Egg-touching (clutch 13)

July 22nd 2005
Logged by Ashli

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Isamath and brown Shirasuth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs here.
Auryn is here.

Ashli is plopped on the Sands, a hide in hand, a writing stick making a bid for freedom as it slowly slides out from behind her ear, slowly heading for the heat of the Sands. Ash, oddly enough, curled upon a fat pillow, seems not to be affected by the heat - at least not too much. Though that could be attributed to her very thin clothing, and the fact that she's near the edge of the Sands. Wait, is that a noise? Her head pops up curiously, and she blinks. Candidates? Here? Already? Ash worriedly looks at the eggs, then ohs. "Aha. Egg touchings, right? I forgot. You Candidates are rather prompt this time, ey? Well, welcome, welcome. Hey, Isa, dear!" Ash stands from her pillow, and waggles an arm at the gold, whose tail is curled possessively about an egg. "We have company! They want to admire you! Well, and your eggs."

Auryn meanders onto the sands with a neutral expression, though she breaks into a smile as she spots Ashli. "Hey Ash! I mean, weyrwoman," she adds with a smirk. She means no disrespect - it's hard to remember being formal with someone you've always known as a brat. She inclines her head at Isamath in a display of courtesy. "Isamath, your eggs *are* lovely!" Colorless, but lovely.

Ashli grins at Auryn and nods. "Isa is rather proud of them, though she seems to be a little obsessed with that Go Go Go egg. I don't quite get it. It's certainly not a gold egg. I don't know. If it keeps her happy, I suppose." Said gold tilts her head to Auryn slightly, and backs up just a step or two, as if allowing her to enter into her closely watched circle of eggs.

Auryn looks at said egg and shrugs, not seeing anything special about it. It's black. And white. Like the ten others. "I think it's normal for them to have a favorite?" she asks, grinning. The other handful of lucky candidates mumble their greeting to Ashli and Isamath and spread out over the sands, circling the eggs.

Ashli grins, and notes, "Isa didn't really have a favorite last time, she seemed to rather like them all, though she did feel bad for this one that was incredibly ugly. Cute little brown popped out of it, though, so I suppose it worked out for the best…" Ash trails off, then peers at the crowd and calls, "Now, be careful! They're still hardening! Just touch them gently and think calm thoughts. Try to…focus upon the tiny dragonet inside, and see if you pick up anything. Don't be surprised either way, the Hatching's still a long way to go, so they may not be very chattery as of yet."

Auryn bites her lip. "Once in a while, an ugly happens by," she observes wryly, no doubt thinking about Cadgwith. "Uh, I'll be careful, don't worry!" she assures, smiling slightly at the pair. "Can I just… begin with anyone?" she asks, though a couple of the more daring boys are already touching other eggs.

Ashli waves a hand. "Be my guest. Just be courteous, you know. And, speaking of being courteous, no pushing! You! In the blue! C'mere." And with a whuff of air courtesy of Isa helping the boy along, up he trots, to be regaled with a rather lot of arm-waving and tiptoe-standing by the shorter female.

Auryn snorts at the boy, and heads towards the nearest egg - which happens to be the Checkerboard. She carefully extends her hands and, with a quick glance at Isamath, runs her fingers lightly over the shell, testing the hardness of it.

Auryn sees: A surge of anger flutters through you, quickly replaced by a surge of protectiveness. This particular dragonet seems to feel everything strongly, and leaves a faint taste of smog in your mouth, and the sensation of running roughshod over gravel, leaving you slightly tipsy.

Auryn startles slightly and backs away from the egg with a slight frown. "How weird," she mumbles to noone in particular, turning around to head for another egg. She comes to a halt in front of White Witch, Black Heart and lays a casual, tentative hand on the shell.

Auryn sees: Swooping down upon you is a sudden rush of pomp, and faint horns seem to bugle about you. Weak-kneed, you should be, for this presence seems to fairly demand worship. A malicious chuckle weaves its way into your consciousness, then out again just as fast, replaced by a faint sense of reassurance. She isn't so bad…right?

Ashli reclines upon her pillow once her chastising is finished, the boy sullenly tramping himself out of the Sands for today, and by the expression on his face, he is most likely headed for - you guessed it - the latrines. The favorite task of every Candidate, of course. Ash grins at the looks upon the Candidates faces as they touch the eggs, and she smiles in fond memory.

Auryn grimaces, and after a short linger she withdraws her hand. "It's very, uh, interesting eggs," she calls out to Ashli, eyebrows raised as she heads for a third egg - third time's the charm, right? She looks apprehensive as she touches the Rorschach egg.

Auryn sees: Confusion bursts into your mind, as well as shapes, colors, and feelings that seem to be mixed together in a hodge-podge of blazing emotion. And…just as suddenly as it entered your mind, it is gone, leaving you with a peaceful, calm feeling.

Auryn smiles as she gazes down at the egg's perfect symmetri, and with a small, extra pat she withdraws herself. "Now that was interesting," she says to herself, nodding slightly before moving to the Hoodsie Cup egg, hands sliding over the creamy shell.

Auryn sees: Joy suffuses your being - that innocent, childlike feeling of contentment, even though your hands suddenly feel rather sticky. This egg seems to take you right back to bratlet days, and wonder-filled nights, and as the feeling slowly drifts away, all that is left to remind you that it was there is a lingering taste in your mouth, not unlike that of a sweetstick…

Auryn looks content, a bright smile spreading on her face. Mm, sweetsticks… "They really are very different," she tells Ashli, looking slightly surprised as if she hadn't expected as much from black and white eggs. She moves towards another random egg, coming to a halt in front of Great Illusions. She reaches out to touch it softly.

Auryn sees: Nothing. Absolutely nothing enters your mind for a long few moments until suddenly, with a popping sound, a personality enters your mind, then whisks itself out again just as quickly, leaving you only with the knowledge of the mysterious nature of the dragonet inside…

Ashli smiles and nods brightly. "I'm glad you think so! After being out here for so long, they've all seemed to represent slightly different things, or so I like to imagine. I'm glad to hear my theory confirmed. I've been slightly worried about all this alike-gossip, since they all seem to be rather bland in coloring, you know. But perhaps that black and white exterior hides interesting colors inside, ey?" Ash winks merrily, rescuing her writing stick before it escapes her hair completely.

Auryn blinks slightly at first, then makes a small 'oh' with her mouth. "Hrm, oh, yes, you're probably right. At least let's hope they contain four colors!" she says with a grin. "Clutches are getting smaller, though, aren't they? D'you think there won't be any bronzes, maybe? No offense to Isamath. Or Shirasuth."

Eitanex moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

"Oh, none taken…truly, I don't know. It's highly doubtful, and if there is a bronze, I doubt there'll be more than one, though I've heard the stakes are good if you bet on two, though they're not letting me bet on this clutch, you know…" Ash sighs, then waves at Eitan arrives, "Welcome, welcome. The eggs are awaiting, just be gentle, and don't be surprised if some of them don't reply yet. They're still little."

Shirasuth rolls slightly where he's curled up 'napping' (translation: Covert watching) and picks his head up to snort at Auryn. Hard to tell if he's offended or not. Maybe just supremely confident no matter /what/ people said. Eitanex gets snorted at too. For good measure. Ashli is spared.

"Hi, Ashli," Eitanex says with unnecessary startlment as he comes onto the sands proper. It is probably less Ashli's acknowledgement and more being on the sands instead of sending canny glances over at them. Shira's snort gets no reply at all. Humph! "So, uh, they're over there?" Yeah, duh.

"Well, actually, those are the decoy eggs. We've been hiding the real ones over in the stable." Ash manages to keep a straight face for a moment, before she winks at Eitanex. "Aye, those are them, in all their color…um…ish glory."

"Have you? I thought I broke something with the shovel-" Eitanex gives Ashli one of his hopefully disarming brilliant grins and starts toward the eggs in all reality. "I'm just touching one," he clarifies during his approach. "And I /like/ their, um, color," is further clarified as he eases down careful like to touch Checkerboard Slip-on Vans Egg.

Eitanex sees: Loud music seems to erupt in your head, a clanging of heaviness that is not exactly what music should be. Slowly fading out, the noise leaves a lingering sense of righteousness…and perhaps as well, a lingering headache.

Auryn nods at Ashli. "Well, one bronze out of eleven would be grand," she admits. "Though I guess there'll be four or five greens." More greenriders. "I don't like betting," she admits with a little sniff, nodding to her fellow candidate. "Hey, Eit! That one's weird," she warns, while she moves to touch the Ebony and Ivory egg.

Auryn sees: A veritable symphony of sound tinkles through your mind, bright music joyfully dancing through arpeggio after arpeggio, before a sudden augmented fifth strikes into the pattern, seeming to surprise the dragonet, and the music abruptly stops…

Eitanex winces and removes his hand, running it inanely through the scuff of his hair, as if to pluck the reactive, if fading pounding in his head out. "Weird one, yeah. That's a good word for it." Eitanex sticks his hands in his pockets and starts back off the sands. "I think I'll do, uh, more of this later. Stupid chores."

Ashli laughs merrily at Eitanex's reply, before she blinks, "Do you? So does Shirasuth, actually, though I find them rather disconcerting. Lovely, in their own way, but many of them seem to make me dizzy if I look at them too long." Ash admits with a wry grin, before grinning at Auryn, "Is it? Hm. Well, every egg tends to be different for every person."
Ash adds on, after taking a breath, "Be seeing you, then, Eitanex. Have fun!"

Auryn grins at Ashli. "See, Eit thought it weird too!" she states, looking slightly brighter than moments earlier. The egg must've raised her spirits a little! "Does she mind us snooping around so much?" she asks the goldrider, nodding at Isamath as she moves towards another egg.

Ashli laughs wryly, then shakes her head in response. "She doesn't at all. She prefers it, to be honest with you. She tells me to inform you that the closer the Candidates get to the dragonets, the closer the bond will be, and she wants only the best for her eggs." Ash rolls her eyes, then winks merrily at Auryn.

Auryn giggles. "How considerate of her!" she says sincerely, smiling a little more genuinely at Isamath. "I'll dare a few more, then," she says with a smile, reachig out to touch the favored Go Go Go!

Auryn sees: Playfulness tumbles through you, and a tinkling of bright laughter dances into your mind, amusement ringing through your very being before a move is made, the game is over, and with a final explosion of merriment, the sensation is gone…

Auryn smiles to herself as she withdraws from the little egg, then looks at Ashli. "I'm afraid I have brat duty soon, though I'd rather do this," she admits with a wry grin. "Thanks for the peek! You too, Isamath, you've been most kind," she says with a giggle and a wink to the rider.

Isamath preens slightly, and her eyes close in contentment as she graciously allows her 'pet' egg to be touched. Ash grimaces, and notes, "Well, you have fun with that! Oh, surely, you're welcome down on the Sands any time you wish! Do extend that invitation to all the Candidates, if you happen to see them. I rarely see any of you all down here, and I know Isa and I, and the eggs, would enjoy the company!" Ash smiles, and nods brightly.

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