High Reaches' 11th PC Hatching - Part 1

Shaela's gold Chayath x L'uc's bronze Jydhaeth
25th April 2004
Logged by Sunhomme

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.

The 11 PC eggs:

Bad Egg
The surface of this egg is steeped in a suave, leathery black, both intriguing and dubious. At the base and top, the ebony is studded with points of metallic gray. The same pattern belts thin about its center. While at first glance every aspect of this egg is attractive, perhaps even thrilling, something deep within is cold and sinister. You know it.
Battlestar Galactica
A fighting lifeboat of metal and and more metal, this grey ovoid is complete in solid colors, sprinkled through with the occasional figure. The black-void of space is twinkled with thought of stardust; the gunmetal greys are awash in the heat of fiery blasts of red and yellow. And amongst it all, hang tiny swoops of… starfighters? They almost appear to be, long in the nose and triangular in the wings. Flying in perfect formations, the clear-envisioned crafts battle indeterminable blobs of nonhumanity. In entirety, this egg is quite large- housing a life inside, that in some other galaxy, might be the last of a race.
Brite As A Rainbow Egg
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.. just the sky! But, behold: among the colored stars of yellow, pink, purple and red, a small shape is found amidst a bright green field and a terrific aqua sky. Bounds of hair, golden, flowing from a small head, is tied in a bright ribbon, presumably to match the outfit the rest of the blob seems to wear: delicate, but large rings of bodacious, blinding colors wrap what appears to be arms and boots. From petite little 'hands', many tiny stars of every color of the rainbow are being tossed towards a canary yellow sun. Wow, that's brite!
Dirty Dancing Egg
This ovoid is all spiffed up in vibrant carmine, luring even the least vagrant eyes to it. Not lost amongst the other eggs that crowd and invade it's sand space, this one can quite hold it's own. When the light hits it exactly right, the silky shell appears to sparkle and shimmer with a life of its own. Alas, this egg's true potential is masked by a series of muddy brown blotches.
Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg
Thick opaque clouds of tawny dust swirl around the crack of a leather whip, a serpentine line of action that lashes across the otherwise calm, earthy surface of this egg's smooth, sienna shell. A blur of darker shadow within the dust is suggestive of a lone figure racing from the crumbling ruins of an ancient pyramid; the hazy form is hunched away from a glimpse of pursuing red that scrapes across the egg's faded blue crown.
Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg
A shade more yellow than 'normal' would dictate, this tawny egg is covered in uneven blotches of light brown. Each brown splotch is rimmed with black, outlined clearly. Towards the bottom of this ovoid, the pattern fades to a creamy white. For all of it's nondescription, there -is- one rather lopsided mark: a bright red star, settled smack in the middle of one side, further marrs the otherwise pretty pattern. It almost looks to be a backwards- facing 'R'. From the diminuitive size, it sure doesn't seem to want to grow up at all.
Flock of Seagulls Egg
Bleached blonde hues sweep in a grand cascade across the top of this quirky egg, looping here, carefully sweeping there. Electric yellow fades slowly into a murky brown, wavering like a moving shadow, splinters of fragmented light breaking through the hazy hue. But for all the apparent calm of its shell, upon closer inspection of the egg, one could notice a tinge of pulsing orange and yellow, hints of flashy neon lights and a catchy beat.
More Than Meets The Eye Egg
Iron birds of fortune adrift above the skies of cloudy revelations transform the metallic grey of this egg into a shell of polished titanium and scarlet-edged weaponry. Fire erupts across the rocky surface: instruments of destruction, a violent existence in crimson and flame that burns away the flashes of earth below. In a final storm of grey and smoke, the dust of creation turns to ash. All is lost… or is it? For there is a power in the blood and will of this one, disguised by the smokescreen shell. At the darkest point, warriors arise from the embers in brilliant swatches of heroic blue, eager red, and evil-blinding white. Riding the eye of the storm, they will fight until the end. Until all are one.
Rubic's Puzzle of Doom Cubed Egg
It's a square; no, it's a cube! Wait.. I thought it was supposed to be an egg! Maybe not. With red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and white little blobs covering the creased egg from top to bottom, it's hard to tell if it's even real at all. The color's in neatly precise squares (with black lining throughout each one - to make it look cool and kickin') it looks awfully confusing, and even more, like, radical. But, what /is/ the point of this squarely-looking egg, big for its shape, and even more colorful than makes sense? Each color isn't even in a pattern; isn't all white supposed to be touching? Or aren't they supposed to be in order? Can -you- figure it out? (As if!)
The Neverending Story Egg
This is an egg, my friends, that just never ends: it goes on and on.. er, wait, wrong script. In fact, this egg is… fluffy? Indeed, it is sheer cream fluff, with monstrously large blobs of color mounted on the sides of this hulking round object. They're almost like eyes: never blinking, just.. waiting, watching, in a benevolent monster sort of way. The pattern of 'fluffiness' curls as wool still on the sheep: it creates an optical illusion, confusing the mind's eye. Indeed, it's almost as if some rather large creature is curled about the ovoid protectively, staring out at whomever deigns to look upon it.
Wax On, Wax Off Egg
For an egg, it sure is shiny: like a fast car, like glints off of rolling waters, like a bald man's head in the middle of summer. This one is all racing reds and fiery, brilliant sunsets: a philosophy within itself. Patience is taught by the striplings of faint silver, discipline weaving a counter of vivid, cheddar-sharp yellow-orange. Self-centered, perfection embued within the glossy melding of shades, it does have an odd mark at the top… sweeps of clockwise white fluttering, as if someone was in the middle of waxing, and suddenly was distracted from the chore. Perhaps perseverence is a quality this one lacks.

The remaining 13 NPC eggs:

Fresh & Cool (Whip) Egg
This egg is white: completely white, and devoid of any other color. Fluffy mounds of cloud-like, lazy shapes swirl up the shell of this ovoid form. This is one egg that one could actually see topping a holiday bubbly pie, or even a more mundane dessert. Sweet enough to cause a toothache, it truly does look good enough to eat.
"I Don't Know!" Green Slime Egg
Sickly shades of glistening lime-colored goo seems to smooze its way about the surface of this poor egg. It oozes smoothly into thick globs that pool and coalesce into a miasma of bubbling goop. Woe onto this pitiful little egg that seemed to not know… What it was before is hidden, now, underneath the sickly slime- but aqua purity of water threatens to reveal it's non-knowledge. Splash!
It Just Keeps Going & Going & Going Egg
Bright pink and ovoid, the most odd thing about this egg is … it seems rather fluffy. Perfectly still, the shifting of light against pure-pink egg is quite eyecatching- and confounding. It would make one almost swear that it was moving about; but that isn't the only disconcerting thing about this egg- thanks to ripples in the hue, it almost seems to carry a rhythmic 'booming' somewhere about it. The booming only sounds in concert with the shifting of the light, mimicking rapid movement of colors on the shell.
Jet Set Egg
How odd this egg is! It appears to be white in the main, but here and there are small dashes of colour - pink stars, yellow blocks, and even things that look suspiciously like beer glasses. Towards the bottom of the egg the colour becomes pure at last: a nice fluffy white base that sinks invitingly into the sands.
Laquered Spiral Perm Egg
How can something so soft and pliant in appearance be so hard and unyielding? It is a question for the ages. Vivid white-blondes and punkish purple curl about the shell of this egg in never-ending strands that would be romantic… if it weren't for the extra, ultra-artificial shine. Each section appears separate and unique, however this notion is dispelled when, at the apex, they all fuse into teased chaos. It's all just an illusion; an accident of colour and texture that only appears to resemble the everyday.
Lurid Puffball Egg
Vivid lime green coats the shell of this strangely fat egg in a burst of eyeblinding green. At both top and base of the egg, thick bands of a darker green, almost olive in tone, pull everything into tight points. Here and there across the shell, black spots polkadot the surface, almost in a predefined pattern- but all in all it does nothing to negate the glare.
Magnum PI Egg
Dancing palm fronds seem to sway along the breeze, the trees dancing in a tropical setting. The hint of glimmering sea salts the curving surface, even as a glimpse of something sleek, red and shiny speeds along. A rough, yet sexy little smile emerges from the setting, hinting at a more than just a touch of secrecy. Countersiding that smile is a vague image of a - goat? - that seems to be hitting some well-groomed flowers. Ominously enough, something metallic gleams as it points at the offending animal.
One! And Two! And Three! Egg
Get those muscles working! Can't you -feel- the action? Amid the tossing furls of the intricate roundness of the egg, many wisps and curls almost suggesting movement fill the egg, in soft pastel colors of light pink and blue. Throughout it all, small "X"-shaped blobs scatter all over, almost like miniature people. But, what -are- they wearing? Sweatbands and hairbands contain huge poofs of curly hair, while stretchy-looking clothes adorn each little figure as they do their exercise. And lunge! And stretch! Flex those muscles!
Ooey Gooey Slimer Egg
Irridescent hues of a sickly, slimy green ooze over this ovoid's curves, settling into the many imagined dents and dips of this squat, stunted-looking egg. Toward one end, a pattern of white appears amidst the glistening green, taking the shape of a gaping mouth spread into a generous, but maniacal grin. Two piercing yellowed dots hovering above that grin seem to stare out from the shell impishly, suggesting that there may be more trouble than expected from this shiny little egg.
Prince Charming Egg
Warm ecru tones coat this egg in an almost skinlike colouring. In fact, one could be forgiven for imagining it to be such, especially with the rough coating of black that the apex sports. Four parallel red lines, two on each side of the shell, break up the stark, fleshy pinkness and add a splash of colour; meanwhile, a very faint darkening of the general colour near the base of the egg could almost be imagined to be a lip.
Tacky Plastic Bangles Egg
Cheap and nasty, smooth stripes of colour encircle this skinny egg with vividly clashing shades. Almost sombre in comparison to the opposing colors, dark blue clanks alongside a cheerfully sunny yellow, while broad lines of artificial dayglo orange alternate with thinner bands of daring hot pink. The neon bands almost obsure- but don't quite completely cover- the basic beige of the brightly-ringed shell.
The Breakfast Club Egg
It's blaring, it's small, it's - the breakfast club? A classroom scene stretches on over the format of a blank ovoid; well, an egg blank no more. Rows of neat desks line up, the backdrop stretching beyond them, into some odd library sort of environ. However, the true features of this egg are focused upon the blurs that sit at the desks - blurred to almost indescribable color swatches, it comes down to the pink blob, the black blob, the brown blob, and - something that vaguely resembles a jersey, sitting next to what would look like.. glasses? Indeed, an oddball mixture- for an oddball egg.
Tonka Tuff Egg
Sunny yellow shines all over this egg, with the exception of where vivid black stripes are scattered here and there. The base of this egg has a unique feature, four perfectly round circles of black, centered with pure white. This odd-looking egg almost gives the impression that if fell off a cliff, afterwards it would still be in working, er, hatching order.

Galleries> P'renn is bobbling the little Jala/P'renn tot on one knee while he points at various eggs on the sands. Cooing to his daughter and looking the part of a glee-filled father, the rider notes Tasi's entrance with a curious brow tilt and a flagging of the female to the seat beside him. "Ah, alright, have a seat Tas." He props little Alena a bit higher so she can see past the head directly in front of her, as P'renn makes room for Tasi.

Galleries> Zarelyn sneaks into the galleries and sequesters herself up near the back, settling in for the long watch.

Galleries> Hannah quickly steps up the stairs, giving the galleries a quick, searching look in obvious search of someone or something. She hesitates for a moment before realizing the dragons are humming, signalling the impending hatching of the weyr's latest clutch. So instead, she pokes about the galleries for a good seat.

Flock of Seagulls Egg begins to bounce a bit in the sands. Hey. Where's its wings? Can't fly without wings, now can you?

Galleries> Nuff was already here, stashed in amongst the very large contingent from High Reaches on her purple pillow, waving a little flag of blue and black. "Ooo… I hear dragons!" Well, and then everyone does, because the very rock of the Weyr picks up the rising rumbling thrum of a Hatching Day.

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg is, y'know, here. Sitting.

Being Chayath's lifemate, Shaela had that extra moment of warning, and took the opportunity to do the necessary. Jogging back onto the sands now, she breathes a sigh of relief that she has beat the Candidates. "Tatia, Zai, L'uc," she says joining the other riders on the edge of the sands. "Almost time!"

Galleries> Tasi grins, slippping into the seat next to P'renn and offering Alena a bright smile as well. "Thanks so much. Is it true what I heard in the bowl? Are the eggs - oh!" The question isn't needed anymore as the sands catch her eye in time to spot the explosive breakage of the More Than Meets the Eye egg. "Never mind, then," Tasi murmurs, grinning eager anticipation as she settles in to watch the hatching.

Galleries> Donis hurries up the stairs and takes a seat towards the front of the galleries, joggling in between a group of other guards and a weyrbrat or two. Dragons are hmming, people are on the Sands, eggs are moving - it's time.

Galleries> Wyn is settled in just such a good seat, in the middle of a row of reserved good seats, next to M'nty and quite without any of the males on her string. See? She's being a good little weyrsecond, officious and traditional as you please. "Hannah?" she beckons, giving a dignified wave to try and get the Istan weyrwoman's attention.

Galleries> Alyra walks up with Soraan as the reach the galleries. "Where are they? Shouldn't they be here? I can't see her." Alyra says as she looks around her her daughter. Soraan shakes his head "They'll be there. Last minute instructions likely.

L'shil hoists and levers himself out from between those so-close ridges and then slides down off Piccath in a motion that looks as easy as can be.

Galleries> Jala is in the process of stripping off her riding jacket as she enters the galleries, all smiles and glee at the excitement of a social gathering combined with dragons hatching. Yay! Quickly searching out P'renn, she makes her way towards him and stealthily slides into the seat on his unoccupied side, nudging his arm with her shoulder and bestowing his cheek with a kiss, before affording the same gift to the top of Alena's bouncy curls. "Evening, lovely," she greets smoothly, and reaches across his lap to smack Tasi's thigh. "Hi Tas! Glad to see you could make it too! Wow things are getting started already, huh? Jeez." Stare.

Galleries> Vaeli has been here, seated near a group of pompous lords and lordlings, courtesy of Pyrene, looking ever so bored. "Yes, I -do- know your holdings are beautiful, Lord Jotiv. I've been there twice this turn." Vae's pleading look turns in circles. Someone help?

Galleries> Hannah manages to hear her name in the din that crowds the galleries. "Hello!" she calls out to Wyn, and begins to pick her way through the crowd to the Weyrsecond. "Guess my errand brought me to the weyr in time," she offers with a quick grin.

Zai walks in, skirting the sands as much as possible and making for the first row where a few Tsunami members have staked out some seats. "Shaela," she greets in return, waving over at the gold with an encouraging smile.

Galleries> P'renn continues bouncing the little Alena about as he watches the action down on the sands. He really hasn't any favorites among the candidates, in fact, he's none to impressed with the candidates he met this morning. Although he does know Zak is in the mix. Jala's appearance marks a beam and a returned smooch on the cheek as he offers Alena to her mother. "Want to hold her for a bit? I wanted to go Vaeli something real quick before things get any more started. Save my seat?"

L'shil scrambles down hurriedly. "So I heard - and see, I managed to dress up this time, too, Shae!" Mr. Enthusiasm calms slightly and bows to the sire and dam, offering a beaming greeting to Tatia, Zai, and L'uc. "Isn't it exciting? I've got my dragonhealer-hat, too, just in case they run over each other. They do, sometimes."

Galleries> Mikailyn putters up the stairs, looking particularly bored, though this may just be to spite the absurdly enthused harper procession she's entered with. Happy people. Happy talking people. Miki's face glows with only the utmost delight.

Galleries> Gwindor's entrance is rather easy to notice, as he's got four young children - all with the same ashy blonde hair and grey eyes - tagging along and talking in loud tones. "-Hush!-" snaps the healer apprentice frustratedly. "Won't. You. Be. Quiet." Spotting Jala and P'renn and Tasi, the boy ambles over with the little ones in tow and smiles. "You must be Jala, pardon me - I'm Gwindor, little brother to Gelmir, and these are the rest of the family. I remember seeing you."

Galleries> Nuff sees Vaeli, she does, but just hides a smile behind her upraised flag. Being Nuff, however, she /does/ wave a salute to the arriving Ista's, big knots or not, and makes sure they've enough room… even if they do insist on wearing orange. "Welcome, welcome - oh yes, Tiareth's fine - no, she's up there on a ledge somewhere trying to remember they aren't her eggs. Come in, sit down - be quick! The seats are going fast."

Galleries> Macaed manages to make it up to the top of the stairs despite being jostled to and fro by those that are far more excited and have chosen to dash or to gallop their way to the nearest vacant seat. Edging through the crowd, he manages to find a nice spot of his own, with minimal toe-stepping involved.

Galleries> Tasi laughs as Jala makes her entrance, nodding. "Yup. You're just in time, looks like. How've you been? Feels like a while since we've talked." She nods distracted acknowledgement to P'renn, prepared to scoot over a bit so she can secure his seat for him, without losing her own, while he's gone. Gwindr is given a polite smile, but Tasi stays silent, attention switching from the sands to Gwindor, and the children in tow, always smiling politely.

Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg rocks in place just a bit, readying itself in case it needs to go rolling after any temple adventurers.

Galleries> Ralin comes up to the galleries along with Rena, this time however there is no bladders, no pea shooters, no nothing, just empty hands. THey've learned their lesson really well. Lirena drags Ralin over to a spot where they can watch. "Not as good as Nuff's ledge but I guess it'll do." She says.

Brite As A Rainbow Egg twiches slightly, as if preparing for something. Or maybe it was just the sand shifting which cased the twich.

Shaela beams proudly at her weyrmate - she likes L'shil's hat - getting up on tippy-toes to kiss his cheek in greeting. "And on time for this one, too!" She rubs her hands together eagerly, "Those Candidates had better hurry up… the eggs won't wait. ah! Here they are!"

The entire group of Candidates, shaking, smiling, stand together and, clasping hands tightly, bow deeply to the clutchparents, the sea of sparkling white bending as one.

Flock of Seagulls Egg hops around again in its little burrow, uncovering itself almost completely. It does not due to have a bird grounded.

Galleries> "Vaeli," offers P'renn as he extends a hand to give the goldrider's shoulder a light shake. "A pleasure to see you," alright, he and Vaeli aren't exactly best buds.. in fact, they haven't really talked, ever, but he's in the business of saving the bored today. "Lord Jotiv! I heard Lady Theri is looking for you over towards the second tier, yep, right over there. She said it was a matter of urgency that you talk to her right away." And with a wink to Vaeli he returns to Jala, Tas, and Lena.

Galleries> Jala actually catches Vaeli's pleading look, despite all the commotion of the galleries, and cups her hands arround her mouth accordingly, so that her shouting will carry. However, it seems the shouting isn't necessary, as P'renn is a genius and has already formulated a plot to rescue the goldrider. "Yeah, sure, lovely." She winks at him to assure him she's in on his plan and scoops Alena out of his lap, settling the overexcited little youngster in her own. Gwindor's approach catches her attention and she smiles winningly at him. "Here, dear, you and your gaggle of little ones can sit with me!" And she pats the seats next to her. "Simply lovely to see you. Who are all these dearlings?" Tasi is smiled at over the quickly forming crowd surrounding them. "I know, its been a while since we've had a chance to chat. We'll have to catch up after this chaotic mess is done with, hmm?"

Galleries> A'ran rashes up the stairs as fast as his lengthy legs will carry him, taking them two or three to a stride. "I'm not missing much, am I?" he calls to no one in particular, not daring to take his eyes off his feet lest he trip and injure himself. "I do hope there are a lot of blues. Pyrene will be delighted." At last an empty seat is found, and he takes his place in it.

Galleries> "A decided piece of good fortune, that," Wyn agrees to Hannah, offering over a flask of chilled wine brought with her to combat the heat. "And we're honoured that you could make it. After all, Chayath has apparently stated that we've a gold in one of the eggs out there, although she's been coy so far as specifying it goes. Have you any wagers placed?" A wave to Andron and Alain as she spots them, the Weyrsecond giving the Istan Warder a Significant Look that appears to be approving. Good boy, he's come to the Hatching.

Galleries> Alain leads the way into the galleries with Andron in tow. "We have to find a good seat so we can see them both. I didn't even think to tell them that they were both candidates," he adds to his companion. "If either of them make it we'll have to throw a huge party and everything," just like a daughter's coming out party, right? Someone stop him before he starts picking out table cloths.

Rubic's Puzzle of Doom Cubed Egg really really just sits there, looking enigmatic.

Galleries> Bastian slides in at the back of the room. He's here to watch things, and keeps near the entrance… his first hatching witnessed, he appears to have made a bit of an effort to scrub up.

Sylara stands near Andria and sorta close to Palia. She's ready for this one. She turns around slightly, and to her very big surprise, her mom and dad are in the galleries, grinning hugely and waving. Having that settled, she eyes the eggs nervously.

Rylum is not quite last, truly he isn't, but he's already looking dishevelled and out of place in his ill-fitted robe. A tug at the hem does nothing to help, only it makes him feel a bit better. He finds himself beside Atohya and manages to smile. "Here we go…"

Sii'kyn plays shepherd to the candidates, following them with a harried look. He stares at the eggs, and then sidles quick-like over towards the nearest assistant weyrlingmaster. "Hey. What's the bets like?" He scans the galleries dutifuly, noting the various VIPs, and sits back. "I need wine." Ahem.

Kalaeya practically stumbles out on the hothothot sands - shards, she forgot her sandals in the barracks! She half-turns, as if going back for them, but as she catches sight of a rocking egg, she changes her mind. Wouldn't do to miss out on anything - not since she blew her last chance! "Ohh, ohh… it's hot," she creaks to Desba besides her, stating the obvious.

Izaak straightens up from the bow and turns to eye the eggs immediately, knuckles white where his hand grips Dominicke's. But that would hardly be visible to anyone not standing directly next to him. The boy even forgets to check the stands to see if anyone in particular is watching. There's far too much motion on the sands themselves to pay attention to the sea of color in the galleries.

Ambyr folows Rajanigandha and Palia out nervously and stays about a step behind them, being sure to bow… because well - duh! Whispering aside to Raja and Palia, "This is definately different then the last hatching!" duh - Ambyr didn't get to be on the Sands for the last one!

Naralia glances at the Seagulls egg as she watche sit hop, her eyes round as she clutches close to Aislinn "They're really moving" She looks up towards the galleries and see's Ralin and Lirena, they're not going to do anything are they?

Ashli straightens from the bow and steps to the side slightly, though staying with the group. Safety in numbers, right? In any case, the girl is sticking with the pack, though she seems to, oddly enough, be balancing on one leg. Yep, Ashli is mimicing a bird, apparently, though this seems to be due to the fact that she is only wearing a single sandal. A broad wave is tossed to the galleries as she recognizes people yonder, but her attention is quickly caught by the rocking eggs. "Oh…oh my…we're on the Sands…"

Dominicke stands from his bows and then nods to Zak, holding his hand in return as he starts to shuffle off into the Candie circle. Calm, he seems, like a short 900 turn old green guy just waiting. Watching. Paitent. He has all the time in the work.

Galleries> Tasi chuckles softly, nodding. "Sunds good, Jala," she says quickly, fitting in the polite words before the galleries become too full for proper conversation. She settles in again, ignoring all standards of dignity and kneeling in her seat, so she can see over the head of the person in front of her. A grin toward Vaeli indicates that she, too, saw the pleading look, and the rider scoots over to make room for the goldrider.

Desba marches out behind the other candidates, next to Laeya, just as she promised. But her attention is else where, namely on the eggs. But as her new friend starts to go back for her sandles she stops, puts a hand on the girls shoulder and takes her own sandles off, kicking them towards the girl. "Try those…" She whispers, as her own feet start to burn.

Rajanigandha is right on top of her bow this go round. Her interest in actually being out here on these sands has waned slightly. Only to be replaced with a deep seated fear of being killed while a Gallery full of people cheered at her passing. What an awful thought to be having as she gazes up at the very large Queen. Shiver! In effort to calm her nerves she waits for the proper chance to lean over and squeeze Palia's hand for attention. "So we like the same man," she tells her with a smile. "We'll talk about it later," she promises and straightens with a slightly nervous smile. If she got ate out here today, she wanted things right with her friends. Ayr's hand is clung to in offer of support.

Rubic's Puzzle of Doom Cubed Egg is all jumbled up, its colors lacking any sort of order. Its dark creasing falls into cracks, and the shell's markings start to shift - a red bit to the left, a yellow to the right, a blue here, a white there. A lump of green and orange flakes away - as if prised off by a giant fingernail - and the whole collapses into dozens of brightly-hued pieces.

Spirit Guide Brown Dragonet
Deliberation lurks in streaks of sagebrush, applied like paint against the deep earthen canvas of this rangy brown's hide; it daubs symbols of power about the headknobs crowning his aquiline head, and traces down neckridges as rounded as prairie hillocks. Sage is repeated in the soaring spirals which mark billowing wingsails too large to be handsome, is feathered across his neat, slender hindquarters, and fletched down his short tail to its arrowhead tip. He's large and lean, sturdy and warlike, but without the bulk of heavy muscle that might slow him or ground his matte black talons with excess weight.

Galleries> Hannah takes the flask from Wyn with a grateful smile, taking a sip before answering her. "Indeed?" she murmurs at the mention of the gold egg, glancing out at Chayath, the candidates and the eggs. "She has done a good job hiding which one it might be." Fanning her hand a bit in the reference to the wager, goldrider adds, "Nah. I always lose on wagers and thus have just learned not to place any bets. I rather like holding onto my marks."

"Shards!" Exclaims Aislinn, who so rarely swears, as her tender Keroonian soles meet the burning sands. "So *hot*!" She exclaims, echoing the other Candidates. Nervertheless, she steps out further onto the sands and reaches out to squeeze Naralia's hand more for her own reasurance than Nara's.

Galleries> Gwindor tries to resist the urge to laugh into his sleeve when A'ran makes such a remark about Pyrene appreciating the blues - he's from this area originally, and hears tales. "These are Gaila, Gevrahi, Gebrid and Gabrian, Miss Jala. Nryh and Gelmir told me to apologize to you about not being able to make it - come on, kids, have a seat." And Healer sits, with children too. Gaila, the one rather most interested in dragons - browns specifically - squeaks. "Oooh! Oooh, a brown a brown a brown!"

Atohya's robe does nothing to enhance his own gawky appearance. Its as if he were a lad made up of knees and elbows, more knees and elbows than anyone really has a right to, and what parts of him aren't knees or elbows is ears. Still, he's grinning with excitement and manages an awkward boy to the elders on the Sands, both dragon and human.

Galleries> Andron flashes a smile in Wyn's direction, at his charming best as he tips her a lazy salute, retiree to Weyrsecond. Tagging alongside Alain, he casts a glance down at the sands with a vague noise. "Mmm. I think you're right. I'd be interested to know if they hate each other - or are just completely unaware of one another." He tugs Alain down into a seat before they cross the path of a few rather excited riders, hands waving as they exchange bets. "Best not cross their view," he says in his trademark drawl as he oh-so-subtly eases himself in place with plenty of room for Alain.

Axle is doing a decent job of pretending as if the bottoms of his feet aren't on fire - reasoning that - the faster the skin burns, the sooner the pain should die down. Endorphins, and all. Immediately breaking out in a cold sweat, whether it's because he's nervous or because he feels like he's stepped out into an oven, he makes his bows short and stiff - staying well away from the others, lest somebody try to grasp onto him for protection.

Izaak grimaces momentarily and wriggles his fingers in Dominicke's grasp, "Hey, they need some blood in - " But the boy is silenced for a moment at the shattering as the first dragonet - the brown - makes his appearance. "Oh for Faranth's sake," is the best he can mutter. Let everyone else spew poetry of praises for the brown. He'll just start to look a little ill.

Palia's feet do a little 'boogey' on the sands, and she can't contain herself. "Aaag! Hot! Hot!" Did someone forget to put sandals on? "Yeah.. It's.. Really different." Her eyes switch to raja. "Good idea," she proclaims before.. Ugh! It's a dragonet! ew! And.. brown. Brown is male. Male is bad. Yuck "Wow.. Erm."

Galleries> Vaeli catches Nuff's gaze, and can only send a narrow-eyed look her way for not saving her. She rests her chin in her hand and she continues the tedious task of entertaining the lords, and visibly jumps as a hand lays on her shoulder. Vae whirls around, and an instant reprieved smile comes onto her face. "P'renn. It's been a while. How's the Istan way treating you?" Lord Jotiv grumps at the mention of his lady, and moves away. Jala is spared a high wave and a shout as well, but it'll never get there over the noise.

Kalaeya kicks the sandals back in Desba's direction. "I don't want your sandals, silly! Keep them on!" She's going for the tough attitude, but already her feet have started burning unpleasantly. "Ohh, look! The first one cracked!" She shouldn't be so awed at this - she's seen it before. But it's still something, isn't it?

Ambyr clutches Raja's hand even harder as an egg breaks hell and out tumbles a brown, "Ayyyyyeeeeee!" is her comment and she tries hiding behind Palia or Raja or someone - help! Ach!

Wax On, Wax Off Egg contemplates the noise beyond its shell, waiting … waiting .. patience and contemplation. Only the occasionally cricket-whirr of noise along its rounded edge gives away its excitement.

Rhaedyn separates herself from the snot-nosed candidate on her left and the akward red-headed girl on her right as soon as she can, stepping further over into the direction of Sylara and Andria, but never really joining them. Half a glance is spared for the gallery, but never does she really get the chance to search for anyone as the first egg bursts into a brown. The heat seems not to phase her yet, and she simply stands there, eyes wandering to and fro, her mouth wide.

Dominicke snorts, "No you d…." and he too is silenced as the first egg hatches and then he glances at Zak. "Beware of greens." he notes, eyes wide. Poor guy, got himself run over by a green already this Turn.

Chayath acknowledges the candidates as they arrive with one long look, but focuses her energy on the eggs as they rock, thrumming away. A croon follows one particularly hard motion by one of the eggs - don't hurt yourself! - before she breaks into a louder warble of welcome as the first hatches.

Ashli is apparently dumbstruck. No matter how many times she's seen Hatchings, and even having attended the last one on the Sands, she is apparently still in awe of the fact that dragonets are hatching, right there in front of her very eyes. The brown is gazed at, before Ashli suddenly realizes that her mouth is open…and so she closes it with an audible snap.

Andria looks up, hoping that Andron and Alain are there but at the hatching of the first dragonet. OHHHHHH! She's stands by Sylara, hoping that her dragon is here too. Picking her feet up gingerly, "Hot! hot! Hey Rhaedyn! Good luck!"

Naralia ohs at the brown "Wow" she says as she squeezes Aislinn's hand back. "Just look at him, isn't he just wow. I mean, I don't know what I mean."

Shaela grins at L'uc, the first-time clutchfather, and gives him a knowing wink (or as best a wink as she can manage). "Not often you get a whole group like that bowing to your lifemate, eh? It's pretty special, isn't it, L'shil?" she asks her weyrmate, who has also experienced the joy of being lifemate to a clutchfather. "And brown to start!" she exclaims happily, reflecting her lifemate's joy.

Chrysea rubs the top of her hairless scalp, realizing just how hot it is in the hatching grounds when you must experience it bald. And it's all that Palia's fault too! Well, it doesn't matter. She may have the horrible memory of being bald when she impressed when it's all said and done with, but that's not too bad. She'll still be a wonderful weyrwoman. And she will Impress gold too. What other color could possibly be worthy of her?

Galleries> Rele grins, settling in on one of the few places left. Whee, nostalgia. Silently she wishes good-luck to the Candidates and settles in to watch.

Desba shrugs and slips her sandals back on, "Alright…But if you need them…" But as she finishs the first hatchling is out, "A beautiful brown. He'll do his duty well if he grows as he looks like he will…"

Galleries> Ralin oo's as he grins "It's a brown!" he calls out and grins at Rena "Who do you think is going to get it?" Rena shrugs a little "I don't know, he's he looking at anyone in particular?"

Galleries> Rishk isn't exactly sure why she's here, really. She does, however, find people in which she recognizes. "Jala!" she calls through the crowd, trying to fight her way towards the Istan greenrider. Finger wiggles are also sent to Tasi and P'renn, however, she's trying to fight her way to sit near Jala. "'ey there.." is the greeting muttered to those who recognize her before she thunks down into a sitting position.

Galleries> Alain offers a belated wave toward Wyn, too, and drops to sit next to Andron. "Whew, shouldn't have worn black. I forgot how hot it gets around here with all these people," the healer murmurs in Andron's general direction. "-Did- you have any bets going?" he asks at length, eyes moving to the first hatchling as it emerges. "Brown. Well - it's not -bad- luck exactly."

Galleries> Nuff is.. oblivious. The eggs are hatching, all her attention is now on the arriving dragonets. "Oh, what a lovely brown!" Even if he can't spell. "And such nice wings the little fellow has."

Sylara stands perfectly still and watches the eggs rock. there is something wonderful about /this/ time round. She grins at the little dragonet. He's um handsome. But she's not supposed to say that about dragons. Because they're unique. Or something.

Tatia is settled on a low ledge above the sands, skin of cool water at one side for whenever the heat gets to be too much. "Clutch's in a hurry this time," she notes absently to her companion, gaze lazy and only vaguely interested in the sand-dances occuring below.

Galleries> Tasi grins, waving toward Rele. It's anyone's guess if anyone can see her greeting, but she gives it anyway. As she has at most hatchlings, save when she's on the sands herself, Tasi seems mostly oblivious to the goings-on. S he does offer Rishk a wave and a grin before turning back to eye the sands, watching the candidates with a soft grin.

Axle trails several paces behind Palia and Raja's little gathering, considering the strategic aspect as well as sating his curiosity as to whether or not they plan on talking about him despite all that's going on around them. The strategic aspect is, of course, the fact that any dragon that charges his way will have to get through the lot of them first.

Galleries> "Shards!" Wyn curses softly upon seeing the brown. Not out of any offense to said dragonet, but more because a consultation of her little black book shows that she's got to pay someone an eighth of a mark because he's not a green.

Galleries> Jala notices the entering Andron and Alain, and affords them both a waggle of the fingers upon entrance, although her immediate attention is focused on the settling of those around her, and of course the happenings on the sands. "Oh wow, a brown. I was sure a blue would be the first to hatch this clutch. Ah well, good thing I didn't put any money on it." Scooting closer to Tasi, she questions, "Got any favorites out there?" Vaeli's wave is exuberantly returned and the greenrider motions for her and P'renn to come over and join the gathering blob of friendly people. All the while, a burbling Alena ia bounced on the knee. "Rishk! Here, there's a seat…uh…" She looks around, and then indicates one close by. "There, grab the one next to Gwindor. Hey Rele!" The little 'Streaker is waved at as well, and motioned over.

Kalaeya hop-steps on the spot. "Of course he'll grow," she states to Desba, misunderstanding the other girl through the noise of dragons, candidates and spectators. Spectators! "B'au!" She glances up there, waving her arm so wildly that her wrist threatens to snap out of its socket. Not that she can tell if her brother's actually up there…

Zai makes a face. "Shards, it's a brown. I bet on a green." She bobs her head at Tatia, seated beside her, and then furrows her brow to look out at the dragonet. "He's pretty," she comments. "But then browns generally are."

Izaak chuckles to Dominicke and nods, "My parents told me that once, too." It's a joke, but the boy nudges Dominicke's shoulder, and nods toward a couple of other candidates. "So if any come towards you, you want me to shove you out of the way this time?"

Galleries> Rele oohs, sneaking a glance of people she knows. Yay! Mowing over people, getting in the way of the view, and all that good stuff. After much foot-trodding and general nuisance-making, Rele plops into a small, open crack visible. "'Allo there, 'Streakers," she greets pleasantly, nodding to each one as well as Tasi and, well, everyone else.

Spirit Guide Brown Dragonet glides easily from the bright remains of his egg, solid and stolid and eager to seek out someone who needs guidance, who needs him. Spreading his wings wide, he starts as he means to go on: ready for flight and ready for anything.

Rajanigandha has eyes so wide a reflection of the Sands might be seen within them. Her head moves back and forth as she desperately tries to keep an eye on all of the eggs as well as any loose dragonets. Those lil' dragon's could cause a /lot/ of damage after all! "I'd love to be a meal in your place," she tells Ayr with a sarcastic smile. "But as it is we /all/ must be offered up as lunch." And with that she tugs the girl by the hand. "I actually remembered my sandals," she tells Palia and holds out a cutely adorned foot for inspection. "Hey," she says and points at Chrys. "Is her hair all gone?" Her brow furrows as she gazes at the damaged girl and then she starts to giggle.

Galleries> Bastian armfolds. Dragons look a might less regal and worrisomely large when they crack shell. He just grins faintly and squints. He didn't bet… you expect the hermit to bet?

Rhaedyn looks to the right, over her shoulder at SYlara and the people she's joined with, nodding ever so slightly and commenting in an approving tone, "Brown." That's it. Simply stating the obvious it would seem. Isolated from everyone else on her own little dune, hands free, she shifts her weight back and forth, idly watching the brown glide on his path through the sea of white.

Galleries> Andron smirks faintly. "Of course I have bets going, but they are mostly with others back at the Hold. Didn't think we'd make it here before the hatching was half over with the late warning we got." Leaning back and glancing over nearby heads and shoulders, he lifts a hand to return Jala's finger wiggle with an amused narrowing of his eyes before he drops his hands to secure his seat. "Not sure I see Andria in all those heads down there. Which one's your brother, anyway?" As to the Healer's choice of clothing, Andron only snorts. "Do you -own- anything that isn't black?"

Galleries> Dalaynia comes up the galleries, her daughters out there. She wouldn' tmiss this for the world. She finds a seat near the back, so she can watch. She's so proud of this day.

Rylum pulls at his robe again and elbows those closest. "Look! Brown." No kidding. "And he's .. he's not going to fly is he? Of coures he can't. But those wings, oh, goodness, I didn't think they'd be so… small."

Galleries> Hannah glances out to the sands, and comments, "Handsome brown." Hearing the curse, she glances at the weyrsecond, inquiring, "Not what you wanted?" She glances around the galleries, offering quick little waves to those she knows and can see. Then attention is turned back to the sands. "Do you make wagers on who Impresses as well?"

Palia clings to Raja, her feet bouncing up and down like a mad-woman. "Arrrrrrf. You can do this, Raj. You're gonna be okay, right girl? Right?" While she asks of the candidate next to her, she's really reassuring herself. Hatchings were never her cup of klah. "You're okay, Ambyr! It's going to be /fine/!" Dragonets or not, Palia is the strong one, that runner-racing vigorous girl with a mind of her own. Poor Axle is not seen; No, only Chrysea, giving her /quite/ the laugh. "Ha! Look! Oh boy, I wonder what Axle'd say if he saw that.. And yes. I'm /quite/ proud of my job, Raja, although I'm not sure it measures up to your standards." But suddenly the heat begins to get to her. She /is/ wearing two robes, you know.. not the coolest thing to be wearing. The brown dragonet is eyed, but she looks away. Eeeee.

Tatia snorts softly toward Zai. "Biased, much?" she questions, eyes flicking shortly to the brownrider before she looks back to the sands, hoping to note any Impressions maybe missed in that second. "Mmm. I didn't bother with bets this time. I wish I had, a bit - I think one or two may Impress just to spite me."

"Ohhh, he's so lovely!" Aislinn comments, perhaps aside to Nara, or perhaps simply to herself. "And just like a brown, look how he moves!" Like you're an expert, Ais. She releases Naralia's hand a little, making her limbs free for the little mini-jig she does at the sand's nigh-unbearable heat. A quick glance is darted aside at her fellow Candidates, but really, they cannot possibly hold her interest for more than two seconds now that the eggs are popping!

Flock of Seagulls Egg pulses to it's own beat, rocking back and forth with an erratic riff-spin, rolling absently on its axis. A fading dream, a fading mem'ry; life after will never be as it was before. And before one can fully grasp that the egg with Big Hair(tm) just spew out philosophical thoughts, it cracks dead down the center, the walls coming down to the sand, revealing the icy creature within.

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet
Winter's thaw breaks frost from the tiny blades of grass that tickle great ice-green dragonwings and chill the ashen-blue mountain creeks that splash across her 'spars. Valiant sproutlings push up through wingsails' glacial depths till tiny, tremulous blades of green patina the stark ice beneath. Those frigid tones crag her lean frame and loom evergreen over the palest arctic tundra below, a stolid presence over her back and chest before the forest casts shadows upon her sinuous neck. Spring's wane light sprinkles through the pine to dapple her shoulders with saffron light, sunshine and renewal bring change from the dreary cold to high summer's heat with swift alacrity. Grass clippings and oak works up her spine to drape the summer solstice, wisteria, and lavender across her headknobs and trailing vines tickle her delicate features. Fate's hand has designed this dragon a swift turn of the seasons: always changing, yet forever the same.

Atohya grins, "Small, yes, but determined?" He tucks in some of his elbows out of harms way and tries to balance the lengths of himself from foot too foot, sandal'd as they are. "I think.. I think… I think I'd like one afterall."

Galleries> Lurel walks in, sending glances over his shoulder so he dosent miss aminuet of it. It's not like he's never seen ahatching before, but there still all important. He finds himself aseat somewhere where he can see, which is amazing concidering the amount of people in here.

Axle catches sight of that first dragonet with something of a start - for some reason or another, he had imagined they would wait a bit to allow him to settle before they started seeking out victims on the sand. Having heard Palia mention his name, however, he hurries his step to stand a mere few feet behind them, leaning forward to mutter, "I imagine Axle would say that she vaguely resembles some of the eggs out here on the sands."

Dominicke grins somewhat and nods slightly, "Yeah, but I got run over by one. And no, I don't. I want you to get outta the way." he notes, grinning wryly at his friend as he turns his eyes back to the eggs. Pay attention so you don't get run over.

Galleries> Alain returns Jala's wave and offers a nod toward P'renn, as well. He nods to Andron, "True. Seems Ista is always the last place that knows about High Reaches' hatchings. Still - oh, look, there's Izaak. Who's he standing by?" The healer cranes his neck to get a look at the man holding his brother's hand, but shakes his head, "I can't see his face. Of course I own stuff that isn't black. You gave it to me. I just can't wear it in public," he adds with an evil smirk and a grin. "There she is - isn't that over here by that other girl?" Though it could be anyone by the way he describes the girl.

Galleries> Rishk follows the directions laid in front of her by Jala and grins over at Rele. "'streakers gotta stick together." Running fingers through the frizzy auburn mess that is normally called hair, she exhales. "I 'aven't been to a hatchin' since yers, Rel'," greenrider remakrs to her fellow Wingrider and smirks. Oh, there's a green.

Chrysea knows she is being stared at, yes. But at least she's getting attention. In fact, she gets the strange notion that a shiny dragonet might be attracted to a shiny head. The first couple that are completely ignored. They're not nearly exciting enough.

Sylara can't help herself. "That's a pretty green." She says.

Andria blows kisses at Chrysea. "hey Miss Prissie, did you remember to wash your face? Get all the brown off?" Ignoring the fact that she's on the Sands, and alot of people are watching her, Andi smiles, making more kissing sounds.

Galleries> "Do Stands Impressions happen a lot, Missus Weyrwoman?" Little Gaila looks cutely up at Vaeli, who's sitting nearby her brother - she /desperately/ wants to Impress, and her brother rolls his eyes and looks painfully humiliated. "Hush, Gaila, don't bother Vael - Look, a green!" Gwindor must continue to point out everything, if Gaila isn't. "A lovely green. Maybe she's for Kalaeya." Being one of the only Candidates he knows or knows of, Kalaeya is mentioned first.

Naralia squeaks a little "Oh look, it's a green!" she exclaims "And wow isn't she pretty!." Naralia is just in love with all of them, babies are so cute you know. "Isn't she just a doll?"

And another! Chayath's fully the pleased parent, eyes spinning quickly as she surveys the scene, fluctuating between encouragement and pride.

Desba watches the dragon as he goes on his way, shifting from one foot to the next. "A green." She grunts, "Hopefully there will be a few more of those, weyr can never have too many green."

More Than Meets The Eye Egg makes more noises, but seems happy to play across a different channel for now.

Izaak blurts, "Ah - there's a green," as soon as there is one out of her shell. He moves his other hand to grasp at Dominicke's arm and grins. "Ready to run?" he teases, shuffling his feet on the sand, which is warmer than he remembers it being last time he was in this same place.

Ambyr gets hauled around by Raja, wheee! and simply stand there with Palia and Raja, looking nervously at the brown as he starts to wander away from his egg. Jumping as another egg hatches, this time Green… "Ohhhh… hey, she's pretty and so's the brown." now that's she's coming around to being out on the Sands.

Galleries> "Naturally -now- the green comes." Wyn mutters to herself, eyeing her book of bets as if weighing the odds of being able to successfully forge the tables to not lose her her marks.

Kalaeya tries to keep her cool - no pun intended - and decides to talk to Desba. Anything to keep her mind off her feet. "Mmhm. Greens are pretty," she says noncommitally, surveying *all* the dragonets. She'd take anything, really! Anything to keep from being disappointed again.

Ashli ohhs, and seems to be enchanted by the green, blue eyes wide and staring, both at the brown and at the blue, and the girl seems to be so enchanted that she even forgets to keep her foot up…and puts down her foot, the one without the sandal, then snatches it back up with a loud "Shards, that's /hot/!" The girl huffs, and glares down at the offending patch of sand before suddenly looking rather chastised as she realizes just where she is…

Galleries> Well look who made it! Mender, in the charming company of Val, appears amid the babble of conversation and commotion. His eyes slip over notable figures in the crowd, a few words whispered for his sister's ear alone as the two of them look for a seat. Val spots Andron and gives the man a wave, suggestion with a pull and a point that the two of them should join the illustrious ex-warder.

Rylum barters with himself, "Watch the brown, watch the brown, watch the… but oh, look at the frost on the green? They didn't tell us they'd all be so.." He grins, "No, I guess they did tell us. Shardit all, I /do/ want one."

Galleries> Rele nods approvingly at the brown, but actually claps at the green. She's biased! "Neither have I," she grins slyly. "Pretty green," is remarked. Nod. "I can't say I'm disappointed I'm not on the sands. Miserably hot things, they are." Kehehe.

Atohya is too wide-eyed to roll his eyes. "Of course you /want/ one. That's why we're here."

Desba turns to Kalaeya, "Pretty? Pretty? No, they are useful, small and fast, they can get at more thread with less scores…" She shakes her head, some people will never understand.

Dominicke just giggles. "I know, I know. " he pauses and laughs, "I'm ready, ready, ready, ready to run." he notes, beaming but keeping eyes on hatchlings and eggs and…skeery things that might run him over.

Rajanigandha is doing every thing in her power to avoid notice by one of those blood thirsty little beasts. She keeps an eye out for one charging her direction. Better to watch and have a chance to run after all. "I'm sure we'll be fine," she repeats after Palia almost atomically. When in doubt, assume you'll be just fine! She does a double take of Chrys and her new 'do'. "You did that?! Oh Pal…" Now she consumed for a moment in a fit of laughter. "I don't know what he'd say…" And she trails off to glance over her shoulder when Axle's voice pipes in to respond for her. Nifty! "Who's pretty?" She demands and spins around to eye the newest hatchling. "She looks a little less dangerous than the other one I reckon." They are deadly she tells you! One and all!

Sylara hears Rylulm, and grins "Me too. I want one, but they're all so pretty!!."

Galleries> Andron elbows Alain idly in the side as he follows the direction of his companion's gaze. "You -could- wear it in public, but I'm not sure even /you/ would like the attention it would like draw. Ah, so that's your brother, is it? I don't recognize the other either." He squints slightly, trying to resolve Izaak's figure from among a sea of similarly robed figures. "I'd like to meet him afterwards." Eyes drawn away in search of his daughter, he scans the sands - and spots Andria, most distinctly Not Behaving. "Oh dear," he murmurs under his breath, sliding a hand down his face and physically wiping the smirk from his features as his eyes light at Val's wave. His hand lifts in a lazy greeting.

Galleries> Ralin grins as he points to teh green "Wow, I want her!" he exclaims. COurse he knows he can't have her. Not that he has a chance of ever getting on the sands again.

Palia jumps a few handspans high at Axle words. "Eee! Axle! Don't do that!" Biting her lip, she grins. "I suppose she does, doesn't she?" she gasps, still clinging to Raja's arm.. and then. She sees the green. Maybe it's pretty, maybe it's not. All dragons are useless, all dragons are ugly, all dragons are /mean/ - right? But, starting to doubt her claim, she struggles to get away from the other two by at least a few little teensy steps. "Whoa.." Is the only thing she can say about the dragonets. Not much else she /can/ say, is there? "Hey, they won't /kill/ you, Raja. They'll just.. try." Mumble, weep. The heat is starting to get to her head, and she can't very much bear it any longer.

Dirty Dancing Egg rocks in a little hollow. See? It can be non-dirty. It's just dancing, at the moment.

Izaak takes his eyes off the hatchlings only long enough to glance at Dom and frown. "Hey, take a deep breath. You look ready to faint, too." Someone hit him, he's starting to sound like his brother. None the less, he shifts a little nervously as the green looks around. "No, really, I'm going to push you out of the way if any greens head toward you," he warns.

Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg rocks. But doesn't roll just yet. No, there's quite a furrow that it's settled in, and there's a certain amount of shimmying to do to get out of it.

Rylum heard that and grins across to nearby Sylara. He doesn't wink, not quite, but indicates the hatching dragonets with end of his chin - point point, nudge nudge, "Indeed."

Chrysea tries her best to ignore the kissing noises, as much as she'd like to go over and do to Andria what she did to Palia at the last hatching. But it would be a shame to do such a horrible thing at the hatching she's going to Impress at.

Spirit Guide Brown Dragonet moves as softly as a whisper over the sands, ignoring his green sister and the other dragonets hatching all around. He's single-minded and singularly fixated on something over there. Somethings, in fact - a pair, dressed in ghostly white. A very particular pair.

Atohya tucks in his knees. "I hope I can stay out of their way, but not /be/ out of their way, y'know?"

L'shil whoops and thumps Piccath on the shoulder affectionately. "Nice looking dragonets - and brown first's always a good sign, yes indeed, Zai." He's not shy about admitting a bias. "Pity nobody's timing them. Coulda been a whole 'nother level to the betting." Not that he bets on Chayath's eggs; it would be impolitic. He's just trying to make conversation in spite of knowing he's likely to be ignored.

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet cracks out of her egg and immediately rolls onto her back. Was that supposed to happen? It /must/ be the extra weight of the shell. The little green wriggles around a bit and shimmies the shard off, and gracefully (as graceful as a baby can be, anyway) gets to her feet. Er../white/ things. This means something. This really does. She snorts once, twice, and entertains herself with the remnants of her brother's egg.

Galleries> Mender leads his sister towards Andron and Alain, and the two of them get as close as possible without ousting excited observers. Not that Mender wouldn't oust the joyful hatching-goers, but he's being good today. "Andron, I didn't know you were going to be here." The young man beams as he gets comfortable and Val tips a smile to Alain. "Hello there, I'm Val, that's Mender, and you're…?" Good thing one of them has manners.

Zai snorts at Tatia. "I am not biased. Browns are just pretty. Though that green's pretty too," she juts her chin out at said green. She beams over at L'shil and nods. "Indeed." She reaches for Tatia's water. "I'm hot, can I have some?"

Dominicke grins somewhat. "Me? I look faint? Naw, just a little tiny bit nervous, really." he notes, grinning again as he stares off at the hatchlings. "I just don't wanna get run over again, you know."

Galleries> Alain follows Andron's glance toward the door and raises his eyebrows, "Anyone I should know?" The healer scoots a little nearer Andron to make space for the man and woman angling their way. "I don't recognize either of them," he adds, looking away at last back toward his brother. "Sure, if I can get ahold of Izaak afterwards - and if his name is still Izaak - I'll introduce you. You'd like him. He's nothing like me." Well, that may be an exaggeration.

Aislinn just squirms! All of her usual inhibitions about crowds and such are completely blindsided by the little dragonets that are emerging left and ride. "Ohhh, and a green!" She murmurs belatedly to herself. "And she's not even interested." You are just the master of the obvious, Ais, really.

Rhaedyn has been through this all once before, but still seems lost in the chaos. Head snaps between that green over there, and this blue coming closer here, and then that brown chap over yonder… Feet shuffle idly and carry her further back toward the pair of Andria and Sylara, spitting up sprays of loose sand as they does so. "I feel like we should be /doing/ something," she remarks when she's within hearing distance

Sylara looks at the little green one, and laughs gently at her antics. "Look! She's just trying to get out, and she's /so/ cute!1"

Axle responds to Palia's jump with a mild, "Mmm." before taking a few steps back and away - determined to have at least ten feet of clear vision all around him to allow plenty of time to run, dodge, or duck behind some other unfortunate candidate. His eyes a little wider than usual, he watches the two that have cracked out of their shells so far with a sort of wary annoyance. Watching more than one at a time is going to be tricky.

Galleries> Hannah settles a bit more comfortably in her seat, her eyes keen on the sands, watching the unfolding drama. Again, another glance around the full galleries, as if to see who has shown up thus far.

Kalaeya snorts at that silly green. "She's looking at the wrong whites," she mutters - not too loud for Shaela - or Chayath - to hear. "Wish I'd gotten more sleep. You woke me up," she grumbles at Desba, though she doesn't really care whether the other girl answers.

Galleries> "Hiakith kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew they would hatch today. She just knew it. She picked extra flowers for the new babies, the dear." Oh, look, it's Lexi. Curls, chest, and new skirts bouncing as she skips to Jala, she beams with the exuberance which can only be incited by Hia's influence. "Jala! JAla, where's my baby? Your baby. Penlove's baby. Which makes her my baby…." Perfectly logical, no? No? "Where is she? She needs to see this."

Tatia whines at Zai, quite maturely. "Why didn't you bring your own? It's not like you didn't /know/ it was going to be hot." She mutters for a moment, then gives a gruding nod and a sidelong look at L'shil. "Brown's the same sort of sign as green or blue or bronze," she notes dryly. Evidently Tatia doesn't hold much with superstitions. Usually.

Galleries> Lirena slithers down until she's at the first level, the closest to the sands. "Hey, Palia……"she calls, though she's gonna go through all the names before she's done. "Sylara…. yeah…. Dom Izaak…" Whether they can hear her or not, she doesn't care.

Izaak points at the Doctor Jones egg, "That one - the one that just moved, that's the one I like. I hope it's a bronze. It should be a bronze." Just watch it be a green. And why the sudden interest in bronze dragons? What? He's always liked them. He tightens his grip on the older man's hand and nervously mutters a drawn out, "Dom…" It's just nerves.

Galleries> Jala sidles in close to Rele. "There's so many here that I hope Impress. Palia's out there somewhere, she and I were in a candidacy together at 'Reaches, once." She squints narrowly at the sands, trying to determine who's who. "Oooo, and Zakkie, that doll, he's out there somewhere. And Kalaeya, B'au's younger sister. Ooo, and Dominicke too! Haven't talked to him in ages, but I know I liked him when I did. And of course, Raja. Couple of the others look familiar, but I'm having trouble seeing exactly." She leans forward a bit more, which unfortunately puts the end of one her curls within Alena's grasp. The babe quickly latches on and tugs, however Jala seems rather oblivious as she simply tilts her head to allow for the pulling and continues to squint at the sands. "Recognize anyone out there, Rele? Tas? Gwindor?"

Ashli inches closer to the cluster of white forms, quite the feat on a single foot. This hopping business isn't too bad, actually. She could become quite proficient at it…perhaps. Or perhaps she could just learn to live with the heat of the Sands, and that seems to be what she's going to try, foot inching closer to the hot sands, though her gaze is riveted on the green dragon playing with egg shards…

Galleries> Vaeli eyes the eggs a'cracking as she excuses herself from the lords and attempts to make her way to Jala, but gets sidetracked by a little girl. The weyrwoman smiles, and replies, "Sometimes they do. Maybe you'll get lucky today, yes?" Vaeli smiles at the girl, then back to her mother. "No no, it's quite alrig - Look! Is that brown about to Impress?" Her arm vaguely motions to the first brown.

Andron slants a look at Alain. "Nothing like you? You're right. I probably would like him." As to whether Alain should know their recent arrivals, Andron can only roll his eyes very slightly before he turns with a charming smile. "Mender, Val. This is Alain, a Healer Journeyman back at the Istan Hall. He specializes in the dead." His smile ratchets up a few watts. "Try to avoid becoming one of his patients, dear," he says with a particular look at Val and an amused glance back at Mender. Mender can be one of Alain's patients. Little schemer. Trying to flirt with Risana. Pfft!

Naralia is nervously watching the dragonets. But she's grinning at each one. She doesn't even cheer for her favortie color now, but instead enjoys each one for how it looks. "I didn't realize they would all have so much personality right out of the shell."

Desba snorts at Desba, "You look here, I woke you up because you destroyed my robe, just look at me. I look like I'm going to waddle into some proddy riders weyr not standing at a clutch!" She turns back to the hatchlings, "That brown has some determination, and the green is well…she's green anyway."

Sylara listens to the Rhae, and agrees. "I know. After all those Sevendays of work, just standing here seems so…wrong. It seems we should be sweeping while waiting."

Dominicke grips Zak's hand and pats it gently, "It'll be alright, calm down." he notes, glancing over towards his favorite, that dosen't seem to be moving yet, but then…he may not have seen it move yet.
Axle glances back to Izaak and Dom with a look of undisguised disgust. Holding hands. Fruitiest bunch of fruity candidates that ever nanced down the pike, if you asked him. Perhaps fortunately, nobody does, and he's left to simply mock and whine and worry inside of his own head.

Shaela ignores the talk of betting: she learned long ago that so much as she despises the sport (particularly when she can't take part, such as right now), it's a fact of life here at the Weyr. "A lovely green, too. Her shading will blend right in with the snow-laden trees of the mountains in winter, don't you think?"

Andria still is making kissing noise to the prissy candidate until she's bumped. Grinning, she turns her attention turns to the hatchlings and the eggs. Her egg hasn't hatched yet. "Ohhh hurry up and hatch! Will ya!"

Galleries> Rele arches a brow, scanning the sands. "I came to support Desba." The world can end right now, folks, 'cause that's probably one of the great impossibilities of Pern. Remember Rele and Desba always at odds? Dangerously so, in fact. "I recognize a few… Palia… Axle… Sylara. I think those are their names." She met them on a visit, of course. "But I'm wishing them all luck, of course."

Galleries> Alain shifts to his feet at Val's introduction, all gentlemanlike, and offers his hand. "I'm Alain, Healer Journeyman at Ista Hold. Well met Val, Mender." Mender? What kind of a name is Mender? "I don't specialize in the dead, I specialize in cause of death." Maybe that explains all the black. "And don't believe anything this guy tells you," he adds with a nod toward Andron. "Do you have relatives on the sands?" See? He can make polite conversation, "That boy is my brother," he adds, pointing toward Izaak, though it may be too far to discriminate.

Galleries> Gwindor grins and nods toward Jala. "Yep, I know Kalaeya as well. And B'au too, for that matter, but it's been a while. We come from the same place, all of us. " Gaila grins at Vaeli and then -instantly- turns her eyes (and the rest of her head) toward the brown - as do the rest of the brood, including the all-observant Gwindor. "Is he going to Impress? -Is- he?" Gaila begs. Gwindor moans and goes back to watching.

Galleries> Jala smiles brightly at Lexi and frees hand from around Alena's stomach to give her a little one-armed squeeze around the waist. "Here, have a seat, honey. She's right here! You wanna hold her? Isn't she /divine/? Check out this adorable little sundress P'renn found for her." Gush. Turning suddenly towards Gwindor, she questions, "And where is your older brother today anyway?" Vaeli is smiled at over the top of the questioning child's head.

Zai takes Tatia's water with a happy smile in return. "I didn't say it was good luck, I just said it was pretty." She has some water and then hands it back to Tatia. "Thanks." She watches quietly for a moment. "I have bets on the first Impression. I bet I lose that, too."

Izaak nods, "I'm calm. I'm always calm. We did this before, right? Nothing to worry about at all." He shifts from one foot to the other and cranes his neck to try and see some of the other eggs. "You liked that white one, right?" That looked vaguely like a luck dragon…

Kalaeya grins sardonically at Desba. "Suits you right!" Though why she can't really tell. There're more interesting things out there that require her attention. "The brown is nice," she grudgingly admits, because she doesn't like agreeing. "But that green must've squeezed her head on her way out! It's not normal."

Chayath allows her attention to be diverted from her clutch long enough to whuff fondly at both Jydhaeth and Piccath. Eyes seek out her lifemate as well to share in the moment, before she alertly - and judgementally - eyes her the candidates.

Galleries> Ralin is nervous "Whats taking them so long to choose? Are they not going to find their partners? Are they going to die?" he squeaks, he remembers the talk hw had with Ike, and he's well a bit nervous about the dragonets.

Rhaedyn lets out a burst of a chuckle, nodding her shaggy head in agreement. "Or peelin' tubers?" she suggests with ahint of humor slipped in there, though her face remains blank and staring, absorbed in the endless parade of green, blue, brown and bronze that comes out at the white mass like waves.

Dominicke isn't fruity! He's Domi! And just because Axle hasn't taken a bath in who knows how long, that dosen't mean Domi is fruity. Nodding to Zak, he grins. "Everything will be as it should be, always is." he notes, grinning as he nodnods, "Yes, thats the one that I liked." he notes, glaning out in that direction. Yes, the luck dragon…ooooh! Ahem.

Spirit Guide Brown Dragonet is determined indeed. With that slow, gliding, inexorable movement, he drifts closer to the one he's seeking, the one he'll be able to guide through her life in all the ways she could ever need. Passing close to Kalaeya's feet, he hovers… then moves just that little bit further, to stop in front of Desba. His Desba.

Galleries> Lirena whispers to Ralin, who's come to sit with her. "I've got my peashooter. Whatcha think? Since this time we couldnt' be on the sands, think we can liven up this dull crowd?" she asks, looking around at all the spectators. Bouncing peas off the ledges might just be a whole lot of fun.

Spirit Guide Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Desba, and steps forward.

Galleries> Sibling-of-Gwindor Gevrahi is the one to answer Jala, that time. "Gelmir never -ever- comes to hatchings. It hurts him." Ah, such -logic.- Gwindor remains silent for quite a bit before managing a quiet, "It's a sensory overload, since he can't see and it's so loud and there are so many smells." Such a … uh … logical Healer, too. Yeah. "Whoah!" And his simple concentration is broken. "I guess he -was- about to Impress."

Tatia takes a long swallow as her water is returned, and raises her brows at Zai. "Who'd you bet? Or did you do by color?" She glances out at the sands ponderingly. "Really, a few of them are obvious. Not that dragons ever pay much attention to the obvious. "

Galleries> Lexi snickers at that, eyes rolling. "Like P'renn would pick out anything adorable without my help. I think it doesn't have enough frills. Or shiny shoes. But P'renn said she's a child and not a doll. But that's how I dressed when I was little. And ribbons… ohh, ribbons." And see how lovely she turned out? The total 360 on her opinion of children is due to one fact only: this one has her P'renn's genetic code, and she didn't have to push it out. Thus, Alena is the perfect child. When Lexi tires of her, she can send her away. "Aleeeena. Come to Lexi… yesss, your Lexi loves yooou…" Gush. Oh, yeah. Dragons! "Do you seee the dragons? Do you?"

Galleries> There's no trying when you flirt with Risana, there is only succeeding and failing. Mender is a success, so says his dossier. At Andron's chipper little comment, Mender's eyes narrow slightly, but they quickly flash towards the sands as the commotion reaches a new head-droning high. Val imparts a distracted sort of smile at Andron though she eyes Mender as well. Yeah, she knows exactly what the ex-Warder means. Her brows knit tightly as she attempts to pry away her brother's hand, which is now thoroughly cutting off the circulation to her fingers. "Mender lay off, you're hurting me." The boy releases the fragile wrist, expression blank as he looks back to the sands. "Sorry sister dear, guess I got excited." Or he's agreeing with Andron, as they both know he's the willpower to do it should it ever come to that. "It's a pleasure to meet you Journeyman, Alain, I'm afraid we don't have any family out there." Val cranes her neck to catch sight of Zak. "A brother? What a fabulous honor."

Galleries> Sadira looks around, sleep still fogging her eyes. Are they hatching then? Well then, she'd better pay attention, hadn't she?

Sylara watches the first Impression happen, and cheers. "Yay!!!" She says, and turns back around to view the other eggs. This is so exciting. She is so happy to be part of it. She does a little dance that looks like she doesn't have sandals, but she does.

Izaak just happens to think Dominicke is fruity, but doesn't actually state as much. "Right. The dragons know, right?" The gasp and exclaimations that sweep over the crowd draw Izaak's attention toward the brown and the girl he hovers in front of. "Is tha - it is. She's got one." He should sound more excited. As it is, though, the boy just sounds very, very tense.

Impression? Oooh, look the brown impressed! On one of *her* fellow candidates! Obviously, but still, Aislinn musters herself to a congratulatory, "Nice work, Des! What's his name?" Look at her be all excited and extroverted!

Axle took a bath this morning, thanks very much. The fact that he went back to sleep directly afterwords probably explains why his hair is going in every direction aside from the one he'd like it too. Swallowing, he wipes sweat from his brow and neck with the back of his sleeve before wringing it out irritably, shaking one sandle free of sand before moving onto the other. At Sylara's 'Yay!!!' he blinks in her direction, then follows her gaze to Desba. Hoo boy.

Naralia oh's and then cheers "All right Desba!" she dances on the sands, well it is hot even with sandles. "Oh he's just perfect." she's well and truely happy that her fellow candi impressed "Whats his name?"

Kalaeya comes close to choking as the brown hovers in front of her. "Nonono, go away, go…. oh." He does go away, then. And it seems like she'll have to grumble to herself for the rest of the Hatching. "Oh, Desba… he's so nice," she mumbles, moving further away. Ugh, dragons. Kinda big up close.

Rajanigandha is shivering in place on the sand. Even with her sandals on her feet are getting too warm to suit her. "It's always so hot," she says and shakes a hand loose to wipe her brow free of little water droplets. The hand is dried before it is returned to someone's hand. A little sweat never hurt anyone… Heck her fingers were sweating in the first place. "Where'd the one go?" She looses sight of one of the lil' beasts and leans forward to spot it. "Ahh," she points down the way all while still holding Palia's hand. "It's down there," she clarifies. They are less scary at a distance.

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet finally gives up the game with the egg shard. Nope. Not her missing mitten, that thing. Now. She moves slowly closer to the white robed things. Her eyes are speckled with an icy blue among the red hunger, and she contemplates. Who to walk the wintry meadows with her? Who?

Ambyr is on the Sands, right - right! Glancing around she spots Axle, Dominicke, Izaak, Desba Impressing a brown… wait - Desba Impressing, /just/ the fact that someone's Impressing astounds Ambyr, and she stands there gaping. Not even paying attention to much now, just staring, she could get left behind, and usddenly this thought occurs to her and she snapps into a whimper and looks around, sighing in relief that Palia and Raja are still near her.

Galleries> Rele nods, eyes passing across the crowd. Ooh, was that…? Rele lets out a loud cheer and claps, thumbs-upping toward the sand. Knowing the newly-Impressed ex-Nanny can't hear, Rele simply murmurs. "There ya go Desba, congratulations." And then with that, she reclines and settles in to watch the rest.

Chrysea manages to smile, not sigh, as the little brown makes First Impression. "Well done, indeed. Yes. Now what is that little green up to?"

Desba rolls her eyes at Laeya and turns back to towards the clutch only to find that she is staring the brown in the eye. She stumbles back a few steps and just stares, "Dyamith, together we shall fly…"

Rylum watches, too, "Amazing…."

Dominicke nodnods, "Exactly, the dragons know. We just stand here and look white and dumb." he teases somewhat and then spots the brown Impressing. "Yaye Desba!" he calls, grinning broadly before turning to Zak again. "See. They know.

Galleries> "First Impression…" Hannah mutters, leaning forward slightly. "Looks like a nice enough girl. Solid, I guess." She sips more of the wine, watching the green now. "It's always so hard to hear when they're calling out their names," she comments, mostly to no one in particular.

Atohya grins, "Simply amazing. Good luck, y'know, Rylum. I mean that."

Ashli glances over suddenly, to catch Desba's Impression, and the girl claps energetically, calling out encouragement to the girl and the brown. "Congrats, Desba!" she chirps, then blinks as the green seems to be coming forwards, having given up her quest for…whatever it was she was looking for in those egg-shards. Dyamith and Desba are given another wide grin, and Ashli beams at the two. First Impression, a brown! Well, there goes her bet of a green…sigh…

Zai wrinkles her nose. "Well, I didn't bet on her," Zai replies grumpily. "Yay!" She cheers anyway, just because it's a brown. "All I know is that if Chrysea doesn't Impress gold I'm out some marks.

Rhaedyn's dark eyes follow the brown hatchling until the moment of Impression… to someone else. Showing a half-hearted smile for good measure at the announcement of the name, she turns back without a moment spared on congratulations. There are still other hatchlings to follow.

Andria jumps up and down, yelling! "Des! Des! Yay-hooooo!" Can we say Andi is happy for a friend?

Galleries> "Her name is Desba?" Gwindor asks of Rele, and the Ista Weyr-types in general. "… And did you hear the name? Shardit - what was it?" Gebrian of the Overactive Ears simply states, "Dyamith. Desba and Dyamith." For a silly, annoying little sister, she's keen with one thing at least.

Galleries> Andron looks mildly offended, a hand pressed to his heart. "You can believe at least a /little/ of what I say, as I'm sure these two are well aware. The rest, of course, is naturally suspect." With a well established reputation to maintain, Andron does his best to keep it up. Precisely what that reputation is - well, eh. "Looks like that first hatchling made his choice," he observes, turning the attention away from cheery matters like death and on to the subject at hand. He turns a curious look on Mender. "Mender, did you lay any bets as to the results of this hatching by any chance?"

"Desba! Whooot!" Palia calls.. but.. Wait. The girl just /Impressed/. A /dragon/. What is /wrong/ with you, Palia? Ah, well. She rolls her eyes at herself - what else could she do - and begins to shake. She feels awful, awful in ways inexpressible. She /does/ feel warm, doesn't she.. Too much heat, too many layers, just.. too much. But her eyes continue to linger towards the green, because, well, it /is/ pretty. Even though it's a dragon, covered in inner-shell, and completely.. shiver. "Raja.. Ayr…" She doesn't know what to say. Just clings to them both,

Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg ducks! it dodges! It… shakes and rolls in a manner that's very much like an egg! There's a sudden bullwhip crack, and then the egg splits open, releasing the castaway within. And yes, we know we're mixing our pop culture references.

Doctor Jones, I Presume? Egg is ready to roll. Literally. After an excessively rough shudder it tumbles onto its side. After a foot or so the momentum is lost, and a chasm appears around the ovoid's equator. From out of this a rounded blue head ventures forth.

And The Skipper Too Blue Dragonet
Pudgy, in a word, is the sum of this one: hefty about the haunches and carrying a potbelly, he doesn't excuse himself from fat-rolled tail to blubbery cheeks. Humor descends about the neck of coarse coal and cerulean both, the blueblack tones sliding along his underside and slowly lightening to the surface; neckridges are tipped with spindrift and tossed seaweed. Driftwood and murky mud clambers about stocky shoulders and slides into a surprisingly easy color of sky blue for angled wings. Puffy lighter clouds grace the long lengths of his 'sails and spars; however, as soon as they blend back to haunch, it slides into darkness once more. Hindquarters of blackwater and tail of murky algae green-blue finish him off, a weathered edition of well-fed wanderlust.

Sii'kyn grins. "Desba - Dyamith, hmm? Come over this way, if you would. We've meat for him." He beckons the latest - a brown! First 'ling, a brown? It's all good, man. All good. - towards the sand's edge.

Naralia grins at the name "It's wonderful Desba!" her eyes go back to the green, who now, who'll be the lucky one. She's so nervous she can hardly contain herself. Yes she's wishing pick me, pick me, but that's not what comes out. No in fact her attention is divertes as the blue hatches out. "Oh!"

"And if Chrysea /does/ Impress," Tatia begins, muttering, "I'm definitely transferring. Shards, but that girl just drives me wherry-brained. I don't know how the candidates have endured a barracks with her /and/ Axle."

Axle winces against Andria's yelling, taking a couple of pointed steps away from her, lest one of the newly hatched dragonets sees her as a flailing animal and try to make a meal of her. Wouldn't due to have blood splashed on his borrowed robes, even if they are already a bit yellow under the pits.

Chrysea runs one foot across the top of the other and eyes the rest of the eggs. She's got a look, a feral look, a /hungry/ look. Its the look of Harpers for bubblies, Holders for marks, and more, its the look of dwarves, if Pern had dwarves, for /gold/. "Hi ho, hi ho, hi little blue… You're not gold."

Izaak mutters, "Well, I wish they'd tell us." He looks frowney a moment more, then turns abruptly to glance toward the galleries. Well, glance is an understatement. He positively searches it. Not spotting who he seems to be looking for, his expression falls a little. But wait, there's his brother and the ex-lord-warder, and the tanner and - well, there are people enough there. The sound of a crack draws his attention back to the egg he mentioned before in time to see…a blue tumble out? That's not right, it's supposed to be bronze.

Shaela applauds the brown Dyamith's selection, congratulating the young woman. Such a pretty name for the brown, as well! The letter D does seem to come up time and again in Chayath's brown offspring. Meanwhile, the tell-tale glaze of her eyes signals that she is in conversation with her lifemate.

Desba obidently follows Sii'kyn towards the meat, "Yes, dear, we'll feed you now…" Is that Desba? Is she actually smiling? Did she just call someone dear? She actually isn't sure herself. And with that they are off the sands eating and watching.

More Than Meets The Eye Egg hums something about Merry.

Dominicke giggles softly and nods, "We all wish they would tell us." he notes and then ooohs and pats Zak's hand, "Well, its a blue…but don't give up hope. Things come from interesting packages, you know Zak."

Zai turns to look at Tatia. "She's that bad? I just knew she was annoying." She looks back, in case she misses anything. "That one's fat," she observes brilliantly.

Galleries> Sadira leans forward and watches the newest hatchling.

Galleries> Jala nods in accordance with Lexi. "Well, I'm not all for frills and spiffy shoes, but I do think some simple ribbons would look adorable in her hair. Something bright and cheery, to offset her dark hair. Don't you think?" Carefully lifting Alena, Jala passes the child to Lexi. Of course, this immediately elicits a series of whimpering cries from the curly-headed youngster, and she attempts to crawl out of the restraining arms back to her mother. Jala, however, folds her arms primly across her stomach. "Time for you to learn to love others beside P'renn and Tye and I," she informs the young one, who continues to fuss and babble discontently. Nodding towards Gwindor and the lot, she states, "Ahh, that makes sense. Its a shame, though. It'd be nice to have him here. Mmm. Oooo, impression!"

Galleries> Lirena stuffs a dried pea in her reed and shoots it towards the sands. Nobody'll notice in this crowd if it actually hits someone or not. Not that she's not aiming. Chrysea's always a good target and so's Palia. She looks around to see if anybody's watching her. Hopefully not.

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg rests firmly in its place. It's determined to not move. It's staying here forever.

Galleries> Dalaynia quietly cheers along with the rest of the crowd, but she's not that much of an exhabitionist. Still it's always a happy experiance to be watching the new dragonets find their partners.

Battlestar Galactica Egg is as silent as a cloaked ship; it hasn't even wriggled yet, sand undisturbed from about it's shell.

"Blue, blue!" Aislinn fairly squeaks, doing a nice job of annoucning each color as it comes along, "Gosh, but he's *pudgy*. I wonder who…" She trails off, casts a high-strung look aside at Naralia, broadly grinning, and bounces on the tips of her toes. this is what Aislinn looks like when she's not being a fussy, animal-loving recluse all the time.

Ashli eyes the blue, and now seems to decide to divide her attention between eyeing the blue and eyeing the green…and, of course, eyeing her fellow Candidates…who she, yet again, inches closer to. Any closer and she might squish the female Candidate beside her…

Wax On, Wax Off Egg is the quiet of twilight, the hum of a cricket, the melting of snow. Whatever battles it holds, it holds them internally, out of sight and out of public view. Still, an occasional shudder rocks the hard hard shell.

Izaak nods, forehead drawing into a disconcerted V. "Right. Interesting packages," he repeats a little distractedly. "Dominicke - the one you like, it hasn't moved, yet, has it?" He nudges Dom a little to the side to try and see, just in time for another candidate to step in front of him.

Rhaedyn eyes the younger Andria up and down for her outburst, but says nothing. Indeed, she seems to be brooding in her little pit of sand. Eyes get a rest from staring at eggs for a moment as she stares down at her feet, raising one to shake sand and heat off of it, and then repeating it with the other.

Rajanigandha is clung to and grins about it. She would pat Palia's shoulder in support if not for the fact that both hands are currently holding Palia's and Ayr's hands. As it is, she is left to smile encouragement. Even while Raja holds out hope for herself and her friends… the idea of a dragonet venturing down here leaves her nervous. The butterflies dancing around in her stomach make her knees feel like jelly. If she has to run she'll likely look entirely funny in the act.

Sylara looks aruond, and taps her foot unconsciously. She's very nervous, but excited. Nothing could be more interesting than seeing her friends Impress, but she's worried aobut /not/ Impressing herself. Oh, well, she's here, and they're here, and if they want her, she'll be here. Make sense? Okay.. She crosses her arms, then uncrosses them.

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet leaves behind her games and her distractions. She's hungry. She needs a partner. She needs to find the missing mitten. The little green carefully dodges around her Impressing clutchmates, mindful of their chosen. She trumpets weakly as another small green bumps past her. And there she is. She's the missing one to the pair. She's the one to comfort her throughout the changing turns. The green moves serenely and patiently towards The One and nuzzles Palia's layered robes. Walk with me through the seasons?

Galleries> Rishk crosses her arms and leans forward, trying to get a better look at the hatchlings. She would be up on the ledges with Imacinth, but no - the dragon decides to explore. Cupping her face with her hands, she sighs. Desba's impression warrants a smile - but that's probably all you'll get out of this rider.

Galleries> "I'm your daddy's weyrmate. And your mommy's friend. You love me. Everyone loves me. You just don't know it yet." Lexi places a little kiss atop Alena's squirming head and points a manicured finger toward the sands. "Look! The little prude girl Impressed. Good for her… a brown! Can you say brown, Alena? Alena?" Other arm attempts to play wrangler, wrapped around the ltitle's one's midsection. "A brooown. Like Cinny."

L'shil cheers, then goes back to trying to watch everything at once. He's doing everything but spinning his head around.

Andria after the excitment of the Impression, runs up behind Chrysea, making rabbit ears peeking over her hair. Of course, she is promptly yelled at by someone but all she does is giggle, returning to her spot by Sylara and Rhaedyn.

And The Skipper Too Blue Dragonet rolls out in a tumble of wingsails, egg goo and pudge, screeling bemusedly as he tries to get his bearings. Well, -this- certainly was more than a three hour tour. And there's 'nary a coconut palm or a professor in sight. Getting to his feet, he shakes off little spatters of albumen, and then stares around. Searching for someone, it seems.

Galleries> "Too poor by half, old man. Wouldn't be able to bet if had wanted to, unless I got my hands on some of those shiny stones people have been sporting lately. I hear they're some sort of volcanic composition that melts glass with, oh what was it, a mineral deposit of some kind." Yeah, as you can see, Mender is really very interested in the hatching. Woo, a brand new batch of meddlesome dragonriders, just what the world needs. "Are you much of a betting man, Andron?" Mender's eyes slide back to the ex-Warder where they stick. Val, for her part, seems to be caught up in the impression, her expression conveys a mixture of curiosity and genuine glee at being witness to the event. "Well, I'll be the first to admit I put 1/4th mark on a green hatching first. Treats me right, I suppose." And she had to save for that 1/4th mark. Her usual allowance is confiscated by Mender before she gets to so much as ogle something pretty and new.

Chayath vocally approves of the first Impression - and the second, for that matter, as the newly hatched green makes her selection.

Axle folds his arms across his chest - then unfolds them, sweat already starting to drip off the end of his nose as he turns his head from side to side to take in the various squealings and shoutings of his fellow candidates. Antisocial? Maybe. But at least he is thinking about the others. The fact that he's thinking about which ones he'd like to see get trampled doesn't really matter.

Kalaeya sighs audibly and shuffles her feet. Again. Desba *could* hae left her sandals, now that she's gone off anyway. So what if she had other things on her mind than watching out for this girl's poor feet? "Palia?! The green? Good for her!" She actually smiles for a fleeting moment - Palia is on the Good List.

Chrysea runs her hands through her admittedly /terrible/ haircut and then straightens: shoulders back, chin up, nose just slightly inclined upwards. "Hey, watch it there lad", she says as she pulls a neighboring Candidate out of the path of an oncoming green and therby ruins his chance of impressing her. "You'll get hurt."

Aislinn fairly *squeaks* as she catches the green, from the corner of her eye, moving serenely for Palia. "Palia! Congrats!" Oh, she *is* very happy to see that fellow candidate impressing.

Naralia cheers "Score one for the Herders!" she yells as she bounces up and down and about pulls Aislinn around for a bouncing good time "Go Palia!" She can't help herself, she's so happy.

Dominicke shakes his head as he glances towards the Neverending Story egg and shrugs, "Oh well. No, it hasen't. That one is cools too." he notes, grinning broadly at the Wax On Wax Off egg for a moment. He steps to the side and pushes Zak in front of him, so he can see better and then eyes the candie that keeps moving around. A Pause and a grin, "Yaye Palia!" he calls, having been staring after that green too."

Rylum snatches his sleeve back and glares at Chrysea. "Hey - oh, great, there she's gone and impressed. Thanks ever so much for your help." His voice drips sarcasm.

Sylara is very glad her good buddy has impressed, and she says so. "Wowsa!!! Yay, Palia. Yay!!!"

Axle blinks. Did…was that…Palia? Buh. His expression carefully blank, he sighs to himself, peering pointedly off in another direction. That definitely means he's not going to get one last shag in before he trucks out, then.

Chrysea smiles happily. "You're welcome." She's not very… perceptive.

Galleries> Gwindor stops his scribbling of dragons and Impressions and stuff to note the last one. "Was that Palia? I know Palia. Not very well, but … I know Palia." Wow, he just saw someone Impress that he actually talked to more than once. Or was it more than once? "Give us a name, greenlet," he whispers, pen poised to scribble it down.

Galleries> Ralin bounces "Yeah Palia!" he screams and better watch out for that edge, or down go Herder, Head in the sands.. oops. That woud hurt wouldn't it. Course probably no more pranks rither.

Ashli claps happily as Palia Impresses the beautiful green. "Yay Palia!!" she calls out, waving energetically towards the girl. Ashli's attention is then grabbed by the blue, and Ashli moves even closer to the cluster of Candidates, actually knocking into the Candidate beside her, then moving away with a waggle of her hands and many apologies, the girl decides to stay still and balance. Yes, balance. Upon one leg, she stands.

Galleries> Dalaynia cheers as well, she's glad to see one of her Herders impress, even if it means that she'll be leaving the Hall. Sigh. Can't keep the good ones.

Galleries> Sadira shakes her head, more to clear it of what she thought she had heard than in disbelief of Palia, "Congrats!" she calls to the newest rider.

Galleries> Lirena thinks enough time has lapsed since her last pea, so she slips another one into her reed and phhts it towards someone in the stands. Maybe M'nty, maybe Nuff, maybe nobody she knows.. one never can tell about her. Someone'll prolly catch her sooner or laters. Though she does stop to cheer for Palia… go girl….Greenrider! Palia!

Ambyr smiles to Palia as she Impresses and would offer her a hug, but she's got dragonet to handle, and so cute too! "Congrats, Pal. That's great!" she murmurs sfotly, hoping she'll be heard!

Izaak follows Dominicke's glance, "Palia? Where? Oh! The green. Well, at least she won't run you over now, right?" He works his hand free of Dominicke's for a moment and wriggles his fingers before offering his hand back to the man. "This seems lots longer than the last one already." Everything is always faster in hind-sight.

Palia's body stops.. Something's coming.. Something's growing. Her eyes are growing wider, and wider, and even the strength of whatever embrace cannot stop her now. Turns of bitterness seem to float away, in inexpressible means. She's -home. "Oh, Veriameth!" she cries, her utter longs bursting into a joy so unlike Pali.. it's scary. "You.. You.. It /is/ perfect. All is. It all will be!" Despite whatever, she fallsinto the sands, clutching the green's head to her. "Food? Er.." And here comes the nasty part.

Sii'kyn stares. "Palia? Oh -great-. Beka's gonna -kill- me."

Rajanigandha holds her breath when she looks up to see a little green make its way toward them. Holding… holding… the small dragon doesn't make any of the small group a snack. Rather she seems to have chosen Palia as her rider. "Oh.. wow.." She drops her hand from Palia's and shoves at her friend's shoulder. "I'm /so/ proud of you!" She gushes even as she takes a step back to give the pair plenty of room. Bumbling dragonets are a hazard to Raja's health! "Axle?!" Raja spins about when there is enough distance to suit and points. "Did you see it?" Obviously now isn't the time for differences.

Dominicke nodnods slightly, "Oh yes, definately seems a lot longer than the last one already. But as long as I'm not run over, I'm a happy little man." he notes, grinning oh so very broadly at Zak.

Galleries> "Oh, good Faranth," groans Wyn on seeing Palia Impress. "Just what I need, -another- neurotic head case of a dragonrider." She rubs gently at one temple, and makes a note in a blank spot of her book. "See about special observation during initial pens-feeding of her dragonet…"

Galleries> Nuff claps, too, for the second impression. Then the third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and even the seventh little blue that quickly buries himnself under a Harpe apprentices skinny arm. "Still, its nice when a Candidate finds a dragon, especially if they've stood here before, or elsewhere. I mean, Nuff did, eventually. It takes some courage to stand again." And again and again and again…

Galleries> The mention of Cinny and P'renn seems to momentarily calm Alena and she falls still for a moment, wide aquamarine eyes combing the surrounding crowd. But whatever it was she was looking for, she doesn't find it, and so she's back to struggling and whimpering and then she sinks her newly formed baby teeth right into Lexi's arm.

Galleries> Andron makes various, "Where did I go wrong?" noises as Andria continues to play 'most in hearing' rather than 'least in sight' down on the sands. "Shiny stones, eh? I suppose Ista is the place for all sorts of volcanic rocks. Go apply that charm of yours to a miner or three and wheedle yourself a discount," he advises teasingly. "I'm typically only a betting man when I'm involved, somewhat, in the events. Andria, dear that she is, wants to impress bronze. I've got a bet she'll impress brown." Sorry, daughter-dear. Much as Andron will go along with anything else she says, in that one thing, he'll have to argue her point. "I'd had my money on green, as well. It's usually a fair bet - there's so /many/ of them."

Sylara eyes the new pair, and watches in wonder. She isn't saying much other than cheering her buddies on, but she's very very interested in the whole process. It's pretty clear. Her eyes only leave the eggs or babies to watch her friends, and then, go straight back again. Not like last time. Nope. She's all together now.

Wax On, Wax Off Egg has been patient long enough, it seems. With a few circular movements to the left, and a couple of circular movements to the right, small slivers of silver, red, and the orange of those fiery sunsets start flaking off. The little creature inside the egg has no lack of perseverence, however, and more bits and pieces end up on the sands before the shell is thin enough at the top for a short snout to poke through. A few more practice jabs and a head breaks through, finally shattering the shell and leaving the dragonet ready for the world.

Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Dragonet
Rivulets of soft, dark lilypad green pool gently between this dragon's shoulders before trickling down her back and lightening into a fine mist as the colour sends delicate tendrils under her belly and torso. Her head is a rounded wedge, shortened enough so that she loses the delicacy that plagues most greens, and above her eyes a deeper celedon sweeps up past her 'ridges and headknobs. Her sturdy body has a sleek and balanced beauty; it's an artful tumble of rock-solid female muscles underneath a calming tea-green hide. Gentle ripples of tranquil colour soothe her lean limbs and shorter tail and then sink into dusky eddies that shadow her stone-grey talons. But her full measure is revealed in her broad and strong wings as their symmetry creates a striking harmony that hums through her frame and blends sails and shape into one full whole.

Galleries> Being that she's sitting next to Wyn, Hannah overhears some of the woman's groan. "Neurotic?" She glances down at Palia, "She seems normal enough out there?"

And thank the shells that L'shil has managed to keep his head on thus far. With so many more dragonets to go, the chances of him having to put his dragonhealing skills to use are still quite high. "Palia! A wise choice for that dragonet.. and Veriameth, a delightful name. Her colouring is exquisite - I shall have to tell Palia later, once this is over. Don't you agree, L'shil?" She'll just keep talking to him, as is her means of coping with the excitement. To each their own.

"Yes, I did." Axle replies dryly, sarcasm dripping from every word. "Difficult to miss, really. Particularly with everyone shouting their congratulations." Veriameth gets an irritable look from the man before he turns his attention back on the other dragons and candidates quickly, trying to keep a sketchy map of the action going in his head.

Rhaedyn blinks as Palia's Impression is duly noted. There's not much more of a reaction than that. She stands stiffly in her place, arms hanging at her sides, the hands attached clenching and unclenching. Beads of sweat have started to appear around her face, and she quickly dashes them away, plastering hair to forehead in the process. Seeming not to notice, she glances over at Sylara again, then down at Andria, "They're goin' fast, aren't they?" As if to emphasize her point, a young stocky boy from the smith hall Impresses to her left, and she grunts a recognition of it.

Izaak nods in reply and stretches his neck left and right. "There's another green," Zak murmurs to Dominicke. That's his job for now - look out for greens and make sure none of them run his companion over. It would be just great to have Dom in the infirmary for sevendays on end again.

Sii'kyn hollers over. "Palia? Bring that green over here to feed her!" He's still a bit stunned. Ram gets to terrorize Palia for a while, now.

Andria smiles up at Sylara, "Your dragon is there Sylara along with my Bronze." Hopeful? You betcha! Andi's dream is to be the first female Bronze Rider, never mind how canon it is. A gal has to dream, you know.

Naralia shivers with excitement "Another Green!" stater of teh obvious today isn't she? But then she's probably not the only one. "Oh Aislinn I'm so nervous" she squeals and holds herself tight "Oh mother's gonna be so sad to see Palia go." she says and then grins "And probably happy too."

L'shil head-bobs, momentarily ceasing his twisting and turning. "Oh, yes, Shae, you should. Though I'm sure she'll agree, too. Oh, look, another one! Reminds me a bit of Quirky, with that build."

Dominicke gapes slightly as one of his favorites cracks and out comes a green, "Oh Faranth, Its hot out here." he notes, eyes clamping right onto the green. "She's a beaut." he notes, grinning at Zak and nodding. Then eyes are on the green again, on the look out for dragons who wanna run him over, y'know.

Ashli oohs at the newly hatched green, and turns to the Candidate next to her, elbowing her and saying, "Look at /her/! Beautiful, isn't she? Wow…" the girl chatters, seemingly enthralled with the dragon. Blue eyes open even wider, if that's possible at this point, and Ash shifts her weight slightly, quite the accomplishment on one leg.

Kalaeya takes a step back as another green emerges. "That one's big!" At least from her sweaty, trembling point-of-view. She starts to reach out for Desba, and then remembers that the silly girl left her all alone out here. So she edges closer to whomever candidate is to her immediate right.

Galleries> Lexi is expected, in circumstances such as this with a kidlet biting her arm, to scream. Or to smack the girl upside the head. Or stand up and let the girl drop to the ground. But, in an overwhelming and surprising turn of events, she instead firmly pinches the little girl's nose. "Your choice… either no breathing or no biting." It's a generally clear decision.

Galleries> With his sister's lucky informing, Gwindor marks down the second Impression and the fourth hatching. "Palia and green Veriameth … and there's another blue and a green …" He must be writing a book or something, perhaps. "Keep me posted, Gebs."

Galleries> Lirena is awfully happy. Nobody's seen her, or nobody's bothering to catch her, which amounts to the same thing. Palia's gotta green, that's a cause for celebration and perhaps a green pea that's the same color as her dragon. Load the reed, aim….. shoot!

And The Skipper Too Blue Dragonet knows what he's looking for now. He's got his compass set and his course laid in as he shambles across the sands, fat tail making quite the furrow behind him. Now, he's just got to find it….

Aislinn really has forgotten how hot the sands burn under her feet by now, too distracted by the blur of color and impressions and more hatching eggs to care. She doesn't move much, not clinging to any one person but throwing the occasional comment out to any who may be near. Like Nara. "Me too, me too! Oh wow, another green. She's all muscle, too, look at her! Not like the brother," she admits, giggling.

"You really think so, Andie?" Sylara turns to her good friend. "Which one, do you think?" She grins. "They're all so cute when they come out!!" She's just bursting with excitement. A small wisp of hair is tucked back into her kerchief, and she returns to watching the proceedings. "It'd be interesting if you got a bronze. You'd be the first Weyrleader girl on Pern. If you wanted to."

Palia's smile doesn't fade.. Oh no. It's a dragon, but it's /her/ dragon. The best. The most wonderful. There will never /be/ another dragon like Veriameth. "Oh, right!" She says to Ike, being still like a little kid. The rest of the Sands is ignored, even the triumphant calls around her. Waddling with the little green over to the brownrider, she bites her lip. WAit.. Meat time, isn't it?

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg twiches and shudders. It's as if it's fighting the temptation to hatch. No. Stay here. Not moving. Twich.

Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Dragonet finishes its forms, as an egg-form, and stretches out into the new world of Dragonet; she finds her craggly little body rumbling in answer to the dragons' thrumm and looses large wingsails with a murmur of pine. Balance is sought; enlightenment pursued. On patient steps as strong as stone, she begins.

Axle grunts as Kalaeya bumps into his left side, somehow managing to keep himself from dropping flat and playing dead on the spot. Still, the color having drained from his face, he manages to glare sharply down at her. "Watch where you're going…Bleeding Faranth…Nearly soiled myself…"

Andria grins and nods, "That one!" Pointing to a group of eggs, "It's there! besides mine! You betcha!"

Sii'kyn smirks, because he can, and holds up a large chunk of oozing-blood raw meat, gesturing towards Palia. "I'm sure she's starving," he cheerfully announces, letting the chunk drop back into the bucket and offering it out to the greenling.

Izaak follows Dominicke's glance toward the newly hatched green and frowns, "Don't get all gooey on me. Remember what happened last time a green dragonet looked at you like that?" But the boy's eyes are already on another egg rocking. "I haven't seen a bronze yet. But there's a gold egg, they say. That's really odd."

Galleries> Mender grins at Andron as he belatedly buffs his nails. "Maybe I will, there's always something worth betting on when you've got the merchandise to back up the claim." He turns to glance at Val with a snort and a light shake of his head. "Silly girl, I could have told you green wouldn't be first." Val scrunches her nose accordingly and throws a disparaging glance at Andron and Alain. "Don't mind him, got up on the wrong side of the cot this morning." Mender gives his sister's arm a 'playful' pinch before directing his attentions to Alain in his capacity as escort to Andron. "So you work with the dead, Journeyman. How interesting, tell me, is it difficult to determine cause of death?" Say… in a mysterious murder situation?

Ambyr is lost or alone, or maybe both. Maybe she'd just slink away, Ayr tears up faintly and sniffles, putting an a slap of a smile, she was /happy/ that Palia Impressed very, but she had other hopes for her, and now… Geez, upsetting. Glancing about for Raja, Ambyr stumbles that way, half commenting to herself as she goes, "Hey, that Green's beautiful too."

Galleries> Jala lets out an overjoyed squeal. "Oooo! Palia Impressed! And look at that green. She's gorgeous. I always thought Palia would be good on green." Bouncing in her seat a little bit, she fails to notice her daughter's unmannerly actions. That is, until she overhears the threat issued towards Alena catches her attention. "Oh! Oh my, I'm so sorry Lexi, she never bites anyone. Gosh, that's awful." She tilts her head. "But could you not suffocate my child please? Here why don't you let me take her back." And she holds out her hands, looking rather firmly resolved to retreive her child. Quick, give her back before Jala flips out and goes kung-fu mommy on you.

Kalaeya shoots Axle a dirty look. "As if I can watch anything when my feet are burning up! This is hotter than…. anything," she ends lamely, unable to come up with a proper analogy. "And don't soil anything! You disgusting person."

Rajanigandha would swat Axle if he were close enough for her to do so. "Wherry," she mutters and turns 'round to smile encouragement at Ayr. "Well we're still standing," she says as if she hadn't expected that to remain the case. "Are there any coming this way?" She leans a bit forward to eye the area around her. "I can't believe Palia got Green…" Stretching up on her tiptoes she tries to follow Palia's advancement across the sands. "We'll have to celebrate when we get a chance." Here she is considering celebrations when there's a Hatching going on! Someone whap her! Quick.

Dominicke chuckles softly and nods, "I won't get gooey, and yes. I remember, last time a green looked at me that way I was in the infirmary for a long time. I still have the bandages." he notes, reaching up to touch his chest for a moment. Fortunately He's pretty much in tip top shape, but what a lovely scar he has now.

Desba doesn't watch her fellow candidates she's far to engrossed in her new lifemate and feeding him, though as Palia comes up the girl recieves a respectful nod, "A good looking green indeed."

"But which one, Andi?" Sylara asks specifically. If nothing else, to help her calm her nerves, and to pass the time. "Like which Egg?"

Palia cringes. That is -so- disgusting. But.. "/Fine/," she mumbles, but the green is crooning. ANd, Pal would be the first to whap Raja, and Axle, and all the rest.. But for now, it's all her dragon. Her hand takes the meat, and with a positively vile look on her face, she offers it to Veriameth.. Who gobbles it right up. "Ew. Ew."

Axle scowls, massaging his temples in an effort to get blood flowing back into his brain. "Unless your eyes are connected directly to your feet, I don't see why you should be having a problem. And if they are, I suggest that you see a Healer immediately to rectify your…situation." Even as he speaks, he's having to blink through sweat, which suggests that he's not seeing too cleaerly either. "It's an expression."

Ashli looks around, and spies Naralia. Good! Someone to stay close to. Ashli hops towards the girl, arms windmilling as she goes. Hippity hoppity hop, Ashli bounces like there's no tomorrow! Go Ashli, go! She finally arrives next to Naralia, and leans in, whispering softly, "We're finally here, on the Sands! Can you believe this? I know it's the second time, but, still…wow. Would you look at that green yonder? Gorgeous, gorgeous…"

Ambyr shakes her head - or at least she does for a second, looks abouther and than continues shaking, "No, nothing coming striaght at us /yet/." Ayr says to Raja, hlaf-staring out at everything, watching everyone, and remaining half-frozen, because she's very confused. Looking directly at Raja, she remarks, "Celebrations sound fun, but we're /right/ here at the moment, no?" is the quizical remark, had to last the Hatching and than party - right?

Galleries> Lexi thought she was dealing with it diplomatically. Hmph. Nose tilting up in the air, she quickly passes off the baby and reaches for her bag. "She started it." So what if she's under a turn old? Hmph. And with that, she grabs her lotion to slather her poor arm with. You marred my skin, dratted baby. Never did like babies. Not even P'rennyrennrenn's.

Izaak nods, "I know you still have the bandages. I helped you fix 'em, remember?" Well, luckily there's too much going on for the boy to be embarrassed.

Dirty Dancing Egg wiggles again. Spiiiiiiiiin, whee! Look at it go. Can't one almost see the swirly skirts?

Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Dragonet is dusk in the window, tea in the cup, whiskers on the feline and crickets at twilight. She moves with the easy stillness of gardens and water, and yet covers the Sands between her and her Candidate as if time had little meaning. First she was there, now she is here, giving Axle a dirty look before pushing past him towards her Balance, her one.

Part 2

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