High Reaches' 11th PC Clutching

Shaela's gold Chayath x L'uc's bronze Jydhaeth
21st March 2004
Logged by Donis & Pyrene

Chayath will begin clutching on High Reaches' Sands shortly! @go high reaches to join in the oohing and aahing! :D
- entered by Shaela on 2004-03-21 14:11 MOO Time. (24 seconds)

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Chayath sends forth a gentle wave of her Barolo-touched thoughts. " It is very nearly time, " she says, in a husky alto tone. " I come to the Sands, Cadgwith. "

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that she dilutes Chayath's tones with her own brisk salt. " There is room; there is room. But Minoyath is sleeping, so step quietly. "

Row upon row of stone benching rises above the Hatching Grounds, seats for those who come to watch the incredible experience that is a hatching. Each individual seat is embellished with a worn cushion, the only concession to comfort in a place that traps heat, holding it within so that those who watch are inflicted with its intensity, though on a milder level than those who must stand and face the dragonets. The expanse of sand that is the hatching grounds spreads out in front of the benches, a huge stage for a spectacular show.
Sii'kyn and Zarelyn are here.

Livesta comes up the stairs.
Dominicke comes up the stairs.

Sii'kyn has connected.

Donis tromps up the gallery stairs. He might be on duty - note the uniform - but he's not missing a clutching. At least, not as much as he can help.

<High Reaches Weyr> Cadgwith senses that Chayath provides her assurance, " I will do my best. "

Treirluperak comes up the stairs.

Dominicke has wandered in with the general population of stablehands. But unlike them, he's going to seperate off and wander over to sit near a group of people he knows somewhat. The stablehands will all sit together in a big gaggle.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene rouses from a doze on Cadge's foreleg, and the hide that's been threatening to slip off her knee for the past half hour well and truly falls. She leaves it where it lies, instead giving a cheery wave to Shaela. "Beginning to think you /wouldn't/ get here before we were done. I wonder if Vae's relieved or disappointed that she's going to have to lead Esprit after all."

Livesta is not one to miss a clutching either, and her immediate arrival upon hearing of the clutching immenence shows it. Slipping into a seat as close tot he sands as seh can get, the Weyrbrat listens and watches intently.

From the sands, Shaela makes her way onto the Stands, having pushed her way through the crowd at the galleries entrance - there really does need to be a better way onto the Sands for short goldriders. Taking time to first ensure that her lifemate has everything in order (which she does, of course, being rather experienced in this particular task), she then makes her way over to join her wingmate. "Sorry, Pyrene, I think we had all been hoping your set would be Hatched. Ah well, Vaeli gets a good opportunity here."

Sii'kyn strolls in, chewing on a long strand of grass that notably isn't native to the climate of High Reaches- a gaggle of the current senior weyrling crop falls in behind him, giggling insanely at the concept of seeing yet another clutching. Grey eyes roll, and Ike suffers through them as he takes a spot on the front row, stealing a spot next to Vade.

Wyn walks in.

Dominicke turns to watch people filter in, a hand being waved towards Wyn in greeting, oooh, and Ike too. Of course. No verbal welcomes, just physical. Too much commotion to be verbal.

From the sands, Jydhaeth spirals down from above, battered by thermals.
From the sands, L'uc quickly dismounts from Jydhaeth's neck, landing on the ground with the thud of rugged boots.

Donis eyes the people walking into the galleries more closely than the dragons on the Sands. Although seemingly casually slouched, the flicker of his gaze indicates he's on the lookout.

From the sands, Cadgwith rumbles cheerfully (and softly) to the older gold, before raising her head to extend the same greeting to the young bronze as he lands. If Minoyath, her own clutch's sire, has wakened with the hubbub, he gives no sign. Cadge merely settles herself calmly along what she considers her own boundary line, watching Chayath stake out territory for herself.

Wyn has been pulled straight from some paperwork by the clutching, it seems. And while the weyrbred woman has seen many, many clutches of eggs hit the sands, and consequently lost much interest in them besides taking bets, there's a certain amount of Visible Presence that a proper weyrsecond should have, and so here Wyn is. With her paperwork. She settles somewhere midway up the risers, and nods in passing to various folk before spreading out her hides and notebooks.

From the sands, Chayath was watching, waiting for Jydhaeth - the father - to arrive before beginning. Now that he is here, however, the event may begin. And so it does, rather quickly, in fact, with Chayath working in record time to create a sufficient depression in the Sands which will be home to the first, dusty-hued egg: Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg is the first to arrive.

Kalaeya walks in.

Sii'kyn leans back, and thoughtfully muses over the sight. "Huh. Wonder how many she's gonna hatch." An idle eye is kept on Donis and his watching, meanwhile. A slow snicker, and Ike grins stupidly. What's he thinking? Something, but of course, probably involving Ram's lance-white egg from long-ago times. "First egg," he reports, as if people cannot see. Ahem.

Sylara comes up the stairs.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene slips down from Cadge as the dragon shifts her position, and rescues her vagrant hide, before running inelegantly after her dragon. As the first egg appears, the Weyrwoman regains her seat atop Cadgwith's foreleg and admires it. "Very nice," she allows.

Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg
Thick opaque clouds of tawny dust swirl around the crack of a leather whip, a serpentine line of action that lashes across the otherwise calm, earthy surface of this egg's smooth, sienna shell. A blur of darker shadow within the dust is suggestive of a lone figure racing from the crumbling ruins of an ancient pyramid; the hazy form is hunched away from a glimpse of pursuing red that scrapes across the egg's faded blue crown.

Michel comes up the stairs.

Dominicke isn't doing much, so of course he stands and sidles over towards Wyn, settling down next to her. "Good day, Weyrsecond." he comments to her with an impish grin. "And how're you on this lovely afternoon?"

Kalaeya drags her thin legs up the stairs towards the galleries, once present she smiles at the gathering crowd. "Part started already?" She grins and then takes her place at the back of the galleries, near everyone else. "Afternoon." she whispers to Livesta happily, smiling at her.

From the sands, Jydhaeth arrives from above, swooping downward and backwinging onto the Sands as he croons to Chayath. L'uc who's -almost- in a state of panic, dismounts and lands without a trip. Thank Faranth. "I'm here!.. Well, -we're- here. Right.." he manages to say as he makes his way over to the goldriders. Jydhaeth, in attempt to aid his queen, helps her dig until the first egg arrives. The bronze croons ever so lovingly to it as it now rests in the sand.

Livesta grins to Kalaeya, nodding, and shifts her own place to the back, settling next to her friend. "Hey there! Yes, Chayath just dropped the first egg. How many do you think there will be?" Her voice is deliberately soft, keeping the conversation local.

"Awww. Is Jydhaeth singing to the eggs?" That is cute. Sylara sits down, and leans forward to look down on the sands at the beautiful dragons and the forthcoming eggs. "I didn't know they did that."

"Busy." is Wyn's reply to Dominicke, one eye on her hides even as she nods approvingly as Chayath's first egg makes its appearance. "So, how many eggs do you favour for this clutch?" she adds after a pause takes her over some hides featuring neat accounting lists and other dull things like that. Conversational, must attempt to be conversational.

From the sands, Chayath works diligently to ensure that the homes of her children will be protected and spaced sufficiently far from Cadgwith's lot, so she begins by placing them at the farthest end from the other gold's eggs. With seemingly little effort, the eggs gradually appear on the Sands: this time, three in quick succession.

"I Don't Know!" Green Slime Egg
Sickly shades of glistening lime-colored goo seems to smooze its way about the surface of this poor egg. It oozes smoothly into thick globs that pool and coalesce into a miasma of bubbling goop. Woe onto this pitiful little egg that seemed to not know… What it was before is hidden, now, underneath the sickly slime- but aqua purity of water threatens to reveal it's non-knowledge. Splash!

Tonka Tuff Egg
Sunny yellow shines all over this egg, with the exception of where vivid black stripes are scattered here and there. The base of this egg has a unique feature, four perfectly round circles of black, centered with pure white. This odd-looking egg almost gives the impression that if fell off a cliff, afterwards it would still be in working, er, hatching order.

Flock of Seagulls Egg
Bleached blonde hues sweep in a grand cascade across the top of this quirky egg, looping here, carefully sweeping there. Electric yellow fades slowly into a murky brown, wavering like a moving shadow, splinters of fragmented light breaking through the hazy hue. But for all the apparent calm of its shell, upon closer inspection of the egg, one could notice a tinge of pulsing orange and yellow, hints of flashy neon lights and a catchy beat.

Sylara turns when she hears people's chatter to survey who's around. Nods are given to those she recognizes, as she quickly, and wordlessly turns back to view the sands.

Donis takes a few steps towards the head cook, who's arrived on the scene. "Michel, a word?" the guard asks hopefully in low tones.

Kalaeya shrugs and looks generally awed by the whole thing. "I have no idea… Quite a few - she looks quite big…" Er, duh? She grins at Livie before turning to Sylara and calling softly "Sylara! Nice to see you again." She grins and watches the general goings ons with an excited smile.

Dominicke nods slightly, "Busy you look too, ma'am." he adds with a grins, "Oh, I don't know. Thirty maybe, You can never be sure," he comments, "What about you, how many do you think?" Yes, conversational is good.

From the sands, "Ah, L'uc! Excellent, you were able to come so quickly," Shaela is clearly relieved to have another person on the Sands to break up the not-so-happy vibes that are almost always present when she and Pyrene are together. "Jydhaeth is doing a good job out there," she says with admiration, watching the bronze make his contribution to the process.

From the sands, Cadgwith gives an approving croon at the flock of seagulls egg. She likes that one. Pyrene is starting to make furtive glances at Cadge's eggs in between watching Chayath produce hers. She doesn't want to be shown up, now.

Livesta chuckles softly, nodding, then waves a hand toward Cadg's clutch. "Ever knee deep in candidates and weyrlings, aren't we?" she murmurs, smiling slightly, then slips down the stands again as Kalaeya turns her attention elsewhere. After all, she's more intent upon watching the eggs appear than talking.

Kalaeya blinks as she tries to take in the general situation and huffs slightly as it overwhelmes her. She too takes the chance to slip away and follow Livie, seems she knows this better than herself. Well, /maybe/.

Michel never misses a Clutching if he can help it, at least not since he's made Master. The baker slips up the steps and settles into a seat where he's got a good veiw of the Sands and does his share of ooohing and aaaaahing over the eggs as they arrive.

From the sands, L'uc removes his jacket as he realizes it's quite hot here. How could he have forgotten? Garment is then taken off and set aside as he watches the eggs arrive. Jydhaeth, on the other hand, is busy greeting the eggs with a fatherly croon and assures them all that he is here. Daddy is here.. "Well, Jyd said Chayath was headed to the Sands and he wanted to leave as -quickly- as possible.." L'uc says to Shaela with a half grin. "Good thing I wasn't in the Baths or something." He might've been in trouble if he were.

From the sands, Chayath lifts her tail, then picks up first her left forefoot, then the back right one. Another egg, decorated in pastel blobs of motion, is deposited on the Sands after this odd sequence of movements. Then the gold settles back down, letting what seems to be a long, boring moment pass before she lays the next egg.

One! And Two! And Three! Egg
Get those muscles working! Can't you -feel- the action? Amid the tossing furls of the intricate roundness of the egg, many wisps and curls almost suggesting movement fill the egg, in soft pastel colors of light pink and blue. Throughout it all, small "X"-shaped blobs scatter all over, almost like miniature people. But, what -are- they wearing? Sweatbands and hairbands contain huge poofs of curly hair, while stretchy-looking clothes adorn each little figure as they do their exercise. And lunge! And stretch! Flex those muscles!

The Breakfast Club Egg
It's blaring, it's small, it's- the breakfast club? A classroom scene stretches on over the format of a blank ovoid; well, an egg blank no more. Rows of neat desks line up, the backdrop stretching beyond them, into some odd library sort of environ. However, the true features of this egg are focused upon the blurs that sit at the desks- blurred to almost indescribable color swatches, it comes down to the pink blob, the black blob, the brown blob, and- something that vaguely resembles a jersey, sitting next to what would look like.. glasses? Indeed, an oddball mixture- for an oddball egg.

Wyn purses her lips gently, tickling her chin with the feathered end of her quill. "I tend not to give exact estimates, but I believe she'll lay more than Cadgwith." is her opinion, delivered with just the faintest hint of absent pleasure at seeing Pyrene outdone, even if it's only in eggs, and only in her imagination. "After all, the two flights were rather different, and stress tends not to make for a good clutch."

"Chayath never lays many. Too small," Donis calls over in the vague direction of Wyn, not even caring that it's the /Weyrsecond/ he's contradicting.

P'renn comes up the stairs.

Dominicke chuckles softly as he nods, grinning. "Ah, I see. Yes, well, I wasn't paying attention during the flights, I was kinda…busy." he notes with a grin. Pauseing a moment to glance towards Donis, he grins, "I can't remember how many Cadgwith layed all of a sudden either."

Sii'kyn headshakes, himself. "I concur with Wyn. Chay's a valiant clutchmom." No, he's not biased. Cough. However, as an assistant weyrlingmaster hauls up the stairs, Ike groans- "Great timing. Who's in trouble this time?" he mutters as he follows the near-hysteric young woman. His life for duty. Mutter.
Sii'kyn goes out.

V'der strides in from who-knows-where.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene nods thoughtfully over The Breakfast Club Egg which is about the size of what she'd expect from the diminutive Jr Queen. "How's she going?" she calls to Shae, clutch-numbers equally on her mind. "Got plenty in her yet?" Say…. more than 23 total?

From the sands, Shaela cracks a grin, rubbing her sweaty palms on her outer thighs - always so sharding hot down here. "Well, I imagine we'll all be well in need of a trip to the baths following this. Although I smelled some cooking in the kitchens on my way down, so I expect there will be some sort of feast or party to make it through first," she says with a groan.

Wyn doesn't seem too discombobulated by the disagreement, simply letting that little notebook she carries around to all such events appear in one hand, and fixing Donis with a gently avaricious look. "And would you be willing to indulge in a small flutter on that?" she drawls, giving Ike a nod in passing, and beckoning over V'der. He's a cute looking minion.

From the sands, "We'll just have to wait and see," Shaela calls over to Pyrene, with a faked smile. "Certainly you know Chayath's history, that she's usually flown by brown and lays a small clutch. Hard to say what'll happen this time, with Jydhaeth being bronze."

Appearing a tad drawn and a wee apprehensive, P'renn shuffles his way up the steps and peruses the present company for a likely seat. A hand reaches up to ruffle dark hair while sleep-dewed eyes dart a few appraising looks at the eggs currently clutched.

V'der wanders towards the Wyn, as his (ex)-boss leaves. Wyn's a good one, but he knows not to bet against her. Dang Vulcan. He plops down, and picks up a hide innocently. "All work and no play makes for a bluerider who used to be known as 'Miralwyn'," he deadpans.

Donis gives up trying to speak to Michel, and sidles over towards Wyn. Giving Dominicke a grin, he supplies the answers: "Cadgwith laid twenty-three. And I'll take your wager, Wyn. A sixteenth?"

Livesta nods absently to Laeya as her friend steps along next to her, then takes a place at a rather quiet corner of the stands, mostly vacant at the moment. "Here, we can watch without being overwhelmed, and we can hear what people say without being right there." If the speakers are loud enough, that is.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene shrugs one shoulder. "Well, I hope she remembers the End of the Pass is nigh," she returns. "At the rate she's going, the Weyrlingmasters will be swamped. I hope Ike's got his assistants in line." The banter is cheerful enough, but there's a tension that keeps her smile shy of casual. Cadgwith merely watches benignly.

Dominicke nods slightly to Wyn, "Put me on your side. I think she may lay more than Cadgwith," he grins, then nods to Donis. "Thank you, very much." he notes with a grin in V'der's direction as he hears the deadpan. Poor Wyn.

From the sands, Chayath's next offering is overly bright, and some might say garishly so. Nevertheless, the mother lavishes great love on it, tenderly rolling it into its new home, next to the previous egg. Chayath is all method and no madness - each egg is carefully placed in the next position along the row, until a new row must be formed.

Brite As A Rainbow Egg
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.. just the sky! But, behold: among the colored stars of yellow, pink, purple and red, a small shape is found amidst a bright green field and a terrific aqua sky. Bounds of hair, golden, flowing from a small head, is tied in a bright ribbon, presumably to match the outfit the rest of the blob seems to wear: delicate, but large rings of bodacious, blinding colors wrap what appears to be arms and boots. From petite little 'hands', many tiny stars of every color of the rainbow are being tossed towards a canary yellow sun. Wow, that's brite!

From the sands, L'uc places his hands on his hips as he watches more eggs appear. He then nods to Shaela after she speaks. "I could bring you something from the caverns if you'd like." he offers, since Chayath probably won't let her 'rider out of her sight from now on. "If you're hungry later, that is.." Jydhaeth continues to croon to the eggs and coaches Chayath all the while. Pyrene is then glanced at and he nods in agreement. "Aye, Ike will have his hands full."

Kalaeya chuckles happily and returns the nod vaguely. "Nice plan." She grins, "There are so many people." she notes idly, and adds, "She'll lay more than Cadgwith, I bet she will."

Sylara listens happily to the chatter around her. This is a red-letter day for her. Her first experience with eggs. Her first Clutching. She is /so/ excited. A silly grin is plastered on her face, and she oohs and ahhs inwardly at all the eggs on the sands. She doesn't care if someone notices her silly grin. She's kinda lost on the view below.

"Shoo, unless you want to be doing them for me," Wyn attempts to banish her accounting from V'der's grasp with that dire threat, a crook'd corner of her mouth, and and a tugging that might be childish if it weren't Wyn doing it. "And I'll -play- later, if I can find anyone worth playing with…" Trailing off, she eyes the brownrider shamelessly, and then turns back to her gambling. "One sixteenth? Done. And you're a sage young man, Dominicke." Never mind Wyn's only got five turns on him.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene fortunately can't hear all those treacherous bets being laid (which also means Donis will gain nothing for voting in support of Cadge). She brings her hand before her eyes as a mock shield however. "Shaela, have you been feeding that poor dragon paint?? Where in Faranth's name did all those colours come from?" She forebears from remarking that if Chayath is finicky enough to lay her eggs in meticulous rows like that, it's a wonder she can squeeze anything larger than a redfruit out in the first place.

From the sands, Shaela rewards L'uc with a genuine smile, clearly much more vibrant the faked one she offered just before. "That would be so dear of you. I'll let you know… I'm sure they'll be expecting me to make an appearance, though." Whoever 'they' are. "Well, Pyrene, if Ike really gets in a bind, I'm sure Chayath and Jydhaeth would voluntarily help teach their children and their lifemates."

V'der awws and mock-whines. "Aww. But Wyyyyyn," he trademark-wines, before winking and settling back. "Mark my words, Chay won't overlay Cadge by much," he sagely states. Saaaage. Mm. He's a spice, now.

"One sixteenth." Donis concludes the bet with a nod, and drifts back down towards the steps, eyes narrowed in the gloom as he looks out for suspicious happenings.

Dominicke chuckles and nods, "Mm, yes I am Wyn." he notes, grinning brightly at her. He was betting with her too, only on Wyn's side rather than Donis' side. Dom is sage too, does that make him and V'der identical spices?

From the sands, Shaela will not even deign a response to Pyrene's last question, instead just turning and rolling her eyes at L'uc. Since a whisper won't be heard over the din, she mouths to the bronzerider, 'Crazy', before tipping her head in Pyrene's direction.

Livesta chuckles, nodding as she watches the eggs appear and listens to bets be made. "I think she's going to drop a bunch of eggs as well, never mind that the end of the pass is coming up. Ten turns is plenty of time for the clutch sizes to drop off." Right.

Kalaeya watches the eggs intently as she speaks, and her eyeborws are raised in anticipation et each egg. She too is surprised by the eggs' colours but watches them with almost baited breath.

From the Sands, ,Chayath continues on, crooning slightly at Jydhaeth; approval for the rows he's digging, no doubt. They're utilized well, with the rapid-fire plop, plop, plop! of three new eggs in quick succession of each other. Creamy white, black and chrome, and fugly blonde: certainly has variety, if nothing else.

Bad Egg
The surface of this egg is steeped in a suave, leathery black, both intriguing and dubious. At the base and top, the ebony is studded with points of metallic gray. The same pattern belts thin about its center. While at first glance every aspect of this egg is attractive, perhaps even thrilling, something deep within is cold and sinister. You know it.

Laquered Spiral Perm Egg
How can something so soft and pliant in appearance be so hard and unyielding? It is a question for the ages. Vivid white-blondes and punkish purple curl about the shell of this egg in never-ending strands that would be romantic… if it weren't for the extra, ultra-artificial shine. Each section appears separate and unique, however this notion is dispelled when, at the apex, they all fuse into teased chaos. It's all just an illusion; an accident of colour and texture that only appears to resemble the everyday.

Fresh & Cool (Whip) Egg
This egg is white: completely white, and devoid of any other color. Fluffy mounds of cloud-like, lazy shapes swirl up the shell of this ovoid form. This is one egg that one could actually see topping a holiday bubbly pie, or even a more mundane dessert. Sweet enough to cause a toothache, it truly does look good enough to eat.

From the sands, L'uc wipes his forehead with his sleeve as he stands and watches Chayath move about. Brite As A Rainbow Egg is then blinked at and he's about to say something before Jydhaeth mentally threatens him. Ok, so maybe he won't comment on that egg.. Ahem. "Sure thing, Shaela. Just let me know." he then says to the goldrider. A laugh then escapes him at the particular word of the day: Crazy. But, he doesn't even look at the Weyrwoman for fear of a tongue lashing..

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene rises above such petty insults as Shaela indulges in. At least, she will until she can think of a suitable riposte. "They're rather…" she hesitates. The word that sprang to mind was 'tacky'. "Gaudy," she finally settles on. "You have to admit. Still…. livens up the Sands a bit." Cadgwith's and Minoyath's clutch isn't half as colourful-much more refined, you see.

Mmmm, spices. Wyn doesn't seem inclined to take a bite out of either of her outriders and see, though. And in fact, she seems less inclined to return to her paperwork now that the eggs have started arriving in groups. "Thoughts on colours? I have no basis for it, but I believe I'll claim there will be a lot of blues, simply out of colour loyalty."

Sylara looks interestedly at every single egg being laid. She thinks the colors are interesting. She thought they'd all be mottled grey or tan for some reaosn. But, she doesn't know anything about dragons, so she just watches silently. What did her harper tell her? Better to be thought to be a dimglow than to speak and prove it? She'll be silent.

Michel shakes himself out of the daze of eggwatching he's fallen into, just catching the end of the betting on who will outlay the other and grins. He isn't one for laying bets on something so nebulous as how many eggs and which color from which egg, though it does sound fun it could get expensive.

Donis plops himself down on a seat near the cook. "Michel," he addresses the man in a slightly louder tone than before. "About that wine…" Yes, it might be a clutching, but Donis is always a guard.

From the sands, Chayath has had quite a run of activity there, and it is no surprise that she now takes a break, gently putting her underbelly to rest on the warm Sands. "She just needs a few moments to relax, regain some strength," Shaela fills L'uc in quickly, in case he takes the pause as something to cause alarm.

Dominicke chuckles, "There'll be alot of greens, there always are. I'll bet we get a bunch of browns too." he adds, nonchalantly.

Michel starts slightly and pulls his eyes away from the Sands and toward the young guard. "Ahh, Donis. Yes?" he asks, remembering his request from a few days ago. "Any news on the pilferer?"

Kalaeya, normally completely 'in the know' about -everything- seems little less than awed at the eggs as she watches them, trying desperately to hide her wide eyed interest.

Livesta is used to eggs, she's been bloody close to them, but that doesn't keep her from watching hawkishly. People she knows have every chance of ending up out there, standing for them, and she would prefer to know what they are going up to.

From the sands, Her energy restored, Chayath's muscles ripple visibly, and in no short order yet another egg is being pushed into position. The third row has begun, with a glistening, fiery addition to the group. Two others soon join it: one shining red, like the first, and the other a clashing pink hue.

Wax On, Wax Off Egg
For an egg, it sure is shiny: like a fast car, like glints off of rolling waters, like a bald man's head in the middle of summer. This one is all racing reds and fiery, brilliant sunsets: a philosophy within itself. Patience is taught by the striplings of faint silver, discipline weaving a counter of vivid, cheddar-sharp yellow-orange. Self-centered, perfection embued within the glossy melding of shades, it does have an odd mark at the top… sweeps of clockwise white fluttering, as if someone was in the middle of waxing, and suddenly was distracted from the chore. Perhaps perseverence is a quality this one lacks.

Magnum PI Egg
Dancing palm fronds seem to sway along the breeze, the trees dancing in a tropical setting. The hint of glimmering sea salts the curving surface, even as a glimpse of something sleek, red and shiny speeds along. A rough, yet sexy little smile emerges from the setting, hinting at a more than just a touch of secrecy. Countersiding that smile is a vague image of a - goat? - that seems to be hitting some well-groomed flowers. Ominously enough, something metallic gleams as it points at the offending animal.

It Just Keeps Going & Going & Going Egg
Bright pink and ovoid, the most odd thing about this egg is … it seems rather fluffy. Perfectly still, the shifting of light against pure-pink egg is quite eyecatching- and confounding. It would make one almost swear that it was moving about; but that isn't the only disconcerting thing about this egg- thanks to ripples in the hue, it almost seems to carry a rhythmic 'booming' somewhere about it. The booming only sounds in concert with the shifting of the light, mimicking rapid movement of colors on the shell.

From the sands, Jydhaeth does his part and digs rows for the eggs to be placed in. He's no dead beat dad, mind you. The bronze continues to coach Chayath along as more eggs arrive. Pause. L'uc side steps a bit when the gold takes a moment's rest on the Sands. "Oh, I see.." Good thing Shaela explained. A lot less stress on his part now. "I'd imagine she's tired. Jyd's trying to take some of the burden away from her." By digging and crooning to her, of course.

"The 'pilferer' confessed all to greenrider Tatia, and then boasted that the guards will never catch him," Donis replies grimly to Michel, casting an eye out over Chayath's newly-laid eggs before continuing. "As soon as I get my hands on him, he's doing a few days in the lock-up, though I don't know if he's the one responsible for /all/ the thefts."

Michel looks a little surprised at the admission but he's also quite satisfied that the matter will be taken care of. "That's good. I'm surprised that he admitted anything to a rider though." he says. "I'm sure you'll impress upon him the importance of not stealing from the Weyr, Donis. Thank you for looking into the problem. I've had a few complaints, but….it's necessary."

Lurel comes up the stairs.

From the sands, "I imagine it's somewhat like human childbirth, but Chayath's never really been able to clarify that for me," Shaela says with a shrug. "All I know is that it's a lot of work on the muscles.. and with so many people watching, well, I'd feel a little pressured to perform."

Dominicke chuckles softly to Wyn and then oooohs faintly at the Wax On, Wax Off egg. That ones sure purdy, ain't it? "That one's nice." he mutters quietly and then nods faintly to the Magnum PI right after, "That one too." and he's finished commenting about eggs for the time being.

Through the awe of egg-watching, Sylara overhears bits and pieces of the conversation around her. She hears a little of the conversation between baker and guard, and wonders about it. It's not her concern, so she won't voice anything yet. But, she is a bit intrigued.

From the sands, L'uc just wishes he had a glass of water to splash onto his face. Nevermind drinking it.. he's roasting on these Sands. Jydhaeth diligently creates another row for the eggs and pauses for a break himself. "Good job, Jyd. You're doing great." Must be supportive of his better half, eh? After a slight break, the bronze continues on. "No wonder she's tired. I hope it's not too painful for her.." If at all. "She's doing fantastic."

From the sands, Another brief break is over, and Chayath settles herself into laying more eggs. First, reluctantly, comes a yellowish-bright egg, but the next egg - all white with bright patterns - appears in a rush that leaves the gold dragon turning towards her rider with a pained rumble. But this little batch isn't done - and Chayath crouches again: the result is luridly, vividly, revoltingly bright green.

I Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg
A shade more yellow than 'normal' would dictate, this tawny egg is covered in uneven blotches of light brown. Each brown splotch is rimmed with black, outlined clearly. Towards the bottom of this ovoid, the pattern fades to a creamy white. For all of it's nondescription, there -is- one rather lopsided mark: a bright red star, settled smack in the middle of one side, further marrs the otherwise pretty pattern. It almost looks to be a backwards- facing 'R'. From the diminuitive size, it sure doesn't seem to want to grow up at all.

Jet Set Egg
How odd this egg is! It appears to be white in the main, but here and there are small dashes of colour - pink stars, yellow blocks, and even things that look suspiciously like beer glasses. Towards the bottom of the egg the colour becomes pure at last: a nice fluffy white base that sinks invitingly into the sands.

Ooey Gooey Slimer Egg
Irridescent hues of a sickly, slimy green ooze over this ovoid's curves, settling into the many imagined dents and dips of this squat, stunted-looking egg. Toward one end, a pattern of white appears amidst the glistening green, taking the shape of a gaping mouth spread into a generous, but maniacal grin. Two piercing yellowed dots hovering above that grin seem to stare out from the shell impishly, suggesting that there may be more trouble than expected from this shiny little egg.

From the sands, Cadgwith lolls slightly by her eggs, watching Chayath lay in some bemusement at the ordering. Nice abstract scatterings are more her style. Means one doesn't have to worry if an egg pops out a fraction earlier than one expected either.

"Complaints? About the guards?" Donis replies to Michel, looking outraged. His attention is grabbed for a moment though by the eggs Chayath has just laid. "I like that one - bet it's green," he points at the last one. The bright green one.

"Likely it will be brown, just to be contrary." Wyn interjects, leaning forward to insert herself in Donis and Michel's conversation briefly.

Livesta leans farther forward as more and more eggs grace the sands, following the motions of both clutchparents. Hmm, nice rows. Neat, tidy, and sorted. They earn a Stamp of Approval(TM)

Lurel wanders in, slightly damp still. He takes aseat near kalaeya, as to speaking, he gets as far as "Did I Mis-" before his attention is drawn to the sands, as Chayath lays more eggs.

Michel shakes his head to reassure the guard. "Oh no, the necessity to lock the remaining wine stores up." he says. There's a few of the older riders that hate to have to ask when they want a particular vintage and since I'm the only one with a key…they have to have an apprentice hunt me down if I'm not in the Kitchens." he says with a slight shrug. "I do my best to keep a wide selection in the caverns, but some folks just don't want to be satisfied with that."

Dominicke chuckles, "Of course, it may be a blue too," he notes, also commenting on Donis' comment. "I can see a blue just as vivid coming out of the green egg," he notes, grinning slightly.

Donis nods to Michel, relieved at that answer - then wrinkles his nose towards Wyn. "Well, I'm not putting any more bets on. Not just now," he answers the Weyrsecond, and gets to his feet with a nod to Michel, to patrol the galleries some more.

From the sands, Shaela nods, wincing ever so slightly at her lifemate's pained rumble. "She is doing a very good job. Comes with experience, I suspect. And the eggs look wonderful. Just the right size, the right hue," she adds raising her voice and making a pointed look in Pyrene's direction.

Kalaeya is quite literally shocked at how many eggs that dragon has laid. She shakes her head in attemp to rid her face of the oh-so-gorgeous mouth wide open look. She looks to Lurel, "Hmmm?" she asks, still watching the sands through the corner of her eye.

Michel returns the young guards nod and turns back to the Sands and winces at some of the eye-watering colors Chayath has laid. Still, the baker is quite facinated by it all.

From the sands, L'uc folds his arms across his chest now and raises his chin slightly as he glances up at the onlookers. "A lot of people showed up to watch." His attention is then side tracked by the newest egg that arrived. "Now -there's- an egg." Indeed, his favorite color is green. Ooey Gooey Slimer Egg gets a scrutinizing look as the bronzer nods in approval. "I like that one." Jydhaeth continues to croon to the eggs already on the Sands. "All of the eggs are perfect." is also said in a slightly raised voice, too.

Lurel blinks afew times, Kalaeya distracting him from the spectical on the sands. "No, no, Didnt say anything" he says, turning towards laeya long enough to say that, and returns to watch the sands, wondering whats gonna come out of each egg.

From the sands, Chayath has her second wind now, and slides the final egg of row three into a position before continuing on smoothly to begin the fourth row with yet another bright green egg. The second egg of the row is far more eye-appealing, with its ecru base and gentle black and red markings. Something seems to strike her at this point, as she spends just a little extra time working on the sand pile surrounding and supporting the egg. A momentary distraction, for she soon backs off, and sets to work on laying the next egg.

Battlestar Galactica Egg
A fighting lifeboat of metal and and more metal, this grey ovoid is complete in solid colors, sprinkled through with the occasional figure. The black-void of space is twinkled with thought of stardust; the gunmetal greys are awash in the heat of fiery blasts of red and yellow. And amongst it all, hang tiny swoops of… starfighters? They almost appear to be, long in the nose and triangular in the wings. Flying in perfect formations, the clear-envisioned crafts battle indeterminable blobs of nonhumanity. In entirety, this egg is quite large- housing a life inside, that in some other galaxy, might be the last of a race.

Lurid Puffball Egg
Vivid lime green coats the shell of this strangely fat egg in a burst of eyeblinding green. At both top and base of the egg, thick bands of a darker green, almost olive in tone, pull everything into tight points. Here and there across the shell, black spots polkadot the surface, almost in a predefined pattern- but all in all it does nothing to negate the glare.

Prince Charming Egg
Warm ecru tones coat this egg in an almost skinlike colouring. In fact, one could be forgiven for imagining it to be such, especially with the rough coating of black that the apex sports. Four parallel red lines, two on each side of the shell, break up the stark, fleshy pinkness and add a splash of colour; meanwhile, a very faint darkening of the general colour near the base of the egg could almost be imagined to be a lip.

Sylara is amused and excited by all the colorful eggs. This is a show. "Or, it could be a bronze in that green egg…" is replied to whoever it was that was talking about the color of the dragon inside. "You really don't know until it hatches, do you?"

Donis makes a face at one of the last-laid eggs. "/Another/ bright green one. Wonder what Chayath's been eating?" he remarks to a friend he's currently stood near.

Kalaeya raises an eyebrow as the teen but turns back to the sands, unable to think of much else. Trying to achieve the nonplussed look, she fails and watches the eggs intently; however a look of mild contempt is thrown at the bouncey Sylara. This is only until the next eggs are laid and they take her attention once again.

Dominicke nods his head in agreement to the voice, "No, you never really know until it hatches, but its fun to guess." he notes, chuckling to himself as he grins at the other green egg, "That green one is as cool as the other, but I like the one that looks kinda like draggie snot better." he comments.

"You -would-." is Wyn's ex-Healer opinion on that, delicately crinkling her nose in Dominicke's direction. "I feel like I ought to head down to the sands and give it some expectorant teas."

Sylara grins at the boy's reply to her. "Wow, there's a lot of eggs, though." She is showing her naievete. Oh, well. "Are there always this many?"

From the sands, "I imagine you like that one, too," Shaela remarks, pointing over at the Lurid Puffball Egg, which marks the beginning of the fourth row. "Personally, I'm more a fan of red… and as per usual, Chayath has done me the favour of laying a fair number of reddish eggs. I figure if I gotta spend the next few weeks out here staring at the things, they might as well be somewhat easy on the eyes," she explains with a grin.

Livesta glances to Sylara finally, and answers. "Depends on the gold, who flew her, length of the flight, general stress level, time of the Pass, and current need. And, sometimes, space." Whoo, the Weyrbred shows it.

Dominicke laughs softly and nods to Wyn, "It does seem to need some expectorant, dosen't it?" he teases the Weyrsecond right back with a smile. "I'm not sure that it would truly enjoy tea though, ma`am." he adds.

From the sands, Jydhaeth has always been fond of structure and order, so, hence the rows for the eggs. Not to mention that Chayath asked him to construct them in this way. "I suppose B'ane will be happy to know that Aboleoth is a grandsire now." L'uc says, scratching an itch on the side of his face. "I wonder if he's in the stands.." Brown eyes search the onlookers once more and he shrugs right afterwards. "Ah well." Lurid Puffball Egg grabs his attention and he smiles now. "Aye, another beauty.." Green is beautiful.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene shifts awkwardly on her perch. She privately disagrees with Shaela about what's easy on the eye. Still, /she's/ only out here for a few more sevendays. She'll just have to remember to squint everytime she looks in Chayath's direction.

From the sands, At least with Chayath's we're only forced to squint at the eggs. Cadge's are so ugly, we're all left squinting at the dragons for the rest of their lives.

Livesta watches yet another green egg appear, and slowly shrugs. They must have thought it was Saint Patrick's Day, to coat themselves so in the protective color. Anybody have a Blarney Stone for them to kiss?

Kalaeya takes a moment to eye the others gathered around, but only breifly, as the eggies are much prettier than the random ressies and 'Reachians ;P She doesn't give her own opinion on the green eggs for fear of the wrath of angry gold riders.

"Well, how would one know unless one tried it or asked?" is Wyn's thought about herbal rememdies for eggs. "Although perhaps we ought to have administered them to Chayath instead."

From the sands, Chayath squirms and wriggles somewhat sensuously as she extrudes another egg, the motion showing in the varying colors of the shell. A long wuffle of forbearance sounds before another bout of wriggling and shuffling occurs, this time in seeming discomfort as a second egg appears. Could the coloration shown give some idea of just why the gold was so uncomfortable in the passing of it?

Dirty Dancing Egg
This ovoid is all spiffed up in vibrant carmine, luring even the least vagrant eyes to it. Not lost amongst the other eggs that crowd and invade it's sand space, this one can quite hold it's own. When the light hits it exactly right, the silky shell appears to sparkle and shimmer with a life of its own. Alas, this egg's true potential is masked by a series of muddy brown blotches.

More Than Meets The Eye Egg
Iron birds of fortune adrift above the skies of cloudy revelations transform the metallic grey of this egg into a shell of polished titanium and scarlet-edged weaponry. Fire erupts across the rocky surface: instruments of destruction, a violent existence in crimson and flame that burns away the flashes of earth below. In a final storm of grey and smoke, the dust of creation turns to ash. All is lost… or is it? For there is a power in the blood and will of this one, disguised by the smokescreen shell. At the darkest point, warriors arise from the embers in brilliant swatches of heroic blue, eager red, and evil-blinding white. Riding the eye of the storm, they will fight until the end. Until all are one.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Well, let's just recall who's a decent size for a gold and who is the runt of the litter before we start picking fights, hmm?

Dominicke chuckles, "Well, asking's out of the question, you'd hafta try it. And yes, maybe it would have worked better to feed 'em to Chayath." he agrees. Another soft Ooooh! Is offered to the Dirty Dancing Egg, and then the stablehand quiets again.

Lurel leana back and squints at some of the eggs to make there colors fuzz,then he takes a quick looksy to see whos here, seeing about half the room before his attention is again drawn to the sands.

Axle walks in.

"That's a well-looking one." is Wyn's opinion on the Dirty Dancing Egg, nodding once at Dominicke's ooohing before pursing her lips and consulting her book of bets again. "Mmm, actually, have you ever Stood before? You feel odd things at egg touchings. Intriguing, even if logically it's simply the developing dragonets."

Sylara takes a break from staring at the bright eggs to look around. When Axle's presence is spotted, she groans audibly. Her shoulders sag, and she turns away from the entrance, as if to totally avoid seeing him.

From the sands, Chayath shudders and stalls, taking a moment to relax. The end is coming, and the next two eggs come much more slowly. The twenty-second arrives in all its tacky-hued glory, and is routinely nudged into its home, before Chayath adds gently a gathering of sand to support its base. The twenty-third - making her clutch size equal to Cadgwith's - arrives after another pause, and Chayath very nearly flops to the ground in exhaustion after it is safely added alongside the other.

Tacky Plastic Bangles Egg
Cheap and nasty, smooth stripes of colour encircle this skinny egg with vividly clashing shades. Almost sombre in comparison to the opposing colors, dark blue clanks alongside a cheerfully sunny yellow, while broad lines of artificial dayglo orange alternate with thinner bands of daring hot pink. The neon bands almost obsure- but don't quite completely cover- the basic beige of the brightly-ringed shell.

Rubic's Puzzle of Doom Cubed Egg
It's a square; no, it's a cube! Wait.. I thought it was supposed to be an egg! Maybe not. With red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and white little blobs covering the creased egg from top to bottom, it's hard to tell if it's even real at all. The color's in neatly precise squares (with black lining throughout each one - to make it look cool and kickin') it looks awfully confusing, and even more, like, radical. But, what /is/ the point of this squarely-looking egg, big for it's shape, and even more colorful than makes sense? Each color isn't even in a pattern; isn't all white supposed to be touching? Or aren't they supposed to be in order? Can -you- figure it out? (As if!)

Donis is at the back of the galleries, in the shadows, scanning those latecomers still appearing in the galleries. As Axle arrives, the guard stiffens… then starts to make his way through the galleries, pausing occasionally to speak to some people.

Lirena walks in from the Peek-A-Boo Ledge.

Kalaeya eyes the Dirty Dancing Egg with interest but turns to see Axle's entrance, she waves quickly and sees Sylara out of the corner of her eye, wondering what Axle has done. She soon, however, doesn't care and turns her pretty (heh) little head back to more important things. Eggies, for one.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene twitches uneasily, totting up Chayath's rows. "23," she finally says, casting Shaela an impassive look. "You've matched Cadge, then. Well done…." Matching is better than exceeding, at least.

From the sands, L'uc rocks back onto his heels this time and nods approvingly at the eggs already on the Sands. "They're a nice looking bunch already." And there's nothing wrong with a bunch of green eggs either. Jydhaeth croons to Chayath now and doesn't care if she's the smallest gold at 'Reaches. He's one of the largest bronzes at 'Reaches anyway, so, they're a good match. Of course, when the last of the eggs arrive, Jydhaeth is right there crooning to Chayath as she rests. "Twenty-three. Nice.."

From the sands, "Well, not a grandsire just yet," Shaela corrects, "But very nearly so. Give it a few weeks. The attention all this attracts is nothing compared to a Hatching. It's a strange experience, the first time watching your lifemate's children Hatch and Impress. Kind of like acquiring twenty or more children of your own, really."

Axle just having wandered into the galleries, Axle looks a little road-beaten. Dusty, tired, and disheveled, it's clear that he's just arrived from quite the long distance trip in time to peek out at the crowd in the galleries before heading down to the baths to wash up a bit. His cold eyes raking out over the occasional elderly woman or ditzy-looking blonde, those present don't hold his interesting for too long.

Dominicke chuckles and nods, "I like it, and oooh, look at that one." he notes with a pointed finger towards the Rubic's Cube egg. "Me? No, I've never Stood, not ever." he pauses to listen to Wyn though, "I've heard that touching eggs are interesting, but then people have no explanation for it."

From the sands, Shaela has lost the tally in her mind, and its Pyrene's comment that reminds her that she should be looking smug just about now. "She's not done just yet," Shae calls back to her wingmate, with a sort of mocking nyah-nyah tone.

Ralin scampers playfully in from the Peek-A-Boo Ledge.

Donis pauses in his people-collecting to curse quietly: "Equal numbers in the clutches! Well, at least I don't have to pay out to Wyn…" he comments to one of the rather large men following him, discreetly as possible, down the stairs.

Wyn nods absently. "A most unusual egg, certainly." she agrees about the Rubik's Cube, before raising her voice Donis-wards. "Teaches me not to broaden my bets… I shall have to get you next clutch!"

Tatia comes up the stairs.
Lurel goes home.

From the sands, Chayath takes her time with the last, and it's no wonder that most in the crowd seem to think she's done. She hardly seems to move an inch, until the egg has been deposited on the sands, and then with a swift movement, the final egg is added to the pile with an extra-careful touch.

The Neverending Story Egg
This is an egg, my friends, that just never ends: it goes on and on.. er, wait, wrong script. In fact, this egg is… fluffy? Indeed, it is sheer cream fluff, with monstrously large blobs of color mounted on the sides of this hulking round object. They're almost like eyes: never blinking, just.. waiting, watching, in a benevolent monster sort of way. The pattern of 'fluffiness' curls as wool still on the sheep: it creates an optical illusion, confusing the mind's eye. Indeed, it's almost as if some rather large creature is curled about the ovoid protectively, staring out at whomever deigns to look upon it.

Axle's sharp gaze finally moves onto the eggs themselves, though they don't seem to do much for him, as he turns already to head back out from the direction from which he originally came - Donis and his pals getting a subtle second glance just before he passes back out of sight.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, "She /looks/ done," Pyrene protests to Shaela, although how she's supposed to know isn't clear. Cadgwith makes a casual grunt at her rider. Quality, /not/ quantity, remember. Pyrene is slightly mollified. Chayath's eggs aren't Cadgwith's after all. And she watches the final egg appear with a resigned air and a grudging "Not bad."

Ralin pounces on down from the ledge above, grinning at all the people. Look at all the possible vitims. "Rena" He calls out, "Aren't they just something else?" he says having enjoyed watching it from the ledge."

Axle goes out.

"Oh shells." Donis groans at both the way Wyn draws attention to him, /and/ Chayath's deposit of a final egg. Pausing near the Weyrsecond, he whispers something to her, and hands over a mark-piece with a few more words.

Sylara looks over the set of eggs happily. Forty-seven in all, if you count the ones from Cadgwith's clutch. Definitely the best clutching she's ever seen. Of course, it's the first. "Wow." is all she can say.

Dominicke snickers softly to Wyn and nods faintly. "Wow, that egg is gorgeous." he notes, pointing to that very last egg and grinning. "So, I suppose we're all through here then, I'd better get along with my duties, "Congrats Wyn, I knew she'd lay more'n Cadgewith, because you said so." he snickers as he stands and watches people filter out.

Tatia walks out.

Wyn takes the mark and the information with an expression settled back into her usual gravity, and a solemn nod. Apparently whatever was said is enough to take her attention off the eggs, and off Dominicke past another absent nod, and onto some carefully-benign people-watching.

From the sands, L'uc turns his head to look at Shaela now. "She's not done yet?" Clearly this is a surprise to him. "And you're right about the grandsire.. Aboleoth will have to wait until the Hatching for that." Shaela's words are then thought about and he nods, heaving a sigh. "Jyd's bursting with pride already, I'd like to see him on Hatching day." Grin. The final egg is then glanced at. "Beautiful.."

Lirena scuffs into the galleries, trying hard not to be impressed by either eggs or dragons on the sands. Shards, being carted off to the weyr for one simple little prank. "It's not fair." she mutters, finding a spot at the top of the galleries and fingering a reed and some little round peas she stole from the kitchens. The final egg's been clutched and she's watching people file out. She waves to Ralin and pats a spot next to her. There's gotta be something they can find to do, somewhere?

Donis hurries down the gallery stairs, followed by three cronies /much/ larger than him.

Sylara goes out.

Dominicke chuckles softly and shakes his head at Donis and Wyn before idly watching the people leave, and the queens down on the Sands. He enjoys staying after to watch, you know.

From the sands, Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene slips down from Cadgwith's leg and glances around at Minoyath. The Weyrleader's nowhere to be seen, so instead she attempts to get the Weyrsecond's attention, spying Wyn among the crowds surging in the galleries. "That's almost fifty new dragons," she notes to Shaela and L'uc. "We're going to have to Search outside the Weyr."

From the sands, Shaela can relax now, as her lifemate is already doing. Leaning back along the gallery ledge for support, she heaves a sigh. "Right, well, another few minutes here I suppose and then off we go to the celebrations in the caverns." She hmms at Pyrene's comment before nodding her agreement, "I suspect we'll have to send off a wing or two. Every time we do that, though, we end up with a lot of southerners.. maybe that's why the wings don't complain?"

Michel goes home.

Ralin hops over a few seats and clambers onto the spot next to Rena. "You know, this is an almost perfect spot." he murmurs to Lirena. The view, the height. He looks up at the ledge from off of Nuff's weyr and then back down at the draggies below. Hmm. Well mother was wondering how quickly it would take them to get kicked out of the Weyr.

From the sands, Jydhaeth would stay on the Sands until the day of Hatching, but, he can't. So, he'll perch on an above ledge to watch over Chayath and the eggs as much as he can. L'uc then observes Pyrene and nods to her. "Search should be interesting this time around. Lots of candidates, that's for sure." A hand then reaches up to run through his hair and he glances back at Shaela now. "Aye, true."

Lirena nods and grins slight, slipping a pea into her reed. She looks around carefully, picking a likely candidate. Ah, there's one… looks like a stablehand to her. She takes careful aim, and the puffs hard on the reed, sending the pea to right behind Dominicke's ear. Gee… musta hurt. She quickly lowers the reed and watches over the gallery, then idly at the eggs. Interesting eggs, for sure. She passes the reed and a pea to her brother.

From the sands, Shaela drifts off into silent conversation with her lifemate for a little while, and the usual post-clutching discussion between gold and her rider takes place in its typical uneventful way. Until Shaela suddenly blurts out, "You laid a what? L'uc, I think she laid a… waitaminute, let me ask her once more."

Dominicke clamps a hand over his ear and winces, "Ow." he mutters, turning around to gaze over the galleries and not spot anyone. So, like the oddling he is, sits back down in range of the torturers and continues to egggaze.

Ralin takes the reed and the pea and looks around for a nice likely target as well. He eyes the dragons below, he's not sure iffen he really wants to try that, be kinda neat though. Maybe he could get himself eaten. Still he pulls his glance away and looks at those assembled in galleries and carefully aims one at Wyn, right at the back of her head.

V'der leans back, head tilted just slightly as he eyes the Sands. Curious and curiouser…

From the sands, L'uc continues to gaze at Shaela and then blinks when she speaks to Chayath. "What? There's nothing wrong is there?" Ok, so he gets a little panicky at the thought. But, hey, you never know. His pulse begins to race and he looks strictly at the goldrider now. There's actually worry in his eyes as he holds his breath until her answer.

Wyn has one mental ear on the blow-by-blow report from Vorkoroth, perched on his ledge overlooking the central bowl where Axle's on the run, and her actual ears on just what Shaela seems to be excited about, and then… "Ow!" the reserved weyrsecond yelps out of the blue, one hand flying to the back of her head, and her paperwork scattering as she whips around to see who happens to be in the direction the pea came from.

From the sands, Shaela turns and glances quickly up at the sands - an awful lot of people up there still, shards. Leaning up to whisper in L'uc's ear, she tells him something none of the rest can hear, although there's certain to be a great deal of speculation surrounding what just happened, and L'uc's reaction to come.

From the sands, L'uc breeeathes now when Shaela whispers to him. "Oh. Right." is his reply. "That." The 'rider then rocks back on his heels once again and nods right afterwards. Jydhaeth is still crooning to Chayath and he doesn't seem to be planning on going anywhere anytime soon. The eggs are also crooned to and the bronze's eyes whirl a steady blue-green. Bliss.

From the sands, "To the party then?" Shaela says, with a nod in the direction of the bowl.

Lirena takes the reed from her brother, being sure to keep it low. She's quite a handful of peas with her you know. And oh, look, stableboy isn't looking backwards anymore. She takes a careful look around to make sure that at least the people aren't looking, though she can't do much for firelizards. She moves surreptitiously to the left and picks out a dragonrider. There that one and she quickly puts the reed to her mouth with the pea in it and flicks it towards L'uc, catching him right on the back of his head.

Ralin stifles a giggle as Wyn's papers go flying. Oops? Still he's peering down at the sands now and grins at Rena, good hit? No? It's amazing how much fun all these weyr people are. Certainly more entertaining then the people who know them.

Wyn glances straight at Ralin, or as much of him as she can see, gray eyes entirely too Knowing to bode at all well. Or possibly the ex-weyrbrat Wyn might give pointers. But what exactly she'll do is left for another day at a message from Vorkoroth, and she quietly gets up and even more quietly leaves, taking her papers with her.
Wyn goes out.

Dominicke snorts faintly, just sure he's gonna get hit with..well, whatever again. He supposes he should head out for the party, as that is where everyone else is going. Well, alright. Sounds like a plan. Standing, he shuffles after Wyn, hoping to escape the peashooters he knows are in those stands behind him. Ha. Bai…

From the sands, L'uc gets beaned upside the head with a pea. "What the..?" A hand reaches up to rub the back of his head and he quickly glances up at the stands. But, when Shaela asks him to escort her to the party, he does so. Those pea-flicking culprits will be caught, though.. they won't get away -that- easily. Evil thoughts. "All right, Shaela. Let's go." he says with a smile. Hopefully there isn't a pea stuck in his hair..

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