High Reaches' 7th PC Clutching

Shaela's gold Chayath x Lylia's brown Druseth
4th March 2002
Logged by Shaela

A petite woman of five feet, she is dark-skinned with a childish figure, accentuated by slight touches of motherhood. Her hair is thick, black, and tied back in a frizzy knot. Her violet eyes gleam from beneath the bangs that fringe on her thick eyebrows and full, black lashes. A crooked smile reveals gaps spacing disproportionate and misaligned teeth.
So tight are they, the junior weyrwoman's riding leathers appear nearly painted on. The leathers are relatively simple, of basic dark chocolate with strawberry red linings and lemon gold stitching, in a two-piece trous and jacket with underlying basic white shirt. The plunging neckline of the shirt is accented by the undoing of the top buttons of the jacket. Blue Neckpouch hangs heavily from Shaela's shoulder.
She is a young adult of about 27.

Forest-green eyes stare out from a pale face, emerald diluted by hints of ocean-blue. Her thick, coppery hair holds a definite undertone of golden-blonde among its reddish tones, swept back in a slightly loose braid, hanging down her back. A few stray wisps escape the plait, framing her face, while light bangs hang over her forehead. Her body is on the slender side, despite the feminine curves.
Midnight-blue cloaks her leathers. Of a simple cut, the soft leather conforms to her body, leading down more loosely to her belt, before the leather accentuates her long legs and the curves of her hips. A loose jacket is of the same shadowed color, ripples of purple traveling down the sleeves. Dark emerald streaks down the sides of the pants, cutting through the darkness, colors ending at scruffed black boots.
Cerulean and coal-black cords wind into a pair of loops with silver thread. A black tassel hangs closely to the knot, which also contains a single, brown ribbon woven into it, dark as the rest. Just beside it is a badge, a blue wave, marking her of Tsunami wing, which matches the blue and white scarf, also of Tsunami. The knot also shows her to be an assistant weyrlingmaster for the High Reaches Weyr.
She is a young adult of about 26.

Rich, earthen golds wrap this dragon in the dusky mystery of her heritage: rivulets of wine-red passions swirl with wild abandon over her pugnacious headknobs and dissipate like laughter into the citrine hues twining a slender, drunken tail. Firelight licks her chest, a distraction from its uncommonly narrow width and the weedy lengths of legs and talons all darkened with greeny purples. Her wings are sparse, almost ragged, despite the once-decadent embroidery that etches stolen gold along those crimson, oh-so-fragile sails.
Chayath is 12 Turns, 9 months, and 6 days old.
She is 72 feet (24m) long, with a wingspan of 120 feet (40m).

Night descends on the dragon's pale, buff hide, to cast shadows over the majority of the ghostly surface. Scarlet splatters his muzzle, blood-red smears his neck; faded tan lingers amongst the shades of his torso, darkening the great hills that are blunt neckridges and settling upon an elongated tail. Mystery and intrigue reign amidst his complexity of razor talons and sharp teeth, yet a softer side is revealed in the sandy glistening of sweeping wings. Innocence too is evident in the serene sunlight-touched beige of his headknobs, abstaining from the drunken revelry that otherwise makes for fanged, feral ferocity.
Shades of midnight solidify as dark blue leather, carefully stitched as sturdy riding straps for the brown. Ripples of violet and forest green seem to blend in with the dyed blue, hints every here and there. The leather is soft and supple, well-fitted to the dragon's hide, and occasional spots show patches of lambskin sewn to increase the comfort for Druseth. Moonlight glints, the steel buckle in the front being well polished, if nearly lost in the dark colors of the straps and hide.
Druseth is 10 Turns, 6 months, and 14 days old.
He is 62 feet (20m) long, with a wingspan of 103 feet (34m).

Chayath> Chayath rumbles her way onto the sands, finding that it's *time* for it all to begin. She's ready. She's here. Where's her lifemate?

<All> Chayath senses that she twines the chiming of gypsy bells through her red-hued tones. « It's time. »

Chayath> On the ledges, Alymath scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Chayath is here.

On the ledges, Lis tries not to bump 'gainst any sharp joints as she slides down Alymath's forearm.

<All> Chayath senses that Druseth emits a mental half-squeak, his normally soft, gentle tenor taking on a hint of trepadition. « Time. » Meep. Meeeep.

Druseth spirals down from above, battered by thermals.
A labyrinth of dragon to climb down, Lylia descends slowly down from the safety of Druseth's neck, to land on the ground with a soft *thud*.

On the ledges, Zylpheth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the ledges, Kh'ryn slides down from the cloudy peaks of Zylpheth's neck, leaving the breathtaking view behind.

<High Reaches Weyr> Chayath senses that Dsalth blusters those bells with a gravelly rasp of heat « We have been waiting. »

<All> Chayath senses that Jhanath rouses from sleep, tugged out of dreams by gold's siren call. « Do you clutch, Chayath? »

On the ledges, Lis swings down Alymath's shoulder at a break-neck pace, not wanting to be the last to get a decent seat. Not that she has to, really; most males would move aside, even save her a seat. But she can't take the chance! Then it's jumpjump bounce leap down to the galleries, skipping steps and small children who D'renn will be rustling up later. Maybe.

On the ledges, Lis edges further along the ledge and into the galleries.
In the galleries, Lis edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

On the ledges, Jhanath scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

On the ledges, Tatia is already settled neatly against Vespurath's side, jacket doffed as the heat of the sands wafts upward toward the ledges. Near her feet are settled two wineskins - still full - and she's knicked a baskketfull of creampuffs for the occasion.

<All> Chayath senses that Zylpheth breathes his excitement through his thoughts, exclaiming loudly, « Hurrah for eggs! More little ones to soon play with. »

On the ledges, Alymath lows a mellow, mournful jazz scale as Jhanath arrives, a ripple of blue swirling into her eyes as the bronze lands. She /knows/ him.

On the ledges, Jhanath backwings and lo, he's landed, first lids still cozied over sleep curtailed. Draped strapless on his back, R'han lolls at practiced ease, one knee hooked over neckridge, the other dangled to poke at a greenrider far, far below: too far, out of reach. "Yo," bass calls, while bronze curls a rumble around his tongue. Hello, /Alymath/.
On the ledges, R'han slithers down from Jhanath's neck, riding the slope from shoulder to foreleg.

Chayath feels the pressure of the first contraction and hastily turns to dig a trench, barely able to rumble a greeting to Druseth. Hunkering down, her hide moves and undulates in liquid motion as the first egg is expunged from her quivering form. Turning, she allows Druseth to see before covering it over with sand.

Dawn at the Sea Egg
Pale, wispy tendrils swarm the surface of this elongated egg. A nearly straight line cuts its way around the bottom, separating the faded shades of the sphere: gray below and blue above. On closer inspection, a spark appears at one side, directly upon the line of separation. Reddish-orange in color and circular in shape, its hue spreads to its surroundings, losing its warmth and fading to yellow as it extends around the orb. Sand clings to the bottom, making it rough to the touch, while the crown of the shell is smooth and clear.

<All> Chayath senses that she thinks « Yes. It's time to lay the eggs. »

In the galleries, Ciera was already in the vicinity, more's the luck for her. She gets a good seat, front and center. "Another clutch. And this time it's not from that abominable gold." Need she actually mention which one? "Any bets on how many?"

<All> Chayath senses that Mneoth rumbles, his excitement of the new arrivals a little less… ahem… bubbly as Zylpheth's. « Too bad they don't just /arrive/ like my 'mate's is supposed to. »

In the galleries, Jalisea comes up the stairs.

Druseth squeaks. Well, it's more of a manly, growly rumble… But it still resembles a bit of a squeak. The father-to-be is all elegant shifting, his normal grace reduced to an odd dancing twitch. Despite his previous experience, the dragon practically puts his muzzle into the sands, whirling eyes bright as he watches. And the paws twitch.

On the ledges, Zylpheth lands gently, backwinging with slow strokes so as to not cast up dust. Kh'ryn also dismounts with the practiced speed of someone who's practiced alot, and he joins the riders present. A blink to Tatia, and what she holds in her hand, but the bluerider comments not. Instead, he greets them each with a happy nod, and takes his seat. "Lo folks. Wonder how many she'll have…"

On the ledges, Stratus appears suddenly from ::between::, his tail curling behind him like a trail of smoke as he selects a perch.

Shaela dashes into the cavernous room that houses the Weyr's Sands, shrugging out of her jacket as she approaches and the heat grows. "Chayath, honey, I'm sorry, I tried to hurry," she apologizes to her lifemate for her tardiness, stroking the gold's muzzle lovingly. There is certainly more being said that remains unheard to all but the weyrwoman and her dragon, but the affectionate act really does say it all.

On the ledges, Shirasuth settles himself down, attempting to curl up as much as his bulky form can to give others more room. K'nex, for the time being stays perched on the brown's neck, offering waves and greetings to those folks he knows.

You think to Chayath, » Are you comfortable, love? «

In the galleries, Lis peers over her shoulder as Alymath makes odd noises, waving cheerfully to R'han as she scoots over the laps of some seated riders. Serves her right if she gets her rear pinched. Plopping down, she bats her eyelashes at her neighbor in return for a promise of D'renn's seat, the effect spoils as she notices the first egg's laying. "Urgh. These clutchings are always so grotesque."

Chayath thinks to you, « Just in time to see the first one, love. I'm glad you are here. The urge is strong now. I am comfortable.. for now. »

On the ledges, Zai wiggles down Puizuth's side and peers toward the sands. Eggs. How nice. Tatia is spotted, and the brownrider edges toward her warily. She'll wait for an invitation, just now.

<All> Chayath senses that Jhanath slithers his coppery comfort across the gold's labors, a ghost to begin the building of the draconic lattice: bailwick, bulwark, brace for Chayath to lean on. « We are watching, » he sighs, and hums.

In the galleries, Miria comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Kaltia comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Fyria comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Sikkyen comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Romeo comes up the stairs.

Chayath senses Druseth offers a cinnamon-touched undulation of worry, attempts to drown it under calm, brooding blues showing to be unsuccessful. « What should I do? I am not in your way, am I? » He's a little lost for big-buff-hero-guy.

In the galleries, Siannen comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Tandaria walks in.

On the ledges, Tatia is offering invitations today, too. "Cream puff?" she offers, extending the basket toward Zai before she catches sight of Kh'ryn arriving and grins broadly, gaze dropping automatically to check on the skins of Benden Cross settled at her feet.

On the ledges, Mneoth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

In the galleries, Fihall comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Sikkyen follows Fyrs and Mirs faithfully - yeah, he really /is/ the human equivalent of a canine puppy, ne? Sian is spied and waved at cheerfully, and he settles down on the first row of seats, happy to have gotten here quick 'nuff for a seat. Oh, no. Is that.. Tat? With.. Benden Cross? However she got his cousin's brainstormed brew is beyond the 'hand. "Oooooh," is said. "Lookit that!"

On the ledges, "Any for me?" wonders R'han, thumping to his own seat on the stone, legs dangling, arm lifted in reciprocal greetings to Alymath's rider. Hullo, hullo. Overshadowing him quite, Jhanath mumbles a greeting to Vespurath before dishragging to watch, throat distended around the automatic thrum.

Chayath thinks to you, « I bespoke Druseth with: Chayath gently responds, « Dig trenches. Help me dig the trenches for our little ones.. » »

In the galleries, Khena comes up the stairs.
In the galleries, Fox blinks in from ::between::!

On the ledges, Khena steps carefully in from the galleries, the Hatching Sands displayed below them.

In the galleries, Fihall slips among the tiers, looking wide-eyed at the converging mass before skittering belatedly after Fyria and company.

In the galleries, Tandaria enters quietly, the sisal of her dove grey dress rustling prettily as she makes her way down to an empty seat located far below at the railing. She doesn't see anyone she knows, so she keeps pretty much to herself, her only reaction at the arrival of the egg below a sharp intake of breath. "My my, on time for once," she murmurs, slipping into the last seat.

In the galleries, Lis, despite her efforts, is slowly edged out of one spot, two, then nearly her own. With a sigh - and a sniff, for Tatia's food begins to waft down to her - the greenrider is squeezed out of the galleries and up onto the ledges. Better view anyway. Neh.
On the ledges, Lis steps carefully in from the galleries, the Hatching Sands displayed below them.

In the galleries, Seilyn walks in.

In the galleries, Fyria loosens shakes her head a little, revelling in the warmth of the sands which are in stark contrast to the cold outside. "Hello, hello," she nods to everyone present before settling into a spare seat…when she finally finds one. She blinks, eyes wide as she glances out on the sands and grins over at Siannen. "Ready for round two of all this, Sian? Feels like we were all just Candidates yesterday, eh?"

In the galleries, Tevya walks in.
In the galleries, Jalisea goes home.

On the ledges, Zai scoots over to Tatia to take an offered cream puff. "Thanks." She flops down into a seat beside the greenrider and peers at the eggs. "Clutchings are always gross looking." She nibbles on her cream puff as she waves a hand toward Lis. "Hullo, Lis!"

In the galleries, Siannen is for once greatful for her lack of stature, this allowing her to easily slip to the front of the galleries, chuckling as she catches Fyria's comment. "Oh, it does…but this has happened often enough, you know." Eleven turns equals a /lot/ of clutchings, and an equal number of Hatchings…

On the ledges, Mneoth intently watches as more file in, his body calm although his voice begins to purr with excitement. Large eyes scan over rider, folks in the galleries, Khena - stare. Khena? He's in big doodoo, forgetting his luggage at the Caverns. Think she'll spot him?

In the galleries, Zenethen walks in.
In the galleries, Kaltia goes home.

On the ledges, Valanth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.

In the galleries, Sikkyen settles down. He's happy. Yeah. This will be an.. enlightening experience, hopefully. Fyria and Sian are given random generated looks - it'll be interesting what they say and do - after all, they /do/ have experience at this kind of thing. Weird. Sikkyen's.. almost twenty, mayhaps, and this is his first clutching to be observed. Very odd, indeed.

On the ledges, Another hand waves to Lis as well, less vocal in its welcome; R'han again, who hitches onto one hip to make room with the other. The ledges aren't that crowded, yet, but Jhanath is obliging - are those his forepaws that are slowly inhaling space? - and makes privacy where there is none. Come join 'em.

Chayath moves along down the hastily dug trench. However, she doesn't yet get very far before the next contraction is set upon her. Crimson winks along deep gold as the muscles move beneath the liquid hide, producing yet again a precious egg. And then another. Color is briefly seen as each egg is rolled easily and gently into the trench. Leaning back a little, she gives Druseth his looksie before covering it over. Rumbling to Shaela, she takes time to nudge her lifemate over to look as well. She seems to be particularly proud of how this clutch is going so far. Settling back, she rests a bit.

Child's Laughter Egg
Wistful winds float on a baby's breath to paint the ethereal air-tones of this delicate egg, nary a smudge nor a blemish of sinister cast to mar unadulterated whites and softer dapples of glittery gold. Upon high, lavender caresses each sudden dimple of shell, whisking an outward overlay that blushes roseate nearest warmth, while turquoise's dainty touch simmers into wide eyelets of sparkling cerulean, innocent to the last.

Painted Glass Egg
Crimson splashes from a delicate rose at the center of this egg, each petal unfolding and gently splaying outwards. Fuchsia tendrils wrap the very outer edges of each leaflet, some seemingly torn as dark maroon paints jagged lines along the outside. Baby blue cloaks the remainder of the egg, a mere whisper upon the dappled surface. Breaking the rose and creating several small compartments is a single thread of gold, winding and weaving around rounded sides and topping off in a golden peak at the tip.

In the galleries, "Sikky! Wanna sweetstick?" Yup, that's Miria's signature gallery-watching food. She holds out one to the 'hand before taking one for herself and sucking on it, and… plop goes one egg. "Ooooooo! Ahhhhh!" She fishes out her money just in case she wants to make any bets.

L'shil and Shaliena are rather late in arriving themselves, but the weyrwoman's weyrmate and daughter do make their way onto the Sands to join Shaela and Chayath in this very special time. "Mommy! Mommy!" the youngster calls, and easily attracts Shaela's attention. Having determined that Chayath is alright, she allows the gold room, and moves back with her family towards the wall that separates the galleries from the Sands.

On the ledges, Khena stomps over to Mneoth, slapping him with a light fist. "What's /wrong/ with you?!" she hisses, her eyes narrowed as she crosses her arms over her chest. "I had to get Deckarth to give me a ride here." Still seething the pregnant rider takes a seat on the foreleg of the errand brown.

In the galleries, Fihall watches the eggs come out and finds it a curiousity as well as a.. ooh, excitement! "Pretty" is murmured to Fyria as he takes his seat.

Druseth can dig trenches. See him dig. Powerful paws go 'scritch-scritch' into the sands, sending up a flurry as the crimson-touched paws dart into the sands. He's a good boy, really. So efficient. A sharp glance of approval is given at the Painted Glass Egg. It matches his muzzle. And the bloody pulp that was his dinner. Red is nice.

On the ledges, Alymath stretches out her forepaws to bask in the Sands' heat, talons extended in a long, feline stretch. Mmmm. Lis deftly steps around the green's ten-fold tripping toes and waves to Tatia as well. "Since you've shared with /R'han/, I suppose I could ask for some?" wonders the greenrider sweetly, dropping her butter-basted butt next to said bronzerider.

In the galleries, Fyria grins over at Fihall, nodding agreement. "Aren't they? Much, much better than the last clutch. Less…pink." Fy shudders slightly. Pink is -not- her forte. "Now…the true question is, what will the little dragonets look like?"

In the galleries, Sikkyen beams at Miria, and snags a sweetstick. "Oooh," is ahh'd, and he beams. "Thanks, Mirs!" He nibbles on his sweetstick, eyes glued on the gooey scene beneath. His markspouch is snagged, and rested upon one thigh - just in case anyone approaches with a bet, indeed.

On the ledges, Kh'ryn makes himself comfortable in his seat, not really saying much to those gathered about; instead more intent on the action going on upon the sands. He missed out on this part with Zylph's clutching, and therefore wants to see what all the awe is about. He's not dissapointed, and neither is his blue, who's watching everything with an excited swirl to his gaze. Oooh… Pretty eggs.

In the galleries, Fihall grins, jabbing Fy lightly in the side. "Let us hope they're not quite as frightening as the last hatchlings."

On the ledges, R'han notes, mildly, "Everybody shares with me," will they or nil they. He props his elbow on the brace of a talon, (never mind whose), and grins askew to welcome Kh'ryn. "'llo. - How many so far? Can anyone count?"
On the ledges, Kia giggles softly a nod at Valanth before she unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground.

In the galleries, Deskol comes up the stairs.

On the ledges, Mneoth cranes his neck oddly so he might nuzzle his Khena-dearest, affectionately. Too bad for her. That big ol' belly a' hers is making her slow. Is it a /crime/ to want to see a clutching before nightfall? And just /look/ at that face! Can you say no to a muzzle like /that/?

In the galleries, Fyria giggles, nudging Fihall back. "Precisely…well Tevya," she says, turning to her dear friend. "What do you think so far 'bout this clutch?" She waves a hand towards the crew out on the sands, and towards the eggs.

Chayath watches Druseth with satisfaction, rumbling her appreciation. Draconic eyes turn themselves from the eager clutch-daddy to yet another contraction that grips her.

On the ledges, "Of course they are, dear." Tatia glances at Zai as a creampuff is taken, then turns to catch the first few eggs. "Can't say births are much better, really. Anyone else?" This directed to the crowd at large as she raises the basket, offering cream puffs. "I've drinks, too…" And she's sharing. Come one, come all.

In the galleries, A group of drudges stand near the back of the galleries, one tipping a handful of marks to another,"Aye, y' won this pool, bu' we've got plen'y more t'bet on." A chuckle from the gambling drudge. "That one'll be a blue, I tell ya'. Half a mark on it!" The men standing around him 'aye' in agreement and hand the man a mark or so as they chuckle and sip from flasks, noting down the bets in a small book.

In the galleries, Ciera goes home.

In the galleries, "So far..well so far so good." Tevya responds, grinning. "Though the last clutch did start out this way too. Still..there's a chance.." And at this, Tevya will turn her attention back to the eggs on the sands, her gaze flickering between each ovoid.

On the ledges, Lis squints myopically onto the sands to hazard a guess at the eggs. "Three?" Durned queens squirrel them away too fast for the bet makers. One hand dives into Tatia's creampuffs, and the small grip comes back with a suprisingly large number of the delicate things - nevermind that they're now broken and, to most people, disgusting.

On the ledges, Esmeyath scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the ledges, Zeja slides from Esmeyath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

On the ledges, Spotting Kh'ryn, the brownrider gives him a slight nod, not caring whether the bluerider sees it or not. "Don't try'n be nice now, Mneoth. Most dragons don't abandon their riders.." Khena mutters, her attention firmly on the Sands, or at least it seems that way. Shrugging out of her jacket, she wipes her brow already slick with sweat. "I shoulda brought some juice.."

On the ledges, Zai munches on her creampuff, elbows on her knees as she leans forward to watch the proceedings. "Yeah, but people don't flock to watch /human/ births." The entertainment level just isn't the same. Lis' creampuffs get a curious look, before her attention returns to eggs. "And at least eggs are pretty later." Babies, as we all know, /stay/ scary.

Druseth gives a sweet croon, his voice not quite in tune as he offers his encouragement. Croooooon. And it's back to work, muzzle in the sands as he practically digs with his snout. It's getting personal with his children's bedding, really. Must make sure it's /perfect/ for his little inbred eggs.

On the ledges, "Four," guesses Rin, who produces the number without recourse to the Sands themselves. Jhanath, busily throbbing his sympathy with the rest of the dragons, pays the man little attention.

In the galleries, "Ooooh, you are most welcome, Sikkyen." Nodnod from the Miria. Mir grabs a couple a' marks and clenches them quite tightly. Now, what to bet on and who with? Whoooooo? … Fyria is glanced towards. "Don'tcha think twenty-six eggs would do?"

In the galleries, In sneaks the snakey little visitor from the South - complete with tan and all! Seilyn launches herself at Sikkyen upon spotting him through the crowd, calling out 'Sien!' as she does so. It has /got/ to be a crime to be that affectionate. Little hands cling to her precious Sikkyen as tradition demands, her dull grey eyes sparkling with utter delight in watching Chayath endure labour… (erk) that would be, pop beautiful little eggs out.

In the galleries, Fyria lifts a brow at the guard recruit, eyeing Miria and her sweetstick rather warily. "What? Oh…eggs." One delicate finger taps on her chin lightly as she glances out, then slyly she looks back to the guard. "I'll hazard a guess when the eggs are all clutched. How's that?" Ahem.

On the ledges, Seems appropriate, for Lis. Tatia's nose wrinkles as she takes one for herself - carefully /not/ broken - then abandons the basket to the floor where it's open for all as she grabs up the first skin of Benden Cross. "And we get dragons from them.. that's usually a plus," the greenrider notes toward Zai before tilting her head back to allow the liquid to trickle down her throat, then extends the skin. "Anyone else? Pass it down.. it was free." And not bad, either. And strong.

On the ledges, Kia slips from the form of her lifemate after yes sitting and pondering this new event. A pat is givin and she grins up at Valanth before peering around. "Zai? Is that Zai!" Oh My! Bluerider nances across the ledges to give a little tap tap tappity tap to the Apprentices shoulder "How've you been?" she's got a creampuff must not be too bad.. Peek at eggs almost hesitantly "Oh good no horrid pink yet" hand goes to mouth. No she did not say that well she did if Pyrene isn't around

On the ledges, Farleth scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the ledges, T'am slides from Farleth's neck with a bit of help from the bronze, and lands safely on the ground.

Chayath stills herself, making a little grunting noise before sliding her form closer to the trench. Full belly moves with the muscular contractions that contort the golden tones of her hide. Like gold touched with flame, her coloring seems to melt across her bones as the next bunch is laid. Three little ones are laid successfully in order, one flashing darkly while the other remains buried in a haze of soapy white. The last flares dark crimson before all are gently eased into the trench. See, Druseth? Nice little in-bred eggies.

Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg
Muted hues of mahogany, cedar and oak intertwine endlessly every which way over the length of the ovoid. A pale, almost aqua blotch is overlapped by more vibrant viridian before a deeper, forest green joins the fray, leafy canopies covering it all. Seemingly starting in the treetops, a light, delicate yellow filters through, the surface taking on the sunlit glow of late evening. The gentle golden wash slides unimpaired, Rukbat's light reaching the farthest corners of it all, lightening it discreetly.

Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg
If this egg's soapy-white surface wasn't naturally contained, it seems certain that the foamy contours that swathe its bright shell would spill forth into a bubbling waterfall. Frothy suds effervesce and sparkle, leaking a peculiar cleanliness that trickles across the whole exterior. Glimmers of sunlight tend to seep onto the water-like surface and generate illusive rainbows amidst the gleaming bubbles, the only bit of color evident on this otherwise pure and immaculate egg.

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg
An abomination of an egg, this one is: sharp edges instead of smooth; jagged curves en lieu of ovoid arches. Nature never intended for such a travesty to be clutched, and yet here it is before you. Various levels of intense silver clothe it with a brilliant metallic sheen, enfolding all sides in a cold and cool refuge reminiscent of a healer's finely honed instrument. Even the medicinal tang is slightly detectable in the air surrounding this seeming weapon of mercy, though often used instead for violence. Settled upon a raised crest of sand, it almost appears as though it's being angrily wielded to the light, rather than calmly offered in acquiescence. Glinting near the apex of the egg is the only other splash of color apparent other than the silvery backdrop: a single bead of crimson that slowly bleeds its way along the serrated edge towards freedom.

In the galleries, Major eyeroll from Miria. "Fyria, I'm not that much of a sucker." Riiiight. Sure you aren't Miria. "B'sides, it's so much fuuuun to bet? Just not much." Unfortunately, the guard has done nothing of the sort.

On the ledges, Lis plucks half a creampuff from the appetizing conglomeration of flakey pastry and whipped innards that seems to be taking over her hand - oozing between finger-webbing and whatnot. "Free? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a heavy vintage, then," quips Lis toward Tatia.

In the galleries, Fyria snorts slightly, turning towards Tevya and Fihall. "What 'bout you two? Are you harbouring any guesses as to how many eggs might be laid?" She swivels her gaze back towards the movements on the sands and thinks again. 20? 24? 30?

On the ledges, Esmeyath swiftly, gracefully flutters onto a ledge, and the rider perched upon her back looks toward the Sands and shrugs. "Oh, Eggs. Whee. Nothing better than watching orbs fall from a dragon's arse," the tactless greenrider, who would be Zeja, murmurs before waving to those in the area. "Salutations and duties and such. Kia! You left me in the bowl again. You should have met him." Shrugging, she removes riding gear. "Good thing this is the one place at 'Reaches that actually holds /warmth/…" And she finishes rambling - for now.

On the ledges, R'han's shoulders quiver; there's a certain poetic truth to Zeja's cynical musings. "'Reaches welcome," he greets, politely.

On the ledges, Imbriath scrambles in, careful of wings and tail.
On the ledges, Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slips down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

On the ledges, "I've had some already.. quite good," Tatia notes, actually giving Lis a smile. Of amusement. "As had Kh'ryn.. ask /him/ how strong it is," the greenrider states, gaze shifting down the ledge of riders toward that particular one as the reason for her amusement becomes clearer.

On the ledges, Mneoth rumbles quietly, pouting slightly. He was /so/ not trying to be nice. He's naturally a pro at it. Can't a brown get forgiven 'round here? He ruffles his large wings slightly and cranes his neck down to study one of the eggs more closely. Strange little bubble thingy eggie. Don't ya just wanna pop it?!

On the ledges, T'am is freed from the hyper clutches of Farleth, finding a place to watch the maddness while fingerwaggling at those already gathered. The beginnings of a "Hello." turn into a coughing fit as Kia is spotted. She's in a good mood, he hopes.

In the galleries, "Not yet," Tevya responds, her shoulders lifted in a shrug. "Though I'm hoping for a healthy size." Her chin then dips forwards in a self-affirming nod, before eyes slide towards Fyria, "What about you Fy? Do you have any guesses?" Gaze will linger on her friends face for scant seconds after the question is asked, before they revert back to the Sands, in time to catch the laying of the newest egg.

Chayath rests a moment, using her tail to finish off the trench before she drags herself over to one of the trenches Druseth created for her. There she stays for a moment, resting and watching the brown work. The next contraction will begin shortly, but for now, the smallest, daintiest queen rests.

On the ledges, "Oh, so /that's/ why you're being friendly," ripostes Lis in a tone of sarcrastic epiphany to Tatia, bringer of food and drink. "You're already juiced up."

Druseth is so proud. A little whuffle is sent in the Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg's direction, a rumble of distaste for the scalding light against the sweetness of paternal love. A shadowed tail whips across the sands, sending up the grains of sand as he once more lowers to the task of his odd, eccentricly-pathed trenches.

In the galleries, Sikkyen pauses. "I'm betting twenty..eight." Then - "Seily!" is cried out in delight, and he snags Seily around the waist. "Where've you been, darhlin'?" is inquired. "Ooooh," is ahh'd, and he stares at the new eggs in similar delight as when he first saw Seilyn enter the Galleries.. "New eggs. Twenty-eight, indeed, would be my bet." Yup.

Shaela watches as her lifemate goes about her business, creating comfortable homes for her new eggs, attempting to ignore the dull pain that is associated with the contractions felt through the rider-dragon link. "You're doing wonderfully, Chayath," she tells the gold, offering a broad smile to Lylia and her brown while she's at it. "I always did think Druseth was one of her finest, you know," she notes. Hopefully the Chayath-Druseth spawn will be as beautiful as the Cadgwith-Druseth spawn was hideous.

In the galleries, Siannen studies the eggs quietly, occasionally calling out encouragement to Chayath. The latest egg is eyed with particular interest, comment directed towards whoever happens to be listening. "Now that…that looks like something Druseth had a hand in…"

Chayath thinks to you, « They are beautiful, love. Are they not? »

On the ledges, Zai licks fingers clean from creampuff-flakes, and wrinkles up her nose at the clutching-mess. "Oh!" A flake-less finger points out one of the eggs, before it's covered. "That one was pretty." Tatia's offer of wine recieves a headshake. "Free? From who?" Zai never gets free wine.

In the galleries, Fyria shrugs her sweater over her head, leaving her in a thin undertunic-camisole like thing. "Ah…better. I felt like I was going to boil to death in here." She drops the sweater on her lap and peers out again at the light-laden orbs, drumming her fingers on her thigh. "Well Tev…let's see. How 'bout…" Pause. Suspense. "Mmm…24? Yeah. I'll guess 24." She catches Siannen's comment and peers over at said egg..then giggles. "Yep. I'd have to agree with you there, Sian."

On the ledges, "Of course, Lis," Tatia responds as sarcasm drips from her voice. "I have a habit of attending clutchings reelign drunk, didn't you know? You /could/ try being appreciative, you know," she points out sourly before reaching to reclaim her skin. "Want some, Zai? No? It's good, promise."

On the ledges, Kia giggles just crazily as she wiggles fingers at Zeja "I didn't leave you dearest you just seemed to have gotten distracted and I was late already. At least I thought I was but it's not over yet so I'm only fashionably bluerider type late" Kia logic such a wonderful thing and yes a good mood no fighting at clutchings Chayath wouldn't like it and Kia knows it. Yes big gold and well dropping oval type things on the sands. No no fighting though she might just glare or something cute. And now Kiaplayer realizes she doesn't know Zai here and thought she was completely someone else. Apologize muchly sorry :)

You think to Chayath, » Love, they could not be any more perfect. /You/ could not be any more perfect. I'm very proud of you. «

On the ledges, K'nex climbs careflully down from Shirasuth's neck, using the bulky brown's extended limb, and steps safely onto the ground.

On the ledges, K'nex finally slides /off/ his dragon to join the other riders. The brownrider lands with a wobbly thump, absently brushes himself off, and wanders over towards the creampuffs, of course. "Reeling drunk?" Of course that's all Kez manages to hear, and so looks confused.

On the ledges, Lis grins lopsidedly over at Tatia, licking the cream indecently from her hand. "Oh, I am, my dear Tatia, I am. Believe me. - Pass the skin when you're done, Zai?" wonders the greenrider plaintively.

On the ledges, Glancing sideways at her lifemate, Khena shakes her head, though she can't help slipping her hand over Mneoth's neck as far as she can reach. "Just don't do it again," she whispers, her eyes following the action on the sands. "How many eggs is that?" Squinting, she counts inside her head, but keeps the result to herself. No need to embarrass herself if she'd gotten it wrong.

Chayath rumbles happily at Druseth before angling toward the new trench. With a splash of sun-set colors comes the newest egg. Fairly easy to clutch because of it's small size, the petite queen barely spends any energy in the contractions that bring it into the world. Proudly, she displays it before it disappears into the trench.

Country-time Setting Sun Egg
A glorious spring day has ended, and with it the glowing orange orb that settles in the center of this egg shall do the same. Rays of crimson and amethyst expand to surround the orb, sending hazy clouds of pastel pinks and oranges to scatter across the summit. Golden rods strike outwards, the angles exact and precise, each reaching into the clouds that are formed within the peak. Light seems to scatter across this egg, for there are no shadows to be seen, nor any dark colors; just a brilliant glowing orange orb sinking into the pool of darkening sapphire and amethyst along the base.

On the ledges, Zeja chuckles softly as she walks toward Kia, draping her jacket over her arm. "I can't help it I'm easily distracted," she replies before looking toward the Eggs. "Anything remarkable yet, or just the same old colored spheres? And of course, fashionably late! I'm sharding candlemarks behind, but I'm satisfied with that," she remarks as she looks toward the Sands.

In the galleries, Seilyn can't help but fidget as she watches Chayath deliver a few more. Tender brows furrow for a moment as the young girl begins counting how many dragons she can see upon the ledges. The number grows to a point where watching the clutching and counting just is /not/ going to happen. Sikkyen-time! "Hmm? Oh, I was in Ista at the Weaver Hall," she explains with a shrug, blue locks bobbing slightly and that bright grin of hers lighting her face, "but news travels fast and I caught a ride here. Any excuse to come to High Reaches is a good excuse." Slender fingers tuck her hair behind one round ear. "Twenty-eight? Twenty-eight what?" She's lost. "Are we betting on how many eggies Chayath will clutch, Syenii?"

On the ledges, "K'nex!" Zai waves an enthusiastic hand toward the other brownrider. "Hi." She beams, bites into a second creampuff. Tatia's encouragement cause Zai to frown. "Well. Maybe a bit." She takes the 'skin, and a small sip. Peering at it for a moment after she finishes, she hands it toward Lis. "It's okay. I guess."

In the galleries, Sikkyen observes the latest egg - er, one of the latest eggs. An interesting conundrum - a travesty of harsh curves, of course, and a sure bet for a rather odd hatchling - but still. Very interesting, if only for the above factors! Something to keep an eye on, of course - magnificant if only in wondrous singularity. Yeah, yeah, okay, so Sikkyen can get obsessed with something as odd as that quite easily. The new eggs are spared a couple of glances, and Seily's overheard with enrapture. "Oh, I'm just saying that I think she'll clutch twenty-eight eggs.. Not bettin'. Yet." Because his bet might change, just yet… "Ista, hmm? Why're you at the weaver hall, anyhow?" Blink.

On the ledges, T'am lifts a hand in greeting to K'nex, sliding ever nearer to Lis and Tatia, the ones with the creampuffs. An absent, "Yes, that ones lovely. Nice coloration. I'm sure it /will/ be a bronze." goes out to Farleth, who is taking quite an interest in the eggs.

On the ledges, Though his rider might be enthranced with the clutching /so much/ as to not notice the other riders and dragons nearby, Zylpheth is not. Sure, he's excited, but when he spies Mneoth amongst the throng of those gathered, the blue bugles a warm greeting. That noise does shakes Kh'ryn a bit from his daze, and he lifts his head to see if he can spot the brown's rider. When he does, a pleasant wave is sent Khena's way, before Khor goes back to watching the show. No Benden Cross for him please… He's had his share. More than his share, to be exact.

In the galleries, Miria comes up the stairs.

Country-time Setting Sun? But… but… Druseth likes the dark, likes the wild woods and trailing like a lord of shadows among the foliage. But still love gleams in the pappa's eyes, another croon emitted towards Chayath. Lovely job. Simply smashing! Er, not smashing eggs that is, but just an expression… And the paws keep digging, a weirdly spiralling trench.

On the ledges, Kia snickers "Easily distracted uh huh that's what you /always/ say but i figured you'd tag along after you were finished or he was tired" flask of wine is drawn from her jacket and she takes a swig. Clutching=drunk=Kia's excuse for tapping on Zai person. Anyway wink at Zeja as she peers over at the eggs again "Rather nice clutch I'd say but then I'm not really an expert on clutches I suppose I could have swore Valanth's egg had a brown or something in it but I still liked it"

On the ledges, Mneoth glances to his lifemate briefly as a way to assure that he won't be leaving his precious Khena anywhere else. Eggs are paid more attention and he rumbles deeply in approval of the sunset egg's. The stirring on in the galleries pulls his attention for only a moment before calm eyes settle on the Sands below.

On the ledges, "I thought you were wary of my wine, Lis," Tatia retorts as she reaches for the second and uncorks it easily. "No worries.. it'll get you good and drunk quick, if that's what you're after. Be careful, hmm?" Another creampuff is claimed, and she grins as K'nex joins them. "Creampuff?" What? You thought she was up here to watch the /eggs/?

On the ledges, Lis agrees with T'am as she takes a long drink from the wineskin. "It's got a design on it, that bright spot. Bronze eggs always have something like that." Always always. Finishing her hand's tongue bath, the greenrider wipes it surreptitously on the seam of her pants. Hince. "Me? Wary of wine?" Not since she was twenty…

In the galleries, Miria wakes from her small nap. It's a wonder she can sleep amongst all the raucousness… and she finds an errant drudge fella's hand on her thigh, said drudge's face awash with a smirk. "Hey. Gerroff!" She shoves the hand off and elbows him hard, then draws in breath. "Ucky fellow can't keep his hands from wandering." Pheh. She detests that kind of thing, of course.

On the ledges, Lavinia edges further along the ledge and into the galleries.
In the galleries, Lavinia edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, Fyria perks up a bit as she eyes the Setting Sun egg. "Oh, that's a rather pretty one, eh?" Peer, peer…she leans forward to try and get a better look, muttering a "Drat" as it's hastily covered.

On the ledges, Zeja laughs at Kia's words, waving her hand. "No, he wasn't worth the time. Seemed a little young and inexperienced to me, bluerider," the woman replies before raising an eyebrow. "Ooh… mind if I have some of your wine? I can throw down some marks at the nearest pub on the way back." Know that cliche don't drink and fly? Doesn't work for Moonblazers. "Oh, Esmey's was full of all sorts of colors… autumny colors… utterly beautiful…" And that dreamy look's the closest to swooning Ze will come about Eggs.

Chayath pants a little before moving on, as yet more contractions move her form. This time, though, seems to have have her wound up in urgency. Muscles push as the tiny queen attempts to clutch the next two, yet they are a long time in coming. Then suddenly, the two come tumbling forth in an explosion of color and energy.

Jagged Streak of Lightning Egg
A tumultuous storm breaks across the surface of a windswept prairie, jaded stalks residing in the crater of the egg and falling into an elegant sea of swirling olive and bright emerald. Pointed tips give way to the fury that is unleashed upon the upper shell, copper swirling' round furious gold and brazen bronzes that eventually collide upon themselves. A storm at its fullest rage, for darkened traces of burnt bronze rest beside the seemingly glowing gold. And yet all pales before the jagged bolt that shoots from the peak of the egg, darting and curling tentatively to its base.

Hot-Hot-Hot! Lava Lamp Egg
An excessively pointed peak is tipped with a light scatter of frosted colors, like the cap of a frozen mountain. A shiny coating skitters downwards towards the cradle of warmth offered in the emerald hued base, while the middle is spotted with fuchsia blobs. Pale, yet vibrant shapes seem to float languidly amidst the sea of silver cast within the very center of the egg, some merging to form a single massive blotch, while others drift off into pale freckles.

On the ledges, K'nex stops looking confused a moment to beam back at Zai. "Hey there!" He says, waving at her and anyone else who so happened to greet him right about that time. "Oo, yes, thanks," Kez turns his beam on Tat before picking up a creampuff and munching on it. Mmmm. Better than watching eggs. Even pretty eggs.

In the galleries, Sikkyen aww's at Mirs. "Want me to go beat him up?" is inquired - and only half-jokingly. Sik's protective of those who's in that ring of friends that he has. "That's a good egg," is declared, with a point to the Jagged Streak of Lightning Egg. "It'll clutch a bronze," he deems. And he'll bet on that comment, too.

Lylia remains lounging as her dragon does all the work. It's the way it's supposed to be, after all. She's a little afraid of getting too close and getting swept under those dark paws by accident. "Lovely clutch so far," she remarks, slinking a little closer to Shae as she tugs off her jacket. "Druseth seems rather taken. Definitely Chayath's influence in them, though… Rather cheery eggs." The last batch was cute and everyone knows how /they/ turned out…

In the galleries, Miria kinda half-ooooooooos at the lava lamp one. "Ooooo, it's… blotchy… and colorful… and… Special!" Eeeee. My, she's a perky one. "Hey Hey!" she calls out to the throng around her, "Who wants to bet on… nineteen eggs?" Considering this is a brown that's siring them.

In the galleries, Yumi comes up the stairs.

In the galleries, Siannen gasps at the first of the latest set, pointing eagerly. "/That/ one's sure to hatch a bronze…" And this being Sian, she never bets on the results…her fosterfather didnt' raise no fool.

On the ledges, Leaving her lifemate's side, Khena trudges over to Kh'ryn, standing there for a moment before speaking. "Been a while, hasn't it?" she says, glancing away from the eggs to give the bluerider a quick look. "How're you and Zylpheth doing then?" Rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, the brownrider looks back at the sands and the clutching queen, one eyebrow lifted. "Interesting eggs, don't you think?"

In the galleries, Tevya can only offer a grin as the clutching continues, her own council kept within her mind as she makes silent wagers and bets. Fingers idly tap her knee, as the opposite foot beats out the same tempo. And through this, Tevya remains silent. Sunk into a gazing-stupor.

In the galleries, Fyria snerks at Sikkyen, nodding her head towards the lightning egg. "I'd have to agree, Sikk. That one's most definitely worthy of a bronze, though I think the second one might produce a nice little blue. Y'know. Cool blue to counterpoint the hot red, eh?" She leans back, one leg crossing over the other.

In the galleries, Seilyn lets her stone-patterned eyes flick over every egg, inspecting each as she decides to get in on this betting stuff. "I don't think Chayath could clutch that many, Sikkyen," she replies, smirking. "She's tiny. I'm guessing… twenty-three." As the Lava Lamp Egg is brought out onto the warm sands before the Galleries, Seily flicks a very wicked glance to Sikkyen. "That egg looks /way/ too dangerous to be anything but a /green/! Wanna' bet me 1/8 a mark on it?" Little Gamboller, ain't she?

On the ledges, T'am nods at Lis, "Far's had some weird lighty patterns. Not that I paid much attention to his egg as a candidate." Leaning in a bit he adds in a low voice, "thought it was kind of funny looking, actually." Ahem. Cheerful smile in place, a hand snags out toward the creampuffs. "Oh, who brought the food? Great idea."

On the ledges, Kia offers the flask over to Zeja "Sure ya can Zej I mean after all your flask is my flask and well you get it" wrinkle of her nose before she eyes T'am again and points at him with one begloved finger "Did I ever tell you what I did to him? He is rather cute I suppose but just looking at him still irritates me. I promise no tagging bronzers while we're at High Reaches though only fair I suppose if I don't have to wait for you to head back to the weyr? Or we could just spend the night and find some /warm/ bets"

"Well, the old aunties - and you know how long some of them have been around - tell me that Chayath's eggs are the finest they've seen in all their years," Shaela notes, never one to be modest when it comes to her lifemate. "And lovely dragons, too, but of course you knew that, since Druseth himself is one of hers."

On the ledges, "Yes, it has," Kh'ryn admits truthfully enough. If there's any hidden meaning behind Khena's words, he doesn't notice it though, as he's still too intent on the clutching, even as the last few eggs tumble out and are soon buried. And as for the eggs, "There's some mighty fine ones in there, I say. Should be a nice group of dragonets that spring from them too.." Unlike the /last/ hatching he witnessed.. He still gets shivers at the memory.

For the 'Reaches youngest queen the work is hardly over. Chayath is yet again gripped in the fingers of another contraction. This one heavier than before while giving her a glow of concentration. Muscles ripple and hide contractions to bring forth another pair of perfect inbredness.

Tiffany's Cloisoinne De-Light Egg
A myriad colours dances across the curvaceous surface of this egg's ovoid form, shattering the glow into a thousand glass-tinted rainbow shades. Images appear - a flash of fire, the curve of a dragon's wing, the flutter of a vtol amidst vines laden with the grapes of summer. Each tiny sliver of colour is highlighted by leaden outlines, emphasizing the distinct separateness, yet overall wholeness of the egg itself. A shadow moves within, darkening the images briefly before pushing onward, glass motes recapturing the light and projecting outwards to one's eye.

Gyrating Glowsticks Egg
Lime effulgence takes up a rapid dance across the shell, whirling and twirling in time with lesser, wild dashes of magenta and blinding yellow. Neon whips merrily over the gleaming white spots, carrying it away in the pounding pulse of the party, youthful grass-green springing up and taking on the sunlight's cast, eerie blurs of color against a faint hint of shadows, the strobe of alabaster flecking across the ever-shifting shades.

On the ledges, Lis points a pale, tapered finger at Tatia in answer to T'am's questions. "Tatia, quite surprsingly." Overhearing the Istan riders, and unable to resist any conversation involving beds, the greenrider calls back to Kia, "You'll be lucky to find any warm beds that aren't already occupied by other riders." Sharing, anyone?

On the ledges, Zeja beams and takes a long swig… or three.. of Kia's wine before handing the flask back to her. "Thanks there, dear," she replies before looking toward T'am. "Him? What'd you do to him? You know, Kia, no hurting cute riders until after I get to meet them and such." She grins and winks before nodding slowly. "Hmm… I've never tried out a 'Reachian bed. Suppose we could borrow one, occupied or un?"

In the galleries, Sikkyen shakes his head adamantly. "Green, Fyria. That'll be green to counter the red." A grin. "I'm agreein' with you on that one, Seily, not bettin'. That egg screams green to me.." Hack. "She /is/ a pretty small gold, ain't she?" A pause. "And it is a brown's clutch." Sigh. Okay, so he's off. "Eighteen." Down by twenty, with just two facts. Yikes, Sik.. He ahhh's at the last of the last batch. "Pretty," he comments, pointing at the Glowsticks Egg. "Duncha think?"

On the ledges, Mneoth bellows a low and powerful bugle in blue Zylpheth's direction in reply to the blue's greeting. These eggs are /far/ more attractive than Cadgwith's last but the brown has yet to see the results within the eggs below. The nearby Zeja is given a slightly amused eye as she downs a good few gulps of the wine and the former-StarCrafter's lifemate is rumbled softly to.

On the ledges, Kia wiggles a bit nuding at hip against Zeja's "I'll introduce you to him if you like? Not that he won't run or something but I can try" giggle as she takes another swig of her wine before piping up towards Lis "Those are the warmest kind you know! Would you mind sharing?" oh boldness goes Kia "Zeja'd have to join us though cause well she can't be left out to freeze in the cold"

On the ledges, There's talk of drinking and sharing beds? K'nex must be at the wrong party again, yes? He'll just stay quiet and munch on a creampuff. Maybe no one else'll notice him and somehow get him into this conversation, offer him wine, or try and use his bed. Nuh-uh.

Chayath takes a moment to rest, turning her attention to watching her lifemate and Druseth, who's still digging those trenches?

In the galleries, Fyria giggles towards Sikkyen, giving him a wink, and Seilyn one as well. "Green, eh? Well…I'm not in a betting mood today, else I'd wager a half a mark or so on it." With an eye-twinkle, she glances back out over the sands, oh'ing at the latest additions. "Wow…bright." Squint.

Chayath thinks to you, « I bespoke Druseth with: Chayath curls contentment through her voice of gypsy bells, « What do you think so far? They are most wonderful! » »

Chayath thinks to you, « I am already feeling thinner. And they are so pretty. I am quite satisfied! »

For the son of the 'Reaches youngest queen, there's far more work ahead. Druseth'll be offering to wait on her forelimb and hind leg before the day is out. A warm, mental wave of sympathy and encouragement is sent out in his normal dark palette, a brighter croon offered as he nearly stumbles over himself, torn between digging his trenches like an obediant little avenger of the night and trying to watch the latest creations before they're buried among the sands.

On the ledges, Khena glances at the bluerider again, giving a slight nod. "Aye.. Don't think it'll be too large a clutch either," she muses, looking back at her lifemate with a thoughtful frown. "I heard you did well at the Games, then Khor? I guess all that training payed off, eh?"

On the ledges, T'am throws a surprised look Tatia's way. "Really? Huh." Wouldn't have thought it of her. An eyebrow goes up as Lis draws his attention to Kia and Zeja. And that is followed by a somewhat stricken look as the attention of that pair is turned their way. Stuffing a creampuff into his mouth…whole, he avoids having to make the polite offer of his large and unshared bed.

On the ledges, Lis blinks up at Kia and Zeja with utter innocence, face deadpan as she asks, "How do you feel about old men? 'Cause you've got to share with one of them, too." Or more, depending upon her appetite.

On the ledges, Kia ponders shoulder raising and then dropping before yes she saunters forth to give T'am a blown kiss "Lets see old men.. I'm mostly for cuddling less it's a flight" look towards T'am now and a giggle again yes she's in a good mood "Zeja however might want one? Depends on how much stamina he's got left in him perhaps?"

On the ledges, Zeja looks toward Mneoth with an eyebrow waggle, probably because her own lifemate seems to be showing the brown her lovely wings - discreetly, mind you - in case he care to look. "Lovely, Esm," the greenrider murmurs before looking toward Kia with a hmm. "I suppose you would be the one causing him to run? I've never made anyone run in the opposite direction." Okay, so that's a lie, but still… The greenrider puts on her best pitiful look. "Yes, I'd hate to have to sleep in the bowl or some such…" An eyebrow quirks at T'am, amused smirking crossing her lips, before she turns back to Lis. "Depends… How much vigor do they have in their old age?"

On the ledges, Lis chuckles wickedly in reply, but that's all; the greenrider stops vocalizing, watching the eggs, and letting these man-eaters pray on T'am. Her fangs have gone dull.

In the galleries, Lianta eyes all as she climbs up to where the rest are sitting about. It's cold up here, but M'co and Giath (NPC) were nice enough to give her a lift over. In the midst of all these llama-loving cookie eaters, the Istan looks lost. Until she spots Tevya and Fyria, who are given a cheery wave and bright grin.

On the ledges, Kh'ryn is truly trying to be polite and interested in the conversations demanding his reply, but the next few eggs drag his attention away yet again. Therefore, Khena's question about the games receives a less-boastful response than he'd usually offer; considering that he /is/ proud over that accomplishment. "Oh.. Yeah. Went fine.. Done good.. Hey! Lookies that glowy-like one.. Ain't that the neatest?"

In the galleries, Miria gnaws on her sweetstick. And looks up at T'am. So she gets out another sweetstick, and waves it around in his sight. See? She's got enough to spare. Really. If she doesn't eat them all first. "'Ey! T'am!" Whistle. "Wan' it?"

On the ledges, Surprise, suspicion, and finally a wary smile flicker across T'am's face. "Hi Kia. Zeja." A polite incline of the head for the rider he isn't familiar with. "I certainly hope no one will be sleeping in the bowl tonight." Talk of old men has nothing to do with him, he's young and viril.

Chayath begins to tire; it shows in the beginnings of sluggish movement in the petit, golden form. Wings stretch out as she waits for the next contraction to begin. A lengthy amount of time between the next contraction and the last has given her time to arrange the eggs neatly and then repack them. Yet, far to quickly for the queen, she is set upon by the contractions. Soon, dark and light eggs spill forth from her crimson-accented form to be nudged gently into the heated sands.

Tiki Torch Egg
Bamboo shivers, pale colors rising up from the base, darker lines creasing the curved surface. As it climbs, faint wisps of gray appear, exploding into a wreath of blazing crimson and orange, ascending from the light, wooden colors in a licking, languishing frenzy. Fireflies flicker in the twilight depths that shrink from the burning, brightening shades, merely faint spots against the ever-present glow. Quiet smoke drenches the top of the shell, culminating the creation in its ashen touch.

Elven Forests Egg
Mountains green, on stream, on stone, where moonlight glimmers purest white, a forest hidden in the shell, of dragon's egg and Elven light. O' nameless hills, o' new-formed dells, where old and ancient knowledge dwells, a crown of stars, a gown of light, a mirror melting future fright. Woodlands green, on moss, on branch, where fireflies lantern the night sky, an arcane sanctuary's rest to stop, to sleep, perhaps to die.

In the galleries, "Lianta! Just in time, I think." Fyria peers back towards the busy gold, wondering indeed: how many eggs left? "Come on up…we'll make room," which she doesn promptly schooching over with an apologetic look to the young man next to her. "Sorry." Impish grin.

On the ledges, Kia ponders this fingers clutching her chin for a moment as she looks T'am over "I think we could perhaps join this one but I remind I only cuddle and you'd have to tango with Zeja. I just want you for your bed atm." sage nod yes of wisdom
In the galleries, Gryff looks around nervously. He is a weyrchild, perhaps seven turns of age, but judging from his wide-eyed expression, he has never seen a clutching before.

In the galleries, Sikkyen snuffs at Fyria's comments. "Not in a betting mood? Too bad.." A slight smirk, and he returns his attention back to the sands. He snags a flask out of his overcloak pocket, taking a hearty swallow before pocketing the shiny object back. Mmm. Liquor. /Good/ liquor.. "I'm suprised these eggs are so.. bright." A hesitant glance is thrown towards the BigBadClutchDaddy. "Considering.." Yeah. He's afraid of Druseth. Who isn't? Shudder.

In the galleries, Seilyn leans into her Sikkyen-pet's arm, moving to wrap lanky arms about his and giving her best eye-batting and angelic-smiling to the Reachian. "After all this is over, want to go get some stickybuns with me? Dad will let me stay the night in Reaches, I'm sure, and it's been so long since I saw you." Cue that adorible little pout. "Plus, the StarCraft doesn't have enough hunky guys /my/ age and Dad for/bids/ me from dating anyone over ten Turns my own age. Some stupid rule. I have /no/ idea where he pulled it out of." Huff. Geeze. Dads. The flask is eyed. "What is that? Can I have some?"

In the galleries, Gryff sits down in a comfortable spot to watch the clutching. His eyes are like saucers and he scarcely blinks as he drinks in the spectacle before him.

On the ledges, T'am catches Miria's call, head turning to search for her. "Naw, thanks though. I need to cut back." One hand firmly slaps his belly…not that there's much there beside muscle mind you. He hasn't let himself go yet. Green eyed gaze turns back on Kia and Zeja. "Only for my bed? But I have so much more to offer." Wink. Mostly sure now that Kia isn't here to deck him, he feels safe letting out a bit of bronzerider flirtatiousness.

Finally, Druseth's influence on the clutch is shown. The Tiki Torch Egg is briefly glimpsed, getting a rumble of approval, and the Elven Forests Egg gets a longer gaze, the brown offering a near-trill. Moonlight has a much more delicate touch than the sun, a sweeter whisper to feel in his undead bones. The vampiric brown nearly prances back to his work, sand flying up and making odd piles as he traces his new paths, wide trenches just proper enough for his inbred DruandChaylets.

On the ledges, Khena shrugs, offering Kh'ryn a less than enthusiastic, "yeah," as she moves away from the bluerider to join her lifemate again, leaning on his forearm. "Who is that, Mneoth," she mutters, noticing his interest in the green. A nod is giving to the apparent rider of the dragon along with a half-smile.

On the ledges, Zeja shoots an amused look to her best friend, one eyebrow still quirked upward. "I feel like I'm being sold," she murmurs with a near purr to Kia, "not that I'm objecting, mind you." Head inclines in return to T'am. "Ista's duties, bronzerider. And no, that would be a pity, sleeping in the bowl, when High Reaches has such nice visitors and nice beds…" Not that hers would be difficult to fly back to or anything… Smiling smirk returns to her lip. "Like what? Wine, I'd hope? It's sad to have a weyr without wine… and without company."

On the ledges, "That's the best pick-up line I've heard in Turns," Lis tells Kia with a laugh just under her words. "I suppose I'll have to bring you home and surprise D'renn.. make sure he gets the kids out of the weyr first." Can't scar the young and impressionable.

In the galleries, Mrr. Miria is, unluckily, standing up at the time Fyria squishes Lianta in, and she finds in her seat… a rather handsome looking healer apprentice. Ooooooh. "Uhm. That's my seat. Not saying you can't sit in it too, but…" Said healer fellow gets the message and tugs her down into his lap, and /there/ is where she stays. Calling up T'am-ward, she says, "Aww. Though it makes a lot of sense… I need to cut back too, but… they make an awfully great clutching snack." Mir's tummy goes rumble. More sweetstick please. "Hey. Uh. Sikk. No betting for my part, but I think there'll be nineteen eggs. What 'bout you?"

As the end approaches, so does the urgency of the clutching. Never rest for the weary, Chayath moves to another trench, lovingly dug by Druseth, to clutch more of her precious inbred babies. She tail-waves Druseth over to the trench she just abandoned, her intent clear: Make it purty. Soon, the contractions ease and in place are two mysterious little eggs, barely seen before they, too, disappear.

Phial of Galadriel Egg
Like the shine of a star captured and encased in a phial of delicate crystal, this egg shines with wholesome radiance. A light for dark places, when all others have been extinguished, it carries an air of ancient purity and goodness that can defy even the most terrible dangers. Though smooth and round, the shell glimmers as if delicately faceted, the faintest trace of colors glimmering like light refracted through glass. The brilliance seems almost to come from within, the gentle luminosity of a star rather than the harsher glow of sun or moons, a veritable fount of peace and well-being.

Fiery One Ring Egg
Fire ravages the edges of this large egg, smoking and burring around the single ring of red-gold that bands the shell into some amaranthine, corrupted, infinite eye. Scorching, scalding, burning, blistering - fire sets the runes ablaze, turning the elegance of ancient writing to scarlet prophecy across the molten amber: One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

In the galleries, Lorsalia comes up the stairs.

On the ledges, Kia laughs all out and a shiver at Zeja's whisper "Zej dearest there aren't enough marks in the world for you. It's not like I'm not going with you or anything" green eyes rove back over to Lis before she offers a somber nibble to her lip in thought "Rather interesting idea you've got there and as for the pickup line thanks. It is afterall T'am and I've got to make up just a bit for blacking his eye till he makes me mad again" not till not if T'am gets a smile "Really do you happen to have a party there? There's always a party in our weyrs but well we came here for the night to see the clutching and Faranth knows who's in there"

In the galleries, Sikkyen beams at Seily, stifling laughter at occaisional points. "Stickybuns sounds good," he cheerfully announces. "Oh, no hunky guys /your/ age, eh?" A shake of his head. "I have a feeling you would and this cousin of mine would have a wonderful time together, but he.. doesn't like blue, I don't think." A thoughtful glance, and he has to throttle back hystericals. "I can see why he would forbid you to see anyone over ten turns older than you, Seily-Darhlin'." Hack. Then, "Nope, this is hard liquor. Well.. spiked wine. Another cousin makes an awesome blend of wine, lemonfruit cordials, and some Retsina. Calls it the Benden Cross…" And the good thing is that he has a free supply of it, thanks to his uncle. Beam. "Eighteen, Mirs. Whatever it'll be, it'll be an even number!" Yup. Then.. Miria leaves. Snuff. Oh well..

On the ledges, K'nex pops another creampuff in his mouth with a 'thanks' for Tatia, who was nice enough to bring them and eyes the eggs again. They're…kinda gross new, aren't they? Colorful, but gooey.

In the galleries, Fyria oh's, and oh's again, eyes widening at the Fiery egg. "Shards…that one's a beaut, eh Tev?" She leans forward, elbows on knees as she tries to catch a good look before it's covered once more. "Now -that- one will hatch a bronze, I'm sure of it." Nod nod. But still, no bets.

On the ledges, Mneoth pays very little heed to Esmeyath other than a huff but even then, it could've been to clear his muzzle of irritating flecks of dust and sand that had found its way to him. This big brown hunk has better things to do than swoon and fall talons over headknobs with some green. Khena's given an absent-minded sniff just to make sure the bluerider didn't infect her further with any more surprises.

Pretty? Aesthetics aren't Druseth's strength… His pretty is in the proper reassembly of a wherry after ripping it apart and sucking the lifeblood from it. But reverence is given to the latest two, even the brilliant, light shading of the Phial Egg not dissuading him. Prettiness is made as he tries to neaten up some of his flurry-driven trenches. The Fiery One Ring Egg gets a quiet, loving croon, one slightly stronger than the rest. His preeeecious. Can he keep it? Please? He'll take good care of it.

On the ledges, T'am crosses his arms and leans towards Zeja a bit, "Wine? Always." And it's Benden of course, being an Inferno rider does have its perks. A shake of the head at Lis and he can't resist remarking, "Careful Lis, we wouldn't want D'renn to over exert himself." And as for a party, "There's bound to be a party somewhere." His weyr, if he can round up a few attractive people.

On the ledges, Kh'ryn clambers onto the blue-tipped, airy expanse of Zylpheth's neckridges.
On the ledges, Zylpheth goes home.

In the galleries, Siannen gasps softly, simply shaking her head at the latest eggs. "Bronze or brown…bronze or brown out of either of them." a chuckle, then, "Or maybe a green out of that pretty one…" The Phial one, of course.

Chayath is panting a little by now, curling herself along the trenches, leaving them into the care of her lovely son, Druseth. Clutching again wracks her body as yet another two eggs are left exposed for all to see. One in flame, and one pale, they contrast nicely as they are gently buried in the black sands.

Flaming Marshmallow Egg
Red and gold but warm the pattern of this large golden brown egg, charring a sticky trail of color from base to top in a gooey mess of amber, black, and fickle orange. Hearthfires' heated coals spark along the bottom, amiable in comfortable scatters of cherry and carmine to heat the ivory of the shell to a deliciously tacky, viscous, gummy mess of toasted amber and a hint of burnt sugar.

Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg
Pale misty white caresses the grey surface of this egg, gleaming softly with iridescence. Tendrils drift lazily around in random patterns, obscuring all that they cover. Gleaming pearl and silver, this egg entails an air of mystery, seized within an instant of time.

In the galleries, "It is.." The words from Fyria enough to jolt Tevya from her single-minded staring, her gaze quickly switching towards Fyria. "It'll hatch a strong dragonet. I'll bet marks on that." If she had /any/ that is! Fingers will then twine around one another as she leans elbows atop her knees, only to have her gaze drift back to the eggs on the sands.

On the ledges, Lis would comment on T'am's insult to her not yet geriatric weyrmate, but they're rather obsecne and no one wants to hear it, except pervy old men fanciers like her. "You're just jealous," she tells the bronzerider sagely.

In the galleries, Hyzen edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, Lorsalia mutters as she enters the galleries, tossing her blond hair in frustration. Look at her, epitome if cute teenagerness. When she sees that most of her friends are already in conversation or watching the eggs, the greenrider finds an unknown and settles near him. Gryff, he is. "Hullo. How's the hatching going?" Which she had to miss because of her persnickety green dragon.

In the galleries, Gryff looks startled, "Oh its going well, I guess! I've never been to one before, it's so exciting!"

On the ledges, Zeja blinks down into the Galleries below. "Is that little Seilyn down there trying to sneak a drink?" she calls out. "Bad Seilyn…" She looks back to Kia with a beaming giggle. "I'm so proud of that girl…" She looks toward Kia with a chuckle. "You'll be there for the cuddling, I know," she replies with a wink before giving a pitying look toward T'am. "Aww, you blackened his eye? Kia, you do need to watch that temper…" She smiles back toward T'am, nodding. "A glass of wine is always nice in these parts…"

In the galleries, Lianta regards Fyria and Tevya with a quizzical, if silent, look. A quirk of the eyebrow states 'So there's betting going now, hmm?' With a small pleased smirk, she turns back to the pageant on the sands.

Chayath is nearing the end of her strength. Already dancer's lithe form is near to normal as the bulge of belly is considerably reduced, yet there is more. Another contraction seizes her and within moments, she's deposited another pair on the sands with considerable ease. She heaves a sigh before gently cover them over and moving on, leaving Druseth to work his magic.

Angel Wings Egg
Ethereal stardust spatters the gold-flecked expanse of minute shell, soft copper-gold embracing the shimmering goodness of this tiny yet heavenly egg. The white of angel wings flutters feather-soft against the golden brilliance of sunlight's cleansing rays, no touch or hint of evil to caress the purified and glorified glimmers of this special ovoid.

Celestial Starlight Egg
Star-pricks of light burst through the flimsy darkness of velveteen ebony that encompasses this egg. A sparkling flurry of activity traipses over the Cimmerian shell in star-fashioned filigree, mingling together luminous constellations, twisting galaxies and astral explosions of starlight. A super-nova of twirling, whirling, swirling points glimmers against the nighttime backdrop of blackness, misting the dainty egg with a starlit sheen.

In the galleries, Fyria's eyes widen as she holds her hands up, semi-defensively. "No no no, Lianta. No betting on my end, though I can't well speak for the others. I've no marks to spare at the moment." It's true - she's saving her marks for…something. "What'bout you? Going to wager any?"

In the galleries, Lorsalia grins at Gryff, then spares a glance to the sands. "Yeah, they are, aren't they?" Lors looks him over and adds, "I'm Lorsalia, by the way, rider of Yajisarath. Pleeztameecha." She sticks out her hand for an introduction, still grinning at him.

On the ledges, Khena yawns. The heat is getting to her. Sliding off Mneoth's foreleg, the rider sits on the floor leaning back against the brown's leg as she stretches her legs out in front of her. "There.. Much better," she says, to no one in particular. Only problem now is getting /up/ again.

In the galleries, Sikkyen gives a sigh. "Well, there goes my bet," he cheerfully announces as Number Nineteen is clutched. "That's a pretty one, though," in regards to Angel Wings. "Green for sure," is commented towards Fyria. "…too pretty for anything else." The stablehand stifles a yawn, and basks in the heat of the 'caverns. Maybe he'll just camp out here from now on; it's definately the warmest spot in the 'Reaches.

On the ledges, Kia jsut can't resist and looks innocently at Zeja "Which parts were those Zeja?" and then die Seilyn eyes roam over the Galleries and she calls down too "You're too young for that! That and if you're not I didn't see it so Keris can't kill me!" turn back to Lis "T'am's always jelous I'd just like to note. He tried to steal my greenrider at a flight" another sage nod and idly player wish that Sage herself was here and not just her nods

In the galleries, Gryff hesitates for moment, but then grabs Lorsalia's outstretched hand. "Hey i'm Gryff!" he says, and then suddenly realises: "You're a RIDER! Wow! What color is your dragon?"

That's Druseth, the boy with the magic fin…er, talons. Darkness rolls over his hide, even in the scorching heat of the sands. A sweet sorrow glimmers in those blue-tinged, whirling eyes as the Angel Wings Egg is spied, a moment's pause given to it as he watches. Redemption. Shanshu. And yet he must keep on, another croon whispered to the Celestial Egg. Darkness. That's his baby, right there.

In the galleries, Seilyn grins wryly in the direction of the Sands although it is clearly meant for Sikkyen's eyes as the young girl still clings to her hunk of a Reachian man. "A cousin? It doesn't matter if he doesn't like blue," she purrs, "as long as he's got eyes, a mouth and a nice hinny!" Her father's daughter, Seily has gotten only the best lessons in what are important in men. Shallow thing, ain't she? "Aww, come on, Sien. I won't drink much, I promise!" Cue pout. "And plus, what better occasion for me to try my /first/ sip of alcohol than at a Clutching?"

In the galleries, "You mean, if I had marks or anything of value." Lianta puts in. "But otherwise, no. Nothing more than mental wagers." So far.

In the galleries, "Same here, Lianta. Tevya and the rest of us were just discussing what might appear, more or less. No marks yet." Fyria pauses a moment, glancing over at Sikkyen and Miria. "Though I'm not sure whether they're seriously betting, or not." Shrug.

Chayath slowly moves over to lay her next little one. Her next baby. The last baby. All of her babies have been beautiful and as this last, teeny one makes its way into Pern, she sighs a relief, for it too is comely in appearance. Slowly, her energy taxed, she moves sand over the little one, covering it with protective heat. She bugles loudly, signaling that she's done before she turns to nudge her lifemate, rumbling softly. Curling around her eggs, she calls to Druseth to take position beside her-once he's done tidying up the trenches, of course-she lapses into a semi-sleep.

Everyone's Favorite, Not-Shiny, Colorless, Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg
Two colors are prominent on this misshapen lump of an egg: boring gunmetal grey and plain yellow-tinged cream. They are decidedly separate from one another with almost distinct lines forming boundaries around the small polygonal sections of cream nestled in the covering of pewter. The faint borders continue along the dreary plains, as if they were in reality strips of something wrapped around the egg rather than simple variations in color. If this were the case, the bumps and dents throughout the overcast area could be easily explained away. Light glints on these areas from every direction, but rather than giving the egg a shine or sparkle, as one might expect from the metallic grey, the only effect is a dull luster.

In the galleries, Sikkyen relents. Vaguely. "You get.. one sip. /One/ sip. But you can't tell anyone. And if you pass out, it's from the heat," he forewarns, before dredging out his flask. "A sip," is said, again. A sigh, and he shakes his head ruefully at Seilyn's hinny remark. "Hey.. I think.. this is the last one," he whispers, eyes glued to the scene on the sands. Duct Tape! Whoo!

In the galleries, Blinking, Lorsa nods slowly. "Uh, yeah Gryff." She side-glances at another rider nearby and sticks out her tongue at the bluerider's mocking. "Yajisa's green. She's about…three'n'a'half Turns old now." Still amazed that someone wouldn't know that she rides a dragon, the girl adds, "Have you been at the weyr long?"

On the ledges, T'am spots Lorsalia's enterance, because who could miss the entrance of a cute blonde greenrider? One arm is uncrossed, going up to wave in the direction of the galleries, though whether he'll be seen or not is anyone's guess. "I am /not/ jealous…!" Making a face at Kia, Lis, and Zeja that shows he clearly realizes he's outnumbered in this game, the bronzerider adds in an attempt at levity, "I didn't steal him. He chose to sit on my lap. You should try it some time, I've heard its the best seat in the weyr."
In the galleries, Seilyn *Eew. It's /ugly/ ;) *Hey, /someone/ needs to be different 'round here!*

On the ledges, Lis looks up at T'am with a squint in one eye and a raised brow over the other. "T'am, I had no idea. Anytime you want to get jealous over /me/, just have Farleth ask Alymath. I can get you an empty weyr and an excuse good for at least three hours."
In the galleries, Gryff drift off for a second, imagining what Lorsalai's dragon must look like. THen he notices she's still looking at him. "Oh right! I'm new! I've never been to one of these before!"

In the galleries, Siannen fairly /purrs/ at the last set of eggs, eyes reverently wide at the first two…"Now those…are just plain /beautiful/." But then the last catches her eye, and the miniature redhead can't /help/ but let out a peal of delighted laughter. "Now that…Now that..is an /egg/." Anyone care to guess which egg is one of her favorites?

Druseth sees his out for tidying up the trenches, yet still gives one last careful sweep with his tail, polishing it all nice and pretty over a buried egg. With that, he practically turns into a dark, blood-lusting whirlwind, slinking to Chayath's side like a wild shadow, planting down his haunches and giving a warning stare into the galleries. Yeah, all you. These are /ours/. Watch your step. And then turns to Chayath, tender croons emerging as he drops his muzzle, sweet sounds of pride and contentment. Beam. Little ones. Pretty little ones.

On the ledges, Farleth croons at the latest egg to be clutched. Green. That one will definately hatch a green.

And apparently that's the end. Shaela glances with raised brows to L'shil, her mouth quirking into a smile. "Well now, I guess that leaves me to spend some time with you guys before I make a little home out here for myself to live in until these eggs hatch, hmm?" The meaning is clear, of course - food and drink in the caverns, sans Shaliena, followed by a little personal time spent with her weyrmate - and then it's out here to spend day and night on the hot Sands with Chayath, waiting. "Lylia? Think they'll have fixings for a party in the caverns?"

In the galleries, Fyria gawks at the latest egg. "Well now…that one's…interesting." In a good way, compared to what was formerly on the sands when she was a candidate. "I say…I've no clue as to what might come out of that one." Fyria? Stumped? Why yes. It happens.

In the galleries, It's.. Duct Tape! Of course it's ugly! But it's as strong as the Force. Gots a dark and a light side, and holds the universe together. No doubt, a bronze will be birthed from /that/ one - one to grow up to be a weyrleader's dragon, mhmm. Hackcough… Or, so goes Sikkyen's mind.

Chayath is proud of both her bebies and her Druseth. Time for rest. Relaxation. Bliss..

In the galleries, Seilyn nearly /purrs/ as she recieves the flask, her eyes hungrily looking upon this new adventure within her grasp. Zeja and Kia are waved to from the Galleries and she calls out across the crowd to her two former-Starry lasses. "Dad won't mind if I use guys to get my way, ladies!" In fact, she assumes he'd encourange it rather than dating. With that and a very friendly wink, the flask is tipped and the contents tasted… and three sips taken very secretly. The Duct Tape Egg is eyed. "That is /ugly/ and not even all /coloury/ like the other ones! This is /all/ Druseth's fault!" Huff.

In the galleries, Nuff trundles in from the Peek-A-Boo Ledge.

In the galleries, Lianta regards all the eggs and decides on her favorite. "Y'know, Tev and Fy, that one there, " pointing at the Elven Forest egg, "is quite pretty. What do you think, green? Or blue?"

"I hope they do," Lylia murmurs, giving a gleeful giggle as she watches Druseth's mother-hen attitude. Oye. "Such a /lovely/ clutch, I think they did right good. Chayath alway does lovely clutches, though." Like Druseth's. See? Perfect dragons. "Mmmm. Parrrrty. Oh, I think that'd be nice right now. I could even slip a little wine, and Dru'd be too out to notice."
In the galleries, Hyzen carefully moves onto one of the nearby ledges.
On the ledges, Hyzen steps carefully in from the galleries, the Hatching Sands displayed below them.

On the ledges, Zeja grins toward Kia, shaking her head. "You'er so bad," she murmurs with a wink before laughing toward Seilyn, and then she raises an eyebrow, looking toward T'am. "Is he though? Not learned how to share like a good little rider?" she murmurs with a snicker. A laugh goes to Lis' words before she looks back toward T'am. "I don't know about that… I've seen some nice laps in this weyr." She looks down at Seilyn with a grin. "That's a girl! You're doing it right. Put a bit more sway in your walk, honey, and don't forget to show some leg." Oh, the things to learn from one's elders…

In the galleries, Gryff looks back to Lorsalia "My parents are traders, we've been here about a sevendays, but we'll probably be moving on again soon, just like always." Then, looking down, Gryff kicks at the floor. They never tell me much of what's going on."

In the galleries, Nuff drops herself off a handy ledge and joins the mix in the galleries. She nods. Sh ewaves. She makes little happy noises about the eggs. "Oh my, yes, how lovely they are."

In the galleries, Fyria frowns slightly, fingers tapping as she eyes the Elven egg. "I'd say…brown. Yes, brown on that one. ALl earthy n' such, y'know." Her eyes drift over the barely seen tops of the remaining eggs and she wonders: which is her fav?

On the ledges, Mneoth deeply bugles his approval of Chayath's clutch to the parents below before turning his attention upon his lifemate. It's nearly time he turns to his couch for a snooze.

In the galleries, "Lovely clutch." Tevya responds, sighing softly as she turns towards Fyria and the others. "They're all..well interesting. But..well look how that turned out last time." Yes, she said it! Finally. A wink is sent to Fyria as she grins, "Imagine if it happened again. That'd be..well scary to say the least." Fyria's comment is then heard, which will then cause Tevya to turn back to the clutch. "Picking hues already Fy?"

<All> Chayath senses that Tiareth murmurs liquid goodness through the links, applauding High Reaches most recent additions.

On the ledges, Kia points to the Cesletial egg and just adores "Now that egg right there will produce something spectacular. Something a mix between Esmeyath, Suith, and Valanth because you nkow you're they spiffiest dragons around" Faranth knows how it'll be a mix of them not one gold in the bunch and not any way related to the clutching gold. T'am gets a snort before yes she gives a little swat to her butt "You're looking at one of the cutest butts in Ista so drool bronzer I might deign to take a seat in your lap sometime but it'll be of my chosing. Please don't hold your breath though I'd hate to see you turn blue though purple is always a good shade"

In the galleries, Sikkyen snags the flask back. He saw the three sips, but won't comment. He's not blind, y'know. He /is/ disgruntled to be 'used to get Seily's way', of course, but men are like that. Canine puppy betrayal, 'n all… Ooh. It'saNuff. Then, his gaze returns to the sharp-edges egg - it's pointed out. Egg Number Six, Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg. "That's my favorite. Brightbrightbright." A beamlike, before he shifts. "Well, Seily, what's your favorite out of them all?"

In the galleries, Lorsalia nods solemnly to Gruff. "Yeah. You're lucky though. I didn't ever have parents." Not wanting to dwell on the thought, and curious about the others standing around, she says, "Say, Gryff! Wanna meet some other riders? There's T'am over there…" And Lis and Kia, but Lors won't talk about /them/. Instead, she raises her voice and wriggles her fingers. "Yoohoo! T'am! Come say hi to Gryff! He's never seen a clutching afore!"

In the galleries, Fyria grins over at Tevya with a slight, sheepish shrug. "Sorta. I'm just perusing the idea of what colours might pop out of the little glowlights, hmmm?" Oh, but look…Nuff, and Lors! "Heya Lors! Nuff!! Awww..y'both just missed the clutching.."

In the galleries, Gryff lokos alternately ecstatic and terrified. The thought of meeting is terribly exciting, but Gryff has never really been good at meeting new people.

In the galleries, Siannen is still ogling the eggs, but manages to catch Nuff's entrance - or at least the reactions to it. "Hullo Nuff!" is called out, the little redhead waving towards the weyr's favoritest eccentric goldrider.

In the galleries, Nuff chucks her chin, nodding to somewhere above. "Nuffs can sees just fine from home, thank you verry much, and its less crowded. But hello, hello, yes, lovely lovely eggs."

On the ledges, Khena's head slowly, but surely fall forward as the rider slumpers. A message from her lifemate has her jerk back her head, look up at the brown. "No.. I'm not sleeping," she mutters, grabbing his forearm as leverage to get to her feet. "Yes, I s'pose it is better if we head back to our weyr now…"

<All> Chayath senses that she curls weariness through crimson hues. « It is done. »

On the ledges, T'am takes the time to leer briefly at Lis before snorting all manly-like and annoyingly at Zeja. "I can share, when it suits me." And perhaps Kia's bluerider butt just doesn't suit him. Then again, when she slaps it like that…well, he'll look hastily away before anyone notices his interest. Lorsalia's new friend seems like a good excuse to escape present company, and ducking a hasty excusal, T'am slips towards the galleries.

On the ledges, T'am edges further along the ledge and into the galleries.
In the galleries, T'am edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

<All> Chayath senses that Druseth is weary as well, mostly from the stress of watching. He's got the better weariness. « Done. » Can he pass out now? Or maybe just keep snapping at anyone who looks too long at his bebbies…

There's a glint of laughter in Shaela's eyes at Lylia's response to the suggestion of a party, "Well then, perhaps we'll have to just go take a looksee in the caverns. I'll need to get this little one to bed, though," she remarks, already moving to quiet Shaliena's protests. "You may be a big girl, now, honey, but that doesn't mean you get to stay up to all hours of the night," she says, lifting her seven-turn-old daughter onto L'shil's back for a piggyback ride back to the weyr.

On the ledges, Lis pouts mournfully after T'am as he scoots towards the galleries. He /leered/ at her. Silly young men; she's a sucker for anything with external rather than internal reproductive systems.

"Aw, isn't that what he's for?" Lylia points at L'shil with a laughing grin, giving an innocent bat to her 'lashes. "I mean, it's our party, after all." And they'll get drunk and dance on the tables if they want to?

In the galleries, Furrowed brow of frustration with the women on the ledges turns into a carefully placed cheery smile as T'am approaches Lorsalia and the lad at her side. "Hey there Lors. Quite the clutch wasn't it? And a pleasure to meet you, ah…" The name escapes him, though he's sure Lorsalia said it a moment ago.

On the ledges, Zeja grins at Kia's words, looking toward the egg. "Lovely, simply lovely, dear," she replies before grinning at the bluerider's words, shaking her head and murmuring, "You two seem to get along so well…" Snickering at T'am, she murmurs, "I can see why. He gets upset easily." Perhaps it's just that nothing bothers Ze that makes that so odd for her…

<All> Chayath senses that Ysbryth eddies and flows like a gentle, buttermilk current. « Congratulations. » Jasmine melts, soft, a cloud of airy comfort. « You should relax now. »

In the galleries, Fyria leans back after ticking off the eggs, one at a time. "Shells. I was off by 4, too many." See? That's why she doesn't bet. T'am's approach earns him an eyebrow raise and she grins. "Nice of you to join us here on the lowly galleries, T'am." Grin.

In the galleries, "I'm Gryff," the young one says, and thrusts his hand out

In the galleries, Tevya grins, "Too soon to tell I think. Who knows though." A light shrug before Tevya switches to leaning against the opposite side of the bench she'd deposited herself on, one elbow propped atop a knee. "Still..it is a great looking clutch."

In the galleries, Lorsalia bounces on the balls of her feet and claps her hands in joy when the bronzerider comes near. She introduces him to Gryff. "Now, this is T'am. He's a bronzerider and his dragon's Farleth. They're in the Inferno Wing here." The blonde beams at said rider and nods. This /probably/ isn't a time to give him one of those giant hugs. "I only saw the last three, but that grey one was..interesting. All lumpy looking. But I'd like to look better at the others first. Oh! This is Gryff. I just met him. His parents are traders."

<All> Chayath senses that Mneoth rumbles a loud yet comfortingly gentle congratulations to the parents, gentle cinnamon and ginger lapping his voice. « It's a great clutch. We'll see many great weyrlings out of these ones.»

In the galleries, Nuff nods random welcome to Gryff and the rest, and moves on down towards the sands to congradulate Shaela.
In the galleries, Nuff goes out.

On the ledges, Kia arches a brow at the retreating T'am "He looses so ungracefully though and with that body you'd think defeat would look good on him" tragic sigh before Lis gets a wink "He's just rather T'am bam thank you m'am type I think. So glad he wasn't able to nab my cuddle bunny M'er" not that M'er's anything other than her cuddle bunny. Cept that one time and that was all Suith's fault I swear

<High Reaches Weyr> Chayath senses that Miravith sounds is snotty: prissy, withdrawn, dainty in her ringing tones. « They…smell funny. I can smell them all the way up here. They smell stupid. The weyr smells stupid. Stupid smelly eggs. » An immature prod. « Chayath laid one. Or a couple. Harharhar. »

On the ledges, "Nice to know he's not only the T'am bam thank you /sir/, type," Lis quips less than flatteringly, her ego only slightly bruised as her bronzerider toy runs off.

In the galleries, Seilyn giggles up at her favourite Reachian Sikkyen and leans in for a very thankful snuggle to the man. Only the best ill-useage of her favourite people and Sikkyen is used most of all. In a loving sort of way. She sighs and studies all eggs with a sceptical eye, throwing a narrow little finger towards the Lava Lamp Egg, the other bony finger thrown towards Angel Wings. "Those two are my favourite, that hot-looking one my most favourite. It's spicy, exciting and /alluring/… I really like that word. A/llur/ing." Giggle.

In the galleries, After msutering p no small amount of courage, Gryff looks back to Lorsalia and asks carefully "Can I go down close and see the eggs?" Then as way of explanation "Shaela is a friend of my mother's, and I'd lie to say hi!

<High Reaches Weyr> Chayath senses that Druseth gives a mental reprove to Miravith, icy slivers of blue mingling with his shadowed, calm tones. « That is not nice, Miravith. I suggest that you refrain from those comments. » It's his children, and he'll go as feral as he needs to defend their honor.

In the galleries, Fyria slips her sweater back over her head, hair threatening to go staticky on her. "No you don't…beHAVE." She smoothes the errant strands down, then stands, peering over at the folk gathered. "Well, I'm going to head back to grab some wine, I think. This all calls for a celebration!" COnsidering these eggs look, well…normal. Regardless of the bloodlines. "ANyone game?"

In the galleries, Sikkyen quietly grins. Snuggling's good. Yes, Sik knows that he's used - all in love, baby. Yeah, he knows. Sigh. "Alluring, huh? Yeah, a cool word.. 'spose." He hears Fyria, and gives a fair nod of his head. "Yup, I'm game. Need a refill of my flask," with a slight shake of his head, "And I left the skin in the 'caverns.." He pats Seily's shoulder. "Shallst we go celebrate this clutch with ze others?" A slight grin, and he nods. "I like the Angel Wings, too. It's.. pretty." PrettyPretty.

On the ledges, Kia really is pondering stealing Lis for Ista she'd fit right in Kia's weyr next to her Trouff/y/. Fingers are clasped together as she sticks out her lower lip at the retreated bronzer "Pity I suppose I'll have to find anotehr to harass while I'm here. So Zej what say you we go find us a party with some rather cute guys that aren't wherry enougth to run off hmm?"

In the galleries, Ellianna was trying to avoid the sands but had to come look at the eggs. "Oh they are all so large for eggs." Looking over to Fyria. "I'll go for wine. Celebrations are fun when there is a reason."

In the galleries, "Wine," Tevya, apparently, is just about the only person who can make a sour face at the mention of the drink. "I'll not trust myself with wine on an empty stomach." Which, all in all, is a good decision. "Though I'll gladly go there for a bite to eat. I had been planning on some stew earlier." And to that end, Tevya stands from her seat, fingers flattening out wrinkles in her tunic, before sending a glance and grin Fyria's way. "You all set Fy?"

In the galleries, T'am isn't /always/ a T'am bam thank you man (or sir). He's been known to spend a few months here and there… Speaking of which, Lorsalia gets an almost shy smile before his attention turns to the trader lad. "It's nice to meet you, Gryff. I wouldn't recommend going down on the sands. I wouldn't put it past Chayath to take a bite out of someone." Steer clear of gold mums!

In the galleries, Fyria nods at the Tevya and the others with a grin. "Ready." She turns back to T'am, Nuff, Lors, and anyone else, announcing "Party in the Caverns!" And with that, trounces off down the steps.

On the ledges, Zeja turns from watching a rather delectable brownrider to hear Kia's words. "Aye, I'm sure we'll find a lovely party back home, Kia dear," she replies with a grin and wink.

In the galleries, Fyria goes out.
In the galleries, Tevya goes out.

In the galleries, Siannen's head swivels 'round at Fyria's announcement, and soon the rest is following. All /right/.
In the galleries, Siannen walks out.

In the galleries, Sikkyen goes out.

In the galleries, Gryff looks back and forth between T'am and the sands. He can't quite figure out if he'd /really/ be bitten by adragon. but somewhere in the back of his mind he thinks it might almost be worth it.

On the ledges, Hyzen, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.
On the ledges, Imbriath is all but plucked from the ledge by the Sands' thermals.

In the galleries, Deskol goes out.

In the galleries, Lorsalia glances down at the sands, where Druseth and Chayath curl protectively around the clutch, then shakes her head at Gryff. "Er, no…I wouldn't go if I was you. Druseth is /mean/. The last clutch he sired, I was /just/ sitting up here in the galleries and I could /swear/ that he was gonna try and eat me just for looking at the eggs. Except for Yajisarath. Although…" Lorsalia takes a pensive tone and continues, "I don't think he likes Yajisarath much. A lot of the older riders call her annoying. I s'pose their dragons do, too."

In the galleries, Ellianna goes out.

In the galleries, Gryff looks out at the dragons, tryig to imagine what it must be like to ride them. It seems to him o be an awfully dangerous business, what with all of this talk of biting.

Lylia has disconnected.

In the galleries, Seilyn lifts her chin in a most regal posture, giggling softly. "As long as I get some food in m' belly and some tea. Reaches is colder than when I last came here," she comments, waiting for an appropriet time to move out into the crowd of people slowly squishing out of the Galleries. "Sikkyen? Where does this cousin of yours live, anyway? Is it anywhere close? Is he cute? How about girls? He likes girls, right? Not all boys like girls, y'know. Well, 'course you know. But y'know?" Yesh, she's babbling.

In the galleries, Then looking back to Lorsalia, Gryff asks "Do people ofen get bitten?"

On the ledges, K'nex scales Shirasuth's neck, using an extened limb as a step up, and settles amid sienna neckridges.
On the ledges, Shirasuth goes home.

On the ledges, Lis has already been stolen, unfortunately, by someone who trumps Kia's offer. Stretching as she rises, the greenrider makes several percussive noises with her expanding vertebrae, disgusting those within earshot, before mounting up.
On the ledges, Lis uses a twiggy forelimb to climb up onto Alymath's silver-brushed neck.
On the ledges, Alymath is all but plucked from the ledge by the Sands' thermals.

On the ledges, Kia lifts her chin before yes she takes the plunge giving a wiggle of her fingers to both Lis her new idol and Zeja the always will be girl wonder. Boot heels clicking she makes her way to the Gallery heading for Seilyn "Seily I haven't seen you in turns child and you're so big!"
In the galleries, Kia edges in from one of the nearby ledges.

In the galleries, Tekin goes home.

In the galleries, T'am ducks his head to hide a grin. "Yeah Lors, when was the last time Yajisarath bit someone?" Trying to look reassuring he turns his amused green eyes on Gryff. "In truth, it's more the Weyrwoman I'd fear than the gold herself, though if you'd ever heard Chayath hiss at you, you'd be worried about losing a limb or two."

In the galleries, Gryff relaxes visibly "Well that's good! I can't imagine its much fun being biten by a dragon."

In the galleries, Alexiou edges along a narrow ledge and disappears up some steep steps.

In the galleries, Lorsalia sticks her tongue out at T'am, but quickly erases the nasty face. "She hasn't. But that isn't to mean Druseth would. You'd watch out for him, Gryff. He's scary." But then, she's said that. Tugging on her black riding jacket, she adds to Gryff, "The momma-dragons are always protective of their eggs. They don't want 'em hurt before they hatch."

On the ledges, Farleth has decided his rider can walk down to the bowl, this bronze has dragons to see and rocks to sun on.
On the ledges, Farleth is all but plucked from the ledge by the Sands' thermals.

On the ledges, Valanth is all but plucked from the ledge by the Sands' thermals.

In the galleries, Seilyn goes out.
In the galleries, Kia goes out.
In the galleries, Kaltia goes home.

In the galleries, Zeja edges in from one of the nearby ledges.
In the galleries, Zeja goes out.

In the galleries, T'am resists the urge to laugh again and instead nods his agreement with Lorsalia, gesturing at the newly clutched eggies. "They'll take awhile to harden, y'know. Its only natural for Druseth and Chayath to be protective." And now, "I suppose there'll be food and the like in the living caverns, if you're interested in meeting more of the weyr." Perhaps a few people the lads own age will be there as well…causing trouble, no doubt.

In the galleries, Lorsalia glances around and giggles at T'am. "Looks like we're the last ones here!" Reaching for his arm, she grins at Gryff. "Why don't we go to the party, too, huh? I'll bet there's lots and lots of pink-sprinkled cookies. We can look at the eggs again later, Gryff."

In the galleries, Gryff nods enthusiastically. "A party! Noone told me about that! lets go!" he says as he jumps out of his chair. Then as he dashes to the door "Well come on guys! Lets go!"
In the galleries, Gryff looks puzzled. "How do I get to the party?"

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are forty-eight firelizards.
Fyria, Tevya, Sikkyen, Ellianna, Siannen, Seilyn, Kia, and Zeja are here.

Seilyn goes home.

Fyria's ears perk up. "Benden Cross? Who has Benden Cross!" She sits up and peers around at Sikkyen, eyeing the flask. "Did you grab that from the Vintner Gather the other day Sikk?" Quickly, she peers around. Where's Kh'ryn when you want to get him drunk, hmmm?

T'am sweeps in from the Central Bowl.
Lorsalia walks with a bounce in from the Central Bowl.
Gryff walks in from the Central Bowl.

Kia sniffs as Seily darts out of the Caverns "I just can't win with that kid I mean I didn't scare her I don't think shouldn't have anyway she's Keris spawn or close enough anyway." wrinkle of her nose before she shrugs at Zeja "Invite them to bed or something I'm sure there's always pillow talk?"

Shaela comes in, L'shil panting after her to catch up. "Really," he says, "I think she's getting a little too old for the piggyback rides.. or maybe I'm getting old, because my back just can't take it." Shaela offers her weyrmate a lop-sided grin, and deftly removes two glasses of wine from the tray of a passing drudge, one of which she passes to him. "Poor baby," she says, mocking him jokingly.

Gryff runs up to Shaela. "Hey Shaela! How are you? My mother says hello!"

Sikkyen stares at Fyria. "Uh.. no. I got this.. like, a couple of sevendays ago. A full 'tasting's complement, thanks to the brainstormer cousin of mine." Beam. "And, of course, Liothe. But Lio's just.. weird." Hack. "Not as weird as, say.. Lylana. Now, /she's/ weird. So's Sirri. But.. Um. Anyhow. Yup, I've got Benden Cross." He downs another sip from his personal 'skin.

Ellianna walks over to Fyria "I haven't had wine before is there a certain type you would suggest to try first?" She looks around at the crowd of people shyly.

Lorsalia dances into the caverns, already eagerly looking for pink-sprinkled cookies. Like she wrote a song about. "So, T'am, which was your favorite egg, then?" She asks conversationally, completely ready to hog his attention. "I think that the one from that firey looking egg is gonna be a green. It's too normal to get a bronze from something like that." She says knowledgeably, although she knows very little, of one egg.

Siannen comandeers a skin and a supply of cups, spreading out the wealth - that way, Sikk isn't swarmed by any and all who're interested. "And remember," is offered along with a finger-waggle, "I /know/ which ones of you are underage." At that, a chorus of 'awwwws' can be heard from various points 'round the caverns, and she glares unrepentantly. "And don't think you can pull one over on Sikkyen here, either." She'll be watching you…

Tevyas idle conversation will come to a hault as she spots the crowd growing larger by the second. A moment is taken for her to arrange both flask and mug in hand, redfruit cradled in the crook of her elbow. All in all, she's got most of her snack in hand, and a chair closer to the wall is taken up in an attempt to make room for the flow of people through and around tables. "Fy, remind me to talk to you later?" A poke to her friends arm with an elbow as flask, mug and redfruit are set down on the table and Tevya takes up a new seat.

"Gryff, you little scamp!" the goldrider replies to her daughter's newest classmate - and fellow troublemaker. "Your mother let you stay up this late, hmm? I've just put Shaliena to bed.. but you tell your mother I say hello when you see her next." Petite as she is, Shaela needn't hunch down too much to be on a level with the youngster. "Did you watch the clutching then?"

Fyria snickers at Ellianna, nodding at Sikkyen's skin. "I'd try that one, Elli. Benden Cross. It's rather…unique." Not to mention potent enough to topple a herdbeast. Fyria waves to teh rider troupe that walks in, giving Shaela a grin and nod. "Nice job with the clutch, Shaela. Give Chayath my regards, eh?" Especially since there was little, if any, pink. She meeps at TEvya's nudge and blinks, then oh's. "Umm…yeah, sure?" Quizzical look follows.

Zeja shudders slightly. "I worry about the women who agree to spawn with Keris, no offense to him. He's a dear, but…" She shakes her head as she finds some wine, securing a glass. "Oh, KiaKiaKia, but what if I just want to /talk/ to them?" Yeah, Ze does that sometimes.

T'am saunters into the caverns, pausing to scan the insane amount of people here, milling about. A cute greenrider he doesn't recognize almost gets a passing pat on the rear before T'am remembers who he's with. "Hmm? Egg? Oh, I liked the silvery one. Though that orange-colored one sparked Farleth's attention. Think it'll hatch a bronze, that one. Hopefully there'll be some good candidates this time around, willing to do their chores and not talk back." Unlike some members of the /last/ batch.

Fyria eyes T'am. That better have not been directed at her.

"Yeah, I only allow my closest underage friends drink my stock." A fierce glare commenses. They know him. They know how he supports Jaryn's wish for underaged drinkers to be banished from Pernese society. Another sip from his 'skin, before he downs a good guzzling of the spiked Benden Red. He also has the rare Benden White version, but.. that's /potent/…

Gryff looks a little disappointed when he hears that Shaliena is in bed. but he perks up at the memory of the clutching. "Yeah I saw the last part of it! Those eggs were amazing! I never thought they could all have their own personality like that!"

T'am didn't even have to do the coughFyriacough. Yeah, he saw her glance his way.

Kia shrugs "Mebbe Seily was just around him too much but either way" yes she notices T'am but somehow he just doesnt' seem nearly as fun right now and hmph foot is stamped and she now saunters across to find herself a seat. Poo no chance T'am'll offer no spoil sport. Zeja gets a giggle "I don't think anyone /but/ Riina will spawn with him. Spawn are a bit scary I think anyway evern though I'm gonna have some sometime"

Ellianna nods not hearing all of what Fyria said. "She gets a glass of the wine that was pointed to and sips. "Oh this is good!" She exclaims. "I should have tried wine long ago." Her face changes a little as the aftertaste hits. "Oh wow thats…. interesting." She sips again trying to look like everyone else but only taking the tiniest of sips.

It doesn't take long for Shaela to be swarmed by well-wishers, and between her and L'shil, they dutifully manage to thank each and every single one of them, occasinoally even getting a few exchanges in. L'shil proves especially helpful as Shaela continues her conversation with young Gryff. "Well, they all kind of look the same, but when you take a closer look, yep, they all have original a personality as the baby dragon they contain. If you become a Candidate when you're older, you might even be able to get on the Sands and touch one of the eggs."

Siannen refrains from mentioning that she herself was once an underage drinker. That, of course, is well in the past. Crowd is eyed, and she catches a few enterprising older 'brats with a glare. "/No/." And with that, -she- drinks. Mine. Unless you're someone I don't ahve to babysit later. Muah.

Gryff looks a little nervous about going on the sands, he's still thinking about T'am's warning earlier. "Can anyone become a rider? Maybe I'll be one when I grow up!"

Fyria shrugs out of her sweater again, tugging the wooliness over her head. And yes, hair goes everywhere. "Shells…I can't stand it when my hair gets all…staticky." She huffs slightly and tries to smooth it down, with some success. There. Wine is reclaimed, along with another spicy wherryfinger. Yum. Fyria raises her glass to Ellianna, nodding. "See? Told ya so." And yes, yet another glare is given T'am words. Don't even think 'bout it.

Lorsalia giggles at T'am, ignoring everyone else. She can do that. "Y'mean like /our/ group? Even with Khena, we were pretty good. I think." Anything with Lorsa in it is the best, therefore, her candigroup is the best. She knows nothing of Riina or Keris and blithely skips through to look for her pink-sprinkled cookies. A cry of alarm goes up when she can't find any. "Hey! Everybody! Stop what you're doing and look for my cookies. They've got pink sprinkles on 'em. Does anyone see 'em?" Of course, it couldn't be that the cooks simply didn't make any today.

No, Seily's been around Sikkyen too much. That's it, y'know… Too Much Sikkyen can be bad for some people - Yumi and Seily and Torne and especially Trajan can handle him; so can Leggo, Mirs, and Fyria, to some extent; but his personality can /wear/. Believe him, he knows. Hackcoughblubber. Sikkyen swigs from his 'skin, progressing along quite nicely. Lors.. is stared at. Uhmhtm. That's.. ahh.. odd.

"Oh shards.." Tevya murmurs half to herself, her agze quick to sweep the area and the gathering people. Though from these there are faces that are recognizable, and those are the ones that are given a wave towards frym Tevya. Fyria's puzzled glance from before, however belated, is given a light grin, "Nothing serious Fy. Just talking about what you said earlier. thought I'd talk to you more about it. If you're willing and all."

Siannen blinks at the uproar from Lors, shaking her head as she has a slight moment of deja-vous. A little too like the beginning of a somewhat-infamous ex-weyrbrat's tempertantrums. "Lors! Lorsa! 've got some…" And she quickly extracts them from her pockets - remarkably intact - and snags a plate, piling them on. And on. And on. She's got a lot of pockets, it seems…and a lot of cookies.

"You never know.." Shaela says with a wink - a blink, really, since she can't wink - and a smile. "You have to be Searched to become a rider, though. If a dragon likes you, his rider will ask you to Stand on the Sands. And then when a dragon clutches, if it likes you, it might decide to Impress to you. It's really all about the dragons liking you."

Fyria stares blankly at Tevya, her mind just as blank as her expression. "Wha…OH!" Ding ding. See the glowlight come on? No, there aren't /that/ many cobwebs in her head. Just a few. "The messenger thing?" She's quick.

Of course T'am and Lorsalia's candiegroup was the best! Green eyes catch a glimpse of Kia before she disappears in the crowd, and then T'am is following Lorsalia, wending his way between people with narry a 'scuse me or sorry. Somewhat disturbed by the greenrider's frustration over the no pink-sprinkled cookies he offers an oh-so-cheerful, "Oh look Lors, creampuffs!" One is blithely plucked and waved at her, "Creamy on the inside, light and fluffy on the outside."

Fyria coughs and mutters "the same could be said for T'am, in a ways." Innocent whistle…oh lookit the pretty….hearth. Yeah.

Kia exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

"Having a dragon would be the best! I'd just fly around all day for fun. And I'd have the biggest, fastest dragon ever." Gryff is getting excited with all of this talk of dragons "You know what would be the best thing ever? Is if you had races with the dragons! I'd have a racing dragon and it would be the best!"
Gryff runs circles around Shaela with his arms outstretched "Whoooooooooooooosh! Watch out! I'll bite you!"

Lorsalia's addiction to the pink-sprinkled cookies (Which are exactly like cookies with any-other-color-sprinkles) is all due to P'rru, of course. He gave her one to shut her up once and that was the beginning of the end. The greenrider glances at T'am's creampuffs and wrinkles her nose. "Those aren't pink-sprinkled cookies." She points at something Siannen holds, though. "/She's/ got cookies!" Lors reaches for the bronzerider's arm to lead him back to the assistant nanny, then smiles sweetly at the older girl-type. "Are any pink-sprinkled, please? Those're my all-time favorite. I have some in my weyr. Well, I did until T'am ate 'em all. Then I got more, but they're there now, not here."

Ellianna tries to back herself against the wall but ends up backing up into a stranger. "Oh excuse me! I'm so sorry!" She turns bright red and sips more wine. She eyes the crowd as she watches from her spot against the wall.

Shaela laughs, keeping her wine glass close lest Gryff knock it out of her hand as he runs around her. "Careful, now!" she tries to control her giggles, glancing helplessly at her weyrmate, who appears to be lost in a conversation about how to heal torn wing membrane with some dragonhealer trainee or another. He's usually the one who's good with children, not her. "We do have racing dragons, though. The greens and blues are small and quick. And there was a Weyr Games a few sevendays ago where our dragons competed against the Istan dragons. I think we might've won, in fact," she says, unsure, but will Gryff know any better than her?

Fyria steals another sip from her glass and chuckles at Ellianna. "Lookout hun…no bumping into people yet. You haven't had /that/ much wine.." With that, she grabs Sikkyen's abandoned skin and stands, refilling Elli's glass. "There. AN empty glass is a sad, sad thing indeed, eh?" Regardless if it wasn't /empty/. "Sian!! Can I have one?" Spicy wherryfingers are abandoned abruptly for sweet. Even if they are pink.

Siannen takes yet another swig of wine, then just kinda…grins…at Lors. "'Course…I managed to nab some yesterday, when the cooks weren't looking. Being short /does/ have a few advantages, you know." The plate of cookies is extended towards the teenaged 'rider with a wink, and with the plate is extended yet another invitation. "Have a seat, you two? You can help me keep an eye out for any 'brats trying to sneak their way into this." Skin is held up at that, though her attention shifts at Fyria's call. "Sure thing, Fy! Think there might even be some non-sprinkled ones, too…" Sit, sit…everyone, enjoy!

T'am trails at Lorsalia's side, deftly popping the entire creampuff in his mouth. One of these days something will have to be done about his table manners. "Irmph nt fm." Looking expectantly at Lorsalia he seems to realize that she probably couldn't understand a word of that. Pausing to chew and swallow, T'am tries again, "I'm sorry I ate them all." A very apologetic bronzerider, for being such a bottomless pit. Siannen recieves a grateful smile for having the cookies Lors desires. "Well, should we sit?"

Ellianna grows even redder at Fyria's comment. Watching as her glass is refilled she is too nice or shy or whatever to say anything. Sigh I guess it must be disposed of. She stands sipping the wine. The aftertaste begins to blend in with the flavor of the wine. Is she still blushing or is the wine taking some small effect? "I'll have a cookie as well." She smiles at her fellow nanny. "No kidlets can sneak past us." No mention of the one earlier today during nap though….

"Oh! Nono. I didn't mean it like /that/, T'am." Lorsalia turns abruptly, eyes wide with sorrow. It must be apparent that she has a gigantic humongous elephantine crush on T'am. Worse than the one she has for P'rru and Emmett combined. "I'm /glad/ you were there to eat 'em. You don't gotta 'pologize." The girl attempts to beam at him, hoping everything's better, and flops backwards into a seat right near Siannen and her plate of cookies, which she immediately attempts to hoard for herself. All hers. Mwahahaha.

Fyria drops easily into a chair after snagging a non-pink cookie (which she managed to grab, pre-Lorsalia hoarding), feeling quite warm suddenly. The wine? Perhaps. "Shards…I think I stole some of the heat from the sands and brought it with me. I'm so /hot/." She tugs at her camisole a bit, fanning herself. Shells, you'd think she was having a hotflash. "Is anyone else warm?"

Poor Gryff looks tired. All of the action at the clutching have worn him out. He wanders back to Shaela. "I think I'm going to go to bed now."

Or you'd think Fyria was proddy.

Gryff gives a goodnight hug and kiss to shaela and then walks over to Lorsalia "It was really nice to meet you! Maybe one day I can meet your dragon! I hear that greens are the fastest! I'd have a green one if I could have one." and then to T'Am "Nice to meet you too! I'll try not to get bitten by anything on my way home!"

"Probably a good idea," Shaela replies to the boy, giving him a squeeze on the shoulder. "Make sure you say hello to your mother for me."

And then it happens - well, /something/ had to happen, after all. It's been going -so- well, after all. But. Right. /It/ happens. No, not that It. That It lives in the barracks and traumatizes set after set of candidates. A peal of laughter - childish in tone - echoes through the caverns, its source soon revealed. A streak - yes streak - of crimson-topped peach darts its way in from the inner caverns, followed by a rather disgruntled looking…bluerider, from the look of the knot. "Si/ren/!" is wailed desperately, revealing the 'rider to be none other than Cr'ash…and the 'streak' none other than Siren. *gigglesqueal*

Ellianna nods to Fyria "I'm warm too. I think it is my first time to be warm since I got here." She giggles a little too much seeing as that statment wasn't too funny. She looks down. "Oh look! I'm still wearing my coat!" She collapses into a seat in a fit of giggles.

Lorsalia gives a begrudging nod to Gryff (he's not trying to steal her cookies, is he?) "Nicetameecha, Gryff."

Fyria gives Gryff a wave and is about to take a sip from her mug when: pause. Glass is forgotten half-way to her lips as a flesh-coloured streak catches her eye. "Err…Sian? Elli? I..think one of the weyrbrats got…loose?" Nekked, no less. Hmmm. Nekked. Idea begins to form.

Gryff looks to Shaela, "Of course I will! And I'll come over to play with Shaleina sometime!"

T'am ducks his head then smiles over at Lors, falling into a seat next to her. Oh good, she's not mad. Popping two cookies and devouring them within a minute, he grins ear to ear at Lors, "I suppose cookies do disappear much faster with me around." Sweets addict that he is. A somewhat concerned hand pats his belly, "Do I look fatter?" Looking up briefly from his perusal of the tummy, the bronzerider beams at Gryff. "See you around, then."

Gryff looks a bit lost. "How do I get out of here?" he wonders aloud.
Gryff goes home.

Siannen is about to say something clever when…/squeak/. A-hem. "No, /worse/…that one's /mine/." That is directed at Fyria, though her look of horror soon dissolves into one of barely supressed laughter as she watches her next-youngest-brother chase the darting child. "Oh, /Cr'ash/…I thought I'd warned you!" Fyria is eyed a bit oddly, though the nanny does shrug out of her coat, an eyebrow arched as she continues to watch her brother. "She's all yours, Uncle Cr'ash…/I'm/ off duty." Besides…he promised he'd babysit.

Shaela and L'shil have done their duty, now, and will head off to savour the last night spent together in the privacy of their own weyr. From here on in it's a tent on the Sands.. with Lylia and Faranth knows who else around. They'll bring his latest turnday gift from his mother, of course, the blanket-o'-love, but it won't be the same..

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