Desba is tapped for Zephyr

July 24th 2004
Logged by Donis

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind… [look closer]
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty firelizards.
You see Llaammaa, Thief, Reterra, Discarded love letter, and Anti-Flea Sheet here.
Desba and Zana are here.

Klah brown hair with red highlights merging into the brown create a auburn look though it's more that from a combination of the two hair colors rather then a true auburn color. Her thick hair's held back in a loose runner tail and knotted securely so that it doesn't come loose yet still some strands have wormed their way free to frolic around her face. Short and thin this lass will certainly never have to duck or least isn't very much likely to need to. Zorana's long nose trails down her thin face ending almost a bit short even with it being so long sort of as if the end got smooshed down a bit or something perhaps from a small fall when she was just a tot. Her dark brown eyes seem almost black from being so dark at times and are framed top and bottom by short lashes that curl back away from eyes.
Zana wears a dark brown set of riding leathers that fit her snugly. Around her waist is a lighter brown belt clasped with a gold buckle. The outfit itself matches the leathers that are clasped snugly around her Blue Braezyth. On her feet are sturdy brown boots and a pair of goggles hang from the belt casually alongside soft gloves. A gold firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
She wears the knot of the High Reaches Zephyr Wingsecond. A fairly intricate double-corded, single looped, long tailed and two tassled knot which includes a brilliant blue ribbon intertwined denoting that her lifemate is a handsome blue.
She is an adult of about 30.

A set of piercing brown eyes gaze out at the world from under thick expressive eyebrows. A long nose set in the middle of a thin oval face ends in a slight upturned point above a pair of intense honey lips. Strong cheek bones set in the middle of the fierce face give her a tigerish look. Stormy black curls fall down to the middle of her back. Untamed and uncontrollable they are oft kept underlock with by a thin piece of wherry hide. Lithe, covered in corded muscles, she moves with the horrific beauty of raging war.
Black leathers adorn this Sr. Weyrlings body, traditional, functional, not showy. A sing blue strips glides downt he sides of the pants and the sleeves of the jacket. Her hair is done back in a single braid, the end is held with a thing strip of herdbeast hide. Tucked into the fascet is a black feather the only color is a small portion of white at the bottom.
Double cord, single loop, a small tail, and a single tassel adorn this Sr. Weyrling wingsecond's shoulder done in High Reach's colors and with a brown ribbon twined within.
She is a teenager of about 19.

Some of the cherubic about Donis's round face has been bashed away, thanks to the bump of a recently-broken nose and an old scar across his left temple, though his cheeks are still apple-round, narrow lips still pink and mud-pool eyes still (usually) bright. He's allowed his black hair to grow a little, to give it just a hint of curl. Just below average height, he's fairly lean, and his limbs are wiry with muscle.
Donis is wearing a heavy woollen rollneck sweater, a pair of leather trousers gone soft and shiny with wear, and hefty-looking boots. All in various shades of brown.
He is a young adult of about 20.

Zana is seated at a table picking at her breakfast with a bit of disgust and mumbling something about it just not being quite up to par this morning. "Some apprentice must be trying his hand at it." she shakes her head and gives up on the plate, instead leaning back in her chair, cradling her klah and searching for people she could possibly snag over to her table.

Donis is bored enough to be looking for people to sit with; catching Zana's eye, he arrives at her table with a mug in one hand and pitcher in the other. "Mind if I join you, Zana?" he asks, politely enough.

Desba strides into living caverns, removing her riding helmet as she moves. Mug of klah is claimed and filled at the hearth, and a plate of meatrolls is snagged. The girls stone face is then turned to those gathered, with a grunt going to a small group of gossiping drudges, then spotting Donis and Zana she heads over. "Care if I join you..and Donis if you let him sit here?"

Zana grins as she eyes them both, "Of course! Sit, sit… I've been looking for people to keep me company. Actually, I was hoping you'd drop in this morning Desba." she smiles once more, maybe with a more mischievious twinkle in her eye but soon it's hidden as she takes a sip of the warm klah "And how are you both doing this morning?" she questions looking from one to the other with a quick glance.

Donis plonks himself down on a bench and places the pitcher on the table. "Help yourself to a top-up," he offers, nursing his own mug. "I'm fine," he replies, though his expression rather says otherwise. "I hope you and Braezyth are well? And you and Dyamith too, Desba…" The usual pleasantries.

Desba nods, "Thank you Zana, my and mine's regards to you and yours." She raises and eyebrow at the strange comment, "Glad to help…I'm well, just got back from some cavern…picked up Kh'et's son for him. Lauria has me doing odd jobs for her and Kh'et while I wait to get tapped. I was going out of mind with no work to do." Klah is sipped and she studies Donis' face, her eyes unfocus for a second and then return but she doesn't relay whatever message her lifemate just told her. "He is well." Donis recieves a quick smile, "He sends his regards to you as well Donis."

Zana mmms "Sounds rather busy to me, but better to keep busy than wait for some wing to come by and tap you." Eyes turn towards Donis "We're doing much better. I have to say my scoring is a hundred times better than it was and now that Brae's stopped worrying, he's back to his usual collecting of odds and ends. "I couldn't stay not busy for a moment myself when I first graduated. All that time I was hoping for a vacation but when it came I would have much rather been doing something else."

Desba nods, her fingers tap on her mug as she cradles it in her hands. "Yes, I know. Dyamith says I should enjoy the time, since vacations will be scarce once we get tapped, though Wyn made it sound otherwise." She shrugs. "In any event, once the wings figure out who has the shortest straw they will come tap me, I'm not worried, just ansy. It's not normal for me not to be working..even Dyamith is starting to feel the affects, that's why when Lauria was here, we jumped at the opportunity to do /something/."

"Give it a few Turns and you'll all be on permanent vacation, with no Thread." Donis points out after taking a few silent swigs of klah. "Pity me though; there's always more bandits and crime in a Pass."

Zana nods her own head slowly at that and places the mug on the table, one hand still cupped around it "Well, I can't say that I have a lot of vacation time and we do run a lot of drills. I expect a lot from my wing of course. Oh and sweeps.. But there is more time to yourself than weyrling hood and of course the chance at hunts and parties and visiting weyrs when there's no thread to be seen." she shoots a grin at Donis "I believe you chose your path and at least some bandits have hearts." another twinkle in her eye appears when she looks at Desba again "Well, I suppose I do have a job for you to do if you're interested. It should take up some time at least."

Desba crosses her arms and frowns, "Yes. I suppose so." Mixed feelings creep across her face but she quickly disregards them. Feelings are fleeting only duty remains. "Yes, let us hope as many of us get there as possible." Arms are uncrossed and they go back to craddling her mug, "Yes, but only your wing does the hunts regularly, do they not?…I just hope it's not Tsunami when the time comes, if they tapped me I will take it without a complaint, but if I had a choice…" Her eyes follow the grin to Donis, "Yes and Donis what would you do if it wasn't for bandits? It's like dragons without thread, what will do? Be glad you have something lined up for you…" She tilts her head at the offer, and nods, "Of course, I'm not one to turn down orders from a ranking rider."

"Some bandits are vicious," Donis points out with a chuckle, fingering the scar on his forehead. "And it's your fault I'm a guard, Zana… Oh? A job for Desba? Sounds good." He perks up at this, watching the two riders with a grin. "Nothing wrong with Tsunami, you know, Desba. Except they're all nutters. Mom tapped poor Kalaeya yesterday."

Zana mmms with a slight frown as she appears to be in thought "Of course not. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it an order yet, but it could become one." The amused expression returns to her face as she considers the hunt "Yes, we do go hunting regularly. I was thinking that we needed to have one soon. I'm getting the itch to go out looking for some felines soon." she winks at Donis "No, no.. Tsunami is not all bad, but they are nutcases.. I would agree." Her face looks somewhat in feigned shock "It's my fault? Oh no… well.. I guess it is." she shrugs and grins at him "You like it, admit it, you like it." But back to what she was originally after, her focus changes again "Perhaps you'd like to go along in the next hunt? There is one condition however…"

Desba nods to Donis, "Oh, I know. They get their work done, and they do it well, but what they do in there spare time isn't exactly something I could see myself enjoying, or even participating in. Not every wing fits everyone's personality." Though with the way people think about her around here, she's sure that if they had a chance no one would tap her. She nods, though there is only the slightest feign of a smile, "I would enjoy that…but if I'm tapped by then, I would only be able to if it didn't interfere with my wing duties of course."

Donis just sits quiet, with a grin on his face.

Zana mmm hmms "Well, I think it would be considered a wing duty." she pauses for a moment before proceeding "We've been watching you, we saw how you performed at the fall and we really like what we saw. We have decided and it being my duty, to ask you to be a part of Zephyr understanding that we do hunt felines, and we work very hard to look our best and be above par during thread falls. If you accept, you can assume Zephyr wingrider duties immediately and join us on the next hunt. That is the condition, nothing but the best." And there it is, laid on the table waiting for an acceptance, or so Zana hopes. She would hate to let a newly graduated weyrling like Desba slip out from Zephyr fingers.

Desba raises an eyebrow, "Ohh.." is all but whispered as she realizes what is happening. She is silent for a moment, emotionless, and still. Then the corners of her mouth turn up slightly, "I would be honored to join your next hunt." She nods, and their wing but that is understood. "And I will do my best to uphold the excellence that Zephyr is known for in falls."

"Tapped for Zephyr, excellent!" Donis applauds briefly, then asks, "Does this mean Desba has to wriggle her fingers into your trouser pocket, Zana, to get the badge? Can I watch?" He grins again at them both.

Zana mrrffs and then snaps her fingers "I had almost forgot the tradition…" and she rolls her eyes, standing and walking over towards Desba's chair "It's right in this pocket.. if you can get the badge out, you can have it.. and try and spare me a little eh?" she grins at the girl "We would be honored to have you by the way, welcome to Zephyr." she grins offering the pocket and a slight glare to Donis "Why did you have to remind me of /that/ tradition eh? It's not like it's that comfortable for anyone…" But despite the glare, she still looks somewhat amused. She did get an acceptance after all and she's very proud of their choice.

Desba turns to Donis, "I believe that is Tsunami trad…" But then the woman is standing next to her and her pocket is in her face, and there is the badge in there. Desba sets her jaw tightly. "Is there another way? Or is..that an order."

Donis shrugs both shoulders, still grinning - probably at Desba's discomfiture. "Sorry Zana; I remember my dad doing it. It was all his fault. I know you Zephyr riders have been slacking with it since he died, but I really think tradition should be upheld." He shrugs again. "Count yourself lucky you're not going into Tsunami, Desba - they do something with wet shirts."

Ashli skips in merrily in from the Central Bowl.

Zana nods her head and grins "Yes, they have a wet t-shirt contest. All in all, this is much better and faster… no one but the wing has to know." shakes her head again "I order you to remove that badge from my pocket so I don't have to carry it anymore! I'd rather you be wearing it. Promise my pocket isn't that deep, you can probably reach it from the edge." she tries to be helpful, watching at first and then raising her eyes to the ceiling "Faster you get it done, the less foolish we all look."

No-one but anyone in the living cavern who's watching it, anyway.

Ashli dances in, clad in a dusty tunic that looks like it has seen better days, and some raggedy wherhide breeches that look like they're now a bit too old for the growing girl. A rather interesting rip in said breeches trails up the back of her left leg, and a haphazard attempt to stitch it back together with purple thread only seems to make the tear look like a mutant crawly tried to make a web on her leg. "Isa, no one will notice that my pants aren't appropriate, I promise. And I don't care that my tunic is too tight. Honestly. I'm just here to get some klah, then go back to cleaning out our weyr." Ashli murmurs as she bounces her way towards the hearth and her klah. "Okay, okay, I'll go get some more clothing from the Traders soon, I promise." Ashli seems to be promising a lot today…and then, she suddenly notices Zana and Desba, and the ex-weyrbrat grins knowingly and, sticking her fingers in her mouth, lets out a long, pitch-changing whistle, then quickly removes her fingers and sticks them behind her back oh-so-innocently. Whistle? Little Ashli? Of course not…

Desba's brows furrow and she sets her jaw tightly. However, and order is an order, and her hand is removed from her mug of klah and placed inside the woman's pant's pocket. "Um..I can't…I thought you said it was on the edge." However, it's not, at least she doesn't feel it and so the hand is lowered into the pocket. "And this is a…useful tradition?" Why make the situation ackward by not talking. Desba's head shoots up at the whistle and Ashli is given an all to well known glare, however she is spared a lecture as the girl fishes for her knot.

"Ashli. Show some decorum," Donis chides the younger girl - not that he's showing any. Leant back in his chair with a mug in his hands, he's just smirking as he watches Desba fishing in Zana's pocket. "It's just a good old Zephyr tradition, you know."

Zana turns her head and her face turns a reddish color and she laughs a little bit through her own embarrassment of having someone in her pocket "Well it must've slipped!" she exclaims hoping she can grasp it fairly fast "I never said it was useful…"

Ashli blinks at Desba and winks slowly, apparently unfazed by the glare, as it is quite well known to the young rider. Donis is waved at, and Ashli gets her klah, then bounces over towards Donis. "Donis! Long time no see! How've you been?" she questions, plopping herself into a chair beside him and tilting her head innocently. "Decorum? About a wing-choosing ceremony? Come now, Donis. Just what /is/ in that mug of yours?" she queries with a broad grin, taking a sip of her own completely non-alcoholic klah and beaming beatifically. Yes, innocence incarnate, right here, folks. Zana is winked at as well. Ah, yes, Ashli seems to be completely regretful that Esprit doesn't have a ceremony such as that…

The hand in the pocket suddenly is made into a fist, "I got it!" Is exclaimed, less victoriously and more relieved that she is now able to remove her hand from someone else's pants. The buldge in the pocket is yanked at, pulled up, pulled sideways, but the hand will not reemrege. "Zana…" Is said softly, "I can't get the badge out with my hand around it. You're pants are too tight…You're going to have to get it out yourself."

"Klah, Ashli dear. Just klah." Donis replies to the goldrider in a superior tone - then giggles fiercely at poor Desba and Zana. "Oh dear, this tradition never works quite well, does it?"

"Oh… that's not how it's supposed to work," Zana complains. Her face is fiercely red, with Desba's hand stuck inside her pocket, and she wiggles her hip to try and make room. "Just take your hand out then."

Ashli snickers softly at Desba's predicament and suggests brightly, a wry gleam in dark blue eyes, "Use one hand to hold open the pocket, and twist it out with the other?" Ah, the two-handed pants grab. A classic, you know. Ashli sips her klah demurely, or as demurely as the sixteen-Turn-old can manage, before quirking an eyebrow at Donis, though another giggle emerges from the girl. "I've never seen it work perfectly, no…but that's what makes it fun, you know."

Desba removes her hand quickly.

"Dad once had a bet with someone that he couldn't get Pyrene's hand in his trousers," Donis comments enlighteningly - and then blushes, realising what he just said.

Zana heaves a small sigh of relief, her blush fading, and fishes the badge out herself. Summoning her dignity, she says, "Desba, welcome to Zephyr Wing," and holds out the badge for Desba to take.

Desba actually manages to grin softly, "Thanks Zana." She salutes the woman and then takes the badge, "You know, if I had to be sticking my hands down wingriders pants, I'm glad it was a Zephyr." The badge is waved at Donis, "I blame this all on you..or your heritage."

Ashli grins at Desba. "Want a hand, Desba?" she suggests brightly, not above putting a hand down someone else's pants. For a knot, of course. Tsk tsk. But, as Zana removes the knot herself, Ashli finds her services unnecessary, and the girl shrugs. Eh, some other time, perhaps. This coming from an innocent young'un, it seems rather unbelievable. Donis' comment is grinned at, and Ash questions curiously, always seeking knowledge about the imposing senior weyrwoman, "Did he ever?" Ashli grins at Desba and cheers brightly, though somewhat belatedly, "Congratulations, Desba!"

"No, he lost completely," Donis says to Ashli, sounding relieved, and then applauds the riders again. "Congratulations Desba - and better luck next time, Zana!" Getting up, he abandons his klah and with a nod to the assembled, heads off.

Zana gives another, blushing sigh, mumbles something about "See you for sweeps in the morning," to Desba, and leaves as well.

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