High Reaches' 2nd PC Clutching

Lani's gold Rhyath x D'ante's bronze Infernoth
1st November 1998
Logged by Catia

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Lorilya, Mudpie, Shavira, Laurel, Kate, Han, Argonaut, Karal, Sobrinita, Phoenix, and Kraft.
Annie, G'rwin, Yiddae, Moiraine, and Areiah are here.

"Thirty-something?" Annie guesses for Gr'win's benefit. "Though I'm not quite sure."

Central Bowl> In the pens, Lani laughs easily, seeming to make up for D'ante's lack of volume. His reserve fascinates her. "Her mind's a swamp today. She's nagged for food since sun-up, even though I pointed her to the pens." She shrugs. "Infernoth's looking fine himself." Head cocks, "Didn't you have sweeps?"

Catia always seems to walk in on /the/ most interesting conversations. Wandering straight for the food-table, she nods to recognised-Annie, and gives what must be Istan Weyrlings a curious gaze.

Central Bowl> In the pens, Rhyath shifts uncomfortably, her teeth grinding at a hoof while she grimaces.

G'rwin subconsciously straightens his back and shoulders under the not-unusual scrutiny, then nods to Annie. "Hmr…there were thirty-eight in it, right? I think…it /wasn't/ forty-two, was it?"

Thesy arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Central Bowl> Ever-quiet, Conlan just listens to the activity over in the pens, the activity here. And oh, betting. Now /there's/ something our boy can get interested in. But for now, he just listens.

Moiraine nods to Areiah and Catia, heading to the klah pot, mug in hand.

Central Bowl> Myrineth is still half-dozing, settled quietly in the middle of the bowl and not really paying attention to anything.

Tylendel strides easily in from the Central Bowl.
Thesy steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Central Bowl> Trydanth circles in, finds a space, drops down. There. All neat and tidy. D'renn slaps his lifemate's neck, hard… grumbles can be heard as the rider dismounts.
Central Bowl> D'renn slithers down Trydanth's side with only minimal help from the blue.

Tylendel smiles as he recognizes a familiar face. Walking slowly over to Areiah, he smiles easily, "Heyla!"

Annie lounges contentedly in her found chair, klah mug clutched in one hand. "Eat all you want," she informs the weyrlings almost airily. "Nuff says I'm always welcome." Klah is then sipped, and followed by a nice bite of a flaky sweetroll.

Central Bowl> But wagers as paused as dark green eyes spy newest entery, "Hullo D'renn! The whole weyr is buzzing this afternoon..Trydanth get you up as well?" Enya muses in greeting, giving gentle nudge of bulky burbbling blue's muzzle that she stands beside.

Catia watches people come and go, sliding into her usual seat at the painted Inferno table. Myrineth's dozing, the baby is safe in the arms of a nursemaid… and Catia's trying to relax. Although she does offer warm smiles to the people she knows.

Central Bowl> In the pens, "Thanks." D'ante accepts the complement on behalf of his lifemate. "No sweeps today, no." Dante's smile broadens. "I covered Sp'oiled's run yesterday so he's covering for me today." And it's nice to have the day free for a change.

Central Bowl> Kyleth burbles, opening a previously closed eye to gaze up at his rider.

Areiah peers from over the rim of her mug at the somewhat crowded cavern, listening with avid interest now; maybe she'll pick something up. Delicate hands are wrapped around the vessel as it is brought carefully to her lips for a quick sip, one she almost chokes on upon seeing Tylendel. She swallows, then, smiling gently as he approaches. "Back to somewhat normal, are we?" she teases lightly, striding forward to give him a brief, however warm, hug.

Central Bowl> In the pens, Rhyath stops her eating and is really feeling very full. A moment ago, she was ravenous. Lani…

Central Bowl> D'renn pokes at Trydanth's foreleg, making no dent whatsoever, and not even denting Trydanth's (for-once) placid demeanour. "Stupid blue. Drags me off to bathe him, drags me back here… Where /did/ all these people come from?" he answers Enya.

G'rwin cocks his head to one side, "Doesn't it bother your stomach to eat a bunch and then go ::between::, Annie?" He unconsciously moves one hand to his own stomach, popping another meatroll into his mouth.

Central Bowl> Jakith flicks a wing at Kyleth, under guise of resettling it upon his back. Grumpy, grumpy.

Central Bowl> Conlan lives here, thankyouverymuch. And, quietly, he steals around (obviously he's forgotten the new tunic), hoping not to be noticed as he slips closer to Enya. And the boy's heart leaps at the thought of a good bet.

Tylendel returns the hug gently and draws back to look at her, "I suppose so. And how's the weyr, Areiah?" Muted green eyes flicker over the mug with interest before returning to the young lady's.

"We'll take some time to digest. Maybe visit some riders I know…" Annie trails off, again sipping at her klah. "Alot of people I knew moved here a while ago."

Central Bowl> In the pens, Lani smiles enviously. And off-handedly, "Did you have plans for the rest of the afternoon?" Eyes flicker to her dragon. "What?"

G'rwin peers around, almost visibly shivering. "Why would anyone want to move up here? There's just snow and cold air and…and that's all. No sand, looks like no sun, no swimming at night…"

Thesy arrives from deeper in the Weyr.
Thesy strolls into the room, smiling at the others, "G'afternoon all, Catia", and after having herself gotten something to drink, she approaches the table, "Mind, if I join?"

Central Bowl> "New tunic, Conlan? It's the same color as Trydanth…. well, bits of Trydanth." D'renn pipes up on spotting the boy. Hah! Thought you'd got away with it? D'renn himself is as gaudy as ever… but then, he's not hiding.

Central Bowl> Kyleth opens both eyes and turns to face Jakith, stares at him, then sets his head back down. He turns more toward Enya, his tail flicking Jakith as he does.

Tylendel glances over at the others for a moment with an open expression of mild curiousity accompanied by a friendly smile. A sudden quirk of his lips as he hears G'rwin hints that perhaps he could find a reason or two.

Central Bowl> "Not sure myself…Ky hauled me out from studying wing formations but…then again he does that just when he gets restless too.." Enya muses with tilt of head of copper curls. Short bluerider not noticing the usual spat between bloo clutchbrothers. usual around here.

Catia waves a hand for Thesy to take a seat, sitting quietly as she is. And more importantly, unencumbered.

Central Bowl> Jakith shuffles 'round so he no longer faces Kyleth; lowering neck to settle head upon a forepaw. Ignore the Kyleth..

Moiraine humphs at G'rwin, "You are from Ista, no? I compleated my apprenticship in the Minecraft at Blacksands, and I for one rather like it here."

Central Bowl> Trydanth, blue too ('cept for the coppery glints), pokes his nose towards Jakith and Kyleth.

"Oh, there was some sickness," Annie remembers, tapping her lip with a firefinger. "Alot of the riders became ill, and some died, and the Weyrleader - I /think/ - disappeared, so Istans, led by Nuff, came up here."

Adianna comes down from the workrooms above.

Catia turns her head slightly, dark eyes gleaming as she overhears Annie.

G'rwin glances up, a guilty look crossing his face as he quickly holds up his hands in defense, "I - I didn't mean to be rude…I just meant - that it, I've never been out of Ista - I - I mean /off/ of Ista before today…" he hesistates, muttering something about never even having seen snow, before.

Central Bowl> Conlan blinks. Discovered. "Hey, D'renn." And how he manages to look sheepish and conniving at once is anyone's guess. "Yeah, it's new." Con brushes dust from it, even. Even if there's not any. "E'ren suggested that I wear more, um." Swallow. "More vibrant colors."

Moiraine spots Adianna, "Adianna!"

Thesy slips onto the bench beside Catia, chuckling, "So you finally decided that Taesha won't take any harm when someone else looks after her?"

Central Bowl> Kyleth's head veers around to look over to Jak, then prods his side a few more times with his tail, not recieving the expected results the first time.

"I wouldn't know. I've been cooped up in the lower caverns lately." Areiah replies softly, nose wrinkled in mock distaste. "Not getting outdoors enough for my liking, but I've been busy lately." A half-hearted shrug is given before she takes another sip, eyes remaining trained upon her friend before she starts, remembering her manners. "Klah?"

<All> Myrineth senses that Rhyath puts her tail between her legs and all but runs for the sands. It's more a shamble. But when you've got to go…

Central Bowl> Ciera leans sleepily against the wall of the Bowl, watching and listening to the various conversations around her. "Jak pulled me away from a sweep," she supplies.

Adianna smiles "Moira" and goies up to hug her as she waves to her friend Thesy.

Catia shakes her head at Thesy, a mocking smile lingering… then her head goes up, much as Myrineth's does outside. "What?!"

Central Bowl> In the pens, D'ante shrugs lightly, smile and gaze still resting on Lani. "No, nothing really…" He might have said more, but just then Infernoth Informs him and smile freezes even as gaze unfocuses. "Time?" he echoes his lifemate, voice suddenly shaky.

<All> Myrineth senses that Trydanth sympathizes, as much as a blue can. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do….

Annie blinks, klah mug clattering to the table but not spilling. "I /was/ right!" she chortles. "That gold is clutching!" The last bit of sweetroll is shoved into her mouth and she tosses Gr'win a grin. "You said you've never seen a clutching?"

A slightly puzzled Thesy cocks her head at Catia, "Anything wrong?"

Catia almost bounces out of her seat. "Rhyath's clutching! Coming to watch?"

G'rwin hurriedly gulps down the last of his klah, snatching the gloves he's thrown on the table and nodding, hurrying after Annie - mouth too stuffed to say anything.

Tylendel smiles charmingly at Areiah, "Certainly." A slight frown crosses his face, "Cooped up?" Reaching up to run longish fingers through tousled hair, he softly says, "I'm sorry, then." At Annie's sudden outburst, a grin comes over his own face, "Oh, Areiah. Let's go watch." A boyish smile tugs at the corners of his mouth, "Please?"

Central Bowl> In the pens, Lani sucks her breath in - more for the plans upset by this turn of events, but then her dragon's urgency envolopes her. "It must be. This better not be a false alarm, Rhyath. Otherwise…" But she already reaching for D'ante's hand and in motion. "To the sands, Rhyath…" The batcave?

Central Bowl> Trydanth pokes /someone/ with his tail… D'renn, as it happens. "Ooof, /do/ you mind?!" is the rider's answer… then he stops dead, looking towards the pens. "Uh-oh."

Annie near-springs out of the cavern, driven more by Serath's maternal drive than anything. "You'll have some soon," she says aloud, not quite /meaning/ to.

Moiraine looks up at Annie and then Catia then turns to Adianna, "Are you coming?"

Thesy jumps to her feet, "What?! Right now!" Quickly she drowns her mug almost choking, "Sure," she grins, scurrying behind Catia.

Annie exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.
G'rwin exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are Ghost, Jubilee, Maekal, ArrowHart, Cappachino, and Eldi.
Brown Caerynth, bronze Danzith, green Myrineth, gold Serath, blue Bezath, brown Tyrdinth, blue Jakith, blue Kyleth, and blue Trydanth are here.
Tenchi, Conlan, Iwynlea, Ciera, Enya, D'renn, Mishanda, Hythe, Annie, and G'rwin are here.

Thesy steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Hythe grins as she sees Mishanda and heads over to her. 'Hey there'

Conlan blinks, having heard that bit from Lani as well.

Ciera pushes off her wall and blinks, listening to Jakith for a moment. "Oh. she's clutching." There's an intelligent statement for you. Rider yawns and starts to head in the right direction. Jakith grumbles and strides out after his rider.

Serath grumbles with vague irritation, eyeing the sands rather mournfully. "You'll have some soon, I /promise/!" Annie informs her lifemate in passing.

Areiah steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

In the pens, Rhyath stares at Infernoth with whirling eyes, then lumbers into flight.
In the pens, Rhyath leaps up Up UP into the air.

Ciera continues, heading north.

Iwynlea is saved from answer as she notes the commotion witht he dragons. She Grabs at TEnchi's hand to get his attentiona nd points toward the gold taking to the air.

In flight, Rhyath spirals higher, looping up past the Spindles themselves.

Annie continues, heading north.
Safia walks in.
Tylendel steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Mishanda grins and points to the gold, " Wow.. I think she's goona burst.. wanna go watch??"

Kyleth burbles happily and offers his tail as a boost as Enya hoists herself up between the blueberry neckridges.

Yiddae steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
G'rwin continues, heading north.

"Conlan! Wait!" and Thesy runs over to the sturdy guy.

Yiddae scrabble's up Tyrdinth's neck with the assistance of the tough straps to settle amid thickset neckridges.

Safia continues, heading north.

Tenchi follows Wyns hand and watches.

Myrineth is alert now, staring whirling eyes as Rhyath somehow takes to the air.

Conlan bites his lip and casts a quick backward glance at D'renn before heading toward the hatching cavern.
Conlan continues, heading north.

Jakith continues, heading north.
Autumn blinks in from ::between::!

Tylendel looks to Areiah, "Ahh, which way is it?" He smiles, not the least bothered by his lack of orientation.

Thesy continues, heading north.
Adianna steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.
Danzith takes off.

D'renn half-dances in the direction of the hatching cavern, not having noticed Conlan's look at all.
D'renn continues, heading north.

Kyleth continues, heading north.

Meandering further 'neath spires' watchful spikes, you head north.
Northern Bowl
Bronze Seivvath, brown Fallanth, blue Jakith, and blue Kyleth are here.
Ciera and D'renn are here.

Central Bowl> Areiah laughs softly and grasps for Tylendel's hand, grinning lopsidedly up at him. "Wouldn't want to lose you." she informs him, tugging gently as she leads him toward the hatching cavern.

Moiraine wanders in from across the bowl.
Ciera fights the wind and heads towards the Sands.
D'renn fights the wind and heads towards the Sands.

Kyleth burbles softly as Enya unfastens the riding straps and slip to the ground with the help of Ky's handy dandy tail.

//Careful now, the Sands are just beyond this vaulted entrance.
Sand's Edge/

Ciera heads to the right and into the galleries.
D'renn heads to the right and into the galleries.
Enya fights her way in from the bowl.

Avoiding actually stepping out onto the sands, you head to the right, up into the galleries.
Telion, Salea, L'shil, Tereli, Tellia, Annie, Safia, G'rwin, Conlan, Thesy, S'phen, Ciera, and D'renn are here.

Enya avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

G'rwin spots Annie and pressed through the crowd, trying to get to her, then grabbing her arm so they don't (Egg forbid) get seperated, again.

Tereli listens absently to everyone moving behind her. No one she knows, she's sure.

Thesy finally manages to reach Conlan and gasps, "Now really! Didn't you hear me?" and plops onto a seat beside him.

Annie turns at Gr'win's touch, then grins.

Conlan hunts for a seat, choosing one toward the edge, and only barely notices Thesy's entrance. "Huh? Oh. Did you - were you calling me?"

Moiraine avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Catia trots up the stairs, heading right for the back… for the cooler spot, the better view, the emptier seats.

Adianna avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.
Moiraine clambers up the stairs into the galleries.
Hythe avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

On the sands, Rhyath lands in a bluster of flying sand. Urgency disdains the finer points of the faultless landing. Impatiently, she watches the arch to the bowl. Laaani.

Salea smiles, waving for Catia and D'renn to come and sit…"Though you might want a seat Catia…so you don't have to stand…"

D'renn plops himself down right behind Conlan, grinning like the idiot he sometimes is. "Bets on how many, anyone?" he not /quite/ shouts.

Central Bowl> In the pens, D'ante clasps that hand, fingers threading through Lani's as he hurries alongside, and a silly grin comes out from somewhere - Infernoth, probably; though perhaps it's his own. His free hand pushes through his hair, and if there's a tremble to it, he gives Lani's hand a reassuring squeeze along the way even so.

Iwynlea avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.
Tenchi avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.
Tylendel avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.
Areiah avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Thesy nudges Conlan, "Did I call you? Sure I did." and rolls her eyes at him.

L'shil looks as though he's been socked, and sneaks up to where Catia is. "You know, that thing with both of us seeing and hearing and all? I think Quirky and I practiced too much. I'm getting everything double."

Central Bowl> In the pens, And so they hurry.

Central Bowl> In the pens, Lani heads out across the bowl.
Central Bowl> In the pens, D'ante heads out across the bowl.

Central Bowl> In the pens, Infernoth leaps up Up UP into the air.

Mishanda avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

"I, um." Conlan didn't hear her. "I was. Look!" And he points out at Rhyath.

Central Bowl> In flight, Infernoth just misses the gate, heading out towards the central bowl.

Tenchi steps up beside Wyn, panting.

Catia screws her face to one side, looking at L'shil. "I think we maybe need to work on that some more… Just not now?" As many times as she's seen golds clutching, it still fascinates her.

Adianna sits..or more gets shoved into her seat near moiraine as the crowd squashes in. She can see folks just as well thogh.. conlan and thesy and areiah among htem…and darn if she can remember riders names… thre is that strange one….D'roy? D'ruh? Oh, crackdust.

On the sands, Infernoth spirals down from above, battered by thermals.

Iwynlea glances up toward Tenchi, whispering "Do you think she will clutch?:

D'urn, even?

Hythe grins as she waves to Mishanda…pointing to the empty seat beside her.

Tylendel smiles as he follows Areiah in, not bothering to drop her hand. He glances around, eager expression manifest on his bright face. "See a good seat?"

More like D'rat?

Tenchi shrugs. "I don't know. This will be my first time seeing a clutch though.

Craning her neck, Thesy tries to get a better view on the sands, then turns to Conlan, "What do you mean?"

Enya manages find seat by ciera and the others, settling down with sigh, "Well…she'll be poppin' afew out for afew days…" she muses with wry grin as sands are glances out at, spying her blue crouched on near by ledge to watch.

Mishanda grins and scampers over, pushing a few lumbering miners out of the way and slides into the seat next to Hythe, " Wheew made it.."

Kredare hovers in the air, then lands quietly on a dusty seat in the back. Good thing he has good eyes.

D'renn settles in. "Watch a few, then back to normal whilst she drops the others….. this takes days, y'know…" he mutters to whoever it is next to him.

Conlan says, by way of explanation (and further highlighting why he should never be given the Orator of the Turn award), "She's um." Swallow. "She's going to lay eggs, you know."

L'shil nods, and makes a horrid face. "I'm sending him further off," he wavers, looking queasy. Considering that he and Piccath have been known to fly in circles for hours, it's somewhat amazing.

Hythe laughs softly to Mish, 'Lots of people for this.' A suprised look is give to D'renn as she over hears bits and pieces, 'Days?' She repeats in disbelief.

"Oh, how about over there?" Areiah asks, motioning with her unheld hand to a row near the front. Rather crowded, but there do appear to be a few empty ones. She grins faintly, slender fingers tightening around his due to excitement as she begins to walk, giving Tylendel a moment to protest or pick another seat.

Iwynlea grabs Tenchi's hand and pulls him toward two seats she sees. "I've never seen a clutching either," she admits as she sits.

Safia makes her way through the crowd to the seats. She heard that there was a dragon clutching, from a rider that was down at Ista, and wanted to come watch, so she caught a ride with the rider here. Her eyes flitter as she glances around, looking for anyone she knows.

Catia nods, nose wrinkling as she looks at L'shil in worry. "We /are/ going to have to do some more work on this," she repeats, curling one bare leg under her and swinging the other.

On the sands, Infernoth lands roughly, hurriedly; gallop-bouncing to a stop near his mate and crooning his concern even as he tries to fold his wings away. Harried, he manages it on the second attempt; sudden nerves leech away his usual aplomb.

On the sands, D'ante moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Ciera yawns and reacts rather slowly to it all, managing to wiggle into a seat by her friends. "Hot in here, isn't it?" she comments, peering out towards the sand. "She'll be out there for a while…"

Hythe offers Safia a quick wave as she tries to catch her eye…then her eyes head back to the sands.

"Coupla days…. depends how many eggs," D'renn confirms to Hythe, adding with a wink, "well, you'd take a while to give birth some 30-odd times…"

Tenchi looks at Wyn, sitting next to her. "You said you were an orphan too. The way you were acting a fem moments ago made me think that you weren't comfortable around large groups."

"Ummmm … are you sure?" Thesy cannot resist teasing Conlan. She then glances around toee, if there are other people she knows. "Hey Adianna!", she grins at the girl, "and hello Areiah!"

Hythe winces at that mental picture,'Ummm, thanks' She tells the rider rather weakly.

On the sands, Lani moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Tylendel makes no move to protest, only smiling excitedly and following her. As they near the seats, his olive eyes light with golden sparkles and he leans forward, standing up slightly on his toes as he cranes his neck to see the sands best.

Mishanda looks over at Drenn too, " Day?? My goodness.." she nods to Hythe, " I don't think I can be here for the whole thing, Charis is gonna have my hide for not finishing my work :)

Safia waves to the fellow StarCrafter, as she skims the crowd, looking for others that she might know.

Salea giggles. The idea of D'renn giving birth once is quite enough…never mind 30 times…."So D'renn - what's the magical number this time? What's your bets on the number of eggs?"

D'renn beams nearly as brightly as his shirt at Hythe and Mishanda. "You're welcome!"

On the sands, "Ach. Did I say the sun wasn't hot enough?" Lani asks D'ante, a brittle jest, as the heat of the sands hits her bodily. "I'd better go tend her. And rescue those straps, as well…" To her dragon, she adds, "I'm here."

"Long while…remember when TheLump took near close to a sevenday?" Enya remarks with shake of head, "*that* was a long clutching.." she muses with motion of hand.

Adianna turns around at D'renn, "did you say THIRTY?"

Iwynlea's eyes stay locked on the sands as she replies, "I don't like large groups, but this is too amazing to miss." SHe realizes she is still clutching a hand and drops is hurredly, her face turing a slight shade of red. "I'm usually much more shy" she admits, almost appologetically.

Jack walks in.

Moiraine crunching up more so that more people can cram in, nodding to D'renn then Adianna, "I think 35 is a better number.."

Conlan rolls his eyes and mutters something unintelligible under his breath. "Adianna, Areiah - " both get waves from the dark boy. "Thirty-two, D'renn!" he calls, wry.

Mishanda chuckles and leans back as Drenn beam nearly knocks her over. " No I mean it.. thanks!"

Hythe still winces from that thought…gold is eyed with deep sympathy,

D'renn looks this way and that, black curls bobbing with the quick movements of his head. How come everyone's talking to him at once? "At least," he answers Adianna confidently… leaning to pat Salea's knee and answer the brownrider: "34, I think."

L'shil heaves a sigh. "That's much better. I think it might have had something to do with him being near enough to see and hear everything I did, in almost the same way. It's not so bad now, and he can still see the clutching. He loves these things. Of course, it always precipitates the 'I'm going to chase a gold next time one goes up' idea, but that's forgotten by the next day. Usually."

Telion steps back to sit again, not looking, and almost runs into Safia (OOC: just picked a name, sorries). Turning he apologizes and takes a seat beside her. Lucky him there's still a seat left.

Tenchi takes Wyn's hand in his, gently squeezing it in assurence.

On the sands, Rhyath shoots an irritable look back at her rider. Of course, you're here. And with a desperate, pained look towards the bronze that did this to her, Rhyath sets down to the task at hand: Hide ripples, marching in procession tailward. Out, out, damn egg.

Kumiko edges in from one of the nearby ledges.
E'ren walks in.

Mishanda grins and turns to Hythe, " So how goes your studies here?"

Catia laughs softly at L'shil: "Tell him to stick to greens." Then her attention's caught… "Looks like the first one won't be long now…"

Areiah looks up as her name is called, giggling and waving to both Thesy and Conlan before settling down into her seat. "This is so exciting. I've never been to a Clutching before." she murmurs to her companion, eyes trained on the sands now, watching the gold.

On the sands, D'ante relinquishes Lani's hand with a final squeeze and a murmured: "Good luck." He stands for a moment before heading toward his own lifemate to comfort the anxiously expectant father.

Hythe takes a deep breath then wrinkles her nose, 'SLowly'

Salea grins. "34? When Tiareth had 44? Nah…I know…maybe 45…just to outdo Nuff"…

Tellia says quietly, "I'd say 38."

Tenchi glances at Wyn then watches the clutching.

Thesy leans forward not to miss anything down there, whispering sideways to Conlan, "Do you think she's in pain? I mean … ummm, like women are when giving birth …"

Teraelis walks in.

Conlan waves, friendly-like, toward E'ren, flashing that royal blue sleeve.

Safia looks over at Hythe, "It usually lasts a couple of days, too." She glances back at the sands.

Mishanda chuckles and tsks, " Am isn't happy.." she says with a wink, " In fact.. he's been quite despondent since you left.

Iwynlea freezes as her hand is taken again, and glances at him from the corner of her eyes.

D'renn half-rises, calling, '"Hey, Kumiko!" Here's someone who doesn't shout at him Shaking those curls again, at Salea, he responds determinedly, "34." And that answer goes for everyone else as well.

Conlan shrugs. "Probably. But, you know, that's the way it is. She's a big girl, you know."

Tenchi smiles at Wyn.

"Thirty-two," Conlan calls back, undaunted. Who's making book here, anyway?

Kumiko sneaks down, though hardly easily. "Nah. This is Rhyath's first clutch. 35." She continues to scoot, finding a spot to sit, before she stops. "D'renn." Wave is met with like, as she heads in that direction.

Zirade avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Annie cares not about the clutch's size. Attention on her weyrling charges is absent at best as she scootches forward on her little corner of bench to watch the sands closely. Serath provides a constant distraction, wanting to be there, /too/.

Adianna waves to conlan and Thesy, "Moria can this really take days?" she tucks her feet under her so they don't get trampled. "Doesn't that hurt? " Big or no…big dragon..big eggs.

Ciera rolls her eyes and adds her own guess to the pile of them being thrown out. "I think she'll have… eggs. Lots of them." See, there's an easy way to solve that argument. Bluerider fidgets on the bench slightly. "Possibly…. 33?"

Waving at the nanny, Thesy points to a free seat beside her, "Zirade, over here!"

D'renn pats the somehow empty space next to him, grinning at Kumiko. (Ok, so he shuffled up a bit on one side to make room… possibly squashing Salea a little. But all in a good cause.)

Slipping into the seat next to Areiah, Tylendel gives her hand a little squeeze, "Me neither. It's so … impressive." He glances over at her, then back at the sands, squinting slightly. "I mean, little tiny dragons, some 30-odd of them, are being clutched, right now, in eggs, inside that /one/ queen." A playful grin switches to mock grimace, "Sounds painful, too; I must admit."

"Nah..I'd be 29…" Don't ask Ene *why* she thinks that but…idle conversation.

Tenchi pushes somehair out of his face and continues watching.

On the sands, Rhyath gives no thought to pattern or order. This first egg is laid where it happens to fall. Saccharine pinks and roses, oranges and limes, all frosted over in creamy paleness like fairy floss.

Zirade spies Thesy with silv'ry eyes, so slips nearby, tucking slender legs under her seat. Elbow is balancing her on the arm of her chair, " What've I missed?" A wash of children fill the spaces all about her, red heads, blondes, and brunettes.

Indeed, as Kumiko takes the patted spot. "Thank you… you're so kind." A glink of humor comes into her voice as she watches the scooting take place. "Have we missed much, D'renn? Zenzen was causing quite the clatter on the star stones." Why she was there is anyone's guess.

Teraelis stalks in, mumbling under his breath. "They /wanted/ me here. Don't know /why/. Told me I couldn't stay under my covers back at the Hold. Wouldn't tell me /why/, though." Sniffle. "Covers are perfectly good to stay under! And giving S'mebody a message is no /real/ reason!" His voice rises to a whine. "It's just the superficial one. There must be a hidden one somewhere, some sort of plot against me." Yeah, that's right! That's definitely why he got sent here. All of the Hold he lives in is conspiring against him.

Conlan turns his attention to the Sands now, numbers and all pushed away from his throughts for the moment. There we go. There it is.

"There she goes…" Catia murmurs so only people nearby can hear, leaning forward to watch with elbows on knees.

On the sands, Regardless of black looks, Infernoth croons again, low and encouraging as he watches Rhyath. The first egg laid, he inspects it with delighted, whirling eyes, then turns his stupefied gaze back to his mate. Ooo! Do it again!

Tylendel takes in a quick, soft breath of air, exhaling raggedly, "Did you see it?!" His eyes are glued to the multi-colored egg, something new indeed. So forgive him if he sounds like a little boy at Turnday.

"Star Stones again, Kumiko?" D'renn's cheeky grin takes over his face. "And no… that's the first one." Pink. Hmm.

Telion watches the dragon with wonder now.

Iwynlea gasps in delight as the first egg drops to the sands.

Moiraine giggles like a child, "Look! the first egg

Tenchi grins and points to it.

Pushing tentatively back against the rock known-as-D'renn, Salea grins…"Well…I have this Benden …if its closer to 34..I'll open it…"

Thesy moves a little closer to Conlan to make way for Zirade and the kids and shakes her head, "Just the first egg".

On the sands, Lani grins at D'ante and Infernoth, hop-stepping over to comfort her own dragon - and rescue those flying straps. "Oh. Oh! Rhyath! An egg." Does that make Lani a grandma? "Are you all right? Sore? The next one won't hurt so much, I bet." She prattles along in time to her heart: fast.

Adianna grins, at Moiraine's giddiness, "It's the color of a new blossom…"

Teraelis backs himself into a seat, scrunches up there. Now he can stare gloomily at the beginning. "It's pink," he states. "That's a bad omen, I bet. Pink is…icky. Icky icky icky." So he's insulting the clutch. Does he care? Nope.

"Any sort of childbearing is painful." Areiah quips, grinning openly at Tylendel. Lips are formed into a delighted 'oh' at the first egg, eyes wide. "I saw." she replies quietly, about as far removed from teasing as she can get. She squeezes Tylendel's hand tightly, then, watching with an expression of wonder.

Kumiko has the good grace to flush under D'renn's cheeky grin. "It's not what you think." Head shakes, quickly, before she spies the first egg. "Hmm… I wonder if Rhyath will let them sit, or will she hoarde all the eggs in her weyr?"

D'renn pats Salea's knee again. "Sounds good to me…. Wonder what colour the next one'll be? Not pink, I hope….." Catching Kumiko's words, he ignore the first part, laughs outright at the second. "Try and hoard them, for a guess!"

Tellia walks out.

Teraelis gives Kumiko a /very/ startled look. "Queens don't horde eggs in their weyrs! /Do/ they? They better not! Then I'd've learned wrong! Who would have the /nerve/ to teach me wrong?" His voice skirts the edge of a wailing whine before going to blessed silence.

Ciera goes home.

Conlan smiles confidently at Thesy. "One down, thirty-one to go."

Tenchi watches in silent amazement, his hand still holding Wyn's.

Zirade runs a hand through her spikey golden hairs - " Oh. Only the /first/?" she chuckles darkly, eyeing Conlan as she flickers a hello. Hand flutters to point at the arising eggs, " Now ,kiddies, those are /eggs/." They sigh in giggles. They are, after all, /weyr/ brats.

Screechings aren't heard. Either that, or Kumiko is too busy winding up to hit D'renn's arm. "Don't even ask it," is muttered, before she looks back to the gathering below. "Then again, she just might hoard the best ones."

Iwynlea unconsciously squeezes Tenchi's hand in anticipation of the next egg.

D'renn gives Teraelis a startled look before correcting Conlan firmly "Thirty/three/ to go." Giving Kumiko an equally startled look, he asks: "What?" Earlier conversation already forgotten. "Bet she'd hoard a gold egg, if she lays one…" Any betting on that too?

Salea streaches and pushes D'renn into Kumiko. Voila. D'renn Sandwich…"Its beautiful…what a shade of….pink." Could have been worse…like orange…

Tenchi side glances at Wyn, smiling.

Adianna blinks, "Is it proper to bet on the eggs?" Adianna asks no one in particular looking around with wide eyes. She'd never heard of such a thing, really in her life.

Thesy returns the smile warmly, "Oh, this is just so exciting!" Though not as much as a hatching but still. "What makes you think there will be 32 eggs?"

On the sands, Rhyath sniffs at the pink thing, great nostrils flaring with surprise. It doesn't smell very good. She folds her wings back and warbles imperiously to Infernoth. Come see!

Tylendel casts a quick smile to Areiah before lounging back in his seat some. (Surely it takes a while to recuperate before the next one, hmm?) He sighs, "How many do you think she'll have? 34 maybe?"

Kumiko mulls, watching, hand giving a yes-no gesture. "She might. Would've been no way if Zenzen were involved, but it /was/ a long flight." Lips purse, as she watches Rhyath with that egg. "Bet she's confused."

Daleva avoids the Sands themselves and moves up from the entrance.

Enya glances over to Adianna with wry grin, "Course! Old tradition…I remember we used to bet sweep chores on Lump's clutches.." she asnwers with good natured shrug. ayup. Myth #1 goes downt he tube. so much for solemn rider reverance.

Conlan crosses his arms stubbornly and looks up a the bluerider, eyes full of mischief. "A quarter mark says thirty-two," he says firmly. And betting on anything in Conlan's world is proper: he's weyrbred. "First clutch, somewhere between thirty and thirty five, I picked thirty-two. I've got a one in five chance of being right." Wink.

Mishanda giggles and tries to peer over the big bman that sat in front of her, " Where where.. I don't see one.." she sits down and grumbles..

D'renn half-leans over Conlan's shoulder, from where he's sat behind… trying to escape the Salea-Kumiko crush. "What about whether there's gold or not?

Conlan is young: he can take a risk. "Double or nothing, there's a gold." Is he foolish? Or perhaps there's just not a whole lot to spend marks on at High Reaches.

Teraelis clutches tightly at his seat as the next egg is anticipated - pun quite intended. "I bet there will be thirteen and a half pink eggs," he informs the people who care to listen. "I just /know/ it." Poor Trae. He needs to learn how to bet well. "And I bet all the pink ones will be icky." He must have a goal of getting himelf snapped at by someone who /does/ like the clutch.

Kumiko would help him escape. Easily. With a boot right on his…. bumper sticker. Still. she sways, ending up nearly over D'renn's back, as she watches the proceedings down upon the sands.

Adianna doesn't know about this betting…riderfolk can be strange creatures, and conlan bettig a whole 1/4 mark? She blinks at Enya, "You bet chores?" it seems a foreing concept to her as she raises brows higher in shock.

On the sands, D'ante stays close enough to Infernoth to lend moral support, but far enough away to avoid the bronze's twitching - which is a good thing, since Infernoth suddenly slinks closer to his mate and the new-laid egg, dutifully crooning his approval. D'ante is left to follow along after.

D'renn sits back, half in Kumiko's lap. Or is it Salea's? Or both? "No way, Conlan… since I was going to bet on there being a gold, too. Find some other mug."

Conlan chuckles. "So we don't bet on gold, D'renn."

Areiah laughs lightly and waves her free hand, "Thirty two. Maybe thirty three. She doesn't really look that.. big.. to me." she replies, settling gently against Tylendel's side. She tilts her head slightly, listening to Conlan go on and on about the clutch before she grins faintly, looking back at Tylendel and asking, "Think there'll be a gold?"

Shifting slightly - these stone benches aren't very comfortable! - Thesy watches Conlan and D'renn somewhat fascinated. Really, weyrfolk can be confusing. Does that mean she's confusing too now?

Moiraine smiles, "I bet 2 marks that it will be 35"

Tenchi doesn't want to leave but has to. "I should be going. Perhaps i will see you again?"

Kumiko blinks? How'd /this/ happen?? Not that Kumiko would really complain. "Ahem… D'renn, as much as I like you… can you move? Either sit in my lap fully, or get off. I don't want a cramp." Lips purse, thinly, before she checks; nope, no egg yet.

Iwynlea glances up, "Aye, that would be nice. I'm around Ista…look for me." she adds mischieviously.

S'phen stands siletnsilent for a very long time before edging his way to conlan and taps his shoulder, "hey, con, what's your bet there'll be gold?" question is ask as rider's gaze shift back out to the sands.

Tenchi smils and nods. "I will."
Tenchi goes home.

Adianna gapes at Moiraine, that's more marks than Adianna has ever seen…. "Moira!"

Safia glances around, hearing bets on eggs, if there will be a gold or not, and asks, "How many bronzes do you think she'll clutch?"

D'renn is liked by Kumiko? Wow. Managing to settle all of his small frame onto the bench, /properly/, he leans forward again, nodding to Conlan. "No betting on gold." Is that a hint of regret?

On the sands, Curious herself, Lani lets Rhyath's straps hang. "Don't move…Your straps are only dangling." She shuffles around the young gold and grins across at D'ante. "Good thing you didn't have plans, eh?" she observes, finger extending to prod the newly hatched egg.

Moiraine grins, and whispers to Adianna, "Whe you craft gems for a living you tend to make a few good marks."

Conlan nods. "All right. Quarter mark on 32, quarter mark on - what was your number? Thirty-four?"

Salea grins, eyes alight with mischief. Addressing the bluerider (who thankfully wasn't in /her/ lap,) Salea asks, "So how about this - more blues? Or more browns?"

Thesy peers briefly down at the sands but nothing has changed, still only the one pink egg. At the sound of a new voice she looks up. "A friend of yours, Conlan?" she asks quietly, giving S'phen a faint smile.

Adianna head is whirling, "But Moiria…2 marks is an awful lot…." she watches the bets exchange like a badmitton match…the marks tossed like birdies…..

Mishanda stands up so that she can barely see, " Hey.. there is one out there.. she grins down at Hythe, it's a neat lookin one too…" She leans forward a bit and nearly looses her balance her arms flailing about as she scramble to remain aright.

Salea shouts across to Conlan…"Don't forget Quarter Mark on 45.." Well…she has a quarter mark to spare…

D'renn purses his mouth in consideration of Salea's offer. "Na… can't do that kind of bet yet. No colors… the only one you can tell now is gold, and sometimes not even yet…. Wait till the Hatching!" Another three months for D'renn to save his marks to bet with.

Kumiko rubs at her leg, before she mutters, "Ow…. um, more blues? Maybe. Our clutch surely had enough browns." Not that she's complaining. Not one bit. Hadn't been for Zen, she might be down there instead of Lani. Good brown, good. D'renn's leaving is taken as just that, before she murmurs, "They'll probably be maybe one more brown and blue. Maybe."

Teraelis's mouth twists into a sullen pout. "People are ignoring me," he tells himself. Well, when one talks to oneself, one often gets ignored. "How can you /bet/ on these things?" Not that /he/ wasn't betting on them himself a moment ago… "It's so /stupid/."

Conlan jumps, not having noticed S'phen there. "I'm betting there is a gold, but so is D'renn." He smiles easily. "I could be persuaded to make a side bet, perhaps a thirty-second, that there will be a gold egg."

On the sands, Rhyath thrums at Infernoth, somewhat relieved now that the initial edge has been taken off her urgency. This sand isn't bad. But her rest is short-lived as her innards start rolling the next eggs into the chute of their own accord. In quick succession, a second and third egg joins the first.

And, belatedly, Con gives introductions. "S'phen, Thesy; Thesy, S'phen."

Salea nods in agreement to Kumiko. "Just one more to give an…ample and sufficiency…"

Adianna leans forward, "Ohs…. two more!"

Tylendel listens to all the other conversations, idly keeping his eyes on the sands. At last, he softly murmers, "We can hope so, certainly." He gives Areiah a soft, sweet smile, tilting his head slightly to the left in thought, "I could even see /you/ on a gold, Areiah." His voice is contemplative, half-teasing. Arching his head, he switches back to the first conversation then, shaking his head, "No, no. It'll be 34." He lightly taps her nose. "You forget, she's already dropped one…so, she has 33 more." He shrugs, "Precious seems to envision lots, anyway."

Hythe listens to the conversations about her with an avid interest.

D'renn peers left, peers right, looking at the women who sit either side of him. "What are you two blathering about now?" D'renn's mind is on higher things.

Mishanda perks up at the mention of betting, " I say a 32nd she doesnt have a gold.." she calles out and winks at Hythe

Catia stands up, quiet at the back of the galleries. "Two, three…." she counts out loud, and then starts to head down the stairs, pushing through the crowds of weyrfolk and casual visitors.

"Nothing," Kumiko says blandly, dispite red clothes, before winking in Salea's direction. "We'll see. If it is the case… I'll have no regrets."

On the sands, D'ante's grin mirrors back. "I guess it is." His hands are stuffed into his pockets and he's just stands there, out of the way. Infernoth is busy warbling sweet nothings at his mate, so D'ante's a bit extraneous at the minute. "Ah." He clears his throat. "Need a hand with anything?" He leans toward Lani, pulling one hand from its safe pocket to rub through his hair again; awkward with the importance of the event and the gallery-full of attention.

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