High Reaches' 10th PC Hatching (part 2)

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Sii'kyn's brown Sidramuntalath and Vaeli's gold Nissionath x B'ane's bronze Aboleoth
2nd August 2003
Logged by Donis

Part 1

Out of the Ashes Egg settles down to burn in silence; the egg stills, with only faint ripples here or there to show any signs of life underneath.

Pycia blushes crimson and giggles hysterically at Reuben's question. "Eee, tee hee. F'ish. Him! He's not even here," she sniffs, having scanned the galleries several times, looking for her blueriding love.

Kodisan grins over at Lexia, then at Reuben. "I don't think he cares much," Kodi murmurs to the smith candidate. "He's a bit," and here, the weaver candi moves a finger around near his temple. Ahem.

Statue in the Deeps Green Dragonet moves forwards, as unstoppable as the tides. She blows by a couple of the smaller lads, and then a couple of the larger ones. Like a stone-man thrwo overboard, she sinks into the sea of white-robed Candidates and all but disappears from view.

Drinking Tea with Alligators Green Dragonet pauses. There. Over there. Something seems wrong - something needs her attention. The green swerves, and purposeful steps carry her toward a clumped trio of candidates. She lowers her head, bringing her eye-to- eye with Pycia. Her? Is this the thing she senses, the thing she needs? Shaking off the thought with a violent twitch of her forepaws, the dragonet decides not, and proceeds to begin her way down the line of candidates, intending, evidently, to systematically check each one until she finds the /one/.

Kibai is feeling his hand being used for some nefarious purpose, and his attention is drawn away from Kaesa and to Lauria -not to mention over to the entrance indicated. "Pardon? Run away?" Okay, now maybe all of those thoughts of fleeing actually escape from his mind. "I didn't scrub rider underwear just to run away now."

Monty splutters as Pycia practically tugs his arm out of it's socket. "SHARDS!" He glared at, then his expression softened. "But it is beautiful. I definately agree." He sighed happily, then turned to Alasse and offered her an arm and a side to cling to. He had two, after all. "Alasse? Do you need a bit of support so you don't faint? I don't think you'd want to pass out with these dragonets running around." He looked concerned and solicitous, his frying feet forgotten in the fray. He blinks at the little green dragonet who came so close and peered at Pycia, then darted a glance at Alasse to see if she was okay.

Reuben glances up into the galleries and gives everyone a small wave, just in case anyone's here rooting him on. But, to the Candidates, "I knew this would be exciign, but … gawsh… "

Celeste considers this, too, one eye still on the dragonets and eggs. "I bet we could run faster than them. I mean, they keep tripping and things. They're uncoordinated, too." Pause. "And gooey." She points at the Statue of the Deeps green. "That one, I've got my eye on it. Looks… calculating." She cranes her neck. "Where'd it go?" She frowns. "If that one comes, we run." Yes?

Kodisan is frozen to the spot as a green comes by to check out Pycia. "That's… that's a good sign, right?" he asks before pausing to smile. "Maybe the next one, Pycia." Though his eyes stay intent on the one that was just inches away a moment ago. And moves away from him. Drat.

Pycia gasps, a sound that can probably be heard all the way to Ista, as a green dragonet suddenly comes close. "OOOOoooh! She looked at me, she looked at…" Her voice trails off in a squeak, and disappointment settles on her pretty face. "Oh……."

Ocean Crest Egg rolls again, giving the weird impression of looking like a wave crshing onto a beach. A network of cracks already traces across the shell. Not too long, now.

Alasse pciks at the fabric of her robe, watching the greens cautiously. If they start to get too near, family honor or no, she might just bolt. And she backs away several feet as one of the dragons gets too close for comfort. Which leaves her wide open to any more dragons, so she scurries back over to hide in Monty's shadown again. Thank goodness for tall candidates!

Kaltia backs up, away from the green as she enters the group of candidates, gaze shifting all around her as she does so, afterall. T'would do to back away from one right into another.

Lucan watches as more eggs move and start to crack. "This is.. nerve wracking." he says to his small group. "I don't suppose it's going to get any cooler down here, huh?" Stupid question, anyway. He's babbling again. oy.

Auryn hisses out of the corner of her mouth to Celeste: "Thank Faranth that dimwit didn't get a /green/! Imagine the flights!"

Adrin is still here. And has yet to throw up, thankfully. But he looks rather rediculous hopping this way and that like a barefooted fool. He probably won't Impress - the hatchlings will think he looks like an idiot.

Zarelyn lets out a sigh as her perpetual rocking seems to be doing no good, instead she switches to standing on one foot to give the other a rest from the heat. leaning forwards a little to keep her balance she looks along the line once more, wobbling a little as she sees a green hatchling relatively close to the line.

Flourish seems to be getting more and more interested on what exactly is going on out on the sands. At least no one's been eaten or anything. "Hey, she's the one who… you know. Right?" he asks Reuben pointing over at Pycia.

Pyrene's eyes follow Adrin with interest. If he keeps hopping back and forth like that, maybe seasickness will set in.

Lauria nods quickly. "If that one comes, we run. We run, we run, we - " she turns towards Kibai, and snorts. "But you said you wanted to run? Euurgh. I thought we were okay on running? And -I- didn't do any rider underwear. Though shoveling snow, and sands duty, and… well…" She sighs, forgetting where she is - until the heat reaches her feet again. She jumps slightly. "Right. Run."

Lexia hisses in a breath as the tiny pawed green draws near to Pycia, then passes her by… letting out the breath slowly. "There's plenty… /plenty/ more eggs… no fears, Pyci." Of course, that's not all true, and she knows it - that voice is gnawing at her optimistic comment, reminding her there were plenty of eggs last time and she still was left standing.

Donis looks around again, turning in slow circles. "Where did that green go?" he wonders aloud, then shakes his head at Lucan. "No - no cooler. On the other hand, it won't get any hotter." And at least turning around means only one foot is in contact with the sands at any one time.

Monty pats Alasse on the shoulder. "You'll be fine. Just don't faint." He had to twist to do that. Then he winces at the after-sound of Pycia's shriek in his ear. "SHARDS! Quit that Pycia, you'll get your impression, By the First Egg, girl!" He sighed, hoping that she wouldn't be that horrid if she impressed. He wanted to *keep* his eardrums, after all.

A Flicker in the Dark Egg wobbles to and fro, causing bits of sand to kick up and fly to some of the eggs around it. Nope. Not time yet.

Drinking Tea with Alligators Green Dragonet halts abruptly as she stops in front of Monty, and for a moment she's confused. /This/ isn't the one, but she's certain… Oh. /Oh/. He's /hiding/ her. The dragonet throws back her head to creel indignantly, and then starts forward with such determination that a smart candidate would scurry out of her way. Over, around, under - it doesn't matter to the dragonet, so long as she can get to her. Alasse. Her head dips again, and she moves to nudge at the frightened candidate's shoulder, gently, carefully. There's no need to be afraid anymore. She's found her.

Celeste turns to scowl at Kibai. "We'll run without you then, you can distract the hatchling. Safter for us." She seems pleased with this new plan, and bobs her head at Lauria, squeezing her hand. "Exactly. We run. That one - " she cranes her neck around some more to try and find it. "That one's scary. Even scarier than that first one."

Drinking Tea with Alligators Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Alasse, and steps forward.

Nuff applauds, again, "Oh look! Its the Alasse lass. I knew she's impress green. I just knew it."

Lauria's eyes go very wide. "Alasse! Alasse! It got Alasse!" Woe is that poor girl. "Which one's scarier than the first one? They're all frightening, if you think about it."

Reuben nodnods to Flourish, "Yuh, with F'sh. Can you imagine it? I mean Tryst is one thing, but to get caught out like that? Scanadlous, just scandalous."

Lucan shifts his weight to another foot as he watches the greens all around. "Hey, look!" he says, pointing towards Alasse. "She got a green!" Or the green got her? Whichever it was, Impression was made. Oo!

Sii'kyn looks thoughtful. "A green for Alasse? A green - Chrideth. Pretty name, innit?" he beams over at Pyrene. And Nuff. And Vaeli. And his fellow-male-rider B'ane. "Have we -had- anything bigger'n a blue yet?" Perplexed, perplexed; perplexed he is. "They can't -all- be blues or greens.. can they?"

Statue in the Deeps Green Dragonet surfaces right up among a set of girls, this time. She tilts her cobbledstone head just so and pushes her muzzle towards the infamous Pycia. As her nose touches the troublesome Candiate, she moves even closer and tangles her atail around the lass as if seeking to tumble her to the Sands. Much as another had tumbled her to the furs. Oh yes. This one definitely has to impress Green.

Zarelyn lets out a breath she didn't realise she'd been holding as the green chooses and she's still safe at her end. She does call her congratulations along the line though, changing feet mid call.

Pyrene cheers happily for Alasse and then squeaks at Pycia. "Which clutch was that green from?" she demands of her dragon, her Weyrleader, her Nuff…. Kaltia glances over at another Impression, tossing out a quick 'congrats'. A moment later, she identifies the lucky Impressee, with a grin. "Congrats, Alasse!" And she shrinks back as she notices yet another green tumbling a certain candidate over. Uh-oh.

Alasse barely feels Monty's hand as the green comes back to terrify her again. Or…not. Alasse steps out from Monty's side as she stares incredulously at the green, looking again as though she's going to faint. Somehow, she manages to remain on her feet. "Chrideth?" she whispers softly. Than she whirls around, yells, "N'ano, her name is Chrideth!" and turns quickly back to the dragon, running a finger over the dragon softly.

Kibai actually finds it somewhere in his heart to snicker at Lauria's words. "I never mentioned anything about running." He thought about it, but never said the words. Tricky, this one. "But if you wish to turn tail and flee, go right on ahead, Lauria. Of course, then he will need a new human shield.

Ulimi is breathing fairly quickly, excitedly, and nervously. Even her cheeks are starting to flush a little bit, and her body has become slick with sweat. And there goes another candidate, now weyrling, to a pretty green. Oh, and there's another one… to Pycia? And Alasse? With a blank and staring face she looks left and right, her feet slower, waiting until the last possible moment to lift and take a break before being set down on the searing sands again. Oh, won't N'anodarling be pleased! The little holdbred girl Impresses, and

Lexie giggles, calling out a heartfelt, "She's /gorgeous/, Alasse - what's her name? … Pycia?" And while she's turned congratulating one… Pycia's Impressed virtually right next to her. "Oh shells! Pycia!" For such a lull at the beginning, the dragons are suddenly racing to make up for lost time.

Her Nuff answers, "One of Nissionath's, I'm thinking. Pyrene. That girl is just too popular for her own good. And where is F'ish anyways, we didn't really send him to the mines of Crom, did we?"

Flourish glances over at Reuben for a moment. A long moment. Forget dragons for the moment, he doesn't care. "You're not afraid?" he asks the candidate, eyes growing wide. This lad is a quick one, isn't he? "'Cause I am. A little. Can I… you know. Hold your hand or something?" For encouragement.

Celeste squeals in fright as the Very Scary one pops up only a few candidates down. "That one! That one!" She points with her Lauria-hand at the Statue in the Deeps green. "She disappeared, but there she is!" She edges closed to Lauria, squeezing her hand. "Impress Pycia, Impress Pycia," she whispers under her breath. "Sorry Auryn. Better Impressing her than eating me."

Lucan stares at Pycia once Impression has been made. "She Impressed? Green?" Figures. Anything else and it's be just.. weird. That and the poor girl must have the weyrwoman in an uproar right now. Ee.

Monty's face split into one of the widest smiles he could have possibly managed as the green ducked around him and ferreted out the girl he'd been trying to protect. He stepped back and laughed, she'd not fainted yet! Then he peered at the girl on his other arm with a confused look. Okay… so the girlies on all sides of him had impressed. Now wasn't that elating! "Congratulations Alasse, Chrideth should make you very happy." He beamed like a proud father, although he'd just been trying to keep the girl's spirits up. "Good deal, Pycia." He sighs happily, wondering if he too, would soon impress.

Caeran frowns. His eyes must be going. That girl who just Impressed looks an awful lot like Pycia. But what dragon would want Pycia? She wasn't even going to be able to Stand, for awhile. Well, greens are funny. At least the whole clutch wasn't green, like he was worried it might be. That would have been tragic. What if they all decided to go proddy at once? "Congrats, Pycia!" he calls over to her.

B'ane pinches the end of his chin and forcefully blinks because his eyes were starting to dry out from staring too long. It's his first time Aboleoth sired anything more than an attitude and so the Istan's got the right to be dorky. "All I see are greens, greens and more greens. Boy, the male-dragon riders will be hittin' bed after bed. How are you gonna keep the wings full?" Oh he can be funny because this is a giddy time.

"Well done, Alasse!" Donis bawls - then spots Pycia's Impression, and groans. "I don't believe it. Lucky it wasn't from Cadgwith's clutch, too - Pyrene would've gone spare."

Ocean Crest Egg shimmers one final time, like the surf as it finally crashes over the reef and collapses into the tranquility of the protected shallows. Riding its final stormy breakers, the wetling newborn inside slides out and over the wrecked shell. Dark and sleek and rounded bulk, he body-surfs the flotsam and jetsam of his egg with natural flair and arrives on the sand like a beached sea-cow.

Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Dragonet
Drawn from castaway dreams, a venus rises from the briny deep into gracefully draconic azure and blue. Yet fantasy is beached in reality, and this portly siren comes with an overbite, a broad muzzle, and small beady eyes. Still his frame is streamlined and sleek - built for water not air - and everything about him marks him as the ocean's own: the broad canvas of his wingsails, the salty grit talons and toes, the nubby barnacle hues clinging to his broad belly and sides. Water's light ripples down his hide, gilding the blue surf that washes him from the roll of his rounded head over the swell of thick shoulders, the stormy crests of his spine and the pudgy sweep of his rump to the waving curl of his short tail. A sea cow he may be, a manatee's reflection, but his stolid gentle bulk endures after the mists of dreams are gone.

Llewellyn twitters as more greens Impress. Big scary greens. He's not sure he wants to hang around until the bronzes come out.

Pycia doesn't move a muscle as she's surrounded by green. "Oh, but… ohhhhh!" Tears start streaming down her face - even though Impression hasn't even kicked in yet.

Zarelyn bends over to scratch at an itch, one hand holding her robe flat to her backside and the other attacking the offending itch with great vigour.

Lauria yanks Kibai's hand closer to her side, and shakes her head. "Well, I'll let go if we run, alright?" She informs him, casually, before turning back towards Celeste and Pycia's crying form. "Did she Impress, yet? I'm sort of… rooting for her… I suppose. Just as long as she isn't pregnant. And she gets that green. Punishment."

Statue in the Deeps Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Pycia, and steps forward.

Kodisan is definitely surprised as there's suddenly /another/ green coming towards them… and choose… "Pycia! I knew you'd make it," he says with a wide grin, though he does back away a little. What was that other guy saying about dragonets eating after they impressed? Speaking of… "Heeey. Looks like Reuben's made an impression as well," he adds to Lexia and Auryn, or whoever will listen. He nods over at the lad making moon eyes at Reuben and grins all the more.

Vaeli scoots around Nissionath to rest inbetween her forepaws, but quickly decides to move, lest her mount's bugling at the newborn babies will burst her eardrums. Finagling her way closer to her fellow clutchsitters. "Look! Maybe Cadgwith can only spawn blues and greens." She casts a glance towards B'ane and the weyrleaders, and settles for a sit on her gold's tail. Good view. And not as loud.

Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Dragonet straightens himself out from the shipwreck that is his egg, and stands slowly and deliberately. A quick check to make sure everything is in order, and then the blue starts forward… kind of. Thoush smooth, his gliding walk is almost painfully slow. He'll get there soon enough.

Lucan blinks at the newest blue dragonet to hatch from it's shell. "Another blue. No browns or bronzes yet.." he says, glancing around as he does. Ulimi's hand is then squeezed once again and he grins, though his pulse still races. "Wow, it's hot down here." Yes. He's mumbling.

Spirit of Courage Egg does a bootyshimmy again. Bootybooty. However, like it has been for the last, um, long time, it fades back into stillness. It'll lurk for a while longer, this false-start egg.

Alasse is too busy looking over her dragon to notice that Monty is now alone. She checks over the green just as she would have examined a runner once upon a time. Cause she's a dragonrider now, doncha know, and done with runners. Once she is satisfied her green is okay, she moves over to the side, urging her dragon along with small clucks.

"That's really weird, that it's been all blues and green so far…" Donis agrees with Lucan, still doing his slow turn around and about just to keep his feet from bursting into flame. Entertaining though that would be.

Glory of the Sun Egg gives another wriggle. This time it's for /real/. And the cracks beging to appear, a shower of sunlight and shell.

Glory of the Sun Egg begins to crack, brilliance of color fading away into the sunset of shell. Dark cracks begin to creep in like encroaching night, finally giving away to the darkness within. When the shards fall, all that is left standing is a newborn brown.

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet
Jewel-toned earth hues rival eachother in an unwitting paradox; starting at the shadowed visage, rough near-black overcomes chiseled muzzle and petite headknobs, while striating lines of amber lurk among his lenthy neck, expanding into shining glory across his barrel chest. Earthen brown dominates over his forelimbs, while forepaws are dipped in crimson: like blood rubies, the vivid shade has an enchanting gleam to it, giving up slowly to the rich mahogany. Meanwhile, luxurious topaz seems to drench his wiry back and mix with the deeper shades upon his tail, creating a rich luster to the dark levels of charcoal-hinted brown that swells everupwards, a nefarious darkness which envelops oversized wings and drapes along the base of lengthy neck. Neckridges edged in terran browns are razor-sharp and lightly touched with hints of copper, darkening as they approach the foreboding depths which are his back and neck. Sturdy and compact, the exotic wealth of his rich color cannot hide the dark danger that seems to lurk just below the surface.

Celeste has visible relief as Pycia Impresses. "Oh, good. It's not coming this way." She turns toward Lauria. "Well, she did Impress. Maybe she got the scary one as, like, punishment. Or something. For breaking the rules." Celeste is big on rules. She points at the newly hatched blue. "I like that one. He's not very scary, is he? Still gooey though."

Pycia suddenly bursts out in tears for real, sobbing as she falls into a weeping puddle next to the green. /Her/ green. "Oh, ERICATH! You're the most perfect thing ever! Oh, I love you!" Sob, sob. "Oh, I hope F'ish is watching," she whispers, her eyes growing distant. "And you'll love Arielth. Yes, you will. I hope…" The rest, as they say, is history.

Zarelyn practically falls over thanks to combination of Pycia's voice and Zare being stood on one foot again.

Kibai gives Lauria's hand a firm squeeze and snorts, "I'll hold you to that then." He flashes her a knowing glance before looking over to spy Celeste, and then the impression Pycia beyond. He arches dark eyebrows at that one, smirking faintly. "Well, I wouldn't have bet on that happening." But, inevitably, his attention shifts back to those eggs.

Ulimi's breathing slows, and she looks a little dazed. Staring at Lucan, she asks, "Pycia Impressed? She… Impressed…?" Her head falls to the side, and her other arms reaches out. "Luu…" The world goes black, and Ulimi's tall, skinny frame slumps backwards to the sands. Yup. She's out.

Kaltia continues to wander as she goes, glancing this way and that and she does so to avoid running into anyone or anything. And then she stops by Monty as those near him have been claimed, glancing as she does so. "Hey… A brown." Not another blue or green, it seems.

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet steps out of the shards that littter the ground around him. Another slow step follows, then another. For a moment he looks regal, stately… And then he falls flat on his snout. Ow. A piercing yowl lets loose as the small brown attempts to struggle back onto his feet.

Pyrene wrinkles her nose and then winks at Nuff. "F'ish has his uses. He's just on night sweeps for the rest of the Pass." She stares morosely at the brown, and then at Cadge's clutch. Browns are hatching there too… just not as many.

Sii'kyn whews. "A brown! Finally!" He gazes it over, and then whaps Ram. "That one looks sorta like you- but did it come from one of your eggs? Noooo." Snort, snort, broad grin. "This is cool. Well, it's hot, but- you know… Ericath? Doesn't that sound familiar, or is it just me?" Ponder, ponder, muse. "Er - wah - PY." He stares. "You cursed Ulimi!"

Auryn snorts out loud. "Shards! Pycia on a green. That /is/ bad. I mean, she's so…" Whatever she wanted to say is lost as she catches sight of a brown. A gorgeous brown. She takes a few short steps forward, almost as if beckoning it over before the poor creature even gets on its feet. "Oh! He fell!"

Donis spoke too soon. "That's a nice brown," he says approvingly, then gulps. "Ulimi? You alright?" The poor girl… "You'd better pick her up, Lucan, else she'll get burnt on the Sands!" Notice that Donis isn't offering to lift her.

Lucan stares at the brown dragonet in awe before realizing that Ulimi.. fainted. "Whoa!" And he quickly reaches down and grabs the girl, lifting her to her feet once again. "Easy, Uli! Breathe.. just breathe.." Pat on the back. "You ok? Easy.."

Lauria sighs, slightly, relaxing as Pycia takes the Scary One. "Woo - oh, wait." Her eyes widen again. "Where's the blue? And look, a brown. I keep missing things." Kibai gets her attention again. "Yea. Yea, I wouldn't've bet on that happening either, but it sort of is a happy ending, isn't it?" She likes happy endings.

Nuff grins back at the weyrwomwan before returnign her attention the sands. "Oh there's a nice little brown." Nevemrind the pair of Cadgwith browns that just impressed beside her, to a pair of Harpers no less. One very tall and skinny, one very short and not-skinny. "That little bronze over there, that's - oh, nevemrind, there he goes impressing that Weyrlad from Benden. No wonder they didn't want to give him up."

Monty nods to Kaltia. "Yeah, a brown, which is nice, since it gives us a little variety, right?" He smiles at her, glad to have a new companion because his were now crying-in Pycia's case- and clucking -in Alasse's case-. "Oooh, a brown finally… look, Kodi!" Because Kodi obviously can't notice anything without Lexia pointing it out. Finger juts out and she waves to Pycia delightedly… although that makes what, 2 or three greens who have come by and passed her by? Ah well. "That's a pretty shade of brown. Not very dirtish at all."

Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Dragonet has moved a surprising distance, considering the speed he's going. Zarelyn and Ulimi both are eyed as the one falls over and the other nearly does. Tipping candidates everywhere.Flaring his cute little ugly nostrils, he changes direction and starts to truck along in the direction of the falling ones.

Pyrene squeals and waves some riders over to Ulimi. "There's my mark!" she crows. "I knew she'd faint! Somebody tip a waterskin over her? Give her a chance to get a dragon now she's got me my marks?"

Celeste twiches slightly as the brown yowl, and then settles. "He's not so scary, either." She pauses to examine him. "Mostly 'cause if he comes toward is, we could definitely run away. He'll just trip over things." Like his feet. "Happy endings are nice," Celeste agrees, finally taking her mind off the Running Plan. For a second.

Zarelyn definitely seems to have a case of the itches. Once more she bends over to attack her leg with her nails not noticing anything other than she's irritated. Standing straight once more she begins to pick at her nails - not very elegant at all but occasionally necessary.

B'ane draws his head in and winces as Aboleoth enunciates some loud roar type noise once his first chillun makes her impression. Nevermind the scandal surrounding Pycia was over ten-feet deep. Half expecting parts of the ceiling to fall down from his bond's enthusiasm, B'ane makes a cutting motion with his hand across his throat to cease and desist all noise. Because he's Aboleoth, the bronze ignores B'ane and instead waddles closer to hover around his new brown son. Perhaps Abo really laid these eggs and not Nissionath.

Kaltia bites her lip as she nods, watching the brown for a long moment before she blinks, looking this way and that. "Where'd the blue go?" And then he's located and she nods once more to Monty. "Variety's good. Too many greens and well…" Enough said. Nice to ahve someone to talk to, and keep her mind off the hot sands beneath her sandals.

Kibai nods his head vaguely to Lauria, before casting a glance over his shoulder to make sure that Kaesa is still with them and hasn't snuck off. No, she is still there, and more than likely heckling Pycia while she is at it. The boy looks back towards the dragons, gaze flickering over them, and then he is murmuring to Lauria, "Happy ending? I suppose…" Again, he doesn't sound all that convinced.

Nuff shakes her head, "A weyrwoman shouldn't be so happy that people are fainting on the Sands", she mutters mostly into Aboleoth's bronze hide.

Kodisan turns towards Lexia slightly. "Brown?" he asks, definitely sounding interested. "Where?" But then he sees it, a crooked smile appearing. "Very nice. Hey, what's up with Ulimi?" Kodi's quick, isn't he?

Pyrene ignores Nuff. The comment "It's not as if she was /mauled/," is to the air.

Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Dragonet is there, all of a sudden. Right by Zarelyn. The little blue peers up quizzically from his homely little eyes, and then sticks his nose out, rubbing it firmly up and down her leg. There. That help with the itching at all?

Adrin is looking a bit suspicious of the entire thing, and he can't resist shoving his hands deep in the pockets of his robe - put there for just that purpose - while he attempts to solidly pretend that his feet are /not/ scorching hot. He can handle this, yeah. He eyes the hatching dragonets with a mixture of wary cynicism and hope. He's cool - he's not worried. Nuh uh.

Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Zarelyn, and steps forward.

Monty grins, the excitement of the dragonets becoming less compared to his touchy feet. That's proabably because he doesn't have the pain of some sharp fingernails digging into his arm. He swivles his head to see Ulimi in the ground? Did *she* faint? And he would have bet marks on Alasse. He slid a sideways smile at Kaltia. "You excited?" Well, that was a dumb question. He blinked over at the blue.. by Zarelyn, really now?

Ulimi's eyes are open, but she can't see for a moment. "I can't… I can't see…" And then the vision slowly starts to come back, and with it, the feeling in the rest of her body. She drinks what's offered to her, shaking her head and squinting at the riders around her. "Oh, shards… hot…" she's still down, but she's trying to get up, slinging her body to her feet, slowly trying to wipe the gritty sand from her legs and arms. "So woozey…" She stands with her head down, bottom in the air, drinking out of the side of her mouth. Yup. She's up again.

Sii'kyn shifts a Look over at Py. "Pyrene." His tone is ominous. "We're going to have a talk, after this." Weyrwomen cursing candidates to faint on the sands? Bah! Ahem. Ram similarly looks Ominous. Why? 'Cuz he can, that's why. Plus, hey, if she's unconcious - that's simply not good. "Poor Ulimi," Ike mutters. He then perks up at that last Impression, and whoops. Loudly. "Go Zare! Go Zare!" Is he shrieking? Yes, he is. That's one of Ram's favorites.

Auryn shakes her head as Ulimi falls down. "Ha! Someone's not made for weyrlife," she comments, with no sympathy whatsoever for the poor girl. "Can't even stand without fainting. What a wuss." And then she shuts up, barely acknowledging Zarelyn's Impression before going back to staring at the brown, as if she can make him come her way.

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet is now fully righted, and struggling his way across the sands. The jewel-toned dragon gives a little growl every now and then, eyeing the candidates with an unusually intelligent stare. Rrrrrrrr. And then he continues, trying to look impressive, but failing as he trips every now and then. Ow.

Nuff settles for humming happily to herself and watching the pudgy little blue. "That's what I wanted, once upon a time. A dragonet just like that one." She pulls out a cookie and nibbles at it, "Yep. Look at the lovely butt he has and everything - Not that I'm insulting you, Tiareth dear!" She gives her dragon up up up there on the ledge a cheery wave.

Lucan continues to prop Ulimi up as the blue dragonet saunters past her. "Look, Uli. See? It stopped to look at you.." he says to the girl. Trying to ease the girl's mind some, the lad grabs hold of her once again and steadies her.

Lauria shakes her head, pointing. "She Impressed that blue," she mutters, and then turns towards where the Ulimi Incident is going on. "Did she faint?" Yep, Laur missed something. Something big.

Pyrene waves a triumphant hand. "See? She's up again. And Zarelyn's Impressed - is that blue Nissi's?" She's not too hopeful…. he bears a definite family resemblance.

Alasse looks up from Chrideth long enough to note the events happening on the Sands. She shrinks back a bit as she notices the golds and their mates once more. Good thing she got a green instead of a looming dragon. So she cuddles up next to said green, clapping for those who have Impressed.

"If you've Impressed, come over to the side of the sands!" Lylia waves her arms, looking rather on the dorky side. But the assistant weyrlingmaster keeps up her traffic direction, casting a quick glance at a few of the newly Impressed, eyes rolling in disdain.

"Fainted." Plainly enough put. Lexia's not one to beat around the bush. "The dragonriders thought she would." P'renn hasn't been seen in the stands, so she feels little remorse sliding her trembling hand into Kodi's larger one for comfort without comment. "Zarelyn! Gracious…" So quickly the Candies go now, one by one…

B'ane's gaze lingers on his dragon just to be sure he doesn't step on any of the babies and then scuttles across the sand closer to lounging Vaeli and her mount. "I bear gifts," a flask of something is brandished mid-air. "Want some? This heat dries my mouth out so." Always did. "And I got cups so you don't have to quaff from the bottle." How.. sweet.

Out of the Ashes Egg crackles lightly- a few spinnerweb-silk fine hairlines along the to, but that's about it.

Zarelyn squeals, moves, and falls flat on her back, looking decidedly like she might throw up at any second - her face pure white. Amidst coughs she manages to mumble out, "Morvorth?", before another retch claims her voice.

Kaltia glances over at the blue for a long moment, standing on her tiptoes for a moment. "Congrats!" And then she nearly loses her balance and goes back to standing flat on her feet. Certainly safer, they don't need more candidates on the sands. A hand covers her mouth as the brown trips again, awing softly as she does so. "Look at him…"

Celeste peers curiously after Lauria's point. "Huh. Must have. I wouldn't fait," she decides. "I'd run, but not faint. If you /faint/, you're just lying there. In the way. Where they might maul you." She eyes the blue. "But that was a nice blue. I'm glad Zarelyn got him. Yay Zarelyn! Yay Morvorth!" Shuffle, shuffle. Cling, cling.

Monty nods to Kaltia, "Yeah… he's so cute, and stuff. I hope he impresses to someone who'll help him." He grins, quiet for the moment, watching the dragonets.

Donis is clucking worriedly over Ulimi. "Are you alright, are you alright?" he asks, dancing on the Sands again to relieve the growing pain in his feet. Oh, wait… "Zarelyn Impressed that blue? Brilliant!!

Forged from Hate Egg ripples violently, the none-too-fluid motions of magma-shell destablizing even as the crimson becomes riddled with contrasting black and white cracks. The egg stills, for the last time: anger and hate throwing arms up against the inevitable. The inevitable is just that, however, and that which is forged from hate with be reborn in violence; such as it is, the redhot egg simply falls apart, fufilling it's destiny.

Predatory Assassin Bug Green Dragonet
Deadly intent buzzes all along the lines of this lustered dragon; it shines in the deep iridescence of her green-jeweled hide, it threatens in the stinging bite of fine, hooked claws. There is no softness implied in her long bones and lean, armored, assassins frame, no light in the tapered sweep of pale, paper-thin wings. Only the dangerous serenity of a natural predator defines her from those salient headknobs to the short but decisive lash of her wasp-quick tail. Nightshade shadows scull her firm belly, creep along her paws, and accentute the exaggerated curve of her hooked and well-toothed muzzle. The depths of her gaze are wide and unwavering, focused and fired: she measures life with the scrupulous care of a hunter forever seeking her prey.

Llewellyn is immensely relieved that /he/ was not the one who fainted. Or lost all dignity like Zarelyn - although at least she Impressed. Which is more than he looks like doing. He weighs up the pain of getting mauled against the humiliation of being left Standing. He shifts behind the wave of candidates again. Humiliation it is, baby!

Flourish looks a little hurt as his plea falls on deaf ears, so instead he turns a sullen look at the dragonets that haven't quite found their 'mate yet. "Can't they hurry this up?" he mutters to himself, crossing his arms. So much for being scared. Being snitty is much more fun.

Sii'kyn nearly does a little dance. "Ram! Zare Impressed one of your babies!" Does that answer Py's question? Unfortunately. Snicker. "She's going to reform all the blueriders," he tells Pyrene with a grin. "She'll be a good influence on them all." He pauses, and blinks at that last hatched green. "She reminds me of you." He's, uh, talking to Ram. Really, he is.

Lauria shakes her head. "I wouldn't faint, either, but I don't think Ulimi had a choice. She faints, she throws up, she does a lot of things. Maybe too much emotion isn't good for her." Maybe. "Oh. Shards. Look at that thing. Running. We're running."

Ulimi is trying to breathe, is trying to drink, is trying to take care of staying conscious. She didn't really notice the blue. Groan. "Thanks, Luc," she says in between drinks of water. She's still swaying, leaning on Lucan. "Is it over yet?" she asks quietly as the riders slowly withdraw, leaving the waterskin.

Kibai eyes the fainting girl. Okay, now, there is something to be said for the fact that he isn't the one faceplanting upon the sands or anything else like that. So, he'll just stand here and sweat and smirk and probably a few other things. One of those things being muttering over to Celeste, "If you faint, you are just asking to get trampled on, or impression completely unawares."

Zarelyn regains a shred of dignity as she gets to her feet, though not much as she still looks a little yellow around the ears. Finally she gets round to touching the young blue, though very tentatively as if his hide would bite.

Lucan steadies Ulimi some more and actually looks concerned for her. "Just breathe, Uli. You'll be fine, yes." Just trying to keep the girl's spirits up and her mind clear.. which is hard to do during a time like this. But, he tries anyway. "Keep drinking that water." Pause. "And, no, it's not over yet.."

Pyrene peers sidelong at Ike. "Just remember who's got the bigger dragon out here before we get onto insults," she mutters.

Celeste seems to agree with Lauria, and takes a preparitory step backwards. "We're definitely running," she agrees, pressing herself as close to Lauria as possible. "That one is definitely, definitely scary. The scariest." She watches it nervously. "If it even looks over here, or kinda comes this way, we're running." She peers around Lauria. "Kibai, you stay here and distract it, and we'll run." Sound good?

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet feels an increasing hunger within him, a buzz of craving for a mind. And food as well, certainly. Another growl escapes as he eyes the crowd. No, the males are bigger than him. And he sets off, stumbling but ever attempting at a proud stance. The girl candidates are eyed, appraisingly. Cautiously.

Llewellyn sidesteps constantly. And eventually runs out of Sands. So he sidesteps the other way. Llewellyn the crab. Just as long he manages to keep out of the way of any dragonets, that's fine with him.

Kaltia continues to snicker quietly behind her hand, nodding to Monty as she does so. "We can certainly hope that's how it turns out." And she arches an eyebrow at the brown for a long moment, taking a half step backwards as she does so. "I wonder who he'll go for…"

B'ane goes to point and say something witty once the latest green, but he just manages the pointing part. "She has your hooked muzzle, Aboleoth." Vaeli had better take the bottle before he throws it, drops it or otherwise hits someone innocent. Giddy isn't the word. Perhaps someone should invent Valiums especially for the bronzerider. "I like her, even though she's rather sinister."

Predatory Assassin Bug Green Dragonet stops in her tracks after she makes that annoying trip out of her eggs. She stands there, scrutinizing the crowd, not making a single move. And then, she's halfway across the sands, zipping in front of the Candidates. Quick little bugger, ain't she? She studies each white clad figure closely, inspecting them for the best possible one.

Kibai shifts a little from where he stands to peer around Lauria and back over to Celeste. The boy actually chuckles, shaking his head from side to side, "You expect me to be your dragonet bait?" Although seeing them run would possibly be worth it. He shifts his weight though from one foot to the other, shaking a sandaled foot to rid it of a couple of wayward sand grains.

Monty nods and frowns. "Right…" He nods, then beckons Kaltia with him, heading over towards Lauria and her posse. If they were going to run, he'd proabably stand there like one of the old-timey bullfighters. Ole'!

Shot Up Pink Flamingos And Burning Trailers Egg shudders, more violently this time, dropping little bits of pink all over the Sands.

Ulimi harrumphs as much as she can, "Well, shardit, why not?" Not done, she means, talking about the hatching. "It's just so hot out here, I don't know how people do this… This is torture. Like being in an oven…" She's just sipping on the water, now, instead of drinking in gulps.

Fountain of Youth Egg wriggles too, but only just.

Llewellyn realises he's got the brown to one side and the green to the other. And he can't decide which is worse - the green looks worse, but the brown's bigger. So he opts for the freezing in his tracks solution. Maybe if he doesn't move, they won't notice him. Besides, he's not quite in the front row anyway,

Lauria thinks a moment on Celeste's plan, and Kibai's question - answering simply: "Yes." She nods resolutely, pointing with Celeste's hand towards the many exits. "Have you chosen the prefered one, yet?"

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet finds it, finally. The young brown manages to maintain his poise as he finds those feet, those lovely feet and kneecaps that fit him. He makes his way forward, slowly and carefully, with only a slight stumble before he finds himself with Her. Looking upwards, he lets out a short croon as he stares up at Kaltia.

"Not much longer, not much longer," Donis tries to reassure Ulimi, though he seems to be feeling the heat too, trying to raise his arm (those armholes are tight) to wipe his brow.

Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kaltia, and steps forward.

Adrin allows himself the tiniest shift of his feet to ease the aching, burning skin, and he shoots a circumspect glance toward the galleries. No one saw that, right? In his glance away, he misses Kaltia's Impression, and stands for a moment blinking in confusion as he tries to track newly hatched dragonets and newly bonded lifemates.

"That one's creepy, Kodi. That green. With the pointy teeth. Is that one of Pyrene's? I'll bet it is." Because her dragon's egg was the one that made her have to leave the touching early. "And the heats' starting to seep through the padding on my shoes… Kaltia!" Again with the pointing for Kodi's benefit. "The first brown…"

Lucan watches as the brown stalks past him and a few other boys, blinking as does. "He looked at me funny." he says. The green dragonet is then eyed and he turns to face Ulimi again. "I know, Uli. It'll be over.. soon." Cough. Perhaps not, but he tries to be comforting. "Look, the brown found Kaltia.."

Acid Rain and Toxic Spills Egg gives a shake, and the egg begins to give way to what looms inside. A rain of shards has begun.

Acid Rain and Toxic Spills Egg rocks in the mired puddles of its own doom. Slow, steady, back and forth, back and forth- hypnotizing, other than the occasional eyebrow-lifting shimmy. Slowly, the streams of bile seem to eat away at the very shell itself; with an anticlimatic ending, it half-implodes, half falls apart, rotting around the seaweed-darkened creature that it recently housed.

Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Dragonet
Inordinate depth exists in the murky shades of dragonhide, a sea that spans the winding and lanky form, waves that change into serpentine creation. A morose base of sepia has an almost glassy sheen in spots, before dull, kelp-brown drags across him from snout to tail. A pair of stout, widely spaced headknobs drip dark sorrel onto a slender muzzle and along the gnarled, ill-shaped neckridges that find craggy existance along his gangly, slender frame. Wind-thrown and wave-torn, his lengthy wings are defined in their rich shade and the awkward, imperfect appearance that matches them to his 'ridges. Hints of sunburnt crisp and golden browns work their way into feathered patterns, palm leaves that drift on lazy waters, down the truncated limbs that contrast to the long and sleek body. A shimmer of midnight hides within the depths of cool, muddy brown, cascading down his short forelimbs onto the wide-splayed paws and ebony claws.

ibai is not about to become dragon bait. He flickers another glance back to make sure Kaes is alright (his sister being preoccupied with heckling a couple of the young candidates now) and then moves over to try to give a tug to Celeste's robe, and hopefully firmly curl his fingers in the fabric. "Awwww, don't run. They will probably give chase if you run. Movement being what it does to attract attention."

Kaltia glances at the dragonets for a moment before nodding and preparing to move after Monty. However, her movement is stopped by the brown, the girl sneezing once before she stares at the brown. "We will work together very well indeed, Neshath." And she takes a deep breath as she looks around for a long moment, before starting to go towards the side, slowly as to help Neshath along, and keep him from stumbling.

Auryn does her best not to look disappointed as the brown Impresses to Kaltia. "Lucky," girl mumbles, her face clouding over -until another egg cracks and reveals another brown. "Oh! Look, Kodi, another brown!" She grabs the lad's arm in excitement, grateful that Pycia isn't next to her anymoew, but is swooning over her green Ericath on the sideline.

Celeste bobs her head at Kibai innocently. "Exactly." So he understands the plan. Good. She glances at Lauria, and then around the cavern. "Well, the main entrance works okay. It's big. Hard to miss. Or we could just run for the stands." She shrugs. "As long as we're out, I don't really care." She pauses, and peers down the line. "Oooh! Kaltia! Yay!" She breaks off to frown at Kibai. "Wait. No they won't. We're faster," she decides stubbornly.

Out of the Ashes Egg is tiring of constant wriggles; it stills, and then violently jerks, before settling down in non-spazzing non-movement once more.

Donis gives up trying to wipe away sweat, and bounces instead. "Kaltia, that brown… Neshath… well done!" he calls, starting to ramble incoherently. "That green's weird though - hope she doesn't come here, don't you, Ulimi, Lucan?"

A Flicker in the Dark Egg shudders in place, small cracks starting to appear along the shell. Though still not enough to release the dragonet inside.

Monty grinned at Kaltia, she wasn't going to follow Him after all. "Congratulations…" He shuffles through the sand towards Lauria, Celeste and the others… He must be lucky or something, the people he talks to keep impressing.

Predatory Assassin Bug Green Dragonet takes more steps back and forth. Back and forth. Hunting. Searching. Looking. She's a hunter, you see. She stalks. Yet again, the little green stands still as a rock, the only movement being her faceted eyes. Thinking maybe this was the prey she's looking for, and like lightning, she runs forward for the kill. Wait. No. Not her. Not him. Keep looking.

Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Dragonet is thrown ashore onto the sands, desolation and contempt his only companions. The seadark dragonet struggles to his feet and moves like a breeze over the waves, swift across the sands. His wings hang limply, like rusted shackles, their impotence keeping him grounded to this expanse of life. And thus he tumbles forward.

Kodisan grins over at Kaltia as the impression is witnessed, and the young man gives a couple quick claps. "Congratulations, Kaltia," he calls over. "Hey, they seem to be coming a little faster," he adds, though he's quickly distracted by Auryn on one side and Lexia on the other. Awww, lucky man indeed.

Lauria squeezes her hand even tighter on Kibai's, trying to pull him back over and away from Celeste. "Monty!" She motions with her Celeste-hand for him to join. "We're going to run if that… nasty green one gets any closer. So, if you want to run with us…" Attention is on Celeste again. "I think the main exit works well. Main exit it is."

Lucan squeezes Ulimi's hand once again as another brown hatches from it's shell. "See, Uli? Another brown just hatched." And so the babbling starts, trying to keep the girl's mind at simple ease. "You like brown, Uli? They're nice." Just like one of the clutch daddies. Ayep.

Llewellyn skitters with relief as the brown Impresses: "Grats, Kaltia!" only to stop short with a frown as another brown Hatches. A quick glance to the green and another to the brown. Green is still scarier than brown, but the brown's pretty freaky looking too. Cruel world.

Vaeli waves a hand at B'ane. "Calm down, will you? It's Aboleoth spawn. They're going to look a bit like Aboleoth. Or..some of them will. And do pass that skin before you waste it, please?" She pulls back slightly at the zipping green, not entirely sure that that thing is safe.

Shot Up Pink Flamingos And Burning Trailers Egg is mottling, so badly so that there's not much left of it it seems, around the skinny bits of dragonet that poke through here and there and everywhere.

Flourish sighs dramatically and gives Reuben one last stilted look, then starts shuffling a little closer to the main group of candidates. Their numbers keep dwindling for some strange reason.

Ulimi is now simply so tired that she looks to Kaltia and her brown, remarking, "Oh, he is lovely, though, isn't he? Neshath? So beautiful." She's a little slow. And then that ugly egg explodes, and leaves that other brown dragonet on the sands. "I guess I like brown," she says to Lucan, giving the candidates around her a shrug. But she checks in on the Predatory Green, watching her progression through the group of candidates.

Celeste turns toward Auryn, belatedly. "Are you running with us, if that green one -" She points with her Lauria hand. "Comes near us? Kibai's gonna stay and distract it, while we make for the exit." She watches the other girl with bright eyes. "You can stay and distract with Kib, if you don't want to run." There are options, see.

Spirit of Courage Egg is just going to consider rocking up against one of its eggmates. Unfortunately, said eggmate bursts out into yet another green when it gets rocked; left in semi-goop from the green's hatching, it at least has the satisfaction of seeing that green goes to an overfed whining Holder's girl. Ha.

Kibai blinks as more of the brethren are being drawn into the clutches of the dragonets. Getting more and more scary, moment by moment. "Maybe you could make for the galleries instead? Lose yourself in all of the masses up there. Chaos?" Just a little plotting for his own personal enjoyment. You know, the shrieks and all. He eyes the eggs and the current compliment of dragonets with consideration.

B'ane is rather fond of the different greenling, so anyone within earshot insulting her gets a negative look. Or maybe just a raised eybrow. Having been reduced to simply doting from afar, Aboleoth watches and looks quite settled now. "You're right, this is all just.. new." A sashaying walk closes the gap between he and the goldrider before he flicks the stopper off the bottle with a thumb. "There y'are." The poised goblet is lowered to Vaeli with the stretching sound of leather. Gotta love it.

Auryn snorts at Celeste's question. "Naw, I'm not gonna run. I'm not gonna get green. I know it. I'm gonna Impress that brown. Well, or another one," she rambles on, hopping back and forth on the hot-hot ground. "So I can distract it if you want," she adds with a wicked grin.

Monty grins at Lauria then shook his head, "Naw, I'll be the one to ward off the scary one, just for you guys. That way you won't be mauled." Or something like that. Yeahhhh… Monty's white tunic flutters slightly, he's sweatin' a bit. "Hopefully…" He doesn't say what he's hopeful of, but he's pretty happy for all of his fellow candies.

Lucan watches the green dragonet as well, making sure it doesn't come too close for comfort. Especially when Ulimi is feeling so poorly, she doesn't need to be scared out of her wits. Poor girl. Luc, on the other hand, is still trying to keep it together by watching more eggs rock and crack close by.

Shot Up Pink Flamingos And Burning Trailers Egg is finally consumed from within - without - within. Shell shards fall like the debris from a bomb, and though there is no fire, of course, the flame-licked dragonet inside sets the edges bright with so much color it almost seems to be burning. The shell is consumed in hue and haste, exploding in one final shower of shell to leave but one thing standing. The dragonet. A dragonet. Your dragonet?

Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Dragonet
Brilliant feathers of flaming lurid flamingo-pink and sunbleached passionfruit brighten the upper edges of this powerful dragonet and set his long tail aflame with tropical fires; the drunken debauchery of colors sweeps him, nosetip to tail's end, running across his narrow head, extra-long neck, rounded body, and colorfully splashed arches in a riot of pink and plum and gold. These are but the highlights, of course, the flashing topping on an otherwise mark-bright hide of burnished flame-rich bronze and sunbeaten copper. He is a solid metal hue across muzzle and chest, withers and rump, and even down his belly and too-skinny legs where Nissi's soot and shadow deepen the bronze to the burning red of embers and coal. His talons are black, though their very tips are bird's pink, and his wide and very spacious wings gleam softly rose among their sails of smoke and gold.

Predatory Assassin Bug Green Dragonet begins to take a step to turn around, to search the white, two-legged things again. And then - Movement. She sees it. She knows it's the prey she's looking for. He has caught her eye. Is this good for him? Or bad? We shall see. Turning on a dime, the green is leaping into the air before anyone can realize what's going on, and her landing zone is Llewellyn. Smack on his chest. The ultimate hunter. Mine.

Lexia watches the brown and the green stumble around like creatures out of some weird dream induced by too many cookies and too much klah much too close to bedtime. "Those are creepy - oh, look! A bronze! I was wondering if there'd be any, with all these chromatics… ohhh, he's brilliant, don't you think, Kodi?" The other two dragons are forgotten as she eyes the shiny hide of the bronze - of couse, sh knows there's no way it's hers, but it's still sparkly and eyecatching nonethless.

Puddle on the Floor Egg spills out a puppyish blue, who bounces forward across the sand. He skids to a stop before the lad named Poridole and drops into a play-bow. "Dontaskth!" P'dle cries, dropping down to hug hig new lifemate. "Of course, I promise to wipe up any spills… why do you ask?"

Predatory Assassin Bug Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Llewellyn, and steps forward.

Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Dragonet arrives in a shower of pink and bright-seeming fire, well, as much as eggs can induce fire. He shakes off what is left of the shell and loosens his long and briliant wings. A tilt of the head, some one-legged hopping to get free of the shards - there. Out. Hatched. Free. With a squeaky but happy little bugle the little bronze bursts forwrads towards the Candidates.

Donis looks troubled. "Llewellyn?" he mumbles, perking up as he spots the bronze dragonet, shifting his feet back and for. "Whaddya reckon, Lucan? Either of us merit a bronze?"

Lauria turns towards the stands at Kibi's suggestion, considering. "Or stands it is, Kibai does have a point. The dragonets might not be able to follow - Llewellyn?" She actually catches that one, eyes going wide. "I did -not- root for him." A slight sigh, and then Auryn is given a smile. More is merry!

Celeste nods happily. "Okay." She turns back to Lauria. "Auryn's gonna stay and distract, with Kibai." She glances toward the dragonest. "Where'd she go, anyway?" She lost her in all the planning. "Oh, that bronze is kinda cute. Not so scary." So far. "Oh! She Impressed. She's gone. Yay Llewellyn." Celeste relaxes. "Good, good. No running, then. For now. Unless another scary one hatches." Pause. "Although we're still running if one looks like it's gonna maul us."

Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Dragonet casts a quick look over at his bronze clutchmate, before silently returning to attempting to locate all his limbs and get them to work in unison. There. He begins to drift across the sands, glancing at a candidate here, a candidate there. No, that one smiles too much. That one is simply ugly. That one… /ew/, no. Hmm.

El'wyn lets out a cry as high-pitched as any girl (maybe she didn't just land on his chest?). But he's not harmed, not greatly - although his ego may be dented, Impress or not. "Zuleikath?" he gasps. "El'wyn? If you say so."

Lucan shakes his head at Donis and shrugs. "I dunno, Donis.." he replies. "I think we're suitable, doncha think?" Why, of /course/ they are. Cough. Mebbe. Llewellyn is then noticed and waved at after Impression is made. "Look! Llew Impressed!" Woo!

Monty grins at Llewellyn, "Wonderful!!!" He looks positively thrilled, then his eyes catch on the cute little bronzey creature just shakin' off the shells. Now, how *cute* is that? And he's got the most adorable little bugle. Awwww. Then Monty realized it was from his… Pink egg! Yawr… um, did he think that? Oh no, not Monty. Monty's favorite egg isn't pink, oh no. Now he's going to watch the bronze, though, he'd have to see who the dragonet from his favorite egg impressed.

Sii'kyn smirks. "Llewellyn. On green. At least it wasn't one of -ours-," he states as an aside to Pyrene, grinning openly. "Dude. Is it just me, or does that bronze look, er… um…" He coughs into a fist. He's not going to say it. No, no. Snigger.

B'ane almost pours his own glass on his hand before the flow of liquid is guided to the proper vessel. "Now /there's/ a looker. Odd colorin', but has character." Sure, if you're Barbie. "Yep, now Abo's got his little protege and he's happy." Said bronze positively illuminates, but is silent. "What do you think of the results so far, Vae?" They've known each other long enough for pet names now, right?

Pyrene winks at Ike. "That's one of Nissi's," she notes with deep satisfaction.

Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Dragonet worries his way forwards, plowing into the Candidates skinny-head first. Granted he's not moving vast enough to do any damage, but he is moving forwards. Like an avian in migration, he heads directly south making a beeline for his Candidate. Nevermind his wings and flashing, lashing tail might leave a little wake of destruction behind him. South, south south. Head for the tropics, and His Candidate.

Kibai looks after Llew, now El'wyn, with a blink. "Shells. If he can impress a dragon, anyone can." Green too. Scary, eh? Hand reaches around to rub at the back of his neck as he ponders this possibility, and doesn't come up with anything good. "Yes. Well, I'd start running if I were you too. It is beginning to get rather close in here." Far too many unrestrained dragonets puttering about.

Ulimi shyly says towards both Donis and Lucan, "I think you both should ride bronze. You'd be great bronzeriders." Not that she knows much about dragons. Her attention is caught by Llew… er, El'wyn's impression. "Congrats, Llew," she manages to call. She's still sipping from that waterskin, and her white pillow case robe is starting to become transparent from all the moisture on her body. Oops.

Spirit of Courage Egg does a quick little shimmy. It looks like it's going to shimmy right on apart, but - hey, what's that? It's distracted, so it just can't hatch. At the moment.

Nuff wriggles cheerfully. "Well, hes'not quite purple, bu - Oh, look at the little sea brown though. I bet he'll impress one of the girls."

Fountain of Youth Egg just gives another little wriggle. See? There. Again. Sleepy.

Vaeli sips out of her given glass and peers at B'ane. "I just hope Cadgwith is stuck with any blues. Or, most of the blues, rather. But that little green Impressed, which is good. And there's a bronze or two that has popped out of Nissi's, so I'm satisfied." Actually, she's probably staying away from Pyrene. Yeah. Most likely. That's why she's on Nissionath's tail.

Monty peers at the bronze headed… South? What a cute little fella, after all. He grins at Lauria, nodding to her. He's kinda lost track of all the stuff that's happened. Who impressed and… stuff… Wait… no, All the people standing around him had, so he'd moved, right. So… wait… Ahhh… Monty just gives up, then, throwing his arms in the air and watching as the Bronze dragonet belined for Someone.

Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Dragonet can simply not resist an attractive lady. Or at least one that can quench his thirst. The slow lumbering continues as the brown makes his way forward, a stagger here and a stumble there. It's an achingly long journey for the newborn dragon, but he makes it, falling at the feet of Ulimi. He peers upwards, staring at her with startling eyes. Mine. Plain and simple.
Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Ulimi, and steps forward.

"That bronze is simply adorable. Don't you think, Kodi? He's sort of… I don't know. He's cute." And that's about all Lexia has to say about that… and then… Ulimi? "Someone catch her if she faints again!" Lexia calls out, looking to those close to the girl for backup.

A Flicker in the Dark Egg twitches. A play of the light perhaps, but then it shifts again, striating cracks break through the shell, freeing a small, slick form from the darkness. Shattering, a new light has emerged, and the green rolls out onto the sand.

Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Dragonet
Roly-poly in shades of springtime and sunlight limned palm fronds, rounded lines curve comfortably from a pertly snubbed nose to the tip of her short but spritely tail. The quirky charm of a pair of eyes that seem permanently widened in delighted surprise at life arrests attention, letting stubby little headknobs blend in with the line of neckridges trickling along her spine like raindrops down a leaf. Her underbelly is a gentle shade of cream, stirred slightly with green to evoke the colours of lace-leaved ferns, the same tone appearing in the translucent membranes of wingsails rigged for darting flight. The green's build is spherical, not so much gone to fat as simply… rounded, a series of ovals and circles forming shoulders, haunches, belly and paws.

Lucan sways a little bit and steadies himself before steadying Ulimi, too. T'is very, very hot down here on the Sands and more sweat is wiped from his brow. Yuck. "A brown and a bronze. Hm." he comments. And when the brown meanders over to Ulimi, he steps aside and lets her fend for herself. It's /her/ moment now. "Congrats, Uli." he simply says with a grin.

Auryn grits her teeth. "Oh, why does mine have to hatch last!" she hisses to Kodisan, forgetting to cheer on her lucky fellow candidates in her egocentrical rage. "My feet hurt, and I don't want to stand out here for much longer," she continues in a surly tone of voice, crossing her arms over her chest once again. It's not like there's a dragon headed her way anyway. Sulk.

Donis's shoulders slump with disappointment, that swiftly turns to unselfish delight. "Ulimi - congratulations!" he tells his friend, watching her worriedly in case she sways like damp seaweed again.

Lauria looks very very concerned for Ulimi, eyes wide. "She's not going to faint, is she? From what I've heard, the emotion - she's going to throw up, she's going to throw up…" Laur mutters in Celeste's ear. "Look out…"

Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Dragonet bee-lines straight for the lad with the upraised arms. How hand, he can just slip his little wedged head in between Monty's arms then for an automatic hug? Becuase he does, he wants to, he /needs/ to. With a hungry but happy croon he wraps himself around the Candidate and bumps his head up underneath his chin as if to say: You like me. You really really like me?
Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Monty, and steps forward.

Sii'kyn points. And laughs. "Har! Harhar! FaintGirl Impressed!" Yes, she'll be forever known as 'FaintGirl'. Poor girl. Poor Imi. "Nice name, though," he states. "Kz.. Kzavketh. Inneresting." Then, a slow ponder. "Hey, wait a sec. That - Monty? Bronze? Good."

Lucan watches as more eggs crack and rock. This time, he makes his way over to Donis and watches as Ulimi and her brown leave the Sands. Sigh. Such a bond. Beam. "Hey, look Donis. Monty Impressed the bronze.." Ah, yes. The newest bronzers of 'Reaches. Mwaha.

Imi closes her eyes, swaying. For a moment, she just stands, her head bowed. And then her hand reaches out to touch the head of her lifemate, and she says, "Yes, Kzavketh, everything… just is." And she does fall to the sands, this time to embrace the brown. … That's going to burn later, isn't it?

Kodisan is trying to watch every direction at once, and even then he keeps missing things. "You can… stand on my feet or something, Auryn," the weaver lad mumbles. He can't be serious, can he? "Shells, they're going in a hurry," Kodi adds, a hint of worry entering his voice. "Congratulations!" he adds more loudly, however, lifting a hand to wave at the latest group of impressions.

"Monty? Where?" Donis twirls around to see, and grins. "Aww, excellent." he says, pleased, then scans the sands. "Just a green at the moment… not that many eggs left, Lucan."

"Ohhh… that one is precious… look at the little green. And her little tail. Oh, Auryn… isn't she precious?" Just adorable. Lexia's own pert nose crinkles as she smiles at the green, lying her head on Kodi's shoulder to watch it Impress. "So /precious/."

Celeste points with her Lauria-hand toward the newly hatched green. "Aw. Look at her. She's not scary. She's cute." Celeste just feels a bond, being on the rounder side herwself. "She's really cute. Not even that gooey." Lauria's whisper distracts her, and she edges sideways. "Erg. Don't say that. Yay Ulimi!" Pause. "And yay Monty!"

Out of the Ashes Egg comes to the conclusion that it cannot stand it any longer. A pity, it had such a good life as an egg… but as it's philosophy goes, what is will die, and be born again. Yeah, that sounds pretty good. So, without further ado, it crumples downwards in a sudden shower of multicolored egg-shrapnel and goo, revealing the idyllic life which it has decided to go with: sun, sand, indolence, and a drop or too of something gooooooood.

Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Dragonet
Sunkissed glimmers of tropic's twilight set amber and peach against the brown horizons of this middling dragon and dusky purples compliment the lazy alcoholic swirls of sangria and merlot that trickle down his high-arched neck. Indeed, the afterglow of sweet red wine flavors the curves of his neckridges to the their edges, where citrus bites in sharper yellow and salt's clear crystal. Rolling up his compact shoulders to soak the sand-dry expanse of wingsails and spars, the indolent hues of summer burn towards autumn's harvest gold and green mixed to sparkle with the easy fizz of soda and a slice of zesty lime. A drizzling of brandywine spills across the ripe mango-orange of his paws and blends up the wine-sotted sweep of stocky legs and sides. The same warmly brown hues intoxicate his 'knobs and head, trickle down his easygoing visage, and disappear beneath the juice of pineapple, orange, and too-sweet pear that mellow his languid muzzle.

Pyrene smiles happily. "Faintgirl Impressed a /brown/," she adds to Ike's observation. "She deserves a brown! Fine rider that one!" It's not that difficult to win Pyrene's affections, although luck certainly plays its part.

Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Dragonet rolls indeed, right past her discarded egg shells and sprawling into the sand, face first. A loud squeal erupts from the green as she raises her head and gives it a shake, hoping to dislodge the sand in her eyes. After a few blinks of her eyelids, she untangles her legs and takes a few cautious steps. Well now. That's not to hard. Now, she has something important to do. So with a hop and a skip, the green dragonet makes her way down the sands and to the white figures that await.

Monty blinked and gasped. "Minoyath! You are Definately MINE." He grinned, maybe today was his Lucky Day after all. "And I *definately* like you." Monty turned M'nty beamed at the dragon, dropping to his knees in front of him and hugging him for all he was worth.

Kibai blinks as Monty impresses that bronze. And quite a bronze it is. Well, that actually provokes more than one blink. Maybe two or three for good measure. But he is going to remain stalwart, behind Lauria. "Are you planning on running any time soon, or are you going to continue to stand here and dither 'til the hatching is over?" Because he'd like to know when to find a new person to lurk behind.

Faintgirl. Ha. Reuben was watching the little greens that imrpessed right beside him, and turns back to Flourish. "I thought mebbie one of them was mine", he says just a tad mournfully.

Auryn eyes Lexia as if she's crazy. "Green? Eh. I guess she's alright," the weyrgirl states airily, craning her neck to spot… yes, another brown! "But your feet aren't that tall, Kodi. I'd need to sit on your shoulders or something to watch." Don't feed the lad any ideas, now.

Lucan nods at Donis and stands next to him now. "No, there aren't many eggs left.." he repeats, glancing around the Sands afterwards. A shrug then rolls from his shoulders and he grins slightly. "I hope Monty likes his bronze." T'is certainly a unique one. Beam.

Lauria turns towards Kibai, sniffing. "We'll run if anything comes -near-. That's the plan. You can hide behind me until such a time comes. And - Monty!" The girl grins. "Monty Impressed a -bronze-. Just. Wow." With a deep breath to dispel the heat around her, she turns towards said hatched green. "She is slightly cute. But she looks a bit off-balance." Pessimist.

B'ane holds up his glass to the advent of the recent brown. "I'll drink to that. Reminds me of a good cocktail I had several months ago. Minoyath," is sampled on his tongue. Spontaneously switching subjects, B'ane's good for that. "Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? I can't wait to get out of these leathers and into some softer clothes." Back twitches which makes his nearly healed Thread wound stretch. "Ooo, I forgot about that." Now it's suffer in silence time.

"And to think, something so cute came out of that egg that felt like it burned me. It's just adorable… oops, it fell. Aww. Hee." Lexie? Maternal? Not exactly. But that caring side that likes to rear it's head once in a while springs up, and she giggles. "Aww. Listen to its creel… on his shoulders? So you can press his poor burning feet into the sands? This is the experience of a lifetime, Auryn. Sit back and freeze your moments…" Because they might not come again. And look, you've gone and distracted her again.

Celeste clings to Lauria, watching the rolly Treefrog green. "Aren't many eggs left," she comments oh-so-innocently, with no trace of wistfulness at all. "She isn't off-balance. She was just hatched," Celeste defends. "You couldn't walk straight when you were born, either." Nevermind that Celeste called the other hatchlings uncoordinated.

Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Dragonet simply settles where he stands. Dripping with goo, the brown lifts his wings and neck, stretching luxuriously towards the heavens- a slow, contained sprawling motion which ends up with him on the tips of his paws, before he slowly, slowly settles back down to shake off some of that extra goo. Hmm. What to do, what to do- idolent gaze settled towards the masses of white-robes. Hmm, maybe he should go stalk someone for fun. Oooh, wonder if any have /likker/. He doesn't move yet, not at all, merely deliberating over that thought.

Burnination!! Trogdor the Burninator Egg explodes with the fury of a thousand thatched-roof cottages that need to be burninated. The charred brown dragon that steps out is an unconventional looking critter, but he'll do all his own stunts. And that first will be finding a partner in an unsuspecting little smith with pre-singed eyebrows. "Dangeresqueth!" S'trongbad cries. "Come on, let's go to our next adventure!"

"Sure he will," Donis answers Lucan bravely, looking over the round green and juicy-looking brown that are on the Sands. "S'great Ulimi got brown, isn't it?" He gives up and raises one arm to wipe his brown, neatly ripping the armhole of his robe.

Lucan sways some more now that Ulimi isn't here to steady him. And she's not here for him to steady, either. So.. he's all alone right now with only Donis to babble to. Oy. "Not many eggs left at all.." he says to him. Some wiggle here and there.. but that's it. Ee. "Yeah, I'm happy for Uli." Grin.

Kibai is immune to any female sniffing. Instead, the boy squints across to Lauria, chuckling wryly, "Excellent plan, that." Ouch, sarcasm too. He'll simply trip them if they do start to run, but we'll just keep that quiet now, won't we? Hush. "I'll be sure to tell you if one comes near." Liar.

Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Dragonet trots her way along the sands, a bit of bounce added into her step as she weaves herself around the groups of huddled candidates. No need to stop yet, she only just got going. Plus, she knows that none of them is the person for her. However, one candidate, a boy form Keroon, is inspected. The green halts herself long enough to tilt her head quizzically at him before snorting with disdain and moving on. Nope. Not even close. And so, she continues.

Into the Toilet Bowl Egg swirls, flushing away from the dragonet in one last whoosh and swish of bright blue color. Whatever bits of detritus and waste left of dam and sire disappear onto the Sand, leaving a bright wet sheen on the hide of the little hatchling now outside. Out. Out beyond the reef of his egg and the safety of the shell. He is here.

Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Dragonet
An open, aimless, forgetful sea of bronze - I mean blue! - surrounds the flipper-thin wedges of this middling dragon and splashes royal navy's' brilliance against the swell of his chest and sides and sweet long tail. His hide of green - I mean blue! - flashes as quick as koi about his sleek limbs, swims along an agile neck and darts underneath his delightfully rounded belly. The brown hues - I mean blue! - bask beneath ridges tippled with sun. Ditzy and absent-minded are the only way to describe the swirls of his faceted gaze, their cheerful hues spun as bright as the abalone and gold of flighty high-thrown wings.

"Oh, the Keroon boy got her… what's his name? Oh, wait… maybe not… oh, poor him…" If one came up to Lexia that close and sniffed her then /left/, she'd be utterly devastated. It's better to just be ignored, really. "Her little facial expressions are priceless. I hope someone I like gets her." And since Auryn doesn't like her, and Kodi would be weird on a green… this leaves few people she really truly likes still wandering abut. Maybe that bitran girl. Or Elizan… he might like her…

Celeste peers down the line, watching the Treefrog dragonet. "Ooh. She might Impress. Oh no, she hasn't yet. She's still looking." She's still clinging to Lauria, but edges forward to see better as she keeps up her running commentary on the green. "I'm not running if she comes," Celeste adds in Lauria's direction.

Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Dragonet finally decides to actually move. He's not /lazy/, per se, he's just… himself. Just one soul lookin' for another, tryin' to find someone who can relax and kick back just like him. Or maybe some insane psycho who goesgoesgoes twenty four seven. Maybe. Moving out with a fluid nature to his 'skipping- surprisingly enough- he begins to slowly appraise the nearest clump of people. Hmm. People. Candidates. Dragonbait. Hey, wonder if they taste goo - oooh, tanned. Luckily enough, he's diverted to peer at a particularly tan candidate from Igen. Oh, she won't do. Nope. He needs masculinity! … Er, in a lifemate. Really.

"Where's that green going… oh! A blue!" Donis bounces on the soles of his feet some more, watching the remaining eggs. "A lot of blue and green from both clutches - guess there won't be many bronze from Cadgwith, with Ram being brown…" Donis rambles anxiously, fidgeting enough for five Candidates.

Lauria clings to Celeste, "But. We said." Her eyes scan over the green dragonet again, and she shakes her head. "Alright. But if she rolls over someone, I'm gone. Just. Gone." A blink towards Kibai, and narrowed eyes. "You'd better."

M'nty heaves his little bronze up, grinning, and shuffles off towards the side of the sands. He hoped that his other friends would impress, they deserved it.

Pyrene is, by now, sneaking sidelong looks at Ike. A definite lack of bronzes from their side of the Sands. Hmmph. Cadge got bronzes out of Druseth. Lylia's obviously more manly than Ike.

Flourish is getting… a little impatient. "My feet hurt," he mumbles for a moment as he continues to shift among the candidates, looking for a better vantage point. A brown seems to head towards him, but he ducks around a tiny group quickly and stands on the other side. You'll never catch me now.

Lucan looks around the Sands and blinks at the newest blue dragonet. "Wow, that was fast." he says, with another blink. "Yeah, Donis. This is a very blue and green clutch." Nod. Nothing wrong with that, though. Blues and greens are awesome.

Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Dragonet arrives and shakes himself out: standard dragonet practice. Then, once he's set, he swims through the shards of his egg and all the rest around him and wriggles out towards the Candidates. Wet, hungry, and desperately alone (even he can remember that much), he struggles forwards. Oh Look. Big Gold Dragons. He squeaks at the uglier of the queens and continues on.

Celeste bobs her head happily. "Well of course. If she rolls over someone, or does anything scary with her teeth or claws, then we can run." Naturally. It's all very logical. "But she won't. She's too cute."

Cadgwith squawks back at the ditzy blue since she's not built for squeaking. Go forth and Impress.

Auryn is getting good at tuning out Lexia's voice as she scouts the sand for brown hides. She even looks at a blue once or twice. Maybe she's getting desperate? "Don't you think there'll be more browns, Kodi? They're all green. More than half this time, I'll bet," she complains to the older candidate, still gripping his arm firmly.

Cadgwith squawks back at the ditzy blue since she's not built for squeaking. Go forth and Impress. Just in case his memory's as short term as it looks.

Kibai is flicking a foot once more as a few more bits of sand work their way between his foot and the sandal. Annoying, that. He smiles most benevolently down to Lauria. Smile. Smile. Smile. "Absolutely," he drawls. But his head is turning away, smile faint and feral, only to eye the dragonets with a bit of a sighed slouch.

Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Dragonet continues onwards. Oh Look. Big Gold Dragons. He squeaks at the uglier of the queens and ducks around a couple of greens to come out over there. Over there by them. Those ones. They are wearing white. This is good. Oh Look. Big Gold Dragons.

Kodisan glances first at Lexia's comments about a wandering green, then Auryn's about a blue. "There are usually more greens, don't worry," he says, possibly to both girls. "And there are still eggs." He doesn't bother pointing out they could count the ones left over pretty quickly by now.

Sii'kyn need not say anything - especially when Cool Watery-Effect Wormhole Egg cracks open to display the most manly snarky bronze you've ever seen. Silver-topped and glistening with goo, he heads steadfastly towards a geeky-looking chestnut-haired boy from Igen. "Oneillth!" hollers the boy. "That's not true!" And so the bickering begins, D'niel heading off with the Oh So Snarky one.

Cadgwith squawks back at the ditzy blue since she's not built for squeaking. Go forth and Impress. The ones wearing white.

Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Dragonet is starting to get flustered, none of these being the person that she really wants. After one quick circuit around some white robed figures, her head shoots up. Something has definitely caught her eye and the green dragonet goes running, aiming for her. The one. The friend she can have and hold forever and ever. A pitiful creel escapes the throat of the hatchling as she skids to a stop in front of Lauria. Yes. You. There is no other.
Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Lauria, and steps forward.

Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Dragonet finds himself right there behind Reuben and Flourish. On the way he puases one more time. Oh Look. Big Gold Dragons. Lets squeak a the uglier of the two before turning attention back on the Candiates. And they're not even paying him any attention at all! He shoves his nose between the two, that lovely green, erm… gold… erm.. bronze… erm blue! Blue muzzle, thats it, she shoves it between the two Candiates and squeaks again. Oh Look. Impress me?

Lucan shifts his weight onto his other foot and looks downward at his feet. They look sore. And they are. It's from standing and having grains of hot sand flicked onto his feet by passing dragonets. Yeeowch.. Eh heh. "D'you think there'll be any more bronzes, Donis?" Question answered once a snarky looking bronze dragonet hatches and Impresses. Ooo. Lauria then grabs his attention. "Laur!" Impression.

Reuben blinks, looks behind him, and …

Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Dragonet finally thinks that he's got a good grip on what he wants. He wants - tall. He wants - dark. He wants - blue eyes. C'mon, it's not too much to ask! He heads down the line of candidates, lazily looking over each. Hey. Wait. You there. You'll do. Stumbling to a most improper halt, he stares up, awed, at Kibai. You.

Cadgwith squawks back at the ditzy blue since she's not built for squeaking. Go forth and Impress. One of those lads wearing white.

Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kibai, and steps forward.

Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Flourish, and steps forward.

Auryn nods slowly at Kodi's obvious egg-remark, and her eyes narrow as another brown mistakes another candidate for her. Oh well. there're bound to be more out there..

Reuben sighs. "And he didn't want me neither." He manages a weak smile to Flourish. "Congrats."

"Lauria! Oh… Lauria and I were candidates at Ista together… I'm so glad she got her. She's precious. Simply precious." Head bobs and she snugs Kodi's arm with a sigh, tinged with disappointment. But then, "Oh, and Kibai…" This is growing all too familiar by now, though.

Spirit of Courage Egg stills from its rhythmic shaking, as if mustering courage for one last hurrah. One last hurrah it is, it must be, for it is slowly disintigrating about the edges. Finally swooshing towards the blaring heat of the sands, the egg gives way to show that hope -can- rise from courage… even if it is hope in the form of a gawky, gangly, long-legged dragonet who looks more than a little lost.

Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet
Seemingly disproportionate, this one's immediately noticable as lanky, perhaps even falling under the category of spindly: legs are stick-like, absurdly so; in fact, the very idea of them supporting a dragon would be ludicrous were his body not built in the same manner. For, indeed, his rakish wings are almost too long for his slight frame, adorned with paper-thing wingsails and lightly boned - even his neck is nearly too lengthy, saved only by the wiry short balance which is his tail. His streamlined, sharply narrow muzzle, distinctly avian, blends back into his small head with that same avian cant, reinforcing the general feel of lanky narrowness. His hide, the palest of bronze, shows no spark or molten color. Instead, the ever-so-light golden green of sunshine through reeds is faintly streaked with feathers of light brown, muddled yellow and dappled with the finest of kingfisher blue - ridiculous, perhaps, a veritable misfit in color and shape, but he minds not.

Flourish starts to look nervous all over again as he peers through the piles of egg shards towards the dwindling number of eggs. He moves back over towards Reuben while his hands twitch against the white fabric that barely covers him decently. "D'you think…" But… here's a nice distraction. The lad's eyes grow wide. "No, my name's not Fl'ush! Is it, Guppyth?" But apparently, it is!

Cadgwith squawks in satisfaction at the ditzy blue. He went forth and Impressed. Her work is done.

Celeste twiches excitedly. "Look! She's coming this way, she's coming, should we run? Don't run yet 'cause - " Celeste breaks off. "Lauria? Lauria! You Impressed the cute one!" She pauses, and then blinks towards Kibai. "Kabai! You too!" This ruins the whole running, plan. The co-runner /and/ the distraction gone, all in one swoop.

Lauria glances upwards as the green dragonet comes near, looking slightly frightened, backing up - and then pausing. Kibai didn't warn her. Shaffit, it's all Kibai's fault. "Ainth? What's going on? People - and… dragonets… but hello, Ainth. We do have a lot to talk… about…" She kneels, her bare skin on the sands. And she wavers back and forth before hugging the little round green. She completely misses Kibai's Impression.

Kibai either totally didn't see that green coming after Lauria, or he did and really didn't give a flying fig about it. That is, of course, if Pern had figs. Either way, he stumbles away a few paces from Lauria and the green with about as much dignity that he can muster, only to snicker and murmur a half-hearted apology, although she more than likely isn't paying a wit of attention to him. Alone. But not for long, and only to come face to face with that brown dragonet and nearly fall to his knees. "Seishuth?"

Lucan shifts his weight around once more and watches as the last few eggs rock and crack close by. He then steps closer to Donis now and gazes out at the newest bronze dragonet. "Donis.." he manages to say. "Donis.. look.." And so the lad takes a step back and tries to get a better look at the handsome bronze dragonet.

Fountain of Youth Egg is ageless. But even eternity is not forever. Wait, eternity /is/ forever, but the shell of this egg and its time here on the Sands has come to an end. Without much ado at all, really, the swirls of white and blue melt away like bubblebars in bathwater. What is left is a newly unwrapped and freshly minted dragonet.

Hula Dancing Charm Green Dragonet
Whimsical, this bantam dragon, with wingails a rainforest's canopy of filtered gold and a tail twisted twice before it ends in a spade of mai-tai brown. Gold and green skirt her rounded lower body, a hula's hue in straw and sun and grass beneath coconut highlights of brown and creamy ivory about her chest and neckridges; plastic neon green brightens only her hindpaws, the enchanting sweep of her muzzle and her guileless, darling, daring head. Her neck is twinned with a paradise of passionfruit and pineapple's yellow, a bright ring of botanical blossoms matched by the coy tangle of petals that lei her headknobs. Her small frame is a living dance of ambers and green whose wiggle and roll of tropical colors create mesmerizing display that sets this lucky little charm apart.

Donis pulls at his ripped robe anxiously, whirling around again. "Was that Lauria? Wonderful!" he calls out. "And…. and… Kibai? Oh!" He spins again, trying to keep just one foot on the Sands, and spots the newest bronze. "Hmmm. Nice. And that green!"

M'nty beams from over where he's quietly getting to know his dragon at the two new impresses, then winked at Minoyath. "Lookie there, another bronze to be your clutchmate." He chuckled then grins Lauria impressed… and so did Kibai… today was turning out thrilling. And then another green….

B'ane just about nears the bottom of his glass now. No fear, there's like a wagon of everything-alcohol still available. Looks are traded with other dragonets and some are even waved on to quicken the Impression process just so he can change into normal clothes. "Uh," the stork-like bronze is given a most astonished look and then B'ane looks back at his wine, wondering if maybe his eyes are deceived from the strong beverage.

Pyrene shivers her arms out. "Hush now, Cadge. He's Impressed. Worse luck… he's going to be trouble, I can tell. Still, that's a nice Kibai's got - was he one of ours?" She looks hopeful. After all, that brown's good looking and everything. "Oh, there's a sweet green!"

Hula Dancing Charm Green Dragonet sort of wriggles and writhes out of her egg, kicking away shards of the shell and rollling her shoulders to get rid of anything else marring her pretty hide. She steps out, her wings half-opened to dry, and dances her way towards the offerings of Candidates. This way, this way, we're going this way.

Lucan takes another step backwards and watches the bronze dragonet with his klah colored eyes. Oh, he's so.. regal. Majestic. Heavenly. But, why is he backing away suddenly? And back away he does. The lad takes another step backwards this time. Pulse races.

The last green - and out of her favorite egg, too, that had been oddly quiet until now. Lexie clings to Kodisan, and looks to the little green with an appreciative gaze… gnawing her bottom lip like there's no tomorrow now. The eggs are few - and now none. "Look at the little streaks of colors though her hide… the little patches… looks like she's been playing the the paints." Hee.

Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet is completely lost. He stares up, he stares left, he stares right. Where the heck /is/ he, and who the heck are those crazy people in the bloody eye-blindingly white robes? Shaking the egg goo off of himself, he quickly decides that bewilderedness is just not something he can do. So, tilting that head charmingly, he decides to wade in and.. you know.. converse with the locals. Or whatever. Hey, there's a knot of decent-looking boys. Let's see how they like to be snuffled at.

Fl'ush gives an odd little giggle as he kneels next to Guppyth. "Okay, sure. Soon, I think. No, over there, Guppyth," the lad adds, pointing towards Lylia and the other 'lings. But the blue begins wandering back towards Cadgwith. "No, Guppyth!" Ah… there we go. He just forgot. The pair finally start shuffling towards their new clutchmates.

Pyrene peers over at Bob egg, which hasn't hatched and isn't rocking. "No bronzes and a dud egg," she mutters darkly. And guess who's going to be getting the blame for that?

Auryn frowns a bit. Wait. No more browns? And so few eggs left? "Kodi?" Her voice is small, quiet. "Do you think that… that there're no more browns? At all?" Her lip starts to tremble, even though she does her best to hide it. Cadgwith squawks back at the ditzy blue since she's not built for squeaking. Go forth to the other weyrlings. Really.

Lucan stops in his tracks this time and doesn't move anymore. In fact, he just stands there almost mesmerized, yet, extremely nervous at the same time. Breathe, Luc. /Breathe/. He continues to stare at the bronze..

Donis scuffs one foot in the sand, no longer caring how hot it is. At least till he singes his toes. "Ow!" he squeaks, lifting that foot up and resting it against the other leg. "Those are the last ones, aren't they?" he asks Lucan in a very small voice.

Hula Dancing Charm Green Dragonet plays the happy dragonet, for all she's ever-so-hungry. She's ever-so-cute, too, and even if she is last, someone's going to want her. More importantly, there is someone she wants. She ignores her bronze clutch-brother and focuses instead on the Candidates. In particular, she wiggles her way towards a refreshingly tempting little morsel. Yes yes, this is the way, warmer, warmer, warmer…

Imi has been over to the side of the sands for a while now, stroking Kzavketh's head quietly. She's pale and sweating, but her breathing is okay and she seems to be simply… wrapped up in her new lifemate, who patiently endures her coddling, nudging her for something to eat.

Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet is indeed noble. Sure, he doesn't look it, but his action show it; he takes the time to whuffle disarmingly at a bunch of white-robed, scared to death girls. Whuffle, whuffle; he's not a man-eating monster! He's just a.. hungry creature who will grow up one day to fight Thread and save the world. Hey! Heroics are good. Heroics. But someone who can dream, too; so, any heroic dreamers out there, other than himself? He quests to find out.

Kodisan gives Lexia a startled look as his arm is clutched all the more. "Yes, she's rather cute," he answers, giving her a quick smile before turning to Auryn. "Hey, don't worry, Auryn. He's out there. This clutch or the next one, maybe." Isn't it bad luck to say something like that? Who knows.

Zarelyn is still alive, though not very noisy - standing at the side of the sands and staring at the blue beside her as if she really doesn't believe his existance.

Lucan nods his head at Donis, though he says nothing thus far. He's silent as he stares at the bronze dragonet still and the green grabs his attention only for a brief moment. But, he then returns his gaze back to the bronze right after and takes another step backwards.

M'nty is also alive, just wrapped up in Minoyath, so he's proabably not gonna be talkin' his time after this, with such things going on.

Auryn looks horrified at that. "Next clutch?! But I'm supposed to Impress now! I even made a robe!" She starts to sound hysterical now, her eyes flickering madly over the remaining dragonets - and the very last egg. "What about that one?" Bob. "It has to hatch, it has to."

Even in her little world, Lexia still has the time to look over at Auryn and comment. But this time it's sweeter: she doesn't mean to be a nuisance, honest. "I've been left standing… and it's looking like I'm going to be left standing again. But they're out there, our dragons… if we didn't have potential, they wouldn't have Searched us." And she's trying to be comforting, really she is… and watch the dragons out of the corner of her eye. "You can reuse your robe? I did…" Okay, so that really isn't /that/ helpful…

"That one over there never moved," Donis points out the dud egg to Lucan, waving one arm in its direction and ripping his other armhole. "I think it's one of Cadgwith's…" He looks nervously towards the leggy bronze and that oh-so-cute green. "Wonder which girl she'll go to?"

Aboleoth wonders about the skinny bronze, thinking Nissionath's genes must have over-loaded during its creation. Neverthless, spawn is spawn and the bronzeling is given some fatherly crooning. B'ane just abstains from anymore drinks and can't wait to go back home to brag - I mean inform.

Hula Dancing Charm Green Dragonet clambers cheerfully towards Kodisan his… girlfriend? Nevermind. Whatever the girl is, the little green dragon tries to push her way in between the young man and Lexia. She does insist. She does. This is her day. Without giving any thought to the Weaver intruding into Her Sandbox, she tilts her head and queries the Lexi with a sweet rumbling croon. Denial, it seems, denial that this tawny haired brown eyed vixen will be left alone today. Or ever.
Hula Dancing Charm Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Lexia, and steps forward.

Pyrene yawns, watching the final dragonets move. "That's Lexia taken? I /said/ we should Search her. I mean, Qelketh did…." she corrects hastily, but ego still gets in the way. "I gave him the idea though."

Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet thinks it's time to choose. Everyone else has, and even if he's, er, a little bit lost… Hey, wait! Choice isn't even part of it. He knows that /he/ is out there somewhere- and, in fact, is trying to run away from him! The indignacy! That just ain't cricket, boy. So, what does he do? He runs. Breakneck, awful strides, horribly discombobulated. But he's gotta flag down Lucan some time, and if he doesn't barrel into him like a huge over-intent canine playing fetch, well… the boy might get away, and that's just not going to happen. Is he slowing down? No.
Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Lucan, and steps forward.

Auryn practically jumps away as the green comes lurching forward, her expression one of relief as Lexia Impresses. "Oh no! I mean… phew. Lexia." Deep breath, now.

Nuff grins at Pyrene. Nwo that the eggs area bout done - oh, they are done? - she'll talk anything Pyrene is in the mood to hand out. "You are right, Weyrwoman. Of course. Right right right. Now, whose left? Any of mine?" She looks about, oh my. "There's my Weaver, anwyays. And - Donis? Shards. Oh. ANd that little Weyrlad. Hrm."

Celeste has been left with only Auryn to clutch, with both Lauria and Kibai gone. So she clutches Auryn extra hard. "They're almost gone. Except that one," she points at Bob. "It hasn't moved at all." She glances down the line. "Oh! Lucan! Lexia!" Pause. "They Impressed," she shares with Auryn, in case she's gone blind. She not sad. Of course not.

Lucan tries to reply to Donis but can't seem to concentrate long enough to answer. In fact, the bronze is watched carefully as it meanders around the Sands, eyeing each and every boy it passes. Until.. he comes up to him. The lad drops to his knees immediately and runs a hand across the bronzen face of the dragonet. "Jydhaeth!" he yells out with such pride.

Auryn looks shocked, now that it's over. "They're all gone. But… it can't be. Why wasn't mine here? I don't understand," she complains, turning teary eyes towards Celeste. "We were meant to Impress. We were!"

Lexi becomes entangled in the vines that the little green weaves, and her jaw falls slack as she hears a voice in her mind for the first time: sweet as a gentle breeze. "Oh, Hiakith… of course I'll show you… I'll show you everything you want to see." She falls to her knees and her smile is more genuine than probably ever before as she presses her pert little nose to the green's snout.

Pyrene raps Bob with her knuckles and glances up at Cadge who snorts, uninterested. "Should have known that egg was too weird to Hatch," she mutters, and nods to Ike. "Want to clean that up?" She moves forward, to exchange kind words with candidates - Auryn obviously, but her gentleness will extend to others on this occasion, even Donis.

Kodisan takes a step away from Lexia suddenly as the green heads towards them. He watches the dragonet for a long moment, but only long enough to be sure he isn't the target. Not that… he'd refuse. Yeah. "Congratulations, Lexia," the young man says softly as he reaches out towards Auryn for a half sort of hug. "Hey… next time maybe it'll be us. Or at least you," he tells her, trying to sound brave, and all that manly stuff.

Donis steps away from his friend with a rather sad smile. "Lucan, congratulations," he offers, looking around then. What next?

Celeste continues to cling to Auryn, despite the hatching being over. "We were," she echos faintly, peering up into the galleries for the first time. "Don't cry," she offers. "Some of those dragons were really scary. Better no dragon than a scary dragon," she offers in what she hopes is a helpful way.

Sii'kyn shifts out of his reverie, and grins, slowly. He cants his head back, and then firmly swings his arms around the brown's lowered-nose. Awww. Perfect mush happening. For a moment. Only a moment. "That boy just made me lots of money," he proudly declares to Pyrene. "/Lots/ of money." Gaze shifts over to Lucan, and he plops down on Ram's forepaw, before solemnly nodding at all the remaining candidates and flickering a nod at Pyrene. "Yeah," he softly states. "I'll go take care of it. V'der - V'der, what are you doing? L'uc's not your son. Go fetch my straps?"

B'ane does something weird and joins Aboleoth's elk-like bugle with a rebel yell and then coughs. "Well, ol' man, I bet you feel pretty proud of yourself." Bronze-flesh is thumped affectionately and then finds Vaeli in the conglomerate of happiness. "Feel good now that you have your freedom back?"

Nuff shoos the Candidates, those that are left, back towards the barracks. She finds hereself near Donis and shrugs one shoulder, "Yo lad. Walk an old woman back into the Weyr?"

Kodisan keeps looking over the sands as if still hoping, though it's pretty obvious by now that things are pretty much over and done with. "Well… that was a once in a lifetime experience," he muses lightly, then gives a soft sigh, glancing around at the much, much smaller group of candidates. Or ex-candidates? Candidates in waiting, perhaps. "I think I could go for some wine."

Reuben follows everyone without a draogn out.

Pyrene waves people off the Sands, nodding up towards the galleries. "Drinks and food in the Living Caverns if you'd like to make your way there? Your friends will be coming out just as soon as they've changed and - as needed - put their dragons down for the night." She sighs and wipes sweat from her brow. "Let's go get drunk," she mutters to the nearest rider and heads out, Cadge following mildly.

Donis gives Nuff a lopsided smile - but it /is/ a smile. "I rather need to get changed, Weyrwoman," he tells her, indicating his ripped armholes.

Auryn clings to Kodisan on one side, Celeste on the other. "I want some wine too," she groans, doing her best not to bawl on the sands like some silly holder girl. "Lots of it," she adds in a squeak.

Nuff nods, "Of course, of course." THen, after a few aimless starts at finding something else to say, just pats him on the shoulder and follows the rest.

Guppyth begins to follow a couple of the other candidates off the sands. They kind of look like his lifemate, after all. You know, wearing white and all. "Guppyth!" Fl'ush stammers, hurrying over to lay a hand on him. "I'll feed you soon enough, honest!" Just wait until this pair starts flaming stuff.

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