High Reaches' 14th PC Hatching

Vaeli's gold Nissionath x G'deon's bronze Nylanth
29th April 2006
Logged by G'deon

Heat rises - ripples - wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Tucked watchful and warm onto a ledge is Kernow.
Gold Nissionath and bronze Nylanth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs, Forgotten Slipper Egg, Oriental Rug Egg, and Dust Bunny Egg here.

Hearthlight flickers over the rounded kettle of this pudgy dragon in a fickle play of tawny shadows; dragon-gold gentles the dented copper of her belly and sides and brightens the rough-forged andiron of her vivacious, spirited tail. Sooty pot-black smudges her pert muzzle and plump cheeks: a peasant's guise matched by the raggedy tapestry of hand-spun wingsails and the forgotten ashes that spill down her short, stout legs to grub grey over her cast-iron paws. She's a rustic revolt, this kitchen-maid queen, content to hide her passions beneath a grimy mantle of blackened amber and tattered, threadbare hide. Just beware the canny and volatile temper of her fractal, fire-sparked gaze.
Suntanned leather riding straps wrap about Nissionath's gerth, intricate patterns from top to bottom. Equally exquisite buckles are in full view, adorned with sparkling stones. A rope mounting ladder, though mixed in lighter and darker shades of chestnut, is neatly rolled and tucked to the side for convenience.
Nissionath is 15 Turns, 7 months, and 7 days old.
She is 81 feet (27m) long, with a wingspan of 135 feet (45m).

Oh for the torrent of darkness that blacks his claret hide; oh for the ribbons of moonlight that etch each clattering stride. Doe-skin brown may soften his hindquarters, but bronze laces that chiseled chin; and however dark, it twinkles - Oh! How that jeweled hide twinkles - and fits with never a wrinkle, that darkly gleaming skin. So lean, but so broad-shouldered, with a rapier length of tail; his dashing, darkling glory so offset by those moonlit 'sails. Neckridges gallop the length of his spine, with nothing to bar their way; and his eyes, like the stroke of midnight - bright, like the moon at midnight - his eyes, like the stroke of midnight, gleam with a robber's gaze.
Nylanth is 24 Turns, 3 months, and 2 days old.
He is 75 feet (25m) long, with a wingspan of 125 feet (41m).

Mound of Eggs
The rippling monotony of the sands is interrupted by one gold dragon and her brooding around her latest batch of unborn offspring. Each of the thirteen eggs are tended and cared for, rolled and nudged, into a pre-meditated spot. Of course, their positions are never stationary as the gold always finds newer and better spots to stick them.

The 3 PC eggs:

Dust Bunny Egg
Grays, browns, and… is that crimson? squiggle, wiggle, and otherwise encapsulate this egg, upon which not a single bit of white can be seen. No, this egg has been thoroughly overtaken and seems to almost vibrate with laughter at the very concept. Fluffy, cottony poofs of heather dot the egg, seeming to be one place then zooming to hide in another, almost taunting the viewer with the thought that you can't catch them.
Forgotten Slipper Egg
Lost, lonely, and rather depressed-seeming, this egg is in a class of its own, simple in its own understated way. A general whitish gray, it appears to be almost fuzzy, and a peculiar striped pattern appears when the light hits it just right. A strange stain blots the symmetry of the egg, chestnut leaking across the tip to splotch the side.
Oriental Rug Egg
Russets and deep reds swirl into eye-pleasing patterns around this egg, soft greens and sunny yellows marking out particular curlicues in various places. Diamond-shaped outlines seem to be outlining various intricate areas, and on the top and bottom of the egg there are small white-grey markings among the crimson, which from afar could easily be mistaken for tassels.

G'deon is sweating this out near his lifemate, the two of them looking just a bit wilted already. And the eggs haven't even started twitching yet. "You're sure, Nyls?" Gid can be heard to say, thought he bronze merely grunts. In a dignified sort of way. G'deon nods to Ashli as she leads the candidates in. "Ready?" he asks them, collectively.

Ashli moves to the edge of the Sands, beaming at the Candidates happily, jumping slightly as the heat, yet again, surprises her. In lieu of the weyrlingmaster tonight, Ash is here, upon the Sands, acting as 'Weyrling Mother'. Aww, isn't that cute. She seems to be delighted with this, though, and claps for them at their bow just as excitedly as their friends and relatives do.

All enmity and past arguments aside, Shazi stands bracketed by two candidates, clammy hands pressed in theirs, finding comfort in their presence. Her gaze is inevitably drawn towards the stands, seeking a certain pair of figures who may or may not have come to watch the spectacle.

Dust Bunny Egg twitches. Twists, even, in place. Such motion causes it to flop over on its side. Not that this is liable to upset an egg. It keeps twitching without any undue pause or trauma.

Saohlai's hands are balled into fists, her knuckles flattening against her hips through the thin white fabric of her robe. With all their respects paid the queen dragon, with no particular faux pas (yay!), she can think really hard about breathing. She does not seek out eye contact with any of her fellow candidates; her gaze further does not skim the stands for any of her friends or family that might be watching. Instead, she stands, feet planted in her sandals, and watches the eggs.

Xayna finds herself near one end of the line, on hand being taken by Shazi on her left. The boy on her right however refuses her other hand, muttering something about being a man. A shake of her head is given to the boy as he asks something about the eggs, and begins shifting her feet from the heat, already starting the sweat from heat and nervousness.

Ryan's whole attention is drawn on the eggs, almost oblivious to all else.Squeezing the hands of his fellow candidates who may be next to him reassuringly he lets out a sigh, nervous and anxious among a myriad of other feelings. Quietly, he says "This is it, it's almost time."

Dust Bunny Egg possesses no trauma, no trauma, no … oh dear. There's a cleft in its back. It's about to …

Naomi takes slow calm breaths, pausing each time to tell herself to breathe again. Feeling another candidate's hands on her own right hand she sqeazes it trying to comfort and be comforted as all the time she's spent preparing, wondering and hoping comes down to this. After another breath she smiles, nothing can be worse than what's already been, and the only way to go is forward. With that mentalilty in place, she focuses her attention on the eggs.

Dust Bunny Egg pries open with a shivery series of cracks, and a pair of blue wings juts upward, spars flinging shell bits in a chittery shower to the ground. Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet steps out of the destruction with unbothered briskness, his head held dripping and high. Well, hello.

Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet
Petite is the best descriptor of this dragonet from the frisky lines of his tail to the roguish shape of his head. Sinuous lines sculpt his features into an amorphous shape, though in no way does he appear unfinished - no, this delicate creature is merely supple to a great extent. Shimmering blue glitters over 'sails, flowing into a smoky sapphire. Similarly shadowed limbs slope into sharp slate-gray talons. Flares of deep azure circle around his headknobs and arch around depthless faceted eyes, mischievously peeking out from a diminutive form before trickling down into a softer, almost pastel blue, which dominates the dragonet as a whole. Thin neckridges accentuate his slim build and taper off at the short tail, its forked tip touched ever so slightly with a cerulean glow, adding a starlit majesty to otherwise unassuming features, agility encompassing beauty in the flowing lines of form.

Shazi doesn't squeak, though she does start a bit as the first dragon emerges from his egg. She swallows, then releases the hand to her left to reach up and brush suddenly staticky hair from her face and back over her shoulder, leaving a clammy swath across her forehead that quickly dries in the heat. "H'ohboy."

In Saohlai's throat, a breath catches behind gritted teeth; her brows inch upwards, fawn-brown eyes widening slightly as she witnesses the world's most recent draconic entrant. "Blue," she observes. Because she's observant like that. Her expression warms, her smile loosening and faint (and nervous, her yet still nervous, adrenaline singing a taut wire through her body). "Blue first."

A smile tugs at G'deon's lips as he notes the appearance of a gooey blue dragonet. "I still say that's a good sign," the bronze rider maintains, grinning at his fellow riders.

Naomi stares as the first hatchling brakes into the world, her carefully practiced breathing catches in her throat as she glances over it's features. Her heart can't seem to stop from calling out to it, making sure she doesn't step forward, watching as things unfold before herself.

Xayna had been holding her breath waiting for the first hatchling to emerge, letting it out as the hatchling emerges and the fact that she was going red in the face. "Here we go." She mutters and gives Shazi's hand a squeeze before shifting her feet again, trying to keep her feet from feeling burnt. Fidget, fidget, left foot, right foot, left foot. Eyes never leave the blue dragonet completely but glances are given to the other eggs.

"A good sign of what?" I'anex asks, purely for the sake of new information, as he flicks at his knot with momentary fidgetiness before Feitoveth kindly notes professional demeanor.

Ryan's eye widen as the most recent blue emerges, letting go of the hand he'd been holding a little too tight."Oh, a blue…"he mutters excitedly waiting to see where it may go.

Ashli grins over at G'deon and nods, noting agreeably, "A pretty color, that blue, too. Certainly bodes well, I'd say." Her gaze sweeps over the candidates, noting a nervous twitch there, an excited smile there. "A good sign of a good clutch, of course." A flop of her hand is absentmindedly added as her eyes track the blue as well. "How much do you want to lay odds on that a green hatches next, I'anex?"

Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet has taken his first step and, indubitably, this will be followed by another. And another. If a dragonet could garner the sides of his mouth up in a smile, he would be smiling, and widely. Instead, he holds his head up higher and takes the sands at a meandering stride, with a sinuousness that implies a potential grace. At least, when he doesn't snag his foot on a lump in the sands and half fall over before righting himself into a sprawl. Sort of righting himself.

Shazi sucks her lower lip into her mouth and starts to chew on it. Her eyes flick, briefly, back into the stands, before fixing once more on that petite blue. She takes a deep breath, her attention dancing over the other eggs - but her eyes remain on the single dragonet.

"A good sign," G'deon says simply, winking at I'anex. "All right, spread out, candidates. Let the guy have some breathing room."

"Of fert-" Professional demeanor. I'anex clears his throat, stiffens his neck, but winks back, and gives Ashli a brief, "Suppose it's paisley."

Xayna pulls her hands away from the candidates next to her to try and rub the sweat off them on to her robe. Feeling a little embarassed that her robe only barely reaches her knees, she tries to pull it down to make sure nothing is shown that shouldn't be. Though there is no chance of ever making the robe longer at this point. So instead, she begins playing with the end of the tied cloth, forcing herself to stand still as the blue almost falls over.

Saohlai bounces back a little on her sandaled heels, her smile sliding sideways, lopsided. "Whoops," she says. G'deon's words process a moment later, and she backs first one pace, and then another, although inattentively; her eyes are locked on the blue hatchling. She reaches up to scuff a hand through her hair, fingernails biting through to her scalp. Nerves, nerves.

Dirty Stuffed Thing Egg begins to shake from where it's hiding, perhaps goaded on by the fact that one of its brothers is already out and about. Rocking, rolling…but, it pauses as it knocks into the egg beside it, tipping that one slightly before both still…

Naomi unclasping her hands from her fellow candidates' she steps foot over foot glancing about to make sure she doesn't step on any feet as she gives the hatchling room to make it's decision. Clasping her hands together she forces herself to breathe and whispers her chant of calming as she watches the watches the hatchling and the newly rocking egg. Still, her heart keeps calling out.

Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet thunks one foot deep in the sand, than the other. This gives him purchase enough to stop lounging and start walking again. He seems to have more of a hang of it - or, at least, he moves with a sort of confident speed that doesn't take into account such petty things as awkward new feet. Right toward the candidates.

Vaeli has been here all along. Really. She has been quite simply near the knot of other riders, more or less, chatting the time away with some assistant weyrling master. Of course, calling it 'chatting' would be an overkill. More like having her ear talked off while the other rider goes for the metaphorical gold for most words in a single breath. The emerging dragonets, however, draw away his attention. A very relieved Vaeli takes this distraction as an opportunity to place herself in more favorable company. Far far away. Ahem.

Shazi gives Ryan's hand a quick squeeze, then releases him to rub her palms on the fabric draped across her thighs, shifting her feet to relieve some of the heat building up against the soles of her sandals.

Another shake, rattle, roll…and Stuffed Thing Egg bursts apart, a rough-and-tumble looking, quite chubby, brown dragonet peeking his way out of the shell fragments. Fuzzy Friend Brown Dragonet peers around, odd markings on his snout reminding faintly of patches before with a cavorting wiggle, and a waggle of stumpy tail, he is up, he is moving, he is heading towards the candidates and to play with his brother blue!

Xayna moves back as G'deon calls for them to spread out. She ends up pulling the boy on her right with her and pushing him a little bit further away, since he was refusing to move at all. "Shazi, move a little bit to the side." Is hissed at the girl before her eyes return to the blue and the rest of the eggs. Playing with the tie again, she shifts between her feet faster as the blue comes closer and then a brown hatches.

Saohlai lifts one foot (not a delicate, beautiful thing, but broad and pale and calloused) in its sandal to scratch volcanic-warmed toes against the back of her other calf, her hands edged up in pursuit of precarious balance. She moistens her lips and swallows. She slants a look across the Sands towards the other candidates, for the first time looking to catch a gaze, but her eyes move too quickly, slipping back to the advancing dragonet instead.

Ashli snaps her fingers. "Good thing you didn't take that bet, I'anex!" Ash peeks over towards the Sands, eyeing the candidates as she notes Ruffian jumping from foot to foot, and Surpazz doing the same. "I swear, I warned them to put sandals on."

Shazi blanks. "Move…?" She glances over at G'deon, having heard the call, but not comprehended it. With a nod to Xayna, she abandons the comfort in numbers and takes a few steps away from the other candidate, as Ryan leaves her other side. The cheese stands alone.

Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet slows to less of a rolling sprint as he grows closer, then stops even his slip-saunter, his clumsy ease, to suddenly splay his forelegs outward to balance him as he stops. At first, he seems to be reacting to something invisible on the sand in front of him, and then his head turns in a slow revolution, his eyes raising to meet Saohlai's. Something essential is there, some catalyst, along with a necessary similarity in class, and the dragonet's legs pull back in to allow him to step toward Saohlai with purpose.
Minions of the World Unite Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Saohlai, and steps forward.

Fuzzy Friend Dragonet suddenly stops in his rolling stride, looking rather lost and confused. Oh…oh…his friend is gone. Where does he go now? Worry replaces excitement until…a bouncing form is spotted. There! There, someone having fun! Taking up his rolling gait again, he makes a beeline for Ruffian, his friend, his playmate, his chosen…

Xayna glances over at Shazi as she moves away and then notices the blue stopped in front of Sao. "Good lifemate." She calls to Sao and then turns her eyes as the brown impresses to one of the boys. The tie is rolled and unrolled over her hand as she now turns her eyes to the other rocking eggs, with a glance every now and then to her fellow candidates.

In the very center of the mound of eggs, one of the smaller begins to rock back and forth until it tumbles away from the pile and thumps against the brown dragonet. With a loud crack, a tiny green pushes her way out of the shell and shakes bits of crust and goo from her hide. Almost immediately, however, she makes a beeline for a girl at the end of the line. Willakima of Telgar Hold. "Pediath!" she calls out, hugging the tiny green's neck before stumbling away towards Ashli. Forever onward, she shall be… the Wiki.

Ruffian seems shocked, surprised, and…excited. "Puppyth! Puppyth, you're hungry? Let's go…let's go…that way! That way, come on!" R'uff and Puppyth, together, wander towards Ashli vaguely, wobbling slightly as R'uff trips over Puppy's haphazardly moving tail…

Laughter first; always laughter first. If tears shine through fawn-brown eyes, it is ecstacy mingled with mirth as she lets out a merry peal, fading to breath only as her hands fall to a damp slide over her - /her/ - dragon's neck. "Ohh," is not really a word, when she has her breath back; it is expressive enough for a hundred. "Viverrath." And sounding out, trying out sounds to match the voice in her head, laughter trembling back through as she blinks through shameless tears. "Sao and Viverrath."

Shazi's attention goes where the shouting is greatest - it helps that she'd been following the blue's progress - and she smiles for Saohlai, though she doesn't trust her voice enough to offer congratulations. Her gaze veers after the pair of browns, thoughtful, though hardly disappointed.

A loud cheering can be heard from a certain part of the Stands, and, there's Ashli, jumping up and down in excitement, waving her arms happily at the three Impresses. "Congratulations, Sao! Viverrath…what a beautiful name." Ash pauses as she recollects the names of the others. "R'uff, Wiki, over here!"

I'anex grins a sudden slash of a grin at Saohlai's Impression. Or Sao, rather. "Excellent. She'll have to be celibate a little longer! - er, that was a bad joke, by the way. Good show for Sao. Very good."

And here comes another blue, pressing out of his egg with such mad and inappropriate speed that it's amazing he doesn't kill someone. But he totally doesn't. He stops in front of Jarvis and the next moment brings, "I am … I am J'rvis, and this is Wasanrath," in a high voice. Manly, though.

Oriental Rug Egg seems as if it's thinking about hatching, shaking tremulously, before settling down. No, it is not this egg's time yet. However, the delicate shakes seem to have stirred the eggs near it into action, as suddenly it seems an uproar of eggs are hatching. But this egg will wait…wait for that special moment…

Forgotten Slipper Egg grooves. Jives. Rocks. Naturally.

Saocklane whines to the candidate beside her, "Why is this taking so /long/? I'm so /hot/…" when suddenly, a nearby egg hatches, and a small brown tumbles out of it, tail straight up in the air as the little brown lands directly at her feet. "Oh, Faranth!" she cries, before suddenly she is swept up in playful eyes…"No…no, it's Monkeyth, not Faranth…and I am Sock…oh, how exciting…"

"Viverrath," Shazi rolls the name over on her tongue, savoring it. She spares another glance for the stands, knowing that she won't see anyone amidst the throng, but hoping anyways. The furor on the sands brings her back, front and center, nerves eclipsing anything like hope or despair.

A bump. A roll. A rock. Then a blast! A sleek blue rushes out of his egg, tail lashing and back end shimmying. Knobby head takes a jaunty angle, then he begins strutting towards a group of white things. They need color, man! They need soul! They need taste! And the blue needs… Iroqpod, who quickly drops to his knees in a smooth move. "Nanoth. His name is Nanoth!"

Forgotten Slipper Egg grooves. Jives. Cracks.

Naomi watches as the dragonet's choices are made, and she takes another deep breath. Reminding herself to stay calm, she trys to keep her balance, but the trouble with breathing has made her a little off balance, so she steps a little to the side to avoid falling over as she watches the new hatchlings go off with their riders she covers her anxiety and mouth with her hands, waiting and hoping.

Forgotten Slipper Egg is no longer messing around. The egg holds still, not a movement is made, almost as if the dragonet inside is gathering up every last bit of strength. Suddenly, it bounces up into the air and slams onto the ground, a crack appearing right down the middle. The pieces fly apart, leaving a green dragonet in its wake. Arching her neck and baring her fangs, With or Without You Green Dragonet lets out a hiss as she comes into this world.

With or Without You Green Dragonet
Inky lines slither along the smoky jade hide, outlining and accentuating her slightly upturned snout and streaking a deep stripe through fathomless eyes. Faceted jet patterning writhes along a wide neck, sloping down to intertwine with darker malachite patches that glitter like fool's gold upon the dragonet's thick body. Sloping sides gradually fade into a nearly translucent aquamarine in the middle of her underbelly, darting up her neck to dust the base of her snout with a lighter shade. Sultry spiraling beryl twists along a long, serpentine tail, the forked tip touched ever-so-slightly with the faintest chrysanthemum glow. Sharp talons drip venomously off wiry limbs, shouting peril at every turn.

Ashli waves at the new weyrlings, coming ever faster. "What a silly-looking brown that is…Monkeyth? Hmm…" Ash ponders, before showing the small dragonets to the barrows of nicely chopped meat waiting. "You, there, go get more meat!" she calls to a random passerby, before turning her attention to the sands just in time to catch the new green. "Lovely!"

Xayna looks at the other candidates and forces herself to stay calm. Planting her feet in the sands and taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and tries to relax. It doesn't work when she opens her eyes and see yet more dragons hatching. "Shells.." She mutters and begins rocking from one foot to the other, though not actually taking her feet off the ground this time. "Beautiful name…Viverrath.." Is said a little louder, more in the direction of Sao though it is doubtful it is heard over the commotion. A smile and soft congrats are given to the other candidates in turn, and her eyes return to the still moving dragonets.

With or Without You Green Dragonet walks, walks, with a flicking tail, and a flicking step and her wings upraised about halfway from her back. Her head sways back and forth in time with a hiss through her teeth which may be a shadow of the one she breathed when she was hatched (so, so recently), but it's emphatic. Almost a beat. She strides across the sands with a lilt of her body, occasionally swerving wild for the sake of confusion. But surely she knows where she's going.

Shazi refrains from counting - eggs or dragonets - and simply allows herself to drift in the moment, her eyes following the dragonets as they find their lifemates, while her mind patiently seeks for that spark of -something- to sweep her up and change her life.

Sao draws in a deep breath, and loses it in another laugh, its cause lost to the ages as she tips her head down and her dragon's nose up to press a kiss against its tip, which he must bear with a certain patience. And then she stands up straight. There are congratulations flying her way from all sides. She clears her throat. "Uhm," she says, because she remembers how to speak. "Thanks," which is directed to everyone and no one and the universe at large. "I think he's hungry," she adds, still a little dazed. "Just out of the egg, long time no eat." Her legs still work! She uses them to move. A little bit at a time.

Shortly after With or Without You Green Dragonet takes the scene, another egg twirls out of control and shatters spastically. A wobbly little brown topples out and takes a moment to right himself. Wings slowly unfurl, then shake. The first is folded to his sticky back, but as he's about to fold the second, he spots… Shirpazzio, the Vintner wannabe. Shirpazzio, unfortunately, is staring too much at the green. When the brown bumps his hip, the boy topples over… and grins. "Hiya, Twitchyth. Aye. Good match. Whadaya mean, S'pazz??"

Naomi watches as the next lovely dragonet emerges. Once again, she is filled with wanting and a fluttering of hope in her stomach, or that could be the stress. Whichever it is, she calmly murmurs her chant, keeping her heart and mind focused on what she wishes and hopes. Not only for herself but for the others too.

Minueta glances over at Sao in a spunky sort of way, waving a hand in congratulations before her eyes are filled with yet another blue, this one rotund, but in a curvy, adorable sort of way. Every line of the dragonet just screams 'cute', right down the soft, almost 'beep beep' sound he makes as he bumps his head against Minueta's legs, sending her sprawling to the ground with a cry of what soon turns to joy. "Cooperth…Cooperth…I am Mini. I think…I am in love." And with that, Mini seems to swoon, before being aided by another candidate towards the meat…

Another egg belches another green and a floppy haired, floppy faced little fellow called Seifyl suddenly finds himself gape-jawing down at her. "So I'm, uh, S'fyl and you're Ollith, huh?"

Xayna's eyes are drawn to the green and she ceases all movement for a couple of moments. Feet then begin feeling the heat and she kicks at the sand without thinking, causing hot sand to get into her sandal. "Ouch! Hot! Hot!" She cries and ends up hopping down on her right foot, trying not to loose her balance, as the offending sandal is taking off and the sand poured out. Uh oh, she just might fall over! Shazi, look out, Xayna might just hop right into you.

Shazi can't help but take stock of the remaining candidates around her, suddenly wishing for a friendly smile, or a hand to cling to. She sidles over in Ryan's direction, then stops, uncertain, not wanting to intrude. With another deep breath, she releases her death grip on the sides of her robe and starts to smooth it out, feigning indifference.

A grin is flashed at Sao, and she notes brightly, "Of course he is. Don't worry, though, we have plenty of meat…here, why don't you and Viverrath come right over to this one…" Ash shepherds helpfully before suddenly being distracted by a swooning Mini and a hungry and beeping Coopereth. "No, no, don't steal his meat! Over here…you, get ahold of yourself…" Bustle, bustle, bustle, Ash is turning into a regular mother figure at this rate.

Akasha edges away from one of his more clingy fellow candidates and scowls at the unbroken eggs, then at the clumsy dragonets stumbling about the blasting, hot sands. "To say this is an uncomfortable experience would be unfair to all over uncomfortable experiences."

With or Without You Green Dragonet swicks her tail and swats her feet, and her gait is teasing, as is the occasional flash of teeth. Her eyes shine and swirl and her tail stops swicking to curl around the base of her 'ankle.' She pauses. So. So. Then she starts again, with a toothed grin (or the draconic equivalent, more or less). She draws up sudden and swift. Akasha? Impressed!
With or Without You Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Akasha, and steps forward.

Akasha looks frightened, then embarrassed. But as realization settles in, a genuine smile makes an appearance. "Nyokath. Forever, yes," he continues, as if agreeing with something the green said. The two of them quickly make their way towards Ashli and blend into the background.

Shazi takes another deep breath, instilling calm. She rolls her neck, licks her lips, then forces herself to relax. She glances to either side of her and shifts her weight once more.

Oriental Rug Egg shifts and ripples softly. A piece of the shell drifts down from its apex like a delicate flower from a dogwood, and a small blue nose peeks out towards the sky from the hole. A pause, as if bolstering courage, before talons suddenly emerge from the bottom of the egg, sprouting like roots into the sand, scrabbling for purchase. Confusion reigns before the dragonet seems to get a hold on himself, and with a crack like a bolt of lighting into an old tree, the egg splits, and Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet emerges.

Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet
Oh, if a tree could wander and move with foot and wings, he would be Oljeitukhodath. Large sides dominate the heavy dark blue; his azure-dappled limbs are muscle-bound, all but pulsing in the contained fury of the eye of the storm, tempered by the sturdy roots of rusty talons. Lightning silver bolts along high neckridges and rolls along thunderous 'sails, the burnished sheen shimmering as if freshly inked. Delicate calligraphic tracings spiral through thin wings, seeming to tell a story of glories and thoughts from an age long past. His ponderous tail trails at length behind him, transforming what might otherwise be chubby into royal opulence.

(N.B. Yes, we realize the name was already in the desc, but thank you for your concern! We shall strive to not let it happen again.)

Xayna doesn't see the green impress to Akasha as she is too busy trying to stay balanced and get her sandal back on. Bang! She falls right into Shazi and ends up putting her bare foot down on the sands. "Ah!" She cries and starts wiping the sand off her feet, puts on the sandal and then looks at Shazi with an apologetic face. "Sorry, sand in the sandal." Finally she sees the green has impressed to Akasha and sighs, then turns her eyes to the still hatching eggs.

Another egg, another crack, another green. Yasal, on the end of the sands, lets out a shriek of apparent terror - no. She just slipped off her sandal at an inopportune time. What a hot bit of sand! The green swicks quick, as if called by the shriek, and flops right in front of Yasal - "Yasal and Tatasith," the girl announces, bawling. Awww, sensitive.

Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet wanders, considering the view around him carefully, cautiously, putting one foot before another. Step…step…step… head suddenly turns as a commotion on the Sands is noticed, and Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet paces in that direction, head held high as he struts. Look at him - he is on his way. He is an intrepid explorer! He is…tripping. Ungracefully, the blue hits the sand, then looks up. He is so close to the candidates, so close…

Two eggs left. The smaller of the two quietly sits. And sits. And endures. But at the last, it must do what it was made to do. The shell cracks, reluctant but steady, exposing a blue almost too small to be believable. Perhaps predictably, it turns towards the smallest of the candidates, Corvalis. However, when the connection is made, the tiny boy announces his name will henceforth be B'ean, and his blue lifemate Enderth suits him just fine.

Naomi bites her lip, closing her eyes against the drying heat of the sands and as she opens them she watches the blue make it's way to wherever it's going, she feels her heart stop for a moment and then go on. With a small sigh she stands there, heart pounding again.

Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet suddenly realizes that there is more out there to explore. There is more to do, and so with a colossal effort, hegains his bearings and unerringly strikes a course - he has seen someone who may measure up to his thoughts, to his poetry, to his desires. Brushing by a brown-haired candidate, he plants himself right in front of Shazi, whirling eyes gazing up adoringly. He is here. Will you accept him for all he is?
Persian Philosopher Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Shazi, and steps forward.

Shazi squeaks, arms flailing as she fights to regain balance. She flashes a smile at Xayna, her cheeks bloodless. "No biggie," she offers back, along with a hand for the other to take. She's apparently too late, though, as a dragon suddenly appears before her. "Oh." And then there's like… this light… and this singing and… Okay, maybe not, but Shazi's in love. "Oljei… Oljeitu… How do you say it again?"

G'deon starts to poke through the broken shards of discarded shell, glances at Vaeli, Nissionath and Nylanth, nods once and starts walking towards Ashli. "Care to get them settled?" he asks the young gold rider.

Naomi smiles as Shazi impresses, knowing that she absolutely deserved to… but she couldn't help herself, dropping to the ground despite it's heat and trying to breathe right. Biting her lip more she stands back up and walks back off the sands with as much dignity as she can muster.

Ashli calls over the last pair with a delighted smile. "Shazi! Over here! Congratulations!" B'ean brushes by her in apparent disdain, though the girl ignores him, merely pointing the way. "Oljei…what did she say?" No matter. "C'mon, that blue of yours must be hungry, hmm?" Ash backs up slightly, poking through the barrows to be sure there is enough for the last hungry dragonet…

Xayna looks over as the blue passes her by and impresses to Shazi. She offers a soft congrats before the girl walks away with her new lifemate. A long look around the grounds shows only shards of eggs, and she starts to make her way off the hot sands with the rest of the candidates left standing.

Nissionath, having seen her all of her latest spawn birthed and Impressed, doesn't waste time stretching those wings of hers and quickly begins the short prep-work to take her first air time in ages. Vaeli waves her off to it and gives the nods of acknowledgement as courtesy calls for, and works her way around the Sands.

Shazi works her way around the name's various syllables, "Ol-jei-tu-kho-dath. Wow." Sweet. She hooks an arm about her dragon's neck and follows Ashli, beaming.

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