Egg-touching (clutch 10)

July 9th 2003
Logged by Pyrene

Hatching Sands

Ciera shuffles onto the Sands, shooing candidates in front of her. "Do we have everyone? Didn't lose anybody to wandering greenriders? Good." She eyes the assembled group of youngsters sharply. "Now, bow to the queens and the sires, and don't make any threatening movements." Just because Cadgwith's ugly doesn't mean she's slow.

Pyrene waves the candidates onto the Sands. "C'mon, c'mon," she yawns, looking sleepy. The heat makes her drowsy. And sweaty, but it's hard to smell anything other than 'hot' in here. She gives Ciera a nod and takes up position on one of Cadge's forelegs, viewing the proceedings with interest.

Alasse moves warily out onto the Sands, keeping a close eye on the clutchmommies and stealthily-to her- hiding behind the other candidates. So it takes her a few minutes to realize that its as hot as Ista out here! Gasping from the sudden heat, she tries to loosen some of the clothes that have been keeping her so warm in the rest of the weyr, untucking shirts and rolling back sleeves and such in as quiet a manner as possible. She bows nervously, keeping her eyes up. Threatening movments? Not from this candidate! Alasse'll stay to the back, thank you, with all those other tasty morsels-er, candidates- in between her and the queens.

"When they could - and probably would - eat us? I rathe radore my skin." Llew retorts, making a sketchy - if sincere - bow to the dragons, each in turn. After awile, all that bowing could get tiring. Pyrene is eyed sideways. "One of these days, someone simply has to figure out how to give goldriders a direct line to the baths so they can cool off." Without running naked through the bowl, that is. Musings over, he turns back to Ciera, eyeing her curiously.

Kibai curls his fingers about his yet uneaten redfruit. Really now, interrupting breakfast so they can go out and touch egg shells? What exactly is the point in all of this? -besides missing out on the most important meal of the day, that is. He gives the fruit a polish on the side of his trous, before flicking a glance to Pyrene, stifling a yawn, and nodding vaguely, and then looks back to Ciera, "Is there a point in doing this so early in the morning, rider?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Caeran looks at the huge shiny dragons. Yes, he'll gladly bow. And don't worry, he won't threaten. When he reaches the Sands he quickly bows, rising a bit more slowly than he came down. He probably looks very awkward, but he's not a big fan of showing respect in most cases. That done, he looks out on the sandy expanse. Whoa, this does remind him of Ista. If it weren't for the clutch-mamas, he'd be glad to camp out here.

Celeste hesitates on the egde of the sands. "We're supposed to go /on/ the sands?" She glances around at her fellow candidates. "And touch the eggs." She sounds skeptical. After watching a moment, she slowly steps further in, and bows nervously to the clutchparents. "You sure they don't mind?" She glances at Kibai, and tacks on a question of her own. "Is there a point in doing this at all?"

Pyrene nods calmly at Kibai on Ciera's behalf. "All the dragons felt in the mood to let you on at this hour. When there's four of them, that's not going to happen too often. If you have something better to do, by all means go and do it. Of course, most candidates seem to appreciate the chance to try out the Sands /before/ the big day. Now, who brought me a drink for my trouble?" After all, Pyrene has to sit there and /watch/ them.

Ciera clucks her tongue at Kibai. "And if they hatch this early in the morning, candidate? Will you whine about being rousted out of bed to come to the Sands then? Considerations like time of day are meaningless to eggs, which means they're meaningless to you." The bluerider starts to head towards Pyrene, then seems to think better of it and stays near the entrance, adding to Celeste, "And the reason for doing this at all is to get you used to the eggs. People used to get mauled to death because they panicked when dragons came out. Since egg touchings started, maulings have gone down significantly, since the dragons and candidates are comfortable together. We haven't had anyone attacked since… oh, I think the last one was the poor boy Ringwraith went after. Harripotter, I think it was?" She dismisses the thought with a flick of her hand. "No, go on. Touch."

Llewellyn shuffles. Hot. So hot. "Uh. Drinks?" Oh yeah; he pulls at his hair absently. "Well, Pyrene, Cook said I couldn't bring anything out here." Not that he argued te man down or anything, because he is essentially lazy. Eggs are looked over. "Heard they hatch at midnight, too.

Celeste listens to both Pyrene and Ciera with a considering look, and then furrows her brow. "I guess so." Apparently she doesn't see the connection. "So, we just… touch? Aren't they still soft, though? I wouldn't want to hurt them." She slowly edges toward the Fountain of Youth egg, and stares at it for a bit. "Right, touch it," she murmurs reassurance to herself and then oh-so-gently places a fingertip upon it.

Celeste saw: A bubbling sounds encroaches on your awareness, growing slowly louder but never very strong. Is it the bubbling of water splashing in a fountain, or that of a child's laughter? Whichever it is, a feeling of well-being seeps into you, a feeling that you could live forever.

Alasse glances over at Celeste, a tiny grin on her face. Yes, truly, do they really /need/ to face mummie dragons? And mauling? No one told her anything about mauling when she agreed to this whole gig. But as it seems she has no choice, she hesitantly walks forward, laying one hand on Day on the Beach Egg, since she was snatched off the beach after all. Barely five seconds have passed before she scampers away, sighing in relief. There! Job done, egg touched, she'd rather go back to chores now.

Alasse saw: Splash! Out of nowhere, a wave of salt-excitement seems to rush at you… swirling and frothing and tugging at you! And then it's gone, leaving you vibrantly aware of the expanse of the Sands - only now you have a lingering feeling that even these sands can be fun….

"Technically speaking," Pyrene is always happy to correct a bluerider, "Harripotter was the last one mauled. There are usually a few who make an attack, but the candidates are usually pretty nimble at dodging. How's your right feint, Kibai?" Cadge watches all, and instructively swings her tailfork forward, waggling it towards Kibai in poor imitation of an attacking dragonet. "Which cook was it, Llew?" Pyrene demands, brows furrowing ominously.

Caeran doesn't have a drink. He's had enough of kitchen duty, and if he has to serve one now he's going to do something very un-harperlike. He listens to the explanation of the egg touchings with half-interest, eager to just go out there and explore. Who knows how long the dragons will be in such a pleasant mood? Finally, he gets his chance. He scuttles over to Nissionath's area and heads straight for the ugly egg known as Bob.

Caeran saw: A happy, almost fanatical tune whistles through your mind, and a hint of a piratical voice growling "arrrg!" Color explodes, too, brilliant yellow offset by deep blue and other primary, childishly bright colors.

Kibai continues to polish off his redfruit, glancing up at Pyrene's explanation, his smile almost secretive, only that he doesn't make all that much of a secret about keeping it under wraps. "Certainly, Weyrwoman. And there really is nowhere else I would wish to be right now. I am sure that we all appreciate the honor." Granted, he doesn't have a drink to give her, but the redfruit is lifted and gestured to. He'll happily throw it at the Weyrwoman, oh yes. Gaze shifts over to Ciera, and again he nods his head, "Not whining per se, just asking a question. Thank you." The boy blinks though as he is being tail waggled at. Now, that doesn't happen every day. "I'll try to improve upon it, ma'am."

"THe one who doesn't bathe, Pyrene." Llewellyn yawns, stretching slowly. Forged From Hate Egg catches his attention, and he sidles toward it, fingers reaching out to splay on its fiery shell in gleeful curiosity. So this is what a dragon egg feels like.

Llewellyn saw: Back! Back! The egg doesn't physically move, but angry heat sears at your skin, trying to repulse your touch. The darkness of bitter inexperience swirls about you for a moment, yet at the core of all this is a note of fear. This egg doesn't like what it doesn't understand….

"Oh!" Celeste suddenly pulls back her finger, startled. "I… felt something. At least, I think I did." She frowns at the egg, now unsure. "It was nice, whatever it was." Although she doesn't brave placing her finger back on the egg, she gazes at it happily for a bit before moving away toward another egg.

Auryn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Alasse blinks and starts in surprise as she gets a strange feeling, looking around to see what happened. She can't seem to locate the source, but she feels drawn to the Celtic Pool Egg. She hasn't lost all her wariness however, and it takes her a bit to make her way over, step by slow step. This time, when Alasse puts a hand on the egg, she doesn't retreat immediately, but instead strokes the shell softly.

Alasse saw: A mirror to your soul, a mirror to the future, visions seem to swirl before you held in still waters that run very deep indeed. No gypsy demanding her palm crossed with silver lurks here, what gifts this egg possesses are displayed generously… yet there is still a lingering sense of expectation. What can you do to live up to the wonders it shows?

Ciera grunts in Pyrene's direction. "Eh. It doesn't count as an attack if they don't spill blood or break bones, in my mind. Jakith /pretends/ to go after people all the time, but he never hurts anyone. Not yet, at least," she adds, glaring sternly at the candidates. Just in case they get ideas.

Caeran eyes the egg suspiciously. "How…odd," he comments, slowly drawing away from it. No more Bob for him. He sidles away from the watery clutch over to the fiery area. There the melting marshmallow egg calls out to him. Hoping for a more comforting experience this time, he gently lays his palm on the smooth shell of the ovoid. These eggs are so big, and there are so many of them! How will he ever get to them all?

Caeran saw: Sticky! And sweet! Both the sensations accost your mind at the same time, leaving behind a sharp craving for bubblies, or some other confection. Gooey though the feeling is, it's enough to stir the sweet tooth.

Llewellyn stares. Just stares. After a long moment, he moves away, though his gaze rests on it a little longer. Pyromaniac Egg next recieves his attention, and he touches, with just a hint more caution than before. Who knows if he'll be burnt this time.

Llewellyn saw: Kablammo! Flames and sparks rocket around you in glorious inferno. Fire embraces you wickedly, tempting you, teasing you with the sense of power. Burn, baby, burrrrnnn….

Auryn semi-runs onto the sands, panting as she appears to be slightly out of breath. "Sorry I'm late!" That came out louder than she intended, so the girl speaks again, in a lower voice this time: "The cooks wouldn't let me go before I cleaned up /someone's/ mess." Accusing glare at fellow candidates. Only then she remembers to do a quick curtsie towards the dams and sires of the sand. "Wow." The single word is spoken softly as she finally realizes she's where she belongs; on The Sands.

Kibai reluctantly turns to look at the various eggs littering the sands. With an almost indolent shrug of his shoulders, and a careful glance back to the rousing gold, he starts towards them. With a sigh, hand reaches out, the pads of his fingers just lightly brushing upon the surface of the Out of the Ashes Egg. No real reason that this is the first he touches, other than the fact that it is simply there.

Kibai saw: Fwooosh! Fiery feathers brush your consciousness, leaving searing trails of pain across your mind. It's a sweet sort of pain, though, the awesome kind that comes from witnessing something wonderful and ageless, and the screaming cry of some great bird flying away echoes in your head.

Celeste drifts across the sands toward another egg, the Glowing Embers, and examines it with her head tilted for a moment. "Do they all give you that feeling?" To find out, she reaches out and this time places all five of her fingertips on the eggshell, although the rest of her body is still a full arms-length away from the egg.

Celeste saw: Deceptive heat flares up, a faint glow stirring in the breeze. Prodded back to life by this breath of air, the ember swells, flickering briefly into flare once more before subsiding again into a simply orangey glow, growing ever fainter and closer to death.

Caeran grins, a farway look in his eyes. A less disturbing emotion is emitted by this one, but still a rather scary one to realize your having. It's almost akin to -hunger-. Maybe he should move on. After giving one last admiring look, he strides over to another egg that has caught his eye, the Into The Toilet Bowl egg. Its colors just fascinate him. He traces the orange streak with the tip of is index finger.

Caeran saw: Whooosh! Swirrrrrl… The unfamiliar noises are confusing, but not as confusing as the smell that invades your senses. Not strong, no, but unpleasant nonetheless, and even more so when the image of a canine lapping at water flashes briefly through your head. Ew.

Alasse jumps again as she gets another strange feeling. Pyrene receives a suspicious glance as though the goldrider is the source. Still….the experience is not unpleasant, and curiousity bubbles up inside Alasse, who manages to tear herself away from the Celtic Pool Egg to wander over to the Backpacker's Water Bottle. Really, the eggs are quite interesting to watch…and yes, those are Cadgwith's eggs the candidate is admiring. Maybe she hasn't seen Nissionath's eggs yet? Still, the water holds her attention for the time being.

Alasse saw: Freshness seems to trickle down your spine, and a soft coolness spreads over you, despite the heat of the cavern. Calm and steadiness come to the fore and the egg seems to brace you, ready for anything.

Auryn realizes that no-one seems to care whether she was late for the touching or not, and thus she ventures bravely towards the nearest egg, the Flaming Cheese Egg. She places her hands on the shell, letting them caress it softly as her eyes shine with excitement.

Auryn saw: An ominous whiff seems to float past your nose and sear the fine hairs in your nostrils. There's something almost sticky about the shell beneath your fingers and most unpalatable…. and yet, blue light and green glow dance over it, and when all is said and done, that's so much fun, it's worth it in itself.

Llewellyn humms beneath his breath. Hot, all these eggs. Maybe that other one, that out of ashes egg - maybe that one's cooler. And so, he wanders over, absently rubbing his hands over his pants as though to rid them of the sensation of being wrapped in fire. Fingers trace, elegant, the surface. What happens here?

Llewellyn saw: Death. Inevitable and creeping, it claims us all at the end. Yet can you face death and have no end? A circle is spun around you, leading you through death and back to birth again. Death claims us all; can hope of rebirth redeem us?

Kibai's attention shifts away from the Ashes egg, glancing around and back as Auryn scampers out onto the sands. He offers the tardy candidate a wry grin, and then looks back to the egg he was touching with a touch of chagrin. Huh. Idly, he reaches up to take a firm bite from the redfruit in his other hand, chewing away as he moves on. Chew-chew-chew. Firefly Crashing… seems like an acceptable one.

Kibai saw: Fwink. Not a very impressive sound, but ominous enough. A sudden empathy for VTOLs drawn to candle floods you, as the brief flare of flames licks at your nerves. A sense of irony pervades the whole affair, though why that should be is a mystery.

Caeran frowns. This egg seems to bring back unpleasant childhood memories, though he isn't completely sure why. Shrugging, he moves over to the next-closest of the giant orbs, which is the Watery Wormhole egg. This one is just as neat, and it doesn't have any of the strangeness that seems to be connected with his last touching. Fingertips glance across the leathery shell.

Caeran saw: A feeling suffuses to you from the egg, a… tingly… feeling. Mysterious and inviting, there's no better description than that for this sensation, one that lures you into a liquid dance of color, drawing you with the promise of adventure and fascinating sights.

Alasse shivers as she gets another one of those feelings, hands held tremblingly over the Backpacker's Water Bottle Egg. Her knees are weak and wobbly, and she has to let her hands down on the egg's surface, to get her bearings or risk falling to the Sands. And Istan-bred or not, she definitely doesn't want that to occur. The contact seems to comfort her for a few moments, mouth open a bit in surprise, before she looks up to again take note of the gold. Alasse beats an unashamed retreat to the edge of the clucth to find an egg there.

Auryn wrinkles her nose as if smelling something nasty - and she soon retracts her hand from the cheesy egg, casting a glance around the sands to see her fellow candidates absorbed in their own touchings. "Oh well," girl mutters, disappointed in not having anyone to share her egg-experiences with - but that'll come later, probably. Somewhat heartened by that thought, she ventures on to an entirely different egg; the Goldfish Bowl. She touches it lightly with her fingertips, as if afraid to break it.

Auryn saw: The eyes… they're all around you! You know you've been seen, you know they're taking note - are you up to scratch or not? Big Cadgwith is Watching You.

Kibai sinks his teeth into the fruit once again, chewing lazily as finger-tips slip over the eggs surface. The teenager seems to smirk though, but there is still that touch of amusement turning at his lips. The boy turns away though, gaze drifting over the other candidates scattered about. Time to go fondle another egg. Just one of many. Two-steps away and he reaches for the Desire the Fire egg.

Kibai saw: Flicker. Crackle. Scorch. A sense of urgency rises, a need to run, get away, /now/. In contrast, though, comes a fascination with the licking red and orange and yellow of the flames, a desire to move closer even though instinct scream against it. Herein lies the dilemma - get away, or stay and burn?

Auryn snaps her hands back from the goldfish egg, her eyes darting around the cavern as if she was caught with her fingers down the cookie jar. With a slightly guilty look, the brat trudges on to Liar, Liar egg. Now here's one for a proper brat!

Auryn saw: Caught with your hand in the cookie jar indeed! This egg seems to reach out and see into your very depths, gleefully pulling aside the walls to your innermost secrets, and finding out what you've been disguising, about yourself and to yourself…. And now, to tell the world!

Watching Cadgwith nervously, Alasse moves over to the other clutch of eggs, wondering if she will have those strange flashes with a different gold's eggs. She ventures over to the Will-O-Wisp Egg, pausing a moment before letting her fingertips play lightly over the surface of the egg. She leans forward, peering more closely at it than any of the other eggs she has touched, examining the colors on its surface.

Alasse saw: This way, this way… Silverlight, silvertongues beckon you. Don't follow the beaten path, don't follow the crowd…. Come with me into the unknown for I am what you truly desire.

Caeran gasps. That was all so vivid. But it couldn't possibly have been real. He shakes his head and stands up, having only now come to notice that he fell to his knees sometime in the last few seconds. A bit scared, he decides that it's best he walked around a little. So he walks all the way across the Sands to the Flame-forged Steel Sword egg. Cadge's eggs must be safer, somehow. That's a scary thought.

Caeran saw: The singing sound of steel being pulled from a scabbard rings in your mind, along with wht sweet music of hammers on metal. Sparks fly, glowing red blade tossing up blue flecks of light. Heat suffuses, but it's a shaping, forming heat, testing your mind to see if it, too, can be forged into a weapon.

Lylia moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Celeste pulls her hand back thoughtfully, and considers the egg a moment before moving away. "They're different for different eggs, then," she announces. "Very interesting. I wonder how they do it." She shuffles across the sands again, crossing toward Cadgwith's clutch, and pauses beside the Goldfish Bowl egg. "Hi," she greets, before placing her whole palm on the surface. She's getting braver, see.

Celeste saw: Bubble, bubble… toil and trouble? Perhaps not. The egg is almost cool, despite the burning heat of the sands surrounding it. The shell gives no hint of turbulence, only the calm flash of gold and orange that seems to flicker and twitch, darting in and out of your touch.

Llewellyn sidles on over to Fish abuse after rising from the Ashes egg. "My. These eggs are interesting." On so many levels. Fingers glide, slide, make known the details of the Fish Abuse egg: stagnacy and staleness, greens and muddy browns.

Llewellyn saw: Ewwww. Slick oil seems to coat your fingers and then slither upwards, contaminating the rest of you. Pollution spreads and penetrates deep into your soul; the very air seems to cloy in your throat. Slowly but surely you feel your whole self being sealed off from life's sweet touch.

Auryn looks displeased once again, a frown settling on her face. Stupid eggs! There has to be a nice one somewhere… looking around, her eyes fall upon the Spirit of Courage egg. That has to be nicer than those, those… mean eggs. With mean, green dragons inside.

Auryn saw: Bright, shiny, and belated. A spirit of fire whips itself around, an aching energy coming from the egg. Faster! Harder! Stronger! It entices with its promises, promises to be opened with only a key of bravery. Come closer, it whispers, feel the spirit inside.

Alasse jerks her hands away from the Will-O-Wisp Egg, unnerved by the feeling it gave her. She felt like she was going to be lost in it, forever following…something. A second quick touch confirms the feeling, and rather than abandon herself to the temptation, she steps away, looking over her shoulder at it after a few steps. Realizing she paused, she hurries back over to Cadgwith's clutch, picking first one egg then another to touch quickly before she moves on.

Kibai blinks owlishly at the egg he was just touching, and then gently pulls his hand away from it. He shrugs his shoulders with obvious negligence before moving over and towards the less fiery eggs scattered out and about. Attention is drawn towards Puddle on the Floor, the egg, that is. With a sigh, he reaches towards the hardening shell.

Kibai saw: You probably don't want to touch that. A pool of warmth spreads over you, but it's the kind of liquid warmth that makes you nervous about what it is you're stepping in. A sound grows in the back of your mind… is that the apologetic whimper of a chastened canine?

Celeste slowly detaches herself from the Goldfish Bowl Egg, and wanders among the eggs on Cadgwith's side until she finds herself drawn to the Rockpool Egg. Once again pausing beside it, she examines it before placing her palm upon the shell. "These are neat," she comments to the cavern in general.

Celeste saw: Slow movements - the twitch of ripples in the breeze, the slow movement of the clam, seaweed floating softly - are almost welcoming, almost tempting. A tiny world beckons, an ecosystem of seasons, questing for a tiny princess.

Llewellyn shivers a little. A bath. Yeah, that's it. He needs a bath. Oil all over his skin! He rubs his hands against his pants again, wrinkling his nose against what he is sure is a foul stench. "My word." That's all he gets out befor ehe slithers away - towards Celeste and the Goldfish egg. "Tell me this one isn't slimy." As if dragon eggs are slimy. Fingers dance hesitantly on the leathery surface.

Llewellyn saw: Peek-a-boo, I /seee/ you! Laughter rings in your ears and flashes before your eyes in near-visible form. You're known. You're watched. Your every movement is tracked and noted. And why? Because enquiring eggs want to know!

Caeran stares at the ovoid in awe, feeling as if he has just passed some kind of exam. Maybe these eggs weren't as safe as he thought. This tempts him back to the watery ones, to the Fish Abuse egg in particular. Why? Probably those sick childhood memories again. In any case, he lightly places his palm near the top. Waiting to see if he feels anything quite as unusual.

Caeran saw: Can't… breathe. Choking slime coats you, cutting breath short. An odd feeling of reversal accompanies the sensation, a feeling that if you could only reach some water, the feeling of suffocation would leave… Alas, though, only the choking slime remains, foulness overwhelming you until you drift slowly towards unawareness.

Well now. That was disturbing. Kibi seems almost to startle, instantly pulling his hand back and away from that Puddle egg. "Yuck." Maybe this was a bad choice heading over to the more watery eggs. Poor judgment call. He'll definitely remember that now. Of course, that stumbled step backwards sends him right up against the Acid Rain egg, one hand reaching out to press against it and hopefully keep his balance.

Kibai saw: Foulness, corruption, poison! A plethora of unpleasant sensations assault you. Acid sears at your skin, dissolving it away painfully. An oily substance clogs your lungs, making each breath a struggle. Your eyes and throat smart from noxious gases rising all around you, and the water streaming down your face into your mouth only makes it worse. Choking, spluttering, being eaten alive from all directions, the feelings threaten to drive you mad.

Celeste pets the Rockpool egg calmly for a moment, then turns to one nearby it - Dog's Water Bowl Egg. "That one was calm. It was nice," she recommends it to the other candidates, before reaching out - both hands this time - to place her palms on top of the Water Bowl egg.

Celeste saw: Laplaplaplaplaplap. The egg has the texture of slimey sandpaper, oozing like spit across the surface. Laplaplap. Its an almost pulsing pressure, a tickle of touch. A curiosity of canine proportions that seems to itch and scratch at your hand.

Caeran gasps once more, but this time it's for air. Once he is completely sure he can breathe, he gets away from it as fast as he deems is safe. He doesn't want to irritate the queens. Perhaps water-related things aren't the best thing for him at the moment. When he arrives at the flaming Lamborghini egg, he practically embraces it. Yes, dry land for him. Nice hot Sands.

Caeran saw: Well, no, not quite as good as dry land. This egg has a certain liquid aspect as well, but it's a far more pleasant one, like taking a gulp of a drink after a long day. A fire resides here, too, though, the stinging kind of fire that envelops your throat as whiskey trickles down it.

Auryn changes her expression to one of delight as she touches the spirit of courage egg. Giving it an extra little pat, she reluctantly moves on, having heard that limiting yourself to one egg only limits your chances of Impression. Not that she's not going to Impress, but it's better to be on the safe side. The Will-O-Wisp catches her attention, and she finds herself running her hands down its smooth surface.

Auryn saw: Ssssssssssss, it says. The sound of the wind coming through the trees is faint as the light touch of leaves brushes against your hand. Unearthly, the warmth seems to pulse from the egg, and odd sensation of burning that seems to vanish as quickly as it came.

Yikes! Would anyone blame Kibi if he just went running, screaming from the sands right about now? That idea that the eggs are hideous is pretty much well solidified after bumping into that acid egg. To say it is disturbing is pretty much well not giving that egg justice. He pushes off of that egg, shuddering. It takes a brave young man to actually try to touch Watery Watcher after those last two, but he does so.

Kibai saw: A flicker of movement in the corner of your eye. A rustling just at the edge of audibility. Darkness seems to lurk around you suddenly, the shadows hiding something unknown. You can't see it, but it can see you….

Auryn sighs, a wistful sound, as she touches the will-o-wisp. "Ohh…" Looking more pleased than ever, the brat continues her sandy path until she reaches the Fish Abuse egg. Drawn to its… strangeness, she lets her fingers touch it.

Auryn saw: A whip crack. The rough surface is nearly painful and almost seems to scream at the touch. Writhing in emptyness, there seems nothing but the faint slime creeping up at the corners, the dirt and scum of the soul. It seems to want to bring you in, an eye for an eye, a fish for a… candidate.

Celeste apprently has decided to move back toward Nissionath's clutch, because she pulls her hand away from the Dog Bowl Egg with a thoughtful "Huh" and moves into the midst of the firey eggs, pausing beside A Flicker In The Dark Egg and resting one palm upon it expectantly.

Celeste saw: Flicker! …And it's gone. Into the dark. Blackness swells up, and the egg seems nothing more than a void, the abyss that tugs on you and entices you. Stare too long, and perhaps it will stare back. But what shall look other than the nothingness, the unassuming shell? Only a single light appears, for a brief second once more, then that hope slips away.

Llewellyn chokes back a laugh, for that egg is just funny. Silly. All that jazz. Hmm. Now, where to go next: Desire the Fire Egg is a likely suspect, and it is touched. Caressed. Patted. You'd think it was a pet.

Llewellyn saw: You know you want it baby! Smoke winds its way around you, sinuous, sensuous. You know the saying… where there's smoke there's fire? Come closer, and I'll show you mine.

Caeran isn't an alcoholic. Really, he isn't. But he does quite enjoy the sensation he gets, and he is now assured that all the choking ooze that was in his throat has been cleansed. Finally he forces himself away, finally ready to try something else adventurous. Yes, it is time that Caeran faced the one and only Trogdor the Burninator egg. He confidently saunters toward it and taps it with his fingertips.

Caeran saw: Burnination! Fire seems to consume your very being, burninating your flesh, burninating your bones. And your thatched roofed eyebrows! Yes, your thatched-roofed eyebrows. And the Trogdor comes in the Niiiiiiiiight!

Llewellyn goes home.

Ciera looks up, head tipping to one side. "Just a moment," she mutters to herself, then nods to the other riders. "I've got to slip out for a while. I'll be back before too long."
Ciera escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Celeste moves away from the egg, and glances toward the exit with a small frown. "I'm supposed to be in the kitchens, now. Again." She starts trudging toward the exit. "I suppose I should probably go before the cooks assign me extra shifts for being late," she decides dully. Pausing at the exit she bows to the clutchparents again. "Thank you for letting us visit," she adds, before disappearing out.
Celeste escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Kibai's hand remains upon the Watcher egg for a touch longer, his curiosity getting the better of him now at the thing that is lurking within. The briefest of frowns creases his brow, the palm of his hand sliding slowly over the surface. With a sigh though, he pushes away. The teenager takes another bite from his redfruit, scanning the expanse of the cavern for a moment as a few of the others begin to slip out. He continues weaving through the eggs, brushing up against the Liar, Liar egg.

Kibai saw: Omniscience. This egg revels in it. Touch as softly as you like, but you can't fool it. It knows! And, 'ware, for it will not be afraid to let all others know either.

Caeran mumbles a couple of made-up words before removing his trembling hand from the Trogdor egg. Yes, that was very interesting indeed. He can't wait to see how that dragonet turns out. It'll end up mauling somebody, most likely. His musing done, he determines that it's time to move on. Cautious steps take him closer and closer to the Fountain of Youth egg. Maybe this will be what he has been searching for.

Caeran saw: What does one so young need from this egg? And yet not so young as once you were. You realise your own age in the same instant that you rediscover your childhood. From the first time you trod these Sands to the first time you trod any sands… Time marches on, yet you need never grow old in spirit.

Auryn smirks, for unknown reasons, and lingers a bit longer around the fish abuse egg. She seems to enjoy it, for some obscure reason. But alas, one can only handle a small dose of abuse, even if it's for slimy fish, and she stumbles over the morning dewdrop egg instead.

Auryn saw: Morning in a crystal, the egg's glinting shades and bright hinting hues just seem to say 'hey'. A thousand rainbows refract at strange angles, a thousand little suns and dewdrops to cover you. The bite of the cool breeze is the only thing that comes to get you, to spin you into a thousand droplets.

Kibai pulls away from Liar, Liar, smirking at the egg. Really now. Kaes would probably get along swimmingly with that one, he must recommend it to her. Path continues on and towards Forged from Hate, squinting a little at the colors on the egg's shell before reluctantly pressing the palm of his head to the hardening surface.

Kibai saw: Don't touch! Stranger! Filth! Rage beats against you and the egg almost seems to cringe away from your touch. It doesn't know you, it doesn't want to know. Leave it alone. Leave it bitter.

Auryn smiles to herself - that egg loves her. Ooh yeah. But she suspects it only has a blue inside, so she moves on quickly before the creature gets too attached to her. A blue could never be as buff and manly as Druseth. Desire the Fire is latched upon - she's feeling brave again.

Auryn saw: Oooooooh, foxy laaadyyyy! The egg's as soft as kitten's fur but as smokin' hot as an open fire. It sends a whirling, careening pot o' sexual energy in your direction. That beauty's just fanning the flame, sweetcheeks! A fire of purples and feathers, of pimp-canes and hunka-hunka-burnin'-love.

Alright. Fine. Then he won't touch. Hand peels away from the egg just as suddenly as it touched it. Kibi smirks, and then offers up a scowl at that egg. "Alright… I think that I am just about done here." Hand dusts off on the thigh of his trousers, slanting a glance across to Pyrene. "You gold… and the other, seem to have rather…" Come one, think of a proper word to describe it. "… interesting eggs here." *cough*

Pyrene raises her eyebrows. "Thank-you," she says lightly, inclining her head to accept the…. comment. "I'll look forward to seeing you out here again soon." Oh yesss, she willl…..

Kibai shakes his head from side to side, murmuring, "It was a pleasure." He weeps for the future of Reaches with whatever spawn comes out of those things. Disturbing and then some.

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