High Reaches' First Hatching

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Jh'ral's bronze Rennth
11th May 1998
Logged by Lani

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Gold Tiareth and bronze Rennth are here.
You see Benden White Egg, Iced Mocha Egg, Winter Wheat Egg, Deep'n Dark Depths Egg, Winter Snowstorm Egg, Vanilla Frosting Egg, Icy Comet Egg, Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg, Too Cool for Words Egg, Purplish Popsicle Egg, and Feisty Frosted Ale Egg here.
Nuff, Ophelia, S'fyre, B'ran, Saoirse, O'feri, Sen and Jh'ral are here.

The Candidates - Huot, Leshil, Kalen, Kayra, Kaetryn, Tavim, Fenral, Sefren, Toren, Landry, Tessera, Daleva, Cailet, Stephen, Aife, Yvette, Kumiko and Sushi, followed by more NPCs to reach a total of 88(!) - step onto the Sands, followed by Salea, V'kyre and Ash.

THE EGGS! (With credits - also much credit goes to Nenais, who tweaked 'em all!)
The 11 PC eggs:

Benden White Egg [Nuff]
Decadence drapes the expansive curves of this egg in a capricious cascade of rippling white and palest wine-chilled gold. The colors flow, liquid and expensive, barely effervescent against the vitreous arch of the leathery shell: aged long, aged well, and with a vivacious glimmer of indulgent amber bubbles.
Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg [Tarmel]
Shivery swirls of glacial blue glitter in frozen eddies across the hoary expanse of this egg's shell, each frosty spiral curling and coursing in ever-tightening curls. Bulky and markedly obtuse, it squats in icy, crystalline splendor, as shockingly frigid as the touch of a puppy's nose in the darkest depths of the night.
Deep'n Dark Depths Egg [Talixa]
A single glow illuminates the shell: light and bright for the viewing, but with darkness lingering in not so obvious places. The chill of shadows across stone walls brings the layers of earth into focus: rough soil and minerals merging beige to brown to grey, they reveal the tunnel-like confines where the sun will never go, held caught in time in icy gloam.
Feisty Frosted Ale Egg [Nuff]
Lucid amber sparkles effervescent across the surface of this small, somewhat oblong egg, its shallow curves frosted by feisty white. A faint flush of mead decorates the shell, spinning in drunken splendor, while the rippling of ale-hued ribbons reel and frolic, barely visible beneath its frothy cap of laughing foam.
Iced Mocha Egg [Annie]
Creamy, pale coffees fade into a froth of milky white, twisting a tempting spiral 'bout this egg's extended poles. Sprinkles of nutmeg and cinnamon give their warm brown spice, welling along the the shell's blunted curves before dispersing again into caffeine's frosted, frozen delight.
Icy Comet Egg [Jordana]
Rough edges line the shadowy crevasses of this oddly-shaped, bulky egg, resembling nothing so much as a malformed chunk of ice. Sand and grit cling to its sides in tan- and grey-peppered uniformity, tracing along its rock-like form a wobbly, thick line like a tail.
Purplish Popsicle Egg [Ophelia]
The glossy, grapey hues that saturate this shell would be far better suited to staining lips and tongues with cheery summer's refreshment: instead, they drip and pool about egg's contours with nary a slurp in sight. Smooth and tapered, it has a longer profile than most, and a faint strip of amber bisects, peeking through the purple.
Too Cool for Words Egg [Saoirse]
Psychedelic colors slither across the surface of this egg, jiggity, bomb-biggidy and - probably - too sexy for its own shell. Cool blue and enigmatic black haze it, even with a purple haze, but hold onto the pink: there's no need here, and it ruins the rep, distracting to its bumping, funking groove.
Vanilla Frosting Egg [Martin]
Snowy white flows over the length of this oblong egg, rippling like fine vanilla frosting when the light hits it just right. It seems almost a curved cake, bedecked and garlanded, fit for any Holder's fantasy there frozen in time.
Winter Snowstorm Egg [Martyn]
At first glance the very purest of whites, an unmarked expanse of smooth shell. But closer inspection reveals a shift: an undulation of hue as white melds with white across a backdrop of windblown, storm-cloud grey, and the sparkle of light across tiny dots of snowflakes.
Winter Wheat Egg [Rorie]
Perfectly oval, this egg's hues mix and blend in an overtly grand fashion that's shadowed o'er by the snowy illusion of silvered mist. Starting dark klah at its base, it fades and changes until it reaches springtime's green, and then shifts again: green to white, then deep, sunshine blue, winter's reflected in wheat's growing glory.

And the remaining 33 NPC eggs:

Absolutely Abominable Snow Egg [Sen]
Hulking and lurking, ominous evil envelops this egg with malevolent intent. A miasma of putrid emotion emanates from two black. menacing pits, mottling the whiteness of the shell with dingy grey and dirty beige; unclean strands of the repugnant colors fuzz across its surface, half-hiding the gaping maw's hideous snarl. jagged-edged jaws are flecked with the red of blood, stretching in cavernous shadow along a half-buried side.
Arboreal Autumn Morning Egg [Nenais]
A sharpened chill imbues this egg, heightened by the frost of morning and woodsmoke's blued gloss and shadowed by the colors of autumn-bright leaves. It has a freshness in its brief lingering, overall clear sky and paled sun, but refreshed by the early ice that quivers, just there, in one ice-riddled corner.
Bereft ::Between:: Egg [Saoirse]
Black, Blacker, Blackest - the absolute darkness of this ovoid is so utterly overwhelming that it seems more a hole in the Sands than an egg. Its shell absorbs light greedily, reflecting none at all, and in truth it is not black but no hue at all - the absence of color, the absence of light, the absence of all.
Blizzard Brouhaha Egg [Saoirse]
Shell splattered with a cacophony of pale color, this egg is marked by pristine white, dismal grey, soft blue and dirty brown, all whirling together in a mad gyration of wind and snow. Twisting, creamy eddies wind their whimsical path along the crest of its shell before tricksy twirls pick up the colored threads, maniacally mingling them into ever-shifting helixes of crazy hues.
Cherry-Topped Sundae Egg [Annie]
Dripping, drizzling fingers of vanilla swirl into darkest cocoa and palest berry, combining into a nauseating sludge along the breadth of its widened base. Sticky sweet, they verge on the point of melting: ready to let it all seep into an ever-widening pool, but still marred by a splash of lurid vermillion that sits untarnished at its peak.
Crystalline Snowflake Egg [Ash]
Light glints a refracted array off of the crystalline reaches of this egg. So intricate its design, so delicate its patterns: it boggles the eye in curlicues of frozen, rainbow-refracting ice, its impossible intricacies incapable of any duplication as they curl, connect, and above all /engulf/.
Desolate Dark Side of the Moon Egg [Ophelia]
Tarnished silver dusts the the pitted, pockmarked surface of this egg that no breath of wind can stir, no ray of sun can touch. Frozen in climate and time, its future is unknown - and the past is a trail of petrified footprints strewn across its battered length.
Drafty Classroom Egg [Salea]
Cooling grey wafts across this egg, mixing with chalky white and murky slate. Slabs of uncomfortably wooden brown scatter in careless abandon across its surface in lonely, bereft silence, but color dances in brilliant cacophony at the corner, awash in the light of morning.
Dry Ice Egg [Catia]
Cloudy white swirls an enfolding shroud, rendering to near invisibility the exact shape and span of this egg. Ice-cube cool, tendrils billow and curl about it: the pale smoke of frost spangled by a disco-light against the darkness.
Frosty The Snow Egg [Shaela]
Two dark specks and a rosy line shaping a jolly smile suggest an animated face: one that is, indeed, full of enough fun to sing about. Carefully contoured, the shell seems rolled and packed to perfection by a creator, although its snowy shade appears oddly out of place and melting in comparison to the refracted heat around it.
Got Milk? Egg [Aife]
Purity pours across this egg's oblong shell in simple brilliance, no flecks or streaks of color marring its surface. Waves of thick cream pour over its oblong shell, sprinkled o'er by droplets of paler white on white, all coating it with the glisten of liquid simplicity.
Icy Citrus Tea Egg [Annie]
Cool tangerine and tangy lemon tint the chilled umber of this egg, the lighter hues lazily intermingling with the dark. A sheen of icy condensation coats its elongated form, as if it were a thin tumbler glass filled to the brim with a summertime treat, its colors and patterns suggesting subtly, gloriously quenching relief.
Immense Indestructible Iceberg Egg [Sen]
Absolute stillness surrounds this monolithic egg in the eerie, icy calm that bespeaks death. Jagged streaks slice over its surface, sharp blues and purples whitewashed to frozen glass-like opalescence that softens the knife-blades of ice that stretch across its shell.
Incandescent Ice Storm Egg [Aslyn]
Swirling incandescence wraps icy tendrils around the glassine sphere of this egg. Frozen in time, frosty waves lap up the sides of the shell's turbulent surface; crystalline branches bend low, encrusted by a storm's frigid fury and weighted by an icy cloak that encompasses and cradles the heat within.
Incomparable Ice Sculpture Egg [Aslyn]
More oblong than oval, illusion casts its spell in the etchings and carvings that cover its icy shell. Crystallized flora and fauna decorate and abound, poking petalled heads through a maze of branches and carven formations. Glimmering and twinkling in the refracted heat, a raised wing form is frozen forever, caught in the instant of its first moment of flight.
Iridescent Icicles Egg [Pita]
Random in the whimsicalness of their patterns and their unpredictable lengths, multitudes of icicles crowd this egg's surface. Transparent to the first glance, a myriad of color explodes in the next: illuminated by the intricate patterns of its creation, it derives its moments of mysterious wonder from a rainbow's eternally evocative bend glistening from spire to uneven spire.
Jack Frost Egg [O'feri]
Feathered ice-branches delicately stretch across frozen, curved panes; translucent blue provides gentle underscoring to this egg, frosted as it is by night chills. The minute pricking of a thimble adds to the intricate decoration and unrecognisable patterns of crystalline relief.
Meandering Mountain Stream Egg [Sen]
Ice trickles of melting snow drop from a glacier's height, dripping, drizzling, /drowning/ the curving sides of this egg in a ripple of blue-tinged palest white. Uniting and dividing, sparkling and burbling: its hue lends a stream's chill clarity and freshens the creases and kinks from its pebble-textured shell.
Morning Hoarfrost Egg [S'fyre]
Winter's icy chill clings to the mottled surface of this bedazzled egg, each cragged bend sending angular flashes skittering across the glazed shell with angular abandon. Underneath, encased within the clear coating, is a brighter swirl of hues, trapped until the heat of a glance thaws it with morning's rising.
Mossy Marble Egg [Nenais]
Smooth and hard as glass is this egg, its mossy green shade veined by glimmers of silvery grey and gold. It's perfectly round, small, motionless: a glossy glaze that seems soft, yet is hard, perhaps cold - and yet, perhaps, not.
Ocean Deep Egg [Ash]
The deep cold of empty blackness draws the air about this egg into frigid mystery; thin ripples of bioluminescence reveal the unfathomable depths of dark, inky shadows devoid of any warmth. Pinpoints of light shift across its surface, serving only to break the endless, swirling eddies kept liquid by the sheer pressure exerted by nature's innate immensity.
Peppermint Flavored Egg [Catia]
Refreshing to the mind, but garish to the eye: this egg's minty tang manifests in soft hues of porcelain white, cooling and invigorating, and all striped through with bold red and translucent blue, to cleanse and revitalize.
Root Beer Float Egg [Jh'ral]
Coruscant foam marks the cap of this egg, the darker caffeine of its tip blending to vanilla's creamy-cold base. Betwixt and between, there's a child's delight in its frothed and banded markings, one that could tickle the fancy of even the more serious of adults.
Round Top Igloo Egg [Shaela]
Much like hard-packed snow, this rounded mound of an egg seems rock-solid, coated with an ice-like sheen. Dark lines crisscross it in uneven striations, caught close to banish the chill and hold in the heart-deep warmth of life.
Snow Dusted Glacier Egg [V'kyre]
Chillingly, icily cold, this egg seems to pulsate with ever-increasing rivulets of frozen tundra. Blue is tinged to snowy white as it cascades, nook and cranny-pocked, across the extremes of landscape, frostbite threatening every snow-toned, harsh and unyielding bit of it. Life lies at a standstill, here on the Alaskan tundra.
Snow Maiden Egg [Salea]
Winter's chilly kiss breathes life into this egg, from the pure, sparkling white of the majority of its shell to the swirl of black that caps it. A rosy flush colors it, like the cheeks of a maiden in the snow, and sets it alight in the intense heat that assaults its otherwise ever-icy nature.
Snowy Forest Sanctuary Egg [Saoirse]
Pale blue-white, like shadows on snow, drifts over the shell of this egg in a powdery caress that blankets all. Glimpses of darker shades - the frost-pearled brown of bleak branches, the evergreen flush of fir - ring its perimeter, silent guardian of the slumber within.
Strawberry Daquiri Slush Egg [Pita]
Pulverized layers of strawberry slush slough and slosh in slushy waves of frozen bliss: berries crimson mingles, staining the arctic freeze to crystalline ice. Capacious, the exaggerated curves of one end give way to the tapered, graceful lines of the other: eccentric in shape as well as in color, it resides in a never-the-less delectable vision.
Sunset and Satin Egg [Nuff]
The palest flush of ivory ripples the shell; winter-cool satin, tossed and fallen, enfolds the egg - engulfs it - swallows it in an undulating embrace of white and aged amber. Shadows of sunset's copper riffle the folds and brush the inside of sisal-smooth curves as this little egg's tones glide about the shell in almost tangible waves.
Timeless Crystal Egg [S'fyre]
Shimmering white light plays along the depths of this egg's curves, each beam darting, reflective and splintered along its smooth surface in endless complexity. Like some cold, untouchable sentinel watching and weaving the pasing of time, it holds itself still and timeless, only the streamers of glitter that pierce its space indicative of otherwise silent abandon.
Timorous Morning Star Egg [Barry]
This egg shines with all the brilliance in the world despite its miniscule appearance. Edges indistinct and distorted in the heat, it appears almost round in a squint, and silvery, moonlit beams encircle it in glossy blue, all shining with the flickering light of a fading candle.
Whipped Wastelands Egg [O'feri]
Jolting and jagged, pocked and peaked, snowy drifts cover rocky valleys and spired mountains alike. Though melted in sunnier regions, muddy-brown dirt shows, tips are thickly doffed in untouched, pristine white - no harvest is reaped from any of this barren desolation.
Whispering Ice Wind Egg [S'fyre]
Ice-blue artistry captivates in slow swirls the artistic twisting of this egg's seemingly-endless shell. Deepest cold cobalt permeates and radiates from a mass of twisting, twirling patterns, wind-swept and arctic; death's silence seems manifested in the whispered moan of depravity, magnificently real to the perception - and giving way to fancy in the mind's wondering if it could actually feel that chill touch.

Winter Wheat Egg rattles, rustles in the breathless wind that is the heat of these Sands, a frozen stalk trapped in winter that will now see its spring. It is time.

B'ran slips in among the other riders, sure to hang by the side a bit. The old geizer's smart, see. One hand rises to peer up into the sands. Is that Kyleigh up there? He grins braodly and waves. As the candidates enter he leans over and whispers to another rider. "They look nervous."

Leshil makes those obeisances Sen mentioned. Otherwise known as, can I touch my nose to my toes four times without falling over? Amazingly enoguh, he does…

Kayra pops out to the sands - Slightly mussed, braids flipped behind her shoulders, before she falls into that ridiculous mince-step she adopts on the sands. Inna it embarrassing? A dropped bow is directed towards Tiareth, Rennth, their riders, Nuff and Jh'ral.

Sen leads the candidates to the sand, grinning as she gets to wear boots. Poor candidates, barefoot as they are. She leads them towards the eggs, stopping halfway there and bowing to Tiareth before straightening to send a teasing salute towards Nuff and Jh'ral…

Deep'n Dark Depths Egg shrugs, and a single fragment of dark shell flakes off, then drifts to the sands.

Kalen salutes the weyrleaders and offers respectful bows to their dragons as he enters.

Stephen follows the other candis, bowing to the queen and the father as he enters, hophopping from one foot to the other. ooutch, this sand is hot.

Iced Mocha Egg: more vibrations move the egg slightly in its hollow, shaking fine grains of sand from its surface.

Tessera steps in, hand still near Torens. Oh boy, dere's mama and dada. She remembers something about bowing. "Oh yeah," she murmurs, sketching a more than nervous bow to gold and bronze. She follows, ouching as her feet encounter sand. Hothothot!

Toren loses Tess in the throng, and steps round and egg and her eyes tear at the searing sands scorching her feet, "Tess…" she says in a hushed whisper looking for her.

Kumiko winces. Dragged by the belt, sand burning her feet… what was she suppose to do… oh, yeah. A bow is given to Tiareth and Rennth, a sheepish, if abashed smile tossed to the Weyrleaders before she continues her half walk-half drag toward the others.

Cailet steps in nervously and takes a few steps before she remembers and bows to Dam and Sire and their riders. Straightening she moves into the circle looking at the eggs rather nervously as she hops from foot to foot.

V'kyre makes the appropriate bows and slides over to the other riders. Booted. Wow. He loves the idea, considering the sweltering feeling.

Tavim wanders out from the depths of the weyr onto the sands. Umm. Ow? He notices the heat right away, trying to shift a bit, and get the robe a bit looser. /Somewhat/ better. A grin is sent towards Kumi, making sure she hasn't ran, then glances at the big guys. A salute is shot off to the weyrleaders, one in each, then the next pair is sent towards the sire and dam.

S'fyre just stands, hands resting easy behind his back, an impish grin is sent candy-ward as he shuffles his feet slightly on the hot sands

Landry winces, instantly wishing she'd eschewed pride for a pair of sandals. Following the leaders, she bows carefully to Tiareth and Rennth and their riders. "Weyrleaders." Squeaky alto.

Daleva pushes a piece of already stray hair out of her face and bows towards all those it should be directed to, finally having got the thing down right so she doesn't look like a total dimglow while doing it.

Ash follows the seemingly endless trail of candidates and makes her way over to the side of the sands where Salea is standing… adjusting her jacket slightly…

Yvette trembles still, clutching her white robe up above her ankles as she bows politely to the Weyrleaders and their dragons. Then she takes a place in the group of Candidates.

Huot moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Sen smiles at the candidates, patting those close to her on the shoulder's "You will do fine" she murmurs, then walks towards sands edge, now only a spectator like the rest.

Winter Snowstorm Egg shudders lightly under the drafts of heat, the snowy eddies appearing to rustle.

Sushi bows quickly, preoccupied with her own nerves. Sire, dam, weyrleader, weyrwoman, and then pudgy fingers slide through her hair, tucking it behind overlarge ears. Ooo. Eggs.

Sefren trails close behind Kayra, distasteful expression overclouding any originial nervous, there. "Kay/ra/," he mutters, voice perhaps a tad whiny, "wait! Oh - yeah." Inching steps are halted, for bow must be performed: dragons, Weyrleaders, all. That done, he skitters towards Kayra. "You could've waited, you know." Whine, whine.

Tessera waves to Toren over the large amount of heads. "Here!" she calls to her friend. "Over here. Ya gotta stay here with me, so I won't be too lost in it all." she winks, pulling them to a corner of the throng, near eggs.

Oooh baby… At all that bowing, Tiareth swings her muzzle at the candidates - threatening to knock someone over? Not quite. Not /yet/.

Aife pads onto the sands, heat ignored, fingers clenched in the skirt of her robe. Her curtsey to Tiareth and Rennth manages to be graceful and composed, but the grin she shoots the group of riders on the side of the sands, and the wink of one gold-framed eye, is anything but.

Winter Wheat Egg quivers, as if seeking to shake off the chill of immobility. The finely drawn cracks are tiny when they begin, but rapidly spiderweb all the shell's surface with new-found intensity. No turning back, now.

Toren bows to the queen and bronze as she approaches them behind the others and does a good job of the bow and doesn't hop around as she does so.

Kalen tries to minimize the movements the heat of the sand require his feet to make. His attention is focused on the eggs, nervousness beginning to show.

Ash nods her head in the direction of the gold and bronze and just leans casually against the cavern wall… wait… yup

Kumiko continues until she sends up somewhere near the end of the line. Hand moves to push lank whisps of hair from her face, before she sways. Heat. Burning feet. Moving eggs. "Tav… hold my hand, will you?" Before she does something silly.

Stephen tugs nervously at the makeshift belt holding his robe on and glances from candidate to candidate as he hops from one foot to another. This sure was different then being up in the galleries, and eyes trail up that way, quickly searching for faces, but he doesn't have long to look, as his attention is commanded again by the rocking eggs.

Tavim shoots a glance towards the eggs. Can't help it. They're right /there/. A quirked brow, as he sees the things cracking. Wow. NEver thought he'd be around to see /this/ happened. A sidelong glance is shot at Kumi, as, yes, he does gulp slightly, then stretches. Nope. Not nervous. Outwardly, at least. A pause, as he stands a few steps outside of the large knot of candidates. He wants a good view, durnit.

Iced Mocha Egg rolls a bit, a sound like tinkling ice emenating from within……

Tessera shifts on her bare feet, silently cursing the fact that sandals are /so/ durned expensive these days. Hopefully the shortness of the skirt will help, create a draft or something… Nudging Toren, "Look, they're /moving!/" in an rather squeaky voice. Ahem.

Toren moves out of the way of the others for them to pay their respects to the mother of the eggs and does a light long strided hop over the hot sand, dizzy from the heat and swirl of faces.

Kayra takes it all in. Gallery crowd, milling candidates, the eggs themselves. "Eeeh, sorry." Kayra hops up on one foot, crowding into a semicircle. "Jes' stand here.." She stops, facing the eggs, continuing the ridiculous hop-step. It's sad, isn't it?

Landry takes a single, sweeping look about the cavern and anounces, "I feel sick."

Tavim blinks, surprised at the request, then gives a soft smile, and a nod. "Yeah, sure…." He takes Kumi's hand, and looks out over the sands, squeezing the small hand within his. Stay, you.

Daleva is practically petrified, but composes herself fairly well and makes her way into the circle of Candis and ending up near Landry, "You and me both" she comments.

Benden White Egg sits, well guarded by both sire and damn as the candidates make their way onto the sands. Nearby eggs being to shift under the mantle of noise thrown out by the dragons.

Toren steps up near Tess, "Yes…they look like they are going ot explode…" she says the garment sticking to her under the stifling heat.

Yvette scuffs her feet in the sands, already feeling the heat… and they're moving! The eggs are moving…

Kumiko stays, but because she's anchored. Feet keep moving, however, as those rocking eggs make dark eyes widen, her grip upon Tavim's hand becoming a lifeline.

Landry turns to Aife, nervously scruffing her hair into wild flares of umber ringlets. "Did you bring any of that brandy?"

Huot sashays in after the rest, hips a swinging from side to side. He bows gallantly to the dragons, whisking off a salute for good measure and then follows Sefren towards the eggs - nice view.

Tessera oohs at that thought. "Just as long as they do today, and this isn't just a tease." she grins. Her neck rubbernecks here and there, peering at the eggs, lingering longer on her favorite, but she does touch on all of them. "So many.." she notes. Observant today, neh?

Winter Wheat Egg rattles ferociously like a saber in its sheath, klah's brown fuzzing near-indistinct into shell's blue and other hints of green. A single flake falls, and the occupant won't be waiting long.

Ouch! Not from the heat, though, but from those nails biting into Tavim's hand. A slight glare is sent to Kumi, as he sighs, shaking his head, then looks back to the eggs. Hatch, durn you… let's get on with this. "Scared?" He wonders with a smile, chiding Kumi.

Tiareth swings her head still, flanks vibrating with the force of her thrum, and stares them all down.

Toren nods , "so many of us too, Tess." she says wincing as someone steps on her foot and buring it deep into the hot sand.

Aife shakes her head, her own hair already wilting around her face. It's /hot/. "I didn't have any pockets." Too bad, that, too. A sip of brandy would go over real well right now.

Too Cool for Words Egg rolls slightly, testing the sands.

Daleva shivers even in this heat, gotta be nerves. And vainly trys to find a comfortable place to put her feat, an exercise in futility isn't it?

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg wobbles…or wriggles…or did it? waves of shimmering heat from the sands play funny tricks on the eye sometimes….

Kumiko is trying not to, but with each egg's rocking brings just a bit more… chin juts out at Tavim's statement. "No… just this blasted heat." One bare foot is lifted.

Toren shuffles from one foot to the other to cool her soles…her poor feet… right… left.. right… left….

Sen stands next to Ash, grinning at the hop hopping of the candidates…Catia will have some burns to care for for sure, come posthatching…her eyes peruse the rocking eggs with a smile on her lips, perhaps memories floating through her mind…

O'feri mentions: "Any beverage on the sands would be wasted - I know from experience." He still mourns the wine left at his ledge, left to warm and to waste.

Tessera shrinks back her exploring of the eggs with her eyes at the queen's thrum. Not good to rile Mama. Nope. Doing the candie shuffle, back and forth, front back, high-step too, she nods, eyes casting again over the crowd. Can you say: stress? I knew you could.

Sushi nibbles on already bitten-down fingernails, spitting broken-off bits onto the sands as feet start their absent-minded shuffle. Hot, yes, but at least her sandals are thick. She's just starting to get warm.

Stephen's eyes focus on the eggs admiringly and shifts his feet again, hmm, this sand is getting hotter. while he tears his eyes away from the eggs, only to glance at the galleries for a second, - no, look at the eggs Stephen, look at the eggs.

Landry says, "Oversight." A dram of anything would go down really well right now. "Hey, did you see? The snowy one moved."

Kalen glances over at Sen and Ash, he's definitely going to talk to them about the whole barefoot thing later….

Vanilla Frosting Egg shudders, not the course, crackling tremble of the more rough-hewn eggs, but a sort of swirling, creamy roll, lazy and sweet as the day.

Cailet watches the eggs with widened eyes as she pushes a stray strand of hair from her already sweating brow. She looks about and moves closer to Kaetryn before gaze once more returns to the sands and the eggs there.

Iced Mocha Egg shudders, as if dealt a great blow, and then stills its rocking, lying comfortably in its sandy hollow. Not yet.

Cool feet are futile. But Kayra keeps it up, smuffling little hollow in the sands beneath her feet as she watches the eggs. Shards. Cracks. /Babies/.

Tavim smirks slightly, shaking his head, as he gives a glance down at those 'burned' feet of his friend's. "Mmhmm, sure, whatever…" Doesn't change the fact he's going to loose a hand before this night is done. He shifts on his feet, hoping they actually don't burn, and watches.

Winter Snowstorm Egg continues to rustle, disturbed by the moment - perhaps forever, permanetly. In regards to the other eggs, though, this one remains relatively still, immovably frozen.

Too Cool for Words Egg seems to almost bubble, approaching a great explosion…energy builds up within to be expelled soon…

Toren points to several of the eggs, "Look Tess…those look close." she says doing a hop and a skip seding her robe swirling

Aife just grins at O'feri, her head bobbing up and down in answer to Landry. "Yah." She'd sacrifice the rest of the flask to have a few good drinks right now. Then, beverages forgotten - "It's gonna crack!"

Daleva takes a quick glance up at the galleries, but can't pick anything/anyone out of the mob so just turns back to the eggs, she knows the important people in her life are up there watching…somewhere.

Purplish Popsicle Egg shudders, stirring the sands that surround its lurid purple.

Winter Wheat Egg gradually grows still, but it's that thick kind of silence.

Landry knocks her knees together in queasy anticipation. "They all are!"

Kumiko doesn't squeeze too much now, before she moves back, just a touch. Just a step, only one, as she gulps loudly. Even that hand threatening to crack Tavim's has gone slack.

Sefren looks rather displeased at a certain candidate's approach. Eggs, for a moment, are all but forgotten: he makes a subtle sidle to Kayra's /other/ side - away from Huot, as was his intent. Gulp. "When will they beging Hatching?" Eyes dart back towards the eggs.

Toren casts a glance over the sands and the multitude of faces and rocking eggs and the sounds coming fromt he galleries and wonders if anyone she knows is there looking down on them. She watches the winter wheat rock then still.

Winter Wheat Egg swells to bursting, casting away winter's chill and hastening for the harvest. Dark talons thresh from within and the shell gets discarded like so much chaff: a brown dragonet pours forth, warming to the sands like a drink to a hot mug.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet
Smooth, liquid browns wash all his limber length with cider's heady flavor, runneling darker to talons spiked with nutmeg and tail's fluid flip. A few shakes of cinnamon dust his narrow muzzle and mull about the ridges of his spine, while apple's sweet, golden undertones curtain his broad wings with warmth. Warmth, too, radiates from the pooled light of his gaze, its intense focus lending strength to his already sturdy and sensible frame.

Kaetryn watches, wide-eyed, as one egg moves and then another. Which to watch!

Tessera drags her eyes back from the wineish one, to clutch her hands behind her back. Resist the force.. resist! No, don't shuffle, you can stand the heat! But, in the end, she owwies, raising her foot up off the sand, to fan it. "I should've got those ice packs." she whispers to Toren. "Aye, close indeed." she shivers in anticipation.

Kayra shakes her head, a gesture as helpless as the shrug that follows. "When they - Ohh!" There ya go.

O'feri aims a judgementive finger at Aife, grinning as he jests, "Candidate. You're so worried about all these eggs." Then, easing whatever coldness may pepper his words: " - but so was I."

Leshil seems, thus far only out there for a few minutes, to be undisturbed by his feet as he's too busy wiping sweat off so it won't fall in his eyes. "How come they don't cook, in this, this oven?" That's typical. Always has his focus been on the inconsequentials.

Stephen jumps again from foot to foot, never sitting still for a moment. The sands are hot yes, but he's also nervous. He gives a grin to his friends and fellow candidates, and glances a mere moment to the galleries, but eyes draw back to the eggs as they shake more and more. Eyes are pulled in the direction of the new dragonet. A whispered voice, "brown".

Yvette ooohs, pushing back long red locks from her face to get a better view of the first hatchling.

Sen nudges Ash, directing her attention at the candies "They won't be able to walk for the first week….good thing all they are supposed to do is feed those endless pits we call dragonets.

Cailet gasps softly as a brown emerges and steals a glance to Stephen before wonder widened eyes return to the dragonet..

Toren is still smarting from having her foot stepped on, "You okay tess." she says watching her and trying not to hop up and down like a rabbit in a firepit.

Kalen starts involuntarily as the brown dragonette emerges from its shell. An excited grin crosses his features as one hand runs through his hair.

Ash watches the first dragonets hatch and nods to Sen… giggling, "Indeed…" ooh a brown, good very good

Aife's important people are right here on the sands, so the galleries get barely a sweeping glance. Not that she could pick out faces anyway. Sweaty hands are wiped again on her robe as the emergence of the brown. Brown. Lovely brown.

Tessera blinks, as the first one takes the leap. Er split. Er, crack. Whatever. "Brown." she notes, noodling to Toren. "Yeah, just…" she points to 'her' egg. "Ya know?"

Jh'ral stirs awake.

Boom! Tavim watches, surprised, as one of the eggs explodes. Umm. Hey. They weren't kidding. It really does happen. Someone's hand, now, clenches down on Kumi's. Nervous, Tavim? Of /course/ not. Maybe a little. "Hey… look… brown." Master of the obvious, here.

Sushi stills. First cracked is brown. Good luck? Bad luck? She doesn't remember, except my! Isn't he lovely. Kinda gooey, but lovely.

Sen nods approval as well "Very nice. Good luck, too."

Toren fans herself and wipes the moisture from her brow, her hairs ticking to the back of her neck. Should have worn it up and not loose.

Landry recalls the joys of breathing. "It's a brown!" What inestimable redundancy.

Kumiko pauses, eyes widening just a bit. Maybe it's because Tavim's about to break her hand. Or maybe she sees that brown. Can't tell, as she only manages to nod.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet sprawwls there, momentarily, before lifting his cinnamon-speckled muzzle into the air and casting back the lids of bright, brimming eyes. And the first thing he does is - yawn. A quiet, squeaky yawn that shows all his teeth, and only then does he root nutmeg talons and begin to rise.

Ash nods, "Indeed…" it seems to be her word of the day or something

Fenral idly scratches at the sands, face averted…not willing to admit he's a little scared? maybe. But he'll never admit it.

Aslyn moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Tiareth grumbles into a deeper thrum, tail lashing. That's it, that's right, /yawn/. Show them.

Iced Mocha Egg wobbles again, just the tiniest bit, before beginning to vibrate again….wired on caffeine, most like!

Toren is startled by the crack and nearly bumps into someone., "Its a brown…." she says to Tess….and she opens her eys wide in amazement.

Leshil oohs. "Look at him!" he bursts out with enthusiastic redundantcy. "He looks…yummy? Is that the right word, Fenral? Huh, huh, is it?"

Deep'n Dark Depths Egg lurks for several long moments, then, just because it can, it sends another impudent shard fluttering to the sands. So there.

Yvette is terrified, and would freely admit it to anyone who asked…

Daleva jumps slightly..so that's what it looks like when a dragon hatches..always fun with you get the best seat in the house at your first hatching ever.

Stephen stares in awe at the new little dragonet, brown, just like his foster mother's dragon, Pralanth. Eyes blink and he pushes his hair back out of his eyes, finding the hair sticking to his forehead from the sweat of the heat the sands create.

Tessera clutches Toren's hand, and peers at the brown dragonet. "Oh, isn't he a sweet thing? So .. gooey." her mouth curves upwards in a smile."Isn't it all grand?" she sighs, forcefully pushing her heart back down her throat.

Mmm. Caffiene. Kayra might as well be on caffiene, for all her feet keep touching the sands for tiny moments before hopping up again. She's not doig the Stork here. She's dignity, somewhere. Eyes lock onto the eggs that move, the hatchlings that are free. Yo.

Purplish Popsicle Egg is just out of place amidst its paler siblings… Violent violet against pale and white.

Winter Snowstorm Egg struggles to remain in oblivion, innocent of the crack and crash of other eggs; instead it rumbles, a bass shudder flicking the firm-set of its shell.

Tavim notices his knuckles are white from gripping, and gives a slight smile to Kumi. Umm. Hi. He lets loose on the pressure somewhat, and tries to settle himself. Oay. There. A soft chuckle, muttering, "I know the feeling…" To the brown. Hmm. Wonder who the lucky person'll be.

Cailet moves from foot to foot and tugs her robe nervously. She watches the brown and then the eggs..back and forth her gaze moves.

V'kyre glances from hatchling to candidates and back again, before glancing owards Ash and Sen. Hmm.Does he feel like moving? Not really.

S'fyre shifts, carelessly tosses a blue-eyed gaze out to the galleries, his attention quickly drawn back to the newly hatched brown "Brown." he states to noone in particular. Smart Saf.

Toren clasps the hand back and nods in agreement, "Delicous…" she says grinning.

Landry has an uncanny urge to laugh. "Tess, look, can he be bothered to get up?"

Ash isn't moving yet… just standing there letting the heat seep through the soles of her suede boots…

Kalen absently moves from foot to foot, eyes shifting from the little dragon to the eggs and back again.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet just gangles there, those heavy golden-sailed wings refusing all his initially clumsy attempts to fold them; let the tips drag, then, and he takes his first, flowing steps forward, pinions leaving twinned ruts in the sand. Off, off, into the sea of robes.

Kumiko hops. Literally. Brunt feet tend to do that, as she feels the pressure on her hand slack. "Thanks," is only lilted to Tavim, before she - yawns. Passed on from the brown, honest.

Aife's bare feet shift onto the over-long hem of her robe…knew there was a reason she made it long. Keeps the heat of the sands out, well, at least a little bit. Makes it a bit un-balanced to walk, but then, she's not really going anywhere.

Daleva shuffles her feet in that age old dance all candis on the sands do and just watches the brown with an utterly amazed gaze.

Feisty Frosted Ale Egg Rattles a bit…wanting to know what's out there…but patience…time will tell.

Too Cool for Words Egg wriggles, just a little.

Laughing turning stress almost gone, Tessera shakes her head. "I wouldn't want to /eat/ him." she laughs, poking at Toren. "He's not food. Oh look, he's got sand on him, isn't that cute." she rolls her eyes dryly with a chuckle.

Yvette's robe swishes about her ankles as the slender girl moves forward.. and then back. Best not to get too close.

Robes! Another twitch of the belt, to straighten the robe and eyes transfix on the little brown with a smile, kind of tired he seems, but well, he did just hatch, and that's got to be quite an ordeal. Stephen fixes his belt again

Sen isn't planning on moving…the trick to hot sands is to stand absolutely still and get used to the heat. All that jumping about just makes it worse. She watches the brown for a moment before turning her gaze towards the candidates, her gaze sweeping over V'kyre as well. She nods, but turns away, smiling in expecation.

Kayra pulls one braid-tail forward, tugging on the frizzed end and glancing over at Sef. "Erh. I'm nervous." Inna she smart.

Tavim shifts, turning to watch the progress of the brown. He can't help it. A gentle nudge of his friend, as he points to the brown. Rubbernecking, Tavim is. "Hey's heading to the candidates…" Yup. He's quick.

Sefren nudges Kayra with an elbow, eyes wide with nervousness. "So any of 'em look like they might be heading in this direction?" he asks her over the chaos of the crowd, the heat alone seeming to add its own din. "The dragonets, I mean?"

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg wriggles slightly once more. A little quiet sloppy wriggle…hardly in a rush.

Toren watches the dragonet, who will he choose? Kalen perhaps? Stephen? Oh he was a cute thing she thinks to herself cooling her feet one at a time. "He's adorable….adoreable…"

Iced Mocha Egg's internal vibrations seemed to have been turned up another notch….flakes of egg seem to float to the sands, though the structural integrity has not yet been breached.

Landry shoots a slightly envious look at Aife's hemline. "If it was long enough, I'd be standing on my hemline." Even that meagre protection from the heat would be welcome. Maybe if I kneeled…?

Kumiko would say Tavim's sharp as a rusty tack, but she gets on tiptoe, watching the brown's movements. "So, I see," is muttered softly, though swaying has stopped, at least.

Too Cool for Words Egg wiggles about

Kayra defends her elbowed side. "Ech! Dunno-dunno-dunno." One hand flails helplessly, the other clinging to the braid. Lifeline.

Well, we have shoes on dear Sen… Ash just grins, "He's cute… looks kind of cinnamony…" Ash just invented a word… smart Ash

Tessera watches as the bebbee moves into the swell of Candie Land. Tastes yummy, but they are better to Impress, not eat, trust her. Craning her neck at first the dragonet, then back to the eggs, she wishes she had some way to peer at both at once. "I need more eyes," she comments to Toren.

Daleva twirls one of those stray pieces of hair around a finger and attempts to chew on it, except it's too short. Yep she's nervious, outgrew the hair chewing stage long ago.

Huot steps on the back of the ankles of the guy in front of him and mutters his apologies. Hands slick up to push back his dark-greasy hair and then drop a bit to fondly twirl what he thinks is Pern's greatest moustache. Oh yes, he's ready for anything.

O'feri guides his palms into back-pockets, his pants sweaty in all this heat. "It's moments like these I regret dragons hatching. If people could time it … but they can't." - Go to it, candidates, Impress the beasts!"

Tavim likes this being somewhat tall stuff. Get to see things better. His eyes follow the brown for a moment, then chuckle, he looks back to the eggs. All still in tack? Yup. Eyes swivel back to the brown. "Who ya think?" He simply wonders of of Kumi.

Too Cool for Words Egg shakes a bit, rattles a bit and rolls over.

Jh'ral is here, is there, is with Rennth. Rennth is … antsy. He's fidgeting fit to beat the band - or the candidates that twitch. Jh'ral will make sure his toes don't get stepped on.

A gaggle of giggling girls from seafaring Tillek draw the attention first, but then Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet pulls back, back from all the frivolity. /Goodness/ no, but that would never do - where is it? Where is it? And he trails along the sand like a rivulet down the side of a mug, meandering yet still purposeful.

Toren grins and begins to relax thoughs till excited…shells her feet were on FIRE. "I'll get whiplash from trying to see everything."

Too Cool for Words Egg has had enough of rocking, time! Light the fire folks! Shoes, indeed. Gotta love 'em.

V'kyre shifts, then, returning Sen's smile only slightly. His gaze wafts up to his own dragon, who watches from the ledges of the dragons.

Sen grins at Ash's words…"We seem to be smarter then they, at that" course, the candidates aren't really at fault, or stupid. They are following Nuff-decrees….the sand having baked the poor weyrwoman's brain. "I think Nuff felt they should suffer too?" Perhaps. One does not presume to understand, or guess, at what the weyrwoman does, or why.

Nuff is here too - see the hat? The star bobbles as she nods to Jh'ral and moves a little itty bit closer to the weyrleader. Proudly - Nuffishly, she points out the mulled little brown. "Dragon."

Too Cool for Words Egg jazzes it up, rollicking and rolling until the shell simply cannot keep up with the dragonet inside. That's okay, the newborn dragon is far too cool for its egg anyways - wings, tail, and suddenly all the rest, a dragon is born.

Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Dragonet
Deep fire burns and twists under black magma neckridges. Red glow heats up the burnt crevices surrounding shoulders, neck and muzzle. Dark and dangerous looking, forelimbs, hind legs and tail appear rooted in ground's upheaval. His eyes glow deeply, never the quiet blues and contented greens of clutchmates, but crimson whirls of boiling lava, searing all he looks upon. Netherworlds' wings spread their force and majesty wide, tips and sails slashed with the whitish heat of ash and flame.

S'fyre realizes his feet are burning…right through his boots "Hot." he states in the same simple gesture, stepping up beside Ash…smart Saf.

Kumiko isn't blessed with height… but she does have an elbow, which nudges a candidate gently aside. Bare feet dig into the sands, as she hmms under her breath. "Dunno… but it's someone… hey! Another brown!"

Stephen gives a brief grin, eyes following the brown, he knows what he wants this one does. Where is he heading next with his neat little trail in the sand, one could follow his search for the One.

Saoirse slouches against the cooler stone of the cavern wall. Here, along sands' edge, it ain't so bad. Plus then, her new boots are nice and comfy, insulating her feet better than those poor white-robed devils hopping about like mice on a griddle. "2 marks says whatever hatches out of the next egg to hatch goes to a lad," she murmurs to O'feri. Wouldn't be as much fun without a little wager.

Sefren shifts, wondering when on Pern his feet will stop aching. The heat from the Sands seems to strike straight through his soles. "Handsome brown," he murmurs to Kayra as the latest one hatches. "You should do something to attract its attention. It might like you."

Tiareth crouches back on her haunches, paws pressed together, and endeavors to look statuesque - as if her gangly bulk /could/, for all its purple - while that long tail, yes, fidgets behind. And then there's an egg, rolling smack dab before her nose; red eyes follow it. Look. It, he, it hatched.

Tessera shifts her feet, lifting first one up, then the other. Looking much like a prancing runner. Imagine that, from a herder, gee. She nods to Toren. "The ice packs…" she tsks. "Can't beleive they didn't let us use 'em." she watches as the brown straggles past. "Boy, he's taking a bit…."

Jh'ral agrees, "Dragon. It's even got a tail."

Kalen turns from watching the first hatchling to the newest one. Another brown! He can't help but grin in excitement.

Tiareth not only fidgets, now, but lashes hers. Tail, indeed.

Ash nods… and chuckles, "Getting even… its part of the fun isn't it?" she takes a deep breath…looking rather cool despite her jacket and accoutrements.. Sen has the way of it, the trick is not to /move/

Aife can stay still, except for her hands. Those must fidget, she's a Harper, hands always move, tangling in the folds of her robe or in tangles of hair. "They're so /little/ when they're born," she whispers, maybe to Landry, maybe just to anybody within range to hear. She looks back up, up toward the ledges, just to make sure. Yup. Those dragons are way bigger.

Feisty Frosted Ale Egg bubbles and shakes, and then bumps down past one its other clutchmates. Coming to a rolling stop, it waits…

Yvette's silky red hair is getting damp… her feet are getting burnt. Oh! Another brown… her favourite colour…

Tavim blinks, following Kumi's outcry, and looks over towards the sands. Hey. She's right. "Yeah… another brown hatched." Someone slap them both. The local narrators of the hatching. "He's kinda nice…" Is Tavim's simple comment.

Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Dragonet shakes off his wings, steam rising as he glares around the sands, no creel from this one, just a burning gaze sweeps the white robed ones..

Kayra pokles at Sefren. "Look. Another." She points out, at the second-hatched brown. "I swear, I think I forgot just how /gooey/ the things are." Dragonets, of course, though that applies to some Candidates. "Ooh no, I'd likely get mauled." She snerks. "Why don't /you/?"

Winter Snowstorm Egg start to slip, a sharp jerk, as the flakes drift off its smooth shell. It's melting .. or is that hatching?

Kumiko lets her brows rise at Tavim's comment. "You think? Maybe he's yours," she comments, gaze keeping both dragons in sight… no matter what it does to her neck. Whiplash, anyone?

Landry sidesteps scattered shards. "Another! And from one of your favorites, Garnon," she calls to the tubby Telgari boy. The chronic snoring seems forgotten.

Iced Mocha Egg vibrates visually now, the movment causing the sand around it to jump and quiver as the shell rolls from side to side, hyperactive.

Leshil bounces backward from the appearence of the Volcanic one. "You know, I think that one got a little of the Sands' warmth transferred to his hide." Would Leshil say anything that made sense his entire time out here? Wait and see!

Daleva peers around the candi who somehow ended up in front of her "Oh another brown! Wow" Not to eloquent are we today?

Stephen whips his head along and to look at the new hatchling, Oh, another brown! A momentary sad look crosses his face, but he remembers how proud his momma would be if she could see him now, and so he smiles, gaze going back to the first brown, watching his progress.

Sushi brushes at eyes that sting from the close heat of the sands. Another brown to go with the first, but hardly a pair. She watches, and waits, ready to jump out of the way if need be.

Cailet wipes her hands off on her robe as she watches another brown..eyes darting here and there trying to see everything, eggs..dragonets.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet gets a firm grasp on this 'walking' business, and his stride lengthens into that of a dragonet Going Places, inexorable even if inexperienced. A light-haired lad from Nabol is only glanced over, the horse-faced girl from Reaches' lower caverns gets a testing sniff, but they are not what he wants. But.. a glimmer, there?

Hyper eggs? Way cool. Kayra shouldn't have drunk all that klah, 'cause there's definitely a stomach-upset thing going on here.

Yvette likes the first brown better than the second… calmer. Not so fiery.

Toren grasps Tess, "Look another!" she says eyes tearing from the ache in her feet, "He's a handsome one…." thens he notes, "Ice packs wouldn't last two secnds out here."

O'feri smirks as he eyes those eggs which he can see, then nods once to Saoirse. "Two marks? It's a bet. Can't have the same /so/ many times," he explains, walking next to her and the cooler wall; the wall is the true attraction.

Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Dragonet lurches forward, eyes glaring redly searching for the one who can handle his fire, head moves from side to side looking, one is spotted, one who may be worthy of his majesty…determined steps move him forward, steam rising with every step.

Tiareth eyes all those browns - and looks up, looks down that Rennth character to boot.

Sefren shakes his head at Kayra, rather emphatically. "No way!" And no talking about being mauled yet, either. It's bad luck. "What do you think would attract a dragonet's attention, anyway?"

Tessera blinks as another brown makes an appearance. "Woo, another." she points, as if they didn't see it. Riiight. Shifting back and forth, she peers at the other rollicking eggs. "Yuh, brown. Well, ice packs are better than nothing…" she pauses, then oohs, watching as the first brown looks interested in someone.

Toren says, "He's a fiesty one Tess…he looks like he might careen right into the lot of us…"

Kumiko continues to watch the moving browns, a gulp pushed down her throat. Feet are moved, slowly, free hand moving to wipe the sweat from her brow. Cool is the last thing on her mind right now.

Kayra shrugs, facing forward. "Moon 'em." Cackle. That's get /someone/'s attention. Maybe Huoh's.

Feisty Frosted Ale Egg begins to energetically move this time..up and down…a new dance is created! The let-me-out-of-the-egg hop!

Rennth isn't brown, though - His? Hah!

Tavim rolls his eyes, gently nudging Kumi, as he mutters, "I hope you're kidding… nah… he's prolly your's… keep ya from getting back to cooking…" A wince, as he looks down at his feet, mutters a curse, and wonders, "Can I stand on your feet, Kumiko?"

Aslyn stands to the side watching the action with great interest, wow..and her cousin did this twice..?

Huot knows how to walk - even if he torture it itno smething that's more of a girlish swagger than anything else. Moving in the sea that /is/ the candidates, he plants himself finally in front of a few speckly, moving eggs and stands there, waiting: arms loose, shoulders shiting, he knows he looks /good/.

Stephen suddenly remembers his feet, Ouch! Hop from foot to foot as he tries to cool them down, eyes going from the eggs to the wandering hatchlings, watching for impressions to be made, watching the rolling eggs, wishing there were a way to watch both at the same time.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet utilizes fliud motion to good purpose: /away/ from his steamy, smokey, all-together-rather-too-hot-for-me brother and right into a new cluster of white-robes. He pauses, then, and cants his muzzle to their faces. Well now, wait now. What is this?

Tiareth cranes her head around and noses at the darker flanks Rennth has, investigating: no brown hidden here? How about under his …wings?

Deep'n Dark Depths Egg flicks again, rattling against its neighbours and giving each a good thunk. Take that! And that and that! But hey, it's just being sociable.

Toren uses her robe as a fan , whew! owie owie ooof ooof hot foot hot foot.

Feisty Frosted Ale Egg spills over, bubbling foam that momentarily coats its amber-hued shell. As the foam subsides and comes to settle on the ground, a pastel green dragonet is left standing - the shy posture of a side-dish at first, but soon ready to come into her own.

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet
Lyrical lines and sisal-thin sails define the exotic Eastern beauty of this sleek iconoclast: pepper'd green - pasty green - almost a pastel green dabs tip to tail in a slightly variegated pattern of verdant color that breaks to blue only along the latter half of her tail. Speckles of black dot her belly and likewise spice broad sails and sides, while her talons are a nameless blend of horse-radish and brown. Eyes whirl intently, blending with her hide in their homogenity - she looks harmless enough.

Aife prefers cider to lava, not that she really thinks either of these dragons are heading her way. It's just something to think about, watching them out there walking around and trying not to wonder what on earth possessed one to agree to do this. Not that she'd /really/ trade the experience in…..

Tessera oohs, noticing. "Maybe. They look pretty entertained over there." she grins, pointing, stretching, rubbernecking at the eggs and browns still out. "Hey, more are a'movin." she notes, hugging herself, and shifting back and forth. "Hey, green." Nicely observative.

Kumiko gives a snort at Tavim, before looking back to the dragons. "You're going to tell me that, then ask to stand on my feet. How likely?" The mulled brown is watched, curious expression on her face… and hello. "Green." And neck pain.

Purplish Popsicle Egg is bright and eager. It can do just as well as the rest of them - and look! It's purple! Nuff's favorite color!

Toren nudges TEss, "Look! A little green…"

Iced Mocha Egg is going spastic, creamy brown shell falling to sands like foam overflowing a glass; but still, it does not crack. Perhaps it is enjoying its cafeine high too much?

Kayra pokes at Sefren again. "Lookit. Green." Good, her observatory skills are increasing by the moment. "Moon it!" Snicker.

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet reaches forward, head close to the sand… its very interesting… but something's missing. A great first lurch, and she's on her feet…

Kalen looks over at the newest hatchling, a green. Wow, there's a lot of dragons on the sands now…

Yvette shifts from foot to foot in silent pain. But look… a nice little green. Not the kind of lifemate Yvette would like though.

Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Dragonet strides forward, eye catching the one who thinks he looks good, that will remain to be seen, is he good enough for one of this browns fire and brimstone? Breath blows sulpherous smoke and ash over the lad…*sniff*..he'll do..needs work, but he will do.

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg shivers, frigid eddies swirling slightly in waves of /hot/, visibly this time.

Cailet smiles as the green appears and continues her hopping shuffling motions. Her hand reahcing to hold her hair off her neck..

Tessera nudges Toren right back, winking. "I know, green. Isn't that your…?" she asks, trailing off, eyes twinkling. "Here, stand here." Tess motions to a place in front of her.

Tavim looks up at the brown, and grins a bit. Seems a certain cider dragon is on the hunt. He glances towards the eggs, quirks his brow, then notices the green. Hey… kinda nice. That comment is sent to Kumi, as he nudges her, pointing. "See? And yeah… I thought quite." A wink, then he returns to watching.

Landry gasps. Oh. Oh. Oh! Green. Then: "Kayra!" she says, shocked into laughter.

Sefren oohs, gaping at the newly hatched green. Sure, he had something to say to Kayra about it, but his jaw just falls open at her suggestion. "Moon it? Girl, have you been drinking wine all morning?"

Sen is watching the first brown intently..he seems almost to know what he wants….strange how the dragons do that, isn't it? She still has no idea what Sindiath saw in her.

Daleva just shuffles back and forth attempting to watch the eggs, candidates, and hatchlings all at the same time. "Oh Green." A glance around as one of the browns seems to fins someone he likes, but from her vantage can't tell who it is.

Stephen watches the green hatch and grins, as he studies it for a moment, and then glances towards the gallaries for a moment, but he's not to be distracted long, these dragonets are demanding attention. Hop hop, hot sand.

Rennth snorts, distracted from the crackling eggs and hatching browns as he gets investigated - watch it, he might be ticklish. Those wings tuck tightly against his sides, denying the observation. No, no, no brown. Pure bay.

Sushi shuffles a step to the left to murmur into a short blond boy's ear as the green hatches. That dragonet doesn't look quite as mean as the last one.

Winter Snowstorm Egg grates against the sand, rocking.. rocking.. /rocking/ and consequently nestling itself into a warm, grainy bed. It's not comfortable and it will not suffice.

Kayra giggles, yanking her braid just a little too hard. "Whaat! No. Just klah." And if you knew how much sweetener she puts in her klah…

Ash is just standing there, that quirky smile on her face… watching…

Toren considers climbing up on a shorter candidate so she can cool of her feet….Whirling around she tries to look at all the dragonets spouting forth from shells and all the hopefulls hopping on the sands.

Kumiko gives another snort, before she spies the first… Impression

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet moves forward, inspecting a contingent from Tillek…no, not here…some from Nabol? not these either. Slowly she turns around the circle, a consumate shopopper, settling only for the best.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet is drawn to one in particular, a sturdy-looking lad with darkly brown hair and that Good kind of aura about him, even as he hops. The rapid whirl of his faceted eyes investigate a gaze of crystal's blue, and he half-lifts those heavy wings in question. You? Is it - ?

Kumiko gives another snort, before she spies the first… Impression? Maybe, as she nudges Tavim with her elbow." Shush… that green's looking…" She's simply here for support, don't you know.

Tiareth's claws scrape her out of her stance, sand sliding through eggs and hatchlings - poor hatchlings, so egg-wet and awkward! - as the queen checks, nostrils flaring. Pure bay? But that little hatchling, she has spots. She /saw/.

Toren clasps Tesses arem and points to the Mulled Cider brown…..and doesn't say anything just points.

Green? And lovely green indeed, for all that Aife's a bit afraid of the idea of Impressing one of /those/…the tiny Candidate looks hopefully at the other white-robes surrounding her. One of 'em has at least got to come close…

An egg cracks - a red&blue striped white one, and sends forth a small green, all peppermint-tea flavoured. Who wastes no time, but pounces on a tiny blonde from Igen…. Mine! Let me soothe you….

Benden White Egg just behaves, for the moment. The egg goes well with wherry, or nice roasted candidate parts. But right now it waits - ages - wouldnt'do to pick a young wine not yet ready to be uncorked.

Kaetryn ooos! and grasps the hands next to her…"What a lovely shade…"

Stephen holds his breath and watches the Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet with a gentle smile, even as he continues his hopping from one foot to another.

Of course. Support. So let him stand on her feet! Tavim looks at hte green, giving a smile, then notices the green, and nods. Yup. "She sure is… and talking, too… amazing, huh?" Okay, fun is poked.

Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Huot, and steps forward.

Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet gives a satisfied, sighing croon, and sweeps apple-brushed wings forward, their weight no longer so pressing. You.
Mulled Cider Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Stephen, and steps forward.

Tessera looks where Toren points, moving her robe down as it rides up. Shards, these darn waists… "Hey, do ya think?" she asks, casting an eye back again to the eggs. Le sigh. Hatch, durn it, she silently chants, eyes can't help but to be fastened to one. She drags her brown eyes off them, in time to see Huot Impress. "Oh cool." she grins. Harrumph.

Kumiko doesn't comment to Tavim, instead she moves her feet out of stepping range. Eggs are watched, as are dragonets, only pausing to watch… a brown? And another. Impression. "Stephen?" Blink.

An awkward-looking bronze cracks shell just yards away from a gangly, spotty tanner lad. It honks and most of the Candidates nearby back away; such an /intriguing/ smell. But not the tanner - he's used to such things, and impression is swift. Benady, now B'ad, hugs the dragonet's weedy neck. "Oh Breath, you're the best!"

Guilt, guilt, all laid at Rennth's talons. /She's/ the one who took it in her head to fly. Just wait until a one-eyed, one-headknobb'd, flying purple Nuff-eater hatches. Rennth flickers his tail some more, Tiareth-wards.

Daleva is up on her tiptoes trying to see where the hatchlings are going, shards not being tall is a pain sometimes. There she can see, with singed toes of course "Stephen?" Is that Stephen she sees one of the browns choose?

Cailet smiles and then her look turns to one of awe as she sees Stephen…she just watches foot shuffling stopped for the moment.

Yvette bounces lightly on the balls of her feet… cooler, and she gets a better view. "Stephen!" comes the squeak.

Stephen sharply takes in a deep breath, managing to squeak out, "His name is Trebinth!"

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet turns towards to other side of the circle…now that the brown's out lets have a looksee. A slight breeze pushes her towards one side, to take a closer look…

Sen smiles approval as the two browns find lifemates. "Look, Ash..your first weyrlings!" she chuckles "Go to it, weyrlingmaster!"

Kalen smiles with happiness as Stephen impresses, "Wow, Stephen!"

Tessera jumps up, clutching Toren's arm. "Stephen! Stephen, got the brown!" she fairly dances. Which is a good thing, as her feet are coooooking. Anyone for roast tootsies?

B'ran stays well away from that gold lump's claws. He's seen them up close. Ahem. Scooching over towards the Weyrlingmaster, the man leans in, "Lots of brown. The candidates look to be holding up okay, though." Across the sands the Mulled Cider's hip hops catch his eyes and he points. "Look! Remember when Tera hatched? Which was it that hopped like that?"

Kayra catches brown-hatchling movements out of her peripheral vision - "Stephen! Huot!" She calls out the names with a congratulatory wave, the braid-end now chewed upon.

H'ot blinks, then blinks again, then like a troubadour to the bull turns to the little firey brown dragonet - "Tamaleth!?" With a surprised sudder he pushes at the nose of the little brown, shoving it aside as one does a insistant runner. "What do you mean your name is Tamaleth? You're musing up my robe."

Ash watches the Cider Brown find his match and nods, "First impression… Stephen… its good…" she is beaming even if she is utterly calm, and she pushes away from the wall and motions to the first pair, "S'PHEN! H'OT! Bring Trebinth and Tamaleth to the side…!"

"What about… ah." A glance is given towards the newly impressed candidate, and Tavim grins, mentally noting to give him a big congrats later. Slick. "Hey… I bet you're next, Kumi… better run." A wink, then he looks towards the only un-impressed dragon, the green.

Toren feels tears welling in her eyes, and she smiles, "Amazing….amazing…."

Tiareth flickers /her/ tail back, meaningfully. - But, wait, then! Tiareth somewhat belatedly bugles. Impression. Impressions. Dragons can't count, but /plurals/ -

S'fyre raises an eyebrow slightly…that bronze..it /honked/. He shrugs slightly and sets his arms behind his back before immediately spotting Stephen "Stephen, way to go!"

Daleva claps her hands together "All right Stephen!" she calls across the sands. A blink at the other brown, oh missed that one "Congrats!" is also called in H'ot's direction.

Sushi blinks shyly at the green as the dragonet wanders 'cross the sands. Then she cups a hand to whisper-whisper-whisper to the Candidate beside her once more.

Landry watches the first hatched dragonet choose…"Go healer hall! Stephen!" she cries exuberantly. And reminded that there's a gallery full of spectators, including healers, Landry actually glances up to find some of her friends.

Iced Mocha Egg vibrates, vibrates, bounces, quivers; the flakes continue to fall, and tiny cracks to form, before all of a sudden, it seems to go still for the slightest second….

Iced Mocha Egg stirs again and its creamy brown shell melts, foamy bubbles dissapating into the air; what is left behind is a dragonet, standing in a puddle of pale brown dotted with egg fragments, seemingly calm despite having been encased in caffeine for so long.

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet
Amber foams, effervescent: light hues spill over the back and neck of this sturdy dragonet, fizzing and frothing before the drunken colors dissolve into his hide of darker umber and rich, deep brown hide. Stretched taut over bulky muscle and compact bone, flickers of hearthfire's red and vibrant orange emblazon his sides even as malty speckles of gold bubble over belly and haunch in a riotous, random pattern. Only in the soft whirl of his eyes, set deep under craggy ridges, can one see the sobriety and clarity of thought that is this young mentor's true nature: innate wisdom despite the beguiling mead-like hues that swirl about his stocky form.

Cailet starts to move her feet quickly as the heat reminds her, searing the bottom of her feet. She turns back to eggs and hatchlings with tears in her eyes, happy for her friend..

Leshil starts up on that good ol' Sands shebang, kick-jump-land, sending sand flying as he lets out a whoop that's far larger than it should be, for someone his size. "All right! Hurrah! The gossips are gonna hear about this for sevendays on sevendays, S'phen!" Gee, how's that for congratulations and delight?

Kumiko spies that moving green, before almost yanking her hand from Tavim's. Still, no comment, as she lets her feet rise, one then the other as she gives a deep sigh, sweat rubbed away. Another brown. Oh my.

A small blue creels desperately as he wanders in and out among the white robed ones, so much white! Yoo hoo, I know you are out there, come and save me from these scary creatures. A blink and whirl and *creel*, head turns towards a tiny lad almost hidden among the others. The lad shakes and boldly steps forward, together they bond and head from the sands.."Oh Blueberith, you are wonderful! " P'ie is mesmorised by the whirling eyes as he is lead off.

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet looks back at the whispering girl…now there's something interesting! A secret. Do tell. With uneven steps, she heads towards her new hgoal.

More brown! Yvette just sways…. hair hanging damp and long into her eyes. "Ohhh… he's beautiful…"

Aife's hands fly to cover her mouth, startled, muffling the congratulatory "Stephen!!" First impression of the night, and the other so quickly after it….But too many now to follow, to keep track of. Although she tries.

H'ot pushes the little brown again, this time more friendly like, and helps Tamaleth over towards the Weyrlingmaster. "Do you like my moustache?", asks the young Harper hopefully, "I grew it for you."

"Another brown!" Kayra, stop being so.. so… repeatable. "Sef, Sef." Poke, nudge. She chews frantic-like on the end of the braid. "What if something comes over /here/?" Sefren ohs, giving Kayra another nudge. "Look at that brown. Handsome fellow, eh? Think he'll like you?" Sef does. Yup. Another brown. They seem to be prevailent. That good or bad?

Tavim just grins slightly, nodding, as he studies the dragon. Again, his aethetics are noted, as he nudges Kumi. "Bet he's your's…" Wink.

Aslyn smiles, "Congratulations Stephen, a fine brown he is.."

Winter Snowstorm Egg fiercely blows, cracks tracing the egg both up and down, left and right. Shards fall, pulled off - /pushed/ off.

Tessera gives a final clap for the Impressions, barely heard over the crowd. Turning cinnamon eyes back to the chaos before her, she continues her dance of the Seven Hotfoots. Mumbling something about the price of sandals, she crosses her arms in front of her to stoically await the next ones, eyes again drug to 'that' egg.

Toren claps Tesses hand, "Look! Another brown!" and more impressions…it is all happening so fast!

Kalen turns from watching the two pairs move over to Ash and looks back at the new brown arrival.

S'phen helps the new brown to stand and works his way towards the edge of the sands, away from the mass of candidates, eyes only for the brown.

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet shakes. First things first, and this goo has just /got/ to come off. He shakes again, harder, and slime flies in all directions, leaving him, of course, meticulously clean. Imagine that. Eyes turn from an inspection of himself to the sands and those upon it.

Cailet looks at the newly hatched brown and smiles. Eyes moving from him to the green then back to the eggs..

Kumiko's gaz narrows at Tavim, before she goes back to watching eggs. And hatchings. Green's occupied… a new brown. Feet shuffle, meandering almost upon their own as she keeps her eyes ahead.

Daleva rocks back onto her heels having spoted the Impressions, and tosted her totsies big time. "'nother brown" she comments to herself, Mistress of the obvious striking again.

Icy Comet Egg might shiver /just/ the slightest, but otherwise remains in its own cozy orbit of Tiareth-piled sand. Why crash just yet?

Winter Snowstorm Egg shifts as forces-wind, heat, and something undefinable-pull the purified shell apart, gently chipping off hunks. They fall white white /white/ against the tawny sands, refracting and reflecting light as she-within shudders in the egg's captivity a final time. Quickly the structure collapses about her and she lies alone in a bed of cracked shards.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet
Foxfire smolders under dark - chilly - tourmaline hide: blustery and pirate-dark, she embodies tempest seas in long, sturdy limbs. Briny, brackish green kindles depths that threaten to overwhelm her broadly canvassed sails and the ribbing of her belly, likewise imbuing the supple curve of her neck and rough, flicking tail with alluring shadows. Slender headknobs peak in eerie manifestations of light, echoed in the gloaming along serrated blades and in the intensity of her ever-puckish stare.

Landry carelessly smudges her paintwork as she knuckles an eye. She smiles tremulously at Cailet. "Oh shards, I think I'm going to cry…"

Ash blinks a moment at H'ot and hrms… pointing to a spot in the sands on the side, "Stay there…" and she walks back to her place beside Sen… and waits… pairs are not coming off the sands more often

Kayra points, again - Empty hand wavering in the heat. "Urph. My feet are sore, but look." She points towards the green. "This is too fast, way way too fast.."

Tessera smothers an ick as goo flys past her. She prefers runner muck to draggie goo. Really. Nudging Toren, she nods. "Browns are just popping out everywhere!" Wondering when any other colors will make an appearance, she digs her feet down in the sand hopeful for a cool spot.

Yah, right. Plurals. More than one. Forty-four, or so Jh'ral says. All Rennth knows is that's a lot. It's good. He's done good. They've done good. But it ain't over, and so he'll fidget and Jh'ral will sidestep Nuff-wards.

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet 's intent gaze searches the crowds of white from afar, but he makes no move forward. Must plan, you see, then move. Carefully, oh so carefully, he forms his maneuver, then impletments, heading with calm intent (and a bit of wobbling) towards the robed figures.

Cailet laughs softly at the new green and steps closer to Landry "Beautiful..they are all beautiful don't you think?"

Deep'n Dark Depths Egg topples over to one side as its neighbour hatches, swapping its support for a new blue dragonet which quickly toddles away. Sitting sideways now, it rests for a few long moments, sulking.

Leshil never paid much attention to Aslyn's injunction to be dignified, and thank goodness for that, but he's still trying - maybe? - for decorum. "Aren't they all just spetacular?"

Tiareth, somehow reminded, snakes that tail cozily about that Ice Comet Egg. Just for a moment, that's all; she did pack that sand nicely, didn't she? And yes, run off, you riders.

Vivid green, a long-limbed hatchling prances out onto the Sands. Is he there? Or is that her… Seeking, ever seeking until the moment she comes face-to-face with the one who'll endure her for evermore. "Penoth!" cries young Jala.

Sefren ohs, giving Kayra another nudge, surprised so much he stumbles back to track across her toes. "Green. Kay, she's beautiful. Make her come over here." Yeah, like Kayra controls dragonets or something.

Wicked Wasabi Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sushi, and steps forward.

Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg squats happily where it is…frozen curls defying hot sands of any movement for the moment

Toren has slowed her candie shuffle to a slight hop now and then using Tess as a support, stepping on a flying egg shell that landed near bye, "Aren't they all…just ..precious?" she says wondering if she sounds positively goofy.

Aife stares. There are too many now to watch them all, and every one's as lovely as the last. But she tries, committing to memory this entire afternoon. At least it'll be a song, later…. And green. Another one.

Kumiko grimaces. Going too fast and not fast enough, as she hops from foot to foot, braid swinging with the movement. "I think I'm going to burn my feet off. Or be sick." Or something.

And there goes dragon number five… or is it four? Or eight? Whatever. A grin, as Tavim nudges Kumiko, alerting her to the newest addition. "Hmm… who ya think?" Eyes flicker about the candidates, many his friends. Who'll go away with the grand prize today, huh?

Yvette watchees intently as a number of greens Impress… that beautiful brown is still out there, though.

Landry would indeed cry if if her body hadn't decided that water was too scarce to waste in this desert. "They're wonderful." Esh. Sentimentality, whatever next?

Kayra pokes back at Sefren. "No way I'm mooning her in front of this crowd. 'Sides, she'd prolly maul me or something." But still, she appreciatively eyes the newest green, chewing on her braid, shifting in the sand.

Icy Comet Egg has grown rings, the nicely golden ring of momma-Tiareth's tail. Yes, yes, all is good, waiting is good. It is Comfy.

Root Beer Float Egg fzz's, small noises sussurant amidst the clamor, calamity, and caffienated furor of the sands.

Nuff admires - acknowledges - appreciates the egg-tending, even as he attention is focused on the arriving dragonets. Being Nuff she hides behind some other ridres as a twin pair of blues comes stampeding towards them, and just peeks out when its safe again. "Move /over/ Saorise. I can't see." Her hat bong-bong-bongs whoever's closest.

Tessera smothers a laugh to Toren. "Yeah, they are. Precocious too. But…" she sighs, watching as another Impression is made. "Too precious." A beam is flashed Sushi's way. "Gah, they are just spewing out…" she observes, watching as the eggs flash open.

Fenral scuffles the sands, unable to take his eyes off the newly hatched…none over here, but maybe if he's quite for just once…

Sushi blinks. And then blinks again. "S-s-sashimith?" Then her broad little face alights in an apple-cheeked smile. "Sashimith!" She repeats, this time with more certainty, and the pair waddle off toward the growing group of impressees.

Tiareth preens, in the middle of that cacophony. /Comfy/. Yes, ah, yes.

Sefren eyes Kayra and her robe. "Shoulda made your robe shorter. Then you wouldn't have to worry about making decisions like mooning someone or not." Since every other gust of wind would make her choice for her.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet lies, huddled within her shards - they /are/ hers - with her head twisted, chin-up and the world upside-down. Thus her first emotion is born, /confusion/, not mind you that she experience much else before now. Flipping her wings tightly to her back, she reaches out with her legs and rights herself. Somewhat. A shard still clings to her flank and her back is all sandy but at least the world is as it should be, right side up.

Ash shuffles waving Sushi and Sashimith over to the side with the rapidly growing pairs of candidates and dragonettes

Kumiko just wants the third place prize of Rice-a-Roni, thanks. But she's nudged, before she spies Sushi's Impression, the new brown and green kept within sight. No need to loose either one of them right now.

Daleva gives up trying to chew on the ends of her hair and settles for her thumbnail, somehow managing not to chew it off, she shuffles and watches. A grin as Sushi Impresses "Congratualations!" she calls.

Kayra pffts, reaching to tug down on her robe, checking the hem-length. "I like my robe, thanks." It's nice. And long. Better than /yours/" Robe Rivalry! Eek!

Tavim notices the green's impressed, and he gives a smile. He talked to her a few times… nice girl. A grimace, as he reaches down to rub the soles of one of his feet, then stands again. "This sand is hot…" He mutters, shaking his head. "How many are out there, Kumi?"

Toren feels her head spinning, "Congratulations…." she sys to the newly impressed. "Its happening so fast Tess!"

Landry grins at Cailet, hands adding more and more rumples to her skirt heedlessly. "Look. Sushi, well done!" But grey eyes scan for her favorites all the while. Citrus Tea, anyone?

Salea beams…and helps to get the weyrlings off to oen side…so much chaos!

Tessera raises a redgold brow at the shell-chunked greenie. "Oh, Toren, isn't it cute?" she winks, pointint to the green. "And a greenie one too…" she nudges. Wink, nudge. "It is, waaay too fast." she agrees with her friend.

Kalen watches the two dragonets, the green is pretty, but the brown holds most of his attention.

Sefren has a whole lot more to worry about than robe length or fashion, but as usual, the immediate takes precidence. "Kay, you've got to be kidding. At least my robe doesn't make me look like a formless blotch." More than just robe rivalry, robe bickering!

Cailet continues her shuffling as she watches the new green and grins "Yes..beautiful.." She then looks about to find the brown she knows is out there and spotting him relaxes a bit, not too close before gaze swings back to the eggs and what may still pop out.

Vanilla Frosting Egg rolls out from the pack of fast dwindling egs. *Hop* Hop-Hop*

Benden White Egg stirs, sec - dry - hard - ready. Moons of attention have left the shell well-warmed, well-guarded, and well-worn. Irregardless of the noise around it, the egg takes its own sweet time cracking just a little bit when no-one's looking. Can't see me, I'm bee-having.

Borlack, a wan, gaunt young man, is busy gawking at a shiny green, when a night-dark blue nudges him in the belly. Impression! "We'd best not let them in on that just yet, Death… Let's keep it our little secret," B'lack whispers.

Purplish Popsicle Egg is melting, droplets of purple seeming to ooze away from its shell. But the time is not yet… a slow thaw is this, even in Hatching Sands' heat.

Toren grins, "Its as pretty as the Paradise gardens at this time of year." she says about the green at Tess's comment. "but the brown is handsome too. "

"Too many. Not enough." Kumiko, Queen of Ambiguity. "Still a brown and green… I think…" Maybe not, her hand is moving in front of her eyes, wiping the sweat away. Where'd they go?

Kayra giggles, then. "Oh, well." She tweaks a corner of Sef's robe. "I like it anyways." She's not overly exposed, anyways. "Watch the hatchlings, foo."

Aife sees her egg move. "Landry!" as the closest and most likely to listen. "The bubbly one moved!" Bubbly, that's what it seemed like every time she touched it, that egg that reminds her so much of wine….

Tessera spares a small intake of breath as eggs move. Oh, /it/ moved. Tearing eyes away, she shakes her head at the wandering dragonets. "They seem so confused, how do they find their person?"

Hearthfire Brown Dragonet heads toward a blob of white that soon dissolves into separate entities of pureness topped by a myriad of hair colors…he stops, inspecting them carefully. One, a tall boy with black hair even gets a sniff, but then the dragonet moves on, his plan still in effect, though as yet unsuccessful…..but wait. Eyes turn to look across the sand..over there. New plan, better results.

Tavim squints, and puts out a finger, counting each of the dragons. Oooone… twoooo.. and that's it. A pause, then he points ot the brown with a slight grin. "He looks like he's on a mission…"

Rennth wriggles downwards, not bending but doing more of a limbo trick to exhale at the egg he and Tiareth have guarded. Hah. He didn't even let Jh'ral touch it.

Sefren's robe gets tweaked, and he snatched it away from Kayra's grasp. "Hey, cut it out! You watch the hatchlings, yoruself!" And to match action with words, he stands on tiptoe - yup, bare tiptoe - to try to see over the trio of tall Smith lasses who have edged in front of him.

Landry peers obediently. "Oh, look it's still again." Then she wrinkles her nose selfishly at Aife, "My lemon tea egg hasn't moved much yet."

Deep'n Dark Depths Egg is the raw depths of an opening mine: veins of gold and crimson finish spreading tendrils of fire about the blackened shell. Treasures untold are gradually revealed until finally, with a devil's determination, the dragonet finally demolishes the cage of his shell.

Burnt Rubber Bronze Dragonet
Heat-blackened hide blisters over the blade-like frame of this dragonet; bronze burnt to a charcoaled crust peels back to reveal sullen under-layers of rich, gleaming brass. His craggy head is sharp-featured, though sandy motes scour his mis-aligned muzzle, embedded grit to blur that profile, and one headknob, pure gold, lends a rakish imbalance. The bat-like camber of his scorch-tipped spars clench about the folds of charred crimson 'sails - a molten colour to mimic the singed streaks that scar his sides.

St. Elmo's Fire Green Dragonet twitches her shoulder in an attempt to flick the shard, then swings her haunches out to the right. It works, although she slips in the smooth graininess of the sand and encrusts her other side - but soon after, moving towards the wide, white sea of candidates she grows accustumed to motion. Still /control/ of motion isn't at its best, /yet/. It'll come, she knows as she cocks her head and looks, wide-eyed and curious. So this is Life.

Part 2

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