Weyrlings' first Threadfall (clutch 1)

July 3rd 1998
Logged by Lani

<All> Rhyath senses that Sindiath thinks « To Tillek Hold »

Above Tillek Hold
A salty tang entwines with the wind, its sharp scent clearing the senses. Below, the small but neat courtyard of Tillek hold is surrounded by open plain, the hold itself neat and compact amid its flat landscape.
It is a winter evening. Green Sindiath, blue Kyleth, blue Pavelth, blue Jakith, brown Fallanth, bronze Hinoth, brown Piccath, and brown Trebinth are here.

Rhyath ::manifests!::

A long, thin strand of Thread tumbles downwards towards Rhyath.

A seething mass of Thread tumbles on the winds, spinning close to Piccath in its fall.

A small knotlike bundle of Thread blossoms, reaching out like a fisher's cast net, hoping to ensnare Jakith in its hungry grasp.

Tumbling end over end like a dandelion, a delicate wisp of Thread dances on the wind, bouncing past Sindiath as it drifts lazily downward.

A sheeting ribbon of Thread descends stealthily, slipping silently past Pavelth in its downward fall.

Rhyath emerges from between dangerously. Trajectory blunt, she hovers, takes stock, Hates! « Oh, and Lani apologises. She was upchucking »

An angry, hissing knot of Thread falls into Hinoth's path, writhing in eerie gyrations as it seeks the lush earth below.

A tumbling ball of Thread plummets out of the sky in front of Trebinth.

A tangled mass of Thread cascades downwards, tumbling past Kyleth with silent grace.

A silvery tendril of Thread drops silently off Fallanth's wing.

Darting indigo neck snakes around a silver clump as Kyleth lets burst forth a blast of flame, short and to the point as it chars the vile stuff. Enya grips the straps as she keeps her head down, tossing a chuck of firestone now and then to fuel her lifemate's fury. A quick glance over her shoulder to her wingmates and a encouraging smile is given as the small rider is jerked though the air as Kyleth persues a clump of silver. one burst of flame and the clump of thread desinnagretes to dust from

Trebinth's flame as he turns to avoid another falling mass, then easy back into formation.

Winking back from his skip between, Pavelth takes stock of the situation, listening for commands from his wingleader as he finds space to pull backand char another clump of thread twisting his way…. the remnants, smelling like a bad gas leak, coat his neck and Ash's legs… this time not missing the smelly char as again he flames another clump… Ash bends forward, reaching for more firestone and feeding it to the blue as another gust of ash settles over the pair

From Jakith's neck, Ciera catches her breath in the excitment of Fall, tossing some more firestone to Jakith . . Blue flashes as he deftly grabs the stone, and he whips around to face the Net of Thread, flaming and looking smug as the silver turns to a dark, charred dust.

Thread falls heavy and fast, trying to get past the higher dragons to the open fields and plain below, large clumps that writhe with the agony of voracious hunger.

Sindiath rumbles softly as she turns her head back for some more stone.

The writhing mass of shimmering thread descends directly in front of Hinoth this time. A huge gout of flame, much larger than the last, erupts where once thread fell and only blackened ash remains. S'fyre quickly shoves firestone into the now gaping maw of the great bronze, scanning the skies for the next silver threat

Lani settles her goggles grimly and brandishes her flamer wand, acknowledging Lara, Nuff and she who shan't be named. The pair slips into formation smoothly, and Lani points, "There, Rhyath!" Release the hounds, Rhyath chases. Their first thread. Aim, Depress, sear!

Piccath goes after it, without moving from his position in formation, charring it to harmless pieces in seconds.

Fallanth dips and ducks, dancing around the dangerous tendril, chipping at its existence with polite balls of flame. But polite this battle is not, and like all dances end, the silvery menace is destroyed cleaning, leaving nothing but dust to foul the air.

Sindiath skips ::between::! Sindiath wasn't here, now she is, bringing with her a hint of the frozen void of ::between::!

The combined strength of 5 Flights of dragons fill the skies… Mudslide leading as thread trickles down past the dragons… Silver sheets of what looks like rain until it is snaking its way past you continue to barrage the wings' combined attack… less experienced Sr. Weyrlings pop in from between, tossing sacks to those riders running low and then blinking back to the Weyr for resacking

Relaxed comfortably between Trebinth's neckridges, S'phen holds on to the straps infrot of him, nervice yes, but consontraiting on the task at hand. more stone his gotten, and given to trebinth as he scans the dragons around him, watching, and alert.

A writhing knot of Thread sinks in deadly silence, just ahead of Piccath. A large chunk of Thread descends above Hinoth.

A delicate spiderweb of Thread falls near Jakith, fanning out as if to ensnare him.

A snakelike filament of Thread hisses its way past Rhyath, slithering across the sky towards the ground below.

Tangled into a convoluted knot, a clump of Thread races by Fallanth, as if to elude his dragonfire by its speedy descent.

A delicate spiderweb of Thread looms before Trebinth, waiting to ensnare him.

A knotted tangle of Thread drops alongside Sindiath.

Snug between blueberry neckridges Enya's eyes go wide as her lifemate takes a dangerous dive to ebb the thread's flow. Gripping at the straps the small rider gleeps as the Blue beneath her takes a hairpin turn, neatly searing the clump before climbing upwards again. His rider gasps for air as they rejoin the wing. Next time Ky, /warn/ me before such a manuver. And sea blue tail slashes through the air, the dragon lashing out with a burst of flame as the thread is cared.

A ropy clot of Thread slips past Pavelth, writhing in hungry eagerness to reach the ground below.

A long white tendril of Thread sinks, almost lifelessly, past Kyleth. <Local> Rhyath senses that she scythes wicked jags of vengeful thought to aid the wings - if e'er a thought had substance, wish it now. Etched in cold, unstinting loathing, she buttresses below, instinct born for today. Sindiath rumples as she dives afor the thread, A blst of flame seering it to harmless dust.

Faster and faster the thread falls, swirled and spun by pumping dragon wings into wild whirls, tumbling ever downwards towards the innocent landscape beneath.

Piccath has no need to writhe. Only to sight, and shoot. And be distinctly satisfied.

Jakith fulls back in alarm, nearly missing the tangle, then dives after it, twisting a bit and catching it before it falls too far. Ciera grabs at the straps, wincing slightly as he jerks back up and into position.

Trebinth stops nearly on a mark as a tangled web of Thread falls directly ahead of him, looming. Opening his great maw, he issues a bright flash of flame. Flame meets Thread… Flame eats Thread… Dust sprinkles down groundwards, harmlessly.

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash reaches up to wipe the char from her goggles, just in time to grab at the straps as Pavelth dives down and briefly out of formation… catching in his flaming snare a clump that was headed toward the ground below… Thread becomes Ash that coats the wing below Inferno as to avoid a mid-air collision, Pav skips between! Pavelth skips ::between::!

From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen tosses more stone to Sindiath, clenching her muscled legs against a lightening quick shift of speed and position..she coughs once at the ash that hits her face, ducking to avoid the rest.

Pavelth appears from the void of ::between::, wings catching a thermal as he adjusts his shaded eyes to the sudden light.

Lani strains against her straps, aiming between and backwards -'ware those precious dragon wings- to catch her allotment. "Ours!" she calls, breaking formation to intercept the elusive tangles.

Sindiath deftly catches the stone and crushes it with her mighty jaws.

Fallanth dives after the knotted problem, and with a quick snip, erases the bottem of the menace. Another breath, this time larger, entwinces within the thread and diminishes it to nothing more than dust…smelly stuff at that…Fully coated now, Salea reaches back to deliver more firestone while moving back into postion.

Far above the dragons, a writhling silver thread bears down, trails of silver snaking out. Enya gasps as she spots it appearing above her and Kyleth twists to avoid it and meet with a flame. Thread seared but the burning hot ash catching Kyleth on a flank. A below issuing forth, the Blue skips between to escape the heat. Kyleth skips ::between::!

« To Piccath: Rhyath touches flamelessly, gestalts. Can she share your fire, sear with your breath? »

Kyleth flashes a bolt of blue as he flicks out of ::between:: in search for more playmates.

A weyrling glides in, tossing S'phen and nearby riders more sacks loaded with firestone as the inturn toss back empty sacks to be refilled. as qucilly as the come, they vanist ::between:: to get more.

Suddenly… from far below… a dragon cries as thread twists over his tail… a Sr. Weyrling and his blue get injured and as taught many times, the pair wink between… Ash's eyes pull away from the scene surrounding her, trusting in her lifemate to stay 'aware'…. the pair are still there… in mental contact back at the bowl of Reaches Weyr… but the score is mildly serious… they will not be returning… today at least

« Rhyath senses Piccath reaches back, hot gleams of fire spicing his agreement. «How do you wish this to happen?» »

Twirling around like some spiraling child's toy, a group of Threads spin dizzyingly down past Pavelth.

A long snaking filament of Thread tumbles like a dandelion past Hinoth, twirling downward towards the ground.

A silvery clump of Thread kites past Kyleth, fluttering as it sails downward.

A tangled mass of Thread tumbles downwards towards Trebinth.

A long, thin strand of Thread tumbles on the winds, spinning close to Fallanth in its fall.

A group of Threads fall past Piccath, one after another, plodding downward with mindless determination.

« To Pavelth: Rhyath reaches, reassures herself; a touch, a breath of relief. « They live » »

A seething mass of Thread descends stealthily, slipping silently past Jakith in its downward fall.

A school of silvery Threads surround Rhyath, darting this way and that as the wind buffets them.

Pavelth reers up… momentarily distracted by keeping a mental link with the injured pair… a bugle of surprise and /hatred/ rumbles from his throat as a huge, sulphurish flame surrounds the thread… but because of his late reaction, part of the clump descends… making its way to the weyrling wings below…

« To Piccath: Rhyath shows you, her mind riding shotgun, laced to yours with fractured revelry. Burn it! »

Kyleth bugles a call as he appears again, tail thrashing vicously as the rider and dragon take up their place in the wing again. Enya wipes a brow, tossing another pass of firestone to the Blue's waiting maw. Again, the dragon plummets down, chasing after the trails of thread that taunt him endlessly. Try to get /my/ humans will you? The Blueberry dragon sears the thread with a pent up rage. Enya griping at the straps as the wind whips around her. Goggles smeared with soot.

A green dragon shrieks in pain, a cry that is just as quickly cut off by the void of between. A brown quickly evades a clump of evil silver thread, only to turn on his tail and flame the putrid thread to cinders

Piccath blasts with a quick turn of the head, destroying those in front of him, then dropping with swiftness to perhaps sear some few of those near Rhyath.

From Fallanth's neck, Salea nudges, almost eagerly, to where the newest threat will fall. Right /there/. Tumbling itself, a gigantic burp becomes ignited gass, demolishing the clump and sending more dust down to Lani…she must be covered by now…

Trebinth rumbles as s'phen hangs on, rering up to meet the oncoming thread, flame pouring from his maw. flame meets thread in a handshake fo flame and ash, then blinks ::between:: to avoid the ash and the thread empossable to reach with endangering his rider. Trebinth skips ::between::!
Trebinth spirals out of the deep freeze of ::between:: much like a frozen cinnamon cookie.

Sindiath rumbles at the menacing thread, determined to sear the silver threads from the sky.

Thread falls in thick clumps, mindlessly evading the flames of dragons in places, running against their instantaneous death in others. A bronze dives, bugling his triumph moments before a large clump disappears in a poof of ash

Jakith byugles in surprise as the Thread winds its silent way down, then slows slightly to get the perfect angle. A great belch of flame appears, and he gets a satifsfied look as the Thread disappears. Another clump, however, catches them from behind, and he winks into ::between::

Rhyath throws herself through Piccath's chaff and wheels, trumpeting with vicarious delight. Gangly wings and bulky withers align as she northwards, beneath the wings.

Jakith skips ::between::!
Jakith blinks in from ::between::!

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash looks worried as another weyrling betweens to the weyr… and Pavelth chars more thread to ashes…. wiping her goggles, a fruitless effort, she leans low over Pavelth's neckridge and feeds the blue more firestone… and the skies were covered with ash and thread… an apocalyptic vision indeed… Ash while leaning over visually checks out the Sr. Weyrling wing… and lets her eyes scan toward Lani….

Sindiath soars with ease toward a nasty silver clump, wings pumping almost casually as she opens her gaping maw, a fireball of intense heat spat directly into the clump's heart, followed by a veer of green body and a bugle of triumph

The skies over Tillek seem to twist, alive in the calm violence of bright, fiery splashes. The writhing dance of dragon and thread playing out across the heavens as it has for generations. Colourful and beautiful, violent, and deadly.

« To Fallanth: Rhyath tastes this ash, marks herself with it. Some of this is hers, now; her doing even though the flame is yours. »

Perched snugly between two of Piccath's neckridges, L'shil glances behind to check. The ones he'd figured on are mostly gone, though not all, and most of the wing still follows, unharmed.

Snug between blueberry neckridges Enya blinks back teary eyes as another pass of silver darts out from above. Her small and agile Blue turning on a instant to fill the gaps of thread the bigger dragons couldn't get to in time. Small dragon and even smaller rider dart though the melee again, facing the thread head on as they glide over the gold's wing and up past Jakith's sector to retrive a missed clump. Kyleth bugles victoriously as the ash floats to the ground.

A sheeting ribbon of Thread plummets out of the sky in front of Hinoth. Wheeling end over end across Sindiath's flightpath, a ring of Thread spins its way down towards the greenery below.

A mirrorlike pane of Thread suddenly appears before Kyleth, reflecting him image back in eerie silvery distortion.

A tumbling ball of Thread cascades downwards, tumbling past Trebinth with silent grace.

A tangled mass of Thread drops silently off Fallanth's wing.

Knifing across the sky, a sharp strand of Thread cuts across Piccath's path.

An ornate clump of Thread waltzes past Jakith, dancing elegantly down towards the earth below.

A buzzing swarm of Threads zip in front of Rhyath.

Piccath lets loose with an ack-ack-ack, leaving only bits to blow in the wind.

Sindiath dives after the wheeling thread following it towards it path. Quickly she sends the thread up into a ball of flame and watches it fall harmlessly for a moment before returning to positon.

Trebinth rumbles angrily at the falling thread as it passes by him. Reaching down his great head he blasts the cascading ball of thread with thread, leaving nothing but bits of ash where once was tendrils of thread.

« To Jakith: Rhyath's thoughts dart close, wielding fire in her mind, if not her mouth. « There, Jakith! See it? We cover from below » she promises to him. »

From Jakith's neck, Ciera catches a firestone sack tossed by a weyrling, then tosses some to Jakith in turn, wheeling to face the new clump Flames drive into the heart of the tangle,

A wingleader above signals a change in formation to account for the lessoning density of the threadfall… as the dragons and time alone drive it further north where a snow storm awaits in the mountains to engulf it and finish the weyr's job for them…

Relaxed comfortably between Trebinth's neckridges, S'phen tosses stone for Trebinth to chew as he grabs a firestone sack from a weyrling, hallering for him to and skip fast. the rider saw what the weyriling couldn't, a clump of thread above him, ready to insnare it's victim. the weyrling vanishes as Trebinth finshes one clump and Spins to where the weyrling had been just seconds befor, flaming the thread ash.

Oh what a tangled web! With something less than elegant grace, Fallanth busies himself with the newest batch…try your luck over here…tangled thought it may be, bright swaths of yellow, orange and red cut through the silvery bleakness.

Jakith winks into ::between::!

Just recovering from one too close call, Enya regroups her senses as Kyleth darts around, blasting the silver menace with a vengance of rage. The blue then climbs, up past others to meet an particularly large clump of thread head on. Blasting it into ash but darting away to nearly miss the heated ash. The ex-thread though, does clip his rider on the leg, Kyleth, realizing the happening, skips between as Enya lets out a small cry. Kyleth skips ::between::!
Kyleth flashes a bolt of blue as he flicks out of ::between:: in search for more playmates.

Pavelth catches in his flames another large clump of thread… sending ash showering over his rider… betweening if only to take the sting from the burning, smelling stuff… as the damage seems to be already done
Pavelth skips ::between::!

Perched snugly between two of Piccath's neckridges, L'shil takes advantage of the lull to shove firestone into Piccath.

Hinoth veers violently to the side, that same wing dropping to his side and wobbling as the small clump rockets, almost unnoticed, directly by his left side. Hinoth's ground-shaking warning bugle signals the rogue thread to the other members of his wing even as S'fyre shovels more firestone from a lightening sack…..

Pavelth appears from the void of ::between::, wings catching a thermal as he adjusts his shaded eyes to the sudden light.

Rhyath dives for clear airspace and twists to give Lani a clear shot, and, with the dying splutters of her flame thrower, Lani dispatches the dreadful menace.

Sindiath soars after another wriggling patch a silver with a rumble of hatred she sears it comletly a way. As she returns to positon she turns her head back for another mouthful of stone.

Twisted strands of silver weave a taunting dance, as a tangle of Threads snake across Hinoth's path.

A silvery tendril of Thread reaches out to curl its deadly grasp around Sindiath.

A silvery tendril of Thread sinks in deadly silence, just ahead of Kyleth.

A writhing knot of Thread descends above Trebinth.

Silver upon silver: deadly strands interweave to form an intricate quilt of roiling Thread, awaiting to blanket Fallanth.

A large chunk of Thread falls near Piccath, fanning out as if to ensnare him.

A rushing waterfall of Thread cascades from the heavens above, reflecting an eerie, distorted image as it falls before Rhyath.

« To Kyleth: Rhyath bubbles a burst of aether-mad energy your way. « 'Ware! » »

Trebinth can't reach can't flame, the thread above his rider. only one thing can be done and in an instant, Trebinth vanishes
Trebinth skips ::between::!
Trebinth spirals out of the deep freeze of ::between:: much like a frozen cinnamon cookie.

The thread tapers off momentarily, only to come back full force, battering the fighting dragons mercilessly.

Sindiath wheels away from the evil thread and turns to dive after it. Loosing a flaming ball she incenerates the silver thread.

Piccath swings his head, allowing the fire to fan, and blinks.

From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen supplies Sindiath with more stone, wiping at her goggles again, misty with ash. She swivels her head, checking position, and the safety of the others. Sindiath skips ::between::!
Sindiath wasn't here, now she is, bringing with her a hint of the frozen void of ::between::!

Piccath skips ::between::!
Piccath bursts out, ready to start buzzing anything and everything that strikes his fancy.

Rising against her straps, Lani shouts, "Nuff! Yours!" to the senior, Rhyath augmenting the shout with her own, as momentum and wind gusts weyrling and thread apart.

Snug between blueberry neckridges Enya gasps and blinks as she brushes the cooled ash away. Kyleth skids upwards to avoid collision with the sheet of thread, his blue bulk raising but tail getting dangerously close as one small tendril of silver reaches out to tap the blue hide. A roar goes out as Kyleth pulls back. Enya blinking back tears as yet again the pair escape the heated fury and go between.

Fallanth watches for a moment the intricate design of the thread - only the hissing of the abomination marks its danger. Exhaling, tiny lines of fire travel up and down the quilt-like tangle, leaving black and shrivelled messes.

Kyleth skips ::between::!

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash curses under her breath as the steady wind working in their favor ceases to be a blessing and tapers off…leaving them trusting on the rotation of the planet to drive this menace into the freezing mountains… and as she shouts some defiance of her own, her lifemate darts forward and chars another clump… turning his head for stone as he moves back into position

Kyleth flashes a bolt of blue as he flicks out of ::between:: in search for more playmates.

Hinoth spots this next clump easily, the air before him transforms instantly into an Inferno, the angry red sweep arcing across the silvery clump and destroying it utterly. S'fyre reaches up to wipe his soot-covered goggles with his arm and clings tightly to his lifemate, scanning the skies…..

A particularly vile clump whirls away from Hinoth's wing, the rush of wind caused by the great bronze's passage swirling the clump dangerously close to Sindiath's unsullied wing.

Sindiath rumbles as she deftly skips between
Sindiath skips ::between::!
Sindiath wasn't here, now she is, bringing with her a hint of the frozen void of ::between::!

Another clump heads straight for Hinoth, seeming intent on burning through his delicate wing membrane.

« To Sindiath: Rhyath jives wilful delight in the evasion! »

Piccath is the target of another vicious clump, its erratic downward fall whirling dangerously close to his haunch

Curling movements pulsing with every contorted twist, a clump of Thread reaches out towards towards Rhyath.

A delicate spiderweb of Thread drops alongside Fallanth.

A small knotlike bundle of Thread blossoms, reaching out like a fisher's cast net, hoping to ensnare Trebinth in its hungry grasp.

Relaxed comfortably between Trebinth's neckridges, S'phen shudders mometnarily as he and his lifemate return from ::between:: memeries flooding his mind for only an instandinstant, the shoving to the back of his mind, tosses more firestone for trebinth.

Tumbling end over end like a dandelion, a delicate wisp of Thread dances on the wind, bouncing past Kyleth as it drifts lazily downward.

Sindiath comes out and dives for the thread, burning it in a bright burning ball of flame. With a rumble of triumph at yet again outsmarting the evil thread she returns to formation.

Snug between blueberry neckridges Enya recovers from the close call as she gets her bearings again, spying her wing she and Kyleth nudge forward, taking up a defensive position as her lifemate regroups his fury and chews on more stone. A flicker of fire escape his muzzle as he goes back in, darting back around to get the retreating thread. Maw wide as a blast reduces the clump to hot ash.

The thread tapers off, but still holds danger. Almost desperate seeming, it curls and writhes, intent on doing damage to something….a clump attempts to drape itself over Pavelths neck, seeking with mindless hunger.

Turning midair, Fallanth reaches backwards to extinguish the blossoming danger. Delicate it may appear, but harsh will be the fate of those below…with this in mind Salea continues to aid - firestone, cheering, watching. Both for the weyrlings and Fallanth.

The clumps fall more erratically now, fewer in number as the thread reaches the barren glaciers, yet still attempting to seek organic material upon which to feed and grow. Kyreth is in the way of one clump, and it seeks to go straight through the blue dragon.

An angry, hissing knot of Thread falls into Trebinth's path, writhing in eerie gyrations as it seeks the lush earth below.

A knotted tangle of Thread slips past Fallanth, writhing in hungry eagerness to reach the ground below.

Fumble fisted in gloves, Lani fights with her last agenothree tank. Thread and dragon close on each other, as Lani's frustration grows. At the last moment, the very last, she snaps the fastening closed and is only able to shout "No! Rhya-!" before instinct and necessity combine to take them ::between::. Cough. Cough. Cough. Rhyath ::manifests!::

Tangled into a convoluted knot, a clump of Thread races by Sindiath, as if to elude her dragonfire by its speedy descent.

Trebinth spirals down, down, down, then curs up, shooting like an aro strait for the thread that had just tried to snare him and his rider. 'take that!' flame spews from open maw as S'phen hans on for dear life, a skip into ::between:: and back into formation

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash /screams/… this is all to reminscent of an accident that she is still paying for a year or so later… and even as she warns her lifemate of the impending doom he is skipping between, this time not misjudging his re-emergence… and coming out behind the thread… and suddenly, just as quickly as it appeared, it is gone… and Ash's sleeve, coated with its own ash and dust, moves to wipe her face… and finally giving up, and seeing the end is near… she relaxes, slightly, against the neckridge in front of her…

Trebinth skips ::between::!
Trebinth spirals out of the deep freeze of ::between:: much like a frozen cinnamon cookie.

Kyleth flashes a bolt of blue before winking into ::between:: in search for more playmates.

Hinoth drops suddenly, S'fyre holding on for dear life as his lifemate's immense neck whips backwards to char the would be wing-destroyer just as it slips past…

Piccath doesn't, can't, spot the clump heading for his haunch - but he can be warned, and skip.
Piccath skips ::between::!
Piccath bursts out, ready to start buzzing anything and everything that strikes his fancy.

From Fallanth's neck, Salea fumbles forward, hands clenched to straps as Fallanth veers downwards to find his latest victim. Flickering forward goes the flame: viscious, mindless as thread itself, but right on target. Clump burns and is consumed.

A ropy clot of Thread sinks, almost lifelessly, past Rhyath.

Pavelth watches as the last clumps move past the Queen's and Weyrlings reach and then nothing but ash, cold and bleak from its atmospheric charring is coating the riders and their lifemates as temperature drops… but even as tired as she and Pav are, they wait for the signal from their wingleader to between…..

The thread, defeated, passes silently over to the barren glaciers, once again left to starve against winter-swept ice. Only a few straggling clumps continue to spiral downward, but are quickly mopped up by the dragons.

Sindiath rumbles at a clump of thread as she wheels down towards it. Determined to sear the life out of it. With a flaming ball she follows searing the thread from bottom up.

<All> Rhyath senses that Sindiath thinks « Wings break and between back home report /all/ threadscore to healers »

Relaxed comfortably between Trebinth's neckridges, S'phen sighs as the thread, arch enamy of pern, moves over to the glacires. moving into formation again, he awaits the mental cute to go home.

Trebinth circles once, twice, three times and vanishes, a cinnamon cookie devoured by the cold nothingness of ::between::.

Rhyath and Lani find their synergy at the end, emptying their final tank with an ostentatious blast.

Pavelth does a final dive to find a thermal, declines his shaded gaze, and slips casually ::between::!

Fallanth sails straight for the unknown of ::between::!

Rhyath pierces reality with a drunken fillip of rummy flanks and disappears ::between:: ->

Above High Reaches
Brown Trebinth and brown Fallanth are here.

Rhyath ::manifests!::

Fallanth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

Piccath bursts out, ready to start buzzing anything and everything that strikes his fancy.

Hinoth casts a hulking shadow on to the ground below as high above his fiery form slips out from ::Between:: with a throaty bugle Hinoth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

Trebinth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

You abandon the view from high above the bowl and circle lower, passing the Spires and Star Stones on the way down.
Above the Bowl

Rhyath senses Pavelth sounds way too official to be the big blue « Please report » to her.

Sindiath drops down towards the Bowl.

<High Reaches Weyr> Rhyath reappears as Esprit Wing begins to break up for their respective duties. She spreads her exhausted touch wide, finding familiar signatures, checking for hurts, commiserating for this rakish score and that - calling her mental roll.

Wings tired? Or you just want to feel solid earth beneath your paws…
Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds - quite literally - overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area. To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a winter evening. It is very dark, and eerily quiet except for the occasional rustling of the wind around the tree branches. The air is very cold and no stars can be seen yet through the clouds.
Brown Amanoth, green Siulth, bronze Nazaraeth, green Mayuth, blue Pavelth, blue Kyleth, brown Fallanth, bronze Hinoth, brown Trebinth, brown Piccath, and green Sindiath are here.
Salea, L'shil, and Enya are here.

Relaxed comfortably between Trebinth's neckridges, S'phen sighs, removing helment and gogles, dropping them into a carrying bag looped on trebinth's traps. "whew." is all he can say. tired and egausted.

Atop Rhyath, Lani sits mute, stiff-backed with weariness.

Sindiath rumples as she turns back to have a good look at Sen making sure there is only dead ash and dust on her.

From Hinoth's neck, Eyes awhirl, Hinoth descends upon the bowl, his pyrotechnic hide all but covered in powdery ash and soot. His head rears back and he blasts one more ear-shattering bugle out of sheer brashness. S'fyre laughs as he removes his helmet and mumbles something about being half-deaf from living with Hin coming in handy every so often…

From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen smiles at her dragon, patting a patch of soot covered hide "I'm fine…see? no thread.." she laughs "How could I, riding such a wonderful dragon?"

Atop her dragon, Lani's almost afraid to ask, "Rhyath?"

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash looks across to her wingmate, winking at Enya… "Well, there's one thing to be said about this smell…" she chuckles draping the now black towel over a neckridge… "At least we all smell equally as bad…" she's smiling because the reports back from the weyrlings are on a few minor score and one moderately serious… it was a very good day to fly… /very/

Sindiath rumples happily at Sen thankfull thay have not gotten seared.

<Local> Rhyath senses that Trebinth rumbles wearily, reporting in, safe and sound.

Fiery multi-faceted eyes turn to gaze at S'fyre as Hinoth watches him slide down from his leg to the waiting ground…

Enya sheds her goggles, well caked with ash, along with her helmet. tossing them over one shoulder tot eh waiting straps beyond she leans back on her lifemate's bulky side. Her /almost/ five foot frame heaving as the body recoops from the night's activity. Pulling loose a pin from her head, copper silken locks fall free again. About the only thing left on the small rider unsooted.

Zirade walks in.
Zirade urps, crawling up from the manisfisits of snow, " Hi!"

L'shil leans tiredly against Piccath. "I'm not sure I want to move for a bit…"

From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen looks around at all the weary weyrlings, chuckling to herself and her dragon "Seems we initiated them well…no injuries" she says proudly, catching Ash's eye and giving her a thumb's up sign, undoing her straps as she slides her goggles up "I need to organize the ground crews" she murmurs, not showing her own weariness.

Trebinth offers S'phen a foreleg as he dismounts, easing him gently to the ground.

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash nods, and dismounts herself… she has her own work to attend to…and a bath ranks high on the list… "How many burrows?" she wonders what the report was as she moves over to Sen… the freezing cold night air feels wonderful this time… for /once/… and Ash makes no beeline for a fire… not yet…. Ash swings a leg over a neckridge, and as Pavelth crouches down, she slides down his side, landing on the ground with a soft thud.

S'phen sighs and leans against his lifemate, closing his eyes and resting for a moment, giving his brown dragon an effectionant pat on the side. "we made it, treb. we made it.

Kyleth settles into a quiet soft burble, not perky and chipper as usual but just relieved and content that no harm came to his Ene. His tail whips around protectively to his rider, spade shaped tip showing a trace of scarring from that close call at the fall. Sore but not at all injured.

S'fyre slips wearily from Hinoth's back, leaning up against a sooty foreleg after inspecting his lifemate carefully. Shaking out clinging shoulder-length hair he makes his way to Ash and Sen, waiting for the report himself….

Lani braves the descent into the hellish aftermath, gaze sliding across to S'phen, and thence to the groundweyrs and the erupting sprawl that marks the entrance to the infirmary. There's hands enough. Time first to integrate, to come to terms with…Unaccountably, Lani begins to giggle slightly.

Sindiath settles comfortably, carefully keeping an eye on her rider as she also turns to look to see how the others are. From the gracefully flowing lines of Sin's green neck, Sen laughs with delight, tilting her head to listen to her dragon "Bolbus shows Sindiath just two..and she says that those have been burned out by 'lizards" she beams tiredly "Looks like we dont' need ground crews anyway" Good…bathing sounds so much more fun. She turns to Sindiath, smiling "How bout a nice warm bath, love?" Sindiath has a forelimb ready and waiting, calm eyes whirling as she watches Sen step down to land with a soft *thump* on the ground. Sindiath rumbling softly « A bath would be welcome »

L'shil corrects, face unwontedly somber, "No serious injuries. There were a few, in Whirlpool. A few too many, in my eyes." Is that his father he's quoting? Or is it just another side of him, one unseen before?

Ash grins, actually pulling soot covered gloves off and smiling to SAf, "Wing seems to be intact… no major injuries to report today…" and with a salute… she makes her way over to Lani… looking Rhyath over with a critical eye… and then moving down the line, looking over weyrling dragons colored black with soot, "Any problems?" she asks the wing in general and no one in particular

Bend ze knees! Whoah. Not that far! Rescuing herself from becoming an ingnominious puddle of weyrlinghood, Lani straightens and lurches nose-endward to dab at the chaff scores on Rhyath's muzzle. "Barely a scratch, here," she calls, reassuring herself, dragon, weyrlings and weyrlingmaster.

S'fyre listens to Sen's report and sighs in relief, a sudden smile tugging at his lips at L'shil's comment. He returns Ash's salute and turns himself, bright blue eyes scanning the assembled anyways, just to make sure…

Ash smiles to L'shil… patting his shoulder as she lets a bare hand run down Piccath's hide, "The wing did well, Lesh… very well, indeed…" ie - >no fatalities or major injuries… "I'm very proud…" a salute and ASh extends her hand to L'shil…who is now more her peer then anything else

Sen nods, enjoying the fact that all came through this well. She turns to look at the others "I don't know about you, but a bath…" she smiles "What do you all say to one more trip between? We can have a picnic at Southern..just three heartbeats awayl.." and wash off all this smelly ash in nice, warm water.

S'phen smiles and straitens, removing gloves and dropping them into the poutch with helmet and goggles. then running hand along his lifemate's

flanks and side, he feels for damage, but findes non. Trebinth rumbles softly, nuzzling his rider, mor enterested in how he's doing than himself. "i'm fine, trebinth, you protected me well."

Sindiath rumples happily as she nudges her rider, eager to wash the soot off and play in the warm waters.

L'shil grasps it firmly and nods, eyes glistening. "We did. Working together has it's advantages after all, right, B'rgis?"

Enya wipes a soot covered face. Bright jade eyes and silky copper hair the only ashed part of the rider's features. She examines the tail tip that her lifemate offers, eyes squinting in scrutiny. a sliver of score but nothing more. She sighs, having skipped between far too often this fall for comfort. A sooty heart shaped face turns to her wingmates as caring eyes glance over each dragon's hide in search for marks like Ky's. A glance to Sen and she recieves a nod, bath….that would be well, "I'll bring the cider….klah just doesn't sit right for me after fall…" she softly adds. Fingering her abalone shell ear cuff.

S'fyre finally turns and steps up to Ash's side, He smiles warmly "They did excellent actually, Ash. A testament to your teaching as usual." he adds with a quick wink, being himself well-versed in Ash-lessons himself. He glances quickly back over his shoulder at Sen "Now /there's/ an excellent idea."

<Local> Rhyath senses that she sprawls (of course) but from exhaustion, this time. PiccathEldiathTrebinthKeshalthZenzorathVerthXeth - so the mantra goes, a touch for each. Much like a that foolish brownrider who insists upon proving his dexterity each night in the living caverns by stabbing between the digits of his splayed hand at meal times.

Sen peers at Enya with sparkling eyes, though she looks at her dragon warily "Ah..do you think you could make some of that cider Benden…white cider?"" she asks hopefully "I will get the meatrolls..don't know bout the rest of you, but I need food, too" those five meatrolls just didn't last, it seems

Ash grins and nods as riders start scattering to the four winds… "NOt a bad idea at all…" she winks to S'fyre… and loops her arm in his as she walks back to her 'black' dragon, "You realize, if you keep complimenting me like that I'll get a swelled ego and then I will be impossible to deal with…"

Enya chuckles and nods, A turn in the direction of the cavern as she strolls off on weary feet to retrieve the skins.

Ash nods, "I have Benden red and white (always got to have some for the weyrsecond) up in my weyr, Sen… If you get the food I'll grab the wine…"

Lani shakes herself off and skittles over to hug Kumiko and beam unabashedly at T'vim and L'shil. At Ash's words, the giggles threaten anew. "Ahem!"

S'phen walks to his wingleader, l'ashil, and smiles, "just wanted to say, l'shil, fine job you and piccath did out there. great job."

Mykal walks in.

Qaielnos blinks in from ::between::!

S'fyre laughs, releasing Ash's arm as he reaches Hinoth's side, he glances at her with an impish grin "I can just imagine." he replies playfully

Mykal walks to the Caverns.

L'shil ducks his head, bashfully. "He did most of the work… You and trebinth did wonderfully, too, from what I could see of you."

Ash mock pouts as she grabs Pav's straps, and a wink and she pulls herself up one last time, "You ain't seen nothing yet dears… a few more clutches…" she just leaves the threat hanging…

Sen glares at Ash, waving a shushing hand and tilting her head toward Sindiath…obviously, it is mum's the word on the wine. She grins than, and trots off "Ummm…meatrolls…be right back." she smiles innocently at her dragon,and wander off "Don't leave without me. Sin, don't let them leave without me!" However you manage it, her tone seems to imply Sen grins saucily as she perambulates…. to the Caverns.

Pavelth crouches calmly and turns shaded eyes on Ash as she uses the leather straps to climb up and settle between to navy blue neckridges.

"Aye, Lesh, but you're a team," Lani says, drawing closer. "I can't think of anyone I'd rather have flying between me and fall of thread," she murmurs earnestly. "Both of you," she finishes, including S'phen in a still shakey grin.

S'fyre vaults up to hinoth's lowered neck and grins over at Ash "Then you'll be an old, cranky woman…is that it Ashie?" he teases, bright blue eyes sparkling mischievously

S'phen nods and smiles, 'well, it's like you say, he did most of the work." he smiles again, "so, what you say we go celabrate the /great/ job our lifemates did? going to souther?" he asks of l'shil.

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash bahs, "Me? Old and cranky?" she just laughs then… the picture just doesn't seem to coelsce there in the mind… "That /will/ be the day, no?"

Sen steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Enya sighs, having retrieved the skins of drinks she packes them safely away in the furlined satchel of Ky's riding straps, again she attempts to scale her lifemate, no easy task for a rider of such stature… Kyleth burbles happily and offers his tail as a boost as Enya hoists herself up between the blueberry neckridges.

Sen comes back, trotting with energy, carrying a sack positively bulging with eats. She grins, looking around "We all ready? Sin's got the coordinates. Sen uses Sindiath's proffered forelimb to facilitate mounting and gets all nice and comfy between graceful neckridges.

S'fyre laughs, patting Hinoth's neck lovingly as the bronze grunts, an unheard comment causing the laugh to linger "Indeed, Ash. And I'll be right there to complain aloing with you."

L'shil looks up, grin returning to his face. "The only reason you're saying that to me, Lani, is because I happened to be aboard when he spotted that…net…heading for you. Southern? I don't know… Where're we going now, Ash?"

Hinoth absently watches a leaf flutter by in the wind….then notices S'fyre, and bends a huge leg to help him up.

Sindiath rumples and moves restlessly, eager to get going and be in the water.

Hangin' out with Pavelth, Ash shakes her head, "Who said I'll be complaining? Cushy retirement, Saf… doesn't sound so bad…" she chuckles and turns her attention to L'shil… "Southern weyr beach, Lesh… finest, whitest, /warmest/ sand on Pern…" she grins and even as she finishes her sentence the black dragon is vaulting into the air

L'shil climbs up to Piccath's neck and wiggles in between two neckridges. It looks like a tight squeeze….

Pavelth takes off.

S'phen smiles and mounts, he's going to.

Lani bats at L'shil, playfully, turning it more into a snug. "Maybe Rhyath and I can return the favour sometime…Come'on," Lani suggests, counter to all common sense. "We got to show 'em we're not going to run and hide under our cots next time," And then she's up Rhyath's side like a shot. Revitalised, but still running on empty.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to levitate? Well, tough - up you go the hard way. Hello Rhyath!

S'phen grabs a riding strap as Trebinth offers him a foreleg for easier mounting.

From Hinoth's neck, S'fyre shrugs….cushy retirement doesn't sound that great if you ask him…A lurch, and Hinoth is airborne.

Kyleth takes off.

You take off.
Above the Bowl

Hinoth takes off from Central Bowl.
Trebinth takes off from Central Bowl.
Piccath takes off from Central Bowl.

Wind caresses wings and and pinions as you circle higher and higher up out of the caldera.
Above High Reaches

Trebinth circles up from the Central bowl.

Rhyath pierces reality with a drunken fillip of rummy flanks and disappears ::between::

Above Southern Weyr

Rhyath ::manifests!::

Trebinth spirals out of the deep freeze of ::between:: much like a frozen cinnamon cookie.

Pavelth appears from the void of ::between::, wings catching a thermal as he adjusts his shaded eyes to the sudden light.

Piccath bursts out, ready to start buzzing anything and everything that strikes his fancy.

Kyleth flashes a bolt of blue as he flicks out of ::between:: in search for more playmates.

Hinoth casts a hulking shadow on to the ground below as high above his fiery form slips out from ::Between:: with a throaty bugle Hinoth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.

Kyleth glides down for a landing on the Weyr Beach. You glide down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.

Southern Weyr Beach
This wide strip of sparkling white sand is a popular hangout for the Weyr's dragons; at almost any time you can find them lounging in the sun. The clear blue waters of the ocean roll up onto the soft sands with a gentle hiss. Fairs of firelizards wheel and dive in the air, some popping in and out of nooks and crags on the cliff, others diving and playing in the waves. Occasionally you spot a firelizard dive into the water and emerge with a wriggling fish in his claws.
It is a summer evening.
Bronze Hinoth and blue Kyleth are here.

Trebinth glides down for a landing.

Kyleth burbles softly as Enya unfastens the riding straps and slip to the ground with the help of Ky's handy dandy tail.

Pavelth glides down for a landing.

Ash swings a leg over a neckridge, and as Pavelth crouches down, she slides down his side, landing on the ground with a soft thud.

Fiery multi-faceted eyes turn to gaze at S'fyre as Hinoth watches him slide down from his leg to the waiting ground…

Trebinth offers S'phen a foreleg as he dismounts, easing him gently to the ground.

Lani dismounts.

Piccath glides down for a landing.

L'shil hoists and levers himself out from between those so-close ridges and then slides down off Piccath in a motion that looks as easy as can be.

S'fyre hits the ground with a soft thud, taking a deep breath of the warm Southern air as an easy smile spreads over his face. He just stands there for a moment taking it all in.

Ash is already off of her lifemates back seemingly before he settles to the ground… removing jacket and plopping down to remove boots… and the dragon himself just dives into the ocean… making a great show of splashing

Enya looks up, soot not /quite/ so thick on the small rider's frame. She quickly sheds her hot flying jacket as she feels the Southern warmth raise up from the hot beach sands. Copper hair blows lazily around her heart shaped face as jade eyes flash about, eyeing that nice warm Southern water eagerly.

Hinoth's big head reaches out to nudge his lifemate, accidentally pushing a weary S'fyre sprawling on to the soft sand. The bronze lowers his head to the sand next to S'fyre, a whuffled apology rumbling in his throat.

Lani shucks out of her gear with callous disregard for sand getting places it shouldn't. Like in socks and boots! And tagging her dragon, they join the campaign for recovery of natural skin colour.

Kyleth burbles eagerly as he leaves his rider on the sand, flump-burbling headlong into the ocean shallows and leaving a coating of soot to float on the top as the Blue burbles bubbles up as he dives deeper into the waves.

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