Egg-touching (clutch 8)

March 23rd 2002
Logged by Shaela

Candidate Barracks
Serviceable, this low-ceiling'd room runs right and left from the heavy canvas curtains that function as a door: relatively bare of ornamentation, tidy glows light the few worn tapestries that adorn the walls and depict a variety of dragons in flight or at rest. But it is the cots, lots and lots of cots, that distinguish this room from the others, their blue or black coverlets tucked neatly over relatively fresh rushes. Candidate's haven, this is their escape from the bustling world of chores and Weyr; visitors are welcome if invited.
Resting atop the doorframe are twenty-nine firelizards.
Miralwyn, Azia and Sage are here.

Chayath> Sora moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Chayath> Chayath rumbles pleasantly to Sora as she arrives, rolling her shoulders before pushing herself to a standing position and waddling a few paces over to put some space between herself and the eggs.

Oliana stands up from Oliana's One-Ringed Orthanc, a whisper of golden honey blankets and red pillows follows like quiet speech.

Chayath thinks to you, « I bespoke Catiminith with: Chayath's thoughts tinkle with bell-chimes: « My lifemate has gone to bring the Candidates. » »

Shaela finds her way in amongst the bustle of activity surrounding the doorway of the barracks. Clapping her hands loudly to bring attention to herself, she announces: "Chayath has consented to do another egg touching. All Candidates, please prepare yourselves to come to the SAnds."

Oliana pushes herself up from the cot after another lingering last glance at the hide in her lap. "Another one?" she says brightly, making her way with the rest of the crowd up to Shaela.

Sitting on her cot, Sage seems to be lacing her boots…very slowly. She's wasting time, again, and she's even slower due to this being the last boot. "Ohhhh-ver. Uhhhhn-der. Puuuulll it throuuughh…" She sighs as she finishes, tiny hands slapping thighs. But attention runs to the door, and then she jumps up excitedly, eyes snapping. "Egg Touching." She hisses back to another Candidate behind her. Sage bounces to the doorway, enthusiastic about almost everything.

Taesha claps her hands eagerly as she enters the line. She leans over to the Candidate beside her - Oliana - and squeals, "An egg touching! I'm so excited, aren't you?"

Chayath senses Catiminith takes the bell-chimes and moulds them into silver stars, absently splattering. « Ah. I will tell Sora. Thank you. »

Oliana winces as she is squealed at. "I'm happy, yes. Sure," she says, making a waving motion at Taesha indicating either move over or shut up. It's not entirely clear.

Miralwyn strolls in, freed from Tatia's clutches at last, but in a rather good state of humour. Which only increases as she walks in on Shaela's words. "Egg touching? Excellent!" she smiles, disposing of her satchel by tossing it underhand towards her cot. It misses, and clips the Weaver candidate from Fort, but fortunately he, too, is too excited to offer more than a halfhearted glower as both she and he file into place.

Chayath> Sora pauses on the outskirts of the Sands, curtseying somewhat awkwardly. "Hello, Chayath." Gold is given a bright beam, before she swish-swishes to one side. Ooooh. They come-eth.

Taesha would pout, but that wouldn't be ladylike. And she's on her best behaviour, as her big sister is here - and looking so authoritative. Ooh. "Isn't Shaela just the bestest?" she whispers to the Candidate on the other side - Sage.

Kirana is pulled in from the caverns outside the barracks by a petite, hyperactive little candidate. "See!" Squeals the shorter one, gesturing at Shaela and those getting ready to go to the touching. Kirana nods quickly, scurrying into the general group of other candidates. Was here all along. Yep.

Shaela smiles at the group as the assemble into a fairly decent line before her. Apparently someone has trained them not too badly. "Alright then," she says, finishing up her counting - 20 of them altogether today, not bad - "Follow me single-file. When we get to the Sands, I'll give you further instructions. No touching the eggs until I say so."

Sage smiles politely at Taesha, not to the point that Oliana was already at. "Shaela? Oh yes." She winks at the girl, but her tone is quiet. She didn't want Shaela to hear her agree…it's like…sucking up. Shudder. Sage hates that. She then glances back to Shaela, and gives a quick nod before turning her head behind her to wave at some others.

Chayath> Indeed, they do cometh. And in a large group. Approximately 20 Candidates are on their way - you can hear Shaela shouting instructions to them from across the bowl.

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Chayath and brown Druseth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs here.
Sora is here.

Shaela, Sage, Kirana, Miralwyn and Oliana move into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Chayath is resting on her tummy, now, with approximately a quarter of a dragonlength between her and the eggs. Enough room to allow the Candidates to touch the eggs in comfort, but also enough that she still feels that she is able to protect them. "Alright, you're free to go and touch any egg you wish. Please be considerate, and don't hit or tap on the eggs. Just stroke them gently. Try to walk, not run, so that you don't fall and hurt anyone - or any eggs. And try not to all concentrate on the same eggs, hmm?" The instructions given, Shaela motions for the CAndidates to go about their business.

Oliana catches her beath, as she always does, at the sudden wave of shimmering heat. Instantly, her feet start quick-stepping to keep from getting to warmed up. She makes a bow to dam and sire before making her way to the egg she had noticed got lots of attention before - Celestial Starlight Egg, that is. There's only a moments hesitation before she reaches out and runs her hands along the smooth surface.

Taesha just continues squealing - she's so excited, she can hardly believe she's out here. Nevertheless, she doesn't want to be a spazz in front of her big sister, so she tries to control the skip in her step, and walk normally. Child's Laughter Egg is her first choice, and she approaches the delicate-looking egg with a cautious hand.

Kirana tips into a bow to the dam and sire, nodding at Shaela's words to them. As they're motioned to pick an egg she doesn't hesitate before going to Dawn at the Sea Egg, hands going gently over it's blue and gray shell with a little smile. Favorite egg syndrome, gotta love it.

Sora is here as well, in the capacity of Watcher, a skin of water slung over one shoulder as the bluerider sidles Shaela-ways. Goldrider is greeted, cheerily: "Heya, Shaela."

Chayath rumbles appreciatively at the Candidates as, well, /some/ of them bow to her and her mate. Druseth's rumble is more of a snarl - fresh meat! - but he'll behave and give the group their distance. Just so long as they don't hurt his babies.

Miralwyn hangs off to one side for a moment, letting the other, more eager candidates mill past her. Celestial Starlight egg catches her attention, but it also draws that of others, too. And so the self-contained young woman hangs off a little longer. And then, slowly, moves off to regard the Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg, gravely sketching a half bow to the gold and the brown before approaching it, one hand reaching up gently, as if afraid of damaging the orb.

Sage heads straight to the right, the curves to the left, then back to the right after the instructions given by Shaela. Little finger taps lightly at her lip as she wanders about, slightly frowning from the heat. She then stops by Chayath to bow, but quickly as she moves on. Oops. She haults by the cream and grey colored egg, Everyone's Favorite, Not-Shiny, Colorless, Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg. Sage bends slightly tracing a fingers over some of the lumps, then moves onto Elven Forests Egg, staying a bit longer with this one.

Miralwyn sees: Hazy hints of cool and mist coalesce beneath your touch, swaying gently with some ephemeral breeze before vanishing as if nothing was felt at all.

Oliana sees: A flicker of starlight glimmers across the egg's smooth surface, energy running free beneath your hand. Crackling with life and vibrancy, the shell is initially cool, but warms to the touch.

Oliana arches her brows and grins, giving the egg an affectionate, slow and gentle pat before the heat of the sand forces her to move on and 'feel up' another egg. The next one up, nearest to her and first to be spotted, is Country Time Setting Sun Egg. Right hand extends, rolls over it, then the left hand. Finally both still and just sit, motionless, on the surface just where an amethyst ray intersects a gentle crimson.

Sage sees: Hidden beneath the mountain greens under your fingertips, gold glitters like a fitful firefly, illusitory gilding alight with ancient knowledge.

Kirana sees: A cool sea breeze washes over the egg's surface, leaving a gentle ripple to the touch of the smoother half of the shell, while the wash of warm tones reflects the heat of the sands.

Tevya moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Miralwyn pauses a moment, lost in thought as she analyzes oddly indistinct sensations, attempting to reconcile them rationally, and failing. A quiet, self-deprecating chuckle, and she gives the egg another pat, dextrous fingers stroking both soft and firm at once, before with a nod she moves onwards again. The patterns of the Tiffany's Cloisoinne De-Light Egg attract her eye next, the sharply defined borders to the brilliant splashes of colour appealing to her sense of order.

Shaela cheerily waves a greeting to Sora as she wanders her way over to the bluerider, meeting her halfway. "Good to see you down here, Sora. How goes the pregnancy?" A little bit of idle chit-chat to occupy her thoughts while she watches the Candidates go eagerly about their egg-touching.

Kirana smiles almost dreamily at…something, and her fingers caress the egg shell gently, before she steps back, offering the Dawn at the Sea egg a last smile, as if it /really/ cares, before moving on. Her attentions caught by the crimson shades of the One Ring egg, and she's drawn to it, moth-like, though her touch is tentitive, as if she thinks the blazing colors would physically burn her. "Wow…" Is the softly uttered remark.

Sage runs a dainty hand over green coloring, smiling a tiny smile. "Pretty," is spoken under her breath before she moves on to Angel Wings Egg, her eyes widening with appreciation. "Gorgeous," is the next mumbled descriptive word. She lays both hands atop it, not moving them, until she removes one and swirls slowly with the other Wax on, wax off. She sighs slightly, then turns her attention relunctantly to Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg, "Shifty." I guess that's her word for iridescence or something. She places one finger tip on the egg, then draws a circle with it. She distractedly looks up at Shaela and Sora, making a face, and muttering, "Pregnant." Now who would want to do that?

Miralwyn sees: As if a light were suddenly flicked on, images appear outline against your vision, standing out with vivid clarity amongst the duller colours on dragon-shell: first fire, and then a glamoury of vines and grapes. Just as quickly, the vibrancy fades, returning to the egg's molten, swirling patterns.

Sora's smile flickers briefly, then sticks unexpectedly, bluerider's gaze flickering over the Candidates as she speaks. "Oh, okay, I think. Cumbersome." Hands rest briefly on her belly, patting. "And no wine! Such a terrible thing."

Oliana sees: Like the sun settles happily at the end of each day into the horizon, so too this egg settles comfortably into your touch. There is something so natural about its feel, its appearance - it soothes with each blend of colour.

Tevya quietly slips onto the Sands, as fingers wind a band around her hair. Stray bangs are tucked behind ears before a bow is delivered towards the sire and dam of the clutch. And then it's onto the eggs. The only egg Tevya had visited previously is given a wistful glance, before Tevya forces herself to visit another. This the Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg, and Tevya's hands soon find themselves pressed gently against the warm sides of the egg.

Sage sees: Cool vapours of a silvery slant swirl beneath your finger, fleeting and light with a quickness to warmth that brings you to doubt whether they were ever there at all.

Oliana smiles, making a 'hmm' noise. "This a little like home." She blushes slightly. "I mean, it's…I don't know. Natural," she says, though who she's talking to isn't clear. Maybe that candidate one egg over…who knows. Almost as if embarassed for being so vocal about something so vague, she moves on before anyone can snicker at her. Lina then finds herself before Flaming Marshmellow Egg, which she reaches out to quickly, though muttering "Looks like something burned in the kitchen." Cryptic.

Tevya sees: The warmth increases beneath your touch, imaginary flashes of brightly-coloured animals and swaying fronds flirting across your mind.

Kirana lets her fingertips flirt over the blazing, inferno like surface of the One Ring Egg, "This ones so intense isn't it?" The softly made comment is directed to any and all candidates nearby, who care to listen. Kir doesn't do quiet-time well. But it's not long at this egg until she pulls her fingers away, rubbing them faintly, and after casting a thoughtful look at the egg, she steps away from it.

Miralwyn starts slightly, and her hand leaps away from the egg surface as if burnt. Grey eyes blink rapidly, but she soon places both her hands back on the shell once more, as if assuring herself of something. Nodding to the egg, as if some secret had been shared, she continues her window shopping of the sands, selecting the Jagged Streak of Lightning Egg next, and approaching hesitantly indeed. Although, as any good student of Mindhealing would know, phobias are best cured by gradually increasing contact. And so her eggs increase in magnitude of brightness, from the Mist to the Storm.

Ndi moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Shaela chuckles, nodding her agreement. "Cumbersome is right. When I was pregnant with Shaliena, I could hardly make it through the caverns without feeling that I'd flown a Fall." There is a twinkle in her eye as she watches her sister's smile grow upon stroking the Laughter egg. "Be sure not to hog the eggs, but do feel free to spend some time at each one!" she calls to a group of Candidates who seem to just be going around and merely putting their hand on each egg, instead of taking the time to caress and grow accustomed to the eggs.

Oliana sees: Slightly crusty on the burnt edges, the egg is warm to the touch - like most of the others, it seems - and emits a slightly musky odour of an amateur's too-smoky fire. Did you hear a slight humming of a folk melody? It's hard to say, for as soon as its echo-y tone begins, it is over.

Kirana goes towards another fiery egg, though this one far from the blaze that the last one was. Her palm lays flat against the crimson wreathed Tiki Torch Egg, the tips of her other fingers running across the smokey gray hues on the top, flitting then to the wooden shades further down.

Ndi saunters onto the sands as though she owns them. Well - - not really. She has enough sense to send a polite nod Chayath's way (nobody wants to get on the bad side of even the nicest mommy gold, after all), but Sora is given a sniff and Shaela no more than perhaps a half of a wave. And the Candidates? What Candidates? She sees no Candidates. Humph. "I'm hungry," announces the greenrider. And after a moment's hesitation, "Is this an egg touching? Ew. Huh. Ew. Peh."

"Lovely," Tevya comments softly, drawing her hand back and rubbing it against the other. A glance is given to the other Candidates and those on the Sands, Tevya then drawing bottom lip out as she bites upon it. Sunlit Forest Egg is glanced at once more, before Tevya stands and heads towards the Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg, drawn by colorization and feel alone. Drifts of hair cling to her already dampening face as she kneels beside the egg. Unmindful of all else save for the silent oviod resting before her, one soon under the gentle press of her palm.

Sage stops by the Gyrating Glowsticks Egg next, smirking slightly. She could just 'rave' about this egg all day long, but instead, she gives a short, "Fun," to describe it. She doesn't stay to touch it though, but for a brief moment. Looking up, she spots Tevya and waves with a smile, before finding herself near the Hot-Hot-Hot! Lava Lamp Egg. She smiles as she glances up to hear Shaela. Then she stops, wandering if she should retrace her steps a spend some time with more of those eggs. She shrugs then. She can catch them again at the next ones. "Umm…I have a question?" She raises a hand hesitantly, just as she places the other on the egg. Fingertips curl slightly, and then she pulls them slightly to the left, then slowly to the right. Ndi is given a glance, and a blink, but her gaze then turns to Shaela or Sora, again- they seem nicer at the moment- to ask her question.

"Ain't that the truth," Sora mutters good-naturedly, then perking up and giving Ndi a bright wave. "Ndi! Come over heeeere." She's content enough to ignore the grumbling. Waterskin is sloshed testingly, and then drunk of.

Mimi moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

"Hrmwol?" Mid-drink, Sora stops and blinks at Sage. "Yes?"

Kirana sees: Bzzz. Do you hear the flies swarming? Like a backyard barbecue dinner, there is a shiver of nighttime, accompanied by the laughter of friends, the scent of a good home-cooked meal, and, of course, the buzzing of the swarming mosquitoes and other insects.

Oliana wrinkles her nose and chuckles. "That's funny," she says. "It /is/ like a fire and burnt things..but not in a kitchen, I think," the woman says, again to no one in particular. Then, blue eyes settle on Elven Forests Egg. She sighs happily and makes for it, her favorite egg. "How could I forget," she says through the heat, heading for the shady cool green and placing both palms against its surface near the crown of stars.

Tevya sees: The cool of a misty mountain lake spreads from your fingertips up your arm, through to your head, a drunken refreshing splash after the heat of the Sands. Pearly white raindrops and silver bells mingle drowsily with a mysterious, creeping fog and the dewy scent of a deep and secret cave, dripping with water.

Shaela raises an eyebrow at the arriving greenrider - and the attitude which accompanies her - but chooses not to comment. Instead, she'll keep watching the Candidates. Make sure they continue to behave, and answer any questions that may come her way.

Miralwyn appears unaware of the milling of the rest of the candidates, the klatch of the riders, or the watchful eyes of Mama and Da. No, she's focused intently on the egg before her, eyes sharpening at the incorporate power that surges out to meet her touch. Daringly, she touches again, before shaking her head slightly and continuing her search. Addictive, the Lightning Egg could get. She moves onwards, aware that she may well return later to dare contact again. But… what's this? Celestial Starlight Egg catches her eye, and holds it. She glances at the other Candidates and makes her move towards it with decisiveness in her step at last.

Ndi doesn't care if everyone ignores her. She's ignoring everyone else, too. Hah hah, take that. She does, however, sidle over to Sora and, dragging the notable attitude with her, grumbles, "Gimme some of your water." Polite, isn't she?

Sage nods slightly as Sora looks to her, brushing a curl from her brow- and a bit of sweat- with a flourish. "Well, let's say that your lifemate is in one of these here eggs," she pauses and swallows, "Well, if you touch /that/ egg, does it already know?" She pauses again, eyes darting between them women, now Ndi included, "I mean, does it know that your the one?" Hesitate, "Or does it not know until it hatches?" She stops then, hand still on the egg, but no! She's not /leaning/ on it. Promise.

Oliana sees: The stars sparkle and shine, glimmering a ray of warmth on the cool green-tinged shell beneath your palms.

Kirana shivers slightly, as her hands wander over the Tiki Torch's shell, just a faint chill that crawls her back. She stays where she is a bit longer, following the flaming patterns on the shell with a fingertip. When she steps away, she slowly scans the assembled eggs with her eyes. Catching sight of Ndi she wiggles her fingers at the rider - she knows her!, before picking a new egg to pester. Eenie, meenie, Sunlit Forest Clearing.

Sora is distracted by Sage, and so hands over the water without a quibble. Well, she snorts, but then follows up with a furrowed brow: "I … think it has to find you. Dragon-babies aren't fully developed, really, until Hatching-time, which is when they actually start thinking about getting out and finding their lifemate." Shaela and Ndi are given a glance. "What do you guys think?"

Mimi shuffles eagerly onto the sands, waving at a few other candidates and grinning at riders. She pauses a few feet onto the sands, digging a toe around in the ground, before wincing at the heat. "Can I just go out and um- ?" she asks gesturing at the eggs with a wave of her hand. Does she have to do something special or something? Or can she just go out and start feeling eggs?

Chayath offers a disapproving snort to a Candidate to decides /she's/ the one worth stroking, instead of the eggs. "Away from the dragon, please, Hguffrey!" Shaela calls to the Candidate by name. Apparently he's one who's been enough of a troublemaker throughout his Candidacy that the weyrwoman has not only learned, but also remembered, his name. With a pout, the young Smith apprentice turns away from Chayath and back to the eggs.

Ndi thinks Estsanth Impressed to her because she was Perfect, with a capital P, thank you very very much. "Uh," says the greenrider helpfully, then takes a swig of water. Kirana is peered at - oh yah, she Searched her, didn't she? - and given a grudging wave before Ndi turns her attention back to Sora. "Maybe. I don't think the eggs are actually conscious. You know. When they hatch, /then/ they know. Touching the eggs sorta just gives you a preview of being on the sands." See, Ndi can be sane and intelligent (sorta) sometimes.

Lips are licked as Tevya's hands remain fixed upon the Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg, eyes wavering for all of a second before she shuts them and takes a deep breath. Lips move in silent communication with the egg; fingers idly tracing patterns upon the silver shell as her mouth draws slightly thin in thought. "I'm not quite sure.." This a half answer to Sora as one eye is slid partially open, "I think it happens right now, but..then again I could be wrong."

Sikkyen moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Kirana sees: A wash of light drizzles over you with the touch of this egg, peeking through the lush foliage to announce its presence most discreetly and serenely.

Oliana smiles, lingering for several moments longer on the Elven egg before the sand's heat really gets her shifting. She turns, narrows her eyes slightly and picks her second favorite, Moonlit Mist on the Lake Egg. The milky colors are gone over slowly with one hand as she listens to the debate. "I thought if you touched the eggs…it makes things on the sands easier for the dragonets and for the candidates. Or something." She turns slightly to look at the riders questioningly.

Kirana blinks slowly as she begins to touch the Sunlit egg, feeling the mahogany and green stained shell, following the golden streaks with her hands. A smile is playing across her face by the time she steps back, but it's interrupted by a flash of 'I just remembered something'. Making her excuses she bows again, and heads off.
Kirana goes home.

Tevya sees: Walk on water. Feel the ripples form from beneath your bare toes and spread out towards the edge of an endlessly wide, endlessly long, endlessly deep black lake. Like the butterfly whose wings set off a hurricane, your feet set off a tsunami, roaring out in the distance, off who knows where, for the fog obscures, reveals, obscures.

Sage waves a greeting to Mimi, then listens carefully to Sora. She seems to not like the answer, but as Sora asks the opinions of the others, she waits, only to jump at Chayath's snort, and roll her eyes at Hguffrey. She nods slowly at Ndi, still not liking the answer. Why? Cus she wants everything explained to her. She didn't like it when her teachers couldn't explain why the Dawn Sisters appeared metallic either. She frowns in thought, "Well they must be /somewhat/ aware…because, well, would there be a point of touching the eggs if not?" It's more or less mumbled. They could get a previwe of the Sands with just walking around…but touching the eggs seems like it's kinda important. Sage always has to ask, of course. She gets usually nowhere puzzling it out herself. Lava Egg is slightly forgotten- oops- though her hand still rests there.

Sora can answer that question, and does so with urbane assurance: "You touch the eggs now to get used to the idea of them, and to get you a bit more comfortable on the Sands when the actual day comes."

Miralwyn reaches the Celestial Starlight Egg at last, and admires it a long moment before raising a hand. Slowly, she traces her fingers along the shell as she circles the orb, deft touch borne of Healer training noting subtle striations and variations in texture and density where the eye sees only smoothness. Comments on the reasons behind the Egg Touchings are heard, and stored for pondering later.

Sage sees: Comfortable you may be, but the languid floating of almost too-bright colours sparkle across your perception, frosted shades warming to a bright fuschia beneath your palm.

Oliana sees: There is a hazy, almost ghost-like feel to this egg, as though if you really wanted to, you could put your hand right through it. And it welcomes you, pulling you in, calling to you across the mist.

Sikkyen shuffles in, muttering. Boots begin the prance even before he's recognized; amble-prance is headed towards Phial of Galadriel Egg, and he lays hands apon the ovoid shape, eying the egg critically. Hm. … eggs. The texture, the sensation, all felt under the palms of his hands, is smiled at, before eyes close, and he ponders.

Miralwyn sees: Star-pricks of light burst through the flimsy darkness of your mind and thoughts, wavering with unusual intensity before falling down-down-down into oblivion.

Ndi wouldn't know. Don't ask her. All she wants to do is gloat that she's not coming out here barefoot later - and doubtless, some of /you/ are. She also wants to drink water and gloat about that. Actually, you know, she just wants to gloat.

Shaela nods to Sora, "Precisely, bluerider. A Hatching can be rather nerve-wracking and chaotic, with dragons Hatching and running - well, as best they can, so newly hatched - all over the Sands. Hopefully getting you lot accustomed to the eggs and the Sands beforehand will ease your nerves somewhat."

"That's..interesting." Tevya comments to the egg before her, grinning ever so slightly. The Moolint Mist on the Lake Egg is given one last farewell tap before Tevya stands and crosses back among the eggs. One in particular grabs her attention, this almost to her immediate left. And to this one Tevya crosses. Fingers brushing back slightly damp hair as she pauses before touching the egg. "And to get use to the Sands too. The heat and..well to make you feel like Hatching Day is just another day." A thought offered from her, and Tevya then turns back to the Fiery One Ring Egg. Design and pattern are studied with eye, before Tevya's fingers trace the patterns of color upon the shell. Fingers slipping along dimples and curves, while tingling slightly from the warmth of the shell.

Oliana snaps her head back around as her hands go over the Moonlit egg, just as Tevya leaves, Oli closes her eyes. "This one's quickly ranking up with the green, forest like one. She almost seems to be pressing against it (carefully of course) to make sure that the surface is, indeed, there. Again, Lina lets her hand slide off the surface. Circulate. To Dawn at the Sea Egg.

Shaela turns to Mimi with a smile, "Ah, good, another Candidate. Yes, please, just go out there and touch any eggs you're interested in touching. There's lots to choose from, so try not to congregate aroudn one that lots of other people are touching, but do take your time with each egg."

Sage nods slowly, still not liking Sora's answer, but excepting it as logical just the same. "Oh…ok." Almost another mumble, and she shrugs, suddenly frowning as the egg seems to get a tad warmer. Or maybe her hands just been there too long. Withdrawing, she decides to chose a better egg. Better in her mind. She stops to listen to both Shaela's and Tevya's comments, but she still shrugs. She'd rather pretend that her lifemate is in…Overflowing Bubble Bath Egg! "Oooo!" Prancing over, she smiles brightly at this one, "Now this is my kinda egg." So perrrrty. She places a fingertip on the egg, grinning as she feels its almost bubbly like her bath. She loves baths, you know. Takes one everyday- a good thing, too, huh?

Mimi bounces up and down at the edge of the Sands and, with a nod to Shaela, she heads out to the eggs, carefully considering before making her way around to the Flaming Marshmellow Egg. She dusts her fingers around the red and gold of the shell with a grin. Marshmellows. Yummm… Sugary and sticky and oh-so-good.

Sikkyen sees: Elvish songs whisper in mourning, blowing past your ears, an elusive melody, gone before it's even heard. Earendil's light, the light of star, shines brighter than the sun itself, giving light when none other is to be had and when no other light will shine. An ethereal glow draws you closer, closer…

Sage sees: Frothy suds effevesce and sparkle beneath the pointed touch of your fingertip, soaping the edges of your perception with slick, pure glee.

Taesha finally decides to leave the Laughter egg, and parts from it with a wistful glance. Aww, it was so lovely. After surveying the eggs for a long time, she finally decides to go towards the Bubblebath egg. There's just something so.. well… inviting about it. With an index finger, she reaches out - it won't pop if she touches it, will it?

Oliana considers the dawn-colored egg for a moment before finally (ahem) placing her hands on it. "I think I've touched this one before, too," she says, her voice perky and happy under the influence of such an experience. Egg touching. Yay. "What was it like…" Lina's voice trails off, hand running along the apex carefully, head tilted up, eyes closed, as if trying to remember.

Tevya sees: Fire, flame, heat, fire, drumbeats rolling in the distance: something tells you this egg will withstand all heat, all flames, all tests - it is beyond all such things. Hotter even than the Sands themselves, it blisters your fingers, sends fire up your nerves, blinds you in its brightness, a sort of blazing, cackling, beautiful horrible din ringing in your ears.

Auri moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Miralwyn's other hand lifts now, gliding across the shell to meet the first, outlining a particularly bright starshimmer in a triangle of opposing thumbtips and fingertips meeting. Shaela's instructions catch her ears at last, though, and she regretfully breaks off from her gentle and unhurried examination of the Celestial Starlight Egg with a last lingering caress.

Sikkyen inhales quickly, the impressions running past his mind in lighting-quick succession; he gazes at the egg, before slowly shaking his head and - reluctantly, almost as if pulling out of a trance, draws his hands away from the egg. A beautiful egg, it is, indeed; shifting, he eyes, and quietly moves over to the Painted Glass Egg, observing it, before tracing a solitary finger in a complex pattern that only he and his own mind knows; finally, lightly, palms press onto the egg, caressing lightly, the intense feeling of the lightest of angel-kisses; chisled chin softens, and his head bows, eyes closing, savoring the ovoid shape.

Miralwyn sees: As if faring you well, the twisted galaxies and pinpoints of light brighten, then dim, a touch of their coldfire whispering eerily along your arm.

"Auri!" squeaks Ndi. Ah, someone to abuse! "Come here!" She's not going to be offering her happily stolen water to this greenrider, though.

Sage mms and the places the flat of her right palm, delighting in this egg. "This is /so/ my favorite egg." Yep, she's decided it. So she's not leaving just yet. Taesha is seen, and she stops for a moment. A narrowed glare starts to form, then she remembers Shaela saying something about not hogging the eggs…well, she just pretend to go see another one. Country-time Setting Sun Egg is her chosen egg, and she prances over to it, but glances over her should as she watches Taesha plays in bubbles. Hands pretend to caress the egg, but she pouts, wanting to go back to the other egg.

"Oi!" Hand jerks back and Tevya stares at her fingertips, lips pursed slightly as her gaze then falls on the egg. "Wow.." Shaking her still warm hand, Tevya regards the Firey One Ring Egg with a mixture of surprise and awe upon her face, the grin slowly expanding one of pure challenge. Reaching her hand out once more, Tevya tenatively brushes the surface of the egg. A test if you will. Fingertips idly dancing upon the flames before her palm slowly rests against the egg and eyes are once more shut. Brows furrowed with slight concentration as arm muscles are tensed. Obviously not one to learn from first mistakes, for as the first hand is planted firmly upon the shell, the second soon draws up to rest beside it. Tevya balencing rather precariously on her feet as she remains silent and still.

Sikkyen sees: Silence. Like standing in an empty cathedral, even the tinest movement sends off echos and echos of sound - shh. Don't move. Be quiet. This egg is a sanctuary, the dark corners of age-blackened stone drenched in the rose-colored light of faceted stained-glass windows. The scent of red waxy candles burning low reaches your nose; the tenuous strains of a hymn dancing past your ears.

Sage sees: Golden rods strike outwards in a pinwheeling, heart-warming embrace of sunset amongst nature, glowing heat soothing the mind and basking beneath your touch.

Miralwyn shivers slightly, a frisson of slight awe as she withdraws from the Celestial Starlight Egg, her features briefly losing their impassiveness to reveal a secret smile between her and the egg. She'll be back. Her facade slips back into place, however, and she approaches the Elven Forests Egg with nothing remaining in her expression of recent moments to be treasured and savoured at length later.

Mimi gives the Marshmellow egg a light pat then turns around to the Laughter Egg, brushing tips of her fingers over turquoise. "Pretty," she mutters quietly, placing the palm of the other hand onto the smooth surface. A finger lightly strokes a small dimple in the egg filled with lavendars, smiling softly once again muttering,"Pretty…"

Tevya sees: Hot, hot, hot, burning burning hot, like sticking your hand into a bonfire, it burns. Perhaps it is like the light, and you are like the moth, drawn to it despite the pain it brings - perhaps all who see this egg are affected in this way by its power. As you continue to hold to it, does it seem almost as though the slashing, fiery red marks on the shell become ominous words to you…?

Sage sighs at the egg she is touching, "Ok, ok…so you're nice. But I wasn't done over there yet." She pouts to the egg, though somehow it does seem to soothe here. But a bath is more relaxing. She's gonna go take a nice bubbly bath after this…that is…if she doesn't have chores. And if there's not a lot of people. And if something more fun doesn't come up. Lotsa ifs. She decides to go ahead and spend some time with this egg, though still, she sens sneaky glances over her shoulder to see when the bubble one might be vacant again.

Sage sees: Hazy clouds whirl pink and gold, fading to an antique-bronze dusk without diminishing the egg's resounding warmth.

Sikkyen relaxes, body swaying lightly, slowly, to the slight, slight sounds - were they even there? If they were, or - if they weren't - he otherwise stays perfectly still, not a sound heard, breath caught and held. Don't move - don't breath. Finally, his eyes flip open, and he quietly - quietly! near /silently/ - shifts away, turning, seeing an egg at handspan-length. Whoa. He didn't realise he was so /close/. Jagged Streak of Lightning Egg is watched - of course, he hesitates at his norm, before placing both hands on the egg, examining his worn knuckles before closing his eyes, and leaning forehead tentatively against the top of the egg.

"Oi!" And a twin echoe as Tevya literally snaps her hand back, drawing it into the protective coolness of her tunic. "That's..different." Knees straighten as Tevya stands, and the Candidate beats a hasty retreat to the Phial of Galadriel Egg. Hands are given a moment to cool off, Tevya still sending a harried glance at the Firey egg. Bad egg. Mean egg! Comfort is soon found however, as Tevya places both hands upon the Phial of Galadriel Egg, lower lit bit as a heasitant tickle is offered to the presence within the Phial egg.

Miralwyn's heart still lies back with the starlit egg, but it's with an open mind that she nears Elven Forests Egg, over her initial jitters at touching the home of future dragonets. With a steady gaze, she steps forward and places a single hand against the shell, kneeling down in the sand and inclining her head as if in a gesture of supplication.

Sikkyen sees: Bzztzap! Tickling tendrils of electric shock coil 'neath your fingertips to extend, paralyzing, through body and mind. An flash of white-hot, a clap of thunder, and all returns to still.

Tevya sees: Fluttering as weightless as a feather, there and then not there, seemingly tucked into the folds of a tunic ripped and torn by a journey too long for its wearer, it shines. Brighter than bright, the starlight of Earendil, the elvish song, it permeates through skin and bone, a cool, healing touch.

Miralwyn sees: Woodland green and elvish gold seek refuge under your warm palm, dispersing onwards the brighter alloys and seeking a journey's end.

Sage sighs contentedly, smiling down at the egg. But she looks to move on, only to frown as her egg- yes, it's what she's calling it, though don't tell the Momma- is still occupied. So over she goes to Dawn at Sea Egg, frowning thoughtfully at it. She's not big on water, you know. Though she won't admit to not being able to swim. She gives it a try anyway, leaning both hands softly onto the egg, moving them in opposite directions, then back together again. She glances at the bottom of the eggs, where sand clings to it, and she bends to touch closer to the bottom.

"Hello again," Tevya softly comments, "Glad to see you've not the burning touch of your fellow clutch sibling." A wry grin expands as Tevya gently carersses the folds, dips, and striations on the egg. Gaze soaking in the details as she shifts her stance slightly. Other words are spoken softer, more privately, Tevya leaning closer to the egg as she repositions her hands.

Sage sees: Gentle grey-blue breezes hush-hush against sandy shores, tickling the edges of your conciousness. Slowly, the rosy blush intensifies, vibrant upon the egg's crown.

Sikkyen rocks backwards, head jolting, and he stumbles away from the egg. Blink. "Whoa," is whispered. "Okay, okay, /that/ one was freaky," he mutters at the Lightning Egg. Stumbling away, half-prancing, barely keeping his footing, the ex-'hand finds himself staring at Elven Forests Egg. Oh, why not. This one doesn't look as evil as the last one… Palms are placed, and he keeps his eyes open this time, warily judging the egg up.

Tevya sees: Certainly not. Who would dare compare this egg with the One Ring? Ethereal and floating, the mysterious touch of an elvish forest wraps around you, drawing you in, and the endless beauty of the morning star touches your forehead in the lightest kiss.

Kh'ryn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Miralwyn nods to the Elven Forests egg, and withdraws once more, casting her gaze back over towards the Celestial egg, but deciding that it might be rather rude to ignore the other eggs. And when you have a large pair of clutchparents eyeing you, manners are important. And so, with a quiet nod to Sikkyen as she passes him, she moves towards the Angel Wings Egg, offering the barest of caresses to it's surface, lest she taint such beauty with the deceptive twists and turns of her psyche.

Making sure that he has his thickest sole'd boots on that he could find.. Kh'ryn then comes out onto the sands, greeting the candidates and other riders each in turn. "Hey everyone," he states, making sure to nod warily towards the clutch mommy laying nearby. "How goes the touching?" he then asks the nearest person, that being Ndi.

Oliana leaves the egg she's currently lingering at, and moves over to…Hot-Hot-Hot! Lava Lamp Egg almost arbitrarily making her rounds now that she's touched the eggs that most frequently catch her eye. She first runs her hands over the impressive peak of the egg, brows arching at the impressive apex before she takes in the frosted colors, secondary to the shape only at first.

Miralwyn sees: Hesitant, unearthly touches flutter breathily against your light tracings, feather-soft and tinged with a gold that rings of some brighter hymn.

"Good," says Ndi snootily. And then, watching to make sure at least /one/ Candidate is watching enviously (he being the skinny and thirsty looking Ehnpeehsi), the greenrider makes an exaggerated generous effort to offer not her's, but /Sora/'s water to Kh'ryn. "Thirsty?"

Taesha finally relinquishes the Bubblebath egg - Sage, if you want it? - after having spent a great deal of time with it, and makes her way over to the Painted Glass Egg.

Kh'ryn accepts the water with a grateful look; though he's only been on the hot, black sands for a few moments, already his throat is dry and begging for a sip. "Thanks," he states to Ndi, before handing back the skin. Watching the others, he then crosses arms over his chest and asks the nearest candidate, (Namely, Oliana) … "So.. Anything interesting?" A nod towards the egg she's standing beside. "I mean.. From the egg?"

If Tevya could physically melt, she'd be a pile of goo right about now. Broad grin threatens to split from ear to ear as Tevya shakes her head. Lips move in silent words as she continues her idle caress upon the egg. "Lovely indeed.." An idle murmuring that perhaps carries too far or goes to loud, Tevya caring not. For all that truly matters is the egg before her. Hands remain fixed, Tevya keeping contact with the Phial of Galadriel Egg.

Oliana hmms quietly to herself. "It's amazing, that these eggs seem to all have…something about them," she says quietly, hands lingering over the Lava Egg. She looks up and smiles to Kh'ryn. "If that makes any sense, anyway. I don't know. They all are different, and it's like you can /tell/ there's a dragonet in there." The candidate shrugs for lack of better words. Brows knit, and she looks at the rider hopefully. Maybe he has an idea after all.

Kh'ryn nods his head in understanding to the candidate. "I agree. Why, I remember during my candidacy, and our egg touchings. There was this one that just kept calling to me, reminding me of a toy I had as a child. The egg looked rusted though, and overused, but I thought it was the most beautiful of all." He stops to dream back, before continuing with a smile. "And from that egg came Zylpheth, so I s'pose it did have something special to it after all.." He points towards a few of the other eggs nearby, and comments, "EAch of these, I bet, have something really interesting about them, you know.."

Auri makes a sandcastle. And looks around. "Oh." She forgot about the eggs and the candidates and stuff. "Oh." Then she goes back to making her sandcastle.

Ndi imagines Auri's hands are pretty desensitized from all that hot-sand handling.

Auri might be wearing riding gloves. pink ones.

Fine then. Ndi will just sit here and drink water.

Elven Forests Egg is given a wry look, and Sikkyen closes his eyes, then, resting more against the egg. Not hard enough to actually /tilt/ it, but.. Perhaps this one is just unreadable? Hmm. This time, he concentrates - feeling a bit foolish, but putting good effort to 'feel' out the egg.

Tevya sees: It knows all. It can feel, through the tremor of your heartbeat in your palms on its shell, everything. It knows, can see the future, can tell the past, can mirror souls. Close your eyes and you can see - a rustic village up in flames, a stumbling line of people, a red, fiery eye - it calls forth a vague memory of the heat of the One Ring egg, but elven mists surround, push away, and protect yet again.

Oliana nods to Kh'ryn. "I think so. Each one is different, like I said. In looks and in the way it…feels. So far I have a few favorites, but I haven't touched them all," Oli says conversationally, hands slipping off the Lava egg which gets a lingering glance.

Oliana sees: Lava Lamp Egg not only bubbles dreamily across the surface of its shell, but the faintest touch of /something/ also rumbles against your hand, the shell warm wherever fingers may roam.

Miralwyn smiles faintly, and nods to the angelic egg before her, satisfied. She draws gently away again, surveying the eggs and their quiet attendents in the form of her fellow Candidates. Flashy eggs are left for others to examine, the same with unrelievedly cheerful ones. But she's beginning to run out of the restrained and subtle ones that appeal to her. And then she stumbles across the Everyone's Favorite, Not-Shiny, Colorless, Industrial Strength Adhesive Duct Tape Egg, and a quirky smile touches her lips. Intriguing. Still nothing to compete with her personal favourite of the starlit egg, but… Intriguing. Deft hands trace the odd lumps of the gunmetal surface, musing with a touch of humour.

Kh'ryn walks about, watching as other candidates check out this egg, and gently caress that one. Eye catches upon one /specially/ sharp oblong, and the bluerider winces. "Don't touch that one though," he cautions Oliana against the Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg. "It looks a little.. dangerous.. Almost."

Shoulders stiffen as Tevya remains in contact with the egg before her, only for her entire posture to slowly relax. Brows unfurring and (if it's even possible) her grin expands yet wider. She's not going to move from this one! Not willingly at least. Hair is impatiently stuffed behind an ear as the back of her hand is used to press against her forehead. And yet once more, Tevya draws finger tips along the surface of the egg. Eyes closed in anticipation, fingers splayed slightly outwards. There is no impatience in this, for there would be time..Tevya would allow such. The Phial of Galadriel Egg commands all of this Candidates attention, all else forgotten. For the time being.

Oliana arches a brow, and fallows in the hallows made by Kh'ryn's footsetps. "You think so? I don't know. I don't know as any are /dangerous/, they're just eggs," she says with a smile, and defiantly places her hand right on said Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg. "Let's see - you've got me all curious about it now." Lina's hand's run over the very sharp, creepy looking egg with the hint of blood red dancing against it. And she waits.

Miralwyn sees: Sticky, sticky, sticky: colours stick to your mind in undulating waves of gunmetal and ivory, a slow slick of hue that leaves yet the faintest relief behind.

Oliana sees: The faintest scent of numbweed and redwort wafts upwards from this egg, it's surface definitively cold to the touch. Smooth, sharpened shell foreshadows wounds, were anyone to puncture themselves against a shard - however, complete and obloid, all it can offer presently is the cool, calculated precision of a well honed instrument.

Tevya sees: A luminous radiance fills you, like sunlit water in a glass, sending shadows and giant man-eating spiders alike running to their graves. None will bother you. Through your fingertips, lancing to your eyes, the healing light that seems to shine from this egg is nevertheless mournful, sad. The shell is already harder than it was when clutched - one of these days, it will be gone.

Sikkyen quietly shakes his head, and moves away from Elven Forests, almost dejectedly giving up on it. He scratches at his temples, and shifts to Celestial Starlight Egg, splaying fingers softly against the surface of the egg, eyes closing, and the candidate ponders.

Miralwyn's brows crinkle in thought as she touches the duct tape egg, peeling her hand away slowly, and rubbing it against her trousers' seam as if ridding it of some clinging substance. She squirms slightly, and attempts to pick some psychological and indefinable /something/ out of her hair. And she then nearly flees from the egg's vicinity, returning to the safer prospects of the Celestial Starlight Egg. only to find it taken. A flicker of brief impatience touches her face then, before the sight of the Phial of Galadriel Egg catches her eye, and she waits for her turn with it.

Kh'ryn simply shrugs. "I don't know.. but.. just be careful, alright?" Turning to Ndi, he then motions towards the water skin, silently begging for yet another sip. Thank goodness he won't have to go through the torture of /hours/ on the sands… Luckily, the days of being a candidate are far behind him…

Oliana scrunches up her face in distaste. "It's not dangerous…just…waiting," she says slowly, her hand snapping off the surface like a rubber band. Lina shakes her head and sighs. "And..I think I smelled numbweed. Something like that." Whatever it was, it's apparent that Oliana's not in favor of this egg. Perhaps a little more scary than the soft and comfortable ones she's been taking to recently. So she instantly looks for one of those eggs as if to shake off the cold feeling of the Scalpel egg. She takes a few swift steps to Sunlit Forest Clearing Egg and places her hands on the mahogany.

Happiness, there it is. Tevya's hands slip from the sides of the egg, a grin still in place before she glances around. Eyes are blinked, disorientedly. And then a sheepish tinge of red creeps up her cheeks as she realizes exactly how long she'd been spending with the one egg. And slowly does she stand to cross over to a new egg. The Phial of Galadriel egg given one last glance. Wandering steps will carry her to the side of the Child's Laughter Egg. Tevya's hands quick to find a resting place atop the ovoid, and eyes are slid shut in anticipation.

Oliana sees: Like gentle sunbeams twinkling through the foliage, the motion felt from touching this egg is quite similar. Warmth again, but this time, its more sunny and welcoming, as though asking you to further relax and enjoy all the wonders this piece of open space can offer you.

Sikkyen sees: Dark, dark, it draws you in, a black hole of nothingness and then, blink. Blink. Blink. Without ceremony, without fuss, tiny pinpoints of starlight suddenly just exist, myriads and myriads of them, shedding a blinding light upon your eyes, the stars a milky sweep, a blur. A rushing wind, a breeze that isn't here, drowns you in itself until you hear, see, feel none else except the rushing, whirling, galactical grandeur of the universe encapsulated in this egg.

Oliana sighs in relief, like someone who's just put their burning hand in cold snow. Then, Oli's eyes grow wide. "Oh../no/!" she says, stepping away from the egg reluctantly. "Oh, I forgot /all about Cook!/" Oliana quick-steps to the riders, giving a bow to the dam and sire again, before explaining. "Thank you so much, but I really have to go. I promised Cook I'd help with the meals tonight, and I think I'm late."
Oliana escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Miralwyn gives Tevya a nod as she slips past her, still twitching slightly from her run in with the duct tape. She composes herself, and, with a nod towards the egg, Raises her hand as if in greeting or farewell, and places it upon the Phial of Galadriel Egg.

Miralwyn sees: Bright light suddenly seems to fill your mind, though the lumiere is welcoming and warmth itself. Nothing harsh about this egg, though something deeply mysterious underlines it all. A shell like glass, the Phial of Galadriel gives beauty and life, and demands little in return - except, perhaps, for everlasting devotion…

Tevya sees: A sharp contrast to the solemn tone of the last egg, this one gurgles with childish laughter, bounces and bubbles innocently, shedding its baby pink happiness on you so that you find joy in everything - in the leathery touch of the eggshell, in the wafting heatwaves coming off the sand, in the rise and fall of your own chest as you breathe.

Ndi hands Kh'ryn the water.

Soft laughter falls from Tevya's lips as she glances down at the egg before her. Fingers idly splay outwards as she finger-taps the egg, "Cheerful one, aren't you?" Hands then brush against the rounded surface of the Child's egg, Tevya enjoying her time with this particular egg.

Kh'ryn takes the skin and once again, is grateful as he swallows a few more mouthfuls of the cool liquid. Wiping his hand over his mouth, he then stands back and continues to idly watch the candidates experience the mystery that is the eggs of High Reaches. Maybe the water, with lack of food to go with it, has him suddenly hungry, but the bluerider points out the Flaming Marshemellow Egg to the others. "How's that for a treat?" he jokes, motioning towards it.

Miralwyn's breath catches in her throat for a long moment, eyes focused on some middle distance. With a tinge of deep respect visible, she offers a little neck bow, and moves onwards. The beauty and warmth invite, but everlasting devotion is almost too high a price for the untouchable HealerCandie to pay, stretching the limits of her protective shell. And like the eggs themselves, she's not ready to hatch just yet. She turns to the Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg, sensing a touch of the familiar about it.

Tevya sees: A baby's rattle, a day in the sun, the green green grass and the blue blue sky, the sun shining down on necks and backs, the sun, the sun. The sun. The heat of the sun, the light of the sun, they soak through your skin and permeate into your entire being. Life is all about laughter, says the giggling in the distance. Drink the sun in.

Kh'ryn's words are heard, Tevya offering a grin towards the bluerider. The egg before her calls however, and as the connection is made, Tevya's eyes lid shut and bottom lip is bit. Posture is motionless during the exchange, before the connection is broken. Tevya reluctant to withdraw her hand from the egg. She does however, only to turn back to the remainder of the clutch, a wide grin still affixed upon her face. Steps are quick, and path is direct to the Angel Wings Egg. One moment of thought is given, a respectful closing of her eyes and slight dip of her head before Tevya places a palm upon the shell of the egg.

Miralwyn sees: Like the others who's hands have touched this egg, you feel the cool sharpness of an instrument that's been honed to perfection. Shards may cut and slice, but for now they maintain their comforting shape to the creature within. A medicinal twang surely calls to you, reminding you of home, and the faintest shuddering under your fingertips begs you to lift and weild this weapon of mercy when the time comes.

Tevya sees: It is a hymn, singing in your ears, for you alone, because it is your hands that rest upon this egg. Feathery gold and heavenly white surround you, drown you in pure goodness. And yet, in the endless field of purity, something yet is missing, a certain warmth, perhaps, that certain close, homely caringness that Child's Laughter had in plenty.

Ndi is tired and shows it, kicking sand in tiny puffs irritably. "How much touching can you guys /do/, anyway?" grumps the greenrider, trying to unpeel her gradually getting stickier leathers from her back. Serves her right for wearing riding leathers, meant for the cold of ::between:: onto the sands.

A sigh escapes Miralwyn now, not of sadness, but of peace, as her hands move across the surface of the Scalpel egg. She inhales slightly, as if attempting to catch the crisp psychic scent of redwort, and the pungent tang of herbs. She nods, and gives a gentle pat, lingering a moment, before crossing back to the egg that's held her fascination: The Celestial Starlight Egg. She ignores any comments from the Peanut Gallery *coughNdicoughcough*, and takes her time over the darkling orb, making contact with a gentle anticipation.

A look is given to the greenrider, and Kh'ryn simply shrugs. "Well folks.. I'm guessing that's our cue to hurry on up, hmm?" The bluerider has unconsciously slipped into his nanny-personality of old - not necessarily talking down to the candidates, but certainly talking to them in a much softer, and calm voice… Like he used to do with hyper kidlets as a caregiver in Paradise. "Finish up the one's you're at now, and we'll pick up again sometime in the next sevenday.."

Ndi, in response, refocuses doubly on Miralwyn. "Hey. Hey, the exit to the sands is /that/ way, Candidate." What, did nobody hear her or what? And then, whinier and perhaps nastier, "You're not the only one on the sands, you know."

And Tevya will offer one last pat to the Angel Egg, her head dipping down in silent agreement. Words are offered to the egg, and to the egg alone, before she stands and offers Ndi, Kh'ryn, Sora and Shaela a grin. "That' actually. I've chores! Thanks again!" Bow is executed and Tevya turns to carefully make her way off the Sands and into the cool air of the Bowl.

Miralwyn sees: With each return you make to this egg, the same is true - Heavens are revealed to you upon its shell, dragging you in to its celestial reverance of the starry sky design dappled across its shadowed curves.

Tevya escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Miralwyn, locked in a reverie with her favourite egg, is rudely shaken from it by the bark of a greenrider. Flushed a lovely shade of pink, the normally serene HealierCandie flees the scene with another bow to Chayath and Druseth, and a deeper flush towards the present riders.

Kh'ryn goes home.
Ndi goes home.
Miralwyn goes home.

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