Caverns (#7484)
Ancient caverns unfold in an endless maze of tunnels and stairs, the Weyr's cavities a labyrinth to the uninitiated. Here, trimmed by the last of the stone cutters, arched walls and vaulted ceilings retain the soapy smoothness of well-worn stone, as do the endless tunnel floors kept clear and tidy. Shadows creep and flicker across these glowlit mountain walls, creatures of non-light wending their way east to the main caverns and bowl, or branching out in a web of caves to the Weyr's living spaces.

Selig> Laytai wrinkles her nose. Well, helping with straps was better then any other kind of chore. "Mmf. Yeah. I'll help." Because deep, deep down. Laytai was a loving and caring person *cough* Covers are chucked off and left that way as she rises from the cot. Hands reach for her coat as she sets to whinning. "We have to go outside?" Sob. What a poor thing she is.

G'deon's smile only grows as he sees the volunteers line up. "Excellent! Now, get your gear on and follow me. I already have the stuff ready in my weyr. Should be fun!" Someone give him pink pompoms.

Night or day, Klah can always be found warming on the High Reaches Hearth…
Living Caverns (#392)

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl (#3812)

Zorana steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Laytai steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Seana steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Nylanth is already hunkering down as far as he can go as G'deon gives him a note in advance. A bronze dragon isn't quite like climbing on a runner, after all. G'deon simply stands to the side, motioning for people to begin climbing on up, waiting to see if anyone needs help.

Zorana peers up.. here goes.. shortness at it's best. She'll hopefully manage to climb up onto the dragon though.

Seana ascends to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Zorana ascends to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Laytai ascends to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.

You ascend to Nylanths's bronzen neck and settle yourself between two neckridges.
Nylanth (#15000) [Central Bowl (#3812)]
Oh for the torrent of darkness that blacks his claret hide; oh for the ribbons of moonlight that etch each clattering stride. Doe-skin brown may soften his hindquarters, but bronze laces that chiseled chin; and however dark, it twinkles - Oh! How that jeweled hide twinkles - and fits with never a wrinkle, that darkly gleaming skin. So lean, but so broad-shouldered, with a rapier length of tail; his dashing, darkling glory so offset by those moonlit 'sails. Neckridges gallop the length of his spine, with nothing to bar their way; and his eyes, like the stroke of midnight - bright, like the moon at midnight - his eyes, like the stroke of midnight, gleam with a robber's gaze.
Astride Nylanth's bronzen neck are Seana, Zorana, and Laytai.

G'deon waits a moment to make sure everyone is settling in nicely, then hops about on Nylanth's raised arm to make sure the extended straps are all set up properly. It's not a long trip, but it's nice to have something to hold on to. Then he hops up to the front and gets a good grip on a strap as if he's been doing this for Turns (imagine that). "Hold on tight. This won't take long."

You take off.
Above the Bowl

You soar in for a landing on Nylanth's ledge.
Nylanth's Ledge

You slide gently down Nylanth's neck and land with a soft thud.
Seana slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Laytai slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Zorana slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Larnat walks in.

G'deon grins and gestures to the weyr entrance. "Welcome to our humble home," he announces, gesturing with a bow. Nylanth rumbles with mild amusement and stretches his wings for a long moment. "Make yourselves at home. Fresh klah, hot cider, juice, even milk and water are laid out on the wine cabinet. No wine though." He then hushes and waits for them to enter in front of him and his lifemate.

Aladden walks in.

Nylanth's World Headquarters (#8959)

Nylanth ducks through the light wherhide curtain.

Zorana looks around her with curiousity, noting all the little things in the weyr. It's nice really. She smiles "What a nice home you have.." she comments as the host enters after them. She just stands in the middle, not really sure where to go or start or whatever..

Aladden fidgets with his hair as he steps into the weyr, not knowing where to look. Perhaps, one of these days, he will be more at ease with such opennes from riders. For now, he lingers, carefully, near the entrance.

Seana can't believe she's in a dragonrider's weyr with a few fellow candidates. Blue oculars gaze about the chamber and an occasional, "Wow.." is heard from her. A stray strand of klah colored hair is swept behind her ear as she steps aside to let the others have room to enter as well. "Very.. nice." is her final comment on the weyr. Praise from her is a rare occurrence.

Nylanth settles onto his couch, large eyes quickly whirling in dazzling shades of bright blue and green. G'deon tosses his riding coat to the side quite unceremoniously. He begins talking over his shoulder while removing the bronze's riding straps, a laborious project though he goes at it with smooth efficiency. "There's food and drink against the wall near Nyl's couch here… You can just toss your stuff anywhere. We'll be working on the table there." As in, the very large one in the center of the weyr. Zorana gets a pleased smile as Gid turns to lug the mountain of leather over to the mentioned table. "Thanks." Simple enough.

Laytai ahems as she takes a few steps into the weyr. Feet shuffle as she makes her way next to another candidate, eyes jerking here and there as she takes in her surrounding. "Oh, aye. Very nice. And homey." Laytai nods in agreement with the others her foot tapping with a bit of nervousness. Like she has any real clue on what to say or do.

Larnat stumbles in, still wiping the sleep from her eyes and mumbling a few incoherent things. But after a few moments (and a few yawns), her stuff is tossed over in a corner, as the table's eyed. "Erm. Nice," is noted. Yes. Larnat will aim to follow the trend, at least until everything sinks in. Which shouldn't take /too/ long.

"Warm." Aladden elucidates, "Even cozy." He sidles further in, skirting Nylanth with a jerky little step. "Mm. Food is nice." He sidles over to that, and picks up something to nibble on.

Zorana mms and nods going to peek at the food.. that's always motivation of course. But she won't be the first to touch it yet. Shrugs off her coat and places it off to the side before going over to the great table and looking at it.. hmms… wonder how this works.

Seana unzips her jacket and places it on the back of a chair as the riders says to. "Brr." is said as a cold chill runs down her back. Shuddering slightly, the candidate then returns to the group and watches for a moment. Hmm. "Something about riding straps.." is then mumbled under her breath once again.

G'deon moves over to the end of the table farthest from the weyr's entrance and dumps the riding straps on the floor. "I'm really happy you guys decided to do this," he tells them all quite honestly. "I love Nyls dearly, but the larger the dragon neck, the more leather you need." He pulls the chair out of the way and sets it to the side for now. "I'll just show you how these leathers work and stuff." Might come in handy a few months from now. The rider begins by pointing to the piles of neatly piled leather on the large table, each of them about a foot wide and varying lengths, few shorter than one's arm. "Those are good pieces of leather. Anyone know what a bad piece might look like?"

Wrinkling his nose in thought, Aladden asks, "Scrunchy-looking?" He licks his fingers carefully, smiling slightly. Nibbles are very good, very good indeed. "Too shiny?"

Zorana thinks carefully before answering "Dry.. or ripped, cracked and all that?" It kind of reminds her of taking a class but really this type of information will come in handy one day possibly and she is very much interested by how these things work. "Glad to help ya.." she answers to the 'happy you came'. Well, she would be wouldn't she… doesn't mind a bit of work and learning once in awhile.

Seana stares at the strips of leather as G'deon points them out. Having not much knowledge of any sort of leather, the lass lets a shrug roll from her shoulders in response. She then shakes her head briefly. "No, I don't.." is her reply. Honestly is the best policy.. and she doesn't know the answer to this question. Sigh.

Larnat puts a hand to her forehead, shaking it slightly, before looking up and suggesting, somewhat sketchily, "Bad?" Well. It can be Larnat's idea of an answer, as she shifts from foot-to-foot in an attempt to wake herself, actually taking a moment to snitch a look or two at the weyr.

"No problem." Laytai calls out. "Better then being pulled into doing some other type of chore." Like latrine duty. Shudder. She pulls her coat more closely around her, a bit reluclent to take it away from her shoulders. "I'm guessing harsh looking? With holes or something along those lines." Shrug. The candidate goes to her tip toes to get a better view of the subject matter.

G'deon simply grins as he pulls out a few examples he kept, just in case. "You guys are pretty bright," he comments, again in that totally open way that says he's not teasing. He beings pointing at parts of the hides as he explains. "There's dry-rot, water-rot, tension marks that might come from being stretched too much in the tanning process, holes or tears… you guys pretty much got them all. Now, if you find any strips of leather in there that look off at all, just put it to the side. There's always more leather." He then begins handing out tools that look a little bit like ice picks. "These are awls. We use them to punch holes in the leather without tearing them." Ooh, Gid's in lecture mode. Don't worry, it gets better. Honest.

Zorana nods and looks at the pile of leather there waiting for them. Well, this shouldn't be too bad really. She was about to start by picking up one to examine but her mind stops her realizing that Gid is not done with his instructions and lectures and that she can start after he finishes explaining.

Seana takes a utensil in her hand that looks rather.. odd? Or perhaps not. Maybe she's just never seen anything like that before. Right. And not to mention that this is her first time working with leather, too (go easy on her). Blinking once more, the lass pokes a piece of leather with her fingertip as she stares down at it. "Hmm." is her sole comment.

Larnat is in undeniably perfect listening-mode. Considering her last comment on 'What is not good to see on leather' was 'Bad,' it should be assumed. So Larnat crosses her arms, nodding occasionally as her eyes flick over to the awl that G'deon's pointing out to them every second or so. Flick. Flick. A nod's given, as well, as he explains them, the somewhat stocky teen showing her understanding.

Aladden turns the awl over and over in his hands. The leather is given a lifted brow and lazy lidded stare. "So, do we just punch anywhere, or down the middle?"

If Laytai was still young, she would be beaming with pleasure. Though luckily for others, she can keep her happiness down to a minimum. The tool is taken and only looked at. Fumbling around with it in her fingers, she turns her eyes and attention back on G'deon. An eyebrow is cocked in question at the awl, but not a word comes forth from her mouth. Better to just listen and then catch on later.

Next, G'deon hands out a thick, hard piece of corkboard to everyone. "I like to use these to make sure there aren't any dings or cuts in the table," he tells them all in a suddenly solemn voice. In other words, do not hurt the table. Gid is very protective of his work. "What you do first is take a decent piece of leather," as he demonstrates, "and being punching holes about an inch from all four edges. Later on, you'll be threading these together with hard sinew." Sounds delicious. "Any questions so far, or should we get started?" Blink. "Sorry… I tend to talk a lot," he suddenly adds as, could it be??, a faint blush touches either cheek.

Drizzle blinks in from ::between::!

Zorana shakes her head in response to the no questions part and finally reaches her hand out to take a piece of leather and examine it carefully. Inch by inch she goes over the piece and finding it satisfactory, she picks up one of the tools and fumblingly examines it too. Apears as if it works this way.. hmms.. oh Zora.. don't forget the cork.. She gets some of that too and puts it down before contemplating punching her first hole.

Aladden reaches out ro run fingers over the smooth leather. "Mmm," He notes idly, approvingly; he's almost purring in his pleasure at the softness of the leather. "You got /real/ good leather." Fingers curl 'round a strap and lift it, placing it against the cutting block and bracing it lovingly before awl comes down, pressing gently, gently.

Seana nods as she listens to the rider speak and - lo and behold - she actually learned something today. And it wasn't how to wash a dragon's talon properly either; such as the lesson she got the other day from Wyn. Ahem. Anywho. Watching as G'deon demonstrates, blue eyes study what he's doing carefully. Taking the corkboard and setting it down on the table first, the lass awaits further instructions.

Laytai takes her piece in hand. "Uh.. okay then." She gulps, eyeing the table and then the awl. Well, this should prove interesting to say the least. Her free hand reaches out and grabs up one of the pieces of leather. She quickly inspects it. "Looks alright.." But just incase, she goes over the thing once more. With a nod of satisfaction, she mimics Zorana's actions. First placing down the corkboard and then setting the leather on top of it. Awl is held up high in her right hand before she slowly brings it down and makes the first hole. Blee.

Larnat hefts the corkboard, simply nodding. Chores make her glum, in general, but this can safely be termed a not-chore, seeing as it was volunteered for. At his question on questions, Larnat shakes her head quickly, letting her fingers trail over the corkboard for further inspection.

G'deon finally hauls his chair back over and plops down with a giddy grin. "Have I mentioned how much I appreciate this?" he asks quickly as he pulls over a long piece of leather and begins poking holes along the sides after a quick glances at both sides of the strip. "If you keep the holes about a hand's width apart, that should be good enough," he adds as an afterthought, now and then peeking up to see if all is well. Aladden gets a flash of a smile as the bronzer nods. "Can't have riders and passengers falling out of the air, y'know." Gee, a little fatalistic, Gid? "Or cargo." Mercantilist too. "Hey, you guys are doing pretty well so far," he adds quickly with yet another grin. Someone's in a good mood. "You'll have this down pat when it comes time for your own." Add optimistic to that list as well.

Seana goes home.

Aladden merely smiles at the talkative rider, poking holes in a steady succession, though he winces once or twice as awl exacerbates new blisters on his palms. "Nah, can't have that," He agrees affably. "Might get a few people upset." One or two, you know. Eyebrows flicker. "Who sez we'll Impress?"

Zorana grins and winks "Oh, but we'd like to" She leans over her leather and pokes holes slowly and systematically to make sure it is done right. She's a perfectionist a little bit huh? No, just a worrier that worries when she learns something new and hopes it looks alright.

Larnat takes the leather, placing it on top of the corkboard and dutifully pushing in the awl at appropriate intervals, letting her fingers trail over the leather as hand is moved up. After the first few, however, how she's inserting the tip becomes a little more…interesting. Towards the end, she leans toward stabbing. Which is far more entertaining than being neat and careful, anyway. But the result is presentable, and is held up, while Larnat aims a thumb and sticks her tongue out proudly, one eye squinting shut. Perfect.

G'deon simply shrugs at Aladden's question and smiles brightly. "Who's to say you won't?" Seems logical. Zorana gets a quick nod and an even brighter smile. "Exactly. You wouldn't be a candidate if you didn't want to impress. The rider chuckles once at Larnat's 'method'. "Just be careful you don't stab your hand or leg or something," he cautions with a tone of humor in his voice.

Larnat flushes. "Erm." Larnat /thought/ she was on the right track; inconspicuous, unnoticeable, not standing out. But her hole-poking method has /betrayed/ her. Unfortunately. "Um. Of course." And Larnat goes back to attempting to poke neat little holes. It doesn't work, however, and half of them end up being stabs. Nothing except the corkboard will bear any serious scars, however.

Laytai hears G'deon's suggestion and places her hand next to her first hole. Ever so carefully, the tool is brought down onto the leather, making another hole. Head lifts with pride. "Y'know. This really isn't that hard." Laytai smirks as she moves her hand and repeats the process again. Soon a number of holes have been made, each about a hands length apart. "See all, we don't even need those silly plants. This stuff is easy." Sadly, the girl really has no idea how much more work goes into a dragonet.

"Once you're done with the first piece, you can pause," G'deon instructs as he finishes with his own. Point with the awl, press, hole, point to the next spot, press, hole. It does get easier with practice, obviously.

Zorana raises an eyebrow "/This/ is easy.. but everything else is quite a bit of work I think.." Makes another hole carefully keeping her eye on the leather and not anyone else until the hole has been finished. Ahhs as a nice hole comes out.. "Perfect.." she says quietly more to herself than anyone else. Looks around then momentarily distracted and then goes about arranging to punch yet another hole.

Larnat, finished with her first piece, looks hastily around to see what others are doing. Quick, Larnat! Pause! Larnat dutifully does so, before taking up another piece, and inserting the awl into the leather. There are less stabs all around this time, but Larnat's yawns are increasing. It's so much more /boring/ when you don't have to worry about stabbing your thumb.

Aladden chuckles. "Optimism is good, eh?" Another piece of leather taken, punctured, rubbed lovingly. "I could get to like doing this." He notes to noone in particular. "Wonder what's it like to tan good leather."

"Annnnd… done!" Laytai lets out, a wide smile on her face. Her tool is set down and the leather picked up. Each hole is looked at and examined before being placed back down. A snort goes off in Aladden's direction, adding in an eyeroll before she peers at G'deon. Time to wait for other directions.

"High Reaches' tanner is stationed over near the pens," G'deon comments for Aladden's benefit. "I'm sure he'd be more than willing to show you. Sildon, his name is," the rider adds after a pause. "Anyway… after you have that piece done, the next step is to find a piece of similar length. You're going to want to do the same stuff all over again." Cue bored groans. "Now, you /could/ do both at the same time, but what if you accidentally tear the bottom piece? The reason for two pieces is simply, two is better than one. For some of the parts that get more wear, tear and strain, I sometimes use three or four layered pieces."

Aladden blinks slowly, headtilting. Laytai is studiously ignored; a mere girl, she cannot possibly understand, you see. Especially when she's poking at treasured leather like that. "So, we making a new set?"

Zorana finishes her strap and looks triumphant a little like Laytai but in her own quiet way. "Done!" she announces happily but that's about it. What's next now? What does she do? Is this where the sewing comes in? Uh oh. Sewing is not one of her greatest strengths but practicing always helps she guesses.

Larnat already had her second piece. Haha. Ahead of the 'competition', Larnat quickly prods the awl into the second piece, hurrying to finish like a madman. In no time at all, of course, her second piece is done. Voila! The two are held up together, scrutinized, and approved, apparently, because Larnat leans back while waiting for further instruction.

Laytai blinks. "Another? Oy.." And so she sets off through the pile of leathers. One is brought up but quickly tossed back in. To small. Another is grabbed and a rouch shake of the candidate's head tells that it also does not work. To long. One last attempt is made as she brings a third piece up to her first one. Perfect match. Well, at least a close to perfect match. Laytai quickly lays it down and finishes it off. Head looks up and back over to G'deon, a smug smile a-light on her features.

G'deon leans back in his chair, tapping the awl against his knee idly as blue eyes the color of a summer sky wander over each of the candidates. "We can hold off on that second piece, though. I can show you the next step… and then what exactly we're doing." He stands suddenly and heads to the wine cabinet to pour himself a cup of cider. "Anyone else want something?" he asks, playing the (not quiet) perfect host. Nylanth opens one eye partially to peer at his 'mate and give him an amused snort. Just because.

Aladden peers from under his hair. "Some wine would be nice." He asks hopefully, eyes twinkling with mischief.

Larnat shakes her head. Pause. "Erm. D'you have any…food?" is asked tentatively. That bit of drool can be ignored. Larnat's grown much fonder of food since being nabbed as a candidate. And the growling would be…her stomach. In the meantime, Larnat takes to squinting at her finished pieces, attempting to poke a finger through one of the holes every now and seeing if it can juust slip through.

Drizzle suddenly disappears ::between::!

Laytai looks to Aladden then shakes her head. Oy vey. Twin leathers are tossed back and forth in her arms as she gives a headshake at G'deon. "Uh.. nothing to eat. But I wouldn't mind some juice or something to drink.." But not wine, cause Laytai knows better then that.

"Sorry, no wine today," G'deon answers Aladden with a wink. "You know, rules and all. I /do/, however, have some nice little cakes, muffins… some fruit…" He trails off as he pokes around for a moment. "Well, that's about it, really. I didn't know I'd have so many helpers." Beam. He goes about pouring a glass of juice, and brings that and his own cup over to the table.

Zorana perks up when she hears about cakes "Cakes? Oh.. could I have one of those?" Umms "Please?" Beams at G'deon. Can't pass up anything that might possibly be sweet, mmm, the good stuff. It's a treat. Smirks at Aladden though. Nice try buddy, nice try.

Aladden smiles impishly. "Had to try it, you know." Awl is toyed with as he sticks his tongue out at Laytai. Had to try that, too. "How bout some fruit and some juice?"

Laytai goes home.
Larnat goes home.

G'deon laughs softly and brings over a small plate with a nicely sized piece of cake on it. "One cake, coming up. I believe the cook said something about redfruit, sugar, cinnamon and… sugar." Wait, he mentioned that. "Smelled delicious at any rate," so he goes back for another piece for himself, along with the bowl of fruit - Aladden can have his pick. "Right, so… you have two pieces of leather," diving back into the 'lecture' of sorts. "May I borrow someone's?" as he picks up a pair, licking the fingers of his other hand.

Aladden offers his, eyeing that bowl of fruit with the eye of a hungry youth. A piece is taken, munched with obvious pleasure as gaze turns back to G'deon.

Zorana accepts the cake gratefully "oh yes… yum.. sugar…" Looks the cake over hungrily and then takes a bite. "Mmm, it's delicious!" she exclaims taking another bite before putting it off to the side and picking up her two pieces "So what do we do again?" she questions looking from one holed piece to another. Looks like they would be threaded together or something of the sort. Right? She's a smart girl.. or maybe she was just listening carefully for once.

G'deon takes a seat once more and examines the pair of punched leather quickly. "Very good," he comments with a warm smile. "You line up the holes… like so. Then you take a cord of sinew," which he pulls from a yarn-like ball off the stuff on the floor near the old riding straps. "You'll want to leave yourself plenty of room, so draw it along the length of the leather," again demonstrating, "to at least half again it's length, and cut," with the knife he pulls from his belt - always prepared. "And then… thread like so." He begins making loops around the leather. "Up through one hole, loop to the side, up through the next hole…"

Aladden studies, thoughtfully. "On both sides, to make sure it stays?" He gueses.

G'deon nods quickly to Aladden. "Yes, just start with the long sides for now… Again, this is to lend the strap more strength than a single layer would have on its own."

Aladden eyes it thoughtfully, still chewing his fruit absently. "Mmph," He acknowledges.

Zorana holds her pieces and then puts them down to grab a piece of the sinew. "Alrighty, I think I can handle that. A lot better than I can handle crocheting.." She grins and giggles at that. She used to have her knife with her all the time as a guard but currently she has stopped carrying it everywhere since her duties do not include getting involved with arguments anymore. She pulls out a piece along the length of the leather, measuring to be sure she will have enough. "Could I borrow something to cut it with?" she asks. Man, she wishes she had her old knife back with her. It really was a comfort object and she has just recently gotten used to being without it.

G'deon grins at both candidates (we'll just pretend the others were snatched away one by one for other chores) and sets his own knife, a very nice tool indeed, on the table in front of Zorana. "Sure thing. I'll find another couple of those as well. I don't suggest using an awl," he adds, pausing in the act of getting up. "Sometimes it slips… very nasty." Yeah, it might hit the table!

And that would be criminal. Aladden finishes his fruit and finds a pair of straps to lace together. Thread, loop, thread. The rhythm could be soothing, to one who knows how. But since Aladden doesn't, he pays close attention to detail - the rider might actually use these. Wouldn't want any accidents, and all. "How often do you replace straps, G'deon?"

Zorana takes another bite of cake before picking up the knife that was set before her "Thanks." She looks at it rather pleased. It's a lovely knife and all. Cuts the sinew and places the knife back on the table "You could probably cut yourself with it…" she trails off and yes, the table too.. eewww… begins to thread it through the leather securing the pieces.

"You shouldn't really need a needle or anything for this stuff," G'deon rambles on, eyes focused on his work, "since the sinew is pretty thick. Sometimes it'll get dull on the ends though, especially when you have a few layers of leather. So just cut the end of the sinew…" He blinks over at Aladden. "Oh… well, it's ongoing, really. I should show you how I go about that," he adds, brightening. He does love teaching, after all. "After your first set or two, you'll rarely ever have a completely new set of riding straps. They're expensive and time-consuming, in case this peek hasn't shown you that," the rider says, winking.

Aladden eyes the pile with amusement. "I can see that. What rider has time to do that all the time?" A long pause, then, "Why don't residents do this for you riders?"'

Zorana mms and pauses in her work to look up for the answer to that question "Yeah.. it would be a good job for them probably… when there aren't candidates.." shrugs. It's an idea of course. "But then.. they'd have to fit it exactly to your dragon and probably can't be around them as much…" is thoughtful.

G'deon nods slowly, hands moving along the stitched hide as he glances over at Nylanth with a faint, fond smile. "Well… I could, I suppose, and some do, don't get me wrong. The weavers get plenty of rider commissions. But…" He pauses and sets the leather on the table, wide smith's shoulders giving a slight shrug. "I guess I just like to know for myself."

Aladden looks up. "Makes sense. Then you can be sure it's right," The boy agrees. "You know what's good for riding straps better than a resident might."

Zorana nods "Yeah.. I would probably want to do it myself just to know I can trust it and all…" trails off and contines her threading with concentration. She'll be good at this probably.. hopefully.

G'deon grins at both candidates and nods quickly. "Yes. It's a peace of mind sort of thing. Besides, it doesn't take that much time. Here, I'll show you." He sets his half-eaten cake back on the table and hauls part of the finished riding straps to his lap while motioning the other two closer.

Aladden slips on over, near G'deon's elbow, and peers with interest.

Zorana goes over to Gid and on the other side of him than Aladden, her curiousity making her wonder what he will show him. She leans in close to watch with as much interest as possible from her.

G'deon begins passing the lengths of leather through his hands as he begins talking. "Usually I try to do this at least once a sevenday. I'll just sit down some evening in the sofa over there with a glass of… juice," must not rub in the wine factor, "and look things over. Leather just… wears out. Especially near the buckles," he adds, pointing out an area where one of the buckles must regularly come in contact. "So you take out the pieces that need to be replaced and… replace them." No duh, Gids.

Aladden grins wryly for G'deon's very thorough explanation. "Aha."

Zorana mmms "Not too bad then once you have a whole set then. " Grins cheerfully. Yeah, she would imagine that the buckles would wear out rather quickly.

"Water does quite a bit of damage to the leather, no matter how well you keep it oiled," G'deon continues in that rambling-professor kind of way, "and cold tends to make it brittle… especially when also wet. So naturally, going ::between:: while the straps are wet can do a pretty number on them. And your health," he adds, grinning at first Aladden, then Zorana.

"I'll keep that in mind," Aladden teases gently, lightly crossing his arms over his chest. "Can't get sick anytime soon. Too much to do."

Zorana nods "Right.. can't get sick because one physical with the healers is enough for me.." she grins "So, how often do you end up replacing portions of the leather?" she questions, wondering how much time is spent keeping the leathers up.

"So very much!" G'deon agrees heartily. He pulls another part of the straps up and holds it out for Aladden and Zorana. "Here's where one of the buckles has been sewn in. See how it strains the leather?" he asks, running a finger along a stretch mark. "That would be another way it wears out. And…" Gid pauses then, frowning. "It's more during the winter months, because the cold can have more subtle effects. If you try to keep straps assembled ahead of time, like these, though," pointing to the ones they just sewed a little earlier," it's mostly just finding the worn out parts, pulling them out, and putting in the new pieces. So in other words… it depends," he finally ends with a sheepish smile.

Aladden has disconnected.

Zorana nods "mmm, ok, thanks." Another grin. "not too bad then and I guess we helped ya out this time." she laughs "But I really enjoyed learning about it all." So leather is not too bad, nope.

G'deon chuckles softly as he lets the leather fall. "Actually, it was an excuse to pull you guys out of the barracks. And it never hurts to learn what sorts of things riders do," he adds, reaching for his cup of cider. "Plus, I heard one of the pregnant assistant weyrlingmasters was on a rampage and wanted to pull candidates into something nasty," he mutters with a mischievous twinkle to his eye before he takes a sip.

Zorana hmms "To get us out of the barracks? So you like our company or something? Or you just wanted to make sure we were working?" Does she ask a lot of questions.. she feels like she does. Oh well.. she just likes to know these things "So you saved us… I was glad for the nice trip up though. I like the feel of something that looks like a home and not just a row of cots."

G'deon laughs softly and shrugs, empty cup set back on the table. "Oh… a little of all of it, I suppose. I've been a candidate a time or two myself, you know," he informs Zorana with a quick wink. "So partly to 'rescue' you guys, partly to get help with this stuff, 'cause don't think I won't ask again, and partly… just to give you guys a break I suppose." He picks at the last few crumbs of his cake before his old roguish grin returns full-force. "Perhaps next time it will be fruit gathering some place down south."

Zorana nods "Ahh, wonderful then.. well I enjoy your company even if it does involve work. A little work never hurt me. Thanks for it all… glad you aren't mad at us like half the riders around here." Finishes her cake and sets the plate down "Feels good to be treated like a person again."

G'deon smiles softly, that messy-topped blonde head tilting to the side just a tiny bit as he studies Zorana for a long moment. "Well, like I said, I've been there. And I'm not of the opinion that white knots turn people into slaves," he adds, his mellow baritone a mild drawl. "Anyway… time's up. We'll give you a ride down," as Nylanth gets to his feet.

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