High Reaches' 15th PC Hatching (part 2)

Cadgwith's gold Tiareth x J'lal's gold Ghraith
December 10th 2006
Logged by Nissa & Pyrene

Part 1

I'm Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Dragonet stops once more, now that he's a bit closer, to study the males of the bunch, chin tilted high as though he doesn't expect much. He poses again, shifting a wing - look at that blingbling, ladies! Something catches his eye, his gaze turning towards a young guard. With a prance in his step, he closes the distance and looms over Ryan as if to say, am I not impressive enough for you?
I'm Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Ryan, and steps forward.

Nissa follows Iliad's chin nod towards Micail - and then swings her head around so fast that she winces, to watch the bronze take to Ryan instead. "Ryan!"

Cadgwith also approves of the spray of sand from Harvest Moon Egg. A bit premature entrance wise, but it doesn't hurt to warm up the crowd.

Micail smiles for a moment, but just nods. "Yeah, she is." An arm comes up then, wiping at some of the gathering sweat from his brow. He blinks in time to see that bronze looming toward Ryan, and just stares a moment before it becomes apparant what's happened. "Oh..congratulations, Ryan!"

"Oh!" Cheyanna cries out as the bronze advances on (who else?) a guard. "Ryan! Go, Ryan!" She claps her hands together over her head, fist into open palm. "Yeah!"

Jillriel's arm starts to tingle as Cailyn grips a little tighter. However, that doesn't seem to bother her since her attention is completely focused on Ryan and the little bronze. "Congrats!" is shouted to the young lad.

Jaryyd shouts for Ryan, taking his small sting of dissapointment in stride, there were other hatchlings still. And maybe, just maybe, this wasn't his time. "WOO! RYAN!"

Khalylai bounces. "Ryan!" He was one of the cool ones! Bounce-bounce. The young woman glues her eyes on the latest green, wary of evil surges from this particular batch of eggs, and squeezes the hands she holds again. "I guess that one wasn't meant for you," she teases Iliad. "Nissa… bets on the next one hatched?"

Stitch pats his hands together in a wet clap. "Congratulations!" hopping up and down in congratulations gives him a chance to put an inch or two between him and the sand.

Cameron just watches the dragons Impressing. "So far no deaths." he murmurs as he looks over in a certain direction. Gruesome that kind of betting. 'Another one down." he murmurs as he shifts some more, if anything to keep from fainting by having knees lock up. That would be embarassing. He closes his eyes a little as he takes a breath "Warn me if something this way comes."

Ryan is rendered speechless. Blinking at the dragonet before him he blinks, mouth opened before finally he stumbles with getting words out. "Ao-Aoja-Aojadinth!" Now beaming proudly, he awkwardly steps out of place to move with the little bronze off to the side near Xayna.

Airam nods absently at Jaryyd as the other agrees and watches closely as the bronze makes his way to Ryan. "That's two." He says with a slight smile at the guard candidate. He didn't know him all that well, but this is a special occasion. "Okay, now for the green."

Come Reap Harvest Moon Egg shudders in its gravid swell; it rocks; it quakes; and opens up, splitting to pieces in the pangs of labor to spill forth its contents, raining shards of gold-hued shell in a scattered arc. Thus is revealed the Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet.

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet
A stark elegance is drawn in lean and weathered lines of once malleable, once molten, gold. Smooth and mellow amber sweeps back her wings, only to be burnt brown at the straining spars. The beaten curve of her neckridges is likewise tarnished, and the prominent leg-bones seem to bruise the hide that covers them. The delicate hammering of her face is buffed with soft brown on the headknobs and the upsweep of eyeridges. Beneath, an old gaze shadows her eyes with wisdom and quiet dignity.

"Hmmmm," I'anex draws the syllable out leisurely. "/This/ might be entertaining. Over here, over here!" But they know the drill. I'anex exists to make wide gestures, mostly - "Ahah!" His gaze goes right /there/. On the gold.

Nissa is sorrowful as she leans around Khalylai to tell Iliad, "I thought he might be yours, I'm sorry…" She checks over at where the green moves - and before she can reply to Khalylai, out pops the gold. "Oh!"

"Yay! Congrats Ryan!" Cailyn cheers, grinning as she makes yet another aside to Jillriel, "A real handsome bronze. He'll make a good rider." As the gold emerges, the grip only gets tighter.

Meerak calls out the obligatory congratulatory-type sounds, which promptly faded into a snickering laugh. "Hahah, even /he/ had trouble with that name," he says, watching as it goes on before his attention is turned by noise in the stands and on the sands, all attention briefly drawn by the appearance of gold. "Huh."

"Or not." Well then. "Congrats, Ryan!" Iliad hollars over, momentarily distracted by the impression made. The frown only lasts a moment though before the other eggs are eyed skeptically. There's no telling what's to come, afterall. "Guess not," is idly offered in Khaly's direction, without so much as a look towards her. Nissa gets a look though, a crooked grin, and a quick shrug before "Heeey. Gold. Look," comes out.

Jillriel suddenly gasps and yanks Cailyn's arm when the gold hatchling is spotted. "Ooh, isn't /she/ gorgeous.." Oops. "Sorry. Sudden impulse." Eh heh. Grip is then loosened on the girl's arm right afterward.

And with one metallic impressed, another arrives on the scene; Cheyanna turns to look back at her. "Wow," she says in uneasy commentary. "The, uh, golds can sometimes be especially dangerous," she mentions to Meerak.

Jaryyd was about to shout for Ryan again but is held in silence as the gold blur errupts from her shell. /KNOWING/ that this one was definately not his he grins and gives a thumbs up to the girls in the group. "Good luck ladies!"

Another Impression without any deaths, and Lairae manages something close to a smile in Ryan's direction. The emergence of the gold finally takes her wary attention away from the green, and this time she flicks glances to the female candidates.

Micail is still smiling for Ryan when his gaze finally tears away from the pair. Popping of another egg moves his eyes toward it, blinking quickly. That's..definately a gold. Yes. "Wow…" Well what else can one say about that?

Pyrene suddenly stands a little straighter, her nails deathgripping into J'lal. "There! She's pretty, isn't she?" she asks, questioning, hopeful. Cadgwith is less impressed, merely giving the baby gold a happy snort before turning her attention back to that green (who is probably a truer daughter to her).

Squeeful Dolphin Green Dragonet creels, cries, and lunges toward the first line of candidates. Khalylai is inspected, then dismissed with an awkward sideways step. She lifts her head, cranes it from side to side, then turns away with a skittering, scampering lunge. No grace on the ground, and as she turns away she stumbles again. Tail whips around for balance, and catches Nissa behind the knees as she moves on.

Khalylai blinks at the gold's emergence. "Wow," is her word of the day; that is all. No more, no less. "She is beautiful." She's wary of the green more than the gold right this instant, however; and the other eggs are not disregarded, either. She's nearly leaning on Iliad, now. "I think I may pass out," she carefully articulates. That's said to Nissa, for the record. The - "Nissa!" she squeals. Speaking of evil dragonets. "Nissa, are you okay?" !!

Cameron is watching Ryan as well and then the gold hatches. "Well, that's one I don't have to worry about taking a keen interest in me." he notes as his eyes go back towards the green just as she's heading for Khaly. Deep intake of breath. And then passing her by and then Nissa gets it from behind "Is she okay!?"

Meerak eyes the little gold with sudden suspicion at Cheyanna's words. "Oh? They can be - ?" Nissa's whapped! Everyone who put money on people dying leeeans forward, and so does Meerak. "The green's the one from that one egg, too!" Killer! He was right!

Whacked in the knees, Nissa looses her balance nearly dragging Khalylai with her… her upper body swings violently as she lets go of the other girl's hand and falls awkwardly, banging her face on her own knees as she does. "OW!" Stricken, she lies on the sand for a moment - but a very brief one, as it's far too hot down there.

Jillriel squints a bit as she watches Nissa get smacked behind the knees by the clumsy green dragonet. Did that just happen? "Faranth! I hope she's alright." That didn't look good at all, poor girl. She ought to be bruised after that little love tap.

Micail gasps sharply as that tail thwacks into Nissa. Squeak. "Nissa!" She's okay, right? Let's hope so… Mph. "That can't be good.." Time to keep a better eye on that swatty green.

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet lifts her head, lifting her feet and placing them with solemn care as she steps away from the jagged remnant of her egg. She unfurls her wings slowly in a wide, wet, glistening arc and slants her head to the side, running her jewel-faceted gaze over the potentials.

"I told you that thing was evil." The attack the green did on Nissa, as minor as it may be in the grand scheme of things, is eyed, Cailyn keeping her eyes on the candidate to make sure she's okay. The other wandering dragons are ignored for the time being.

J'lal refrains from grimacing as his gaze follows the gold, the green apparently as beneath his notice as she isn't Ghraith's. "Yes. She's lovely. Both of them are lovely. All of them are lovely. How many are there now, anyways?"

Cheyanna jerks her head over to Nissa, too, startled. "Get her out of the way!" she says, alarm clear in her voice: it does not, however, seem like a disembowling is coming next. Cheyanna spares another look for the gold, uneasy.

Airam smiles as the next egg hatches and a beautiful gold meets the world. "She's very pretty." He says with a nod to Micail, shifting his weight onto another leg as his stiff posture is starting to make him ache a bit. He turns around to look at all the girls in the candidate crowd. "I don't have a clue who will Impress her though." A hand raises to cover his mouth as the green gets Nissa and looks on worridly. "Does she need help?"

Jaryyd jumps to help Nissa after she fell. "You alright?" He asks, wanting to help in any way shape or form. His eyes are keen for the gold and green though, should they come round again.

Meerak rocks back on his heels, settling back into place. That is surely worry on his features, not disappointment! "Well, good," he says lamely when others go to help Nissa to her feet. "I don't see any blood, do you? She's probably okay. Watch out for that gold. /Someone/ has to get hurt, right?"

Lairae squeaks, though she wasn't the one hit, and then flushes at the mistake. "Nissa!" she calls, but softly, and then bites her lip, and shifts from foot to foot. She lets out a held breath when the girl gets back up.

"Oh geez!" Poor Nissa. Iliad winces and works to regain his own balance as Khaly's tugged, therefore causing a domino effect of sort. His posture's steady enough to offer his free hand in assistance, however. "Hey - you alright?" It's a generic question, but one of concern, nonetheless.

Khalylai is intent to Nissa's aid, ignoring the movement of potential mauling dragonets. That's Iliad's job as a guard, hellllllloooo… Plus, Nissa almost knocked her out, too. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Her voice is anxious, pulling Nissa upright as she can. "Can you walk? Do you need me to call for healers?" She has a level-head, at least.

Nissa scrambles to her feet with Khalylai and Jaryyd's assistance - but watch out nearby candidates, her nose is gushing blood all down her robe and others might get splattered. "I'm alright, I'm alright," she answers, tentatively wobbling her nose. "Nothing broken."

Stitch watches the gold and says "Quite a beauty, that's for certain." Maybe if Nissa impresses he can have his sandals back. The short Harper is feeling a bit faint, being so close to the ground. "Nissa, what are ye doing? Yer not supposed to knock yourself silly on your own knees!"

Pyrene winces at the show of blood on the other side of the Sands. She most certainly does not brag about having asked Nissa to Stand, merely making some hope-she's-all-right noises.

Jaryyd tears off a piece of his robe and offers it to Nissa for her bleeding nose. "Here, pinch and hold your head up." he smiles and presses a hand to the girl's lower back, should she need to fall again. "Are you sure you're alright?"

As the candidates move to help Nissa up, so does Cr'ash - he's there in but a moment, pale eyes worried as he reaches her. But she's upright, and he has a cloth in one hand that's extended toward her nose with an short gesture. "I've got it," he tells his step-neice with a nod, and closes strong and competant hands over Nissa's shoulders. "I'm sorry. You need to get off the sands," he says with sympathy, "the dragonets are - hungry. Young. Confused."

"It was the /dragon/," Lairae hisses to Stitch. "Don't blame /her/. Shouldn't you ask if she's all /right/ instead?" She chews on her lip again to stop further words stemming from displaced nervousness.

"Ouch." I'anex scratches his nose. "Dual ouch, really."

Meerak, er, brightens. "Oh, I /do/ see blood," he says, catching the splash of red on white when Nissa moves. "Too bad no one was taking bets on that. But she stills seems okay," he adds quickly, glancing over at Cheyanna for confirmation, just to show he's not a total jerk. "So it's the okay kind of blood."

Nissa takes the cloth from Jaryyd and dabs it to her nose, looking around a bit bewildered. As Cr'ash orders her off, her face crumples… but she lets him lead her away. Though not before kicking off Stitch's shoes in Khalylai's direction. She did promise.

Airam scowls a bit at the green dragonet, not that he really /expected/ it to turn around an apologize, then sighs. "She seems okay…" He says doubtfully, eyes on Nissa now instead of either the gold /or/ green as she leaves.

Khalylai is all furrowed eyebrows and worried eyes, but she acquiests to Cr'ash's request, gracefully attaching herself to Iliad, worried eyes focused on Nissa. She doesn't mind the fact that she -does- have blood on the front of her robe; instead, she just grips Iliad's hand and shivers. "Poor Nissa," she mourns. Ish. "Poor-ish girl" notably is beamed at, however, and she hops into twice-borrowed sandals. Blessed relief. "Where'd she go?" She queries Iliad, then, gazing for the mauling green.

Nissa escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

"Aww." Poor Nissa has to leave. "That would suck." Now, Cailyn's eyes are on the dragons, not wanting to have an exit like the other candidate.

"Poor girl…" Jaryyd says softly and looks genuinely sorry for the girl. "Too bad, she would have done us all proud I think." He sighs once more and then sets his eyes on a quest for the dragonettes so he could avoid being attacked himself.

Cameron watches Nissa get led off the sands "That's not fair." he murmurs quietly and then shakes his head "What if there's adragon wanting her though? What if a dragon doesn't find who they want?"

"Who? Nissa? To the infirmary, I'm sure," Iliad offers, taking a gander. "She'll be alright." Now back to their regularly scheduled program. "Any more hatch when we weren't looking? Where's that green?"

Minions of the Moon Egg rattles the cage.

Crying for the Moon Egg shuffles irritably. Keep it quiet out there!

Em-Oh-Oh-En Egg rocks violently this time, causing the rotund object to weave around in a wobbly circle. Which way will it go, George?

<d/c'd for a few seconds>

Squeeful Dolphin Green Dragonet has a moment's remorse as a candidate goes down by her tail, but it is short-lived. She is still moving, seeking, following that pull of mingled joy and hunger - this candidate, that candidate, thi - no. Wait. /That/ candidate. She turns back toward one of the girls in white, eyes whorling red and green and purple as they lock with Lairae's. A bright, baby-dragon bugle later, and the former nanny is butted gently in the stomach.
Squeeful Dolphin Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Lairae, and steps forward.

Cameron starts to look a little anxious. Well a little more so, another dragon Impressed and the gold is certainly not his. "You think they'll see me as a disgrace back at the Hall if I don't Impress?"

Lairae first looks utterly blank, and then /laughs/, slightly hysterical, but bright and just enough to bring two dots of tears to her eyes. Then she takes a deep breath enough to speak. "Surayath," she says, a little quavery, and makes her legs work enough to move to the side, after the others.

"Lairae!" Jar shouts as he notes the green impressing the girl. "Look, Lai's impressed!" He waves at the girl and smiles. "Good job!" He keeps a cornered look on the gold afterwards, not wanting a mauling from that one, no way no how!

Jillriel shakes her head as Nissa is carted off. "Faranth, that poor girl." The dragonets are then eyed warily as they creep about the Sands. But, the green quickly catches her eye. "Oh, look! Lairae!"

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet pads lightly along the sand, choosing her path as she goes with constrained, sedate grace. Her head swings as she examines this girl or that, narrowly avoids this boy or that with a considered pause.

I'anex claps lightly, his fingers flicking against his opposite palm. "And the sister joins the sister! Come over, come over, Lairae," he calls, mostly unnecessarily.

Minions of the Moon Egg cracks with the poignant echo of gunfire on a chilly night, fragments of shell rocketing from the sudden fissure across its girth. The shadows scatter with another pop-pop-pop-crack! and the network of fractures chasing across the surface explode with a fury of wings and squalling dragonet. Legs sprawled and wings mantling with the sudden, harrowing release, stands Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet.

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet
This scrawny, coltish green is no beauty, her hide a patchwork of variegated hues. Mottled asparagus sweeps up the angular lines of her too-big nose while moss smears the ridges that shade bright, extrovert's eyes. Down the graceless slope of her neck, splatters of brighter apple gleam like freckles, a wry bit of derring-do that skirls over the awkward lengths of her wings, while her short stubby tail makes an amusing postscript behind a lanky torso and rangy limbs. Her talons gleam, silvery and almost laughable, but for the dangerous curve and shining points.

"And there goes the green. Guess she's not for you, Khaly." Iliad offers a sympathetic look to the young woman, as if her heart were completely set on it, before shouting a "Woohoo!" towards the newest impressee. And that's that. Next in line, please.

Cheyanna starts forward as the evil evil dragon goes for (oh noes!) /Lairae/. She looks ready to lunge forward, but aborts when she realizes: "What? Lai - Oh! Lairae!"

Meerak widens his eyes back at Cheyanna, all innocent. "What?" he says, offense lifting his voice irritably. "I said /good/, that she was fine." He doesn't quite cross his arms over his chest, but he does turn away, looking to see what the other dragons are doing: gold, green - impressing green! "Huh. She didn't maul anyone, I guess."

Cadgwith croons gently at Surayath and her new rider, all protective even as she lets go and turns towards the gold and this newest green.

"Lairae! Congradulations!" Cailyn makes use of one of Jillriel's hands to clap together in a cheer for the candidate. "Gorgeous green. Oh, and look! Another!"

Sweet as Honey Egg seems to be rocking a little faster and perhaps with less jittery nerves and more /intent/. As much as one can rock with intent.

Khalylai stares after the mauling dragonet. "Lairae got her," she absentmindedly states, gaze sweeping over the gold again; a brow furrows and she shivers again, despite the heat. Nissa got away with a nosebleed. Light treatment, for the evilness! Ahem.

"Lairae and - Surayeth? That's pretty." Beat. "For a killer." The next green is dismissed, her gaze focused to the other candidates for a moment or three, finally resting on the gold's elegant silhouette with something of wary reserve.

Airam looks over at Cameron, "I'm sure that won't happen to Nissa Cameron. She'll be fine. And don't worry about not Impressing." Wow, helpful things seem to be something he's doing okay at today. He waves and smiles at the newly Impressed, but not too big, she's still a bit leery of that green. "Another hatched!" He says, nodding out at the new green.

"Ohmyshells," Cheyanna mutters to Meerak. "Look at the talons on that one. And from… oh Faranth. Let's, um, go back here." She inches backwards a few inches, a foot…

Pyrene hahs. "A nanny! Bravo, Lairae!" And her aside to J'lal: "That's either a sister of Sao's or one of Siannen's brood - I forget which."

Micail just looks a bit worried as Nissa is taken off the sands..and Lairae promptly impresses. He wipes his hands a little on his robe again, and then lets out a breath. Really..breathing is important. /Breathe/. His head swivils as others call out the hatching of another green as well, and he looks, peering at the newly arrived.

Jillriel hmm's as the second green hatches and her hand is used to clap with. "Look, Cailyn. Another green.. and that gold's still skulking around the Sands, too. Watch your back.." Always gotta look out for one another. Especially when there are razor sharp claws all around. Eee.

Meerak shakes his head as Cheyanna begins her retreat, quickly following after once he realizes what she's doing. "I didn't see," he says, looking back over toward the newest green and narrowing his eyes at the scattered shards of shell. "Didn't see! Which one was she from? Wow, those do look sharp. Maybe someone will get mauled yet!"

Stitch grins. "She's beautiful!" the wobbly little Harper croons. "Congratulations Lairae! It's getting a bit empty up here.."

"That one," I'anex says, pointing toward the newest green and addressing no one present (his dragon, perhaps. He must remember not to talk out loud), "reminds me of V'enn's Casseth. Oh yes."

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet stands for a moment, chest heaving and nostrils distended, her eyes wildly red, legs akimbo, like a runner about to buck. With a shake of her head and a sloughing shudder of her goo-slimed flesh, she straightens, dismissing the nightmarish confinement. And then, just as quickly, she begins pounding the fractured remains of her egg into dust. Take that! And that! And that and that!

"Someone's going to die," Meerak says with sudden grimness, watching the green.

"From the /evil/ one," Cheyanna replies. "The /really/ evil one!" As the green begins assaulting her eggs, she actually (shame) lets out a little shriek and jumps backwards.

I'anex adds to himself. "Worse than Casseth. Shards."

Cameron is breathing. He certainly is. Heaving breaths perhaps. He is certainly no longer cold. THat's for sure. He'll freeze when he goes off, but not now. His eyes widen as he takes some steps back from the green "Shard and sweet Faranth mother of all dragons. Can I faint now?" That last said only half-jokingly

Jaryyd laughs but turns up his nose at this newest green. "Watch out guys, here comes another one! And she's angry!" Jar can't help but take a few steps back at the newest green's show of violence.

Khalylai hides behind Iliad. He's bigger than she is.

Cadgwith stares in utter confusion at this green. She must take after Ghraith.

"Faranth! What the - !!" Someone's going to die, surely. Is Iliad shaking? He's shaking. …'cause it's hot. He's not scared. Not at all. Khalylai may be hiding behind him, but Iliad's definitely trying to tug her forward. "She's yours!"

Airam arches an eyebrow at the angry green, "I think we may want to back away a little bit. She doesn't look happy." He doesn't move though, he'll do it when the others do.

Micail just stares as the green starts stomping on the egg. Alright..so it also gets a snicker from the boy. He can't help it. Although he does look a bit wary. That other green went around smacking people, after all. At least she's not /charging/ people. Yet.

The newest green is eyed by Cailyn, what with the tantrum she's throwing. Jillriel's warning is taken to heart, and the candidate starts looking around for the wandering dragons once again. "This is getting scary."

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet glimpses a figure breaking ranks as she continues along her cautious march, and for a quiet instant, goes still but for the barest twitch of tail's tip and the flare of her nostrils in a snorted breath. The moment's quiet breaks as the golden queen strides forward with head erect and wings spread, unerring and firm of purpose, to Cheyanna.
Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Cheyanna, and steps forward.

Pyrene gives a startled little "Oh!" and blinks for a few moments after the gold Impresses. "Cheyanna. Huh." Obviously, not what she expected although she contrives to keep a bright face on it. "Congratulations!"

Khalylai is totally hiding. "No way! She's yours!" is her persistent declaration to Iliad, digging in her heels as a recalcitrant runner. "She needs a mindhealer." Indeed. She's too busy to notice the latest Impression, or she would have squeaked over Cheyanna.

Jillriel can hardly keep track of all the hatchlings wandering about the Sands. She, too, better watch her /own/ back just in case one sneaks up on her. Kind creepy. Cue the Jaws theme music. "Cailyn.. uh. My heart's beating wildly." Pause. "Cheyanna! Congrats!"

"Hahahah! Yes! Yes!" I'anex enacts two hops and some furious clapping. "This is going to be /great/!" For who? Really, I'anex is way too enthusiastic about this.

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet finishes pounding her egg into dust and straightens yet again, letting out a deep breath of release. Oh, yeah. That felt good. Another shudder wracks her frame as she steps away from the remains. She finally looks up and blinks, eyes going quickly from red to blue as she studies the sea of white and realizes that those are presences out there. Oh, wow. Did she just do that? Sheepish!

"Wow." A gold impression is bound to turn a few eyes, and Iliad's are no exception. "Two guards down," he murmurs before attempting to whistle through his fingers towards the young woman, but fails miserably at doing so. So instead, a "Chey! Hey!" is yelped over at her.

Meerak didn't shriek, which makes him so much better than Chey - anna? Turning to mock, he spots an incoming gleam of gold and backpedals hastily. "Oh, - " The rest devolves into cursing, and then his eyes widen. "You, just - you!" She abandoned him! And there's still the danger of /that/ green yet to face.

Airam makes ready to move as the gold starts her march, but /thankfully/ the dragonet goes wide of him. Hmm, Chey Impressed her, not bad. He gives Cheyanna a wide smile and turns back to watch the green, it didn't seem too smart to keep it out of sight for long.

"Yours is? I think mine is about to jump out of my chest," Cailyn replies to Jillriel, and just as quickly her eyes are brought to the gold and Cheyanna. "Wow. Congradulations!"

Stitch claps again, shifting from foot to foot delicately. "Congratulations, Cheyanna!"

Chey sways in place as her eyes lock with swirling jewels. Her hands lift, as if to fend off, and then she stumbles forward instead, both hands pressing against warm burnished hide. "Mynwiyath," she says, barely audible, and then, again, stronger, to the crowd, "Mynwiyath!" She cannot more for a second; it takes a nudge from someone to push her into motion, stumbling over towards the waiting attendants.

Sweet as Honey Egg trembles under the threat of its prisoner's escape, binding what lays within in its shell of honey and hope. A head spears through its light-dappled apex, glistening with goo; a forepaw shatters through sweet strawberry to find heated sand beneath. The rest of the egg splits and falls away, revealing what it hid from the world's eyes: the Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet.

Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet
A thing belched forth from the depths of the sea, he is a leviathan blue, unrefined and untidy in ill-fitting hide. Shrouded in mystery, wide, deep-set eyes are framed in a disproportionately large head; unhinged, leering, a cavernous maw reveals razor-sharp teeth. Misaligned, storm-battered neckridges lead into broad and blocky shoulders, dredged with sea-sludge; freed of this, wings' precipitous rise is erratic and ill-defined. Barnacles encrust the ponderous curve of his dark-ridged belly and powerful haunches, lighter patterning fragmenting along the awkward curve of a silver-shiny tail.

Cameron has moved back but then he can't help but grin a little at the look on the green "Maybe she's not a killer?" he murmurs and his eyes goe to the blue and he blinks and his mouth just sorta drops open.

Micail stares somewhat as Chey impresses to the gold. Well. That certainly wasn't expected. At least not for him. "Wow, Chey..um. Wow." Yes. Just wow! Fingers ruffle through his hair a little bit, and then there's a look in the direction of the volatile green. Aw, well lets hope whoever impresses her didn't want to keep a piece of eggshell to remember it by.

Cadgwith croons brightly as Mynwiyath Impresses and then creels when she sees the newest blue. Now there's a child she can be proud of! Her head looms over it, delighted.

"Yes, yes." I'anex composes himself, straight-shouldered, head high. He whistles lightly between his teeth. "To the side, to the side," he says far more quietly, with just a twist of a half smile.

J'lal notes the latest addition to the sands and chokes before he realizes who he's standing next to. "Wow. That one is…" …definitely Cadgwith's, though Ghraith doesn't seem to mind. The bronze rumbles a warm welcome to the blue.

Pyrene wrinkles her nose at the blue. "Oh, for Faranth's…. that one takes after Ghraith," she tells J'lal firmly.

Khalylai stares at the latest blue. "That's very…" A name comes to mind, but she doesn't dare voice it, instead smirking to herself with something of amusement.

Jaryyd whistles appriciating congrats to Cheyanna but is enraptured once more when the blue is belched out of the shell. "MY word!" he says, clearly impressed. "He's…ineteresting." She idles back and forth, even /with/ the sandals, it was getting waaayyy to hot in here.

Meerak is distracted from continued surveillance of the green threat by the crack of that sweet-sticky-so-nice evil. He tips his head to the side following the mental disconnect between experience and what hatches. "Wasn't that - wasn't that the really /nice/ egg?" he asks, shuffling up toward Khalylai, now all-knowing.

"…yeeeeah. Are you seriously gonna hide behind me the whole time?" Iliad asks, craning his neck back to peer at Khaly before shaking his head, snorting with amusement. "They can maul you from behind too, you know. And I can't protect you from there."

Jillriel blinks at the newly hatched blue dragonet and grins a little. "Wow, he's a cute one. Ya' think?" Ahem. Cailyn is nudged and smiled at. Chin up, girl.

Returned from depositing Nissa with the healers, Cr'ash surveys the latest hatchling with upraised eyebrows. "I think that one could give Iqiazath a run for her marks," he muses to one of the younger assistants, arms folded across his chest.

Khalylai smirks at Meerak. "Indeed," is her Teal'c-ish reply, still huddled behind Iliad. "Yes, I'm seriously going to hide back here the whole time," she announces to the guard. "It's safe back here." Safer.

"Huh?" Cailyn got distracted by people hollering the stands, perhaps trying to locate familiar faces. But now, the blue pointed out is eyed, nodding to Jillriel. "Oh, yeah. They're all cute. Well, most of them." Just stay away from her and don't maul her.

Airam eyes the new blue dragon with wide eyes, it was rather… a word escapes him also, even in his thoughts. "Okay, a blue now. Lets see who it goes to." It was actually kind of fun guessing, and also kind of relaxing, which is good.

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet picks her way cautiously across the sands, taking care not to trip herself up on her own awkward legs. As she moves, she sniffs the air, lifting her nostrils high. She knows the one is there. She can smell him. Him? Oh, yes. She picks up speed, her gaze settling on yet another guard, a young man who apparently needs a soul sister. She comes to a sand-flinging halt in front of Iliad and gives him a great big lick.
Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Iliad, and steps forward.

Khalylai's hiding worked. "Ha! -You- got her!" She is triumphant!

I'anex sputters and scratches his nose furiously. "You're /joking/ me? Joking."

Meerak watches from behind Khalylai, ready to dash when the green comes over - and then it licks Iliad. "Ew. - Er, congratulations! I guess. I mean. Good luck," he adds. "No, really. Good luck!"

Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet shakes himself off in a clumsy rattling flap of wings, tail flailing in an awkward, lashing arc as he plunges forth into the world. His head lowered like a battering ram, he puffs breath through his nose and gives a squalling, half-shrieked creel through bared teeth - and charges forward with startling speed for his unwieldy bulk, heedless and eager and hungry. A pale northern boy, too slow to get out of the way, goes down with a gasping cry, blood seeping to clump the sand.

Pyrene starts, a rather wry smile settling over her face. "Congratulations, Iliad," she murmurs, under her breath - only to jump at the noise that emerges from the blue and the subsequent injury. "Oh, good grief! I /told/ them to move!"

Cameron eyes widen even more as he watches the boy go down "Is.. is.. is he dead?" he gasps and stares Completely missing Iliad getting a just licking.

Micail gawks a little bit as the green goes to Iliad..but doesn't really have time to respond to it. There's /blood/, and cries, and he just erks a little bit, staring as one of the candidates goes down, wide-eyed. "Oh..my.."

Jillriel blinks once again as the blue dragonet plows over some poor boy. Whoa. Shaking her head as if to snap out of it, she then smiles over at Iliad. "Congrats!" is then hollered over to him.

"Iliad!" Yes, Cailyn is rather happy for him at the moment, jumping up and down in her spot, even if she didn't expect him to be on green. A dragon is a dragon, afterall. Just as soon after Cate is done jumping, she's brought back to reality with more blood being spilled onto the sands, causing her to cling even tighter to Jillriel.

Jaryyd whews in a sigh of relief when the green picks Iliad. "Well, at least we know that /she/ isn't maulinmg anyone, but that.." Jar jumps in the opposite direction of the charging blue and holds his eyes on it. "Congrats Iliad…" he says shakily, looking at the blood.

"Ah-ha-ha-hah," Meerak laughs in a sudden nervous patter as feet shuffle-step backward away from Khalylai and in the direction opposite the blue. "Is he - ?" The question that everyone wants to know! "He came from the /nice/ egg!"

Cadgwith rumbles to the blue, affectionate and forgiving. Gently now…. gently… Take your time.

Stitch shakes slightly as Iliad leaves the group, starting to feel more and more exposed. "Good job, Iliad! Way to go…" when a boy is mauled not far from him, a nervous squeak escapes his throat as he shifts away from the incident, unsure if he should go to his aid or just get out of the way. "Oh dear…oh dear…"

Is this necessarily a good thing? Definitely not the sand in Iliad's eyes. Nor the dragon tongue against his skin.
"It's - -alright. I guess," Iliad grins, reaching a hand out to scritch underneath the green's muzzle. "Szarabhayanath? There's no way I'm going to remember that. No way," he then laughs, twitching one eye before using his free hand to give it a good rubbing. "Nath is good, right?"

Airam doesn't have time to give Iliad a congratulations before the other boy goes down to a blue, "Oh…" He winces and looks at the mess with only one eye open. "Is he okay?" Airam whispers loudly to Micail, not willing to look too freely himself.

"Faranth!" I'anex is pulled from his (quite notable) shock over the green to fixate on the fallen. He starts forward a few steps. "What a mess." He forgets to do his flail, flail, to the side gesture. Well. Iliad probably knows where to go.

Em-Oh-Oh-En Egg develops a latticework of tiny cracks in its surface, thin lines myriad and originating from a single point of choice. Its frantic rocking peters to a halt, punctuated by the thrust of a goo-glistening forepaw through that weakest point. Paths not taken peel away from the hatchling as she shrugs loose her dichotomous prison, fragments of shell lodged in the sand like discarded futures. Liberated Libra Green Dragonet steps bravely out into the daylight world and leaves them all behind.

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet
A master's finest work, wrought in mother-of-pearl and spun glass: pride and perfection in pale, iridescent green. Luminous eyes shine like jewels in a fine-boned face; emotions' range is endless, marked by changes in hue but for a single scarlet facet in the left. Her neck's arch is long and elegant, her carriage erect; a coquette's body, slender and proportionate. Darkness limns the base of her tail, patterning subtle and indistinct as it flows upward like smoke to curl 'round the join of wing and back. The gentle spike of 'spars is inlaid with jet; between, 'sails spread in translucent glory, draped over her haunches like the open petals of a night-blooming flower.

Fortunately, there are still healers standing by - they rush the sands under barked orders from the weyrlingmasters, efficient in the sands' heat. The unfortunate boy is tended to and loaded onto a stretcher, then whisked away, condition unknown.

I'anex back-steps back to his place and clasps his hands behind his back. He misses the newest green in the process.

Micail gives a rapid headshake, staring a moment longer before looking up at Airam. "I don't know!" He sure doesn't want to stare at it too long..although, really, he can't help it. "They took him away." Really, let's just /hope/ he's not all..dead.

Khalylai shuffles from Iliad to Meerak. She doesn't care about who she victimi - er, hides behind. "Two maulings, insanity, burnt feet, borrowed sandals, and.." She falters mid-sentence at the masterwork that just hatched. "Wow," is her only statement, Meerak forgotten for the moment.

Pyrene brightens at the latest one. "/She's/ pretty," she tells J'lal, although at least she doesn't lay claim to her taking after Cadgwith.

Jaryyd stares transfixed at all that has happened. He starts to rethink things, but stops this habit as the newest green hatches. "Wow"

Airam opens both eyes fully after the boy is taken away and looks out at the green that just hatched. Well /that/ certainly helps, the green is beautiful. The queasyness is already fading. "This is a violent hatching. Didn't expect it to be quite this bad."

Crying for the Moon Egg rocks casually. Background motion; just ignore.

Cameron is in shock as he watches them haul away the boy, eyes following before they turn back to the hatchlings. Ready to dive any which way if one starts heading his way. Least heading his way in a mauling type fashion. "I think I'll be thankful jsut to get out of this in one piece." he admits. He's not ashamed of being afraid. He's just a boy after all.

"Now that one," J'lal states, pointing at the latest green. "…is totally Ghraith's. My boy's got good genes. Good genes!"

Stitch clenches his teeth and watches, shuffling his feet a bit more. "Aye, I'm with you, Lad. First thing I'm going to do though is go stand in some snow."

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet stretches languidly from the midst of her egg remains. Her pricked gaze stares down the remaining white-robed figures. She doesn't move just yet; she analyzes the the situation before acting. Her wings unfold and her tiny head swivels to her left, and that's the way she goes. No question about it. A male figure is sniffed, a female discarded. Where is her partner? Not here. Not there. Liberated Libra Green Dragonet keeps looking with her chin held high and a hopeful twinkle in her pricked eye.

Right. A green and a blue are still loose on the sands, with one egg yet to go. Cailyn's eyes have slowed their frantic movement, as these dragons don't seem to be as violent as the previous ones were. Still, Jillriel is held close, just in case.

Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet lumbers to a halt and stretches his wings out to their full extension, arching his neck. He paws at the sand, talons cutting great gouts into it beneath him. There is something agitated to the sway of his head. Seeking, searching, wheeere?

Crying for the Moon Egg starts rocking more vigorously now. Let's end this shindig.

"Where'd that blue go?" Meerak asks nervously, too distracted by the recent mauling to spend too much time gawking at the pretty girl. Then - oh, there he is, nicely stretching out to be seen. He eyes those talons edgily, shuffling a bit to the side to put Khalylai between them.

Jaryyd catches himself looking at the green hopefully. He shakes his head, afewtr all he /was/ hoping for a male, or, like others, just to get out alive. But his eye is on the blue as well, watching the blue's confused search.

Crying for the Moon Egg quakes under the pressure of inner thunder. It cracks, and crackles - tiny fragments of shell falling away to pepper the sand beneath. For a moment, the egg is still. Then it is shattered by the vehement plunge of a proud dragonet's head. Encasing fragments of shell are thrust back and away by the wide plant of feet, broad wings spearing up and out as the Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet rears forth from the eggy wreckage.

Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet
Nobility mantles itself in bronze, but bronze occluded, bronze obscured. Yet the darkness that masks his hide also defines the clean lines of his proud neck and the strong angles of wide-set shoulders. Moonshadow dapples his legs and tail: a silver-greened starfield across the powerful muscles of his haunches. Wide, over-reaching wings sweep back to cover such distinction, but there is no self-effacement in the cut of his long equine head. The eyes that look out of the dark face are frank: acknowledging who he is; determining who he shall be.

Micail does give a small nod, returning to the mild chewing of his bottom lip. "Yeah..violent." Tsk. Candidates dropping left and right! He does breathe though, a huff let out through his nose. He's a bit tense, too, quite ready to bolt if it's necessary.

Khalylai is still, silent motion as she shifts back from foot forth to next; she stands alone, now, Nissa mauled and Iliad impressed - and Meerak good for nothing, of course. Her gaze flicks from aquatic monster blue to delicate courtesan green - to spirituous bronze. "He's a looker," she absently notes, but her gaze has fallen to one, and one only.

Jillriel prods Cailyn as the rest of the dragonets loom around them. Still kinda creepy. "I hope they all just keep their distance." After seeing that kid get mauled by the blue, it's in her best interest.

Bronzes tend to get I'anex's attention, naturally. His eyes flick over again and he props his chin against the back of his hand. "/Hmmmmmm/. Hmmm." No disdain this time.

Cameron watches the blue carefully, his eyes following the gouges in the sand. "That could be painful." he murmurs and his eyes look around for the green and oh look, there's a bronze now as well. "I hope no one else gets hurt." he murmurs. "You don't think he's going to get anyone else? Do you?"

Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet takes a few moments to just stand still and let goo drip off him, snorting vigorously to clear albumen from his nasal passages. Long wings flop and flap as he tries to figure out how to keep them in position, and his head gazes wearily at the candidates. Birth is not the most comfortable of experiences, so give him a break.

Airam is distracted from eyeing the blue nervously as a bronze hatches and he exhales in relief. It doesn't /seem/ harmful. "I hope the ones who are hurt are okay… but I don't think the blue will charge again. I hope not."

Meerak is good for everything! Anything! Except witty commentary: "Oh, hey. Another one." He rises onto the balls of his feet, scalded soles lifted off sand one by one as he tiptoes to take a glimpse at the new one. He promptly drops back on his heels with a twitching twist of his lips. "Gross," he says of snot.

"Another Bonze!" Jar exclaims after the dragon pops out. He stares amazed and almost in tears. The whole thing was beautiful, but he's starting to lose hope. Yes, yes he is. But the bronze, blue and green were beautiful, and he silently reminds himself to do carvings later for memory's sake.

"Same here." But now there are three of them loose on the sands, which only gets Cailyn's eyes moving furiously once again to make sure she knows where they are at all times. "I guess this is it."

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet hesitates ever so slightly. She knows she must do something, but she doesn't know how to proceed. She weaves in and out of the humans, searching for an answer, gathering every bit of knowledge to carve her path. She wants them all, just a little bit, but only needs one. Where?

Pyrene hugs herself. "Two bronzes and a gold," she declares smugly. "That's good for a dozen eggs. Nice complement of greens and browns too." Ah, would there be a colour missing there?

Khalylai is bemused, her gaze to Meerak a smirk within itself. "Go figure," she drily notes. Captain Obvious, Meeky is now crowned. "They've been an interesting clutch, haven't they?" she does query her so-called archenemy, gazing out over the dragonets. "Bloody, but interesting." It's a good quote to end on; thus, that is where she ends.

Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet seems to be at the point of working himself up for another charge. He spades sand with his muzzle, sending it in a spray. His wings flap anxiously. But when he moves forward again it is not at bolting speed, but at a cautious plod, marked slower by dawning hope. He weaves a little, not because his trajectory is uncertain but because he is quite clumsy with these unwieldy feet appendages. Still, he reaches his end point well enough, and gently, so gently, noses Cameron.
Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Cameron, and steps forward.

"Huh!" I'anex proceeds back to clapping, if gingerly. "Not sure I expected that one to that one - congratulations, Cameron!"

Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet does what he's supposed to do and saunters forward to have a look over these here candidates. Admittedly, he trips on his wings halfway and ends up with a noseful of Sands, but he picks himself up again. Now he's slimy /and/ sand-encrusted. Charming. Nonetheless, he proceeds with casual dignity, beading his eyes at a couple of lads. Nah. Not for him. Next!

Micail does in fact look surprised as that blue goes for Cameron. Who would've thought? He does grin though, laughing a bit as he stands up on his toes. "Alright Cammy!" Gonna have his hands full with /that/ one, definately..

Meerak nods with marked agreement. "Bloody," he repeats, gaze slanted sideways to track the progress of blue, on that note. "Ack, look out for that - " But seeing the blue slow, so lowers his volume, and when he sees Cameron not-die, but rather gain a new friend, he whoops approval. "Didn't kill anyone! I haven't seen anyone die yet."

C'mero startles a little as he's nosed by the blue and then he can't help but grin "Aerulunth" he murmurs softly and places a hand on the head. "And I you as well Aerulunth." he murmurs looking bemused, happy and then a glance goes to Pyrene. Oh, sweet Faranth.

Jaryyd says, "Cameron!" I s all Jar can manage for he is completely enthralled by Bronze and Green yet again. "Beauties…beauties…" He murmers and nudges Micail. "Hey Mickey, aren't they great?""

Pyrene briefly meets C'mero's eyes and mumbles something that might be a congratulations, before her eyes turn to higher colours. Like that green.

Khalylai starts at Cameron's impression. "Cam!" Her smile is bright with approval. She'll miss him at home, of course, but a good match. "No deaths yet," she agrees to Meerak - gasp! - "But it's not over with yet, is it?" It's never over. Until it's over, of course.

Airam gets ready to back away as the blue comes towards Cameron and is thankful when he isn't required to move. No more badness from the blue. "Good job Cameron." He compliments with a smile.

"Congradulations Cameron!" Cailyn yells out, the grasp on Jillriel going slack. Now, there are only two to watch. A deep sigh is let out as Cailyn's eyes sweep between the green and the bronze.

Jillriel glances over at Cameron and his blue, Aerulunth. "Congrats!" Cailyn's grasp is loosened, thank Faranth, and she side steps a little. "Two more. Can you handle the suspense?" Nudge.

Meerak goes to jam his hands in his pockets only to have hands skip right down thighs to first at the full extension of his arms and swing idly. "Er. Yeah. I guess it ain't quite over," he says, lifting a hand to rub his nose. Green and bronze are eyed suspiciously, looking for that inner killer.

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet has narrowed it down. She knows the way now. Her steps become surer, quicker. She dodges a young female, kicks sand past an older male human. She puts the brakes on as she nearly collides with a clutchmate. So many obstacles the flawed eye dragon has faced, but the path is clear now. It's straight ahead. Straight towards a female. Straight towards her perfect companion. Khalylai.
Liberated Libra Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Khalylai, and steps forward.

Micail gives a little smile at Jaryyd, and then just nods a little bit. "Yeah..yeah they are." And then that green's gone for Khaly, and his grin grows that much more. "Oh..go Khaly!"

"And there is the next." I'anex claps again, craning slightly. "Attractive!" I'anex remarks, again, to his invisible friend. "Well, she is," is added.

"GO KHALY!" Jar is actaully really eaxcited for Khaly and claps loudly. "Good job!" His eyes linger on the bronze, but all of his sincerity goes to Khaly.

Meerak's steps take him rapidly away from Khalylai when the green closes, sure that there's about to be death, doom, and other good stuff. He starts to reach out for Khalylai's elbow to pull her backward and yank her away when, instead, it seems unnecessary. Chivalry dies a quick death. "Huh."

Jillriel grins as Khalylai Impresses the last green. "Oh! Congrats!" A hand then reaches up to rid her brow from some sweat and then is promptly wiped on her robe. "That was a cute green." The bronze is then eyed after she speaks.

"Nice green Khalylai!" Airam calls out to be heard when the girl Impresses. He smiles slightly and turns back to the bronze. Time for the guessing game again.

"I guess that's it, huh?" is mutted to Jillriel, courtesy of Cailyn, who completely releases the girl from her grasp. The bronze is still eyed for safety's sake before she yells out to congradulate Khalylai.

Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet hears a whoop, rolls an eye. Still struggling with those ungainly wings, he follows the sound to its source - it might be a journey of several minutes but he gets there. There before a candidate who doesn't seem to know what to do with his hands. He gapes his teeth in an amused but satisfied leer. You requested an inner killer?
Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Meerak, and steps forward.

Khalai steps forwards, her face a show of triumphant surprise - a surprising mix of emotion for a none-too-surprising pair. "Of course I will, my love," she murmurs to the green; "I will choose, and choose again, for as long as I live." An oath, the only one that truly matters; "Of course I will, Neasiursath!" She leans forwards, then, conspiracy in her tone - her gaze, as well as an eyebrow, glances back to Meerak. Only Neasiursath knows what is said, but it doesn't need a caption. Weyrlinghood is doubtless to be… interesting.

Cadgwith gives an approving bugle as the last of her children Impress and lowers her head towards Pyrene, who clasps it and kisses it lovingly. "Beautiful! Lovely clutch!" she assures her. Aerulunth aside.

I'anex does not hop this time, but he does do his laughing thing. "There we /go/. Really. I can't wait. Meerak as well!"

Jillriel sighs as Cailyn's releases her arm. And then there were none. "Wow, I guess it's just not our turn, Cailyn." A shrug rolls from her shoulders as she shuffles her feet along the hot sand. "You okay?"

Micail does turn after a bit to look, and smiles faintly to himself as Meerak impresses. Then? Another look is taken over the sands, a little surprised to notice the lack of eggs and blood-thirsty dragons. "Oh..it's over?"

Airam waves to Meerak and sighs when he realizes it's over. He nods to Micail, "Yeah, it is." He's not /too/ sad though, the hatching was exciting, and he gets to walk off the sands on his own two feet.

Huh, again! Times two! Three! Infinity! Meerak knows even less what to do with his hands now, finding them useless. He holds them out as if to fend off that leer, or perhaps turn it away, and instead fingertips slide forward, tentatively. Body quaking with a full shudder, he shakes his head. It fails to clear it. "Kyrioth," he murmurs under his breath. Louder, again: "Kyrioth!" The syllables become a pean, sung out triumphantly, but fading into the slightest uncertain edge.

"Yeah. I'm fine," Cailyn reassures Jillriel with a grin, grabbing her arm once again, but this time to lead them off of the sands. "Let's go get something to eat. I'm hungry."

Jaryyd sighs and can't help but make a dejected noise in his throat. "Well, that's it…" he says. His face does much like Nissa's had and crumples, and just maybe his eyes were watering up a bit. "Congratulations guys. Good luck to you and your dragons!" Jar says this with an enthusiasm that both held and lacked luster.

Mindful of the bruised hearts and disappointed faces, Cr'ash claps again much as he did in the barracks. "To me," he calls out to those scattered souls left on the sands. "To me," he repeats, "and then to the barracks."

Jillriel follows Cailyn off the Sands. "Sounds good to me!" Off they go.

Stitch escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

I'anex strides gingerly off the sands, whistling through his teeth in /immense/ good cheer. "To the barracks!" he echoes.

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