High Reaches' 13th PC Clutching

June 20th 2005
Logged by Ashli

Heat rises — ripples — wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Bronze Nylanth is here.
K'nex is here.

Isamath moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Isamath makes her way onto the Sands regally, wings extended elegantly as she steps her way into the middle of /her/ Sands. She has claimed them, and with a possessive bugle, they are dubbed hers. Ashli seems to be following along at a jog to keep up with the gold, positioning herself just at the edge of Isa's claimed territory in the center and ready to help as the soon-to-be-clutchmother begins to create a circular depression in the Sands for her eggs, tip of her tail flicking restlessly along the edges…or is that tail making a pattern as she goes?

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "YEAH WAYHOO! LETS START THIS THANG!"

From the galleries, Ruvenn comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "WHy is everyone so quiet! C'mon look alive!"
From the galleries, Bronze_Guest cheers!

From the galleries, Sata comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Ruvenn troops up the stairs and out along the galleries' sweep, visually hunting for a decent lookout.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest waves over Ruvenn, "Hey, son, there is a seat over here!"

From the galleries, Having found a spot he finds acceptable, A'ran plops down onto an empty chair and removes one of his precious klah-laced cookies from their container. "Wonder how many there will be this time around. The pass is almost over," he muses before taking a bite.

From the galleries, Pyrene comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Ruvenn smiles a little nervously at the guest, and just perches where he is. Not /too/ crowded, after all, and the sands are big enough for anyone to see from this vantage.

Shirasuth makes an appearance shortly afterwards, practically bounding, although at a constrainted pace to keep up with his rider. The dragon is excited, if patiently so. K'nex, however, looks less than excited. If anything, he looks just groggy. And unapreciative of not-subtle nudges from Shira's muzzle that prod him forward and make him stumble. Bah. He also hangs back a bit at the edge of the sands, rider of Shira or no, and waves at Ashli. Yawn.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "Har! Lookit that dragon, thar! Y'see that?" He says, elbowing someone next to him, "How many d'you think it's gonna lay, huh?"

From the galleries, Vaeli has taken a seat at the bottom of the galleries, lying her left arm along the backrest, casually claiming the position her own. She's unaccompanied, thus far, and simply gazes out onto the preceedings on the sands with a semi-disinterested look. To no one in general, "A dozen or so eggs, maybe more, I'd say," she predicts. "How many did she lay the last time?"

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "A thumpin' good many! That's right! "

From the galleries, Taylar comes up the stairs.
From the galleries, Loverly comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "What's that firelizard doin' thar? They like watchin' dragons lay eggs too huh?"

From the galleries, Taylar shuffles into the row of benches, excusing herself as she goes. Seating herself upon the of the cushions, she folds her arms and looks towards the sands.

From the galleries, Pyrene edges along the galleries, greeting people, declining offers of a seat and urging the rowdier types to hush up and let Isa lay in peace, until she reaches Vaeli. "I'll bet 21. Just to outdo Cadge."

From the galleries, Sadira comes up the stairs.
From the galleries, Sadira calls to Loverly, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Isamath senses Taylar looking at her.

Ashli smiles as Shirasuth comes in, and Ashli waves K'nex over, apparently looking for some support. The girl pauses as she glances towards the galleries, and as she spies Vaeli and Pyrene she waves ecstatically once more, both an invitation onto the Sands if they wish, and a friendly greeting. Apparently Ash can't help but be infected by Shirasuth's excitement, and her gaze turns for a moment onto Isamath, who, perfectionist she is, is spending an inordinate amount of time creating her depression.

From the galleries, Pidgery comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Ruvenn leans forward on elbows stuck to his knees, and he couches his chin in cradling hands. All his wide-eyed attention's on the sands, hardly skipping away from the influx of other watchers to lose a moment of the … well, the depression-forming. Still! He can't take his eyes from it!

From the galleries, Eshe heads up the stairs and stops about halfway up, turning to stand by the wall, glancing around the galleries for a moment before turning her attention to the sands.

From the galleries, Sadira makes her way up into the galleries and then leans on the railing as she silently counts the eggs. She has a private bet riding on the number of eggs, so she'll just sit quietly and keep count.

From the galleries, A'ran says, "I don't know. It was only about a dozen, last time, wasn't it?" Not that he even remembers how many eggs he had for breakfast. But if the time it takes to form a depression is proportional to the amount of eggs, this clutch is going to be a doozy.

K'nex gets nudged in the back again by an over excited dragon nose as Ashli waves him over. He shoots a look over his shoulder, but the brown doesn't look at all appologetic, so he simply shrugs and joins the goldrider. "I feel more than a little on the spot," Kez murmurs to Ashli, eyeing the galleries with some careful hesitation.

From the galleries, Pidgery clambers up the steps behind Eshe, edging impatiently around the guard recruit when she stops. Jays, some /people/. A few more clomping steps and he's at the top, looking around for familiar faces and crowing a jubilant greeting when he spies Ruvenn.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "Hey you there! Yeah you with the jangling pockets, come on, come on!" He says, motioning with his gnarled hands for the youth to come over to him, "I will bet you 3 marks that the yeller one has fifteen eggs.""

From the galleries, U'ric comes up the stairs.
From the galleries, Jabraun comes up the stairs.
From the galleries, Talara comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Taylar waves to Jabraun and Talara motioning for them to join her at a seat not too far from the front of the galleries.

From the galleries, The familiar voice pierces Ruvenn's rapt fixation on the young queen's sand-work, and he sits up to peer and then wave excitedly over to Pidgery. Plenty of room by him!

From the galleries, Vaeli casts a glance up at Pyrene, squinting, and smiles in way of greeting before glancing back at the soon-to-be-clutching gold. "That many, you think? Eighteen would be more like. Isamath's not the vengeful type, last I checked. I'll bet a whole day's work that a good number of those eggs will be blue. Now /that/ will be for spite." Vaeli winks at the Weyrwoman then, and waves casually back at Ashli with a shrug of her shoulders and a side glance to her present company.

Isamath's clutching style is very like that of her dam's, and she spends an exquisite amount of time upon each egg. She is patient, ever so patient, however, until she sees that Shirasuth has arrived. The large depression in the Sands for her eggs is one that she has obviously spent quite a bit of time onand is that a little wave-design around the edges? Her first offering is delicate, simple, and lovely in its own way; and so is clutched The Fine Line Egg.

The Fine Line Egg
Right and wrong walk a tenuous tightrope; this unabashedly simple egg displays this concept with dramatic flair. The bottom half of this small ovoid could have been marred with cromcoal, odd splotches the color of chalk and blood crimson to give it apparent - if completely pseudo - texture, while the upper half is innocently domed in the fine clarity of perfect pearl. A thin horizontal scribble separates both halves with a shady, wobbly division of grey: the fine line separating darkness and light.

From the galleries, Sylara comes up the stairs.

From the galleries, Eshe quietly turns her head to follow Pidgery's movements, giving the boy a bit of a crooked grin. Just doing her job, she is, and standing gives you the best view of the galleries, in not the sands. Eyes back on the sands, she lifts an eyebrow slightly as she watches Isamath lay her first egg.

From the galleries, Pidgery waves back to Ruvenn and commences picking his way through the crowd, all elbows and excuse-me's. Finally he plunks down near his friend. "Hey! Did I miss anything?"

Ashli grins at K'nex and whispers back, "Just wait 'til they actually Hatch. And the waiting here on the Sands can get monotonous. Believe me, after a while, you'll wish for this sort of excitement." Ash winks merrily, before her attention is grabbed by the first egg, and she nods. "A pretty egg, in its own way. Not a bad omen for the first one, hmm?" Ash smiles reassuringly as her attention is once again grabbed by the gold…

From the galleries, Sylara wanders up the steps, looking around. Not seeing who she's looking for, she notices the gaggle of people around her. "Oh, my." She says, glancing down at the sands.

From the galleries, Talara almost runs up the steps, grin still on her face, cheeks red still from the cold of between. She stops only briefly to look back for U'ric, and peers around to catch sight of her other companions who had come with her. Spotting Taylar she waves at her dramatically and bustles over to a seat next to her.

From the galleries, "Just that one there," Ruvenn reports to the other boy, nudging shoulder to shoulder in greeting, and then goes back to slumping against his chin's cupped support. "It … looks all right, I guess. They're always so squishy-looking, or maybe it's just me. Soft, y'know?"

From the galleries, U'ric is shortly behind Talara and her friend, Jabruan, though U'ric doesn't know his name. It's a small group from Ista's Weyr, some of the 'Folk had heard about the possibility of a clutching, and by luck of a 'lizard ferry, an Asst. Weyrlingmaster or two had volunteered to take weyrlings and 'folk up into the cold north. And so, it is that the brownrider is following his two passengers, taking note of the surroundings with interest.

Shirasuth tilts his head, inspecting the depression Isamath has made and - apperantly - approves, although it's questionable whether he'd say anything even if he didn't. Politeness and all that. The brown, who's been nearly vibrating the whole time, freezes with the first egg. Aww. K'nex reaction is slightly more towards 'eww' than 'aww', but he pats Shira anyways.

Slip on, slip off…and this next egg slips out. Checkboard Slip-on Vans Egg is placed carefully in its own little hollow, the greenish-gold pausing to make sure it's lined up just so with the first egg. Must be absolutely geometrically perfect, you see, and time is lavished on the egg to make sure it is, until, with a final whuff at the egg, Isa decides to leave well enough alone with the dizzying egg, and she begins work on another small space within her circular depression…

Checkerboard Slip-on Vans Egg
On the creamy-tan base of eggshell, frustration is oscillation in terms of black and white - us and them. Surging, chaotic pits of darkness rage against the stage-light white they border and surround. Or is the bleary, dreary, bleached-shell normality blotting out a tessellation of darker, seedier patches? Black and white are not alone; smokey grays and dried-blood reds elicit an overall organic dinginess, urban crud, and rough-and-tumble ruddiness.

From the galleries, Pyrene tips her head at the egg. "Striking, that one. Shirasuth seems to be taking well to the fatherhood thingand Isamath is doinig beautifullyoh there's another one." She subsides, watching the clutch.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest yells, "HEY DONT LET THAT YELLER ONE SQUASH IT." A pause, "Sometimes they just need a little bit- hey that's a purdy one, right there."

From the galleries, A'ran examines the first egg. "That one's interesting. It's all…split. Hopefully the dragon inside doesn't have some kind of manic depression." He has his own theories on how the makeup of the shell can show the makeup of the unborn dragonet, but they're probably not very accurate. "This next one's brown. I know it!"

From the galleries, Vaeli crinkles her nose a bit at the first two additions. "Nissionath's were cuter."

Ashli grins at K'nex's somewhat-hidden reaction, then laughs delightedly at Shirasuth's, before she peers at the next egg. "My…what an odd egg to look at…" She tilts her head this way and that, before shrugging. "Well, the first one was pretty…"

From the galleries, Eshe tilts her head and glance over the crowd, trying to identify the one shouting. She gives a shrug as there doesn't seem to be any trouble on the rise and once again, turns her attention back to the sands and the eggs being laid there. Strange-looking eggs..

From the galleries, Sylara finds a place to sit, and glances down on the Sands. "That is an interesting colored egg." She comments. "Beautiful." She speaks up a little loudly, only partially remembering that they really can't hear much from the sands.

From the galleries, Pyrene shifts a gaze Vaeli-wards. "Cadge's were eggier," she deadpans. "Anyway, she's doing well. Second one's a bit gloomy looking, but they're a good size—not runty at all."

From the galleries, Pidgery rolls his eyes slightly. "Well, they gotta /get/ hard, y'know." He refrains from any derogatory name-calling, remembering that Ruvenn's a little on the sensitive side. And bigger than him. Bad combination.

Isa seems to hesitate before this next egg finally makes its appearance, and the queen rolls it into its predestined space cautiously, forepaws using the absolute minimum of tactile contact in the presence of this egg, which, certainly, is fearsome in its outlook; the White Witch, Black Heart Egg has been introduced to Pern.

From the galleries, "Beautiful?" A'ran asks when he overhears Sylara's appraisal. "It looks like it's been rolled around in the herdbeast pens."

White Witch, Black Heart Egg
Mist of swirling grey embroils the lower curves of this tall, thin egg out of which intricate black lace patterning emerges, almost resembling the bodice of an elegant sleeveless gown. It splays out to reveal the stark white 'shoulders' of the ovoid, over which spills a raven-sheen waterfall like hair. Is it imagination? Or can you make out the facial expression of a woman, her razor-sharp cheekbones sculpting her thin angular features, and her head curved down onto that paper white breast? And yet no gentle smile to behold - eyes of obsidian glare dark and cold out of that dead white almost-face, with an air of icy menace, while a crest of white spikes crown the egg in some pretence of royalty.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest says, "That's it. That's theone. That one is another yeller one."

From the galleries, Ruvenn just slides over a grin at Pidgery. "I /know/ that. I didn't get clutched yesterday, myself." On his eyes' swing back to the sands, he wiggles in his seat a little in excitement. "Say, that one's all grey! And some black. I wish I could see it closer; the pattern's gotta be pretty."

From the galleries, Talara sits down quietly next to Taylar, watching for U'ric coming up the stairs and stairing through the crowds as if that'd help him know where they were all sitting. Attention is distracted then as she catches sight of the eggs; ooh much more interesting than the crowds. She leans towards Taylar to mumble, "Seems like forever since I saw a hatching last."

From the galleries, Vaeli reluctantly concurs with Py by way of a shallow nodding of her head, which cuts short as she spies Isamath's curious little addition to the pile. "Alright. Not runty. Just creepy."

From the galleries, Pyrene narrows her eyes at the latest one. "You're right, they are creepy. All very dramatic…. and rather morbid. I wonder if Morchainth tainted her forever since that one flight?"

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest looks over at pyrene, "What flight?"

K'nex tilts his head. "Hurts a bit to look at, actually," he murmurs, squinting. "Not really the most, ah, hm, colorful of eggs I've seen," he comments further, which earns him a pointed whap from Shirasuth's tail. No criticism. "Er."

From the galleries, Taylar nods as she too seemed too distracted by the clutch. "I've never seen eggs like these before.." She muttered to Talara, a lock of blonde falling before her face which she swept away.

From the galleries, U'ric takes the opportunity of Talara's distraction, if he knew it, to follow the bronzerider (Asst. WLM) towards the Senior Weyrwoman of HighReaches. He bows politely, "Madam Weyrwoman, I am to give you my regards from the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman of Ista. We thought the opportunity might be a festive one to join you all for." Following the lead of his superior, U'ric does manage to bow, but remains politely silent.

Ashli nods her head in agreement. "They are all…rather…bleak looking. Well, but, that's all right. They're unique in their own little ways." Ash consoles, though who she's consoling is up for debate. Isa's multi-faceted gaze flicks over towards her for a moment, and the girl offers a loving smile.

Isamath croons, a sound that is shrill enough to hurt some eardrums and break glass. Waves, one by one, ripple down her stomach to her flanks in an almost well-practiced procession as the shrills echo each wave, the noise deepening slowly to a growl. The young gold hurriedly scratches another bed for this next addition. Which is all well and good, because Isamath can't carry a tune.

Tickling Ebony and Ivory Egg
Rising from the sand is an exquisite concerto of an egg, delineated with what appears to be a clearly marked, spiraling keyboard, putting the grandest of Steinway Pianos to shame. Swirling upwards climb a flurry of scales and arpeggios, the octaves of whitest ivory keys polished to a sheen and cool to the touch. Interspacing these is a pentatonic scale of proudly jutting, satin finished ebony. As the music flows in trills and runs upward, aching to be tickled and teased by the skilled fingers of the maestro, the width of the keys decreases until the shrillest of notes spiral into tiny decreasing infinity at the summit.

From the galleries, Vaeli is still wincing slightly. "I'm rather sure that its impossible to question the father of a clutch like it is with people. Besides. Let's not ruin my bubble. Morchainth did fly Nissionath. Her eggs weren't creepy. Well. Not all of them, anyway." Vaeli does pause to turn her head away from Isamath cry, although it does no good for her eardrums. "Now, that one isn't creepy. It's loud."

From the galleries, Sadira winces and pulls back, still keeping silent count of the eggs clutched so far. She's almost certain to win the bet.

From the galleries, "I do think it's beautiful." Sylara turns toward the offending voice, and is unsurprised to see the bluerider. "Maybe it looks a bit 'dusty' or whatever, but, it's still pretty." As she turns around, she catches the next one, and Isamath's song. "Wow." A dragon singing. Don't hear that every day. "Ouch."

From the galleries, Pyrene catches the question and glances around the crowd, seeking who asked it. "Her maiden flight. This is her second clutch," she explains to people at large. As U'ric presents himself and his greetings, she nods her head to him. "And my greetings to them. I hope Iri is managing well—it's a lot to take on for her age." In the midst of formalities, Vaeli presents an opening that Pyrene doesn't want to pass up: "Well, I have to say that I didn't think it was Nissi's /best/ clutch, dear…" Having now lost her train of thought, she simply smiles back at U'ric. "Enjoy the clutch."

Isamath seems to be enjoying herself immensely, though she is wasting no time in this clutching…she pauses for a quick moment before laying the next egg with an approving croon, and a playful look at her rider. She seems to adore this egg, and the amount of attention that she lavishes upon it evidences her apparent adoration. Mischeviously, Isa seems to almost be playing games with the egg, talons poking at it playfully as she coaxes Go go go! Egg towards its new resting place…

Go go go! Egg
This egg is small in stature and relatively simple in design. The majority is coated in speckles of white and black, though if one looks closely enough, a pattern begins to emerge. Lines of klah brown crisscross along its shell, and wherever the lines intersect, a black or white stone is placed. Every so often, there is a random gap in the white and black, leaving just a brown splotch.

Shirasuth huffs softly at Ashli and K'nex looks carefully up at the brown. "Maybe bleak isn't the best word…" He tries. And winces. Ow. "Just, uhm, yeah." Ok, he can't think of a better word than bleak right now. "Hey, look, some brown," he points out instead. Cough.

Ashli grimaces at Isa's croon for the egg before last, and she peers at said egg curiously. "What an odd reaction to that egg. I wonder what that bodes for the dragonet inside…" The young rider quirks a grin at K'nex before her attention is grabbed by this new egg, and she giggles softly at Isa's antics. "I'd lay odds that that egg will end up a playful blue. Or brown. I do wish they'd let me lay odds…"

From the galleries, Formalities attended to, it is the Bronzerider who bows and then leaves to take his seat as U'ric smiles and heads for Talara after being waved off to enjoy himself. Maneveuring has become slightly difficult as the brownrider makes his way to his friend. Finally plunking down beside her, he leans in and asks Talara, "How's it been so far? And didn't you ever mention having relatives up here?"

From the galleries, Pidgery squints at the eggs. "Pattern? Oh… yeah, I guess." He shrugs. "They're /eggs/. They only really get interesting when the dragons come out of 'em." He elbows Ruvenn slyly. "Pyrene said I'd make a great rider," he finds it necessary to remind his friend. Maybe /this/ will be the clutch with Pidge's Dragon!

From the galleries, A'ran winces. "Well, other than that noise, that one's at least pretty. Not exactly colorful, pretty. " He then examines the Go go go! Egg. "But there's another rather boring one." He sighs and nibbles on another cookie.

Isa moves to make a new row after her fifth egg is clutched, and she spends a curious amount of time making sure this particular spot is thoroughly comfortable, even rather couch-like, for to look at this egg is to invite thoughts and confusion. Not only that, but she uses her talons to decorate with designs that rival the pictures pulled from the shapes of clouds…Engimatic Rorschach Egg is clutched with little ceremony, and the gold spends some time simply gazing at it in what seems to be mute confusion before she croons comfortingly…apparently at the egg…and delicately balances it into its spot.

From the galleries, Ruvenn gives Pidgery a frankly startled, even alarmed look. "She /did/? Why? —I mean, I guess maybe she has to, 'cause of who you are and all, and maybe she's right, 'cause maybe she knows, but…" But. Yeah. He's just obviously taken aback at the notion.

Enigmatic Rorschach Egg
Perfect symmetry and sharp contrast blossom across the surface of this egg, its gleaming white interrupted by swirls of pure black. Butterflying out from a central point, their vague shapes tease the imagination: is it the shadow of wings passing across the surface, or a tree reaching upwards? Are those dark, malevolent eyes, or a pair of firelizards dancing in the wind? Somewhere beneath the interpretations lies the truth, like a secret waiting to be unlocked.

From the galleries, In Vaeli's own little world, she hadn't even seen or heard U'ric arrive. She does manage to flip a strained smile his way as Pyrene speaks to him before looking only slightly incrediously at Pyrene. "Not her best? It was a wonderful clutch. Had six blues come out of i—Now there's a looker," she claims, pointing at the newest egg.

K'nex shrugs with both shoulders and eyebrows. "I haven't the foggiest," he replies helpfully and then squints at the egg in question, wrinkling his nose. "Well. It's something." Very good, Kez. "I'm…sure you could get someone to bet for you, if you really wanted…." He trails off at Isamath's antics, and both he and Shirasuth tilt their head in confusion. "What is she…Erm." A pause. "Well, it's…bold." The egg.

From the galleries, Talara grins and points towards the sands and says to both Jabraun and Taylar. "Hmm, that eggs interesting..see that one there…layed a bit ago." She attempts to point it out to them, but unsure as if it does any good from this vantage point. U'ric is noted then and she turns her head to him. "Its pretty good, and yeah, I was told I had a cousin in 'reaches once." Attention once again distracted by the eggs. "..But I can't remember they're name.." And it doesn't seem to bother her either. A nudge is given to the brownrider, "Hey look it that one."

Isamath is greeted with a pause before her next egg, and she takes the time to slowly review the eggs so far, before suddenly she's surprised by the next egg, and the Good Kind of Evil Egg has appeared, without any sort of warning, and a worried sort of warble emits from the gold as she hurries to create it a little home for the moment, rolling it with an apologetic whuff.

The Good Kind of Evil Egg
Hard lines of black hold the white, giving it definition and order, while small splashes of sand sprinkle its surface. Along one side there is almost the outline of a face, black orbs so dark they appear to be bottomless capturing the gaze of the onlooker. The bottom of the egg has what looks like footprints, side by side, marching across the sand it rests in while along the top the black speckles over the surface in a circular symbol.

From the galleries, Pyrene is arrested by the Rorschach egg, a faint frown on her face as she tries to figure it out. "It looks like…. It. When I last saw him." She shudders—a guilty conscience at work, perhaps? Only then do Vaeli's words trickle through, and she retorts with a snort that would make a dragon proud.

From the galleries, Sylara protests. "I don't think /any/ of them are boring, A'ran." Sylara says, keeping her eyes on the eggs. "They've all got unique qualities… " Her voice trails off, as she sees the futility of trying to explain. "Maybe it's because I'm used to dealing wtih kids. And assuring parents that they're all wonderful, in their own ways." She chuckles. "Somewhat the same."

From the galleries, Taylar inhales slightly as she notices the newest Good Kind of Evil Egg. "That's a definate interest." She muttered to her companions, nodding towards it.

From the galleries, Eshe is frankly starting to look a bit bored, her arms crossing over her chest as she leans against the wall, more observant of the crowd now than trying to keep watch on the clutching.

From the galleries, Vaeli tilts her head in consideration. "It? Oh yes. Except…It only had four legs. Not five."

Ashli grins at K'nex, and nods. "Perhaps I'll have to try and convince a 'brat to bet for me. We'll see how that goes…but, still, it might not quite be fair. Isa tells me I shouldn't cheat, and I should play games fairly, and since she's involved, I'll probably end up restraining myself." She peers at the patterns around that egg, and shrugs. "Well, dragons do have their whims. Perhaps she decided her depression was a little too boring. My, look at that one. I rather like the bottom of it…"

This next egg comes nearly on top of that last, and Isa is given no break as, with a warble that seems to sing in a catchy sort of tune that makes you want to run straight to it, especially on a hot summer day like today…Hoodsie Cup Egg is here, and seems to sweetly nearly roll itself into its half-done space, and the young gold, with a final sniff at the egg, deems it presentable as she moves to make yet another row of eggs…

Hoodsie Cup Egg
Creamy swirls accentuate this egg, which is not as rounded as others - no, this egg has definite grooves along it. Chill to the touch, the heat of the Sands seem not to affect it much, though the sides of the egg have an odd, dripping sort of pattern between the darkness and the lightness. The dark, chocolate color on one side of the egg stays very separate from the lighter, more vanilla color on the other…except for at those drip spots, where dark and light mix and the outcome is unknown. A titillating saccharin sweetness overwhelms this tasty treat, save for the myriad of a melted rainbow oozing this way and that from the egg's crown.

From the galleries, A'ran contemplates the Rorschach egg. "Now this one /has/ to be blue," he wagers, simply because everyone knows that blues come out of the most interesting eggs. They do this simply to spite certain weyrwomen. "I suppose it's unique to have them all so similar. I coloration anyway," he admits to Sylara as he continues to watch the clutching. He then laughs. "are you suggesting you want to make omelettes out of the weybrats?

From the galleries, U'ric ginrs bak at the elbowing, "Eh, sure, looks interesting enough." the brownrider pauses as he looks at the rest of the clutching thus far… "They're all like bland colors, shades of black and white." another pause before he murmurs softly, "Different."

From the galleries, Jabraun confused turns to Talara and asks "This is my first cluthing and/or hathling but are all the eggs supposed to be all black and white?"

From the galleries, Taylar pauses in her dreamy thoughts before looking to Talara. "Yeah, I was just wondering that.." She said in a slight laugh.

Isamath pauses, as if for dramatic effect, before the next, dizzying egg makes its first appearance. Grand Illusion Egg is introduced to Pern with a sudden, dramatic sweep of the gold's large wings as she protectively rustles it over into the little spot she created for it. A grand entrance, for a grand egg…

Grand Illusion Egg
This egg is definitely unique in that its patterning is most unusual. It's covered, from apex to base, in a series of tightly knit, repetitively curvy black and white lines; or is it black lines on a white base? Whatever it is, staring at this egg seems to make the lines look as if they're moving, and its optically vibrant illusion could quite possibly make a few heads spin.

From the galleries, "Don't put words in my mouth, bluerider." Sylara scolds good-naturedly. "Although, sometimes, it was a real temptation. Now, though, it's somebody else's problem." The woman gives a small sigh, one that might be either relief or regret. "They /are/ all a bit monochromatic, aren't they? That /is/ different. Maybe there won't be any bright green ones in this batch. That one hurt my eyes." Speaking of hurting one's eyes. "Wow. Look at the pattern on that one."

From the galleries, Talara looks perplexed herself, the last dragon eggs she had seen having been quite the colorful bunch. Seeming to think up an answer she gives up with a shrug. "Ah, well…I guess like U'ric said they're just different. Black and white can be nice though. Kinda classy." Well, she /has/ been decorating a weyr, so her artistic side seems to have taken hold in that reply. A little grin is given to Jabraun. "First time seeing a clutching huh? Exciting isn't it?" The last is said more as a statement then question.

"Oh, I doubt it'd be hard to convince some kid to bet for you..or..you know…someone…it doesn't seem that unfair. You know." K'nex pauses, and eyes the eggs. "Well, it's something. Hm. Isamath didn't seem to appreciate it, though…" He trails off as another egg joins the rest and the gold starts another row. Shirasuth twitches his tail, trying not to hover. Overly. "See, that one hurts my eyes again," he nearly whines about the last egg.

From the galleries, Auryn walks in.

Ashli considers that last egg and comments, "Well, that was interesting." And that's all Ash can seem to find to say about the Grand Illusion Egg, and she blinks as she sees Isamath pause, and she considers. "Well, that's nine eggs…do you think that may be it?

From the galleries, Taylar felt almost dizzy from the patterns on the next egg, rubbing her eyes, she looked around to Tal' and prodded her in the side. "They were colourful last time? What happened to this lot then?" She nodded towards the clutch, thinking there must have been something wrong with them.

From the galleries, Bronze_Guest carefully moves onto one of the nearby ledges.
On the gallery ledges, Bronze_Guest steps carefully in from the galleries, the Hatching Sands displayed below them.
On the gallery ledges, Bronze_Guest roars comfortably, stretching his wings out in great ease.
On the gallery ledges, Bronze_Guest edges further along the ledge and into the galleries.

From the galleries, Talara chuckles at Taylar. "Well I don't know if there's anything /wrong/ with them. Eggs can be odd sometimes. You shoulda seen the one Khonsath hatched from. I can't forget that egg." She laughs lightly before her face drops and turns her head to U'ric. "No offense or anything of course. Khon's a fine beast, but his egg was a little strange…" Nothing wrong with honesty from a friend right?

With a sudden leap to the side, Isa begins yet another row, her last, and at an odd time to begin a row, leaving the Grand Illusion Egg all alone in its own little row…before, just as suddenly, her row-digging respite is over, as two eggs appear in quick succession, strange markings on the both perhaps allowing them their own row. The two oddballs have made themselves known, and Monochrome Piebald Egg and Composition Notebook Egg are here to stay, the last eggs in Isamath's second clutch.

Monochrome Piebald Egg
Fuzzy wuzzy was an…egg! This interestingly marked egg is far from petite, lumbering large in size and slightly lopsided at the top. Muddled pitch clashes abruptly with none-too-obscure alabaster gloss, fighting a no-grey-zone war over the tobiano territory of the exterior of this peculiar egg. To confound things yet further, both black and white splotches carry an odd blur about them— from a distance, perhaps, as fur instead of sleek, warm shell. Indeed, this egg is more than slightly an oddball: but then again, aren't all piebalds?

Composition Notebook Egg
A frenetic frenzy of flurries, a maelstrom of jagged shapes and splotchy chaos: this egg manages to be the composite of black and white, a thunderstorm of lightning edges and meticulously careless scrawl. Reminiscent of frantic, hidebound, Harper student scrawl, a thin band of off-ivory belts this egg with undecipherable scribbles: the perfect finishing touch to this calculated mess of solid ebony and flimsy white.

From the galleries, Sylara hmms, as Isamath lays two more. "Wow. I thought she was done." She smiles, looking at the new additions. "And all black and whilte. Pretty."
From the galleries, Taylar says, "Well there you have it. All black's and white's..Strange I'll admit, but I've never seen a clutching before so I can't really complain.."

Ashli gazes at the eggs, and at the gold, who settles herself possessively behind her eggs, curling around them, tail flicking. These are hers. No one else's. Isa does seem to share, though, as Ash pads her way across the Sands towards her, squatting next to the queen's head and stroking her comfortingly, soft words of praise and encouragement offered to the clutch-mother.

From the galleries, Talara gives an appologetic look to U'ric but still gives a silly grin at Taylar. "Well, lets put it this way..it was gross looking. Like liquid mud?" She moves her hands around while she's trying to explain, as if they were caked in dirt or dripping with it. "Y'know what I mean right?" Hm maybe that's why Khonsath has that fettish with mud and dirt? She'll mention it to U'ric another time. Right now the eggs are given her attention again.

Shirasuth sits up straight suddenly, wings flapping just slightly and K'nex doesn't bother giving him another nudge. He just tilts his head again at the eggs. "Well," he says. "Well. That was interesting." And still rather chaotic and achromatic these eggs are. Hm. The brownrider leans comfortably against his mount and can't help but smile from Shira's infectious good mood.

From the galleries, Taylar chuckles as she shook her head, looking back over at the clutch and the Gold clutch-mother in interest. Pondering slightly, she gives a small yawn and stretches her legs out in front of her. "That's was an interesting clutch..Glad I saw something special for the first time.."

From the galleries, Sylara sighs, as she watches the clutchparents. "Now, I bet she's done." She glances around for a moment, and frowns. "Suppose I should get back to work, then." Although, she really doesn't want to.

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