A firelizard hatching

March 11th 2003
Logged by Pyrene

Warmth from the stone hearth radiates throughout this area, flowing around the myriad of chairs scattered about. With the old-Auntie, straight-backed chairs, huge fluffy chairs, and even the assorted gathering of rocking chairs, everyone should be able to find something to their liking. The floor here is adorned with an old rug that is rather faded but still comfortable enough to serve as additional seating should anyone wish. Baskets of yarn and darning needles are close at hand, and along the hearth's mantel you can always find at least a pitcher or two of fresh klah.

Firelizards hum happily as a frazzled looking Pyrene shepherds a passel of brats around the hearth, coaxing them each in front of an egg or as near as possible. "I'm going to flame Tyara alive for this idea, I really am…." Anybody else who's wandered too close to the hearth also gets pointed towards an egg. "Have an egg. They'd be wasted on this lot."

Bowls of raw meat are being passed around through those picked on to suffer Kernow-spawn while the eggs gently rock on the heated stones of the hearth, each carefully watched by the eagle eye of its prospective impressee.

Pendren sighs, attempting to disentangle himself from a green-eyed, black-haired little brat while simultaniously keeping a firm hand on Zia's arm as he drags the rider in. "Look Zi - Yowch!" THe rbat has taken to knawing fondly on one leg, and is promptly shooken free. "It'll be fun Zia, eggs are fun, you need some new firelizards? And come on, don't leave me alone with Nelli." The brat is poitned at, her looks certainly a mirror of Pendren's own. Relative? You betchya. "Now, Zia, you stand -here-" and he forcably shoves the bluelet in the appropriate place. "Nelli, you stand here," and there flies the brat, kept firmly in place in front of her own egg with a huff. "And I'll stand here." Mountain egg is eyed and meat is proferred.

Tekin silently comes closer to the hearth, eyes flickering between the weyrwoman and the eggs, "you're sure, weyrwoman?" he asks, hanging back a little, uncertain that he'd heard Pyrene correctly, 'have an egg?'. That couldn't be right, could it?

Raisa fizzles and does as she is told. "Ohhh." she glances around and notices a few familiar faces and smiles. She looks back at the egg she was shoved in front of smiles again. Yea!

Fashevay is one of the.. lucky.. folks who happens to be passing through. Today he is playing nanny, and as one of his charges darts forward to find out what's happening the hapless Fash follows, only to be bustled into place before an egg of his own. "I don't like firelizards," the young man declares at large, staring down at the Lumpy Egg. And as someone offers him a bowl of hatchling fodder he wrinkles his nose, "And I like raw meat even less."

Putter. Tausyse wanders about quite aimlessly, squinting at various people before she's suddenly pulled - or pointed, as the case may be - toward an egg. "Wait - the - what?" The bowl of meat that's plopped into her hand by some anonymous figure is blinked at owlishly. "Oh, that's gross. Here - " She turns toward the nearby-ish Tekin, peering at him. "You, what'm I doing with this? And do I have to?" Her voice edges closer and closer to a proper whine as she eyes the dusty egg.

Pyrene glares at Tekin. "You're a guard. You've got training and discipline. You might remember to feed it or figure out how to oil it without killing it, which is more than I can say for most of this lot. Now sit by that egg and offer it meat once it hatches." In didactic mode, she paces back and forth. "Pendren, the *egg* is not hungry. Let it hatch first. Nelli, concentrate. Fashevay, shut up and Impress something."

Zia is shoved. And grunts irritably at being so.. man-handled. Or small-boy-handled, in Pendren's case. Snork. "Unnnnngh.. Dren, I've gotta 'eadache. Geroff, you mangy thing!" Nelli is shaken from her clinging grip on the Bluerider's arm as she muzzily considers the eggs. "Egh, I s'pose I'll take this one. Looks like a sweetroll. Mm. Sweetroll." And, with that, the Vanilla Egg is spirited away. "'Ere, someone gimme that meat.. Yeah, that's the way."

Sadira sits near the eggs, bowl of meat in her lap, Cujo perched somewhere humming along with the other firelizards present. She gives her drum a quick glance then returns her attention to the hearth, and the eggs.

Lumpy Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Slothful Houseplant Green Hatchling
Tendrils of smoky green curl and weave their way amongst this firelizard's neckridges in an insiduous fashion, a contrast against the paler verdancy which forages across her shoulders until it fades into the jet black of her talons. Pale beige blossoms lazily from the puggish tip of her muzzle and dallies along the rotund curve of her underbelly, only to be engulfed by the shadows of her flanks. Mint unfurls along the stems of her wingspars, complemented by the brackish wingsails; in all, she is the epitome of firelizard laziness.

Slothful Houseplant Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Fashevay, creeling piteously.

Tekin blinks at the stranger, Tausyse, shaking his head, then looks up at Pyrene as the weyrwoman instructs him further, "yes, ma'am," he says, nodding, then turns back to the stranger. "You feed 'em when they come out of the egg.. Come 'ere, sit by an egg," he goes on and sits by Garden Song Egg putting his meatbowl in front of him. Where had that come from anyway?

Pyrene tsks lightly at Zia. "Get it cold and it'll never hatch," she calls over. "/Most/ riders would know that." She looks prim, ignoring the fact that these eggs aren't likely to exist long enough to get cold now. A few break shell down at the end, and there's a sudden squeal among the brats as they forget whose is whose. Pyrene sorts it out with a few slaps before pacing back up the line, pausing only to nod approvingly at the obedient Fashevay. "Raisa, have you got enough meat there?"

Pendren peers over at Pyrene, the picture of sarcasm. "Someone needs a glass of wine and some fellis," and it isn't -him-. Nelli is eyed extremely cautiously before the big brother lets out a disgruntled huff. "Listen up kiddo, you want a lizard of your very own? Do what that testy woman over there tells you." Finger crooks at Pyrene with an innocent smile. "Now, what you have to do is - NELLI! OFF! RELEASE!" He bodily attempts to pry the brat off Zia while attentions are only half on the egg. "Look, Zia, speaking of sweetsticks, you got one? This kid is -never- going to calm down."

Fashevay continues to sort of just stand in front of his egg, eyeing it with the utmost scepticism. He doesn't deign to touch the raw meat - horrors! - but is sort of vaguely forced to as the egg in front of his suddenly cracks, spewing forth a green hatchling. "Um," is the young man's response, eyeing the meat again. With a resigned sigh, he gathers a handful and, still looking pretty disgusted, offers it towards the creeling hatchling.

Zia looks disgruntled. The egg isn't DOING anything! Stupid egg. Obviously, it came from Pyrene's dumb gold. If /she/ can't hatch eggs properly, how is Kernow s'posed to do it? Pfft. Elementary, my dear Flotsam.. Or something. "Dren, I got the stupid one," she whines through hangover aches. "It's not.. HATCHING. It's -dumb-. I don't want it anymore. Make it do something!" A slanted look goes towards Nelli as Zia's hand creeps out towards the child's chosen egg. Ah, the stealth. The wickedness! The - OW, pain. Nelli's foot comes down hard on Zia's hand, along with a snotty 'GO AWAY'.

Raisa nods and passes her a cheesy grin. "Yup." and she looks back at the precious egg. Aww it looks sooo cute. She giggles. "Oh it's starting to rock!" and she bounces, luckily not hitting anyone, and leans down towards the egg to watch it better.

Precious Metal Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Proud Toothpick Green Hatchling
Splinter-sharp her frame, gauntness echoed in each chiselled jade hollow. The spiky ridges down her spine meticulously delineate her posture in stark vanity. Disdaining soft curves and dappled tones, she's a creature of sterile angles and uniform colour, from the studied straightness of her tail to her pointed wingspars with sails tightly furled. Her stiff carriage is jealously maintained by the painfully precise joints of knees and ankle, while the polished enamel of her claws scratch out her perch. No respite from such cold perfection can be found in the smug glitter of her eyes and the clean lines of her jade face lead only to a nose in the air.

Proud Toothpick Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Raisa, creeling piteously.

Tausyse looks appropriately - or perhaps inappropriately - horrified. "Feed them? You mean- like, touch the meat? With my hands?" Yep, she's getting to the whining. Poor Tekin. The Dusty Egg is look at with a grimace. "It's so dirty-looking, and.. eew, it's moving." Raisa is eyed, and carefully edged away from, as her bowl of meat is held at arm's length toward the egg. Y'know. Just so when the thing pops, it'll find meat. Hopefully.

Sadira watches the first egg crack, but her attention is soon drawn back to the egg in front of her begins to rock. She oohs as Cujo's humming seems to increase.

Raisa calls to Mitana, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Pyrene pulls a sweetstick out of some pocket or another. She doesn't take on brats without coming prepared. "Nelli, behave," she orders the child, passing her the stick. "You sure you've got enough meat, Raisa? That thing looks like it could do with feeding up. You - " Not knowing Tausyse's name, she just waggles a fierce finger at her. "Stop fussing about, take that meat and pay attention."

The smell of raw meat is starting to get to get to Tekin's stomach, which is now growling /loudly/. "I shouldn't have skipped breakfast, I think," he mutters, watching as 'his' egg makes a very small motion, resulting in a lifted eyebrow from the guard. Turning to look at Tausyse, he nods with an almost angry expression on his face. "Yes, touch the meat. How /else/ would you feed a firelizard?" he adds to Pyrene's comment.

Pendren grins as Zia is thwarted. "Way to show 'er Nell, don't let Zia try anything, she'll trick ya, she will." Knowing nod. Meanwhile, Pyrene's sweetstick is a blessing as Nelli finally begins to calm down. Raw meat is squooshed between fingers thoughtfuly as all eyes are on the egg at hand. "Ever notice how calming it is to fiddle with raw meat? I mean - the feel of it between your fingers and the - " Pause. "What? What?!"

Raisa slightly screams and nods to the question, quickly feeding the green with the meat she had a holt of, "There." then her bronze starts to chitter in her ear feeling a little unloved. "Shhh." and she grabs the green up cleaning it off and still feeding it. "Mitana" how cute! She grabs what ever she broght with her and makes her way towards the kitchen.

"Don't forget to wash your hands before having breakfast or eating anything," Pyrene is prompted by Tekin's comment to throw that disclaimer in, although judging by the way she's paying no attention to Nelli, it doesn't seem likely she'll police that rule. "Mitana, Raisa? Nice name. Careful with her now…"

Zia glares Pendren-ways, leering to unnecessary degrees. "Oh, we know you like to fiddle with meat, Pendren. I've got a lot of male greenriders who'd just -love- to meet you. And I mean -meat- you." So there. "This dumb egg STILL isn't doing anything. Hey, Dren, wanna trade??"

Pumpkin Orange Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Envious Odd Sock Green Hatchling
Droopy and morose, this firelizard's green hide folds and sags around her. She seems to ball in on herself, fiercely jealous eyes looking out with lonely hunger from the moldy pleats of loose skin. A musty shade dirties her, like a chromatic expression of the wafting smell of old socks that surrounds her small, crumpled form. Nothing seems to match - her stunted wings are different lengths, her legs give her a wobbly lopsided appearance, and even her neck seems woefully short compared to the length of her lumpy tail. One without a match, she is, and the swift, envious whirl of her eyes gives voice to the frustration and desire of being so.

Envious Odd Sock Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Sadira, creeling piteously.

Tausyse very nearly twitches as Pyrene finger-waggles. "Touch - ew. Well," is puffed rather pompously at Tekin, "they should eat vegetables and the such like proper things.." Sniff. She picks up a piece of meat and waves it at the egg. Haaaatch. Haaaatch. Feel the hatching vibes. ..nope, not working, apparently.

Fashevay half-heartedly attempts to slink away from the ravenous green hatchling that almost bites his pretty fingers off as he attempts to feed it. "I don't like firelizards," Fash insists, poutingly, as he backs off, only to be pushed forward by, of all people, a weyrbrat, who waggles a finger at him. With another overly dramatic sigh, he continues to push meat at the firelizard.

Pendren looks over at Zia's egg with a snort, at least -his- is jostling about a bit. "Oh, and you can bet I'd like to -meat- them, but only if they can get me the inside track into -your- weyr, beautiful." Meeow. Attention now completely on the egg as it begins to move a bti more violently. He even begins to forget abotu Nelli, who at present, is rubbing stick hands all over his newly washed tunic. Kids.

Sadira almost squeels with joy at the sight of the little green. Gently she picks up the hatchling, "Oh, look Cujo. Isn't she just the cutest? Help me think of a name for her would you?" she is an odd girl really. She pops meat into the crealing green, and give Cujo some too as she wanders off to a quiet corner with both her firelizards.

Tekin sighs, looks lije that slight motion wasn't a prelude to the firelizard inside hataching. "Taking it's o'er here too, rider," he calls to Zia, sending a smile her way as he glances back at the egg, seeing another movement but no signs of cracking. "Vegetables!?" he exclaims at Tausyse's comment, making a disgusted face. "Even people need meat, y'know…"

Pyrene stands behind Fashevay a moment. "That lizard you don't like has a fine pedigree, you know. Feed it and set a good example for the others." Then she's off, checking up on Sadira and her lizard. "Ugly that. Careful not to choke her now…" Unnecessary advice is always good.

Mountain's Mist Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Lusty Futon Blue Hatchling
The azure hide is so soft it invites, appealing for the caress of fingers. Well-padded this lizard is, suitable for makeshift comfort with the languorous curl of tail beckoning someone to share it. Ridges and wingspars form an indigo frame, granting both shape and support to his cushioned sprawl. Fanned coyly, lighter blue wings screen his lavish flanks in semblance of privacy, while his plump limbs stretch out as if to clasp life and love and all that comes with it. Above such generous proportions, the head of this voluptuary is surprisingly delicate, eyeridges sultrily low over the eyes' slow whirl.

Lusty Futon Blue Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Pendren, creeling piteously.

Sadira calls to Loverly, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Zia whines. Loudly. "How come -yours- hatched? This sucks. I'm going home. But not without seeing what's inside this egg." With that, she gives it a few sharp rappings on the stone.. And, with a protesting shake, the shell splits open.

Vanilla Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Wrathful Match Brown Hatchling
Twiggy - thin to the point that he seems under-developed - this brown firelizard is far from pretty. His limbs are almost too thin, lacking much in the way of muscular definition, while his head is disproportionately large, making his eyes seem huge and his neck seem even more skinny. Despite this strange physicality, the woodfire of his hide doesn't seem to be any less spirited. Every movement is whip-quick and almost ferocious, so that he seems to be in a perpetual state of downright fury, ever-perched in a fit of ready-to-explode wrath - beware lest you rub him the wrong way.

Wrathful Match Brown Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Zia, creeling piteously.

Pendren oohs and looks properly triumphant as his egg hatches before either Zia's or Nelli's. Ha. Hahaha. THe pudgy little blue is the picture of perfection. I mean, he's just so.. so.. blue! Instantly in love, he begins to feed the calm little critter, all content until a black-haired little brat begins to waddle over and out of the blue (pun intended) decided to pluck up -his- new lizard. "Nelli, if you don't put him down, I'm feeding you nothing but boiled tubors for the month you're spending here at Reaches. Understand?" Flit is promptly dropped, and scooped up by his rightful pet. O'course, once Zia's egg hatches there's nothing to do but smile winningly in her direction. "Oooh, he's hideous Zi, nice picking!" Glee.

Tausyse scoffs at Tekin. "Of course they don't need meat. I don't, and I'm perfectly normal." Or so says she. But her attentions go back to the egg and her feeble attempts at meat-wiggling, when - boom. The thing finally gets the hint and.. well, hatches.

Dusty Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Gluttonous Glowbug Bronze Hatchling
The bronze of his hide is bright to a luminous, nay, ludicrous extent, radiating from the round little body of this lizard as well as the incongruously skinny legs, neck and tail. Yet the brightness cannot distract from the absurdity of this contrast, nor can it answer the riddle of how such spindly appendages can support the bronze's bodyweight. His greedy tummy swings low between bow-legged limbs, which refuse to stand directly beneath his bulk for fear it will fall and crush them. The iridescent wings alone match the body's proportions if not its weight as they rustle from spars which are constantly atwitter, feelers prodding at the air around them. Voracious, his oddly small head ignores the mysteries of its own personal physics, instead focusing outwards. The electric bronze may draw others' eyes to him, but his own beady eyes and darting tongue exist for seeking nourishment alone.

Gluttonous Glowbug Bronze Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Tausyse, creeling piteously.

Fashevay calls to Lazy, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Pendren calls to Puffin, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

"Mmm, boiled tubers. You can feed -me- boiled tubers for a month," Zia interjects, rubbing her stomach happily. "I like 'em. With butter and salt, yup. Oooh, I could go for some now.. Speaking of which, I haven't eaten all day. See ya 'round, Pendren - And round you are!" And, with an impish giggle, she snatches up her brown and runs away.

Zia calls to Light My Fire, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Pendren shakes his fist at the retreating Zia. "One of these days you're going to wake up to a weyr painted pink! Mark my words Zia! Mark my words!"

Pyrene twitches violently at Zia's mishandling of her egg and peers at the lizard when it falls out. "I think you broke him," is her verdict. "Fat little blue…" her comment is presumably intended for Pendren's lizard rather than any other present company. "Oh, a bronze?" She croons over Tausyse's new acquisition for a moment, before admonishing the girl: "Now you appreciate him."

Tekin frowns at 'his' egg, sighing as more and more hatchlings leave their eggs, while 'his' still stay inside the egg. "Looks like I could be sitting here forever…" Glancing at the weyrwoman, he looks almost guilty at speaking, "are you sure the, uh.. The firelizard inside wants to come out? I saw it move earlier, but… Well…" Giving a shrug of his shoulders, he motions to the immobile egg.

Tausyse twitches. Really. "Oh, for Faranth's great bloody nostril that is the most disgusting - " she trails off, snatching her fingers back from the firelizard as it snaps at the piece of meat. "Goo. /Goo/. It's gooey. Here, ugh, have some meat.." More is prodded toward the bronze as she eyes Pyrene suspiciously. And then she goes back to muttering twitchily at the firelizard. Huzzah for firelizard-appreciation.

Pyrene separates a couple of fighting brats and peers over at Tekin. "Maybe it's a dud," she offers helpfully. "Never mind, eh?" She drifts Tausyse-ward again, just to make sure the lizard /is/ being appreciated as one of its pedigree should be.

Pendren is fawning over his newest aquisition and becoming, dare I say it - mushy? "Wook at oo! Wook at a wittle oochywoochicoo!" The blue's pudge is given a pinch and the boy squeals with delight. "Ook at 'im! Ook at 'im!" This is said towards the crowd at large but must be modified, for understaning. Ahem. "Look at him." All buisness, indeed. Nelli is given a shove back towards her small egg and very -very- far away from him and his Puffin. "You, stay there, don't -move- until that egg hatches." May it never hatch.

Fashevay continues to eye the green firelizard which is looking slightly more sedate now. He starts slightly as Pyrene suddenly pipes up from behind him, and mutters something sarcastic but inaudible about 'fine pedigree indeed' as she moves away. He glances away for an escape route but is hindered by the firelizard deciding his foot is a nice place to curl up and go to sleep. "Argh," is Fash's response to this.

"A dud? But it /moved/," Tekin says, protecting the integrity of 'his' egg. Another little motion of the egg and the guard is on his knees leaning over it. "There! Did ya see?! It moved again," he shouts, falling back on his buttucks as the egg hatches completely and surprisingly.

Garden Song Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Greedy Magnifying Glass Green Hatchling
The head of this hatchling seems enormous, promising a good size to her if only the rest of her frame can catch up to it. Yet, conversely, her compact little body tucks in on itself as if trying to escape detection. Squat limbs press snugly against the greenwood torso, with a grainy tail curled around them more often than not. Her wings fold tightly, only flaring out in a mottled display of green for a quick ambush or getaway. The outsized head alone is prominent, its dish-faced gaze able to take in everything around it. Uncanny intelligence whirls in her wide-faceted eyes, but this is soured by equally obvious avarice and ambition. Silent but alert, this rogue scours the environment for her own personal gain.

Greedy Magnifying Glass Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Tekin, creeling piteously.

Pyrene shrugs at Tekin. "See? Just got to be patient." She stops by Fashevay again, bending over to peer at the sleeping lizard indulgently. "Oh, she's precious that one. They're so /cute/ when they sleep, hmm?" She casts a worried glance at Nelli's egg, hoping /that/ one doesn't turn out to be a dud. Brats have tendencies to throw tantrums over things like that.

Tausyse is, uh, appreciating. Of course. "That is /so shardin' nasty/ - no wonder you're so gooey, you.. ugh, look at that meat." Look at that, Tausi's hairline may have just receded a centimeter or two. The firelizard, bowl and meat and all, is picked up gingerly and held as far away from her as possible. "Uuuugh."

Pendren decides to take himself and his blue out of this situation with a finger waggle at Pyrene followed closely by the boy plucking up the blue's pudgy forepaw and waving to the Weyrwoman. Oy. Let the cuteness stop. Nelli, meanwhile, is currently shifting from foot to foot, sucking on her sweetstick, and occationaly - drawing pretty pictures on her egg's shell with said sweetstick. Insanity.

"Whoa! There she is," Tekin calls out, instantsly on his knees again, scambling for his bowl of meat to feed the female. "There ya go, have some meat. Bet yer hungry, I know I am, and I haven't been stuck in an egg for ages," he rambles on feeding chunks of raw meat to the green. Not meaning to ignore the weyrwoman's comment, he just hasn't heard her say anything, he's that busy with his new firelizard.

Pyrene waves vehemently at Tausyse. "The firelizard is a gift, the bowl is not. Please leave it on the hearth when you're done." Otherwise they'll be sending dragons off to SeaCliffs to reclaim the bowl. Or something. The weyrwoman flicks another glance at Nelli who is at least absorbed in her own activity and ponders sneaking out before she can get to the tantrum stage.

Sadira giggling softly at the soft chirps that Cujo is making towards Loverly, which is what she has decided to name the little green… Dira heads towards the kitchens, 'lizards, bowl, and all.

Sadira walks to the Living Caverns.

Ooh no Pyrene, it's too late for that. Nelli suddenly lets out an ear-piercing scream. "Why… wont… it… HATCH!" Waaaaail. Sweetstick is thrown at Pyrene, brow is wrinkled, and feet begin stamping about. "WHY?!" Shriek!

Tausyse backsteps toward the hearth, blinking rather warily at Pyrene. "Right, right - bowl. Here." Bowl is plopped onto the hearth, firelizard still bobbled along in one hand. "Guessin' I can't, uh.. leave the firelizard here, too?" is inquired hopefully, the bronze shooken gently at the room in general. Aww, ya'll know you want him. Or, uh, not, since he's dripping little bits of goo. At the sudden shriek, Tausi instinctively claps her hands to her ears - and the firelizard along with. Boggle. "Oh, that is /disgusting/!" And zoooom she goes, running off probably to find the baths.

Fashevay stares down rather disbelievingly down at the green curled serenely up on his foot. "Shards!" he exclaims, sounding remarkably like the weyrbrat having a tantrum, "She's -lazy-. Look, she's just.. -sleeping-." On his foot. An older weyrbrat at his elbow mutters something about 'hold folks' and proceeds to scoop the green up and dump it into Fash's arms - the young man doesn't even have time to protest.

Pyrene stares calmly down at Nelli. "It's not hatching because it's quieter in the egg than it is out here." She glances after Tausyse but, as she isn't given time to answer, doesn't try. "Fash, she's a baby. That and eating is all she'll do for the next few months. Maybe longer if you're lucky."

Tausyse calls to El, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Nelli is about to go after Pyrene, fists raised, teeth bared, but then. "It moved." The bratlin hunkers down in a squat and creeps towards the now exceedingly sticky egg. Head tilts, lips thin, and suddenly - there it goes. Out pops a little brown crature, so horribly thin, it's almost incapable of standing let along walking. With a snort, the green-eyed kiddo decides - Nope. "Don't want it," is stated firmly and she begins to wander off to some of the remaining eggs, leaving the poor little brown in a heap on the hearth floor.

"Come 'ere," Tekin says, his voice unually soft as he pick the green hatchling up to put her in his lap, continuing to feed her. Glancing over at Tausyse, a crease forms in his forehead, but she disappears before he can tell her something about firelizards and raw meat. "Oh, well. She'll learn," he tells the green in his lap with a crooked grin.

Pyrene merely pushes a sleepy-eyed drudge at the brown and, her work here done, saunters out caressing a mopey Kernow, before Nelli can change her mind again.

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