High Reaches' 11th PC Hatching (part 2)

Shaela's gold Chayath x L'uc's bronze Jydhaeth
25th April 2004
Logged by Sunhomme

Part 1

Naralia shakes her head "I still can't believe we're actually out here. AN oh yes she is beautiful?" she whispers back to Ashli and then giggles "Watch out Dom! Another green, don't let her run you down." she calls out, oh wait Axle oh no, not him who then?

Galleries> B'ane garners muffled footsteps as he emerges from the dragon ledges in a circumference around the sands. A young woman in escort clutches his arm briefly out of appreciation for the ride and immediately joins her parents to watch the progress of her younger brother. "You're welcome." The bronzerider in black politely makes his way to one of the back tiers since all the good spots are already occupied by other, more punctual, butts.

Galleries> Rishk busily watches the Jala-Lexi interaction, smile on her face. Children are most definately not here thing, she'll leave the little biting brats to their mothers. Stretching as much as she can in such a crowded space, the greenrider cranes her head around - looking for anyone to save her.. wait.. is that? "B'ane?" she whispers to herself. What is B'ane doing outside of Ista? It almost doesn't compute, until she's raised a hand to wave at him. What? "There's room here - " She falls silent. What is she doing?

Dominicke nodnods and google-eyes the green still. "I'm jsut making sure she dun't charge me, thats all." he notes, having noted Zak's responce before. Pausing, grinning to Zak, he turns attention from the dragonets briefly. "Mm, and thak goodness my bandages are nicely light now, eh?" he comments, jokingly.

Atohya hops from foot to foot, dubiously eyeballing all about him. Dragonets. He likes them, but -yo-. They're scary! And big! And foo!

Rhaedyn looks at Sylara, uncrossing one arm to point out a faintly green egg off to one side that has yet to hatch, "That one's my favorite," And then the pointing finger changes direction to indicate another, "and that one, too, I guess. Maybe yours'll be in one of them." Head looks down to the sand as she performs her foot-shifting ritual once again, and she muffles, "Or maybe mine," witha grunt sounding at the end.

Galleries> Lirena still thinks the galleries are too quiet. Must mean that it's time to do something else. She reaches into Ralin's ever present pocket and pulls out a glass jar and opens the lid. She'd throw them, but that's too noticeable, so she lays the jar down carefully and rolls it towards a bunch of people on a lower level than she is… so, wha'ts a few spiderclaws to wake up the galleries?

Sylara giggles slightly as the green pushes on Axle. "I'll bet he /loved/ that." She says grinning.

Izaak nods, "Thank goodness," he repeats, eyes staying on the green. He proceeds to look more and more nervous as the green makes her way through the crowd and he tightens his hand around Dominicke's wrist. "Hey…" but he doesn't really get any further than that. It's just a little warning, not really a statement, yet.

Rajanigandha pulls out the front of her robe and fans a little air down her chest. Hot!! Burning up over here! "Well.." Raja eyes Ayr and then nods at the obvious statement. "Yes, we're here right now. I'm just happy for her is all." Enough party planning for now. There are serious matters at hand. Like staying in one piece through this ordeal! And hopefully she'll keep her robe upon her body. No loss of clothes is needed either. Let's not pull a Palia folks! "Celebrating does sound fun though. Doesn't it?" Still on the look out for stalkers from the front, she leans forward again to check the area. No getting ran over for her!

Through the sweat in his eyes, Axle catches a flash of something green pushing against his hip, and does fall directly onto his butt, only to scramble back to his feet in an effort to Get Away from the horrible little thing.

Kalaeya takes a biiig step back. Next time, she will *not* stand next to someone who keeps attracting huge dragonets! "Axle, you fool!" Not that it's his fault as such….

Ashli grins at Naralia, and nods, "Oh, I /know/!" she murmurs, back, then giggles as well, grinning over at Axle then blinking and whispering, "Think he's okay? Eh, he looks fine…wow, that green is certainly on a mission, there…" she says, shaking her head as she eyes the path of the green curiously…

Shaela scans the green up and down a few times, nodding in half-agreement, "Somewhat. It's hard to say because she carries herself with so much confidence. I like that in a young dragonet," she notes as a sort of after-thought.

And The Skipper Too Blue Dragonet seems to have found what he's looking for. Because he barrels away towards a certain gangly candidate and pauses to look right up and bellow at him. Hey there, little buddy - er, Atohya. I'm yours!

"Did that fat blue find anyone yet?" Aislinn wonders, squinting out over the sands. "Oh, no. Neither has the green, look at her push!" It's pretty much all that Aislinn can do at this point, pointing out the obvious, but Nara helps, earning the ex-shepherdess's attentions for a moment to receive a little grin. "Yes, yes." Back out to the sands. "Oh, he *did* impress! Atohya!"

Dominicke grins slightly and then peers at Zak for a moment, "Hey what?" he asks, his attention completely on Zak for a moment. What chaos! All of a sudden he's not paying attention to the green like he was. Hmm, and his mind turns back to her and his eyes rove the Sands to find her. Afterall, she may run him down.

Ambyr watches the new Green push Axle out of the way, nudging Raja, "Hey… does it look like?" and she points at the Green - headed this way, maybe… Run, perhaps, jump, something?

Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Dragonet takes a biiiiiiiig step forwards. The fool is regarded, and dismissed, for its Kalaeya she follows. With eyes spinning a future and wings set high for balance, the rocky little garden green drops her muzzle and whuffles cool air across the tops of her Chosen's feet. Tilting her head she looks up at the girl and then nudges her in the knees.
Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Kalaeya, and steps forward.

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg is apparently fighting a losing battle, as the egg twiches and twiches. There are brief moments of stillness, but they are quickly becoming overrun by the moments of movement. Shiver.

And The Skipper Too Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Atohya, and steps forward.

Galleries> "This morning? Seems to me he ought to rearrange his cot as he wakes up on that side far too often," Andron says, sparing a charming smile for Val and a 'tsk-tsk' look for Mender. "One should never harm a woman. Even in jest." Andron, to his credit, avoids fights due to principles not due to overt wussiness. He could probably hold his own against your average pencil pusher - not that there are many of those on Pern - but he'd prefer not to test it. Mender's further questioning of Alain prompts nothing but an amused arch of Andron's eyebrows. "Perhaps you should continue that conversation late at night, down in the very bowls of the Hold where water drips and rogue firelizards stalk tunnelsnakes, rather than a cheerful event such as this."

Izaak hefts a little sigh of relief as the green picks Kalaeya and is no longer, in his estimation, a threat. "Whew, I thought she was gonna come this way," he murmurs and wipes the back of his free hand across his brow. "Who else has impressed?" he asks at length, peering around at their diminishing group.

Ashli looks on as two Impressions happen in quick succession, cheering and clapping, "Congrats Atohya, Kalaeya!!" she calls brightly, waving her hands brightly and jumping up and down a few times. Ashli grins over at Naralia again, before she blinks over at the various eggs, concentrating on those that seem to be shaking occasionally…

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg gives one last valiant attempt at staying /in/ the egg, but it doesn't seem to work.

Don't Wanna Grow Up Egg gives a final heave and succumbs to the inevitability of life as a series of small fractures appear gradually along the yellow and brown surface. Each crack widens ever-so-slowly until the shell simply falls away to reveal the willowy woodland creature within.

A Road Diverged Green Dragonet
Curls of pale mint wind their way across this dragon's willowy frame, delineating her slight limbs with a delicate filigree that rambles down her tapered tail. Ivy climbs the trellis of her elegant wings, with darker smudges shading spars and sails in sylvan green, while sprigs of sage tickle her svelte spine and haunches. Woodsy greens fade into earthy browns as they reach her curved belly, hiding rich tones of autumn gold among the chestnut of fallen leaves. Those dainty facial features are outlined exquisitely with lines of spearmint, continuing back to softly tip every headknob and neckridge. From forests' shadows to spring's newest green, this dragon runs the spectrum, with nature's beauty imprinted upon a canvas and brought to life.

Sylara hears Zak, and replies. "Ahoyta got the blue." She says, looking over."

Andria screams and jumps up and down. "Go! KALA!!!! YAY-HOOOOOO"

A'hoy blinks, then blinks again, then manages to sort out all the pieces. "A'hoy! A'hoy? Oh! You mean I'm A'hoy? I guess I am." He enjolds the little blue in a hug and lays his cheek against that amazing hide. "Yes Mateyth, I'm yours."

Kalaeya's jaw hits the sands. Well, not literally, but, you know…. "Me? For ME?! Yes, of course!" She's talking to a voice inside her head. Takes some getting used to. "Oh, Maiioth, you're *beautiful*!" She flings her arms around the green neck in front of her, her face having turned a bright red, with eyes glistening wetly with unshed tears.

Galleries> Jala quickly returns Alena to her own lap, checking the babe for signs of stress due to the momentary lack of oxygen. But the babe seems fine enough, as she lets out a delighted giggle, babbles something at her mother, and begins to chew contentedly on her fingers. The greenrider glances uneasily at Lexi and then pats her gently on the shoulder. "Its okay, honey, its probably just the stress of having all these people around, don't - OOO! Kalaeye Impressed! Ohhh, and to a green too. A girl after my own heart, that sweetie. B'au's going to be so proud!" Smiling cheerfully, she doesn't even notice the entrance of B'ane, or Rishk's reaction. But she will soon enough, and then, watch out!

Dominicke sighs softly as the green Impresses. He's not gonna get run over this time, see. He's ale…oooh, looit the purdy eggs. "Me too." he notes, then cheers. "Yaye Kala!" of course, he then turns quickly towards the Neverending Story egg and silently stares after it before turning back to the new green that just hatched. Oh Shards, he /will get run over again with all these grees.

Axle dusts himself off with as much dignity as he can manage, peering down his nose at the now impressed green before looking up to see…Another green hatch. "Shards and shells…They're going to be taking over the Weyr at the rate they're coming…" And then of course, Andria starts with the screaming again, earning an extremely dirty look in her direction.

Rajanigandha had been leaning over and looking in the exact opposite direction from the one in which Ayr now points. "What? Where? Is there something?" She straightens and spins around to spy the dragonet and Axle on his backside! "Axle! Are you okay?" She's afraid to run in that direction exactly. Dangerous dragonets are on the loose. Still she takes a step forward and then two backward. Unsure of what to do next. Tugging on Ayr's hand she walks a few feet away and then points to grin. "Look! She didn't want to hurt anyone… She just wanted Laeya!" She lifts her free hand and waves with a big ol' grin. "Congrats sweety!"

Galleries> Nuff sighs. "Impressions. You never get used to it."

Sylara looks at the newest green carefully. "That one is /gorgeous./" She says, enthusiastically.

Naralia just nods as she glasps her hands and dances from foot to foot. Then as Kala impresses she cheers "GO KALA!" she screams and spins around. "Oh! Wow, a lot of greens this time." she giggles "Awww, so cute."

Izaak nods to Sylara, "Ah, that's who - and a couple of greens, right? Or just one?" He's getting lost. But the new green is noted as well, along with the murmured, "Still no browns. And the gold egg hasn't hatched, either." He makes no direct comment about the greens, but he's certainly wary of them.

More Impressions, more feet shifting, more of brooding Rhaedyn, her eyes not even shifting to recognize the joyful pairs anymore. Focused is what she is, entirely focused on the shivering eggs and flying egg goo that comes with the hatchlings. And entirely motionless it seems. Like a rock jutting out of the sand, she stands, feet rooted in the unbearably hot sands as if she didn't even take notice of it.

Galleries> Lirena is really watching the hatching, she really is…She hollers congratulations to her friend, Kaleaya, Palia, and all the rest she knows… still… pranks are also interesting and she watches the spiderclaws scuttling down the gallery row towards the entrance, and people, of course. Maybe they'll miss everybody, nobody knows, yet.

Ashli awws as Kalaeya calls out her dragon's name. "Maiioth, what a beautiful name!" she murmurs to Naralia, before her attention is caught by the newly hatched green. "Oh, yes, that one is gorgeous…" she replies to Sylara, beaming over at her fellow Candidate…

A'hoy unwinds from the little blue and coaxes him over towards the weyrlingmasters. "Hi… I guess… Yah. A'hoy. I mean. That's me."

"Kalaeya!" Aislinn squeaks with unrestrained glee for her fellow candidate, only to refocus on the next egg, and another green. "Gah! Another! The Weyr'll be in no shortage of females," Aislinng points out, before giving another cheerful shout in Kalaeya's direction, remembering how she'd just talked with her earlier this morning. Yes indeed there *are* plenty of eggs to go around out here.

"But brown was the first one, Zak! You mean no bronzes yet?" says sylara

"I'm /fine/." Axle intones, giving Raj a 'touch me and you're dead' look as he regains his balance, setting his feet well apart to keep something similar from happening again. Having his butt scorched once was more than enough, thanks.

Sii'kyn beams at A'hoy. "Aww. He's a cute one. Come over here and feed him, hmm?" Ike grins, waving him over.

Rylum watches it all, as he can, and finds there's fewer and fewer Candidates bumping elbows with him.

More Than Meets The Eye Egg lurches violently. No, it cannot remain as it is much longer. Cracks begin to form around its perimeter, and bits and pieces of it begin to flake off. At last, in one final burst of shell and goo, the process of changing into its new form is complete.

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet
Rounded and petite, greystone and blue combine for a rather peculiar drab coloration on this singular dragon. His wedge-shaped head is more wedge-shaped than the norm, muzzle rather beakish for all it's worth: headknobs are low-set and blunted, above eyes both wide and round. The same mottled miasma of unassuming grey and chalky blue covers this one with a fletched pattern, fluently covering wide wings and small, compact shoulders. The subtle color shifts a tad darker at the haunches, moving over padded muscle to influence the round length of spaded tail. All in all, this one's surprisingly camouflaged, a simple rockdove amongst the peacocks.

Staring after Kalaeya, Ambyr opens her mouth to speak, but fails at words for awhile, until - "Ohhh! Hey, now that Green is /beautiful/!" and of course she means the one that just hatched, like a forest beautiful. Wow!

Dominicke nodnods quickly. "More greens, more greens." he notes rather too cheerfully as he stares after the new babies. "Oh Shards, she's a beaut." Heh, how many times will he say that in the course of the Hatching, eh? "Just one, I think.."

Galleries> Mender pffts good-naturedly at Andron, though he looks a mite ticked. Andron, with the raining, and the parade ruining, and the cheery little barbs. Hmph. "A good point, so Alain? I'll meet you in the dead of night, with the dripping water and the spooky abandoned hollows and all that." And smiling faintly he returns to watching the festivities. Val laughs at Andron's comment before attempting to let the ex-Warder and the healer enjoy their hatching. "Look, Mender, I think I see Fort's Lady. Wasn't she the one who wanted to talk to father about the wood commission?" And leading her brother from their seats she wiggles her fingers towards Andron before giving her brother a push in the right direction.

Out of the corner of her eye, Palia catches Kalaeya's Impression. "Whoot! You /go/ girl!" She yells, trying to distract herself from the blood. Blood is bad, blood is awful, and despite Veriameth's urgings, she can't help but be disgusted.

A Road Diverged Green Dragonet lies sprawled on the sand for a moment, blinking and glancing around slowly. One leg at a time, she climbs to her feet, and streaches out her wings, turning her head from side to side to watch how they work. She flares them a couple times, looking fascinated. Cool. They move.

Izaak shakes his head, "No, that's what I meant, no bronz - oh I give up," the boy tosses one hand in the air and shakes his head. "I can't keep up anymore. Who's a beau - oh," he frowns in the general direction of the green, alright, right at her, and shakes his head.

Galleries> B'ane is not the most observant of human beings especially when there is a myriad of people to be concerned with. Only Aboleoth's scant hint that Rishk is looking for him reaches B'ane's consciousness and all he can do is present a slanted grin and a brief raise of his hand towards the Thunderstreaker. The path to join her is fraught with several dozen Weyr denizens and the Istan has no immediate desire to ram people out of his way. It just wouldn't be courteous. It just wouldn't be B'ane. The view is nothing to brag about, but at the Impression of a blue dragonet, he just claps his hands gently.

Galleries> Well, if Rishk won't say anything more, Lexi will. "B'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. Come sit with us! Come see my new dress. It's beautiful. I designed it myself." And a Lexi creation means elegance. If your definition of Elegance is, perhaps, excessive cleavage. "C'moooon."

Sii'kyn waves over to Kalaeya. "Bring her this way, sweets! I'm sure she's hungry."

Rajanigandha is almost sorry she'd spent time worrying over his sorry hide. "Well that's fine then," she says a little on the frosty side. She sends a glare in Axle's direction and then huffs off a few feet with Ayr drug in tow. "Here looks good," she tells her friend with a squeeze of her hand. "We can see them coming from either direction." Now anything approaching from behind them might be a hazard. But who can have a perfect defense?

Dominicke is a real no-brainer. Firest he gets run over by a green, and is /almost/ afraid of another running him over, but still he can't help but stare after greens and such. Beware. Beware. The brain dead one!

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet stretches - nay, Streeeeeeeeeetches - up out of his egg and slides out with a wet little shiver. He says nothing, there's nothing to say, not to the world, anyways, only his chosen. He knows where he's going, regardless of drab hide and raggedy wings. He knows, and he's already in love.

Ashli ohhs softly as the blue hatches, whispering to Naralia, "Ooh, that one's gorgeous too…" Have any of them not been gorgeous so far? Well, no…but Ashli's going to say it for every one anyways. The blue is eyed, and she whispers to Naralia, "Wow…I've never seen a dragonet with such…determination in his eyes."

Galleries> Rishk's eyes fall on Lexi and an almost aghast look crosses her face. She did NOT just do that. "Hot shards," she mutters into her hands, in which she has quickly buried her face. This is why you don't have friends. One hand still covering her face, she waves back at the bronzerider before shaking her head and looking up. "Sharditsharditshardit."

Kalaeya lays a trembling hand on Maiioth's headknobs and gently leads her towards Sii'kyn and the edge of the sands. "Come on, my dear, dear Maiioth. Let's get you some food." Unable to prevent it, a huge, silly grin spreads on her face, and she stands straighter than before, fervently hoping B'au didn't miss any of this from the stands!

"Another blue, too!" Aislinn exclaims, burying her toes in the sand eagerly, finding that they're no cooler underneath. Darn this geo-thermal heating. "Gosh, there's a lot of those. No bronzes, yet, or golds," she yammers aside to Naralia, mostly. "Mmm, Maiioth. That's a lovely name."

Galleries> Lirena really is disgusted with the tricks. Nobody's getting pinched, nobody noticed the peas, so she'll fix it good.

Ambyr gets draged away, hey cool… Watching the green and Blue on the sounds as she goes, to this spot, "Yeah here is good." she bobbles in comment to Raja, being all kinds of awe-sturck by now, and does turn to look behind her, nope, none that way. What fun!

A Road Diverged Green Dragonet moves on from watching her wings to watching her talons flex as she goes to take her first step. She pauses mid-step, paw in the air, and wiggles said talons. As well as a dragonet /can/ wiggle her talons, anyway. A few moments later, she continues on her way, oh-so-slowly passing down the line of candidates, pausing here and there to examine one.

Chrysea quietly watches the proceedings, a condescending look trapped on her features. Arms crossed over her chest, the girl looks openly defiant: all of these… /chromatics/. She deigns to grace them with an arch look here and there.

Izaak glances toward Dominicke and gives him a little shake. "Hey, wake up. Don't make me save your life this time. You're supposed to be healed, stay that way," he orders, turning back to eye the dragonets wandering about the sands again.

Sylara watches the dragonet move down the line. That's a very pensive little creature. She never knew dragons could be so … different. Well, she should have, especially after Sein's lecture. "Oh, wow." She whispers.

L'shil tires of spinning in circles and finally just leans against Piccath to watch Shae and whoever passes his line of sight. His lifemate's ever so much more equipped to keep watch, anyway. Faceted eyes are good for that.

Naralia can't help but nod at the question of the blue "He is, wow, just look at him wow. " she notes "Pyrene outta be bappy with another blue" she says with a smile. "Oh, this is so exciting!:

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet is not just another blue, he's A Lone Turtle Dove Blue, all … lonely. With wings still wet, he steps forwards and imediately gets tangled up in the shards of some earlier eggs; talons sink, foot's caught, wingtips tangle. He doesn't fall, not completely, but he does teeter sideways a moment and coo unhappily.

Rhaedyn lifts her feet again as the heat becomes too much for them, shaking them from side to side violently, spreading sand over any of those standing near enough. And they don't get any apologies, either, for as soon as she's done with this, her eyes snap back up to the dragonets, analyzing every motion, every tilt or inclinatin of their heads. Watching and waiting. Silently, as usual.

Dominicke nodnods and shakes his head to clear it from The Spell of the Dragonets and then turns towards Zak, "But lookit alla them. I feel so overwhelmed." he notes, grinning from one color to another, to the assortment of dragonets out there now.

Galleries> Natch slips in, ratehr out of breath.

Rylum pushes a shabby bit of hair out of his eyes and peers at the blue. "Aw."

Andria dances on her toes. Where are all the bronzes? She wants a bronze draggie. She's getting almost bored with all this.

Alone once more, Axle mutters quietly to himself, clearing his throat before the muttering quickly fades back into silent though. Despite being knocked over, he seems a great deal more confident now. After all, with one close call, what are the odds that he'll suffer another?

Battlestar Galactica Egg gives a cautious wriggle: it's first, to be precise. See? It can move. It is alive. Don't worry. It'll just.. be a while, apparently, as it settles back down to quietness.

Galleries> Lirena is disgusted with the fact that nobody's getting pinched, nobody's managed to feel any peas, nobody's reacting to anything. They're all out there gossiping. Now, what… something's gotta be better, but no candi-snot.. no, that's their tradmark and way too obvious. Hmmm…… she gives a glance at Ralin, but he's being a good boy today. How boring. Another pea is shot towards the candidates, this one coming perilously close to Dom and Izaak.

Brite As A Rainbow Egg rolls suddenly down a little sand pile it was resting on, and then falls still again. Whoops.

Rajanigandha points in the moments before the one green stops admiring her wing to flex her talons. "Check that one out," she tells Ayr with an elbow nudge and grin. "It reminds me of someone admiring a new sweater or something," she comments with a chuckle. "Funny things they are." She removes her gaze from the green and is once again looking out for anything meandering her way. "I haven't seen any damage thus far," she tells Ayr as she straightens to scan the candidates over her friend's head. "Everyone seems to still be healthy and standing." Thank goodness!

Galleries> Ralin is a good boy, sure but then he's so engrossed in the hatching "Yeah, yeah go!" but he's a little sad too, it would have been so much better to be down there with them instead of up here watching.

Galleries> P'renn has been discussing the extent of betting on the hatching as well as tallying what he's owed with Reaches' resident betting hound. Suddenly, he seems to come to his senses, and wind his way back to the company he was originally part of. And look here, Lexi's in his seat. "Hey babe, wanna move and give me a little room to breath?" As in, scoot your sweet little patoot, he has a child to spoil. And hey look, Lexi and Jala in the same place at the same time, and Jala and P'renn's love child to boot! Could this event get any more exciting? Mm. Let's see. "How're my girls?" A kiss is brought to Alena, Jala, and Lexi's cheek.

Galleries> Natch manages to convince some people to move over and give her a bit of space so she settles in to watch, listening to overhear what she might have missed.

Izaak releases Dominicke's wrist and reaches up to pat the man's shoulder lightly. "It's kind of a lot, isn't it? I mean, there are kind of a lot, aren't there?" he nods toward the wandering, stumbling, ambling and otherwise mobile dragonets. Then there are the ones that aren't moving around yet - still in the eggs.

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet's wings quiver unhappily. If he had a lower lip, a more prominent one, it would be quivering too. The ugly duckling he might be, alone in the forst of half-hatched eggs, but he is not completely lost. He knows, he feels it, and he /will/ find it. Perhaps, this way - so he goes, this way, towards the White.

Ashli's attention snaps to the egg that rolled then stilled, and pokes Naralia a bit, "Oo, look at that one. Looked promising for a minute there…maybe it's just being patient…" she chatters, somewhat nervously. Is Ashli nervous? You bet your bottom mark she is. The girl inches closer to Naralia a bit, and eyes the nervous-looking blue curiously.

Galleries> Jala smiles sympathetically at Rishk and pats the girls knee consolingly. Then, leaning down to put her mouth near Alena's ear, she murmurs, "Now then, lovely, you see that blue out there? That's like Tye's dragon, Valedath. And like Lexi said, the brown that Desba Impressed is like Cinny. You know who Cinny is, you love his tail. And the greens that Kalaeya and Palia Impressed are like your favorite dragon of all time, Myrr!" She tucks Alena's curls back and straightens her sundress. "Maybe one day you'll be standing on those sands, honey, just like mommy and daddy did." Alena tilts her head back, letting it rest against the greenrider's chest so she can stare wide-eyd up at her mother, smiling in the innocence of her youth. "Welcome back, Dren-love," she replies cordially, although she fails to return the cheek-smooch. In fact, she looks just a little bit uncomfortable and shifts in her seat, glancing uneasily at Lexi out of the corners of her eyes. "Did you see Palia Impress?"

Galleries> B'ane crimps his eyebrows lower towards his eyes and frets at the journey he'll have to make since he was beckoned and by B'ane law, cannot refuse. "Uh, just a moment," reaching his full height of over six feet, Aboleoth's rider lifts his arms up and wedges through the half sitting, half standing mass of excited people. A plethora of 'excuse me,' 'sorry,' and 'pardon me' spout from his mouth like water in a public fountain. Finally, B'ane presses his way through towards the greenriders and P'renn. "There, I made it." Now where's his Oscar? Give him time to note Lexi's dress.

Chrysea continues to do the things she does, watching for particular shiny eggs. She ignores the current green-blue pair, instead watching the eggs with a pristine look upon her face.

Dominicke grins slightly and nods, "Yes to both. Its a lot and there are a lot." he notes, eyes turning onto the blue for a moment before glancing to Zak again, for a moment. Dom is nervous, and excited, and will admit to both if someone asks him.

Rylum scratches at the scar on his chin and decides he's standing in an unlucky patch of Sand. With a glance around he steps to the right, twice, and then watches the dragonets again.

A Road Diverged Green Dragonet has reached the end of the line, and hasn't shown any amazing interest in any of the candidates. So she turns, and starts back down the line again. Still slow and steady, she seems to be examining each candidate with great detail. She looks a little conflicted, swerving her head to peer over at mama and offers a pitiful chirp. She can't choose! And then. Then she sees her. The Right Choice. And she was here all along! She barrels past Axle, and plants her muzzle in Rajanigandha's stomach. Hi.

Ambyr nods at Raja and looks around, catching Izaak and Dominicke talking some ways away, far or near, Ambyr's so confused by it all that she doesn't know. A blunt, "There' still eggs left, and hey didn't that one just move?" she points off towards an egg, wondering if Raja had caught that, but attention is turned back to the Green. "She is funny acting, but beautiful." the girl sighs, a hlaf thought of when the madness ends creeping into her mind.

A Road Diverged Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Rajanigandha, and steps forward.

Naralia ignores Chrysea, maybe if they're lucky some dragonet will sneeze egg goo onto her. "Oh, I'm looking, I'm looking. Who's he going to choose?" she asks, whispering quietly. "Oh look Raja impressed! Go Raja!" she yells, she's not goining to have a voice after this is she?

Galleries> Thrilling! As long as Lexi gets the most attention. For you see, she should be the most important. And to prove it, she one ups his kiss-on-the-cheek and rises to her feet, wrapping her arms around his neck and planting a still safe for child-like eyes, if lingering, kiss. "I was wondering where you were, wherrybrains." Wherrybrainsnookums. Snookiewookiewookums.

"Ohhh, look at him," Aislinn fairly croons, in reference to the blue. "I sure hope he finds someone nice, he's miserable, so," she murmurs, before her expression undergoes a melodramatic transformation to utter glee for Raja. "RAJA!" She calls out, delightedly. Alright! All her cool candidate people are impressing!

Izaak sniffs once and asks, "Are you nervous?" Hey, someone had to ask, right? For his part, the boy is starting to sweat and merely wipes at his brow from time to time, except to call, "Way to go, Raja!" Well, he did happen to notice that. After all, the girl was walked into by a green and he's looking out for those.

Galleries> Rishk scoots over to allow B'ane room to sit down beside her. She could say something sarcastic along the lines of 'you want a cookie?', but she doesn't. She's too afraid of what Lexi and Jala are going to do to her. Bad idea, letting them know B'ane was here. "Wan'a sit?" she finally asks, patting the space beside her before looking out on the sands. "Ooh, 'nother green impressed." Try not to look at B'ane. Yup.

Galleries> Lirena hollers out for Rajan as she impresses…. tossing out another pea towards Chrysea…. the wherry headed whiner. She might miss, but it's satisfying to toss dried peas her way via a reed.

Dominicke nodnods as he turns to Zak, "Very nervous." he notes, grinning and then stares towards Rajan, "GO RAJAN!" he calls, clapping and then sighing softly, his hands shaking somewhat. Oh Shards, now that he's admitted it, he's started to shake.

Axle chokes as a second green blows by him - just managing to steady himself in time to avoid being knocked over again. Coughing, he thumps his own chest heavily before catching his breath. All right. That's two near death experiences in one bloody day…So he decides to head quickly for somebody who probably won't impress. That somebody being, of course Chrysea. Resting a hand on the girl's shoulder to steady himself, he mutters, "Excuse me, sir…" Before feigning a doubletake. "Ah."

Brite As A Rainbow Egg rolls again, this time back and forth. No shaking, or cracking, or even twiching. But it's certainly trying to /get/ somewhere as it rolls a good armlength away from it's previous position.

Ashli jumps and claps happily, "Congratulations, Raja!!" she calls out to her fellow Candidate, jumping once more as she pokes a random candidate next to her, "Look, look, Raja Impressed!" Yes, yes, very good Ashli. Over-stating the obvious, are we? Ashli snickers as she catches Axle's muttered comment to Chrysea, then quickly smooths over her face. Nope, Ashli wasn't snickering. Not at all…the rolling egg is peered at closely. Hhhmmm…

Sylara is excited for her friend, and cheers her on. "Yay!!" She turns back to Andie. "That's really cool." She says, smiling.

Brite As A Rainbow Egg finally just explodes in a flurry of brilliant rainbow-hued confetti. It's a fair welcome for the hungry dragonet that shakes off the confines of shell and shards and steps neatly out onto the Sands. She's as green as she is gold, but there is no mistaking the 'Reaches ichor that royals her, queen-sized, and marks as Chayath's own.

Pea in a Pod Gold Dragonet
Irascible, inexplicable, intrepid and wild, child's delight wars with the devoted duty that mantles this dragon in heavy sunshine and spins the weedy straws of her hide into gold brocade. A bantam queen, she's light, lithe, lean and little, with slender limbs, a narrow profile, large eyes, and a decidedly practical set of neckridges that dream to whimsy only at the end of her pea-green tail. Tender shoots of sugarsnaps twine from the purple-podded royalty of her paws through cornsilk leggings, hay-skirted sides, and those indomitable greensleeved wingarches; sweet-pea's pale emerald likewise tendrils her tummy and the gentle curves of her rump. But it is leprechaun's gold that jigs her head and muzzle, a rainbow's bounty that spills along her neck and shoulders before being lost beneath her utterly impractical, unspeakably incorrigible, ultimately illogical sails.

Izaak nods, wiping his arm against his forehead, again, and replying, "Me, too." He's not shaking, but his hand goes back to hanging onto Dominicke's. He falls to stretching his neck left and right again and flexing his shoulders. He really shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, it's starting to wear on him.

Rhaedyn peers over at Rylum with a slight furrowing of her imposing brows, as he steps into her space on the left. Arms remaining crossed, and she doesn't say anything, but she's not pleased with this intrusion on her focus in the least, that's for sure. She shuffles slightly in the opposite direction of him, but not too far, for Sylara's cheering on her right. Ah, even Rhae can't avoid unwanted chaos on the sands.

Galleries> P'renn smiles into the kiss and returns it with fervor. He even goes so far as to nibble a little Lexi lobe before he pulls away with a guilty look to Jala. Why guilty? He's not quite sure.. but.. could have to do with the kiddo. "I was over there," he points in the general direction of where he was. "He whisks his weyrmate about the waist and sits her primly at his side while holding out his hands to Alena. "Does the kiddo want to see her daddy? I've got something for her!" Cue tricky fingers and exposing of something small, shiny, and suspiciously toy like. A little glass animal peers out with a glassy stare at the toddler. The small ovine equipped with llama fuzz, and measuring a whole fingerwidth in length. But look how /cute/ it is. "Com'er Lenalena, would you like your present, pet?"

Andria giggles as her attention is turned to Axle and Miss Prissie. Hiding a snicker, she goes up behind the pair, "BOO!"

Dominicke nodnods and grins as he clings to Zak's hand, ignoring the shaking of his hands as he grins somewhat. Ooooh, "Oh Shards, look. The Godl is so gorgeous." he notes, grinning and pointing with one of his hands quickly. Wow, jsut wow.

Sylara stares at the gold. "Now /that's/ a gorgeous gold." She says, very quietly, so as not to offend the mommy. "Don't you think Andie?"

Galleries> Wyn parts with a pleased snort as the rumoured gold makes her appearance. "Hah! That's a recoup of a few marks for me. Good girl, I like you already."

Chrysea stiffens as she does when someone /touches/ her. Without her permission! She turns frostily to Axle, and only bristles further when he has the indignancy to call her /sir/. /Sir/! With a gasp of indignation, righteous anger rises, and she does as only appropriate: she slaps him, open-handedly. WHAP. Eyes wide with furor, she looks ready to do - something, until.. something catches her eye, and she turns. Dreamy-eyed, she takes a half-step forwards, entranced: the gold. The gold! Axle? Who's that again?

"There, there she is!" Aislinn exclaims as the gold makes her glittering appearance. "Oh, she's so *beautiful*," is her breathy sigh, looking after the queen, but shuddering a little at the thought of it heading this way, once it gains its feet. The golds are all well and wonderful to look at, but she's just die having to deal with one day in and day out. "You think Chrysea will get it?" She murmurs dubiously aside to Naralia.

Bad Egg twitches. Twitch. There's something going on outside. Should it go see?

Rajanigandha isn't all together sure what just happened. She stands there staring at the new little green for several moments. It takes her a moment to grin at Ayr and drop her friend's hand. While she feels a little odd leaving her friend behind… "Celvynath is /so/ hungary," she complains and then lets out a sudden whoop. "Oh! Celvynath you're just perfect darling! And I'll be your Rajani forever!" She isn't sure how to approach until Cel lets out a croon. Then Raja is across the few steps of sand and running her hands all along the soft hide. "It's fine," she assures. "We're going to be /just/ fine."

Izaak's brows draw together as he peers at what he can see of the gold. "She's as gooey as all the rest," he notes, apparently thinking it a compliment - or at least not an insult. "She's…golder."

Galleries> Lirena oohs briefly at the beautiful gold, then goes back to her harrassment of the candidates. Tha'ts what she'd promised to do before and she's a good one at keeping her promises. Load a peashooter and aim.. Phht! and it's gone. Somewhere out onto the sands, for sure.

Ashli gasps as the rolling egg hatches a gold, and prods Naralia, "Oh, Faranth!! That gold is /lovely/!" she cries, taking a deep breath and then taking another as her gaze roams over the dragonet. "Oh, she's…she's beautiful." And that's all Ashli can say, more than enthralled by the sight.

Galleries> Lexi purrrs into the kiss, then catches the guilty look, brow furrowing in a rather indignant scowl. Me. I'm your weyrmate. Yes, she may have your baby, but… but… fine. Fine! Be that way. And in typical fashion, she collapses back into her seat and crosses her arms and stares blankly at the sands. Oooh, a gold. And she can't even get excited over it. Because P'renn is mean. And stupid. And mean.

Naralia ohs as she looks at the gold "Wow, look at her, kinda greeny but actually kind of neat" she ohs appropriatly and then snorts "I hope the gold sneezes on her or something. Or maybe walks over her." okay so that was a little snarky "I dunno, maybe She won't like her cause she's kinda greeeny."

Chayath releases a bugle and stretches her muzzle towards the little gold with evident pride; all her children recieve a welcome, but this one draws especial attention. She directs a pleased look towards Jydhaeth also. They did well.

Sii'kyn grins. "Raja - Rajani!" Relief color his tone at that name. "Celvynath? C'mon over here! I'm sure she's hungry!"

Shaela has a kind of puzzled expression on her face as she observes the gold. "L'shil…" she begins, pausing to look again, before raising her voice just a touch due to the sudden increase in crowd-chatter behind her. "Is it just me or does she look awfully more like Cadgwith in colour than Chayath?" Shaela will hear no end of the taunting from Pyrene over this.

Axle's head snaps to the right with the force of the slap, his eyes sqeezed shut before he ventures to turn back, half expecting to get popped again. Opening one eye slightly, he catches that flash of gold, realizes that Chrysea is distracted - turns to escape - and is promptly smacked on the other side of the head by a flailing blue wing, right as /somebody/ shouts BOO just in front of him. "Guh…"

Andria turns back to Sylara and the gold. "ohhh I wish Dona was here with me. She's lovely. But I want a Bronze!"

Dominicke laughs softly, "She's pretty, she is, but I'm still ready to just moon after the others on the Sands, I'm not a girl and stuff." he notes, grinning pleasantly as he turns his attention towards his favorite egg, that pretty luck dragonish one over in that area.

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet moves, when noone is looking, flashing forwards towards the one he wants. So he's unsteady, he is, and drab, and downright ugly really if you're honest. Plus he's barely got control of his wings: they drift, they tumble, the smack things like Axle's in the head too if he's not paying attention. And then he's running down Chrysea as well, plowing into her with more passion than love and knocking her to the Sands.
Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Chrysea, and steps forward.

Izaak chuckles and nods to Dominicke, "Well, you're welcome to think they're as pretty as you want. I like them much more when they're older and not so…gooey." So he's not a big fan of slimey things, in general. Of course, there are one or two things he's found that are slimey that he likes.

Galleries> "That is the greenest gold I've ever seen," Hannah comments as she watches, like everyone else, to see who the newest queen might pick.

Lone Turtle Dove Blue Dragonet doesn't care if Chrysea accepts him or not, he's taking her, all of her, in pieces if he has to.

Pea in a Pod Gold Dragonet tumbles out of the shell, shaking her head to remove the little bits of shell that were stuck to it. She climbs daintly to her feet, carefully steps out of the remains of the shell, and starts toward the candidates with a determined air. A quick glance is directed toward Chayath, as if for reassurance, and then she's back on the move.

Galleries> Nuff perks up, "But look, she's got winey-purple paws like Chayath."

Ambyr blinks, okay new development, right in front of her eyes, "Congrats my friend, Rajani, and to you also Green Celvynath." Watching the newly paired wanders off the Sands, Ambyr begins slinking away, yup, she was done… this was, well, she was happy for her friends… but she had a date with a young Herderess and her felines… yes indeed! - slinkslink - And away Ambyr goes.

Galleries> Jala rather skillfully averts her gaze and instead occupies herself with fiddling with Alena's miniscule sandals. Further distraction comes in the form of a Raja-Impression and the greenrider allows a smile to spread across her face as she lets out a preliminary squeal. Also, there's a very lovely gold prancing around, so Jala has to gasp. "Oh, wow." That's all she really has to say about the matter, and when P'renn asks to hold the child, the greenlet conveniently employs her gold-induced distraction so as not to have to endure extended eye contact with him. A little smile quirks at the corners of her lips, though, as she spots the present. "Nice. I hope its double-blown glass, though, so it doesn't break and cut her." One eyebrow arches and she manages to look fairly amused.

Sylara laughs, as Chrysea gets a blue. "Hahaha. He probably thought she was a boy for a minute." She's being rude, but it's Chrissie, for Faranth's sake.

Galleries> Gwindor perks up and sends a bit of willing toward the gold. "Psst, goldie - See Amanecer? -That- way."

Dominicke chuckles in return and nods agreement, "But of course. Through I'm sure if you did happen to Impress, you'd love it goo and all." he notes, grinning.

Axle, both sides of his jaw smarting, with a flat red handprint on his left and a somewhat blackened eye on the right, merely peers dimly ahead of him, his back turned to the eggs. "I should've just gotten drunk again."

Rhaedyn's attention is drawn from the new presence of Rylum at the collective gasps of the sea of candidates around her. "Gold? Where?" Eyes catch sight of her, but only barely through the many bodies all vying for the same sight. She ends up breaking her stony stance to peer high and low, over, around and in between her fellow onlookers to catch more than a glimpse.

Galleries> Lirena decides to watch, now that Chrysea is off with a blue. She hollers for who's left…well of the girls anyways.. boys like Dom, now… they're just not girly enough for a gold.

Sylara turns around briefly to Axle. "No. don't mess up /another/ hatching."

Chrysea was happy, you see - because she just /knew/ she was Destined for that gold. She was, she was! And then.. then.. the indignancy! A blue barre - ooh, pretty, dreamy, gorgeous blue. Her eyes get glassy and -wide-, before she rights herself, not caring that she's, well, black and blue. "Paperth? Ryce? Who's Ryce? Me? Me! I'm Ryce and you're Paperth! I love you!" She sobs with happiness, arms folding around his neck.

Naralia winces as she looks at Axle "Maybe they'll give you numbwine." she says, looking sympathetic, after all he really doesn't deserve to be turnes into a punching bag now does he?

Izaak shrugs and grins, wiping at his face again, "I guess I probably would. But it's different if you're actually impressed to. And I can pretty well guarantee that, no matter what, she won't impress to me." That's his personal opinion, but any healer would probably be inclined to agree.

Bad Egg has finally decided that it's going to blow this popsicle stand. It's Bad and we all know it. It wriggles a little as if trying to keep itself from falling apart and only ensuring that the disintegration happens faster; a myriad of cracks spider over the leathery-black exterior. As if realizing that staying in the spotlight will only change his thrilling mystique into something less than perfection, Bad Egg does another little jump. Before it can manage even a little bit of moonwalking, however, it shatters on one side and a slender, ungainly neck peers out, before freezing in place.

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet
Subtle lines of shadow-soaked bronze flow across the dragon's head and down, darkening as they reach across his broad chest and becoming darker still as they coil around his long legs and end where silver talons glitter. In the light there's a very faint mist of dim green tracing spidery fingers across the lines of his body. His head, both delicate and broad, tapers down into the dusky sides of his short muzzle and up to grey-rimmed eyes alight with an inhuman intensity. His neck is powerful, arched and sleek, and slopes down, merging finally into strong shoulders and a pair of fragile-seeming wingarches. True to his heritage, his black-frosted sails and spars are narrow, sweeping away from his back with menacing grace. The black of decaying metal dusts across his back and rump, though his sturdy haunces retain a brilliant metallic glow beneath their tarnish. Like sire and dam, he is slender and strong,and he is favored with an elegance that refines even his long and serpentine tail.

Ashli's eyes are still riveted to the gold. Is Ashli a little distracted by shininess? Oh yes, she apparently is. But the girl oddly enough, seems to not be able to take her gaze off the dragonet, and she takes another deep breath and drops her gaze for a moment to look at her feet, then brings it back. Just to prove to herself that she could look away for a moment. "Ooh, Celvynath…that's a pretty name, too…ohh! Naralia, look!! Chrysea Impressed /blue/!" Ashli gapes over at the girl, then claps dutifully. "Congratulations, Chrysea."

Rajani almost falls right over when she literally feels Cel's hunger. The pair swivel their heads about in unison to stare at the calling rider. "Over there," she nudges Celvynath's shoulder and tries to guide the beast in the correct direction. "I know you're hungry," she tells her lovely lifemate. "We have to get over there first though," she tells her with a grin. All the congratulations called are given a wave of Raja's hand as the pair trundle away. "Yes," she tells Sii with a firm nod, "Celvynath and Rajani." Simple enough no? At least Rajani is a good deal shorter and easier to pronounce.

Galleries> P'renn is not mean! He has a kid to please and.. oh bother. Fine. The little glass toy is paraded about in front of Alena for a moment before he casts a glance back at Lexi. "Oh, oh come off it love. You /know/ I love you. Stop that grousing right this second. Don't make me slap you out of it." A brow curls upwards as he sends a seductive little smirk her way. Mrowrl. "But who -else- is my little girl? You are!" And P'renn is back to being daddy. The fuzzy little ovine is handed over to seeking kidlet hands and dimpled fingers. "Watch her with that, La, It is glass, and it cost a pretty mark." Nothing like giving a child a present she can't actually /play/ with. He too is avoiding eyes, and once the toy is handed over, he quickly goes back to curling about Lexi, his weyrmate, the one he's loyal too.

A'hoy shakes his head. "Who woulda thunk it? Blue. - And another bronze… I think its bronze? Or is it a really dark brown?" He eyes the latest hatching and the diminishing eggs, and takes another few steps to the right.

A'hoy did not do any of that! He's hanging out with Mateyth. :P

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet pauses without even stepping fully from his shell. His form is still hidden by eggshards, and only his head and forelegs have fully entered the world. If it's possible for a dragonet to look panicked in his first few moments on Pern, this one does. Every muscle in his body tenses, every fluttering movement stills, and he simply stands there for a long moment, considering. Gathering. Taking it in. Finally, eventually, his eyes begin to move, scanning the crowd. There must be solace from this brighthotheat and loudmadcrowd somewhere. Someone. Carefully, he steps fully from the shards and flares his wings in the heat.

Dominicke laughs and nodnods, "Oh yes, I know. Neither you nor I will Impress her, but ooooh! Lookit that big gorgeous bronze over there!" he notes, grinning as he points Zak's hand towards the big bad bronzer. Lovely.

Rylum shakes his head. "Who woulda thunk it? Blue. - And another bronze… I think its bronze? Or is it a really dark brown?" He eyes the latest hatching and the diminishing eggs, and takes another few steps to the right. Ha.

Sii'kyn groans. "Gold, mauling, more mauling, Chyrs - Ryce? Paperth? C'mere, y - RYCE!" he hollers, until the girl wanders this way. "And bronze. Ye -faranth-. What the." He eyes the bronze, and gives a mournful Hobbie impression.

Izaak straightens up at the appearance of a bronze. Really, he's just glad there is one, right? Ahem. He clutches Dominicke's hand a little more tightly, though, and chews on his lower lip, trying to sound nonchallant as he murmurs, "Ah, yeah…there's a bronze finally."

Naralia cheers "Yeah! She didn't get the gold!" okay so she's just a little too happy about that "Cute blue though, kinda nice. Oh look! A bronze. A bronze for Axle and then he can chase after Palia."

"Oh, sod off, Sylara." Axle mutters without much regard to anyone's feelings at this point, slicking back his sweat-soaked hair to fling the somewhat sandy mess pointedly in the sobbing form of Chrysea's direction. "It's too late now anyway." Rubbing a hand gingerly over the slap mark, he sucks in a deep breath. All right, that's what…Three hits? Four? As a betting man, the odds of having it happen again…Well. He steps neatly behind Sylara, fully intending to use her as a human sheild.

Galleries> B'ane spreads apart the nape of his collar with a finger to allow the air to dry out his damp skin and squeezes into the offered position next to Rishk. "Are you having a good time talking with Lexi and Jala?" Dark eyes skate their way towards the two greenriders and onto Lexi's… legendary dress. "Doesn't that ensemble come with a shirt?" A smile pleads to follow, but B'ane merely tempers it with a distraction. "There's a gold!" There's a gasp. "And a bronze!" Instantly he searches for the form of Aboleoth, the now grandsire.

Aislinn can't help but giggle a little, quickly stifled, at Chrysea. How quick to change her mind. "Oh, oh, a bronze!" She stands up even taller to the tip of her toes, like a little meerkat, for all of her lack of any real height. "Good, good, I was beginning to worry," she admits, and gasps at little at Naralia's comment. "You didn't get dragged into that soap opera too?" Oh, but now's not the time for discussing! There's still dragons on the sands!

Pea in a Pod Gold Dragonet cruises along the line of candidates, slowing slightly from time to time, but never seeming to seriously consider any of the candidates. Her head held high, she takes purposeful steps and although she seems to almost stumble once or twice - new feet, you see - she moves along at a fairly rapid rate. She pauses for a nanosecond, and then veers slightly, as if she's spotted a destination. She picks up her speed, and heads toward two white figures.

Sylara eyes the Nara girl. "Don't even /think/ that." She says, and turns back to Andie. "That'd be all Pal'd need." She shakes her head. When Axle's comment sinks in, she says "I don't understand /why/ you're even out here." She is really not caring about other people, either.

Dominicke chuckles softly and glances worriedly in the diorection of that pretty egg over there, quickk DOm, count. How many have hatched?…err, who knows? How many left? Err…WHo knows? Turning to Zak, he grins. "C'mon, sound a wee bit happier, Zakkie." he notes, grinning.

Galleries> Gonna smack me around, too? Lexi is a very high maintenence type of girl, and she needs all the attention one can muster - oooh, curling. P'renn's seat taking provides a lap which, as history has proved, she fits perfectly into. And arms which fit perfectly around his neck, and… ooh, drat you, B'ane. "It's like a sundress. I designed it. If you don't like it, then you can keep your trap shut. Hmph. P'renn likes it, don't you love?" And that's all that matters, indeed…

The Neverending Story Egg comes alive all of a sudden, like someone blinking and stretching after a passed-out nap, and then coming awake and alert all at once. Hey! Look, look, look! I'm here too! Wriggle.

Battlestar Galactica Egg picks up it's pace, bursting into sudden activity, spinning out; sand flies. Hey. Look. It can mooove. Really quickly, actually. Fwoom.

Andria hops up and down. A BRONZE! "Ohhh come this way! Pick me! Pick me!" she shouts.

Galleries> Rishk is cheerful, really. Look at her be cheerful. Offering a genuine - key word: geniune - smile to B'ane, the greenrider nods. "Well, they're more holdin' a conversation and I listenin' than me participatin' in it," she says with a glance towards the two greenriders and the brownrider. "Gold?" Seems she hadn't noticed. Peering out at the sands, she spots the faster-than-lightning gold and the bronze. "Ooh, those're lovely.." Mental note: Paint later.

Izaak is happy, and goes so far as to say so, "I'm happy. Really. Look at him, he's pretty. Now /he's/ pretty," the boy reitterates and nods toward the bronze. Andria's jumping and yelling do draw Zak's attention momentarily and he tries not to snicker. Well, there are at least two people who seem very interested in the dragonet.

Rhaedyn is bent over, almost doubly so, sneaking a glimpse between the robes of the two in front of her at the gorgeous gold beauty and her bronze companion, when she's suddenly rammed into from behind by the ever-advancing Rylum. Letting out a panicked "Uh!" she ends up with hands and knees firmly planted in hot sand. Managing to right herself, she shoots Rylum a dark glare, brushing sand particles from her skin angrily, and then, making sure to separate herself from him by taking a few steps forward, resumes her peering calculation of the dragonets.

Ashli's gaze breaks away from the gold to look at the newly wriggling egg, blinking at it and whispering to Naralia, "Ooh, look at that egg…seems to be on the move, that one." she murmurs, though her sentence doesn't quite seem to make much sense. Ah well. Ashli finally seems to have gotten over her fascination with standing upon her sandaled foot, as she is now standing upon both feet, though the Sands must be tickling her single bare sole…

Aislinn gets even more fidgetty as she spots the Neverending Story Egg's movements. "Oh, that's my favorite," she murmurs to Nara, gesturing briefly, before she's distracted by Andria's shouting. "Andria! Don't get your hopes up, bronzes never impress to girls," she attempts to educate the younger candidate one last time.

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet may be moving, but he's still not comfortable. His steps forward alternate between slowly careful and bumbling awkwardness. The heat doesn't seem to bother him a bit, though - he's adapted to /that/ quickly enough. It is, after all, his element. His movements may be sluggish, but his eyes are bright and lively, skimming the crowd with something close to desperation. Somewheresomewheresomeone. Someone with something he's looking for. Not one of these silly, giggling girls. Not for him. He categorically ignores the sections of the sands any occupy. His head swings toward a group of boys, considering. There? Someone?

Dominicke takes a slight step back from an egg close to him that just suddenly moves, and his dark eyes rove over to the Neverending Story eg as it moves. "Oh Shards, now they move. WHy're we so close to 'em?" he asks, eyes turning from eggs to Zak. Not right, notnotnot. "Heh, he is pretty." he notes at the bronze for a moment.

"Apparently I'm out here to serve as an outlet for everyone's frustration - human and dragon alike." Axle mutters in Sylara's ear, any attempt at pleasant behavior having gone well out the window by this point. Naralia's comment is noted - but fortunately for her, he doesn't hear exactly who it came from. Eyeing the bronze, he also makes note of the fact that it came out of that egg that he was getting touchy feely with during that one touching.

Galleries> Treirluperak sits and watches from his seat.

Rylum nods, "I'm not sure I'd admit to pretty, but…" He eyes bronze and green… erm… gold, "But they're interesting." Oh please oh please oh please.

Naralia snickers at Andria and then grins at Aislinn "It makes for good gossip though?" she ntoes and then eyes the remaining eggs "Oh waht are they going to be." she looks at the gold, at the bronze "Oh.. who's gonna get them?"

Battlestar Galactica Egg has survived for the moment, the battle over but the war still raging. -This- egg will never give in! It's entirely self-sufficient, really it is. Until it need fuel. But we won't get into that. It's all a moot point anyhow, as a larger egg rocks into it, cracking the shell- the inhabitant takes a staggered leap and finishes said faultline. Mmm. And out of the ashes shall emerge..

Single Whiskey Brown Dragonet
Marinated in hard liquor from his lopsided headknobs to his disreputable tail, this lanky brown's hide is alight with the tones of hard Keroon whiskey. There's a certain unbalanced aspect in the angle of rakish-long bourbon wings and too-long jet wingspars, as if one knocked his physical equilibrium entirely out of whack. Faced with such wobbling conformation, the overlarge paws prove a blessing in disguise. Clumsy, they lead to fore and hindquarters still surprisingly well-muscled. From the opposite side, a lengthy neck sprawls upwards, neckridges knocked to the left and tipped in finest tequila, his head ungainly with roman nose. Indeed, he's the epitome of drunken nature, bottled into one being.

Galleries> Lirena loads her peashooter another time and lets one fly towards Axle, just cause he doesn't like her much. And she was a candidate too, once. Just well, kicked offa the sands at the last hatching. Like it was her'n Ralin's fault.

Galleries> Jala nibbles uneasily at her lip and plucks the proffered present from P'renn's fingertips. "I'll make sure to keep on eye on it for her. Maybe we could start a nifty little collection for her. She gets a new one every year on her turnday? Its fitting, considering how much she already likes animals." But there's a Lexi easing into P'renn's lap, and so she just sort of trails off and concentrates her attentions on the sands-action, occupying her hands with prancing the glass figurine back and forth, just out of Alena's reach. She actually become rather intent on the gold, actually, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Galleries> Andria is jumping up and down, waving her hand. Of course, she knows that bronzes don't pick girls, but there's always a first. She's doing everything she was told not to to get his attention.

"So, I can hit you if I don't Impress?" Sylara asks Axle, and giggles. "No, cuz you'd hit back, and I'd land in the Infirmary for Sevendays." She laughs at Andria's bounciness. "That'd be great if you get a bronze."

Galleries> P'renn does like it. I mean, how could you not like it? There's so much class, so much elegance, so much boobies… "Yes, I do like it." Is B'ane male? Come on, have you seen it? Well, you probably have, and more of it, come to think. A lot of the Weyr(s) have seen Lexi's more revealing nature. But they don't get to take it home! So ha! Or.. you know.. maybe they do. But still! Ha! Or.. something. Lexi taking up residence in his lap causes him to kiss the back of her neck gently before peeping around her quaffed hair and eyeing the gold. "Thanks love," is muttered in an aside to Jala as he watches the sands.

Izaak shrugs, "I didn't realize we were, do you want to move back?" He moves his free hand to grasp lightly at Dominicke's wrist and drag backwards lightly at the man. He doesn't really /have/ to move backwards, besides that bronze is starting to look this way, so moving away may be a bad idea.

Single Whiskey Brown Dragonet sits in his shell. Sit. He stares out into the world, before hiccuping with only the /slightest/ tinge of alcoholism - and he wanders out and about, though he seems.. um. Lost? Yes, he's lost. He needs someone, man.

Galleries> Natch's attentive eyes move from the hyperactive Andria to her father and rest there. Ah.. Andron might need some quiet attention later.

Galleries> Bastian is all rivetted. Watch him rivetted on the edge of the gallery seats.

Axle's lip curls slightly. It would appear that he's beginning to regret his choice of a human shield. Definitely should've picked one that was less chatty - or at least more intelligent, anyway. "Yes, I would, and yes, you would. Have you ever heard of the quiet game, Sylara?"

Dominicke shrugs as he takes a few steps backwards, then nods and grins. "I think I wanna hang out back here, its not so chaotic." he jokes softly, grinning faintly and then turning to see if he can get a glance at that white egg again.

"Duh, Axle." Sylara turns slightly to eye the man. "I was only a Nanny for four Turns!" She misses the inference, apparently.

Pea in a Pod Gold Dragonet blows past Axle without pausing to even notice. She's on her way, on her way. Feet are picked up high as she neatly steps past all the others and ends abruptly in front of her One. This is the one that she fits with. She raises her snout slightly and steps forward to gently nudge her choice. They'll be /Two/ Peas in a Pod, they will. She and Ashli, together forever.
Pea in a Pod Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Ashli, and steps forward.

Rylum pulls at his tunic, which only rips some more of the stitching apart. "M'daddy always said this was a bad idea." He folds his arms and tries not to sulk. "I need a drink." Wait, that was Axle's line.

Naralia grins and then cheers as the gold finds a partner "Go Ashli!" she bounces and cheers "Oh wow, way to go." she's dancing all right.

"I dunno," Aislinn admits to her chatting and worry partner, as she squirms, and points out that, "Gosh, that brown looks smashed. I kinda hope Axle gets the bronze, though." And she adds, in a quieter tone, "Might straighten him out." Back up to shouting level as she hollers a congratulatory, "YES! Ashli, she's beautiful!" As the gold, in her opinion, makes an excellent choice.

Izaak moves back with Dominicke and asks, "Whatcha looking at? Ooh - did that egg move?" He nudges Dominicke to the side and tilts his head to eye the egg a moment, eyes moving back to Dom's face a moment before going back to watch the bronze dragonet again.

"Ah, well. Perhaps we should play. You're it, all right?" She may or may not have noticed his attempt to slide a hand onto her shoulder to hold her firmly in place. As yet another /large/ dragon blows past, he's beginning to wonder if this clutch doesn't have it out for him.

Sylara watches the gold pick another friend. "Yay!!! Ashli!" She says, and grins widely. This is cool!!! She is so lucky to be here with these people. Quickly, though, her attention turns back to the eggs

Galleries> Hannah sits up a bit closer, "Isn't that Mother's daughter down there? Mmm. Interesting." She inclines her head and then takes a sip of her wine.

Galleries> Jala simply nods in response to P'renn's aside, feeling much more reserved and withrdrawn than usual. So silence dominates her actions and her expresion remains fairly blank. Of course, then the gold goes and Impresses, so the greenrider has to perk up a little bit. "Oh, hey…wow, she's…." Blink blink. "Young. Hmm." Nudging Rishk, she questions, "Do you recognize her?"

L'shil wraps an arm around Shae, comfortingly. "Think, love: they're all of them descended from Tiareth, and not one of the golds really look much like her. It's a chance we take. Just like sometimes people're born who look like their da's cousin Mabel and not their ma, or turn out to be the spittin' image of aunt Brunhilde. Y'know. - Oh, and she's chosen, now, too! Ashli, right?"

Galleries> Lirena is a bit surprised, but hollers anyways… "Go Ashli". This is somewhat limiting, though. Nothing really creative can be done here. Now, if she were up on Nuff's ledge, maybe she would be able to do something a bit more creative. Still the peas are a good choice for such a limited audience. "Phht." there goes another one arcing out over the crowd in the galleries.

Galleries> Nuff catches Hannah's eye. "One of yours, Hannah?" Istan, she means, or Istan born anyways.

Dominicke laughs softly and shrugs, "I'm looking out there at the white egg and it moved a few moments ago, but I dunno what its doing now." he notes, turning his attention on Zak as they stand behind a passel of other lads. Errr, what just happened? "Yaye new goldrider!" Okay, so he couldn't see, just hear that the gold Impressed.

Single Whiskey Brown Dragonet trips over his own tail. Trip. The little thing nearly cries - the drunken tears of an alcoholic at closing time - but instead just hefts himelf alight and creels. Piteously. Hey. Hey you. Right there. The two of you. Wait, are you one? Or are you two? Or are - oh, who cares. He latches onto the nearest double-vision, who happens to be Rylum, and rips that stitching aaaaall the way. Oops? (At least he got his drink.)

Rhaedyn is still all sandy, and she only worsens that fact by running a hand through her sweat-dampened hair. She completely misses the gold's Impression due to the crowding, but ends up catching sight of the aftermath. Wonderful. Now that that's over, she settles herself down again, crossing arms and craning her neck to follow that brown that's headed this way.

"Oh my…" Ashli whispers, so soft her murmur can barely be heard. "Isamath…oh, Isamath, you're beautiful…we /are/ one…" she murmurs, stepping closer to the dragonet, her previous discomfort apparently forgotten as she cuddles against the gold. "Isamath…we'll go eat, I promise…" Ashli can't seem to stop murmuring to the gold as she walks towards Ike, hand resting on the gold's head…

"This isn't the /time/ for play." Sylara says, to the cranky man. "That was another lesson I learned as a Nanny. There are times to play, and times to be serious." She gently removes his hand from her shoulder.

Galleries> Hannah shakes her head at Nuff, "No, she's one of yours. I believe that might be Mother's daughter. I could be wrong, as it is a little hard to tell. I haven't seen Mother's twins in ages. Not since they were wee ones."

Andria squeals! "ASHLI!!!!!"

Single Whiskey Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Rylum, and steps forward.

Galleries> B'ane itches the back of his head with the ease of short fingernails and vaguely pivots his head in a raptor-like fashion. "Now I didn't mention I didn't like it 'cause I'm not the one wearin' it. I intended no offense." But he hardly knows the native greenrider, so he averts his consideration to ask of Jala, "and how are you doing, Jala?" But that fickle attention then surrounds Rishk once more with a gleam in his eye that seems to linger there. Everyone likes Hatchings. "Mmm. Well no one ever said there was anything wrong with just listening… Oh there she goes! To that girl there. Hmm." Must meet her someday.

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet is getting frustrated, and it shows in increasingly short, clipped movements as he strides across the sands. He seems to have gotten the hang of walking, but he's still feeling lost, confused, a pioneer in a strange new world. He's missing something, and he's /ravenous/. These things must be fixed. He sweeps to one side of the sands and starts a methodical search, nosing past Izaak and Dominicke with little consideration and passing by Sylara with an annoyed lift of his nose. /Where/?

Shaela's spirits improve both with L'shil's words, and the gold's choice. "Ashli.. a taste for the young - at least she's inherited something from her mother," she says with a broad grin, remembering her own impression at about fifteen turns. "And she does have that sort of regal confidence that Chayath has," she adds, trying to look for other similarities. There will be plenty of time to discover more, of course.

Sylara notices the "Bad dragonet" heading past her. "Axle, I think he wants you." She says, in a taunting voice. If he ever makes Weyrleader, she'll regret it, but she doesn't care.

R'um does what Candidates do best. "Sharddit." He finds himself with a tumbler full of Whiskeybrown. "No, I mean, Runnerth, that's me? No, that's you! Who does that make me?" He queriees the dragon, the ones that knows, and laughs. "Okay, yes, I'll be your R'um. Not gone, I'm not, I'm /here/." And together they share a firey cup of affection. "My Runnerth."

Galleries> Rishk shakes her head in response to Jala. "No, I've never seen 'er before." Peering down at the sands, the Istan rider just shrugs. "Interestin', though." B'ane is given a grin as she nods. "Yes, well.. I don't know anythin' 'bout fashion or bein' a mom, so I figured I'd stay out of it." Lexi's dress is given a grin. Typical Lexi. "I like your dress, Lexi. It's very.. you." Turning back to B'ane, she tilts her head in the direction of the bronze. "Seems much more short tempered than Aboleoth, though."

Andria is getting excited that the bronze is near her. Maybe? Yes? No? Ohhhh Please? Please? She hops from one foot to another, being very antsy.

Runnerth nudges R'um again, the nekkid parts and those still robed.

Axle doesn't protest his hand being picked off her shoulder, though he does suck in a nervous breath as that bronze gets a little too close for comfort. "I think he wants to pick the flesh off of somebody's bones, actually, so, why don't we just skirt this way a bit…" Cue his attempt to shuffle to the left while taking Sylara with him.

Izaak tenses up as the bronze makes right for him and Dominicke, and then goes past. He should relax, really, but he continues to look all manner of tense. He doesn't, though, turn to watch the bronze, and eventually he manages a deep breath and lets it out. "Well, that was scarey," he murmurs.

Naralia cheers for the now R'um "Yeah, drink it up!" she bounces up and down "Oh look, the bronze is fonna get or no he's not hey that's a girl." She bites her lip and clutches, her hands that is. "Oh. this is so nerve-wreaking."

Galleries> Pink polished fingernails trail through P'renn's hair as she gloats and relishes in P'renn's defense of her… and then squeals with glee, bouncing eagerly in his lap with no underlying motive, for once. "Look! It's Ashli and the gold! Ohhh, that's wonderful… her dd is R'sli, you know. And her mom's a rider… who's her mom? And she has a twin brother, Aries, and… ohhh, that's wonderful. So shiny and big." Mournful? Nah. Just in awe… oooh. "So pretty. I remember when you Impressed Cinny, how happy I was…. and you Impressed too, Jala." Obviously. "And Rishk, and everyone… well, except me. But good things come… such a pretty gold." She has the attention span of a guppy.

Dominicke chuckles and almost trips over his feet, stumbling uncertainly as the bronze pushes past him, "Scuse me." he notes to the dragon, pausing and then shaking his head. Impolite draggins. "That was kinda skeery." he notes, turning to peek through the males at the white egg once more. Not much happening over there.

Dirty Dancing Egg spins, a slow steady movement that begins to dissolve the very edges of this poor egg. Oh yes. It's soon, baby - very soon.

Sylara stands stock still, no matter if she's being slightly dragged. "StopitAxle!!" She yells. "Go away! Hide behind someone else!"

Galleries> Jala smiles gently at B'ane, the relief at having someone to talk to plainly evident in her face. "I'm doing quite well. Despite….well, you know." The vague inclination of her head could maybe be construed as gesture towards Lexi and P'renn. Or maybe her neck is just sore. "How have you been B'ane? You survived the last batch of weyrlings alright, I see. I was worried for a little while." And she winks demurely at him. Lexi is studiously ignored.

Galleries> Nuff watches, impressions and the Sands. "Oh, that was Ashli? Really? I didn't know she was old enough to stand. Still, a new gold is always welcome, even if we need green and blue as much, if not more."

Dirty Dancing Egg quietly shifts to the left, the right, the center. A pause to properly await the start of something new; the merengai swiftly starts, then, a seductive sway executed before the dirty-hued egg spins out with insane notions, breaking apart at the edges to reveal the prize, tucked away in a side of the egg - the darkling green shakes her head, confused, and rises from her shell. Why? Because nobody puts baby in the corner.

One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet
A descant of the finest pitch rolls over this lowriding dragon, the sleek ebony of her hide barely mired with the slightest hint of a green tinge. Lanky in the quarters and long in the muzzle, she is carved from confidence, an astounding vision of rare sensuality that curves o'er her frame as a second skin. Yet her first hide is well and enough on its own: slick and muted, the darkness is interrupted evenly by the faintest pattern of near-felenoid hunter-hued spots, barely discernable against the void of her hide; truly a jaguar, in that respect. A diminuative set of wings looms beyond the sleek staves of neckridges. Raw, primal force is etched within the very lines of this black-green rhapsody, delicately balanced by the sophistication of wideset and intelligent gaze: indeed, she is a concerto for the ages, a melody unchained.

Rhaedyn watches the bronze pass on it's way to Rylum, and then quickly turns right back as the new weyrling's robe is ripped from him. Eyes are not only averted but covered with a sandy hand for good measure. Hearing the noise and chaos around her subside, she peeks out, only to find that he's vacated his spot. But why's the R'um gone? Who cares. Rhae happily takes up his spot and roots herself in the depression made by the brown dragonet.

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet pauses. Flesh? Bones? /Food/. Maybe here is one.. he's smart, this one. Hiding behind a loud girl, shielding himself. Is he smart enough, though? With determination, he sidesteps Sylara and angles his muzzle to fix an intense, tight gaze on Axle, mind prodding tentatively. And then, with sudden relief, he nudges at Axle's shoulder. /Here/. He can sit on this one's shoulder and croon suggestions in his ear. A partner for the devil.
Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Axle, and steps forward.

Galleries> Hannah nods her head, "Indeed. And I'm sure Mother will be proud." She lapses back into silence as the newer hatchings capture her attention.

"Another green," is Aislinn's murmur, as her eyes sweep doubtfully over the eggs. "There's not many left now, are there? Still, she's beautiful. Look how sleek and wonderful." Oh, oh, who called it! Well, okay, Aislinn did along with half of the candidates and weyr, but Axle gets a cheerful, "Congratulations!" from Aislinn anyway, even if she's not too sure about the dragon *or* the rider, still.

Izaak didn't mean it in quite the same way as Dominicke did, but he refrains from stating so. Another gasp from the crwowd, some weak clapping, and Zak turns to see where the bronze /did/ go, and gapes. He looks surprised, though, not disappointed. Stilly, he blinks a little and glances sharply toward Dominicke, licking his lips in the process just to get the sweat off them.

Sylara chuckles as the dragonet behind her makes his choice. "I hope you make Weyrleader some day, and have to deal with people like yourself." She whispers.

Naralia oo's and watches the brown "Oh he did get, Oh wow! Yeah Axle!" she dances and then oo's "Look at the green! Ph wow check out her conformation!" Opps herder heritage showing there.

Axle cringes as if he's been caught with his hand in somebody else's cookie jar, stepping obediantly away as more eyes turn in his direction than he'd prefer thanks to Sylara's shouting. "All right…All right. Bleeding Faranth…" Then, of course, comes the impression - and it would seem that the churning gears in Axle's brain come to a grinding halt, the program that is concious thought freezing up, so that he doesn't move or speak, simply staring.

Dominicke chuckles softly to himself and points, "Nother green," he notes, grinning somewhat before turning towards Axle and staring, but grinning. "Yaye Axle, Good for him. Toldjawll he was a good guy." he notes, grinning broadly.

One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet steps out of her shell as a dragonet who knows what she's doing. No pauses, no frippery: just an egg-goo'd dragonet, shaking out her wings and trying her hardest not to wobble. Well, that's until she finds out that wobbling is actually kind of fun; those eyes just about light up, and she wobbles to and fro. Wheeee!

Andria squeals! The bronze chooses Axle? Wow! "AXLE!" Ok, no more sugar for this girl. She's too wound up.

Galleries> Lirena phhts one Dom's way, just cause he can't seem to stay outta green dragonets' ways, and see those bandages? He's already had one run-in with a green.

Izaak murmurs, "Bad people impress sometimes too." But the comment isn't actually meant to refference Axle, "He's alright, though. Not bad." Despite the whole thief business. And taking Dominicke's pillow. "Did that white one hatch yet?" he adds, turning back to look for the, apparently still whole, egg.

Galleries> Wyn settles back from where she'd unconsciously been leaning farther and farther forwards as she watched the bronze's progress, and Axle's reactions. "Mmmm, yes." The weyrsecond nods to herself. The theory will now be tested.

The Neverending Story Egg seems to be moving determinedly in a straight line towards the Candidate Flock by dint of a series of internal bumpings and shovings in one direction that are starting to fragment the crown of it. But… wait, it's still in egg form. Well this certainly won't do. And soooo… let's get down to the business of hatching, man!

Sii'kyn groans. "Axle. Dang it all to the shells' deep." He shakes his head, and eyes the two. "What's his name, boy?" he hollers out.

"Morchainth." Axle tries the name, color returning to his pallid features as he straightens himself and swallows, coming slowly but surely back to life to blink blearily at those mentioning his name around him.

The Neverending Story Egg spins once, twice, and a third time in place before tipping over and rolling quite a bit away from its nesting hollow. The fluffy-like shapes appear to part as snap, crack, gush the secret that was hidden behind that cloudy monster shell is unleashed and Flockless Shepherd Blue Dragonet tumbles out in an exhuberant heap. Rawr!

Flockless Shepherd Blue Dragonet
Wiry grace and a bright spirit are entwined in a weaving that outlines every inch of this slight blue, pausing to linger on the sloping muzzle, tickling the stout headknobs that rest slightly askew above a pair of close-set eyes, and then rocketing away across the rest of him. Twisting down his compressed neck are blunt and narrow 'ridges, leading a worn path to the stretch of his wings, where soft lines of Highland sky find solace in the expanse of the wingsails. Dark cobalt brushes across a wide and solid chest, before the dragon's form becomes far more lean. His forelimbs, almost dainty, turn paler and paler, shades nearly as soft as snow drift across the wide paws and travelling down to long and polished ebony talons. Light and agile strength is there, hidden in the rugged form behind the compact sides and well-proportioned hindquarters. There is a distinct fortitude within, down to the triangular swath of frosty blue that lights upon very tip of the tail.

Palia sees Axle Impress… and.. "Axle! You whily thing you!" Her arms are still clasped around Veriameth, utterly lost in what's going on.. Except Axle just Impressed a bronze. Could this be the happiest day in her life? Yes.

Ashli glances back, blasted out of her reverie for the moment by the calls to Axle. "Congrats, Axle!!" she calls back, using her free hand to wave animatedly over at Axle as she steps next to Palia, other hand still resting gently upon Isamath's neck…

L'shil hmms thoughtfully. "Should be fun watching the 'lings this time. Gonna have to put the fear of over-feeding in them right quick. Really don't want to have to make more visits of /that/ sort than I must."

Naralia oo's as a blue hatches out. "Oh, wow he's gorgeous." she squeaks "He's almost like winter here." she grins brightly "And the green is just wow too." She's nervous, shes shifting back and forth. Oh please, oh please. Who's gonna get them?

Aislinn quiets as one of the last few eggs splits its shell, and Aislinn hisses an awed, "Ohhh, look!" to anyone who will listen, particularly Naralia, if she's still at hand. "He looks just like one of the canines, back home. The markings, I mean." She kinda rambles on like that for a while, the excitement of the entire event just beginning to bleed off into drowsy wonder.

Dominicke snorts faintly and chuckles, nodding and then peering at the egg, which just hatched. "Oh, look.. its a blue." he notes, grinning and then turning himself back to Zak. Hide, see Dom hide, really. "Yeah, it hatched into a blue." he notes, just peering around other candidates to watch the two.

Rhaedyn glances back as she hears Axle pronouncing a dragon's name. Him? She gulps a little, her face unreadable, and trains her eyes on the dragonets still without lifemates. No odd craning motions or weaving in and out to see around bodies, for, well, there just aren't that many bodies left. The candidate crowds is thinning, and with this, Rhae's nerves seem to be beginning to get the best of her. Feet shifting has been turned on full force now, and she seems to be wiping the sweat from her forehead more often.

Sylara laughs and turns to Axle. "So, what's your name now, man? You're not Axle now, right?"

Galleries> Lirena still thinks the crowds's awfully quiet. Even the peas dropping in amongst them doesn't seem to bother them much. Well, that can't be allowed, oh, no, it can't. The spiderclaws have made it to the door and are flinging themselves offa the steps and out so that leaves just her and her faithful peashooter, which is loaded and phht'ed once again, arcing out over the crowd.

Izaak bounces a little on his feet as the white egg hatches, and tightens his grip on Dominicke's hand, "Look, it finally hatched!" Well, he's excited for Dominicke's sake, anyway. On the other hand, Dominicke seems anything but excited. Zak blanches, glances at the hatchling, and back to Dom, and grimaces. "So…did you see? That other green still hasn't hatched yet." And of course, no bronzes…so he's doing his best to distract Dominicke from whatever this new expression implies.

One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet happyhappy, joyjoys. Because she is happy, and joy is in the air, and - oooh. White things. She pauses her happy wobblings to stare in surprise at the White Things(tm). Sniffing along the row, she lurches this way and that, noticably snubbing any female that crosses her way. Come on, really. /Girls/? Eww!

Galleries> B'ane hunches forward like a boy again, the hatched bronze a new fancy for him. "Yeah, not quite as indifferent, but with spirit." And that's straight from the horse's mouth. "And he goes to that lad which I'll have to get the name of later." The high-pitched falsetto of Aboleoth surmounts any droning noise and then peters out with a detached fluency. "Is it me or does that green that just hatched have little rosettes on her hide?" Jala and her young'un receive due attention. "Aw, I didn't know you had a child," you see, he lives in the Dark Ages. "But yes, I endured the weyrlings and am still here to tell the tale." The 'hint' towards P'renn and Lexi cause nary a frown. "Enjoy the positives you see." Grinning towards the Hatching at hand, B'ane doesn't just mean the present either.

R'um stits drunkenly besides Runnerth, high on Dragon. "Yes yes, food soon."

"X'ian." Ax-X'ian replies, after taking a moment to process Sylara's question. Only then does he start off toward the other impressees, following somewhat dumbly in the wake of Morchainth.

Andria bounces up and down, very happy for the bronze, for her friends impressing and still hoping that she'll Impress as well, making a real spectale of herself.

Flockless Shepherd Blue Dragonet takes a moment to sort himself, crouching on all four limbs and shaking himself in a canine fashion to match his odd markings, the jingling sound of collar tags almost audible in the mind's ear. But, that accomplished, it's time to get going! C'mon, c'mon, I know you're out there! And with a scrabbling in the sand and one creel to mom and dad, he's off and circling around the remaining bunches of white, eyes whirling intently.

Sii'kyn hollers over, as Ikes are wont to do - "X'ian, bring that bronze over here! He's gotta eat!" Quit dawdling, boy. There's chores to be done! .. or of that ilk, apparently.

Naralia ohs as she wathces the blue "He does lool kinda like a canine doesn't he? Or well he kinda acts like one." she looks at the green "Ooo, she's snubbling the girls." she says and looks around at who's all still standing.

Sylara grins and pokes him in the side. "Take that thing over to the Weyrlingmaster, and get him some food." She scolds.

Dominicke chuckles softly and shrugs, not doing good in the paying attention department, his eyes have fallen /off/ the remaining dragonets and he just grins at Zak, "Ah well. I was hoping a green or something would come from the white egg, but thats alright." he notes, chuckling and just grinning somewhat. He's definately distracted from them dragonets now..

Axle is coming! Really. Shaking himself, he speeds up a bit to catch up with his dragon, though his pacing is a little awkward.

"Good form," is Aislinn's comment as the blue totters out of his eggshells, shaking once, and moves to close in on his flock of Candies in white. Talk about Naralia's herder heritage! "Faranth, I like *him* a lot." Her gaze darts briefly to the green, almost giggling at her upturned nose towards the females. "At least she knows what she wants?"

Rhaedyn is manly. Or at least that's the way she seems out there, her short hair plastered to her scalp, grunting and clearing her throat nervously, standing stockily with her arms crossed across her now sandy chest. Eyes and feet are really the only things moving about her, both shifting back and forth.

Izaak nods a little at Dominicke's comment and covers a cough with his elbow. "Yeah, well, you know…it's okay. I mean…I was hoping that egg I liked would have a bronze, and it didn't, right?" So they're both out of luck would be the general consensus. But at least Zak is still paying attention to the hatchlings. He's not going to let Dom get run over - that's still his job.

Galleries> Lirena phhts another pea out towards the candidates, landing one near enough to Izaak to brush his hair, but as usual, they're too busy to notice.

Sylara looks over to Andria "There aren't many of us left, are there?" She asks, looking at the girl, and back to the green. She notices the green, but that green seems determined to head /another/ direction, so to speak.

One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet notes that there are two in white. Well, duh. Two. One's her One, and the other is… well, some random shrimp. Okay, he's not exactly a shrimp. But the other one is -so- much better looking. With a wobble-lurch, talons grasp onto Dominicke's robe, and a dark look passes behind whirling dragonet eyes as she belligerantly stares upwards, crooning a low alto warning. Hey, man, why are you -ignoring- me? Not cool!
One Handed Concerto Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Dominicke, and steps forward.

Galleries> Lexi is ditzy. Mayhaps. She may be a clothes horse, she may appear to have little depth, but she's a perceptive little nit. "Jala? P'renn? Is something wrong? Are you guys in love again or something? Or you at least want to sleep together." Okay, maybe not totally perceptive, but enough so to realize there's a problem. "You won't even look at eachother. And you know if you wanted to, I'd share. I love you both. Of course, if I shared, I'd expect to be shared. But we can all come to a compromise here, if something needs to be worked out…" Perhaps she shouldn't have opened her mouth.

Andria sighs and nods. "Oh Well. I guess, I'll go with my second dream. I'm sure Daddy will allow it." Watching as Dom Impresses. "DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Izaak wrinkles his nose as the green turns toward them, settles himself, and as she actually heads in their direction blurts, "Dom - look out!" And he /shoves/. Yes, he shoves Dominicke just as hard as he can, tackling the man in his attempt to keep another injury from happening - of course, he might have just broken some of the young man's ribs…

Sylara smiles as Dominicke gets the green. "Yeah. that's a good choice for that ohe she says, rather detachedly. Turning to Andi, she says, "What's your /second/ dream?" She asks her.

Naralia screams and cheers "Go DOm!!" she bounces happily "All right! ANd she didn't maul you either!"

Dominicke chuckles softly and shrugs, "Thats alright. At least this way, we'll be walking outta here together. As we walked in." he notes, grinning somewhat and then staring. Eyes turn from Zak down to the green and…he gets knocked down but then he just melts, his expression totally softens. "Zveitseith! Oh Zveitseith!" he squeaks, grinning.

Aislinn gives a delighted shout towards Dom as she catches the green looking, and then impressing his way. "Her name's *what*? Oh, congratulations!" Heck, that's a mouthful! But an awfuly lovely green nevertheless. Where's that blue gone off to? She likes him.

Andria grins up at Sylara, "Why becoming a Healer. I going to raise the herbs they need."

Galleries> Rishk watches the bronze go off with the boy and runs her tongue along her front teeth. Incredibly lady-like of course. Aware of Aboleoth only because of Imacinth, circling the area, she grins. "He seems proud." Jala and the baby get a laugh. "Yes, motherhood suits you, Jala. Not to be rude, but I wasn't quite expecting that." Running paint-stained hands through her hair, she turns back to B'ane; following in suit with watching the Hatching - well, until Lexi opens her mouth. Rishk does her best fish impression and decides to stay out of this one. Wow.

Galleries> P'renn splutters, and promptly ousts Lexi from his lap.. not /meaning/ to of course but, he's a little surprised. "Share? You're not serious…" Wait, what is he talking about, of course she's serious, she's Lexi. And as long as we're being all honest and upfront, ohdearFaranth, he might as well contribute. "Well fine, if Jala's okay with it, but Lexi, that means you can't go sleeping with any other people. /Any other/ people. If you do.. well.. then I'm staying with Jala for good and that's final." See? He knew this day could get more interesting.

Izaak's name is most definitely /not/ Zveitseith and the boy blinks at Dominicke's face, then at the green who would surely like to eat Zak's foot at this point and blushes a nice mortified red. "Uh - Faranth…sorry!" He scrambles off Dom and holds a hand down to the man, though really he doubts that the greenrider will notice the offer.

Flockless Shepherd Blue Dragonet has a form that comes purely from instinct, and right now that instinct is telling him he needs to cut just one of the white coats from the herd, and make them his own. He slinks low over the sands, staring first at one, and then the other, searching and trying to find something to match the manic mind lurking beneath his askew headknobs. And then… he finds it! He arrows in on Aislinn and comes to a halt four feet away, eyes locked on eyes and his entire body thrumming. Yes. His. Now come here.
Flockless Shepherd Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Aislinn, and steps forward.

L'shil jerks as Domincke gets shoved, but relaxes as the green seems to be fine, and manages to yell out congratulations to the newly-Impressed.

Galleries> Lirena shoves on last pea onto the hatching sands and stretches. Seems all the dragonets have impressed…..and she's outta peas, too. "Well, think we'll be able to congratulate our friends?" she asks Ralin, sitting ever so nicely next to her.

Rhaedyn stands isolated on a little pile of sand all to herself. Well, at least no one's imposing on her space now that the R'um's gone. But from her vantage point, she can see all the Impressions occuring around her, as well as the dwindling number of free hatchlings. She loses her stocky stance now, and in fact, her knees rather begin to buckle, but she keeps herself on her feet, though shifting becomes more pronounced.

Galleries> Nuff sighs a big long sigh. "That's it then? From brown to blue and everything in between." She smiles an exhausted smile, "Those poor Candidates… I hope they'll stand again."

D'nik laughs softly to Zak and grins, "Its alright Zak, really." he notes, squeaking and grinning at his Zveitseith moves to nuzzle him impaitently and then he stands, glowing happily.

Galleries> Hannah sighs and stretches as the last hatchling Impresses. "Looks like a good group for your weyr." She doesn't have to worry about the new weyrlings possible neurosis.

Galleries> Lexi squawks at that one. "So. It's okay for you to go and fall in love with someone else, but I have to sit here like a mother hen and wait for you? If you get to play, I get to play." Talk about a point of no return… and talk about timing. "Maybe you don't even love me anymore. It's just an act. I've been so good, P'renn. You know I have. I've tired so hard, but… that's unreaaasonable. And you know it. You can fall in love and have two girls but I can't go have fun too. Listen to yourself. Listeeen. Grrr." Unreasonable indeed, when she's being horribly generous. Painfully. Jerkface.

Sii'kyn does a little dance. Right there on the sands. Yes, he does; it's embarassing. Get over it. "Dom! D'nik? D'nik! C'mere, boy, and get that girl some food!" He's grinning like an idiot, he is.

Galleries> Nuff stretches, "Aye, a good set of weyrlings, too."

Sylara looks around, and sees all her friends so happy. She turns around to the eggs, and notices there's no more to hatch. And that means…she got passed over. "I'm tired." is her only comment. She turns and leaves the sands.

Izaak nods a little to Dominicke, his expression suddenly shifting to one of surprised disbelief. Well, he's most definitely Domless now, and merely moves back to stand with the other 'rejects.' How horrible does that sound? But the truth is true. Twice in a row, and if the boy knows what's good for him, he won't stand for another clutch.

Andria sighs and shrugs. Oh well! It was a dream anyways. Maybe next time? She heads for the exit and to the barracks.

Aislinn nearly drops like a sack of tubers to her knees in front of the blue that arrows towards her. /Her/? Ohgod. By some small miracle, she manages to keep herself upright, although she reaches for the blue's head for support, cradling his jaw and scritching him behind a headknob. "Ohhh, that'll do, Esryth. And yes! Oh, food, of course, here, come along!" And she is half-led, half-dragged off towards where the rest of the impressees have wandered by a dragon who seems to know better than she does!

Galleries> Nuff follows people out, but detours towards the barracks, the Candidate ones.

Galleries> P'renn heys! He is /not/ a jerkface. I mean, that just cut straight to the heart. "What? I haven't fallen in.. in.. I've always loved Jala, you know? We were, we were a thing, but that's in the past. Sort of. I love -you- Lexi, of course I love you! But, I worry that you don't love me enough to.. and.. with.. yeah!" Cue flush, and drama, and raised voices, and pointed stares and shushing. This is going to get ugly…

D'nik squeals yet once more and quickly HUGs Zak before he shepherds Zveitseith over towards Ike, grinning happily. "Ike! Zveitseith! Oh Shards, I'm so happy." he notes softly to himself, "Yes, there's food over here my darling."

<All> Tiareth reaches out across the links like some overly ripe fruited umbrella. » Dragonets. « Its a mumur. Its a purr. Its a happy thought offered in comfort to dull hunger and need, and strengthen the bonds of new-found Lifemates. » Be welcome. «

Galleries> Tasi starts, finally peeling her eyes off the sands and turning arund to the sounds of noise and drama. "Oh, shards," she mutters, rolling her eyes at Lexi and P'renn. Oddly, Jala seems not to be included in the general disgust, instead recieving a vaguely concerned look. So maybe she's just a /little/ biased, here.

Galleries> Rele arches a brow at P'renn, Lexi, and all that ruckus over there. Time to get the Shard outta here. Rele offers a nod to each one and a salute. Time to head to, er, do fun stuff. "See everyone later." Poof. she's gone.

Galleries> Hannah stands, stretches again and begins to pick her way out of the galleries.

Galleries> Jala swivels sharply and stares. Just /stares/. First at Lexi, then with increasingly growing horror at P'renn. "…what?" She lets out a wheezing gasp. "Lexi, P'renn and I, we don't…I mean, we aren't…" But then P'renn is going along with her agreement, and Jala can do nothing but shake her head in befuddlement. "I…uh. Wow. P'renn, I don't know if-well, I guess, I could, but then…" Subconsciously gathering Alena closer to her chest, she replies firmly, "You're werymated to Lexi. I don't understand why you guys have the relationship that you do, but you do. I don't know if its something I want to get involved in." She looks entirely wary. "I love you P'renn. I do, you know that. And I care about you too, Lexi. I just don't…yeah."

Galleries> <All> Aeokaith hums softly, his mindvoice rippling in after Tiareth's welcome. It is a harsh contrast from soft purr to eager piping, but the sentiments are the same. « Welcome, new ones. Do well by your riders. » So maybe it isn't exactly a blue's job to welcome the new ones, but who's ever known Aeokaith to stand on ceremony?

Galleries> Lirena stands and stuffs her reed into her pocket and starts to look around the gallery. No candi-snot here this time, though it was an interesting experience, even if it cost her the candidate's position.

Galleries> B'ane does like most others present and just zips his pie-hole closed for the time being. "Wait, it's all over?" So much for that plan. "Oh look, there's Hannah up there. G'evening Weyrwoman," he recites in an almost perfect pitch, had his voice not suddenly cracked. It's from redundant use, honest. "So, uh, who wants to join me in the living caverns to celebrate with a christening of some warm cider?" Whoo, B'ane breaking out the big stuff! Down boy. He's such a renegade.

Galleries> "What?" Squall. Squeak. Flare. Eyes cut at P'renn and she gapes momentatily, but then hands fly to herhlips and she's definitely on the ball. On a roll. You… you! "You know I love you. You know that. But that's like me saying I've always loved N'ano and I want to sleep with him too. You'd never stand for that in a million zillion turns, would you? You know I love you. You know that good and well. You… you… grrrr! I hate you! I lovehate you. You are a big fathead and you're jealous and I don't understand you at all!" When she's being so nice and open. Waaaail.

Rhaedyn looks around at the candidates still left on the sands as all those paired slowly make their way to one side. And along with them, she simply stands, aimlessly shifting, eyes wandering dazed and directionless for a moment. There really are none left. Nothing on the sands but white egg shards and white-robed candidates. She toes an egg shell out of her viscinity and lowers her head, strands of hair falling down to cover her misting eyes.

Galleries> Rishk immediately stands up, as soon as B'ane makes the offer. "I'd be much pleased to join ya, /sir/," Greenrider teases before she looks him over. "I'm kiddin', B'ane. Let's get goin'?" Cider, whee. Rishk doesn't need any wine right now, she has enough weird things swimming in her mind after hearing this Jala-Lexi-P'renn love-triangle of doom. Offering the bronzerider her arm, she grins. "Ready?"

Galleries> P'renn frowns, looking towards Jala with a faint sniffle. "Please don't look at me like that, you know I love you, after the other night, when we were talking?" Really, honestly, just talking. "It was like, I missed the old times but, you're right, I -am- weyrmated to Lexi. I don't know why I have to.. could we take this somewhere more private? I mean, this is supposed to be happy and - " Oh, this is bad. Bad. Why can't P'renn just lie like a normal person? "Lexi, love, please please please calm down. It's just, with Alena in the picture, I want to be her daddy, all the time you know? And, this isn't coming out right. Please don't hate me, I am jealous, I'm always jealous, that's just the way.. I.. Lexi?" Gulp. Horrors.

Galleries> Alain shifts to his feet, eyes on his brother for a moment, before he perks up, "Hey, did you still want to meet Izaak?" Always the gentleman, right? He at least doesn't offer his arm to Andron. That would be overkill. "I guess we can go see Andria, too. She'll be disappointed not to have her bronze."

Galleries> "Fine then. Be a daddy. Go off and weyrmate Jala. I can do just fine and you know it. Half of Pern would kill to be in your shoes! Kill! And always have and always will. I'll be fine. You go have your happy little family, and I… I'll just go off and jump off the Starstones!" So much for civility. And with that. she breaks into a fit of sobs and takes her departure, stage left.

<All> Aboleoth resonates with the dull quaking of distant thunderheads and the distant echo of a bird of prey. « Wind always to your wings. But /after/ you're trained to fly. » The former Weyrlingmaster's dragon advice tip # 413.

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