Exploring the Catacombs

December 5th 2004
Logged by Donis

Candidate Barracks
Rhaedyn, Ravyn, and Silas are here.

"Hey, Silas!" Donis finishes polishing his boots and calls to his fellow Candidate. "Doing anything right now? I did say I'd show you our old fort."

Ravyn is sitting on his cot at the moment, making some finishing touches on his robe, humming a bit to himself. He looks up and glances over towards Donis and then Silas for a moment and then back down, finishing off one last thing.

Rhaedyn is sitting on the edge of her messy cot, tying up the laces of her old boots. She idly listens to the conversation of the Candidates around her, but catches onto one snippet of talk in particular. "Fort?" she questions Donis, eyes sliding from him to Silas and back again.

Silas is in fact, doing nothing. Beside lounging in his cot with his knitting. Looking up, he glances over at Donis, frowning a little and then lifts his shoulder in a shrug, "that thing you and A'ran told me about?" he asks, bundling up his knitting, already getting ready to move. "Sure, as long as you're not planning on ditching me down there in the dark. I doubt I'd be able to find my way back."

Donis nods to Rhaedyn. "Fort," he confirms. "We built it when I was a Candidate, turns ago - didn't you find it last time, when you were?" he asks her curiously, and then flashes a grin at Silas. "No, no ditching people in the dark. Not my style. I'll even let you take your own glowbasket." He hops off his cot and saunters to the exit.

Ravyn looks at the others for a moment and then asks softly, "Can others come?" he asks Donis, not really wanting to stay when the others are going to leave.

"Oh, alright then," Silas says and inspects a ball of yarn for a moment before swinging his feet off the bunk to pull on his boots, slipping the yarn into his pocket. Better safe than sorry, after all. "But I was wondering why you'd built a fort down in the catacombs?"

Donis nods to Ravyn. "Sure. Just grab a glowbasket." He then shrugs at Silas's question. "Well, other Candidates had left stuff there - it's traditional. And it was out of the weather and somewhere private. And there's something secret down there." He lays a finger alongside his nose to indicate secrecy, and winks. "Coming too, Rhae?"

Rhaedyn eyes Donis curiously, grumbling something about not having time for idle wanderings her last Candidacy. She stands, picking off a staticy sock that was clinging to her trousers, and sighs, only a moment of conflict showing on her frowning face. "Alright, I'll come too." She stretches across her cot and retrieves the glow she had there for late night sewing and strides over to them.

Boots on, Silas get up and goes in search of a glowbasket, looking back over his shoulder, lifting an eyebrow toward Donis. Secrets? Sils just lurrrves secrets. Even if they /were/ hidden away in dark tunnels below the weyr, in places where it's easy to get lost. "So what's this about leaving stuff down there? Should we bring something to leave as well?"

Ravyn nods and stands. He grabs a glowbasket and then the small candidate moves to join the others. "Left stuff there?" he asks softly. His eyes do widen a little, a secret? He smiles a bit, this is interesting.

"Great." Donis grins approvingly, and gestures for the others to follow, adding, "Well, you can have a think about what you'd like to add once you've seen it?" to Silas. Not bothering with a glowbasket, he heads out, letting them know: "There's an entrance off the ground weyrs. Take a shortcut through the infirmary - no-one will mind." Except possibly the healers and any patients.

Back out into the bustling world of the caverns you go.
Inner Caverns

Bright glowlight reveals the Healers' workplace.

The hinges squeak as fresh air mixes with a herbal aroma as you leave the infirmary.
Ground Weyrs

Silas comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.
Rhaedyn comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.
Ravyn comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.

Donis pokes at a grille, half-hidden behind a stack of boxes. "I always think I should oil this," he murmurs, trying to be reasonably discrete about the Candidates' activity. "Ah, that's got it." The key grates in the lock, and Donis pushes the grille out of the way. "In here."

Rhaedyn peers about, glow swinging idly at her side. "Hmph," she says, noticing the entrance that Donis speaks of, and squinting her eyes into the darkness. Silently, she follows the others.

Ravyn hurries after the others trying to keep up with them. He looks around a bit and stops and then cocks his head to the side a little, "It needs a key?" he asks and then cocks his head to the side. He almost drops his glow but manages to keep a hold on it.

Silas cranes his neck to try and see where Donis finds that key, then opens the cover of the glowbasket and follows after attaching one end of his yarn to the grille.

Finding the key, you slip it into the rusted lock and push open the corrugated iron grate.
Some ancient volcanic forces has shredded the Weyr's intestines, leaving behind these innards of blind corners, dead ends, and forgotten rooms. Ocassionally heavy doors block the way, and sometimes the roof itself has fallen in. The only way through, if one does not get lost, is up the seemingly endless flight of stairs; step after step, ledge after ledge, steep and slick they go forever upwards.

Rhaedyn arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.
Silas arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.
Ravyn arrives from the ground weyrs, closing the heavy grate behind them.

"Don't worry, the key's always in the lock," Donis attempts to reassure anyone nervious amongst his followers. "Those stairs lead all the way to the Alpine Meadows - a long trek, but it's worth it. We're going down there." He points down a very dark corridor which is roughly north.

Rhaedyn fumbles for a second with the cover of her glowbasket, grumbling in the darkness. Finally she works it out, and a small sliver of light appears on her face. She listens to Donis, watching where he points with an intent look on her face. "Gotcha," she mumbles.

Ravyn cocks his head to the side a little and then gets his basket to glow too and smiles a little, "Down there?" he asks and looks down into the darkness for a moment and then at the other candidates.

Silas tries to peer through the dark, lifting his glowbasket high, though it does little to illuminate anything beyond a small circle. Glad of his ball of yarn, he simply nods at Donis, "far?"

"Just follow me," Donis replies, again trying to sound reassuring. "There's nothing down there but a lot of spinners and some tunnelsnakes…" And failing.

Ah.. the rock moves, the wall opens, the darkness beckons you inside…
Cobweb'd Caverns
Webspinners' gossamer silk silvers the upper edges of these caverns, catching at the turns of dust adrift on the rare breeze. The forgotten remnants of tapestries have fallen into disrepair, worn threadbare and thin where it once warmed these old walls. The glowlights are dim, and even when uncovered flicker with a faint, grimy light that only accentuates the rooms' disuse.
A footpath through the musty dirt follows a narrow and twisted trail, eventually ending at an old cave-in… or does it?
If you brave the shadows, you just might find a narrow crevice that looks out onto the sands. Try the secret passwords: <help here> to peek.
You see Sandtable, Candidates' Fort, and Hobbit Fancier Candidate Time Capsule here.
Ah-ha, you have discovered a secret corridor.

Rhaedyn slips quietly into the secret passage.
Ravyn slips quietly into the secret passage.
Silas slips quietly into the secret passage.

Ta-da. Donis doesn't actually say it, but the wave of his hand implies it. "Try not to be /too/ loud," he does suggest. "The Sands are just through there." And he points to the darkest corner.

Rhaedyn enters, her glow held at head's height in front of her as she does so. Stumbling a bit on the rocks underfoot, she keeps her eyes on the contraption that must be the fort. "Think I have been here before, actually. Been so long," she whispers, taking Donis' advice.

"Just follow me he says," Silas mutters, letting his yarn roll out behind him as he follows Donis, still not quite trusting that the candidate will lead them safely back to the weyr. Distrusting or just afraid of the dark? His train of thought and concentration on not stepping on something alive is interrupted by Donis' announcement, however and he glances in the direction indicated, "oh.. I think I heard someone whispering about this. I thought it was just a myth.."

Ravyn looks around a little and speaks softly, "Right there?" he asks, his eyes widening a bit. He bites his lip. He looks around and smiles a bit. He cocks his head to the side, "What was that about leaving things?"

Donis grins, and runs a hand over the very dusty sandtable. "All this stuff was left by Candidates in the past ten Turns or so, though the peephole to the Sands must've been there a lot longer. My Candidate group, 'bout 6 Turns ago, built the fort." He pats its lopsided walls affectionately.

Silas takes a few steps closer to the peephole and looks around the corner toward the Sands. Of course, he's spent most of the morning hiding out in the galleries, so he's seen plenty of the eggs to last the day. Instead, he turns back to examine the things left behind by earlier candidates. "You helped build this, then?" he asks, tilting his head with a frown toward the fort, "looks kind of.. Random.."

Donis rather scowls at Silas's comment. "We did the best we could with what we had." He then surveys the fort in the dim light, and sighs. "And it's slipped a bit in the past few Turns, I admit."

Ravyn cocks his head to the side a little and then smiles, "What should we leave?" he asks a bit as he starts to moves around and look at everything. He smiles and then shakes his head and smiles again.

Rhaedyn begins poking around herself, glowlight directed here and there for a better look. As Silas comments on the shabby fort, she swings around to shed light on it. She nods in agreement with Silas, but doesn't say anything, wandering over to the time capsule instead to view it's contents

"Sorry, didn't mean to offend," Silas says in a soft voice, "I guess when you look at it like this.." He tilts his head this way, then that as he continues, "it doesn't look so bad." Glancing at Ravyn, he lifts his eyebrows and looks at the yarn in his hand, then gives a look around the things that has been collected here over the years, "this is really all I have to leave right now.."

Ravyn nods, "We could always bring something back later, I could bring my broom." he says softly and then he smiles at the others. He moves over and looks at the sandtable, "I recognize some of the names, I helped wash a dragon for a M'lir, and he mentioned Palia." he says as he reads through names and stuff in the sand.

Rhaedyn grows tired of looking at things and chooses a large-ish rock to sit on, placing the open glow at her feet and casting an eery light across her face. "S'ok," she says to Ravyn, looking rather imposing, even though she puts on a slight grin, "I didn't bring anything to leave either. We'll come back, o' course."

Donis shakes his head at Silas with a wry grin. "Oh, don't worry. I suppose the fort does look shabby. We had a book in there, we'd all contributed to, but" - and he sticks his head round the dusty curtain, and coughs, "it seems to have disappeared." He wipes his streaming eyes as he backs away from the fort, and nods to Rhaedyn. "You can always come back down. S'not hard to find, really… Just into the catacombs and then left, and straight on."

"And if that doesn't work, there's this to follows," Silas adds with a sheepish grin, giving the yarn a bit of a tug. His grin turns a bit more devious as he seems to remember something or other, "I think I know what I'll leave here…"

Ravyn nods a little and does move back from Rhaedyn just a little at the imposing look, but doesn't get too nervous since she smiles a little. He looks at the others, "I think I will be able to find my way back down here."

"Well, shall we get a crate and all leave something in it?" Donis suggests, blowing his nose into a handkerchief. "Drat, dust - we actually cleaned up a bit down here when we made the fort." He gives it another affectionate pat, causing one wall to wobble worryingly. "I think I'll trot back out and see if any of the other Candidates are about and want to join in - you'll be able to find your own way out, won't you?" Not that he gives anyone a chance to say no; he just disappears down the dark corridor.

Rhaedyn turns her eyes on Silas, inquiring aloud, "What?" Then, before he can answer, she chimes in with her own, "Don't have a clue what I'll leave. Didn't have anythin' to leave last time either." She gazes down at the time capsule to look at what the others from her last Candidacy left, but doesn't linger at it too long. She waits for Silas' answer, digging her toes into the a crack in the stone next to her feet.
Rhaedyn shrugs at Donis, and points at Silas' yarn with a lopsided grin and just says, "I think we'll be fine."

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