High Reaches' 3rd PC Clutching

Nuff's gold Tiareth x S'phen's brown Trebinth and Areiah's gold Ysbryth x T'lendel's bronze Cairhoth
8th May 1999
Logged by D'renn

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.

Nuff moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
R'sli moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Tiareth spirals down from above, battered by thermals.
D'renn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Thesy moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

R'sli grins as he hits the sands, wiping his brow, and giving the shuffling gold a wide berth. "Nuff," he calls. "Still time to place a bet," he reminds cheerfully, hide and pencil at the ready.

In the Galleries, Tahara grins from ear to ear, and says to Lilian,"Oh, I love getting into trouble as much at the next brat, you know."

In the Galleries, Ambar notices the large numbers of eggs already on the sands "Have I missed anything, or is there two queens clutching?"

In the Galleries, Caelan smiles over to Laurenlee, "Hello there!"

In the Galleries, Lynsay settles herself comfortable on a larger rock and watched the queens.

In the Galleries, Laurenlee walks over to Caealn, "Hey! How are you?"

In the Galleries, Lilian waves over to Neola, "Nee over here." She calls her hand waving in the air hoping she sees her over the crowd. "Come sit with me and Tahara." She smiles at Tahara. "I wonder if you could be an honarary 'brat." a grin on her face.

In the Galleries, Caelan smiles, "I'm great! I *had* to come when I heard there'd be a clutching…"

D'renn appears on the sands, scowling as he edges across already warm ground towards Nuff. "Stupid blue woke me up.. what's Tiareth doing now?"

In the Galleries, Pyrah makes her way into the galleries, taking the stairs two at a time. Spying someone she knows, the Istan throws a wave and calls out cheerily, "Shaela!" Pausing only a moment to tuck a stray tendril of hair behind her ear, she hurries through the crowd. "Shaela - over here!"

In the Galleries, Sola walks over to a diferent spot for a better view.

In the Galleries, Tahara releases Basil, who launches into the air.
In the Galleries, Bob blinks in from ::between::!
In the Galleries, Xian bursts from ::between:: in a flash of light.

Thesy saunters over to the little group, careful to stay on the edge and in safe distance of Tiareth's reach, "So she's decided to get rid of all the eggies?" the bluerider grins at Nuff, "Drinth wouldn't calm down before I promised to go and get a look myself. H'lo D'renn, R'sli!"

In the Galleries, Herders, herders, everywhere! Tessera casts her baleful eye towards the numerous apprentices of herder she sees lining the stone seats and the railing. Hoping they have clearance from at least a journeyman, Tess scoots over and plops down next to the Herder entourage. "Dami. Flarra. Taida." Others. More. Et cetera. A hand waves absently, heat building in the air as the number of people increase the crush.

In the Galleries, Holding fast to Jillian's hand, Myrni looks around excitedly before waving one grubby hand to an empty pair of seats. "Look, those're still open!" Another gesture, this time meant to greet fellow weyrbrats before she pulls her fostermother over to the spot indicated. "Hurryhurryhurry! I don't wanna miss it!" First clutching since the girl came to 'Reaches, and she wants to get the full effect.

In the Galleries, Neola quietly skitter-scampers into the galleries, looking this way and that till she spots a familar face, "Lili!" Little Brat all but bounces as she scampers closer to fellow brat, "What's happening? Why's everyone here?" Okay.. She's a little slow it seems, "Something happenin' with the dragons?"

In the Galleries, "Hi, guys!" Taida says, leaning forward and peering at the other herderfolks. "How're you all?"

Tiareth lands - falls - thuds to the Sands in an awkward display of heavy gold. Broader than even Nuff, the mature queen flicks her wings up high and swaggers - waddles - strides over to the carefully manicured arrangement of sand. Good. It is time.

Titania blinks in from ::between::!

In the Galleries, Brittanie smiles and waves to Taida, "Hi!"

In the Galleries, Adora steps tentatively into the Galleries, nodding a goodbye to the weaver journeywoman, "I hope you find the dragonrider that wanted that dress," she calls out with a friendly wave to the dragonrider who so kindly let her hitch a ride. Gee, lots and lots of people, anyone she knows?

In the Galleries, Taida waggles an eyebrow at Brittanie before blinking at Tiareth. She thudded. Hee!

In the Galleries, Tahara leans towards Lilian, "Boy, it sure is getting crowded in here. I just came because Basil insisted."

In the Galleries, Damista is a Journeyman and she brought a contingent with her.. Her belief is thet everyone should see the eggs. Just don't let a Dragon kidnap her. "Tess."

In the Galleries, Sola watches as the queen lands, and leans a little forward, waiting excitedly.

In the Galleries, Yumi comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Brittanie grins and walks over to Taida, "I just had to come.." She says cheerfully.

In the Galleries, Lilian nods to Nee a wide smile on her face, "I think the queens are going to clutch…" She points down at the sands. "I heard them say something about eggs!…" A grin on her face as she looks down at the sand exspecting wierd waves of heat to blur her view.. but they do not.

In the Galleries, Shaela mills amongst the crowd, hunting for an empty seat with a good view - there aren't many left. Hearing her name, however, she spins to find the speaker in hopes that it's someone kind enough to have saved a seat for her. No such luck, of course, but seeing an old pal such as Pyrah is never a disappointment. "Pyrah!" she hollers, pushing her tiny body through the groups of burly crafters and weyrfolk.

Nuff turns to R'sli, grinning in delight. "What, me? And what would we be betting for, R'sli? Some more Harpers perhaps? See what he's gone and done? /Eggs/." She turns to D'renna nd repeats that. "Eggs. That's what she's doing. And about time too."

In the Galleries, Marena comes up the stairs.

Eggs. Right. Tiareth can do that.

In the beginning, Tiareth created the criss-crossed earth: shallow trenches pattern the Sands, a weaver's nightmare of undulating layers and rounded grains blacker than black against this queen's sun-bright hide. The mound is, as yet, unformed, a mere clouded thought in this universe of heat and shadows.

In the Galleries, Tessera is well. As usual. "Fine and dandy," Tess replies to Taida's inquiry. Pushing her forelock out of her eyes, a deft hand reaches down to snag her clipboard. The infamous clipboard of Tessera, it is now called… the fan of Tessera. Seeing activity on the sands, she peers over the rail at it. "My. Large, aren't they?" Which could refer to dragons or numbers of people dotting the oven below.

In the Galleries, Ambar walks over to Taida, seeming a bit nervous. "Hello Taida. I believe we met back over at Ista Weyr. How are you doing?"

In the Galleries, Jordan comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Caelan chuckles lightly at hearing the comment 'Some more harpers, perhaps'.

In the Galleries, Basil flies through the air chittering in an excited tone.

In the Galleries, "Good to hear it," Taida says to Tessera before following fellow herder's gaze out onto the sands. "They are big," Taida says with a nonchalant nod. Ambar's comment is met with cheerful grin and wiggle of fingers: "Hi! I remember you. I'm good. You?"

"Thesy? Ris?" D'renn decides that getting too close to Tiareth is not an option. "Well, here come some eggs, it seems…"

In the Galleries, Lilian nods to Tahara, "Wow Basil knew? Andy is a little slow…" She says with a shrug, but she likes him that way. "He sleeps all the time it seems." He rouses at the crowd and his name being heard, he peeks up croons and falls back asleep but not before getting comfortable again. Lill's eyes watch the sands and the gold dragon, eyes wide.

In the Galleries, Adianna comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Myrni plops down into her seat and tries to sit still, but with the arrival of the queen she bounces right back up again. "There she is!" she squeals, pointing in case the dense Jilli hadn't noticed. "She looks even fatter than she did the other night. Are there -really- a buncha eggs in there? Doesn't look like there's 'nuf room…" A tug on her hand sends her back into her seat, though she grips the edge of it eagerly and leans forward.

Nuff turns now to watch Tiareth settle in… or settle down. And then back to the other Riders. "Do I get better odds because I have to deal with the dragon, R'sli?"

In the Galleries, Ambar grins a little "Not bad." gives a ruefull chuckle "You are really the only person I recognized here.

In the Galleries, Brittanie smiles and peers over the rail, "Wow…" Is the only thing that comes out of her mouth.

In the Galleries, Marena looks around, searching for a familiar face amongst the crowd, then shrugs and takes a seat.

In the Galleries, Ambar says, "Would you introduce me to some of your friends?""

R'sli grins at the Weyrwoman. "Why, what riders always bet on in these circumstances. Which ones are bronze, how many there are, etcetera." He chuckles. "And I have a few markers left," he warns. "Most people are betting on 'Bryth," he says apologetically. "I'll clean up if she clutches today. No one thinks that will happen." He clamps his mouth shut and watches as Tiareth makes ready. "Well, having the insider's p.o.v. is helpful," he admits.

In the Galleries, Goldean comes up the stairs.

"Do I get better odds because I have to deal with Nuff?" D'renn asks R'sli quickly… and reveals what he was carrying on one shoulder: a wineskin. Always useful.

In the Galleries, Kevin comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Tahara says back to Lilian, "How big are these eggs going to be?" She stretches her airs out, careful not to hit anyone. "This big?"

In the Galleries, Brittanie hmms at Taida. "And I'm not a herder? Hmmm… Not going to introduce me?"

Nuff snorts. "Well. 'Bryth does have the advantage of Cairhoth." But Nuf fdoesn't care in the least. "Okay then. I'll take Tiareth. Three bronze, five brown, seven blue, and twelve green. No, thirteen green. Thirteen's a lovely number."

In the Galleries, "Oh, there you are, Brittanie!" Taida says, blushing and extending a hand in a gesture of apology. "Ambar, this is Brittanie. Brittanie, Ambar." Eep.

Tiareth just creates: No hard-shelled amphibian regurgitates this world. No mud raised from the deep on the talons of avians. No worlds layered and split by the hand of deities. No. Not even a Big Fat Bang. This world starts with a Big Fat Dragon: Tiareth. As Tiareth moves again, it all begins with naught but the soft, sussurant, gentle *plop* of an egg hitting the Sands.

In the Galleries, Marena sighs and looks around again, then peers over the ledge onto the sands. "Oooh.."

In the Galleries, Tessera hears her name. Ah! Manner's must now be employed. "Ambar," she inclines her head in greeting. Her mother did instill some semblance of manners, once.. Eyes breifly flicker to the sands, before she comments, the fan of Tessera still fanning eagerly, "Now, if I remember right, doesn't all this take some time?" It's been a while for Tess since she's been to one of these.

In the Galleries, "Nice to meet you." Ambar says. She searches in her backpack and brings out a waterskin. She takes a small swig, and makes a face. "Anyone want a drink? It's warm, bit it's still wather."

"Twenty-seven eggs, Nuff?" D'renn enquires… then turns and stares as the first arrives. "Oh."

This egg. First Egg. Like all of its kind, this egg lies in a sort of gooey, sort of lustrous, sort of fragile state of being: unformed but for the rounded, oblong shell about half as high as Nuff, Tiareth inspects it carefully and allows Trebinth a peek. His egg. Their egg. Small and silvery, it is quickly tucked up into the warm sand.

In the Galleries, Shaela nods her agreement, squishing between the Istan Steward and the rather rotund cavernwoman. "Save the odour of this one beside me," she giggles, edging closer to Pyrah and farther from the miffed gossipper.

In the Galleries, Brittanie oos as the first egg comes.

Thesy sidles up with D'renn, that wineskin looking quite inviting and chuckles, "Well, at least someone who had enough sense to bring the drinks. And I'd say 25 eggs."

In the Galleries, "Gonna clutch? Really? Eggs and ev'rything?" Okay.. And this is a Weyrbred Brat? Doesn't seem it does it? "Ooh. Just like ma's. Eggies everywhere!" Neola adds, eyes wide now as she peers down into the sand below, "Wonder how many are gonna be layed?"

R'sli makes a note. "So you're thinking forty eggs. Good." High numbers keep his pockets lined, y'see. He watches as the first egg appears, and turns to the blueriders. "What about you two? Any bets?"

In the Galleries, "So I remember," Taida says with a nod at Tess. But, all is forgotten as the first egg appears. "/Look/!"

In the Galleries, Krissie eagerly watches as the first egg arrives. "Oh my, it's the first time I've ever seen a clutching! It's so exciting." She grins to the nearby standing, showing off her excitement.

In the Galleries, Damista watches and reaches for Flarra's hand. "Look, there!" Her voice soft as she points with her free hand. "They get so hard after sitting out there…." Does Dami sound wistful?

In the Galleries, Tahara leans back towards Lilian, in a whisper meant for her, "Oh, oh, that big, eh?" Basil lands on Tahara's lap, bouncing up and down excitedly.

D'renn paases over the skin to Thesy, and attempts to slouch nonchalantly. "No bets this time, Ris… I don't dare."

In the Galleries, Jordan follows the herd - baa. And finds a seat near th back.

In the Galleries, Kevin says, "This is my first to."

In the Galleries, Marena peers at the egg, and gasps softly.

Another follows. Then another. Then a third. Each one emerges like primordial ooze from the clutching queen, slipping wet and soft to the soil Tiareth's carefully raked sands. The world begins to take shape and form beneath the raking of those great, grey-green greasy Tia-talons as more and more eggs are slipped into the folds of dark earth.

In the Galleries, The collective gasps wrings a matching one from Tess's throat, eyes turned below to catch a glimpse before it's covered in sandy shelter. "Well. Beautiful, as far as I could tell.." she notes with a wry grin, wishing she had borrowed that farviewer from her friend, Smythe, shard it. As it is, her short neck strains over the taller heads of the crowd, following the laboring queen's progress.

In the Galleries, Kevin goes out.

In the Galleries, Ambar takes in a view of the sands. "Wow." she mutters in astonishment. "They're so big!"

In the Galleries, "There it is!" the now rather red weyrbrat exclaims, jumping and pointing to the new egg. After a moment she calms again, leaning as far forward as she can without falling on the person in front of her in order to get a good look at the shell. "It's /awfully/ purrrrdy." But before she's done looking at it, more plop out. Hey, they're going too fast!

Nuff keeps breaking off the conversation to congradulate Tirareth and all her hard work, and only occasionally grimaces along with the queen. "What? D'renn? Whatever did you lose last time to be so wary of betting this time?"

"27?" Thesy glances inquiringly at the little weyrwoman, "What makes you so sure about that?" A quick glance is cast at the clutching queen before she adds with a chuckles, "Shells, if she goes on like that there will be even more than /27/!"

In the Galleries, "More!" Taida declares calmly, pointing a finger out towards the egg. "Wow, they're going really fast," she adds, shaking her head bemusedly.

In the Galleries, "But of course," Pyrah responds amiably, grinning. She dimples, too, at the cavernwomen, polite as can be, before attention slides sand-wards. "And look!" She sees, and points a finger, as Tiareth clutches. "Eggs." Never say Py doesn't have a good grip on the obvious.

In the Galleries, Marena wonders how many eggs will be clutched. "There so pretty!"

In the Galleries, Flarra blinks a bit and stops her 'dance' as hand is taken and attention focuses on something other then the people around her. Ooh. Eggs! "It looks so soft. Are you sure thats right? I always thought they were hard? Like when the dragons hatch." She replies softly, whispering almost and gaze going to Damista instead as she catches the wistful tone. "Something wrong Mentor?"

In the Galleries, Brittanie nods in agreement, "Very fast.. Lots and lots of them"

"That's a bit quick, isn't it Nuff?" D'renn asks, carefully ignoring the question of his bets, and just holding out a hand for his wineskin.

In the Galleries, Krissie leans forward, trying to count the eggs. "Anyone able to count them?" Krissie twists her head around, trying to get a good look of the great queen.

In the Galleries, Marena tries to count the eggs, but once she finishes, more pop out!

In the Galleries, Ambar shakes her head in minor bewilderment "wow. I wonder where they go to get all the riders they need…."

In the Galleries, Tahara whispers to Lilian "They don't look like flit eggs at the moment do they. Kind of look wet and soft."

Nuff winks at Thesy. "Perhaps they're smaller, being Trebinths. Do they look smaller? That'd make them faster wouldn't it?" Nuff tries to get a good luck at the eggs, but Tiareth keeps pushing them out of view beneath the Sands. "Look mostly same size to me. Have you seen any purple ones yet?" Nuff asks this of all of them.

In the Galleries, Krissie grins. "I don't think it's riders they lack around here."

In the Galleries, Qunold blinks in from ::between::!
In the Galleries, Carna comes up the stairs.

Ripples quake and quaver along Tiareth's rippling sides, like time passing swiftly across an almost static backdrop. Eras change. Mountains are formed in the Sands and then grow flat again, while new ridges take shape beneath the dragon's careful raking. Then, quickly, an egg as green as some jurassic jungle is quickly buried like a secret into the thermal-warmed Sands.

R'sli is too busy counting eggs, and making notes to answer, but instead points to a purplish egg that was part of the first onslaught. "There," he says shortly.

In the Galleries, Damista shakes her head, "Nothing wrong… They start soft you know…like hide. They get harder before they hatch." A sigh escapes her as she watches the queen. She will never admit she actually enjoyed her time at Ista Weyr.

In the Galleries, "Don' even bother to try," Myrni announces matter-of-factly to all within listening distance. "She'll push'm under 'fore you've even got a chance to spot half of them." Weyrbrats have to know their dragons, see.

In the Galleries, Shaela noticed that long before: fifteen turns of viewing clutchings gives you an almost intuitive ability to know when the first eggs have been laid: the increased excitement in the crowd helps, too, of course. "Did you place any bets?" the weyrgirl inquires of her elder companion.

<All> Trydanth senses that he watches egg-arrivals through his rider's eyes, as proud now as if he were the father. « Lots of little ones. »

In the Galleries, Marena wishes she had placed a bet. Maybe she would have got a bit of money.

<All> Trydanth senses that Zaqith glimmers gilded approval, even atop hazy green angst. « Many. »

In the Galleries, Tessera flutters her clipboard-come-fan, and peers down through the haze of sweat and fluffed hair to the sands. She resists commenting on the number, biting her tongue, hoping her small pool back at Herder holds on the number. Cocking an ear to Dami's reccitation, she nods. "Sure, like the gestation period for a runner.." Perhaps not the most… complimentary comparison, but Tess is a herder after all. Do make allowances.

In the Galleries, Tahara whispers to Lilian "They don't look like flit eggs at the moment do they. Kind of look wet and soft."

Thesy grins but willingly lets her glance move back to the increasing number of eggs. "Sorry, but Tia's hiding them so fast. Can't see any purple yet but I don't think they're small, they look just right, no?"

"There are always purple eggs in Nuff's clutches," D'renn states, more than a little pompous. Note who he think the clutch was laid by….

<All> Trydanth senses that Ysbryth drifts, floats, melts - shades of turquoise and sapphire shaded by the rich grey of sleep. And then: « Little ones? » Confusion, albeit momentarily, before a twist of citrus, a shimmer of grey-turned-silver, and realization dawns in amber and buttermilk.

In the Galleries, Goldean edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the Galleries, Luari comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Damista nods at Tessera, "Right, Dragons just clutch the eggs while a runner carries the young in her womb."

In the Galleries, Pyrah admits, "I didn't - I always seem to loose more marks than I make." She quirks a rueful grin, then queries, "Did you?"

In the Galleries, Flarra just watches her Mentor curiously with one eyebrow raised. This is Damista? Hm, ever since.. Well, the search, she's not been the same. Its almost frightening how quickly that change took effect, "Maybe." She murmurs doubtfully, not quite sure. Though.. She had a flitter egg once that started out soft and turned hard before it hatched, "How many do you think they'll be? Eggs?"

Nuff grins, grinning, grins. "Just right. Good." And then turns back to watching Taiareth dote over the universe of her eggs.

<All> Trydanth senses that he confirms smugly, all bright neon happiness: « Lots of them. Tiareth's. » Enquiring mind twists suddenly, sparking copper. « Ysbryth? »

In the Galleries, Keris comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Runner breeding Tess knows, she slants a look at Dami, a brow raised. "Yup." Safe agreement. "Say Dami, when was the last time you taught a class?" Tess inquires thoughtfully, poking a playful finger into her shoulder. "Sounds like you're having withdrawal.." she teases, fan working overtime as heat assimilates.

<All> Trydanth senses that Tiareth sails, faster, sharper, and quicker across the surface of such liquid thoughts: need, desire, huger… emptiness grows but so too does her delight.

This /is/ the age of Nuffsaurus Rex. Even the volcanic-heat of the cavern does nothing to dampen the delight of the little 'Reaches weyrwoman as each little egg makes its appearance. "Seven!", she yells as her lifemate produces another set of eggs, these ones all gently purple.

<All> Trydanth senses that Sardrinth breezes soothing ocean mists towards his adored clutchmate «Eggies, Ysbryth, eggies! »

In the Galleries, Keris hesitates briefly, eyening the crowd gathered in the room. "Oh my, I had no idea tehre'd be so many people here." Keris hurries to the ledge, looking at the sands. "How many eggs so far?"

In the Galleries, Adora raises an eyebrow, no wonder she almost stumbled onto her little firelizard's egg if the gold flitters bury them like this momma dragon is doing. She reaches up to scratch the eyeridge of her brown, feeling his little throat vibrate as he thrums along with his larger cousins.

D'renn snorts in disgust. "Purple ones…. Thesy, where's my wineskin?" The Weyrlingmaster needs fortification.

In the Galleries, Fynn comes up the stairs.

Nuff just giggles.

In the Galleries, Damista shrugs and counts the ones on the sands, "Maybe about 30ish. We are still in a Pass and all." When she stood on the sands it seemed as if there where hundreds of eggs and all hatching at once. She glances at Tess and smiles, "I have been teaching Showing lately. I need to do a few basics soon."

In the Galleries, Badger blinks in from ::between::!

In the Galleries, Shaela shakes her head, finally turning to observe Tiareth's progress. "Nah, I'm not allowed: I'm too young to join in most of the pools. Plus, I haven't the marks. But L'shil and I sometimes make silly bets - for sweets and things."

In the Galleries, Hyshn comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Carna smile at Keris. "so you came to the party after all.

<All> Trydanth senses that Ysbryth withdraws for a long moment before conceding, agreeing, replying. « Eggs. Tiareth's. And.. mine? » Tentative, almost, even hesitant in metallic glint - but it is time. All grown up.

In the Galleries, Basil humms with all of the dragons and firelizards, exicited by what is happening.

"Satisfied now, Nuff?" Thesy points at the purple eggs, "And /lots/ of them even!" Turning to D'renn she shakes her head, "Sorry, you haven't passed it over yet. Maybe R'sli's got it?"

In the Galleries, Keris smiles back at Carna, walking to stand beside her. "Yeah, who'd wanna miss this? this your first clutching?"

<All> Trydanth senses that Tiareth skims and skips the surface, whistlying. » /Mine/. « And they are, these ones. These here. These she works so carefully around for they are wet and fragile and so so soft.

In the Galleries, Taida has fallen into silence, elbows propped onto her knees, chin propped onto her palms. Sapphire gaze searches, studying each egg for as long as she can before broodish-momma tucks it away under the sands.

Tiareth stirs again, ruling the Sands like some Great Lizard. With each step the ground shakes and her rumble drowns out the incessant chatter of attending firelizards. Thunder shakes the ground again, steam rising in a hiss from 'Reth's hide and with another roar and resounding /thump/ of her tail, her noises suddenly go extinct. Silence hangs in the air like the threat of disaster and then, there in a glimmer, the shimmering of a egg promises life anew.

In the Galleries, Tahara face is flushing a little, kind of warm in here with all of the people, "This is quite something." she says to all who want to hear.

In the Galleries, Krissie doesn't take her eyes off the sands. "Quite something!"

In the Galleries, Carna smiles back. "yes, my very first. There sure are a lot of eggs, aren't there?"

In the Galleries, Tessera follows the eggs' path into hiding under the sand's with her eyes, before returning to the heaving and puffing queen. And blame her she does not. Tess nods to Dami, giving a lopsided shrug of one small shoulder, and a half smile on a wide mouth. "I know the feeling.." she vaguely replies, concentration resumed on seeing above the tall people, watching as the newest egg is hidden, conscience of it's aestheticity.

In the Galleries, Sola looks around at the people, "Sorry, but does anyone know why they want purple eggs?"

In the Galleries, Neola just oohs as eggs and great golden queens below are watched with wide eyes, "Lookie! Lookie! Purple eggies!" She all but shouts, jumping up and down with excitement as she turns to Lili and Tahara, "Didja see? Didja see? Purple! Aren't they purty?"

In the Galleries, "Purple, pink, blue, green…" Myrni can list all her colors in this clutch. "Yellow, black, white, grey…" Better to count all the different shades than individual eggs.

R'sli does have it. He holds it out after taking a long draught. "Here." He grins, and starts making furious notations. "Just for the record, the betting office is closed until 'Bryth makes an appearance, if she does." He chuckles, a note of greed seeping in. "I love days like this, " he murmurs.

In the Galleries, Keris tries to count the eggs, but has to give up. "Yeah, there must be. I can't get the exact number though. She's hiding them all."

D'renn cocks his head to one side, puzzle of the missing wine forgotten. Lifemate's thoughts are uttered by rider's lips: "Is Ysbryth coming here too?"

In the Galleries, Lilian nods softly to Tahara keeping her eyes on the sands, her jaw almost lowering in awe… She turns her head for a moment a smile to Neola and Tahara… Sitting here watching the eggs. She turns her head to Neola at her squeal. "They are pretty arn't they!" She says happily keeping at least some part of her vision on the sands at all time.

In the Galleries, "Well, you've time enough to gamble away your marks in the future," Pyrah remarks sympathetically. Hazelled gaze focuses upon the sands, chattering away as she watches: "L'shil? I haven't met L'shil."

In the Galleries, Marena tries once more to count the eggs, but fails.

Nuff is never truly satisfied without cookies, but today this is enough. Not only eggs, but purple eggs. What more does a weyrwoman need? "'Bryth?" Nuff blinks, chuckles, and glances out to Tiareth.

In the Galleries, Ambar is beginning to look a little flushed from the heat and the crowd "This is the first clutching I've been to. How long do they usually last?"

Tiareth is busy. She rests a moment before depositing a few ice-white shells to the sands. As these eggs melt into the growing mound, more follow, and more, and more till they lie like seeds planted in the shallow furrows laid down earlier. She tosses earth over them, burying them with the rest.

In the Galleries, Zali comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Tahara nudges Lilian, "Wow, she was all eggs, it seems? Where did she fit them all?"

D'renn nods… then is distracted by the sight of his wineskin. "Ah-hah!" Claiming it, he takes a long drink… and looks around again. "Trydanth says Ysbryth is on her way…. I think."

"Sardrinth says she will come down /very/ soon!" Thesy looks almost as puzzled as D'renn, "Do they always /know/? He seems totally convinced that Ysbryth will be here any moment now."

Areiah moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.
Ysbryth moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Time passes, and then sand shifts again in response to restless movement. A neat hollow appears and is soon obscured with a flick of Tiareth's great tail. Careful, almost devious, the mature queen hides this ancient, glphy'd egg with obvious intent. She plots. She plans. She surveys the desert of Sands and only after due consideration does 'Reth finally entomb this one with the rest. Must keep it hidden. Hide it from.. Ysbryth.

In the Galleries, "You haven't?" Shaela sounds shocked at first; however, upon consideration, she changes her tone. "I suppose not. He's one of my bestest friends, here. He rides a brown named Piccath. He and T'vim - Tavim - Impressed from the same clutch. You heard T'vim Impressed bronze, didn't you?" Yes, Shaela likes to brag for her friends: is there anything wrong with that?

Tiareth looks up to her distant child, watching. But there is little competition there. Just a careful warning as the older queen makes sure its clear which part of the Sands are hers. And which eggs. These ones, these her, all these. She was here first. She gets more Sand.

In the Galleries, Tahara continues, "Where are they going to put all of the new riders?"

"Well, damn me!" D'renn curses loudly… and carries on muttering under his breath as the younger, paler gold arrives.

"Zaqith just confirmed it," R'sli nods. "And she and Bryth are like twin moons sometimes." He can barely contain his glee, and when the gold and her rider appear, he dances a quick jig, and stares into the Galleries. Lots of folk up there owe him money now.

<All> Trydanth senses that Sardrinth buggles triumph « And here comes the other, Ysbryth, more eggies will be on the Sands soon! »

Dam me twice! "Areiah." Nuff rolls her eyes. "You just couldn't wait, could you?"

In the Galleries, Yumi giggles as she watches.

In the Galleries, Lilian smiles and looks at Tah and Nee. "Look the other gold.. is she going to clutch too? Two clutches in one day?" A soft blink as she watches as Areiah walks out onto the sands her queen behind her.

In the Galleries, Icy gaze sneaks it's way across the crowded galleries, falling upon each and every person for a moment with it's freezing intensity as Aaliyah ascends to the seats. Her bluerider companion, with whom she is often seen, is noticed, but avoided carefull, her still-bleached hair shielding her face from his glancce. But St'pid is too engrossed in the clutching to see anyone at this point Good, all the better for her. She takes a seat, up front, obviously belonging to someone else who has left for only a moment. But oh well, you snooze you lose, as Aaliyah always says.

In the Galleries, Dancing up the stairs into the impregnable crowd of viewers, Wyllura peers around for a familiar face; spotting Myrni and Jillian, despite the fact that she doesn't exactly know them, she manages to smile her way over there, peering out at the two golds with a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

"Damn Damn." Two dams… both golden and both on the Sands, taking up a /lot/ of space. "Erm… Reia?" D'renn ventures, abandoning Nuff for the younger weyrwoman.

Thesy laughs, holding out her hand for the wineskin, "Oh dear! Guess we /all/ could do with a drink now. Pass it over, please?"

In the Galleries, Basil is bouncing up and down, claws digging into Tahara's lap.

In the Galleries, "Areiah!" Taida declares, pointing a finger onto the sands as though that will make other Things Happen. Sapphire gaze pauses briefly from eyeing Tiareth-eggs to inspect Ysbryth and her rider.

D'renn tosses the wineskin Thesy's way… although not without a slight reluctance. It isn't going to last very long.

In the Galleries, Tahara nods to little Basil's antics, "I think so."

Ysbryth? Steal Tiareth's eggs? Why, she just got here! And she'll have her own eggs, soon enough - it's time. Or so it would seem. Large haunches and larger stomach and broad withers are all drawn carefully, slowly onto the sands. "It's not my fault!" Areiah sputters to Nuff, eyes wide with.. anticipation? Fear? "It's /time/, D'renn." This is the eventual confirmation for D'renn, and a few cautious steps are taken further out onto the sand.

Nuff is abandoned, so takes a step closer to Thesy and R'sli - they have the wine afterall. "Its going to get a might crowded in here."

In the Galleries, Tessera turns her head as another queen enters the grounds. "More? Flames, a double then.." is the curious comment from Tess behind her clipboard, nudging the girl next to her with a pointy elbow. Just making sure she saw it too. A wrinkled nose and a furrowed brow create a fairly unattractive face for the moment as she strains to look below. "What's happening?" The previously nudged girl scoots farther away from Tess, and shrugs warily.

Tiareth can't spare too much time for the others. She's still /busy/. More eggs follow: as pristine and white as any Greek columns. As beaten gold and red as any Roman Centurion. Through the birth of philosophy and the death of a salesman, time passes across the arrival of the eggs. There's the exotic elegance of the far east, the brute force of the dark ages, and the renaissance in a glimmer of gilt and gold. Egg after egg, era after era, the history of the world is buried like treasure beneath the 'Reaches Sands.

In the Galleries, Marena looks to the sands nervously.

D'renn pats Areiah's shoulder haphazardly, managing to somehow slouch again as he gazes at Ysbryth. She's eager, isn't she…

In the Galleries, Neola nods quickly and eyes widen even more at the sight of the younger queen, "Ooh! Another one? More eggs?" She whispers softly, looking to Lilian for a moment before going back to the sands below, "Wasn't that the queen who was flown by Tyty's bronze?" Yes, Tyty. Poor guy. He's been labled and named by the Brat. "Do ya think she might clutch a gold? Do ya? Lili? Do ya?"

In the Galleries, "Oh, yes - I remember T'vim." Some. Pyrah muses, lips pursed in thought. "Haven't seen him in /Turns/, though." Ysbryth's entry is noted, then, and the Steward's elbow goes out to nudge at Shaela. "Oh, look." And more eggs, too.

In the Galleries, Yumi oohs at the new gold "Eggies"

In the Galleries, "There's 'nother one…" Myrni breathes, wide-eyed. Now they'll get all the eggies now. "It's 'Sbryth! An' Areiah!" More'n more eggs. And one of /these/ might be sparkly.

Thesy takes a good swig before handing the skin over to Nuff, eyes widening with surprised pleasure, "Wow, it's Benden White! D'renn, what made you part with it?" A wink is given to the goldrider beside her, "My, this is going to be some Hatching, no?"

In the Galleries, Damista squeezes Flarra's hand, "Two?" she whispers softly. A hand goes through the Journeyman's hair as she watches. She met this rider…. That's right! R'sli's friend. She peers closer at the sands.

In the Galleries, Marena says, "I wonder if there'll be a gold," Marena murmers."

In the Galleries, Lilian looks at Neola her eyes almost sprakling in the heat.. although they might just be a little watery from being open for so long, "I don't know Ne… but it would be neat if she did! I've never seen a gold egg before!" She almost seems to Mimic Neola's hyperness and smiles at Tah, "What do you think.. think their will be a gold?"

Ysbryth casts a heavy look at the older gold; a look as heavy as the young one's great belly. With an ooof, she settles, muzzle pointed in silent plea towards Areiah as… here it comes… her first egg is laid. Softly pastel, it rests for a moment before Ysbryth hastily hides her first, perfect egg.

Nuff eyes the skin carefully for a few momnets and then sips carefully. "Trust D'renn to know where all the good stuff is." She nods again to Areiah, perhaps in wlecome. "Least I'll have someome to talk to this time." Blabber blabber blabber. Poor Areiah. "I hope she doesn't snore."

In the Galleries, Krissie gasps as Ysbryth lays her first egg. "This is too exciting."

In the Galleries, Adora bites her lip, leaning forward, "Shards and shells," - literally - "Two golds?" Goodness, they are /large/ aren't they? Innocent Adora didn't realize how big gold dragons were, having, after all, only seen them flying high above.

Tiareth, if anything, speeds up the pace of her clutching. An egg. Another. A third. Eggs fall through history onto the sands in cascade of color and soft, wet shell. Here a dark one, burnished by time and already antique as it lies warm and fragile 'neath dragon's paw. Its carefully nudged 'tween its neighbors and quickly buried with the rest. See Ysbryth? That's how its done. One two three. Step together. Mind the shells….

In the Galleries, Yumi oohs and points

In the Galleries, Marena looks around for someone she knows.

In the Galleries, Tahara shruggs her shoulders, "If I was betting, I would say oh, yeah at least one gold with two such beautiful dams doing the laying."

Areiah just wants to hide. And look at the /crowd/. Sigh. "It's not my fault," the young weyrwoman tries again - and then turns to watch with the first egg's arrival, gasping out a soft 'oh', already-wide eyes growing larger. But, wait. Snore? "I don't think I snore." And again she's back to reality, peering at Nuff this time.

In the Galleries, Krissie agrees. "There must be one gold!"

In the Galleries, Peering up, stretching her neck to the utmost, Tess manages a glimpse. "The other queen is clutching as well, " is the verdict. A slight frown as she calculates number, guaging lumps under the sand, and the size of each rotund barrel still in the form of queens. She's betting on more than thirty… more like fourty at least with two dams working away down there.

In the Galleries, Attention caught once again by the squeeze of the hand, Flarra happens to turn just in time to spot the younger queen arriving, "Another one? How many eggs is this hatching going to have? Hundreds I think." She mumurs softly, eyes widening a bit in surprised though as she seems to recognize the queen and rider, "Isn't that R'sli's friend? That we met in the Pastures?"

"Who? Ysbryth or Reia?" Thesy snickers, shucking off her jacket, "I can only vouch for Reia, she doesn't snore. That is, she didn't when she was a candidate! Or did you change that, Reia?"

A long pause… then come two, one after the other: red-stained black next to heaving blue-and-white; cascading through history into the soft sands. A glance to Tiareth, and Ysbryth covers them with a tentative paw, hiding them from time's ravages.

In the Galleries, Shaela is nudged, and dutifully turns to observe. "Oh!" she exclaims, brow immediately furrowing. "Never quite seen that before," the girl admits in confusion: both golds at the same time? "T'vim's got a real kid now," Shaela catches Pyrah up on the old gossip before the woman on her other side does it for her. "With Catia."

Nuff peers back, trying not to laugh. "No use in trying to convince them of something they don't want to do. Or stop them when they have mind to do something. They just will. Welcome, Areiah."

In the Galleries, Carna says, "Keris I'm not quite sure how to whiper.However I don't think i've ever enjoyed anything more.What about you?"

D'renn slouches, wineskin freely offered to those in need: mostly himself.

In the Galleries, Lilian looks down as Ysbryth clutches her first egg, "Look." she says happily at the egg, leaning up in her seat only using the edge. She knows they are looking, and she is too, blink, blink, must remember to blink.

In the Galleries, Yumi notes the slouching D'renn "oh poor thing…" She smiles and wishes him luck.

Tiareth doesn't stop there. More eggs. And more again. Through the era of coal-dust and smoke-stacks. Through the threat of annihilation and the an endless, toxic winter. Through wired mass media and tin rockets thrown into space. As Tiareth nears the end of her clutching the eggs comes faster, glossier, and more impatient. But just for a moment one might glimpse the clear perfection of a relatively quiet egg, all crystalline purple and lucid faith. An egg of dreams, crystal dreams.

In the Galleries, Marena pulls her canvas bag off er back, and looks through it for her waterskin, then pulls out a small cup.

In the Galleries, Keris grins. "It sure is a highlight among my humble experiences! And with two clutchings at once… this'll be something to remember!" Keris smiles, lightly squeezing Carna's arm.

Battered wood and blue are the hues of the next egg to escape its dam… rolling forth to be claimed by a swift pale paw, and added by Ysbryth to the growing pile.

In the Galleries, Badger suddenly disappears ::between::!

Areiah does laugh - eventually, softly - and edges into a place closer to the older woman. "Thank you," she murmurs, gratefully, reaching absently for R'sli's arm to steady herself. "Hmm? No, I don't think I could change whether or not I snored in two or three Turns." A lopsided grin for Thesy, albeit nervous. It's the crowd. Really.

In the Galleries, Caelan watches in interest, unable to say anything at all, the look on his face showing everything of what he thinks.

D'renn watches critically. "Ysbryth needs to be more careful with those."

In the Galleries, The shimmer of a new egg catches her glance through the waves of heat, waved hands, and distance, Tess looking down with a starkly admiring glance for the colors of the delicately soft eggs. Nudging her neighbor girl again with a pointed limb, Tess nods to below. "Better than fine crystal in color," is her humble opinion, stated for the girl mutely.

In the Galleries, Carna smiling "I'm looking forward to the hatching.Thanks for the tip."

"Got enough hides, R'sli?" Thesy moves over to the greenrider, peering over his shoulder, watching his frantic scribbling, "I bet 2 marks that Ysbryth will lay more than Tiareth, maybe … ummm 35?" The bluerider winks at the younger but also petite goldrider, "She's doing really fine, considering it's her first. So how does it feel?" and an inquiring glance accompanies her words.

In the Galleries, "Well, well." Contemplative, Pyrah mulls over this piece of information for several moments. "Give him my congratulations, certainly. That's certainly something." Although gaze never shifts from sands, the woman wonders of Shaela, "Does that make you a fostermother of some sort?"

Day to morning. Morning to afternoon. Afternoon and now to evening, Tiraeth's bulk moves for slowly as she rearranges the sand over her eggs again and again. Those great purple-limned sails droop with exhaustion, her noises now hushed and tired. And as Nuff moves closer the dragon slips her head towards her rider as both of them are quite depleted of energy. Nuff whispers, her hand skimming across the goldhide. "One more, Tiareth? Won't make it to twenty-seven I guess. Then we are done." She knows.

In the Galleries, Marena looks about. "Anyone taking bets?"

In the Galleries, Yumi smiles and hugs Snowball as she watches the eggs.

In the Galleries, Keris grins at Carna. "Should I be so fortunate to attend a Hatching I'll be more than satisfied for the next many turns!"

With another glance of mute entreaty towards her lifemate - this isn't easy, you know - Ysbryth sets another egg into the sands. And then another. And another… starting to rival Tiareth for speed. Blue and white and grey they lie, to be gathered together with the rest.

In the Galleries, Sola doesn't dare say a word, she is to intent on the clutching. She curls up, trying not to be noticed, so she could watch in silence.

In the Galleries, Lynsay comes up the stairs.

Tiareth considers… one more it is then. And no, not twenty-seven. Not even twenty-six, or twenty-five, or twenty-four. Nor Twenty-three. Twenty-two? No. Perhaps, if one kept careful count. This last would be Twenty-one. Thankfully obscured for a moment, the last egg is suddenly revealed in all its shoddy, shallow, gaudy emptiness. Large - greedy - and crass, a vibrant, sickly neon spreads across the shell like a disease, mocking. Buybuybuy. Eateateat. Consumeconsumeconsume. Tiareth, tired, kicks this last egg in with the rest and collapses on top of the eggs. There. Done. She's done. Ha.

In the Galleries, Demetrius comes up the stairs.

Areiah knows it isn't easy. Well, not from firsthand experience, mind you, but consider size differences! "You're doing wonderfully, love. Really, you are. Just.. be careful, hmm?" Not that the 'rider knows what to do, herself, but standing next to her greenrider usually works, so she'll do that. And count eggs. "You're betting?" Brow lifts and gaze slides Thesy-ward - curious.

In the Galleries, A finger is pointed to one of the larger eggs clutched, her blond hair is flipped over a snobbish shoulder. "That one's mine," Aaliyah brags to those around her as a smug grin spreads across her face. "It's going to hatch a gold and she's going to Impress to me." Of course, you keep telling yourself that, dear.

Stern and granite grey, Ysbryth's next egg arrives, dappled with moss-green and daffodil yellow. Its saintly poise is soon destroyed by a swift gesture of a gold paw, gathering it in. Though concentrating entirely on her own eggs, Tiareth's latest offering draws Ysbryth's now-calmed gaze. At least it's Tiareth's, not her own.

In the Galleries, Yumi looks over at the girl claiming an egg "Oh goody…" She smiles and turns back to the laying.

In the Galleries, Carna hugs Keris"I need to get back to Ista Weyr now.I don't want to mess up my first day on the job now do I?

Nuff was, seems she's lost. But the little weyrwoman has moved away from the riders towards her dragon, joining her atop the eggs. Nuff tucks herself up with Tiareth, all full of good thoughts and happy congradulations as they mutter away at one another, idly watching Ysbryth now.

In the Galleries, Zed soars in from ::between:: and finds a perch.

R'sli grins. "Of course," he says simply. He's keeping count, you see. "Nuff, I can collect, or let you have double or nothing on the Hatching," he calls.

D'renn pats Areiah's shoulder again, holding out the wineskin to Nuff in congratulation… though his nose wrinkles in distaste. "And you say my clothes are bright?" he gibes.

In the Galleries, Marena looks towards Aaliyah, and snorts dissmissivly. One who thinks they'll get the gold oft gets nothing at all. Not that Marena doesn't hope she'll be Searched, but she doesn't count on it.

In the Galleries, Keris squeezes Carna. "You got a point there. Can I stop by to see you sometime?"

In the Galleries, L'shil edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the Galleries, Shaela scoffs - as does her odourous neighbour - and shakes her head. "Not quite. T'vim's not been my fosterfather since he Impressed. If anything, Taesha - isn't that a pretty name? - would be my sister, of sorts. But I don't get to see her much." Violet eyes strain to make out the identity of various riders milling about the sands - no L'shil or T'vim are seen to be pointed out.

In the Galleries, Sola notes Marena snort of dismissal, and nods slightly agreeing.

In the Galleries, Tessera gives a smile, sending a winging congratulatory thought to the valiant number provided by the older queen as the younger continues to add to the pile. Clipboard works overtime as she fans herself, looking downwards at the spectacle with interest, the colors rolling out providing quite a beautiful display on the dim sands.

In the Galleries, Carna smiling"sure I'm looking forward to your visit!"

In the Galleries, Demetrius looks around in wonderment at what he is seeing.

In the Galleries, Tahara leans towards Lilian and says, "Are you hoping to be searched?" Shakes her head, "I don't think I will, not this time."

Again, eggs arrive in quick succession: Ysbryth intent once more on her own clutch, and on her rider. A paw edges toward Areiah, drawn back instantly to collect another egg, this one gold-polished, secreting it swiftly amidst the others.

In the Galleries, Recina comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Keris smiles broadly. "Great! I'll tell you how it ends here." Keris bows to Carna, flashing her a smile.

In the Galleries, Adora tunes out most of those around her, her eyes glued on the eggs below her. Eh, maybe this isnt as common as previously thought. She rests her elbow on the wall near her, standing on tiptoes to look over the bald man in front of her, catching fleeting glimpses of eggs before they are buried into the sweltering sands.

"How many's that so far, from 'Bryth?" D'renn enquires… stopping to frown at the latest. "Was that goldish?"

"Damn, damn, damn," R'sli mutters, stomping his feet a bit. "There go all my profits," he laments. "/Everyone/ bet that Ysbryth would drop a gold this time." He sighs. So much for the lush life and summer cotholds in the south…

In the Galleries, "Oh. Well." Pyrah's blissfully ignorant when it comes to matters of fostering; it's probably a good thing she was never asked to act as mother of someone's child.

Thesy nods at Areiah, "Sure! And I'm sure Ysbryth won't have me lose my marks." Blue eyes twinkle with merriment, "Or do you think she won't lay 35, hm? She looked /so/ big!"

In the Galleries, Carna says, "thanks I'd like that.Seeyou later."

In the Galleries, From Recina's shoulder, Eoli sqawks at the sudden swearing of the rider.

Areiah peeks up at D'renn and, again, looks thankful for the pat, voicing as much in a thank you. And then, a /look/ to R'sli, accompanied by a half-grin. "Some things never change," she says lightly, returning her attention to the eggs, her lifemate. An 'ooh' with the next arrival and she sidesteps forward, closer to Ysbryth. "Oh, it looked gold, didn't it? Don't you think it looked gold?" Ha. That's what you get for betting, R'sli!

In the Galleries, Recina releases Eoli, who launches into the air.

R'sli blinks. "At least, it looked gold." He frowns. "They're all starting to look alike," he notes, rubbing his eyes behind his spectacles.

In the Galleries, "Gold!" Myrni knows her colors well, and /that's/ a gold egg. Yupyup. "Thassa baby queen dwaggie there!" No doubts about it in her mind.

In the Galleries, L'shil works his way over to Shaela and whoever that is sitting by her. "Hey there! How's it going so far? How're you, Shae? Who's this?"

In the Galleries, Lynsay carefully examines the eggs before they are buired beneath the pale, hot sands. Many colours are seen. Gold!

Nuff has disconnected.

In the Galleries, Marena hears a few murmurs of 'gold' and excitedly looks over the ledge.

In the Galleries, Lilian shrugs softly to Tahara… "I don't…" She spys the gold egg and the talk of gold, "Look.. is that a gold egg?" She says with amazment… She hears shout of gold around her. "It is a gold!" She smiles to Tahara and Neola. "Wow…."

In the Galleries, Sola leans close to the edge, could it really be gold?

Goldish it may have been… and so is Ysbryth's next, gilt overlaying an azure as light as air, hidden immediately as if to stop it floating away. Or what about the next to appear? Deep crimson, again marred with saffron and gold-hues… Ysbryth nudges this with her muzzle, as if savoring its spicy hues with sense of smell instead of sight. And that one joins the pile…

In the Galleries, Carried to her ears are disapproving snorts and bursts of laughter. They dare mock her! Aaliyah turns on them slightly, raising her eyebrows. "You don't believe me? Well, you just watch." Then she turns back to her view of the sands, quipping as she does so, "And I'll make sure to give you a wave from my spot down by those eggs, come Hatching time."

In the Galleries, Eoli twirls about in excitement at seeing golden hues sparkle from the grounds

In the Galleries, Marena notices Sola and moves through the crowd towards her. "Do you think it's really a gold?"

"What about them, then?!" D'renn declares loudly, pointing to the blue-gold and red-gold. "Any bets, Ris?"

Also convinced that she's seen a golden sparkle, Thesy gently pokes R'sli, "Ummm, sorry to lessen your profits even further but I'd also like to wagger a mark that there'll be a gold egg in Bryth's clutch. Note that down, please?"

In the Galleries, Shaela nears her horrifically scented neighbour a moment - the one that is not Pyrah - and urges her to scoot down some. "Lesh!" she turns with a childish wave and giggle before making the introduction: "Pyrah, this is L'shil. Lesh, this is Pyrah, Ista Weyr Steward." More bragging for friends. "I saved you a seat," she points to the itty bitty spot to her left. "Kinda."

In the Galleries, Sola looks up at Marena, smiling, "Oh, I sure do hope so! I think golds are just fantastic!" she nods for her to take a seat by her.

In the Galleries, Tessera nods as more eggs are deposited. All the babble of gold is ignored, belied by the rider's reactions below as she makes note of the number. The pot thickens back at herder as the number increases, and Tess can sense victory in her pool already,nearly. Again, girl recieves a jab of punctiation, leaving her to stand and give Tess a hemlock-filled look, before sprinting to a different locale.

R'sli sighs, and crumples the hide. "All bets are off," he mutters. "I'm not made of marks." He groans, and hides his face in Areiah's hair, making small noises. Sobs, perhaps?

As a contrast to what's gone before, ice-white creeps onto the Sands, left stranded for a long moment as Ysbryth coos over the next egg: beaten bronze edged into buttermilk gold, like Ysbryth's own hide.

In the Galleries, "Gold!" Comes another excited shout from the overly hyper Weyrbrat's direction. "Lookie! Lookie! I toldja Lili! See? I toldja! Wow.. A gold egg!" Neola shouts happily, really jumping up and down now before turning to Lilian, "Didja see it too? Its was so purty too! Even more then the purple ones! It was.. Gold! Shiney! Wow!"

D'renn starts to chortle and snort with laughter, leanig weakly on someone's shoulder. "Anyone… which one's the gold?"

In the Galleries, "It's a…'nother gold?" Blink, blink. Myrni whirls around to confront the nearest person. "Can there be /two/ queenies in a clutch?" she asks, tugging on the edge of a nanny's skirt. "Or…" she looks back, "three? How many golds eggs are there?!"

In the Galleries, Adianna winces at the shout and it makes her drop very delicious cream puff, "Shards…Shaved ten turns off my life with that squeal." she says looking for the weyrbrat.

In the Galleries, Sola looks over at Marena, "What do you think?"

In the Galleries, Pyrah twists around to regard the person who addresses Shaela, hazelled gaze peering up, up, up. "So - you're the famous L'shil," Steward greets, smile curving at lips' corners. "Me, I'm Pyrah." Like Shaela already said. She sneaks a glance at the 'seat', then notes solemnly, "Did you bring a noseplug? You might need it."

In the Galleries, Marena takes the seat, listening to people placing bets, and chuckles. "I think all these people would be a bit dissapointed two queens clutched and there was no gold."

Thesy snatches the winskin from D'renn's grip and another swig is taken as she points to the egg, snuggly placed between Ysbryth's forepaws, "Gotta be this one, look how she's holding it!"

"Wait, wait, wait.. D'renn? Can she do that? Two gold eggs in one clutch?" Areiah is new at this, and it shows, doesn't it? But the girl is supportive, if nothing else, and twines an arm around R'sli, patting his back gently and murmuring something soft and soothing. "She can only have one. I don't.. hmf."

In the Galleries, L'shil eyes the 'space' doubtfully. "Excuse me," he addresses the perfumed one, "could you please move down a bit more?" Amazingly, this gets the wanted result, and he settles - albeit gingerly - into the space. "Thank you, Shae. Famous? Me? Since when? No, no noseplug. It's nice to meet you, Pyrah."

In the Galleries, Sola nods then remembers something, "I didn't think Tirareth could since she was flown by a brown… or am I wrong?"

But that egg too gets added to the pile - to the bottom - whilst its glacial partner is shuffled to the top. A long pause ensues, as Ysbryth just stares mournfully at her rider. She doesn't know either.

In the Galleries, Marena shrugs. "Who knows? If the flight was long enough, I guess she could."

In the Galleries, Lilian laughs softly to Neola, "I think it might be a gold and everyone else seems to think so too." She turns her face back to the sands seeing the eggs looking golden tinted… "Look there are two golden ones…. but? Maybe? No! Only one gold per clutch right?" She says inquiring to Neola.

In the Galleries, The Nanny shakes her head at Myrni. "No, dear. Only one gold egg per clutch." She squints out at the heat-shimmering Sands a moment before adding. "One of them /might/ be a gold, and the rest… well, bronze eggs have been known to be shimmery, so they might be that. Or some other color."

"They don't have to be /gold/, Reia…" D'renn tries to console, laughing fit over now. "They're just brightly coloured, you know? Want some wine? I mean, two, perhaps…. but I've seen at least 4 gold-ish coloured eggs."

In the Galleries, Recina squints her eyes, trying to determine the colors of the eggs.

In the Galleries, Back and forth the debate goes; where's the gold, no one knows! Tess merely shakes her head, a chuckle burbling up from within at the predicament playing out on the sands below. "Whatddya think, Dami?" she inquires of the silent one near her. *poke* *prod*

In the Galleries, Adianna sees a familiar throng and shuffles over bodies and toes, "Excuse me..pardon me…sorry…Was that your toe? Excuse me…Pardon…Ex - " Adianna turns very red, "Oh my… /excuuuuse/ me." Finally shae makes it to the group of Lshil, Shaela and Py unable to see anything with people in the way leaning over the stands. "Whew… made it!"

"Still," says the greenrider into Reia's hair. "All bets are off." He looks up, and motions to the Galleries. "Now I just have to tell about fifty riders that."

In the Galleries, E'ren walks in.

In the Galleries, Recina dodges the bustle and finds a corner off to herself to watch the continuation of the clutching.

In the Galleries, Rodinob comes up the stairs.

"Right. She can't do that. That's what I thought." A fond smile for Ysbryth and D'renn both, 'fore Areiah nods a little with the offer. "Might be nice." With another smile and a kiss for R'sli's forehead - nevermind that she had to get up on tiptoe to do it - she tugs him closer and focuses yet again upon her lifemate, the crowd, the /heat/, all at once.

In the Galleries, L'shil's been famous since Shaela spent a good five minutes blabbering his praises to Pyrah, of course. "Both of 'em are clutching," the weyrteen remarks, pointing to direct Lesh's attention to the Sands. "Have you ever seen that happen before?"

A long tongue flickers over one bright blue and gold shell as Ysbryth examines her clutch. This one's pretty, that one's not… that one tastes strange. With a sudden shudder, the gold lifts her body, pale wings flared wide in the cavern's confines. And another egg appears: bright white ringed with primary shades. Proud it rests against the sand before Ysbryth huddles in under one closing wing.

In the Galleries, Tahara says aloud, "Will there be enough room on the sands when all of the eggs hatch, almost doesn't seem to be enough room for the eggs?"

Grateful for his boots, D'renn tiptoes over to the now-dozing Nuff… and chortles quietly as he returns to the other group. "Anyone been counting them?"

In the Galleries, Sola offers to noone in particular, "Maybe none of them are gold, they all seem to have a golden shimmer to them…"

In the Galleries, A cute little girl comes skipping up and down the aisles of seat along the galleries, her golden curls swinging in rythm with her step, her tiny voice singing a tune that's been circulating the Weyr. She finds her way to her seat…. and Aaliyah's sitting in it! "That was my seat," tumbles out of her mouth after a bit of astonished stutters. "/Was/ your seat," Aaliyah supplies, her greyish eyes never leaving the eggs plopping to the Sands. Tears rol down the cheeks of the Weyrbrat, but Aaliyah pays no attention. It's her seat now. "Never should have left it."

"Here", the wineskin is proffered toward the goldrider, "Not much in it anymore, so it's all yours. Enjoy it, it's Benden White! Wonder where D'renn's hiding it." Thesy grins at the other bluerider, "He seems to have quite an amount of it."

In the Galleries, L'shil hrms. "Seen two Queens clutch at the same time, or all those goldish eggs?"

In the Galleries, Adora peers about wondering why everyone is so worried about a gold, aren't all the dragons supposed to be wonderful? Woefully un-educated as far as dragons are concerned, Adora merely watches in fascination as more eggs are added to the pile, quite unconcerned as to the colors contained within each large shell.

In the Galleries, Tessera recieves no answer from the apparently enthralled Dami. A slip of a shrug and she focuses her eyes below, pausing to rub their dryness out. A little fan action is given, and the cooling air wafts past, sending no doubt sweat into the faces of those behind her. Disregarding that, she looks. And peers. And cranes. And rubbernecks. Nosy, she is.

In the Galleries, Eoli swoops above the croud of people, crooning happily while trying to get away from these noisy people.

In the Galleries, Shaela honestly hadn't even noted all the goldish eggs, so distracted was she by Lesh's arrival. "All what goldish eggs?" she turns to look, now, intent on catching a glimpse of Ysbryth's next egg.

In the Galleries, "Hasn't happened at Ista, I don't think," Pyrah notes helpfully. Peering around Shaela to the newly arrived, she supplies, "Two golds, at one time." The newcomer - Adianna - is noticed, too, and Pyrah even offers a smile. "Hi."

Areiah counts, visibly, slender fingers stretching over R'sli's shoulder to pick out eggs for numbering, whilst the other set of fingers stretch toward Thesy for the wineskin. "Thanks, Thes - and I think we've got eighteen from Ysbryth, so far? One, two, three.. looks like eighteen?" Nose wrinkles - how many /more/ will there be?

D'renn is trying vainly to count the eggs Ysbryth is cuddling: but it's nigh-on impossible. Too many, too hidden. Too many gold-painted eggs for one dam, definitely. "Eighteen? Could be…."

In the Galleries, Adianna wiggles finger towards Shalea, "Those goldish eggs.. can't miss them. The ones half the size of Nuff."

In the Galleries, Trel comes up the stairs.

In the Galleries, Recina stretches her neck out over a small embankment, trying to see better.

In the Galleries, Trel sits down, eagerly watching the happenings around her.

Another quick count then Thesy nods, "Yes, 18, maybe 19!" A smile is cast at Areiah, "And one prettier than the other. Congratulations, Reia!"

Time passes. Oh, it definitely passes… too slowly for Ysbryth, who lays three eggs - lavender and terracotta and blinding bright jewel tones - in quick succession. Then it's another pause… then another egg, this once impatient and fiery, flame orange about darkening umber.

In the Galleries, L'shil points. "Well, there's the stripy gold and green one, and the lacy one with the purple and gold, and the one with all the triangles, and the blue and gold one, and the red and gold one, and…"

D'renn has no compunctions about slipping to the edge of the Sands and sending a drudge for some food and wine. And a pillow for the fast-asleep - and snoring - Nuff. So what if he misses the laying of the /real/ gold one…

In the Galleries, Alfi comes up the stairs.

Areiah takes her turn to hide next to R'sli, then, this followed by a soft laugh. "Don't congratulate me, congratulate /her/," the 'rider quips, winks. "But thank you. They really are just beautiful, aren't they? Look at that one." And a greyish one is pointed out. Pretty.

In the Galleries, Jaymz blinks in from ::between::, hawkish muzzle and sharp wing-spars appearing first.

In the Galleries, Shaela ohs, still watching Ysbryth closerly - "You call purple, reddy and orange 'goldish'?" she remarks with a snicker. The others, she missed, already hidden by the young gold. "But I'll take your word for it."

In the Galleries, Recina notices her friend Alfi and walks over to say a quick "Hi, " before turning back to the eggs.

"Oh dear", a faint sigh escapes Thesy and she grabs her jacket, "I better get back to Drinth, the poor darling is getting more and more agitated. I have to soothe him or he's coming right here." A quick hug is given to R'sli and Areiah, a wave to D'renn and Nuff though she most likely won't notice it and the bluerider heads for the bowl.

In the Galleries, The BigBig Glittery Gold Eggs that look like they could fit Myrni in them, of course. "More'n'more'n'more eggies…" the weyrbrat sings out, rather off-key. "OOOH, lookit -that- one…" And this one.. and the other… look at all of them. But especially the shiny ones that are scattering refracted light of the Sands.

In the Galleries, Tessera tosses her hands into the air a considerable height. Abandoning all thought of counting, she awaits the total. Surprise her. A furrowed brow and her habit of nibbling the right forefinger's nail gives a hint to a bit of concern over the belaboring dragons below. Someone's definently going to want a good oiling and bathing tonight, she'll wager.

In the Galleries, Pyrah sums it all up. "There's lots." Eggs are observed, again, and a slender digit points out the latest. "That's not gold."

In the Galleries, Alfi says, "Hi, Recina."

Thesy escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Ysbryth tilts her head to one side, shuffling back a little to inspect the clutch-so-far. Twenty, twenty-one perhaps….. With a shiver of narrow shoulders, another egg is laid, this one tumbling soft and free over the Sands as if in escape: sage green and earthy brown in tone.

In the Galleries, Krissie waves at Alfi. "Hi, Alfi."

In the Galleries, Recina whispers to Alfi, "I haven't seen any gold-gold ones, but I'll bet there's one there."

In the Galleries, L'shil beams. "Hey, they've all got gold on them. It's /possible/. And what about the mostly white one? Piccath can see some gold on it. And that gilded one. And the happy one, too."

In the Galleries, Trel oohs in admiration, eyes are shining. Maybe someday it will be her out on the sands as HER dragon clutches…

"Twenty-two!" D'renn declaims in triumph. "Ysbryth beat Tiareth, Reiah… not surprising mind, since Cairhoth's a bronze."

In the Galleries, Eoli croons from the air above. She flips about, making wild antics, happily celebrating.

In the Galleries, Jaymz suddenly blinks ::between::, off to find find others to boss around.

In the Galleries, Alfi whispers to Recina," This is really neat! I don't see any gold ones, either, but the whole idea of a Hatching is exciting! I'm surprised I get to see one since I haven't been here too long!"

In the Galleries, Adianna chuckles "A bedazzling brood, my brother would say no doubt." she grins, "I prefer the colors of the desert myself, but there is somthing to be said for white…but with all this snow, one gets tired of it." shuffles in a seat with a pleasant sigh.

Areiah recounts - and oohs herself. "Twenty-two!" the young woman echoes, almost missing Thesy in the swift embrace, eyes flicking 'tween D'renn and Ysbryth. "Where /is/ Cairhoth, anyway? And T'lendel, for that matter? They'll be back soon?" Hopeful, almost.

In the Galleries, Alfi waves at Krissie. "Hi!"

In the Galleries, Recina smiles at the comment. "It's my first viewing of a Hatching in a long time. It is fun, isn't it?"

Captured by a deft paw, the last wild-natured egg is settled with the rest. And Ysbryth half-lids her sparkling eyes; resting. But it's not to be: from her drooping, flaccid belly comes one last jewel: bright cornsilk-gold, accented with emerald and turquoise. Ysbryth licks this one slowly before adding it to /her/ pile… its sun-yellow worthy of worship.

In the Galleries, Alfi says, ""Yes, it is!""

In the Galleries, Trel ahhss.. "GOLD!"

In the Galleries, "The /happy/ one?" Shaela remarks, curious as to how an adjective such as happy could describe something so inanimate as an egg. Well, inanimate save for when they rock and hatch: but that's not going to happen for awhile yet. Craning her neck to get a better view around the miner just arrived in front of her, Shaela tries to catch a glimpse of those eggs already laid.

"Oh shards, /another/ gold-coloured one?!" D'renn exclaims. And claims his latest wineskin swiftly. He can't cope. He just can't cope.

In the Galleries, Recina gasps at the last egg. "A gold!"

In the Galleries, Sola looks over the edge, "Is that a /real/ gold?

In the Galleries, Yumi smiles and ohhs the new "Gold Poor Rider he seems to loathe that color"

In the Galleries, Adianna giggles at the shouts and whispers to shaela, "The minors with clambor on the sands if that were a solid gold egg." She chuckles and looks towards the direction of the gold exclamations coming from Recina and Sola.

In the Galleries, A sigh, and Tess leans back, finally having gawked her fill. The numbers can be tallied by those with better skills than she. At the second cry of the exhalted color, Tess sniggers. She can't help it. A truly unladylike snigger, to be sure, but oh, it's well deserved for the rampant confusion reigning below and in the chaotic galleries.

In the Galleries, L'shil nods, with logic entirely his own. "Yes, the happy one. It's orange and brass and yellow and red and green-grey and charcoal and fluffy purple and sherry. It's a happy egg."

In the Galleries, Alfi says, "Great! But why is that rider over there upset?"

With an outright laugh at D'renn's reaction, Areiah tugs at R'sli, moving closer to her now resting 'mate. "Twenty-three. Beautiful, love. Beautiful," she murmurs, nudging R'sli. "Don't you think? She's got half a dozen or so of them all decked in gold like that. She lays beautiful eggs, doesn't she?" Mother hen'ing already. Still. Good grief.

In the Galleries, Lilian watches as the last egg is clutched, her eyes wandering over the sands, the golden dragons, the golden eggs, and the riders. "Wow.." she says softly, her head turning to Neola. Lill's eyes slightly wetary from keeping them open for to long. Her eyes blink trying to regain her eye control as well as her jaw.

Ysbryth nuzzles her eggs contentedly: twenty-three in all, /far/ too many with gold-coloured markings. And no, Ysbryth doesn't know which one it is, either. She just likes this, her last-clutched, with its bright greens and blues against vivid yellow.

Egg Mounds

Rounded, moulded, contoured mounds and a carefully dug trench divide one Queen's eggs from the other. How many eggs? The Weyr is still counting. But in the distance, the elder Gold, Tiareth, coils complacently about her clutch near the far wall. She appears content with the twenty-one eggs she and brown Trebinth have produced. The younger, Ysbryth, mated to Cairhoth for her maiden clutch appears to have laid just a few more than her grand-dam. Perhaps a bit crowded, the dragons still keep careful watch over their freshly laid eggs.

In the Galleries, Another. "Another?!" No wonder Ysbryth got so fat if she had so many big shiny eggs. "I don't think /that's/ the real gold," Myrni announces to no one in particular. "The… gold one over there's it." She points it out. Weyrbrats know all.

In the Galleries, Recina sighs, noticing other colors on the shell. She turns to Alfi, "Hmm, I don't think that is a true gold, but then again, it's been awhile."

R'sli grins. "She does at that," he notes, hugging his goldrider close. "And she doesn't seem to be too fussy about them. That'll make Hatching smoother." He grins. "Now, let's go somewhere where the air is cooler." He peers at Areiah. "If she'll let you leave, that is?"

In the Galleries, Alfi whispers to Recina, "Do you know what it means when the eggs are several colors?"

In the Galleries, "Instead, they just crowd in front of /me/," Shaela mutters, turning to Adianna. "Do you have a better view? What's everyone oohing about?" Likewise, she turns to Lesh with the same curious expression: brows furrowed, crooked teeth chewing at her bottom lip.

In the Galleries, Tahara says to no one in particular, "If I was to guess if any of them were gold, I think the one that is the same color asw Ysbsryth is the gold because it looks just like her."

In the Galleries, Recina hrms, "No, but I think the color that shows the most is the color of the hatchling."

In the Galleries, Alfi says, "That makes sense. "

Ysbryth rouses herself after a long moment worshipping her brood-to-be. Rising, she steps tiredly forth… and with both forepaws attempts to scratch like a canine in the sand: digging a trench 'tween her eggs and Tiareth's, and covering many of her own in the process.

In the Galleries, Adianna smirks at Shaela, "They are ooing and ahing and drooling at the gilded eggs Ysbryth has produced. and I think D'renn is displeased with the wine ..but i"m not sure if he's won a bet or lost it."

In the Galleries, Eoli croons a happy tune and sqwalks about happily.

Air. Fresh air, even. "Now that would be welcome.. are we going back to the caverns, then? Or the lake? Somewhere, anywhere." Anywhere /off/ the sands, Areiah means, of course, and casts a pointed look Ysbryth's way. Trench-digging is observed with an amused grin and Reia shakes her head 'fore laying it on R'sli's shoulder. "She'll settle in with her eggs and get everything comfortable before she needs me here again," she murmurs. "Let's go and get something to drink. D'renn? Coming with us?"

In the Galleries, L'shil shrugs. "Oh, Ysbryth just has a lot of goldish-eggs. At least a half dozen, and between and third and a half if you count all the ones with any gold on them. No-one knows which one the gold egg is."

In the Galleries, Lilian shurgs hearing Tahara's comment, "You never can really be sure." A soft shrug. "I think that one is pretty." She points to the one of the ones with gold. "They are all so pretty… those purple ones are great also." Her eyes wandering over the ones she can see.

In the Galleries, Trel coos.. "by the first egg I hope I can ride someday.." she says, just voicing her dreams.

D'renn snorts with amusement at Ysbryth's exhausted scrabblings. No less exhausted himself, the bluerider stretches before turning to the others. "I'm for a bath…. Areiah, I guess you and Nuff are stuck on the Sands now." Oh. Areiah doesn't want to be… "Well, if you're happy about leaving her…."

In the Galleries, Alfi says, "Do you think they're done now?"

In the Galleries, Recina grins, "I don't really know, but it appears that one of the golds is through. " She motions to the sand covering a few of Ysbryth's eggs.

In the Galleries, Tessera notes the incorporation of the trench-technique. Tessera firmly suppresses her snigger now; how rude of her before.. A quick tally calculates the total. Somewhere around thirty four is her guess. "Bets to be collected…" A wink to the betting fool next to her in the form of a small dolphin-craft boy, and she collects her clipboard, hoping to find F'ree and Rideth waiting outside as promised.

In the Galleries, Shaela ohs, that's all? However, as the crowd begins to move off towards the stairs, she figures things out for herself: it's all over. "If there is a gold egg," she adds to Lesh's remark. "So, we go for drinks now?"

In the Galleries, Recina calls to Eoli, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

In the Galleries, Tahara calls to Basil, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

In the Galleries, From Recina's shoulder, Eoli snuggles up agains TRecina's shoulder and croons happily.

"Just for a drink. Really. She'll be settling down and the like for a good while before she's satisfied," Areiah affirms, nodding D'renn-ward as she speaks. "I'll be back to sit with her and get a closer look in a candlemark or so." Ysbryth would argue, otherwise. No one to preen over her firsts to.

Ysbryth is already happy preening…. now that she's finished her trench and settled back with her eggs. HER eggs.

D'renn stretches again, and offers his arm to whoever. "Let's go get something to drink, then…" D'renn's hot and sweaty, but who cares?

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